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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 7, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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wasn't going to work. if you dip your toe in just a little bit, you're going to end up like ed gillespie. political roadkill. up next, shannon bream. she has a big guest, vice president mike pence. >> shannon: thank you. here's what's on "fox news @ night" tonight. right now, we are following the outcomes in key state elections. >> it's not a referendum on any national politics. >> shannon: are they or aren't they a litmus test on the trump revolution which officially began nearly a year ago today. before he visits the first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas, the vice president shares a message of unwavering faith. what do you make on the left who mock this idea of praying question wants to go i am a believer and i believe in prayer. the on vice president 's as the president departs for
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beijing, is he changing his tone? >> we will negotiate some good deals. >> shannon: we are alive from seoul. welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream and washington. this is a fox news alert. we're looking forward to a jam-packed hour on this very busy tuesday night. an experienced team of reporters ready for john roberts in seoul as the president heads to china where his promising tough talk on north korea. ed henry right here in washington with us monitoring election results in virginia, new jersey, and beyond. bryan llenas in sutherland springs with the latest on the texas church tragedy. we start with john roberts live in south korea. >> the president is on its way from south korea to china right now but not before giving a big address to south korea's national assembly, and address in which the president of the
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same time played good cop and bad cop, taking an opportunity to speak directly to kim jong un of north korea. the president said the path came is pursuing developing nuclear weapons will eventually lead to his downfall, warning him and his regime, do not try us. >> the weapons you are acquiring are not making safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. >> in a lengthy speech, the president reminded kim there are three aircraft carrier strike groups on station not too far off the korean peninsula that are bristling with weapons. he warned that the u.s. will not be blackmailed and he will not allow u.s. cities to be intimidated or threatened by north korean nuclear into mentor continental ballistic missiles.
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he also painted an elaborate indictment of kim jong un as a criminal dictator. but in that speech, he also gave him an out. listen. >> despite every crime you have committed against god and man, you are ready to -- we have ready to offer and we will, we will offer a path to a much better future. begins within end to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles and complete verifiable and total denuclearization. >> yesterday here in south korea and a joint press conference with the south korean president moon jae-in, president trump held out a little bit of an olive branch to north korea, welcoming them to the table if they would get rid of their nuclear program. the president hope to set a very strong message this morning. planned a secret visit to the te
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demilitarized zone where he intended to stand on the border with president moon jae-in to give a strong signal to kim jong un. the two nations were standing arm in arm together against the nuclear threat. there was a lot of fog near the demilitarized zone and president trump's helicopter was not able to land so he had to return to seoul. the president will soon be in china for talks with xi jinping. it's a state visit and xi jinping is pulling out all the stops will be a very elaborate ceremony for the president. in the middle of all that, some tough talk on north korea and also some tough talk on trade. >> shannon: we are going to have more of the president's speech. john roberts with the preview of china now in south korea. thank you so much. you remember election night 2016. donald trump shocked the world commode of the biggest upsets in presidential history. three art 64 days later, a couple couple of important governors races in eastern states quote the democrats. how much does or doesn't it say
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about how voters feel about the commander-in-chief? ed henry tonight in virginia. good evening. >> the votes are in. let the spin begin. declaring this shows the power of the resistance against president trump, living out the fact that democrats have won the virginia governor's mansion in four of the last five elections. the president tweeting: "ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, republicans won 4 out of 4 house seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!" i spoke privately tonight with two promenades virginia republicans who agreed with the president that ed gillespie did not make it strong enough case about the improving economy under the president, though gillespie is known as a savvy
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political operator, he lost to the current lieutenant governor ralph northam, an army vet who voted twice from president george bush. the democrats won with the help of a third party, the latino victory fund that aired a nasty add. the pressure that northam will face from the left was on display as he was heckled and interrupted by what appeared to be liberal protesters shouting "sanctuary for all" angry that he had called for an sanctuary cities. >> a few minutes ago, i received a gracious call from ed gillespie. i wished him well. and i thanked him for his service. >> sanctuary for all! >> ralph, ralph!
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>> democrats won other seats. they were expected to win new jersey. a state where outgoing governor chris christie is deeply unpopular. in new york city, bill de blasio cruised to a second term. jason chaffetz used to have the seat in utah. less than one year into barack obama's first year as president, senator ted kennedy died and there was a special election. massachusetts went to the g.o.p. scott brown won. tonight they mean a lot or it may mean not much at all. >> shannon: only time will tell. we know you'll be watching along with us. thank you so much. president trump's standing on the world stage as commander in chief while also lashing out at the virginia g.o.p. candidate for governor last night to the
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issues and we've got to go guests. sean duffy, a republican from wisconsin. fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. welcome. chris, we have this poll about was important to virginia voters. at the top of the list, the economy and health care tied at 24%. in talking to a congressman tonight from virginia, he said the virginia economy grew at 0.6% last year. either the northam p.r. team did a great job or gillespie did a -- >> i think the democrats won it. ed gillespie did better. we finished our work going through the counties. ed gillespie did better than the republican nominee did four, eight years ago. these are in a lot of key counties. the democrats turned out to vote. they showed up in larger number than the republicans.
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there's going to be a lot of blame heaped on and gillespie. he ran a successful race in terms of getting the vote year he thought he was going to need. they just got swamped by democratic turnout. >> shannon: congressman, interesting. when i went about this morning, there was a huge crowd. there were clearly people -- people were very motivated. how much do you think of the things factored in like the fact that congress hasn't gotten some big things across the finish line, repealing obamacare, tax reform. do you think it factors in for voters? >> i don't think so. it will be interesting what chris thinks but i think making the republican vote turns out which is have you partnered with trump or not, that was energizing the republican base. i would say on the democrat side, it is shocking that the voter turnout they had. they are motivated. they are energized. i think it's a sign for republicans that if we don't get text from john, if we don't get from 3% to 4% growth, it's going to be a rough election year a year from now.
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we better get our act together. >> shannon: to the point about whether or not ed gillespie was trying to walk a fine line of having trump policies or ideas but not take the endorsement of the president, what do you think? >> he could have never please everybody. that was impossible. it's two states. northern virginia which is a democratic state, strong democratic state, affluent state. then you have the rest virginia which is sort of a
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he eventually did a circle and ended up at her pew and the lady to her left, he started shooting her repeatedly. she held her hand, and the lady was crying a lot. and she told her "you're going to be okay. you're going to happen." he stopped shooting her. she started praying for god to take her to heaven. >> we heard as survivors say he would shoot babies that cried. >> whether it was babies or kids or moms pleading for their kids' lives. >> david's mother has no idea how that sunday school teacher is doing right now. nor does she know the condition of whether or not that woman that was standing next to her for the left is dead or alive. farida brown will be okay. we're learning more about joanne ward, the mother reportedly using her body to protect her children. she pushed her 9-year-old daughter to the ground as the gunman came in. she survived. she was unable to save two of her children. brooke and emily. her 9-year-old survived. her 5-year-old is recovering after being shot multiple times. a gofundme page has over $400,000 raised for the whole comes -- holcombes. three generations of the same family. victim identities will be released tomorrow. we know a funeral home has donated caskets for all the victims. an unbearable tragedy. i've got to tell you. faith is carrying this communit community. people are talking about, god,
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faith, moving forward. we still don't know the full identities of everybody. the authorities do. they will release the names tomorrow. >> shannon: it's amazing to see. bryan llenas in texas. thank you. police say the man accused of attacking senator rand paul could face felony charges given the kentucky lawmakers injuries, including five broken ribs. meantime, a friend of paul says the senator has no idea what prompted his neighbor to tackle him from behind saturday. neighbors reportedly say the two men have had a long-running dispute over yard waste. the fbi is investigating the assault. the neighbor is a die-hard leftist. fusion gps, the firms that democrats funded to do the research on the trump dossier is battling house investigators over its bank records. the house intelligence committee had reached an agreement with the committee confirmed fusion went to court friday and attempt
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to block records requests. uncovering information about journalists and media companies, relationships with fusion and whether fusion may have played for -- paid for publishing. a redacted version of the response should be available tomorrow. we will keep you updated on fusion gps. ahead, mike pence opens up about his faith and how he plans to fight on behalf of persecuted christians in the middle east. donna brazile reveals why she's not going to back down. critics say she is tearing the democratic party apart. stick around and find out more. , it pays to switch things up. and when you switch to esurance, you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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>> shannon: vice president mike pence in sutherland springs tomorrow. i asked the vice president what up message he will bring in the wake of the tragedy. >> the goal is to be there. as president trump said, we will never leave your side. i want to make sure the families there that they have the support of the american people, the prayers of the american people. >> shannon: what do you make
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of some on the left to mock the idea of praying and that prayers could or should help people in this tragedy? >> i am a believer, and i believe in prayer. and i know that at this moment of such heartbreak and loss in that community that what most americans are most able to do is pray for those families. >> shannon: we have the opportunity to walk through the rotunda with you. everyday folks from around america had a chance to shake your hand. so many said they were praying for you. what does that mean for you? >> vice president pence: they are the sweetest words we hear. it takes nothing away from our determination to get to the bottom of what happened. to understand the why, to determine whether or not there were errors along the way. in particular with regard to the
8:24 pm
reporting of this individual's background in the air force. but right now, i truly believe that covering those families in prayer is making a difference in their lives. it will continue to support those families in that community in the days ahead. >> shannon: you ramp up on tax reform, a lot of folks are saying it won't be the democrat to stop you from getting this done. you weren't counting on their votes anyway, but are you surprised by some of the conservative criticism that's coming our way? a number of republican members having serious objections to what they've seen so far on the house side. >> vice president pence: the president and i couldn't be more supportive of the overall framework reflected in the bill being considered in the house of representatives this week. the bill that's going to be introduced in the senate. the president's goal is very simply from the outset has been threefold. we need to cut taxes for the middle class in this country. we need to cut taxes on
8:25 pm
businesses to than american companies could be more competitive and be able to bring dollars back to this country to create jobs here. and we need to simplify the tax code, to lift the burden that this complex tax code places on everyday americans. those three principles are all reflected in the bill being considered in the house. >> shannon: i will read some of the critiques. "they say there is a hidden new tax bracket. some people pay more taxes." they are worried about the mortgage interest deduction going down. worried about the adoption tax credit potentially going away. these are things, they point to the middle class and say it's not going to benefit them. >> vice president pence: this is a work in progress. other issues, home owners deductions, state and local taxes, they are subject of healthy debate in congress. we are going to continue to work in a way that makes sure that working families, middle-class americans benefit from this tax
8:26 pm
cut. that we create the kind of framework for reform that will cause this economy to take off even more than it has already. >> shannon: any scenario in which the individual mandate under obamacare is included, a repeal of that is included? >> >> vice president pence: is under active consideration. the president's determination to repeal obamacare. we came close. we passed it out of the house of representatives this year and came close in the senate twice. we are determined to come back to the issue next year. the president and i are both interested in seeing the house and senate consider the possibility of repealing the individual mandate tax as part of this tax reform bill. >> shannon: you and the president, to a lot of people on the outside, seem like different personalities. you are different people. you seem to work well together. how would you describe your relationship? >> vice president pence: i am very fond of the president. we have become good friends.
8:27 pm
i really admire his leadership, and to see the president speak at a rally, to see him at an event, it is the leader i work with everyday. clear vision for the country, a boundless belief in the american people. a graciousness toward everyone that he encounters. it always comes through. the kind of broad shouldered strength that the american people long to see in a president here at home and on the world stage. >> shannon: speaking of the world stage, i want to ask you about something, the persecution of christians around the world. you've talked about this administration taking different steps. to really try to get in there and make practical, make a practical difference. >> vice president pence: we have seen a great tragedy unfolding in the christian community across the wider middle east. in the last administration sold resources and support to rebuild
8:28 pm
those communities. through the united nations. too often, those simply never reached christian community's. we would see areas neglected. president trump made the decision we are no longer going to find reconstruction efforts through ineffective programs at the united nations. the usaid is going to directly fund programs in the region to benefit religious minorities and in some cases we will be supporting religious organizations that are rebuilding, churches and schools and neighborhoods. >> shannon: up next, the commander-in-chief gets a standing ovation overseas. find out why. stick around. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks,
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national assembly. president trump delivering a stirring speech short time ago. president trump called on the world to show strength and resolve in the effort to achieve a denuclearized north korea. air force one gets ready to lift off to beijing, the president is headed for a new round of diplomacy. reworking some trade deals. chinese officials billing the next stop as a state visit plus. how is the donald diplomacy working? let's ask senator cory gardner. we had congressman garamendi last night, and here's what he said about how he thinks the president's rhetoric is working or not working. >> it's very, very dangerous, not just his rhetoric but kim jong un's rhetoric. these two folks are not much different than a bunch of kids on a schoolyard cursing each other. the result is you usually get in a fight and we do not want a
8:34 pm
fight on the korean peninsula. >> shannon: what do you think of his assessment? the president says what we've been doing hasn't worked. >> what you saw tonight before the national assembly, the speech. he said he doesn't want to fight. we have to prepare for it but we have to make sure we do everything we can do peacefully denuclearized and that's using our diplomatic measures and emm emma -- economic pressure. i think you saw powerful and clear message to south korea that we stand with our ally and a clear message to kim jong un that you better denuclearized. >> shannon: we know he's going to be heading to beijing. the world knows china is key to dealing with this issue. the last couple rounds of sanctions, people argued they were watered down. what do you think the conversations will be like with china? do we have levers to put the pressure on? do they have to see their own self interest in this in order to get tougher with north korea? >> we were following a doctrine
8:35 pm
of strategic patience. that led to numerous detonations of nuclear bombs, the testing of nuclear weapons, the advancement of a ballistic missile program in north korea. what we didn't see during the last eight years was a strength and result from china. president trump has been able to get china to do more than they've ever done in the past, and we should be grateful china has done that but china has to do more. there's far more they can and should be doing when it comes to north korea. we need to ramp up the maximum pressure, turn up the dials of economic and diplomatic pressure. what i hope president trump says to president xi's if you want to be a responsible world power and be accepted as a global power, you have to deal with the neighbor threatening the world with nuclear war. it's unacceptable for china, responsible of 90% of trade with north korea, to step back and do the minimal possible in order to deal with north korea. they need to be doing more. the president needs to make it clear. and just as the case with iran when the united states started
8:36 pm
leveling secondary sanctions on china because they weren't divorcing sanctions against iran, china changed their behavior and started engaging in a productive way with iran. we should expect the same thing with north korea. leveling secondary sanctions and deferment our results we will start seeing different behaviors. >> shannon: the president has talked about how we need russia and he needs putin in this. complicated conversation. >> it is. i don't think russia is interested in a rogue regime in north korea with a nuclear weapon. china certainly is not interested, nor should they be. that's where the alliance between south korea and japan and the united states really comes to play. trilateral alliance the president spoke about japan that he spoke about before the national assembly in korea tonight, this alliance that can really be used to put pressure on russia, put pressure on china to make a difference. >> shannon: let me ask you about a domestic issue. how do you feel about what's going to happen with tax reform?
8:37 pm
the senate is getting ready to roll out its version. >> i am confident we will get tax relief past out of the house and senate and to the president's desk hopefully by mid-december. >> shannon: a lot of objections by your g.o.p. colleagues. a lot of them saying they have real problems and they can't vote for what they have seen so far. >> if they work in progress. i think you're going to see it work out in the house. you're going to see it in the senate as we look toward amendments, debate and try to understand what it means to our states. the bottom line is the neck and people haven't seen real wage increases, salary increases for several years. they are working hundred than ever. what we know is this tax package can increase, as the council of economic advisors has said, increase average household wages by $4,000 come up to $9,000. we know this will drive economic growth. create real term real-time gdp growth. this is a chance for the next
8:38 pm
people to succeed and not just see wall street succeed but main streets grow economically. >> shannon: we know you're not going to get the democrats to vote. maybe you will. there's a chance. >> we are going to have to get the support to make it happen. >> shannon: thanks for coming in tonight. from monuments to felons to charlottesville, it's been a long and painful road to election day in virginia. what it does and doesn't say about how voters feel about the president. next. whoooo.
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> shannon: president trump tweeting that ed gillespie did not embrace him and that's why he lost. is that accurate? who better to ask than larry sabato? professor, good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: is it an accurate assessment? did ed gillespie try to embrace some of the president's policies while not embracing him? what led to the resounding defeat? >> i think the tweet was inaccurate and kind of ungracious. gillespie did embrace the residency issues. he did not embrace the president personally in the sense that he didn't have them come in and campaign. most presidents do come into
8:43 pm
campaign for their party's nominee for governor. he did embrace the issues: immigration, crime. had plenty of ads about it. virginia is a blue state. we have been calling it kind of purple, competitive. we will just go ahead and call it blue. it's not as deep blue as california or new york or maryland but it's blue. you would expect a democrat to be elected when there is a republican president, particularly when the g.o.p. president is unpopular. he is unpopular in virginia. he's popular in red states but is not popular in blue states. and virginia's blue. >> shannon: we have a sound bite we want to play for my local voter at the polls about whether they think it's a referendum on the president or not. >> it's not a referendum on any national politics. local voters are looking at local issues. i hope no one is going out in voting just based on a presidential election. if -- it's an uneducated voter.
8:44 pm
>> shannon: how much do you think things do factor in with voters? the republicans having the house, the senate, and the white house but not getting things done they promise the voters. >> it has an impact. the gentleman is correct and that technically referendum can only exist when somebody's name and on the ballot. donald trump's name was not on the ballot. it wasn't a referendum. people have reference points in politics especially today with things so polarized in people so negative about the other party. of course that becomes a factor in the choice for dogcatcher, much less for president. >> shannon: let me ask you, how much do you think this signals ahead to 2018 and it -- does it put pressure on republicans to get tax reform done? >> they have loads of pressure to get that done without worrying about what happened tonight or 2018. they better get something done and i think they've gotten that
8:45 pm
message. everybody asked me, does this mean democrats will sweep in 2018? i don't know. we have a whole year to go. there will be 100 big things that happen between now and then that could change perceptions. you asked me to be quick, i will say anybody who predicts 2018 on the basis of 2017 can be embarrassed. i would urge them not to do so. it's not pleasant to be embarrassed. >> shannon: it's a world away. none of us likes being embarrassed. great to have you with us tonight. thank you. coming up, dnc chair tom perez fires back at donna brazile's new tell-all book. when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors
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>> shannon: former interim dnc chair donna brazile is dancing on the meaning of rigged with respect to the nominating process for the democratic party and the 2016 election. >> i never used the word rigged in my book. i was uncomfortable what i found
8:50 pm
when i became chair. >> shannon: when pressed on why she would stir up controversy, she said she wanted to fix it. senior politics writer at u.s. news and world report dave catanese and david halper join us. good to see you both. david, donna brazile, some people say the critics on the left are saying this is about nothing but selling books. >> i don't think it can be about nothing about just selling books. she was there. she was brought in after they removed debbie wasserman schultz and she called this an unethical agreement. it would be different if this was one of the bernie burroughs. she was a al gore person. she was in the clinton camp. she had a problem with the fund-raising agreement. i think the problem was with the timing, given that what happened four days before an election. looks like it all turned out well for the democrats tonight so she's not going to get blamed for democratic losses. that works out for her.
8:51 pm
of course it's a little bit about selling books as well. >> shannon: she talked about sexism, not very flattering portrayal of robby mook. there was criticism, she's doing this before virginia and new jersey and these other races. something tells me that book is going to be on the best seller list. >> i'm sure will. she has a great story obviously. as david was mentioning, remember why she even entered the dnc chair to begin with. she entered on an interim basis after debbie wasserman schultz basically got pushed to the curb after her emails got hacked and showed some shady stuff. she has a right to tell her story. the clintons put her there. she -- they had her trust. everybody trusted her in the democratic party. if there were an elder statesman and the party, it would've been her. she has a right to tell her story and it's uncomfortable for a lot of people. if you are a democrat, you might be looking at it and saying let's fix the problems. we had some big wins in virginia
8:52 pm
and new jersey tonight. let's fix the problems and try to take this advice instead of attacking her for no reason. >> shannon: so much of the narrative has been that there's a civil war in the g.o.p. unable to get obamacare across the finish line. they are already having people break ranks with regard to tax reform. is it fair to say both parties have work to do? >> there is definitely civil war sent both sides. republicans have been more electorally successful. they are sort of in charge of everything. they are to get blamed if no legislation gets through. but this civil war would've been exacerbated if the democrats didn't put some wins on the board tonight. if they didn't win the virginia governor's race, there would've been more fingers, more incrimination. should we have gone with a more liberal candidate in virginia? that would've continued. democrats get a little bit of a pass because of the results i got tight. the other point i take out of the brazile critique is that it
8:53 pm
means she knows the era of the clintons is over. for her to cross them like this and cross the clinton campaign, she knows that bill clinton, hillary clinton, page and the democratic party, the book page has been turned. >> shannon: tom perez says make no mistake. ralph northam and phil murray one tonight because voters know democrats share their values of inclusion and opportunity. he said voters reject a trump-pence agenda that would take -- fuel bigotry and division. they found the winning formula tonight. do you think this was it? >> he is taking some liberties. ralph northam who will be the governor of virginia, he voted for george w. bush twice. he's not your typical democrat, certainly not your bernie bro. victory party tonight in fairfax, virginia, he got booed
8:54 pm
off stage by leftist protesters. it's a great night if you are a democrat. you couldn't have hoped for a better night but at the same time, there are divisions. these are not your typical candidates and your typical parties. it's a little more complicated i think then you can draw the sweeping conclusions and hope tom perez is now your savior because he had sent successful elections. >> shannon: great to see you both. if you want to watch and you are going to want to watch, tomorrow donna brazile is going to be on with tucker carlson at 8:00 eastern. i had come a a popular bourbon got tangled up in a controversy involving an actress and the vice president. nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage
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you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia, that can take you out of the game for weeks, even if you're healthy. pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that in severe cases can lead to hospitalization. it may hit quickly, without warning, causing you to miss out on the things you enjoy most. prevnar 13® is not a treatment for pneumococcal pneumonia... it's a vaccine you can get to help protect against it. prevnar 13® is approved for adults to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache,
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muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. ♪ >> shannon: we passed no judgment on the stores. we present them to you the jury for your consideration prior to the military continued in
8:59 pm
investigation were 60 admirals and 210 on active duty. the worst corruption scandal in u.s. navy history. it all centers around parties and prostitutes with the former contractor that leonard, leonard graham princess is in jail for a part of the scandal paid and cooperating with the authorities. that leonard played with women's, booze, and investigation on the call, in exchange for a classified information. some of that involved worship movement. speaking of government contractors, the middle finger salute to the presidents voter cape last month, julie bressman flipped president trump the bird as he rolled by in northern virginia, but she worked for a government contract firm, not very happy about the public to us. so they fired her. chalk it up to the law of unintended consequences. jim beam facing a boycott by outraged pro-life advocates because it's spokesperson mila kunis revealed a prank involving mike pence, saying that she has
9:00 pm
been sending donation in his name. they have been filled with outrage including one tweeter with 30 years of jim being, i'm done. trusting frankly, thank you for spending the evening with us. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it is election night in a few small parts of america, voters in new jersey and virginia elect their next governor tonight. the new york city voters decide whether bill de blasio deservese the second term as mayor. de blasio remarkably seems certain to win there. democrat phil murphy heavily favored in the state of new jersey. all eyes are on virginia tonight where republican ed gillespie is in a dogfight to the finish with democrat ralph northam. polls have closed exactly an hour ago. our fox news motor analysis shows the race is too close to call. there are some competing impulses in the commonwealth of virginia tonight.


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