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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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tonight from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> i believe it makes sense for north korea to do the right thing not only for you north korea but humanity all over the world. a lot of good reason behind it. we are making a lot of progress. >> the president is doing this trip the right way so far. it has been a very good trip to japan. >> he didn't bring james taylor to sing you've got a friend when he visits japan or south korea because he doesn't have to. >> let's remind the world girls play too. >> we stand behind these people. >> most of the family has fallen
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beyond repair. a few of us that are left behind tragically. >> if you want to use a tragedy to take a law-abiding citizen at second amendment rights that is different altogether. >> this is not about tax cuts for rich people but the middle-class. >> the central theme is middle income americans, supporting them. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox and
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friends" first. and beating america have show of force in asia, our commander-in-chief repping a joint press conference with the country's president before the state dinner, new details on the united front against north korea. >> reporter: very united front in japan, south korea. this is a physically grueling trip for the president. the time difference is extraordinary and we are dealing not only with the nuclear threat, 38 miles from the border, history, different cultures, egos, delicate balances of power and conflicting ideas how to deal with the north korean threat. let's get to the president's comment and a warning to north korea issued from south korea. >> north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action.
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we call on every responsible nation including china and russia to demand the north korean regime end its nuclear weapons and missile programs and live in peace as the south korean people know so well that is time to act with urgency and determination. >> there are three aircraft carriers stationed off the peninsula, donald trump and president moon jae-in were stressing the words of a peaceful resolution to the nuclear problem that has eluded everyone. talks in the past have not been resolved but the push for diplomacy was brought up again today. when donald trump was asked about it insall he didn't want to be drawn on whether he would consider direct talks with north korea but felt he was making progress in terms of ways to push the diplomatic train i had
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to get some effect was a long day in south korea, he visited camp humphreys were 30,000 troops are based and had long meetings with the president. there will be a dinner tonight in which they will discuss more. trade being an important issue on this trip, donald trump saying he wants to boost employment back home, eliminate the big trade deficits that exist with different asian countries and talking about selling military hardware to japan and south korea to help them boost their defensive capabilities. heather: a strong message to our enemies and allies. mike huckabee says it is a welcome change from the last eight years. >> he didn't bring james taylor to sing you've got a friend, japan or south korea, he doesn't
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have to. he is showing the us is the friends, the friend that will stand against north korea and china. that is not a message that is commonly heard by north korea or china, during the eight years of the obama administration. most of the time we were issuing apologies and backpedaling. this is a strategically important trip. the message is not just to the north koreans, the message is to our friends, we are with you but also to those either direct adversaries or those that could be, china, north korea and say don't mess with us, donald trump is saying i have a big boot and i will put it in your but if you mess with the united states. >> for those who may have forgotten governor huckabee was referring to when john kerry decided to send james taylor to france to sing you've got a friend after the horrific
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killings. fox news alert, heroic neighbor who helped take down a texas church shooter breaking his silence as we learn about the gunmen after violent past, his connection to the church and the cash of ammunition found at the scene. adam housley is in sutherland springs, texas with the latest. >> reporter: a lot of information came out as the investigation continues, going on for days and days but only local or federal authorities not only outside but south texas. the air force opening an investigation as to why the information about the conviction of the gunmen was not passed along to the fbi. he was convicted of beating up his ex-wife and cracking the skull of his a infant stepson. that did not get passed along and they want to know why and that is part of this investigation. two weapons were purchased at
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the academy sports location in the san antonio area 30 miles from where we are and both times he passed a background check when he purchased those weapons. that comes as the hero we heard about, stephen wilford who lived across the street, his daughter said he heard gunshots. he basically saved lives by opening fire and engaging the suspect, he spoke to local news for the first time breaking his silence. >> people in that church are friends of mine, families and every time i heard a shot i knew that probably represented a life. i was scared to death. >> reporter: scared to death but unafraid and shoeless ran out of the house with that rifle and engage the suspect, hitting him twice, once in the arm and once in the leg and flagged down a
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car or a truck driven by johnny langendorf and together they chased the suspect we 10 miles from here, the shooter, not the suspect, the shooter lost control of his car, went into a ditch and took his own life. they met up, one of the many stories here, still 15 people in the hospital recovering from the shooting, the death toll is at 26. heather: the true definition of a hero, clearly shaken up, appreciate your time. he wanted to kill all white police officers at the white house. a texas man is behind bars, cops in maryland say michael oregano's wife picked him up after he stopped taking his medication and wrote a threatening message on facebook. they found and arrested him steps from the white house he faces charges for making felony
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threats. another major security bust when police uncover a man's arsenal of deadly weapons. investigators found a van load of explosives and grenades in upstate new york after his wife kicked him off about him wanting to kill himself, he is a military veteran who suffers ptsd. he was found hiding out in a motel room and faces multiple charges this morning. donald trump's former campaign aides accused of conspiring against the united states will remain on house arrest. paul man is of afort and richard gates must read them is where monitoring devices that can travel locally, pleading not guilty to charges stemming from conspiracy, money laundering and the indictments do not mentioned donald trump or alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election. both men will be back in court next month to discuss a trial date but all eyes on virginia's high-stakes race for governor.
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republican ed gillespie and democrat ralph north from my could have major implications for donald trump's agenda. griff jenkins has more. >> reporter: it will be down to the wire, neck in neck, ralph north room with a lead over republican ed gillespie in a state that went for clinton last year. look at that poll, the chairman did not campaign with donald trump but received his endorsement, the president tweeting yesterday, quote, the state of virginia economy has been terrible. if you vote it gillespie tomorrow it will come roaring back. campaigns with president obama, sought to make donald trump a liability for gillespie. >> we watched the campaign in 2016, one that was embarrassing for this country but also a campaign based on a lot of hatred and bigotry and
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discrimination and fear. >> reporter: voters showed it was healthcare the economy and education at the top. confederate monuments at the bottom. there was a latino victory which may have turned some voters, a pickup truck with a gillespie bumper sticker chasing down minority children. it will come down to turn out and gillespie says he is confident. >> i'm confident, i feel the momentum everywhere we are going. i went everywhere in the past year, in the past week, i can tell you the crowds have been great. >> reporter: history is not a gillespie upside. the last 10 elections the voters picked the candidate opposite the voters party. heather: more democrats calling foul after new emails show how far james comey went to protect hillary clinton. >> it stinks, it is run.
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the democratic party stinks from the head down. strengthens -- a special prosecutor. heather: infighting among democrats reaching a new level. donald from making his first speech by a us president in korea in decades. our next guest breaks down the message he needs to send to north korea. >> you had one hour and 20 minutes sleeping three days. pick it up tonight at 6:00. heather: the you can relate to that if you are up early for this. new evidence sleep deprivation could be just as dangerous as drinking. you got to hear this, go away. ♪ in new orleans ♪
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>> north korea is a worldwide
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threat that requires worldwide action. as we work together to resolve the problem using all tools short of military action the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. heather: donald trump in south korea putting north korea on notice, first presidential address on the peninsula in two decades. joining us by resident of iris independent research, doctor rebecca grant. thanks for joining us. you had a chance to listen to that press conference was what did you take away from it? >> trump is really pumped to be on this trip as commander in chief. he has enjoyed meeting military forces, he is sending a strong message about our military power in the region.
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i don't expect him to draw any redlines which is different from obama. he will not telegraph his next move. he is doing this against a huge backdrop of american military power. heather: they are talking north korea and the threat to their. what message does he need to convey? he is being strong, he was strong in japan when they talked about north korea yesterday. is he being strong? >> he is being strong enough. he has been on a strong message since the beginning, first time he said we were done with strategic patience which is repeating his message, we have the military power, we want to see permanent peace on the korean peninsula. the goal is denuclearization and the us cannot tolerate a nuclear missile armed north korea. trump has said, his cabinet said it and that is the message he is
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conveying. he is continuing to underline a message of diplomacy works in the background. heather: north korea likes to pretend they will not take this rhetoric from trump. something from the north korean news agency, no one can predict when the lunatic old man of the white house's lost senses will start a nuclear war against north korea, the us should not expect us should to make any changes, they are trying to flex their missile. what do you take away from the relationship donald trump has with the president of south korea versus what we saw in japan yesterday and moving forward with world leaders? >> i'm not impressed, the lunatic is in north korea. don't expect changes, they can come up with. what we see is a much improved
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relationship. they put a major issue behind them by going ahead with a full deployment of air defense. that is a big step forward. i see an excellent relationship. military forces had a terrific relationship with general brooks that underlines that relationship, trump scored a win. all eyes on his important speech coming up to the parliament, the first us president bill clinton to address south korea's parliament. he is really showing how to be the top leader in a multi-polar world and taking a strong wave of momentum to china. of these -- heather: what will we see tomorrow in china? >> china will start as a corporate love fest, taking top business leaders with him but
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trump may also address long-range us china issues particularly on china's actions, building military bases in the south china sea. trump once china to keep cooperating, he will also outline not only the trade issues going forward but long-range military issues that need to be solved. heather: thank you. the time is 20 minutes after the hour. he attacked senator rand paul, pummeling him from behind, breaking five of his ribs. the senator's neighbor tells his side of the story. fake news at its finest, the left in an uproar over this video of the president feeding fish. they got it all wrong. carly shimkus here to explain, something fishy here.
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♪ are you reeling ♪ stowing away the time ♪
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heather: it is 24 minutes after the hour, thanks for joining us, donald trump sparking a feeding frenzy on social media for how he said the coin fish during his trip to japan, mainstream media having a field way when he dumps the container in the pond. turns out he was following the prime minister's lead. carly shimkus from serious ask them with what really happened. >> reporter: this is a funny one. a lot of the president's critics wondering if or when he would make a mistake during his trip to japan which is why a picture that showed him dumping an
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entire box of food into a boy fishpond went viral online yesterday. some speculated he killed the fish by overfeeding them. if you go to the videotape he was just following the japanese prime minister's lead and then he dumped the food out. he didn't do anything wrong and the video prove that which is why a lot of people had to eat their words. activist named holly o'reilly had to delete a two where she made a joke about the president being more interested in golfing than feeding the fish and nbc reporter christina wilkie forced to delete a two where she said trump and japanese prime minister a were feeding until trump dumped his entire box of fish food into the pond. a lot of people would call that fake news. neil: is so silly, never do
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anything right. the fish are okay. >> they survived. heather: james comey officially joins twitter. >> for years he used the name reinhold weaver. he changed his name to james comey. he says here is my new handle, glad to part of the twitterfirst, grateful to reinhold for the cover the last few years. he used the name to keep a low profile. a lot of people chiming in on this, jeffrey said he is yesterday's news. marnie says lordy, when everyone associates with them. if you want to follow him on social media. tiffany's selling a $9000 ball of yarn in time for christmas, came out with a line of every day household items made of high end materials.
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$9,000 ball of yarn made of sterling silver. pretty but not practical. a lot of people on social media marketing tiffany's, finally can get her something she always wanted, tiffany's made some high end paper cups and if you want to feel extra poor today check the everyday object line from tiffany's. i won't get those under my christmas tree this year. you deserve it. heather: the time is 27 minutes after the hour. in the wake of this awful texas shooting, speaker paul ryan has a powerful response. >> when you hear this, no wonder you get so much polarization and
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disunity. heather: what does the community think about the calls for gun control? >> of liberals have their way and we are not safe to protect ourselves think about how many more people would have died. heather: the latest on the tragedy and democrats push to politicize it next.
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neil: back with fox news alert, democrats revisiting the gun control debate following the texas shooting but people of sutherland springs say a firearm helped end than massacre. >> if he had not engaged that shooter, if the liberals have their way and we are not able to protect ourselves and he was not able to do what he did think about how many more people would have died. >> ken paxton voicing his
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support to change the law and keep people safe. >> small churches, we have to change the law to make it more clear -- so this gives first responders time to show up, rural communities, we have to rethink this and have churches and businesses and schools think about how to deal with this in the future. heather: the republicans uphold the right to bear arms the liberal media bringing the gun control debate over he sees. and nbc reporter asking donald trump about fitting in south korea, then shut down. >> you talked about wanting to put extreme vetting of people wanting to come into the united states but i wonder if you consider extreme vetting for people wanting to buy guns. >> your bringing up a situation it shouldn't be discussed right now. we could let time go by. it is okay if you feel that is an appropriate question even though we are in the heart of south korea, i will answer your question. if we did what you are
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suggesting there would have been no difference three days ago. heather: the president saying extreme vetting may have prevented the good samaritan from shooting the suspect. liberal critics taking aim at paul ryan marking his call for prayers after the texas massacre. after sunday at rampage the speaker of the house tweeting reports out of texas are devastating. people of sutherland springs need our prayers. \online including from hollywood but ryan telling laura ingram those who are upset understand the power of faith. >> it is disappointing, sad, this is what you get from the far secular left, people who do not have faith don't understand. it is the right thing to do, to pray in moments like this because prayer works. you believe that and i believe that and when you hear the secular left doing this no matter you have this much polarization in this country.
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heather: 26 people including a toddler were killed in sunday's horrific attack. suspended at florida state university after a freshman is found dead. the school making a call after fire a 5 fraternity found him unresponsive following an off-campus party. separately a student in another fraternity is facing cocaine charges. >> we can't police 42,000 students and i don't intend to do that. we educate them. on things like this they have to be part of the solution. heather: it is not clear how long that suspension will last. the mystery evening as a lawyer claims a man accused of attacking rand paul didn't do it because of politics. he is accused of tackling all outside his home, breaking 5 of his ribs.
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's lawyer says the dispute was over something trivial. neighbors think it was over landscaping. they disagreed over long clipping and paul's habits with that. those who know him say he was vocal about his anti-republican stance. jury deliberations underway in the federal bribery trial of new jersey senator robert menendez, defense lawyers arguing he accepted free flights on a private jet and other gifts. doctor solomon belgian, their long-standing connection, he is confident in the trial's outcome. both men have denied wrongdoing. the democratic party turning its back on donna brazil over her accusations hillary clinton rigged the primary after alerting james comey toe down the language in his statement on
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the clinton email scandal. leah gabriel here with a follow-up. >> reporter: the new book hacked comes out today but top democrats casting doubt on things she writes about in the tell all. clinton's former campaign manager admitting he hasn't seen a full copy of the book but her claims about the rigged primary are completely false. >> the allegations she's making are not true. the arrangement in question has been released. what is disturbing to me about this is hillary clinton saved the dnc. >> reporter: tom perez quick to brush the claims under the rug. >> when hillary clinton won the nomination the dnc handed her insufficient substandard tools
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for success. heather: a new excerpt from brazil's book surfaces detailing accusations hillary clinton's top aides except diminish behaved in sexist behavior. meantime former fbi director james comey under fire again this time for choosing the language in his draft statement from the hillary clinton email case, allowing her to escape potential charges from the fbi for keeping a private email. new memos so an early draft of his statement saying, quote, there is evidence to support a conclusion secretary clinton and others used the email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to handling classified information. comey changing gross negligence to extremely careless and that carries a huge significance. according to the hill gross negligence can be punished criminally. those drafts have been turned over to congress but do not indicate who recommended the
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keyword changes. heather: democrats are quick to turn on donna brazil but former clinton pollster doug showing is standing by signed the dnc chair saying this is more proof a special investigation is needed. >> i was the only mainstream democrat i'm aware of who publicly disavowed hillary in the election. and my point is there would be a constitutional crisis, we have one now and she wasn't elected. it stinks, it is rotten. more than rigged was the entire democratic party stinks from the head down. the whole process, everyone has a stain on their hands. with this new revelation on the emails that probably involved gross negligence it strengthens
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the call for a special prosecutor to look at. gross negligence, to look at the email deal more generally, look at uranium one, the dossier, all of it. heather: the first lady surrounded by students in south korea promoting the importance of access in sports. melania trump kicking off the initiative for growth. >> i call on all of us to encourage more girls to play sports. let's give boys and girls equal access to sports facilities, equipment, let's remind the world that girls play too. heather: south korea, the site of the 2018 pics, and opportunity for the country to bring the world together through sports. the time is 40 minutes after the are donald trump tweeting his
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support for republican ed gillespie in the election for virginia governor. will donna brazil bombshell about the dnc hurt democrats? lee carter is here with numbers next. a high school football team gives first responders a helping hand, the team effort. ♪ ♪ baby come give me a chance ♪ ♪ down-home american kid ♪
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>> polls and ralph northam are locked in a dead heat but in a stated typically turns blue are voters relating to donna brazil's revelations about the
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dnc? thanks for joining us. these bombshell reports coming out by donna brazil and how they shape the election? >> these kinds of things, when there are a lot of scandals, a year ago when going into the presidential election that can suppress voter turnout on the democrat side and when that happens polling numbers could shift. we are looking at a pole with a margin of error, 2.8% spread. when you have that happening, anything that could suppress or change voter turnout can have a huge impact. if this keeps democrats at home, some people in the fence saying i feel the democratic party is rigged and the republican party might fight for me we could see a real shift. i think it gillespie is known as an establishment candidate but he is separating himself from the establishment running more
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like a trump campaign. it will be interesting to see. gillespie could surprise us and have a good day not just because of what is happening with donna brazil but because of it. heather: there was a 7% where he was trending 7% higher than gillespie, different than we are seeing today. let's talk about moving forward. how can this, what kind of impact could this have on other states? >> a lot of people, the president's approval ratings at an all-time low, never seen it this low. republicans will get beaten in a landslide in the midterms. i think the polls are neck in neck, a good indication that is not what is happening. as much as the president's approval ratings are low all politicians approval ratings low, congress approval ratings never been so low.
1:46 am
we have is environment where people are not sure who to trust, where to turn for information, this very -- a state of being, what i think we will see in the elections is not what people are expecting, we will see nontraditional candidates have more luck than in the past. heather: what are the issues? >> most important, the same issues we had for a long time, jobs, economy, healthcare. that is in the a republican agenda. it will be fascinating but everybody saying the president's approval rating is an indicator republicans won't have a good midterm should look at this election and consider what it cost because neck and neck is not what people were projecting. >> if a republican wins in virginia that gubernatorial race, what does that mean for republicans? >> we have to take a look and
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say the trump agenda is winning, can't be dismissive as many people want to be. people saying trump is a disaster, the mainstream media talking about his presidency as such, the american people are responding, many of them. some aren't but a large number of people excited about the agenda, about jobs, the economy, looking forward to tax reform, believing the trip to asia will bring jobs back to america. democrats and other people need to be careful about being dismissive of the american people in that way. heather: all eyes on virginia. the time is 47 minutes after the hour. a warning for all netflix users, the brand-new email scam targeting millions of people. >> you had one hour and 20 minutes sleep in three days. the cleaners that you could pick
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it up tonight at 6:00. heather: i'm not the only one not getting enough sleep. new evidence it could be as dangerous as drinking too much, next. ♪ ♪ we are going to sign on ♪
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heather: live look at capitol hill where republicans considering attacks upon bill to achieve another long-term goal, repealing and replacing obamacare, discussing ending a mandate that imposes a tax penalty on americans who don't buy insurance under obamacare,
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republicans will rollout their own tax bill thursday. it is a problem most americans relate to, not getting enough sleep. >> somehow i dozed off and woke up in a puddle of garbage. >> you have had an hour and 20 minutes sleep in three days. heather: a new study warns sleep deprivation can be just as dangerous as drinking too much. researchers say lack of sleep, like alcohol, can flow and impair a person's judgment, sleep deprivation can cause depression, obesity and stroke. foxbusiness alert. if you have a netflix account, you could be the target of a major scam. what you need to know about the suspicious email being sent to subscribers. >> reporter: this is going to all netflix subscribers worldwide, 110 million. this email is very convincing
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and says you need to update your billing information and send you to a fake website which will ask you for your name, your address, your credit card information and other detailed information like your driver's license number, your mother's and maiden name, this is going out to people and collecting personal data making it easy for hackers to steal your identity. the email, what is interesting is that doesn't have your name, just as name. that is one way to know this is fake. heather: cvs offering next day drug delivery. >> wasting no time getting ahead of amazon. they are offering next day delivery of prescription drugs starting next year and they will be offering same day delivery prescription drugs and other items in major cities and
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starting in manhattan december 4th to see how it goes was amazon announced they got a dozen wholesale licenses to sell medications online. this is a move for cvs to get ahead of that. heather: talking about black friday already. >> never too early to start your shopping strategy. so many deals you can take advantage of, target offering early access to credit card holders and you can see their black friday ad on their website to see what is available, amazon has deals on its website for you to preview everything. coles another one. 's years, their entire store is on sale, they are not waiting. walmart having a thing called holiday parties that will bring shoppers in to get them to buy things. heather: the a lot of deals, you
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don't have to wait. thanks, we appreciate it. 5 minutes until the top of the hour. remember the woman who went viral forgiving donald trump's motorcade the middle finger, she is back in the headlines and it is not good news for her. we will tell you why. where is george clooney? too rich for the screen. ♪ people who were on there really value a relationship. - for my family, we are three for three in our siblings for getting married. i thank eharmony for that. - [narrator] stop waiting, start communicating for free today.
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heather: karma strikes for a woman who flipped off donald trump's motorcade in virginia last month. >> you are fired. heather: the woman in this photo telling the huffington post she is out of a job, she says her boss told her the obscene photo violated the company have social media policy but she says she has 0 regrets. she worked in marketing for government contractor. wondering why you haven't seen george clooney lately? he has enough money according to a new interview. the hollywood a blister says he is overacting in general and ready to take a step back from that job that shot him to start them saying, quote, acting used to be how i paid the rent but i sold a tequila company for $1 billion, i don't need money. he is married with twins, says he is not the guy who gets the
2:00 am
girl anymore. and ambulance sold to a high school football game, first responders need a hands. worth more high school football team pushing the ambulance off the field after got stuck in the mud. first responders helping. "fox and friends" first continues right now. have a great day. >> it makes sense for north korea to do the right thing, not only for north korea but for humanity all over the world. there's a lot of good reason behind it. rob: donald trump arrived in south korea trying to tackle the growing nuclear threat from the north. what lies ahead on day 3 of his trip. jillian: new d


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