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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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of golf. and it is my particular delight that this time i am able to welcome my dear friend, president trump and melania trump to japan. this first trip of president trump to asia is an historic trip in the current regional situation which is ever more tense. and his first nation to visit on his tour is japan. this made this historic significance even greater. in this way, the two of us were able to show to the rest of the world unshakeable japan-u.s. alliance. thank you, donald. for the last two days i was able to have an in-depth cushion with donald on a plethora of issues that the international community is faced with. overwhelming importance was
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occupied by the north korean issue. we were in complete agreement as to the measures to be taken point analysis of the latest situation in north korea giving a good amount of time. japan consistently supports the position of president trump when he says all options are on the table. through the talks over two days i once again strongly reaffirm that japan and u.s. are 100% together. for more than 20-some years the international community attempted dialogue with north korea. at the time of grape work agreement of 1994 and the 6-party agreement of 2006, north korea committed in abandoning their nuclear program. but each type the promise was broken which resulted in north korea buying time for their
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nuclear and missile development while we were making efforts for dialogue. there is no point in the dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north korea. now is the time not for dialogue, but for applying maximum level of pressure on north korea. we completely agreed that in order to make north korea change their policy, japan and the u.s. must take leadership in closely collaborating with the international community so we can bring pressure to the maximum level to north korea through all possible means. i agree with president trump that we welcome china strengthening her pressure over north korea. and it is incumbent upon china to play even greater rolls to let north korea relinquish their nuclear and missile development.
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we reaffirmed once again the importance of further balancing trilateral cooperation between japan, u.s., and the republic of korea. before this press conference president and mrs. trump were good enough to meet with the members of the families our abductees. i would like to render my heartfelt gratitude for them listening so intently to what the families told them. until they embrace their loved ones in their own arms. until that day, my mission is not complete. i'm sure that the families -- i have renewed my resolve in work in full force to seek the
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resolution of this issue. i decided to take our own additional sanction measures in our effort to seek the solution of the nuclear missile and the most of important abduction issues of north korea. tomorrow there will be a decision on freezing assets of 35 north korean entities and individuals. going forward japan and u.s. will continue to cooperate for the early resolution of the north korea issue. i also discussed bilateral issues with president trump. the importance of strengthening trade and investment relations. and we'll go deeper into our dialogue. we agreed that we'll continue
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our discussion in order to invigorate more bilateral trade and investment in areas of law enforcement energy, infrastructure among others. japan and the u.s. are the two global economic leaders representing 30% of the global economy shares freedom and fairness. in the economy field it greatly contributes to the prosperity of the region and the world. i together with president trump shall work not only in the field of bilateral trade, but also lead in the trade and investment in the asia-pacific region. i'm determined to see to it so the japan and u.s. lead the region and global economies by our cumulative efforts in
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creating fair and effective economic order in this region. with the president i discussed summit meetings we'll be going after this. the indopacific region to the middle east and africa is the growth center of the world with more than half of the world population. a maritime order that is free and open is critically important. the ununwavering japan-u.s. alliance, it work hand in hand with president trump. for the last few days i have been in very serious discussions with president trump.
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i also had an opportunity to play golf with our top pro yesterday. indeed, the match was a mixed competition. what was the reality? i hope mr. trump will give is evaluation. the dinner where mrs. trump joined was in such a truly relaxed atmosphere, we almost forgot how time flew. i hope they enjoy the banquet later on by all means. thank you very much. president trump the floor is yours. president trump: thank you very much, shinzo. this has been a truly enjoyable trip and one where we are accomplishing a lot. i agree our relationship is
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extraordinary. and i agree with you also that there has never been such a close relationship between the leaders of two countries, these two countries, japan and the united states. it's been great to be with you. we'll be spending a lot of time with you over the years. melania and i are deeply grateful for the warm welcome we received in our remarkable country. that's what it is, it is a remarkable country it's a land of incredit history, culture, tradition and spirit. let me congratulate you on your great success in the recent elections. you won very big and very easily. and i'm not at all surprised. we share a common and deep loyally to our citizens and deep faith in the defendant of any our people and also our people and our countries working
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together. i also want to take a moment to continue sending our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to the victims of the horrific assault on a church in a beautiful area. so sad. utterland springs, texas. such a beautiful, wonderful area with incredible people. who would think a thing like this could happen. i want to send my condolences. the condolences of our first lady. in tragic times americans always pull together. we are always strongest when we are unified. to the wound and the family of the victims. all of america is praying for you, supporting you, and grieving alongside of you. prime minister, i want to thank you and the people of japan for your friendship.
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we have so many great things we can accomplish together. and we are in the process of accomplishing those things. it was a thrill for my daughter ivanka to be able to participate in the world assembly for women and promote women entrepreneurship side byside. our two nations are advancing policies for women to unleash the full potential and power our nation's economics. it's my pleasure to join you in your homeland to further our historic tie between our two great nations. this is my first visit as president to the indo-pacific region. i'm thrilled my first stop was with you.
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we are going to other countries where i have also developed some great friendships. and we are going to work to straight and lot of things out, including trade, including a military problem and a lot of things to work on. but this is a real honor to be with you shinzo. japan is a very special place. the japanese people are thriving. your cities are vibrant and you built one of the world's most of powerful economies. for all of its modern splendor, the people of japan maintain a profound respect for their rich culture, heritage and traditions. honoring the past even as you
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blaze new trials into the future, very, very strongly looking into the future is japan. you demonstrate every day that respect for history and heritage is the true foundation for progress. our nations share an enduring bond. america and japan face many challenges, many opportunities. there are many things we face but we'll be facing them together in friendship and as allies. most of importantly we are working to counter the dangerous aggressions of the regime in north korea. the regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles directly over japanese test.
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it's a threat to international peace and stability. we'll not stand for that. the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25 years. look where we are right now. prime minister abe has also shared with me the tragic stories of japanese young people whom north korea has abducted over the years. together we met with the parents of yokota who was abducted in 1977 as a young girl. no child should ever be subjected to such cruelty. no parent should ever have to
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endure heartbreak. we had a wonderful young man in our country. otto warmier. we know the story of otto. it's a horrible story. a sad story, and we can't let that happen. cannot let that happen. the united states of america stands in solidarity with the people of japan against the north korean menace. history has proven over and over that strong and free nations will always prevail over tyrants who oppress their people. an enduring japan alliance includes 50,000 members of the united states military stationed right here in japan. in addition to that, we have 33,000 stationed in south korea. american and japanese it in personnel train together, work
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together and will stand together to defendant security and sovereignty of both of our countries. i want to thank the entire japanese people for acting as such gracious hosts and strong partners for our men and women in the armed forces. america is also committed to improving our economic relationship with japan. as president of the united states, i'm committed to achieving a fair, free, and reciprocal trading relationship. we seek equal and reliable access for american exports to japan's market in order to eliminate our chronic trade i am balances and deficits with japan. we are work on that. something we have been working on very hard. as we continue to pursue closer economic ties, i believe it will create greater prosperity in
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both of our nations and to advance new frontiers in science, medicine and technology. the united states respects and honors japan's heritage and admires your deep well of perseverance. i appreciate have much your acknowledging and stating the fact that the united states economy has done so well since our election november 8. close to 2 million jobs. the highest stock market in our history. so much different things are happening for the better. including the cutting of massive amounts of regulation. which is one of the reasons the market is reacting the way it's reacting. this mutual respect for culture and sovereignty will continue to bring our nations closer and closer together and open up new
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after news of cooperation and success. in prime minister, thank you again for inviting me today. and for opening the arms of your majestic country to our american delegation, all of whom are right now in this room. i look forward to working side by side with you in friendship. we'll have success like rarely seen between two countries, japan and the united states of america, two very, very special places. thank you for having us. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, mr. president. now we'll accept questions from the press. if you wish to speak, please raise your hands and be recognized by me or by miss sanders.
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then come to the standing microphone and identify yourself by stating your name and affiliation. first japanese press which will be followed by the u.s. press. we'll accept questions from the could journalists. please identify to whom the questions addressed. either to the prime minister or to president trump. first is the japanese press. >> this is a question to mr. abe. prime minister and president trump have agreed on maximizing the pressure toward relinquishing nuclear development by north korea. mr. trump is going to north korea and china.
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-- going to korea and china. what is the significance of this bilateral summit meeting when north korea is fixing its altitude, not respond together relinquishing nukor development. what is necessary to avoid military confrontation? >> while japan-u.s. alliance being the foundation of the regional peace and prosperity. when japan. u.s. partner strongly the peace of this region becomes unshakeable. from that perspective i consider we were able to affirm strong bonds between the u.s. and japan. this was quite significance for the regional peace. on the north korean situation between president trump and myself. we confirmed we are together
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100%. we'll enhance the pressure the e even the international community has working towards north korea and russia. north korea continues its provocation towards the international community so we need to cooperate. we must exercise our policy pap we'll change our policy. so please come talk to us. i think this is what most of important that we have a complete agreement with president trump. together with many countries, i'm sure we share in the same thinking. also, the free and open maritime
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order based upon the rule is the foundation of the stability of the international comment. as the first leg of his tour in asia, the president and i were able to reaffirm that both countries will make efforts looking toward the epic leaders meeting and in these summit meetings i would like to take leadership in driving this kind of discussion. so free and open indo-pacific strategy. if any country would agree with this strategy. so we'll continue to have partnership between japan and the united states so we can contribute jointly to the peace and fa stability of the region.
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>> united states, first question, steve collins from reuters. >> in response to this texas shooting what policies would you support to reduce these violent actions, and secondly you spoke yesterday about the warmth of the north korea people. ways your message to their leader kim jong-un as you go to south korea tomorrow. and if i can ask the prime minister a question as well. could you responds to what the president said this morning that trade is not free and reciprocal with the united states. president trump: as far as the north korean people are concerned they are great people. they are under a oppressive regime. ultimately i can tell you this, i hope it all works out. it would be better for everybody. it would be better for north
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korea and it would be better for everybody. we hope that will take place. as far as your second question which is really the first part of your question, mental health is your problem here. this was a very, based on preliminary reports, a deranged individual. we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries. but this isn't a guns situation. we could go into it. but it's little bit soon to go into it. but fortunately somebody else had a gun shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have bench worse. this is a mental health problem at the highest level. it's a very, very sad event. these are great people and a very, very sad events. but that's the way i view it. thank you.
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>> with president trump trade and bilateral issues we did discuss on the economic matter how us and japanese economies should be. there is dialogue going on between mr. otto and mr. pence. there were two meetings already. so on the question of the economy with president trump and bilateral trade. we would like to see the entire region of the indo-pacific. high standards is something we want to pursue. we'll make efforts to create an economic order which is fair and effective so that regarding both economics, mutually, we would like to see the mutual
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development of both economies. so in the united states already since the start of the trump administration, partly thanks to the japanese investment, 17,000 jobs have been created in the united states. so all countries of the world, vis-a-vis the united states, they make investments, so the economic relations between the two countries may develop further, thereby creating jobs and growing the economy. in creating both countries economies, it will make dialogue and framework quite relevant and we co-would like to see good outcome from that dialogue. we'll go back to the japanese press for questions. yes, please. >> i have a question to president trump. you met with the family members
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of abductees. how can you comment on your meeting with them. to north korea, is there a possibility about a u.s. military action? suppose the u.s. decides to rest cute abductees. how do you think about it if it's imminent? >> i think it's very, very sad. who has ever heard of anything like this. abducted by a hostile country for purpose of language, for purposes of could be any number of other reasons. we'll see what happens in terms of the ultimate conclusion. but i did put it in my speech at the united nations, and many people in japan were really thrilled that i did because a lot of people thought that the
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folks we are talking about were forgotten about. maybe they were the forgotten people. but your great prime minister did not forget. he didn't forget at all. we'll work together and see if we can do something. now the spotlight is on. and perhaps we could have good luck and perhaps the regime would send them back. that would be a tremendous signal if kim jong-un would send them back. if he could send them back, that would be the tart of something i think would be something very special if they would do that. but i spoke to people who were devastated. and they have been devastated for many years. they think they are alive, but they don't know. probably makes it even tougher that way. but we'll see what happens. thank you.
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>> second question for the united states. "new york times." >> my first question is to president trump. you spent the last two days reaffirming the u.s.-japan alliance and began sketching out this vision of a free and open indo-pacific. but in two days you are going to travel to china, a country that is neither free nor open. how can the u.s. be a force for freedom and openness without coming into conflict with china. then to the prime minister, mr. prime minister, the president has spoken on many occasions in the past about hoping to see the japanese take a strong role in their own defense. he would like to sell japan military equipment and there have been press reports the president was disappointed the japanese didn't shoot the north korean missile out of the sky that was shot over yokota.
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what message do you have for the president in the role you would like to see japan take in its own defense. president trump: he will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states. he will easily shoot them out of the sky just like we shot something out of the sky the other day in saudi arabia as you saw. that was a rapidly moving missile. a needle in the sky and it was hit immediately and exploded without damage. one of the things i think that's important is that the prime minister of japan is going to be purchasing massive amount of military equipment as he should. and we make the best military equipment by far. he will be purchasing it from the united states. and whether it's the f-35 fighter which is the greatest in the world.
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total teal or whether it's missiles of many different kinds. it's a lot of jobs for us and a lot of safety for japan and other countries that are likewise purchasing a lot of military equipment from us that frankly a year ago and two years ago were not. as far as chain today is concerned. my relationship with president x issues excellent. -- president xi is excellent. his views are different on things, he represents china, and i represent the united states. they are similar on trade. the problem we have with china is for decade they have been -- it's an a very unfair -- let me be kind to previous administrations. our trade deficit is massive it's hundreds of billions of
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dollars ayear. anywhere from 350 billion to 500 bill and that doesn't include intellectual property. we already started discussions with china because it has to come down. and that has to do with free trade, fair trade or reciprocal trade. frankly i like reciprocal the best of the group. when you explain you will charge tariffs or do other things, some people who don't get it don't like to hear that. but if you say it will be reciprocal, we'll be charging the same as they are charging us. so it's much more understandable when you talk about reciprocal. reciprocal trade is very important to me. we have many countries, not just china or japan.
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one country charges us 100% tax if we sell thing into their country. yet when they sell the same product into our country we charge them nothing. now, i have been against that for a long time. and you will be seeing we'll do things about it. it also takes a period of time to do that. because as you know, you have statutory limitations in time. you have to put out notices. you have to wait 90 days before you can put out the next. you have to wait 120 days, then a 30-day. of this has already been caught. some of it was unnecessary statutorily. but you will see seeing things that countries that have been treating the united states, and the united states workers and companies. i view companies as an extension of the worker, that have been treating our companies, our
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country, and our workers very unfairly. you will be seeing the united states will take very, very strong action. it already started. but most of of the legal foundation has been done. and you are going to see a very big difference. and it will happen soon. the united states by many countries has been treated very, very unfairly when it comes to trade. thank you very much. >> regarding japan, defense equipment, a lot of them we purchase from the united states. the north korea situation becomes very tough, the asia pacific security situation becoming very tough. we qualitatively and quantitatively we have to enhance our defense capability. as the president mentioned. block 2a is another plan for
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purchase from the united states. aegis vessels, the quality and the quantity must be enhanced. in that process we'll be buying more from the united states. that is what i'm thinking. now, north korea. north korea launched missiles immediately after. we traced them. we were able to trace where they were going. missile defense is something which is based upon the cooperation between japan and the united states. missile defense system is cooperation between the two countries. for the interest accepting and shooting down if it is necessary we'll do that. but in doing so, u.s. and japan will closely coordinate our actions. thank you very much.
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with this we'll end the joint press conference by the two leaders of japan and the united states. thank you very much ladies and gentlemen of the press. kelly: so there we have it. amazing news conference that went on there in japan with president trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe as they leave the room. but a very cordial news conference it also talked tough about north korea. our crews like john roberts and others get in place to talk to us. i will begin with shinzo abe. he is the host country to the president's first trip to asia. the president will be going to china and south korea. but shinzo abe expresses his sadness for what happened here
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in the united states, speaking of the tragic church shooting at the first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas. then he said it's an historic trip to japan and asia at a time that is ever more tense. speaking of what's going on with north korea. prime minister abe went on to say he shares an unshakeable bond with president trump. he said he considered him a friend. they played golf together. and they spent time together with their wives. he says there is an unshakeable u.s.-japanese alliance. he called the president donald. he said we have been able to discuss north korea. we agree with the president of
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the united states. and all options are on the table. and there is no reason to continue dialogue for the sake of dialogue. now is the time to apply maximum pressure to make north korea relinquish their nuclear equipment. he says the first ladies met with the families of japanese citizens who have their relatives who were abducted by north korea. when president trump spoke he went on to say that our relationship is strong and extraordinary with japan. then he mentioned also the tragedy that unfolded on this day, on yesterday, sunday morning in sutherland, texas. saying we send our thoughts and prayers and deepest condolences
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to the beautiful and wonderful people of sutherland springs. all of mayor key says is grieving with you and we stand by with you. and then the president also discussed north korea saying they will continue to be tough and dissuade the north koreans from moving on with their nuclear development. hopefully working with north korea and china to get them to relinquish that. joining us on the phone for more insight is journalist and pulitzer prize winning author judith miller. what would you say -- it's good to talk to you again. what did you say about the president's statements tonight or for us tonight? for you it's in the afternoon there. the president as well as shinzo abe? >> i think that what you saw tonight was an expression of
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their relationship. a strong relationship they have. mr. abe was the first person -- foreign lead tore visit president trump. he did so at mar-a-lago. they bond over golf. they bond over the need to do something more assertive about north korea it was clear they were on the same page when it came to the maximum pressure policy of president trump. also on the need for china to step up and do more. both of them mentioned that. so you have a kinds of meeting of the minds, at least on what to do about north korea, this thorny, difficult problem. harder to tell what was going on on the trade front. let's face it, the crucial issue
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facing this president during this trip is what to do with north korea. and on that you have both of them, both leaders asserting there was a true meeting of the mind. also as you point out, the reiteration of the statement that all options are on the table. and that of course implied the military option, if the other sanctions and other measures being taken do not change kim jong-un's mind about his nuclear program. kelly: if i heard correctly during the question and answer period. there was a reporter from japan who asked the president, mr. president, you met with the families of the abduc -- the abductees. japanese citizens who may have been on a diplomatic trip or a
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visit there being held captive. one being held captive since the late 1970s. then he also -- the president -- he didn't dodge the question, but he didn't answer it thoroughly either. she was asking what about that military option? would you do that as the risk of inflicting harm on the abductees? a very delicate answer is what the president gave. do you think he misunderstood the question or was he giving it a dodge? >> i think he was dodging the answer. that's a tough one. if there is military action, the fate of those abductees will be certainly in peril. by was struck upon something else president trump said pend called upon kim jong-un to return the abductees. he said this would be a
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tremendous signal if kim jong-un would do that. he said this could be the start of something. so he's really starting a negotiation in a way with kim jong-un and north korea. kelly: let me ask you to stand by with us for a moment. our colleague john roberts has to get on the bus. you know how these things work. you have got to go to get to the next location. john roberts. tell us what your assessment is of what the president delivered during this joint news conference with prime minister shinzo abe. apparently we lost john roberts. so we'll wait. reporter: i can hear you kel. kelly: go ahead, john.
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can you hear me? reporter: i hear you. kelly: apparently we are having some trouble with john. john roberts is stating he can hear me. i'm interested in hearing what john has to report. he's been following the president on his first leg there, and will continue to follow the president's trip to asia. are you able to hear me now? looks like we lost john. as john gets back to us, we'll get back to you with john. standing by is judith miller. as you were saying. let's talk about the trade aspects of this. the president said we have to work on trade, and we have to work on military. one of the things he said is that he was going to watch japan or help japan in terms of
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influence and buy more military weaponry from the united states. i.e. the f-35 as well as missiles that could shoot down whatever kim jong-un was shooting into the air. what is your reaction to that? >> i think that's an important part of the trilateral alliance and an important part of the president's strategy is to make sure each country is doing what it can to defend itself. there was a reference to the 33,000 americans now in south korea and to. >> the 50,000 americans in japan. these are soldiers obviously. but it's quite clear when it comes to air defense, the president expects abe, prime minister abe, and he calls him shinzo, shinzo and donald. but he expects japan to do what it can to defend its own air
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space and provide the american military equipment to do that. that was yet again another point of agreement they seemed to share. kelly: stands by with me. we think we have john roberts again. john, are you there? kelly: you are having a little bit of trouble with your cell phone. let's see if we can muddle through this. what's your finding with the president's first trip to say shah and japan? -- to asia and japan? reporter: let me focus in on the sutherland springs reaction. that was top of everybody's mind today it's interesting that the president says he believes this is not a gun problem. this is a health problem because the individual involved in the shooting apparently did have some troubles over the year
10:46 pm
prior to the heinous act he carried out today it's the same argument we heard after the sandy hook shooting. people were focused on adam lanza's mental health problems. he got the weapons from his mother and took them to school. the president is not will evening toker taken any notion of new gun controls. and after the shooting in las vegas, we heard even from the nra, support for legislation controlling or banning the so-called slide stocks, these bump stocks. yet nothing has happened on that front either. so it would likely suggest in the early going of the aftermath of what happened today in texas, kelly, nothing is going to happen in terms of gun control,
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and nothing has happened in terms of mental health either. even since sandy hook when it comes to people who are unstable getting access to weapons. i'm not sure where this is going to go. i thought it was interesting that shinzo abe and president trump are exactly on the same page when it came to north korea. when you look at all options being on the table, some people will tell you and try to convince you that there are good military options. or viable military options for taking out the artillery. but a lot of experts i talked to who are in positions of high power. in defense and intelligence communities, say it would have to take out its artillery systems and nuclear system that you would instantly ignite a new
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korean war. and china would likely come in on the side of north korea. and it would de facto put the united states and its allies in a war against china. but shinzo abe was right there with president trump. he said some people said my rhetoric is too strident and too harsh. he said look what happened over decades of the united states talking in language that isn't so strident and harsh. he's defending what he believes about north korea. some people are worried he will trigger a response by kim jong-un. kelly: what will he have to say when he sits down with president xi. he says they have differences on the economic front. what kind of differences will he
10:49 pm
likely encounter on the fact that china is very important in terms of stopping north korea and keeping north korea tempered instead being so aggressive on its nuclear development. >> there are interesting articles written that some people suggest president trump needs to temper his rhetoric towards china. china doesn't react well to an american president saying we are going to slap trade tariffs on you unless you do something more. what china would react to is some sort of compromise in the way that john kennedy compromised to some degree over the missiles in cuba. and to the way ronald reagan compromised by reducing our
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strategic nuclear arsenal in dealing with the russian officials, including gorbachev as president. what chain today is looking for is some sort of security guarantee that the united states is not going to try to take out the kim regime and reunite the korean peninsula on south korean terms. and they also don't like this idea the u.s. conducting joint military exercises with south korea. they have offered a freeze for free that they will seek to freeze the north korean nuclear program if the united states freezes its military cooperation with south korea. the united states said no they are not going to do that. i was speaking to a security official about this just today, that the united states in order to craft some sort of deal in which north korea gives up its
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nuclear program may have to pull out of its troops out of south korea. i'm told by highly placed people in the united states that some members of the south korean opposition floated the idea if north korea denuclearizes and the united states pulls its troop presence out of south korea. that some south koreans wants the u.s. to put in place and operate a tactical nuclear arsenal as a deterrent to north korea. this could go in a number of different crazy directions. none of which would have a particularly good effect on peace and stability in the region. kelly: john, you express it so well just how the pieces of this puzzle have to come together for all of the right things to take place. yet, john, with it's a difficult
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and complicated diplomatic dance, if you will, that the president has to figure out along with his team that's there. what's his next step on this journey in asia. and what will he have to discuss if he's trying to get china to the table to play nice and be a strong advocate for china's appetite for nuclear development. >> you can blame jet lag. but i think i might have said strategic nuclear weapons. but tactical nuclear weapons in south korea. the president -- he wants to get a lot done on trade with china. because he doesn't like the idea. we have a $360 billion trade
10:53 pm
deficit. he says he's friendly with xi jinping. but he's representing the interests of the united states and xi jinping is representing the interests of china. there has to be frank dialogue between the two leaders how to move forward with this. and in the process get china to do more to rein in north korea. but what's unclear is how much toll china has with kim jong-un. kim jong-un believes the survival of his regime is based on his acquisition of nuclear weapons. he can use them as a bargaining chip with the united states. rex tillerson said they don't want to take out the regime, but james mattis says maybe we do. other members of the administration say the same thing. kim jong-un believes the united states is trying to take him out. so it will take a combination of
10:54 pm
cooperation with china, perhaps a strong statement the united states is not syncing regime change in north korea to get the ball rolling. but in the meantime the u.s. strategy is keep putting the screws to pyongyang. and get as many allies on board with that program as possible. so the president is going to try to enlist the help of vladimir putin in danang in vietnam because he says he would like to get russia's cooperation. russia is of similar mind. they see north korea being more in line with north korea and china. there is a gordian knot that is so difficult to untie. and there is the potential for a
10:55 pm
nuclear-tipped missile that could hit anywhere in the united states. this is extraordinarily difficult to work out. kelly: john roberts bringing us up to date on the delicate dance he has to do. john, a lot of people actually watching on opinions and needles baits could go either way. john roberts we thank you for your excellent reporting. thanks to judith miller. who has been following the developments with regards to asia. as john was talking about the president, he opened up talking about what was going on in terms of the president respond together other sad story that's coming out of the united states. the president had to focus on throughout this initial leg of his journey to asia. that is the tragedy that unfolded there in sutherland springs, texas.
10:56 pm
the president stating that he said, we send our deepest prayers and deepest condolences to a wonderful and beautiful area of superintendenterland springs. all of america is grieving with you and standing with you. then as john roberts point out, the president was answering a question from a q and a session and said mental health seems to be a problem in this shooting. it's not a gun issue it's a very, very sad event. we'll follow events on that. and the japanese prime minister shinzo abe. all of this has become part of the president's trip. this is the tart of the president's 12-day five-nation tour. next up he and the first lady will attend a state dinner before heading to south korea. president trump will also travel to china, vietnam and the
10:57 pm
philippines before return together united states on the 14th. you can stay with us at fox news for full coverage of the president's trip to asia. coming up, "fox news sunday." i just want to share my appreciation, all of our camera crews and our people in the field in asia as well as sutherland springs, texas. it has been a difficult day for the united states and a difficult row for the president to hoe in asia. i'm kelly wright for fox news. n] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount
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