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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 10, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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brazile admits indeed the fix was in for hillary clinton. while other business networks mail it in, we keep kicking it up. see you at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> kimberly: i'm kimberly gulf oil along with dan marino and -- this is "the five." republican senate candidate roy moore is adamantly denying allegations of conduct with minors decades ago -- the latest now live from alabama. >> at this point, roy moore has no intention to step out of the race. but according to filings with the federal election committee, the nrsc has ended its
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fund-raising agreement with moore. meanwhile, the candidate has been issuing a written statement today responding to some of the allegations against him. he says, "i have never provided alcohol to minors and i have never engaged in sexual misconduct. as a father of her daughter and a grandfather of five granddaughters, i condemned the actions of any man who engages in sexual misconduct not just against minors but against any woman." in that statement of course, roy moore responding to allegations in the "washington post" article in which a woman claims that moore initiated sexual advances when she was only 14 years old. more girls on the allegation in a statement saying today, "as a former judge and administer of the law, i take protecting the innocent one of my greatest
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calling. these will have profound consequent on those who are truly harassed or molested. i strongly urge "the washington post" and everyone involved to tell the truth." moore enjoys many loyal supporters in this state. many conservative christians who say that moore himself is a good christian and they trust what he says and they don't put a lot of faith in the allegations against him. but democrat leaning voters see this is a real opportunity to elect their democrat calendared candidate doug jones. as we have all learned the past 24 hours, this is no typical election in alabama. back to you. >> kimberly: thanks, jonathan. the white house has responded to the scandal. >> like most americans, the president will not allow mere allegations, in this case, one for many years ago, to destroy a person's life. however, the president also believes if these allegations
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are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> kimberly: steve bannon, one of moore's popular supporters, still stand by him. >> the bezos-amazon- "washington post" is the same bezos- amazon-"washington post" is the same one that dropped a dime on roy moore. is that a coincidence? that's what i mean when i say opposition party. right? it's purely part of the apparatus of the democrat party. they don't make any bones about it. by the way, i don't mind it. i called him out every day. >> kimberly: greg, with this development, some are doubling down, standing by the candidate, despite the fact that there is reporting on the other side saying that there is misconduct and a number of allegations of sexual assault. >> greg: people say don't rush
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to judgment. you don't have that luxury here. this is not a court of law. these are not criminal charges. you can make a judgment. you can make a judgment. you can say that somebody dropped a dime and you can say it's a hit piece. but it can also be true. and i -- you know, if you are judging by that article, there is evidence there. it can be a hit piece. it can be a smear. but it can also be true. it can be both. and you don't have the luxury -- you have to actually make a judgment. you aren't forced to make a judgment. i sever ties with the i sympathize with the voters of alabama. they sense it's an attack. but it can be an attack and it can be true. you have to acknowledge this might be a hit job, but it might be legitimate and even true and that's going to force you to make a decision. you actually have to rush to judgment. you only have a month. >> kimberly: yes, there is the whole situation with the election coming up.
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there isn't a lot of time to pivot or make decisions one way or another because to determine the fact what did happen, where did they go from here and if you are advising, how do you tell the candidate with a communications? >> dana: a hit piece would indicate it's the democrats trying to hurt rule a more in this case. in this situation, we talk about the woman who is 53 now, 14 years old when she said this happened. she's on the record with "the washington post." she never told her story before. like many women, they were afraid they would trash representation. they were afraid they'd say all sort of terrible things about her children and it would affect her livelihood. she is a trump voter. i don't understand the hit piece aspect of it. you can make a judgment that you don't care. >> greg: no, it's negative to him, but it's still true. that's what i'm saying. i'm not complaining. >> dana: i know. i'm talking about what vanden said. he said this is a hit piece,
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that "the washington post" make this up out of whole cloth, or it's doug jones saying, look, we hold onto this before three weeks of the election and letting it go. by all accounts, that's not what happened. these were not democrats that were trying to hurt roy moore. i think everybody needs to take a step back. you can be an alabama voter and decide. you don't care if something happened in 1979. that is fine. it doesn't mean she's a liar. if that is your decision, that is your choice not to vote for it. i do think the nrsc was right to pull back his money. >> kimberly: okay. jesse, where do we take this from here? if something is dividing the party, dividing supporters, a pivotal election, a key seat. now, here we are. >> jesse: i said it last night, i'll say it again right now. he should resign immediately because the mere stench of the allegation incapacitates him. i could be wrong about the whole story. usually not. [laughter]
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now democratic politicians and democratic voters, let's be honest, have a very lower threshold for public shame and inappropriate behavior. if you look at bill clinton, survived rape allegations, marionberry smoked crack on camera, reelected in bc. robert byrd said the n-word. and we have the mayor of seattle who was sleeping with underage prostitutes five times until his own nephew accused him of molesting. usually with republicans, larry craig tapped his foot in the man's stall room. aaron shock, the congressman who redirected his office to lavishly, that was enough for him to resign. a host of guys accused of graft and seedy behavior. but republicans have a whiff of any controversy, especially
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involving a woman, run away. now moore, this guy, to hold strong an allegation of child molestation is within his character, though, because he fought to the bitter and against same-sex marriages and thought to the bitter end when it came to keeping the ten commandments there. this guy sticks it out. i honestly think he will do it. he was already radioactive when it came to comments about muslims and transgender and people. this increases it tenfold. i don't see it getting any better. >> geraldo: i despise roy moore's politics. what jesse mentioned about gay marriage, islam, one of the founders of the birther movemen movement, his treatment of blacks over the years, i really want in many ways see him defeated. that leaves me to tend to believe the accuser, but i worry
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that it's not my prejudice that gives credibility to a claim, a charge, that is so old that ordinarily you would have it barred by a statute of limitations. the reason there are statute of limitations, witnesses' memories fade. generally thinking, i demand contemporary as corroboration. did she tell anybody at the time that this supposed to run this action -- >> kimberly: a fresh complaint complaint. >> geraldo: it appears from "the washington post" article is she did tell a couple of girlfriends and it does appear that these reporters went and corroborated the dates their mother was supposedly in court when she was sitting in the car when judge moore then could have access to her to solicit. i tend to believe that. >> kimberly: that's corroborative. >> geraldo: i still believe that a lot of voters -- i think
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that alabama, it's a quirky place in the extent, you know, they could say, "screw you, america, just picking on deep south states, you don't like conservators, you don't like christians, you are trying to screw our guy who supports the ten commitments and so forth," so i think the republicans are in a death spiral. i think roy moore stays and i think he loses the election. >> greg: it's one thing too. sex scandals no-no party line. the left will always want to focus on it more. god knows we've got a lot of mileage out of anthony weiner. so we can't do that. we have to be equally opportunistic about being disgusted. we should be disgusted by our side and they should be disgusted by their side and we should just be disgusted together instead of cherry picking the types of people we are going to be disgusted by because, i mean -- >> kimberly: there is plenty of it to go around. >> greg: like i said
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yesterday, it's raining bad men. we have to admit that it's everywhere. >> geraldo: look how much times have changed since bill clinton. if you had those series of accusers against the president and his conduct in the oval office today, he would be run out of town, the senate would've easily convicted him, he would've been thrown out of office. >> kimberly: really? >> dana: i don't know. if we immediately believe allegations against people from hollywood, then you have to ask yourself, why wouldn't you believe this woman who was on the record? >> jesse: i do understand that people from alabama who see it as "the washington post" versus roy moore. who do i believe? i think a lot of people don't believe "the washington post" because of their track record, a bias against conservatives, they are going to dig in the matter what. >> kimberly: what about the fellow citizen who voted trump? >> jesse: yeah. a lot of people hear things and
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they think "fake news" automatically. >> greg: everybody here -- everybody on the planet is a victim of their own confirmation bias. if you want him to be innocent, you want him to win my, you are going to think that way. if you think "the washington post"'s bias, you will think that way. if you think this is a cultural conservative who was hiding under this illusion of being religious in order to prey on women, you are going to believe that too. we all have to lose this confirmation bias and admit that bad stuff -- there's plenty to go around. kimberly >> kimberly: outrage over a controversial hiring of a professor at rutgers next. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement
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>> jesse: remember liberal students and faculty members did not want condi rice on campus, calling her a war criminal. now there is a war criminal who represented an actual war criminal.
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not hearing much outrage from the left. meet mazen adi. syria's bashar al-assad. the dictator who gases his own people. adi is a former representative of the syrian mission to the u.n. he spent years defending the genocidal regime. this spring, he is expected to teach a class on international criminal law. rutgers defends the higher saying, "faculty members enjoy the same freedoms of speech and expression as any under individual in the country. records will not reflect every opinion expressed by every member of our academic community." this conservative student can't believe condi was >> calling her a war criminal. she eventually rejected the invitation. but at the same time, run records hired someone who
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defended a war criminal, and no one bats an eye. it's ridiculous. >> >> jesse: what's going on with records? >> greg: what's going on with "fox & friends?" talk about subliminal advertising. no wonder you wanted the story on the show. you know what? this makes sense. academia is a century city for fascism, anti-free speech anti-americanism. by comparison, i think this guy might be too conservative for the campus. i think he's going to get there and goes, we may be crazy in syria, but you guys are way crazier and he will leave. >> jesse: if you are a new jersey resident, i believe. also records, therapy sessions after republicans speak, safe spaces, illegal immigrant activist day, and social justice training centers. >> kimberly: i think what happened when they found syria was going to be the latest nation to join the paris accords
2:19 pm
on climate, everything else was forgiven for in my trip recommendation is to the hague for that guy. >> jesse: i love it. >> geraldo: i think there are two sides of the syrian civil i don't think there would be a civil war for or not obama's bungling. i think if we back to the shiite government, we work would've much better off. that being said, i detest censorship. i want, you know, condi rice to speak. i want this guy to speak. it should be a free fire zone on universities everywhere, political correctness stings. to censor one side but not the other -- i drove the line at who are terrible i drive the line at nazis and cannibals. >> jesse: what about basheer
2:20 pm
al-assad's gassing of women and children? >> geraldo: who is assad fighting? assad is fighting isis. the 44th president and the 45th president have made at the national policy of that isis is our prime enemy in syria. not assad. war is horrifying. war is messy. civilians get chopped up. we have our own checkered history when it comes to civilian casualties. even now, from the fire in afghanistan -- >> jesse: i think it's a little different than gassing your own. >> geraldo: are you suggesting this guy is a gas or? >> jesse: he defended publicly to the world, kimberly. >> kimberly: nobody should have any bed for him. this is an individual who is part and parcel of that regime that is literally committing genocide and killing women and children, killing his own people. this isn't him coming for a speaking engagement.
2:21 pm
this is as an adjunct professor. they are going a step further and essentially justifying his presence and his inherent value, as they see it, to come to an american university to put forward these ideas. to me, i think it's reprehensible. i don't know what happened. rutgers must've fallen out of the bed and hit their head in the morning and did not know what's going on. >> jesse: it's basically like hiring baghdad bob. >> greg: if you are going to have this guy here to teach, why not make it a honest class? he's a henchman. henchmen 101. make it as honest as possible. don't hide it. he's a henchman! >> geraldo: who gets to determine whether you've crossed the line clicked like that's the problem. condi rice, remember, what her initiation did or did not do, what point do you say, no, they are guilty by association. who makes that determination? >> jesse: the board of regents at records should make that
2:22 pm
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>> dana: there's been a lot of reflection this week as we mark 2016's first anniversary on wednesday. in a new interview, joe biden expresses some regrets he wasn't on the ballot. >> if i have a regret, i am not president. because i think there is so much opportunity. i think america is so incredibly well positioned. oprah, no woman or man should announce they are running for president unless they can answer two questions. one, do they truly believe they are the most qualified person in
2:27 pm
that moment? i believe i was. but, was i prepared to be able to give my whole heart, my whole soul, and all my intention to the endeavor? and i knew i wasn't. >> dana: the former vice president lost his son beau in 2015. there is much speculation of a possible run in 2020. political politico reports biden might do it, and he's been taking aim at present trump. >> this has gotten so, through the course, so vile, so the meaning -- so demeaning, this is eating at the fabric of our country. it is wrong. and i think what happened last night all across the country, including the republicans, tired of this. it's undermining the social fabric of the nation. this phony nationalism.
2:28 pm
>> dana: kj, do you think biden is laying the groundwork? >> kimberly: he's in the zone revealing, you know what, i can do this job, i've suffered a tremendous loss, but i feel optimistic about the country and about my ability to serve. so from what he's saying now, the two questions everybody has asked themselves to overcome his seams his answers are now yes to both, he thinks he's the best one for the job and he can give his whole heart and soul to the endeavor. certainly, on the heels of donna brazile's or elevations, she certainly thought he would be the best choice and candidate to replace hillary during the pivotal time where she wasn't doing well and having headaches and falling and whatnot. then it suggests that -- ran a campaign and rent a very good campaign, thinks he's the guy for a job. i don't know. he looks good to me. >> dana: he has a book coming out, greg, it's going to be released on tuesday.
2:29 pm
you are probably going to see a lot of them the next few days. >> greg: it has nothing to do with the book coming out. look, he'll be 77 in 2020. >> dana: 78. >> greg: 70 is a new 40. my prediction is he will run and barack obama will be his running mate. i've got to tell you. this is -- they've got to get some new people in this party. this is -- people, there's too many bad memories associated with a lot of these people, so it's time -- >> kimberly: sanders wants to get back in again. >> greg: what about biden and oprah? i like the inside furniture, outside. that was an interesting set. >> dana: what do you think, jesse? >> jesse: let the gas begin with joe biden. he tells people in wheelchairs to stand up, he makes fun of indian accents at 7-eleven, he admitted plagiarist, says the publicans want to put black people on chains.
2:30 pm
he dropped the f-bomb on life mike's he's also got the worst foreign policy and stings of anybody in his veneration. lifelong, i think he was against all of reagan's push to take on the sodium soviet union. he voted against desert storm and he was against the bin laden raid. did not want to pull the trigger on the raid. he does have some natural assets. again, president trump, i think he's a straight talking guy. he appeals the blue-collar working class people. he has a lot of experience. at the same time, no natural base, not a lot of electricity, can't really fund raise, he's going to be very old. i do not see the democrats nominating a straight white male or president these days. >> greg: what if these 70 and? >> geraldo: i think the democrats cannot win by going backwards. they need to find someone of a more contemporaneous nature.
2:31 pm
a younger, vibrant, energetic person who has nothing to do with clinton's or even obamas. >> kimberly: who is that? >> greg: kamala harris? >> geraldo: may be her. >> kimberly: i was going to suggest, la when she's tied in with the obamas and clintons. >> geraldo: i was with trump during the puerto rico trip, his very controversial puerto rico trip. when i marvel at and knowing him for over 40 years, what i continue to be impressed with is his energy. he is nonstop, he is so quick, biden is not. biden is a reasonably fit person, but he's a traditional politician. he's not used to being attacked the way trump will attack him. he'll ask that charisma. i don't think he's ever campaign effectively for national office. he did okay against paul ryan. another traditional politician.
2:32 pm
but against donald trump, it's like... he will really be disadvantaged. >> dana: we know where everybody stands. i had, more men are marrying up. does that mean more women are marrying down? that's up next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff.
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2:37 pm
kimberly, what is going on? >> kimberly: thank god you're the resident senior expert on that. what is it with the puerto ricans? very passionate... >> geraldo: i just believe in marriage. >> greg: how many between you two? marriages? >> geraldo: eight. >> kimberly: keep in mind, i'm only contributing to two. >> geraldo: only five. >> kimberly: five times? so only seven. >> geraldo: and if your husbands left -- >> kimberly: gosh... okay, less educated. yes, i have a juris doctor degree. >> geraldo: why has this flips flips? >> greg: your first husband married out because you were a republican, he was a democrat. >> kimberly: as a prosecutor, i concur with that. >> geraldo: more and more women going to college, first of all. >> kimberly: in my law school class, over 50% of the class were women.
2:38 pm
>> geraldo: three of 120 in my law school. >> kimberly: the fact tends to be the case, but i think it's good. marriages can work out well if you have similar backgrounds. in some respects, similar educations, interests, things of that nature. >> geraldo: you're the youngest, i assume, here at the table. >> jesse: obviously, geraldo. >> geraldo: tell me what you think is the single most proven determinant to whether or not someone will be in provost as an adult, the single most important -- >> jesse: education and marriage. >> geraldo: it's marriage. >> jesse: you said that's the greatest wealth builder right there. any time a man marries, he's marrying up. let's be honest, geraldo, we are a bunch of cavemen, we need women to symbolize us. >> kimberly: you want a good weekend, don't you? >> jesse: is that enough? i will give the rest of my talk time to kimberly and geraldo. >> geraldo: is there something you want to tell us?
2:39 pm
>> jesse: not at all. if you marry a very successful and highly educated woman, i can either do 1 of 2 things. you can become a stay-at-home husband. you can take care of the kids and work of your golf game. if you are a sick little person, you both can bring home a lot of money, hire a nanny, you retire early, work on your short game and your tan. both of those options... >> geraldo: in your life, dana, in terms -- your husband is an educated man. >> dana: my husband is definitely more knowledgeable than i am, but he went to boarding school in scotland. he was with the marist brothers who did an incredible job. one of the most brilliant people i know. but i think it's because, our parents, this would've been true. right? my mom made less than my dad. she doesn't have as much
2:40 pm
education. >> geraldo: your mom would still make less than your dad? >> dana: probably. but that flips, right? as generation x became generation -- pretty much, you try to get to go to college, and what you are having with millennials in particular, people with education tend to marry each other. one of the things that article was talking about is the one thing you can make sure that will prevent you from being in poverty is marriage. it's the only proven factual thing. if you can figure out a way to find a loved one and stay committed, your chances at a happier and more wealthy life is assured. >> geraldo: why don't you think people are getting married? >> greg: the second part of that is when you get divorced, it's the single determining factor in being broke. because if you talk to any man who's been through a divorce, he will tell you, probably geraldo knows it better than anybody, anyway -- >> geraldo: i've been broken, broken, broken, but keep coming back. >> greg: the stats from 2003,
2:41 pm
it's 1.35 females for every male graduated from college. this is an inequality that is can be neatly ignored by feminists, also women live longer by an average of 10%. that is another, you know, biological inequality that we do not talk about. >> geraldo: my wife is going to outlive me by half a century. she's looking forward to it. [laughter] >> kimberly: you are so mean! >> geraldo: don't move. facebook friday is up next.
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>> greg: very romantic movie, "taxi driver." raymond a. i'm going to go to you, dana. if you could have one due over in your life, what would it be? >> dana: one is hard... >> greg: you can have more and do overs. >> dana: most of the things in your life, well, you can't really change it. i think there are some things. i was really good in school, had great grades.
2:46 pm
but i was really good in taking getting out of taking the hardest classes. i got out of taking physics. sometimes i took easier classes. >> greg: you went for easy as, dana. that's disgusting. you should not forgive yourself. you should carry this to the day you die. >> geraldo: that's a pretty benign regret. >> greg: i wish i took different courses than the courses i already took. >> dana: here's one of the reasons. i had to take a lot to catch up on reading literature, consider the ideology, i was way behind. >> greg: everybody does that. i'm reading everything that was on my syllabus that i didn't. jesse? >> jesse: there are two waters "waters world" that i would rather get a mulligan about. >> greg: geraldo? >> geraldo: i grew up in the vietnam era and i've been
2:47 pm
haunted by my decision to not go into the air force. i became a war correspondent out of guilt. some of the people, my friends who went, at least one parish over there. i've been haunted by that. >> kimberly: i think serving as a wartime generalist is very commendable, it's a different type of service. it's an important thing. you brought stories to the world throughout your career. >> geraldo: i've certainly use that to reconcile myself. >> dana: i don't think you should feel too bad about it. >> greg: kimberly? >> kimberly: that's a thoughtful answer and i wonder about that. if you put yourself in peril to cover the story and to get as close to the front lines as you can whether it was weather coverage, hurricane, war coverage, you've done an obsolete incredible job giving a lens to people. >> dana: i agree. >> kimberly: i don't know if i would change anything, to be honest. >> greg: [laughs] the perfect life! >> kimberly: i will tell you why. what i've really learned and grown so much from the value and acumen to
2:48 pm
-- the set of my life experiences. it made me who i am. look, there are chapters in your life, you learn, you grow. i think i have more to offer now than i did before in terms of, you know, my maturity, my self reflection. you know, life experience. >> greg: deep. >> geraldo: that was deep. i think a series of random chance is is what make those chances. >> greg: that is true. my only due over... i spent too many time at jobs. >> kimberly: all the firings. >> greg: i love allentown, pennsylvania. ten years at allentown! >> jesse: the blue springfield thing... >> greg: jeez, geraldo! wrong town. jg writes, what song gets you the most pumped up when you needed? i guess that's before you go out
2:49 pm
and party, jesse. >> jesse: "it's raining men?" that's what the producers always play for me as a joke! >> greg: who are the two women who sing that song? i don't remember. anyway. >> jesse: that's a good song, though. what about you? >> dana: what comes up, "free and easy." >> greg: weather girls. whether girls come geraldo. >> geraldo: i like "want back down." >> geraldo: , kimberly? emily: i like "eye of the >> kimberly: "eye of the tiger." >> greg: "afternoon delight." >> dana: those aren't good for your digestive system. >> greg: that's not what the
2:50 pm
song is about. any suggestions on how to get on tv. geraldo? >> geraldo: you've got to start -- if you are in high school, you've got to be on tv in high school. you've got to start right away. >> greg: really? >> geraldo: you've got to work for your little tv station, you've got to get to know what a camera is all about. >> greg: i didn't know and i'm 40. >> dana: not anymore. you just need a youtube channel. >> greg: what about you, k.g.? what do you do to get on tv? >> kimberly: i would not suggest risky behavior or lawlessness or arson. [laughter] or rioting, antifa, i wouldn't suggest any of those things. careerwise, if you excel at it, you can do something. prosecutor, tried cases, it worked out this way.
2:51 pm
>> greg: what you discovered in a drugstore? >> geraldo: i was discovered as an activist lawyer. >> greg: jesse, you are behind the tv. >> jesse: i worked in tv because i love watching tv. then someone put me on tv and it all worked out. it helps if you are good looking. not sure how you got on television. >> greg: you got out because you were rejected from "friends." >> kimberly: he's a body double. >> greg: dana? >> dana: say you wanted to be a pond and on tv. the worst thing you can do is go from college into being a pundit. also, stop calling me for career advice if you have not gone and done something for a couple of years. i just had it. you don't understand how many people do that! >> greg: what you are talking about is somebody who does not have experience in life assuming they can come and give advice, just walk right in. we see that every now and then.
2:52 pm
what you're saying is don't look for tv, tv will look for you. >> dana: yes! >> greg: i was in magazines for -- >> dana: there's a lot more tools now. now you can start a youtube channel in your bedroom. >> greg: it's all changing. i'm a dinosaur. one more thing is up next. not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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kimberlin: time now for one more thing. jesse? >> jesse: "waters world," sean hannity makes his "waters world" debut, and he's in for the toughest interview of his life. make sure to tune into that. i went to that screen fast downtown. you will see that as well. kimberly dana? >> dana: this is a billboard in times where that's been running for the last month or the weldon family wanted a bitter wee ball, it's a no kill shelter in new york city for albums. i just ask that! the family is using it to raise awareness for phibro dysplasia, fop, 1.2 million people have it. fop causes tissue to turn into bone, so it limits her mobility. but she's doing great, getting a
2:57 pm
masters degree at nyu. the billboard is up until november 18th, which i thought was in real neat way to raise a billboard for awareness of this terrible disease. >> kimberly: fantastic. a special one more thing today, honoring heroes. november 10th marks the 242nd birthday of the united states marine corps. according to, the u.s. marines were founded in 1775 when the continental congress passed a resolution for two battalions to be formed to serve landing forces for the recently formed continental navy. they are now currently more than 200,000 active duty reserves and marines. we honor their service. we wish them happy birthday and good health. >> greg: awesome. is it me? "greg gutfeld show," that's tomorrow, 10:00. i've got mark stein, dave rubin,
2:58 pm
joey joe. it's going to be a lot of fun. the movie coming out this weekend, "murder on the orient express" has a lot of big stars. but perhaps the biggest art is geraldo's mustache. geraldo's mustache. has its own trailer! >> geraldo: really? >> greg: look at that. that is an excellent... right in kenna granik's face. the -- maybe it's divorce and you are sharing custody. >> geraldo: 1968, i grew it. i haven't shaved it since. is it my turn? my one last thing is keeping with your theme, the armed forces, tomorrow is the 98th veterans day, it was armistice day, to recognize the end of world war i. 11/11. the 11th minute, the 11th hour, the 11th day of the 11th month and in world war i. congress made a veterans day. i want to remember all of the
2:59 pm
vets in the 11 years i was a senior were squandered war correspondent here. that's colonel john campbell who later became a five-star genera general. we were having a snowball fight in the hindu kush with the gis deployed their. that's general campbell later in baghdad and in afghanistan. they commanded the 101st airborne. his mom sent me a picture. he was killed in action. i love them. happy veterans day, if that's appropriate, hug a veteran. >> greg: it's appropriate. >> kimberly: it's definitely appropriate. you always feel good about it. you have tremendous, genuine love for the people serving in the military. all right, geraldo, wonderful to have you here today and happy birthday, you said, to your son? >> geraldo: my son's birthday. as, my daughter, 25. within two weeks of each other.
3:00 pm
>> kimberly: set your dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five." have a fantastic weekend. "special report" is up next to my back in bc with bret baier. >> bret: i just made it back from beijing to a busy news day. this is fox news alert. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin with an issue here at home that threatens to derail the senate candidacy of alabama republican roy moore. moore is speaking out, for the first time, since allegations of sexual misconduct came to light, denying that decades old claims, even as of several more republicans have banded in support for the candidate and urging him to step out of the race. jonathan serrie is in moore's hometown, how residents are reacting to the accusations. we begin tonight with chief correspondent mike emanuel up on capitol hill. >> bret, good evening. roy moore is a senate campaign has taken


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