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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 8, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> democrats in disarray as donna brazil drops another bombshell in her latest book. what we learned about russian hacking and democrats letting it happen. jillian: the death of a legend rocking the baseball world, roy halladay killed in a plane crash, tributes pouring in, "fox and friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪ same old same old ♪ >> finally what i like. jillian: good morning, take a live look at manhattan, you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: thanks for starting your day with us, 5:00 on the east coast, fox news alert, do not
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underestimate the united states. jillian: donald trump touching down in china hours after putting pressure on north korea calling on more world powers to join him in taking on kim jung un. >> reporter: so important, the message you saw the president deliver, coming to beijing has been spectacular. everything from the beautiful, festive, warm welcome to tonight's event in the forbidden city, the red carpet rollout to say the least. i have been to the forbidden city, it is as cool as pictures lightly you to believe, pageantry and beauty of the welcome will be what a lot of people are talking about, there are a number of pivotal issues that have to be tackled including cavernous gaps between the philosophies of the two leaders the need to be bridged.
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on trade the president once concessions from china, a massive trade advantage and the president wants xi jinping to apply the hammer on pyongyang and cut their economic support which comes from china. that theme carried south korea where the president was before coming here. he addressed the national assembly and said this. >> i have come here to deliver a message to the leader of the north korean dictatorship. the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. it is a hell that no person
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deserves. >> reporter: strong words from the president of the united states. he attempted to land at dmz but that trip was scrubbed due to fog and bad weather. we will join you in 45 minutes. jillian: across the world the president weighing in on this, democrat ralph northam will be the next governor of virginia a high-stakes race watched all across the country. griff jenkins life with the details. >> reporter: a good night for democrats and nowhere was it sweeter than in the commonwealth of virginia, democrat ralph northam defeating ed gillespie by nine points 64-45, a clear message continued in his victory speech. >> virginia has told us to end
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the divisiveness that we will not condone hatred, and bigotry and to end the politics that have torn this country apart. it is going to take a doctor to heal our differences. >> reporter: gillespie wishing northam well with class. >> governor elect northam is a good man and i appreciate his service to our country and our commonwealth and i wish him nothing but the best success as our 73rd governor. >> reporter: gillespie did not campaign with donald trump, some, donald trump was quick to say he was that embracing him, twoing ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for republicans won four house seats and the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before but it was democrats who continued to win last night. in new jersey not even close,
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for murphy defeating republican candidate, in new york city bill diblasio running away with 40 points. tough night for republicans to replace jason chaffetz, jan curtis winning by 30 points. a lot of 2018 playbook talk today. rob: it is not a litmus test we were expecting. vice president mike pence will travel to texas to visit the families of those gunned down in a texas church as we learn the killer escaped from a mental institution in 2012. adam housley joins us with new developments. >> reporter: you might remember, 2012 was when the gunman was convicted of spousal abuse, spending a year in military jail in southern california.
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we confirmed at fox he did escape a mental institution in new mexico coming to texas. live look at the first baptist church where the same gunmen created a massacre killing 26 people and injuring so many others. still 12 people in the hospital including four children. live look inside. we hear more about heroic actions from people inside the church including one mother, joann ward with four of her children, her husband did not come to church on sunday but she threw herself across them telling them to hide and do what they can as the gunman walked from pew to pew shooting people multiple times. listen to the family spokesperson. >> the first thing she told me was the reason she didn't get shot like everybody else was because her mama threw her on the ground and told her to hide and she did. she said i didn't get shot because i was hiding.
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>> reporter: the investigation in texas could be finished on this location by late tonight. federal agents in that timeframe, we know the shooter's cell phone has yet to be cracked, similar to what we saw with the terror attack in san bernardino two years ago, having trouble accessing that phone and the information inside. rob: the whole situation with apple, thank you so much. jillian: said news, eight time all-star, one of the best pictures of his generation, roy halladay, is dead. his private plane crashed off the coast of florida flying was a dream come true for the baseball star. >> my dad is a corporate pilot. i grew up on airplanes and always wanted to be a pilot but it didn't happen. it wasn't one of the things i was allowed to do. jillian: he
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phillies in october 2010. fellow baseball legend taking to twitter, alex rodriguez tweeting sad to hear about the passing of roy halladay, tremendous competitor, prayers go out to his family. were phillies first baseman ryan howard says such a sad day, we lost a great ballplayer but even better human being, prayers to his wife and son, we will miss you. roy halladay was 40 years old, leaves behind a wife and two young sons. rob: police releasing new video of a california mom found chains and beaten on the side of the road after being kidnapped, surveillance video shows sherry unshackled running through a church parking lot at 4:15 the morning of her release, she was spotted 7 minutes later on the freeway 100 miles from her home with a chain, waste and clamps, she was abducted by two hispanic
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women for three weeks, she was held captive after she was abducted going out for a run, horrifying. jillian: attack check of the forecast. people tweet chang about snow. >> your puppy code, it is coming but our first arctic blast for parts of the northeast, across northern plains, 28 minneapolis, current temperatures, wind chills in the teens and single digits, 41 in new york city come even colder air is coming this weekend. the past 24 hours on the backside of the system across the northeast it is out of here but we have lingering showers across the mid-atlantic and snow across parts of oklahoma and northern texas, our next one moving into the west coast
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bringing heavy rain and mountain snow but the bottom line is we have that cold air coming and across the northeast temperatures in the 20s, lows saturday night, be prepared, hashtag puppy code whether. rob: so excited about this. can't wait to throw a snowball at you. >> so on. bring it. rob: thank you so much, 10 minutes after the hour. donald trump putting pressure on the world to join forces against north korea. >> we call on every nation including china and russia to fully implement un security council resolution. rob: rebecca heinrich come what she has to say about his unapologetic leadership. rob: a member of this golf club since 1969 but now that he's elected president he refused to
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>> all responsible nations must join forces to isolate the brutal regime of north korea, to deny it in any form of it, you cannot support, you cannot supply, you cannot accept. do not underestimate us and do not try us. jillian: donald trump in south korea delivering a direct warning to north korean dictator kim jung un urging the rest of the world to join him.
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senior fellow in foreign policy expert, rebecca heinrich, thank you for joining us. let's start with the direct personal addresses to kim jung un. there were a bunch of them, donald trump saying the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer, putting your regime in great danger, north korea is not a paradise your grandfather envisioned, it is a hell that no person deserves. really tough talk. what is your thought? >> it was exactly right, the right tone, the right message. donald trump has shown a bright spotlight on the nature of the north korean regime, that it is brutal, a dictatorship, a terrible place to be, which is important because kim jung un in north korea is held up as a deity in north korea. trump demystified that saying you are not someone who should be respected, you are not a great man, you have not enabled
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your people to flourish. because of this terrible behavior in your regime we won't allow you to threaten and coerce americans or our allies. strong, clear, direct, to send north korea and china because because of its trade, power over the regime. jillian: these countries are significant but china is key. >> 90% of the trade with north korea, china has shown signs it will get on board, a lot of pressure campaign donald trump is leading with partners and allies but so much more to be done and the best thing donald trump can communicate as he visits china is he is committed, if we exhaust all of these diplomatic measures we are
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pursuing china does not want war on the korean peninsula so if donald trump can convince the chinese we are serious and willing to use it, if it means the alternative is americans or allies are threatened by this brutal dictatorship. jillian: this trip donald trump is on and what he is saying, what he is expressing, the strong facts he is putting forward how will this impact, with new leadership but how the world views north korea. >> the world is starved for american leadership. the last eight years, demonstrating, donald trump changed that. it has never meant retreat, it is a myth that america first means retreat or the united states won't lead abroad. donald trump is leading, showing stark differences not only in just the interests of the united
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states but what we stand for and our belief. that is a great ally to our friend as long as they stand up and our allies do that. he's isolating the north korean regime trying to demonstrate that and succeeding in demonstrating that, responsible, respectable nations of the world standing with the united states, isolate the regime and those who are not, have a choice. jillian: thanks for joining us, we really appreciate that. the state of maine approving medicaid expansion, pushing it through on the first of its kind referendum, 80,000 people will be eligible for free healthcare, joining 31 states and district of columbia in expanding of the obamacare program. university of notre dame giving in to peer pressure from liberals on campus, the campus school will allow brief birth control coverage for students and staff after the aclu
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threatened a lawsuit. the reversal coming a week after announcing taking advantage of donald trump's policy the right reviews coverage under obamacare based on their moral views. 18 minutes after the air, claims nfl owners colluded to keep him from being hired but turns out quarterback colin kaepernick turned down there invite to talk. carly shimkus with more on that. the first date was great until politics came up, donald trump has changed your love life as well. ♪ so peaceful. until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. because your risk of heart attack or stroke is up to four times greater. but there are steps you can take to lower your cardiovascular risk.
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>> ongoing feud between colin kaepernick in the nfl take another turn. jillian: he has yet to take him up on the offer. carly shimkus on serious xm is here with reaction. >> colin kaepernick's relationship with the nfl does not look good. report came out saying colin kaepernick was offered to meet with roger goodell over a week ago but he has yet to respond. colin kaepernick's lawyer refuted that claim saying colin kaepernick did respond but requested a mediator be present at the meeting of the request was denied. the nfl fired back saying colin kaepernick never responded to the 1-on-1 invitation. for those of us following the story those people have a lot to say about it. one twitter user said he wants to perpetuate is poor me victimhood so he can exploit it.
2:24 am
donna said do not cater to this buffoon. cadwell writes who cares about colin kaepernick, he's not worth the mention, he needs to go away. the nfl says they are willing to meet with colin kaepernick but any request to meet with the mediator will be denied. rob: how long will it take to be the president's tweets when they are twice as long? >> twitter went from 140 to 280 characters for most users doubling the space people have to tweet. people are complaining about this on social media including the president's son donald trump junior who says how about, gives everybody 280 characters a day, 140 was an art form, 280 is everyone's chance to write their gettysburg address that no one wants to read. francesca on twitter said she should use 280 characters to say we need a end button next. i don't like this 280 deal, not
2:25 am
a good thing. too much room for ranting and raving. jillian: what is the deal with ranch dressing and a cake? >> perfect gift for the ranch dressing enthusiasts among us. hidden valley has come up with kegs of ranch dressing you can buy for the holidays. social media talking about this one. this is what washington crossed the delaware for. another tweet, look at this video, ranch it up. i don't know if i need a cake of ranch dressing. dressing is also the best part of the salad. jillian: you can use it for anything. >> a lot of different recipes. jillian: 25 minutes after the hour. top democrats refusing to acknowledge any rift in the democratic party despite a tell-all book from former dnc chairwoman donna rozelle
2:26 am
slamming president obama. >> i have been in virginia over the last few days, haven't gotten one question about donna brazil. we have a lot of candidate in 2020. rob: the new claims in her bombshell book that has democrats in damage control mode. ♪ ♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ]
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rob: after a major defeat in the presidential election and historic licensee during the country democrats getting a few big wins last night so what do these results mean for democrats and republicans in the upcoming 2018 midterms one year from now?
2:30 am
here debate senior writer brian and democratic strategist omara. let's go talk about virginia first. this was one of the closer races we saw, northairmen is ahead eight or nine points. is that indication of an anti-trump movement in virginia? >> absolutely. nine points without a discussion to the operatives on the ground who thought it would win by three or four points. the big talk of the night is on par to pick up probably the house, we are at 16 seats, seven with the best projection so it indicates democrats are mobilized on the ground and
2:31 am
excited going into the 2018 election. rob: it does seem that way. i don't think people expected virginia to be read in the governor's rates were turned a lot of seats, what happened in virginia last night? >> polls were much closer than it was and i it showed signs democrats are motivated. it was a blue wave from virginia through the rest of the election in the entire country and it shows democrats are motivated, not as splintered as many projected they would be and republicans are nothing to get excited about. gillespie ran a bellicose campaign, republicans in congress running on issues trump didn't campaign for and that is a growing frustration, why should i turn out to vote? republicans have to change their tune before the 2018 election. >> the president made it sound like gillespie didn't support him enough and didn't embrace him enough, he said that gillespie worked hard but did
2:32 am
not embrace me or what i stand for, republicans won four of four how season with economy doing record numbers we will continue to win than before. would he have done better had he embraced the president more? >> he was the most moderate person on the ticket. the lieutenant governor was more pro-trump. could corey stewart, his primary opponent have done better? i don't know. maybe excited the white working class. democrats came out saying we will fight you and we are excited. the money, their vote numbers, volunteer numbers, republicans have to wake up. rob: this is the reason he did as well as he did. >> he dabbled in pro trump rhetoric, he focused on
2:33 am
immigration in dealing with that and focused on dabbling in the confederate statue culture wars after the charlottesville situation. steve bannon said he's closing the enthusiasm gap by rattling around trump and then bannon and the president are this -- distancing themselves. for him he did a bit in the direction of trump, just didn't pull it out successfully against a democrat. rob: phil murphy wins by 13 points in new jersey. do republicans have a prayer with the disaster chris christie turned out to be? >> kim had a heavy weight on her shoulders and the media played into telling voters know point coming out, polls show this. it worked to suppress voters in new jersey.
2:34 am
that was the effect four years ago when they told democrats don't turn out, christie has is in the bag. that is christie's record and the polls and the media pushed to suppress republicans. >> i would not disagree with that. everything i heard about new jersey politics, people were tired of chris christie and that is a heavy motivator and how they cast their vote. rob: thanks for coming on. the alabama senate race coming up republicans need to win that, thank you so much. rob: the dnc let russian hackers steal data as they focus on winning primaries, the latest bombshell in donna brazile's new book. more on that and the high profile person she is blaming for the downfall of the democrats. >> the hits keep coming, getting more interesting by the hour.
2:35 am
donna brazile releasing her new book hacked unveiling shocking allegations from inside the party revealing the party knew about hackers, top officials were not notified for months writing, quote, for a whole month, cybersecurity firm operating, a hacking force that had been there since nearly a year. authority officials were informed and debbie wasserman schultz passed off and casual, taking aim at obama, blaming him for leaching party vitality saying he cared about his image, used dnc funds for his pollster, that focus group in his second term, he couldn't run for president but as brazile keeps slamming the democrats, tom perez is vowing to unite the party. >> all about making sure we do
2:36 am
everything every day to earn the trust of our voters, leading with our values and building america's it works for everyone. >> if you can't get enough of this donna brazile will speak with tucker carlson at 8:00 eastern. jillian: are having a hard time uniting the party. thank you, we will stay tuned for that interview tonight. 36 minutes after the hour, donald trump shutting down democrat calls for stricter gun control. >> if you feel that is an appropriate question, chicago is a total disaster. >> 8, 7, 6, 5. jillian: chicago is about to see it's 600 homicide this year, steve cortez says these comments hit the nail on the head, he lives there and joins us live next. remember when democrats yelled treason over the shady russian
2:37 am
dossier in don junior's meeting with a moscow lawyer. >> close to the textbook definition of treason. >> moving into perjury, false statements and treason. jillian: the credibility of that dossier took another major hit when we return. ♪ i will keep you ♪ damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo! ♪ yea, s#stuffynoset this cold #nosleep i got it... #mouthbreather
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rob: democrats call for gun control in the wake of the texas church massacre donald trump sends a clear message during his trip overseas. >> your bringing up a situation that shouldn't be discussed too much right now, we should let time go by but it is okay if you feel that is an appropriate question, chicago is a disaster, a total disaster. jillian: the city of chicago close to reporting at 600 homicide this year. here to weigh in his fox news
2:41 am
contributor and former trump hispanic advisor and councilmember steve cortez. when you look at the statistics, the primary in chicago is ridiculous, up to 581 shootings through november 52016, 771. the list goes down from there. do you think gun laws will solve this problem? >> no. we are closing in on a grim milestone, 600 murders, sure to hit in chicago. chicago, i say this is a long-term resident, chicago is a great city but it is being ruined and is the encapsulation of failed blue states policies whether it is our failed educational system, fiscal budget nightmare or the most dangerous streets as we are talking about probably in the
2:42 am
developed world in chicago. incredibly strict gun control laws, extremely difficult to legally get a firearm here but that doesn't stop the criminals, it didn't stop the criminal maniac in texas, it doesn't stop people on the west side of chicago who have criminal intent. rob: democrats argue that gun laws in chicago have gotten more lax in recent years. they wanted to keep gun stores out of the city and they are back in. any truth to that? >> there is some truth, they have gone slightly more lax. used to be a complete prohibition on guns. the city didn't loosen up because they wanted to. federal lawsuits protect the second amendment rights of chicagoans so it is possible to get a gun but you have to go through extensive training, extensive background checks. it is very expensive and criminals don't do that. do you think a gangbanger says i will go to class and do this the
2:43 am
right way and get a concealed carry permit? of course they don't. it is laughable to think so but what isn't laughable is what is happening on the streets of chicago and kids can't go to the park to play or worry going to and from school in the morning. this is a city controlled by democrats almost 100%, the last republican mayor was in 1931 so democrats completely control the city council and the mayor role -- almost a century. what is it you are doing that can make chicago better? how do you argue you haven't failed miserably in the city? jillian: is it fair to say chicago is the problem? look at other states with week gun laws specifically wisconsin and indiana. back to the beginning of this segment when a reporter asked donald trump that question, do you think we need better gun vetting is what she said, what is your thought on that? >> a valid point we have states
2:44 am
that are more pro-second amendment. i would not say week gun laws but pro-second amendment gun laws. why isn't indianapolis a shoot out? why is and milwaukee or wisconsin to the degree chicago is? i don't think that is the issue. chicago specific policies more than anything, it is a failure of the educational system and chicago police no, chicago politicians do not have their back and chicago police, when i talk to them they have largely pulled back, they are reactionary. i can't blame -- rob: should people be able to get their hands on semi automatic weapons legally and put bump stocks on those to make a weapon that can killed dozens of people in a matter of minutes before police can get their? >> prohibitions on bump stocks is not part of the second
2:45 am
amendment, that might be reasonable although i fear with 3-d printing somebody with technical skill is going to make an effective bump stock anyway but to make it more difficult i'm fine with. semi automatic, they get a bad rap and because guns look scary or look like they are military grade they are not. semi automatic just means every pool a bullet comes out which is true of a lot of hunting rifles that don't look scary to most people. should semi automatic the legal? they should and didn't texas, that criminal was effectively gun control. he was not legally allowed to get a gun but did anyway. thank goodness those heroic men who intervenes were not gun controls, data semi automatic weapon so they could stop the carnage and keep it from getting worse. jillian: thank you for joining us. rob: he has been a member of the golf club since 1969 but now he is president refused to hang his
2:46 am
picture. jillian: let's check in with steve doocy. >> the president of the united states is in china. we will talk to general jack keane. alan dershowitz, plenty to do with that and the townhall panel. ten americans from across the country joining us in studio to talk about 2017. that kicks off 14 minutes from now on the channel you trust for morning news, "fox and friends" first back in two minutes. oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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melania donald trump and first lady melania having dinner with their chinese counterparts. jillian: traveling with the president, what is on the agenda today? >> reporter: perfect way to put it, high-stakes, the president and first lady make their way to beijing, not just a chance to interact with their counterparts. for the president an opportunity to have high-level meetings with his counterpart president xi jinping, so much to get to and a real offensive happening in beijing from the flag filled welcome at the airport this afternoon to the beauty and pageantry of the forbidden city but as the president and first lady enjoy the operand private dinner, issues are large, the president wants economic concessions to narrow the trade gap, $250 billion and made it clear, he needs xi jinping's
2:51 am
help to end the threat posed by the nuclear ambitions of pyongyang, more on the day ahead. looks pretty early yet. back to you. jillian: a new bombshell about the firm behind the fake trump dossier which helps kickstart the fbi russian probe. fusion gps met with russian lawyer before and after the trump tower sit down with donald trump junior. donald trump's son agreeing to meet over alleged dirt she had on hillary clinton but turned out to have the which retired cia station chief who served in moscow joined us earlier saying fusion gps may have set up the meeting to plant the idea of alleged collusion. >> that is a discoverable operation that creates the impression of some sort of interaction between the trump campaign and the kremlin to soil the democratic process. jillian: fusion gps met with
2:52 am
them the firm is financing research for then-president -- candidate donald trump. >> members at a golf club outraged after management reviews to hang a portrait of donald trump. the president has been a member of wind foot golf club which is a beautiful course north of the city for 50 years, the same insider -- don't want to drive a political wedge between members on both sides, they may be concerned about offending charities, organizations want to hold events there. jillian: the first date was great until politics came up. donald trump hasn't just changed policies but also change your love life. rob: next guest, dating experience first-hand, why he says this shouldn't be happening. ♪ e game for weeks,
2:53 am
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. . never being satisfied.
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and always working to be better. rob: it's been exactly one year since president trump won the 2016 electric. while he has made changes to policies like taxes, healthcare he is working on, he has also changed your love life as well. jillian: study 91% of liberals were l. negatively judge a person if they voted for president trump. has it had that big of an impact. next guest this dating revolution firsthand. rob: young republicans brian live.
2:57 am
and brian, tell us your experience trying to date in the trump world. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. you know, it's certainly been interesting to say the least. and, you know, -- jillian: tell us what happened. you were at the restaurant 19 in philadelphia, once. and a girl walked out on you? >> it was two hours of a great date. everything was going fantastic. and hitting it off. politics was avoided all together, next thing you know, politics comes up. as soon as politics comes up, you know, the date ended pretty quickly. rob: two hours is long enough anyway, i would say. >> i thought it was an amazing, amazing, amazing first date until politics came up. rob: tell us exactly what her reaction was. what she said, what you said. >> she just kept pushing for who did you vote for? who did you vote for? i said i don't know if we have to talk about politics right now. no we have to talk about
2:58 am
politics. i said okay. let's talk politics. as soon as we talked about the presidential election, you know, she literally just got up and left. rob: you said you voted trump and she walked out the door? >> correct. jillian: there was always this unwritten rule in dating you wouldn't talk religion and politics, all these things you wouldn't talk about on the first date. now politics is forefront. everything, this one of those things people want to talk about upfront. do you see this at some point being a good point that people want to talk about politics. >> it could be good for engagement, especially for voter turnout purposes. here in philadelphia, we probably not different than any major city, we have three out of ten people turning out to vote for our mayor and for our city council. anything that gets more philadelphia millennials to vote, i'm all for. rob: do you think this would have happened if hillary clinton had won the election? what happened to you? >> that's a good question. i don't know.
2:59 am
rob: if she had won, do you think we would be so polarized right now? president trump, i think a lot of people think is much more polarizing than any president we have ever had. >> would we be more polarized? jillian: got to think about that one. >> that's a good question. i mean, i think there is a very divisive culture unfortunately right now. and, you know, it's very much coming from the left, if you voted for trump, if you are a republican, there's just this right off the bat, you know, the common mud that gets thrown at you is that you are a racist. you are a bigot. you are a neo nazi and supporter of white supremacists. it couldn't be further from the truth for me. i think offense to things like that. jillian: definitely a conversation. brian leib thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me.
3:00 am
jillian: one of the things you don't think about the way a presidency can change the way you date. rob: after doing this all day long, i love people that aren't political at all. my kind of girl right there. jillian: thanks for watching. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now have. a good day. >> president and first lady making their way into the korean national assembly. historic speech in seoul, south korea. >> today i hope i speak not only for our country but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not under estimate us. and do not try us. >> vice president mike pence and several members of congress are heading to sutherland springs, texas to meet with the families of the first baptist church. >> what do you say to those on the left who mock the idea of praying. >> shannon, i'm prayer and i


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