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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: a minute ago, twitter admitted that employee today deleted the president's twitter account, accidentally. the page is back, and we will be too tomorrow on the west coast, handing it over now to sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, tucker. stunning revelation today. fox news alert. we are following major making new stories tonight. a smoking gun story. hillary clinton, she rigged the primary election against bernie sanders. she stole it from him. president trump was right all along.y hillary clinton is now defending this discredited dossier. whatat happened last year's campaign, all the details and alsoak breaking tonightjo exclusively here on "hannity," a shocking report of the uranium one scandal. nuclear fuel would leave the united states. guess what? shows that american uranium did
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get exported out of the country. we will detail all of the steps that the obama administration took to allow this and cover it up.te that is coming up in the opening monologue. our big story tonight, the former interim dnc chair is saying, she has the smoking gun evidence that hillary clinton rigged the dnc in order to keep socialists from vermont, bernie sanders, from winning the primary. making the revelation in her new book which will be out next wee week. this is massive. keep in mind, this is something that president trump, he has been saying for months. remember this. >> the dnc, democratic national committee, rigged the democratic election. the primary process, to take it away from bernie, and give it to hillary clinton. the dnc vice chair was caught feeding information about bernie
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sanders plans to the clinton campaign. you're not supposed to do that. >> sean: president trump was right again. brazile, talked about she was tasked with investigating after hacked emails. yes, the clinton campaign wass. colluding with the dnc. it's even worse, what expert from the book, brazile slammed her predecessor, that debbie was not a good manager. she had not been very interested in controlling the party that she led. let the clinton headquarters in brooklyn, she let it do as it so desires. the officers, she had to show how bad the situation but once. how much control brooklyn had and it is something i was trying to uncover for the last few weeks in september the seventh, the day i called bernie. i had found my proof and it c broke my heart.un wow. that is powerful. it shows just how low the clintons will go in order to get what they want.
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even senator elizabeth warren is now admitting, that the dnc primary process was in fact rigged. watch this. w >> this is a real problem. we have to do as democrats, now, we have to hold this party accountable. this is a test for tom perez. he will succeed by bringing bernie sanders and bernie sanders representatives into this process, and they will say it is fair, it works, and we believe it. or he is going to fail. i hope that he succeeds. i very much hope for democrats everywhere, i hope for bernie and all of bernie's supporters. >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. >> sean: rigged and stolen election primary. earlier today, wasserman schultz gave a statement that completely avoided the topic at hand. read this in part. with donald trump in the white house, democrats must stay focused on a progressive agenda to protect our citizens, values,
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and our democracy to remain united towards our goal of electing democratic majorities in 2018. that is not a denial of anything.. it is a clear example of what senator bernie sanders was up against in the 2016 democratic primary. i said it many times. now moments ago, the president, donald trump tweeted, donna brazile, the dnc rigged to steal the primary from bernie sanders. bought and paid for by crooked hillary. this is real collusion, and dishonesty. major violation of campaign finance laws, and money laundering. where is our justice department? great questions. the clinton crime family, that's what they are. a political machine, was willing to put all ethics aside, do d nothing, anything, everything they could do. to mow down the one man, anybody, that stood in their
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way.ow stop and think about this for a minute. could you just imagine today, president trump, if he was accused and there was evidence that he rigged the rnc in the primary in his favor to help him and steal an election chemically due an end -- there would be calls for investigation. because this is a bounce rate for democrats, mainstream media which is so corrupt, they are barely covering it. this is a breathtaking moment. she's a former secretary of state. former first lady of our country. former senator. former first lady of arkansas. rigged and stole a primary election. look at clinton right there, at the democratic national convention. she stole those moments.
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think about that for a minute. what is the most basic thing you teach your children in life? let's see. you need to be fair, honest, trustworthy, you should not lie, and you should not cheat, and should not steal. when it comes to hillary clinton, she did not embody one of those principles, ande proves nothing was going to stop hillary clinton's ambition.. when it comes to emails, after they were subpoenaed, if we hadi subpoenaed emails and never turned them over.e she did not want you to see them. what did sheth do? deleted them. acid washed them. she used bleach pit, smashed devices with hammers.wi when it comes to hillary clinton, zero stopping this woman. no law, no subpoena, noan warra, no ethics guide this woman's life. this is by far the worst thing -- and i covered the clintons for years. the worst they have ever done. hillary clinton accused president trump of collusion, and she stole, bought, and paid for the anti-trump dossier, it doesn't matter in the process.
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she sold our security out in this country. uranium one. we are talking about the most unethical person i've ever seen in my entire life. and bernie sanders, he never stood a shot, speaking to you, bernie. you should be ashamed of yourself. you knew. you knew, you were told there was evidence that the primary was stolen. and you ended up supporting her anyway? you said nothing? this woman had zero ethics. bernie sanders would have literally elected a person, and covered for a person who stole the election from him. he apparently was okay with that. i do not know it is wrong with you bernie. after all of you devoted today, the hillary clinton's, this is the person that you wanted to bt your president. this is disgrace to follow heard the rest of her life. when she was running the dnc. she was in charge of it, and using their funds to pay a formal foreign spy to make up those salacious, untrue,
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accusations in dossier about president trump, then candidate trump. hillary clinton has broken her silence on dossier, finally the one she helped fund that she was running through a law firm. here's what she told "the daily show" last night. >> is there a difference between your team paying for this research and donald trump's people working with the russians to influence the election? is there a difference? >> of course there is. most serious people understand that. this was research started by a republican donor during that republican primary, and then when trump got the nomination for the republican party, the people doing it came to my campaignto lawyer and said, woud you like us to continue it? and he said, yes. he is an experienced lawyer. he knows what the law is. he knows what opposition research is. >> sean: did you just hear her? what you have there, what she is
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admitting to, is real, actual russian propaganda, lies, that she bought and paid for, the clinton political machine, and the democratic party that she is running that they funded through a third-party source. and what was a shameless attempt to steal the election by lying to you, the american people. the president was asked by laura ingraham about this very thing. watch this.s >> that dossier which is totally fake and made up, it is like a novel, it is a disgrace, and it should not have been allowed to be used. i hear the kind of money they spent. >> nine million. >> it is inconceivable. it is horrible. >> we do -- we are trying to find out, and we will find out, but i think it is eight disgrace, a thing like that can take place. >> sean: beyond a disgrace. it was designed to manipulate the american people. the president is right. crooked hillary clinton was
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caught in the act, using a foreign source to influence the election. steal the election, again. if you need any more evidence that hillary clinton was willing to do anything and everything to win 2016 election, you need to look no further than that dossier. it is full of lies, propaganda, salacious details. she lost miserably in the election, and now america is really, truly getting to know the dark, ruthless side of hillary clinton. we will get to back to that in a few minutes. first, we have another story. almost too shocking to believe. twitter's lawyer admitted earlier today, this week, to lawmakers, that the social media giant. we all use twitter. they literally hid tweets and hashtags that were connected to
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the dnc and podesta's emails. twitter's acting general counsel acknowledged twitter in over 60 tweets with the hashtag #dncleak and with the #podestaemails. it is against the law connect will have investigation in a minute. it is clear evidence that twitter was holding water for the clinton campaign, and democrat's have the gall to complain about fake news on it is breathtaking. and tonight, for months we've been exposing the most dangerous clinton scandal, the uranium one deal. we have more information. we have another absolutely stunning report, the headline is this. uranium one deal, lead exports to europe. this has been the number one excuse they've been telling us.h john solomon is reporting tonight that theti obama administration approved the sale of uranium one.
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in 2009, we know about lies and bribes and kickbacks money laundering, and racketeering. and they still allowed the deal through. anyway, the nuclear regulatory commision said the wrong nuclear fuel was never going to be exported out of the country. solomon, he attains the memos, they did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium from the u.s. to canada through a third-party trucking company, and t unbelievably, some of that nuclear material made its way all the way to europe, maybe even asia. john solomon writes, uranium one exports flowed from wyoming to canada on to europe between 2012 and 2014, and the approval involved a process with multiple agencies. the american branch of uranium one gave a statement to "the hill" that they did export to canada through theg trucking firm, and a 25% of that nuclear fuel made its way outside of
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north america to europe and asia. wow. this has been the number one excuse. they express the export complied with federal law equities, the e company and they do not have to get their own license. a statement from the nuclear revelatory commission, the nrc, licensing actions comply with section 123 agreement that thee receiving country, and this country, canada, can use it onlv for peaceful purposes. does anyone at home know, we import uranium, because we doo not have enough. when it made its way to canada to europe, what then? how did that happen? this material is crossing the atlantic, what is preventing it to get it to russia. the question remains, why in the hell approve the deal to vladamir putin and the bad actor he is, and hostile regime russia, approved by hillary clinton, eric holder, other
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ranking officials in the obama administration? before, a lot of ground to cover. the author of "clinton cash," peter schweitzer, gregg jarrett, i start on the legal side. she stole a primary. she funneled money into a law firm. both controlling the dnc, and her funds to pay for a phony dossier she now admits >> a lot of crimes. this would appear to be an elaborate, clever scheme by hillary clinton. the dnc was broke, so hillary bails them out with 20 million, but in exchange, she gets the dnc to sign an agreement that she gets control over their finances, strategy, support. they go out on these joint fund-raisers during the campaign, and raise up $100 million, and here's the other deception.
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the state take their share,ti bt immediately kick it back to the dnc. which kicks their share in the states share back to hillary clinton for her use. that could be a violation of the three laws for campaign contribution limits, the finance reporting laws, it looks to me like money laundering. illegally money moving around to look legitimate look legitimate. >> sean: i have to ask. i've always liked jeff sessions. i am now at the limit. where is what is he doing? because there is so much crimes, we have put the crimes on the screen that you and i have identified. you have been a great lawyer, great investigator, great researcher. i do not see that the same attention and effort of known lawbreaking is even being followed.
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>> nice man, jeff sessions. i think he is being manipulated by rod rosenstein. his deputy attorney general. he has recused himself so many h times that the trump-russian case, anything related to hillary clinton, he is intimidated, too intimidated tot make the right become a legal move. >> sean: when you wrote "clinton cash," we had the first interview, we put you on many times, peter. i do not think we ever imagined this bad. it is worse than this bad. stealing an election, taking over the dnc, admitting to funding the phony russian lies dossier. she funded the whole thing either through her campaign or through the dnc she was controlling. the whole thing. she is admitting the whole
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thing. then that uranium one deal. everybody in the media says, hannity, why are you talking about clinton? we have it in the constitution. rule of law, equal justice under the law, and they are not living by the same rules as the rest of us. they do whatever they want. they smashed blackberries, j bleach pit emails, delete emails, then they get kickbacks for selling out america's securities. this is not a game, this is not fun. and poor bernie sanders, the sucker sap he is, he accepts all this. he says nothing. he covers it up for her. your thoughts? >> no, you are right, sean. the clinton message has always been, the attacks on them is from the right wing conspiracy. you cannot say that about donna brazile. she was one of the most loyal lieutenants for a long time. >> sean: she said she would never take the job if she knew. >> yeah, and here's a thing, sean. these scandals all have in
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common, money. the clintons had been in since they were in public life goingng back to the days in arkansas, they have been about controlling money, acquiring money, using money as a weapon. using money as a means to power. they really are the one political machine at the national level in american i think the under assault rightn now from the obama team, from the bernie sanders supporters,no but all of these things come together as it relates to the infrastructure of acquiring money and using money, and what they ran into in 2008 was barack obama, and 2016, was basically populous or popular campaign thatus defeated their and electn in 2008 and 2016. >> sean: let me go back to gregg jarrett. like the uranium one deal will -- all denial and lies she says there is a difference between the dossier she funded,
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russian lies propaganda, misinformation. disimformation, and she stole all election. >> she is right about that. there is a difference between her paying for the dossier and trump-russia collusion. but not in the way she means. what she did, that appears to have been a crime, it is a crime to give money to a former national and a political that is what shet did. it is not a crime for donald a trump, jr., to talk to a russiaf lawyer or george papadopoulos to talk to a russian during the campaign. >> sean: this is different. i have information, do you want to hear it? this is, i am paying for the false information. >> the exchange of money that the law prohibits. the trump campaign, there is no evidence that was an exchange of money. it is not a crime to talk to a russian, but hillary clinton, it could be a crime. not only paying the money, but then hiding it by having a false, misleading finance
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report >> sean: and they do it through the whole thing.c. >> marc elias, with the whole counsel of the dnc. he is the lawyer for the hillary campaign, and he represents the podesta group or the podestas.s. talk about a conflict of incidents. >> sean: peter schweitzer, with uranium one deal. john solomon, sarah carter going to be here. i want to get your thoughts, wow. the number one excuse that they have been using, and never left the united states. first of all, we import uranium. the idea that we will give 20% of uranium to vladamir putin, never made sense. we do not have enough ourselves. we have to bring in uranium to this country. your reaction to that? >> yeah, that is exactly right. another devastating development from the clinton narrative. let's remember, sean, the roth and state atomic agency doesdo t like it is involved in nuclear program, north korea, and elsewhere. it is not a surprise. it is not a surprise that if you
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give them control of uranium they will not worry about export licenses or promises that they made to the obama administration about what they were going to use the uranium for. u it is laughable. there's another reason should be investigated. >> sean: thank you both. hillary steals an election, pays for russian we have more smoking gun evidence, and by the way, if you want to comment on this and the uranium one deal, go to my twitter account, @seanhannity. do you think hillary clinton stole election? of course you do. we'll talk more about that when we come back. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine!
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." more reaction to the news. hillary clinton rigged, stole the 2016 democratic primary against bernie sanders performeu clinton pollster, and welcome to new york, by the way. look, you hear me regularly sayr about the republicans. they are spineless, gutless, they lack vision, any identity. i think you are as honest of your party as i am with mine.
10:26 pm
>> let me be honest. this entire process was corrupt we read what donna brazile said, but bernie sanders was in the tank two days before, speaking engagements and playing. he was in the tank, and donna brazile, we know what she did. she was giving questions morally, giving questions that cnn had to the democrats. >> sean: do you think a time that the primary was stolen? i know we have had walk around money, all these other things. >> this is the tank commission cheat, lie, this is horrendous. i say this is a democrat, who is still a democrat, i am a centrist, middle-of-the-road. i disagree with the republicans, but how can i defend this? i cannot, sean, and i won't.
10:27 pm
>> sean: i cannot -- >> it's impossible to defend itt this is despicable, really, what she did, and look what hillary clinton is doing now. book appearances, by all the first signing, all of the appearances. she is still in control of the democratic >> sean: you are an attorney general. gregg jarrett sees potential violation on this and paying for the salacious allies, the russian propaganda, the dossier, which finally she admitted. she had a to with all the information out. laws broken? >> i firmly believe there are laws broken. it is interesting, because james comey used all the russian interests as a reason to get up russian prosecutor. now they have to start looking at hillary clinton. >> sean: let's put up on the screen, if we can, i will throw my glasses on so you cannot see. this is from donna brazile's book. when i got back from vacation in
10:28 pm
martha's vineyard, i at last found the document that described it on. the joint funding fund-raising between the dnc, hillary clinton and hillary clinton for america. the agreement signed by amy, the former ceo of the dnc, and the manager, with a copied of marc elias. remember that name.of and i'll tell you specified that in exchange for raising money, hillary whatcom -- would control the party's finances. their strategy, and all the money raised, and it goes on. her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the communication director, and it would make final decisions on all other staff. now, this to me coming directly from donna brazile, and like you, i have known donna brazile for years. she never would have taken the job. she has ethics. i understand on the question, and i know that she regretted it, a lot, and she took a lot heat for it. she is admitting. her party is that deeply
10:29 pm
corrupt, and that hillary controled the whole thing. i cannot believe what i am reading. >> i think from what you said, i think you would agree. given the uranium one deal, given the concerns that gregg jarrett raised and you raised, sean, why wouldn't we have just in the interest of fairness came a special prosecutor to look at what hillary did as they're looking at the president.y >> sean: where is the attorney general, pam?re i always have liked jeff sessions. i am mind-numbly -- i cannot understand his inaction. on all these issues. we need a prosecutor, doug is right. 20% of our uranium, all the money kickbacked to the dossier, russian fund lies in funnelingne money through a law form? subpoenaed emails, deleted emails.oo
10:30 pm
acid washed emails for bleach emails, breaking blackberries. how much corruption do we need for any one individual before something happens, i am sorry?y? >> that has to be something happening. there has to be. general sessions has taken it to himself out of the investigation. he is completely out of the russian investigation. there is a special prosecutor, and robert mueller has to go after her. >> sean: how is the fbi, eric holder, they had to know the head and fbi informant. bribery kickbacks extortion, money laundering and racketeering. putin spies in america. they knew about it. all this is happening. putin wants a corner that uranium market.t i we don't have enough, he was tow corner the uranium market, and they know about the crimes, and they did nothing. they allowed this deal to go through. there was a reset with putin. >> remember the famous tape,
10:31 pm
where president obama said to russian -- i will be able to be more flexible next year. >> sean: tell vladimir. that was in 2012. why would anyone give 20% of uranium, when we do not have enough? >> sean, you would not do any of this if we were being rational and logical. and in my point, simply -- if we can investigate the president, which i think is the right thing ton do. >> sean: no evidence of collusion yet. not yet. >> finish it, and let's investigate hillary. >> sean: we have evidence here, on a stolen election, evidence and obstruction of justice. ignoring subpoenas. what she paid for, money laundering i would argue in the case of the russian dossier, and now uranium one, which we gave up our national security. she gets all that back. >> you would be a great prosecutor, and i wish you were the special prosecutor. >> she did not know about the 12.6 million that went through perkins-cole.
10:32 pm
>> there you go. there you go. not one of us -- queen of siam. >> i worked for bill clinton. >> sean: did you know that she was this deeply corrupt to steal a primary?? >> no, i could not have fathome fathomed. fortunately, i disavowed before your show. >> take politics out of this, nobody has the right to violate a rule we all share. >> sean: equal justice under law. i would be in jail. he would be in jail. >> we all should be if that happened. she needs to be looked at and must be. >> sean: we are only touching the surface, but thank you both. we have new information on uranium one deal. the two reporters who have been all over this. solomon, carter are next. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think
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♪ >> sean: welco >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we told in the opening monologue, john solomon has breaking news on the uranium one deal uranium one will lead to some exports to europe. sara carter from "circuit news," also has a new report out. current d.o.e. official, once consulted for russian nuclear companies, and we have reached out to thee officials that sara mentioned in the article. t surprisingly, we have yet to hear back. there was more, "the hill"'s john solomon. and "circuit news." you guys have done such an amazing job. it is so telling. as big as a news you're breaking tonight, this is our third story. hillary stealing the primary. all of the information on the dossier, and she is now admitting. that is not collusion. let me start, john, with you. report came out earlier
10:38 pm
we'll get you both and peered at john, tell us what you know, because we were told that the number one excuse, the uranium never went outside the u.s. that talking point is a lie. >> it is definitely disproven. no doubt that the regular commission authorized through a backdoor, third-party license to let uranium let uranium one export to canada, and that according to the department of energy records, and a statement that uranium one gave us, it went to canada and went to europe, and possibly asia. >> sean: to in europe? you know where in asia? >> no, we do not know. it is proprietary information. the final destination, we have not been able to get that. we'll keep digging, but the most important part, you mention it in the opening monologue, we are a country that has to import most of our uranium. here's uranium in the united states, and we let it go to canada and possibly europe and beyond. a i think that has been the concern that all the members of
10:39 pm
congress, democratic and republican, it went through, and they're finding the insurance they were giving, silly were not true. >> sean: let me stand report, you also talk about just now implicates barack obama himself. you detailed, and i'm guessing this is the start of what you are about to say, barack obama purposely manipulated the process to allow this trucking company to be the conduit, by which they got the uranium out of the country.he tell us what you found. >> there was not just one decision. we look at uranium one, and they let the buy, 20% of those being mined at the time was under control, but there was a series of decisions made by the obama administration, time and time again between 2007 and 2012.
10:40 pm
the state owned russian nuclear, and time and again, these decisions have been made by the fbi, there's criminality going on by that companies -- >> sean: the racketeering, and so on. g >> and the second think i'm then starting to report, there's also concerns and the obama administration, very specific concerns, that russia was engaged in a uranium scheme to get enough control of uranium, dump it on the market, drive the prices down and put the people d out of business. those are two legitimate, national security concerns. that do not seem to have an effect. >> sean: it is breathtaking, our national security -- we do not have enough uranium. sara, you've a blockbuster report about the current deal official, consulted for the russian nuclear company? >> yes, so basically, she is now at the office of nuclear energy, and also reach out to her s over the week, and found contacted the d.o.e.
10:41 pm
over a period of a week, try to get more information. she basically consulted and wrote this analysis, extensive analysis on the u.s. at the time. remember, sean, during this time. in 2010, there were so many people in congress that were outraged, they did not want this deal to go through. they were concerned about russia and iran, and that connection made them scared. it terrified them about this deal. but they assured the russians, look, the 2009 iran sanctions bill, that is in the past. in 2010, less stringent bill that will allow you to move forward with all of your plans things that john was talking about. going into the u.s. market and really penetrating the u.s. market and the u.s. energy market. and now, she is with the d.o.e. >> sean: sara, i'll stay with you. i honestly believe that your has been incredible, both of you. gutsy, courageous. we do not have this in the media
10:42 pm
today. sara, where is this going to end up?s we were talking to gregg jarrett, we do not have a special counsel. it is breathtaking to me. how do we have this ability for the clintons to constantly avoid the law that does not apply to the rest of us? >> sean, that is the most important question. where does this go from here? in order for this to be fully investigated, it needs a special counsel. there are some things that john and i cannot -- i do not think legally push forward with, and those are classified. that is because fight information. we have an informant is ready to talk. they are willing to talk to congressional members in the house intelligence committee, in but there are so many other issues out there, and the more you peel back this onion, the more you find out that there are things on the classified nature that affect our national security, that really do need to be investigated. >> sean: okay, guys. we'll have you both on tomorrowe
10:43 pm
and advance the story even further.. there are a lot more detail. thank you for what you're doing, both of you. when we come back, the rapper, and i have more good news, and you do not want to miss sebastian gorka and imam mohammad ali elahi. we will talk about what should happen to the jihadists in new york. the murdered eight innocent new yorkers. more ahead. tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back and then you wait for your results. it's that simple. another day at the office. why do you put up with it? believe it or not you actually like what you do. even love it. and today, you can do things you never could before.
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♪ >> sean: will come back to "hannity." president trump is continuing >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president trump is continuing his call against the jihadists in new york, killed eight on tuesday. the present tweeted, nyc, terrace was happy and you have to hang the isis flag in her hospital room. he killed 8 innocent people. he should get the death penaltyk he then followed up with two more tweets saying, would love to send the new york city terrorist, that process, takes much longer to the federal system. also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. should move fast. death penalty. amen. joining us now, reaction from the author, former assistant to the president, sebastian gorka, and the islamic house of wisdom, imam mohammad ali elahi.
10:48 pm
do you think iran is good country? >> i talked about new york or iran? >> do you think iran is a good country? >> somebody is fighting ices in the middle east, -- >> sean: you are saying -- i have a very simple -- i've a simple question. just answer the question. do you think iran is a good country? do think it is run by good people? >> it is a great nation. obviously. thousands of years of civilization. let us talk about -- >> sean: the problem with your answer -- >> you cannot make -- >> sean: death to america -- >> you cannot make america great
10:49 pm
with this type of mentality. we have serious problems. we need serious solutions. not ignorant solutions. >> sean: imam, please. we have other guest. sebastian gorka. they are the number one war funder, exporter of terror in the world. i know imam elahi is speaking from his heart. i have interviewed him before. he will not condemn this. how do we deal with the export? >> you said the same thing about saudi arabia. >> sean: and their support of radical islamic terror? >> when i came to the white house, i was ruled and as a strategist for the president and the national security, specifically counterterrorism. my focus had been sunni terrorism. why? because of september 11th. al qaeda, isis. i have to admit, with the briefings in the meetings i hadt in the sit room and the nsc come
10:50 pm
over short period of time, i realized, we will crush the sunni extremists. isis is on the ropes. we are stacking them like a board work. i've come to the conclusion, sean, the biggest threat to america jihadism of iran.t >> sean: iman, is it wrong that iran practices sharia law?w? >> it looks -- president trump is talking about the death penalty.nt by the way, why are you being so defensive? >> what about stephen haddock? you never asked me about this question. they are the american version of isis. >> sean: we just had eight people slaughtered. sir -- the man said, let me finish. i will send it to dr. sebastian gorka. allahu akbar.
10:51 pm
we hear that all the time. >> he said, god is greater. every single attack of significance, we see an individual who says, we are a muslim, we are a jihadi. we are not at war with islam, but we are at war with people who say, i am going to kill, because you are an infidel. that is a threat to america. >> there is nothing wrong with allahu akbar. that means god is great. >> sean: why does it happen in every terror incident? >> the problem is -- >> sean: iman, why do we hear it so often like on 9/11, and like this week. there are eight dead new yorkers. i live in new york. i take it personally. eight dead new yorkers. many more injured. why do we keep hearing it whenr.
10:52 pm
there are terrorist attacks? why is the country you support, iran, talk about the death of america and the of israel? >> sean, let me answer. the problem is not with god is great. you believe that god is great, don't you? >> sean: do you mean like the hostile regime of iran? >> let's be very clear here. we are talking about a regime that is a theocracy. says religion controls everything. a we are talking about a regime that just now, the ayatollah said that the united states is its number one enemy. this is a hostile, aggressive regime that is destabilizing -- >> sean: and funding terror. sebastian? >> dr. gorka, so many people argue very much and i know you support israel.
10:53 pm
and benjamin netanyahu. there are a lot of people who say that you are an nazi. >> sean: dr. gorka? >> there are many people said very nasty things about me and the president, and i would be very, very concerned that "the new york post," "politico," "buzzfeed", cnn said nice things about me. they are not interested in the things that i am interested in when it comes to the safety of this nation. >> you, dr. gorka -- >> sean: when we come back, do you ever think of me as a rapper? thanks to comedy central i am. a really good story and good news to tell you, straight ahea ahead.
10:54 pm
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♪ >> sean: i am the executive producer. first time i have ever done.
10:58 pm
the film let there be light. there was the biggest break out >> sean: we are an independent film coming almost double the theaters next week, so many of you left it. if you want to see it, we now have doubled the amount of theaters because of you in so many more people will be able to, they tell me that they are touched, here is a quick clip. >> yeah, yeah.>> >> you are drunk? >> oh, can't pull the wool over your eyes. >> the basic test of christianity. >> don't tell me about the love and compassion of your god. >> they take the death of their brother to use it as part of your carnival act. >> daddy. >> clinically dead in the ambulance for 4 minutes. it's a miracle.
10:59 pm
>> i saw davey, all i wanted to do was put my arms around him. >> you have the best scientific explanation, what do you consider consulting a different source? >> sean: an unpredict ending and bring tissues. this is pretty funny. the producer of the daily showea think i am a rapper. not kidding. watch this.. >> what about investigating their roles in russia. hillary clinton signed off the deal and bill clinton doubles his speaking fees. paid with a check from a bank that has a financial interest in uranium one. america is at a crisis point. will we have equal justice under the law or will america be the banana republic? sean shady.
11:00 pm
>> sean: that was awesome. that's all the time we have left for tonight. we will be fair and balanced.. we are not the destroy trump media. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham is next. clarence thomas one night and the president the next night. anybody else you will outshadow us with these phenomenal bookings? >> laura: well, you are a movie producer and a rapper. i would pay for you to do live rap throw to me one night. >> sean: i will tell you what. i am going to do it live rap for laura ingraham who is now taking over the show. have a great night. invective at imagery directed


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