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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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yet the left does constantly. who is sowing racial division? they ought to stop. we'll have a great night. see you monday. hannity is next. >> sean: thanks, tucker, welcome to hannity. i can confirm framultiple doj sources that confirmed to me directly that the attorney general of the united states has not recused himself from the iranian one issue. that is huge news tonight. we'll have more from greg garrett and we are following new scandals all centered around one person, hillary clinton and the ruthless political machine that mowed down anyone who threatened her quest to be leader of the new world. we have evidence that hillary clinton rigged the dnc and
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basically stole the nomination from bernie sanders. democrats are speaking out against clinton's corruption and new developments surrounding her dirty doszier when she bought and paid for russian lies against donald trump in the election. we'll lay it out and why there is time to start a formal investigation in her practice. the president trump is calling out the justice department for not investigating the widespread coalition in the democrat party. friday, breaking news, opening monologue. hillary clinton has been caught red- handed rigging the democratic primary in her favor according to former dnc chair donna brazile who found proof
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that clinton colluded with the dnc to demolish senator sanders. according to brazile clinton controlled the parties finances and had a say on staffing while poor socialist bernie sanders tried in vain to take on the clinton machine. it is call would hillary clinton's secret take over of the dnc. i promised bernie when i took the helm after the convention i would get to the bottom of whether hillary clinton's team rigged the process and russian hackers suggested. i had my suspicions when i walked in the dnc based on the leaked e-mails, but who knew if they were forged. i needed solid proof and so did
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bernie. brazile wrote her findingsing. debbie was not a good manager and not interested in controlling the party that clinton headquarters in brooklyn and how much control brooklyn and for how long was still something i have been trying to uncover for the last few weeks. the day i called bernie, i had found proof and it broke my heart. that news should disturb every single voter in america. now former comrades on of hillary clinton are turning on the candidate. >> earlier we heard from donna brazile that what many suspected turned out to be true. the dnc choose the nominee a year before the primary elections occurred. >> this is it a problem.
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we as democrats have to hold the party accountable. this is a test for tom perez. >> sean: it was rigged. we reached out for comments on the claims. that reads in part. all of this blister of dnc and fha sanders didn't have the same opportunities to work with the dnc is not true. they opted not to. you are really telling me sanders had the same opportunities to control taving and strategy and money and the head of the dnc, at the time lifelong clinton ally debbie wasserman- schultz? give me's break. what they told you was a lie. countless democrats must have known hillary rigged the system
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and they did nothing. bernie sanders knew it was rigged and yet he supported hillary clinton in the general election. where is his back bone and now nancy pelosi trying to avoid the questions. this is the highest level of corruption we have seen in our lifetime. every person that voted for hillary clinton should be outraged. especially those that voted for bern. it is now a massive scandal and dividing the democratic party. this smoking gun story broke yesterday and if you turned in to the network news conference. you would not know it existed. news buster reported not one single second much coverage was dedicated on abc, cbs and not on nbc. they are all driven by radical
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left wing politics. they are supposed to be fair and balanced and report the facts. this is it the bias of omission and this is the media's way of bury things that look bad. we expose truth on this show. turning to another shocking revelation from donna brazile. she is calling out the corrupt clinton machine but how former president obama and how he nearly bankrupted the dnc. obama left the matter in 24 million in debt and 8 million owed to vendors after the 2012 campaign. obama's campaign was not scheduled to pay it off until after 2016. after months of being corrupted by clinton and bankrupted by
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obama. the dnc is facing a sdapdal from a staffing e-mail from a technology manager. this e-mail encourages staffers to look for candidates for open positions, however the manager goes on to write this. i personally prefer you not forward the straight white males since they are in the majority. wow. we reached out to the dnc who wrote the comment and shocking, we did not hear back. one more example of the democratic party. they pretend to be inclusive. and actively discriminating against people and new developments in the real russian collusion story. anti- trump doszier bought and paid for by the clinton campaign and created by a former spy using false russian
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intelligence. all designed by hillary clinton, her campaign to use false russian intelligence to steal the general election like she stole the primary from bernie. the clinton campaign funneled the document through a third party source in order to cover their tracks. but hillary clinton wantsitous think that it is it not a tore store because the doszier didn't come out until after the election. it did not come out until after the collection and part of what happens. you get information that may or may not be useful excel anything you put out in the public arena is accurate and this thing didn't come out until after the election and still being evaluated. >> sean: it was used by the democrats and people of the media. that is a statement that is it a lie.
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2016, only days before the election. david corn, left winger had a lot to say on msnbc about the former spy kristnever steel and the trump doszier with lies about donald trump. >> i met this former intelligence officer who is an expert and specialist in russian counter intelligence for a intelligence service that we all respect and learned that he was sending detailed memos to the fbi waysed on his own work he did with russian sources that was indicating that there was a russian operation to cooop and cultivate donald trump. >> sean: it blows hillary clinton's comments out of the water. but to steal a line from hillary herself. what difference does it make? hey her campaign funded a former
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spy to get together sketchy russian intelligence and smear donald trump and the election and influence the american people. and the law firm that clinton used to covertly fund the dossier was responsible for helping the dnc avoid an fbi investigation after the servers were hacked. i wonder who debbia wasserman- schultz got that from? how did hillary clinton acid wash searcher and delete e-mail and use a hammer on black berries and itone phones and debbie wasserman the schultz had an i.t. guy with busted up hard drives in his garage. there is so much evidence. what is wrong with the democrats? how do they continue to obstruct
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justice? we are only starting to scratch the surface here. this is a corrupt scandal and according to more than bad optics. hillary clinton and others in her campaign may have broken serious election laws and you can see them on the side of the screen and the iranian one scandal that put our national security at risk. when hillary clinton approved the sale of a north american uranium producer to let's see the hostile regime of russia and bad actor vladimar putin and giving 20 percent of our uranium to russia and we have to import uranium. she did that while bill clinton got a huge payout from moscow and the clinton global initiative got huge donations with people associated with the uranium one deal and clinton may
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have broken fraud and bribery including mail fraud and are thes. and not forget her e-mail scandal. mishandled and special access program and confidential information and all top secret while serving as secretary of state. she may have brokening multiple laws as well. they are serious crime and must be investigated by our justice department and the clintons must be held accountable for their angles. we'll talk to greg jarret to break it all down. the president is calling out the justice department for not investigating the russian collusion story within the clinton campaign and here's the president from earlier. >> i am not involved with the justice department. i like to let it run itself. but honestly they should look at the democrat and podestan and
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all of that dishonesty and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me. >> sean: he aired his frustration about the justice department. >> the saddest thing because the president of the united states i am not supposed to be involved with the justice department or fbi or doing the kinds of things i would love to do it and i am frustrated. >> sean: the president is right. where is the investigation of uranium one. here is good news. multiple doj sources confirmed directly to me that the attorney general did not recuse himself from the uranium one issue that is huge. now where the investigation to the dnc and fake news dossier
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and with lies to prop grandize the american people before the election? where is the justice department on all of this? will there be equal justice under the law as we said in this country ? and with an interview with charlesat kinson. president trump believes that the russian investigation will result in him being proven innocent. and we'll kind with good news, which you will not hear in the mainstream media because they just talk about russia for a year with no evidence. we are getting the best economic news we have had in a long, long time. something by the way, i was never able to say in president obama's administration. since president trump took office in january our economy took over. in october 6, 1000, jobs created
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and manufacturing adding 24000. and unemployment at a 17 year low. and consumer confidence a 17 year high. and a miller fewer -- fewer americans are relying on food stamps and more people are in the work force than say seven years ago. and two years ago, president trump promised to make our economy great and that is it what is happening and that is getting rid of burdensome regulation. joining us now is former national justice director for bernie sanders and dpreg jarret. and former pollster doug shown. i got to start with you tonight. i know you are a bernie supporter and if i supported bernie sanders and i found out the news we discovered yesterday, that the fix was in and that the primary was rigged
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and that she stole the election, that a signed secret deal made with the clinton campaign and dnc, i would be aponulentic. >> it is not even. it is biering than just being a cemeterier. i am here for the supporter and surrogate dragged all over the twitter for speaking the truth. and every voter that voted in the primary and those who believed in the american process. all of us from sanders and supporters all came to say, we told you so sdpchlt it biering sean. i worked on the campaign and every day away from my 10-year-old child and lost my mother while on the campaign due to lung cancer and believing in the american process and we told you it was rigged and so this is
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really a big deal to have donna brazile who is it not only connected to the clinton establishment but democratic party to spilled t. >> sean: she said she would not have taken the job had she known it was happening. greg, when you put together all of these separate issues, you have this particular case and you have got uranium one and e-mail server scandal. it is it a scandal a day with them. there are many laws in play. what is your reaction to the breaking news that the attorney general did not recuse himself from the uranium one investigation. >> it is very interesting if you go back and look at transcript of session confifrmation hearing. he promises to recuse himself
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from anything related to hillary clinton. that suggest to me that the department of justice is looking closely at all of aspects. uranium one and extortion kick back and they are looking at that and who covered it up by not telling congress about it which would have killed the deal. we know thatro burt mueller and rod rosen stein and andrew weisman were involved in the uranium one deal and knowing about the illegality of it and those three men are presiding over the trump/russia case. >> sean: you believe that hillary clinton's scheme to steal this primary could be illegal and crimes could have been admitted and the uranium one crimes and e-mail crime and
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on the dossier we could have crimes. >> all of those things that merit an intensive special investigation and special counsel. and just the latest on the rigging of the election smacks to me as a lawyer of money laundering. in transaction that deceives. and that would be violating federal law and contributions and secondly, filing a false and misleading report about it, both of those, are crimes. >> sean: doug, last night you were on the program and i got tremendous feedback. you worninged with the clintons and you look at four separate. dossier and stealing the election and erannium and e-mail server. you look at all of them. stealing the election in the united states of america and
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rigging the election? >> i have to echo what my friend and colleague greg jarret wrote and said. we need a special counsel to look at secretary clinton and her campaign and activities as we are donald trump. we need to clean up our system. let's be honest here, sean. bernie sanders had pulled out before california and was negotiating for a plain and speaking engagementes in the fall before he even lost and conceded. >> sean: this was signed long before it. >> this is corrupt. and bernie sanders was not honest and my party is rotten to the core. >> about what? >> he was negotiating for plane and speaking engagementes to not challenge. >> what does that have to do with hillary clinton pretending
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as if they were fund-raising for the dnc and that went to her campaign. >> the party is corrupt. >> no, the sir, i county know if you worked on the ground and i did. the people did not want to support senator sanders because they felt their careers would be te destroyed. this is not negotiating a speaking engage. . the american people were bamboozled and lied to and shame on every pundit. >> i don't disagree with that at all. i think you are right and articulate. and i am making the point that greg jarret made eloquently that there is it multiple acts of political corruption and malfeasance and i say it as a proud and loyal democrat. i want it all cleaned up and that includes a special prosecutor to look at multiple crimes. >> and what about governor
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o'malley. he was not negotiating speaking engagementless. >> i would love to hear how he feelings. >> you have the answer about bernie sanders. >> sean: greg, the last word. >> this begs for a if counsel and has for a long time. not only the rigging of the nomination to the but also the uranium deal looks like hillary clinton conferred a benefit to a foreign government in exchange for money. the special counsel needs to find out if that is criminal and look at the email scandal, to me it appears that hillary clinton violated the espionage act by
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mishandling deliberately classified information. >> and to look at the dossier how it was commissioned and paid for and how the fbi got into that. everything greg says is right. we need to know that, too. we need a special counsel. >> sean: thank you all. and we have so much more on the bombshell report. hillary clinton stealing the election from bernie sanders. what laws are in play, we'll debate that straight ahead. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do.
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>> i am johnathon hunt. president and first lady land nothing hawaii. they are on to the asian nakdzs for a 12 day tour. in hawaii, he was greeted by children and the autociped autograph and gave high five's to the crowd. the governor and head of the pacific command were also on hand. while in hawaii he will meet with the governors with alaska and hawaii. and north korea is expected to dominant the territory as they
6:28 pm
are all possible targets of nuclear missiles aimed for the u.s. and will go tour pearl harbor before heading to japan on friday. he will make stops in south korea and vietnam. now back to hannity. >> we had a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we, right? [cheering] yeah. chant "lock her up. ". >> sean: trump supporters repeatedly call would for the prosecution of hillary clinton and have done so for a number of years and the president called for the justice department to investigate hillary clinton. and this following a bombshell
6:29 pm
allegation that she literally stole the primary election from bernie sanders. the president tweeted the donna brazile said the dnc illegally rigged the system. bought and paid for by crooked hillary and this is ceil collusion and this where is our justice department? >> pam, we'll go to you. we have issues that i mentioned. campaign finance laws remember they broken and the phony dossier and funneled money through a law firm in that particular case with russian propaganda to influence the election and they knew money laundering and keck backs and allowed uran yaum one to go through. and e-mail scandal. if pam bondy said i want 33000
6:30 pm
e-mail and i delete. and blaech bit and break up the iphones, you throw me in jail. >> it is it an owl ought investigation. you and greg jarret laid it out genius. but the american people deserve to know. i saw a headline and it read on a competting station. trump wants to go after political enemies. no, he wants to know the truth. as attorney general in the state of florida i believe in the rule of law. i have to know that jeff sessions and rod rosenstein will have to dig. they ought to be digging right now. we have to find out for the truth. this has nothing to do with
6:31 pm
politics. this has to do with potential law violations and only the justice department can get their hands on all of these documents. >> you are right. >> sean: her man cain. most people knew that e-mails deleted and bleached bit and hammers to devises that was a sign. and uranual one it didn't give good sense to give that to russia and now we learn she stole a primary election. and abc, nbc, cbs, their evening newscast not one word about it, her man. the last part of the tweet from president trump says a lot. where is the justice department? the answer is, the president is going to be gone 11 days.
6:32 pm
i don't like to speculate. in 11 days, there will be a come to jesus meeting with attorney general jeff sessions. i like attorney general jeff sessions. i think he is honest person. and as pam says, this is it about enforcing the rule of law and if you break the law, he has an 11 day window to put it on the table to bring justice to the whole situation. >> sean, as the a g of the third largest state. i pray this is going on in the department of the justice. they should have a war room set up and all hands on deck. this is huge, and not only troubling. as you have so well laid out and all criminal violations. and they have to have everybody working around-the-clock which i pray they are doing and a good
6:33 pm
federal investigation, we shouldn't find out about. i will give them the benefit of the doubt because a great attorney general for the united states of america should not be letting us know what is going on. and we'll be praying that that is what is happening. they are all hands on deck and researching this and this is what they need to do right now. and i am hopeful they are. we do all like jech sessions. >> sean: she stole the election and paid for. hillary clinton bought and paid for lushian lies to influence the election. and sold out national security and never made sense on the uranium. and the e-mail server scandal that was laws that were broke ep. this is it not only hillary, but do we have a dual justice system. one for hillary clinton and her
6:34 pm
cronies or and one of the rest of us. >> if you look at eight years of obama administration they worked overtime to shove all of this stuff under the carpet. it is not under the carpet anymore and we have a different presidents. and as much as i like jeff sessions, he is step down in 11 days, and if he doesn't not. he may get asked to be stepped down, here's why. if you bring in a new attorney general he's not bound by recusing himself and he or she is not bound by past promise and this way, the justice department can do things it ought to be doing energid to convict hillary and the clinton foundation. >> sean: someone who knows a lot about hillary clinton's dirty contradicts is kelly ann conway.
6:35 pm
and will they doj launch in to the clinton scandals. how will we deal with this in our country? ♪ eras. they're defined by accomplishments. by victories. by those with the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, and the grit to help ensure the next energy to power our dreams, will be american energy.
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>> i am really not involved with the justice department and like it to run itself. but honestly they should be looking at the democrat and all of that dishonesty and looking at a lot of thing and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me. >> sean: the president earlier today said he was disappointed in the justice department to investigate. a 're joining us now with reaction, kelly ann conway. i don't know where to begin. the russian dossier. she was in control of the dnc. and we learned 12 or 10 million. it varys. but all of the money bought and
6:40 pm
paid for by hillary because she novembers control of the dnc. they funded money to a particular law firm, same law firm that hillary and bill used. it is full of russian lie and misinformation. everybody on the left care about trump/russian collusion. but we are here with the evidence. >> i laugh at loud, you trump people just will not let hillary clinton go. no, we are governing and reducing 900 regulations. the president has passed 71 bill and putting forward a robust tax plan for the middle-class and job creators. he is governing. if they want to look at the election, look at what the clinton campaign and dnc.
6:41 pm
you mentioned the law firm and dossier and 9 or 10 million who no one wants to admit. it was junk we know. and we are continuing to dig. that same lawyer was mentioned in the brazile as someone negotiating with the dnc to make sure they were controlling the down ballot race and starving them to keep it for the queen bee. and the same players are mentioned there. and anybody who wants to thread it together ought to do that. >> sean: i have watched since the campaign and watched you to do a lot of interviews and you have hillary stealing an election and paying for russian lies to influence the american people and team the general election. we know she stole the primary and rigged against bernie sander and e-mail and then uranium
6:42 pm
which is the worst i think because we import uranium and we don't have enough. and knowing all of the crimes that putin's agents committed in america in 2009. hillary and eric holders and several other people signed off and the money trail, they benefitted hugely and financially on the back end with 145 million kicked back to the clinton foundation and bill meeting with vladimar putin and doubling his fees and wanting to meet with nuclear agents in russia. that is it selling out national security. >> that is why it is relevant. she talks for free for the last 30 year and very few people were list list listening. but it is relevant because it is it worth a look because of the urepublicaniam. and she was in the state department when as the hill reported and sean you cover
6:43 pm
nightly people were trying to get russian interest were trying to get influinence the obama administration and she was there in foggy bottom and her husband got the speaking fees f. melania trump got half million for speaking fees in russia it would be plastered everywhere. it is one account 50 times the coverage the trump campaign in russia than the clinton campaign in russia. people give the excuse because he won and she lost. that is not what is relevant. >> sean: hillary stole the primary. >> but she lost anyway. cheaters never prosper. >> sean: she stole it from bernie. a communist socialist like him. >> they are moving forward and now the democratic party is fighting two factions.
6:44 pm
far left socialist and many of the bernie sander's supporters. i saw in anchor, i repeat myself. bernie democrats was not running a democrat. he won 22 million in 13 states even though she used it against him. >> sean: without the rigging and including the super delegates, i would argue that bernie sanders won. >> president trump made remark and he was right as usual. he had tweeted way before it was revealed that bernie was getting the short end. thanks, sean. >> sean: kelly ann, appreciate you being with us. hillary's friend in the media continue to expose themselves geefing next to 0 coverage that she stole a primary and we'll explain why it is it a serious issue. this is tonight on hannity.
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>> sean: welcome back on hannity. earlier today president trump tweeted the rigged democrat primary and one of the biggest political stories in years got 0 coverage on "fake news" tv
6:49 pm
network last night. it is disgraceful. it is disgraceful. former obama admyselfor austin goldsby. and i think you are a hillary person, austin, but what about all of those people. himary was in charge of everything. hiring and every bit of money and every decision and had total control and bernie the sucker never knew and he was in a rigged primerary and super delegates i would think you would be angry and you are an honest guy. >> i am annoyed. >> sean: annoyed? >> it was not rigged in that way. what was happening in if you remember. >> sean: the warren said it was rigged.
6:50 pm
>> the dnc organized debates on saturday night when the super bowl was the next day and that sort of thing. >> sean: i like you too much. take the shovel out of your hand. >> i think it is fair. i am a noticed they did not take the primary seriously. the woman lost the election and it is done. >> sean: but she stole the primary and she used fake rushion propaganda she bought and paid for with the dossier which we didn't know before. >> sean, all you have to do to get the left to think about it differently. what would they be saying if donald trump had done anything close to this? you and i would be upset with now president trump had we learned that he cheated his way in. and now these guys earlier on
6:51 pm
another program and they said it had no impact and all of these other excuses that the left tends to do, but the fact of the matter, bernie's people knew he was cheated and him hill and her band of crooks, that's what they do. it is part of their dna. and now the left is caught, it is like the benghazi excuse. what difference does it make? it makes a big difference in how people believe politics work. >> trump said ted cruz. >> he didn't cheat him. >> were you objecting to that? >> a lot of people were. and they fought it out fair and square and ben carson. >> how is that fair? >> we are talking worpds austin, versus actual things that the
6:52 pm
dnc did and you want to talk about words. we are talking about a system that beat down a man who beat him to the point where bernie sanders himself is now a sellout. >> i will not criticize bernie sanders. donald trump called him crazy bernie. >> he is. >> sean: she's crooked hillary. >> they should not have treated sanders or o'mally. that is bias different than saying they stole the election. >> sean: they had a contract. >> austin, no way to defend this. you have a tough job. >>in am not defending that. >> you were working around the prefery and what they did was wrong and it is symptom attic of
6:53 pm
what they do. it goes in russian story and fusion gps and all of the things that led to the election of donald trump. >> the dossier was a rubio supporter. >> sean: hey, she stole a primary and the fix was in. and it was rigged. bernie had no shot and if i am a bernie supporter, i would be less than a little kind or concerned. i would be livid. this is united states of america. free and fair and there you go. >> at least you win. >> sean: i got to go. when we come back. big announcement. you don't want to miss it straight ahead. e amazing new t at&t... and we know you'll love it. because we know you want more. more great camera features and more power. and more than just unlimited data,
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brand new movie called "let there be light" independent film. it was the big movie breakout hit of the weekend. we're very, very humbled, appreciative so many of you liked it. the reviews have been incredible from so many people. the testimonials have been incredible. hollywood has a formula. it's sex, violence and superman, spiderman batman 99 or jennifer aniston falls in love or out of love with some new hollywood actor. that's not our formula. so many times conservatives or christians are impound or not looked at when you go to movies. it's a special movie called "let there be light." intellectually stimulating. touch your heart, your mind, your soul. and most people cry. anyway, we now have 700 locations this week. so so many more of you will be able to see it it go to to find out where it is playing near you. whby the way, here is a quick
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clip from the movie. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm coming. >> you're drunk. >> can't pull the wool over your eye. >> basic ten nent of christianity is. >> don't you dare tell me about the love and compassion of your so-called god. >> what does it do to the boys to take the death of their brother and use it as part of your carnival act? >> it pays the bills. [squealing tires] >> daddy. >> clinically dead in the ambulance for four minutes. it's a miracle. >> i saw davey, all i wanted to do was i wanted to put my arms around him. i don't know what to do with that. >> you have gotten the best scientific explanation. it hasn't brought you any comfort. would you consider consult consulting a different source. >> this weekend bring your whole family to the movie. i promise you this is a movie liberal hollywood would never ever dare make. you are making it successful. now in 700 theaters.
7:00 pm i hope you enjoy it. if you go, you probably want to bring tissues. that's all the time we have left tonight. thank you for being with us. have a great weekend. hope you see the movie. see you back here on monday. laura ingraham straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham. thanks for joining us tonight. in the wake of tuesday's terror attack in new york city, the issue of chain migration is rapidly becoming one of the biggest issues facing america. the process seems so kind and is often framed as family oriented immigration. when one immigrant comes into the country, he or she later brings in his family members. but this process very quickly increases the number of immigrants living in the united states. get this. a report from the center for immigration studies says that 61% of


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