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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 3, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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incoming president's worldview. we will be there alive when president trump visits the memorial this hour tomorrow, during the ceremony for those heroes >> looked like president trump was proven correct. hillary was always crooked and the system was always rigged. >> it's illegal and unfair to bernie sanders. >> this is a real problem. we have to hold the party accountable. >> terrorists continue to plot against the united states. we cannot disarm ourselves. >> this plan is for the middlele-class families for the country that deserve a break. >> the republicans, written in the dark that raises taxes on the middle class. [laughter]
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, it is friday morning, a shot of new york city, unseasonal being unseasonably warm. this is real collusion, overnight president trump demanding an investigation into bombshells allegation that is the dnc rigged the nomination for hillary clinton just as bernie sanders suspected all along. jackie ibañez is here all along live for us with for and this really was remarkable, the more it came out and people and to be
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jumping ship. jackie: one thing after another, crazy. bombshell allegations from the former interim chair donna brazile scorching hillary clinton about 2016 election, an excerpt said under predecessor congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, dnc was rigging the system to throw the primary to hillary overnight president donald trump demanding an investigation tweeting this. real collusion and dishonesty, mayor violation of campaign finance laws and money laundering. where is your justice department? the campaign raised $10,000,000.80% by the party's debt but demand a steep price writing, quote, in exchange for raising money and investing in dnc, hillary would control the party's finances, strategy and all the money raised. that agreement according to
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brazile and a year before she secured nomination. president trump sitting down with laura ingraham wonder if the media will cover the new revelations, listen. >> it's a major story. i don't know if the mainstream, fake media, because they are fake and phoney, i just don't know if they will pick it up. i will tell you, that's a big story what you're saying, illegal, number one and unfair to bernie sanders. >> democrats exposing massive split within their own party. >> you have to put a democratic party in which everybody has confidence, the party is working for democrats rather than democrats are working for the party. >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. jackie: in a statement to fox news debbie wasserman schultz says she's proud of her work at the dnc, the clinton campaign didn't respond to our request for comments. no comment from bernie sanders either and no word if brazile
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she will mention role in cnn, questions in advance to hillary. heather: she said, no collusion, we are being fair. jackie: she's coming out with all of this right now. heather: elizabeth warren too. i will be interested who sells more books, what happened with hillary clinton or what happened with donna brazile. thank you so much, jackie, bombshell revel page sending shock awes through capitol hill, utah congressman jason chaffetz who led investigation in benghazi said it's not just about vindication because these allegations could be criminality. >> the reality democrats were in debt. yes, most members including myself have don't joint fundraising agreement and what is different and unacceptable
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and i believe could be money launder asking to put into the contract that that money then would go back to the dnc and essentially be under hillary clinton's control. there are reason campaign finance limits in there and this looks like a very concerted effort to bypass all of those so she could maintain control. you can't do that, that's not only unethical, donna brazile is calling this proof, proof, these are her words, not mine that this thing was rigged. heather: so what do you think should the department launch an investigation? let jackie know what you think by joining her on facebook live, instagram and twitter and we will share some of your thoughts. we always enjoy that segment. oh are -- >> it would be the biggest tax reform in the history of our
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country. heather: calling the gop tax plan a big, beautiful christmas present for americans promising that it will help those who need it the most. griff gin kins joins us live from washington, d.c. to break down the plan. good morning, griff. are you standing by? >> good morning, heather, it hasn't been done to over three decades to tax reform and they want to get it done to as postcard. >> this plan is for the middle-class families in the country that deserve a break. it's for the families who are living paycheck to paycheck who just keep getting squeezed. >> let's take a look at what's in it. reduces brackets down to 4, 0, 12, 25, 35 while leaving top rate, 12 for individuals, 24,000 for families, a thousand to 1600 and leaves 401(k) rules intact.
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in the business side it slashes corporate rate from 35% to 20%. cuts taxes on small business income to 25%, eliminates sending jobs overseas and repeals death tax. it's so good it told laura ingraham that it may get democrats to support it. >> it's an honor to work with fellow republicans. i think we are actually going to have some democrat support. i think it's going to be very hard for them not the support it. >> but democrats waste nod time blasting it. >> this is a shell game, poncy scheme that corporate america will perpetrate on american people. >> one thing is cristal clear, this plan is a a tax burden that ought to be on the backs of the wealthy and the biggest corporations, but instead it drops its squarely on the backs of the middle class.
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>> so it's out there, the next step is house will begin marking it up and with standing those lobbyists and special interest who is will try to have their say in it, president trump actually tweeting overnight and republicans are standing firm. heather: the debate is just beginning and we will talk about more about it after next commercial break. thank you very much, griff, appreciate it. how about other headlines for you, fox news alert, breaking overnight, isis claiming responsibility for the deadly terror attack in new york city calling the driver a, quote, soldier of the caliphate. the terror group praising suspects saipov in weekly news letter claiming he hurt 60 people, in reality 8 people died and 12 others injured. the uzbekistan was inspired by isis and bryan when's will have
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report with the latest on the investigation and that's coming up for you in just a few minutes. man accused of gunning down shoppers on the wal-mart check-out line is captured. we told you about this yesterday, we now know he is anaheim, scott, driving passed heavily armed colorado police officers seconds before his arrest. the suspect walked off his job as a roofer hours before the shooting and court records show that he was a failed businessman with $58,000 in debt, police are still searching for a motive in the attack that left three people dead. well, disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl could learn his fate as of today, military judge after asked for no prison time. the prosecution wants 14 years in confinement. both sides recommending a dishonorable discharge.
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bergdahl got choked up and he could bare i will say, yes, sir, when the judge asked if he understood that he would likely lose his benefits. bergdahl faces life in prison, last month he pleaded guilty to discertification after leaving post in afghanistan back in 2009. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and rick gates will remain under house arrest at least through the weekend, the judge deeming them flight risk and also considering a gag order in the case, manafort and gates are the first to be charge in special counsel robert mueller's probe of 2016 election. both will return to court on monday when judge will consider release, russian collusion and president trump not mentioned mn any of those reports. well, it is the day that apple super fans have been waiting for, the iphone x goes on sale all around the world. the much-apted and late e --
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edition for apple, thousands lining up for hours to get their hands on it. new phone has wireless charging, has facial recognition, we told you about it. it has no home button and it cost $999. basically a thousand dollars there for company. the time now is 11 minutes after the hour. outrage boiling over high school kids are given a math problem about 9/11. well, this morning the school responds. democrats freaking out over president trump's tax proposal. >> it's design today offer what appear to be enough crumbs for some middle-class folk. heather: have they even looked at the plan? our next guest has and he will set the record straight. we are breaking town what you need to know. forget weighing luggage, one airline putting you on the scale, what? stay with us.
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>> today house republicans unveiled a bill that raises taxes on millions of middle-class families and borrows trillions from future just to give massive tax breaks to the wealthy. >> it's designed to offer what appear to be enough crumbs for some middle-class folks. >> you're a big corporation, wealthy individual, you'll do great. you're a middle-class person, you suffer. heather: really? how so? democrats slamming president trump historic tax plan saying it will raise taxes for most americans. here to set the report straight cpa and business analyst dan, thank you so much for joining us again. >> thawrpg.
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heather: we said we have you back after details of the plan came out, what did you think of it so far? >> it is expected and a middle-class tax cut. we have to be realistic. not every single person in the middle class will get a tax cut. heather: i'm not sure how they are seeing that, if you look at the new tax brackets themselves, you'll be paying 12% if you're married and earn 24 and 90,000, if you're single 12 and 45,000, goes up from there. 25% and then from there, 35% and then the highest earners is 39.6% compared to 12% at the lower end. >> it's absolutely not true. the high-income earners are
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going to pay more, they are certainly not going pay less and if you look at how the rates are broken down, the middle class is going to pay less by in large not in every single case. every tax return is different. highly individualized, depends where you live, if you're in a high-taxed state it's a different story. heather: that's a big issue with this for a lot of people, those who live in new york, new jersey and you were saying you actually have a businessman that would work. >> i was thinking about this because i was actually doing my own tax return yesterday to see how the plan was going affect me and we talk about the tax code picking winners and losers, unfortunately i'm going to be on the losing side. so i said, how do i turn this around, here is the idea i came up with, i move to florida, no income tax there. that's for starters, i form a corporation, get favorable tax treatment that way and then i'm going to start a moving company to move people from new jersey
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and new york down to florida, huge market for that with the mass exodus that's coming, heather. heather: what's the incentive to a, pay your bills and -- >> the incentive is not there. this is an economic plan. primarily geared towards corporations to creating jobs and that's why they keep talking about a tax cut, it's really not because the cuts are not that great, it's really an economic plan, it's about creating more jobs through the corporations because that's where the biggest tax reduction is. heather: corporate rate 35% to 20%, that's the prosed thing and amongst other details in here as we said it lowers the number of tax brackets from 7 to 4, supposedly that's easier for people to do their taxes and they'll save money there and the maximum deduction for state and local property tax will now be $10,000. >> that's the killer, when
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you're talking about states like new york, new jersey, california, if there was ever an incentive to mover out of those states to go to florida and texas, now is the time starting in 2018 because those are legitimately tax increases by losing those deductions. heather: right, still up for debate. they can make changes before it's fully approved but you think that won't happen? >> i would say this is pretty close to being stone, let's call quick dry cement, i think it's going to stick. they think they are getting democratic support, there's no way, they'll are more republican defectors than democratic support. heather: they should push for better changes? >> should have gone big and bold. heather: appreciate it. we will have you back. >> great. heather: 20 minutes after the top of the hour and political purge, we have gotten use today politics taking over hollywood, award shows but the country music awards has a message for the media, not here, plus
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president trump's twitter account vanishing, wait to you hear how this happens
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", teacher now under fire for controversial math problem about 9/11 attacks which asks students to calculate to -- the times when planes hilt the world trade center.
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carley shimkus. who think it's a good idea? >> a teacher at newberry high school asked students to solve a math problem using specifics about 9/11, superintendent is now apologizing, it was not intended to be disrespectful, this was an exercise of poor judgment by the educator who intended to use the historical events as a mechanics to engage students in a thoughtful discussion. people on social media, though, calling this unacceptable. christy says, so inappropriate and offensive to some of us who lost a loved one, last 45 minutes on earth have been reduced to a math problem, not right. lauren on twit e also says, who on earth does anyone think this is remotely okay and any fan says the stupidity of people never fails to amaze me, who on earth thought that was a good idea? the tragedy hit home to this
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city so complete i inappropriate. heather: unreal. the last 45 minutes of their lives release today math problems, crazy. i heard about papa johns saying they have taken a hit and others weighing in. carley: papa johns saying it's been affected by nfl protests. yum brands are saying we have not seen any of that to our business, he told that to investors. take a look at tweet from digiornos's pizza, better pizza, better sales. a popular sports twitter account tweeted this funny give of people hurling money at pizza hut after the papa johns said
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what they said. so i've never had papa johns pizza so i can't attest to how it tastes. heather: i've had papa johns, ham and pineapple. we will do a taste test if they are watching. finally twitter flipping out because somebody went rogue and took off president trump's account? carley: that's right, it was deactivated for about ten minutes yesterday and people on twitter went wild. now the company is explaining what happened, they said earlier today the president's account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by twitter employee. the account was down for 11 minutes and then restored. we are continue to investigate and are taking steps from prevent this from happening again. well, now we no that that twitter employee was on his last day on the job, he was headed out, this may have been the last thing that he did.
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heather: trying to go out with a bang to make a statement. carley: absolutely. heather: have a great weekend. carley: you too. heather: time now 26 specifically after the top of the hour and the terror attack in new york city, it's shining fresh light on controversial visa lottery program and now president trump wants it shut down. >> this kid came in through a lottery system and i think we are going to get even democrat support on this. heather: so is this program the loophole of all loopholes or the key to keeping our economy going, our political panel on deck up next to debate it.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", 4:30 in the morning here on the east coast and we are back with fox news alert for you. isis now claiming that it was behind the bike attack in new york city calling the killer, terrorist behind the wheel a soldier of the caliphate.
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bryan llenas joins us live from the scene with some new information this morning. good morning, brian. >> good morning, heather. eight crosses for the victims of this terrorist attack this as new york city responds to protect its citizens installing dozens of new concrete barriers, some large and some small like these to prevent trucks and other vehicles from being able to enter the bike path along the west side of manhattan. this as you said, heather, reuters reporting that isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in weekly news letter thursday, isis did not provide any evidence, the group called attacker one of caliphate soldiers, investigators say the terrorists was radicalized in the united states by pop granda videos, investigators believe saipov acted alone.
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saipaov called the man immediately before the attack, quote, it is so sad unbelievable. we as muslims completely reject this kind of actions, no human being that has a heart can do this. saipov was registered as uber and lyft driver, the 34-year-old couple was picked up. >> we were with him for half an hour. we talked a long time. [inaudible] >> he seemed absolutely normal. >> heather, nypd is getting ready for new york city marathon doubling, snieber teams as well as observation teams and blocker
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vehicles, heather. heather: bryan llenas definitely ramped up security. the attacker here in the u.s., you heard this on diversity visa, is it time to shut the program down? here to debate cofounder lili and liberal analyst kathy, thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> kathy, i will start with you, the diversity program itself basically is a lottery system that allows people in here at random. what do you think about that? should it be shut down in light of what's happen? >> this is a terrible thing thap but the program has brought in over a million people since it was brought into legislation in 1990, it was created in 1990, we have about a 1.3 million people that have come here and first time we here of someone abusing this. crazy is crazy. he was an immigrant, should be
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improved, eliminated, no. we should know who they are and make tweaks but to eliminate, it's not american and antiamerican to be antiimmigrant. heather: right, lili, doesn't it just have to happen once as kathy said, maybe look at some changes to this and put our security first? >> absolutely. this program is the loopholes of loopholes when it comes to immigration. i'm a big believer of immigration. i'm an immigrant myself but this one does not give entry based on any family ties or skill-based or merit, so why are we taking 50,000 of these visas and not reallocating them instead to the ph.d's that are not able to stay because there's a cap on immigration or other types of immigrants, we are trying to find a solution for dreamers right now. it makes absolutely no sense. i'm actually glad that we are having this conversation so people understand that immigration is not only broken
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on the undocumented side but also on the legal immigration side, so i rather we make changes here because immigration is good for workforce development, economic development and this one is literally raffling access to the united states. heather: on that point, economic development, kathy, we want people to come into this country who can contribute, who can do a job, what's the problem with merit-based immigration? >> nothing is wrong with that, but we are not saying they are not contributing, 50,000 of these people that come with the visas -- heather: but not based on merit, lottery system. >> they are contributing, we haven't heard negative, they are coming and bringing families, they are contributing to our system, there's nothing to say otherwise. heather: bringing the families that's a whole other issue, he had 23 people through the chain migration, he was their point of contact to come into here and i know there's going to be a lot more said about that. let's move onto other topic, lili, i will start with you,
1:36 am
former interim dnc chair donna brazile said campaign took over, quite a different story, lili. >> yes. heather: could you hear me, we were going to talk about dnc and how donna brazile is coming forward saying it was rigged basically for hillary clinton. >> oh, well, you know, i think we need to get over this rigged or not fact, what happened is what happened. here we are, america has voted and we need to move forward with solutions, we need move with collaborating across the aisle instead of pointing fingers, it is the time to just accept what has happened and -- and find ways for us to get stuff done in washington and stop reflecting on what's been done or try to continue to make the news cycle with it. so i just hope we can get over that particular fact cycle.
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heather: is she just trying to make the news cycle or something that was very wrong, bernie sanders, we said it then, didn't get a fair shake, apparently that was true. >> i interviewed donna brazile when i was in the washington post, smart woman, maybe she's trying to get publicity for her book, who knows, maybe had bernie been given more support, maybe he would have won because we do know that the democrats ditch them out and vote and voted hard. i don't know. i don't know what's real or not here. heather: a lot of people agreeing with you, there's more to come on this front, for sure. thank you both for joining us this morning. lili and kathy, thank you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> thanks. heather: just days after the new york city terror attack, a north carolina man is accused of recruiting for isis. a federal agent say that usian pledged allegiance to isis online and sent as many as 13
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people overseas to support the terror group. the fbi had been investigating him since 2014. prosecutors said that he married several women to obtain citizenship and he lied on official forms about his connection to terror. how can all that happen? lots of questions. disturbing political ad shocked the nation, we showed it to you and the democrat that it supports says he did not sign off on it but now there's new proof that campaign may have actually been involved. virginia gubernatorial denies ad but the campaign received in-kind donation for media purposes from the latino victory fund. that's the group behind the ad. qualifies in-kind donation, the
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candidate or the campaign must request or suggest it. well, it is known as country music's biggest night and cma's want to keep it that way, about the music. ♪ ♪ reporters covering the event are told to stay away from asking questions about guns, politics and the biggest master and the rule meant to keep the artists comfortable. let's see if that happens. ivanka trump praising women's entrepreneurship during the world assembly for women in japan days before her father's trip to asia. president trump's oldest daughter who also serves as one of advisers has made women's issues her signature policy. >> today we are redefining success. we are helping to shape more realistic and complete picture
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of what it is to be a woman who thrives and who helps her business, community and family do the same. heather: japan rolling out an all-female security guard to protect ivanka trump. time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour and forget weighing your luggage. the airline now wants to put you on the scale and turns out the fix was in for hillary clinton, some bombshell accusation, the dnc rigged the nomination and now the president is demanding an investigation. >> it's illegal, number one. >> totally unacceptable and i believe that could potentially be money laundering. heather: should the justice department take action? your response is up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: lots of rumors swirling around dnc. live shot of new york city for you. while you were sleeping president trump demanding an investigation into some of those rumors that the dnc rigged the nomination favoring hillary clinton. democrats also now ripping their own party. jackie ibañez is here with reaction, so folks jumping ship. jackie: the system was rigged, donna brazile scorching hillary clinton in a new book about the 2016 election, excerpt from the memoir published in plit coa says that under her predecessor congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, quote, dnc was rigging the system to throw the primary to hillary.
1:45 am
overnight president trump demanding an investigation tweeting, this is real collusion and dishonesty, major violation of campaign finance laws and money laundering, where is our justice department? our commander in chief also sitting with laura ingraham. >> it's a major story. i don't know if the mainstream fake media because they are fake and phoney, i don't know if they are going to pick it up. i will tell you it's a big story what she's saying, it's illegal number one and it's really unfair to bernie sanders. >> a huge story. earlier we asked you, should the justice department launch an investigation into claims that the clinton campaign rigged the democratic primaries, comments pouring in as usual. most of you agree with president trump, ronnie on facebook saying, if hrc isn't prosecuted, i feel we as country will lose faith in judicial system and create more trouble down the road. darlene posted, absolutely, yes,
1:46 am
yes, yes. looks like hillary pulled out all the stops and has a lot of explaining to do. dona on instagram says, i think they will. hillary stole nomination from her own party. some people throwing it out there was bernie paid off. he hung his head during campaign and wonder if hillary got the nomination or won would he have a spot in cabinet. there were a lot of things swirling. heather: rumors. he did say he was being mistreated and he wasn't being supported an people didn't really believe him at the time but he did back off so that's a good point. thank you so much. >> happy friday. heather: you too. stop, drop and roll because your fire extinguisher might not work in an emergency. tracee carrasco with the recall
1:47 am
that could impact us. >> this is a big one, 40 million fire distinguishers recalled because they may not work in an emergency, so now they may become clogged or the nozzles may come off, recalling 34 models, 1973 to august 15th of 2013. if you have a extinguisher, check it out. this is thin air, they are asking passengers to keep all their clothes, outer wear and luggage and they want to weigh you as a whole because they are trying to get accurate calculations for fuel, for their
1:48 am
planes and they haven't had the numbers since about 2008, so they want to get the most accurate data so far they've had about 18 volunteers out of the 2000 that they are looking for. heather: i would not be volunteering for that. all right, if you do volunteer for that, you don't need to be doing this, eating candy bars but hershey's has a new one. >> yes, the hershey gold candy bar, there is it is on your screen. first candy bar in 20 years, buttery sweet, it's got peanuts and pretzels and will be released next month nationwide, looks pretty good and joining the original hershey bar, the special dark bar and the cookies and cream. heather: is it gold colored? >> yes, there you go.
1:49 am
thanks, heather. heather: time now ten minutes until the top of the hour and twitter leaning left during the election. no surprise there but hiding hashtags against democrats, so can they really self-police or is it time for the government to step in? our next guest weighs in on the selective censorship. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices... ...from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices.
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heather: democrats have been accusing the democrats of conspiring, i should say the republicans have been accusing the democrats of conspiring with russia to rig the election with a flood of fake news online b a brand-new revelation show that is the democrats had twitter doing their dirty work actually. here the weigh in patricia, the
1:53 am
independent women's analyst. let's take a look at the top. the tweets that twitter hid, nearly 50% with the hashtag dnc leak and 25% of #podesta emails. so it looks pretty obvious that there was some shenanigans on the part of twitter. >> it's interesting at the time twitter denied that there was any wrongdoing, they claimed that they did not hide any tweets but twitter followers they responded, created enough backlash and the same hash tags that appeared 20 minutes later. senator ted cruz said yesterday, whether they reflect the biases of some of the people who are in leadership and some of the people who work for them. heather: yeah, it was really remarkable. we can pull this up. this is what twitter's general
1:54 am
counsel had to say, the first day of testimony, slightly 4% of tweets containing podesta emails came from accounts with potential links to russia with respect to #dnc leak, roughly 2% were from potentially russian linked accounts. and it's just interesting because you had the democrats accusing republicans of russia collusion and now we have, you know, what appears to be twitter taking it on themselves to support democrats in this. >> it's really sad, i mean, i think it underscores the fact that social media is positive but also has some ways that can be used for nefarious purposes. i want to highlight something interesting. this is not the first time that we have seen a technology or social media company unfortunately silence or sensor conservative voices. facebook had the problem last year when we found out that a former staffer admitted that
1:55 am
they would suppress conservative topics, the gather and this is not the first time we have seen this. the question is how to ensure that they don't continue. these platforms should be a neutral place for people to share ideas. heather: how do we do that? we knew it was happening and speaking in terms of facebook and now we have twitter, another example shutting people's accounts while allows others to continue? >> well, you're going to have congress who are going say, well, let's pas some legislation. i would be careful about congress being able to determine to be the police, the speech police online. i think these companies can continue to try their best to -- to police their internal workings but i think they have to consider the people that are a part of their offices. i mean, are there staff, just people who lean toward a certain political side or are they
1:56 am
really inclusive of political philosophies that are republicans that are libertarian that are conservative and i think that's what i would like to see more of. heather: all right, thank you so much, patricia, we appreciate you being with us this morning. have a good weekend, we will be right back so stick around. i had some severe fatigue, some funny rashes.
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finally, listening to my wife, i went to a doctor and then i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. that diagnosis was tough. i'm a concrete mason. i own my own company. i went from being a guy that could pick up anything i wanted, to having to ask for help. i'm a person that likes to take control. at that point in my life, i said there's nothing i can do. i have to rely on physician's information,
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physician's recommendations. i had to put my trust in somebody. and i found cancer treatment centers of america through the recommendation of a good friend of mine. i wanted a second opinion. it's actually uplifting coming here, seeing everything positive. when i first met steve, we recommended chemotherapy and then we did high dose therapy and then autologous stem cell transplant. unfortunately, he went on to have progressive disease. i thought that he would be a good candidate for immune therapy when his disease progressed because i had been reading about some of the exciting advances in hodgkin's lymphoma. we have drugs that can specifically can affect the patients immune system, and unleash it against the cancer. the tumor is trying to attack him, so we're trying to block the tumor. with chemotherapy, i felt rough, fatigued, nauseous. and with immune therapy, we've had such a positive result. the future of immunotherapy at
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ctca is very bright. i believe that we will use it more and more. i'm back to working out, back to working hard. i've always worked hard, but now it's enjoyable again. and still have energy at the end of the day to have activities with my family. whether it's kicking the soccer ball around with my stepson, or playing fetch with the dog or going for a walk with my wife, i've honestly never felt this great. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. heather: well, it seems that james comey is taking a subtle stab at president trump with title of new book, the cover of
2:00 am
a higher loyalty, truth, lies and leadership of the tell-all, focuses on career and dealings with the trump administration earlier this year, of course, he testified about firing alleging that president trump told him, quote, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty. thank you so much for joining us for 4:00 a.m. hour. have a great weekend. "fox & friends first" continues right now. rob: all right, heather, thanks, breaking overnight, isis claiming credit for that truck terror attack in new york city, praising the killer that they call a soldier of the caliphate. concrete barriers lining streets as security ramps up for this weekend's new york city marathon. >> it looks like president trump was proven absolutely correct. >> it's illegal and it's really unfair to bernie sanders. >> we have to hold this party accountable. >> this is real collusion, president trump demanding an investigation into


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