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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 3, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> thank you. >> that is a great tease. great to have you. >> thank you. >> breaking news at this hour. president trump ready to take off on this landmark trip to asia. a ten-day tour. the crisis looms large. telling congress to get it done. we will see about that, won't we. good morning. it's friday. we have almost made it. >> good morning, bill i'm sandra smith. airforce one taking off now for hawaii. the president will first visit the pearl harbor memorial and continue onto asia. stops in japan, south korea, china and the fill paepbz. >> he is weighing in saying hillary clinton, crooked hillary
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bought the pugh nc and stole the democratic primary from crazy bernie. >> good morning, kristin. what is the white house hoping to accomplish over the course of the trip. >> good morning, sandra. two countries are the focus, the main focus. china and north korea. with china president trump wants to review what he calls unfair trade practices. he wants to combat recent agrees in the chinese sea. and with north korea he wants to talk about the nuclear programs. president trump is going to attempt to raleigh support from the leaders of these countries, especially china, to put even more pressure on north korea.
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will we hear the same inflammatory language, the fire and furry we have heard on twitter. will he use that language overseas close to the border with north korea. yesterday the national security adviser said president trump will use whatever language he wants. >> i don't think the president modulates his language. you have noticed he does that. he has been very clear about it. i am aware of the discussions of his inflammatory. what is inflammatory is the nortnorth korean regime and howy have threatened the world. >> two questions. one, will president trump visit the pugh mz, the border of north korea and south korea. the white house says he will not. the other question, will he meet with russian president, vladimir putin. we do not have an answer says the white house. they haven't made a decision or
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at least haven't told us yet. >> sandra: the president maybe about to leave on this historic trip. this morning he's focused on the growing war within the democratic party. >> yes, sandra. this is a very big deal. you have the former chair woman of the pugh nc accusing hillary clinton's campaign of rigging the democratic primary and bernie sanders was right all along this. is all coming from a new book she put out, essentially it says the clinton campaign controlled the pugh nc organizationally and financially. she says if the fight was fare one party wouldn't have control of the voters before the voters decided. this is not a criminal act but compromises the party's integrity. president drum -p is not so sure there wasn't something illegal
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here. he said this morning on twitter: >> so president trump clearly referring to -- to bringing back the pocahontas nickname from the past we heard so much of. for the talk of collusion, saundra, now we're talking about collusion possibly in the democratic party. >> sandra: certainly the president focusing on that this morning. we are waiting for movement at the white house. >> maybe pretrip comments from the south lawn there. is more possible connections with russia. this involves jeff session and two members of the campaign. katie, good morning. >> good morning. >> the question around george and jeff sessions deals with what at the moment as we understand it. >> well the democrattics on the
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senate intelligence committee and some republicans are concerned what was told does not add up to jeff session what's his testimony under oath earlier this year. the attorney general said he had no nothing of any contacts or campaign officials being in contact with russian officials. now that actually stands as true. >> if you look at the way he has presented his russian contacts in the meetings. he said i could set the meetings up, not i have made the connections. that could be the splicing of the words there. as this moves forward i think jeff sessions maybe asked to come back in front of capitol hill to clarify his comments. >> to clear that up. we are hearing that already. carter page is another one, an adviser for a short period of time. apparently his testimony came out this.
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is the statement he gave earlier today: do we have that, pull that up, guys. the second one. we will get to it in a moment here. i don't want viewers to miss it. >> he is saying no big deal. should not of raised flags anyways. you have this testimony under oath yet again from july. how does this stack up? >> i think it's port to pay attention to the details of the testimony. the context that democrats and republicans on capitol hill have asked attorney general jeff
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sessions these questions. in terms of the contacts and the campaign. what did official trump campaign surrogates, workers or officials do with contacts in russia. were they in contact, which is not a crime. in this context carter page specifically said in passing on the way out the door at a meeting, a group meeting, a dinner he was going to give a speech unrelated to the trump campaign. if you look at the questions asked of sessions under oath. were there contacts made with the russians. were these meetings set up officially through the campaign. were campaign officials actively working to get in contact with russian officials. the assumption, bill, is this is about collusion. simply because there was contact made. when you look at the details here, the fact is the campaign, just like the clinton campaign, had the reality in front of them of their candidate potentially
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becoming the president of the united states and wanting to foster a relationship with different russian officials. >> just dove tail off of that now. he goes to asia. we will see airforce one in the half hour and may hear from him from the south lawn. he suggested he may meet with vladimir putin. >> right. >> should he take the immediating, is it advisable, should he do it? >> yes he should. he's the president of the united states. barack obama met with him. therthere are many -- >> the north korea issue the issue he raised last night. he believes putin can help with north korea, right? >> they have helped. in the sense they voted at the u.n. under nikki laically's leadership to put tougher sanctions on north korea. now the second piece is the putin presidency and his government backing up the
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sanctions rather then them just being, on display but enforced. if he can get putin to pressure the chinese to enforce the sanctions and getting north korea under control he should take the meetings. there is a lot on the table and a lot at risk with this trip. >> thank you, katie. thank you, much. we are waiting on airforce once. sandra, we will see that in a moment. taxing down the runway. hawaii, japan, south korea, ending up vietnam. >> sandra: all on the release of the details of the tax bill yesterday. so he's going to be leaving behind some top advisors. they are staying back home to sell tax reform as the president embarks on this. >> there is work to be done here, everywhere. >> sandra: house speaker paul ryan says the time is right for tax reform. >> we not have reformed the tax
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code since 1986 the world is passing the country by. we're losing jobs. political will through the members of the house is ironclad. >ironclad. >> sandra: the house proposal facing pushback from groups that are usually conservative allies as well as republicans from high tax states. we will talk about this with congressman sean duffy next. plus this. president: this is a disaster for this country and it will end. >> president trump doubling down on the so-called diversity program. allowing the new york terror suspect into the country. we have more coming up live here. >> sandra: new yorkers united. the city comes together to remember the worst terror attack in the city since 9-11. >> new york is stronger then something like this. we can come back together. we can say this isn't what it's
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like. we won't be knocked down by this.
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papa >> sandra: president trump about to embark on a very big landmark trip. ten-day trip to asia. visiting japan, south korea, vietnam and the philippines. first stop tonight, hawaii. the president will visit pearl harbor. the white house says the president will use this trip to emphasize north korea'ser is suit of nuclear weapons is a dead end. let's listen to the president. president: we look forward to it. we're staying an extra day in the fill paepbz. we have a big conference, second
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conference. we will talk about trade, talk about obviously north korea. we will enlist the help of a lot of people, and countries well. will see what happens. i think we will have a very successful trip there. is a lot of good will. president: i don't remember much about the meeting. it was a unimportant meeting. don't remember much about it president: all i can tell you is this, there was no collusion. there was no nothing, it's a disgrace, frankly, that they continue. you want to look at hillary clinton and the new book put out by donna brazil. she basically bought the pugh nc and stole the election from bernie. that's what you ought to look at.
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president: what we're doing every time we're attacked we are hitting them ten times harder. when we have an animal attack like he did the other day on the west side of manhattan, we're hitting them ten times harder. good luck. every time they hit us we know it's isis. we hit them like you folks won't believe. thank you, i will see you in pearl harbor. we're going pearl harbor. president: i don't know i'm not involved in the justice department. i would like them to run their job. honestly, they should be looking at the democrats and the dishonesty. they should be looking at a lot of things. a lost people are disappointed in the justice department including me. thank you, everybody. thank you.
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>> sandra: there goes the president and the first lady on their way to board marine one, on their way to joint base andrews. ten-day asian trip. the president just announcing he's going to spend an extra day in the philippines. i guess this is an 11-day trip now. the president with the forecast there saying it will be a successful trip, a lot of good will. he took a few questions there weighing in on the recent controversies saying hillary clinton stole the election from bernie sanders. weighing in on his campaign with the russians. there was no collusion with the russians. he says the democrats are the real story here. >> bill: longest trip for a u.s. president since george bush 41 in 1992. we mentionpugh with katie, a possibility of a meeting with vladimir putin. i tend to think that will
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happen. even when he makes the suggestion with lauren i ingram last night. >> sandra: any things he said in that interview, do you like traveling, he was asked. he is known to not exactly enjoy it he said i don't love it, but it's important this. is indeed a very important trip. >> bill: important and necessary. japan, china, south korea, the philippines. it's all coming down now. senator duffy, are you there. >> i'm with you. >> bill: he believes he can get more support for his efforts to bat north korea down. how do you do that. >> listen, you engage the world, bill. that's what he's doing on this trip. bringing china and russia and asian allies to make sure we put more pressure on north korea to stand down and come through economic hardship in north korea where they start to comply.
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>> bill: we will see what measure of success he can garner from that. >> i think what was great with the press conference. for isis, we will hit them ten times harder. we're not the victim anymore. we're going after them who go after us, we will destroy them. >> bill: amen to that. the issue of taxes. you're hit from the right and the left on this. do you believe with the republican majority this is the best plan you can get? >> absolutely. this is a town with six, ten thousand lobbyists. everyone has come here. they have carved out their section of the code. it caters to their special interest. when you take away the loopholes and make the code simpler they get up set about it. we expect that. this is about the american people and having a reduction in the federal i object come tax going down by 75%.
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making america competitive again. our small businesses will go from 39% to 25% this. is economic growth and jump starting the economy. it's not favors to the special interest that love to come to this town and carve out income. >> bill: you have to sell it now. why not lower taxes for all americans. >> this is simple stuff. democrats play warfare. they don't want to lower taxes for wealthy americans. we have a bided by that. some may pay more. >> bill: are you bending to the pressure from the left? stereotyping. >> what we're trying to do is get a tax bill done. we know reforming our corporate rates and keeping american businesses from going overseas. if we don't do this -- >> bill: that brings us back to the original question. >> no we're not.
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>> bill: do you believe this is the best you can do. >> this is the reality of today's politics. bill, what is interesting democrats say i don't want to give a tax break to weath wealthy americans. wealthy americans live in democratic different ricks. new york, boston, la. those constituents won't get a tax rate. when we a bide by the democratic request not giving wealthy tax breaks, they freak out. yesterday, we said the mortgage interest deduction you can write up to a million dollars. we reducepugh that to $500,000. democrats are saying someone has an 100,000-dollar mortgage they should be able to write that off. middle income americans don't have that. democrats love the talking point. the policy is painful. their constituents may a more.
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>> bill: house republicans release a tax bill long last thursday. we wish it repeated regan reform, they conclude it's not close. >> i disagree with the wallstreet journal. they have complained about corporate america leaving for better rates. we get competition at 20%. bill, we're dealing right across the way here, is the senate. they have funky rules we have to play in the house. we're trying to fit tax reform into senate rules. this is as good as you can get. our guys did a great job getting as much as possible and making a tax passage to pass the rules in the senate. as you reported -- >> bill: it is as good as you can get? >> listen, we're reducing tax rates for virtually all americans except the wealthiest. business in america will pay a lower tax rate to reinvest more capitol and expanded businesses to ploy more families this.
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is great for america. the senators complaining, bill, if they want wholesale tax reform i'm with them. they have to change their rules and help us actually expanded what we can do in tax reform instead of fitting it into stupid senate rules. >> bill: you will have to take that up with them. sean duffy, thank you for your time. watching airforce one with the camera on andrews airforce base, ready to go. >> sandra: marine one landed and joint base andrews about to take off on this big trip. first stop, hawaii, bill. >> bill: not bad. >> sandra: they will visit the pearl harbor memorial. the first stop. going back to the interview with laura ingram saying the president may meet with putin. that sets up the draft it of the trip. >> bill: yes watch that and the first stop in japan.
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meeting with japanese prisoners held prisoner in north korea. that's a theme of this trip, what about north korea. >> sandra: new details from the new york city terror investigation.
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>> bill: beautiful sight airforce one going down the runway there. we will see it leave in a moment. ten day trip the president apparently has tacked on one more day based on comments on the south lawn. here we go through asia. trade is a big deal in china. north korea is a big deal in japan, south korea and the rouge i don't know there. you get to the fill paepbdz. you meet with southeast asian leaders and potentially and possibly vladimir putin. >> sandra: expect a big emphasis on north korea.
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the president expects this to be a very successful trip, a lot of good will he said. he took a few questions before departing as well. saying there were no, there was no collusion with the russians. he was taking some questions there. he also said hillary clinton stole the election from bernie sanders weighing in on a couple instances. he has been busy tweeting this morning ahead of his departure. he started talking about his twitter account being shut down for 11 minutes by a rouge employee at twitter. he tweeted my account was taken down for 11 minutes. the word must be finally getting out and having an impact. >> bill: this rouge employee, last day on the job, the company said at twitter. what would you say if it was your last day on the job. how would you manage that? >> sandra: there is a lot of questions why someone had the ability to jump in and shut down the account of the president of the united states. >> bill: what a statement, sandra.
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in tokyo we expect a chance to play golf with the prime minister of japan. both aphid golfers. we have seen that before. in south korea he will make a trip to camp humphreys outside of seoul. eventually it will house 48,000 troops in the country. south korea paid for most of the cost of developing it, $11 billion. the trump team says this is a example of burden sharing. he will take that to europe and to a similar vein in asia. >> bill: something else to point out. we saw the president departing with the first lady. who won't be with him is top advisors. they, the white house say, will stay back to sell tax reform. a lot to do here back at home. the president leaving right on the heals of this major roll out
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yesterday when we learned the details of that tax reform plan. >> bill: recall one of the first foreign leaders to come to the u.s. and visit the president, the early days of this year. i was about to say this administration, it's just this year, the chinese president. just recently he concluded his communist party congress that strengthens his grip on power, inshrining his party in the party's constitution. the point is, he has more power now then he made his first trip here earlier in year in 2017. >> sandra: as far as the countries the president will visit, japan, south korea, china, vietnam, the philippines. the president saying a few minutes aggies tacking on another day of the trip. it was scheduled to be a ten-day asian tour. it will now be eleven. bill, and also learning about his plans to talk to leaders in china. putting pressure on north korea,
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and what tools they have at their disposal. >> bill: you know beijing has moved on that issue. the question is if they have moved enough to satisfy the trump team and other regional leaders. whether that will put the brakes on what they're doing in north korea. watch. that meanwhile back at home you have the tax issue here, unemployment numbers came out about an hour ago. descent, right? >> sandra: dropping it to 4.1%. the lowest in 17 years. you will expect the president will probably tout that going overseas. remember just yesterday the big announcement from the white house. a major publicly held company is rehead quartering back in the united states. the president brought that ceo of broadcom on from the white house to say he's bringing his company home again because of the president rolling back regulations and makin making tha more business friendly
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environment. expect that to be on the agenda and trade will be a big topic as well. >> bill: pretty good day to fly. off we. go eleven days, 30 minutes now past the hour on a friday morning. let's move on. >> sandra: isis claiming responsibility for this week's terror attack in new york city. the group calling the subject a soldier. we are live in lower manhattan where there was a vigil last night for the victims, brian. >> good morning, sandra. this is where the terrorist drove on the bike path. here are eight crosses, a memorial, photos and flowers. people stopping to pay respects on their way to work. this as there was a vigil last night. a hundred people paid respects here. the investigation continues. we have new video of what the aftermath of the terrible attack shown with the bus, two teachers and two students hurt in that.
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isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in their weekly newsletter. they didn't provide any evidence. the group has taken credit for lone wolf attacks in the past. investigators believe this man self radicalized in the united states and acted alone. it's early. they continue to comb through their phone and contacts. his wife is cooperating with the fbi. saying she didn't know about the attack before. this as a 32-year-old man, a friend of his, condemns the attack and believes islam has nothing to do with it. >> sandra: thank you, brian. >> bill: more to come on, this prompting president trump to renew his criticism of a dyers it visa program. we have more next on the effort to end the program with representative bob goodlatte.
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president: this kid came through a lottery system that has to end and end fast. i think we will get debt cram i can support on this.
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president: following the terrorist attack in new york. i'm calling on congress to immediately terminate the cy verse it sroes alottery program. it's a disaster for our country. this program grants visas not on a basis of merit but simply because applicants are randomly selected in an annual lottery. the people put in that lottery are not that country's finest. >> sandra: president trump doubling down on his courtesy of the diversity visa program. this after it's been learned the terrorist attacker came here seven years ago through the diversity visa. with us this morning is representative bob goodlatte.
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thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: you are leading this effort, why is this a good idea for our country? >> it's a great idea for our country. i have called on it for many years. the house representatives passed legislation in prior congresses to do that. we need to do that now. this is not only a threat as we have seen from this horrific terrorist attack, my heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives and the individuals severely injured by this. it has happened before. back in about 15 years ago, the ticket counter at the ll airline in los angeles was attacked by a terrorist who was a visa lottery winner. at least two terrorist attacks have been broken up, some have pleaded guilty to conspiracy who were also admitted to this country under this program.
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it makes no sense as a program. we're admitting 55,000 people into this country, a year. not based on job skills needed in the country, or family they have in the country but based on pure luck. >> sandra: you're pushing for a merit based system like the president? >> absolutely. >> sandra: let's listen to the president talking about chain migration and tieing it to pugh aka, listen. president: chain migration is a disaster for this country. it will end. >> will you require that if any aamnisty talks -- president: i don't think any republican would vote on chain migration. chain migration is a disaster for this country. >> sandra: is the president right? >> i think the president is right. certainly it's become a major part of what speaker ryan has talked about. as we address this issue that it
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doesn't happen again. tr-fr securing our boarders and entry into the country, likening chain migration and moving to a merit based system is a critical part of immigration reform. >> sandra: the president takes issue with the justice system. listen to this. > president: when i look at immigration and this all thing of lottery and we can't do anything about it quickly, the gist is system has to go quicker and really stronger and fairer. probably has to be fairer too. it's very sad. >> sandra: is that fair criticism, mr. chairman? >> i think it's been a long time since we resraoutd the criminal justice system in this country. i would address all of what he mentioned and making it more fair. me and john conuers have worked
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on a large number of bills for just ris form. i hope we take it up again in this congress. >> sandra: you started saying you have asked for this for a long time. ending the diversity lottery, for years. why haven't you been able to get the support. >> we have the support in the house. in the senate, i can't speak for them. it has passed the house in the past. it has strong support. i think significant bipartisan support to eliminate this program. >> sandra: as far as extreme vetting where do you stand on that? >> i'm very much in favor of overhauling the system that is used that let in the woman engaged in the terrorist attack in san bernadino, california. she was interviewed throw times. she was radicalized before entering the united states and they didn't detect that. ha their has to be a step up, improved procedure for people coming into the united states. >> sandra: thank you share man for your thoughts on that.
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thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> bill: -- houston is ready for a party, big time. the astros have a massive parade set out for late they are afternoon. there is the trophy. brought it home, huh. schools across the area close today for everyone to attend. they're jazzed up. j.j. watt responding to a fan tweeting if he could take the day off. watt said consider it a off day. who will tell him otherwise by the way. >> sandra: i should let you know i spent my dollar. >> bill: you did. we had a bet who ever wins the series. i had l.a.4-3. >> sandra: yes, i had a long day yesterday. i have a thing for swedish fish. >> bill: huh-uh. how many were you able to acquire? two or three. >> sandra: one bag you gave me a dollar. >> bill: it's new york it doesn't go far. >> sandra: thank you.
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president trump weighing in on claims that the clinton campaign rigged the democratic process. as other democrats break silence. some saying they were fooled. >> bill: also why did a man pull a gun inside of a mcdonald's. we have a story, it's not a super size. >> sandra: it's hard to believe this story.
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>> sandra: police in warren, hoy hoy, are searching for a man pulling a gun on a mcdonald's worker after being told the store was out of egg mcmuffins. it happened during late night hours. the driver also yelled obscenities before taking off. he didn't take food, police want to arrest him for pulling a gun. >> bill: they always get you in the drive-thru, sandra.
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>> sandra: what happened? >> bill: i want a egg mcmuffin. you can get breakfast anytime. here we go now. president: all i can tell you is this, there was no collusion. there was no nothing. it's a disgrace, frankly, that they continue. you ought to look at hillary clinton and the new book just put out by donna brazil. she basically bought the dnc and stole the election from bernie. that's what you ought to look at. >> bill: that was moments ago on the south lawn of the white house. saying the dnc was under hillary's control before the process began. what will the party do about it? one in a mill. we are here -- gentlemen, the network news last night didn't mention this, juan. >> i'm somewhat surprised. >> bill: you coming from the left. how much does this bother you? >> i have an understanding that the party was in tremendous
6:46 am
debt. the clintons had the wherewithal to pay the bill. the old saying, bill. if you pay the piper -- >> bill: so if you got the money you can rig it in your favor. >> i don't know. see, first of all i find this unsettling in terms of real competition for the nomination. i look back on this and think imagine if sanders had a leveled playing field and able to go against trump. what an election. the other hand, the reality is hillary clinton did bail out of pugh nof -- >> bill: i hear you say you're okay with this. >> no. i think we owe everyone running a leveled playing field. >> bill: matt, what do you think? some say this is the real scandal. >> when donald trump said it was
6:47 am
rigged and us who supported donald trump and went over the media and told we were conspiracy theorists. we were right. it gets worst and what this book has not showed is donna brazil herself was part of the problem. she e mailed john pedesta and tipped him off hillary clinton would get a question about the flint water crisis. she tipped him off as a cnn cone tributer. the real collusion was clinton with russia and clinton apparently with the dnc. she tips him off. >> bill: she was caught red handed. >> yes, cnn did the right thing -- >> bill: come back to the issue at hand. that is whether the deal was rigged. >> it was rigged. >> bill: this was said about
6:48 am
with it elizabeth warren. >> what we need to do as democrats now, hold the party accountable. >> do you agree with the notion it was rigged ? >> yes. >> bill: one word here from hawaii: no more games, retaliations. month more picking winners and losers. we must have act now to take back our party. how do you hold them accountable or is this water under the bridge here? >> i think the big story is an insider, donna brazil, i know well would take on the khreupb topbdz in this way. there are lots of people democratic side say this is feeding trump's theory. clinton is guilty of this and that. it's nonsense. this feeds trump. here you have donna brazil saying, hey, there were steps taken by the clinton's -- >> bill: she called them on it. >> -- yes. in the old days nobody would take on the click tons on the
6:49 am
democratic side. >> bill: hang on, guys. is this a nod as suggested the days of the clinton dynasty -- >> i think so. >> yes, clinton incorporated this idea that bill and hillary serve in public office. they get extravagantly wealthy. worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a short period of time, the criminal syndicate. i think the democrats want to wash their hands of this. donna brazil is part of this with the leaking of the question. she has even said, the clinton's need to go away. it's bad for the republicans. we enjoy running against hillary clinton. it's probably good for the country. >> bill: you have made a living off of for 25 years. juan, final comment. >> i think matt is onto it. i see a signal of democratic insiders to go against the clinton's. i don't know the future of the party. the party is having trouble with tom perez and raising money. >> bill: a great story.
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>> yes they need a message. >> bill: thank you, juan and matthew. >> sandra: feisty for a friday. first daughter's big moment on the world stage. a conference of womens empowerment. this is ahead of his father's trip to asia. more on that. >> bill: the president heading over seas and a warning about north korea. now north korea is responding. that is next. president: we have a problem called north korea. north korea is a thing i think we will solve. if we don't solve it, it won't be pleasant for them. it won't be pleasant i guess for anybody.
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>> sandra: new allegations of sexual abuse rocking hollywood. now disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein could be facing criminal charges. an actress has come forward claiming he raped her twice. new allegations against kevin spacey. joining us now a reporter from fox news headlines 24/7. let's start on the latest weinstein allegations. carly. >> this is pretty big. new york city police have brought rape allegations against harvey weinstein. this actress saying harvey offered her a ride home and then he forced himself on her. then two months later she says he raped her again. this makes over 50 women that are accusing weinstein of some sort of sexual harassment or assault this. is a big one. the manhattan pugh a says they havpolice say theyhave assignedo
6:55 am
this. >> sandra: and kevin spacey? >> this is a big one. it's said curve spacey made his set a toxic environment. one employee is accusing kevin spacey of sexual assault at this point. these allegations are coming forward just a couple of days after actor anthony rapp accused kevin spacey of sexual leah assaulting him at 14 years old. kevin spacey saying he's seeking treatment for this. harvey weinstein seeking treatment in arizona. >> sandra: originally curve spacey came out and said he's a gay man, living as a gay man. there was criticism of the timing of this. >> yes. not only did he say that. he says he doesn't remember
6:56 am
doing this. he received criticism for that. people thought as a cavalier attitude towards such a serious offense. award show season is coming up. >> sandra: important point. >> i have a feeling they will address this in a serious way during the oscars and golden globes. >> sandra: , thank you, carly. bill. >> bill: as we watch airforce one leave for asia. president trump on a high stakes trip. we breakdown with chris wallace what the president hopes to get done, coming up.
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>> sandra: republicans launching a major push for their tax plan. selling it hard to the american taxpayers and hoping to win over some democrats well. will see how that goes. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." good morning. >> bill: good morning to you. it feels like friday, right.
7:00 am
this will be a challenge now, working through congress. president trump hoping to sign it into law by the end of the year. president: it's the biggest cuts in the history of our country. we have gotten great reviews. people are loving it. even a certain newspaper i don't like very much came out giving humor four pinnocios. they said he was not telling the truth for the middle class. he said it's for the rich. it's not for the rich. it's for the middle class and for jobs. i would say even in that order. the middle class is a big beneficiary, jobs are a big beneficiary and the companies create the jobs. we have, laura, we have had tremendous reception to t to a point i don't think i have seen anything quite like it. and i believe ran paul will vote for it. >> sandra: what has been the reaction on capitol hill a mock
7:01 am
republicans? >> good morning, sandra. most house republicans are fired up to get moving on a huge legislative priority. here are key points. 0%, 12%, 25%, 35%. maintaining the top at 39.6%. nearly doubles the standard deduction, raises the child tax credit from a thousand dollars to $1600 and leaves 401k saving rules in half. it cuts business rates, cuts small business rate. repaelgz alternative minimum tax and cuts the death tax. the house majority leader talked about next steps this morning. >> we're looking to get it done this month. ways and means will take it up next week. as soon as it's through commity, regular order, go through committee markup and then come to the floor. i would like to see this done
7:02 am
before thanksgiving. >> something to watch. republicans from high tax states say the changes in state and local tax deduction are unacceptable. you can bet house republican leaders are seeing where they stand on the tax package. >> sandra: a lot sr*ep developing at this hour. what do we hear from democrats now that they have had a look at the plan mike? >> yes. chuck schumer says his side plans to fight this tooth and nail. >> this plan is a tax burdening that ought to be on the backs of the wealthy and the biggest corporations. instead it drops it's squarely on the backs of the middle class. >> top republicans are hopeful some senate democrats will eventually support the final tax package. they are clearly not there yet, sandra. >> sandra: alright.
7:03 am
mike, thank you. >> bill: they passed the budget by two votes, just. two meanwhile on airforce one, president trump headed to hawaii, pearl harbor. first stop on his trip to asia, ten, could be eleven days now. agreeing tension with north korea, topic number one. we have more from the state department. rich, good morning, what is confronting the president and perhaps confronting north korea at the top of the a depend a? >> good morning, bill. the first few stops for the president are japan, south korea and china. countries under threat from north korea or with china, allypugh with north korea. he left this morning, about an hour ago. he says he expects good things from the trip. president: i think we will have great success. we will talk about trade. talk about, obviously, north korea. we will enlist lift the hel thet
7:04 am
of people. i think it's a successful trip with a lost good will. >> for japan and south korea this is a show of support for the two u.s. allies where the united states has maintained military presence since last century. unlike his secretaries of state and defense and vice president, president trump will skip a visit to the demilitary zone between north and south korea. it's clicheed. senior administration official says china is doing a great deal to pressure north korea. they added, they can always do more. with that they announced cutting off a small combine ease bank from the entire u.s. financial system because of ties to the ballistic missile commission. >> bill: with that there are issues among economy. i believe this will be the for front with china. >> yes. the president called the trade imbalance with china.
7:05 am
he used the words, horrible, embarrassing and through the roof. it was part of a pitch last year. something the president and this administration say they will tackle in china. there are differences on chinese cyber thieves taking information and intellectual property from u.s. companies and also concern of demilitarizing islands in the chinese sea. >> bill: thank you, rich. a bit of a preview there. sandra. >> sandra: chris wallace joins us live from washington this morning. good to see you. >> good to be with you, sandra. >> sandra: a busy friday. the president has left on this 11-day trip with the tacking on of a day in the philippines. what does the president need to accomplish? >> i think a couple of things. the most dramatic pictures will be with him in south korea.
7:06 am
if he's in seoul, he's 30 miles from the demill tearization zone. well within the range of north korea. it's a dramatic statement of him trying to raleigh the south koreans and raleigh the japanese, our allies in the region to stand up to north korea and the nuclear ambitions. there has been talk about the possibility and the president talked about it during various points of the campaign of south korea and japan developing their own nuclear programs. that's something china would not like to see. countries in the region, in the neighborhood having their own nuclear weapons. that will be interesting to see how much the president plays that. i think it's the most dramatic part of the trip. the most important part of the trip is clearly the visit to bay beijing to visit with the
7:07 am
president of china. he's in command of the government, himself not the communist party. the question there is the degree to work out something on trade. also the chinese applying more pressure, they seem to have done a lot without much impact on the nuclear programs of north korea. >> sandra: he mentioned last night that he may meet with vladimir putin. that could be a big moment as well. he leaves on the heels of this major roll out of the tax reform plan. details being released yesterday. how is this roll outgoing so far? >> i think it's going pretty well in terms of republicans. not at least, at this point and not in the house, picking up democratic support. the interesting thing we will have an exclusive interview sunday with paul ryan, the speaker of the house.
7:08 am
there are winners and losers for middle class taxpayers. it generally cuts tax rates and there are deductions. there are things that haven't been talked about. if you have medical expenses you lose the ability to deduct those. if you have student loans you lose the ability to deduct student loans from taxes. for state and local income taxes, there is talk. most middle class taxpayers will see a tax cut there. are some, it will depend on your individual situation whether you live in a blue, high tax state or not. you could be worst off. i think this is real impact both ways. >> sandra: you heard it here first. paul ryan on fox news sunday, this weekend. i want to get this piece of laura's interview with the president. she asked about the many positions to be filled.
7:09 am
here was the president's response. president: i'm a business person. i tell people you don't need to fill spots. we have some people i'm not happy there -- >> secretary of state you're not getting rid of that. president: who matters is me. i'm the only one that matters. when it comes to it that's polt see. you have seen it, seen it strongly. >> sandra: that was his answer to filling positions in the state department. asked about rex tillerson. his response i'm the only one that matters? >> well in terms of broad policy he's the only one that matters. having talked to a number of foreign diplomats they're very frustrated at all of the positions not filled at the state department. a lost people when you do business you don't do business with the president or secretary of state. you do business with an saeus instant secretary. someone in a senior political position. a lost those slots are left
7:10 am
vacant. in terms of rex tillerson. laura asked the president if he will be here for the duration. is that four areas, eight years. it certainly was not on the president's part a ringing vote of confidence. we know the president and the tiller soson have had difficult. they will share a lot of space on this trip. it will be interesting to see how often they have meals together. >> sandra: that will be interesting. to quote the president "we will see what happens." thank you, chris wallace, for joining us. >> thank you, sandra. >> bill: looking forward to that paul ryan interview on sunday. paul ryan will tell you he has lived his entire political moment for this moment, tax reform, generational reform. >> sandra: this is it. >> bill: we will see if they get it done. >> sandra: we will be watching. >> bill: yes, developments with paul maniford matter.
7:11 am
what a judge has said about hits appearance in court. >> sandra: and is jeff sessions facing new questions about russia? what two former members of the campaign are saying about possible connection to moscow. >> bill: airforce one in route to hawaii and asia after. that president trump is warning, the world is running out of time. president: i tell china and anyone else that listens, you will have a big problem with japan soon if you allow this to continue with north korea. >> will you make pledges to japan -- president: if you're an ally. i'm close to the president of china. think a lot of good things will happen.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> bill: the district judge in washington with new orders for paul manafort. he ordered to remain under house arrest with gps tracking until next week. manafort says the conditions are misplaced. he faces charges of conspiracy and money laundering. >> jeff sessions asked about the campaigns connections to russia. after former trump campaign adviser testifies he told sessions about a trip to russia last year.
7:16 am
is that likely to start more scrutiny over this, congress man. >> the attorney general has one of the most dugs positions in wash whacker pugh c. the beauty of the system and america is you don't get to hide. eric holder regularly appeared before the house and the senate. attorney general sessions is going to have to answer for him self. there are tough questions, i'm sure the democrats want to ask him. >> the president just saying a few moments ago as he was leaving for his trip to asia there was no collusion. he made that very clear when he was being prompted to respond to all of this. democrats want more answers. you agree it's time for jeff sessions to testify again on russia? >> he should come testify. whatever is asked is up to them as individuals. here we are coming up in
7:17 am
november. he has yet to testify before the house jew dish airy committee. there are lots of questions. i think it's a waste of time for the tk*et democrats to pound something where they have produced no evidence. he has talked to people on the intelligence committee. they will regularly tell you, we haven't seen anything yet. the attorney general has to answer a lot of can he questions. you have the president getting on airforce one he's losing confidence at the department of justice. a lot of us are very frustrated. you don't see the attorney general, the department of justice pursuing the uranium one, locking into the fusion gps issues -- >> sandra: what is going on here? you say that's fair criticism. what is going on? >> that's why the attorney general needs to come to the house of representatives in the senate. he has been to the senate a couple of times but never to the house before judiciary to answer
7:18 am
questions. that's what we do. we're self critical in this country. i believe, believe me i touted on the democrats to get them to come. the same should be true to getting republicans in the administration before the house of representatives. it has to happen both is as. >> sandra: let's deal with the later on carter page. he testified he told sessions about his trip in 2016. he is responding with this statement: this came out yesterday. >> sandra: your response to that. >> no, it does seem totally irrelevant. jeff sessions was a united states senator, he was an adviser on the campaign.
7:19 am
to suggest that's nefarious is totally different from uranium one and hubds of millions of dollars trading hands and the u.s. giving up uranium reserves. that's more interesting and pertinent to the safety and security of the united states then someone giving a speech. by the way i gave a speech. how is that relevant? i don't see it at all. i'm sure the democrats will want to ask questions and the attorney general should have to answer. >> sandra: let me ask you about george papaodouplous saying he could arrange a meeting. where does this go? >> he was a young person in his early 30s suggesting i could get donald trump and vladimir putin together. it's kind of laughable on the surface. went to one moating. again this is nothing about
7:20 am
nothing as best i can tell. >> sandra: the president for his part says the real collusion is with the democrats and the focus should be there. >> it is. >> sandra: we heard that this morning. we have heard that from you, congressman. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: 20 minutes past the hour a disturbance in the world of twitter with the commander in chief. his account went off-line for 11 minutes. what twitter is saying how this happened. the answer is a bit surprising. coming up. >> sandra: plus new information on the suspect of a triple murder at a colorado walmart and what his neighbors are saying about him. >> he has had a lot of suspicious activity. he was always looking out the windows. i live across, at eye level. would i see he was just being like paranoid.
7:21 am
7:22 am
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7:24 am
>> sandra: the suspect in wednesday's deadly walmart shooting is due to his first court appearance today. neighbors describe him as a loaner. >> never talked to anybody. kind of looked at you like, evil. like -- like if you did something wrong he would walk up the stairs and passed us by he never talked to us. he never said excuse me or nothing. it was like he wanted to kick us out of the way. >> sandra: the 47-year-old was arrested outside of his home yesterday. police have no motive for the attack killing three people. >> bill: a real tragedy there. twitter announcing a internal investigation. the president's account briefly shut down. we now know why. he wrote this:
7:25 am
>> bill: william follows up in la on this. what happened, william? >> well the question is, bill, do you believe twitter's explanation? does twitter believe a single employee on the last day of job stently tkhroeted the president's twitter feed. visitors to the real donald trump were told last night the page doesn't exist. twitter says we have learned this was done by a twitter customer support employee who did this on his last day. we're conducting a full internal review. why do some doubt that? suspending anna count is -- do. you believe one low level employee had that authority. no internal controls or second set of eyes before hitting the delete button? if this was accidental what was the trip wire. out of 3* throw hundred million accounts that prompted this
7:26 am
employee to take control of the president's feed. you think after the backlash of suspended rose mcgowen's account there maybe more internal controls. this comes at a bad time. they face criticism for failing to stop russian propaganda, and the anti-conservative bias taking down trump, all thou allowing crude and hate speeches of his critics on the site. that could enforce the perception. >> bill: thank you, william. this brings us to a interesting question. if you now it was your last day on the job, what would you do? troy to hijack the company or go out quietly and take the high road. it's a or b. you can tweet us. >> sandra: quite a move. that's one way to go out. >> bill: is it gutsy? a few others too. >> sandra: alright. the president optimistic about
7:27 am
his five nation trip to asia. issuing a new warning to north korea. how the rouge retkpwoepl will impact this trip. >> bill: that watch that trip. and war of words between pizza rivals. why these companies are spinning more than just pizza dough. >> kalyn: papa john's or pizza hut. >> bill: neither. dominos. >> sandra: i'm a chicago girl.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> sandra: new details on a fatal shooting at a starbucks this morning. a gunman opened fire at the coffee shop in uptown chicago last night. a 28-year-old man was killed and others injured including a 12-year-old boy. police say all thee vic tills knew each other the man is still on the loose and they say it was
7:31 am
sparked by a botched drug deal. president: i must tell you north korea is a thing i think we will solve. if we don't solve it, it won't be pleasant for them. it won't be pleasant i guess for anybody. china is helping us. >> bill: that from president trump last night at 10:00 o'clock eastern here issuing a new threat on north korea. as the president flies to south korea. there was another fly by the last few days here from north korea. michael waltz from jacksonville today, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> bill: how does the president move the meter on the issue of north korea, be it china, russia or both? >> well the entire region the president of north korea, president of china, they need to understand military force is a
7:32 am
real option here. actually that helps our diplomacy. we have had a round of un sanctions. the chinese have ordered their banking system not to do business with north korea. the chinese are fantastic at saying what the world wants to hear publicly but not doing anything privacy. they see this problem as a u.s., japan, south korea problem not their problem. i look for president strum to hold their feet to the fire. >> bill: now he elude today meeting potentially with vladimir putin when he talked to laura ingram. this lends that it's on the 51% side of it happening. he suggested the reason of meeting is he thinks putin can help him with north korea. do you see moscow moving that way. >> putin is i inserting himself into the process. it's a piece of leverage he will have. i know, across the spectrum of
7:33 am
issues. whether it's ukraine, syria, whether it's their attack on our political system. he's inserting himself as a kind of a third party here. we have to have the north korean regime isolated. the key is for the chinese. the president there just got reelected. >> if you read his speech he a certificated himself as the leader of the new super power. you know, whether it's a south china sea and seizing islands, currency manipulation, cyber attacks, the technological edge. there will a number of i'll tomes deal with, with the chinese. first is north korea. they can solve this tomorrow if needed. >> bill: the list is long. quickly here and then i want to move to iran. >> yes.
7:34 am
>> bill: often these trips have a premade headline. is that the case here or would you know? >> you know, i think we have such a -- such a menu of issues to deal with here. this is across all of those. i think you will see a personal relationship continue to develop with president trump and the president of china. that's good in many ways and important on the world stage. make no mistake the president of china sees himself as the leader of our new competitor and an equal of the united states. they will push the united states oust asia. they don share our values in anyway, shape, or form. >> bill: see what comes of the relationship. hillary clinton has a big problem with the way the administration is handling the iran deal. she said the following just yesterday. >> p pains me greatly to see the cavalier attitude that this administration is showing
7:35 am
towards that agreement with did put a lid on a ran's nuclear program. did it end iran's bad behavior? no, it did not. would i rather deal with their bad behavior and stop their centrifuges then deal with it when the centrifuges centrifugee spinning underground facility, which was happening when we started. >> bill: you have a clear comparison on policy, michael. >> yes. >> bill: she is making an obvious point of what the administration of the obama years pursued. do you see the 180 with this administration is it. >> i don't think it's a cavalier attitude at all from the administration. we have discussed many times the pains which the administration has tried to tackle what i consider the worst diplomatic agreement of modern history. it kicked the cannon iran's program instead of ending.
7:36 am
it it signaled to the middle east they have ten years to get their own nuclear program. the united states is not willing to stop the program or support of terrorism, cyber attacks, and all activity iran is up. to i find that beyond the pale but not surprising. >> bill: thank you, michael. more to come on this. thank you, michael waltz, for coming in today. >> thank you. >> sandra: let's talk pizza. papa john's blaming falling sale on the national anthem protest during nfl games. the ceo put out this statement:
7:37 am
>> sandra: drop the mic on. that. >> bill: leave the room. take a large pepperoni. >> sandra: you're neither, a dominos guy? >> in new york i'm joe's pizza. check it out. >> sandra: when it comes to chains? >> bill: dominos and a large pepperoni. get it while it's hot. i don't think you can lose. that's not selling with you? >> sandra: i'm a chicago girl. bricks pizza in chicago. >> bill: deep dish? >> sandra: no. come on. >> bill: optimism is it sweeping the country, reviving the american dream? if so what is behind that change. plus this, check it out. (sirens) >> sandra: police in hot pursuit of a stolen ambulance ace
7:38 am
suspect drives off with a patient and medic still inside.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> bill: it was a slow speed chase in a ohio. police tracking down a stolen ambulance in the streets. it kind of went like this. folks in the back of the truck is a patient and a ped i can. happened about two weeks ago in dayton, ohio. police pulled over the man and went straight to jail. the suspect jumped in and drove off while the medic was treating a patient. >> sandra: unbelievable. >> bill: don't see that every day. good work. >> getting credit for this economic revival without the tax cut, without obamacare repeal yet this.
7:42 am
is a stunning economic revival in ten months. president: one of the greatest in the history of our country. i'm in here ten months. we're setting record after record. day after day, i think we hit another one today. no, i'm not getting enough credit for it a lot of the reason is enthusiasm level, business level, and the fact i have cut regulations to the extent i have cut them. i can tell you jobs that would never get there are now being built. >> sandra: president trump may not be getting enough credit thanks to this country's economic revival the american dream is making a big come back. three years after a poll most of us believed it was out of reach. a brand new poll finds 82% they're either living the dream or on their way to achieving it. rachel campos-duffy a fox news contributor, a positive sign, rachel? >> absolutely.
7:43 am
it's morning in america. he's not getting enough credit for it we have turned the page on a community organizer president, a businessman president. while the resistence was crocheting pink hats donald trump dismantled the regulatory environment that barack obama put up. this was right out of the progressive play book to tell people the american dream was rigged or not achievable or unattainable. >> if you believe that's true you need big government. we see the american dream alive. they say his panics, 51% of his panics say they're on their way to achieving the american dream that was only 30% under barack obama. this is fantastic news. >> to rachel's point a lost people look at hillary clinton's campaign and say she didn't focus on the economy enough. look at this poll, what americans think about wealth and the american dream.
7:44 am
11% say it' it's essential. 49% say it's important. you have 60% of americans saying the american dream is everything to them. >> ya, but the a couple will of thingofthings looking at the reh study in august. i wonder what people would say today with recent events in the news when we look at what people want it's not money primarily. it works for the wealthy looking at the breakdown. more than half of people say they have achieved this. i find it hard to believe. i couldn't as president take credit for someone achieving something in ten months. that's in the process and the making. -- hillary did not touch on that during her campaign. >> sandra: i will let rachel respond to. that. >> we have had two quarters of 3% growth.
7:45 am
the atlanta fed says we're heading to 4.5% growth. this is incredible. six years ago bernie sanders said the american dream was more likely -- more likely to achieve it in venezuela. he has taken that off his website. the american dream is back in america. we're returning to free enterprise. we have put america first. we're bringing jobs back from overseas. jobs that the democrats said were gone forever in mining, log, energy, coal. he has not only with the republican congress, by the way, not only revived. we are seeing a revival of the american economy, he's doing it without leav leaving the americn worker behind. >> sandra: leslie, we're having this on a conversation the morning we have had new numbers out. more than 200,000 jobs were added on the last month. these are positive developments.
7:46 am
it sounds to me you're not giving the president credit saying he's not their long enough. has he at least created, will you admit to this, a positive enviroment by talking about taxes and tax reform and tax cuts and rolling back some of the regulation that's businesses themselves have said have impeded their about to do business or slowed it down. >> the devil is in the details here, sandra. i mean the numbers just don't show the jobs coming back from overseas in his own company. the trump company makes a lot -- >> come to wisconsin, leslie. >> -- rachel f i could finish. with regard to your question, i want to have america be prosperous regardless who is president. tax reform is something democrats and republicans have talked about for a long time. how they go about it, as we see today, is very different.
7:47 am
>> sandra: -- tell me what is the american dream today? what do you see it as? >> well, that's actually an excellent question. that's what they talk about in the research poll. different people, i describe it and define it differently. that shows across political hraoeupbdz and across racial and ethnic lines as well. for some people it's money. for some people it's owning their own home. for some people happiness does haven't a dollar sign attached to it. >> sandra: important to point out this other study. 70% of the middle class, rachel. 70% of middle class voters don't believe the next generation will do as good as they have. moving the american dream out of reach for millions. this was last year, looking back last year and we have completely seen the trend change. >> yes. >> sandra: you give this president credit for that. >> it was only a few years ago, sandra, my husband would go to a town hall and ask the question,
7:48 am
will your children do better than you? we see a total reversal of that. how can you not give america, the president, and aun entreprer capitol credit for that. we're bringing business and the american dream back. it will help the republicans midterm and the next reelection for the president. >> sandra: leslie, i will give you the last word. it doesn't seem like you like the way things are going. >> i like economic growth. i don't care who is president. i'm not alone in this. there was a poll a few days ago 59% of americans feel we're in the worst spot. think this depends on the poll. as we know democrats and republicans, presidents and others use poles to their benefits. >> sandra: it's friday. rachel, can he leave me on a
7:49 am
optimistic positive note here? >> the american stkraepl is alive. american companies are coming back to america. it's morning in america. leslie and i should both celebrate. that. >> sandra: 82% of americans say the american dream is within reach. we hope we feel that going into the weekend. thank you, both, for being here. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> bill: john scott, good morning. >> new reaction from a leading democrat after exerts of donna brazil's book has rocked their party. saying the democratic presidential race was rigge rigd what should be done about it. big barriers on new york city west side hoy to preventn't a vehicular terror attack again. what is helping with a safety concern some say is creating another. that is coming up. >> bill: thank you. the first daughter arriving in japan before her father's trip.
7:50 am
the issues ivan ka trump is pushing at a critical time. >> all too often our work place culture fails to treat women with appropriate respect this. takes many forms including harassment which can never be tolerated.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> sandra: it is the most expensive iphone apple has released. it starts at about a thousand dollars. it hits stores today. if you didn't preorder, many v good luck getting them. lots of fans camped out for over 24 hours. many said it was worth the wait, bill. >> bill: fanatics, right. interesting, would you -- most phones five hundred to seven hundred dollars would you go to
7:54 am
a thousand dollars for a new iphone? >> sandra: i don't need the latest greatest. i'm alright with what i have now. >> bill: i would wait for the next generation. we look at the phones a hundred times a day. >> sandra: that's true. >> bill: you could live without a car before you could live without an iphone now. if you use that as a barometer i think the price is actually worth it. >> sandra: okay. sounds like you're in the market for a new iphone. >> bill: maybe iphone x1 -- ivanka trump is in japan and spabginspeaking out on key issur women around the world. what is happening. >> hi, bill. ivanka trump is in japan a couple of day as head of her father. meeting with the japanese prime minister. she had a dinner with him today. he invited her to address the world assembly for women. in the conference she called for
7:55 am
more affordable child care, more women should be involved in science and technology job, and she spoke out against harassment for women at work. >> often our culture fails to treat women with appropriate respect. this takes many forms including harassment which can never be tolerated. >> the conference is part of the japanese prime minister's nicker tifinitiative to bring more womn into the work place. >> bill: what roll if any will she have during the president's ten, eleven day tour? >> ivanka trump is leaving japan the day before her father arrives. she has no official roll. her visit has no direct connection with the presidential trip. she is expected to return to her job, her work in the white house
7:56 am
while the trip is under way, bill. >> bill: thank you, kitty. kitty logan watching the trip from london. sasandra, what is next? >> sandra: pushing the tax plan, what will it take to win critics over? >> this is not a cloud. this i
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. >> we're on tv. >> we are. we were just talking about something before. have an awesome weekend. >> thank you. >> with your family -- i'll do the same. get some good pizza. >> sounds good. >> check out the new iphone and make a decision whether you'll buy it or wait for later. >> maybe run or something. >> we'll roll out of week. if it's been a long week for you it's been the same for us. enjoy it. >> you made it. all right. >> see you monday. >> "happening now" starts now.
8:00 am
>> heather: president trump airborne and he and the first lady arriving during a time of heightened tension between the u.s. and north korea. happy friday. welcome to "happening now." i'm melissa francis. happy friday. >> jon: it will be a great weekend. i'm jon scott. president trump making a stop at perl harbor before travelling on a 12-day tour. the president expected to take a tough line on nuclear threats from the north and press leaders of other nations, namely china, to follow suit. we are live from the white house with more. >> reporter: no doubt north korea's at the top of president trump's agenda. he believes the chinese are engaging in unfair trade practices and has been unhappy


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