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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 7, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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name. they have been filled with outrage including one tweeter with 30 years of jim being, i'm done. trusting frankly, thank you for spending the evening with us. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it is election night in a few small parts of america, voters in new jersey and virginia elect their next governor tonight. the new york city voters decide whether bill de blasio deservese the second term as mayor. de blasio remarkably seems certain to win there. democrat phil murphy heavily favored in the state of new jersey. all eyes are on virginia tonight where republican ed gillespie is in a dogfight to the finish with democrat ralph northam. polls have closed exactly an hour ago. our fox news motor analysis shows the race is too close to call. there are some competing impulses in the commonwealth of virginia tonight. voter analysis by fox shows that
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62% of voters say the state's economy is excellent or good, and that would seem to favor the democrats, who have been in power for the last four years. on the other hand, 63% of voters also say they support keeping up confederate statues, that has the race thesue in last several months. president trump of course looms large over the race.l 56% view him unfavorably in virginia, but 62% say president trump was not an important part of their vote one way or the other, so in some ways, competing responses from that survey that we did. fox correspondent kristin fisher is at the northam campaign election watch party and she joins us with an update. hey, kristin. >> northam supporters are just starting to trickle in. they like what they are seeing in the polls. a few point lead at the moment, but as you said, it's too close to call, and that is making them very, very nervous, especially since he came into this race expected to win. but in the closing days of this
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campaign, his opponent ed gillespie has been keeping itnd very, very close, and without a doubt, this is the most important race since election day, 2016. and that, of course, the memory of thatha upset also has some democrats here very, very nervous. if northam wins this week, the first major win for a democrat since that election day, but if gillespie wins, not only would be upset, but it would prove that a republican can win using trump's politics without actually campaigning alongside him. president trump has been very unpopular here. this is a state that hillary clinton won by five points, ittu is the only southern state that president trump lost. so northam has really been trying to use that to his advantage. he's been trying to tie ed gillespie to president trump as much as possible. and president obama obviously campaigned alongside him. but ed gillespie has reallygn bn able to use some of president trump's core politics.
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things like immigration, crime. he's been using those things, taking what was successful from president trump, but actually not campaigning alongside him. if he wins, that could very well be a playbook for other republicans going forward even though president trump has continued to tweet his support for ed gillespie. tweeted about him three times just this morning, but this is the first time since president nixon, that a sitting presidenti has not campaigned in a virginia governor's race. that goes to show you howno unpopular president trump is here, especially in northern virginia, which is turning increasingly blue over recent years. again, tucker, this race still too close to call. democrats like what they see,at the outgoing democratic governor just said that he is very optimistic. he likes the voter turnout that
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he has seen, but again, a lot of folks here very nervous. and thenp you also have this other race, another governors race up in new jersey, and this one is a lot less -- far less close than the ones here in it pits democrat bill murphy against republican kim guadagno. the last eight years as governor. he's very unpopular. democrats expected to pull out a win in new jersey, we will see what happens in virginia, it's close. >> tucker: kristin fisher, thanks for that. for analysis on what all of this might mean, we are joined by fox senior political analyst brit hume. thanks for coming on. we have no idea what's going to happen, but some of the turnout in the northern part of the state around washington, heavily government workers, very high
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and apparently some precincts higher than it was in last year's presidential election. it is probably bad news. >> particularly -- certainly higher than it was in 2013, the last time there was one of these gubernatorial midterms, or off year elections. it looks good up in that country for northam. i3, and i would say, tucker, that he is expected to win in that part of the state and win handily but if he wins really big it will be a very good sign for his campaign. and perhaps a bad sign for edse gillespie, although gillespie has been widely noted did close in the closing days of the campaign, in which he is long been the underdog.g. he let in a couple of polls but the average polls told him trailing throughout. he's clearly an underdog. >> tucker: this wasn't a normal campaign in that national issues seem to dominate, not just the president, but questions like immigration were right at the center of it. what are the lessons that each party will take away from this contest? >> certainly the campaign was
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very much affected not by trump himself, he didn't really campaign in virginia, but by his presence in the white house. the democratic candidate, ralph northam, did campaign hard against trump and did his best in the campaign to tie ed gillespie to trump. gillespie on the other hand was in a situation where he didn't have a trump campaign, he was never seen with him. he wanted turmp voters to turn out for him, and trump did end up making robo calls, as you know doubt heard on gillespie's behalf, andf endorsing him. he was trying to kind of have it both ways and it was a difficult balancing act for him. if he were to win it would be extraordinary that he was able to pull that off. >> tucker: in the last three weeks, the single most s controversial thing that happened, an ad run by allies of the northern campaign that showed a pickup truck, there is right there, with the gillespie
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sticker on it, trying to murder minority children. maybe the most over the top ad i've seen any race. i wonder if northam were to win, are we going to see more ads like this?? does it prove that this technique, scaring people onhi racial fears, works? >> that was so universally criticized that i doubt it. the ad was clearly over-the-top. i don't think it was effective on northam's behalf at all, and if anything it probably helped gillespie. e these campaigns can get rough. this one did. ed gillespie is a pretty mild-mannered guy. his democratic opponent seems to be the same and yet it got quite rough and we had ms-13 gangs being dragged into it. we had sanctuary cities as an issue in the race, even though there aren't any in virginia. these social issues, these hot button issues got dragged into the race and it got pretty rough. the ad that you described was the single roughest of all and it was so bad i think that it
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backfired, to the extent that it had any real effect at all. >> tucker: lets say gillespie loses, the message to republicans in other states in the midterm next year is what? run on trumps issues or avoid trump's issues? >> if he loses badly, which i don't think will happen. if he loses badly, that might provoke the kind of soul-searching you are talking about, but let's be clear about this. virginia has gotten to be a pretty blue state.rgn it's also the political gravity in a president's first term, ofd year election like this, almost always with the out party where the white house is concerned. in addition to the virginia. growing ever bluer, you have that gravity also, the president's first term in the white house working against gillespie. he had a lot going againstin hi. he ran i think what people thought was a pretty good race. i don't think they will take a lot away from it.
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if gillespie somehow pulls it off, then it seems to me that that poses far bigger questions for the democratic party then a gillespie loss would pose for the republicans. >> tucker: they will melt down entirely. if he were to lose this race, i don't know what would happen. brit hume, thank you. >> you bet. >> tucker: the left as always said that the sutherland springs shootings and all shootings show the need to pass new laws restricting gun rights among the population. is that the real lesson here? we have our doubts. we will continue to monitor the latest results from the states of virginia and new jersey tonight with election night, and we are on it. f ♪ do you need the most trusted battery this holiday? maybe not. (screaming) maybe you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. maybe you could trust you wouldn't be replaced.
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>> tucker: it is election day in the state of virginia, the >> tucker: it is election day in the state of virginia, the most closely watched race of this year. ralph northam, physician, vmi graduate, democrat, at this hour 58% reporting, he is at 51%. ed gillespie, former republican party head, he is at 48%. numerically fairly close, but northam in the lead at this hour. we will bring you the results as we get them minute-by-minute. lt we have breaking news here. okay, we are now reporting that ralph northam has won the virginia governor's race. ralph northam the democrat beating ed gillespie with 58% in, we are projecting that he
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is the winter. we will bring in more detail on that, and i don't know if we can -- kristin fisher is live at the ralph northam headquarters right now.ea kristin, are you there? we will be with kristin fisher in just a second. i don't think we have official statements from either campaign. as we just said, we are now declaring -- or acknowledging the declaration that ralph northam is the winner in this race. it looks like by about three kristin fisher, i think issh standing by at the northam headquarters in virginia. kristin?h there she is. >> there you have it. right there.
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big, big cheers coming out of this crowd of northam supporters after it's announced that he just won virginia's race for governor. this is a tremendous relief for democrats, especially after what happened in 2016.s even though northam was up in the polls, it was close, it was tight.t. and what happened in 2016 has a -- had them very concerned. they were psychologically nervous that they wouldn't be able to pull out a win in a state. even though it's been turning increasingly blue. this part of virginia, especially northern virginia right on the outskirts of washington, d.c., turning increasingly democratic in recent years. clinton won the state by five dints. and now northam has just done the same.hoa voting turnout has been surprisingly hot here today, even though it's been a very rainy day.
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it's also been a nonpresidential year, obviously. despite all of those factors, voter turnout was up. democrats were hopeful that that would lead to a win for them, and it just did tonight. and for ed gillespie, i would imagine it is a much -- far less -- a sour and somber scene over at his headquarters tonight. he really came so close, did far better than most people expected him to do.o he has really tried to tie himself to president trump's agenda. he campaigned hard on immigration, on crime. he hit his opponent very hard, and in the final days of this campaign, northam hit back a bit. there was that ad that we've been talking about so much,, which wasn't produced by the northam campaign. but it was produced by a latino group outside the campaign, which showed a man in a pickup truck with a gillespie bumper sticker on the back, chasing down minority children. that has led to one of the most
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bitter elections, the most bitter campaigns in recent memory, tucker, but tonight northam pulled out the win that he needed. you.tout >> tucker: kristin fisher at governor-elect -- apparently, northam headquarters. we go back to brit hume, who is standing by. i was struck watching this race by how little of it was about economics. typically governor's races have a lot of tax talk. spending on abortion, guns, immigration, basically on progressive social issues. is that the template going forward for democrats? >> well, bear this in mind, ed gillespie, and later on donald trump himself, tried to make the virginia economy an issue. the economy is pretty good. and so much of it is dependent on government spending because you get the whole hampton roads area, which is military.
9:18 pm
then you have this vast array of suburbs on the virginia side of washington, d.c., heavily populated by government workers. the whole washington, d.c., economy has been largely recession proof, so the economy was doing pretty well even through the recession and it has done well sense.ha the never ending growth of government is good for the washington, d.c., area economy, and as i say, so much of thea virginia vote comes out of the suburbs there. also worth perhaps talking about how we believe we know that northam has won this race. in addition, we have the exit polls,nd suggesting the issue profile tended to favor him, but in addition, there are about two to three dozen precincts around the state, if you get a handle on how they're going it will tell you how the state is going. one report i was looking at, 30 there were looking at, 20 were coming in, and northam was leading everywhere. when you see something like that, that's how the decision it made to call a race, which is evidently what we have done here. it looks like the political gravity, the unpopularity of
9:19 pm
donald trump, and an off year election, first term in office, has won this race for ralph northam. it would have been a shocker if he hadn't won, but it appears he has.s. an important win for democrats in virginia. >> tucker: i think the majority of dnc employees, over $1 million into it, millions spent by outside groups. our research today showed that northam won federal employees, as you noted, huge constituency in virginia, by 17 points. i guess that's probably not too different from the presidential results, but it seemed like turnout, and we will know much more about this tomorrow when the smoke clears, but it seemed like turnout was profound in democratic districts. what do you attribute that to? >> i think that's the trump factor in considerable measure.
9:20 pm
trump stirs passions, and the people who are "for" him are passionate and the people who are "against" him are passionate. he lost virginia, the only southern state he lost. you think about that, virginia isn't really trump country and aroused electorate in virginia will be bad news for a republican running in the age of trump. >> tucker: it's hard to see ed gillespie as a trump candidate. i know there are a lot of stories in the last week about how he was running on the trump template, but i think of ed gillespie were in the republican party, -- the question for the midterms is what lesson do republicans draw from this? it seems like it could go either way. >> maybe. if you look up mainstream republican in the dictionary, or
9:21 pm
the encyclopedia, you might find a picture of ed gillespie he is very much a preacher of the republican party. the criticisms i've seen from some on the left that he is a white supremacist are patently ridiculous. but that grew out of the fact that he made confederate statues preserve them to in place an issue and so on. the ms-13 gang and all of that, social issues perhaps, historical issues, but not the mark of a white supremacist. but i think, when you look at this, this was not a race that figured very well for the republicans to win.el on the other hand, if you are donald trump and you look at this, i supposed trump supporters will say he didn't give us the 100% trump agenda or platform, but he pretty much did. on the issues, there was not much daylight between him and donald trump. he didn't personally embrace trump. the thing that a lot of people forget here is that when youngao
9:22 pm
look at the republican party and what it has basically stood for over the last quarter of a century and more, it has been basically the agenda that trump has embraced as president. the legislative agenda. the regulatory agenda, and thele national security agenda. that's where all of this kind of comes out. there's not that much daylight between the republican party and donald trump, and the question tonight is whether trump brags -- drags the party down, or whether members of the party don't get close to him to get the updraft. i don't think there's a very good case for the updraft tonight.. >> tucker: i'm hearing right now that the fox news decision desk is projecting that the democrat phil murphy will be the governor of new jersey. chris christie certainly among the most unpopular governors. and all of our research on this, in exit polling suggested that voters were mad at chris
9:23 pm
christie and that anger was informing their voting. >> chris christie is deeply unpopular. let's be clear, new jersey is a bright blue state, so any republican running in new jersey is running uphill, and almost any democrat is running downhill. downhill wins most of the time.i >> tucker: would you look at these two -- probably take new jersey off the map because as you said it's a historically democratic state, and historically unpopular governor. but the virginia contest seemed a more ideological contest. is that something, looking at it would make you nervous about the coming midterms? >> to the extent that donald trump's unpopularity in virginia, which was pretty strong, his approval rating was
9:24 pm
not the worst it is anywhere, but he was way underwater in virginia, down in the 40s i guess, and nationally he's down in the high 30s according to most of the polls. that's what has to worry you going into next year. you've got anop unpopular president. unpopular presidents are alwaysn a drag on the incoming party ticket in the midterm election. that's likely to be true next year. many people say, in polls ask these questions about the things he is for, the agenda he is for. the agenda items do better than he does. you look into the next year and you for example that they can get tax reform and tax cutut pa. you hoped they may be able to recover in some measure onat obamacare if you areis a republican, but you worry about the fact that legislative there has not been a lot of big, big achievements. there have been a lot of -- not the kinds of things that catch voters eyes n necessarily. you look at the unpopularity and
9:25 pm
you know you may be dragging a big heavy weight into the 2018 midterms with control of both houses and senate at stake. it's worrisome that the extent that this race looks like it was badly affected from the republican standpoint by donald trump. you would be worried about that. >> tucker: i spoke to a member of republican leadership recently who said if we don't get this tax bill through and signed, we can kiss our majority goodbye. hard for me to know whether that was overstatement or not, do you think that? do think that this tax plan is pivotal to republicans keeping a majority? >> here's the way i would look tucker. taxes are perhaps the signature republican domestic issue. t if they fail on that, then what's the rationale for them? that's the signature issue. if you are a trump voter and you think he is doing a good job and you think his agenda is the one and his party fails to pass it, that's what leads to the
9:26 pm
perception that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are the problem and ought to be got rid of. that's a chunk of your base that falls away from you if you are a republican. and if you are a mainstream republican, and you see under trump's leadership you couldn't get that signature issue in place, that signature promise kept, then you are disaffected as well. so, that's a double whammy if you think about it against the republicans. they cannot -- in political terms, they can't afford to fail on this. and they are so fractious these days. you have people coming out all of the placing -- jim langford, a pretty steady customer of the republican senator from oklahoma, pretty conservative,r he's complaining that it's going to add to the deficit and so on. a never ending claims of democrats that no matter how you
9:27 pm
structure it they will say it is a tax cut that favors the rich. that can be a telling issue, since the rich pay most of the taxes, it's pretty hard to cut them without helping the rich, but that's a political reality republicans have been dealing with for a longan time. they need to deal with at this time too. >> tucker: brit hume, thank you for that. >> you bet. >> tucker: as you can see from the screen, reporting that the democrat ralph northam has just won the virginia governor's race. the democrat has also won in the state of new jersey. we are assuming that bill de blasio remains the mayor of new york. we will have updates on all of that throughout the hour. " david of the "atlantic" magazina is an unbelievably smart guy, probably one of the smartest people in washington. way smarter than you are. so smart he qualifies as a wonkn he understands policy details. he's an expert. when devin kelley murdered 26 people in a texas church over the weekend, david came forward almost immediately with a tidy solution to mass shootings like
9:28 pm
this one. he shared it on twitter. "crazy thought: lifetime gun ban for anyone who raises a hand against a woman or a child." wow! that's brilliant! so brilliant that it has been federal law for 21 years.. good job, david frum, though you are a little late to thee policymaking party. under existing statute, devin kelley was not allowed to buy the gun he used. kelley hadll been convicted of brutally abusing his stepson and he had been discharged from the air force. even before that, kelley had escaped from a mental hospital, all of that clearly disqualifying him for purchasing firearms. unfortunately, incompetent h government clerks did not supply that information to the correct government databases. the laws were on the books, the bureaucracy botched it. what are the lessons of all of this? that the nra has too much power?
9:29 pm
that's what they are telling you on cable news and at congressional press conferences this week. but wait, devin kelley wasn't an nra member. the armed citizen who stopped him was. he had been trained by the nra in marksmanship and gun safety, and thank god for that. maybe there's another lesson here. at every turn, the people who claim they will protect you failed. they didn't stop devin kelley, they let him buy a gun. the hero of the story is a middle-aged plumber named stephen willeford. he ignored basic human instinct and ran towards the sound of gunfire to save people. he was armed with an ar-15,st that's exactly the sort of rifle we've been told must be banned for our sake to keep us safe. he shot the murderer twice with that rifle and later chased him in a car until kelley ran off the road. only after the rampage was over did the police arrive, and by that point kelley was dead. it's an amazing story, but it's not exceptional. about 70% of mass shootings and within 5 minutes. the average police response timu by contrast, 11 minutes.
9:30 pm
and yet for some reason, the usual establishment mouthpieces are still giving us the same stupid instructions in case of emergency. take cover and call authorities. no thanks. it's pretty clear that doesn't we are not attacking the police, we are just acknowledging what is obviously true. cops can't be everywhere. when things fall apart, you are on your own. your safety is your responsibility. the iron law of life, it never changes. why is the modern left telling us we have no right to protect ourselves? why are people who have taxpayer-funded bodyguards demanding that the rest of us disarm immediately? we can speculate about motive, but what's the point? they are either lying or they are stupid, it doesn't matter. either way, they are wrong, ignore them. the former executive director of every town for gun safety and. e joins us. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: in addition to being a horrifying tragedy, the shooting on sunday seems to blow up every basic assumption of gun control.s h
9:31 pm
so, it was the government that allow this to happen. existing gun laws would have stopped this, but they weren't enforced because the bureaucracy is incompetent. and the only person was armed with a private gun that you would like to ban. why doesn't this make you rethink your life's work? >> i'm really glad that guy was there, everybody ought to stipulate that it was good that a good guy with a gun happen to stop this guy, but there've been 377 mass shootings this year inn the united states. a good guy generally is not there. plus if you ask police chiefs whether it makes sense to have more guns in a shoot-out, almost inevitably, even if there is a good guy withos a gun, it civilians they end up shooting. better for everybody to get assault weapons than to rely on a good guy. >> tucker: to do an analysis of accidental shootings by police department. they are very, very common, very common, and people are injured by them. i've seen the numbers.
9:32 pm
but it doesn't change the core facts, which are these, and i just said them. in the average mass shooting --e 70% of mass shootings last 5 minutes. the average police response time is more than twice that. not an attack on police, athere just aren't that many in this country. asking the average person to put his life or his family lives at the mercy of law enforcement, wait for law enforcement to come, is >> i think you would concede that we basically have a choice here. you can arm everybody in the hopes that we will shoot them out and the good guys ultimately will win more than they lose, or you can address the fact that this doesn't happen in any other industrialized country in the world. and it's because we go up stream to the problem and make guns really hard to get. >> tucker: there is a huge assumption, as we have discussed many times, and as angus king, the liberal senator from maine explained today on television, there are plenty of places with enormously high rates of gun ownership with basically no
9:33 pm
violent crime.nt i don't accept your premise, but the truth is we don't have a choice, because we have millions -- tens of millions, hundreds of millions of firearms in this o country and unless we take them away -- i assume you are not proposing that, it would be civil war in about 20 minutes, t you have to deal with the reality about the existence of those firearms, period, don't you?he >> that is the argument that the nra makes. because it is ironic. they created a culture -- >> tucker: i'm not here on behalf of the nra, i'm just saying that's a true point. what's the answer? >> it is ironic to create a situation in which there are that many guns out there. >> tucker: the nra is just a talking point. what you do about the fact that there are hundreds of millions of weapons? do you want to take them away? >> i think we ought to do what australia did.d. i think we have to basically have the government buy them back. >> tucker: took them away. >> they were required to buy them back.
9:34 pm
>> tucker: i wish we had started with this, how long would it take if there was a civil war in this country? for real? >> i think that's overstated. t >> tucker: you think there wouldn't be widespread violence of the government tried to take the guns away? >> i actually don't. good citizens.s. >> tucker: good citizens. comply, obey or you are not a good citizen. i hope you will come back. thank you for being honest enough to admit your real agenda.da authorities and we are preparing a possible criminal case with harvey we will tell you what they are thinking of charging him with. the odds of him behind bars.y we will also give you the latest results in numbers from the states of virginia and new jersey, and other races around the country. stay tuned.f ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way
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show of hands. let's get started. who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go. e*trade. the original place to invest online. >> tucker: a fox news alert, disgraced film producer harvey weinstein could be facing criminal charges in new york, new york, for allegedly raping
9:39 pm
an actress. the attorney reportedlyd expecting to present the weinstein case to a grand jury as soon as next week. trace gallagher is here with details. >> manhattan d.a. decided to seek an indictment against weinstein after new york police interviewed her and corroborated a number of details in her story. she claimed harvey weinstein raped on two occasions. they had previously come under fire after not pursuing a different case in 2015 saying he lacked evidence. p ronan farrell, who broke one of the initial stories has new reporting on what he calls "the machine that was so instrumental in keeping this quiet as long as it was quiet. the article goes into great detail about the operation weinstein commission to silence his accusers and suppressed stories about the alleged abuse saying weinstein hired both and investigations and consulting
9:40 pm
firm in manhattan, and an israeli intelligence form to bully people out of going public. actress rose mcgowan accused weinstein of rape. she claimed his army of private investigators try to dig up dirt on the histories of her andy several other women. she also claims that an agent for one of the firms hired by weinstein duped her into severaf private meetings by posing as ad woman's rights advocate. the story also alleges that weinstein tried to hide his operation by routing contracts with the various firms through his team of lawyers, including that man, legendary attorney david boyce,n who represented al gore during the litigation of the 2000 presidential election. the article claims that by routing the contracts their attorneys, the investigation could potentially be protected by attorney-client privilege. >> tucker: trace gallagher, ae remarkable story, thanks for that. aaron filler is a lawyer
9:41 pm
representing her. thanks for coming on. >> good evening. >> tucker: tell us what you are alleging on behalf of your client.ou >> there are two rapes, and these are forcible, nonconsented, actual rapes. >> tucker: was there ever a settlement between your client and harvey weinstein? did she at any point sign a document of any kindti saying ts didn't happen? >> no. there's no contact basically after the second rape, december of 2010, there was no more contact. she heard what was going on this month, the story in "the new york times," and she thought about talking about this before, and this convinced her to go
9:42 pm
forward. >> tucker: can you explain the circumstances of the assaults that she alleges??>> >> so she has known harvey weinstein -- had known him for a long time because in "cider house rules" at age 14, he was the producer. this happened when she was about 25. the first rape occurred when she essentially ran into him at a club. he offered her a ride home because they are neighbors is in tribeca, and began trying to insist on coming up to her room. they argued a bit in the lobby and as you've heard on the wire with gutierrez from 2015, saying you are embarrassing me, let's talk in your room. once he was in the room, this rape occurred. >> tucker: okay. >> as for the second. >> tucker: yes? >> during the days and weeks following this, he made contacts trying to get her again to meet
9:43 pm
him. he said he's parked in front of her home. he's in the lobby. she was increasingly terrified. afraid to come home. finally on december 23rd, 2010, the second episode she was at a photo shoot, she got this call again, he saying she's not going to leave until she comes home and she was determined to confront him. i know her well. i've worked on various projects with her over the past five years. she's a very determined person who believes reasonably she can go to a person like weinsteinn and confront him and tell him he's being a stalker. he's a rapist and he needs to leave. she did go home, she did drink on the way home because she was very anxious. and met him in the lobby, commenced having a discussion, he again insisted please can we go upstairs. then her plan was to have this argument in the lobby -- i'm sorry, in the hallway outside
9:44 pm
her apartment. >> tucker: where were the police in all of this? i'm not doubting the story, but i'm just confused as to how someone could commit two felony rapes and never wind up in jail. this is seven years ago. why were charges never filed, why were police not on this? >> right from the beginning, she was very worried about a career impact. she did discuss the rape, but used code name for him. but she choose to report it. she felt that would be very difficult to succeed. >> tucker: i feel sorry for her, but lots of other people were abused subsequent to that. so doesn't she kind of regret in effect protecting the man who assaultedante her? >> i can't speak for her on that particular question. >> tucker:ak okay.
9:45 pm
the whole thing is a shame. thank you very much for explaining that. i appreciate it.ex of course the press loves a scandal, yet weirdly they've done their best to downplay donna brazile'sel revelation abt the democratic national committee. we will talk to a journalist up next to has exposed some of the fraudulent coverage of all of this. and also continue to provide the latest results from across the country and what looks like a good night for democrats in new jersey and virginia. we will be back. ♪ webekk it's the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that?
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>> tucker: last night we were
9:50 pm
told that top executives at cnn were offended by former dnc chair donna brazile's predict on criticism of hillary clinton, shaping coverage of her and her book accordingly. what we told her was, example of the agenda-driven approach to the news. executives were apparently watching last night because today they issued statements to a number of different publications denying our reporting. never happened they said. okay, let's see if cnn will deny this. last thursday donna brazile ran a book excerpt in politico magazine, she described other hillary clinton campaign basically took over the dnc during the democratic primaries. the next day, which was last friday, cnn chief jeff zucker held a conference call with some of his senior programming staff. he had seen brazile's piece and according to a very good source was "fuming and enraged. brazile is a liar, he said, and suggested that cnn's news show should demonstrate that she has. at least one participant on the cult described plans to have her
9:51 pm
on cnn and in fact cnn producers did try to book donna brazile. so far she has not appeared on the network. that is all factual. we'll wait cnn's denial of any of it. donna will appear on this show tomorrow night. greenwald has been covering the handling of the brazile story over the intercept and he joins us tonight. i'm not a democrat so i can approach this in a pretty nonemotional way, but i'm watching people cover the story by contrast very emotionally, and it feels like they've got a vested interest in a certain story line. you know much more about this, you wrote a great piece. tell us what's going on here. >> they have a massive vested interest. any of these journalist who pretend to be neutral but are actually loyal to the democratic national committee and the party, their overarching worldview. this is incredibly devastating for them for one of their most loyal operatives, an african-american woman at the highest level of folly partakes for 30 years comes out and says that the process of choosing
9:52 pm
their candidate was rigged, that there was smoking gun evidence that she discovered in the form of an agreement that gave control over the dnc to hillary clinton before the primary even began, and that she was horrified by what she called this internal corruption. if you are a democrat, how do you respond to that? it's very difficult. none of their smear tactics work against brazile. what they decided to do was manufacture a whole series of lies about what this contract actually said and didn't say, and then fed it to their favorite journalist at msnbc, cnn and online, all of whom blindly endorse these outright falsehoods. it was really shameful and extraordinary conduct on the part of these journalist. >> tucker: you would think of journalists as identifying instinctively with the underdog, who in this case obviously was bernie sanders, and yet they don't. i'm looking at this from outside, but i watch them sort of dismissed sanders, who got 40% of the vote as this buffoon and kind of a speed bump on hillary's rightful path to the
9:53 pm
presidency. why do they identify with hillary over him? >> hillary clinton is the establishment figure in the democratic party. and if you identify with the democratic party as opposed to being a leftist or some kind of an ideological or someone who wants to radically change the political culture and the political systems, hillary clinton is going to be somebody you will swear your fealty to. i personally don't mind that these journalists adore party establishment leaders. i think they have the right to have that as our cause, i think journalist ought to have opinions, but what i think is offensive are two things. number one, when they pretend that they don't have opinions, that they are really neutral and they conceal and therefore deceived what their true allegiances are. and secondly, when they're willing to endorse outright factual falsehoods in order to serve their hidden political agenda. there is no worse crimes that you can commit in journalism than doing that and that's what so many of them did all week long. >> tucker: that's exactly right. that's why rachel maddow doesn't bother me at all. i like her, she's not lying to me. she says who she is, but you
9:54 pm
watch cnn and they lie to you. drives me nuts. you are a brave man, i appreciated, thanks for coming on. we are not done with the story. tomorrow night we will sit down with donna brazile herself to talk about her new book, i think it's her first appearance on cable. remarkable claims in there. we have it and we will have quite a conversation with her. stay tuned. stay tuned. mass shootings and terrorism aren't the result of evil ideologies or mental illness, but instead something called "toxic masculinity." is it hurting you? by the way, the democrats have captured the new jersey -- goldman sachs guy won. they run everything these days, apparently. they have held onto the state house in virginia. the latest results from both states and other races around the country, stay tuned. ♪
9:55 pm
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert, democratic victories tonight in the states of virginia and new jersey. ralph northam, physician, next governor of virginia beating ed gillespie, former head of the republican party. philip murphy, formally of goldman sachs, replaces chris christie after easily defeating the republican candidate. democrats also made significant gains in the virginia house of delegates, could take control, we are not exactly sure yet. polls about to close in new york, democrats expected to win another victory by easily reelecting bill de blasio for reasons that are unclear. president trump meanwhile tweeted this, "gillespie worked hard or did not embrace me or what i stand for." don't forget, republicans won 4 out of 4 house seats and with the economy doing record numbers we will continue to win even bigger than before. we will continue to follow the election results throughout the night right here on the fox news channel. we ran out of time, we will talk about toxic masculinity tomorrow, a professor says it's.
10:00 pm
killing everyone. amazing story. be sure to soon and tomorrow night, donna brazile here also. sean hannity next, are traversed our coverage continues throughout the night. >> sean: those results in new jersey and virginia, not states donald trump won. welcome to "hannity," president trump is in south korea. he is 30 miles from the border with north korea. he will be delivering a major speech on countering pyongyang's nuclear aggression. we will bring you there live when the president starts speaking, and my monologue coming up little little later because of the president, hek will be speaking in a moment. joining us now, former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka, former u.s. ambassador, fox news contributor, john bolton. john, let's just go to when the president was in japan this week, he says talking to the prime minister, he will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment


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