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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 9, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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his asia trip for your training is considered the linchpin in the strategy to rate and north korea. we will take you where live when it happens. in the meantime, we are grateful that you spent the evening with us. good night from >> all nations must come together to ensure this rogue regime cannot threaten the world with its nuclear weapons. >> we applaud trump because when he talked about the two careers is the first to say the, destruction. >> the worst mass shooting in a place of worship in american history. we find inspiration and hope in those texas heroes. this sunday, november 12th, will the day of prayer as we unite as one state. >> i want to go to the pentagon,
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i want somebody to put yellow tape around the dnc. i was scared. we were under attack. >> the donna brazil revelations, the beginning of civil war and the democratic party. ♪ maybe time to sing ♪ ♪ looking for my love ♪ ♪ rob: we will get you started with country music, we will talk about that coming up.
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you are watching "fox and friends" first. straight to our top story breaking overnight, cut off north korea, that is the stern message from donald trump to his chinese counterpart the president warning the world time is running out. griff jenkins live in the nation's capital with new details on his firm stance in this department. >> the president and first lady are en route to a state dinner, the great hall of the people in beijing after two days of meetings and tough talks focused on north korea and trade in business. $250 billion for product including us-made jets, auto-parts, natural gas and beef donald trump criticized the unfair trade relationship between the us and china blaming past administrations for allowing xi jinping to take advantage of the us. >> i don't blame china. who can blame the country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit
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of its citizens. i give china great credit. >> but much focus was on the two leaders talking about confronting the nuclear weapons program thanking xi jinping for his cooperation and calling on china to do more to stop the escalating crisis. >> the united states is committed to complete and permanent denuclearization of north korea. china can fix this problem easily and quickly and i'm calling on china and your great president to hopefully work on it very hard. >> this would include china implementing the un security council resolutions on north korea and sanctions. tomorrow the president heads to vietnam where he indicated he intends to come face-to-face with vladimir putin on the sidelines of a conference but we are just getting news now, secretary of state tillerson
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already in vietnam speaking with the press a few hours ago walking back that meetings thank such a meeting was still under consideration and would need some substance to make it worth having. we are tracking all the developments as they happen across the world. >> the trump pruden meeting may or may not happen. we will analyze it if it does happen but thank you so much. donald trump very critical of china, what he calls their unfair trade deals with the us and trade deficits, but the president's effort to forge a better relationship with the chinese government is paying off for the american people. >> the president had a much tougher job in beijing than in seoul. soul needs us, loves us, all of
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that. in beijing the president has problems, campaign promises were predicated on trade war with china, getting tough, hard on china. the reality is we need their money, their product and their help on north korea, the president had to use a different tack dealing with china and the term in washington, has grown in office. the situation is more complex than he initially understood. rob: charged with helping terrorists beloved deadly attack will appear in court today. mustafa al amman faces charges that could mean life in prison. the suspected ringleader of the attack is also on trial on terrorist charges, four americans killed in that attack including ambassador chris stevens. more incredible video showing
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major-league pitcher roy halladay's final flight, witnesses say that we 2-time cy young winner was showboating minutes before crashing in four feet of water off the florida coast, getting close to the water doing some tricks. that video shows him flying a few feet above the water. the plane is known as the sports car with wings. there been three crashes involving this aircraft since april. the designer was killed in one of those crashes. first baptist church resuming services after the deadly shooting that killed 26 people during a worship service, this is mike pence meeting with first responders and church members, claiming the air force would complete an internal review days after it failed to report the gunmen's criminal record so a federal database that would have
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kept him from buying the gun that was used. >> it was a crime the assailants was ever able to purchase a firearm in the first place. he lied on his application. had a history of mental illness and there were bureaucratic failures. rob: we now know all the victims of the tragic shooting is here are the photos. eight were children. the oldest just 16. 11 people still recovering in the hospital. senate democrats going full steam ahead introducing a major gun-control bill. the legislation would make it illegal to sell and manufacture more than 200 different types of semi automatic weapons. it would also ban the sale of bump stocks like the one used in the las vegas massacre to make a semi automatic weapon and automatic weapon and expand background checks as well. it is not expected to be voted
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on in the republican controlled congress. the head of fusion gps, the company behind the infamous truck dossier will take the stand in front of the house intelligence committee, when attorney announcing he agreed to testify. the committees as a subpoena will be dropped tuesday when he appears. simpson has been in a legal battle since it was led the dossier was funded by the dnc. while all eyes are on donald trump in china senate republicans are busy working on his tax reform bill in the states trying to get that passed by the end of the year, by christmas, the senate will unveil a rewritten version of the house bill, expected to not fully repeal the estate tax, illuminate state and local tax deductions and have corporate tax cuts fade in or expire, trying to soften that bill a little bit. country music's biggest night starting somber but quickly turning political. brad paisley taking aim at
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donald trump. carly shimkus with fox news 247 sirius xm 115 is here with cans miss moments. you heard one song. >> there was no shortage of entertaining moments, one of the most political and emotional shows in years. the 51st annual country music association awards in nashville kicking off on a heartbreaking note. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ ♪ i want to love you the best the, the best that i can
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♪ >> the somber start honoring victims of the recent tragedies impacting america recently. none hitting the country music world harder than the shooting at the root 91 harvest music festival in las vegas the claimed 58 lives. ♪ >> the show segued into politics when brad paisley and carrie underwood took the stage. >> i don't know if you heard about this but the cma has given us some guidelines with specific topics to avoid. we can't be doing any of our silly little songs because this year's show is a politics free zone. >> are you kidding me? that is not fair. we can't even do ♪ way down yonder on the scaramucci, that doesn't work?
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>> no. >> what about ♪ she is gone gone gone ♪ >> no. >> she wrote a memoir, hillary is back. >> creative but no. >> reporter: than performing a donald trump inspired version of before he cheats. ♪covfefe ♪ it is fun to -- rocket man starts a nuclear war ♪ maybe next time he will think before he tweets ♪ >> that is the moment everyone will be talking about but what the show was really about, entertainer of the year went to garth brooks, miranda lambert taking down female vocalist of
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the year and one of the biggest winners of the night, stapleton won male vocalist of the year and album of the year. a little political but mostly the show was about entertaining the fans. >> garth brooks still wins awards after all these years, thanks so much. 12 minutes after the hour donald trump and vladimir putin, what can we expect if they come face-to-face in vietnam? our next guest says it is time for donald trump to put pressure on the russian leader. under fire for getting an illegal immigrant arrested, the police chief who is under investigation for enforcing the law. we will tell you about that. numerals not done crying about the 2016 election yet, how they marked the 1-year anniversary by screaming very very loud. before we go to break, here is tim mcgraw and faith hill
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performing the rest of our lives. ♪ ♪ the rest of our lives ♪
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>> following a day of meetings in beijing donald trump prepares for one of the most highly anticipated to downs of his trip with vladimir putin at the asia-pacific summit in vietnam. north korea is at the top of the agenda, the top of the strip in many ways but what can the president hope to accomplish in a meeting with the president of russia? here to weigh in is expert on the north korean nuclear program, fred flight. thanks for coming on this morning. first thing we want to pull up is a statement from rex tillerson there was never an agreement to meet. of the two leaders are going to
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meet, if there is something substantive to talk about that would warrant a formal meeting, there has been no conclusion made on that. a meeting we thought was most likely going to happen may or may not happen. let's assume it will. what will come from that and what is the purpose on our end of meeting with vladimir putin? >> there will be a meeting on the sidelines but russia's efforts may be to downplay or get out of this meeting. a strange comment from vladimir putin in september when we were calling on him to increase pressure on north korea after the possible hydrogen bomb test, he said donald trump is not my bride and i'm not his bride or groom. what that meant is he resents being pushed around by donald trump on north korea and he doesn't like the fact the united states is trying to get its way by pushing a us led global order and placing sanctions on nations to get its way and i think this
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resentment is a good thing, he realizes donald trump is not a pushover. >> you believe he will respect somebody with more force than the previous administration, somebody like donald trump who doesn't like to get pushed around. am i crazy to think russia is not really -- the biggest way to stop north korea from developing this weapon, can russia prevent that? is more china's problem, isn't it? >> since china has begun to increase pressure on north korea, russia is throwing north korea a lifeline and this is a problem because we can't let north korea have a way to get around the sanctions. i know sanctions will work but russia may be working against our interests by giving north korea and out and russia sees an opportunity. of china is pulling out of north
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korea russia will go in and there has been competition between the two states for decades. >> what could russia want out of north korea other than coal. what are they interested in? it is a small nation, not particularly wealthy at this point. >> it is a question of influence. of the kim jong-il and government was to go way russia would lose a lot of influence in the region and russia does not like sanctions. it is under sanctions from the us, doesn't like that and they relate to the north koreans because of our sanctions. >> we know vladimir putin likes to stir the pot anyway just to make things interesting so we will see how he responds to this and see how the meeting goes. thank you for coming on this morning, 19 minutes after the hour. windfarm theory, the plan to put windmills right on our war battlefield. daggers come out after dnc chair
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donna brazil reveals how much power the clintons have over the democratic party. >> we lost an election last year. many people thought we were going to win. i did a forensic examination what we did wrong and what we can do better. >> how democrats are reacting to her tell all book on the dnc's dirty secrets, she was on tucker last night. here is bread paisley and came brown performing heaven south that the cmas. ♪
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rob: ignoring what the republicans got at the polls, donald trump thinking people who put him on the white house on the anniversary of his historic win. the commander-in-chief tweeting congratulations to the deplorables and millions who gave us a massive electoral college landslide victory. don junior tweeting the voters taking hillary clinton's call to concede saying these are personal photos i took of donald trump taking the call that ended it all, one year ago today which was yesterday. kellyanne conway telling laura ingram americans came through for the president. >> i just want history to show it was donald trump that connected with people and he was able to take issues that were arcane to lots of folks like trade and immigration and convert them to top shelf issues
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he is still fighting for, he has a 70 point immigration plan, renegotiating unfair trade deals so they work more for the american worker but flipped counties obama carried, and those who will not accept the election results, who neither expected him to win a wanted him to win, they wasted a whole year not getting to know why he won. >> she was the first woman to ever run a successful presidential campaign. three us aircraft carriers will show our navy's unmatched power is donald trump is in china. the uss nimitz, ronald reagan and theodore roosevelt will carry out drills in the pacific ocean in a message to north korea. this will be the first time three carrier strike groups exercised together in ten years with terror in the air pollution a report claiming terrorists support iran's largest airline
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commemorating opposition reporting the iranian revolutionary guard corps, the group is currently under us sanctions for terrorism and they are used to transport troops and weapons, the us government considering blocking a deal between boeing to build airlines for them which has the support of terror groups in the middle east. new concerns of reports of plans to build a wind farm on the side of world war i battlefield in france, 10,000 australians died and were buried in northern france not far from normandy, australians travel there to pay their respects, the australian government will raise the matter with french authorities to protect the graves of its fallen soldiers. 26 minutes after the hour, blocking security for the sky, weapons, explosives missed by airport officials, shocking
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report coming up. democrats should be thinking hillary clinton and joe biden for their election win this week as new polls show the party approval for the democratic party is at the lowest it has been in years. our next guest, a former speechwriter under george w. bush says democrats have only themselves to blame for that loan number. before we go to break, miranda lambert performing at last night's cma. ♪ ♪ you love her daddy ♪ you know how much she is worth ♪
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>> the tsa failing to detect dangerous weapons or explosives at airport security checkpoints. the disturbing report as terrorists set their sights at
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blowing up more airplanes. security flaws outlined by homeland security and the tsa had a homeland security briefing, the effect rate of failure is unknown. lawmakers calling for tighter security. urgent manhunt intensifying for three escaped inmates. they removed a wall speaker from tennessee's megan county jail and crawled through the whole lowering themselves into a maintenance room with veggies, ferguson is considered armed and dangerous and charged with homicide. police believe inmates may have stolen a truck to make this grand sk. rand paul's injuries worse than we thought, and attack from a neighbor left him with 6 broken ribs, not 5. neighbors are slamming reports that he was attacked over bad landscaping. paul keeps his lawn tidy and
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they don't know why rand paul was attacked in that instance. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says paul will return to congress next week. is shocking the report claims veterans are the most vulnerable to scams. according to aarp the veterans are likely to be scammed by con through emails or phone calls, scammers typically focus on military records and pretend to be veterans before making an offer. the hero's metal from world war ii accidentally donated to goodwill have been returned. >> thank you so much. >> the veteran's widow didn't realize his service meadows including his purple heart were in that box. the goodwill store did some digging and gave them back in a
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special decorative case. former dnc chair donna brazile slamming her own party on fox news. >> i received my fbi briefing in august but i wanted to go to the pentagon to put yellow tape around the dnc. we lost an election last year, many thought we were going to win. i did a forensic examination of what we did wrong and what we can do better and everyone said donna is making money. that is a good thing because donna got a lot of mouths to feed but people are questioning why, donna likes to write. >> former speechwriter under george w. bush, thanks for coming on this morning. very interesting what is happening. i didn't see this coming, this book is going to make a lot of
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enemies. >> i don't expect her to get christmas cards from the clintons. >> what do you make of the allegations here? saying she alleges sexism in the democratic party in ranks that were running the clinton campaign, that was shocking with a woman running for president. >> the clinton machine is still defined by the principles of bill clinton who was one of the worst sex harassers of all time. i thought it was indicative of this cancer you have at the heart not just of the democratic party but it the heart of both parties which is why we saw that new poll that showed both parties are in disrepute, the vast majority of the american people have negative views of both parties.
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rob: do these allegations -- it paints a picture that is really bad. why would you write this book other than it is just to make money? i can't understand why she would bury her party like that and make it look so bad if she is a true democrat? >> hopefully she is a true american before she's a true democrat. rob: and wants to inspire change. >> at some point in your career you have to look at what do you really stand for, personalities and parties will always disappoint principles never do. she is also from louisiana. some of the best democrats come out of louisiana and if you can be a democrat and win and convince people in louisiana you are in touch with that populist pulse of the party. the other thing is i don't think she needs to write this book to make money. she has had her column in opera for a long time she may lose some old friends but people will
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respect when she comes forward and stands up for the truth. >> and explain how she lost the election which we can't figure out with the advantages they have. the dnc getting hacked by russia not handing over their servers to the fbi, the excuse is they had to run the campaign and didn't want to lose their computers. >> she danced around that the entire night. obviously if you were concerned about hacking why not hand the computers over? there is a little doubletalk on that. >> afraid of what else was in the computers. >> historical problems with internal servers. that is why hillary decided to use her own email. rob: we want to talk about this paul, democratic party, worst numbers they have ever seen,
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unfavorable, 37% find them favorable, not good numbers but nobody got good numbers. >> they were pretty bad in terms of how far they dropped but you read the rest of the study, you thought republicans had an unfavorable rating even higher. when you have majorities democrats and republicans hating their own party is kind of a bad thing but also a silver lining because maybe there's a set of beliefs or principles or parties that might be consistently more for limited government and lower taxes, personal freedom across the board. i don't know. >> always liked the independent candidates. appreciate it. 37 minutes after the hour is under fire for getting an illegal immigrant arrested,
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police chief under investigation for enforcing the law. country music star gets political, message of unity from one performer. >> it has never been more important than it is now that we come together, find some common ground, spend some time listening to each other and realizing we are more likely than not alike. >> nice to hear some common sense from hollywood. carly shimkus next with reaction on line. ♪ can't get you out of my head ♪ can't get you out of my head ♪ i am seeing red ♪
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change oakland, california's top cop under fire for helping defend human trafficking bust been involved in illegal immigrants.
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chief kirkpatrick investigated for violating the century city law. to trap ice investigate. two people detained and one set for deportation. kirkpatrick claims that of her officers help ice make any arrests. the first dreamer under donald trump arrested again trying to illegally sneak back into the united states, he was arrested in california monday, claims he was wrongly deported from the us and the fed say he left voluntarily. he faces two years in prison for trying to jump the border. message of hope and director and actor tyler perry at the country music awards. >> it has never been more important to come together, find some common ground, and realizing we are more like the
1:43 am
not alike. >> carly shimkus with fox news headline serious xm 114 with reaction to that online. >> it is more about pushing political perspective, tyler perry has the message everybody could get behind and folks on social media took note david said tyler perry asked to come together and find common ground instead of fighting each other, standing ovation for other liberal award shows. maggie chimed in saying speaking truth on the award stage, more alike than different. something everybody can agree with. makes you think. >> it has been a long year.
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>> this cracked me up. left-wing liberal screaming at the sky, so revolted by donald trump. >> we talked about this, the facebook invitations went viral yesterday, donald trump's critics marked his election night when anniversary by screaming at the sky in frustration. take a listen. [drums] >> got to laugh. katie's is nothing better than lunatics at work sitting with my popcorn better than anything on tv. the best part about this is donald trump will still be there president after they are done screaming their crazy heads off, peggy says what silly pampered kids were never taught how to lose graciously and with dignity.
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a lot of were just having fun but it sounds like a painful way to mark the day. a lot of people with sore throats this morning. rob: let's talk about the trump burger. >> what about a trump burger? people in japan going wild over a hamburger the president aid during his trip to the country. burger shack in tokyo has people lined up outside the door down the street. it is made with 100% american angus beef, it is for:45 in the morning but i could eat that. them are criticizing him for eating american food in japan but only costs $10 so you can't hang on that price tag. rob: that looks fantastic. he took over the irs, he took
1:46 am
over after the irs unfairly targeted conservative groups, on his last day the chief taxman and obama holdover leading a parting gift for businesses in this country, our next guest says shame on the obama administration and speaking of president obama he had a new job but already got out of it and paying way less than his typical wage. here's alan jackson, the neon rainbow at the cmas. ♪ ♪ all i ever wanted ♪ tried to be somebody ♪
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>> irs chief and obama holdover john koskinen leaving his post today with a parting gift for business owners. thousands in penalties for failing to meet, stemming from as far back as 2015-14. why is the trump administration left this mandate, 50 employees, got to give them an insurance company plan, and if you don't obamacare penalizes you. >> this is you have to provide affordable coverage. it is supposed to go into effect in 2014 but what is interesting, never enforce its own rule. they tipped it down the road, now that obama is out of office,
1:51 am
guess what? i will enforce this rule, from a penalty. rob: it is a small thing, small business was not a fan of president obama and why give one more reason it is unfavorable. >> put the burden on their entire employee list, these are small businesses, staying alive in the marketplace let alone having to deal with the insurance requirements. if you have 50 employees you have to provide health care coverage, what a lot of small businesses to stay under 50 employees. and based on health insurance, and that is why this holdover now, it is sticking get.
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rob: they stay below 50 employees because then you don't have to deal with, $10 million, $9 billion. >> penalties could be 9 or $10 billion. rob: the next guy will be a trump guy, in the next couple years. >> republicans failing to get something done, republicans should have repealed this rule. legally the only way to deal with it is repeal the rule but because republicans got healthcare reform through it is still on the books, still law. treasury department is saying this is will of law. if we enforce the rule that exists we have to enforce this rule. the only way to change it is legislatively get it done, get healthcare reform done. that is why republicans not getting it done is a big deal because america have small businesses, just at a time trying to use tax reform to help
1:53 am
grow the economy. rob: some democrats would be on board with getting rid of this mandate, couldn't they just throw it in? >> you won't find a lot of democrat interested in helping the trump administration. they will be happy to let the administration deal with this like john koskinen is doing with the irs. rob: i'm sure he hates donald trump and is not a fan of any of this. >> look at the timeline, how the rule was delayed and implemented. you can call something else but on his face it looks like it is sticking with his last day on the job. >> fun with politics. it seems so enjoyable. we do appreciate it. 53 minutes after the hour, president obama reporting for jury duty, it took a 6 vehicle motorcade to get him in. quite a scene. not all seniors dream of kicking back in sunny destinations, the best place to retire is not in florida. here's keith urban performing at
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rob: all files for them and none for you. hillary clinton and joe biden taking credit for a democratic election when clinton claiming her political group was behind the surge tweeting proud groups
1:58 am
that support including swing left which is laser focused on taking back the house and joe biden sending a letter saying every candidate i endorsed at your recommendation was elected was the former vice president campaigns for ralph northam who won. steve bannon claims in fighting the democratic party is evidence of their own civil war. >> i said from day one bernie sanders in the campaign against hillary clinton was you could tell that was like a pillow fight. he never went after her with all the material out there about uranium one and clinton cash. you are seeing with the donna brazile revelations the beginning of the civil war the democratic party. rob: he says democratic victories in new jersey and new york were not a referendum on donald trump. even a former president cannot avoid jury duty. barack obama answered his
1:59 am
summons arriving at the chicago courthouse with secret service agents in tow. >> not every day -- rob: fellow jurors taking pictures, asking him to sign books. former president obama was paid $17.20 for his services. he was sent home before noon. cruz was on the ballot in new york city to keep the community dry, the city of blanding voted to keep their eight decade prohibition on alcohol sales, never to boost tourism in this use our town, more than 3000 people turning down the measure claiming it robs them of their way of life. forget warm weather, sandy beaches, golf courses, more americans are skipping florida and heading north to retire. according to a new survey pittsburgh is the best place to retire. it sounds lovely, followed by boston, los angeles in the
2:00 am
denver and providence. bubba bubba was favored for having a low crime rate, good cost-of-living and good cost of healthcare. it is not warm or scenic. "fox and friends" first continues now. >> are a threat to all of humanity. and we will stop radical islamic terrorism. jillian: it is november 9th, donald trump continuing his 5 nation tour of asia trying to solve the nuclear standoff with north korea. what to expect if he comes face-to-face with vladimir putin. rob: hillary clinton supporters not over losing the election yes, how they marked the anniversary by screaming at the


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