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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 6, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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lock he's copying his host. the prime minister dumps it in first. >> never miss the special five. bret baier is next from seoul, south korea. how are you? >> bret: great, thanks. good morning from seoul, south korea. president trump will begin the second leg of his asia tour shortly. north korea dominates the talks here. big economic moves are big. texas is not far from the president's mind this. is special report. >> bret: good evening i'm bret baier. coming to you from seoul, south korea. we're covering the president's trip here. we have two big stories for you tonight from, here and back at home. investigators are piecing to getter what led a man to kill more than two dozen people in a
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small texas church this. is as we begin to put the faces to the lives cut short, including small children in the church. president trump weighed in on the shooting from japan, before leaving to land here in seoul, a few hours after spending time with prime minister abe in japan. he talked about the allies discussing a host of issues. north korea topping that list. i spoke h exclusively with the prime minister of japan. we will air that in a few moments. first beginning in seoul we begin with white house correspondent, john roberts. >> the president called the act, an act of evil. the man der an in -pblged and not the weapon he carried. president: the problem is mental health this. isn't a gun situation. we could go into it. it's a little soon to go into
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it. >> too soon tore the president but not democrats. >> i reject the notion it's too soon to act. if not now then when. we should ban assault weapons and bump stock today. >> this are measures, new hampshire has implemented them, they reduce gun violence. >> in pass shootings like orlando president remarked that the death toll may of been lowered if there was a gun pointed to the shooter. president: someone had a done in the opposite direction or it may of been much worst. >> the shooting weighed heavy on the president's state visit to japan and talks dealing with primarily on north korea. president: strategic patience is over. >> president trump has been criticized for his strident language to kim jong-un.
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>> japan consistently supports the position of president trump when he says that all options are on the table. through the talks over two days i once again strongly reaffirmed that japan and u.s. are hundred percent together. >> some people said that my rhetoric is very strong, but lock what has happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25 years. >> twice in recent years north korea has test fired nuclear capable missiles over japan's island. they were asked why they didn't shoot them down. that's when president trump added -- president: he will shoot them out of the sky with additional equipment from the united states. >> the proof president trump
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says? saudi's shoot down of a missile. an olive branch of sorts to north korea. after meeting with relatives of japanese citizens, he suggested kikim jong-un could change thin. president: if he sent them back it would be the start of something very special. >> bret: north korea will be the top of the agenda when he meets with the south koran pred. he called moon a fine gentleman and said we will figure it out. bret, they have to figure more out then just north korea. they're not happy with the tradey relationship of the united states and south korea. >> john roberts here in so*ep.
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>> bret: thank you, john. more headlines making news today. names like queen elizabeth, bono and other names in 13 million pages of financial papers showing how the rich and famous invest money to hide assets. we have a full report on the paradise papers coming back. and overseeing top princes and officials say widespread corruption has been uncovered and trials will be held soon. skeptics believe this sweep is to round up rifles of the crown prince who heads the committee. the markup began today, meantime in washington, on the republican tax reform legislation. the house ways and means committee warned of a monumental
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challenge. they hope to send this to the full house by week's end. leaders hope to pass through the house by thanksgiving. now to that interview we mentioned before arriving here in seoul, south korea. i sought down with the japanese prime minister shinzo abe between his meetings with president trump. i started to ask about the two leaders repoor with each other. >> the japan and u.s. alliance is the corner stone for peace and stability here in the asia pacific region. naturally the leaders have to have a relationship of trust and confidence, and mutual understanding. that could be decisively important for the strength of the alliance. for that to have purpose in the last year after president trump has won the election i went to new york in new york to meet with him. i was able to have good
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communication with him. since then six times we have met and this time as well i enjoy playing golf and having din we are him. it was indeed an enjoyable occasion for us to share and build a relationship of trust to further deepen mutual understanding. before president trump visited japans will ivanka trump visited japan. she gave a wonderful speech. she has impressed many people in japan. with president's trump visit to japan this time i hope we will further solidify the u.s.-japan alliance. i hope to take time to discuss with praez trump on international challenges including north korea. >> bret: the main issue over this trip is north korea. north korean missiles have flown over your nation two times in
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recent months. leaving your citizens rattled and the world wopbd -rg what is next here. is there anything short of military action you think can be done to force north korea to denukdenuclearize. >> -- as the time of the 1994 framework agreement once again promised not to develop nuclear weapons. in 2005 when the six-party talks agreement was put together once again north korea promised to abandon or dismantle the nuclear program. all times japan and the united states promised to support north korea. north korea have used the those talks to further develop the program and missiles. so north korean dialogue for dialogue is meaning less, that's
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our experience. now is the time to further put prerbg you're on north korea. in that sense the saeufrbgs as tkpraoed in the united nations resolution must firmly implement the sanctions. we have decided to cut back 30% of oil as well as other petroleum products exported to north korea. as winter comes on this will be quite effective on north korea. since the united nations security council resident rouges has been adopted unanimously with support of china and russia. all countries needing to further implement the resolution will be important. >> you and your party won a landslide victory here. part that had was on a platform of national security. do you envision changing your paspasspassivisit constitution e
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nine -- >> the party policy the amendment of the constitution not to have offensive capabilities for japan. that is not the reason why we're putting forth such a policy now. in the election campaign this time we have put the ammendmentment of the constitution as the main issue. we have did i deleaniated four points and won the election consequent ly we promised to amend the article nine of the constitution to mention the presence of the self defense force in the constitution. that's what we have put forward to the japanese people. the purpose was to put an end to the debate that the self defense force is in violation of our constitution. in any case to amend the constitution we need a two-thirds vote in the upper and lower houses. then on top of that we have to go through the national
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referendum ultimately. first we need to dope en our debate in the national diet. >> bret: there are logistics to get that done, short of that happening should the u.s., do you believe, try to shoot down the next missile that nows over japan? do you believe the u.s. has the capabilities to do that? >> we are witnessing very solid bonds between japan and u.s. based on our alliance and in accordance with the japan u.s. security. the united states has a duty to defend japan if and when japan is under attack. ubd this alliance when anna tack is made on japan, japan and the united states will work closely together to respond to threats. we have confirmed this. it's a fact that north korea is going ahead to develop the missiles. japan and u.s. should join forces to work closely to protect the peace and security for japan and the whole region. our missile defense technology
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has attained a very high level. >> are you worried about kim john upbg? >kimjong-un? >> what is the stance -- myself and the world watch it keenly. north korea has dill dependent people and has rich natural resources. as long as they take the right policy i'm sure the north korean people will enjoy a better life. what we are doing now the international community has applied pressure on north korea to change their policy. we would like to have north korea come to us to say they will change their policy and engage in a dialogue. >> bret: last thing, where do you see the future of u.s. and japan on the economy? what tatangible things came outs
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visit for both countries. >> by lateral economic positions is something we should both benefit. from now japanese companies investing in the united states have greated 850,000 jobs directly. the automotive industry and selling the japanese cars and related jobs as well over all they have created 1.5 jocks in n the united states. the outstanding development of this is only next to the united king dong. about $24.1 billion. those american workers working for japanese companies enjoy lie level of income. wage level of $81,000. even this year after the trump administration started 17,000 jobs have been created by japanese companies this. is number one among all foreign
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countries. the asia pacific region is to be the growth center of the world. what is important is to have a free and fare economic region. it's important to have the dialogue between the two countries. what is very important is within this region of japan and the u.s. together to build fro and economic investment rules, resulting in benefits for the united states and japan and conducive to sustained growth in the region. in that sense the inclusive dialogue that i have mentioned between our deputy prime minister and your vice president pence, the economic development will see concrete results. >> bret: sounds like more golf rounds ahead. thank you, mr. prime minister. >> thank you, very much. >> bret: for more on the president's trip to asia and his relationship with allies let's turn to bret hume.
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your thoughts? >> i think it's a very important trip. easley the most important the president has taken so far. the president seems to behave differently on a world stage then he does back home. the disputes he gets no and the twitter wars are set aside in favor of his desire to build better relationships a broad. he certainly has done that with prime minister abe and assistance of their golf games. they're met with snacker i withe united states. and the chinese leader. it does seem, bret, the trade issues that unite and or divide the countries on the trip are set aside in priority to some extent and priority for security issues.
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principally north korea and prime minister abe's reacts were interesting to hear. >> bret: yes, for all of the troubles as you mentioned that president trump has at home. the russian investigation continues. low approval ratings, grove in media coverage. you don't see it over here. you see a different level of respect not only for the presidency but president trump in how he operates different from any president before. >> that's true, bret. it's probably worth noting in the case of prime minister abe, mentionpugh in the discussion with you, the security pact that we have with japan. when you look at the world from the point of view of tokyo looking at the united states with threats in the region potentially growing and others arising to follow them, naturally he would like to look
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at the united states and say i have a strong friend and partner there. for purposes of fulfilling at tkpraoeplt. you heard what he said about missile defense. he certainly seems like he would like it very much if a missile was on the way to japan for the united states to shoot it down or the united states to do so. out it had these needs may arise stronger relationships that otherwise exist. i think the president when he's outside of the united states he has strong political instincts to guide his behavior. he gets treated with respect around the world. he likes that. he has in securities. he doesn't have them bruised by what goes on. he behaviors, as i mentioned he behaves differently. he is serious and doesn't know everything about the world. his behavior is different,
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marketly so i think. >> bret: yes. thank you, brit. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: when we return to seoul, south korea, a small texas community in mourning here in the town that has taken this amazing and horrific event over the weekend. 26 people killed. that story when we come come back.
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meet grant. his family. his steinway, which met a burst pipe. so grant met his insurance: you are caller number 12. which didn't quite cover the steinway. but what if he'd met pure insurance? owned by members. he'd have met: lisa, your member advocate. who'd introduce him to gustav, a temporary address, and help him get tickets to the mozart festival. excuse me, grant likes beethoven! uh, the beethoven festival. pure. love your insurance. >> bret: welcome back to seoul, south korea. in the united states much of the attention is on texas. among those killed, eight members of one family including
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a pregnant mother of five. throw generation of family members lives horrifically taken by a 26-year-old man with a history of violence. vice president mike pence will visit texas on wednesday. first we look at some of the heroes rising from this horrific act. >> citizens are praised for springing into action and potentially saving lives. an eye dent tide neighbor heard the gun shots, grabbed a rifle and engaged with kelly. he chased kelly and flagged down johnny langdorf. they chased the shoot eras he fled in the suv. >> i was at a intersection. i saw the fire fight between the shooter of the church and a neighbor, a resident here in town. after the fire fight the shooter took off and the neighbor came
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over, jumped in my truck and said he shot up the church. he said we have to get him. i said let's g that's what we tkeufrpblgs authorities say kelly led a trouble life. he was discharged for beating his wife and step child from, the airforce. he sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law who went to the church. >> we know during the pursuit he used his cellphone to notify his father he was shot and didn't think woe make it. subsequently he shot himself. we know he expressed anger towards his mother-in-law who attends this church. >> many questions remain why kelly killed so many innocent people. the swift action of two brave texas men likely ended his rampage before he could kill more. >> did i what i did, because it was the right thing to do. i hope families and everyone affectpugh in this community, i
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hope they are able to sleep a little better at night knowing that this man is dead and won't hurt anyone else. it doesn't bring complete justice but it does bring a conclusion -- >> tonight 15 victims including minors are being treated in a local hospital. some in critical condition. we have learned the airforce did not submit the records of the church shooter to thement a gone making it possibly easier for him to purchase a gun in 2016 and 2017. >> thank you, up next life styles of the rich and famous. big names caught up in the so called paradise papers that show investment ties between russia and a member of the president's cabinet. first coverage across the country.
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fox 41, senator ran paul is recovering from five broken ribs after being a soughted at his home. it's unclear when he return to work due to pain from the injuries. his neighbor was arrested for the a saufplt his lawyer said the dispute was not over politics but one that would regard as trivial. he did not elaborate. fox 27 in columbus ohio, where children advocates say the state's opiod crisis is affecting the state as children are removed from homes of drug a addicted parents. and a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. the big story there anthony weiner is behind bars. the former democratic congressman surrendered to officers this afternoon for
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serving his sentence of inappropriate texting with a underaged girl. we are way out side of the beltway. we will be right back.
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>> bret: welcome back to seoul, south korea. we continue to cover the president's trip to the region. bob menendez says he's feeling confident followings closing arguments in his corruption trial. he thinks the government floundered it's closing statements. he looks forward to a not guilty verdict in the case. attorneys spent nearly three hours on a closing statement. prosecutors characterized her en december as a personal senator to his wealthy friend. a worldwide investigation offers a tphreupl s how the rich and
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famous invest money and hide assets. among the bold faced names. queen elizabeth, bono, and president trump's commerce secretary who has investment ties to vladimir putin's inner circle. we look through the labyrinth known as the paradise papers. >> putin waitpugh in his residence outside of moscow to see. last month putin applauded a new concert hall in st. petersburg. these men and putin's son-in-law are the owners or shareholders in a moscow based energy firm. a marshall island shipping firm whose stake ho*eldz holders include wilber ross.
3:31 pm
the disclosures are in 13 million paeubgz of leaked documents of off shore financial firms. published worldwide as the paradise papers. they show queen elizabeth invested ten million pounds off shore now stir today bankrupt lender. meanwhile bono. >> i didn't make my name is mathematics. >> recordedly working with a company purchasing a mall in lithuania under investigation. it's said all the arrangements are legal. >> there are questions whether america's top economic representative dealing with foreign countries should have a financial stake in a company making money from putin cronies. >> in the case of secretary ross whose cabinet agency implements sanctions they claim their stake in navigator disclosing three
3:32 pm
different places was not such kwr-pbt see advertised. >> this was not then sanctioned, is not now sanctioned, and never was sanctions between. >> there ought to be hearings. if he fails to put forth a compelling explanation he ought to resign. >> except for a spokes person agrees ross disclosed his navigator stake and asked ross to follow the ad voice of his department's ethic offers if they determine any conflict. bret. >> bret: james, thank you. voters in virginia head to the poles tuesday to vote for th* next governor. a new fox news poll shows democratic with a narrow lead, over gillespie. we report whether democrats can hold the state if republicans pull off another upset there.
3:33 pm
>> the old dominion maybe looking for a new direction. >> this is the most important governor election in our lifetime. >> ed gillespie could pull off awe upset tomorrow in a commonwealth going for clinton last year. gillespie never complained with trump. >> they can't hold virginia in this environment, you know maybe, maybe you provide a road map for republican candidates in the states to not run away from trump necessarily but keep him as arm's length. >> gillespie seems to have united the group and they think they will send him to rich phopbtd. today gillespie says if he wins he will partner with the president who endorsed him. >> goner has done his best to
3:34 pm
make trump a liability for gillespie. >> we watched the campaign in 2016. embarrassing for this country based on hatred and bigotry and discrimination ask fear. >> likely voters say the most important issues to them are the economy and healthcare. still a group backing northrom tried to bring racial tensions front and center. >> since tkpweup espy ran ads calling northrum weak on gangs they ceo this violent truck ad is fare. >> when you hit the bully back and they croy it's crocodile tears to me. the challenge for gillespie is convincing republicans to vote republicans. >> our suburban republican leaning voters voting for gill
3:35 pm
he is poe when they weren't willing to vote for trump last time. >> trump is pitching in tweeting this afternoon. he thinks the economy in virginia is terrible under democratic rule. gillespie has to overcome history to win here tomorrow. voters from virginia have voted in a governor from the op skit party in nine of the last ten elections, bret. >> live from virginia, peter, thank you. stay here on fox news channel. we will follow the results of the election. the virginia gubernatorial race. the race we talked about and the new jersey governor race here on fox news channel. the markets today, a record high on wallstreet for all three major groups.
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>> bret: next a big shake up in saudi arabia. the crown prince oversees the arrest of dozens including one of the world's richest men.
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>> bret: president trump is expressing confidence tonight as he continues a round up of rifles. the president tweeting a short time ago "i have great confidence in the crown prince of saudi a rape ya and king salman. they know exactly what they're doing. some those they are harshly treating have been milking their country for years ." we have more tonight. >> king salman arrested dozen of
3:40 pm
senior saudi royals and officials. he said the purge was needed to stomp out corruption. >> every person engaged in corruption regardless of their status will be held accountable. >> among the dozens of princes, milling teary officers, and top officials arrested was prince -- one of the world's richest men. he is a major player on wallstreet and investor in citibank, apple and parent company of fox news, 21st century fox. the arrest of so many senior saudi officials have raged suspicions. the purge wasn't just about tackling co uplgs but removing adversaries as well. >> he has gone after people that can under cut him politically and have the financial resources
3:41 pm
of alternative power centers. think he is also sending a message that no one is beyond his reach. >> salman has tried to craft a look at a reformer. he's counting as a valuable ally to president trump. -- intensifying the regional conflict with iran which this weekend escalated even further after a missile landed near theor the airport. >> we see this as an act of war. they can't lob missiles to us and not expect us to react. >> they report this as phase one of their crack down and promise to deliver evidence -- >> conner powell, thank you.
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next up the all-star panel weighs in on the president's trip to asia so far. first beyond the bordered tonight. the president is already out of jail and already criticizing spain. he tweet today that the country strays far from democratic practices. the former leader is in belgium fighting extradition to spain along with four other allies. diplomats and activists are gathering in germany on the paris accord. the talks are the first major global conference since president trump announced they will pull out of the accord unless they can secure a better deal. jim matis is in finland to moat with nato allies. he says the key to keeping isis from rising again is getting the peace process on track.
3:43 pm
he says the u.s. is working to resolve conflicts with russia in the increasingly crowded skies over iraq and the border. these are some of the other stories beyond our boarders tonight. we will be back with the panel here to seoul, south korea.
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3:47 pm
japan? do you believe that the u.s. has the capability to do that? >> the united states has a duty to defend japan if and when japan is under attack. >> bret: here in seoul south korea the president's trip continues. looking at the map. starting in japan. here to seoul and onto beijing, china, skwraoet nam, and the philippines. what about this trip and how it's all coming together. let's bring in our panel. okay. the importance of this trip and what do you think the president is trying to come away from the trip with? >> well, the trip is really important. the region is the most important relationship the u.s. has in the world now. the biggest challenges. think the president wants to come out with new wins on trade,
3:48 pm
if he can. new investments, countries that are going to buy our weapons. over arching and more important then that if he can make progress on the north korea situation. he says the e.r.a. of strategic patience is over. the administration has said that before. we're not quite sure what will replace that but for tougher sanctions. we don't know if tougher sanctions budge thing in corians to give up nuclear weapons which they believe is the key to their survival, the survival of the regime. >> >> bret: jonah, there is a sense here meeting with the japanese prime minister and officials, there is a fear that u.s. will act militarily and it will change the entire region. they want to get north korea to the table, there is a skittishness what had will happen in coming weeks. >> yes. think donald trump's point about
3:49 pm
the weak rhetoric of the last 25 years is a good one. think a better would be weak policy. we have had fairly predict ablg policy for 25 years. i don't like the way donald trump talked about some of these things. he has inherited a problem not causing a problem. predictability from the united states maybe a good thing. better to have a little unpredictability then predictable erosion of the national interest which is what we have had with regard to north korea for a long time. >> bret: yes. >> this is a five-country trip. the first throw countries tell us most what had we need to know. that is where things are most significant. each of the first three countries are going to get a different response from the president, i think. you know one of the things that is interesting, showing clearly in your interview with the prime
3:50 pm
minister abe, this genuine friendship that president trump has with the prime minister. they meet and speak terrifically. trump has followed japan's lead with north korea. meeting with the victim families of the north koran kidnapping. south korea shows more attempt to reach out to china and north korea. they need to understand we have their back and will have that conversation. when we get to china it's much more emphasis on the need nor china to step up and handle the situation in north korea. letting them be clear about what means we will use to help them see that's in their best interest. >> you looked at previous administrations and the way they handle foreign policy. you think is this different from what is happening now?
3:51 pm
take a look at madeline al bright talk about the u.s. as a dispensable nation. >> what i'm worried about is we're about to be the dispense i believe nation where nobody thinks we do have a roll to play. i would hope that the president, the current one, would in fact understand what he's trying to accomplish requires the united states to be engaged in a respectful way and stop tweeting. > >> bret: i guess the question is has the dynamic changed? has the -- this relationship with abe and trump couldn't be closer. >> it couldn't be closer. i think the trickier relationships are south korea and china. it's hard to see the leverage donald trump has with china. he has given them a stronger hand getting out of ttp. that's something china wanted the united states to do.
3:52 pm
he did. he hasn't gotten china to put on the crimping sanctions he would like on north korea. they have done a few things but haven't really turned the screws enough to make north korea reconsider it's position. i think that the question that people have in the region is what is the united states' plan. being unpredictable is fine if you have a strategy behind that. we don't know what the strategy is. you know, he says the patience is over. he will destroy north korea if they continue to make nuclear tests. they have continued to do it. so far the tougher rhetoric of president trump hasn't changed anything in north korea's behavior. >> bret: let me push whack a bit here. you have the addition of rocket man in the united nations speech. the sound bite everyone took. he has talked about it numerous
3:53 pm
times. since then china has moved off the ball as far as financing. could they do more, yes. people here say they have seen more movement then the past two administrations. >> i think that's right. the pressure -- history of pressuring china is when we pay attention they play ball. when we're distracted by someone else. it's true under obama, bush, and khreupclinton. they stop putting the pressure. i would like to see the reunification of the peninsula. to me a good plan b should be china's problem. the united states should make it clear it's china's problem. we know north korea can't be an honest broker with the united states. hasn't been for 25 years. rocket man is not a reliable partner. china can be. that requires enormous phaoubt
3:54 pm
of pressure to take ownership of north korea. so far there have been stepped in the right direction there. this is a long term serious state craft. we will see if this administration or any other administration can pull it off. >> let me mention this other form of diplomacy the president is working on here. the economic diplomacy. he talked about at the state dinner what he's looking for. >> i have enjoyed every minute of it even though he's a tough negotiator. right now our trade with gentleman pab is not free, it's not resip owe cal. i know it will be. i have to say for the last many decades japan has been winning. you do know. that try building your cars in the united states instead of shipping them over. is that pos ublg to ask? it's not rude. is that rude? i don't think so.
3:55 pm
>> so, he's doughing it a little different from other leaders. >> there is nothing that says that if we have free trade a tkproeplt they must be permanent. it's fine to retpherb orb yate and make sure it's working out for this country's best interest. economic diplomacy is a great movement in this region. getting out of the partnership was a unwise move and better means to work with the countries. there is more to be done with china. they have benefited from the global economy. they're not really a global player matching how much they have benefited from this. this a great approach. >> yes, b. what will he do -- i wonder what is the leverage? what is the stick that donald trump is saying that he will use? he is asking them to build more
3:56 pm
cars in the u.s. they build some. what if they don't? >> in china there are things to do. many american companies are based there. there is leverage there. china doesn't want to lose their american investments. >> bret: panel, thank you. we will look at the leverage the president uses over his trip. thank you for the delay. a delay back and forth. when we come back a look ahead to the president's trip in south korea and where we're going next.
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♪ >> bret: welcome back to seoul, south korea. we have a busy agenda ahead. tomorrow on special report we are going to take the show to the dmz, the tension-filled demilitarized zone and between south and north korea.
4:00 pm
also an interview with the head of the pacific about the issues here. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for the special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. now we can turn it over to my colleague, martha maccallum with "the story." we will see you from seoul, south korea. >> martha: we take you directly to texas, where the sheriff has a new briefing and new information tonight on the church shooting over the weekend. let's listen in. >> thoughts and prayers, they are very much welcome and very much needed in these troubling times. the texas rangers, dps personnel, the fbi, atf and the sheriff's office, and several other agencies continue to work over the past few days. i like to mention something about the unified command. there are many, many agencies involved in this investigation, and if we are unified as one team with one mission, and in my opinion, this


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