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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 7, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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we want to fox news alert, a high-stakes election day that could tell us a lot about the democrats prospects in 2018 and the president's clout. voters heading to the polls in virginia where a democrat faces off against a republican. the election could serve as a referendum on president trump. the president tweeted a -- peter doocy joins us live from triangle virginia. >> i caught up with ed gillespie in fairfax county a little bit before it started raining here and i asked the republican candidate whether or not he is worried about the potential impact of bad weather on election day on his chances of
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becoming governor. >> not really, our voters are enthusiastic and i think the intensity is all on our side. people are pumped up there, i've been feeling it for some time. i think we are going to win this race. people are hungry for that. >> the reason why experts are so curious to see why hugh ferris is a republican in the trump era is he never invited the president to come campaign with him. gillespie did represent the republican establishment but he still promises to work with this president who has endorsed him if he wins. this campaign model could help republicans and blue states in 2018. as for the democrats running today, ralph northam is framing himself as the only choice for voters who want a diverse virginia.
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>> most importantly, especially to a lot of millennials, they want to know we live in an inclusive virginia. that is something that i stand for, i welcome peoples of the commonwealth of virginia. that is the way we are going to move forward. >> polls close six hours from right now. ralph northam has been tracking his way up to the northern virginia suburbs while gillespie has been heading south towards the capital city, richmond where he hopes he will be living. >> harris: thank you very much, peter doocy. the chair of the republican national committee, great to have you on the program today. what is making the difference for ed gillespie right now? >> ed is finishing strong, he is putting forward a positive vision for virginia, talking about the economy and tax cuts and growing jobs and wages and ralph northam has shown that he
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flip-flopped on major issues like sanctuary cities, statutes, he hasn't announced this terrible ad that was run on behalf of his campaign. he is even flip-flopped on whether or not he will work with the president. when you are looking at the leadership comparison, ed gillespie is pulling ahead because he is showing that he is a true leader for virginia. >> harris: i am curious to know about the role of the president in the united states. that was slim in the presidential election for the state of virginia. >> the president has been all in with that, he has tweeted about it today. he's been pushing his voters to get out and support ed gillespie. at the end of the day, i was michigan chair, i think every race comes down to the candidates that are running in the vision they are putting forward. i think voters are less and less concerned about what washington says or endorsements, they are
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more concerned about what is ed gillespie putting forward and what is ralph northam putting forward. >> harris: it certainly hasn't hurt him to also borrow some of the principles and language from the president in recent days as you have seen. you are right, every race has its own personality, if you wil will. the president has played a role in this, putting the democrats into play in the presidential election. you talk about your past history in michigan and the lessons you learned, if you don't win, what are some of the lessons you will take away from this and say okay, we are going to apply these next time. >> i do look at every race as individual, i don't look at as a indicator of what's happening. i feel very good about our ground game, our voter contacts. we are going to continue to do that in all of these battleground states. with the support of president trump and those small
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dollar donations that are pouring into the rnc, we are able to be in all these battleground states and start setting up our data and our ground game like we've done in virginia. >> harris: i hear you alluding to my next question, that is money. the dnc, compared to the rnc, is in trouble right now. what kind of advantage as i give you in terms of their inability to raise funds right now compared with yours? >> it's a huge advantage, one is it shows the enthusiasm for the president with his base, the rnc is doing so well with fund-raising, especially with donors under $200. secondly, which is so important for me, now i have the resources to be in states early. ira marty putting directors in battleground states, it takes a long time to build a ground game. it takes over two years. to have that advantage going into these midterms, i think it puts us well ahead of the democrats and when you have races that are won on the margin
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it depends on the ground game. >> harris: talk to me a little bit about intensity. i don't know if dollars makes sense, i guess that's not free, you have to spend money to get door knocks. what is driving virginia voters and republican voters to the polls, where is the intensity that? >> across the country we are seeing huge intensity among our base for tax reform and tax cuts, things are going to get our economy going, jobs, wages, we've seen wages stagnate under the obama economy. we haven't seen growth in our country. that's something republicans across the border are looking at. that's why gillespie's message is resonating in virginia. he is talking about jobs and growing the commonwealth of virginia's economy. that is something republicans across the board support.
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they support the president, they want to see him get his agenda passed and they want to see republicans work with him and democrats work with him to pass things that are going to help the american people. >> harris: i see the smile and you, this is a big day and you got the money to do what you think you need to do. i want to bring up one thing, new jersey has been kind of problematic with chris christie's approval rating. in the bottom of the bucket right now, you have his lieutenant governor going against bill murphy in new jersey, where do you put that race? that is a typical place, typically it has been democrat in the past and a return to republican again, what do you think your chances are there? >> both of these races today, virginia and new jersey lead for democrats in 2016, they are a tough race for republicans. kim has run a great race, i think she has created some real differences between her and bill murphy in the final days of the
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race, specifically on his stance to make new jersey a sanctuary state. it's a tough race. republicans have a tough time there. we are hoping for a win there as well. we are going to look at the results tonight, we hope we come out on top. new jersey has been a tougher race than it's been in the past for us. >> harris: one of the things that made the difference that we been able to watch from new york is the debates, probably i would say her closeness with chris christie, he is one heck of a debater. >> she is a fighter, she came after phil murphy, i think she has created a great separation. she and ed gillespie have run strong campaigns in virginia and new jersey, states democrats won in 2016 and we are hoping to keep new jersey republican and switch virginia tonight. >> harris: as you know on the other side of the aisle with the
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dnc there is a little bit of a distraction with a tell-all book that has come out by the former interim chair, that is playing a role as you go forward and at least the conversations. we appreciate this one. the chair of the rnc, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: a fox news alert, law enforcement in texas held a news conference, you watched it here on fox just moments ago. they gave an update on their investigation into the church shooting in texas. stressing that they are only 48 hours and on their investigation and are currently working to retrieve information from the suspects phone. they would not say what kind of phone but they say they haven't gotten into that phone yet. adam housley is live in sutherland springs, texas, they lean hard on that, a lot of reporters had questions about i it. >> the same thing we saw a couple of years ago, the fbi had trouble getting into the phone in san bernardino as well. they wouldn't tell us the make and model of the phone. we cover technology at fox, new
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phones are becoming more and more difficult to access, they made that very clear in the press conference. they also made it very clear that even though he does not want to be called a hero, he saved lives in the church behind me. you can now get a better look at the church where this took plac place. flags all flying at half-staff, the investigation will go on here for a number of days. reports were that he ran out barefoot after his daughter said she heard gunshots, there is his house. it shows you how close he ran to stop that shooter. unbelievable when you hear's account, take a listen.
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>> their frames of mind and their families, and every time i heard a shot i knew that that probably represented a life. i was scared to death. >> scared to death but at the same time he engaged that shooter and everybody involved in the investigation says that act saved lives. inside that church we did here also that it was of four-minute time frame from the time the first call went to the sheriff's department to the time they arrived on scene. we don't know how long it took after the shooting because we've been told the shooter targeted people who were taking out their phones trying to call authorities. that same department of public safety spokesman had this to say about stephen willeford. >> he is a hero, i've seen no media since the start up at somebody sent me a clip of an interview he did with the media and how can you not love that
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guy? that guy did what he knew needed to be done. as far as his future plans and what he has plans for the rest of the day and if there would've been more deaths, it's all speculation. >> as we also heard from the press conference, 4 minutes is how long it took for the sheriff's department to arrive. even if i was right when the shooting began, 4 minutes is an eternity when you have an active shooter. >> harris: we did hear him say that, the detail you gave is important. it would not have been right after that shooting began. there may have been some delay there as you can imagine. dumb services also came to the lectern, we were watching that on "outnumbered" i just want to ask you about this idea of this fund that they set up. that was particularly emotional. >> it kind of put things into perspective. here on the ground, the
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perspective is very clear. for our viewers, heartbreaking and sickening when you hear the details but when you hear that details, you had a family lose eight members. the guy down the street who was battling cancer himself, lived in this town for 20 years. he knew seven victims including two kids that mowed his front lawn. these people, they have lost a lot. you don't want them to have to have any burden whatsoever including those that are still in the hospital or those who have been injured. that was made very clear in the press conference. i will make sure has the link as well. local funeral homes also are being very cooperative to help ensure that these families don't have to pay a dime. >> harris: you and i are connected on social media, we will work to get that out together today as well. to give it an extra push. appreciate it, thank you. last july, james comey called hillary clinton "extremely careless in the handling of classified information on her email server."
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the words he originally used were harsher. those words were changed, why? the president in south korea responding to a question about holding direct talks with kim jong un of the north. republican congressman joe wilson weighs in on that, he is my guest this hour. you are watching "outnumbered overtime," and harris faulkner. >> we like to play our cards a little close to the vest. i will say this. i believe it makes sense for north korea to do the right thing. not only for north korea but for humanity all over the world. ent: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? i have no idea. more than i want to think about. choose wisely everyone. no cheating, no cheating. then we found out how many years that money would last them.
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>> harris: president trump is in south korea where he is expected to give up big speech on north korea tonight. it will be in a joint news conference, he said north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action and that china has been helpful and he hopes russia will be as well. meanwhile, here is what he said when he was asked whether he thought diplomacy is working. >> i think we are making a lot of progress, we are showing great strength. i think they understand we have
10:19 am
unparalleled strength. there has never been strength like it. we have many things happening that we hope -- in fact i will go a step further -- we hope to god it we will never have to use. with that being said i really believe it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and of the people of the world. i do see certain movement, yes. let's see what happens. >> harris: my next guest is congressman joe wilson of south carolina. we are glad he's along this hour, thank you for being with us. what is the progress the president is talking about with regard to north korea? >> harris, i appreciate your insight. this week the president has increased the funding for missile defense. also ship repair to $5 million
10:20 am
more. this has been accepted by the chairman of the conference committee, this is a huge step we see huge progress in japan. the president is being successful. >> harris: the president had a tougher tone with china than what we are seeing now and i'm wondering why the difference and what that accomplishes. >> he's a negotiator and the end result is he wants to make sure there is not a nuclear threat by north korea against the people of korea, japan, and american families and of course kim jong un has threatened to not only strike the west coast but the east coast of the united states. and also our wonderful territory of guam. i am proud of the president, i think he's making tremendous success and i know his visit -- i was just there. the troops couldn't wait to see
10:21 am
him, they know he has their back. >> harris: i mentioned on our last hour of outnumbered, the visual in the middle of the night i thought when he was with the moon and they were with the south korean and american troops. there was a point they were breaking bread together before he speaks. you look like you have a thought on that. >> the american people need to know how important can pump freezes. it is being paid for by korean taxpayers, tens of thousands of military personnel will be relocated to a world-class military facility. camp humphreys, it is inspirational to see the people of america and korea working together. >> harris: the president has a big speech tonight, what would you like to hear from him? >> i was at the national
10:22 am
assembly, they are so appreciative that their freedoms have been guaranteed by the people of the united states. i know it will be a message of peace through strength. >> harris: tell me about kim jong un, this is a person who has threatened -- we might still see it on this trip, we don't know. how does the president deal with him and it should they sit down, what do you think that would look like? >> i'm not sure they are going to sit down. i know the dictator is offended by people not showing him proper homage and if there is ever been a president who has not shown him proper homage it would be donald trump. some people would consider that offensive. we are getting the attention of the dictator, that america is serious. we want to defend the american people and families and defend our allies in korea, japan, and guam. >> harris: are you really
10:23 am
confident -- i say really because they didn't even come to the u.n. general assembly, china and russia will step up and do what they need to do? can we actually see it? >> i believe the president has a good relationship, very warm with the president of china. i'm hopeful this can come to fruition. it's in china's inference not to have the level of instability. the threat to the whole region, including the russian federation, with the president there, i am confident he is going to make that point, that there should be i.d. nuclearize korean korean peninsula. >> harris: a warm relationship is how you described it with xi jinping of china. thank you very much. >> thank you for your insight. >> harris: don't miss fox's
10:24 am
own bret baier and south korea, traveling with the president on his trip. >> that sound you hear is korean pop music being blasted into north korea. north korea just 20 yards over my shoulder here. they are countering the north korea propaganda being blasted this year. tonight at 6:00 we will take you inside and talk about all the issues around north korea. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> harris: my first social media today was pictures of bret baier and the dn z. live, don't miss it right here on fox news channel. we are just getting word, attorney general jeff sessions will indeed head back to capitol hill for our routine hearing, we are told. democrats are already putting him on notice that his past comments about russia are fair game. will they be part of that conversation? should he be concerned? and what will it take for some democrats to support the tax
10:25 am
reform plan? we hear there are some that are looking at it and we will look at the possibilities as republicans try to unite behind the biggest change in the tax code in 30 years. stay close. >> every american will be better off under this plan. the committee confirmed yesterday, yes, the design of this, because it isn't just about low rates, it's about cutting taxes underneath those rates as well. people are better off.
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10:30 am
documents are revealed that a former trump campaign advisor pushed to set up a meeting between then candidate trump and russian president vladimir puti vladimir putin. former trump campaign advisor told a house panel last week that he had informed sessions of a trip to russia in july of last year but sessions had denied, misleading lawmakers he did not know of the campaign. joining us now, a member of the house judiciary committee. this is a routine situation. i want to know what you anticipate next tuesday. >> i am going to ask him why he has appointed a special counsel to look into clinton, comey, lynch, fusion dps. we sent attorney general sessions a letter, 20 house republican members of the judiciary committee sent him a letter on july 27th asking him to name a special counsel to look into those very issues. two months later we met with
10:31 am
him, five of us met with him at his office asking the same thing. we have not heard an answer or response from the justice department about that special counsel. i think the american people think it should happen, i am going to focus on that issue i think. you will see a lot of republicans do that, i believe. >> harris: you also see the president do that, he said he wanted to see that happen as well. >> the clinton campaign, the dnc paid for the dossier, maybe the fbi was reimbursing -- that raises lots of questions. was the dossier relied on to put surveillance on certain people associated with the trump campaign? there is a host of questions you can go through that point to let's name a special counsel, let's get to the bottom of this and get answers to the american people and it hasn't happened yet. >> harris: i would just add this one thing before we move on from this issue, it is always a criticism coming back, did
10:32 am
republicans play a role in purchasing any material as well? >> not to the dossier, it's been clear that while the free beacon reported that republicans paid for or hired for opposition research, the dossier was paid for by the clinton team in the democratic national committee, and potentially paid for by the fbi some have reported. i think that's a critical question and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> harris: what else do you expect to come up next tuesday. democrats are thirsty to ask about the russia investigation, they want another go at sessions if you will, what are your thoughts about that? >> of course they are going to ask about that but here's what we know. not one piece of evidence that donald trump and his campaign colluded with the russians, not one piece of evidence. we have all kinds of evidence that the obama justice department tried to influence the election last year, we have all kinds of evidence of the clinton campaign and dnc paid for the dossier that may have
10:33 am
been the catalyst or basis for the wiretap or surveillance that was put on certain folks associated with the trump campaign. i think it will be an interesting hearing, it's time for the attorney general to come and answer questions like he does every year and i think he's going to get a lot of tough questions. >> harris: i want to talk about tax reform, i understand we have a markup and are very near future. what are things looking like with the tax plan right now? >> we will see what comes out of the committee. will it actually cut taxes, will it simple phi the code and will it be conducive to producing economic growth? if the answer to those questions are a "yes," i think you were going to see members vote for it. what we have right now, what is being talked about, what was introduced earlier in the week, i think it moves in that direction so overall it is pretty good. there are somethings that need to be changed. there's concerns about the pass-throughs, how that rate is determined, concerned about the
10:34 am
adoption tax credit, for example. lots of things are being talked about. one thing i think is important, i would love to see the repeal of the individual mandate as part of this legislation. it is not in there right now but this is something we campaign on, something we told the american people we were going to do, something we all voted for and maybe most importantly, it frees up a lot of money that you could use for further tax cuts for american families. i hope that can get added. >> harris: a lot of people talked about that. i was so excited to talk to you today, you are actually somebody who can talk to me about this. why hasn't there been more focus on your specialty, spending cuts? that something the president talked about early on, you don't just find it within the system already. the money to pay for tax cuts and tax reform on the backs of some if that's even necessary, you find it through spending cuts, what's going on? >> i agree with you completely, this idea of revenue neutrality which is a washington way of
10:35 am
saying the burden stays the same, that is not how we should be -- is one of my colleague said, you don't pay for tax cuts, you pay for spending. >> harris: are you looking for them? >> i voted against a big spending bill a few weeks ago because i didn't have offsets, i'm looking for ways we can cut spending and introduce the correct kind of budget and do the right thing on the spending side. on the tax aside, let's just put together a tax code that is conducive to growth and actually cuts taxes and simple buys our cumbersome code. >> harris: can't you do both? >> you can but right now we are focused on the tax legislation bill. >> harris: i know how hard you've worked on this and i wonder if anybody is really listening to you on the fact that the american people would like to not see anymore -- you know the optics of this, whether it's true or not, the hamster on the wheel, that we are paying for some sort of science project for him, it's true that there is
10:36 am
money there to be found and to save. >> i think the best place to look is well teaneck welfare reform. we will save money for the taxpayers and help families who are now depending on the government get to a better position in life and a better station in life. by the way, many of our employers need employees, it is a labor issue as well. let's reform those entitlements because that is good for everybody, we have legislation that would require a work component for people before they can get that benefit. when you do that, you get less people signing up for the benefit, they just go get another job or a better job. that's the kind of reform we need that will take money and help our economy. >> harris: the senate is waiting for you guys to get this done, the president says by thanksgiving, yes or no? >> i think we'll get it done next week. >> harris: representative jim jordan, very positive on getting tax reform. i appreciate you taking all my
10:37 am
questions. they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but could two words mean the difference between committing a crime or not? we will tell you what that has to do with former fbi director james comey and hillary clinton when the power panel joins us next. people would stare.
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if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. ♪ >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> harris: that was james comey last year when he announced that hillary clinton would not be facing charges over her private email server, though he found her to be "extremely careless." it turns out those were not the original words from the former
10:42 am
fbi director. in an earlier draft just revealed by chuck grassley, comey actually wrote that clinton was "grossly negligent." that difference is key since federal law states that gross negligence can be punished criminally with prison time or fines. and it's "outnumbered overtime" so back from the "outnumbered" couch, jessica tarlov and jason chaffetz, i am going to talk with you first, congressman. oversight, this is your -- >> this is my wheelhouse. >> harris: what are your thoughts? >> it is outrageous that the director started to draft his conclusion before 16, 17 people hadn't been interviewed. if a judge had started to write his decision before he heard all the testimony we would be outraged. it is fundamentally and totally wrong. >> harris: the people here that you are outraged but they
10:43 am
just want to know what's going to happen. >> the frustration for america seems that lady justice seems to take her blindfold down when it's clinton involved. anybody else will be going to jail for these kind of things that happened during that email fiasco. you can't traverse and classified information in a nonclassified setting. people have gone to jail for that previously and they showed. >> harris: that's the best visual of the day. i haven't heard you much, jessica, defend hillary clinton on this. >> a private email server was a tremendous mistake, i think it was one of the key contributors to her losing the election. and the ensuing coverage of it. if you read her book she talks about this. i think it's terrible, i have no problem with chuck grassley looking into this. i am not calling for a special prosecutor, i know you have done that. i think every thing should be fair here.
10:44 am
i think what president trump was doing last week on twitter, calling out the doj and saying you should be going after my political opponent is a complete abuse of the system, republicans and democrats agree on that. james comey ended up messing with both parties here. >> harris: you don't like him. >> i am not a lawyer, i don't know what a special prosecutor is needed for, i imagine republicans will continue to push that argument. >> i am glad the attorney general is going before the judiciary committee in the house, it's his first appearance since he's become the attorney general but a lot of people are going to ask questions, did you recuse yourself and if you did recuse yourself, why can't there be a special prosecutor? everything from uranium one all the way through to comey's actions at -- >> on the other side of it there are a lot of people who have worked in the doj and around issues like this who say this is
10:45 am
a completely normal procedure, that you would have a drafted memo that got updated. apparently there are three people that could have made that change. >> you are doing it before you've interviewed the witnesses? >> it is certainly not how i do my homework. it's been a while since i did homework. >> harris: the former fbi director's bar doesn't meet jessica tarlov's. >> i am not an attorney. >> john ratcliff and the house judiciary committee, a very serious prosecutor, former u.s. attorney, he asked director comey when he made this decision and it was only after. she was interviewed on saturday of the fourth of july weekend. >> these memos do get written ahead of time. andrew napolitano has acknowledged this as well.
10:46 am
>> harris: what he is set on this show is that it normally wouldn't be before you would interview all of these witnesses but if it were ever to be written, his point is it is not yes this way or a "yes" this way. the framework of how you would lay out whatever you are going to say. you don't have the answer yet. i want to get back to the words. that's a very different -- if this, the oversight committee, if you look at the lingo that was used, that seems to be a theme. we had an attorney general that was going to call things that a matter instead of an investigation. what are your thoughts? >> it does seem to be toned down. what precipitated the change? if you changed it, why did you change it? and the other thing he will continue to be questioned on is this whole idea of intent
10:47 am
because the statute doesn't say there has to be intend to. it's just gross negligence. >> gross negligence 100% sounds worse than extreme carelessness but he basically stood out there and indicted her without indicting her anyway. >> harris: president trump made history with his victory over hillary clinton, how would you rate the job he is doing? the power panel stays right here, we will be right back. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck.
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but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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>> i'm dana perino, tensions running high this election day, chris christie, who isn't even on the ballot, gets into a fight with a voter. we will show you that exchange. plus donna brazile defending her book, saying there was a cancer in the party. we will tell you why. an emotion interview with the son of a woman shot and that texas church, she was on the floor when the gunmen approach to shoot her again when something remarkable happened. we will tell you the rest of the story on "the daily briefing." ♪ >> harris: a major milestone for president trump as tomorrow marks one year since he shocked the world, defeating hillary clinton in 2016. the president is now looking back and touting his compliments so far. >> it is one year as of tomorrow that we had our election victory, it was a great victory
10:52 am
that made a lot of people very happy and our country is doing very well from the standpoint of the economy, record numbers, record stock market. 17 year low, the lowest unemployment we have had in 17 years. >> harris: we are back with our power panel, interesting the timing, the president away, getting a lot of credit for some of the tough talk among some on the hill. >> i believe in peace through strength, i think the strength of the united states, the fact that we have three carrier groups in the region, the president is demonstrating the strong ties to south korea and japan bodes well when we go in talks with the russians on the chinese. >> harris: how is he doing overall? >> he's exceeded my expectation expectations. i have been tough on him but a lot of people voted for him because of the supreme court choice and he hit that one out of the park. across the board, everybody is
10:53 am
thrilled at least on our side of the aisle. >> harris: surprised me, jessica. your thoughts on the president? >> it's much of what i expected, i don't think he's knocked it out of the park, we all know that i don't enjoy the way he communicates a lot of the time and i think he messes a good deal of that up. what i would say is that he does do, and i know means a lot to the millions of americans have voted for him, he is constantly communicating with them. well i do take issue with a lot of the content that comes out on twitter, the 35% that were within from the start it's wrote another president is talking directly to them. >> harris: an area where you would show up with the president, his approval ratings are low right now. >> i don't necessarily believe those, i don't believe them when they are up, i don't necessarily believe them when they are down. you've got to look at the actual
10:54 am
vote at the end of the day. my perspective is that when you are in an election it's about elimination, you try to eliminate your opponent and you are the last person standing. when you are in congress and in power it's about addition. you got to bring more people into the fold in order to pass legislation you want. >> harris: an interesting difference. speaking of polls, this is a cnn poll that was taken, you see that low for the president, the disapproval of 58%. where do you take those? >> i was up at harvard yesterday, there is a discussion, everybody was worried and upset and i thought in this bubble of cambridge, you are upset because your candidate lost. when you go in the heartland and look at people who rely on coal, they love what's happening. you listen to the american people and they say wow, you are going to reduce our taxes, i love it.
10:55 am
the economy is doing well, their 401(k) is doing well. those are teachers and firefighters and regular americans. >> why is his approval ratings going down? when you consider what -- anyway, the president should be talking about the economy nonstop, he should be pushing tax reform nonstop. i think the approval rating issue is serious. independence is what actually swung him into winning this election, that base i was talking about, they are not going anywhere. it's a problem, i think the mueller probe is an issue for him and we will see how far he jumps back into that. for now -- >> harris: tax reform, you heard representative jim jordan say today that he thinks they can get the house version done. >> it's the senate that is already the problem. >> harris: the president is talking with some of those democrats to see who he needs to bring over.
10:56 am
we will be right back.
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>> the president with a big speech live from south korea tonight. at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you know where to be right here on fox to catch up. i am harris. here is dana. >> dana: this is us before. investigators in texas revealing new information about the gunman that killed 26 innocent people at a small baptist church but hello everyone, i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing briefing." witnesses tell the associated press the gunmen shot crying babies at point-blank range as he moved through the church aisles by i'll looking for victims. they recovered his phone, but say they're having a hard time accessing it. >> law enforcement with state and local federal level are unable to get into these phones. i can ensure you we are working very hard to get into


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