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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 3, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and leadership of the tell-all, focuses on career and dealings with the trump administration earlier this year, of course, he testified about firing alleging that president trump told him, quote, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty. thank you so much for joining us for 4:00 a.m. hour. have a great weekend. "fox & friends first" continues right now. rob: all right, heather, thanks, breaking overnight, isis claiming credit for that truck terror attack in new york city, praising the killer that they call a soldier of the caliphate. concrete barriers lining streets as security ramps up for this weekend's new york city marathon. >> it looks like president trump was proven absolutely correct. >> it's illegal and it's really unfair to bernie sanders. >> we have to hold this party accountable. >> this is real collusion, president trump demanding an investigation into bombshell allegations that hillary clinton
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paid her pay into the democratic nomination p. rob: the day that iphone 10. "fox & friends first" continues right now. jillian: here we are on friday morning. i know you love country muis and you like our choice. rob: better than choices that we make of music around here. i won't say anything. jackie: i'm jackie ibañez in for jillian mele. rob: rob schmitt, a quote here,
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this is real collusion from the president, overnight president trump demanding an investigation bo bombshell allegation that is the dnc rigged the nomination back in 2016 for hillary clinton. jackie: democrats also now ripping their own party, griff jenkins live in nation's capital this morning with brand-new details. griff, what a story. >> what a story, good morning, jackie and rob, shocking revelations but not a surprise and now it's official, the system was rigged, the former interim chair of dnc donna brazile hammering hillary clinton in a new book about the 2016 election revealing in an excerpt published in politico that under her predecessor congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, quote, the dnc was rigging the system to throw the primary to hillary. president trump overnight demanding an investigation tweeting this is real collusion and dishonesty, major violation of campaign finance laws and money laundering. where is our justice department?
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$10 million to retire 80% of the party's debt but at a steep price, she wrote, quote, in an exchange to raising money, investing in dnc, hillary would control the party's finances, strategy and all the money raised. she added that, quote, her campaign meaning hillary's had to right of refusal of who would be the communication directors and would make final decisions on all other staff that. agreement according to brazile coming four months after clinton announced candidacy and a year before she secured the nomination, democrats like senator elizabeth warren says this has to be addressed. >> you have got to put together a democratic party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for democrats rather than democrats are working for the party. >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes.
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no comment from bernie sanders, it'll be interesting whether donna brazile addresses her book whether or not she used her role to steer questions to clinton in advance. jackie: president trump said all along that the system was rigged. finally he was proven that he was right. >> the dnc, democratic national committee rigged the democratic election, the primary process, to take it away from bernie and give it to hillary clinton. rob: and this is a really big story. i mean, it really is. i mean, this has huge repercussions on who is running the country possibly, you start to wonder if this would have been a fair fight, would bernie
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have gotten the nomination. what would have a bernie-trump match-up look like. let's listen to rnc spokesperson caitlin. >> it looks like president trump was proven absolutely correct. hillary was always crooked. the system was always rigged. i know juan says this isn't shocking but deeply shocking particularly to new york times reporter ken who asked about this and dnc said you're off base, this didn't happen. what did happen was quid pro quo corruption, dnc was having debt on solved by hillary clinton and hillary clinton got to control the dnc, not only that, they were silencing democratic voters and fabricating stories about bernie sanders, their own candidate. jack john kerry a lot of people saying the clinton say seemed bullet proof. did they break the law this time, jared was on hannity last night, here is what he had to say about that. >> there is a difference between
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her paying for dossier and trump-russia so-called collusion, but not the way she means, it's a crime to give money to a foreign national in a political campaign, that's what she did. it's not a crime for donald trump, jr. to talk a russian lawyer or george to talk to a russian during the campaign. rob: really big story and we want to know what you think about this as this all gets underway and the investigation begins. send us our comments, e-mail, twitter, facebook, instagram, wherever you want. jackie: we read them all and we like to respond as well. fox news alert breaking overnight. isis claiming responsibility for deadly attack in new york city calling the driver a soldier to have caliphate. a terror-praising group claiming
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he killed 60 people which in reality he killed 8 others and the uzbekistan had propaganda more details in a few minutes. rob: paul manafort and rick gates will remain under house arrest, the judge considering gag order in this case. manafort and gates, first to be charged in special counsel robert mueller's probe from russian interference, both will return to court on monday when the judge will consider their release. jackie: north korea as at the top of president's list. rob: over ten days he will meet with crucial u.s. allies to discuss the growing nuclear
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threat from north korea. amy kellogg joins us live from rome, italy with a preview of that, amy. >> hi, rob and jackie, this will be trump's long overseas trip as president and really broadly speaking, there are two main issues on this trip and those are security and trade and security, of course, means reducing or removing the threat that's posed by north korea, so far obviously the international community has not been able to figure out a way to rein in north korea leader kim jong un and nuclear program. how will kim react while trump is in the korean peninsula. the north korean called president mentally datard. north korea has accelerated
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missile testing some say surpassing expectation but ahead of of the trump sounded defiant no of stopping this. >> i must tell you that north korea is a thing that i think we will solve and if we don't solve it it's not going to be very pleasant for them, it's not going to be pleasant for anybody but china is helping us. >> trump will meet with chinese leader xi jinping and china is considered the key to resolving the north korean issue. senior official said yesterday that while the u.s. and china are working closer together than ever on this particular issue, the u.s. still expects china to do more, rob and jackie here is where the delicate comes in, trump made it clear that he wants to secure fairer trade deals and better trade deals with the u.s. with several asian
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countries including china and mainly china. so he has to be careful not the alienate xi gin -- jinping and others to keep them close on north korea. rob: array of topics to discuss, thank you so much, amy. jackie: thanks, amy. rob: big transition here, houston astros being honored by hometown today. jackie: beating the la dodgers in wednesday's game seven. it's the city's prosports championships since the houston rockets won the championship in 1995. rob: game 7, the second-most watched game since 2002. so this world series did fairly well and doubled nfl ratings although it's not really comparing apples to apples here,
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15 million viewers in the past two seasons which -- two weeks which have national anthem protests. jackie: i prefer baseball. rob: after new york terror terrorist took advantage of visa lottery program, president trump calling on democrats to help him scrap the program. >> this kid came in through a lottery system and i think we will get even democrat support on this. jackie: the president making a bold push to pass newly unveiled tax reform plan. >> we are giving them a beautiful christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. it will be the -- jackie: big present there. next guest representative on whether or not congress can deliver that package on time for christmas. rob: do you remember the espn anchor suspended for calling the president racist and other things? how the network is being called out again for political bias,
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rob: unveiling plan for tax reform and president trump says he wants it on his desk before the holidays. >> i really believe we will have it done before christmas, i consider that to be one of the great christmas presents and not just the reform and not just the tax cuts, but we will be creating jobs like you have rarely seen in this country. jackie: joining us now ohio congressman jim, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, thank you for having me. jackie: let's break this down, let's get into the meat and potatoes of this. >> we are dropping the corporate tax rate which we have to. we have to be competitive across the world and i can tell you the
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number one thing that we aren't as competitive now, that's why companies are inverting, the more we can keep companies here, the more we can give them more money to be able to employ more money and grow and the more we can make them maintain competitiveness, that's a start. the other thing we have to do is lower middle-income tax rates. is goal of this tax plan is really to come up with a sustained growth plan, not just a short-term growth plan. you drop the corporate rates so that we can have that sustained growth and corporations aren't leaving anymore. they are staying here. in fact, wouldn't be it great that corporations from overseas came here because of our rate? rob will be we saw a little bit of that, singapore, the day yesterday or the day before, we are starting to see that happen and i think people love that. democrats, of course, are fighting this thing that this is a cut for the rich, a cut for the people that are already doing great and take it away from the people of the middle
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and lower-class, i know you think they are wrong, why do you think that's wrong? >> that's politics as usual. i say that all of the time. the democrats are a minority and they want to get to a majority. of course, they are going to attack this plan. there's always good things in a plan and bad things on the plan, here is the positive, it does lower middle-income tax rates and that's important. higher tax rates, the 39% individuals, they are not going to get as much as of a break as lower- income tax individuals. rob: just real quick. how do they then make that argument that -- that the middle class and the lower class are getting hurt on this, where does the argument come from, is my question? >> i've heard their arguments and i'm a business guy and a cpa, i've done tax returns and i understand what it really does to have lower tax rate and i
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understand the tax code and i'm going the tell you, the things that we put in here, the provision for child tax credit, doubling for standard deduction, it'll help middle americans. i will be interesting when democrats come up with specifics and they will and they will take shots at it because that's what they have to do in the minority. in the end, i'm hoping they will come on board and say this is good for america, let's get politics out of the way and let's make sure we have a strong american economy. jackie: seven tax brackets down to four tax brackets, kevin brady, republican from texas, americans to do taxes on the postcard, that sounds nice, doesn't it? cumbersome, right now. >> august another key issue. we eliminated deduction, doubled the standard deduction. makes it much easier so people are able to do it on a postcard. we have to simplify the tax code for a lot of people that are
2:19 am
working hard every day. rob: first of all, it's an aggressive desire by the president to have this done by the holidays. i want to ask you if that's feasible and also for the purposes of budget reconciliation, did you guys have to give up much. i know you had to stay within constraints there. >> that was the big key, $1.5 trillion on a static basis, that's important to know that static basis means it doesn't take consideration for growth. we had to get down to that number. work a number of things to get there. the house will go to conference next week or i say conference, the committee will do a mark-up next week and hopefully we will get this out of the house in the next couple of weeks, senate is doing their bill, hopefully we can get a conference between now and christmas and get something signed and delivered to the president's desk. rob: all right. jackie: 50 days away from christmas. rob: aggressive plan. we do appreciate it.
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jackie: thank you. >> thank you both. rob: hillary clinton still playing the blame game while accepting the award for democratic woman of the year. >> i have a whole chapter on russia because we are only at the beginning of understanding what the russians did to affect our elections. jackie: o hillary, some suggest she should have gotten another award, carley shimkus is here. i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold. i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching,
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>> because we are only at the beginning of understanding what the russians did to affect our elections.
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jackie: 5:23 hillary clinton still blaming russia for election loss as she accepts the award for democratic woman of the year. rob: dnc allegedly rigged election in her favor at least former head of dnc. carley shimkus with such an interesting story. carley: can't make that stuff up, that's right. major story that broke yesterday. former dnc chair donna brazile now claiming that hillary clinton's campaign essentially rigged the primary process, the deal was that clinton wound fundraise for dnc and she would essentially just get to call the shots. on the same day that the story broke she won a democratic woman year award and she accepted with open arms. people on social media now noting noting this irony, let's check out tweets. i give her criminal of the year
2:25 am
award. award for hillary has to be a cheater award, you have no shame, ask donna brazile, rigged the nomination for hillary clinton and then bill also said, something similar that she rigged that one also. so the president also chiming in, he called the dnc revelation, the real collusion and dishonesty b. so, you know, hillary clinton asked what happened, i guess this is what happened, right? rob: i have no word at this point. carley: it's a big one. espn, they released a new social media policy reminding its journalists to not make so many political statements, stay away from politics this after host hill was suspended for making political statements including this one. donald trump is a white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists. our engagement should be civil, responsible and without overpolitical and other bias that is would threaten
2:26 am
credibility with the public. let's see what social media has to say about this one. hey, espn, are you listening, guess what, it's too late, frank says, espn social media policy is essentially what they needed but given how bad they let it get first doesn't even matter, another twitter used chimed in saying, if you really believe your premise, you would hire just some conservative viewed people you currently do not have a diverse staff, so big deal over at espn, they are still battling all of the political talk at the sports network. jackie: carley, the world stopped for about ten minutes yesterday. carley: that's right, the president's twitter was deactivated. earlier today the president's account was inadvertently
2:27 am
deactivated. we are taking steps to prevent this from happening again. guess what, the person who did that, now the company was saying was on the last day out. rob: cost twitter $500 billion to not have donald trump for ten minutes. >> did it really? rob: no. never believe anything i say. >> come on, rob. rob: former dnc chairwoman donna brazile calling out her own party claiming the nomination was rigged for hillary clinton. now other democrats are chiming in. >> you have to put together a democratic party in which everybody could have confidence. rob: hillary clinton's party now in full damage control mode. jackie: no guns and no politics, brand-new red carpet rules for country music's biggest night.
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rob: we are back with fox news alert, isis now claiming it was behind attack. jackie: bryan llenas with new information, brian, good good morning. >> eight crosses for victims as new york city responds to protect citizens installing dozen of concrete barriers like this overnight to prevent vehicles from driving into the path, some are small and others large placed diagonally this as reuters reports isis has claim red responsibility for attack and weekly news letter, though isis did not provide evidence, one of caliphate soldiers, investigators say suggested terrorist was radicalized in the
2:32 am
united states inspire today attack by isis propaganda. chilling new details by a monowho was driven by saipov, registered as uber and lyft driver, the 34-year-old british designer and girlfriend were picked up at newark airport by saipov. >> we were in the taxi for about an hour. we talked for a long time. you have an idea of a person. he seemed absolutely normal. >> investigators still believe saipov acted alone. he's not being called a suspect but saipov reportedly called the man immediately before the attack, he has since condemned the attack and says that he hopes that last shout against -- lash out against muslim and nypd
2:33 am
adding more sniper teams, observation teams and blocker vehicles, rob, jackie. jackie: bryan llenas, we appreciate it this morning. president trump doubling down on efforts on immigration. i'm calling on congress to determine the diversity visa lottery program that is that present significant vulnerabilities to our national security. he also called to end to change migration. >> we want a system ultimately that's merit-based so we can bring in people that will help our country, grow our country and be safe for our country. jackie: migration, when they enter legally to reunite with family. terror suspects used to bring 23 people in the country. disturbing political ad shocked the nation and democrat and now
2:34 am
there's now proof his campaign may have been involved. ralph denies approving the ad but reports show that the campaign received in-kind donation for media purposes from the latino victory fund. group behind the ad to qualify as in-kind donation. candidate for campaign must request or suggested. country's music biggest night and cma's want to keep it about music. ♪ ♪ jackie: the award show hosted by carrie under underwood, now o stay away from guns, politics and las vegas massacre.
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the rule meant to keep the artists comfortable. colin kaepernick could be at the point of no return when it comes to getting back on a football team, here is why, the houston texans will not ask former 49ers to become quarterback after watson tore his acl at practice. the team will replace watson with former oakland raiders quarterback matt. i hope i said that right. rob: i think you did. all right, thanks, jackie. donna brazile dropping a major bombshell yesterday on the democratic party's alliance with hillary clinton. brazile writes, i had promised bernie when i took the helm of the democratic national committee after the convention that i would get to the bottom of whether hillary clinton's team had rigged the nomination process which a lot of people had suspected at the time. as hillary clinton's campaign gained momentum she resolved the
2:36 am
party's debt, dependent on campaign survival by september 7th, the day i called bernie i found the proof and broke my heart. that's a major statement. here to react contributor at the hill and washington examiner jen. this is a huge allegation, the person that gave her the questions from cnn, they were all in this together and now comes the book, what is the allegations that she says hillary clinton did here? >> yeah, this is astonishing, rob. donna brazile is giving us an inside look at to what actually happened. this is really remarkable here. it shows that in august of 2015 almost a full year before hillary clinton actually became the nominee -- rob: way before. >> way before. she entered into this agreement, contract with the dnc to say that her control would control the strategy, the messaging, the
2:37 am
funds and would even -- this is what makes me wonder, would even have first right of refusal of who was hired as communications director. i can tell you, i worked for the largest state party in california, republican party, i know how party apparatus works, i have done work for the rnc, this is highly, highly unusual. you don't get those kind of privileges until you become the nominee. the fact that hillary clinton engaged in this contract with debbie wasserman schultz and the dnc, almost a full year before she became nominee is very troubling. rob: basically you think it was an assumption, hey, i'm doing this thing, i don't think who runs, this is my show, debbie was complicit? >> yeah, this goes to show a couple of things, one goes to show how entitled hillary clinton was in her presumption that she was going to become the nominee. this was 25 years going of the clintons feeling entitled to everything on the democrat side and also shows us that the
2:38 am
democrat party once again has proven to favor elitism and cronyism in their own party, proves that when they talk about the big guy versus the little guy which they so often do -- rob: party of the people. >> party of the people, they turn out to be hypocrites, they let party bosses and big money run their own party and this is why the dnc is having problems with ranking file, this is why they are having problems with the rest of america because we see it now. rob: one last question, would bernie have gotten the nomination, had this been a fair fight and how do you think he would have done in the general election? >> you know, it's hard to tell how he would have done in the general but it would have been interesting to see the populist side on the left versus the populist fight on the right. this is something that steve bannon talked about in recent 60 minutes interview. it would have been interesting if that had been a fair fight, it would have been a much more interesting campaign. rob: trump and sanders in a weird way they connected in a lot of issues. they were very different and
2:39 am
very similar in some ways, this is or very interesting. we do appreciate it. all right, let's go over to janice, we will talk to weather on this friday. we are all hoping for a nice weekend. janice: same with the folks that are running the new york marathon. we have rain in the forecast. nice-looking forecast along the coast but we have some rain across the interior sections. next big storm into the northwest and rockies where we could see heavy, snow at times, winter storm warnings in effect, all the way towards the sierra, northern california mountainous region. we have lots of winter weather advisories posted, lots of snow for higher elevations get to go northern plains and midwest. let's talk about marathon on sunday, a lot of folks heading to new york city. plan ahead, hopefully it's not going to be too bad a run for you if you're headed towards new york city and, of course, we are going to fall back daylight
2:40 am
saving time except if you live in arizona and hawaii, you don't do that kind of thing which i kind of agree with, maybe, what do you think? rob: this is a good one. janice: we like this one, we don't like spring forward. jackie: terrible. the time now 40 after the hour. rob: controversial school program that separates children at lunch based on their grades. so is it an incentive or just public human humiliation? >> after eight months in office, one of president trump's favorite phrases is named word of the year. here is a hint for you, rob. >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. i call the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. that was just fake news by nbc which gives a lot of fake news. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah.
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did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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rob: all right, welcome back, 5:43 on the east coast. segregating students based on grades. florida high school hopes lunchtime seating plan will help flag students who may not be on track to graduate and give them incentive to improve grades but critics say this is creating division instead of fostering encouragement. students who are not doing well must stay inside cafeteria earn, while those with good grades can go eat outside in addition to other school perks as well. we will see if it works. jackie: that's crazy. president trump's favorite phrase named word of the year. listen. >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. i call the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. that was just fake news by nbc which gives a lot of fake news. jackie: so what do you think it is? fake news is up 365% since last year defining it as false, often sensational information disseminated under the
2:45 am
reporting. other finalists include echo chamber, antifa and fidget spinner. rob: i do, i saw it at mall and got one just to see it. jackie: do you use it? rob: no. let's talk movies, thor is back to round three. >> yes! we know each other, he's a friend from work. jackie: should you see it or skip it this weekend? fox news contributor kevin mccarthy is here with his review. >> good morning, rob and jackie, by the way, big ben is right behind me. that's pretty cool. here in london. i was here last night for -- yeah, i was here for the murder on the orient express premier last night. but i do want to say that the
2:46 am
clip that you just saw, the coolest story ever behind that scene. when they were shooting that scene onset there was a make a wish kid onset named darcy and he actually was the one that came up with the line, he's a friend from work, he suggested the line to the screen writers and director and hemsworth ended up saying the line in the film and he brought darcy to the premier of the movie which we have a photo of so when you watch the movie, that line, he's a friend from work came from a make a wish kid who was visiting the set. really cool story there that it made it into the movie that way. rob: we love it. they have to give the kid a cut to the loyalties. >> i completely agree. he deserves screen writing credit but the movie itself, third film, third thor film as you mentioned, you have kate
2:47 am
blanche, the, -- blanc, the >> there's so much good happening here, the problem is a lot of the jokes in my opinion fell flat and it was all over the place, you forgot about the villain when you were watching the movie because there's so much going on. i will say the action scenes are awesome. there's one scene where you actually follow the thor hammer as it is taking out the bad guys, i was geeking out beyond belief. overall 3.5 out of 5. i didn't think it was the best marvel films, it's definitely bitter than thor two but not as thor one, avengers, captain america, iron man 1, there's so many great ones. this one isn't at that level but enjoyable.
2:48 am
jackie: jackie is still going to go to watch hemsworth. >> first film was so great. it was a surprise hit, i don't know if you guys saw it. i love the scene in the grocery store when they are in slow motion, this time around we are actually meeting their moms so kristin play it is mom of the character milla kunis plays and cheryl is the mom of kristin bell and the movie is r-rated, very rauñy, i will say that the beginning of the movie tries really hard to create the magic of the first movie but once you get to the middle and the end it really gets funny, it's very emotional but also very r-rated and i will say not as great as the first one but if you're a fan of the first one you will like it. 3.5 out of 5. jackie: you're going to that one, rob?
2:49 am
rob: probably not my favorite. i like dirty comedy. >> i will be tweeting about all the movies. you can always send me a tweet. jackie: thank you, have a good morning. let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". steve: good morning to both of you, coming up on "fox & friends", the man who killed osama bin laden will sit in brian's chair, that's exactly what he looks like. he's actually wearing a different tie. did you see the national anthem out at dodgers stadium performed by la police department, you know what, they are going to join us live, what a great story that is. geraldo will be with us. kevin brady and congressman kevin mccarthy both talk about tax cuts and because it's friday tmz harvey levine will talk
2:50 am
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jackie: good morning, it is 53 after the hour. it's the day apple super fans have been waiting for. the iphone 10 is now on sale around the world, rob. rob: it will change your life according to apple. deadre live in new york city where people are lining the streets for this phone. >> that is right, jackie and rob. apple fans are here, some of them have been here since yesterday morning at this time. i mean, the weather is pretty mild so maybe it's encouraging some of them to hang out a little bit longer. you look behind me, there's actually
2:54 am
three layers of line, that kind of snake around as in disneyland. probably 30 people online -- on line here. so this is a huge day for apple, from the company's point of view it's actually going to really test consumers paying point, price point. the iphone 10 on sale for a thousand dollars, more if you want more memory. this is going to be a big test for apple. really important ahead of holiday season, ahead of christmas season. yesterday the ceo tim cook when asked about supply and demand said, we will see how we will do. there's been concerns that there aren't even enough phones to sell for christmas. in the meantime, probably these people will get one. back to you jackie and rob. rob: sounds very cool. better be for a thousand bucks. jackie: would you ever stand in line? rob: no, not at all. jackie: he took a stolen
2:55 am
ambulance on a joyride with the patient still inside. the video you have to see to believe. rob: the hero cop who came to the rescue. stay tune. ♪ bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. hey julie, i know today's critica...a sick day. need... . .
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did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another?
2:58 am
right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt. ♪ ♪.
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do what you want ♪ but you're never going to break me ♪ sticks and stones never going to shake me rob: supposed to be a beautiful day today on the east coast. if you live around here, call in sick. play hooky. go and enjoy it. 75 degrees. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. this guy's heart bigger than texas. he bet if astros won the world series he would pay them back. astros did win. he is out 10 million bucks. made headlines sheltering hurricane harvey victims store and sending first responders to seat world series. awesome guy. >> next the bad. patienpolice catching up with te subject yanking him out of the ambulance. >> you are going to prison, buddy. how do you like that? you kidnapped somebody.
3:00 am
>> he faces kidnapping and grand theft auto charges. rob: panicked driver calls the cops to remove tiny spider from the car. bravely picked it up and got it out. it was the size of pinky nail we understand. that's it. "fox & friends" starts right now. happy friday. jack jack have a good weekend. >> we are working to give the working people a giant tax cut for christmas. we are giving them a big beautiful christmas present. [laughter] >> former dnc chair woman donna brazile is leveling shocking charges of collusion and rigging by her own party. >> colluded. that's the word. colluded to rig those primaries in favor of hillary clinton. >> it's a major story. it's illegal, number one, and really unfire bernie sanders. >> it looked like president trump was proven absolutely correct. hillary was always crooked. of the system was always rig dollars. >> that dossier, which is totally fake, and made up,


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