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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 4, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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greg: after every terror attack they say be strong. >> this action was intendedred to break our spirit. but we know new yorkers are resilient. greg: they tell us as always to keep an eye out. >> 8.5 million new yorkers. and tourists. that's a lot of set of eyes. if we say something we'll be called a bigot. what good are our 8 million eyes if we can't use our 8 million mouths. no one spoke up about the fort hood shooter or the san bernardino creep and his wife. the latest loser was interviewed by the feds two years ago. his neighbors saw him doing some
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weird stuff but nothing was done. they say don't be afraid to report suspicious behavior. but for a media that conflates suspicious behavior with terrorism. if you talk about vetting our islamophobic. if you say you don't want terrorists here, they say you don't want muslims. who's equating terrorists with muslims. the media. the media does it, our leaders do it, too. but trump doesn't. maybe because he's most of like us. he reflects the common sense response. most of people speak of terror after it strikes because it's
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safer then. but we are scared. we are fearful of being labeled a bigot. it allows radical islam to be treated differently than other threats. the media says you are in denial. but if you see radical islam as a threat, then you are insane. you talk about how horrible these truck attacks are. i hate to be a downer. but 10 years from now these might be the good old days. the upgrades in mayhem based on trial and error. i wish our media cared as much about terror change. terror struck on halloween. a the night when extreme vetting takes place all over america. parents take that candy out and
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inspect it. that's good vetting. good parents, so should good government. let's welcome tonight's guest. his book "win bigley" is a smash. scott adams. there she is. she is like a holiday punch. a little bit sweet and the rest is vodka. national review reporter kat timpf. the fire department calls him when they are stuck in a tree. former bodyguard and my massive sidekick cyrus.
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you are the spefort all things trump. trump treats out after the terror attack. it's -- is it wrong for him to speak his mind? >> he's the first example of execution by tweet. he may kill him by making the trial so unfair he's released in new york city, he will last five minutes on the street. he will either get convicted. and neither of those are good for him. greg: the tweet contaminate the jury pool. the guy gets out and he's murdered. >> ideally. greg: lauren, was it bad to tweet? i get the impression he's doing what you would do after a martini. lauren: i put a breathalyzer on
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my twitter. in this case i do agree with him. calling it terror right out of the gate that's some progress. not long ago it would have been florida man gets in fender-bender. but we have got to go a little further. greg: he came to halloween as a terrorist. what do you make of the diversity lotto. is that bad or political? >> no, stop that. 23 people into the country in 7 years? what is going on. 23 people came into the country with him. greg: kat, you don't even know 23 people.
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categorycat. kat: not personally. cyrus: you just said you wouldn't diversity lotto. greg: diversity untethered to merit is dangerous because you don't know what you are getting. even when you go on kat: you never know what you are getting. he was radicalized here. you need to look into that problem and that issue. as far as the tweets go, i totally understand the argument of him not being able to have a fair trial. but i think that was probably going to happen before trump tweeted. people were kind of like i don't like this dude. greg: they do sell those flags
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in the hospital gift shop. kat: it's not like the jury is still out on isis. a jury of your peers is going to say if you are into isis flags, you suck. greg: my point in my monologue the see something-say something is easy to say but impossible to follow through on. i have been there when i think i see something, but i think if i say something, i'll be seen as the bad guy. when i see you, cyrus, i never say anything. cyrus: when i was growing up it's snichts get stitches. people don't talk, mind your own business. but with the way things are. president trump says exactly.
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would president obama say you should get the death penalty? no. i'm sorry, but the guys not getting a fair trial. he's just not. he used the truck to try to commit mass homicide. those people didn't get a fair trial. the argument to say the president was wrong for saying that. he wasn't wrong. we have become such a like, it's not okay to tell. i go through the same thing. when my kids tell on people, i used to be like, don't be that kid. i'm going to start telling on people. if you do, just maybe you might be a bigot for a day, but you may be a hero. greg: i probably prevented a million terror attacks. i have no idea. is he valuable information or
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persuasive device we can use? adam: we don't often get to catch one alive. i say we experiment with our deprogramming, however long it takes. greg: takes.gregg. >> just put him in gerks n pop. greg: what is that. >> general population. we have to move on. did hillary clinton stack the deck against bernie sanders? who needs russian collusion when you can corrupt your own party.
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[♪] greg: brazile has had her fill of hill. a stunning claim by brazile that the clinton campaign rigged the campaign against bernie sanders. she said she inherited a
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financial mess when she took over for debbie what's her face. brazile learned the party was in deep debt and discovered a memo that revealed the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign made a secret deal. hillary clinton would invest in the dnc and in exchange she would control all the money raids. it was made in 2015. almost a year before clinton had the nomination. even though the deck was stacked in her favor, she didn't trounce bernie sanders in the primary. >> can i just say to the bernie or bust people, you are being
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ridiculous. greg: that did not age well for either of them. before all this, brazile was a cnn commentator and in that role she sent the questions to hillary. donna herself added a layer of cheese. but hillary continues on her never-ending book tour wondering what happened. you know what happened. you lost and everyone hates you. terrible audience. including household pets. hay buster, i have got treats from the presidential candidates. this one is from trump. and this one is from hillary.
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greg: it is pretty good. they are really honest people. lauren, i don't know where your politics are. are you upset with hillary for what she did to bernie? lauren: i'm upset with hillary for what she did to the country. i was one of these, trump, shut up about hillary. the democrats constantly complaining, there is russian collusion, they are messing around with our democratic system. and the dnc is messing around with our democratic system. this is so much worse than anyone thought it was. the dnc which was a mess, completely broke. and paying all their finances. i'm going to start paying off
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all your debt. it's like one of the contestants on the bachelor deciding who he gets to date. greg: she is like kevin leery in shark tank who says i will take 50% of your company and 25 cents in perpetuity. i should have called him a predatory lender like jesse did. scott, you have a theory that it heard about why she takes over and they still lose. this has to help in 2018 and 2020 for the republicans. >> it might. any time trump gets in any problem he likes to drive her popularity down lower. you don't have to outrun the bear. she is like the standard
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comparison. but the thing that surprised me was not that she bought a political party, but that the price was so reasonable. i'm starting to shop for one myself. i have got my eye on the green party. i think i can have it for a thousand dollars. greg: i think you can. you can raise money on the go funds me page. -- gofundme page. tyrus: this is a well-timed hit. this drama started with barack obama. he was a star, and the rest of them hate him for it. when he left the party, and he became left political for them. the dnc had nothing. you go to the clinton family, the clinton empire, they say we'll pay for everything.
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we know how that works. by the way, i'll be in your house and my nephew is going to stay with you. you take over. they took over. hillary has not gone away. not only has she not gone away, she is starting to gain momentum with this feud with trump. i think this is a hit. we can't have her here anymore. the people need to know she is just as crooked as the accusations she is making towards trump and his party. greg: she's the tan yeah harding on nancy kerrigan. tyrus: she gave questions to hillary to use against donald trump. she is not above getting her hands dirty.
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this is a way of punching her to stop her momentum. greg: you can't sell a house null get rid of the squatters. lauren: hillary clinton this summer was complaining that the dnc never did anything for her. did you want them to shower for you as well? the silver lining is this means she did accept blame for her own loss. she blamed the dnc and now we know she was running the show. greg: she threw them under the bus while driving the bus. she is like the last pair. you have a cocktail party in your apartment and everybody is gone but the last pair. they will offer to even do dishes because they don't want to go home to their horrible
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life. you have got to go because we want to go to bed. no, we wanted to vacuum. get out. go away, you weirdoes. maybe hillary got tired of bill getting to screw everyone. manafort, gates, papadopoulos. the mueller investigation next. , feel tired, and have difficulty concentrating. trintellix is a prescription medication for depression. it may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens and young adults. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications,
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[♪] marianne: the fbi congressional security and local police are all investigating after senator rand paul was allegedly assaulted at his home in bowling green, kentucky friday. witnesses say he was motion his lawn at the time. he suffered a minor injury. a 59-year-old was arrested. a kentucky television station said an ongoing feud with a neighbor may have been behind
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it. security is being stepped up tomorrow before new york's marathon. the marathon comes just days after 8 people were killed in the city's deadliest terror attack since 9/11. the suspect in that attack facing federal terrorism charges. i'm marianne rafferty. greg: manafort is off the court with wads of cash he didn't report. i am the dr. seuss of fox news. paul manafort, former trump campaign chair and larry mondello look alike. i see it. he was indicted after it was alleged he laundered money. this leads to two preliminary
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hot takes. one, there is no collusion. and two, there is no collusion yesterday. some on the left are adding this to mayor buffet of all the reasons to impeach the president. >> he brought us to the bridge of nuclear war, obstructed justice with the fbi, taken money from foreign governments. that's why i'm funding this effort to demand officials take a and on impeaching this president. he's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. [audience boos] greg: the gathering we told you about to commemorate the anniversary of the election of donald trump. that's happening this week. we have video, participants preparing for the event.
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i can't get enough of that. one-half of the population says things are going okay. and you have the impeachment brigade and the russian collusion. scott: the whole thing has become so complicated because there are new characters every day and all the stories are starting to conflate. i haven't understood all of it. the few things i do understand is dossier is a russian drinking game that involves seeing what is the most of outlandish thing you can get gps fusion to pay for. but when you add this much confusion, everybody gets to see what they want to see. i kribt as two movies running simultaneously on one screen. somebody is leading with that's
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a great comedy and somebody else is leading with that's the scariest movie i have ever seen. greg: some think "love actually" is a romantic film but it's a story of the living dead. tyrus: when barack obama was president, the right wasn't happy. they wanted romney. but they didn't go out and do things like that. that's borderline treason. you are make those allegations. it just goes to a greater evil. our company is becoming the new cuba. we are so divide. any hair brained idea, a million and a half people signed the petition or whatever. we have gotten to the point where you don't need facts in this country. you can say whatever you want to say and you can get a following
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and people behind it. an idea and opinion can lead to bloodshed on the street. i'm going to die for this cause because i know it's true. i'm going to fight for civil rights and equality. freedom of speech. now they are fighting for i'm going to say these things about trump because it sounds good and people are willing to fight. he doesn't like donald trump because donald trump beat him to become president and he didn't think of it greg * once they removed the masks from antifa there was a huge reduction in violence. that's been a positive thing. a positive development. should we take all of this seriously? is this like -- here is our collusion, now there is your collusion. forget it. we'll talk about hillary and
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manafort. kat: manafort could have made this all go away if he just said i choose to live my life as a gay man. just like kevin spacey. this isn't a small thing, it's not a nothing. they are going to squeeze him and try to get that out of him. we'll have to wait and see. greg: i love that as a talking point on a talk show. kat: i'm not the fbi. greg: you are supposed to lie or make up something. i have a show to do. lauren, i feel like i am in the first order of "law and order suv." it's where they sell chevy blazers cot * i love that one. you think it's a chevy and at
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the end it's a gmc. greg: they never judge a car with a baby seat. that car couldn't have been responsible. kat: it is the one with the baby seat. greg: it's always a white architect who owns the car. kat: the billionaire with the commercial about impeaching trump. literally you can see that commercial three times in one break. it must be nice to be a billionaire and buy that much air time. he looks -- greg: he's sitting in somebody's living room. clearly the person doesn't want him in their living room.
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he's too close to the camera and that's creepy. i'm going to cut you off because i have to go. kat: that was creepy. greg: i have a dream that on an abc sunday morning show this week one of their hosts will interview that low-level policy advisor but they will do it in greece. i want seven receive stephanopos with papadopoulos at acropolis. e off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry.
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against virginia governor candidate ed gillespie. it features a man trying mow down children in his truck. >> run! run! run! run! >> is this what donald trump and ed gillespie mean by the american dream? greg: that's amazing. that ad paid for by the latino victory fund. if you vote for ed you want minorities dead. the pickup truck the most of
9:40 pm
popular vehicle in america is now the dog whistle for left-wing bigots. but they pulled the ad after the halloween attacks. if there wasn't any doubt this ad is crap. i showed it to my cat to see what he thought. >> is this what donald trump and ed gillespie mean by the american dream? greg: speak of cats, kat you said you love this ad because you hate children. kat: on that part will be cut object the internet. there is plenty of legitimate
9:41 pm
criticism you could make of president trump. however, i hope i'm not sounding too biased. he has never run over any children with a van. greg: what about a truck. kat: or a truck. not to brag, but i don't think any vehicle. no children murders. scott: he doesn't need it, he can still use a tweet. no fingerprints. greg: do you think you are the king of persuasion? it looks like gillespies numbers are going up. it might have helped gillespie. scott: they used the strongest persuasion which is fear, and the strongest fear is children. the most of biologically active fear you can have. it was a visual attack, and
9:42 pm
because it was so inappropriate, it gets played forever. they can take it off because it will get replayed forever for free. horrible, but effective. greg: i have been told that about myself. lauren, i maintain if they stretch this commercial to 90 minutes it can win at sundance. lauren: i thought ways was part of -- i thought this was of your favorite show, law and order suv. i mean, it's -- i can't say it better than all of our fears and instincts are all wrapped up in one beautiful package in that ad. it's going to be tough to get it out of your mind once everybody has seen it.
9:43 pm
greg: tyrus, what do you think of this? tyrus: why did on the latino kid get a dad? was he really running them down snow looked like a creepy guy on a drive. while they were driving, thinking maybe gillespie was guilty, maybe at one of his rallies he said i promise a truck in every house for my brothers in the other party to get minorities. they can't beat him on substance. they can't beat them with facts, now they are fear mongering which goes back, that's one of the bad thing the clan did. they used fear. now they are using fear. it didn't work out with them.
9:44 pm
greg: fear has worked in ads. the reason for pulling the ad, linking it to terror is shameless and disgusting. they were pulling the ad anyway. but then when the terror attack happened, they said in recent events because they both involved trucks. i'm sure it was deplorable driving the truck in new york they would have kept the ad. i think they felt bad it wasn't. but i don't have that as a fact. how did trump manage to win bigly? scott adams discusses his new book "win bigly."
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greg: he created one of the most of popular comic strip of all time. he could have kicked back but instead he became a political pundit and proceeded to lose half of his friends and speak engagements. in his latest book "win bigly" he explained how he was one of the first and perhaps only people to predict president
9:49 pm
trump's victory. let's dig into the genius brain for more. i read the book, i enjoyed it immensely. when you talk about persuasion, i see humor. if you take the humor out of trump, what's left. scott: plenty. part of his strength is he has a talent stack that's unique. there is a whole bunch of skills he's b plus, a minus as. they look at each of his skills and say he's not the best speaker, he's not the martest president. he's funny and he has a full set of really specific persuasion talents. greg: you are saying be above average in a lot of things and you can probably go further than if you were good at one thing.
9:50 pm
scott: if you have got the right combination. greg: anti-trumpers, i have lost friends. you lost a lot last year, right? scott: it was an expensive year. greg: i have people who won't talk to me anymore and i was critical of trump for a year, then i gave him the benefit of the doubt. i have people who will not respond to me. scott: i thought facebook was broken. i thought nobody is traveling or eating. no pictures of food here at all. greg: with a lot of anti-trumpers i think it has to do with a long-time emotion at investment. it's like a home renovation. it's not going well, but you can't get out now. scott: the trigger for the mass
9:51 pm
hysteria is nobody thought he was going to win, and it changed their world view. everything they thought was wrong, they had to reinterpret it. he's a monster, he must have been more racist and lots of crazy stuff like that. greg: you mention he's a monster, he's a racist. there are different stages since the election. you talk about how he moved from one stage to the next. first he's a monster, then a racist, they are running out of things to call him. where are we? >> i predicted when he got inaugurated, he's hit are, hitler. then after several not of not doing hitler stuff. they are saying he's intomorrow tent and might be crazy. and then i predicted he would have a body of accomplishments by then so by the end of the year you would hear something like he's not hitler, he's not
9:52 pm
crazy, he's not exactly incompetent but we don't like what he's doing. you are already seeing the hints of that from both sides of the media at this point. greg: maybe they overstepped. greg: i overlook a lot of the things about him. i said this before. in the media we were slightly jealous because i think he co-opted what a lot of people in the media were doing. he was like a fox news host. i talk to fox news hosts, i could have done it. why didn't i do it. my sister would tell me her husband talks about how funny trump is. i didn't see that that was working its way and becoming bigger than it was. scott: i think people supported him for the entertainment value. greg: my brother-in-law every day would tell me something new.
9:53 pm
you are probably one of the living legendary cartoonists. i wanted to run by you my new cartoon i drew. can we put it up there? it's an intestinal microbe. it's called gut. and basically he's very angry. so the strip would just be him extremely upset and he would be constantly running to the bathroom where he would have a great thought at the end and you would see a flush. scott: i don't see how it could miss. greg: do you see it as a daily panel cartoon or just once a week. >> twice a day. greg: they say two movements a day. win big are you *. i enjoyed it. the tech industry gets grilled
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greg: this week tech executives from facebook, twitter and google testified before congress. several senators pushed facebook's colin stretch on what they could and could not do it was mostly boring until the
9:58 pm
senator from new kansas took her turn. then it got interesting. cat. kat: colin stretch from facebook,'. >> thank you, question. kat: is this guy jerking my chain? >> that's slightly the case. kat: i'll cut to what everyone is saying. has anyone told you you look like a hotter dr. drew. >> not that i remember. kat: you stole dr. groups looks. don't you think he looks like an even hotter dr. drew? fine then moving on. i get a lot of crap from trolls on facebook. how many are there? >> approximately 90%.
9:59 pm
kat: that's insane. >> year going to double that number by 2018. kat: that's just mean. you are terrible at math? last question. i know you facebook guys get a lot of hollywood inside info before anyone else. who can we expect to play the next batman? i'm rooting for b.d. wong. >> i'll be happy to come back to the committee and provide details on specific actors. kat: until then i will take it. until then hotter than dr. drew, b.d. wong for life. greg: special thanks to scott adams, lauren,, kat and tyrus.
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our studio audience, i love you. m watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: president trump close to arriving in japan as he starts his historic visit to asia. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. we are keeping eye on yokota air base in tokyo. we'll bring that to you when it happens. also tonight, congress members ron desantis and brian babin are here. first our opening statement. they lied to us. they said there was nothing to worry about. that the sale of


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