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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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catch me in our nation's capital for a lot of guests, including kellyanne conway. breaking news tomorrow as things get rolled out. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. voters of virginia have spoken handing democrats victories in two critical governors races. first big win of the trump era. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." many analysts see last night's victory particularly in virginia as a rebuke of president trump and his agenda. democrats are more optimistic about the chances of retaking congress in next year's midterm election. peter ducey is live in stafford, virginia. begin where you are in virginia. does the democratic governor elect think this win was the start of a national wave? >> i asked him that this
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morning, dana, down in richmond. he said he thinks it's too soon to tell or too hard to tell. governor northam is not in line with all the national democratic figures saying last night's results is a sign of a big democratic wave to come in 2018 and 2020. >> i don't think that i had been, you know, taken over by the national agenda. i certainly think there were a lot of comments made. this is about virginia. it's not a national issue. reporter: northam got the most votes ever in virginia and gillespie got the second most. gillespie still ended up with the lowest share of any vote for republican virginia governor candidate since 1985. that goes to show how democrats were just a lot more motivated last night. i did talk to the last republican governor who was elected in virginia back in
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2009. bob mcdonnell, who explained the same atmosphere that helped him beat obama helped northam beat gillespie last night. >> it had a lot to do with washington. we were able to win by a decent margin. federal issues worked against my opponent and helped me win. >> reporter: democrats also wrestled control of the house of delegates in virginia away from republicans. they've already put some too close to tell. another big jersey, chris christie's lieutenant lost to phil murphy who, will take over in trepb ton next year. >> dana: there was another election up in maine where democrats were basically victorious. so the governor of maine is talking about defying a ballot measure that passed last night that the democrats favor. what was that all about? >> reporter: republican governor
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in maine said he thinks the 60% of maine voters who last night said that they wanted, that they supported expanding medicade in the state don't realize how much it's going to cost. governor lepage said this in part in statement. said credit agencies are predicting this fiscally irresponsible medicade expansion will be ruinant to maine's budget. he said he's not going to do it, but democrats in maine's house said they are going to fight him. >> dana: now that we had a lot of sort of fox news exit rolling. last week we talked about this twitter decision to expand from 140 characters to 2830. tested it out on a few people. now everybody has it. i wonder what you think about it or the voters if you asked them. >> reporter: it was interesting. one thing a lot of people we spoke to last night noticed right away is that the president took full advantage of his new 280 characters right away so he could tell ed gillespie that he
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thinks he should have embraced the white house more. it is something that will have a huge impact on campaigns like last night. for the last couple years there was always a difference between campaign tweeting something that was fun to just mention it to your colleagues. hey, look, did you see that? versus a press release. now the tweets are press release size. and so everything is kind of becoming one. >> dana: people are just using too many words for everything. i like the old way. peter doocy, thank you very much for being with us. president trump speaking, what we were talking about. a tweet. it said ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, republicans won four out of four house seats. with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before. joining me now for analysis is karl rove, deputy chief of staff
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for george w. bush and a fox news contributor. karl, what is your take away from last night's election? let's start with virginia. >> yeah. first of all, the big story here is that the turnout jumped dramatically from the last governor's race. 16% more voters turned out than four years ago at 368,000. they ended to come out in the suburbs and they tended to be independents who didn't like trump and democrats who were enthusiastic about sending him a message. alexandria city, 26% more votes. arlington, another close washington, d.c. suburb, 26% of the vote. 23% up in fairfax. the biggest voting jurisdiction in the state. 31% up in loudon county, another county outside washington, d.c. and what was driving them was they didn't like president trump. 40% of virginians approved of president trump's performance. 57% disapprove. take a look at this.
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20% strongly approved of president trump's performance. one out of every five virginians. 47% of the state's voters, nearly one out of every two, said they strongly disapproved of the president's performance and 37% said they went to vote to send him a message. and that message kept a candidate who you and i both know -- he's like a brother to me. it's amazing. he got 10,820 votes more than any other republican candidate for governor. bob mcdonnell who was on earlier in the previous hour won by 59% in 2009. but he got 11,000 fewer votes than ed gillespie got last night, getting 45.1% of votes. the president energized the turnout. people said this is our chance to send him a message. if we're independent, we don't like how he's act. if we're a democrat, we don't like what he's doing. >> dana: did that follow a historical precedent.
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bob mcdonnell was saying in 2009, when he won, that that was republicans coming out to vote against president obama. >> it is analogous in that way. but look at 2013. democrat jerry mcauliffe won even though that was the year before the 2014 elections that were so strong for the republicans. so it depends on what the president does that get the opposition inside the state. if you're republican you start out what is opposed against you and those northern suburbs watching very closely what's going on in the nation's capital. look, this was an election in which president trump was wrong. he said if ed gillespie had run closer to me and been closer to the white house he would have done better. trump got 88% of republicans to vote for him in the state. ed gillespie got 95% of republicans and won the independent vote. what happened is that the president drove the electorate, the presidential election year democrats out to vote in an off year election when they might
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not have otherwise voted. this election, democrats had an 11 point advantage over the republicans. last fall president trump lost by five points. republicans were down seven points to the democrats in the january ballot. in 2013, they were down by five. so this is a pretty dramatic increase in the percentage of the democrat advantage over republican and largely attributable to the that people were angry at the president and willing to vote to do so. >> dana: if you can pull out the last minute that i have with you. do you think this has any bearing on the 2018 midterms? we know in our experience, of course, we've worked together in the bush administration, very unusual for a president and a white house not to lose seats in the midterm elections. only three instances since the civil war. what do you think will happen? >> white house tends to lose seats. what would worry me is looking at the virginia house of
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delegates which was up. republicans had a 66-34 vantage.into last night. they will be lucky to end up being 50-50 in the state house of delegates. most of the people who lost were incumbents who did what people said. followed his program to the t. we've got to be careful going into this election. only good news, ralph northam voted for president bush twice. he is a military veteran. he's the kind of democrat who can win votes from republicans and independents. he's not a sandra dee. >> dana: thank you very much. now let's head over to the other side of the aisle and bring in democratic senator chris van hollen. your reaction, sir, to last night's vote? >> dana, it's great to be with you. >> dana: thank you. >> i see this as the return of the jedi after what happened last november. and i don't always agree with
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karl rove, but i agree with much of his analysis. is this was a big win, not just for democrats, but also for independents. it's not just because democrats won in new jersey where they were expected to win and won in virginia. it was the margin of victory in the virginia race and it was the scope of victory, right down the ballot from attorney general, lieutenant governor, but also the house of delegate races in virginia. many of which were still too close to call. and then big wins for democrats in the state of washington where we took back the state senate. wins down in georgia, up in new hampshire and many other place. even in my state of maryland. we had two mayoral elections in annapolis and frederick. democrats unseeded republican majors by large margins. big turnout. lot of enthusiasm. >> dana: i read even in georgia there were a couple state house races that went the democrats way as well. given that, do you think that the successes of last night that the democrats had would quiet
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the critics of the dnc and tom perez? >> i don't know if this is going to be a question of what's happening in the dnc. it was clearly a very good day and good night for the dnc. if the senate campaign committee, we're working very closely with tom perez and our colleagues in the democratic congressional campaign committee. you know, dana, it's not just the backlash against trump from last year. it's also the policy agenda that republicans and president trump have been pursuing in the congress. trying to roll back access to affordable health care for millions of americans. i predict this past debate is actually going to be really hard on republicans because, as of right now, if you look at their bill, they are providing biggs tax breaks to big corporations, financed in large part by raising tax on middle class americans. >> dana: can i ask you about the tax bill? >> sure.
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>> dana: senators are going to delay this by a day. what do you know about how different the senate bill will look from the house bill that's coming out? >> and i really don't know the answer to that question. the republican senators have been putting this together behind closed doors in secret, just like we saw in the house. in the house we learned why they were keeping it so secret. when it hit the light of day you had so many people recognizing that this would be harmful to them. you had groups like the realtors. we all have realtors in our neighborhoods. we have the home builders. you even have the national federation of independent businesses saying this was bad for the middle class. bad for small business. to answer your question, i don't know what's in the senate bill, but they are trying to cram a huge corporate tax cut into $1.5 trillion increase in the debt. in the process of doing that, they are really squeezing a lot of middle class families. >> dana: senator scott told us yesterday the senate bill might
11:13 am
look a lot different from the house bill. maybe we can have you on next week to talk about that. my last question for you is, a democrat on the house side, al green, had this to say earlier today. >> i now announce that before christmas, there will be a vote on the chief inciter of racism, bigotry, hatred, sexism. there will be a vote in the u.s. house of representatives, mr. speaker, on the impeachment of the president. >> dana: senator, do you agree with him on this idea of talking about peachment before investigations are even finished. isn't it just so premature? could i erase democrat enthusiasm gains if they're worried that the republican president will have to face this? >> i don't think this is the right way to go. i think the vote last night spoke volumes and spoke very
11:14 am
loudly. that was people coming to the polls in major states, in city election, in state elections. they sent a message loud and clear. and so the key is to keep that momentum growing and building until election day a year from now. as i say, the actions of the president, the actions of republicans here in washington trying to strip people of their healthcare and providing big tax breaks to the folks at the top, paid for my folks in the middle class, i think those are the kinds of things we need to keep voters focused and energized. let's let the special counsel finish his work, get to the facts and then the country can deal with that. >> dana: all right. we appreciate you coming on telling us your point of view. >> good to be here. >> dana: a high-speed chase in pursuit of the texas gun man. this is the end result. how it went down as police closed in on a killer. plus, president trump issues a star warning to north korea. straight ahead, what mr. trump
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is saying today in china.
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prudential. bring your challenges. >> dana: china rolling out the red carpet as president trump and the first lady took a tour of china's forbidden city. later he will meet with president xi. they are expected to discussion north korea's nuclear program. chief white house correspond anne john roberts is live from beijing. not sure what time it is there, but glad you could be with us. >> reporter: i can tell you what time it is. it's almost 20 minutes after 3:00 in the morning, dana. president begins his day in six hours time. how things go in the next 20 hours may well determine how the whole north korean missile crisis, nuclear crisis unfolds
11:19 am
here in the weeks and months going forward. president gave the big speech in seoul, south korea yesterday to the national assembly. north korea reacting in typical unassuming fashion. the u.s. must oust the lunatic old man from power and withdraw the hostile policy against north korea in order to get rid of the abyss of doom. typical north korean understatement. definitely since the president arrived here, there's been a shift in language. we saw a lot of that yesterday, his speech to the national assembly there in seoul. no talk of fire and fury. no talk about the annihilation of a country. but the president did seem to sort of play good cop and bad cop all at the same time. there are some north korea experts, american north korean experts who believe kim jong-un may be looking to get out of this nuclear crisis, somehow develop relations with the
11:20 am
united states. president said the cons kwepbgss if kim continues down the path of developing nuclear weapons but did offer him the beginning of an off ramp. listen here. >> despite every crime you have committed against god and man, we are ready to offer, and we will do that. we will offer a path to a much better future. it begins with an end to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles and complete verifiable and total denuclearization. >> reporter: as we said at the top of this, north korea didn't take too kindly to the speech. one person who did like it was senator lindsey graham from south carolina saying, he, the president, urged north korea to negotiate. he also demonstrated the necessary resolve to help stop north korea from developing the capability to strike the american homeland.
11:21 am
it was a clear, concise and forceful message which has been missing for the last 25 years. again, president begins his day in about six hours. probably just the two leaders. then an expanded bilat where they'll get down to brass taxes and get more cooperation from china on north korea. then how to address the $347 billion trade deficit the u.s. has with china. very busy day ahead. >> dana: all right. thank you, john roberts. get some sleep. last moments in the life of major league baseball star roy halliday caught on video. >> he just crashed right here in the gulf of mexico literally. this is crazy. we saw it go into the gulf of mexico, literally. >> dana: what authorities say he was doing before the crash.
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>> dana: tax reform dividing gop lawmakers as senate republicans consider delaying the corporate tax cut for two years setting up a potential conflict with their colleagues in the house. joining me now is larry lindsey former economic adviser to george w. bush. i imagine, sir, they would also have a problem with president trump at the white house if they decided to delay. what do you know? >> i wouldn't talk about what the senators thought. i think that the phase-in or small delay really wouldn't hurt the economic growth that much. there's planning involved, view investment. if you didn't have to take effect january 1, i don't think it would affect many decisions. you could ramp it down over two,
11:26 am
three years. that would actually encourage investment because people would want the deduction now and then pay the tax later. so, i do think this is a problem that can be solved. >> dana: what would be the reason for delay though? >> oh, i think it's an issue of revenue. they're stuck in conforming to the $1.5 trillion ten year score. there's a lot of things that senators love. there's a lot of things house members want. lot of things the president wants. sitting them all in the same box sometimes requires maybe giving up room for one thing to make room for another. >> dana: in your opinion, should the members try to eliminate the affordable care act individual mandate as the white house has suggested and some members of congress wanted to do? >> i think that's a pwhreut call judgment. i don't think the individual mandate is a good idea. whether or not you want to do it as part of this bill is a
11:27 am
political choice. defends on where the votes are. that is way above my pay grade. >> dana: your pay grade's pretty high. what do you think about the democrats? does he expect any of them to come on board. or was that a call to say we'd love to have your support but if you can't be there, it's okay. >> i think the latter. the republicans have to pass it in order to deliver to their base and in order to keep the economy going. we're late in this recovery. unless the bill passes, unless all the optimism that has been generated by president trump's election has substance behind it, we face a decline in the economy. republicans have to pass it for their own political survival. but for the same reason, democrats don't want republicans to survive. i think they're going to be very very hard about ever considering passing the bill. >> dana: then what would be your most valuable lesson you learned in trying to pass tax cuts in '01 and '03 that you could pass along with them?
11:28 am
>> i think that maybe there should have been a more consensus earlier. what happened in '01 as you well remember, the president campaigned on a very specific tax cut. he had a mandate to do it. this president didn't campaign on anything specific. i think a lot of time was wasted actually negotiating a final product. that's why here we are in november without a bill through. that's water over the dam. >> dana: we are where we are. >> we are where we are. >> dana: thanks for being here today. >> my pleasure. >> dana: authorities just releasing the names of all 26 people who die thered the texas church massacre as we get more troubling information about the gun man. plus, brand new fox news voter analysis giving us a closer look at what led to the democratic victories in two key elections last night. >> we live in a very diverse society. it is getting more diverse every
11:29 am
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>> dana: vice president pence heing to sutherland springs texas. police are releasing the names of all 26 victims in that deadly shooting. their names are running at the bottom of your screen. one of the victims was an unborn
11:33 am
child. bryan, what's the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon, dana. investigators reportedly have video from inside the church at the time of the shooting showing the gun man methodically executing church goers, shooting even children in the head. video is said to show shooting lasting for seven minutes. this church routinely videotapes its services. this as jim mattis said he's recorded the inspector general to investigate why the air force did not turn over the shooter's domestic violence commission to the background check database which could have blocked the shooter from legally purchasing his four weapons. a slew of missed red flags, missed opportunities could have per happened prevented this including an el paso police report detailing his escape from a mental health facility. he threatened his superiors. this is video from one of two
11:34 am
good samaritans that chased the shooter in the moments after the suspect crashed in the get away. the sheriff's office also said they are reviewing whether they mishandled a 2013 sexual assault investigation in which the shooter was a rape suspect. apparently the shooter they believed after three months of investigating, had moved to colorado and that investigation stopped. dana? >> dana: really interesting. what do you know about what's being done to help the victims' families at this time? we've seen grief counselors here. they've been at schools and homes. they've been here trying to help this community cope with such a devastating loss. 26 faces that you see on your screen. then the emotional support canines. they have been on scene. also at schools helping people. just give some sort of levity or just letting them cry. we know these canines have been requested es sprlly by the first responders' families who showed up on the scene just a terrible
11:35 am
horrific scene. they've been helping them. >> they saw the dogs, it was a chance for them to just pet. as one said, this is the first time i have smiled in four days. and in that process of petting and hugging the dog, they open up and talk about what they've gone through. a key part of the healing process is to be able to talk ab what you've been through. dogs become that safe way to do that. >> reporter: those canines are from the luthean charities. 73-year-old brown was released from the hospital today. earlier this morning we know we spoke to her son yesterday on your show. she was sitting in the back of the church when the gun man first came in. she suffered four wounds. david said she is doing well and hopes to dan again. >> dana: thank you so much, bryan. democrats winning big last night in virginia and new jersey where
11:36 am
voters were focused on the issues as much as they were on the candidates. josh holmes is a former chief of staff for senator mitch mcconnell. white house chief of staff for president clinton. it's easy to overinterpret results in an off year election, especially off off year election. but let me start with you. what do you think last night's results tell you about what might happen in 2018 with democrats? you're right. one election does not make a spring, so to speak. i think this is a potential harbinger. these were both purple states. they perhaps lean slight democrat, but not much. margins were quite much. colorado had some democratic wins. you also had wins at the state level. i think it's clearly the snap back effect, which is not too
11:37 am
surprising in our political landscape. we've seen that for the past several years. >> dana: do you think ed gillespie in virginia should have won a different kind of campaign in order to beat ralph northam? >> awfully difficult. ed gillespie was the first election after a presidential election. we saw this in 2009 with democrats after president obama's election. where you are in your campaign literally is at the mercy of national environment. in this case in virginia, it wasn't good news for ed gillespie. there's a couple important take aways here. one the turnout. any time you have higher turnout in an election like this than any time over the last 20 years you've got to pay some attention to it. it wasn't that there were more democrats that came out of the woodwork and republicans stayed home. republicans turned out, too. difference, in the suburbs, loudon county, fairfax county, places where you need republicans to carry, they all went democrat. that's something republicans are really going to have to look at.
11:38 am
>> dana: let me have you look at this fox voter analysis poll. voters were looking at the issues in virginia the most important being healthcare and the economy. going on to new jersey, the taxes and, of course, it's new jersey. corruption in government. and then virginia voters feelings about the health care law was that it didn't go far enough. and so mack what does that say to you about the policy, policies going forward. ralph northam voted for george w. bush twice. he's not the type of far left candidate that a lot of people the democratic party kind of like, the bernie sanders type. >> i think josh nailed it in terms of turnout. energy is clearly on the democratic side. fact that josh made the point that there was a substantial republican turnout as well i think underscores the fact that the energy is on the democratic side. i think dana it suggests there was a return to responsible candidate. i think that won the day. it also suggests that president
11:39 am
trump's policy positions as well as his temperment and style, are not playing as well as he might like. that clearly was a negative in ed gillespie's campaign who was an establishment candidate in many ways. that just did not go well for him. >> dana: how important is it josh for the republicans trying to pass tax reform and have president trump sign it if they want to maintain confidence of the voters and to win in 2018? >> it's critically important, dana. if you look at the counties that i mentioned, loudon and fairfax, republican majority in the house is built on districts who look a lot like those two counties. bottom line is they squeezed all the blood of of the stone you can get by polarizing the two policy. these voters vote pocket book issues. there's no currency in stupidity. they like confidence. they like accomplishments. if republicans can get a tax packsage through, i think it
11:40 am
does a lot to remedy the situation. if not, this will be a huge problem. >> dana: i'd love to have you both back. thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. new video emerging that appears to show the moments before roy halliday died in a plane crash off the coast of virginia. phil keating is live in miami. phil? >> reporter: dana, according to tmz sports, witnesses say the all star pitcher had been flying aggressively over the gulf all week long taking dramatic rises in altitude, a speedy drop down close to the water, then shooting back up. doing that over and over again. roy halliday, legendary pitcher of the last couple of decades, only had this new plane for about the past month. he once tweeted he loved flying at low and fast over the water because it made him feel like a fighter jet pilot. a small group of guys fishing in the gulf of mexico yesterday shot this video which tmz sports
11:41 am
obtained after they said the pilot of the plane was show boating. once they saw the plane go down in the water they rushed over to look for any survivors. >> oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: stunned disbelief as the fishing crew pulled up on the halladay plane. they mentioned to call 911 then quickly realized there were no survivors. national transportation safety board is now on the scene. now in charge of the investigation having the boat towed back to shore. halladay's plane was one of these, the icon a-5 as seen in icon's own promotional video. the two seater plane is small and tight and flies like a race car. it only takes a less rigorous sports pilot's license to fly one. as a pitcher, he became just the 20th person in major league baseball history to pitch a perfect game. he was an eight time all star.
11:42 am
he played for the toronto blue jays. then the philadelphia phillies. everyone who knew and played with halladay had nothing but the utmost of confidence. his plane crashed just after noon yesterday in shallow gulf of mexico waters not far from where halladay retired. the sheriff said there was no may day call made and that the ace pitcher was flying alone. roy halladay leaves behind a wife and two young boys which everybody who knew him said were just the love of his life. >> dana: what a terrible story. phil keating, thanks for bringing it to us. some college athletes could be in serious trouble after getting arrested in china. at the center of it, one of the biggest families in basketball. plus, after offering an olive branch in north korea, president trump now ramping up the rhetoric. >> the more successful south korea becomes, the more decisively they can discredit the dark fantasy and the heart of the kim regime. ♪
11:43 am
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>> karl icon one of the biggest names in the business world and former adviser to president trump just got hit with a federal subpoena. this comes one day after one of the president's closest aides talked with congressional investigators ability the russia investigation. the house intelligence committee meeting with president trump's long time bodyguard who follows the president to the white house. details on both now developing top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> dana: a day after he seemed open to more diplomacy, president trump issuing another tough warning to north korea. >> the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. >> dana: the president also calling on china an russia to
11:47 am
help reign in the kim regime. >> to those nations that choose to ignore this threat, or worse still to enable it, the wait of this crisis is on your conscience. >> dana: managing director of the asia, eur asia group, that important place we love. thanks for being with us today. your thoughts on the president's trip so far? >> well, look. the trip's going pretty well so far. he started with the'iest ones first. japan and south korea are both allies. they like the united states. they need the united states. so you have prime minister abe, president moon in south korea embracing president trump to ensure that the alliances remain strong and robust. but also giving him lots of business deals, ensuring he can walk away saying these countries are buying millions if not billions in u.s. goods, investing in the united states.
11:48 am
let's keep in mind the president has only done two stops of a six stop visit. so there's a lot more to go. the hard ones are coming up especially in china. >> dana: he gave a speech last night about north korea. listen to what he said ab american cities. >> we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. we will not be intimidated. and we will not let the worst atrocities in history be repeated here on this ground we fought and died so hard to secure. >> dana: last week one of my guests an asian expert said the south koreans were feeling slightly any tkpwhrephebgted by president trump. >> one of the successes of the korea stop is for now, it is put to bed the question of so-called
11:49 am
korea passing, whether or not trump was going to sort of criticize korea and not give it the priority it deserved. so i think on that, the president scored very well on reassuring south korea. he avoided any of the highly provocative statements. they were, the south koreans were concerned might encite north korea. he sent good messages about deterrents. but the question is going forward, how is that actually going to shape north korean behavior? rhetoric is good. the question is, will it actually change north korea? >> dana: that is a question. no doubt he is talking to president xi about that. my last question for you is, if you step back from the headlines that we're all reading, as an expert, what do you think we're missing? anything you're seeing that we should be aware of? >> i think it's interesting that there hasn't been a north korean provocation.
11:50 am
there wassen one in china. there hasn't been provocation since china visited the two big alies in north asia. that's interesting. another big dynamic to watch is going to be trump's conversation with putin on north korea. putin and russia have been playing a very interesting sort of behind the scenes role including by encouraging the north koreans reaching out to them economically with transportation link. i think russia is playing an interesting role here. i think trump is sort of trying to figure out exactly what putin's trying to do. i would say watch that space. of course, the china/north korea space is key to watch. but everybody knows that. >> dana: all right. you gave us something to watch. we hope you'll come back. thanks. could some american college basketball players be heading to prison in china? what we know ab their arrest and how their school is responding.
11:51 am
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>> dana: three ucla basketball players are reportedly out on bail after getting arrested in china for shoplifting. will carr is live from los angeles. will, where are the players now? >> reporter: dana, this is serious. the players are at their hotel in china. they'll have to stay there until the legal process plays out. that could take weeks possibly months. chinese authorities arrested all three cody riley, jalen hill and the brother of lakers rookie lonzo ball after they allegedly stole sunglasses from a store near the team's hotel. leangelo ball's family sky rocketed to fame because of his outspoken father who is part of the family in china as part of a
11:55 am
facebook reality show. >> potential they they could be in quite a bit of trouble. china has a near 100% conviction rate. so once people are indicted, it's almost certain that they will be found guilty. >> reporter: the father said not a big deal. experts say otherwise. this is all playing out in the middle of president trump's visit to china and the u.s. consulate could have to get involved in the case. >> dana: what is ucla saying? >> reporter: they released a statement saying they are aware and cooperating with authorities. everybody being tight lipped while this continues to play out, dana. >> dana: thank you very much. president trump cracks down on travel and business with cuba. starting tomorrow americans are being banned from doing business with places linked to the cuban government. americans also can't travel solo for educational purposes any more. they will now have to sign up for group tours using a licensed organization. this comes five months after the president said he would reverse obama era cuba politics.
11:56 am
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>> a couple putting the destruction of hurricane irma behind them. using it as an incredible backdrop for their engagement photos. marty around lauren lived on st. john. they called the island the center of their love. each photo tells a story about how the love like the people of st. john can survive anything. the good news, marty around lauren still plan to get married in st. john as soon as life gets back to normal there. wish them the best of luck. a quick programming note. tucker carlson will interview donna brazile tonight at 8:00 eastern about her book and bomb shell claims about her time at the dnc. an interview you don't want to miss. thanks for joining used too. so much to talk about and a lot
12:00 pm
more to come the rest of the week. thanks for being here. i'm dana perino. up next, shepard smith. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in texas. we expect mike pence to arrive to meet with victims of the church massacre. we're seeing new video from one of the men that chased the gunmen after the video. president trump in china after warning north korea not to underestimate the united states. he has a message for the chi northeast leader about supporting dictator kim jong-un. we're live in beijing. get ready for self-driving cars without backup human drivers. volunteer for a test ride? let's get to it.


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