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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> the president with a big speech live from south korea tonight. at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you know where to be right here on fox to catch up. i am harris. here is dana. >> dana: this is us before. investigators in texas revealing new information about the gunman that killed 26 innocent people at a small baptist church but hello everyone, i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing briefing." witnesses tell the associated press the gunmen shot crying babies at point-blank range as he moved through the church aisles by i'll looking for victims. they recovered his phone, but say they're having a hard time accessing it. >> law enforcement with state and local federal level are unable to get into these phones. i can ensure you we are working very hard to get into the phone,
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and i will continue until we find an answer. i do not know how long that will be, to be quite honest. it could be tomorrow, we come a month. we do not know. >> dana: adam housley is live in sutherland springs, texas. they state the scope of this crime scene is extensive, and we can understand that. >> absolutely. everything from a small piece of evidence like a cell phone to what is behind me, the church. a much clearer view. they removed a portable investigative building they put up for 24 hours. give you a look at this church. from this angle, to the right side of it, i am told, we cannot go over there because it still part of the crime scene, but the law enforcement told me on the right side, the wall is peppered with holes from where the gunmen started shooting, he came around to the front with the black mask and white face on it. the white skeleton face, and entered the church after shooting up the right side of the church from the outside and
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entered. stephen willeford is being called a hero. he refuses to say he is, be he would go to the same front of the church and engage. >> i am no hero. i am not. i think my god, my lord, protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done, and which i got there faster. dana, there is the bullet holes there on the front of the churc church. it began the onslaught as the gunmen walked inside. he pulled back out, i can show you how close. he ran barefoot from right here to this house on my right where he lives down the street to the church, and saved lives by engaging him in shooting the shooter twice. >> ? >> dana: you're hearing about more details inside the church. >> what we are getting more details and they are heartbreaking.
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173-year-old schoolteacher talked about holding someone's hand as they were shot four times in the torso and died. i want to go back to the church coming to be a look at the flag, the christian flag have stepped american and texas flake half step. another woman who survived, her husband also survive, talked about the brutality of what went on is that men walked up and down the pews and continue to fire. >> everybody started screaming, yelling. everybody got down crawling under. that man was shooting, i mean he was shooting hard. the gun -- i saw on the carpet, because that carpet in there. >> i do not know what kind evil take for men to do this, to shoot innocent people, but to shoot babies, people point out
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their cell phones, and then to go back down the pews and finish off people, as one witness said, that was still begging for life in some cases. >> dana: will hear from somebody whose mother did survive, because of that remarkable man you're talking about, stephen willeford, and all he did. thank you for bringing us that report, adam. president trump says tougher gun laws would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy. here's what he said when asked about it. extreme vetting for potential gun owners. >> you may not have had that very brave person who had did not have a gun or rifle in the truck to come out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him. i can only say this. if he did not have a gun instead of having 26 dead, you would've had hundreds more dead. >> are you considering any gun
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control? >> a city with the strongest gun laws internation, chicago. and chicago is a disaster. >> dana: illinois republican congressman, member of the house foreign affairs committee. you have been there on capitol hill as a member of congress for many years. anytime there is a shooting, you see that there is called for more gun control. do you agree with president trump that it was the mental health aspect that would've helped? >> yes, absolutely. look at the fact that the addition of flag this person, the background system, when you're dishonorably charge for the military. we have a domestic violence issue, that will flag you in the system. you should not buy a gun. something broke down there. when asked about the idea about extreme vetting, it is meant to be say, you have extreme vetting, or buffer gun owners, is different. extreme vetting for someone wanting to buy a gun, that is your right, it is your second amendment right.
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look, we want to give people the rights they deserve, but at the same time, 99.99% of gun owners are not buying guns to use them in crimes like this. when people do, it's great to see somebody who lives across a treat from a church to give back. >> let's listen to the force secretary who talked about not flagging this with the fbi. >> we are looking at all of our data in cases like this. if we find a problem, we'll fix it. integrity first and excellence in all we do, and as will be are doing. >> dana: obviously, congressman adam kinzinger, you know a lot about the air force. what about dealing with a situation, we have a law that should have been followed in a procedure that should've been followed. do support something what congressman corgan to get criminal convictions uploaded quickly into the background check system?
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>> heather is great, i know her. air force secretary, but this is not a problem -- it has been there for a long time. someone was denied the ability to go get a mortgage loan for a house, because they had something put in correctly on the from the air force. you have someone who should have had something and wasn't. this this has to get figured out. it should be easy to do with the era of computers. it's not like they will send hard copy hard copy paper work to some. let's get it done and people who should not buy guns are not buying guns. if we enforce the laws in the bus, and there's plenty of laws on the books. we can reduce a significantly. >> dana: little over a month ago we had the massacre at las vegas. i know you put forward a request to the atf to deal with stocks. any result? >> we're still waiting to hear back from the atf. i'm sure they'll say the technicality of the law, and it will take legislation. we band automatic weapons in
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congress, bump stocks get around that ban, albeit cute and technical, but i don't think that should would be in the hands of the average america comment to make it a fully automatic. something i hope the atf can deal with, because they can deal with all the new commercial products is in a people in congress having to pass a law for everything there is a development. >> dana: limit switch gears. you're on the house phones affair committee. with president trump coming up at 9:00 p.m. tonight to give a big speech in south korea. obviously, a lot of the focus will be on north korea. he talks a little bit earlier yesterday, or maybe today, the time change has me confused, about the possibility sitting down for talks. in the past, he has said, that would be useless. give any information about what he would say techy mix because i do not know what he will say. we can go now a news briefing what he would do on this trip. i would say, he is very clear. i think he understands he could
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use the military option, because that makes the not military option more possible. you see a president that is likely to use it if he has to come up but wants to do everything prior. what will work prior, getting north korea to the table to force a solution. the question, when is the time going to happen, and we cannot have it from a position of weakness like we've had frankly, the last couple of decades. >> dana: he indicated there may be a big announcement coming forward. progress and development. you know what that may be? >> i do not know what it is, but i can tell you, again, the administration and the president has a wide 50,000-foot view of what we need to compel north korea. i think that includes tariffs but maybe things with china. maybe that is what he will talk about. we are willing to go pretty far with china to compel them to stop the commerce of north korea. over 80% of north korean commerce come through the border. >> dana: congressman adam kinzinger. thank you for joining us today. it is election day, we're
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watching hotly contested virginia governor race as race as voters choose between lieutenant governor ralph northam and ed go up >> dana: a state where hillary clinton beats b6, the political tone is all set for next year. peter doocy. what is the voter turn up in like today dana, this is a third polling place we've been to in the last four hours as far as turnout goes, we have not seen as many. long lines stretching out of the door and into the parking lot. that is not necessarily what you would expect from an off year election. that also did not mean people here in virginia are not excited or interested about this race, because virginia voters have already set a record. most absentee ballot records for a nine presidential year. and the republican who wanted his own brand and separate from the president by never campaigning with them, ed
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gillespie, has came back from double digits down within striking distance. >> i feel good, in effect, we have not gained any momentum. you can see it in the polling numbers, but more importantly than the poll numbers, the shipyard and the workers at 5:30 a.m. as they are coming in and they are for me, that's a good sign. any focus group are polling data. that's better. >> from south korea, president trump tried to put down the democrat in a straight, ralph northam. tweeted this. ralph northam will know crime to be rampant in virginia. he is weak on crime, anti-second amendment, and has been horrible on the virginia economy. vote ed gillespie today. but ralph northam sees this election to philly. he thinks it's an opportunity for voters in the commonwealth to repudiate donald trump. >> i think they want a leader in virginia to what's going on in washington right now, the
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policies that are detrimental coming out of washington. >> experts are watching the gillespie campaign, because it could be a test for success in next year's midterm and blue states, but a wild card if you are starting to see, it is rainy. weather is very bad in virginia. and sometimes bad weather affects turnout -- >> . >> dana: peter doocy, thank you for bringing us a story. house republicans looking to bring the tax bill to a vote, but some new key republicans voicing opposition. we are live on capitol hill, and we are hearing harrowing story of survival out of texas. what one man says have been to his mother after she was shot and saw her life was over. ever. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> dana: it is election day,
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and we're watching the the governor races in new jersey and virginia, both regarded as indicators how president trump is doing, and they revolve around trump, even though his name is not on the ballot. the spring our panel, hopkins, democratic strategist and contributor to "the hill" ," we saw each other in the room, at least both so you tweeted this morning that you voted. you are there and virginia. how does it look? >> ed made this a race. i would say with no statewide election in the commonwealth of virginia, zero, ed galati has pulled this race into a margin of error rates. i think the momentum is on his side, i think he can do it. >> dana: michael, from a democratic perspective, has the party been surprised that ralph northam did not run away, and ed gillespie is pretty close? >> i think we all know at the end of the day it would be a close race. it is a bellwether state, it is
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always close. it is disheartening to see get this close. within the margin of error, it starts to worry us a lot, even with the rain. >> dana: matt, do think both sides will over interpret or misinterpret the results tonight as a referendum on president trump and what is to come for 2018? >> come on, dana. it would not be any fun if everything was not about donald trump. when i turn on the news, it is all about donald trump. seriously, i think republicans -- and ed gillespie win and other attorney general, i think it demonstrates that the political coalitions are changing, and democrats alike to look at the low poll numbers of donald trump, but what is really happening across the country is there continues to be a surge of support for dramatic change, not only washington, but state capitals across the country, which is why we have thirtysomething republican governors. republican control and most of the legislature across the country.
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there is a dynamic change going across this country. >> dana: of course, there's another election in new jersey for the governor. let's listen to the incumbent, who just had a testy exchange this morning. >> it is easier to sit here and complain. it is -- >> i don't have the money like you. >> really can make it is easier to sit here and complain. do you know what? that is the joy of public service. it is serving folks -- it is, yeah, is serving folks like you who are unique to us. it really is. you're fabulous. >> dana: michael, chris christie is probably glad it is over for him. >> i will get a lot of flak for this, but i actually like chris christie. a couple years ago, and it has been a rough watching him beat up on his own boaters and damage to the republican party. i was telling you in the green room, chris christie wants to be a gangster while his securities around, and it will not be
11:19 am
around in a couple months. i think he needs to tone it down. >> dana: are you disappointed, matt, that new jersey was not competitive with him around? >> yes, of course. chris christie give us a hope. he was elected twice. we had success with the new jersey governorship. he is the most unpopular governor in the country, and maybe his tirades play a role in that. >> dana: people like it when people tell it like it is. let's listen to someone else telling it like it is. this is this morning. donna brazile and it got heated. >> i called bernie to explain to him, that i couldn't not destroy, because of this memorandum. there is no question that i was upset. i was upset, because we were hacked. >> i read the book. you sounded very angry with hillary clinton. the hacking was an issue. speak up my emotions are my
11:20 am
emotions. there is no question, i was very upset at the time. >> dana: donna brazile finding it lonely out there when you tell it like it is. >> she has. donna brazile tossed political grenade and want to put the pen back in it. it's too late. she has done a lot for people of color, women coming inside the democratic party. i hope this is not what she is remembered for. steve and i would not count her out, matt. you know donna brazile. what do you think you make >> i have great respect for donna brazile. i think she knew what she was doing when she decided to be very candid in this book. she is not going to be able to relate back. what she is talking about is a democratic party -- the elite of the democratic party being shown to be, first of all, not effective, but then the collusion that is out there. there was collusion that gave hillary clinton this nomination, and collusion to put her over the goal line. the american people said, no way. >> dana: evidently, there is collusion to trash donna
11:21 am
brazile. we'll keep an eye on that. thank you for being with us. live look at capitol hill, where senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, made some news moments ago about the senate tax bill, and rand paul as we have a key republican, voicing opposition. ♪ in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> dana: a fox news alert, pennsylvania state trooper is capitalized after gunshot wounds when he exchanged fire with a driver at a traffic stop north of philadelphia. the suspect drove himself to the hospital, where he was taken into custody. police are investigated.
11:25 am
president trump treasury secretary on the hill, as house republicans mark up their tax bill. and there from both sides of the aisle weigh in on proposal. doug mckelway is live from capitol hill. doug, we had one key deflection. what else do not? >> darrell iso he is among the first california republicans to come out in opposition to the bill as it presently stands. his reason for this committee cannot support the cap on the salt. the state and local tax deductions. they are near and dear to high income earners and high-tech states like california, and new york. that is as the house ways and means committee enters week two of the house tax bill. one exchange on the salt issue is the high tension. >> earlier this year, treasury secretary steven mnuchin suggested that we need to repeal
11:26 am
salt to stop subsidizing space. mr. chairman, i have never heard anybody as stupid from any treasury secretary in my life. >> can i remind you this is -- this is not off my time. this colors close to the lines, but not over the line. >> republicans are very cognizant that if they cannot pass the tax reform by the end of this year, their majority in both houses may potentially be in jeopardy. >> a rumor to come if you do not get this done, we maids would give up the majority. they will pull back the majority. >> at the house had a warning, there are limits to their patients when it comes to this kind of democratic obstructionist. >> we also don't want to have a design to stop this process. there's a lot of tactics that i'm to people on the aisle want
11:27 am
to deploy to a stop congress. will not entertain military tactics, with the space they need to craft their legislation. >> the house ways and means committee are sticking to its plan with his out of committee by this thursday. >> dana: what are you caring about movement in the senate? >> the senate bill is moving forward with its own separate bill apart from the house version of the bill. conservative gather today with kelly in kellyanne conway, to tout their own bill, full speed ahead with it. >> we know washington needs to have a sense of urgency. president trump told us to go to action. business pace and at a bureaucratic pace. >> ted cruz was among that group, and ordered his colleagues just as house conservatives are doing, to have a version of what was and eat
11:28 am
repeal of obamacare bill, removal of individual tax mandate. it is uncertain whether the senate leadership is on board with that. there is lots of skittish is him when it comes to that they do not want to revisit a repeal of obamacare any component of obamacare when he failed earlier this year. dana? >> dana: against collocated by the day. thank you, doug mckelway. we have an emotional interview with the son of a woman shot and it texas church. she was on the floor as the gunman approached to shoot her again, when something remarkable happened. we'll tell you what that was. plus, president trump keeping his sights on a nuclear north korea as he talks about global security with our partners in south korea. >> today, the president and i had an opportunity to talk about arrange of economic and security measures including our trade relationship and efforts to solve north korea's grave
11:29 am
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11:33 am
be released at the end of the week. some of those wounded in the texas church shooting now sharing stories of the horror they experienced when gunfire interrupted a sunday morning service. ryan yunus is live from the medical center in texas. >> good afternoon, dana. 73-year-old is the only victim that is still here at basel. her son told us everything. shots going through the roof, and then a sunday school teacher, everyone, get on the ground. >> what else did she see when she was on the ground in the church? >> she saw the shooter after he initially came the entryway in the dash nt six clips, and the proceeded to walk up and down the aisle. she said, ten, 15 times,
11:34 am
shooting everyone on the ground. she laid on the ground the whole time and watched his boots walk up and down. he eventually did a circle ended up at her pew, which was the first pew to the front door. and a lady to her left, started screaming repeatedly, she held her hand, and the lady was crying aloud, and told her, you will be okay, you are to heaven. he stopped shooting her, and he noticed her coming she started praying to god to take her to heaven. she said, a gunman at the door diverted his attention, and he left. that was the end of the ordeal. >> unbelievable. no word on what happened to her friend on the ground with her. the hero, stephen willeford come up with the men who ran to the church and diverted that shooters attention, likely saving her.
11:35 am
>> every time i heard a shot, i knew that mental life. i was scared to death. i was. i was scared for me, everyone of them. now i'm scared for my whole family who lived a block away. i am no hero. i am not. >> david said his mother said the shooter was targeting people's cell phones, and particularly children. >> she said, she heard people crying, call the police, and she said it sounded like he was shooting that cell phones. it was a crackling sound when he's shot the cell phone. she did not know hers was shot, it was riddled with bullets when she got to appear >> weird
11:36 am
he said, whether it was babies, kids, they were pleading for the kids' lives. >> a local funeral home is donating caskets for these victims, so they do not have to worry about that. on top of everything else. david said, his mother would never have been in the church it wasn't for hurricane harvey, his mother was forced to leave houston after harvey, because of the damage suffered by the hurricane, which is why she was in the area on that day. david is now trying to raise as much money as he can, to rebuild that church. he has a page right now. >> dana: president trump with progress, and asking -- deputy editor of "the wall street journal," editorial page in a fox news contributor. no one better. this is a big trip for president trump. member and president obama was
11:37 am
going to do the pivot to asia? president trump, is he doing it? >> we shall see. the thing that president obama did not do is prohibit resources to asia. i think president trump's hand is being forced by the basic element of north korea. let's understand what is going on here, dana. north korea has developed international continental ballistic missile. they have nuclear warheads. the feeling, within a year, they could have a miniaturized version on the head of one of those missiles. nothing could be more immediate or imminent. president trump has to deal with that. the american people expect him to do that. the only leverage i think he has at the moment is that he has been doing, the threat of military action against north korea. now he is there talking and negotiating. south korea, china, president g and the way of serious diplomacy
11:38 am
that won't force her hand militarily. >> dana: is like a rebranding exercise and what they will call in the region. >> our alliance is more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the indo-pacific region. that is why vice president pence, secretary of state tillotson rex tillerson, and mattis, who is here a moment ago, traveled to soeul in my first year. it's pew is not saying egypt pacific, but indo pacific. and they said, it is because they're trying to broaden the region. >> general mcmaster and secretary mattis have talked a lot about the need to rebuild america's alliance.
11:39 am
in his trip there is touching base with so my eyes such as vietnam, india, japan, certainly south korea, australia, although he is not going there, and they're trying to pull these countries together so that they can neutralize china. clearly it splits its efforts to push their way further and deeper into the region. >> dana: before i let you go, i want to ask you, while the president is in asia, they have developers in the middle east with taking serious actions to purge the ruling class. here's from president trump and i have great confidence in the crown prince of saudi arabia. they know exact what they are doing. there are harshly treating those who have been milking their country for years. this story has gotten short. this is a big development and a proxy war between saudi arabia
11:40 am
and iran. >> saudi arabia cannot go to war with iran, and what is going on here, chris solomon is trying to force the u.s. is hand to make a greater commitment. he went to saudi arabia and gave a speech. the united states does not have identifiable or strategy in the middle east. especially with regards to syri syria. vladamir putin is over there, trying to establish a side , an alliance with, and with ours as well. but prince solomon is doing. i think he's trying to modernize saudi, and induce the united states to explicitly commit themselves to protect the region, and that will mean a greater presence. something that president trump does not really want to do, but i think prince solomon recognizes the threat from iran
11:41 am
to the entire middle east region. >> dana: we will continue to check in with you. thank you. the u.s. is about to find itself in a unique position on climate change as another nation signed the paris accord. plus the polls are open in virginia, where the governor race is a wily test of president trump's influence tim scott this and more.
11:42 am
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11:44 am
>> shepard smith on the news that come up with the church massacre. fox news cannot confirm the dallas television station report that the man who murdered 25 innocent people including a pregnant woman once escaped from a mental institution. the breaking details coming up, and one of the hospitals taking care of victims of the attack is about to hold a news conference appeared we will monitor that and bring you an update on a very busy news day at the deck.
11:45 am
i'll see at the top hour. >> dana: the united states is about to go it alone in opposition to the paris climate accord. that's because syria has announced plans to sign the deal. until now, it was the only other member to not sign by 196 nations. this means the united states would be the sole u.n. member country outside the deal, and president trump makes good on his june promised to pull out. i will take until 2020 to fully withdraw from the paris accord. it is election day in virginia with a high-stakes battle for governor. republican ed gillespie against democrat ralph northam. during this now in south carolina senator, tim scott. you are the mvp of campaign stories, because you're traveling around the country. you campaigned for ed gillespie and virginia. what will happen tonight? >> i am excited. i think ed will pull out of this race and it will be close. 51-49, but here's the truth. ed has been campaigning every
11:46 am
corner of the state. his goal is to be the governor for all of virginia. he is proving that by the way he campaigns. really excited. saturday, having an opportunity to sit down with business owners, minority business owners, had a great lunch with traditional republican spirit turning over every stone, that every single person understands his desire to represent them and to move virginia together. >> dana: ed gillespie has tied to appeal to everybody, including african-american majority county, chesapeake county. one of the things that has happened in his campaign you had charlottesville in the summer, and ed gillespie come out and talk about confederate statues and needing to preserve the history. do you agree with him on that? >> i will say one thing without question. ed's response after
11:47 am
charlottesville was a clear repudiation of extremism and hatred. we have seen on the left is race baiting by folks on the left, which is despicable if you see some of the commercials by those supporting the campaign. it is impossible to understand the significance and hold that the left, trying to find a way to make this race. it is awful. >> dana: take a lesson, who has been a good friend of ed's. >> he's had one of the most bigoted campaign, excellent campaign. he's taking this campaign, most races campaign you've ever seen in virginia. that is not who we are as virginians. >> senator scott, do you think republicans are tired with the races no matter what they do connect if charles will never happened, do you see that as a pattern that republicans have to deal with in every state?
11:48 am
>> no question that the democrats are absolutely desperate. desperate to win races, no matter the vile treatment of their opponents, lacquering reality as -- the truth of the matter, you're looking for someone the head and shoulders above the masses, someone who's spoken clearly on the 19 virginians, the common goal of bringing the commonwealth together. you can see ed gillespie has done a good job. when you hear my friends on the left saint that those guys are racist against black people, it is amazing to see the type of challenges in response to those challenges is to pull out the old race car. it is disrespectful to those who paid a high price to make sure we were all included. >> dana: a couple of hours ago, i believe you had a chance to see senator mitch mcconnell, he talked about tax reform. let's listen and talk to you.
11:49 am
>> we are moving forward on tax reform here in the senate. the finance committee will be rolling out their proposal, the chairman's market, at the end of the week. republicans can take a look at it. moving towards a mark up next week. >> dana: how different is the senate's version from the house that they're working on today? >> there are substantial differences. the houseplant move the ball in the right direction. i believe that this in a plant will be a little bit more robust is how we help the everyday american being able to keep more of their paycheck. at the same time, is how can we grow our economy long-term and make sure the jobs of the future are created here at home. we have specific objectives that will help manifest for us those future jobs around the world been created here at home as opposed to places that have a lower tax break and more
11:50 am
competitive in that space. >> dana: we are watching it closely. hope you come back and talk to us. senator tim scott. thank you. trouble on the tarmac as a man sneaks past security and takes a joyride on the carousel. wait to hear what happens next. plus, why did former fbi director james comey rewrite his own memo connect change the language about hillary clinton's emails. we will hear about the next
11:51 am
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we are the driven... the dedicated... the overachievers. we know our best investment is in ourselves. we don't take no for an answer. we fight for what we want. even for the things that were once a given. going to college... buying a home... and not being in debt for it for the rest of our lives. but we're only as strong as our community. who inspires and pushes us to go further than we could ever go alone. sofi. get there sooner. >> dana: an unidentified man at the miami international airport walked by a unattended american airlines counter, and into the luggage should print look at the footage. showing him come out the other side onto the tarmac with employees in hot pursuit. they are able to tackle him to the ground, and he was taken away in handcuffs.
11:54 am
the police state this is a very restricted area of the airport, and they are investigating how he was able to get this far. do not try that. new scrutiny around former fbi director james comey's decision to change the wording in his closing statement on the investigation with hillary clinton's private email server before the final copy was released. catherine herridge joins us live. what's this about? >> format direct for fbi director as mostly nudge again, it merged the statute. by july 2016, the phrase was dropped when comey recommended against criminal charges. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws, there is evidence that were extremely careless a very sensitive and highly classified information. >> republican chairman of the
11:55 am
judiciary, charles grassley, once more information from christopher wray, who had input in the underlining record or meta data to show it when he edit. they said to fox news, it is comey who insisted on finding and ten, even though it is not a requirement under the federal statute. >> dana: okay, i hope they get that information soon. there is a released transcript from a trump for policy advisor. >> dana: this is the transcript that comes from the house intelligence committee, and is from the interview of trump campaign foreign policy advisor carter page. in the transcript, he confirms he had contact with a russian deputy prime minister in july 2016, and at least two campaign aides knew about. in an email he said, i will send you a read out with cripple insight and -- the email undercuts his that his trip to
11:56 am
moscow was not part of the campaign. after an eight hour closed-door section on capitol hill, carter page explained the dossier that made him the appointment for the trump team. >> it was terrific to have the opportunity to help clear the record as to the falsehoods from the dodgy dossier that started against me, in the final two months before the election. >> we will learn soon, a lot more from the attorney general, jeff sessions, about what he knew and other contact with george papadopoulos, the aide who cut a deal with the special counsel, because we have confirmation today he'll be on the hill before the house judiciary committee. >> dana: will have you back then. thank you so much. an emotional reunion as to heroes share their heartache and taxes
11:57 am
11:58 am
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>> two good samaritans
12:00 pm
comforting each other in the texas church massacre. johnny langendorff helping welleford. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. 2:00 in southerland springs, texas where news has been breaking about the church gunman. the new report that he once escaped from a mental institution months after he attacked his wife and fractured his stepson's skull. this cops after the u.s. fair force admitted they did not inform the fbi about the man's criminal history and the failure may have allowed the mass murderer to buy his guns. in texas, they say they can't get into his cell phone. in seoul, south korea, president trump promising exciting news today. no details. it comes after he took a more diplomatic tone on the nuclear


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