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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 3, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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big ohio state win. still basking in the afterglow. we are back on the couch monday at noon eastern, 9:00 in the west. now here's harris. >> harris: we will begin with the fox news alert, president trump weighing in on claims that hillary clinton hijacked the dnc during the election. we will go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. the president is demanding an investigation into the bombshell allegations that the dnc regular navigation navigation for the reclined in, and saying that he believes of a committed. an excerpt from the former acting dnc chair. the president spoke on the controversy before parting on his 12 day trip to asia. >> you want to look at hillary clinton in the new look that was put out by donna
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brazile, she basically stole the election from bernie. >> harris: the president says he is disappointed in the justice department and that he won't rule out firing attorney general jeff sessions if he does not investigate the democrats. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us live in washington with more on that. that's new fold in for the story in the last few minutes. >> democrats to be investigated on donna brazile's allegations. donna brazile claims that the democratic national committee regular primary for hillary clinton, bitter recriminations and deep political fissures that first surfaced on the eve of the party convention last year. wikileaks posted thousands of dnc emails that appear to show collusion between the dnc and the clinton campaign. senate minority leader chuck schumer told reporters yesterday he hadn't read the
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excerpts. today the house minority leader followed suit. >> you haven't heard me relitigate last year's election. i wasn't involved in the presidential -- i am already looking forward, this is about the future. i haven't had time to be reading any of that anyway. >> along the prominent democrats agreeing with brazile is senator elizabeth warren, who yesterday answered my esteemed colleague jake tapper. the federal elections commission yesterday declined to say whether it is investigating brazile's allegations but the democratic congresswoman from hawaii in a video posted online today all but accused hillary clinton and the dnc of having clouded campaign laws. >> these laws allow the clinton campaign to bypass individual
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campaign contribution limits by funneling millions of dollars for the dnc and state parties. taking control of the dnc in the process. >> approached outside of an event in washington yesterday, hillary clinton declined to answer our questions. debbie wasserman schultz told us she is proud of her work in that capacity. >> harris: thank you very much, the president has expressed his frustration with the justice department and here's the president once again before leaving the white house for asia today. >> i'm really not involved with the justice department, i'd like to let it run itself but honestly, they should be looking at the democrats, they should be looking at podesta and all of that dishonesty, they should be looking at a lot of things and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department, including me. >> harris: my first guest says the dnc scandal is more proof that president trump was right when he called hillary clinton crooked, let's bring in rnc spokeswoman, great to see you
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today. there's been a lot of information forming in the last little bit, the president saying he would consider firing ag sessions if he doesn't investigate the democrats. i want to start there with you and will forward. >> the president is frustrated at the doj and understandably so, if you look at some of the wrongdoing of hillary clinton and the potential statutes she ran afoul of, here are a few. federal election commission act, was that violated when she got the dossier via her lawyer from russia? revisiting the espionage act in the classified information exchange, obstruction of justice when her associates beat blackberries with hammers. of course, bribery statutes for uranium one, these are just a few. i could fill the entirety of your program with more. there are a lot of statutes to look at to see if hillary clinton violated them. the president wants this investigated. he is right to say the doj should get on top of this. >> harris: also get on top of
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the idea that the democrats may not have seen a fair shake if they were on bernie sanders side. he's not saying he wants to weigh in on what happened behind the scenes other than, where there any crimes committed there with the way the dnc was spending money against one candidate? he wants out looked at, what do you make of it? >> that's exactly right. there are limitations on how much an individual can give a candidate. there are reasons for those limitations. hillary clinton was having money funneled to her campaign through this kind of third party organization, just wanted looked at, did this run afoul of campaign finance laws, was it aboveboard, it's a fair questio question, and yes, the campaign finance violations can become a criminal offense if serious and egregious enough. >> harris: how important is it that the american people know about this? >> it's extremely important. we have free and fair elections, democratic process. when you go to the polls and cast your ballot, it should be assured that this is a neutral,
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level playing field, there is a takedown effort of bernie sanders of the sea dnc, they were all in for hillary despite having a neutrality clause, they were not neutral at all. >> you heard james rosen's reporting about democrats that have come out and said this is how it went, they are angry about it, one of them from hawaii and james rosen had that in his reporting. if you look at this, this is -- this has to go to the spirit of our elections. >> if you don't want to be neutral, don't say you are neutral in your founding document. you say you're neutral but you are actually not. tulsi gabbard is right to actually highlight this. where are people like debbie wasserman schultz? she said she is proud of what the dnc did, she is proud of rigging the election. you would think he would see remorse on a day like today when a member of the democratic establishment ousts one of her
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own but instead of remorse, she said she is proud. i think viewers and voters should take note of that. >> harris: i want to step into something a little bit different, and involves all of the same people, debbie wasserman schultz is coming up with that dossier, why isn't she weighing in on this? she brushed that aside as well, the fact that millions of dollars flowed from the dnc to find a dossier on then candidate donald j. trump. >> it's a big deal, $9 million from the dnc which we now know the dnc equals clinton. $9 million to this lawyer who lied with sanctimony when asked if he was behind the dossier. why were they lying about this? why did podesta tell congressman and debbie wasserman tell congress they had no involvemen involvement? >> harris: i want to make we don't lose this. you said the dnc equals
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hillary clinton. hrc if you want to keep it in initials. the reason you are saying that is if what donna brazile says is true, if she produces evidence and we can see evidence to show that hillary clinton actually was the main fund-raising arm, the main money get or if you will for the party, would there have been some sort of -- is there a paper play with that, does she get higher credit and you push out bernie sanders, that's a problem with this. >> it's exactly right, it's unethical, it runs afoul of what the dnc says they stand for. to tie a ribbon here on what all is being put together, donna brazile is basically saying that brooklyn, hillary clinton's campaign headquarters was the dnc. hillary clinton said in this agreement she got to choose the communications director of the dnc, got to make all messaging decisions, got control of the money at the dnc. that means bernie sanders never had a shot, hillary clinton was
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the dnc, bernie sanders voters who showed up and voted, your vote basically didn't count. >> harris: last word from you on this point? republicans watch this and this is a disarray, how does it work in politics? you are at the rnc now, looking at this and saying what? >> this is disarray, this is a swamp donald trump that he would drain. he drained the swamp in our party, we have someone at the helm who is here to change washington and not conform to it. the dnc are in shambles, they don't have a donald trump on their side to drain their swamp. >> harris: come back any time, have a great weekend. we are going to go deeper in this, senator elizabeth warren is also weighing in on what's happening inside her party and the dnc, watch this. >> this is a real problem, but what we've got to do is democrats now is we've got to hold this party accountable. >> do you agree with the notion it was very? >> yes. >> harris: president trump
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tweeted this,... stephen hayes is the editor in chief of the weekly standard, you are stepping in now, as the story is cooking on a friday afternoon with the president coming out and saying if there is not an investigation into the democrats -- we haven't learned specifically what he is looking for there but he has talked in detail about what he wants certain items of debt closely. that he would consider firing sessions if that investigation didn't happen. i want to start there with you and move on. >> the details really matter when you are talking about the president recommending what the justice department ought to do in investigating his political opponent. if he has evidence that there has been wrongdoing or a crime of some time, jeff sessions can pursue it.
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the intraparty rigging of primaries, that's entirely inappropriate. i think donald trump ends up having been right about the democratic process. >> harris: it certainly looks like that. >> he complained about it. >> harris: he called it what it was, it's rigged. >> you and i were talking about that fact while it was unfolding, we knew it was happening. it's totally different to have somebody like donna brazile issue kind of -- >> harris: elizabeth warren saying the same thing. when we were at the dnc convention last summer and you saw bernie sanders having to -- i likened it to a straight line face no emotion mod. sit there and take it as she went on to become the nominee, we have all sorts of questions about what it gone. elizabeth warren responded to the president via twitter and this is what she wrote.
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"the dnc shouldn't play favorites without a is a whole lot different from illegally conspiring with russia." >> i'm not surprised that she would offer that response, far be it for me to disagree with elizabeth warren very often but there is a difference between these intraparty fights that we are witnessing right now at the dnc and the questions that have been raised about the fbi. donald trump would point to the questions that have been raised about the compiling of the dossier, but those are big differences. it's not appropriate for the president of the united states to suggest that the justice department ought to investigate the intraparty battles of his party or of another. unless he has evidence. it's not clear what he was suggesting. >> harris: i throw this out there and i know you were in the seat and you may have missed what the spokesperson for the rnc just said but there's a connection between the money
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flowing from the dnc, millions of dollars paying for that dossier on donald j. trump and the fact that hillary clinton was the biggest component of fund-raising at the dnc and basically was able to shove burning out of the way because she was such a draw for them with money. there is on money flow there if you will and if the president is saying take a look at that dossier, take a look at that funding by the dnc, do you think he's right? >> i would assume bob mueller is doing that. we know he is looking to tony podesta, we know mr. podesta resigned or left his business last week, i think under some of these kinds of questions and we've known for a long time that hillary clinton had the apparatus inside the democratic party to do what we now have had it confirmed was done, which was in effect or break the process from the beginning.
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bernie sanders folks were saying that all along, it was pretty clear then, but having this evidence coming from a democratic party insider i think is such an indictment of the process and the democratic establishment. >> harris: other democrats were saying, if you are watching social media, i knew, why didn't you all say something when it was happening? how would you categorize the damage to the aquatic party? this matters for a whole host of reasons. if they weren't voting for the candidate not a fair fashion, that's a problem. that's the idea, are we going to see a third party coming out of this? where are they? is this a paper cut or a stab wound? >> i think this is a big deal. some of the kinds of fights you are seeing are not unlike the fights you've seen inside the republican party. you have this populist wing of the democratic party led by
10:15 am
elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and others who has made it their business to take on the establishment. i think they took on the establishment for a long time and lost in part because of the rigging in 2016. but you can expect them to have much more success going forward in part because the center of gravity of the democratic party today is on the left. not the center left but far left with the emergence of people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and cory booker and kamala harris. a spokesman for the party, that is where the democrats are likely going in the coming year years. >> harris: you have to ask where this will all shake out and where it looks for democrats moving forward. have a fabulous rest of your friday, thank you for joining u us. republicans rolled out our tax reform plan to great fanfare, fewer than 24 hours later they are facing resistance for members of their own party. some worrying about the deficit, others about deductions for state and local taxes and their
10:16 am
high tax states and communities, one even called it a geographic redistribution of wealth. the decision will decide how much money you get to keep from your paycheck. can g.o.p. leaders find a compromise? we will talk from one republican lawmaker who voted no on that budget reconciliation. what if anything may get him to change his mind about yes? stay close. >> the middle class is a big beneficiary, jobs and companies are big beneficiaries but the companies really create the job jobs. we really have had tremendous receptivity to it. to a point i've never seen anything quite like it. managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices.
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>> harris: house republicans reportedly planning to issue additional fixes to their tax reform bill shortly ahead of monday's markup. that tax plan facing some opposition with the g.o.p., senator bob corker raised some concerns on the impact of the death deficit. lawmakers from high tax states are pushing back over the ending of local state and income tax deductions. kevin brady was asked whether federal taxes would go up or down for people paying high tax in states, watch.
10:21 am
>> i believe they will go down and here's why. we've been working very closely with those lawmakers, that's why recently, working with them we've restored state and local property tax deductions, we've raised what we now call family tax credit, but used to go to a few people now goes to $230,000, that's why we fix the income brackets. we want families to keep more of what they earn regardless of where they live, including in our high tax states. we are going to keep working with them, it's very important. >> harris: let's bring in a g.o.p. lawmaker from one of those high tax states who voted no on a budget reconciliation. new jersey congressman leonard lance, always good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: right now you still have to get from no to yes is how i am understanding it, what does it take? >> i think we should continue
10:22 am
the deductibility of state and local taxes. it's been in the tax code since 1913, i live in a high tax state, new jersey and this would be true in new york and california and illinois. new jersey is a sending stage, we send a lot more revenue to washington that we received back and i don't want to exacerbate that situation, having said that there are many good things in the tax proposal, lowering their rates, eliminating the amt, increasing the standard deduction, doubling it, these are good things but i want to make sure i am fighting for constituents i serve in new jersey. >> harris: i'm glad you put it that way, you mention what you like about this. this might be a whole umbrella concept, you can do tax cuts and make people happy. i don't know if you can do tax reform and make everybody happy, it's got to be changed. i live in new jersey, you've got to put everything on that one piece of paper, in an app where
10:23 am
people can do their own taxes, there are some things that have people salivating about this process of change. >> change is always difficult. in 1985 and 1986 when the last comprehensive tax reform happened, it was eventually taken off the table and we are trying to move our leadership in that direction and plead to that chairman brady is listening to our concerns and i hope we can move in the direction i have suggested. certainly it's always difficult to make major change in tax forms, in tax policy in this country. obviously we should do that in order to encourage growth in our society. >> harris: the american people have looked at this and said this is part of the presidents platform to make america great again, they want this in some way. why didn't you look more at spending cuts, was that a secret we don't know about?
10:24 am
>> i think we should have spending cuts, i think senator senator corker is taking the lead on that and he has said that before he wants to move forward he wants to make sure there is some indication of fiscal responsibility. i believe in modest dynamic scoring, i don't think we should have completely static scoring. but i don't want it to be out of the ballpark either. i want to be both here and on the side to make sure the projections are realistic, we want to make sure we move forward in a fiscally responsible way. >> harris: i take you to mean, that $1.5 trillion deficit hit that this is said to have, this version of it is said to have, we've heard from kevin brady the chairman of the committee, it may be north of that just a little bit. it's problematic when you talk about really big numbers and we haven't heard much about the
10:25 am
spending cuts. i want to ask you about voting no on legislation moving forward. and what that's like as a lawmaker. the american people are looking at you to get something done, you are one of the 20 that are saying no to this. >> i am saying no to the proposal as it was introduced. there's been some movement, chairman brady has suggested $10 and deduction for property taxe taxes. i would like to see that increased. the original suggestion was there could be no help for states like new jersey, we are moving in a direction in which there can be helped. i want to continue that and continue to work with our leadership and it took two years in 1985 or 1986, i don't think this had to be done in the next two or three weeks.
10:26 am
just so it's done in a time frame that can be effective for the new calendar year, 2018. this is when the bill would go into effect for taxes to be paid in april of 2019. >> harris: that was very helpful, making it clear there could be some sort of a sliding scale. that's helpful to know. also helpful to know you would still have the political will to want to get this done after 2018. congressman leonard lance of new jersey, thank you for joining us today. we will keep on you is the process goes forward. eight years after walking off his base in afghanistan and becoming a captive the taliban, bowe bergdahl has learned his
10:27 am
fate. a lot of topics on the table, the big focus likely north korea. i will bring in my next guest, john fulton on how he would advise the president or this historic visit to a vulnerable part of the world. stay with us. we35 mules,ur doors with 70 mega-watts, and an ice plant. but we brought power to the people- redefining what that meant from one era to the next. over 90 years later, we continue to build as america's 3rd largest investor in infrastructure. we don't just help power the american dream...
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we're part of it.
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>> i think we are going to have great success, we will be talking about obviously north korea, we will be enlisting the help of a lot of people and countries, we will see what happens, i think were going to have a very successful trip, there's a lot of goodwill. >> harris: president trump from earlier today saying he expects north korea to be a hot topic during his 12 day tour of asia. this is the report claims the rogue nation could be preparing another missile test. the u.s. weighs whether to redesignate them as a state sponsor of terror. let's bring in former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. this is a big trip, the longest
10:32 am
since any sitting president george george w. bush. >> i think without a doubt the north korea nuclear weapons program is a top agenda, the president mentioned trade, you bet chinese expansionism in the east and south china sea. southeast asia, the top of the list is certainly north korea and i think the fear that the cia director mike pompeo set a few weeks ago, the north koreans after a long effort over 25 years are very close to being able to hit any target they want in the united states with the thermonuclear weapons. we've got to decide if we are happy to live with that, or do we have to follow through on what the president said and did he nuclearize north korea? >> harris: let's talk about china, i am reading today that china's president is now a new
10:33 am
second term, another five years for him. has picked up a lot of power as the top leader of china's communist party. if you look at him there are a couple things that are important as these two leaders meet. he really rewards loyalty. what do we need to know in terms of putting some pressure on china to get them in the game with north korea? >> the reports coming out of the communist party are accurate, he has succeeded in getting himself elevated to a position of strength in china. both ideologically and in terms of stocking the leadership with the supporters and this has been a consequence of a long campaign to get there, no successor was named to him in the 19th party congress. i think at the pinnacle of his power he can address the
10:34 am
north korean threat from a position essentially unchallenged. i think the president has to be very direct with him that we want after 25 years, chinese pressure on north korea, either to bring the regime down, to reignite the peninsula or eliminate the nuclear weapons program. if we don't see it soon, we are going to have to consider taking preemptive military action our selves. i am not prepared to live with north korea with nuclear capability, denuclearization is the only way forward, we can do it the easy way or the hard way. >> harris: all right, really quick before i let you go, is there any sort of word you would hope this president would give the reelected leader at this point? >> i think you should encourage
10:35 am
him strongly to amend the post-world war ii constitution to allow japan to prepare its defenses, i think we need help and japan is ready for it and i think they stand with us on the north korea question in a very important way. >> harris: we learned that he may meet with president putin of russia are real quick your thoughts? >> i think you should say the same thing to vladimir putin, we expect you were going to work with us and not play with us to eliminate the north korean nuclear weapons program. once that's resolved, we are going to deal with the iranian nuclear weapons program, too. >> harris: that's what the president told laura ingraham last evening. we appreciate you responding, thank you very much. a fox news alert, bowe bergdahl bowe bergdahl's judge has ruled that he will not serve any prison time for abandoning his post in afghanistan. live in new york with more on
10:36 am
this. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl was shaking and appeared emotional as the verdict was read today, that coming from court observer's. the judge on the case deciding to give him a dishonorable discharge, a demotion, and a pay reduction but no prison time. a decision that president trump is already tweeting about. "the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace on our country into our military." the president has been vocal on this for a while, while campaigning last year he called bergdahl dirty rotten trader. today's decision comes after the 31-year-old pled guilty last night to endangering his comrades by walking off his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was then captured by taliban allies and held for five years. he was brought home by president barack obama in 2014. prosecutors on the court-martial were asking for at least 14 years in prison, pointing out to the judge that bergdahl's fellow
10:37 am
soldiers were seriously wounded during searches further than private first class. one navy seal testified he was shot in the leg and now walks with a limp. he said they searched for bergdahl even though some of them knew he walked away on purpose. bergdahl's lawyers pushed for leniency during their closing arguments, they asked for no prison time, arguing he had a previously undiagnosed mental illness when he walked off the base that day. bergdahl's lawyer said they will appeal his dishonorable discharge. >> the dishonorable discharge is a lifetime stigma, it deprives him of substantial benefits that he badly needs, he does need medical care. >> the big headline here, army sergeant bo bergdahl will spend no time in prison for his desertion in afghanistan in 2009. >> harris: such a big headline when you look at the sacrifices that were made to bring him hom
10:38 am
home. thank you very much. democrats say jeff sessions has some explaining to do it following a former tron campaign advisors meeting with the intel committee. his testimony regarding a trip to russia contradicts what senator sessions told a senate committee. is that enough to force the top u.s. law enforcement officer back to capitol hill? a power panel, kevin jackson is back in the house, stay close.
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♪ >> harris: this is the story that's been heating up on this friday, we are going to get back into it. new revelations from a former trump campaign advisor prompting questions about testimony given to attorney general jeff sessions. he testified privately to lawmakers yesterday that he informed senator sessions about a trip he was going to take to moscow. he said it was unrelated to the campaign but this contradicts what sessions told lawmakers in july, that he did not know
10:43 am
whether he traveled to russia. democrats want him to clarify his testimony. a former hillary clinton campaign staffer and former dnc advisor. from the couch, kevin jackson, executive director and fox news contributor as well. i put all of this together because the president has weighed in today and said you know what, it's not that he's ruling it out. he's not ruling out whether he take another look at jeff sessions. >> i think it sessions short, i know zach and i disagree. we are chasing this whole russia narrative and jeff sessions should be looking -- we don't need to go to key avenue to understand what's going on. we can look right here at everything that's going on, it's easy to connect the dots. american citizens have connected these dots the same way we connected the dots on what
10:44 am
happened with the dnc. >> harris: what you're talking about is the dossier and the dnc paying and hillary clinton. >> using that information to get the fbi investigation going. >> there's been no proof of tha that. >> harris: there is no evidence of any collusion with the campaign. >> we have more evidence of an attempt to collude today than we did a week ago. >> harris: the point is there is no evidence. >> let's be clear, i think donald trump certainly would like to fire jeff sessions, the reason you would like to do that is because it would undermine the mueller investigation. the only reason jeff sessions is not in control of it is because he had to recuse himself because it is increasingly likely that he is a subject of this russia investigation. >> we argued about this off-camera, what president trump wants is for mueller to do his job. if he did his job -- and quite
10:45 am
frankly, that's why he's allowed mueller to stack the deck with hillary's people, on his team and everything, at the end of the day, if mueller does his job it will point right back to hillary clinton, the dnc, democrats in general. as i said on "outnumbered," but we will try to barack obama who started to pay for the dossier. >> this is hilarious given that this week we have two federal indictments and one guilty verdict, one of his staffers lied to the fbi about their communications. >> manafort at the time was working with the podesta group and the clinton campaign. >> harris: his brother just had to step away from the company that bears their name. >> tony podesta, if he was working for manafort and he broke the law, they should all
10:46 am
go to jail. if you learned about the hacking of the emails by russia before -- what's interesting about it is he communicated to top-level officials of the campaign throughout this entire thing, his communication with the russians, trying to meet with the russians -- >> harris: kevin, you say what? >> i say let's hear it all. he said whatever you find about these sad lies, do it. when they accuse donald trump jr. of a meeting, what did he do? he released all of his emails. >> untrue. he lied about the meeting. >> you want to talk about who is releasing data. >> you are making it seem like people from the trump campaign have bank transparent from the beginning, they have lighted every single turn. jared kushner lied about setting up a back channel. george papadopoulos lied -- >> what's funny about the back
10:47 am
channel, if donald trump was colluding with the russians and he's got this going, why would he need to set up a back channel? that something you guys have never been asked. why would someone set up -- >> harris: it is a question i have been asking for quite some time. >> it was during the time of the transition. but they were trying to do was go around u.s. intelligence. why would a united states -- >> harris: let me step in there. that is your opinion. >> that is in fact the entire purpose of setting up that back channel, so they could go around united states intelligence. why would you want to do that? >> we can talk about -- >> wouldn't you want american intelligence to know you were talking about the russians? >> why is it we can't get the simple answers with respect to hillary clinton and emails -- >> you are throwing up smoke screens. >> harris: let him finish. >> i talked about this earlier, at any time we get into these types of investigations, you talk about fusion gps, that's
10:48 am
exactly what you say until it's donald trump. >> harris: i'm going to step in here, we are going to take a quick break. i'm going to try to get these guys on the next topic, president trump's straight talk help to get him to the white house but how will it be on his trip to asia? we will move onto that that, stay close. she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> more call from democrats to overhaul the dnc after a secret meeting is revealed that some say rag to the nomination for hillary clinton. the democrats still haunted by hillary? we will debate. outrage after bowe bergdahl gets no prison time for deserting his post in afghanistan. our own jennifer griffin has the latest. is the democrat running for governor in virginia in trouble after major benefactor pulls his direct aid for him? >> harris: national security advisor h.r. mcmaster speaking out on president trump's trip to asia, saying the president will not be mincing words when it comes to north korea. >> the president will use whatever language he wants to use, obviously. i don't think the president really modulates his language. it's been very clear, i've been
10:53 am
aware of the discussions about his inflammatory -- what's inflammatory as the north korean regime and what they are doing to threaten the world. >> harris: reports that they are getting ready to brandish another missile as we speak. the president according to mcmaster will take his usual tone with him on this trip and it's a strong one that's necessary, you've heard from some of the generals and others with regard to north korea. >> i love it. this is the type of gamesmanship that trump loves. not putting -- forcing career to go onto this list of rogue nations before he went on the trip, he got criticized for that but i think that's a great thing. he saying there is still an olive branch out here for us to negotiate. i love that donald trump is not going to go over there with this obama type of speaker you have to read into what is going to do, he's going to be very forceful. i think the fact that he has the allies lined up --
10:54 am
>> harris: he is going to be with the second term president of china, he will also meet with other leaders in japan, you and i have talked brass tacks at times about the optics for the president, this is an important trip, presidents have done this before, maybe we will put our partisan cap down, talk to me about this. >> i think you're right, i think it's a really important trip overseas. we are talking about north korea, our very lives depend on this trip. i was concerned when mcmaster said donald trump would continue to use the kind of fire the language we have seen from him in the past and the reason i'm concerned about this is the person who likes that kind of language more than anybody else in the world is kim jong un. it's the kind of language that bolsters the regime. they rally around it.
10:55 am
>> harris: do you think if we didn't say anything they wouldn't hate us? >> what i'm saying is that this administration is on track for having the most missile tests from north korea and his first time, he is on track for that. >> harris: i want to remind you that isis grew from a jv team to a complete varsity nightmare. >> he's talking about the language, it was bill clinton's policy to get the nuclear weapon to begin with and now you are talking about the number of tests they've done and that is supposedly going to ratchet things up. >> at what point is it donald trump's fault? at what point in his term? >> the obama administration, where everything was blame it on george bush -- donald trump is happy to take credit for what he's doing here. he is leveraging -- take credit
10:56 am
for the missile test, it doesn't matter to me. here's what he's doing. he's invoking china into the mix, that wasn't done under obama. he's looking at our foreign policy issue, talking about it from the standpoint of trade, i told everybody this, he would use our economy to go against north korea. >> harris: we've got to wrap it up. i'm going to have you to back. certainly on a friday, get my weekend started. thank you, we will be right bac back. everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet
10:57 am
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>> harris: the president's trip to asia is important. he is expected to arrive in honolulu at 7:00 p.m. eastern, then he will tour pearl harbor. the uss arizona. have a great weekend. >> dana: fox news alert. a major announcement in the court case against bo -- not sending him to prison. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing." bergdahl also getting a demotion to rank in private, but he was facing life in prison leaving his post in afghanistan back in 2009, a decision that endangered the other lives of soldiers who searched for him. jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon with more. >> dana, essentially after two days of deliberations, the judge determ


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