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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 10, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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tonight, most-watched, most trusted, and most grateful for spending the evening with us. for "fox news @ night," good night from washington. i am >> all civilized people must come together to drive terrorists and extremists from our society, we must stop radical islamic terrorism. >> remain focused on his historic trip to asia and make unprecedented progress. >> he did nothing inappropriate. they won't comment on it. >> stars & stripes honor flights, taking 150 veterans to see the memorials built in their
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honor. abca27 happy friday as we look at midtown manhattan, 4:00 in the morning on the east coast, veterans today, veterans day is tomorrow. you are watching fox and friends first on friday morning. fox news alert, breaking overnight, donald trump in vietnam giving a defined address taking aim at bad trade deals of north korea and radical islamic terrorism. so what about that meeting with russian president vladimir putin we have been hearing about? amy kellogg traveling with the
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president live from danang, vietnam. >> it is poignant that donald trump is here today it being veterans day, this is where china beach is where thousands of marines landed in 1965, the first sitting us president to come here since the end of the vietnam war and given a checkered history, quite interesting vietnam has the highest opinion of the us and donald trump of most countries in the world. when trump arrived here today he praised vietnam's rapid growth and economic progress. it is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world even though it is one of 5 remaining communist countries in the world, donald trump took time to sign a proclamation before group of vietnam veterans thanking
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them for their service. he is attending the apex summit, and asia-pacific event, one of the first things trump did in his presidency was to dump the tpp free trade agreement for the asia-pacific region. the message was all these countries are developing as sovereign entities and that is why he wants to impress upon them the america first message and how it should work for them too. >> let others choose a future of patriotism, prosperity and pride, let us choose wealth and freedom over poverty and servitudes. let us choose a 3 and open indo pacific. finally, let us never forget, the world has many places, many dreams and many roads but in all of the world there is no place
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like home. >> people have been speculating whether donald trump and vladimir putin would be on the sidelines, no announcement about a planned meeting. it is likely the two leaders will bump into each other. last we heard they were not going to plan something unless they had something of substance to discuss and felt it would be fruitful, the big issue donald trump wants to speak to vladimir putin about his north korea because russia does wield a lot of influence over north korea and trump is hoping together with china russia can really help convince pyongyang to get rid of that controversial nuclear weapons program. >> a conversation he wants to have, see if b wants to as well. thank you so much, live in vietnam. republicans taking a critical step forward and veiling a new tax reform plan that completely gets rid of state and local tax
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deductions. griff jenkins without it differs from the house version. >> surprise, it is different from the house one. let's take a look, here it is. the biggest difference is the senate plan totally eliminates deduction for state and local taxes, the house plan only partially repealed the deduction while still allowing $10,000 for property taxes. in high-tech states like new york, new jersey and california compared to the house which has four, both cut the corporate tax rate 35% to 20%, the senate would do it a year later, a delay and exemption for the estate tax, the house and finally repeals in after six years, the senate plan does not. democrats who are he opposed the house plan are jumping on that deduction difference. cinema leader chuck schumer, had
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this to say. >> senate republicans telling house republicans there will be no compromise on state and local deductibility. it is full repeal or bust. >> despite the policy differences, republican leaders in the house and senate say they are on track to deliver tax relief to the american people and the administration is optimistic they are moving in the right direction. >> unveiling tax cut and making businesses compatible. >> an important step for the american people. we are excited. >> reporter: the house is expected on the floor next week at the senate has to mark things after thanksgiving. we will see if republicans can all get on the same page. >> nobody wants to get on that.
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he second suspect in the deadly 2012 terror attack in benghazi pleading not guilty, pleading guilty on supporting terrorists resulting in death. abca24 was caught on video with equipment they believe is used in the attack. another not guilty plea from senator rand paul's neighbor accused of attacking the senator at his kentucky home breaking six ribs, claims it was over a landscaping dispute and not politics even though they are different politically. this was not a fight, it was a blindside violent attack by a disturbed person. they haven't talked in years was facing a year in jail if convicted. a federal judge dismissed for the second time a pair of
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lawsuits trying to force the state department to find lost emails from hillary clinton's email server, the state department processing a backlog of tens of thousands of emails they came across, the judge saying the fbi exhausted all its options to track those down. corruption crackdown, and wealthy businessman under arrest, at this hotel here on screen. embezzling $100 billion, 201 people in custody, daily mail releasing mattresses, the ritz-carlton hotel. to call this a power grab by the new saudi prince in hopes with potential rivals. praising the prince for the
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purge of great confidence in the decisions the prince is making. he deserted his post, soldiers were severely injured, some may have been killed searching for him and now dishonorably discharged army private abca9 could be in for a huge payday from the pentagon. jackie ibanez with the latest and this could upset a lot of people. >> days after the military judge, could be entitled to $300,000 in back pay. his sentencing sparking outrage, dishonorable discharge even though brothers in arms tried to find him. he walked of his post in afghanistan in june 2009, and in 2015 on the campaign trail --
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>> he is a traitor. a no good trader. should have been executed. >> reporter: abca9 pleading guilty to desertion before the enemy. at a military trial hearing emotional testimony, military dog was killed, the most cheerful words came from mark allen's wife took the stand, he was shot in the head, can't move or talk or play with his 9-year-old, a military judge said he won't go to prison but was demoted, reacting on twitter saying this, the decision on abca9 is a disgrace to the country and our military. abca9 could be expected -- which military officials say follows
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army regulations. abca27 we will talk about that. what do you think? does abca9 deserve money for his time in captivity, $300,000? let jackie know what you think on twitter, instagram toward the end of the show. 11 minutes after the hour, donald trump putting america first in a fiery speech, will he come face-to-face with vladimir putin? army intelligence officer, what that meeting could mean for russian relations. a disturbing warning, terrorists turning drones into killing machines, targeting a commercial airliner, the ultimate goal, terrifying threats of aviation. >> fire, smoke.
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>> helicopter down. abca27 on the emotional journey as veterans get a look at monuments build on their honor. here is a picture of michael lewis meeting his son for the first time. retired sergeant brian hayes, here are the perry brothers right here, thank you so much for your service, be right back. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. >> we can no longer tolerate these trade abuses and we will not tolerate them. this day forward we will compete on a fair and equal basis. we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage
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of anymore. abca27 it was quite a speech you likely missed, happening of an eye, donald trump giving a fired speech to world leaders in vietnam. donald trump taking a stronger stance on the world stage through the past eight years under barack obama. us army intelligence officer andrew haec. this in my opinion talk like this is how he won the election and swung those blue states, rust belt states. we are not getting a fair deal on this. so successful now, practicing unfair trade practices. >> talk on trade is long overdue. if you think about trump's policies holistically during the campaign it has been about tightening the labor market for noncollege educated americans, and trade enforcement is part of that. and north korea over the last
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nine months, the chinese are going to be saying what is your priority? better trade? wants to win both. abca27 it is easy to see him not winning with china which doesn't like to give. a major power outage. look at what amy said in the piece, vietnam is a burgeoning successful country and buying a lot of things from vietnam. they are not reciprocating fat. that is where the unfair trade comes in. these comments were made at a multilateral summit and a vietnam summit the trade issue was not at the top of the
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agenda. to balance china. we would rather have that band than total enforcement on trade. china is the other way around. abca27 let's talk about he did make mention of getting rid of isis. let's talk about north korea and vladimir putin. they will meet. what is that conversation going to be like? >> with foreign heads of -- concrete concessions on the table. we don't do this -- in a meeting as loaded as a trump to meeting or tillerson meeting or whatever. the top business will be trying to get us to commit to getting our forces out of syria winning
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the syrian civil war. the us is looking for an excuse not to back up the kurds, our allies. abca27 is he still dabbling in ukraine? i am sure he turned to the situation in ukraine. >> it would not be dissimilar from what the obama administration did when he traded missile systems for concessions in iran. it is about prioritization. rob: you have to pick your battles, more necessary than others thanks for coming on this morning. 19 minutes after the hour. remember when o.j. simpson laid out a case for releasing him? >> i've lived a conflict free
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life. rob: a tough comment to swallow but if true it didn't last long. the juice was just kicked out of a las vegas bar. we will tell you about that. screaming at the sky was not enough, one newspaper pushing an alternate universe where hillary clinton is president, debating what that would be like. carly shimkus with the fallout from a very liberal fairytale up next. ♪
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rob: veterans stage a protest boycotting the nfl over disrespect to the american flag and the national anthem.
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carly shimkus is here with a facebook group that has 200,000 followers. >> 200,000 followers encouraging people not to watch out of respect for veterans and active military personnel. millionaire football players, at the insistence, we love foot all but love our flag more. reaction to this has been pouring in. christophers is boycott the whole league and any sponsor still on board, not just one day but from now on. ron tweeted i won't be watching or listening to many nfl game not only on veterans day but any time. we talk about the ratings issue, last week they had another all-time low, a big problem, people are watching college football instead. >> imagine what it does.
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they risk to their life for all that. let's imagine a world -- >> the washington post came out with a lighthearted book, an alternative history of what our country would look like if hillary clinton won the election. a lot of people are upset about this. hillary rodham clinton took the oath in a headband and pantsuit, and a freestyle rap at the first inaugural ball. the following day dozens defended the men's march without a permit. some took this seriously. let's see what wayne has to say. if hillary had won the clintons would be billionaire still lying their way to the top. he talks about what if you raise your children before they go to bed, fairytales, we should stop this and move on, work to be done. at the end of the article writers say hillary presidency,
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she wants up with potential impeachment issue and her writing the book what happened anyway. that was kind of funny. rob: do people know? >> so many people were fired up about this. a new update to your iphone, the letter i turned into a nag with a question-mark, they released a new update, download it and that issue will be fixed. so many people saying it took a week to figure this out. kayla says when you pay $1000 for an iphone and it glitches you out, i got to say if this is the worst thing that happened in your week you are doing okay. rob: all the things it does for you, one little problem.
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>> everybody makes mistakes. rob: thank you, 26 minutes after the hour, fake bombs and weapons, through airport security, what we spend so much money on. mike baker next, why he says congress is to blame for this. a red carpet welcome from the white house, stated punishment on deserting charges, now bowe bergdahl could be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his trouble. what do people think? >> not happy about this. people say -- nobody but him. right after the break. ♪
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>> major security alert, undercover investigation involving tsa agentss missing 80% of weapons and bombs, airports across the country, how secure we are. the investigation in two years, what is going on at the tsa, we are asking mike baker, to give people an idea, $7.8 billion in 2017, multi-trillion dollar budget and a drop in the bucket. and it is $8 billion. they are standing around, 80% of what is coming through. >> the second dismal internal
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audit that is done. in 2015, they -- pushed aside the administrator, they have known they had a problem. congress has no they have a problem and at the outset, the tsa can be a thankless job but that is not rocket science but it is a critical job, people need to understand and appreciate the importance of an on it like this. you have to have confidence in the layers of security the government puts around you. at the end of the day the government's primary job is to protect its citizens. it is good that it is somewhat transparent. with billions of dollars this will make people's heads explode but we are not spending enough and that is part of the problem.
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rob: we need to train you guys better. let's bring this up, 70% to 80% missed by tsa in 2017. 44,000 tsa officers are employed in the united states, this is 90%, 73 employees with possible links to terror in 2015. and always get my hair gel. >> taking shaving kits out of their bags, what happened after that audit, cause you to step back and what are the problems, tsa employees, relatively low pay, grinding work and in a certain sense in the face of this, it is thankless.
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they needed to devote more resources to train for personnel, improving the morale but also importantly to pay for the technology we need in as many airports as possible and not using the most available technology because of cost and certain things congress can be doing. we are siphoning those charges, that money should go to tsa to solve these problems cannot being stuffed in the government part, spending on something to reduce the deficit which i got to say -- rob: probably right. >> people shouldn't look at this and further grind for personnel. they have to understand the security even though they need to improve.
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rob: a terrifying threat, if you are talking about terrorists webinars and drones, explosives to bring down passenger planes, the biggest challenge since 9/11. experts worry it is just a matter of time. >> they have different methods keeping them from being activated in the airport environment. i saw one pop up when i was flying, struck by aircraft and would have taken us down. rob: the drone was higher than allowed. worrying news. new video, a texas church, visibly shaken, talking to police after shooting the gunman who shot and killed 26 people during the church service. >> i didn't know what was going on. had the gun in my face, he was on the corner and i didn't even
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know. i can't think of any other reason he took that time out and ended up in that -- >> you can see the adrenaline moves through him but cannot imagine. he was barefoot when he did this, didn't take time to put on his shoes. the church building will be turned into a memorial site for their families. the trump administration responding to growing, republican senate candidate roy moore, the white house cautioning against a rush to judgment but sending a message. >> in this case many years ago to destroy -- if these allegations are true judge more did the right thing to step
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aside. >> response from sarah sanders, he's accused of trying to initiate sexual relationship with one woman as young as 14 when he was in his 30s, a scandal being manufactured by his enemies calling it fake news. before being released on parole. >> basically a conflict free life. rob: a month after being let out of the slammer after a botched robbery, the juice fine conflict again, metropolitan release responding to the cosmopolitan hotel where he was kicked out of the bar for getting drunk and breaking glass. >> asking about that. >> he was at the hotel but denies the rest of the story.
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>> every bit of that is categorically false. there was an allegation of drinking, if it comes to this parole. he was eating chicken wings. >> o.j. simpson has been banned from the cosmopolitan hotel. 38 minutes after the hour, leo gabriel joining america's he rose as they get the respect they deserve. >> you didn't get that welcome home, what does it feel like? >> fantastic. the emotional journey as veterans get a look at the monuments built in their honor. we are celebrating veterans day weekend with racing loyalty. look at this million dollars sports car in the veterans parade. we will check it out on the plan
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is a. it is something else. ♪ said goodbye
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rob: they were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect freedoms we cherish above all. leo gabriel, a navy veteran herself went along with our nation as he rose on a flight to washington dc joining us with powerful stories, this is something else. >> an honor to spend time with these folks all be stars and stripes honor lights, ensuring veterans of world war ii, the korean war and vietnam war make it through washington dc to see the memorial. i met these wonderful people who are part of honor flight's 43rd mission. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars
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♪ >> reporter: 5 am on saturday in milwaukee, you would never know it. many of these veterans have memories of being destined for war. now it is a party to celebrate and honor to serve. >> extremely excited, it is a good feeling. >> excitement is high as we head to the nation's capital. stars and stripes honor flight taking 150 veterans of the vietnam war and korean war to see a memorial in their honor, some for the very first time. among the three brothers, roger, con, and brent hagan who served in vietnam from 1964 to 1974. >> the fact we all survived. >> they served different roles. an instructor, a pilot.
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>> we don't talk about it. it feels okay to do that. rob: that is one part of the stars and stripes honor flights mission. [cheers and applause] >> i get a tingle in my heart making me smile. it is awesome seeing smiles on their faces. >> you guys were in vietnam and it get that welcome home. what does it feel like to get that welcome home? >> i can't say anything. >> i'm going to cry. >> when we got back from vietnam it was like nobody cared about us to be honest with you. the welcome home we never got. >> reporter: time at the world
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war ii memorial, the vietnam memorial brought tears. as you approach the vietnam memorial, there's a sea of names that means so much to these veterans. >> represents a family. >> reporter: as they saw the wall at arlington cemetery, their own brushes with death. >> it was like a car crash, going to the top of a mountain, everything went wrong in the helicopter. smoke, holes appearing in the windshield, somewhat traumatic. >> reporter: you were the pilot brought the helicopter down and everyone survived. if i could salute you. back on the plane a special
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surprise. that's received letters of thanks from their loved ones. >> my grandchildren. >> a long and fulfilling day but it is not over yet. many returning to their loved ones, welcome home they have been waiting so long for. are you feeling? >> absolutely. >> reporter: to find out more about this organization head to and happy veterans day to all our veterans and happy birthday to the us marine corps. part of this was the volunteers, the people who volunteered their time to make this a special experience. one was milwaukee brewers pitcher jason barnes and bill schroeder, sports broadcaster in front of me, the hagan brothers
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and they were not there for any reason except to honor the veterans and it was an incredible experience. rob: the way they were treated was outrageous and they were drafted to do a job and did it and came back to that kind of treatment and wonderful to see them being rectified. catharsis, i loved that. that was good. senate republicans rolling out their own version of the tax reform bill. democrats still not happy. >> why don't we do it where it is least opportunity for people to review it and to a very fast, speed of light in the dark of night in back rooms. rob: or next guest to complaint how the senate and house plan will put money back in your pocket. first we are excluding our veteran heroes this weekend and thank you so much to all who served this country. ♪ started shaking her fist
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♪ when you hear that ♪
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rob: republicans unveiling their own tax proposal straying from the original plan the house and donald trump had put forward to reform the tax code and lower deficits. how is it different in the senate, their version, how will it help the middle class? here to way it is economist peter morici. we had a good taste of the house plan so far. most people have a good idea what is in that. tell me about the senate plan and how it is different and if it is better. >> i would not say either is better than the other, the senate bill restores deductions
1:52 am
for catastrophic illnesses but tougher when it comes to state and local taxes, how you juggle the deductions and exemptions. the senate bill is tougher on small businesses than the house bill and both need to be improved. rob: let's check out the senate tax reform bill. we have a full-screen. corporate tax rate at 40%, nobody wants to give on that, they want to lower that, keep all 7 tax brackets for income, expand the child tax credit, no change to 401(k), repeal state and local tax deductions, that will hurt a lot of people in high text blue states and keeps the estate tax, which doubles the exemption. i don't think the president will be as crazy about this but the corporate tax rate.
1:53 am
>> you got to remember by having state and local tax deductions a waitress in mississippi making $30,000 a year sending money to washington to subsidize the appetite of wall street bankers for big government in new york city. i don't know why the waitress should pay for bloated pensions, they have cheap subway fares in new york. why should that waitress pay for that? i don't think she should. that is good reform. rob: the other side, people that live in places like california and new york are not all wall street billionaires, they pay a lot, cost of living, what you have to pay for property taxes, they are taxed heavily. those deductions make life possible for a lot of people. >> we need to cut the government bloat and that would solve the problem but this is an example.
1:54 am
americans are like economists and rabbis, they disagree about everything and never come to a conclusion but in the end they have to compromise any sweeter bills can be compromised and make america better. we can have more investment, and have lower tax burden. that is important to focus on. rob: gdp spiking already and if they can get corporate tax down the sky is the limit. thanks for coming on, appreciate it. 50 minutes until the hour. red carpet welcome from the white house, now bowe bergdahl could get a big payday for his captivity. jackie has opinions coming up. we are saluting veteran viewers this veterans day weekend, thank you to all those who have served. ♪
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rob: disgraced army private bowe bergdahl could get $300,000 back pay from the pentagon after spending five years in captivity in afghanistan despite deserting his post and stealing his own fate. exchange for him for five gitmo detainees and avoiding jail time. we ask you does bowe bergdahl deserve money for his time in captivity?
1:59 am
jackie ibanez with responses. >> all knows. facebook wife, absolutely no. the victims and families of his desertion yes. any benefits need to go to them, not him. sheila, we owe him nothing, he quit his job and forfeited his pay and benefits. donna, something he chose to do while dishonoring his country, absolutely not. only slowed to him his life in prison. joe on instagram no way, lost that privilege when he betrayed the usa. a lot of people upset about this, $300,000 should not go to him, should go to the families if anyone. rob: as we observe veterans day tomorrow we are celebrating veterans day today with the million-dollar sports car that will be rolling out during the veterans day parade, check it out in an hour. "fox and friends" first
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continues right now. >> all civilized people must come together to drive out terrorists and extremists from our society. we must stop radical islamic terrorists. jillian: friday, november 10th, while you were sleeping donald trump delivering a fiery speech in vietnam, the question on everyone's mind, will he meet with vladimir putin. rob: the juice booted from the bar of a las vegas hotel. what he's accused of doing. jillian: has your iphone been driving you crazy by auto correcting the word i to a random simple? you're not alone. apple has a 6. "fox and friends" first contin


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