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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  November 12, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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judge jeanine: breaking that our president meeting with leaders in vietnam and ready for a joint press conference with that country's president. hello and welcome to a special second hour of justice. i'm janine. thank you for being with us tonight. if you missed tonight's opening statement you get to see it in a moment. first, we are charmed life from hanoi, vietnam with john roberts. what is going on now? reporter: good to talk with you. the rain has finally stopped which is a good thing considering that the event with the president of vietnam is going to be outside. the sun is beginning to poke his
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head out a little bit so the event will come out without a hitch. clearly, the two presidents will be talking about increased cooperation between the united states and vietnam on north korea. there have been some people who have suggested that because of the history with china vietnam could play an effective media area between the united states and north korea in terms of getting to the table, not necessarily in negotiating getting to the table to begin negotiations were north korea to dialback its nuclear program. the two presidents will also talk about trade and likely talk with the fact that the united states is looking for property for an embassy here in hanoi and the united states will grant the coast guard vessel to add it to its navy particularly important considering china's development in the south china sea. something else that is raised its head after yesterday. as president was flying from [inaudible] where he was at the aipac conference to hanoi he was asked about a couple of meetings that he had with russian president vladimir putin in the
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president was asked if he talked with putin about whether or not russia meddled in the us election and the president said yes, he did and again received assurances from vladimir putin that there was no russian meddling in the election but the president was asked if he believed him and the president responded, i believe in a deposit and i said i really believe that when he tells me that he means it. that has been interpreted in some circles as the president believes that vladimir putin did not meddle in the us election and is a contradiction of what the intelligence community including the cia has determined and that has prompted criticism from criticism from john mccain. that is one question that is likely to come up. , judge, whether he can
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definitively say without equivocation whether he believes his intelligence community or whether he believes russian president by. also, another question could be whether or not he got everything he was looking for from china on north korea where he was looking for china and the united nations security council resolutions regarding north korea but the president has always said he wanted china to do more. we didn't hear q&a from president xi jinping because president from because xi jinping doesn't like to ask and answer questions. there are a few other things swirling around whenever the presence traveling anywhere. judge jeanine: john, it is interesting because the president has already said that he agrees that there was meddling and yet people expect that he will change the answer and people like john mccain who were jumping on him every chance he can get when the guy isn't even in this country and is trying to do what he can to stop the north korean nuclear effort but john, what is happening at the palace right now?
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what is expected besides this press conference? as their breakfast. reporter: what is happening right now and we saw the opening ceremonies one hour ago and what is happening now that president trump and the president are filling up a bilateral meeting where the speak about trade and north korea and the other items i laid out for you. the president will come out and have this joint press conference and then the president will go meet with the prime minister and the chairman of the communist party. it is still difficult to wrap your head around when you consider the history of the united states in vietnam and now the government of vietnam this is the second communist nation that the president has been to on this trip. the first one being china. when you think about the president being the chairman of the communist party and you can see america's history of vietnam it is still rather difficult to wrap your head around everything that has happened here but president clinton normalize relations with vietnam more than
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20 years ago now and the united states and vietnam, despite their differences and governing have become best friends and the president wants to extend that relation to further. judge jeanine: john roberts, thanks. remember when president trump speaks to the reporter in a few minutes you will see here and live but if you miss tonight's opening statement in the 9:00 o'clock hour, we will play it for you now. take a look. judge jeanine: is it dangerous to be a trump supporter? well, it is unlike anything i've seen in my lifetime. with conviction and an era of condescension the left so hates donald trump and those who support him that they sanction the use of violence against him. they are attempting to recast our legal system without authority to do so and with outlets late of sanction and without judicial [inaudible].
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to them the use of physical violence is legal, proper and justified if they disagree with your politics. the very ones who call you fascist and label themselves anti- fascists are changing the rules. propagating a legal theory that is not only outrageously incorrect and an affront to democracy, it is an outright attempt at anarchy. evidence. a man calmly asks when a player is on a baseball field in dc are democrats or republicans. a document that republican and trump heater he doesn't start shooting until he is told the players are republican. republican congressman and majority whip steve scalise is a shot. he forever bears the scars of that hatred and violence.
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after the shooting, instead of a discussion of this issue of hatred there is a concerted effort to claim the shooter was just a nut job. the main street media and the left more comfortable blaming a crazy man or guns for the actions of a leftist, trump leading progressive. this guy was not crazy. that's an excuse to not deal with the left hatred of the right. had he been crazy he would have been found so or at least incompetent to stand trial when previously arrested. the man was in business. he had a license for those businesses. he was focused, lucid and clear in his attempt to commit violence against the right. evidence. in california a teacher with a martin luther king middle school tells her class that it is okay to use violence against the right and as such is not a crime. yvette or yvonne who was so open
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about her hatred and use of violence that she is charged with inciting a riot and arrested for her actions and she is a member of the leftist group by any means necessary. she is caught on camera assaulting a member of a workers party. she and her counter protesters chase, hit and stabbed even a member of that worker party. the berkeley unified school district has reinstated her this past fall at the middle school. just last week, rand paul suffered six broken ribs by his liberal neighbor whose lawyer claims heat the assault was about leaves. if it is determined by federal investigators now looking into this unprovoked attack that it was politically motivated well, then, this would just be another example of the less actionable hatred.
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anti- fascists, those in the black ninja outfit and masks to prevent their eye rest, please they are justified and not only destroying property in burning buildings but also assaulting anyone who disagrees with their socialist agenda. if that is not enough, law enforcement is also standing down, not detaining, not arresting, not stopping the violence. amazingly, folks, the order actually is coming from the top of the chief of police, the sheriff, superintendent, governor, directing cops to violate their oath to protect victims and the public. the proof is in the pudding. after 12 hours of violence in berkeley individuals, only one arrest. if you are in washington, as i was on inauguration day, you know they are not shy about it. donna in the microphone said she thought about blowing up the white house and kathy griffin put the bile picture of herself holding a bloodied likeness of the president's head on social media. the goal of these haters is to normalize, insight and mobilizing. and turn it into violence.
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osa, organizing for action, wants obama for america in the democratic protest movement with barack obama at his home and it is reportedly busting protesters to events. hillary, first, wants to be the head of the resistance let's be clear. the claim that words alone or police justify violence is so far afield from the common law and our legal foundation that moves people are fine smart enough to entertain or argue it. it is not just speech these organized militants self-anointed activists thing to shut down. they seek to offend the very rules upon which our criminal justice system is based. these trump 80, progressives claim that assault is legitimate and justified and that it is okay to punch a fascist and that they are thinking is starting to become mainstream, folks.
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in 2016 american selected donald trump. we were tired of eight years of a lawless obama presidency. we believe that the outsider, donald trump, was just the one to bring back on order into the justice. little did we know that the law and order we craved wasn't just about enforcing the law like violations that occurred before our very eyes by the clintons and by lois lerner, loretto lynch, eric holder in that lot but instead it is now about preventing a complete takeover of the justice system by infiltrating in the minds of millennial and militant forces that justice is tolerant of violence. that is my opening. tell me on what you think about my facebook page, twitter and instagram page. we are waiting for president trumps joint press conference with the president of vietnam.
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first, former us ambassador to the un and fox news computer donna bolton joins us reaction to the president's trip so far. good evening, ambassador glad to be with you. >> twenty-six how is it gone too far? >> i think it is gone very wellin terms of the public performances. the meetings and it has accomplished a great deal in terms of reassuring the japanese and the south koreans, to key allies, we do not know as much about what happened with xi jinping on the critical issues of north korea nuclear weapons program and i don't find that necessarily disconcerting. they may have had a good discussion and don't want it to become public yet. that is obviously the critical issue and now we have seen the president in vietnam and the discussions that are going on there, not just economic issues but vietnam is now in a critical position, vis-à-vis china and its efforts to assert chinese sovereignty over the entire
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south china sea. there are a lot of things we could do together with vietnam and i'm sure the president has done. judge jeanine: let me ask you this, ambassador. when people talk about vietnam what is it that vietnam could do via north korea and getting north korea to the table? what leverage does vietnam have? explain that. >> it is less leverage over north korea than just making sure north korea ships that are iranian controlled don't use the enemy's ports and harbors to refuel and escape surveillance between those two countries. i think the real issue with vietnam is dealing with china. we can certainly use basing rights and camera on bay which we used to have and we will sign over our coast guard cutter to the vietnamese navy. judge jeanine: under an. judge jeanine: what is that mean? i don't know the exact terms of
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the deal but i've done this with a number of other countries myself. it's a very good way to establish patterns of cooperation and confidence building. even though it's a long time after the vietnam war and 20 years after diplomatic recognition this is still a communist regime and i think the president will try to open that up because strategically vietnam's interest and hours aligned against chinese efforts to take control of the south china sea. judge jeanine: how strange does it feel, ambassador, that we are going over to vietnam or whatever were doing with the cutter and were sharing it and giving it, selling it, whatever. compared to the number of americans who lost their lives the blood and treasure we have in that country. i grew up in that era and talk about a fractured country. meaning america in that time over that war. how do you see it now and it is so weird to see her president going there and having common goals. >> there is still a bit of
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culture shock, no doubt about it but it is not that different than many respects from the relationship that we built with germany and japan after world war ii and after bitter, deadly warfare. they became two of our closest allies. i'm not saying we are there with vietnam yet but strategic reality changes and our policy changes. judge jeanine: what about the whole idea that here we have the president meeting with the head of the communist party and i can't wait for the left to get started with that. the more left is interested in socialism and communism cells but will that be a subject of criticism as is just about everything president does? >> i am sure someone criticized but maybe we can talk to them about the virtues of capitalism. this is what happens. if we're having trouble -- i'm a baby boomer as well and the vietnam era is very large in the minds of everyone who was around at the time but this is culture
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shock for the vietnamese, too. there is a lot going on here they understand and they see the strategic reality just like we do. they have a border with china and see the chinese taking over islands and rocks and reefs in the south china sea that they've got claims to and there is a lot at stake for vietnam here and they can't stand up to china alone. that is clear. judge jeanine: okay. the president is wanting china to do more and those other reports although the president of china apparently doesn't do any press, does or doesn't want to be asked questions but what else can china do given the fact that they have signed this un agreement -- should we assume they are not following through on all the requirements of that resolution? >> over the past 20 fires a 25 years they had been up and down
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the hill on getting tough on north korea. they say they don't want north korea with the nuclear weapon because of the destabilized east asia and that is bad for their economic growth and from time to time they have taken the steps against north korea and when our attention wanders they go back to business as usual. president thanks he has had more success and i hope that is right but china has unique leverage and unique power over north korea that they had never exerted and that is why these discussions we do not really know how well they went and that is understandable. they are not public yet. judge jeanine: stay with us. we are going to break and hopefully when we come back the president will be speaking. president will be speaking. justice is up late t you can't predict the market. president will be speaking. justice is up late t
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judge jeanine: alive look at hanoi, vietnam were president, will be speaking any minute. you will take your life. turning the now with my reaction to the latest on the president's trip retired green beret and former counterterrorism advisor for the gw bush white house, colonel michael walt. colonel, talk to me about the president's trip so far. what you think? >> i think he has covered a lot of ground. he has put out some real markers out there and i think whether it was his speech in south korea which i think is one of the best
2:26 am
he's had in his presidency thus far. judge jeanine: white? >> because he did something that no other president has done it this far in terms of laying out in very stark terms the choices we have to make that the clock is running out and that it is a despotic regime. judge jeanine: in north korea. >> gas, as compared to the west. and that's something that the obama administration never really grasp is that we have to have a credible use and it's credible. use of military force on the table in order for diplomacy to work and no other president laid it out like president has. judge jeanine: what about the president is doing in vietnam? i think most of it find it interesting and by the way if you're looking at the screen right now it appears that the president is coming out right now with the president, i believe that the president of vietnam, tr?n d?i quang. they are now approaching the
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podium and we are now waiting that press conference in vietnam can vary your ex can vary. ladies and gentlemen members of the media tr?n d?i quang and president trump are now hosting the resource of their talk and i deliver tr?n d?i quang his remarks. >> president of the united states of america ladies and gentlemen members of the media, president trump and i have had fruitful talks about the bilateral relations and regional and international issues of mutual interest.
2:28 am
we both share the views that the bilateral relations have potential results over the years delivering enormous benefits to the people of both countries. during president trumps state visit to vietnam vietnam and the united states issued a joint statement pledging to further deepen the vietnam united states conference partnership on the basis of mutual respect for each other's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political system. within the visits frameworks the two sides reached an important agreement on economy and trade. we addressed issues that receive higher priority and we are committed to collaborate on this matter. vietnam highly values the united
2:29 am
states decision to cooperate with vietnam on cleanup at the airbase after the two countries successfully concluded the cleanup project at the airport. the president and i discussed regional and international issues of mutual interest. we agreed to strengthen our close coordination at regional and international to contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability in the region and the world at large. we also agreed on the importance of the afghan united states partnership and we believe that the development of vietnam us relations is not only benefiting its country but also contribute to strengthening afghan us
2:30 am
relations. for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the asian-pacific in the world. the president visit to vietnam marks a milestone in vietnam us relations creating momentum for the effective and stable development of the bilateral company is a partnership. i wish president trump and members of the us delegation of visisuccessful visit and i hopeu have a good impression of our country and our people. i sincerely thank mr. president personally and the american people for one friendship towards our country and people and i appreciate the great effort to develop vietnam bilateral relations and i'd like
2:31 am
to thank all american and vietnamese reporters who are here today. thank you very much turning to the president will deliver his remarks. i invite him to do so. thank you. >> thank you very much and thank you for your tremendous hospitality during my first visit to vietnam. it is a pleasure to be with you right here in hanoi, vietnam. on behalf of the entire american delegation i want to thank the vietnamese people for their warm welcome and to reaffirm the strong friendship and growing partnership between our two nations. travelers from all around the world, including many americans, come to vietnam each year to admire your magnificent limestone mountains, cycle through your many winding hillsides or swim in the
2:32 am
majestic day. your nations magnificent brings different people together from around the world and shared appreciation of the great beauty and splendor of your wonderful country. over the past two decades are two nations have come together to find common purpose based on common interests and that is what is happening. it is those crucial bounds we are here to reaffirm today. in a may the united states transferred the us coast guard cutter to the people and country of vietnam. it is named for the us treasury secretary henry morgenthaler junior, this vessel once patrolled the country of vietnam during the vietnam war. today the same american vessel is a gap between partners assailing the waters of the pacific on its way to control
2:33 am
these coast for the people of vietnam. this month we marked veterans day in the united states and out of war and conflict we have achieved a deep friendship, partnership and we have achieved peace bound by mutual respected, and express our veterans laid the foundation for that achievement between our nations. our decade-long joint humanitarian effort with the vietnamese people and government to account for and recover personnel still missing, so important to us, from the war is quarters of this rent is for and we want our servicemembers support and give total support to the families in the strengthen the foundation of our comprehensive partnership that is so important to us. in the spirit of our friendship i want to congratulate president
2:34 am
tr?n d?i quang for hosting a very successful apex leaders meeting this week. congratulations, you did a fantastic job. thank you. as i stated in my address to the aipac ceo summit on a sunday the united states is committed to a free and open and the pacific where strong, independent nations respect each other sovereignty, uphold the rule of law and advance responsible commerce. we want our partners in the endo pacific to be proud and self-reliant, not proxies or satellites. we look forward to achieving a bilateral trade agreement with partners who abide by the principles of fair and reciprocal trade, two very important words. they are in reciprocal. it hasn't been that way for the united states almost at all and
2:35 am
we are changing that and were changing it rapidly. for trade to work, all countries must play by the rules. i am encouraged that vietnam is recently become the fastest-growing export market to the united states. mr. president, i applaud your efforts to implement economic reforms and increased vietnam's trade and investment in all directions. the united states is enthusiastic about reforms that promote economic prosperity for all vietnamese citizens as we look to your growing middle class as a key market for american goods and services. we just had a great discussion about american goods and services coming in to vietnam. it's a two-way street. i am confident that american energy, agriculture, financial services, aviation, digital commerce and defense products are able to meet all of your many commercially needs and, in
2:36 am
fact, meet them but do it better than anyone else. moving forward i welcome vietnam's commitment to eliminating trade barriers for us agricultural products. very important. we must ensure that american farmers in all american companies, especially those in digital services and e-commerce can compete on a level playing field and we look forward to working with you to combat predatory and unfair trade practices in the region. on the security issues we continue to work with our vietnamese partners and with partners across the region on a range of challenges including maritime security, counterterrorism, human and drug trafficking, cybercrime and disease prevention. later today i will travel to the philippines where i will discuss many of these issues at the us acn summit in the east asia summit.
2:37 am
the summit is going to be something i think is special and i look forward to attending it. we will also discuss the growing threat from north korea. as i said in my speech to the republic of korea national assembly, all responsible nations must act now to ensure that north korea's rogue regime stopped threatening the world with unthinkable loss of life. safety and security are goals that should unite all civilized nations. we want progress, not provocation. we have been provoked in the world has been provoked. we do not want that. we want stability, not chaos. we want peace, not war. mr. president, thank you for being such a gracious host during my time right here in vietnam. i toured areas of vietnam and it
2:38 am
is magnificent what has happened. over the past two decades our nation have continued to grow closer in advancing our shared interest. the history of our two nations revealed the possibility for peace and progress in our world. moving forward as partners we will achieve great prosperity and success for the american people and for the vietnamese people. i thank you very much. translator: thank you very much, president donald trump. now, the floor is open to your questions. >> [inaudible]. translator: from vietnam agency, can you elaborate on the progress in the vietnam us relations over the past years?
2:39 am
[speaking in native tongue] translator: over the past years the vietnam us relations have made very strong progress in all areas from politics, diplomacy, economy and trade, science and technology, health, humanitarian areas and people to people exchange and in particular, high-level contacts meetings and exchange of delegations on the basis of the comprehensive partnership we have used excessive and meaningful results. among them the visit to the united states by [inaudible] in may this year in the state visit to vietnam honorable president donald trump and the very first year of his term of office are the highlights.
2:40 am
meetings between leaders vietnam and the president during his visit are very useful and the meetings give us the opportunity to understand each other better and to work together on areas of mutual interest. they substantiate an effective growth of the comprehensive partnership in the two countries have been and will be delivering benefits to our two people and contributing to the maintenance of peace, stability, cooperation and prosperity in the region in the world. thank you. [speaking in native tongue] translator: another president tr?n d?i quang question. provide the outlook of the us
2:41 am
vietnam relationship. [speaking in native tongue] translator: think if requested. during the talk i had with president we acknowledge that there is still much room for further expansion of the bilateral relations and we discussed ways and means to further strengthen the cooperation in a more substantive and effective manner and the time to come. the two sides also pledged to increase contacts and especially the high-level meetings through bilateral visits and meetings at the sidelines of the regional and international forums. two sides will also promote the momentum for department of economic treatment and vast relations on the basis of mutual interest minimize the trade disputes and will continue to effectively implement the economic and trade agreement
2:42 am
that we have signed. we also strengthen cooperation in science and technology environment, climate change, humanitarian issues, human resources and expand people to people exchange. for the comprehensive partnership in the interest of the two peoples and for the benefit peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world. thank you. >> thank you mr. president, if i could throw a change up here i will ask both leaders a
2:43 am
question. mr. president, to you, if we could at first you talked about your meetings with russian president bottom up and you said he received further assurances from him that he did not meddle in the us election. there was some uncertainty that brewed back in the united states over your statement that you said when he and what he tells me that i believe that he means it. that was taken in some circles, including senator john mccain, to thank you believe that he is saying he did not interfere in the election. could you once and for all, definitively, sir, yes, sir no say whether or not you believe that president clinton and/or russia interfered in the election. >> i am surprised is any conflict on this. what i said there is i believe that he believes that and that's
2:44 am
important for someone to leave. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i am with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies and our intelligence agencies and i worked with them very strongly and there weren't 17 as was previously reported there were four but they were saying there were 17 and there were actually four but as currently led by fine people, i believe very much in our intelligence agencies. now, at the same time, i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia and to get along with china and to get along with vietnam and to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to sell and frankly, russia and china, in particular, can help us with the north korea problem which is one of our truly great problems. so, i am not looking to stand and start arguing with somebody when the reporters all around
2:45 am
and cameras recording and seeing our conversation. i think it was very obvious to everyone that i believe president putin really feels and feel strongly that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes. what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everyone understood this that heard the answer we have to get to work to solve syria and some north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism and, you know, people do not realize russia has been very, very heavily sanctioned. they were sanctioned at a very high level and that took place very recently. it is now time to get back to healing a world that his shattered and broken. those are very important things and i feel that having russia in a friendly as a post to always
2:46 am
fighting with them is an asset to the world and an asset to our country, not a liability. by the way, hillary clinton had the reset button. she wanted to get back together with russia. she even spelled reset wrong. that is how it started and then it got worse. president obama wanted to get along with russia but the chemistry was not there. getting along with other nations is a good thing, not a bad thing. believe me. it's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> president tr?n d?i quang, some people believe that vietnam could make an effective facilitator in bringing the united states and north korea to gather to at least lay the groundwork potentially for negotiations. what do you believe vietnam could bring to the table in that regard? [speaking in native tongue] translator: on north korea issue vietnam is committed to seriously observing all the relevant revolution of the un and we support the
2:47 am
denuclearization of the korean peninsula and we will do our utmost and do whatever we can to contribute to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. thank you. [speaking in native tongue] translator: thank you, president tr?n d?i quang. >> is that a possibility and what would it take for that to happen at this point? for president tr?n d?i quang, can you comment on the president's offer to mediate the south china sea dispute? thank you. >> steve, anything is a possibility. strange things happen in life and that might be a strange thing to happen but it certainly
2:48 am
is a possibility. if that did happen it would be a good thing for, i can tell you for a free but it would also be good for lots of other places and good for the world. so, certainly it is something that could happen. i don't know that it will but it would be very, very nice for the incident. [speaking in native tongue] translator: with regard to the south china sea issue i have said my thoughts with president donald trump on the recent development in this area and in this case our policy to settle disputes in the south china sea through peaceful negotiations. and with respect for diplomatic and legal process in accordance with international law, including the 1982 us law of the
2:49 am
sea. thank you very much. thank you president tr?n d?i quang and president. we've come to the end of our press briefing. thank you for your participation. tr?n d?i quang that is president trump wrapping up his joint press conference with the president of vietnam. were back with reaction with retired brigadier general tony and retired green beret lieutenant colonel michael. guys, what i found was most interesting, aside from the fact that here we are with the president in hanoi and their coordination and i think that the comment that our president made that there is an effort to recover personnel still missing and that is so important to us. i'm going to go to you, general,
2:50 am
since you are still sitting here. what is that about? >> yes, judge, there's an agency and dod called full accounting in particular vietnam where we have so many unrecovered and missing in action. there is an operation called full accounting where we have people over there trying to find remains, tracking down the airplane crashes and that kind of thing and it's important that loved ones have the remains. judge jeanine: of course it is especially on this veterans day. judge jeanine: do you have any idea how many were talking about? >> there are still several hundred other that we are trying to find. judge jeanine: colonel, are you still there? >> i'm with you, judge. judge jeanine: let me ask you. what is your take on that press conference? both president tr?n d?i quang and our president both talking about their partnership and the fact that there's a deep friendship and what did you take
2:51 am
from this? >> aside from, as discussed, the striking nature of thing the president of the united states in vietnam on veterans day and talking about pows, as a veteran, strategically vietnam is really coming-of-age and its economy has grown at over 6% rate for the past several years, 30 folds of the end of the vietnam war and they are trying to position themselves as we have common interests with vietnam and vis-à-vis the south china sea, vis-à-vis vietnam fought a war with china in 1979 over a border dispute and they been damning of the mekong river which denying laos and vietnam water so there is a number of things that we are aligning strategically with vietnam and it speaks volumes to the united states as a master bolton said that we may fight these difficult, horrific wars,
2:52 am
whether germany, japan, korea or vietnam but yet the united states doesn't cease to occupy in the united states doesn't hold grudges and we have moved forward with our interest align and in this case we have a number of economic interests as china and security interest with vietnam as china expands. another point -- you know the sending of our coast guard cutter may not sound significant but coast guard in that part of the world are incredibly significant because of the chinese again are pushing hard on fishing rights, natural resources, islands they are taking over, these cutters are incredibly important and in support of our military be in or operable and move them away from soviet era munitions and weapo weapons. judge jeanine: how big is a cutter? how many people on a cutter? >> several hundred. it depends on the size. it is a close to shore or can go out into the water. it's more like a navy ship in this case. if we are going to have exercises with an 80 with the
2:53 am
enemies maybe it is important to have the same type of hardware in chips six general, i will go to you. what we heard from john roberts asked president trump said everyone in america, including john mccain, saying that you believe that when he says that he didn't metal and you believe the president made it clear and i said he believes that he didn't metal in the election. what is incredible is that you have george bush and george w. bush said that bush and mr. boone are the more i get to go president the more i see his heart and soul and the more i know we can work together and bush said you don't invite someone home alone unless they are friends and the same with obama.
2:54 am
and on that off mike mona moment and hillary with the reset. this president says we might have some the joint where we can work together and he is evil. >> this is an easy win for president trump where he can throw this phone to vladimir putin and go out there publicly and stand firm and say he says he didn't believe that russia was involved and we need the bigger picture here we need russia on north korea. so, this is a minor issue and president from his mind other than the distraction at home and his point is a good one. the division at home is impacting the geopolitical reality on the ground in north korea and on the korean peninsula. that is the real issue here. that is the point the president has made. why not throw the bone to p and say yeah, he says he didn't and wasn't involved and so, let's just move past. judge jeanine: colonel, before we go, what do you think going
2:55 am
forward the president is on his way to the philippines? >> that is right. for the summit and again, this will be very focused on china, china and president xi jinping in his reelection announced to the world that they are now the united states rival and they are equal and laid out a plan to exceed and to surpass us on the world stage. the filipinos, the enemies and many others in the region and particularly the japanese are nervous about that. there will be an economic focus and i'm glad to finally hear the president say we have to level the playing field on trade. judge jeanine: in the philippines and isis issue it will come up but general, and colonel, thank you for being
2:56 am
with us. that is it for us tonight on the special two hour addition of justice. thanks so much for being with us and stay with us. continue to stay with fox news continue to stay with fox news for there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be.
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>> safety and security are goals that should unite all civilized nations. we want stability, not chaos and we want peace, not war. >> resident entry gnome stretch of his marathon trip to reject. they need to now from vladimir poupon -- vladimir putin. >> what he believes what he believes. i believe we have to get to work. i have to be able and think it's very important to get through russia, south ukraine, south terrorism. >> president trump on between storm. when will the haters out there real


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