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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  November 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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donna brazile book clinton campaign signs deal he in 2015 that return for forgiving the party gave the campaign considerable control over staff and strategy thut trump and warren in rare agreement take a look. >> you want to look at hillary clinton and new book, just put out by donna brazile, where she basically dnc told election ebb from are i beg your pardone he -- >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. >> clinton fire say this was a deal that was made not for 3r50ir78s but general election, that it was way to raise money he for the democratic party bernie sanders could have made same keel, do you buy it? >> complete and utter baloney. >> jointing fund-raising a norm in campaigns general ask
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it of simple provisions we let you use the party name for to fund raising purposes, this gave in writing, control over finance strategy operations staffing of the democratic national committee to the clinton campaign says we get to name a communications director we have given you two names picked from two games, any vacancies communications and research we're going to come to us and we have control over your budget anybody has krom over your budget has control over your probations anybody else, control over whose staff up in committee has control over how that committee -- >> this was rigged i got to tell you jaw-droppingly amazing in fall of 2015 dnc signed this agreement and then from the next in will that exk, in summer of 20 16, democratic national chairman says we're neutral in this this was a document that
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surrendered lock, stock and brarl to wolf and clinton campaign hierarchy in brooklyn astonishing the primary battle with bernie sanders had not been done joe biden was considering running brings up another point i want to ask you you about, that is another revelation we go back play at a tapen in, 2016, you can see hillary clinton this is you where -- in a phenomenonia leaving the event, ceremony at ground zero, and donna brazile says in book being when she saw that the problems she had with with clinton campaign she thought of getting dnc to begin a process to replace hillary clinton and tim caine he shl nash ticketive a couple questions first of all, what do you make of that, and, two, you and i know donna brazile known legislature for years a slarp strong tough democratic
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operative. >> i think this is what happened to her she was pushed aside by clinton operation, i think she feels disrespected by clinic practice is do that a extent when she comes in apparent to housekeeper as karl described bailed out a financially ailing did democratic party president obama erode cloo it taking money away there wasn't you a fund-raising energy there debbie wasserman schultz had not been success donna comes in in rescue operation finds gee whiz this is out of brooklyn i don't have that pour i think felt, wise ass guys on democrat side run the party don't listen to her don't have values for people like her, so i think that is why she -- >> in conference calls this is what she says in have irbook in conference calls with democratic clinton campaign
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operatives you are treating me like one of the slaves >> that is what i said that is how she felt the point there is a civil war among democrats going on the rift between hillary people, and bernie people, elizabeth warren people never held a this morning we know about a rift redeems george hw, george whe bush going after interest what we've going on for democrats unable do capitalize on tremendous anti-trump fervor they haven't been able to is now heel heal the rift in her party i think you agree brazile's book carries a lot of salt president trump takes on justice department dplantsdz to investigate hillary clinton calls for the death penalty new york terror case is did you president crossing the line we will ask senator lindsey graham
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next. senator lindsey graham was one of president trump's biggest kriths this year, now, the two are finding common grown up on everything from health care, o to taxes, after this week's terror attack in new york city senator called out president for quote following the obama playbook, the senator graham joins us from interest south carolina i want to start with two -- two terror -- sayfullo saipov has been charged in attack in new york, city that killed 8 people, imam charged in attack in benghazi in both cases as you know charged in civilian criminal court not as enemy combatants you said in reaction to that it is this loretta lynch obama's attorney general never left, is this president and his
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administration are they too soft on trer cases. >> i think the president has got the right attitude about fighting the war on terror i completed him for taking gloves off when it comes to military but clearly the trump administration doing exactly what obama administration did hard to catch a terrorist alive, chris can when you do should try to gather intelligence i don't mind trying this guy in new york court you new york terrorist i wanted to hold him a long erode of time let military cia interrogate him many about what he knows about terrorism how he got radicalized he said a soldier of the cat faith, we taxed to him for one day in the hospital -- reed miranda rights throw him in court can't get intelligence going forward because now he has been lawyered up, and that is us exactly what obama did so when it comes to trump policy, they are using k obama's playbook got a lot of obama people held over, and i want to see that changing. >> how do you explain that,
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this is a president -- talked on terror his justice department how do you spla in the fact in a as i say they are doing the same thing, not taking these people into the enemy combatant -- for interrogation, but instead, putting them immediately in the criminal justice system allowing them to lawyer up? >> woefully unprepared he the nations i got from department of justice about the legal reason made me so mad i could not see straight said the reason they didn't declare new york guy enemy combatant even though he pledges isil there is no command and control that is ridiculous they are recruitinging in cyberspace trying to radicalize he people in their backyard what makes you he enemy combatant when you adopt rad kcal9 islamic he philosophy act on it when you kill in name the master mind ab
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behind comengz eye attack under obama administration interrogated him on ship before federal court trump administration took this man from libya captured by little bit threw him in federal court without efforts to gather intelligence, and police department one of the master minds benghazi attack needs to change. >> i say woefully unprepared he who do you hold responsible? >> well, i know jeff sessions agreed to in front of clear to me department of defense if department of justice had not coordinated how to handle a terror suspect when we capture a soldier alive it is a tremendous opportunity, to understand allow the enemy operates, what they know, how they got radicalized should have long conversations they were not prepared for this moment there are no protocols the department of justice, and department of defense,
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changing obama policy they are doing exactly will what obama did i am urging department of justice department of defense to come up with new protocols, to hold trir suspects soldiers caliphate people killed ambassador as enemy combat apts in the future future you -- >> president trump is urging, are justice department fbi to investigate, about hillary clinton and democrats on everything from uranium to russia dossier e-mails, arrangement we talked about about with dnc, here is the president. >> they should be looking at the democrats, they should be looking at podesta all that dishonesty should be looking at a lot of things, and a o lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me. >> senator is the president crossing the line when he encourages almost directs his justice department and fbi to
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investigate and perhaps prosecute his us political opponents? yes, it is my view that president trump as a commander in chief should be focusing on his department of defense to make sure if we capture sob involved in benghazi tax we don't put him in federal court without first interrogating him i can only imagine how much could be gathered from one with of the master minds of benghazi attack rather than direct department of justice to go after hillary clinton i wish would direct to come after policy to hold suspects soldiers caliphate in mi combatants why do you think wrong to push justice fbi to go after hillary clinton. >> not the way you do it in america here is what a i do believe needs to happen i think we need a special counsel to investigate the fusion g ips between
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democratically party mr. -- you russian operatives a special counsel to investigate the uranium one episode, for thousands of dollars, given to the clinton global fund and former president bill clinton, from -- from groups tied to russia, we need a special counsel because mueller can't do this. >> when you say that is not the way we do it in america, being go after political opponents through justice system explain. >> well, the president of the united states in rj which a of the executive branch not his job to be telling the attorney general, to prosecute a particular individual or group. it is the attorney general's job to do that, independent we have a rule of law, that independent of political influence, when you call on the attorney general to prosecute your former opponent that is crossing the line here is what i would say about with russia massive involvement in election the idea that democratic party will pay millions of dla ares to foreign agent are to go to
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russia gather dirt on president trump then candidate trump allows democratically party to be manipulated by russian operatives inside of rush i want to get to the bottom of them fusion gps worried about uranium one deal there was a woman in clinton's, niner orbit there, in terms of campaign financing, fund raising sent out of the country that needs to be looked as as much trump campaign. >> who was that. >> can't remember her name but associated with a big fund about raiser of clinton, exhe belled as being a russian spy, and everything about fusion g ips stinks the idea zmakt party would would hire a law firm foreign intelligence offer go to russia try to gather dirt means they set themselves up to be manipulated by russians the idea russians didn't flow mr. steel was in town looking for dirt on donald trump, is zero
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impossible. i can't believe they didn't know, who you are setting yurz up to be midby russians a essential tr thing to do. >> i want to ask you, about attorney general jeff sessions statements made repeatedly to congress that -- knew nothing of contacts between the trump campaign, trump world, and associates. here is example. >> did you over over overhear a conversation between you and anybody on the campaign who talked about meetinging with thank you russians. >> i have not. -- seen anything that would indicate, a collusion with with russians to impact the campaign. >>ia i want to -- you were asking about trump campaign returns we know that cartever page has testified -- to congress that he told sessions he was going to russia during campaign another adviser
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george papadopoulos pleaded guilty said he told sessions and candidate trump in this meetinging 2016, about his is quacks with russians, question. do you believe sessions needs to come back before congress and correct the record on his testimony? >> well this is getting a bit old,, jeff sessions i like him a lot a dear friend, i think he is very qualified for the job. but i asked questions ez that anybody ever talk to you about talking to the russians i didn't ask about collusion, so we know somebody at a meeting mr. papadopoulos raised the idea meeting with putin, there is nothing wrong with trump meeting with putin if he wanted to it would be wrong to have the russians help trump campaign or the o he or hillary clinton's campaign, and here is what nobody talks about, the russians manipulated comey in getting involved into the election it was russians information that comey used to jump into the middle of the 20 16 election
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not meeting tomorrow we know lynch, and president clinton on tar have a mac when it comes to jeff suggestions jeff you need to tell us everything you know about you russia, so, yeah, he probable should come back and answer the question yet again, did you know anything about an effort by the trump campaign to meet with with russia, not just you collude. >> final question do you still have full confidence in jeff suggestio sectio sessions. >> i have kansas city he will address k policies if you don't address policies department of justice regarding how to handle terror justicesold of caliphate i will lose that confidence we missed two opportunities to -- enemy combat apts to get about valuable intelligence we blew it i hold the people at department of justice and department of defense accountable for that. >> senator graham thank you thanks for time always good to talk with you sir. >> thank you. >> up next special counsel
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robert mueller starts with two indictments one guilt plea we ask our sunday panel who is next.
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meet grant. his family. his steinway, which met a burst pipe. so grant met his insurance: you are caller number 12. which didn't quite cover the steinway.
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but what if he'd met pure insurance? owned by members. he'd have met: lisa, your member advocate. who'd introduce him to gustav, a temporary address, and help him get tickets to the mozart festival. excuse me, grant likes beethoven! uh, the beethoven festival. pure. love your insurance. . >> i am not supposed to be involved with the justice department or the fbi or doing the kinds of things i would love to be doing it by a very frustrated by that. >> present trump makes it clear he is not satisfied the way the prosecutors and investigators are doing their jobs. we're back with a panel. i was thinking back to the bush 43 white house got in trouble for making a completely legal loof to dismiss seven and u.s. attorneys around the country so what you make of those comments this week, in
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effect challenging the justice department and fbi to go after hillary clinton?. >> it is unseemly. to get into the habit to direct them to go after the people they defeated at the polls. it is dangerous for president trump. because once you of leash this weapon you can never achieve it again amended the democratic congress majority house and senate there disagreements or political to push for impeachment. and also looks like he has something to hide. move on be the president and leave it to the justice department to make a conscious decision. i am confident the justice
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department we have been over there. don't have the president engaged. >> taking the congress out of president does not a date for the senate confirmation the attorney general, the justice department is part of the administration. if there were violations, he thinks that there has been died of clinton's with some of these deals with the fusion than why not say take a look?. >> this is the authoritarian instance so called growth is right you don't punish or political uploaded by putting law-enforcement on them without saying you have to have real basis it is law enforcement not a political act you don't go after the courts or the military courts without understanding what is gore to america
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which is the law enforcement system trying to pressure attorney general sessions so this is the equivalency. there is nothing equivalent what is totally the goal and colluding with a hostile foreign state. >> wait. the dnc hired a firm and paid money to a british spy to contact his russian counterpart to put bad stefan donald trump. >> a russian government. >> but the point is it is the russians not the russian government. >> one is knowledge.
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>> but allow the to finish this point. is a matter of total destruction and diversion from the russian probe to go look like a smoke screen by his stooges. >> is not a program for american parties to have the agents of foreign governments. >> as an american company. >> meanwhile robert mueller we will take a look as he announced charges at cop -- across the two top officials in the foreign policy advisers that had pleaded guilty like to the fbi it was a response from the white person sarah huckabee sanders. >> it has the the to do with the president for the president's campaign or campaign activity it has
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everything to do with the clinton campaign and use it -- fusion gps and russia. >> what type of statement did robert mueller made with the moment demonstrate?. >> this statement he made is i am just getting started. he has a couple of indictments with a guilty conviction so he wants those people he indicted and those that have pled guilty to talk about those higher up the food chain so i think that is the message. so if the president is helping himself for not by publicly commenting. we have seen in the case of the court's response to executive action to turn his words back on him. so what the investigation and play out. i think this is going to be a headache for the
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foreseeable future for the administration. >> talking on capitol hill, did republicans get the sense this president would have a problem it be in troubled with?. >> it was particularly surprising the democratic reaction was muted we didn't hear a lot of calls for impeachment. >> that would be premature. >> but anc policy has been trying to push this down not to overplay the cards. suggest yesterday calling for those to move step aside that is what we will be watching is congress will try to protect robert mueller the answer is no even with bipartisan legislation to make sure the president cannot get rid of him. they feel the president will
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not go there they have the assurance privately but i wonder if this is just to instill confidence really have been talking about going after robert mueller. del sol street journal said something about it so there is a brewing storm right now >> a think it is the beginning but i the key will wrap it up quicker than you might expect there is more to be done but if there was something there is the crew would have a bigger hit but after a couple of things happened that ended a couple years ago and papadopoulos is not the star of the campaign he is a flimflam artist. >> i have never heard that before. [laughter] up next mark cuban of power player of the week the secrets of his side --
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success in politics
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. >> a billionaire businessman goes on reality tv to become a star then tries to get into politics. you have heard this before? the power player of the week. >> i tried to invest in companies and i am also a key. >> mark cuban is the internet billionaire but america got to know him in a reality tv show. what has shark tank done for his brand?. >> night and day. >> prior to that i would scream about the referee. >> on shark tank he is a disciplined investor. >> that is a bad idea.
11:57 pm
>> some days i know what to do businesses with little kids or the pets. >> but he sees a good deal. >> p.s. for all of it. i have done that before. >> we have a deal. >> also his bumpy relationship with the lead character. tell us about mr. wonderful. >> kevin is a jerk. [laughter] off-camera he is great which brings us back to the year 2000 when he had the dallas mavericks' said was noticed for going after the referee is. >> i don't care if i am fine and. >> were you a bad the review came in?. >> absolutely not i was driven. the nba was not ready. >> what about the business
11:58 pm
side?. >> there was no good business reasons. [laughter] he got the last laugh in 2011 when his team won the nba championship. cubans says he was born without entrepreneurial chief at age 12 working his neighborhood. hi my name is mark kim bin to use garbage bags? that a cellular how-to's help. the key to selling is not convincing but helping it years later as a fan of india the basketball he came up with the idea and technology to stream audio of games over the internet. >> at was crazy. >> i sold it $547 billion. >> now just like another stark cuba and is considering politics. >> what about donald trump?. >> before just like any
11:59 pm
other. the president some things i agree some things i disagree. >> house seriously rethinking of running for president?. >> i am thinking quite a bit. what i'd do that? i don't know but what holds me back more than anything is my family. >> if he runs it is based on solutions for the nation's problems. meanwhile busy learning about artificial intelligence and thinking how he could add to his portfolio of more then 150 companies. >> guide to a 12 year-old kid is trying to do something and that gives me the fire up i am too old to live this stuff. like that challenge. >> he is trying to instill his work ethic and his children encouraging them to get jobs but his daughter has made it clear she will not be selling garbage bags
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door-to-door. have a great week. we will see you on the next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ new details on the accused church shooter devon kelly, 26 years old. he took 26 lives and wounded 20 and a sacred place. he invaded the 11:00 a.m. service is at first baptist church. he shot dead or wounded almost every worshiper in the church this morning. >> thank you for being with us. the investigation underway into the shooting during the services inside the first baptist church in sutherland springs texas. that is about 30 miles southeast of san antonio. >> he was dishonorably discharged from the air force.


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