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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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for hillary clinton. whoa!!! good night from washington. hannity is next from new york. sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> all right. tucker great. it will take much longer than an hour but we'll try. we have more proof that when it comes to the clinton scandals the fix is always in. this is an all-out battle that is playing out between donna brazil and the democrats and the media after she revealed that she stole the nomination from bernie sanders. all unfolding tonight. you go straight to hell. also the hill's john solomon is reporting that an early draft of
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the former fbi director comey -- accused her of gross negligence. by definition she broke the law but he changed it. in other words the fix was in here. the clintons rig everything. and disturbing information about the fusion gps. remember they used fake news and russian lies and propaganda all to slander donald trump. now asking for records of alleged payments to journalists plus another high ranking democrat is forced to admit that she is seeing no evidence z off a year of trump russian collusion. maybe it's time to give it up and also it was the worse mass shooting in texas history. sadly 16 -- 26 people killed. that and much more in tonight's
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breaking news monologue. we're going to explain how the fix was in when every single scandal involving the clintons. everything that you need to know when it comes to america's most corrupt political family. hillary clinton rigged it democratic primary to stop bernie sanders. she robbed him blind. the fix was in. hillary clinton actually collided with russia by paying millions of millions of dollars for the fake news dossier. the russian collusion to smear donald trump. the fix was in. destroyed some of them by using
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acid wash and even taking a hammer to blackberries. bill clinton met with loretta lynch for 40 minutes only days before comey's decision all they talked about was their grandkids. the fix was in. and the you you you are rang yue deal. and also the massive plot that the fbi uncovered one year before that deal was approved which includes bribery, extortion, money laundering, kickbacks, racketeering. key members of the obama administration knew this was happening. yet they decided to give 20% of
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america's uranium to russia and to putin. the fix was in. even lindsey graham is now calling for a special council. actually two special councils. all of these prove that the clintons believe they are above the law and they are protected by the democrats and a colliding media. but one is calling them out. donna brazil continues to expos this political machine on a level nobody ever knew existed. hillary, rigged, stole the democratic primary, stole the democratic nomination and donna brazil is continuing to tell her story. entitled inside hillary clinton's secret take over of the dnc and she found evidence, "hillary rigged the dnc."
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she also revealed that there was a secret agreement between the clinton campaign and the dnc. it gave hillary clinton and her campaign total control of the dnc's finances, strategy, personnel decision and beta and mailings. think about this for a minute. hillary clinton former first lady of arkansas and the united states. former senator stole the primary election. you were cheated. everybody. she sold you out. there are also new parts of donna brazil's book like she tried to replaces hillary clinton with y'all keep whipping me and you never give me any money or any
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way to do my job. i'm not going to be your whipping girl. predict callly democrats are lashing out at donna brazil for telling the truth. watch this. >> i think everybody who cut that the dnc has the power to riggan election. when i was the chair what we did didn't influence 10 votes. i find it hard to believe that anyone can find anything. >> i have great respect for donna. she has done a lot for the democratic party. the charge that hillary clinton was incapacitated is ludicrous. i don't know what donna fell for. when i hear the word rig, let's be very clear. hillary clinton won the democratic primary by 4 million votes. the democratic national committee does not run elections
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for you primaries. >> i would hope that there is another side to this story but that again is neither here or there, it's almost a waste of time. >> listen to donna brazil one more time. >> nobody cares what she has said in the book. >> you don't think anybody cares about her story? nobody cares. >> really governor. nobody cares she stole an election. you know and i know that is a lie and the liberal mainstream media, the same people that collided with hillary clinton the same people that are an extension of the democratic national committee and their talking points every day and they are a bunch of sheep that apologize for the democrats. well now watch this. >> to go back over this now when they are trying to win congressional races and seems to be beyond counter productive. >> i've got e-mails from
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democrats saying they feel betrayed by all of this. >> my issue is that she has been wrong. if i had done half of the things that she admits to i'm not sure i would be telling folks. >> brazil is signaling is she is not going to be avalanched. watch this. >> george for those telling me to shut up you know what i tell them, go to hell. i'm going to tell my story. >> good for her. also a smoking bomb shell report. an early draft of james comey's announcement by the clinton e-mail investigation actually accused hillary of being grossly negligent. understand those words are precise and specific. the exact standard which means she broke the law and john solomon obtained a copy of a letter that senator chuck
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grassily that contains the key sentence -- there is evidence to support a conclusion that secretary clinton and others used the private e-mail server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified information and material and another part of the memo said, "similarly the sheer volume of information that was classified that is including the up classified e-mails supports the inference that the participants were grossly negligent in their handling of that information. those words are key. they were later then edited out and replaced with the term extremely careless. even though he explained that clinton had secret top secret special access to classified information on an e-mail server stored in the basement of a mom-and-pop shop which by the way we now know five agencies
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were able to hack in to. and three other people were involved in helping draft and thenned it out of the legal realm comey's statement about clinton. they are deputy director andrew mccabe. -- he has been unfire. terry mccullough had deep ties to the clintons. donated half a million dollars to the state senate campaign of his wife jill. this is unheard of. and late last week we learned from judicial watch that andrew mccabe did not recuse himself from the clinton server investigation until just days before the election. there is also more tonight. the fbi general council james baker was also involved. investigative reporter eric
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carter reported that baker was being investigated for leaking classified information to the press and the third person was his former chief of staff. john solomon's report also notes that it was not clear who recommended making the crucial change in wording but that the senate will likely demand the answers. good. it's about time. we've been saying for over a year comey, the obama justice department were protecting hillary clinton for laws she broke that we would be put in jail for. comey's original news conscious never made any sense because he explained how clinton broke the law but then stopped short of recommending charges by claiming she was extremely careless instead of grossly negligent. take a look. it's a list that our friend and colleague gregg jarrett put together for us tonight.
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showing the laws that clinton violated. we would go to jail for this. comey top fbi officials knew clinton engagedded in criminal conduct. but then something happened. the million dollar question. and one other thing. remember comey made a decision well before he ever talked to the main people involved. he had already concluded what the outcome would be. he refused to testify or did testify under oath that loretta lynch remember she pressured comey to call the investigation which was an investigation a matter and then he complied and we also know that comey decided to not recommend charges against clinton months before interviewing the key witnesses in the case including hillary. that is why in addition to congress the department of justice needs to open an investigation into how the fbi
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and the obama administration hand the clinton case where obvious law breaking took place. we cannot have a two tiered justice -- >> this is a fox news alert. you're watching live pictures from soul, south korea where we're moments away from an arrival ceremony for president trump. we saw the president enter his motorcade ahead to the blue house which is the official home and official workplace for the south korean president. you can see people on the streets there in soul flags waving as they prepare for the president's motorcade to come through. they arrived in south korea a couple of hours ago meeting with the u.s. and south korean troops
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and now he is scheduled to speak one-on-one. north korea of course is expected to top the agenda. now before arriving in south korea president trump in a tweet called president moon a fine again the man. and said that the two would figure it all out. mr. trump is working to rally. 7 on monday the president struck a hard line against north korea's nuclear weapon's program and urged japan to do the same thing. president trump said, "the era of strategic patience is over. some say my rhetoric is very strong but look at what has happened with rhetoric for the last 25 years.
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now we have joining us on the phone for more insight and importance of the president's trip is gordon chang. gordon, mice to have you with us. as we're watching the president's motorcade can you talk about what expect to come from this meeting from president trump and south korea's president moon. >> there are three contentious issues. one is trade. north korea is the second one and the united states and south korea now have 30 different attitudes about this. president trump wants to cut off the flow of money to north korea. president moon wants to support north korea with at least aid because he believes the two
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korea's can work it out. and the third is last tuesday they issued a joint statement apparently president moon gave the chinese three secret assurances. two of which relate to missile defense would jeopardize american forces in the region by south korea not participating with the united states. i think president trump needs to have a very harsh conversation with president moon and get moon to renounce those assurances because if he does. the u.s. forces are not going to be able to defend themselves to the extent that they can. >> we just deployed the missile system to south korea which was very much opposed by the local residents there in south korea. so don't you think we've seen some progress when it comes to
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the collaboration and the working together on the defense issues? >> yes. the missile defense system was authorized by president moon's predecessor. president moon tried to block it but because of so much public pressure in south korea he had to go forward. now one of those three seen secret a assurances that is there would be no more bad batteries inside of south korea. we need more than just the one that is already deployed. the second as they are called the three nos now is that south korea would not participate in ballistic missile defense and that south korea would not join a trilateral alliance with japan and the united states. and that is what we're concerned about. >> gordon you mentioned that the president you said needs to have a pretty harsh conversations
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with president moon. there is definitely a difference that we've seen president trump build with prime minister. how do you expect the relationship to develop? >> i think that this is going to be a continuing struggle. president moon is the most pro china -- that south korea has. he believes south korea should have balanced diplomacy. that is essentially putting south korea in the middle of china and the united states moving away from washington closer to beijing and beijings arming and supporting north korea. so for many americans this seems to be an in comprehensible policy especially from an alley where we're pledged to defend
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our troops on the peninsula and we have forces in the region to back them up. so the united states is putting its security on the line to defend south korea. south korea should reciprocate and that is going to be a continuing struggle. president trump has done a good job in boxing him in but this is a day by day contest between washington and seoul. >> it was considered a success. i want to mention that we're watching the parade as the president's motorcade enters just went through the gate towards the blue house again. that is south korea president official residence and workplace. and we're watching as that motorcade is entering and as the parades are taking place. this welcome ceremony. as the president is getting
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closer to the blew house we've seen kim jung -- we see things like missile launches and test. i want to get your take on what do we expect from north korea while this visit is taking place. >> it would not be impossible. first to launch a missile while president trump is in south korea. there have been reports in the last four our five days that north korea is moving missiles. they could be doing that just as a head fake but also in preparation for a real launch. there has not been a launch since september 15th. there was a lull. that was probably related to china's come news party, the north koreans for a number of
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reasons did not want to upset the chinese but now that president trump is in south korea they very well may start to resume the missile tests. >> and that is one thing that we will be watching. i am also going to bring in scott schneider who's a senior fellow of studies. scott, do i have you with me. >> yes. i'm here. >> i want the get your take. south koreaian intelligence -- has detected what could be another missile -- launch. how do you think president trump would respond if he would make a provocative action while this trip is taking place while the president is there in south korea. >> i agree with gordon that
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there is a possibility of some kind of demonstration by north korea in the form of a short range missile test and i think that president trump has already indicated that during his stop in japan that he feels that his restore call focus on north korea and his stepping up to the pressure is working and so i think that it is entirely plausible that he would continue that rhetorical focus on kim jung -- >> and now we're seeing the president's motorcade arrive at the blue house. we see lots of people there standing and celebrating as the president is arriving there to visit with the president of south korea. also first lady milan ya trump will be there as well.
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as well as his first lady and they will be involved in both the buy lot recall conversation -- bilateral conversation and walking around of the grounds and having tea. how do you expect the president to respond if there is a provocative action by north korea as he is visiting this trip. he has promised fire and fury in the past. >> i agree with scott. i think there will be a rhetorical flourish but i don't expect anything else. president trump has had a pretty persistent campaign of cutting off money to north korea and this is started in early spring. especially continued with the september 21 executive order which is quite strict. and we're starting to hear rumors that it is working. lower level officials are not
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getting rations according to one unconfirmed report. that is quite stark because officials in pyongyang are for the favored class and have always been protected. so my sense is that we'll hear president trump if there is i approve indication president trump will say something. but probably won't change the over-all direction of what he is doing and that strangulation campaign is very effective. >> what do you think needs to happen with the conversation between president trump and president moon? >> well it's very important for the two leaders to be on the same page and i know that gordon has spoke about this earlier. the biggest gap between president moon and president trump is really over south
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korean concern about premature use of military force. it is true that obviously president moon and his country they are in the firing line for any retaliation. it's natural that the south koreaians want to make sure that every alternative option has been exhausted before we get to the military option. so i think that is a potential point of difference between president moon and president trump. the america first idea i think were an alley on the front line like president moon is one that contains a bit of an edge. i also want to say that i think gordon's dedescription of where south korea's relationship with china is a little bit over stated although there is ambiguity.
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the south korean government did preconsult on these issues with the united states. there are risk related to this idea of balanced diplomacy but the bottom line is that the south korean president has no choice but to be a pragmatist. >> and i want to take a pause so we can listen as the president and his party is being honored with the playing of the national anthem. ♪ kim jong-un ♪
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♪ the president arrives. the president and the south korean leader will be sitting down to have a -- bilateral conversation. the president was visiting with troops at camp humphries speck to both u.s. and south korean troops. he did speak while he was at camp hum reese. i want to take a listen to what he had to say. >> thank you very much. i just want to thank general brooks. he is working with us so hard on the situation with south korea.
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terrific people. i said to him i want to eat with the troops and we ate with the troops. i tell you they've done a terrific job. very impressive and we have a very strong schedule today and actually for the next nine days. we just got back from japan where we had a very successful two days. today will be pretty busy and tomorrow also and then we head to china and i look forward to that. with great cooperation we have a terrific meeting scheduled on trade in a little while with president moon and -- we will hopefully that will start working out and will lead to lots of jobs in the united states which is one of the important reasons i'm here.
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in addition to that we will be meeting with various generals about the situation in north korea. and i think. [ inaudible ] and ultimately it will all work out as it always works out. it has to work out. i want to thank you all for being here. we will see you in a little while and about 4:30 we will be separately meeting with you. i hope you had a good flight here. many of you were on the flight with me so i know it was pretty good and i think you're probably just as impressed as i am. this is a very impressive group of people beyond facilities, people, very impressive people so general, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> and now we're seeing live pictures again of the president at the blue house with president
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moon of south korea involved in the ceremony. this is the welcome ceremony. the president will sign a guest book before their bilateral meeting. the president mentioned the issue of trade when he was speaking at camp humphreys. where south korea has been a point of contention. in the past he threatened during the campaign to basically rip up the trade agreement that the u.s. has with south korea. during his campaign he said it destroyed 100,000 jobs in the auto industry. calling it catastrophic. how much focus do you think this conversation will be on trade? >> i think there will be substantial focus because -- since the trade agreement a
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deficit has ballooned. we've been selling more services during that period but over-all the definition has increased but the real issue is a company called qualcomm. because -- [ inaudible ] of slapping a $912 million fine on qualcomm. one can argue about the technical aspects of the merits of the case but for many people qualcomm was denied -- [ inaudible ] and if indeed that is the case i think president trump should. [ inaudible ] to president moon about the reversal of the penalties on qualcomm. a number of companies in the united states have complained about the bureaucratic treatment
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in south korea and so therefore this is a pervasive issue. >> gordon, i want to go to you on the issue of trade. what are your thoughts on how you think the conversation might go. robert lighthouser is on the trip with him so he is clearly serious about discussing trade with south korea. >> yeah. this is scott schneider. i think that the main thing that we're going to see on trades during this trip on the presidential level is an effort by president trump to continue to have the south koreans address the u.s. deficit with south korea. i think he is probably going to press on procurement issues and he will also i think deliver pressure on the south korea president to find other products to buy actually energy is one
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area where the u.s. might where south korea might be able to make additional purchases that would help to close the definition. >> so gordon, as they walk into the blue house the president and south korean's president moon moving closer to the blue house. they've been involved in a welcoming ceremony. what do you think will be the difference between what is spoke about privately and publicly in the press conference that follows? >> i think there will be an enormous gap. president trump has effectively boxed in moon preventing moon from doing what he would like to do. moon ran on a campaign of moving south korea closer to north korea and he has not been able
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to do that. part is because north korea an leader kim jong-un has engaged in provocative behavior. and also because of some diplomacy on the part of president trump. those are pretty contentious and it will be contentious across the board as i believe they should be. because i don't think that south korea is a good alley in this particular time. there is just a number of fundamental issue that's need to be resolved. >> and now we're seeing president trump enter the blue house. he is sitting down to sign a guest book. scott, i do want to go over to you on what gordon just said. gordon said there will be a pretty contentious conversation in private. what are your thoughts on what
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will be said publicly versus privately between president trump and president moon? >> i think -- i agree in part with gordon but this president comes from a centered left background in south korea. but he also is constrained by south korean public opinion and the fact this his party is the minority in south korea's national assembly and so there are additional factors that hem president moon in beyond what gordon has mentioned. really the main issue i think is going to be the question of i think president moon wants assurances that the u.s. is not going to prematurely take military action against north korea. they want to see cooperation on sanctions and all alternative
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options exhausted before it comes to military action. because of seoul that is in the trigger site. >> the president is scheduled to speak with the national assembly tomorrow. do you think it will reflect what is said in this bilateral meeting that he is having? >> i'm sure that president trump will go through the issues of contention. i think the language will be more polite because president trump has been that way but nonetheless i think we're going to see glimpses of the differences between the white house and the blue house it's important for president obama to air those because he knows they do undermine the security and the safety of american troops and although there may have been
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consultation beforehand i've heard many people say there wasn't but if the united states agreed then that is a major fault of american diplomacy. we should not be putting our forces at risk. these are important issues for us and although south korea may have a different view we've got to make our views well-known because we're the ones putting our troops at risk. >> gordon i want to bring this up. japan has said that the u.s. is too focused on north korea and not enough on china. what are your thoughts? >> well there has been a lot of talk about china wanting -- to help us disarm north korea but -- there has been the crucial
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equipment that china has sold north korea. perhaps north korea's most advanced missiles are variants of chinese missiles. china has been supporting the north korea economy and i believe that we need to have a conversation with china that its weaponnation of north korea is unacceptable. that his september 21st executive order that we tell the word you do business with north korea or you do business with the united states. i believe president trump needs to emphasize that and tell them that the united states is willing to enforce that even if it costs the united states because we have an issue that involves the safety of the american people. china has been weaponizing and arming the north koreans and
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that is unacceptable. the united states should act on that because we have not up to now. >> we were looking at pictures as the president was being welcomed at the blue house there in seoul as he prepares to meet with the south korean leader in a private bilateral meeting. these are some more pictures of the welcoming ceremony. they've now entered the blue house. the president has signed a guest book there. scott, i want to go to you on this issue of china. what is your take of how much of a focus china will be on this conversation this bilateral conversation between the south korean leader and president trump. >> well for all of the reasons that gordon has mentioned including this phrase balanced diplomacy -- i do believe this is an important issue for
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president trump and president moon to discuss. you know basically the south korean president is looking for a way to get his relations with china back on track following the party congress and after a prolonged downturn in economic relation as a result of the decision to deploy -- >> i'm sorry i'm going to interrupt you for a moment because we see that the president has sat down with president moon. let's take a listen to see what they are saying. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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[ inaudible ] >> i've heard this past sunday -- [ inaudible ] i believe that -- [ inaudible ] on behalf of the korean government i would like to convey to you mr. president and the american people. [ inaudible ] tomorrow is it is one-year anniversary of
10:42 pm
you're-elected victory. [ inaudible ] and i believe it's been one year that you've been in office and already making great progress -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] thanks to that -- [ inaudible ] also very well. it's good to know that both are doing very well.
10:43 pm
[ inaudible ] and also like to commend you on your efforts in leading international collaboration and unity when it comes to the north korea nuclear issue. i know you've put this issue at the top of your agenda. [ inaudible ] >> i hope that your visit to korea and to the region will serve as an opportunity to relieve some of the anxiety that the korean people have due to north korea's provocation and
10:44 pm
also serve as a turning point in resolving the north korea issue. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> i want to thank you so much for that beautiful ceremony. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] we look forward to having a successful day. the talks will start right now
10:45 pm
and we'll conclude some time tomorrow. [ inaudible ] it's a tremendous honor to be here with you and again i'm -- i very much appreciate the reception. [ inaudible ]
10:46 pm
>> thank you. >> all right. we just heard from president moon of south korea and president trump as they are getting ready to go into the private conversation. their private bilateral meeting that they will be having. president moon expresses condolences for the massacre in texas to president trump. he also commended president trump and said he had been making progress toward making american great again. also on his efforts to put north korea and the efforts with north korea's nuclear program at the top of his list.
10:47 pm
president trump said thank you to president moon for the ceremony. he noticed a lot of south korean flags waving. but he also said that he noted a lot of american flags and expressing an appreciation for that so he was looking forward to the meetings. i want to go back to gordon. what did you make of this conversation that we just saw between president trump and president moon. >> president moon thinks the way to get to president trump's heart is through flattery. especially with the comment about the stock market. people think that president trump can be appealed to because of this. many say the chinese are going to do this on the next stop of the visit. i think president trump has some structural issues both in south korea and china that are going to negate this flattery technique that people have been
10:48 pm
using on our president. >> that will be interesting to see. thank you so much and following the talks between president trump and south korean president moon we will carry that live right here on the fox news channel. starting close to 3:00 a.m. eastern. now back to hannity already in progress. >> hannity: making it about gun control. remember the attack in new york. that was not a gun. take a look. >> i've been talking about limiting magazine capacity. certainly the damage would have diminished greatly had we made small changes to the gun laws we have in effect right now. >> and i think the national discussion has to happen. >> most of us are for haven't supporters of the second
10:49 pm
amendment but proliferation of mass casualty events like this. we must do something. not doing anything and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. >> we're notot in school, we're not safe in church. we're not safe at concerts. >> why the rush to politicize? >> at the end of the day it's the fact that a neighbor got his gun, so many instances where people get guns to protect innocent people. if god forbid you're in a situation where shooting is occurring i've been licensed to carry all of my life i've been carrying a gun and trained since
10:50 pm
it was 11. do you want me in the room next to you? >> for sure. >> we've seen countless deaths with guns over the last few months and years. we have to have a response. and in this situation here we have a man who may have been mentally disturbed. >> hannity: we've learned that itt was an oversight that the military forgot to put his name in the database. we've got to be on our game. >> and people have to answer and hopefully the department of defense is going to answer. >> hannity: do you want me in room? a trained -- some people call our radio show saying what type of gun should i get. and my answer is what do you want to get trained in the safety and use of. >> do you carry a gun? >> i carry a gun.
10:51 pm
my boy scout group trained me in the use of a gun. >> hannity: but the bottom line is we would end school shootings if we had retired police men in the schools. and thef same thing in churches. i know that churches in this day and age have multiple armed guards to protect those people thatee attend these services and they should. >> three things in life are certain, death, taxes and the democrats and antigun movement politicizing the tragedy that we saw in texas. this is not about guns but they race to the microphone or a camera to try to politicize the event to take this out on people. over 150 million people in the united states that own guns that would never do something like this. our system of justice has been
10:52 pm
predicated on punishing those directly involved. the nra is the preeminent organization in the united states that talks about gun safety that talks about keeping guns out of the hands of people that should not have them. they support the kind of legislation but to take this out on the gun itself or law-abiding citizens is just plain wrong. >> hannity: why is your side not understanding what you seem to understand? >> i don't -- >> hannity: my parents had law enforcement connections. they didn't have the guns. i have a fingerprint safe all over my house and you cannot open my safe. but if somebody comes into my house i'm going to protect my family. >> there are over 20 people who lost their lives.
10:53 pm
more than 10 still in icu. we owe those people the truth. there has to be a response from our government to deal with this issue. we cannot just not do anything. >> hannity: but what the left really wants is many ways of disarming law-abiding citizens and this is just a fact. evil starts in the human heart and if you can't get a gun you're going toin use a knife oa car or a truck or a bomb. evil is evil. >> you that is true but this individual -- we have to deal with that issue. that is the next us of where it started with i'm. >> hannity: if the reports are true tonight and the military didn't passion this -- didn't pass this information along that is a mistake. we cannot have these flaws because crazy people will do
10:54 pm
crazy things. >> better recordkeeping might have helped in this case. but the leftist wants to target the gun. i've yet t to see a gun lift i itself up and point it at somebody and fire itself. it doesn't happen. there is a human element here. the nra has talked about it. those two heroes who took the guy down after this event wouldn't have had the tools necessary to do that sort of thing but ofof course the left doesn't want the talk about how guns actually save lives in many more situations than what they take. >> this is not a left or right issue. this is a human decency issue. >> hannity: tell your party. >> this is a life and deathe. issue. >> hannity: you go to church. i cannot fathom that we now have to have armed guards in church,
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in school on every block on every corner. evil is spreading. when we come bakken announcement. more hannity after this. ally "t" talk to your doctor, ally "t" and call 844-234-2424. we35 mules,ur doors with 70 mega-watts, and an ice plant. but we brought power to the people- redefining what that meant from one era to the next. over 90 years later, we continue to build as america's 3rd largest investor in infrastructure. we don't just help power the american dream... we're part of it.
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>> ♪ >> hannity: some good news. i want to thank you all and i mean thank you from the bottom of my heart. the faith based movie let there be light hasve been a massive -- success. we had no help zero from any hollywood studio. it was an independent film. it's been in the top 10 both weeks in ticket sales and get this. it is now the 44th highest grossing christian movie in only two weeks. passion of the christ is obviously number one. we didn't have that budget.
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your writing to me has been beyond w touching and i hope tht if you like it you will tell your friends. that is all the time we have. we will never be the all left trump destroying media. laura ingram is next. who did you use tonight to out book us and make us look bad? >> paul ryan. >> hannity: i had him a couple of weeks ago. >> i had kevin sorba and his wife on radio a couple of days ago. they were so fabulous i'm so excited --o. >> hannity: did you see the movie? >> i have not seen the movie yet. >> hannity: i'll e-mail you the movie. i'll give you the $15. you've pretty big family. i'll give you the $100.


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