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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 8, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> we'll start here with the voters that have spoken in a high stakes race. let's go "outnumbered" overtime. i'm harris faulkner. results are in from virginia. democrat ralph northam besting the republican ed gillespie in the closely watched race in which the republican embraced the trump playbook but kept the president himself at arm's length. the president tweeted this. ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget republicans won 4-4 house seats and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before. but democratic leader chuck schumer says the blame lay with the president. >> i think it's pretty obvious so many people in virginia were upset with the way that president trump has tried to govern. has been unable to get anything done. has resorted to tweeting instead of leading. this was a rejection not only of president trump but of the policies that he and the
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republican party seem to be adopting. >> let's bring in fox news politics editor and editor of the "halftime report" chris stierwalt and he is on the mezzanine today. >> this is very v.i.p. up here. very nice. a cut above. >> thanks for putting the v.i. in that. definitely. identity crisis is what i'm hearing in some circles today about these candidates who think they can adhere themselves to a little bit of president trump but not actually have him bring in his bully pulpit. >> i -- >> no? >> i think it's like this. there's going to be a lot of blame casting today. the republicans are going to be very busy. people who like the president are going to say that gillespie should have been trumpier. people who don't like the president are going to say he was too trumpy and everybody is going to see in the result the outcome that reinforces their personal point of view. >> let me put it to this way. >> hit me. >> look, he's former r.n.c. chair and clearly part of the establishment.
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>> george w. bush. >> establishment. ok. so he's running that dance. but then at the very end, he realizes, i suppose, hey, not a bad idea to embrace some of the principles of the president because they share that in common. but oh, by the way, don't come and help me. who is this person in that moment? are they establishment light? are they -- because see, voters have to figure that out on a rainy day if what he's saying is enough to get him to go out. >> let me tell you what i did. i went through and looked at all the regions, ed gillespie did very, very well. he got out the vote in heavy trump areas and did better in nontrump areas and he had, as a republican candidate running in virginia he got out the vote among people who would be naturally -- he did better in the trumpiest parts of virginia than his predecessor who is trump de la trump. he did way better than him in key precincts where that's where you'd see the vote turning out. he also did better in the leafy democrat leaning suburbs in the north. he did great.
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guess what happened. the democrats stomped him. you know why they stomped him? because they turned out in huge numbers. republicans are focused on themselves and blaming is it his fault or his fault? they should be looking on the other side. democrats are fired up and ready to go. they're turning out. >> what's the difference? what are they doing? they leaned hard on the cultural issues and those maybe made a difference. just curious from what you learned from this or if the r.n.c. chairperson yesterday is writing these are so individual that you can't really say bellwether anywhere. >> there's -- the democratic intensity is high. now, whether that's going to be the case a year from now when we have the midterm elections and control of the house and senate is up for grabs. we don't know. we have no idea what it will look like. i'm here to tell you, if you conducted a national election yesterday and saw the results from maine it washington, democrats are ready to go vote in a way the republicans are not. >> all right, we are going to talk more about this subject later in the hour. but i have to say these two words. see if they make a difference. >> i'm ready. i'm brave. >> tax reform. that didn't do it for you. >> look, all i'm saying -- i
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think they're going to get -- look, i absolutely believe that between now and the end of september, the republicans are going to find a way to cut taxes on somebody. >> in terms of actually making a difference with some candidates, i mean, as a subject matter as they go into 2018, if they get tax reform done, if they don't, what does that do? >> look, if they -- here's the catch 22 for republicans. economy is going great. joblessness is low. the stock market -- >> that should catch 100. >> everything should be -- people are happy. people are happy with the economy. general sentiments about how things are going which is always the number one issue are good. it's not transferring to the republicans and then the republicans say we want even though you don't like us, we want you to give us this tax cut. if we get this tax cut, then the economy instead of growing at 3 1/2% will grow to 4 1/2% and we will candy coat your unicorn and for the voters at home, if they don't like the individual provisions in the tax cut, they don't see the need right now because the economy is growing.
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>> i'm just wondering when you have a state like virginia that has had cultural issues, charlottesville. you've had some problems. then it makes a lot of sense, i would think, as you turn -- if you're going to do anything that donald trump is doing right now, you talk about money and talk about the economy. you talk about changing lives in that and take a page out of what is working in the united states. i don't know, i'm not trying to write the guy's talking points. i'm saying it should be pretty obvious. >> you would win wherever you rank. >> you're so sweet. my dad is going to call you. >> we would point this out. we would absolutely point this out. for republicans, they have to accept the fact that the president is not broadly popular. he is, in fact, broadly unpopular. >> but not all over virginia. >> not all over virginia. but taken as a whole, he's rocking a 35% approval rating taken as a state. that's how states vote. parties in power general lose the first midterm and this is how it goes. this is the price of poker. donald trump is a very special, different individual than we've
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had as president of the united states but some of the old rules do apply. >> real quickly before i let you go, then it becomes incumbent of this new president to actually do more than just talk about making deals with democrats. he may have to actually get stuff done beyond 2018 with many of them should things flip, change in many areas of the country, your thoughts? >> for sure. if the republicans do poorly in mid terms, you will watch donald trump do what bill clinton did except in reverse. he will go, you know what? my dear friends across the aisle. >> he's already starting it on daca. he's already starting it with chuck schumer and nancy he pelosi. i watched you last night, too, as you were breaking things down. thanks for coming in the day after. >> thanks for staying up. >> always. fox alert, president trump is arriving in beijing and being greeted by the chinese president. the north korea threat expected to be the main focus there. before headed to china, the president makes a big speech to
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south korea's parliament where he issued a new warning for north korea. watch. >> today, i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north, do not underestimate us and do not try us. we will defend our common security, shared prosperity and our sacred liberty. >> a north korean official told cnn they don't care what that "mad dog" may utter and they will counter those threats by bolstering the power of justice. kevin is live in beijing with the latest. good to see you. >> nice to see you, harris. you're right. by the way, another welcome for the president coming up at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. 9:00 a.m. our time in beijing and the first family will be greeted once again by the president but clearly, that's going to lead to a full day of meetings and as you pointed out,
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while trade may be a part of the day, this is really all about north korea. and i want to share some pictures just a bit of what we saw yesterday as i sort of explain the complexity of the circumstance on north korea. clearly, the president wants to make sure that they are not threatening our partners in the region. but for china, it's a tricky proposition. understand that the last thing the chinese government wants is a sort of south korea style unified korea right on their border so they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo so long as north korea doesn't continue to create an environment that could ultimately lead to a hot war situation with the u.s. and japan and south korea. that could ultimately spill into china and maybe even involve russia. in fact, the president took his warning as you pointed out to south korea when he addressed the national assembly there and he didn't mince words in telling north korea what he thought about what they've been up to. >> weapons you are acquiring are
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not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. it is a hell that no person deserves. >> don't forget the two leaders will also have a joint statement issued. now, it's not a joint statement as in they're going to say this is what we believe together. they're going to make themselves available to issue a statement. they're not going to take questions at least we're told they're not going to take questions, harris. we're talking about president trump so you never know. if he does, we'll be there. we'll let you know what happens but in the meantime, should make for a very active and interesting day. >> definitely. all right. as a journalist, i know how much we love when he breaks from form and takes our questions. thank you very much. for more, let's bring in ambassador john bolton, former
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u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. ambassador, good to see you today. >> glad to be with you. >> let's talk about north korea and exactly where we are with the words that were spoken most recently last night by the president, and now this response from north korea. >> well, i thought the president's speech was excellent really, reaganesque, i think he drew the contrast which is important especially in south korea and for the american public, the contrast between life and hell in north korea. and in south korea. he talked about the achievements the south koreans had made and the darkness in north korea because that describes the regime, too. and it describes the regime that is on the verge of getting deliverable nuclear weapons so the president had to square the circle, in effect by making sure that south korea, he would do what was necessary to protect the united states. but also to say we wanted to stay side by side with south korea. i thought that part of the trip
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concluded fine. look, this is the main event in beijing beginning with the meetings thursday morning their time. beginning tonight, our time. and a lot rides on how this comes out. >> you know, the president last night, 30 miles from the demilitarized zone. and so that is an optic already that you've got as a backdrop and then those reaganesque words, as you put it. but it's not perfect. so talk to me about maybe an area or two where you say the president should have gone farther with this or something you would want to change or bolster. >> he said something that he probably had to say in south korea which is north korea could get out of the mess it's in by completely giving up its nuclear weapons program and we'd have a peaceful resolution. ideally that's what we all want to hear. he knows as we should all know that north korea will never give voluntarily give up its nuclear weapons program. there's no negotiation path.
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that's the point he has to make in the private meetings. we can work together to eliminate the regime, eliminate the nuclear weapons, but we're not going to depart from what the president said back in september at the u.n., the denuclearization of north korea is the only way forward and that is a tough conversation. >> you know, you break it down and you put it so simply and yet, it's so difficult because the line has moved now. we were talking about this in the last hour in "outnumbered" with steven hayes, it used to be the way the obama administration and others looked no nuclearization is the end game. the president is saying no, you have to put that in the front before you do anything else. >> look, it was always a mistake to say that we can work with north korea. north korea is happy to commit -- to give up its nuclear weapons program. it's done it four times expressly in bilateral and multilateral agreements in the past 25 years. and it has lied about it every time. that's why those who say we should negotiate further have to
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look at 25 years of history. if you failed for 25 years, the susan rice admitted a few weeks ago, what piece of evidence is there that your 26 will give you a different result? our president is out of time! and unless you're content to see this bizarre regime with nuclear weapons, you're down to some very tough choices in a very short period. >> how will we know how this speech was well received by north korea. i know we got a tidbit of some of the stuff they say they would do for us. they always say that. what measurement are we going to go by there really is progress being made? you heard the president talking about some accomplishments. how do you see it? >> well, look, if i'm wrong and north korea is looking for a way out, maybe they'll say something nice. they haven't done it so far. but i think honestly, the north koreans think trump is just like the past three american presidents, this is all rhetoric and bluster.
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they're just going to hunker down and bowl their way through it. they've done that before. it succeeded every time. the united states has never effectively stood up to them. and i think we've seen reports already, russia has snuck in under the sanctions to help them out. i have no doubt that iran is helping them out with banking and other transactions. so that's why i think you're not going to see much today, i'd be surprised if we did. i think they're going to wait and see what happens in beijing. he's at the top of his game in terms of his authority in china. he can make a definitive statement and so we'll see in 24 hours, i think. >> two terms. he's got five more years. >> he's got as long as he wants, i think. >> yeah, right? don't measure it the way that they vote. good to see you, ambassador, as always. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> a year ago today, america democracy guaranteed donald trump would become the next president. still, there were plenty of sour grapes and even near hysteria on the left side of the political
10:15 am
aisle. will the mainstream media, some of them, ever realize how out of touch they are with the rest of the nation? and as house republicans continue marking up their tax plan as we speak, you can watch it live in some quarters, their g.o.p. colleagues in the senate expected to release their own tax proposal tomorrow. i get teased because i watch a lot of c-span. will both sides be able to work together? what does it mean for your bottom line? your pocketbook? stu varney is next. >> there are some differences in the way the senate will approach some of the issues but you're looking at a bill that is pro growth. we want to get greater growth in the economy that creates better paying jobs, higher wages and more take home pay for american workers. people would stare.
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>> harris: new information on the g.o.p. tax plan. congressional budget office says the bill would add $1.7 trillion to the national debt. over the course of a decade. meanwhile, house republicans are defending their plan to rewrite the tax code after another analysis showed some middle income earners would see tax increases under their current
10:20 am
proposal. but white house budget chief mulvaney says the middle class has nothing to worry about. >> are you worried about the fact that according to some groups taxes may be raised on some groups? no, if that turns out to be the case. if we really believe it and our numbers show the same thing that taxes are going up in the middle class, we're not going to sign it. that's an easy answer for us to give here at the white house. >> harris: joining me new is stu varney, a man who knows his money and ours. so couple of things are happening right now. so they're marking up this bill, i watched some of it on closed circuit satellite. what i learned is if you have a big voice in that room, they'll spend lots of time on your particular state's issue. i don't know how much that fortifies the face's tax code but this is how it's done. and so we rejoice in the fact that they are talking at this point. but you say what? >> stu: ok. i say this -- this plan that we've gotten and
10:21 am
we've heard from the house is not reaganesque. it's not like the reagan tax cuts of the 1980s. >> harris: you feel you know enough about it to say that. >> stu: i know enough about the house plan that's for sure. senate may well try to change it. there are limits to how much they can change this. the essence of this plan is not reaganesque for the following reasons. not everybody gets a tax can you. we were promised that. that will not be delivered. >> harris: who gets left off the list? >> stu: people paying taxes already. the people who pay most of the tax currently, that's the top 1% to 10% of income earners, they will still be paying about the same amountor even more if this house version is passed. >> harris: you know a lot of people in the country don't have sympathy for the 1% to 10%. >> stu: absolutely. they get no sympathy whatsoever. tax the rich. that's the new mantra these days. >> harris: is that enough to keep it from going forward? >> stu: no, it's not. the problem with taxing the rich some more is you don't get real solid economic growth if you do this.
10:22 am
>> harris: oh! >> stu: the reason is this. the top tax rate, as you know, is going to stay at 39.6%. no cut for that top level. not at all. 39.6. >> harris: they're losing some deductions, too. >> stu: very important deductions. state and local income taxes. they're gone! they're gone! >> harris: if there's a cap on interest rate on your home loan, that's a loss, too. >> stu: there's a cap on the mortgage interest deduction on your home. that cap is cut in half from a million to a half million. upper income earners pay the price. >> harris: those people you need because some of them are small business owners. but many of them, though, are as big as corporations. they're so wealthy. so again, i don't know that they get the kind of sympathy you're talking about. >> stu: they get no sympathy. no. but if you don't let those people take more of their own money. >> harris: across the board, everybody has to get a tax cut. >> stu: to be reaganesque, yes. that's what we went into this thing. that's what president trump promised. every single taxpayer gets a tax cut. >> harris: do you think he'll
10:23 am
sign it from what we know? do we know enough to know what he'll sign? i know he spent some time on the senate side with mitch mcconnell talking about what he'll sign. i don't know how much -- >> stu: he will sign it. because something is better than nothing. and if the republicans get nothing done, they are toast in next year's elections. so yes, he will sign what comes to his desk whether he likes it or not. >> harris: all right. so the other issue going on now, we have a lot of e-mails from our producer telling us exactly how this is supposed to go down tomorrow. so we're going to get the final markup because the house says they're going to stay up through the night doing this. >> stu: ok. >> harris: then the senate will roll out their own version of a bill. that is a little different than what i thought we were going to see. i thought we were going to see the house go to the senate and then the senate would mark up their bill. this is a little different. we'll get to see what the senators want. >> stu: yes, we will. there's a limit to how much you can change and there's a limit
10:24 am
to how many changes the senate can impose on the house version because they've got to make sure that the tax cut is no more than $1 1/2 trillion over a 10-year period. >> harris: is that why they want to put their own plan out? if you do, that the house gets to see what you do in their hands. >> stu: we're hearing some unfortunate things coming out of the senate. >> harris: you don't like this. >> stu: i don't. >> harris: why not? >> stu: i want a reaganesque tax cut that restores the growth and prosperity. this does not do that. as long as you have the people that pay taxes now paying more, even more in the future, you don't stimulate the economy like you could have if you're giving tax cuts across the board. >> harris: i know you say you think the president will sign this anyway. you know, he goes his own road. so if he looks at this and decides no, i'm not unless it's across the board. no, i'm not unless these certain things are happening. >> stu: he could do that. i don't think he will because it would really, really hurt the republican party.
10:25 am
>> harris: ok. real quickly, corporate tax, where are you with it? >> stu: it's supposed to go down immediately to a top rate of 20%. we're hearing the very disquieting report in "the washington post" this morning that the senated might delay that forea year. that would not be good news for american corporations and not good news for the stock market. >> harris: $1.7 trillion is what it costs in terms of deficit is the new number we're getting. c.b.o. score, not everybody lives or dies by that. >> stu: you can do the math. every which way. >> harris: see how that shakes out. stu varney, we've been here more than a decade. this is tv history. we've never been on tv together. i'm grateful, sir. thank you. this is fun. tomorrow, we are going overtime, o.t., baby, in d.c. i'll be in our nation's capital on the same day g.o.p. senators could roll out their tax plan. we'll be talking with republican lawmakers about the chances of actually getting legislation to the president's desk by the end of the year. also, in the house, kelly ann
10:26 am
conway, counselor to the president will stop on by. look forward to that at 1:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. vice president mike pence travels to texas today to mourn with the community torn apart by the sunday church massacre. that visit comes as we're learning more about the killer's past. including his prior escape from a psychiatric hospital. also, while in beijing, how can president trump convince china's leader to become a critical partner in dealing with north korea? we talked a little bit with the ambassador. my next guest will go in depth. stay close. >> the world cannot tolerate the menace of a rogue regime that threatens with nuclear devastation. all responsible nations must join forces to isolate the brutal regime of north korea.
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>> harris: vice president mike pence is now en route to texas
10:31 am
where he'll meet with the victims and survivors of the church massacre. the texas department of public safety has released the names of all 26 people killed on sunday. the sutherland springs massacre. this as new details keep surfacing about the suspected gunman including how he managed to escape from a psychiatric hospital a few years ago after threatening the staff. adam housley is live in texas. adam? >> yeah, that escape we found out is in 2012, same year he was convicted and served time for beating up his ex-wife and the same time cracking the skull of his stepson who was a young infant at the time. also, harris, we've got some new video into us about the end of the chase that took place from the church here about 10 miles away where the shooter eventually took his own life after he had been shot twice by steven woliford. video was taken by johnny langendorf. he was the man driving through town here. and he jumped in his truck and
10:32 am
chased the gunman down the street for 10 miles. video shows that stand-off at the end. you can see the gun drawn with steven wiliford in the gray shirt in the distance and shows the dramatic end to the gunman's life or at least that's where it ended off and where authorities would eventually determine that he was dead. back here live, the investigation continues and will continue for sometime here. and several other locations in south texas behind me is the church. front door is now open as investigators have gone inside. there's a lot of work to be done here. they still say that they've got a lot of stuff to be gathered. meantime inside that church, we're hearing more stories of heroism including from joanne ward, the mother who threw her body across her own children, two of them would die with her. two of them would survive. take a listen to the family's spokesperson. >> she said i would die for my children. and she ended up having to do that in the very end. and that does not surprise any of us in this community that knows her. because she loved them so. and she gave it up for them. ultimately.
10:33 am
>> she did, unfortunately, and there's just so many people in this town, harris, you can't go to the store, this town is smaller than a small town. it's a postage stamp basically. a group of houses in an unincorporated area. you can't go anywhere and not meet someone who doesn't know multiple people that were here at that church. i was talking to a lady at a gas station down the street and she was sweeping the front and the bullets were wizzing by her. as she drove by, she saw one of her friends running out yelling everybody inside is dead. i mean, this is what people are dealing with here. the vice president will come here, as we know, today to meet with families to pray with families. that meeting, we're told, will not be near here. he will not come to this site. at least that's the plan for now. it will be at a church about 10 miles down the road. harris? >> harris: our prayers continue to be with that area. all those people across the nation, we pray for them. thank you very much, adam. president trump is in beijing. and he's ramping up pressure on china to do more to keep north korea in check. during his speech in south korea
10:34 am
last night, the president urged all responsible nations to join forces and isolate the north. watch! >> we call on every nation including china and russia to fully implement u.n. security council resolutions, downgrade diplomatic relations with the regime and sever all ties of trade and technology. it is our responsibility and our duty to confront this danger together because the longer we wait, the greater the danger grows. and the fewer the options become. >> harris: rebecca is a senior fellow at the hudson institute. rebecca, thank you for being with us today. we are now at a hinge point on this trip because the president has already met with south korea. the japanese. he's now meeting -- he's in china. he's meeting with a man who has an incredible amount of power
10:35 am
right now leading china. your thoughts? >> yeah, china is really the deal breaker here and the one that has the power and the ability to make this pressure campaign that president trump and the united states is leading with our partners. and that's because china has, you know, conducts 90% of north korea's trade is with china. china has the ability to finally squeeze kim to force him to do what president trump said yesterday in seoul and that's to give up his nuclear missile program. and so without china's help, it simply can't be done. and that's the hard truth. >> harris: what's on the table for china? i mean, they have to be looking at this and saying, ok, what are they risking and what do they want? what do we know about that? >> well, you know, the chinese have liked the fact that they've appreciated the fact that kim has sort of been a distraction. he's been provocative. he's kept the united states on our heels a little bit in the region because the chinese do not want a unified korea which
10:36 am
is what the united states does want eventually one day. even though rex tillerson is clear we don't want regime change now with north korea. that's not what we're after. we want kim to give up his nuclear missile program but the chinese really like that buffer there between the united states and them. and they don't want the united states having a close, tight relationship to the japanese and south korea. so they like that a little bit there. but kim has really pushed it beyond what the chinese have been able to tolerate. and so the chinese at this point if they want good trade relations with the united states, if they don't want war on the korean peninsula which nobody does, they've got to take president trump seriously. and they really have to get on board with this plan to finally push kim to his knees to get him to stop these provocations. >> harris: i want to tell our audience, you were an advisor on military matters, foreign policy for a member of the house armed service committee representative trent franks for many years. and i lean on that part of your
10:37 am
expertise when i say what do we really talk about giving china? because it's got to come down to something more than just taking away or does it? >> well, no, i mean, we can have, again, we've got this trade deal. president trump has been very clear, wants to have good relations with china. he wants a good trade relationship. but the big thing, there's two big things. obviously, you know, the trade aspect not wanting military force being used in the korean peninsula. it also doesn't want a stronger more militarized japan. and japan, abe of japan has a great relationship with president trump. there's a lot of solidarity there and he's been looking at what are the options that japan needs if we don't get a handle on north korea and if china isn't going to be, you know, more of a ball player here with the united states and our allies in the region. china doesn't want that. so we've got a combination of carrots and sticks here. but really, it's going to be up to the chinese in terms of what future it wants with the united states and with the u.s. allies in the region.
10:38 am
>> harris: when you look at somebody like the leader of north korea, you know that you're probably going to always have to be more stick than carrot. from what we know about china and the things that you just enumerated, it seems like we have some places to go. and it speaks in the change in tone that we've seen from president trump. that toughness and now more of a carrot on this trip. talk to me, if you will, rebecca, just on how we move forward in all of this. what kinds of things the president needs to say in his speech? >> well, you know, rhetoric does matter. despite what you might hear from some national security people out here who brush off trump, his strong rhetoric, it's very important. the difference between of some of what he said and president trump is not necessarily in the content. president trump even said all options are on the table in dealing with north korea. the difference is president trump is believable. there's something about him that communicates resolve and determination. so not only does he have to convince kim that he's serious, that if given the choice between
10:39 am
allowing american cities being held hostage to a nuclear missile from north korea or using military force, he's going with the latter. he has to convince china he's willing to do that as well. so, you know, it's the resolve, it's the determination. it's the clarity. and president trump provides that. >> harris: just a couple of recent examples as you were talking they popped into my head as the visuals of what you're saying. the tomahawk missiles that we sent into syria after chemical weapons were used there on citizens and then just the most recent taking out of the raca syria area, the terrorists, too, and knocking out their nesting hole there, the caliphate they were trying to build there. it isn't just the rhetoric. it's also the action. your last word. >> absolutely. i mean, flying these nuclear capable bombers so far north of the d.m.z., it -- you know, like prosecuting this war against isis with strong resolve and determination. this is a guy who means it. and he's not backing down on these military exercises with
10:40 am
south korea and japan even though north korea and china want us to stop doing that, he has absolutely said absolutely not. we're not going to be deterred. we're not going to be intimidated. we're here and north korea better make a decision but the choice is kim jong un's. >> harris: we appreciate your time today. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> harris: fox news has learned that the co-founder of fusion g.p. s., firm behind that unverified trump dossier met with the russian lawyer right before and after that same attorney met with donald trump jr. now, some are asking or suggesting this may have been part of a plot to frame team trump. the power panel weighs in. next. the best simple salad ever?
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ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> harris: the co-founder of fusion g.p. s., research firm behind the unverified trump dossier met with the committee a short time ago to talk about the terms of his upcoming testimony and we're learning the russian
10:45 am
attorney and suspected russian operative who met with donald trump jr. and others at trump tower last year also met with that same g.p.s. fusion official before and after the meeting with the president's son. the contact shedding some new light on how closely tied the firm was to russian interests at a time when it was digging up dirt to discredit then candidate trump on behalf of the campaign of hillary clinton. let's bring in our power panel. democratic strategist and contributor to the hill michael hopkins and talk show host tammy bruce. i'll start with you, michael. i know you have some strong words right now about this. let me just remind you that this now puts the focus on your team, your side of the political aisle, having connections to russia. and it doesn't look good. >> you know, i'm very open to democrats being investigated when it comes to g.p.s. but republicans should be also. i think that -- >> harris: they're already being investigated. >> i think the senate intelligence committee should look into everything, i'm not
10:46 am
opposed to that. but donald jr. went and met with that russian operative by himself. james comey was fired by donald trump. >> harris: but democrats didn't like him, too. come on. >> i disagreed with james comey's decisions during the campaign. but as a person, i've never denigrated his character and i think republicans have repeatedly gone after comey in a way that i think, you know that isn't very helpful and hurts our trust in government. >> right now, he just put up a normal twitter account because he had a stealth twitter account. >> harris: not so stealth. most people knew about it. >> we know from additional material sent to the congress that his wording changed in his letter about hillary and whether it was negligence vs. carelessness and there was interruption there with somebody who changed that. >> harris: one more criminal than the other. >> exactly. so there are questions here. and most of what he does, i think, proves the president right in the fact that needed to be fired. the fact is, though, with this case with g.p.s. fusion, this
10:47 am
operative didn't just meet with glenn simpson, the co-founder, not an underling or anybody else but the co-founder immediately before, a few hours before the meeting with donald trump jr. so this comes into the idea and the nature of working with people who are directly associated to the kremlin. operatives in that way. as we now know they were working to set up the dossier to smear the president. this may have been part of the operation. this is what muller will likely encounter if he's serious and honestly wants to get to real criminal activity, this is where it's led him. and i think we should see more regarding hillary and the d.n.c. as a result. >> harris: michael? >> we have to point out some points in the dossier have proven out to be true. there were ties between manafort and russian operatives. by putting it all out there. >> harris: that's less the issue than the fact that they created the narrative first and then went out to seek out a dynamic that would literally frame it
10:48 am
against the president and they were doing exactly now in order to accomplish this what they're accusing the president of. that's fascinating. >> harris: that's an interesting point. i'm hearing republicans say this more and more. it's regrettable there is this meeting that happened at all including the president's son. do you agree with that? >> this is politics. let's remember, this is in the midst of a campaign. somebody says we have information that may be useful for your campaign on the opposition, you'd be foolish not to do that. >> harris: that's fair. >> that's the nature of it. it would be malfeasance to not go. >> harris: i'll bring you right back. there's a gag order imposed by the judge today in paul manafort's case one year after donald trump won the presidency, we're still hearing stories of shock from the mainstream media. some of them in hollywood elite. does it show how out of touch they were last november 8th? hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country
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>> horrifying new video of star pitcher roy haladay's plane the moment before it crashed in the gulf of mexico. and what do you think of twitter's new 280 character limit? i have a few choice words on it.
10:53 am
don't miss "the daily briefing." top of the hour. >> harris: today officially marks one year since president trump's stunning election win and esquire magazine is reliving that night asking media members to recount their devastation over the results. one quote read "i felt so alone, i knew it was done. i was by myself on the floor. i started to cry." these are media members, too. >> i'm sorry, i don't mean to laugh. but i am. >> harris: i had comfort food, cookies and chocolate milk. same thing i useed to have as a kid in mexico city. and "i saw "the new york times" headline and i was very discomforted by it. for one, i knew that i had a child on the way." power panel is back. michael starr hopkins and tammy bruce. oh, boy is what you said. >> oh, boy. media and even a year later, they want to relive it. it's like they revel in the drama and the victimhood. but what this shows us and why the democrats remain in trouble,
10:54 am
everything is about the feels, and everything is about the sads, everything is about them and their drama. and in the meantime, the world operates on facts and on real life and what's happening with american families. and it's not about whether or not they're sad because it's their favorite person but that's the revelation here, isn't it, as well. they're partisans. they had -- one person noted that it should have been a coronation. so this tells the democrats more than anyone it's time -- didn't bill clinton create the phrase "it's time to move on"? it's time to move on. if you really care about your children and america's children, it's time to really face facts of the matter in how to get this nation back on her feet. even no matter who it is as president. and this is why, of course, the democrats continue to fail because it's always been all about them. >> harris: he hasn't even been able to convince his wife it's time to move on. >> i actually did cry the morning after the election. >> harris: no, you didn't. >> i did. i really did. donald trump doesn't represent the values that i believe the
10:55 am
american people believe in. i thought he spent a lot of his campaign denigrating minorities and using dog whistles and really bringing up things that i think we've moved past. so a year later, a lot of the things that he's continued to do are exactly what i worried about. >> harris: the audience can't see this but the entire crew just you could have heard a pin drop when you said you cried after donald trump won. >> i did. >> harris: let's move on. just caught this tweet from the president's account and it has to do on twitter with winning. congratulations to all of the deplorables and the millions of people who gave us a massive electoral college landslide victory. you're not going to cry again, are you? >> you know -- >> harris: oh, my goodness gracious. i never thought i'd hear the word feels. where is katy perry? and there's a picture that went along with it. you have jared kushner there.
10:56 am
with their thumbs up. of course, we know he's ahead of a big speech in beijing. >> this is, look, the anniversary of his election. this is the brilliance, though, of the american system. you're a political person. we know that there are defeats and there are victories. this is about doing it for the nation as a whole. i think that picture kind of sets that tone. >> harris: tammy, michael, you need counselling. you know you do. we'll be right back. ♪ psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ♪
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>> heather: oh, we're excited.
11:00 am
catch me in our nation's capital for a lot of guests, including kellyanne conway. breaking news tomorrow as things get rolled out. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. voters of virginia have spoken handing democrats victories in two critical governors races. first big win of the trump era. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." many analysts see last night's victory particularly in virginia as a rebuke of president trump and his agenda. democrats are more optimistic about the chances of retaking congress in next year's midterm election. peter ducey is live in stafford, virginia. begin where you are in virginia. does the democratic governor elect think this win was the start of a national wave? >> i


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