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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 10, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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guys. i don't know if i'm too tall for this. oh, darn he has to take it home. >> no way i'm getting in here. more said to you theank your joining us, we appreciate you again. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now. >> we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of 234eu78. >anymore.>> senate republicans unveiled tax plan this afternoon. it includes some stark differences to the house plan. >> these two bills can be compromised and make america better. >> everything he told the voter he was going to do with tax reform, both of these bills do. >> stop. >> suspect arrested in the deadly 2012 terror attack in benghazi pleading not guilty. >> accusations that roy moore initiated a sexual encounter with a then 14-year-old girl. >> the moore campaign says this garbage with the very definition of fake news.
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>> excitement is high as we head to our nation's capital. this stars and stripes flight is taking 150 veterans to see the memorial built in their honor for the very first time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: an appropriate song for this. it is the 10th day of november. usually veterans day is 11/11 and today though because it is during the week, today it's being observed it's a federal holiday. ainsley: if you served our country thank you from all
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of us as "fox & friends" and fox news channel. it is such an honor to wake up with you every morning. thank you for your sacrifices. todd: it is literally one of those things we cannot say enough. steve: of course. tomorrow is the real veterans day and there are going to be commemorations throughout america. today though let's talk about where our salesman in chief is he has arrived in vietnam. let's get to a fox news alert. we are talking about president trump. there he is taking the stage at apec, the asian pacific economic summit suspects in danang, vietnam right now while the president of the united states has had many different messages so far
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ensure mayor factor access. in the end, unfair trade undermines us all. we can no longer tolerate these chronic trade abuses. and we will not tolerate them. the current trade imbalance is not acceptable. i do not blame china or any other country of which there are many, for taking advantage of the united states on trade. if their representatives are able to get away with it, they are just doing their jobs.
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we should consider trump is doing something different. is he projecting american power with a lighter touch. he has connected culturally with the chinese by honoring their history and appreciate their hospitality. that might not be a bad idea. ainsley: so true. no matter what he does, they are going to criticize. if he was too harsh, he was too harsh. he shouldn't have done that he should have been nicer. he should have worked with them and negotiated. if is he too soft. no matter what he does. steve: it's just like that. one thing he did do though. we kind of had the ink links he was going to announce something. they did announce chinese firms, 37 u.s. firms have made big deals to the tune of a quarter of a trillion dollars between the united states and also china. and being a businessman, he loves that. todd: that's a great point. the businessman point. if you know anything about how to operate with the
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chinese, i'm going -- with all the respect to trump's granddaughter i'm going to try to say something in chinese here it's called. [speaking chinese] about forming relationships before you get into the heavy business. loosely translating i'm reading here. let's first become friends and then do business. he's a businessman. he is the first real businessman in the oval office. this is what he is doing. the mainstream media is attacking him for. ainsley: finds common ground. they negotiate after a lot of negotiation. that is the art of the deal. steve: indeed. we were telling you yesterday there is a possibility he would be meeting with vladimir putin later today. now the white house is saying scheduling problems. there is no scheduled meeting but don't be surprised if they bump into each other in the hall. just maybe. steve: hey, i know you. come on let's sit down and let's talk. steve: meanwhile this week we have been talking a lot about donna brazile's book which blows the lid off of what was going on at the dnc. now, there are a number of people who are saying,
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including cleta mitchell, who is a campaign finance attorney, she says that the department of justice and the federal election commission should investigate exactly the relationship between the hillary campaign and the dnc because there is a real good possibility they broke some laws. ainsley: she is an expert. this is what she does for a living. she was on with tucker last night. listen to what she said about hillary clinton and the dnc. >> any campaign finance violation involving $25,000 or more if the activity was knowing and willful, and this was actually a chuck schumer amendment to the campaign finance law, that is a criminal violation, and the department of justice has jurisdiction to investigate. so i think both the fec should investigate and i think the department of justice should investigate and one of the things i think is important to note here is that all of these people who call for all these restrictions, they
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have -- apparently have no attention of abiding by them. steve: one other telltale sign is the fact as we talk about the clinton takeover, apparently they moved the dnc bank account from washington, d.c. apparently to the same bank as hillary clinton was using for her campaign. very cozy. ainsley: what's ironic about this is chuck schumer is the one who supported this amendment that you can't misuse campaign. they are the ones who say there are limits how much can you give a campaign. how much a campaign can spend. and they are the ones, according to cletus, they are the ones ms. using the funds. steve: more on that later. the white house responding this morning to new sexual misconduct allegations against judge roy moore, the republican senate candidate down in alabama. todd: griff jenkins joins us live from washington, d.c. with that very latest. griff, good morning. >> good morning, guys. the white house is responding this morning to here to ceasous sexual assault sales as denailed a
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"the washington post" article against senate candidate judge moore accused of trying to initiate sexual relations with four women. one as young as 14 when he was in his 30's. white house press secretary sarah sanders cautioned against rushing to judgment but sending a clear message if they are true, then here is what she says. >> like most americans, the president believes that we do not allow a mere allegation in this case one from many years ago, to destroy a person's life. however, the president also believes that if these allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> judge moore is emphatically denying the allegations calling them false and desperate. taking to twitter saying this is a coordinated effort by his political enemies in the liberal media and he is in a quote spiritual battle with those who want to see you lens his message. this as richard shelby weighed in. >> if the revelations, if that's true, i don't believe there would be any place for him in the u.s. senate. >> judge moore faces
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democrat doug jones in a december 12th special election to replace now attorney general jeff sessions. guys? steve: all right. griff jenkins in our nation's capital. thanks, griff. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home. get you caught up on headlines at home. starting with. this new video just released of the texas church shooting hero. shows him visibly shaken talking to police moments after shooting the gunman who killed 26 people during that service. >> i was home when i heard the shot, and i didn't know what was going on. i had to -- god, i had to get in my faith. he was in the corner with his truck. i don't even know you. thank you so much. i can't think of any other reason why he took that sign out and ended up in that ditch. i know i put some well placed shots. jillian: you could see his handshaking in that video
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and he was bare foot because he didn't take time to puts shoes on. that building will be demolished and turned into a memorial site to honor the victims and their families. bombshell development in a rand paul assault investigation. we learned the kentucky senator's neighbor renee boucher could face federal charges as prosecutors say the attack could have been politically motivated. boucher pleading not guilty in court and his lawyer claims the dispute was over landscaping. paul's senior advisor releasing this statement saying quote: this was not a fight a blind side violent attack by a disturbed person. criminal charges could bring up to 10 years in prison. just days after he avoided prison from a military judge former army sergeant bowe bergdahl could cash in a huge check from the pentagon. the army says he could get more than $300,000 in back pay for the five years he spent in captivity after deserting his post in afghanistan. bergdahl discharged and demoted. he could also owe the army money if they determine he
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was overpaid after returning to the u.s. no word when the army will make that decision. but, of course, we will keep you updated when we hear any more information. steve: absolutely. thank you, jillian. bowe bergdahl broke a very important rule there are some suggestions he got soldiers killed and now the possibility that he would be getting back pay to the tune of $300,000? holy cow. what do you think of that? email us at disturbing new warning, terrorists turning drones into killing machines. the target? a commercial airliner. ainsley: county republicans tax plan be a win for american workers? our next guest says yes. he is willing to bet his manufacturing business on it. ♪ i've been taking care of business ♪ every day ♪ taking care of business ♪ every way ♪ i've been taking care of business ♪ it's all right ♪ taking care of business ♪ working overtime ♪
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♪ ♪ steve: first the republicans in the house unveiled their plan and yesterday senate republicans did the same, in response to the g.o.p. plan. but county final bill be a win for the american worker? our next guest thinks so and is he willing to stake his manufacturing business on it. joining us right now is the president of martin steel wire products in baltimore drew greenblatt joins us
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from our nation's capital. drew, good morning to you. >> hi, good morning. steve: just like the house bill, under the senate bill, the corporate rate would be reduced from 35% to 20%. would you explain for folks at home how the fact by lowering the corporate rate that's going to help everybody? >> absolutely, what that means is that companies like caterpillar and emerson, boeing, when they compete with their foreign rivals, they will be able to lower their prices to accommodate the cheaper tax rate. this is going to mean that a boeing and ca caterpillar will win more jobs. when they win more jobs we will ship. boeing is going to have to hire more people. caterpillar is going to have to hire more people. all-american factories are going to see a huge surge of production in the u.s.a. if we have competitive tax rates compared to china,
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canada, germany. right now we're under water. we are in deep problems because we can't compete with these countries. it will be great for the american worker. steve: your company does compete with companies in mexico and china as well. explain personally how it would impact you. >> we make everything in america. we buy u.s.a. steel from indiana and illinois and we export to 39 countries. we make it 100 percent in the u.s.a. if this tax bill happens, what's going to happen is we are going to get a lot busier. we have to hire more talents. we already have all in. we know it's going to happen. we are enthusiastic about it happening. we invested over a million dollars. we're a small company. $1.2 million in new technology, new automation. we have all kinds of electricians in our factory to keep up with this enthusiasm. it is very exciting for the american economy. it's good news for the american worker. steve: okay. when you look at the individual tax -- the tax
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rates think will stay in seven brackets or might go down about 3% in total. but, does it simplify things like the president said? >> the president said he wants it much simpler. i think that's what we are going to get. 90% of americans will be able to file their whole tax package, their tax forms on a postcard. h and r block is not going to like that. all the americans are going to love it this is a good thing for the nation because all of a sudden our standard deductions are going to double from $12,000 a year to $24,000 a year plus they are expanding the child tax credit. this is good for the average american. and this is going to be wonderful for american factories. we will hire a lot of people to keep up with the new growth and optimism coming into our great country. steve: you are very optimistic. let's see what happens next. drew greenblatt, thank you for coming to our nation's capital. >> thank you, sir. steve: over a decade he spent as a spokesman for
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todd: 24 minutes after the hour now and quick headlines. jury dlictions will start over next week in senate bribery case. after a jury was dismissed say telling the "new york times" she would have for all reasons. will make a trip after the jury could not make a decision in three days. federal judge dismisses for a second time. a pair of lawsuits trying to force the state department to find lost emails from then secretary of state hillary clinton's private
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server. the judge saying the fbi exhausted all of its options to track them down during its investigation. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thank you, todd. the former syrian diplomat who spent more than a decade defending the assad regime in syria now has a new job, college professor here in new jersey at rutgers university. steve: terrific. he is teaching, among other classes, anticorruption and international law. what exactly is rutgers thinking? joining us right now is campus correspondent and rutgers student andrea, good morning, andrea. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: u.n. watch has called on the school to fire this guy. why do you think rutgers was wrong in hiring him in the first place. >> i think rutgers was wrong for several reasons. first off, because rutgers is a public university, i think it has duty to use taxpayer money effectively. and it shouldn't be going to fund the income of someone who literally defended the
3:26 am
assad regime in front of the u.n., which is a regime has he been accused of committing the worst war crimes, including gassing its own people. ainsley: exactly. we had you on over the summer talking about the microaggression, the course that everyone is forced to take at your school. it just says you are not allowed to ask anyone where they are from. we also were there a few years ago talking about condoleezza rice. she was invited and then uninvited. as a student there and you clearly disagree with them hiring this professor. what made you want to go there? >> oh, i always -- i like rutgers university. i appreciate different points of view, which is why i wanted to go there. i appreciate listening to what liberals have to say. but the problem at universities is that liberals don't want to hear what conservatives have to say. for example, with the condoleezza rice thing. they invited her to speak and then the rutgers faculty protested calling her a war criminal and then she eventually rejected the invitation. but, at the same time, when rutgers hired someone who
3:27 am
defended a war criminal, no one bats an eye. it's ridiculous. steve: is it hard to be a conservative student on that liberal campus? >> it is very difficult to be a conservative student, yeah. but, it provides like a fun challenge. i enjoy it. steve: well, the very latest news and this guy just got pay increase. he is now an adjunct professor. rutgers put out this statement regarding him. faculty members enjoy some of the same freedoms of speech and expression as any other individual in this country. rutgers will not defend the content of every opinion expressed by every member of our academic community. i don't think this really is about the content of what he has said. i think it's the content of what he has done, isn't it? >> i agree completely, yes. and rutgers, the fact of the matter is that rutgers made a mistake by hiring him in the first place. and in addition, leadership institute campus reform did more research on him and found he had said very
3:28 am
anti-semitic things in the past from accusing the israeli government of harvesting organs to just general blood liable. this isn't the first time rutgers has had an anti-semitic faculty member. it really makes one question if rutgers truly stands for tolerance and diversity as it claims to be. ainsley: a petition has been launched urging people who want to dump this professor, basically, want him fired to sign the petition. as two of days ago they had 600 signatures. do you know anyone who has signed it or have you seen it going around campus. >> i have seen it going around campus, yes. the student body, from what i have interacted with is very concerned about this, especially my jewish friends because as i mentioned previously this man has said anti-semitic things. last i checked this morning, it has closer to 3,000 signatures. steve: he has been on campus since 2015, and they just made him an adjunct professor. the criticism has been out there. so obviously rutgers is
3:29 am
doubling down. >> yep. ainsley: do you know anyone whose taken his course? >> no. the course is offered in spring 2018. ainsley: you haven't signed up yet. >> no. ainsley: and you probably won't. >> probably not after doing this interview. ainsley: andrea, thank you. steve: thanks. ainsley: what a smart college student. i was into partying. good for you. >> thank you. ainsley: american city set to leverage huge fines. steve: boom, into the fountain. how has president trump's presidency impacted united states standing in the world. there to discuss. there they are coming in nextu on "fox & friends."
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all civilized people must drive out extremists and terrorists from our societies. stripping them of funding territory and ideological
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support. we must stop radical islamic terrorism so let us work together for a peaceful, prosperous and free endo pacific. together, we will achieve everything we dream for our nations and for our children. todd: president trump continues trip to asia ask the question how has the world stage been impacted by the presidency? we bring in amazing panel of military veterans. i said it at the top, i will say it again. we cannot thank you folks enough for all that you've done for this great nation. let's begin with johnny joey jones who lost both legs in service. not kick the can down the road. what do you mean by that? >> teddy said speak softly and carry a big stick. and obama was speak softly and give the enemy your
3:34 am
stick and will trump is speak loudly about how big your stick is it is a stark contrast. so far it's proving effective. we are defeating isis in a lot of places. just like any whack-a-mole they will pop up other places. this is true a threat that is ideological and how we back that up moving forward. so tactically, we may be sound, but strategically, looking long term, you know, i'm still beat ago donald trump waiting for what is our goal in some of these places in the long run. todd: darren porcher we talk to you a lot on the fox news channel. you are a good friend of the show. army veteran and former nypd officer. you say the president has really established the u.s. as a world power by expanding the military's war on terror. obviously in light convenience we just saw here in the big apple a few weeks ago and what we see around the world, what do you mean by that? >> i think donald trump has asserted himself as a true leader for us as americans. it's very important that we have someone on the grandiose stage that
3:35 am
represents america accordingly. when we look at what's happening in north korea we have had failure upon failure with past administrations. as we look at what donald trump is doing right now some think it's bellicose it's necessary step reestablishing us going back to the reagan era as a super power. todd: not everyone here on the panel agrees with president trump's language. i want to go to katie, u.s. marine corps veteran, v.p. of operations at self-made. you say the president's style creates quote, unquote, noise. you agree with the foreign policy but the communication style does not engender support. what do you mean? >> personally for me, it's very distracting, hard for me to cut through the noise. the aggressive twitter diplomacy and comments he makes to actually get to what he is trying to accomplish. i think that can detract from his message and what he is trying to accomplish. i do agree with his priorities. i don't necessarily agree how is he going about doing it i would like to see him exercise soft power both in rhetoric and another example
3:36 am
is the cuts in state department. many different ways to diplomacy. sometimes walking softly and carrying a big stick is a good way to get what you want instead of just being aggressive. todd: while we have the mike in close proximity to honor is parnell i want to go to him. retired u.s. army ranger. he says he really likes the foreign policy. you like the fact that we have a president that speaks with what you call moral clarity. explain that. >> yeah. i think it's refreshing that the president speaks with such moral clarity on a number of issues. i mean, really puts our enemies on notice that the united states of america is back. and it makes our allies feel good to be honest with you. you know, and i think president trump and the nine months of his presidency disseminated isis. mosul has been liberated. he has dessert find the disastrous iranian nuclear deal and he has brought countries like saudi arabia and china to the diplomatic table where we haven't seen anything like that in decades. so, i think -- i don't think the president gets the credit that he deserves for the foreign policy
3:37 am
accomplishments that he has made in just a short time. todd: one of the areas where the president gets credit from a lot of base, i know i talked to these people out in the middle of the country is that priorization of america first. i want to get to you first jason beardsley, former green beret awarded two bronze stars. you say you love the fact he has prioritized american citizens and emphasized security that he won't acquiesce that he will take action? >> yeah, absolutely. sean said it, but we have got a president now that's leading from the front. he has established that western values are great. he did it in poland and saudi arabia. we are bringing allies on and welcoming people into nato and pushing back on north korea, belligerent states, bellicose states. i will agree with sean again there that bellicose sometimes that moral clarity that cuts through the white noise that we hear elsewhere. we have got an economy that's on the rise. we have got employment, i think it's the lowest in 17 years. so there is a lot of things that are happening underneath all that noise. we are excited to see that
3:38 am
leadership. >> army guys we have the in back even on this panel we have each other's back. todd: with that i will go to another army guy. todd: former nfl linebacker with the lyons and few other teams. you say you like the job with diplomacy. we are a messy hall. the reaction is reactionary not strategic, what do you mean by that. >> everything is reactionary based on what's happening. i understand i applaud the president for having our interests and protecting america first and i'm so thankful that especially being an american but it just seems like everything is reactionary especially with the blanket statements. for me i think there is a 24-hour rule. i know this doesn't necessarily apply when it comes to american terrorism or threats according to our nation but 24 hour rule like how i respond whenever something happens. 24 hours later, i usually don't respond in the same manner. so i don't really have necessarily, you know, an approval when it comes to these blanket statements. they seem more reactionary
3:39 am
than strategic. todd: the army navy battle is going to be in a few weeks. we will stage it now. carl higbie is the navy guy. let's go to karl right now. >> i'm the only navy guy. >> chief of external affairs for americorps. you say he is doing amazing job focusing on isis on the run, troop morale and world starting to respect us again. >> biggest thing can i say about what president trump has done he has instilled faith in the veterans when they come home they will be taken care of. americorps and the department of labor has rolled out a number of programs prior to veterans day, veterans they understand that they are possibly going into conflict on behalf of this nation and, you know, at the president's behest. when they come back, they know now that they are going to be taken care of too, much further extent than they ever were before. i think that's a very powerful thing for morale and their ability to fight this war. todd: finally but not least cathy barnett served years in the armed forces reserve. what say you? >> what say i? i say what we just heard two
3:40 am
days ago just this week where the korean national assembly introduced president trump as the leader of the world. not the leader of the free world. not the leader of just america. but the leader of the world. and only democrats and despot regimes are the ones who take issue with the foreign policy he is of this president. it's enormous pivot from the apology tours we endured for the past 8 years. i read the 70-point immigration plan. i agree jot and title of it. the paris agreement simply redistributed america's wealth to the rest of the world. we finally have a leader and i believe the international community is taking a collective sigh of relief of a leader who says what he means and means what he says and i agree with that. todd: along those lines you mentioned the last 8 years. quick show of hands who feels better now with regard to military issues than they did over the course of the last 8 years? >> can i put two hands?
3:41 am
todd: sean parnell the army guy is cheating putting two hands. more in the next hour ainsley. thank you for your service. facebook's former president just made an ashocking admission. you won't wants to miss this one. saying that it was designed to exploit your weakness. kurt the cyberguy here to react next. and, a trip for veterans decades in the making. former navy fighter pilot lee gabriel takes us along for the honor flight. that's coming up next. ♪ we're thankful for the freedom ♪ this country gave to me ♪ ♪ be counted ♪ man!
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jillian: terrifying threat from the skies. department of homeland security warning about terrorists weaponizing drones were explosives bring down passenger planes calling it the bigger challenge since 9/11. recreational drone was flying higher than regulations had allowed and hit a passenger plane over canada. and texting and walking about be dangerous, right? in chicago that could soon be illegal. proposed ordinance aiming to prevent pedestrians from burying their phone when crossing the streets. they want $90 fine for first responders with repeat violations costing as much as 500 bucks. what do you guys think of that? steve: that's a lot of money. all right. thank you, jillian. meanwhile, former facebook president sean parker with the shocking statement. that the social media site was designed to exploit us. here's what he had to say. >> it's a social validation
3:46 am
feedback group because you are exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. the inventors, creators, you know, it's me, it's mark, it's the, you know, kevin sister hand at instagram, it's all these people understood this consciously and we did it anyway. god only knows what it's doing to our children's brains. ainsley: great. joining us now with his reaction is kurt the cyberguy. kurt neutz son. hey, kurt. >> you know, facebook has some great value to it but this guy is finally calling it. this is the first time we are hearing from somebody on the inside so this is a former president of facebook. remember the movie the social network played this guy's character sean parker. speaking out saying all along facebook's goal was to get us consumed and our
3:47 am
attention really consumed. actively addicted to this social network. the more time they have from us, the more money they're making. guess what, it has worked out. i have a joke in my family, which is when we see our friends that seem obsessed with social media, where they seem to be checked out of real life because this is where they spent their time, they're always hunting for the like. steve: a thumb up. >> it's human nature to look for that sort of approval and acceptance. so, our joke at home is, like me, please please like me. >> saying that to exaggerate and how ridiculous this is that they have got us going down this road of looking for validation every moment. todd: is this adown jets cigarettes. the addictive nature of cigarettes? >> it's beyond cigarettes and alcoholism.
3:48 am
look at the amount of time of our lives that goes into this. now, there is some great stuff that comes of it. i have found friends i would never know. cat videos. i mean, there are some great value in connecting through that social network. but don't be fooled that it has not been made and designed like an addictive drug and this is the first time we're getting sean parker saying and calling -- you know he left that interview laughing saying i bet zuckerberg will block me -- and guess what? guess what? i'm convinced the day will come and it is shear opinion and experience that some people, like myself, have been turned down on facebook when they don't like what you are saying. so if you are critical of them, i notice that, boom,. steve: big brother is watching. ainsley: thank you, kurt. steve: senate releasing its own tax plan now, what's in it and how does it help the middle class? we will talk to pennsylvania senator pat toomey in about
3:49 am
20 minutes. ainsley: a trip for veterans decades in the making u lea gabrielle fighter pilot she takes us along upon an honor flight. that's coming up next. >> what does it feel like right now to get that welcome home? >> i can't say anything. >> no, i'm going to cry. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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i am the proud father of aeness very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy. it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at:
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>> >> ♪ todd: tomorrow is veterans day when we honor our heroes who have served. ainsley: one organization takes that mission to heart korean and vietnam war make it to washington, d.c. to see their memorials. steve: they do. fox news correspondent and navy veteran lea gabrielle is here on the couch with more. good morning to you.
3:53 am
>> can you imagine being a veteran and serving in these wars and never see the memorial dedicated in washington, d.c.? well stars and stripes honor flight is changing that and i was honored to be on their 43rd mission. take a look. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars. >> it's 5:00 a.m. on a saturday but at mitchell international airport in milwaukee, you would never know it, many of these veterans have memories of leadinleaving airport somber and destined for war. now, it's a party to celebrate and honor those who served. >> how excited are you about this? >>s i'm extremely excited. it's a good feeling. it's a very good feeling. it's just amazing. >> excitement is high as we head to our nation's capital. this stars and stripes honor flight is taking about 150 veterans from the vietnam war, world war ii and the korean war to see the memorial built in their honor. some for the very first
3:54 am
time. among them, three brothers, roger khan and grant hagan all served in the vietnam war between 1964 and 1974. >> a miracle the fact that we all survived. >> three served different roles, a grunt, an instructor, a pilot. >> we don't talk about it. most guys don't. for some reason, it feels okay to do that this weekend. >> that's just one part of the stars and stripes honor flight's mission. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> i get a tingle inside my heart making them smile >> it's just awesome seeing the smiles on their faces [applause] >> you guys were in vietnam and you didn't get that welcome home.
3:55 am
what does it feel like now to get that welcome home? >> i can't say anything. >> i'm going to cry. >> when we got back from vietnam, there was no welcome. it was like nobody cared about us, to be honest with you. >> it's the welcome home we never got. >> time world war ii memorial awe while the vietnam brought tears. as you approach the vietnam memorial, there is a sea of names. names that mean so much to these veterans. >> every name on there represents a family that' that's -- >> also on their minds as they saw the wall and the gray stones agravestones. >> i got shot down in the helicopter. it was like a car crash. we were going into the top of a mountain, mortars went
3:56 am
off. everything went wrong in the helicopter. the way down on fire, smoke, holes appearing in the windshield, it was somewhat traumatic. ainsley: you were the pilot that brought the helicopter down and everyone survives. >> that's correct. >> if i could salute you. >> thank you. >> back on the plane, a special surprise. >> mail call, mail call. you got mail. >> vets received letters of thanks from their loved ones. >> this is my grandchildren. i'm their hero. >> it has been a long and fulfilling day but it's not over yet for many returning for loved ones is that welcome home they have been waiting so long for. so how are you feeling right now? >> top of the world. steve: they finally get their welcome home. >> i wants to wish all our veterans a happy veterans day. gregory pryce, one of our security officers.
3:57 am
steve: he is this was such an amazing opportunity to be with these people i want to mention jacob barnes who is the milwaukee brewers pitcher. standing up for our flag and our country. steve: more information, stars andpa that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy.
3:58 am
it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt. in the mirror everyday. when i look when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure.
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. he has put down the marker that he will defend the rights of the american people. >> senate republicans unveiled their tax plan this afternoon. it includes some stark differences to the house plan. >> these two bills can be compromised and make america better. >> everything he told the voters he was going to do with tax reform, both of these bills do. >> stop al ama'am. >> secondself pleading not guilty. >> accusations that roy moore initiated a sexual encounter with a then 14-year-old girl. >> the moore campaign says that this garbage is the very definition of fake news. >> excitement is high as we
4:01 am
head to our nation's capital. this stars and stripes honor flight is taking 150 veterans to see the memorials built in their honor for the very first time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ courtesy of the red white, and blue >> that's great. that's their version of it that's 4 troops courtesy of the red, white, and blue. steve: hello, everybody. they have been on the program on "fox & friends." brian is not on the program today. he is out with his book. we have todd piro. todd: they let me in from the omelet land. i have gained 10 pounds since doing the diners. that's not a joke.
4:02 am
steve: it's a tough job. todd: last week you had the guy who killed bin laden in this chair. this week you have the guy who eats omelets. a step down but thanks so much for having me here on such a special day when we honor so many who have done so much. we are wearing these celebrating the 242nd birthday of the marines. you see that pin right there. and coincidentally we just all happen to be wearing red, white, and blue, not coordinated even though today veterans day is 11/11. today we are observing it federal buildings are are school. a lot of schools and banks are open. this hollywood not like a lot of them nonetheless we salute everybody. we ask you to send us pictures of some of the veterans in your family. amanda sent us this photo of her husband john served in the u.s. air force proudly
4:03 am
for 10 years of her father serving during the korean this is don serving in the u.s. air force in 1977. here is a special one to me, obviously. here is my grandpa in the middle there. is he no longer with us. he fought in world war ii. great man eisenhower military police. >> is that your brother. >> that's my brother. people say we look a lot and i couldn't be more honored to have that resemblance. >> keep the pictures coming. tweet us or facebook us as well. ainsley: that's right. the president was speaking last night at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in vietnam. he had a message to the ceos, the u.s. is no longer going to be taken advantage of and pledged to put america first. take a listen. >> simply put, we have not been treated fairly by the
4:04 am
world trade organization. world organizations like the wto function properly when all members follow the rules and respect the sovereign rights of every member we cannot achieve open markets if we do not ensure fair market access. in the end, unfair trade undermines us all. we can no longer tolerate these chronic trade abuses. we will not tolerate. current trade imbalance is not acceptable. i do not blame china or any other country of which there are mantaking advantage of the united states on trade. if their representatives are able to get away with it, they are just doing their jobs. i wish previous
4:05 am
administrations in my country saw what was happening and did something about it think did not but i will. from this day forward, we will compete on a fair and equal basis. we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. i am always going to put america first the same way that i expect all of you in this room to put your countries first. [applause] steve: it's interesting though when you listen to what he said where he said i don't blame china for taking advantage of us. essentially what he is doing he said we did some bad trade deals in the past. and it was previous administrations that's the part in parentheses, that allowed us to go down that road. that day is over. there is a new salesman in chief and the president made it very clear when it comes
4:06 am
to chinese hackers and whatnot stealing intellectual property of the united states been big complaint of american corporations, that's got to idgesd as well. ainsley: left is saying is he too soft on crime. listen i'm going in there working with the host hosting you at the time. you find common ground, negotiate and that is the art of the deal. like you said, steve, he said it was very unfair, these trade deals we did with china, i don't blame you china, because you were looking out for your country, i have got to look out for mine. i'm just surprised our past administrations allowed you to take advantage of the united states. todd: what the american people seemed to understanding that the mainstream media and the left does not. is that a strong america is great for the world. not america giving things to the world, whether it's just handouts or horrible trade deals. we need a strong america to benefit the world. when we have been in that position, the world has been pretty good. steve: great message for veterans day. meanwhile, speaking of veterans. let's talk a little bit
4:07 am
about bowe bergdahl. you know about him. he had deserted his trip and escaped to uzbekistan and ultimately to russia. six heroes died looking for him. last week he received a honorable discharge. he will not serve any additional prison time because of the time the taliban kept him. last week his lawyer said he deserves the pow medal because he was held by the taliban and now there is word that bowe bergdahl could get $300,000 in back pay. ainsley: wow. so they have to decide. here are the choices. first of all, his punishment was he was demoted from sergeant to private. he did get dishonorable discharge but no prison time. now they are trying to decide if he should get the p.o.w. money. if you are a p.o.w. you get $150,000 plus you get hostile fire pay, plus you get your basic pay that you accumulated while you were in captivity. so the army has to decide should he get it all or just
4:08 am
get his basic pay or should he not be paid at all and have to pay back the government what they paid him and what he accumulated. steve: can we vote on this? ainsley: what would you do? i think i know. todd: what we also have to remember is that we, the united states government during the obama administration traded five taliban members. ainsley: terrorists. todd: for bowe bergdahl. it's not like these individuals are home knitting right now. all likelihood they are back in the fray doing bad things against our country. so, look, it is an unfortunate situation. i think any way you cut it. and i think about those individuals that were maimed trying to go find this individual. ainsley: you mentioned the alleged six or seven that they say -- some folks fighting with him said they went out searching for him and lost their lives as a result. then you have the master sergeant mark allen shot in the head. and now wheelchair and family members.
4:09 am
steve: look at the v.a. one of them is money. vets not getting what they need. and, yet, this person who many feel was a traitor could get 300,000. ainsley: he pleaded guilty to that. steve: why should he get the money? let us know what you think, or tweet us or facebook us as well. ainsley: nine minutes after the top of the hour. white house responding to new sexual misconduct allegations against judge roy moore. the republican senate candidate in alabama. steve: griff jenkins joins us from d.c. with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, guys. the white house is responding to serious sexual assault allegations, details in the "the washington post" article against candidate judge roy moore accusing him of trying to initiate sexual relations with four women one as young as 14 when he was in his 30's. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders cautioned against rushing to judgment but sent a clear message if true. >> the president believes we cannot allow a mere
4:10 am
allegation in this case one from many years ago to destroy a person's life. however, the president also believes that if these allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> judge moore defiantly denied the allegations taking to dewitter calling this a coordinated effort by enemies in liberal media saying he is in a spiritual battle with those who want to see you lens his message. this as alabama republican senator richard shelby weighed in. >> if that's true, i don't believe there would be any place for him in the u.s. senate. >> moore faces democrat doug jones in the december 12th special election to fill the vacancy left by attorney general jeff sessions. this races eyebrows in what is considered a safe republican seat. steve: let's see what happens. griff, thank you very much. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. >> good friday morning to you and to you at home as well. more disturbing sexual assault allegations out of
4:11 am
hollywood. hbo severing ties with five women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. the network was cancelled his future events. stem troubled by the accusations. new overnight second escaped inmate back in jail leaving one fugitive still on the run. is he one of three who escaped, including this inmate who was on tennessee's most wanted list. dillon ferguson already turned himself. in still on the hunt for the third fugitive. he escaped a jail by removing a wall speaker, crawling through a hole and lowering themselves into a maintenance room bed sheets. emotional fifth grader reuniting with her military dad after nine month tour overseas. >> crying] >> army sergeant first class pulling off the surprise by having his daughter nina called into the principal's office at her elementary
4:12 am
school in kansas. piper returning from his fourth tour in afghanistan. oh, she probably thought she was getting in trouble. steve: get this straight, so i'm not in detention. >> i know. i can't get enough of those stories. ainsley: crying out of relief and happiness. will will. steve: thank you, jill i can't believe. coming up, the u.s. senate has released its own tax plan. what's in it and how does it help the middle class? we will talk to pennsylvania senator pat toomey when he joins us next. todd: liberals screaming helplessly at the school. we have heard this guy of course on the anniversary of president trump's election. how do we end this mass hysteria? we will discuss that when "fox & friends" returns here on a very special friday morning. looking for balance in your digestive system?
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> 38 million middle class households are facing. when they say it's for the middle class, it is not. >> this bill is a lose lose for them. they lose if they pass it. they lose if they don't pass
4:17 am
it. >> this is going to hurt them throughout america. steve: i don't think he likes it democrats slamming senate republicans on their newly unveiled tax plan. what's really in the plan and what does it do for the middle class? joining us right now to walk us through it is republican member of the senate finance committee senator pat toomey, the great state of pennsylvania. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. steve: give me the highlights. >> the highlights are we are going to have tax relief for middle income and low income families. there's going to be more simplicity and easier to fill out your returns and we're really going to kick this economy into high gear because we're going to allow our business to compete. the rest of the world has changed their tax code made it more competitive over the last 30 years. we haven't done anything with our tax code since 1936. that's going to change. more businesses more growth more jobs and higher wages. i think it's going to be terrific. steve: of course, most of the cuts go to businesses and you would go from the high rate of 35% down to 20%. but there is a one year
4:18 am
delay. >> yeah. steve: for the folks watching right now saying wait, why is it going to be a delayed a year. what's the explanation? >> well, that's our version on the senate side. the house has it kicking in immediately. we have to work out that difference at some point. the fact is there is only so much in revenue reduction we can do. under our rules, under the senate rules and the budget that we pass. and if you kick that in immediately on day one, there is more lost revenue than if you wait a year. that's the main driver. now, it is important that many of the other really pro-growth reforms kick in immediately like the business for business to completely deduct the cost of new equipment that they purchase when they purchase it. steve: with the house plan, i think there are three brackets plus the zero bracket. >> right. steve: under your plan you keep all seven brackets. >> yeah. steve: it doesn't look like it is -- the president wanted things simple. simplified impacting the middle class, it doesn't look like it's that much simpler. >> so, the way i look at the
4:19 am
tax returns, for an individual for a family, i think how you define the income is more important than how many brackets you have. and so by simplifying the process, you will be able to fill out your tax return on one page. steve: promise? >> most people will. most people will, yeah. steve: okay. ultimately, when what it comes down to is will this pass in the u.s. senate. >> i feel very good about it we have rolled it out among republican senators, our democratic colleagues, some of them are just reflexively, they were opposing it before it was written. that was predictable for some. but there are others that are taking a hard look at it i think we're going to pass it. steve: do you think that once it becomes abun dancely clear that it's going to pass with the requisite number of republicans there are going to be some democrats who are in some red states who are going to say, you know what? i got to go for that i'm going to have to vote for it. are you suggesting there would be some democrat votes? >> i would not be surprised if that happens in the end. if we actually need the votes to get across the goal
4:20 am
line, then i think it's unlikely that the democrats will provide them but if we got votes among republicans they might want to come along with the ride. steve: tax cut for corporations and businesses. >> and individuals. steve: the hope is it gets the economy going and the president would like to see up to 4%. >> important thing is it's not just a tax cut complete restructuring our workers and businesses can compete. that's what's going to generate the growth. steve: all right. fingers crossed on the republican side. let's see what happens. >> thanks, steve. steve: pat toomey, thank you. coming up on this friday, this drexel professor blames whiteness for that massacre in texas. why is this kind of outrage continuing to creep into the college campuses? and is there anything you can could do to stop it if you want that? professor jordan peterson is coming up next. and the cost of the obama administration still being uncovered. wait until you hear how much money you spent on government parking places
4:21 am
and spaces that were never used. ♪ we don't get fooled again ♪ ♪ keyboard clacking ] [ clacking continues ] good questions lead to good answers.
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4:24 am
ainsley: some quick headline for you. corroboration striking just moments apart at georgia gas station. first they robbed a customer while he was pumping gas, then moments later pulling up beside a woman forcing her from the driver's seat before stealing her car that was found later but the crooks have not yet been caught. and an incredible dash cam capturing the moment a 96-year-old driver in australia slams into a parked car.
4:25 am
got it from all these different anglings the driver saying he lost control, luckily no one was hurt. these three robbers feeling generous at houston doughnut shop. not only did they demand money and take the customer's cell phones, then one of the robbers hanged the same customers donuts before fleeing the scene. >> why not? ainsley: so far they have not been caught. steve: give me the doe. todd: remember that will professor who wanted white genocide for christmas? i hate saying that he is back. is he blaming whiteness for the texas church shooting. >> whiteness is a structure of privilege and power and structure when it feels threatened lashes out. ainsley: wow. so is this another sign of chaos on college campuses and is there anything we can do about it? steve: joining us now is a psychology professor from the university of chicago and author of the upcoming book 12 rules for life antidote for chaos
4:26 am
dr. jordan peterson. thank you for the couch call today. >> you bet. steve: what do you make of this drexel professor who has been in and out of the news so often and now he is blaming that for the cause of the shooting in texas? >> i think he's applying his ideological formula to a very complex problem. it's an easy thing to do. sort of post modern formula taught to university students everywhere now. steve: what is the formula. >> attribute everything to racial disparity and oppression. victimization. steve: just everything? >> well, essentially. it's a recasting of marxism i would say. with the marxist theory it was rich against poor. and that was recast in the 1970s as oppression due to group identity essentially. and so that's where identity politics came from. it's a formula you can learn in about a day. and then you can use it to explain everything. todd: college is designed to teach you to think about the world and prepare you for the world outside of college. how is this helping that and what kind of students are we
4:27 am
getting when they're 22, 23, whenever they graduate? >> you have the tense wrong college was that it is not that many cases now especially in the liberal arts. that's a real catastrophe. todd: much different than my experience 15, 20 years ago. >> things have changed dramatically in the last five years i would say. we saw this rise of political correctness in the 1990s, it burst forward between 1990 and about 1993. >> and then it seemed to subside a little bit. it's back with an absolute vengeance now. we know that most of the university campuses in liberal arts anyways are heavily dominated by leftist thinking and radical leftist thinking for that matter. steve: what happened doctor in the early 1990s to spawn this? >> well, i think it's popped up more or less repeatedly since the late 1960's, i'm not sure exactly. steve: started with the antiwar movement? >> yeah, with the antiwar movement. there was a fair bit of
4:28 am
radical thinking in the 1960's on the left side. many of those people ended up teaching in universities. with the rise of post modernism, that's a huge factor. that was a french intellectual school that was trans for immigration of marxism into identity politics, essentially. and because it's, i think, in some sense because it requires no intellectual effort and leaves with you overwhelming sense of moral sportswriter, it's very attractive to people. they are basically teaching young people, i would say, to be ideological "avatars" to go act out this pernicious doctrine in the real world. ainsley: some of them are doing that they were howelling at the moon. they were screaming in the night upset anniversary few days ago president trump being elected. what do you make of that? >> i a think a lot of that is a kind of narcissism. that public display. it's probably amplified by a great degree by social media and media in general, right? because this sort of highly
4:29 am
emotional display does make a reasonable news clip but, will. ainsley: what's the danger here? >> the danger is everywhere at the moment. increased polarization. we are seeing that nonstop at the moment. i think it's mostly because the people on the radical left are pushing way too hard. that's my estimate. you see that in canada as well as the united states and all around the western world. todd: i want to ask you this because i live from a very democratic state, connecticut, right? >> yeah. todd: none of my friends would never operate like this. granted my friends are older. they find this represent prehence sick. it seems like a lot of democrat are fired up about this idiocy. >> lots of people how might describe as the liberal center are very unhappy that the political landscape on the left side has shifted way over to the radical leftist side. that's a very common sentiment now. i think it's happening faster than people really understand. it's almost impossible to overstate how influential
4:30 am
these post modern doctrines have become. and how they are seeping in now into corporations, mostly through h.r. departments. ainsley: i read an article it was about barbara corker. she was talking about people she hires and doesn't hire. investing in companies like we see on shark tank, she says if you are a victim, she hates the word victim and people who have that victimized mentality where they're the victim. whoa is me. do you see that more and more? is that like a millennial thing or is it -- >> -- well, it's a form of justification for the use of power. you know, if you are a victim and you can ascribe more entirety to yourself then you are justified in the use of force. did i a paper with a student of mine who had been -- toured the mass graves in eastern europe in yugoslavia with the u.n. we looked at the precursors to genocide. one of them was enhanced sense of victimization. that allows you to lash out at the hypothetical perpetrators before they do anything because you are being victimized. you saw the same thing in some degree in nazi germany.
4:31 am
todd: hitler felt very victimized. hitler claimed that the jews were victimizing germany. once you are a victim and have the moral status that goes along with being a victim, you can't do any wrong essentially. steve: interesting discussion. dr. jordan peterson's new book is called "12 rules for life" an antidote for chaos which we certainly need now. thank you, doctor. >> thanks very much for the invitation. thank you. steve: thank you for taking us up on it senator rand paul's neighbor pleading not guilty to assault, but, you know what? he could face federal charges. and i got a feeling it's not over landscaping. ainsley: we do mark the one year anniversary of president trump's victory, has he delivered on the promises that he made to our veterans? our panel of veterans, they're back to discuss next. ♪
4:32 am
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♪ >> our veterans are a national treasure. and i thank them all for their service, fact size, and patriotism. to each of you with me today, you are the heroes who fulfilled your duty to our nation and each of you under the most difficult conditions did what you had to do and you did it well. ainsley: overnight president trump marking the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war and honoring our veterans. so as we mark one year since his victory, has he delivered on those promises that he made to our veterans when he was running for office? here to weigh in on this bringing back our veterans' panel. first of all, thank you all for serving, johnny joey jones is on the front row. we interview you will at time. you made such a sacrifice for our country losing both of your legs in afghanistan. do you think the president
4:36 am
is -- >> that's a load question. i'm excited to have the rhetoric in there of let's take care of veterans, let's do this right. a little bit less defensive where the v.a. is, where it is in that. you know, for example, the veterans choice program, maybe the most loudly bragged about achievement, but really what are we doing there? we are paying the v.a. more money to pay someone else to do the job we are already paying them to do. if i take my veteran off and put my conservative hat on, my fiscal conservative heat on, this is a band-aid fix to a tourniquet problem. i look at it as just a campaign win, the effectiveness isn't there. oh, and by the way, the v.a. doesn't pay out very well. so, if you do go find a doctor under that program the chances of keeping them or getting them paid are pretty slim. there is a lot more still to do. i hate to be raining on the parade but see some effective and actual changes that make lives better. ainsley: katie, i want to ask you, u.s. marine corps veteran and vice president of operations at self-made.
4:37 am
do you think the president is following through with his promises and what about the v.a. hospitals? how are they now. >> i do think he ran on the platform to fix the v.a. is spot on. shulkin made inroads in accountability, modernizing the v.a. access to care. everything is headed in the right direction. i do believe in what he said, there is still a lot of time that needs to go by before we see any impacts at the actual veteran level. in terms of the veteran who seeking care today, i don't know if he or she is going to see a actual impact. we need to give time for these policies to take effect. ainsley: dr. darren porcher on the back row. former nypd officer, what are your thoughts about how the president is doing now? >> i think this president is doing a family noal job. whephenomenonnal job.this earmas platform of what he came in and this is what he ran on. there is a lot of great things that he is doing. such as we look at what is
4:38 am
happening in north korea. we look at the translation of iranian nuclear deal. there is phenomenal -- excuse me, he has been doing phenomenonnal things. he needs to say consistent. we are only 10 months in. we have another three years. let's see if he can continue with the surge that he has progressed with from the start. ainsley: carl higbie next to you. former chief of affairs for americorps. carl, what is the most important issue facing you as a veteran? is it national security? is it north korea? is it syria or here at home with veterans hospitals. >> now my current appointed role under president trump, one of the things we are focused on at americorps and working with the vets as well is taking care of veterans when they come home. some of the initiatives president trump has launched i talked about it in the last hour is helping get vets hired and accountability. you asked some questions about the v.a. and accountability and how it's going, president trump has appointed people to the v.a. right now like brandon comey who is a frequent guest here
4:39 am
that original civil blowers trying to reform the v.a. they are in charge. which is an awesome thing to see. now it's bringing true reform to that agency. ainsley: what remember hearing on the frongtsd row retired army ryu tenants and former nfl linebacker. >> what are the issues to you and how is the president doing so far? >> just what they have all said. i want to take care of veterans as they transition out and get into civilian life. i think there is a lot of focus on veterans and maybe like the ptsd or the issues they are facing. i wants to see this narrative shift. and i want to start, you know, training managers and giving managers in the workplace context of a veteran's life so they are better able to assist veterans as they transition into the workplace and then we can position them for success that they're capable of. veterans are assets to the community and the workplace and we need to do our best to make sure that they're positioned rightly to you righto succeed. ainsley: anyone on the panel have a problem transitioning when you came back when you fought overseas? all of you did.
4:40 am
>> it's a challenge for sure. ainsley: sean parnell u.s. army ranger. >> a lot of people on this set today. a miracle we didn't break something that's very expensive because most of the time we do. so let's. ainsley: bowl in the china shop? >> i think the president is the commander-in-chief. commander is his most important role we heard will dishing out on swanky dinner to do dinner with the troops. the soldiers and troops see that it matters. you read quotes that the president had an opportunity to meet out there, it was i can't believe i just had the opportunity to shake hands and meet my commander-in-chief. and you see president trump coming off of marine one, marines cover falls off. he stops what he is doing, puts the cover back on his head and juxtapose that to prompt coming off the chopper saluting with a starbucks cup. there is no comparison. the troops love this president. he has made them a priority from the moment he came down
4:41 am
the escalator in trump tower supporting our troops and making sure that they are successful at home has been priority one for him. ainsley: i want to get to cathy and jason. cathy, i will start with you. do you feel the same way? were you a trump supporter out of the gate? >> of course i was. you remember, i announced it here with you. i'm so very proud of what we see him doing. the numbers that matter to me is that we have over 20 million veterans in america. and 22 veterans commit suicide every single day. and so although we find ourselves haggling in our nation, talking about healthcare and tax reform. i'm very encouraged to see us moving forward and making significant changes in the v.a. where it really matters, where lives are being impacted and getting to those particular people. just a couple years ago, we had over 600,000 veterans who were waiting over 125 days just to get a decision on their benefit. now that has been significantly cut.
4:42 am
beyond half. and that is just within 10 months. i'm very encouraged to see the gi bill is now called the forever gi bill. i for one would not have been able to complete my education without the added benefit of a gi bill. i'm very encouraged to see what the president is doing. whether on choice with their programs or just draining the v.a. swamp and getting people fired who should be fired versus transferring them to another area so they can mismanage people's health. i'm encouraged. ainsley: jason beardsley former special army operations and former green beret, when you came on the panel this morning, what's one thing, i have not served our country, i love you all for doing that and i appreciate it what is something for folks at home like me, what needs to be highlighted because i'm not in it so i don't really know obviously as well as do you. >> everybody here is service oriented. we love leadership. so those of us who served do it with honor. we will do it every single day. it requires that clear
4:43 am
decisive leadership. we have seen that now. let's put this all together. you talked about the v.a. and. so struggles we are still going to see. put the own news where it belongs and get our congress and senate let's get them in the leadership seats. the administration can only do so much. they can pass legislation and recommend it we are waiting for taxes. i'm a small business owner. i have heard a bunch of others over here. i have friends hiring the veterans. you talk about transition, getting them into programs. that's a community thing. we are waiting for congress. you know, to get off their heels and do something. they haven't passed a tax reform yet. we are waiting for that. that's going to help small business owners, that's going to let us reach out in the community, my company. we want to reach out to veterans and pour money back into them. to do all that, it takes leadership and we are starting to see that now. ainsley: god bless you all. thank you so much. i think all branches are represented here. flight god bless you all. no air force. no air force. we have four army and no air force. thank you. [inaudible] ainsley: cathy was three
4:44 am
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todd: 47 minutes after the hour now and senator rand paul's neighbor could face federal charges as prosecutors now say the attack may have been politically motivated. ainsley: his name is -- how do we pronounce this. steve: renee boucher. ainsley: pleading not guilty to assault charges. steve: rob schmitt joins us with the very latest. rob, it looks like it might not be about the leaves. >> it depends on how believe in this thing. we have to find out. retired doctor accused of attacking senator rand paul could face 10 years in prison on federal charges if this attack is deemed to have been political in nature. renee boucher, paul's next
4:48 am
door neighbor, allegedly tackled the senator from behind while he was mowing his lawn last friday night resulting in six broken ribs. boucher is said to be outspoken liberal. he and the pauls have not talked in years. nationally relationship unattainable. they have lived together in long time in affluent neighborhood in bowling green, kentucky. at this point boucher has been charged with misdemeanor assault and released on bail. but sources at rand paul's office told our judge andrew napolitano that boucher could expect federal charges. that will depend on whether federal investigators believe boucher's story that the dispute was over crard trimmings or if they think the doctor attacked the senator over his conservative politics. senator paul is a very conservative voice on the republicans. he was hold out on modest republican plan repeal and replace obamacare. paul senior's advisor releasing a statement, quote: this was not a fight. it was a blind side violent
4:49 am
attack by a disturbed person. this attack comes four months after a craved liberal gunman in bernie sanders campaign volunteer shot up a republican baseball practice in d.c., we remember. senator rand paul was there. dodging bullets in that horrific event that nearly killed house majority whip steve scalise when he was shot. scalise did go on to recover slowly and recently returned to washington and to his job. so, which side is the truth is the big question. did a wealthy doctor attack a senator, his next door neighbor over yard clippings or did years of bottled up anger over politics explode while rand paul was mowing his lawn last friday night? that's what they got to get to. that's the difference between no time and potentially 10 years in prison. steve: no kidding. man, just targeted over politics and six broke broken ribs. rob: live together all this time not like his politics has changed. ainsley: so bizarre. he attacked him from behind.
4:50 am
todd: blind side. rob: there is no conversation anymore. ainsley: and he is a doctor. rob: is he a retired doctor. ainsley: so no more patients. good. he is a little violent u. todd: thanks, rob. geraldo rivera still here to react to fiery speech overseas. that's coming up. steve: mortgage free homes, many vets honored at special celebration last night. our own bob massi was the master of ceremonies u look, he's next on "fox & friends." >> you look beautiful as always. ainsley: how did it go last night? ♪ ♪ here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants.
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that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at: >> i feel truly honored and
4:54 am
humbled to be a part of something that's so much bigger than myself. becauses as i speak another soldier may be wounded in iraq or afghanistan. steve: that was just one of the many deserving veterans who has received a mortgage-free house from building homes for heros that program. they are on track to donate 36 homes by the end of this calendar year. ainsley: it's an amazing organization celebrating those heroes at their annual dinner last night in new york city as well as honor our own liz claman from the fox business channel who has helped raise more than $33 million for that great cause. legal analyst and property man bob massi is the host of property man. selfless warriors. >> when you are in a room with men and women the honor you feel being in their
4:55 am
presence and sacrifice they make is unbelievable. liz told a story about one of the young men who wasn't there. who literally had lost both legs, both arms. and then through a medical miracle two arms were built and actually had feeling and fingers and showed him doing pull-ups. you wanted to talk about tears, it's unbelievable. steve: you spoke to key martinez. >> they were over in brussels suicide bomber and her mother was killed in front of her eyes. four children were there. she survived along with her siblings and her father. i've got to tell you, when she talked last night, just martinez the father says this is the hero. this is the hero. and this young woman here is, i believe in southern florida state, just doing an amazing job. she is just phenomenal. steve: let's listen. >> please. >> building homes for heroes, provided us a home and a support system.
4:56 am
it created a new foundation for us. so we were able to anchor ourselves upon there and move forward. they helped us heal. they were with us every step of the way. steve: changed that family's life. ainsley: what can we do to help? >> the awareness of it. for our viewers to know that this building homes for heroes, among many other wonderful organizations of the united states is there because basically what they do is get mortgage free homes and to the credit of many banks out there, chase bank, for example, don't united states homes that were foreclosed on. these contractors come in make it user friendly for whatever challenge they have. ainsley: i have been in some of those houses and they are beautiful. beautiful. they outfit them for whatever that veteran's needs are: go to building homes for >> good to be on the couch. thanks, buddy. ainsley: meanwhile, president trump telling the world the u.s. will no longer be taken advantage of
4:57 am
on trade. what does geraldo think of that message? he's going to join us live next. u gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like ensuring he's well taken care of. even as you build your own plans for retirement. see how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact of long-term care expenses at
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5:00 am
trump: from this day forward, we will compete on a fair and equal basis. steve: republicans in the house unveiled their plan in yesterday's senate republicans did the same. >> we're going to really kick this economy into high gear. >> all american factories are going to see a huge surge of production. >> the army now deciding if disgraced arm sergeant bo bergdahl is entitled to a $300,000 payout. >> this is essentially blood money the arm should take and redirect it to people who suffered from this. >> roy moore initiated a sexual encounter with a then 14-year-old girl. >> judge moore is denying the allegations calling them desperate. trump: we must stop radical islamic terrorism.
5:01 am
>> i guess obama speaks off the enemy of your stick and now speak about how big your stick is so far progressive effective. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: we are free, thanks to americans' veterans and veterans of foreign wars for many, many years. and joining us right now, we've got geraldo on the couch for veterans day. geraldo, we asked folks to send in photographs of their loved ones in the military, and we got so much of them. pretty much melted the e-mail machine. >> sherry sent in this image of her dad who served in world
5:02 am
war ii. what a great shot. ainsley: wow. this is her husband. of the air force handing out toys at the air base in afghanistan. steve: and don sends in this photo of his dad at the age of 17. ainsley: 17. >> i would love to have my dad's picture. i didn't get the memo. a staff sergeant in world war ii. ainsley: did he share so many stories with you? >> yeah. lots of tales. lots of pictures of him looking spitsy in his uniform standing next to mom. steve: the president of the united states commander-in-chief is making news this morning over in vietnam. we understand he is en route to the big gala. but, geraldo, he made a very clear earlier when he was talking to ceos, and he said what you know? the united states is no longer going to be taken advantage of on trade. we've had some bad trades in the past. i don't blame china and others. i blame, essentially, what he said, is the people here in the united states who made the
5:03 am
bad deals. >> well, i think that the president has done a brilliant job. i don't think he's been given nearly enough credit by the mainstream media because he -- this has been a performance. he has really done, you know, the job of delivering as a movie star. the movie star he is. he's very charismatic. he has put a hand of friendship out. even as he was chastising china for the grotesque trade imbalance, he was congratulating xi saying this guy's my pal. i don't blame china. i blame the united states and the greedy merchants who mark up the trade. i thought he has done a really good job. by far his best trip. and his message talking tough on trade and holding out the olive branch on the other is very good. ainsley: last night, mitchell the finance attorney on with tucker carlson last night. obviously, that's her job. she knows campaign finance. all the rules.
5:04 am
she said what hillary clinton and the dnc did, she said it could have been criminal, and she wants the doj to investigate. listen to this. we have a sound byte from the show last night, and then we'll get your reaction. >> any expenditure, any campaign finance violation involving $25,000 or more if the activity was knowing and willful -- and this is actually a chuck schumer amendment to the campaign finance law -- that is a criminal violation. and the department of justice has jurisdiction to investigate. so i think both the fcc should investigate, and i think the department of justice should investigate. and one of the things that i think is important to know here is all of these people who called for all of these restrictions, they have no -- apparently no intention of abiding by them. steve: what do you make of don abrazil's book, which is laid bear of what was going on there. and now she suggests there may be something quite corrupt and illegal. >> well, i think two things.
5:05 am
and i think they're separate, though, steve. i think don abrazil's book shows the democrat party that's absolutely in disarray. it has no center, it has no soul. steve: well, it did last year. it was the clinton campaign. >> it was for sale last year. steve: yeah. >> and i think it really bodes ill as the national institution. but i'm telling you, when you start looking at these investigations, i look back on benghazi and how certain members of congress had their heads destroyed knocking their head against the benghazi thing to total distraction and virtually every other issue. that's why the republicans weren't ready with a replace and repeal for obamacare. they were too busy attacking hillary clinton 13 hours of testimony, 11 hours of testimony on and on and on. steve: yeah, but, geraldo, somebody had to look into benghazi. the federal government, the administration was uninterested in it. >> steve, i'm telling you the more the republican party now
5:06 am
in power wastes its time spinning its wheels, doing stuff like investigating the dnc. and once you hit that tar baby, you can't get your hands off it, and you're not free to do your tax reform. you're not free to do so many other issues, positive issues, i think that the republican party should get in its head what james said so long ago. it's the economy, stupid. the economy is booming. 3% growth we have now. the potential of what 3% growth does for the american people, that's the message the gop has to continual stress. we're the party that's going to make you much more prosperous. we're the party that's going to make the world more fair. we're the party that's going to get americans goods. steve: and right now the party is trying to do that now that the senate bill, the tax bill is working on that. they presented is yesterday. what's interesting is the president wanted the tax reform bill to be very simple. it's not so simple anymore. the senate has seven different brackets, and the tax cut for
5:07 am
corporations doesn't go into effect for a year. >> when obamacare repeal failed because they had nothing to replace it with, then they went to tax reform. and i said my goodness, you have to try something simple like repatriation of american investment broad. do infrastructure, get everybody together. we'll build schools, we'll build highways, we'll build whatever you want to build. at least have something where you have some positive message, where you have optimism, where you have the republican party demonstrating that it wants everybody to prosper in this rising tide. i think tax reform is another loser. i don't know how they get it build by christmastime. i know they're striving for it. i know they think they can pass it with just the republicans involved. i just don't see it. >> when i go out there, and i do these containers, that's what everybody wants. everybody wants tax reform. and there's a definite
5:08 am
concern. hannity mentioned it on his show yesterday. if republicans do not get tax reform by 2018 and corporate effect that take place by 2019, they will lose. that's what sean hannity said, and i agree. >> i don't know what you had at that diner, todd. steve: people gained 15 pounds. >> people do not want tax reform. people want their tax to be cut. that's what people want. steve: absolutely. >> people want a tax cut. i paid $100 last year. i want to pay $80 or $75 this year. when you start talking about what tax reform really means. it means the main headline in tax reform is the corporate tax rate goes down from whatever it is. steve: 35%. >> 35%. i'm fine. that's what it is. but when a corporation gets a tax cut, that doesn't mean you or i get a tax cut or the people in that diner get a tax cut. it means like ibm and at&t and ge, they get the tax cut. maybe they repatriot some
5:09 am
funds from overseas. but it's a corporate tax cut, and then they're talking about th the end of the estate tax. i love it because i have some modest wealth that i have cumulated that i would like to give to my children. but that's a hard sell. but what about the farmers? you save the farmers. that's bs. you save 2% of the farmers who are agribusiness. you don't save mom and pop and kid farms. i think they're going to lose another challenge. that's why i think president trump is on the right path when he's talking trade in the far east. let him come home now, talk to the economy, get you to work, we're going to get this going. we're going to bring this broadcom is going to give us 100 billion-dollar investment, and i think the president was elected for a lot of reasons. charisma, certainly important. but as a businessman. the man who rebuilds 42nd street. the man who put that golf
5:10 am
course on the garbage dump in the bronx. the man who put that tower as we're looking at the shadow right here on 56th street. i think trump the builder. when you start investigating like you do the dnc, you're going to get tax reform and you've got all of these lobbyists going through people's pockets and so forth, i think that the republicans really need president trump to take over as the businessman and chief. steve: well, he's been the salesman and chief in china and asia, and he's headed back in a couple of days. geraldo, always a pleasure. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you, geraldo. let's hand it over to jillian. >> hey, geraldo. good morning to you at home. let's begin with this story. the white house responding to new sexual conduct allegations against judge moore in alabama. accused of trying to have sexual relations with women, one as young as 14.
5:11 am
sarah huckabee sanders sending a clear message. >> like most americans, the president believes that we do not allow mere allegations. in this case, one from many years ago to destroy a person's life. however, the president also believes that if these allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> moore faces democrat doug jones in a december 12th special election to fill attorney general jeff sessions' vacated seat. the church shooting hero shows him have i seenably shaken talking to police moments after shooting a gunman who killed 26 people during the service. he was on the corner with his truck, and i don't even know you, man. and i said thank you so much. i can't think of any other reason why he took that sign out and ended up in that ditch. i know i put a well-placed
5:12 am
shot. >> he was even bear foot because he didn't take time to put his shoes on once he heard gunshots from his house across the street. that church building will now likely be demolished and turned into a memorial site to honor the victims and their families. well, all eyes are on president trump and vietnam. south korea planning rare joint military drills in the pacific tomorrow. the united states will participate in artillery drills. the exercise is in response to north korea's mounting north korea threat to make a joint show of force during president trump's asia tour. first lady melania trump hanging out with panda bears while her husband visits vietnam. she was even serenaded by elementary students waving the chinese and american flag. ♪ ♪ >> our first lady making her final stop in asia today at the great wall before heading back to the u.s. wasn't that pretty when you saw the kids? ainsley: it was beautiful.
5:13 am
>> very nice. steve: thank you very much, jillian. meanwhile, on this friday, the mainstream media taking a victory lap after this week's election results. >> tough election night for president trump and the gop. >> it's the democrats who are celebrating now. >> ed dipped into the trump playbook, and it appears to have backfired. steve: could there be some media bias in that report? we're going to talk about that. ainsley: and bo bergdahl is a free man, despite pleading guilty to desertion. now he could be a rich man too. should he really be paid for his troubles? our panel of vets here to discuss that. straight ahead
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> we begin right now with this fox news alert. president trump arriving right now for the apex summit gala welcoming ceremony there. you see the president getting out of his motorcade, greeted by the vietnamese president and trump is going to be
5:16 am
attending the apeck gala dinner shortly. you see him right there entering. there he is. a little casual president without his tie. traditional garb, it looks like there. he's about to meet the vietnamese president right now. this is a huge trip for the president. it has been thus far with stops in china, korea, now here in vietnam. a crucial, crucial trip for the president as we really try to attack this trade imbalance. but also, the specter of north korea hanging over our heads as a nation and the world. let's watch as the greeting takes place.
5:17 am
. >> all right. you just you saw president trump right there. again, there's the motorcade or the presidential vehicle. this is a huge summit, like i said. he's about to go into a gala dinner. the welcoming ceremony. and, of course, we're going to touch on this throughout the course of the morning as the warrants. of course, the mainstream media taking a victory lap this week after this week's election results. >> the tough election night for president trump and the gop. >> it's the democrats who are celebrating now. big victories last night in virginia and new jersey races for governor with exit polls showing voters wanting to send a message to president trump. >> republican ed dipped into the trump playbook, and it appears to have backfired. >> so is that true? or is it just another case of immediate bias? here to weigh in is reporter for the federalist. thank you so much for being here. and i'm going to start out with new jersey because as somebody who was born and
5:18 am
raised in the garden state, it is a totally democrat state, a democrat win. the media says, well, clearly, that's a repudiation of trump. how did they get there? >> yeah. that's a great question. i mean, this is a state that voted for hillary clinton by 14 points in november over donald trump and in the past. six presidential elections have voted democrat. so it's no surprise a blue state that has voted democrat -- or sorry. voted for democrats historically the past six elections decided to vote for a democrat governor again. and if you looked at the polls, this was phil murphy and the republican candidate all throughout the entire election. this is no surprise that the democrat won. and if you turn to virginia, that's also a state that voted for hillary clinton by five points in november. so, i mean, these are two states that voted for hillary clinton that decided to double down on their decision to vote for democrats just a couple weeks ago. this isn't a rejection of trump. this is people who didn't like trump to begin with deciding
5:19 am
to double down on that position. >> let's look at some full screens right now some headlines. virginia rejects trumpism as democrats score major wins across the u.s. i have to ask you this, brie. rejects trumpism with a candidate ed who himself rejected the president. didn't want to campaign with him and at the last minute accepted some robocalls from him but never embraced the trump movement. how can the media turn around and say clearly, he lost because of the president? >> well, they're turning around and saying that because they don't understand what trumpism is. this is a consistent theme that we've seen throughout the entire past -- i don't know. three years. and also, we should point out the fact that ed two weeks before the election actually had a fund raiser hosted by a coke brothers operative; right? which is repudiated the president for the past two years. so i mean to say that, you know, ed was this trump kind of guy.
5:20 am
he tried to adopt trumpian rhetoric towards the end there within but he's really a swamp monster in chief's clothing. and to say that the republican party is in trouble is just completely false. i mean, the reason the republican party is in trouble and republican senators are dropping out and retiring like flies is because the republican party can't get anything done. i mean, this is a party in power. they failed to pass the comprehensive health care reform plan and just yesterday they said that they were going to slow down lowering the corporate tax rate and slow down that timeline. i mean, they have both houses. they have a majority in both houses and a republican president, and they're just completely unable to deliver on any of their promises, and they're revealing themself to be evil liars. >> and that's a great point because you've heard those in the conservative media saying these elections really don't matter. looking at 2018, that's what matters and the things you just talked about. tax reform and things along those lines. that is what's going to hurt the republican party come 2018. thank you very much for your time and your insight is it fair to state. we appreciate it. all right. one group is
5:21 am
taking a stand against anthem protesters. what hundreds of thousands of people are promising to do this veterans day weekend. and mark steyn is coming up next. don't want to miss him when fox and friends returns un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy. hesumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor.
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5:24 am
steve: time for some quick nfl headlines. first up, more than 200,000 facebook users boycotting the nfl this veterans day weekend over the professional players nonstop anthem protest. the group planning the protest says quote until millionaire football players stop protesting the national anthem in the united states, we'll be here. we love football, but we love our flag more. and one player saying thursday night games should be illegal. seattle seahawks wide receiver
5:25 am
dug baldwin making the statement this after his teammate and star quarterback richard sherman suffered a season-ending injury. baldwin saying four days to physically prepare for the game is not enough. >> all right. are house democrats dreaming of a trump free christmas? al green certainly think so so. listen to this. >> i've now announced that before christmas, there will be a vote on the chief in kreuter of racism, bigotry, there will be a vote in the u.s. house of representatives, mr. speaker, on the impeachment of the president. ainsley: joining us to weigh in on this is author and columnist mark steyn who's over there laughing. >> i'm pretending to take it
5:26 am
seriously, ainsley. steve: he is very serious. >> i know. i would like to have an advent cardinal over whatever it is, 28 days to the trump impeachment. and you open a little door each day. this is why these guys -- they said -- he's just labor labeling people here. sexist, transic, whatever. mitt romney who's a pussy cat, he flies around like a vampire giving women cancer. he drove his dog to canada. he was the worst human being in history and then what happens? they find a guy who's indestructible to all of that and they still don't know any better and still trying the same, dumb labels. steve: i think the way it works in the house is paul ryan would have to say, yeah, that's a good idea. i don't think he's going to. >> yeah. but they're in alternative reality land.
5:27 am
i mean, he could actually stage a fake vote. i mean, we don't know. there's nobody actually in that chamber with him. he's announcing to a grand -- an empty room. he can book an empty room. he can book a room at the comfort end and impeach trump. ainsley: what's the point of him standing up there and wasting everyone's time and saying all of that? >> the serious point here is they've never accepted the legitimacy of this president a year on. steve: they won't. >> and they never will, and this is their only way of keeping that going. >> speaking of not accepting, let's get to our next topic. washington post. imagine if hillary had won with two alternate timelines. i mean, what do you say to this? it's been a year. it's over a year now. you lost. move on. >> yeah. i read this, and it comes from something called the washington post's quote department of satire,
5:28 am
unquote. and if you need a department of satire, you're actually doing it wrong. >> right. >> they assigned four reporters to write this, frankly, and that actually explains why the american newspaper industry is going broke and dead faster than any other industry in the english-speaking world. any other newspaper. ainsley: if you read the article, on election day president hillary clinton took the oath in a headband and pantsuit. >> can you put some spin into it? ainsley: judgments descended on the mall for the men's march. >> yes. that's great. come on. put some light into it. you've got to go. you've got to slap your knee when you deliver those lines. trump tv is a ratings bonanza. >> remember when comedy used to be funny, mark? >> yeah. i don't think it's a -- but all of the obsessions of that like they're talking
5:29 am
about freestyle rap at the inaugural ball and barbr barbra streisand going to a bank withet. that kind of obsession, you know, celebrities, coolness, that's why they lost. ainsley: did you like the howling at the moon? >> yeah. i thought that was good. i was just talking with some of the veterans that are here for veterans day, and we were saying imagine like in poland. oh, brilliant. oh, yeah. that's the way i feel reading the washington post. imagine what i'm saying to some of the veterans. imagine if poland, they're -- the soviets invade from one angle, the nazis invade from another. what are you going to do about it? well, i thought we would all stand in the street and howl at the moon. that will really show these germans. snowflake werewolves. that's what it has come to. steve: did you just invent that? >> snowflake werewolves. >> it's going on a shirt. >> i'm pitching it to
5:30 am
paramount next week. that's the way it works. you should always think of the funniest line, and then do it for real sincerely. so snowflake werewolves, have at it. it's a hit proposition. >> you just invented it. steve: markstein, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: coming up, bo bergdahl is now a free man, despite pleading guilty to desertion. now he could be a rich man too. should earlier be paid for his troubles? our panel of veterans, they're back to discuss it next. steve: i think we know what they think. and the marine core 242 years old today. in celebration on our plaza. next. this is fox and friends on veterans day. ainsley: cake. steve: veterans day friday
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
♪ america. america. ♪ god shed his place on me. ainsley: we are so grateful for god's grace and for our military. we want to wish a happy birthday to the u.s. marine core. they are celebrating 242 years of service. we're out here on the plaza with a cake-cutting ceremony. >> here to do the honors colonel. >> thank you so much for thank you for having us this morning. ainsley: what does it mean to you? >> so we've had 242 years of making marines and saying back into society as better citizens and winning the nation's battles. ainsley: we're a better country for it. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> let's do the normal cake cutting. so the first piece. we cut three pieces. the first piece goes to the guest of honor, which is going
5:35 am
to be you too. if you don't mind. ainsley: i'm not worthy. you served our country. >> you're definitely worthy. ainsley: and then the second piece goes to. that's a big piece. i like it. >> the second piece goes to the oldest marine, which is myself born april 5th, 1971. and then i'll pass the last piece to corporal naught here who was born june 22nd, 1997. >> wow. 1997. >> yeah. a little young. ainsley: now, where are you from? are we able to put a microphone on you? where are you from? >> i'm from virginia. small town. going here, it's a big change, but it's an amazing experience. ainsley: you just made a big commitment to our country, and we appreciate that. what made you do it? >> the pride and also my family's tie to the military but no one is in the marines, so i wanted to be the first. ainsley: wonderful. >> we want to thank you. we also want to thank carlson's bakery for this
5:36 am
amazing cake. >> take a bite. >> it goes without saying thank you, all, for what you do. ainsley: thank you, gentlemen. god bless you. steve, we're going to bring you cake. steve: all right. good enough. thank you steve, ainsley, and todd. meanwhile, bo bergdahl is a free man despite pleading guilty to desertion. but now he could be a rich man too. should he be paid for our troubles? our panel joins us right now to discuss. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. so it looks as if the army is going to decide whether or not bo bergdahl would get the $150,000 special compensation for being a captive soldier and then back paid. totaling $300,000. can i see the hands of anybody who thinks this is a good idea that he would get $300,000? can i see the hands of those who think this is a bad idea. all right. let's start with you. carl. why. >> well, i think as an administration official now, i'm going to defer this to the dod and let them take the course. but i think it might send a
5:37 am
bad message that a lot of people are obviously pretty upset about it. but i will defer to the dod. i'm sure they'll do the right thing on this. steve: right next to you is jason, former green beret, what do you think? >> we have plenty of heroes. and we can announce them and celebrate them. there were a lot of questionable circumstances here and, frankly, those of us who served in harms way. joey up front, sean, these guys and carl yourself. there's plenty of people to celebrate. let's slow down, go back and find out exactly what happened before we start awarding people for things that are questionable. and this is a very questionable circumstance. steve: you just mentioned joey in the front row. joey lost both of his legs. a former marine core bomb technician. what do you think of bo bergdahl getting a $300,000 payday? >> we have to juxtaposition this -- that's a big word, isn't it? >> it is. i'm surprised that you can handle that in front of marines. amazing. >> marine core birthday. no, but to be serious for one minute, a year ago we had dozens of soldiers. i believe it was in california being asked to pay back a signing bonus that was
5:38 am
rightfully theirs because their recruiter made a clerical error; right? mortgaging their home to pay this back. an act of congress to let them off the hook. and now you fast-forward a year this bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy doing what is technically right not what is morally right. bo bergdahl may get $300,000 as a signing bonus for joining the taliban. this doesn't make sense at all. >> our next guest is sean, former army ranger. you're rolling your eyes. >> yeah. i think this is wrong on a multitude of different levels. but i'll just break it down. when you're in combat surrounded by death and destruction, every day at some point after a certain amount of time, you give up hope that you're ever even going to come home. the small glimmer of hope that you cling to the whole time is that the man or woman in the foxhole next to you won't desert you. and bergdahl betrayed that sacred trust and with no jail time betrayed that trust as well. and if we give him $300,000 in
5:39 am
backpay, i just wonder -- a terrible precedent has already been set. i just wonder what precedent it will set even more. i mean, it's a terrible thing to reward somebody who voluntarily left his post to join the taliban. steve: caleb campbell is in the front row. former nfl linebacker. you were in the army, lieutenant as well. what about the -- you know, there are stories perhaps as many as six americans lost their lives looking for him. what kind of a payday did they get? >> they obviously don't get a payday right now and for paying that ultimate sacrifice, i would like to see that 300k distributed amongst their families. and regardless of what happens with bergdahl, i just want to acknowledge the united states military and the men and women who put their lives on the line to go search for him. i think that speaks absolute volumes about the type of military and the character of the men and women in our military. that's who america is, and that's what we represent. so i'm hoping to see justice in forms of this 300k being
5:40 am
distributed amongst the family. steve: well, apparently katie here in the front row, the army has to decide what to do. you were in the marine core. now you're vice president of operations at self made. what do you think about this potential $300,000 payday for bo bergdahl? >> i echo everything said here. he admitted to it. he put everybody's lives at risk. i think it's ridiculous that they're even considering giving this to him. i like your suggestion if they were going to pay out money, it should be to the families of the people that were affected by going to search for him. even if they did offer it to him, he has gotten a great deal for him. i would say no, thank you and try to preserve self respect. >> in the front row, kathy, a veteran, she was in the air force for three months and then switched over to the army. kathy, what sort of a message would this send if -- here's a guy who was convicted of desertion and yet he still got that money. >> yeah. you know what? i echo, again, use your word
5:41 am
of the sentiments that have already been displayed here. but, you know, encouraging the same disrespect and dishorn only obliterates our future. we have little children who will -- who are watching and who will grow up and become future citizens -- or the future citizens, future taxpayers, future adults. and to teach them this kind of disdain and respect, i think it sends the wrong message that we want. steve: dr. daryn, you're the final one. >> as an officer, i preach the chain is as strong as its weakest link. and by mr. bergdahl, and i refer to him as mr. bergdahl, not sergeant bergdahl stepping off posts, he violated that code of trust and that code of honor that we have as soldiers fighting in a war. steve: okay. so i think i know how all of you feel about this. let's see what the army does. all right. because this is
5:42 am
going so well, we're going to keep you and hold you over. coming up next, we're going to talk a little bit about should patriotism be political? you see so many people kneeling during the national anthem. how do they feel? find out in two minutes. when you have a cold stuff happens. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. steve: tomorrow is officially veterans day but today is for holiday purposes being observed, and we have a great veterans panel right now joining us. show of hands, how many of you think that players in the nfl should be kneeling during the
5:46 am
national anthem? okay. in the front, caleb's going like that. who thinks, show of hands, patriotism should be political? all right. caleb, let's start with you. you were a player with detroit for a while, so you've got a unique point of view because you're also a veteran. >> yeah. i think first and foremost, i want to say, like, what makes america beautiful is that we can voice dissent without the fear of retaliation. and it's that conversation that propels america forward. when we're actually willing to engage in a dialogue and have a conversation. i do think that one of the most patriotic things we can do in 2017 is simply listen. now, with that being said with the nfl protest, we have to ask, like, what is the actual goal here? there are has been a conversation that hasn't started between players and the nfl, and that's great. and i think this protest has rendered ineffective. we should ship fire. and if you want to still continue to protest and inequalities or police
5:47 am
brutality or systematic differences in america, we should fire. >> i have a unique perspective. i became twitter famous tweeting colin kaepernick that i would stand up pride for both of us and subsequently became good friends and talked to colin. and i've been very outspoken in this, and i spent time in locker rooms with a group of vets where we've been invited. and i gained some perspective from them. and i think at the end of the day, i don't want to make players stand. i want them to feel what i feel so they'll want to stand, and that's where i end with it. steve: doctor in the back row. caleb was talking a little bit about how maybe it's not as effective today as it was in the very beginning. you were also a police officer. how do you feel about this? >> yeah. i was a police officer, and i'm a army veteran. i have a issue with the players not standing. and in connection with your statement about the politicalization of this, i think donald trump did an excellent job. he did politicize an aspect of patriotism, but i thought it
5:48 am
was very necessary when he spoke of the players that weren't standing for the flag. so i commend, and i salute president trump for that. steve: okay. kathy, right next to him. >> yeah. what you know? only democrats can distinguish between disrespect and honor while disrespecting the very symbol of honor the american flag. for the rest of america, we see the lunacy in that. the honor and sacrifices of so many who rushed in behind that. steve: absolutely. carl higbie in back row. >> all of us here fought very hard for peoples right to do this. and we don't argue with their right. it's perfectly legal to poke yourself in the eye as well. that doesn't mean you should do it. it makes me very sad to see people kneeling for the national anthem. and i worked at a organization that is primarily made up of people who voted for the other side of the aisle, and they're all very patriotive. >> yeah. i think for us it's common sense respect and what you said, carl. they have the right. these are teams, a franchise, it's a business. but a lot of us love this
5:49 am
country so much. the president was elected because he said we're going to make make america great again. we want to recognize that sovereignty. i'll stand every time. steve: all right. let's go to the final two in the front row. katie, what do you think. >> i just think it's a distracting vehicle for a really important message. so by choosing to protest on the national anthem, the conversation becomes about respect for the nation, for the service members, et cetera, and we're not actually talking about the issues that they wanted to discuss in the first place, so. steve: so it got derailed. >> bad judgment, you could say. >> so i will say patriotism should always predispose politics. and here's why. you know, when you're on the battlefield, i had guys on my platoon from every race, creed, religion, skin color. we didn't see eye to eye. in fact, there was a lot of political disagreement. but we could all agree on the fact that we loved this country and appreciated and saw firsthand the sacrifices that guys made for the freedom that we had. so it's critically important for us as americans to raise our children with that same level of appreciation, so they know and understand and respect freedom in this
5:50 am
country. steve: well, there have been calls for boycotts of the nfl games this veterans day weekend. let's see how that all pans out. great discussion today. we thank you very much for joining us live today. and thank you for your service. all right. come up on this friday, harley-davidson is hitting the road to help our heroes. making a stop in the plaza to celebrate veterans next. and also in the news -- hey, did you hear bill hemmer, apparently donald trump just shook hands with vladimir putin. >> i'm hearing that. we're going to show that to you in a moment, actually. steve: good. >> did they talk? we'll find out; right? next trip well underway, steve. what the president said overnight and what about this putin meeting? we'll tell you about that. tax bills getting a once in here big way too. what is in it for you? can it pass? we'll talk to a leading member of the republican party on that. should the fbi be allowed to open your smartphone? and what kind of mess has donna brazil left for the democratic party? sandra and i will see you ten minutes away on a friday morning
5:51 am
5:52 am
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5:54 am
steve: fox news alert and moments ago. take a look. as you can see in the right third, you've got the president of the united states, and he just shook hands during the photograph with vladimir putin. there he is slapping him on the back as well. we had heard earlier from the white house no scheduled meeting. as we pan across and take a look at the participants of the asia-pacific economic summit. and there you see the president of the united states and vladimir putin standing side by side. are they actually going to have a meeting? stay tuned. all right. that was moments ago. now let's go outside to the plaza. ainsley and todd. >> all right. steve, we are kicking off veterans day weekend with the partners of mission thank you. a coast-to-coast tour to thank those that have protected our
5:55 am
freedom. ainsley: harley-davidson has teamed up with the warriors project in scooting america to award some of our nation's heroes new motorcycles. how cool would that be to get one? >> founding of scooting america. michael, ceo of the wounded warrior project. and we can chair that school. one of the finalists for the new bike. thanks for being here on a little bit of a chilly morning. ainsley: adam, tell us about your morning. what is scooting america. >> scooting america is to visit every harley-davidson in america. being the first person to do that. ainsley: how many are there? >> 270. ainsley: whoa. i thought you were going to say 50. >> i've been coast to coast nine times on my harley-davidson. it was all about raising money and awareness for our military and their needs. you know, i never served in the military, so this was kind of my way of saying, hey, you know, if you
5:56 am
don't serve, give back. >> mike, we'll talk about why this is important. >> it is important and harley-davidson has been in peace. but what he said he hasn't served. he has served. he has served doing exactly what he intended for his tours. raising the awareness for our veterans. raise money for our veterans, and then give back, and it has really been important in our relationship with healer has been fantastic. ainsley: and you did sacrifice a lot for our country and in the navy. how did you get involved in this? >> this whole thing was nominated by my wife, which is pretty special to me. ainsley: why is that? >> it was kind of like a here's to our heroes deal. like, how do we thank our service men? she went in and did that. >> you sold your harvey to pay for your wedding. ainsley: so as an adult, what are you doing today? >> we're here to honor all of our veterans. we have a brand-new harley-davidson sitting here from their new line. ainsley: and we have about ten seconds. we'll be right back, guys. we're going to when we come back. >> okay. >> not yet.
5:57 am
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>> i want to hand you the keys to your new motorcycle. push that button right there. >> bill: good morning. breaking news now overseas, president trump and vladimir putin in the same room both for the economic summit in vietnam. live pictures here. the president telling all the asian leaders the u.s. will no longer be taken advantage of when it comes to trade. a lot of that on our plate as we say hello to friday. bill hemmer, welcome. >> sandra: that makes it sound good. quite a week. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. one of the big questions today, will president trump meet with vladimir putin on the sidelines of this summit? moments ago the two shaking hands on the way into this gala dinner in vietnam. the fourth stop on what has been a whirlwind trip across asia. right now the president sitting down for dinner with other world leaders after a speech that


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