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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 4, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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eric: fox news alert. the president right now on his way to japan. the first country he will visit on the 12-day, five-nation asia tour beginning, well, right now. hello everyone, welcome. i'm eric shawn. this is brand new hour of "america's news headquarters." arthel: i'm arthel neville. earlier today the president visited the memorial at pearl harbor before heading to japan. north korean nuclear threat will be the most press issue when he arrives in the region. kevin corke is live. reporter: you're right about that, clearly security cooperation and north korea will be major headlines as the president makes his way here for the very first trip here to asia
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and clearly the administration would love to get consensus on what to do about pongyang. consensus, frankly, arthel, talking to white house officials, an understanding that the u.s. will need to do what it needs to do but consult with partners here in the region before making any move on pongyang. the president is coming to apjanuary, part of an active trip to the asian peninsula. what a great day for him to be here and opportunity for the u.s. administration. after japan, off to south korea. the president will be in search after united front in north korea before making his way to beijing, where he is expected to pressure chinese president xi xinping and get tough on north korea. he will delay his trip at least a day before heading home. we are talking about another major agenda item on the table
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and that is trade. much talk about china but keep in mind the u.s. has a trade imbalance with japan as well. $51 billion, through the latest figures in august, the last month available. president is likely trying to hammer out a more favorable environment for u.s. goods and services here in japan as well. earlier this afternoon as you pointed out the president left hawaii for the five-country, 11-day asian trip, the longest for an american president in a quarter century. before coming this way the president was briefed by leadership of u.s. pacific command over in hawaii. he joined his wife, first lady melania, for a visit to the memorial at pearl harbor. i want to share this picture. this is from the memorial. chief of staff, john kelly, his son was killed in afghanistan a solemn reminder of sacrifice some made because after greatful
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nation. in case you wonder what happens when the president gets here, he hits the ground running, guys. he has a working lunch. obviously there are bilateral talks during the time here and a little 19th hole diplomacy as he has a little golf time with his friend shinzo abe. a lot to discuss. i will have details. arthel: we'll look for upcoming updates from kevin corke live in tokyo. thank you, eric. eric: back in washington there is firestorm following the claims by acting dnc chair donna brazile. she painted a pretty grim picture of the democratic party during the campaign in 2016 n her new book, miss brazile backs up allegations by others that the race for the democratic nomination, as many expected, tipped in hillary clinton's favor. ellison barber with more from washington. reporter: donna brazile, hillary clinton and the dnc the story most of washington is talking about, as president trump headed
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toward marine one friday, he stopped and said this. >> you ought to look at hillary clinton and look at the new book put out by donna brazile, where she basically bought the dnc and stole the election from bernie. reporter: criticism coming from both sides of aisle, former interim dnc chairman donna brazile published a excerpt in "politico" magazine. accusing the clinton and dnc entering in her words, an unethical fund-raising agreement before the nomination. the agreement was leaked to a number of media outlets. in exchange for helping the deeply in debt dnc raise money, staff for hillary for america would have quote, joint authority over strategic decisions, staffing, funding and communication. the agreement applied to the general election and not to the democratic primary. it said the dnc could enter with other candidates.
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some democrats said point-blank the dnc rigged the election and changes need to be made. >> very quickly, senator, do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. >> we must bring about real campaign finance reform. we must get rid of the undemocrattic system of superdelegates. reporter: according to "the washington post," the dnc chair and both pledged to, chairman tom perez promised full transparency in the next election. eric. eric: ellison, thanks so much. meanwhile "the washington post" reporting today it is releasing another excerpt from miss brazile's new book. the newspaper says at one point she seriously considered former vice president joe biden to replace hillary clinton as the democratic nominee, after mrs. clinton fainted, if you may remember that at the 9/11 ceremony on september 11 back in 2016. miss brazile writing she considered the switch in part, that clinton's campaign was in her words anemic, and taken on odor of failure.
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in order to do that she would need the nominee's agreement an the bored of the dnc to kick hillary off the ballot. we will have more on the political fallout from these stunning new allegations from her book straight ahead here on the fox news channel. >> eric, we go to the other side of the aisle and the gop's long-awaited tax overhaul plan finally released thursday. republicans touting it as the biggest tax reform bill in decades. garrett tenney live in the d.c. bureau with details. hi, garrett. reporter: hey, arthel. house republican leaders say they are confident they bill get tax reform passed by thanksgiving. the senate will send a bill to the president's desk by christmas. that is a lot to get done in short amount of time but quick pace is also part of their strategy to limit lobbying efforts by interest groups to get their own special exemptions and benefits added to the bill. here is a bit what the gop plan looks like. the current seven tax brackets is reduced to five with the
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highest over 39%. the standard deduction is doubled for families for $24,000. the child tax credit increases from 1000 to $1600. the rules for 401(k) contributions stay the same as well. the plan eliminates deductions for state and local deductions and lowers cap on mortgage interest deduction cutting it in half from a million dollars to 500,000. those changes will have big impact on folks living in states with high taxes and high real estate prices such as new york and new jersey a handful of republican lawmakers from those states said, unless those changes are made to those deductions they will likely vote no against the gop tax bill. >> we should continue the deductibility of state and local taxes. it has been in the tax code since 1913. we send a lot more revenue to washington than we receive back, and i don't want to exacerbate that situation. reporter: house leadership said they are open to making changes but it is not clear if readding those deductions is one of them.
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the administration maintains even in its current form the gop plan will help the middle class. >> the president haas said what we're really focused on cutting out a lost exemptions, simplifying the tax, what he wants to do is a middle income tax cut and to the extent the taxes go up on the rich, we understand that that is part of what we need to do right now. reporter: in the house republicans can likely afford to lose a few of their own to pass a tax bill but in the? senate with only two-seat majority, that is much greater challenge, that will be a challenge in the weeks ahead. arthel? arthel: garrett tenney, thanks for breaking it down for us. eric: a u.s. service member we've been told is killed in afghanistan. the latest casualty happened in the eastern part of the country. u.s. officials say he died of wounds during operations there. no other details. we will bring you those details when we get them as we're following the story closely. we'll get you very latest when
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it is released. >> thanks, eric. meanwhile, back to politics, the closely-watched governors race in virginia is heating up with polling showing the two candidates neck-and-neck. with days to go we'll bring you the latest from the campaign trail there. president trump and first lady melania heading to japan, the first stop in the longest international trip for a u.s. president since 1992. we'll look is ahead on the agenda. ♪ what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just airline purchases. seems like a no-brainer. what's in your wallet?
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arthel: time now for a quick check of the headlines. iran putting a ballistic missile on display as it marks the anniversary of the 1979 sees sure of u.s. he will ba sy. thousands of iranians attended the rally chanting anti-u.s. slogans. a suspect in the deadly benghazi attack making his first court appearance in washington, d.c. the 46-year-old libyan national was sent to the u.s. yesterday. four americans were killed in the 2012 attack. a powerful typhoon slamming vietnam and killing at least 15 people. the storm destroyed hundreds of homes. president trump is scheduled to visit neat name next week.
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eric: president trump right now on his way to tokyo which will be the first international stop of his asian trip t will include stops in seoul, beijing, vietnam and the philippines. you know in his first stop when he lands in tokyo he will be scheduled to meet with japanese prime minister shinzo abe tomorrow. on the agenda between the two, of course trade between our two countries and the continuing and looming threat from north korea. as you know they have launched several missiles over japanese territory and threatened us. here is national security advisor h.r. mcmaster. >> president trump will reiterate the plain fact that north korea threatens not just our allies, south korea and japan and the united states, north korea is a threat to the entire world. so all nations of the world must do more to counter that threat. eric: we have the director of defense studies at the center for the national interest. harry, good to see you. do you think your allies, and more specifically beijing will
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get that very message? >> eric, i think they will absolutely get this message and to be frank with you, i think this is actually the most important presidential visit that president trump might ever actually go on and the reasons are quite clear. what the president needs to do going out to asia, essentially reassure all the critical allies when it comes to the north korean threat this is a threat, to be honest with you, people and myself and other experts didn't see it coming. i thought north korea was two or three-year away from developing ball ball intercontinental ballistic missiles. we're just getting hit with it head on. the president has a tall task ahead of him that he can accomplish. eric: there is one projection we could have nuclear-tipped north korean missiles to hit america completely by next year. >> eric, i will be honest i think they can do it right now. they have all the technological
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pieces. they have long-range missiles. according to "the washington post" they were able to miniaturized warheads to put them on the missiles. people tell me they have the tracking telemetry to do it. just a question if they have the heat shield technology for those missiles to go through the atmosphere to hit the target. there is reports a few months ago they had that capability. i would say we're out of time. now it is a question of containing north korea. eric: if you're out of tile, how do you contain north korea? it hasn't worked. negotiations haven't worked. taking off the terror list hasn't worked. oil-for-food like the clinton administration, that didn't work. what do we do? >> simple. the north korean economy is tiny economy. only worth $14 billion. it is 1/3 of size of ethiopia and get together an international coalition that will strange you late economy, something more challenging and more robust than obama or clinton or anybody else has tried which i think what the trump administration is trying to do right now. we can do it. i mean just an example, if we
2:17 pm
actually stop the north koreans from exporting slave labor to all sorts of different countries that is worth $2 billion of the $14 billion pie. eric: half the countries in africa build monuments and statues using north korean money kicked back to kim jong-un. >> that is why we have to stop it. the trump administration has been going wild trying to do this. they have been going through the middle east. they have been going through europe. there is pressure to put on russia or china and do this we have to internationally shame them. there is no excuse. eric: talk about pressure on china. they cut off some of the banks. they cut off some of the north korean companies. they haven't cut off all the coal. they haven't out the electricity. they could cut out kim jong-un's lights and tv set tonight if they want to do that. there is no indication that president xi will take the strong measures to get the message across. >> this is one the times that the united states needs to exert power and leverage over china. face it, the united states of china have tons of pressure
2:18 pm
points. in the south china sea. over taiwan. in the east china sea. we've been playing nice with them on those pressure points for a long time. i think if the chinese are not willing to help us on this shared threat, i think the united states is really going to have to exert pressure in those other areas. >> you talk about that, let me read you what "the wall street journal" says today in the editorial today, exactly on that point they say, quote, the best reassurance for asian democracies that mr. trump could give next week proof that he understands that xi xinping's long-term goal to push the u.s. out of asia. that the obama years encouraged mr. xi to pursue that goal more aggressively. the first test of mr. trump's new asia strategy, convince china its support for north korea is backfiring. at what point do we get to the point where they say, maybe we're being hurt by this now? >> i think the chinese are already there, but to be very hon with you, eric, they are scared to push a lot harder than what they are because the fact of the matter is, if north korea
2:19 pm
would collapse if chinese push it to the obvious toughest place they could, they would be face millions of refugees, who knows, north korean civil war where different factions vying for power and shooting nuclear weapons at each other. the chinese have a difficult balancing act. they know they could press a little bit harder. ultimate goal for us in beijing to get pongyang at the table. figure out a negotiated settlement out of this crisis. eric: when you say negotiated settlement, what do you predict? he will meet vladmir putin potentially on sidelines in vietnam. how will this play out in the coming months? >> i think the first step is some sort of talk about talks, to be honest with you. open negotiations trying to get to know one another and maybe build some rapport. i think in the short term i see the north koreans testing more nuclear weapons, testing more missiles. they will not probably ban to talk to us until they have the ability to hit us. the next couple months will be very dicey. eric: they are letting missile launch muchs doing the talking
2:20 pm
for now. harry, good to see you. thank you for your al nays. we'll see how the trip place out. arthel is it. arthel: days away from the hotly-contested lech election fr governor of virginia. democrat ralph north ham is running against republican ed gillespie. northam is in arlington and alexandria and fairfax. here is gillespie at his campaign rally earlier this afternoon in springfield. >> when we win this election on tuesday -- >> yeah. >> when we win this election on tuesday,. [applause] cathy gillespie will be an incredible first lady of the commonwealth of virginia. that is an ironclad guarranty. secondly, i will be an honest, ethical, hard-working, principled, faithful, servant leader.
2:21 pm
worthy of virginia. arthel: the race is close. this morning the "real clear politics" polling average, check it out right here, showing north ham's lead over gillespie to be narrowest it has been in the entire race, just 1.2%. the election is set for tuesday. eric: it may be a cliffhanger. did you hear about this? twitter launching an investigation after president trump's account went dark on tuesday night. he has 42 million followers around the globe. some wonder where did he go? william la jeunesse with the details. >> social media, without social media, i'm not sure i would be here talking. reporter: president trump and twitter, with 42 million followers he ranks 21 worldwide. but for 11 minutes sunday night the site shut him down. >> looking at top 35 account, this is person very senior or
2:22 pm
breakdown in protocol. reporter: they say president's feed was disconnected due to human error. two hours later they blamed an employee. we learned it was done by a twitter customer support employee who did it on the employee's last day. we're conducting an internal review. >> it could be break down on protocol or rogue employee. reporter: why some doubt twitter? they doubt deactivating a top account is serious. they don't believe one person had ability to do it. >> this person may have may have an able to speak on president's half. reporter: biggest as far as a actors and musicians. few carry the influence on the president, that is the risk. >> he could have said something like we'll blow up north korea tomorrow. get ready. all of a sudden all chaos loops in the diplomatic world and military world and worldwide. >> so when somebody says something about me, i am able to
2:23 pm
go, binge, binge, i take care of it. reporter: critics complain he violates twitter rules for threatening others like threatening kim jong-un. they say they interpret the rules by a different standard. trump said my twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must be getting out and having an impact. twitter says it implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again. while in asia we'll if china can do something no one in the white house could, stop trump from tweeting. china censors do not allow it for 1.3 billion residents. in los angeles, fox news, william la jeunesse. arthel: donna brazile's new book shining a light on democratic infighting. what does it mean for the 2018 midterm? we'll talk about it. for the new york city marathon tomorrow, how police are working to keep runners safe
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♪ eric: police in new york city beefing up security made of tomorrow's new york city marathon. more than 50,000 runners will take to the streets just days after eight people were killed in the horrific radical islamic terrorist attack on the bike path near the world trade center memorial. new york city mayor bill de blasio saying new yorkers will not live in fear. >> the whole world will be watching on sunday, and what we're going to show them that new york city is resolute, strong, and unmoved by the horrible events of tuesday. we're humanly mourning those who were lost, that we're not going to let terrorists -- eric: we are live at the bike path where people placed flowers, notes, tributes and someone place ad lamp with
2:29 pm
martin luther king, jr.'s famous light in the darkness speech as a tribute to the victims. hi, bryan. reporter: eric this, is the path where the terror suspect drove down south, entering on the bike path. some precautions put in, the white concrete barriers are the small ones. they have added 20-foot large concrete barriers throughout the bike path, to make sure cars and other vehicles can not drive on the bike path, potentially hurting pedestrians as well as bicyclists. as the nypd is working to the make the new york city marathon the tightest event that the marathon ever seen. they have double and triple the personnel as well as double the observation teams, double the sniper teams. they have added much more of those sand trucks, and quote, these quote-unquote blocker vehicles meant to protect pedestrians in the event from potential vehicular attacks. back here though we're now seeing that we have the memorial you're talking about, eric.
2:30 pm
all day what we've been seeing are people walking and biking by as they normally do, stopping to to pay their respects. we've seen people cry. we have seen people leave flowers. we've seen others spoken to by voluntary chaplains, here speaking to people. we caught up with a couple of bicyclists as well as runners. this is what head to say. >> we're just off one of the cruise ships. we walked into downtown manahattan and we were walking back along here and saw the memorial, and felt we really had to stop to pay our respects, because on a different day, it could have been us. >> we felt like it was important to come back here and still do what we do, but also explain it to our girls, so that they can understand it as well. reporter: this as the investigation continues into the terror suspect who, right now obviously in the hospital and recovering. he is someone that the fbi says, believes acted alone. so far, based on all the evidence they have, they also
2:31 pm
believe he self-radicalized in the united states, sometime when he arrived here in 2010. the fbi has now questioned his wife, reportedly, she is cooperating with the fbi and she says she had no idea about the attack. again, that investigation continues. they're trying to really figure out his known associates and friends and acquaintances to see how far it stretches, how many people if at all helped him. remember there was talk that the neighbors said that this terror suspect had spoken to some friend in the days before the attack. eric? eric: sayfullo saipov wanted to fly the isis flag and hang it up in his hospital room according to federal court cases. we have more on the investigation in ten minutes. bo gavin trot fib i. brian, thank you. >> this is a real problem. but what we've got to do as democrats now, we have to hold this party accountable. >> very quickly, senator, do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. arthel: and that is senator
2:32 pm
elizabeth warren reacting to new allegations by former acting dnc chair donna brazile that the dnc put a heavy hand on the scale in favor of hillary clinton over bernie sanders during the 2016 primary. the revelations putting democrats on defense at a time when the party would rather be taking advantage of president trump's low approval ratings. some democrats saying that the time for serious reform is now. >> this is just further evidence that the dnc needs to be completely overhauled to take our party back from the special interests of a powerful few, and put it back in the hands of the people. we must bring about real campaign finance reform. we must get rid of the undemocrattic system of superdelegates. we must implement open or same-day registration in democratic primaries to encourage voter engagement. arthel: let's discuss it with bob cusack, the editor-in-chief for "the hill."
2:33 pm
bob, have you spoken to miss brazile before i asked this question? >> yes, i have talked to her. yeah. arthel: with that in mind, talk to me then about the calculus behind donna brazile's exposing the democrats dirty laundry in her book. >> a lot of democrats are not happy with donna brazile because remember, we've got a big governor's race coming up on tuesday, and that is really a must-win for democrats. that is, that state has been leaning democratic in recent years and it is going down to the wire. so, now, brazile, i think it also shows that the power of the clintons after decades is on the decline. there is no way that brazile would be writing this if hillary clinton were in the white house. so, this is a problem. a year after the presidential election, the democratic party is still, there is so much tension within it, arthel. the bernie sanders wing and the hillary clinton wing, they're still fighting. arthel: yeah. and they lost. >> yeah. arthel: president trump is in the white house. how much of a political gift is
2:34 pm
this to president trump and how far can he run with it. >> this is a big gift. no doubt that republicans had trouble unifying, we saw that on the health care battle, but at same time there is friction on the democratic side. they have a lot of candidates running for congress, but what is the question for the litmus for the democrats, they can win back the house, no doubt about it, but will not win with bernie sanders democrats in swing districts. they will have to have more centrist democrats. that is how democrats won control of the house in 2006. they recruited progun, pro-life democrats. arthel: if dissension reverberating through the democratic halls of congress, what are the points? can they get it together to take advantage of what would be political opportunity in 2018? >> i think they can get it together. we had recent special elections, must-win for republicans because they were republican-leaning districts and republican won those races. i think democrats, they have to
2:35 pm
come up with a clearer message. that was a big problem in 2016. they can't just run against trump. trump is going to be the main target. they have to have their own message. i think you're not going to see that message, though we've seen a better deal from democrats, they come out closer to election in 2018. arthel: what does it mean for the future of the democratic party? it can't be just good messaging. there has to be weight behind. there can't be empty offers in other words to potential voters? >> i think one of the things that senator chuck schumer is trying to do, he has done throughout his career and focus on the middle class. that is something democrats did not do down the stretch. 2016. they were way overconfident they were going to win. i think that is what they have do. they have to focus on middle class, talk about jobs, not talk about russia. that will not sway a lot of votes right now. arthel: speaking of russia, how
2:36 pm
far going back to the president, how far can he run with this? he points fingers that his nemesis, hillary clinton and unscrupulous dealings with the with the dnc, can the president use a valid distraction to derail or make the russian investigation go away? >> he can't make it go away, but can certainly distract it. some democrats told us they wish hillary clinton would move off the stage but she came out with a book. she is back in the news. republicans are saying that she should be investigated, and moving forward with that because they control congress and they control the department of justice. so i do think that trump can use this politically, but without a doubt, robert mueller will continue to do his investigation. as senator grassley said, highly respected republican, let mueller do his job, but also, we should also look into hillary clinton. arthel: quickly, bob, rounding back to the top of the segment, donna brazile, you spoke to her. is she happy about what's
2:37 pm
happening as a result of what she had published in her book? >> i haven't talked to her since the piece came out. and her book is going to come out. i do think one of the questions that reporters are going to chase, now that she says she considered putting joe biden on the ticket instead of hillary clinton, did joe biden know about this? who else knew about this? how close was this to actually happening? arthel: definitely does kick off a lot of questions. bob cusack, i have to leave it there. good to talk to you. >> thanks, arthel. arthel: eric. eric: many are calling a surprising sentence for bowe bergdahl and they are slamming it as he avoids prison time after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, that of course the taliban. ter reese ganye has details. reporter: bowe bergdahl walked away from his boast in afghanistan in 2007. he says he was trying to call attention to the deteriorating conditions for his troops there. he ended up spending five years in captivity after being taken
2:38 pm
prisoner by the taliban. he has been sentenced in a military court for his actions a judge decided he should be dishonorably discharged and pay thousands of dollars in fines but no discharge. his lawyer says he made the right decision especially in light of president trump's comments in the campaign during 2016 calling bergdahl a traitor and deserved prison time. >> president trump's trying to stoke a lynch mob atmosphere while seeking nation's highest office cast a dark cloud over the case. reporter: president tweeted quote, the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. he faced life in prison after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. bergdahl's lawyer is asking the public not to rush to judgment. he says he plans to appeal the ruling, calling a dishonorable discharge a lifetime stigma. he suggests that president trump may have improperly influenced
2:39 pm
judge. >> the judicial process was distorted for reasons for the rule of law in our country, then you appeal. reporter: the sentence is effective immediately except for the dishonorable discharge which is on hold pending appeal. from for the bragg, fox news. arthel: investigators in new york gathering evidence to potentially arrest harvey weinstein. why they say the allegation against the movie mogul is credible. this week's terror attack in new york city, raises concerns that isis propaganda strategy targeting young people. what should we do to tackle that problem? of pneumococcal pneumonia. isn't it like a bad cold or flu? pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease. in some cases, part of your lung
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may fill with mucus, making it hard to breathe. can i catch it from a pneumococcal vaccination? no. the vaccines do not contain live bacteria. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how to help protect yourself.
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arthel: kentucky police arrested a man for assaulting senator rand paul at his home. police responding to a call from paul's home where they arrested
2:44 pm
59-year-old rene boucher. he is a registered democrat, also a doctor, retired, is being held on $5000 bond. a spokeswoman for paul's office said that the senator is expected to be okay. eric: the feds say that the new york city terror suspect sayfullo saipov, well he had 90 isis videos and nearly four thousand photos of isis atrocities on his cell phone when he allegedly mode down bicyclists and joggers in his rented pickup truck on halloween afternoon. this is the latest radical islamic terrorist attack to use a truck or car to kill innocent people. we know it happened in paris, barcelona, israel and now in our country and this prospect is raising concerns about the terrorist group's continued global reach and use as inspiration. bill gavin, former assistant of the fbi here in new york, former chief executive of the fbi in new york, miami and denver,
2:45 pm
joins us. bill, how do you stop a radicalized nut-job from jumping the curb? seems like almost impossible to stop? >> shaun, eric this, is a very difficult fact to try to stop these people from doing those kind of things and now with what has happened with the defeat of isis not total defeat but diminishing of isis in is syria and iraq it, is suddenly taken over a rat's nest. when you break the rats nest up, they run in all different directions. you have the individuals who thought they were warriors, now as individual murderers loose on the scene, you're going to see more of these kind of things, with these people trying to radicalize others or doing these kinds of acts themselves, both in the united states and in europe as well. so we are facing a very difficult transition, even though we're suppressing the fighters in syria and iraq.
2:46 pm
eric: how can people stop this? i mean, the wife reportedly is cooperating. says that she was totally shocked. the sister is quoted as saying she was totally shocked. they say that saipov was brainwashed. every time you have one of these things, the family says, we're shocked, didn't know anything about it. >> they always do. eric, i think we have kind of put a little bit of a damper on this political correctness attitude that we have in the united states right now. we need to do more to get to who these people are. if you know -- for instance, when somebody is in the neighborhood like this, we, everybody gets outraged that we will interview people in a mosque. why would you get outraged? those people within the mosque affected negatively the same way the rest of us are. so if you see somebody that comes into the mosque, or any place else, and they start to change their personality, they start to become re-- reclusive,
2:47 pm
start to have ideas they might do something like this, you need to say something. i fully understand, civil rights, civil liberties of everybody, i understand that, but i think you can walk a little closer to that line and maybe protect people in a little better way by eliminating some of this outrain that you hear that is unnecessary to have the outrage. eric: some of the friend say he was a nice guy. others say he started to grow the beard, he became withdrawn. he was very angry, snapping at corner deli with the price of the soda. something else seemed to be a clue came out, that is one of his neighbors, show you a photograph of the same type of pickup truck, the federal authorities, you see it up in the corner, see it right there? parked in front of his car, the home depot rental. the feds, fbi, feds, said he rented the truck on october 22nd to practice attack. he drove with two other guys
2:48 pm
were beards. the guy that took the photo, he was taking a picture of the honda, say how come he rent ad truck. he is not in construction. not driving things around. but he has the truck parked there. some say that is not much of a clue. others can say, what is he doing with a truck? >> absolutely true. you have to look at this and be not overreact, but you have to be overprotective almost, to bring this -- you see something that somebody has now changed their patterns. as you say, he grows the full beard. he starts to act reclusive. he rent as truck. there is other people with him in the tuck, if you see something, you have to say something. new york city is terrific for this right now because they have eight million pairs of eyes in addition to what the police officers are able to look at. this has to be a way it is in the united states. eric: sometimes it is not enough. finally he apparently, apparently or allegedly was radicalized online. let me play you what john miller, deputy new york city
2:49 pm
police commissioner of counterintelligence and counterterrorism said what he allegedly did. >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis has put out in its social media channels before, with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack. eric: that includes allegedly yelling "allahu akbar!," having arabic material supporting isis in the van as well as having knives. sadly you do not expect this to be the last of them? >> no, it is not going to be the last. we'll see more and more instances like this until we all become more attuned what the nichetor for these instances. isis is better at recruitment. they have been wonderful to date at recruitment. some things they put on line are very convincing obviously to some individuals that want to become murderers.
2:50 pm
we have to be very, very careful in the future. we need more people to come forward when they see things that are just not right to them. it is not something that's bad. it's something that they have to bring forward to prevent some horrible attack like we had upon poor innocents. united states citizens and visitors to our wonderful country. eric: absolutely. we have to fight back on social media as well. bill gavin, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thanks, eric. my pleasure. arthel: eric, looks like there is more trouble brewing for disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein. why a new set of allegations could lead to an arrest. ♪ ings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more.
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2:54 pm
>> harvey weinstein placing more fallout with music surfacing. the new york police department saying allegations that weinstein raped an actress twice in 2010 are credible. investigators are gathering evidence in the hopes of making an arrest. will joins us from los angeles with the latest. reporter: more than 70 women
2:55 pm
have now accused harvey weinstein of crude acts ranging from unwanted advantages to rape. it's one of the latest that could potentially lead to a prosecution. authorities say they are developing a strong criminal case against weinstein after actress says weinstein raped her twice in 2010. investigators say she was articulate about each and every moment of the alleged crime in her account. this is within the statute of limitation but still a challenging case. >> if this person was still in new york and it was recent we would make the rest right away. we are talking about a seven -year-old case and we had to gather evidence first. reporter: weinstein, a powerbroker in the movie industry, before the allegations erupted is also being investigated by authorities in los angeles and in britain. he continued to deny the allegations of nonconsensual sex's p7 will, thank you for that update in los angeles. eric. eric: president trump while he is said to touch down in japan in a few hours from now it is the first stop in the five
2:56 pm
country tour of asia. what is topping the up agenda on what some are saying could be the most important foreign trip of his presidency. we will preview it off are you coming up in the next hour here on the fox news channel. well, like most of you, i just bought a house.
2:57 pm
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and advice to help find the best senior living communities across the country and it won't cost you a cent. this is a free service. call today. a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. president trump beginning his landmark trip to asia, air force one taking off from hawaii a few hours ago and now headed to japan. amid heightened tensions with north korea over its nuclear
3:00 pm
ambitions. hello everyone, i'm heartfelt level. welcome to a new hour of america new headquarters. eric: good evening everyone. i'm erica sean. president were giving a firsthand look of the country directly threatened by north korea's nuclear arsenal. this trip comes after his visit to hawaii where he and the first lady pay tribute at the pearl harbor memorial. john robert tonight is live in tokyo with more on what we can expect from the president trip where there is already 7:00 a.m. in the morning. reporter: not just 7:00 a.m. in the morning, eric, but 7:00 a.m. sunday morning here in japan. the president will be arriving in about three and half hours time at which time he will speak with forces here at the airbase. that is where we touched down
3:01 pm
enough for he will touch down. 14000 people stationed here. he'll speak speak to a crowd of several thousand. will show you pictures from honolulu a short time ago as air force one took off into the sky as a patent make his first trip to asia. this will be a lot about security in particular north korea. will be having talks with [inaudible] about north korea and visiting several other countries which will detail for you in just a moment but trade will also be a big issue here because the united states has a trade deficit with pretty much all of the countries that the president will be visiting and he wants to do something about that. the president yesterday in hawaii stopped off to speak to the troops in the airbase where he taught down and spent time at the memorial of the uss arizona with the first lady. they placed a wreath in the water and threw up a pedal, those white petals come into the
3:02 pm
water as well. take a look at this photograph. there is a chief of staff, former general, retired general john kelly in front of the wall of the fallen at the uss arizona memorial. we heard from him the day that he was so angered about what was going on regarding that condolence call to the fallen soldier in niger that he went and walked among the stones in arlington national cemetery so john kelly paying his respects they are at the memorial for the uss arizona and to the sailors who died there on december 7, 1941. back here in tokyo at the airbase the president will embark on the longest tour of asia that a us president has done in a pretty much a quarter of a century. george hw bush was the last one to embark on a tour this long. the president. your first in japan and then will go to south korea and then from there to vietnam and then hanoi and then to beijing, china and we finish up in manila where the president will spend a couple of days. lonnie it was here on friday and she spoke at a women's power informant and had dinner with
3:03 pm
the [inaudible]. the president will play golf today with both [inaudible] and [inaudible] who is a number four in the world drinking in professional golfers. the president has a busy schedule starting off with doing something that he likes to do above all else, a good round of golf. japan. eric: a lot of meaningful talks and we must remember john kelly service and thank him as well as lieutenant robert kelly. john, thank you. 's p7 in washington claims by former acting dnc chair donna brazil planning, painting a grim picture of the democratic party in 2016 camping in her new book brazil things to back up allegations of the race for the democratic nomination was tipped in hillary clinton's paper. allison barber now with more in washington. reporter: donna brazil, hillary
3:04 pm
clinton and the dnc and it's the most of washington story talked about. president trump heading towards marine one friday he stopped and said this. >> you want to look at hillary clinton then look at the new book that was just put out by donna brazil where she basically bought the dnc as she stole the election. reporter: criticism is coming from both sides of the aisle as dnc chairperson published an expert of her book and political magazine. the clinton campaign of entering into in her words and unethical fundraising agreement both before she won the nomination and the agreement in question was linked to a number of media outlets first in bc news and it said in exchange for helping the deeply indebted dnc raise money and they would have joint authority over strategic decisions like staffing, budget and vacation. the agreement said it applied to
3:05 pm
the general election and not the democratic primary. it also said the dnc could enter similar agreements with other candidates. some democrats a point-blank the dnc rigged the election and changes need to be made. >> do you agree with the notion it was right? >> yes, we must bring about real campaign finance reform. we must get rid of the undemocratic system of superdelegates. reporter: according to "the washington post" they both pledged to reform the party in light of these allegations when it comes to those fundraising committees, joint fundraising committees and dnc chairman says both of them have been shut down's p7 allison, thank you. eric: "the washington post" reporting another stunning excerpt from donna brazile book, the newspaper says at one point she seriously considered former vice president joe biden to actually replace hillary clinton as the democratic nominee. that after mrs. clinton fainted at the 911 ceremony in new york in 2016. brazil writing that switch in part because the clinton
3:06 pm
campaign was in her words anemic and had taken on the quote owner of failure. apparently, for brazil to dump mrs. clinton she would have needed the nominees agreement and the approval of the dnc board. 's p7 to the republicans now in the gop tax plan which is drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle. democrats are blasting the bill saying it only benefits the wealthy while some republicans are taking issue with the elimination of state and local deductions. garrett is live in washington with more. reporter: tax reform and tax cuts are typically a bit of a balancing act and if you're going to cut taxes in one area usually make up for that lost revenue and that is what republicans are trying to do in their current plan by offsetting their tax cut by lowering or eliminating deductions the two big ones are the elimination of deductions for state and local
3:07 pm
taxes and the lowering of the mortgage interest deduction from a million dollars to 500,000. those changes do not mean a whole lot if you live in states with low taxes and cheap housing but in places like new york and new jersey and california where taxes and housing are among the highest in the country it has a big impact. the administration argues that this change will ensure the tax system is fair for everyone regardless of where they live but a handful of republican lawmakers from new york and new jersey say they cannot support this bill if those items are changed. >> there are some people who say that they're subsidizing from other states and they say they are subsidizing new york but if you look at tax policy and spending policy new york is a net contributor's anymore to washington that we get back. reporter: steven nguyen said the president has focused on supplying the tax code by putting out exemptions and ensuring that they get the tax cut even if higher income in the orders paid more. >> let me point. upper-middle-class people in the states there will be tax cuts.
3:08 pm
for rich people, people like me, the president and others, we will get tax increases and that's what he said all along. reporter: republicans in both new york and new jersey disagree with that assessment and are hoping for changes but if the road ahead for passing tax form wasn't already challenging enough president trump is now pushing republican leadership to include a measure that gets rid of the affordable care act individual mandate. house leaders are leaving the door open to that possibility though the senate will have a much slimmer majority in the republicans and leaders are not embracing that idea yet's p7 thank you, garrett. eric: garden stators go to the polls on tuesday and decide who will be new jersey's ex- governor. the names of two veterans politicians the guy on the left and the guy on the right, they may be more in the minds of those two candidates who are
3:09 pm
running. we will take a close look at that race. plus, president trump who is right now find his way to tokyo is expected to land there in just a few hours from now. coming up, gordon chang is here in the main focus of the trip, the talks and what the president's message is to conjunction. a heart attack doesn't care what you eat or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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arthel: us service members killed in afghanistan and it happened in the province of the eastern heart of the country. us officials say he died of wounds sustained during operations there. we are following the story closely and will bring you more details as they become availab available. eric: today is election day in various spots around the country and several big races that we are watching. as the heated governor is conscious of virginia's get attention but another hotspot race for the state house in new jersey. the battle there is underway to determine who will succeed governor chris christie. mr. christy has had some of his troubles in the last term now is winding down. to listen to the democrat who is running you would think that mr. christy is still on the ballot. running against the democrat, the democrat is a former executive of goldman sachs while the republican is mr. christy's
3:14 pm
former lieutenant governor. >> as he and his troubled tenor his legacy may be to get the statehouse to a democrat. phil murphy, multimillionaire former goldman sachs and has been leading his republican by double digits of the polls. despite her focus on the perennial state issue, high taxes. >> [inaudible] >> they are looking at me as the candidate will lower their property taxes while the other guy has promised to raise their taxes. >> the choice couldn't be clearer. on the one hand more of the same, on the other chris christie for years. failed politics. [crowd boos] failed politics for the middle class is hollowed out and ravaged. >> how is it going new jersey? eric: murphy brought out the big
3:15 pm
names in the overwhelmingly democratic state one of his proposals has hit a nerve. >> mr. president, not the state of new jersey we will stand up to this president if need be. we will be a six very not just a city but state. eric: he wants to clear new jersey as a sanctuary state. >> murphy will have the backs of arranged murders. eric: it is an issue that she has stressed. the ongoing corruption trial of bob menendez has another certainty. if he resigns after the inauguration of the new governor would appoint someone to fill his seat. >> with the senate so evenly divided the outcome of the new jersey governor oriole election were he to be convicted, would determine the trump agenda and whether it would move forward with greater ease in the senate. eric: fox news made repeated requests from interview with mr. murphy but we have no success. she wants to remind new jersey
3:16 pm
voters that governor christie is no longer on the ballot and i will be covering it all from new jersey tuesday night as part of our special election coverage right here on the fox news channel. as for that hotly contested election of the next governor of virginia, democrat is running against republican and both have been working hard to rally support. he had stopped in alexandria, arlington and fairfax today. here is gillespie during his campaign rally earlier this afternoon in springfield. >> when we win this election on tuesday, when we win this election on tuesday. [cheering and applause] kathy gillespie will be an incredible first lady of the commonwealth of virginia. i guarantee. second, i will be an honest, ethical, hard-working, principled, faithful servant leader.
3:17 pm
worthy of virginia. eric: the race is close. look at these numbers. the polling averages showing that the lead over gillespie is the narrowest it has been the whole race, just one point to percent. we will bring you all the news on tuesday night from new jersey and virginia could also have washington state, state senate race in georgia and a whole bunch of other races. arthel: thank you very much. president trump and first lady melania a trump set to land in tokyo in a few hours. this is the first often a five nation, 12 day trip to asia. the president will be talking about the nuclear threat but there are also other items on the agenda. joining me now is asia analyst, gordon chang. he's also the author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. gordon we will go by the step-by-step and will start with japan. the president is an route there now and will meet with prime
3:18 pm
minister of japan. japan is nervous about kim jong-un and nuclear aggressiveness. china's aggressiveness in the south china sea. talk to me about the key components of that meeting. >> the important thing here is talking to the prime minister but there is something else on the agenda. that is president trump talking to the parents of those japanese citizens who were objected by the north koreans, especially [inaudible], a 13 -year-old was become the face of north korea's aggressive campaign to take japanese citizens so they can be used as japanese language instructors in north korea for spice. over time, the japanese, i think, have a much better position on north korea than american presidents have and it is important for trump to listen to everybody in japan about what to do with north korea. arthel: do you think that will
3:19 pm
happen with the premise that are and the president taking on a round of golf as reported by kevin and don roberts? is that the place because that's a personal conversation that needs to take place in your estimation. does it happen there and will the president address it? >> i think the president will address the issue of abduction of japanese citizens. previous american presidents have slept that off to the slide so this will be good. during that round of golf [inaudible] will strengthen his links and bonds, personal bonds to the president. he has a very good job of winning over trump and i think he will probably be successful on this trip, as well. that is important because, as i say, japan is our cornerstone ally in asia and we absolutely have to have the japanese on our side if were going to get to a peaceful solution on north korea. arthel: and then there is the spirit you have japan, australia and the us telling china, we get
3:20 pm
to north korea because here is the bread, telling china you do not own the site china sea. meanwhile, beijing is claiming to have reached an agreement with vietnam regarding their dispute in the south china sea. clearly beijing is doing political maneuvering and the reason but is china doing enough to stop kim jong-un and desmet tell me about your projections for the meeting with the chinese president. >> it will be contentious. the chinese are going to try to dazzle trump with pomp because chinese emperors have been doing that for thousands of years when foreigners come. i do not think trump will be too susceptible to that. largely, because there are structural issues right now with china. it is not only north korea but the south china sea but trade and china has become a much more predatory trader during the five years the current ruler has been in charge. trump knows that and he knows he has to do something about it because if nothing else there's a 2018 election, republicans perhaps are going to win or lose
3:21 pm
on china because a guy named steve bannon will make china an issue in all of the selections. arthel: as you pointed out, the president does get serious with trade. what will he say to xi jinping regarding that? >> there will be the issue of section 301 investigation into china's theft of us intellectual property. american estimates put the value of theft somewhere between $30,600,000,000,000 a year. that's an enormous son that has occurred for enormous decade. this is the biggest theft in history and president trump has no choice. they have been checking on intellectual property protections and they are in a tough position because president trump is going to say now that xi jinping has consolidated his power at the 19th party congress that occurred last month trump will say to xi jinping you have no more excuses for not doing what i tell you what to do. arthel: and in south korea, of
3:22 pm
course, with the president's trip to south korea the president munising this week no nukes, his country will not develop them. with a new crazy dictator next door, what assurances might president trump provide to the south korean president? >> we provide assurances to the south koreans all the time. they've been very skittish because they be concerned about america's willingness to defend them. the issue though in south korea is also going to be trade and it will be president moon reaching an accommodation with the chinese about three days ago. they did that without consulting the united states and that is not what an ally should be doing. i think trump will have harsh words for moon, at least in private. but this meeting was south korea is the most capital of the trip because if the united states is able to keep south korea on side it will mean that he rolls into beijing with a lot of aces in
3:23 pm
his pocket. arthel: and that is the maneuvering that i was referring to that beijing is doing there in the region. i want to go back to that if i have time. the president extended his trip by one day where some of the philippines where he will meet with philippine president. what do you expect out of that meeting? >> the meeting with that president will be difficult to determine. he is anti- american and has been for his entire adult life but i think president trump will be able to convince him to come back because he has been trying to do back to china but the problem with [inaudible] is that the chinese want to grab islands and reefs that belong to the philippines and so he has no choice but to stick with trump is trump is the only person who will protect the philippine sovereignty for the next four years. arthel: and back to china and president trump as it pertains to kim jong-un and what can or will president trump say to xi jinping, the chinese president,
3:24 pm
to tell kim jong-un to knock it off and put a stop to the aggressiveness of the nuclear ambitions? >> i think president trump will remind xi jinping of his september 201st executive order which tells the world that you cannot do business with united states and are doing business with the north koreans. trump has pushed the chinese in some better directions in september where the chinese seem to be closing accounts of north korea companies but nonetheless the chinese have to do a lot more. the one thing they have been doing over the course of decades has been supplying north korea with materials, components and equipment for their nuclear weapons program and supplying critical technologies and equipment for their ballistic missile program so president trump needs to get them out of that business because that is
3:25 pm
completely dangerous and unacceptable, not only to the united states but the entire international community. arthel: gordon, thank you very much. eric: days after the deadly a terror attack in new york city this city is set to host its annual marathon, coming up how please are working to keep everyone safe. plus, former campaign advisor is now admitting that he did meet with russian officials in 2016. why some say this new information could cause trouble for attorney general jeff sessions. we will take a look at carter page and his claims and what that could mean straight ahead. "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that.
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arthel: police in new york city beating up security ahead of tomorrow's marathon. more than 50000 runners will attend the event just days after eight people were killed in a horrific terror attack near the world trade center memorial.
3:30 pm
mayor bill diblasio saying new yorkers will not live in fear. >> the whole world will be watching on sunday. we will show them that new york city is resolute and strong and unmoved by the horrible event on tuesday. we are mourning for those who were lost but we will not let terrorist [inaudible]. arthel: brian is live in lower manhattan with the very latest. brian. >> good evening, ardell. authorities say this new york city marathon will be the most secure ever, double, triple the person out but they are adding what they call blocker vehicles even more of those blocker vehicles and standard trucks in and around the perimeter of this marathon. this marathon goes through five of the boroughs and that is a lot of ground to cover but they are adding these vehicles to make sure they can protect pedestrians from potential particular attacks. >> we have more than doubled our
3:31 pm
observation teams, our rooftop observation post, as well as our counter sniper teams from the emergency services unit. we have also added more heavy weapon teams. reporter: all day we had been out here at the site of the attack on tuesday. a memorial where new yorkers have been paying their respects. today darren drake one of the two americans killed on the eight killed had his wake today in new jersey. the 32 -year-old program manager was killed in between meetings as he was on his bicycle run over by the truck. this as the investigation continues into the actual suspect. the 29 -year-old who the fbi says this man no doubt was a self radicalized sometime in the united states they believe when he arrived in 2010 and they also believe not only was he a self radicalized but probably who acted alone. they had found no evidence that you otherwise. his wife is quite pretty with the fbi he reportedly says that
3:32 pm
she did not know anything about the attack. they are now trying to circle around friends to peer out whether or not they have a competence of accomplices or how he was radicalized and what he may have told peoples in the weeks and months for the deck. this is the same man who wanted to wave and isis flag inside of his hospital bedroom and someone who has an affinity for isis propaganda videos and images. arthel. arthel: brian, thank you very much. >> untrained. >> it's terrific to have the opportunity to help clear the record as to the falsehoods of the dodgy dossier which started this whole thing against me in the final two months before the election. eric: that was former trump policy, carter page after he gave marathon testimony and close doors on capitol hill. he told house investigators that he did meet with russian
3:33 pm
government officials during the trip to russia in july of last year. he also claimed that he did tell attorney general jeff sessions about his russia trip before it happened and that during the campaign. here is what senator sessions said after the senate testimony back in january. >> there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> i am not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate at the time or two in the campaign and i did not have to medications with the russians. i'm unable to comment on it. eric: what is all this? host of w warnings on the mall, vince, good to see you. is this important or how important is it? apparently page according to the reporting said something to the
3:34 pm
attorney general, senator the time, in passing and a dinner that he is going to russia. sessions could say so the guy he was totally made you want to russia. >> the other thing to remember is apparently this is the only time carter page ever met jeff sessions. it's no wonder jeff sessions wouldn't remember a meeting like this. jeff sessions is substantially more famous than carter page and carter page would remember reading of senator from alabama. so he mentioned that he was going to russia and that's the extent of it. eric: when they specifically asked him what would you say or i'm going to russia to meet with putin's people and we will snitch those e-mails or were going to tip the campaign -- >> one would hope they ask germane questions to get details. we know the public record shows that in july 2016 when he went to moscow responsibility was to
3:35 pm
speak at the graduation of the new economic school in moscow. we know that from public reporting that he was doing that and as a result we also know the washington post. he reported that he spoke to a deputy prime minister of russia who is an alumnus of that institution so this sounds like there's a high probability that this is incidental contact. he spoke someone who graduated from the school and speaking out in moscow now is having to explain. eric: what if it was not incidental contact? you know how the russian spooks work. what if this is part of their plan? >> if it is not and carter page was party to this, one, we have to establish law he violated and if he did, robert mueller's investigation will bear down on him. the fbi in the muller investigation spent many hours talking to carter page but the way he has been behaving up last week either suggest he's totally insane or a man with a clean conscience which is to say he
3:36 pm
didn't even have a lawyer at the house and he's been going on television to talk about everything he knows. again, without a lawyer. not the behavior of a guilty man. eric: you're right. this is what he wrote: he was so postop that he wrote this letter in may of this last may to the senate intel committee which he wrote and included saying this. i played no role in any government active measures in the 2016 election other than being a target of the obama administration's efforts to support mrs. clinton's campaign. i have no personal information that the russian government or anyone associated with it played any role in the 2016 us election but that last line seem to contradict the fact that he did meet with russian officials. >> well, he certainly, again, he admitted that he met with the russian official and what that means, meet, did he arrange a meeting, do they have sincere conversation about colluding or other stuff? we will see. i would say right now hold your breath. at this moment, we have to wait to find out what muller's investigation and this testimony
3:37 pm
will be so riveting to read through and maybe it will give us something. eric: how do you know he will get it? everything is leaking in washington almost. >> just about everything. muller has had some success in keeping the leaks down but everything else there is agreement that carter page is reached with house intel committee and maybe we'll see it this week. i think we need to put this to bed soon. eric: carter page has been singing like a canary with nothing guilty there. this is what he said when he spoke to fox news channel about all of this a few months ago. he is saying he did nothing wrong at all. here he is. >> i'm a loyal american and i serve my country in the military and i was an eagle scout growing up and catholic school, altar boy, i've done nothing wrong, maybe i got a couple of speeding tickets along the way but i've never done anything illegal so for them to come after me, if
3:38 pm
this is in fact the case, would be quite an astonishing revelation. eric: if you look at the screen behind carter you know who is on the screen behind? the tv screen behind him russian foreign minister sergei -- >> he might own a russian doll or something five just a coincidence. he was having a conference during the interview. what is your advice to carter page and how do you predict the chapter of the saga? >> our sense is that robert mueller has more coming and given how much time he spent speaking to investigators, if i can offer any unsolicited buys it is this: even the innocent in people washington get lawyers. maybe you should have a. eric: my advice is call me on my office phone so we can do another interview. vince, thank you so much. carter, if you're listening, i'm
3:39 pm
here. arthel: my advice is to drink russian vodka. just saying. we move on and we talk about this when we come back. more than one month after hurricane maria plans puerto rico the us territory is still struggling to recover from the devastation. how a former nfl star is working to help communities get back on their feet. plus, investigators in new york gathering of new evidence against harvey weinstein. why these latest allegations could lead to his arrest. ♪ it's me and my best friend only new tena intimates has pro-skin technology
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eric: rand paul has been assaulted inside his house and they have made an arrest. police responded to a call from paul's home where they say they arrested 59 -year-old rené, she is a retired doctor and happens to be the senators neighbor. he is being held on $5000 bail.
3:44 pm
a spokesman for paul's office says the senator is doing fine and that he is okay and will have the very latest on this very odd situation. apparently between the alleged neighbor and the senator as we get more details here at fox news. arthel: hurricane maria hit puerto rico in september but about 70% of the us territory still without power. the jack brewer foundation is one of the organizations that brings much-needed relief to hurricane victims on the island and joining me now, former nfl star, jack brewer. thank you so much for coming back on the newscast with me. i wanted to talk to because again he returned from puerto rico a week ago, tell me where did you go, what were the conditions like and has there been much improvement? >> we flew in last week on friday and brought an incredible crew of people. we were hosted by mr. jack morris and r wj barbados so we
3:45 pm
all flew in and went to port-au-prince and did an assessment. it was not a very good site. seeing so many people without clean water and in so much need in regards to electricity and lack of infrastructure there. like you said, that island has about 70% of the population is still not have electricity and when you go outside of san juan those numbers are even higher. that is what is so scary. we were not even able to make it out very far outside of san juan because of the traffic due to a number of the major highways and streets and bridges being compromised. there is still a lot of work to be done in the people did seem to be in good spirits which is really good to see. we were able to bring a team of about one dozen doctors and a lot of medical supplies that were urgently needed and you can only imagine without having electricity things like insulin and other medications that need to be refrigerated are just not
3:46 pm
there. we have a huge need, as well, for oxygen tanks and we were able to bring over generators as well. arthel: the generators very much needed. what is the situation with the power as far as you can tell just what you were there. do you see crews out there and what are they saying? you talk to any of the power crews they're getting it fixed? >> we talk to officials that were working hands-on with the government and it seems like the problem comes down to money. i don't know who will pay for so many crews to come there. if you look up the puerto rican instructors, 50, 60, 70 years old and they are power lines running from house to house and building to building and you can see those have been destroyed.
3:47 pm
it seems like it will take a long time. i know we have been hearing talks of them having power back up in december and i personally don't see how that will happen. obviously, hopefully, i'm praying that it does but the situation looks grim when it comes to reestablishing clean water and power there on the island. arthel: jack, does the brewer group coordinate with any government agencies, federal or local. >> we try to stay here don and doing our work and i don't like to get up caught up in the bureaucracy. i work with people like amanda who is an actress that has helped us raise over $50000 with her power angels campaign and we work with former ms. puerto rico world, ray lewis, rohan marley, a number of celebrities, andre birch oh the world to major boxer and a number of people have come together to go down and do things on her own. we brought in over 1.0 million that were cleaned about 5 million liters of clean water and if you look at what fema and other groups have done that makes up 20% of some of the largest eight groups in our
3:48 pm
country so we feel we are making an impact. we are doing it and trying to save money and we have no paid staff it's all volunteer basis. been able to work with an organization like [inaudible] who is our platform to help his response we have tried to do it the right way and we will continue to go down and do our grassroots effort. arthel: i applaud you for those efforts and that is why i wanted to have you back on the newscast again. you mention met gift .com/jp f. he will put it up there because that is how people can, i believe, that's how they can contribute to what you are doing there in puerto rico. >> that is correct. thank you so much. it's incredible that you all give us this platform and we appreciate it. arthel: we appreciate what you are doing for the people of puerto rico, americans who need your help and much more, even beyond what you have been able to come us. thank you very much, jack brewer.
3:49 pm
>> thanks again. eric: very good work. we should all help out. there is more trouble now for hollywood mogul, harvey weinstein. please stay in new york they are building a case potentially to arrest him. investigators are now saying about the new evidence they are gathering. helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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eric: quick check of the headlights. i run a putting a ballistic missile on display. it marks the anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the us embassy. thousands of iranians attended this year's rally celebrating that and as always, they chanted anti- us slogans. the suspect in the benghazi attack making his first court appearance in washington dc. the 46 -year-old libyan national and as you know for brave americans were killed in that 2012 attack. a powerful tycoon slamming vietnam has killed over 15 people. the storm destroyed hundreds of homes, president, scheduled to visit the vietnam but that doesn't will not come till next week. arthel: the nypd building a case against harvey weinstein. investigators say allegations that weinstein raped an actress twice in 2010 are credible.
3:54 pm
will car joins us live from los angeles the details. reporter: over the past month more than 70 women, including angelina jolie and ashley judd have accused harvey weinstein of the inappropriate acts in ranging from unwanted advances to. it is one of the latest i could potentially lead to prosecution. authorities in new york say they are developing a strong criminal case against weinstein after actress [inaudible] says weinstein raped her twice in 2010. investigators say she was articulate about each and every part of her alleged crime and it is in the statutes of limitations but a challenging case. >> if this person was still in new york and it was recent we would go right away and make the rest. no doubt. we are talking about a seven -year-old case and we move forward and gather first and evidence first. reporter: weinstein has been accused of impropriety before, including in 2015 when he was
3:55 pm
recorded by a model as part of an nypd sting operation. >> [inaudible]. reporter: authorities decided not to charge weinstein in that case and he has continued to deny any and all allegations of nonconsensual sex. arthel: will, thank you. t we'll be right back. . the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor.
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♪ ♪ arthel: today's november 4th, right? and we are seeing one of the first blasts of winter. eric: take a look at that. man, looks really cool. all that snow, it's western washington state. wet snow falling across much of that region yesterday. system areas are seeing as much as -- some areas are seeing as much as four inches. i guess that's a preview for the rest of us, right? arthel: are you sick of dark mornings? now it is your time to rise and shine. eric: that's because at two a.m. local time sunday, daylight savings time is ending, that means it's lighter earlier in the morning and, of course, darker in the evening. arthel: so don't forget to turn your clocks back. you know, fall backward and enjoy one extra hour of sleep. but for me, i like it to be lighter -- eric: fall back, spring forward. you like it lighter in the -- arthel: in the evening. eric: you could move to arizona.
4:00 pm
arthel: i could. they don't change. they just keep it as is. eric: marianna islands, hawaii, puerto rico. we'll see you tomorrow. we're at work almost all day. have a good night. julie: all eyes on president trump as he embarks on a five-nation trip to asia, now set to arrive in japan in just a couple of hours from now. good evening, everyone, i'm julie banderas, this is "fox report." president trump leaving for japan after visiting the pearl harbor memorial on saturday, he is gearing up for crucial meetings amid rising tensions with north korea. the president will be spending much of the day alongside japanese prime minister shinzo abe as the two world leaders are scheduled for lunch and a round of golf. despite the casual setting, north korea's nuclear ambitions are expected to be a major topic of conversation. meantime, john roberts is live now in tokyo to pick up the


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