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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 11, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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every day. those words are even more important than they were three decades ago. let's honor our veterans and support them for what they deserve and need. happy veteran's day t t t t to out there who served. . sb. >> judge roy moore speaks out. >> this is a completely manufactured story meant to defrock this campaign. >> the powerful fundraisers are already cutting ties anyway. if he doesn't step aside will senate republicans say no more? >> there's no need for a law from sea to shining zoe. >> they call an open borders zealot for those comments. we'll ask arizona congresswoman martha mcsally. saving those who served. >> person walking next to them, looking a little dedragled and
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looking for direct handouts. is actually a veteran. >> we'll tell you can do to help this veterans kay. -- veterans day. >> shannon: hello, welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream. judge rye moore is doubling down and denying reports of sexual misconduct going back decades. amid calls to step down, he's hoe showing no signs of withdrawing from his bid to fill alabama's open senate seat. >> this never happened. they know it never happened. there will be facts to show in this situation that this was a democrat, maybe even the established republican eferbts to undermine this campaign. because they don't want to hear the truth in washington. >> shannon: the gop backlash continues. the national republican senatorial committee, the main funneled raising for gop senate
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candidates is withdrawing support for moore. the republican national committee hasn't decided whether to sever fund rising ties with him although it's reportedly under consideration. and senators are rescinding their endorsements. what options do republicans have with moore's name on the ballot. if he is elected, could the senators block him from taking his seat. chad, good evening to you. what does the law, what does the constitution say about what happens now? >> the state law says they're parent the window to pull him off the ballot. that's the problem. they already tried to move the special election once. that's going to be a problem. because we're less than a month away from the actual special election december 12. what we have here, is a parliamentary option in the united states senate. what they can try to do if they really wanted to, is block him. article 1, section 5 of the constitution is clear that the senate and the house, they are
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the final ajude kaytors of one who sits in those bodies. we haven't had it come up, after president obama left the senate, burris was appointed, by rod blagojevich, he was under criminal charges, there was a question whether this was a taint on the appointment. it came close as to whether or not democratic leadership in the senate would seat roland burris. they did and he served out the rest of president obama's term in the senate. on the they are options in article 1 section 5 is you could expel hill. they have not expelled anyone from the united states senate since 1862. jesse bright, the senator from indiana, in fact they expelled three the same day, confederate sympathizers. that takes 67 votes. they have only expelled 14 senators in the history of the republic. that's a far cry. >> shannon: that's in he gets elected. my understanding as you said,
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without 76 days notice or more, his name remains on the ballot. if that is the case, if he somehow, voters have confidence, he gets elected and they allow him to take the seat, what about the idea of shunning him, even if he's a member, he's on the hill, he has the seat. maybe he doesn't have the same access? >> the only thing are you guaranteed to do when you're in congress is vote on the house and senate floor. you aren't guaranteed to have amendments, bills, sit on committees. they could keep him off committees. they could also not allow him to caucus with the republicans. that's not that old an idea after ted stevens, the former senator from alaska, was convicted, there was a question whether they would kick him out of the senate republican conference in 2008. fament, joe lieberman from connecticut switched from being a democrat who what he called an independent democrat. they talked about throwing him out of the caucus because he spoke at the republican convention. there's still one option here, there's talk about maybe trying to engineer a right-in campaign.
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it's not that long ago, 2010, that lisa murkowski from alaska, won a write-in campaign. there were classes for murkowski supporters, not the easiest name to spell, to make sure they spelled her name correctly and it counted. she won in 2010. >> shannon: with thanting spelling it was difficult one she pulled it off. we'll see as this continues to play out and plenty of opposition within the gop itself. from our expert on all things capitol hill, thanks for making time. >> any time. >> in spiept of the allegations, supporters are sticking with him. >> if it was me somebody done me wrong, i would go ahead, when the event took place, say something then. why would i wait 30 years? or 10 years or whatever? but it's politics. a lot of it. >> i believe this is doug jones, some of his doing, you know. i don't believe roy moore did
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that. >> shannon: other voters raising concerns. to discuss the choice facing the good folks of alabama, fox news politics editor chris stayier. listen, december 12, they go to the polls they have things to figure out. in the meantime, people that matter in the conversation, about whether he gets the seat or not are the voters. >> the voters and the reporters in alabama. we're all waiting to see do other cases emerge. the "washington post" story, seems quite credible in terms of the nature of the acuesers rairly do they do this and come forward. will other people come forward and how does it pass the smell test in alabama. roy moore has an ardent, ardent, ardent core following among his diehard supporters from his term in the state court and fixture in alabama politics. will persuadable voters say there's enough of a problem i'll
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shy away from this guy. then the question becomes doug jones the democrat, one voter mentioned. can he put himself forward as an acceptable alternative and say, look, it's only for two years, he wants to be the scott brown of the democratic party. look, we're in the wrong state for me and i understand it. but it's two years. try it and see if i do okay. if i don't like it, throw me out in 2020. >> shannon: interesting race in the primary, steve bannon was backing judge roy moore. tonight he was talking about this issue on camera, here's what he said. >> is it just a coincidence that the bezos, amazon, "washington post" did the billy bush hit and they did the hit on judge moore? yeah, just a complete, complete random thing in the universe. like with donald trump i said, when i stand with a man i stand with him. right? >> shannon: that second voter that you heard from there, she said yeah, i think this is just it, seems like a hit piece,
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seems sketchy it comes at this time. it sounds like some of these people, there was another voter that said it's a badge of honor to be attacked by the "washington post." i'm immediately skeptical. >> but this is the base of the base. those are the core supporters. as it turns out in alabama there are a lot of those folks, one of the most republican states in the country. republicans tend to be very conservative. they like roy moore's brand of social conservativism first. no question about that. but here's this. the billy bush tape was real. it wasn't fake. and it hurt donald trump. his ability to run a more humble campaign and more calm and centered campaign after that tape came out and they were sort of trying to get things, the tootdz patient back in the tube, he ran his best for the weeks after. that moore's response today when he was on sean harn i ty's radio show, his response did not demonstrate any desire to cal this many down. instead he seemed to whip it up. >> shannon: i talked to some one
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within the campaign, they said they're working on things that will cast questions on some of these women. they're linkses to potentially the democratic contender and other things. >> i have eve seen it. >> shannon: they say those things are coming, bannon says it's coming. we do have folks withdrawing their endorsements, senator lee, said having read the detailed description of the incidents, and the response from judge moore, i can no longer endorse his candy da di. how much do those matter in alabama? >> they don't. they matter for the long term republican party. you talk about two separate issues. who do alabamians want representing the yellow hammer state in the united states senate, that's one question. that will be solved in december. the other question for the rest of the republican party that looks at roy moore and says he will be ba tros around our next, they're thinking about 2018. looking at states like missouri where they would like to pick up seats, west virginia where they'd like to pick up a seat. they look around, seats they have to defense.
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they don't want to defense roy moore for his statements about criminalizing same-sex relations or banning muslims from serving in congress or now a personal scandal. >> shannon: all right. well, you'll continue to come back. >> i know. 2018 started early and it's going to be hot. >> shannon: we'd love to have a campaign to watch all the time. chris, happy friday night. good to see you. is there a media double standard when it comes the political scandals being covered? the media research center says in the first 24 hours after the judge moore story broke the three broadcast networks devoted gones of coverage from 24 minutes in those prime shows to the story. come pain to the months-long rieb bring trial of the sitting senator from new jersey, just two minutes of coverage. that's total. dan gaynor is president of the media center, good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> shannon: we have, there are differences here, but the fact is we're talking about a sitting senator facing numerous criminal
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charges potentially decades in jail. and it seems there are contradicts chirping. jury deliberations are ongoing. hard to find any coverage of it. >> hard to find the coverage, one of the networks isn't even covering it at all. the others just dabbled in it. and that's the problem. you've got this constant plan where the media will only cover scandals where the person has an r after their game. we see interest for sex scandals as well. anthony weiner gets convicted and they hide the fact that he's a democrat. he gets sentenced, the "new york times" doesn't include the fact he's a democrat in the story until they're called on it. we've seen this strategy for a long time. and order viewers, order voters see it as well. >> shannon: do you think part of this is the salacious nature of the allegations against judge moore? listen, you know what senator menendez is facing, bribery charges, don't have the same
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"it" factor. this is a hot topic with women coming forward and men talking about situations they faced where they've been harassed or victimized. is it just that it is owe a hot topic or is it about r versus d? >> well, if given who brought up the topic, that's part of the problem. it's not just whether the women involved have credibility issues much it's the "washington post" having credibility issue. you go back to 2011 and the bizarre "washington post" hit job on rick perry that there was a rock outside of this hunting lodge the family owned that said something racist. and they did a massive story on it. then six months later they're doing the hit job on mitt romney, here's a man in his 60s, they go back 50 years to his high school times and complain he was gay bashing because he was pulling pranks on a classmate. we've seen the strategy before. if you want to talk about anything it's the "the post" credibility issue. media credibility nationwide is really in the dumps.
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>> shannon: well, we thought the study was interesting. meanwhile we remain on jury watch and we'll keep folks updated as we get to a verdict in the menendez trial. and continue to cover the moore situation as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: the headlines keep coming at home. president trump is rounding the corner in his tour across asia. now in vietnam where he told a group of ceos at the apex summit if they're thinking about taking advantage of the united states they better think twice. >> president trump: i am always going to put america first. the same way that i expect all of new this room to put your countries first. [applause] >> shannon: john roberts is in vietnam with the president and what he's up to and the latest white house reaction to the moore allegations. hello, john. >> shannon, good day to you from here in vietnam where we're 11 hours, 12 hours ahead of you. so it's just after 11:00 in the morning here.
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the president started his day about 2 1/2 hours ago going to the apex conference, greeting the president of vietnam. he started his day today without a meeting, bilateral meeting with president vladimir putin on the books. we are told by the u.s. television pool even though they didn't get a shot of it this morning, the president briefly greeted very madly putin and shook hands. we got pictures of them shaking hands last night at the opening ceremonies, so-called class photo. the president had on his way from va we toy japan said he was -- from hawaii to japan saying he wanted to talk to putin about syria and north korea. the white house never put the event together. the russians said they were looking forward to meeting the president as well. listen to what the foreign minister said today. >> ask the americans because we don't comment on this. we say that we heard the
12:15 am
willingness of president trump to meet president putin expressed by president trump himself i don't know what his onner if functionaries say. i'm not responsible for that. ask the american side. >> there was no bilateral meeting scheduled for this apec conference, the president talked about north korea to putin and others at a ceo summit yesterday where he said that the nations of the indo-pacific region, the pacific rim can't afford north korea to turn back the progress they have made in building the economy. everyone into toads get together against kim jong-un. as you pointed out, the president had harsh words about trade particularly for china and other countries which the united states has trade deficit with. the president saying days of the united states being taken advantage of on trade are over. listen to how he put it. >> president trump: i do not blame china or any other country
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of which there are many, for taking advantage of the united states on trade. if their representatives are able to get away with it, they are just doing their jobs. >> that is the president focusing on trade in north korea, he has one eye on the roy moore scandal from beijing, to da nang, the press secretary saying like most americans the president believes we cannot allow a mere allegation in this case one from many years ago, to destroy a person's life. however the president also believes that if these allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. so it seems, shannon, the white house is going to give judge moore time to respond to the allegations. if it turns out that they are true, i talked with a couple of folks at the white house today, they have no clue what to do. if roy moore doeses not step aside if the allegations are true and continues to run and
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wins the seat there are some things that can happen. in terms of a write-in candidate, they don't believe anything can work at this point. looks like the white house' hands are tied, they have to watch it all play out. >> shannon: awfully late in the game. all right, john roberts live from vietnam, thank you so much. coming up, another run at the white house. we're going to debate it as top democrats say there's time to get fresh faces. and new details about the rolling stone. my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll
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>> shannon: rolling stone publisher the latest to face allegations of sexual harassment. tonight he acknowledged he put the moves on a male writer but denies that any writing for sex exchange was ever offered. democrats feeling more optimistic sweeping wins tuesday night looking to the 2020 presidential election. some familiar names signalling they are not ruling out a run including former vice president joe biden.
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>> i have a regret that i am not president because i think there's so much opportunity. i think america is so incred well positioned. >> shannon: focusing on the face of the past is it the best strategy in fox news contributor radio talk show host leslie marshall and director of the "daily caller" is here with us. leslie, i'll start with you. joe biden is well loved, he polls well across the board, across all kinds of ideological lines. he would be 7237 he runs again -- he would be 77. is that the future of the democratic party? >> they say 70 is the new 35? no, i can't -- i can't get on people for age. i mean, my mother actually became a v.p. at 57, didn't retire until last year and she's 78. sometimes people have that second wind. the thing that i like about joe biden as a democrat and
12:23 am
concerned about him running against hillary last year, was that he really appeals to that working class blue collar crowd which quite frankly helped to put trump over the top and win. i think joe biden is the only name out there right now that could defeat donald trump. regardless of his age. even though we have good names coming up on the horizon in the democratic party, i think they're too new and too inexperienced to defeat donald trump to make him a one-term president. >> shannon: what does that say about the party, not that long ago nancy pelosi was challenged saying are you going to stick around forever. a run against her. when it comes to leadership in the house you have hoyer, pelosi into their 70s. a lot of folks saying they're trying to get things done in the house, there are younger members, including linda sanchez, democrat out of california. this is what she says about that. she said they're all of the same generation and contributions to
12:24 am
the congress and caucus are substantial. but there comes a time you need pass the torch and i think it is time. these are conversations within the party. . right. and old white people leading the democratic party doesn't work out for the party that prioritized race over everything else. so they're often going to be looking for a young and diverse face, not oon an old white person. in terms of the working class, identifying with the working class, that's obviously an important vulnerability of the democratic party. they spent 6, 7 months looking into it. the reason we lost to donald trump is because we lost the working class. the question is like joe biden, if he's going to appeal to the working class, what about the rest of the leadership. seems like the party moved on from being concerned about that working class. they moved too far into the identity politics realm. tranls jenlder bathrooms, global warming, the average american thinking how do i get a job, how do i make more money. the leaders of the democratic
12:25 am
party are struggling in that direction. >> shannon: the gop wants nancy pelosi sticking around. they said i hope the democrats do not force nancy p. out. this would be bad for the republican party. and trump said please let crying chuck stay. >> it's interesting the president tweets this. when he was talking about daca and immigration and other things, healthcare, he liked to sit down with chuck and nancy crying or not. and quite frankly, although nancy pelosi, i would have said needs to move on, she definitely has showed her leadership ability. so has chuck schumer. with the president, as a matter of fact, in a better position than paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, other republicans in power on the right. i too feel there's a difference between who do we put forth as candidates and who do we look at within the party to have leadership. we have diversity. we had a guy named barack obama,
12:26 am
first african-american president, and we have other diverse people coming up. corey booker, camila harris, julian castro and more. we have a candidate to put on the stage to defeat donald trump you have to put the person forth that can do that. i would say my money is on joe biden, the v.p. can be younger and not have a white guy inside the beltway. then you can have people like pelosi step aside. clearly linda sanchez would like her position. >> vince? >> i think the democratic bench is thin. they play the old hits it doesn't work for them. this is a democratic party that has to struggle to get back into the white house, they've struggled in state legislators and governorships across the country 367892% controlled by republicans. 34 controlled by republicans in the governor's houses. that's a long way back for the democratic party. they can only go up from there. >> shannon: they started that on tuesday night. >> they said that. >> shannon: we'll watch.
12:27 am
vince and leslie, good to see you, have a great weekend. >> you too. >> thank you. >> shannon: escalating crisis in the middle east, allegations of terrorism in a potential war are levied. who are the key players and what are the options for turning down the tension.
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>> shannon: neighborhood spat or political beatdown? the question surrounding the motive behind it a salt on kentucky senator rand paul. the beating that left him seriously injured. doug went looking for answers right where it all went down. >> good evening, shannon. reporting from bowling green tonight. the house you see over my right shoulder is the house belonging to dr. renee boucher the alleged attacker of senator rand paul. not seen there today and his attorney said he has fled this area after yesterday's arraignment, he doesn't want to unintentionally violate the restraining order imposed upon them.
12:32 am
here's more of what he had to tell me. >> it's reported that senator paul was blindsided. i think that is an unfair characterization of how this transpired. that's not how i would describe it, that's not how it has been described to me. >> were they facing each other? >> it's my understanding, yes. >> did senator paul strike blows with mr. boucher, dr. boucher? >> not that i'm aware of. >> a long-time neighbor of paul who invited us into his house presents an entirely different picture. >> well, personally, i think it's a tremendous, tremendously lame excuse for what took place that day. >> in a statement from earlier this week paul's office absolutely derided the defense contention this was stemming from a long-standing dispute. it said that the two men had not spoken for years and the first time that senator paul spoke to
12:33 am
his neighbor was after his ribs were broken. in the meantime. a public information officer for kentucky state police says the simple misdemeanor charges are likely going to be elevated later next week when they receive the official medical records from the hospital where paul was treated. to the commonwealth attorneys where they examine the records indicating six broken ribs and profusion of fluid around senator paul's lungs. we could be looking at federal charges, the defense attorney said he had been interviews we capitol police and field office of the fbi. that's it from bowling green. >> shannon: thanks. tensions on the rise in the middle east as the saudi government tangles with iran and lebanon gets caught in the middle. rich edson says leaders air round the world are getting involved in trying to prevent another conflict in that region. >> this was once a missile
12:34 am
headed to riyadh, vab's capital. the saudi government calls it an act of war by iran. the saudi say rebels in yemen fired it, they intercepted it and claim its the work of iran. the u.s. military says it has iranian markings. . it's been demonstrated, there are pictures that depict that. to me that connect the dots to iran in terms of who's supplying those missiles and that capability. >> secretary of state rex tillerson travelling in asia says the missile appears to have iranian origin and, quote, once we can confirm that with actual forensics i think it will be useful in deciding what action to take next. particularly at the u.n. security council that, would represent a violation of certain security council resolutions in terms of providing arms into a conflict zone. saudi arabia is fighting iran-backed rebels in yemen, part of a broader proxy fight with iran. in leb bonn, saudi arabia claims
12:35 am
the influence of iran backed hezbollah is overwhelming. they say it's a lebanese act of war against saudi arabia. the saudis said their citizens should leave lebanon. >> lebanon's prime minister is detained in saudi arabia and it has to release him. the lebanese should work to bring him back then it's up to him to go wherever. maybe he wants to go back to saudi, it's his call. he said saudi arabia declared war. he said herrerari resigned on his own. they have no indication he's being held against his will. u.s. allies trying to halt the escalation. the french president influence to riyadh to meet the saudi prince. there are internal challenges as
12:36 am
well. crown prince is leading a controversial corruption crackdown that led to the arrest of saudi princes, top government officials. secretary tillerson says the crackdown seems well intended but dozen raise a few terence. concerns. >> shannon: thank you. coming up, on track to become secretary of homeland of security now facing backlash on the president's top priority, the border wall. we'll get reaction.
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>> shannon: the justice department reigniting a fight with apple. this time over the texas church shooter's i phone. deputy attorney general rosenstein slamming apple for the digital encryption a day after the company said nobody from the fbi had contacted it with the phone. they said if the fbi reached out within 48 hours. shooter they could have used touch i.d. to access the fun. d.o.d. officials say it isn't good enough and there's no privacy expectation of a dead man who gunned down the peep. john kelly at homeland security testified at her senate confirmation hearing this week. but the actual vote was postponed. the former dhs chief of staff is taking heat from immigration hawks who think she's too soft on the president's promise to build a border wall.
12:41 am
>> there is no need for a wall from sea to shining sea. >> shannon: joining me arizona congresswoman martha mcsally. that wall would run through arizona. we want to talk about that. she's also rumored to be considering a run to replace jeff flake who says he's not going to run again. congresswoman, welcome tonight. >> hey, shannon, how are you. >> shannon: very good. i want to ask you, kirsten nielsen is taking heat over what he said, but you also have said you don't think the wall is necessary. >> that's not what i said. i'm one of nine members of congress that represents the southern border district. because of my leadership on border security we have trans-national criminal organizations tracking through high community. i chair the maritime subcommittee, i was given that leadership role as a freshman. we know what it's like to have these cartels coming through our communities with drugs, weapons,
12:42 am
human trafficking. we node a better strategy that includes the border wall and physical infrastructure where appropriate. that's what the president said, i agree with that. but we also need in addition to that more agents, we need the technology for fixed and mobile towers, sensors, airborne assets, manned and unmanned. all of the above intelligence operations to stop the cartels and the impact it's having in our communities. i've held multiple hearings on this issue and i'm going to continue to lead on this ish oh to make sure we secure our border. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of an ad opposing you and give you a chance to answer some of the charges. here's a little bit of what they have to say. >> mcsally voted twice to protect barack obama's unconstitutional necessary ty program then voted to funneled the illegal amnesty after her colleagues tried to block it. >> shannon: your response? >> that's ridiculous. i haven't seen that ad. i'm telling you as some one who has been leading on these
12:43 am
issues, just look at my record. i would invite any of my critics and invite to you come down and visit us at the border. look at my record and the things i've done for border security and public safety and security. and i'm going to continue to do that. >> shannon: i love arizona, a beautiful place to visit especially in the wintertime. >> i'd love to have you. >> shannon: let me --. have you been to the border? you should come, i'd love to host you. >> shannon: i may take you up on that. there are so many issues tied up in what's happening there. you mention many of them. let me ask you about this, this issue about daca and whether or not there's going to be a fix. i know that you're part of the group that the speaker appointed to try to come to some kind of solution. it's one of those areas when you talk about this, critics say that it's about cooking up amnesty. hour do you respond? >> we're working through to find consensus on these issues within the gop. we have the address the root causes of why we're in the situation.
12:44 am
that does include strong border security measures. other issues that are related to loopholes in our system that people are taking advantage of, that continues to incentivize illegal activity. there's a lot of issues that we're talking about in this group. right now we're continuing to work on it. but we've got to address them as we move forward. people are frustrated that the federal government is not doing what they ask related to securing our border, creating public safety, related to criminal aliens in our communities and being let back out on the street. other issues related to chain migration other loopholes related to the trafficking, unaccompanied minors. there's a number of topics that many people within our conference are very concerned about. and we need to work together, with the white house and the president in order to address these issues. they're deeply important for all of us. >> shannon: i know you're tracking the president's travels through asia, out there talking about america first and protecting our country, saying to the other nations we
12:45 am
understand you have to put your country first as well. what do you make of this trip as he'll wrap up in vietnam and head to the philippines? >> this is a crucial trip to an important region. his leadership is vital. the speeches that he has made specifically when he was in south korea, north korea being the threat that it is. i served in the military for 26 years, this is a very serious potentialxexi citizenshl threat. him saying dot try us. we're ready, willing and able to stop from you being a nuclear power that is able to threaten america and our allies. we have to show the strength and combination with the diplomacy and cranking up the sanctions in order to stop this from happening. that leadership in the region stepping up the pressure on china, crucial in this north korea element. and the threat was critical for him to send the message strongly. and make sure that everybody else knows that, hey, american citizens and american jobs are first. >> shannon: all right, you know that there are plenty of rumors
12:46 am
that you will run for senate seat that is going on open up from jeff flake not running again. anything you want to announce tonight? >> absolutely not, shannon. nothing is official. >> the speculation willn't could. congresswoman mcsally, thank you for your time, good to see you. >> thanks, see you on the border. >> all right, i'll take you up on that. coming up, martha analito is a woman on a crusade to help homeless veterans. fox news exclusive, next. [lance] monica, it is absolute chaos out here! gale force winds, accumulations up to 8 inches... ...don't know if you can hear me, but [monica] what's he doing? [lance] can we get a shot of this cold front, right here. winter has arrived. whooo! hahaha [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. brace yourself for the season of audi sales event. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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wife of justice alito is using her experience growing up in a military family and her connections now to shine the light on tens of thousands of veterans living on the street. she stopped by to talk blt crisis. thanks for joining us tonight much it's a treat to have you with us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: tell me whyish this u is so personal to you. >> well, i am an air force dependent. my father was a career air force veteran for 20 years. that meant there were times when he was not with me for a year at a time. three times during high childhood. but generally, because i
12:51 am
understand the military, i like to think i do understand what it takes to be a military veteran, to be a committed military employee, i just feel that i understand them and want to help as much as possible. >> shannon: and you do. you've lived through this as a military family, a daughter. you know our veterans and all that they're facing when they leave the service. do you a lot of work with wounded warriors and you also are focusing on the issue of homeless veterans. the numbers are actually pretty shocking. >> the numbers are frightening. 40,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. 1.4 million veterans are living below the poverty level. another 1.4 are at the poverty level. and as a consequence, we want to make sure that there is not a single homeless veteran. >> shannon: it feels like that's something, the least we can do for the way they have served us. you're working with an organization that's very specific in their focus. >> we are, called operation
12:52 am
renewed hope foundation. founded by lt. colonel debra schneider who retired from being a helicopter pilot and saw homelessness abounding here in the metropolitan area. we're only a five-year young foundation. and yet we have served and helped over 500 veterans and their families. >> shannon: you have success stories, there are so many things involved. not just getting them a place to stay for the night f you want to help people long term, it's about stabilizing their lives. >> first approach them in trying to get them into a stable living environment. whether that means they have a home or rental, we try to get that under control. once that is under control, then we start addressing the issues that go along with being homeless. whether they have financial stability, whether they have job training, whether they need to cross train. our group reaches out to make sure that all phases of their
12:53 am
life, including their medications and their appointments to the hospital as well as cross training, come back into play. we have social services that address some of the issues that are prevalent among veterans. >> shannon: do you think that the average american has any idea this is going around them in their cities and their towns all over the country? >> i would like to think that people are conscious. the american people are very generous and very, very consider rat in thanking individuals when they see them in uniform. but oftentimes i think they overlook the fact that the person whos walking next to them on the street, looking a little dedraggled and perhaps asking for a direct handout, is actually a veteran. so i think the opportunity to raise awareness is most helpful here. >> shannon: tell me about the organization if people want to help. you said americans are generous, we find it to be true of our viewers as well. >> it's called operation renewed hope
12:54 am
you can give in kind goods and services. we have a dentist who provides all kinds of free care for the veterans. you can be a sponsor, you can donate, and you can participate. we have at least one event a month for fundraising. tomorrow night will be d.c. dancing with the stars. emphasis is on veterans participating. >> shannon: are you going to dance? >> i am not. >> i'll buy a ticket. >> thank you. >> shannon: we love to support the work of this group, we've seen it make a real difference and real change in people's lives. thank you for lending your name and your celebrity to this important issue as well. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: great to have you. night court and victory for free speech and religious right, next.
12:55 am
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>> shannon: time for night court. we pass no judgment on these stories but present them to you, the jury, for your consideration. mayor of austin texas will not march in the veterans day
12:59 am
parade, organizers are permitting some folks to march with the confederate flag. the mayor won't participate with a racist symbol he says. now to campus free speech controversy, after a couple of fresno state university students wrote pro-life messages on the sidewalk a professor who disagreed erased them but also instructed on they are students to help him. the pro-life students videotaped the incident then complained to the university. fresno state leveed a $17,000 fine on the professor and making him undergo first amendment training. as of this hour, there have been 585 homicides in chicago this year. but mayor rahm emmanuel is proposing a crackdown on texting. would it assign chicago police officers to monitor crosswalks for distracted walking. that could include texting and talking on the cell phone. fines range from $500 to $5,000.
1:00 am
we continue to watch the president's trip through asia. we're the most watched, most trusted, most grateful that you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. a g hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to hannity and this friday night this is a fox news alert. we are waiting president trump's arrival in the apex summit with the world leaders in vietnam. we'll bring it to you live. alabama candidate roy moore is denying the allegations of sexual misconduct that are levied at him. first, the allegations are coming from the washington post report that said the most serious claim is made by a woman who accused judge moore of sexual misconduct when he was 32 and she was 14


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