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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 12, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> safety and security are goals that should unite all civilized nations. we want stability, not chaos and we want peace, not war. >> resident entry gnome stretch of his marathon trip to reject. they need to now from vladimir poupon -- vladimir putin. >> what he believes what he believes. i believe we have to get to work. i have to be able and think it's very important to get through russia, south ukraine, south terrorism. >> president trump on between storm. when will the haters out there realize having a good
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relationship with russia is a good thing. being a president trump was elected. >> just a disgusting come irresponsible and dangerous for the democrat party. >> this is now bordering on a psychotic, collect his breakdown by the left. >> is now time to get back to healing the world that a shattered and broken. ♪ abby: wonderful song for a sunday morning. trained to rebel without a crew. how you doing iv? this is abby huntsman's last and couch with us. because she is a human being growing inside of her. not forever. she's coming back.
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abby: there will be some awesome women on this couch. >> i'm honored to be here on the sketches you had to this next important chapter in your life. once you start doing a cameo be like i wish i was back on the couch. it much harder being on the couch. you'd be great at it. chewing through the first i did this morning i turned it off and deleted it. i'll get a crying baby. griff: and you may get less sleep. abby: griff, you know. a lot of missed again today day. air force one landed in the philippines less than an hour ago making the fifth and final stop in president trump in his five nation tour of asia. pete: within the next half-hour, president trump will meet face-to-face for the first time with philippine leader detect a. the two set to tape placed in
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the welcoming ceremony. transfer other world leaders for the start of the ecm summit, southeast asian nations will last through tomorrow although the president was scheduled to come back on day. he extended there one day to spend time with the summit. abby: 14 days now. longest trip of his presidency. griff: want this in his presidency. setting the record. abby: most important part of the world. a lot of this came after her show yesterday. obviously that is going on in the evening with immediately thought of their putin. the much-anticipated meeting with a talked about defeating a about defeating a sister friday nicest interior. and then things got a little bit bit -- trained to read questions
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and he was willing to answer those are the president was candidacy always is that this is president trump talking about his meeting with thought amir putin. take a look at this. >> i believe that he feels he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i am at their agencies as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in the intel agencies, intelligence agents to use. i work with them very strongly. they were saying they were 17, so i'm not looking to stand and start arguing with somebody when their supporters all around the cameras seeing our conversation. it was very obvious to everybody. i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes. but i believe this we ask to get
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to work and everybody has to hear this to get the answer. we have to solve ukraine, terrorism. hillary clinton had to reset button. she wanted to get back together with russia. she even spell the reset wrong. that's how it got started and then it got worse. president obama wanted to get along with russia that the chemistry wasn't there. getting along with other nations is a good thing. not a bad thing. believe me. griff: we've got to get this tweet real quickly. then i give it the backdrop. the tweety put out was we want all the haters and fools out there realize having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad name. they're always playing politics. russia can greatly help. he did a gaggle that wasn't on camera and he said he believes hootenanny also believes his uis
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and intelligence agencies. it is taken out of context review believes is he just explained that putin believes that but i don't believe that. he wanted to set the record straight. was taken out of context and he wants to move on to other issues than this russian meddling thing. set the record straight and get the next issues like north korea and it's another example of the price taken out of context. >> was happening here at home is president trump believes that there was no meddling in the election even to return john roberts on the ground fair tweeted about his own frustration watching the coverage from afar, saying this is not accurate in a two step in here and make sure that we focus on the facts because that is that a journal should be doing and that is that what happened yesterday. pete: since election day, president trump has been attacked for being a legitimate thing beholden. the democrats and to safely to
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cry all day long pollution and meddling. to them, trump has been the enemy of the state because he's been working with the russians. it is therefore bad. when trump elyse pruden, and don't take at face value per se piteous and there was no collusion. madalyn collusion of the same thing. he says that's not true. that is bs. he's also seen a few facebook as an russian television was not enough to impact the outcome of our election. it's just hysteria how impactful they are. he said it's time to move on, people. let's move on from the on from the of fun places can work together with the russians knowing that they are foes and the longer we debated it, the more we make them look strong. they look strong to longer we talk about it. >> he was also treating about what it is and that is north korea. let's put this out. why would kim jong un insult me
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by calling me old when i would never call him short and. i try so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will have been. we were talking before the show started. people just don't understand the president. abby: because he's trying so hard. he's been too hard cheat on north korea. a number of folks support that. we need someone that is tough when it comes to north korea and tough on china. that was a big heart of the trip. north korea was their main goal here. >> that's why rush is important too. they share the land border as well. i'll be your friend, kim jong un if you give up your weapons. if you're not going to a play hardball. i'm happy to point out what everyone knows which as you are interested in looking fellow. that was given control of the nuclear arsenal by your parents are now suddenly we have to have our foreign policy dictated by you asserted that backend of the the world should be given.
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>> you should be lost to develop these leaders and yet continuing to take on kim jong showed uninsured even stronger over there while we find it very entertaining perhaps in a certain sense because it is personality and sense of humor but over there it may have a little more teeth than it has here. pete: it's not entertaining as watching democrats are never chompers, john mccain and others trashing the president and others over twitter status on presidential covers during our intelligence agencies under the bus. what happened to live in politics at the waters edge and letting the president dictate. abby: many people are getting accurate headline so they read things on twitter, go online and see these headlines that, the president better what he intended to say, which is why i don't love this tweet all the time can avoid the important for him to speak with the american people because that's the only way he can get out what he was trying to say. he can get so misconstrued.
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john roberts is very specific on the facts he had to push back yesterday. i thought other journalists responding. we need to get this right. we cannot lead people astray on this. >> basically what was initially taken out of context with the president's inflection on the word when he believes him that he was saying obviously he believes it. >> acknowledging he respects it. abby: which by the way, they've all said he did try to nail the election. you are saying the same thing. griff: we've been talking about it all day but there are other headlines. abby: ray were denying misconduct allegations in his first public appearance. >> i am not guilty of misconduct these allegations came only four and a half weeks before the general election of december 12.
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why now? >> the "washington post" last week detailed allegations that several women between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. he was in his 30s at the time. officials say most of the children ran onto the stairwell platform 10 feet above the ground when it fell through come and train them in people below. for kids now being treated for major injuries but authorities try to figure out what caused the stairwell to collapse at the gym in san diego. we'll keep an eye on my wimpy deserving shutting down to cooling with high level back. following an outbreak. 12 cases of about three cost elements were found about three weeks ago among people spending time in anaheim. nine cases of people visiting the theme park could one patient in anaheim but not disneyland had had additional health issues and unfortunately passed away.
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>> what can you imagine worse? abby: nfl announcing they will not change the national anthem policy to fight thousands to face a veterans day. the facebook or boycott the nfl with over 230,000 followers now is calling on supporters to tune out the solidarity with veterans. a player should stand for the national income that they are not required to stand. you're part of that? pete: i agree completely. turns out the nfl hasn't really learned lesson. the nba figured it out, got ahead of it and determine the policy and the nfl hasn't. i was out last night with a bunch of patriots talking about veterans and they are still a deep-seated frustration with added a political protest oriented. it just doesn't make sense. abby: understandable. trained to do democrats have a freshfaced problem? "saturday night live" think so.
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>> we also have some great new year i caught you being elizabeth warren. >> exciting time. >> and i'm still around, too. pete: the president economy soaring as one industry trucking along. steve cortés joins us live on that coming up. ♪ it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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abby: welcome back rainier since the president's election victory, all major indexes breaking records at 20% while unemployment fosters 17 year low. trained for an access point data tracking data bruises not just wall street to main street as
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orders for the big rigs to move freight on highways nearly tripled the fact sober compared to last year. he was more, councilmember and fox news contributor who we love, steve cortés. tell us the news. truckers are growing strong. >> good morning. and the pee-wee herman, my favorite character was large marge. remember. large marge is very busy. a lot of big breaks on the road. this is the trump economy is literally bawling when it comes to tracking. i love the fact the stock market is doing well. that's fantastic, but that primarily benefits wealthy america when we look at regular working-class people, let's look at the data they are. what better than the people elected donald trump or put him into office. tracking orders as you mentioned him you mentioned, year-over-year, and this here come october 2016 have almost tripled. that is on the ground data on the ground evidence that the trump economy is expanding and
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has expanded at a rate that helps people who have working-class jobs, who are loyal drillers to fill those tracks, where maintenance people, truck drivers. economy is expanding despite what the mainstream media want to tell you and despite the naysayers. not just the stock market doing well come in the and main street during well. abby: to your point, got to focus so much on middle america and middle income families who many are working multiple jobs to provide for their families, how much will tax reform impact looking forward with the holidays or around the corner and people are hoping for a tax cut here what will happen there? >> and hoping for the best. i have to admit i'm not confident in the senate republicans. i'm not sure they can. in many ways they have a 2015 mentality. they don't realize that happen in 2016 of the ballot box that there was an electoral revolution in this country and that we need growth.
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what we've had for this country for a decade is slow growth. it's been wonderful for the top 1%. you a lot of stocks and real estate, if you're an owner of assets this is a wonderful economy. for most people, the vast majority don't a lot of assets, for the wage earners has been a very, very tough spot over the past decade to lead wage growth, productivity growth. the good news is it's starting to happen. we need the republicans on capitol hill to realize for that to turbocharge, we need tax reform and we need it yesterday. so that better have been. griff: we are almost out of time, but the president said when trucks are rolling, the economy is rolling. what would nafta deals come either trader joe's on the horizon that actually would boost us? >> within, griff, we are in favor of free trade, those of us on team traveled, but we are in
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favor of smart trade. what we've had via the globalist and elite corporatist and lobbyists over the last decade or two in america's trade deals that don't benefit the american worker. we want free trade and when we compete on a level playing field, the american worker is second to none. but we need smart, fair trade deals and that's what the president has been advocating a pushing for right now on this trip to asia. pete: always good to see you. have a good day. abby: she stole and links our nation's secrets, but was let off the hook of former president obama. chelsea manning has a disturbing veterans day message. griff: players protested our nfl. a former air force sergeant is told to lead the charge next. ♪
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abby: back with headlines that the small text church where people were shot and killed at seminal springs inviting the public to tour a memorial on the one-week anniversary of the deadly shooting there. the church will hold its first survey since the attack at a nearby community center. las vegas route tops with a city preparing for tonight's rock 'n roll marathon. police using counter sniper surveillance during the first major event to dig a man opened fire at a country music festival in a covert killing 58 people. pete: 200,000 facebook users
3:25 am
icon in the nfl this veterans day weekend over the players nonstop in the protest. the group leading the protest as intel millionaire football players out protesting the national anthem of the united states, will be here. we love football, but we love our flag more. >> a group of veterans doused in water instead of watching pbs all joining us us now from veterans of same veterans. the group participating, former air force sergeant john donald. what are you doing today? >> well, i'm at the group is dedicated veterans, gold star families come in different veterans organizations that have organized a boycott today from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and we are going to have a family-friendly event. we will talk about what the american flag and national anthem means to us. >> there were 18 and a fellow players who protested during the anthem before the game's last
3:26 am
sunday. that is less than the peak when a couple hundred during the nfl. is this a boycott the vote continue until everyone is standing or until the nfl changes policy? >> will tell you what, i can only speak for myself. i shut it off the second i saw my home team, the new england patriots on neil in protest. i can call myself a former lifetime fan of the nfl. but the national anthem but the national anthem means to me and i think a peace to all veterans that have served is the one moment that is sacred when we take an opportunity to acknowledge veterans who were all colors and creeds who have fought oppression around the world. with this today, the reason the nfl players are kneeling on the ground under the auspices of oppression, and maybe they ought to protest the nfl commissioner and protest the fact that they have been misleading these players per decade on the issue
3:27 am
of concussions. maybe the act of protest that because that is oppression. not to take time out of my time in which i'm honoring the men and women who have served prior to me, will serve in the future. it's a time when i think about and i know my fellow veterans and all americans take time to think about the sacrifices that have been made for this country for the rights and benefits that actually are getting these people an opportunity to protest. it's the right to protest. no question about it. i think it's wrong and i don't think it's the right time to do it. griff: are you saying ultimately if roger goodell, that it would literally be perhaps the strongest message that you can send to the nfl that we are not going to tolerate disrespect to the american flag in the service of veterans. >> i think it would be the ultimate symbol and i think it is something that every nfl fan
3:28 am
who's watching, who is, you know, of our opinion that he hasn't really displayed any kind of leadership relative to this issue. he allows players to get on the field that is committed heinous acts to the fellow human being began he won't take a stand when it comes to the majority of americans who by the way have shut off the tv like i have done and sunday after sunday, refused to watch. people in costumes. we talk about real heroes in this country, it's our united states military and our first responders. when the star look at the real heroes in this country. >> of the owner of your pictures was listening because there's a small group of five owners to make a decision about whether they've re-up goodell's contract in 2018. he makes some 20 or $30 million a year. maybe they are listening.
3:29 am
>> absolutely. veterans assisting veterans. >> veterans assisting veterans is a group of veteran were 100% volunteer and what we raise we donate back and supporter of veterans organizations. one of the primary things that we support is a program to combat ptsd through therapy and we held veterans also help first responders as well who might be experiencing ptsd. veterans assisting anyone who wants to check us out feel free. come down today and supporter of veterans, support your right to protest. this outrageous things happened, 22 kill, my friend. >> right here. viewership down 5.4%. even more down if the nfl continues. appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. a fox news alert. a live look in the philippines where president trump is
3:30 am
expected to meet with world leaders any minute as he finishes up his asia tour. we will go there live next. >> socialism on the rise in the united state has more than a dozen socialists won local elections this past week. something to say about that coming up next. ♪ what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. a live look in the philippines where we are awaiting president trump to arrive. transfer the president landed in our ago set to meet with red meet with roderigo duterte for the first time face-to-face. abby: set to take part in a welcoming ceremony with other world leaders that at this hour in the start of the asean, which will last through tomorrow. we now want to bring and host lawrence jones to talk about a number of things. their reaction to how the troops going. he's well into this asian trade. a lot of news coming out of this. a lot of deals done a little controversy. >> this is no surprise for me. the president does go on the road because he's a great leader. he talks about america's strength. he is not afraid of world leaders, he had the american --
3:35 am
he does all of those on the road and here at home. he doesn't have to face the national press that continues to badger everything they've done. abby: still doing their job back at home. >> he remains focused on his message because he doesn't have a lot of time to treat. griff: is the focus? he was disappointed over eight, nine days and then all the sudden it is tweaked on kim jong un. i don't call them short and, >> i've been very critical of the presidents tweeting. but i don't think it matters to the american people. what the american people are so upset with the congress right now. the about 200 bills in the house that eventually died in the senate. when it comes to the president and his relationship with the american people, i think it's strong. people have so with congress not passing.
3:36 am
>> there also upset with those who throw stones on a foreign trip attempting to represent our country and consent is being undermined. >> again, give them politics as usual, back and forth in the president not only targeting democrats right now but establishing republicans as well. he is fighting of the politicos that term. >> do you think he will treat a message to millennial for socialism is not such a good deal? >> the president didn't have that much support when it came to millennial and i think that's the republican party as a whole because they don't go into the college campuses and bring this message. abby: don't think mitch mcconnell brings out the millennial out the millennialist? would you saying? >> the democratic socialists of america but the membership up from 6500 to over 30,000. the average age of the group is gone from 60 to 35. they say they're not a political
3:37 am
party but a movement pretty socialism on the rise? it is a movement that starts on the college campuses. until conservatives addle on the intellectuals, on these campuses, then we won't win. we cannot beat this one where the group of teenagers going on today's college campuses and feed them all this bs about everything should the free. abby: bernie sanders does bring out a lot of the young people. speaking of young people and the lack of bench, and democrats. snl had a little bit of fun with where the democrat party is right now. listen to this. >> and a message from the democratic national committee. >> americans want to pull. the mac they told president trump we don't like what you're doing at all. >> one thing is clear. we are back, baby.
3:38 am
>> we have at thought this combatant since the day before trump one. >> we love our fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces like me, nancy pelosi. >> the dems are back and we will stop now. >> another vision for america. >> another chance for me, hillary brought it to intend. just one more chance and maybe one more chance after that. >> the dems are back. we are back. >> we die though, seeing your trump because the dems are back. >> our group has destroyed all of this. >> they are back. they wanted.
3:39 am
in fact, lee carter won in virginia in the house of delegates. he's a young socialist. >> so there's a real problem. >> of. >> i don't think as far as republicans should be concerned about the who socialism part from the leaders because i don't think the american people sell it. they should be concerned about the young people. what we saw on snl is since donna brazil's revelation, the gloves are off. people are really upset these leaders have so much control. it was literally bought and paid for so you'll see a lot of people in hollywood criticizing the democratic arty. i push back because it's been known for a while they just didn't have the evidence. >> lauren, good to have you this morning kid gloves are off. good to see you. some other headlines following this morning at the ucla basketball team back to escape from china without three of its players this weekend. cody reilly and jay leno could
3:40 am
be stopped for weeks after being arrested during a season-opening trip. accused of stealing from high-end designer stores when a judge ordered them to remain in china. if convicted they could face between three and 10 years in prison. gags. chelsea manning took a shot of veterans on veterans day. want to support veterans? stop sending us overseas to be killed or killed. their nationalist tales we can do better. the army private was sentenced to years in prison after leaking classified military documents to ricky weeks. the sentence was committed by president obama for leaving office. the top team in college football close down and a number one georgia the first loss of the season. helped the second -ranked alabama surviving mississippi state 31-24. also losing on saturday all over the fighting irish 43-7.
3:41 am
executive producer. >> a famous 30 for 30. the old-school match between notre dame and the hurricanes. >> if the hurricane season. is it officially over? >> noah. over on november 30th. >> november 30th. that's right. >> you do know a lot of hurricanes. >> that's because you are nailing it out there. >> i was afraid you were going to go a little too far. bring you back in. serious stuff out there. right now things are just chilly across parts. overall, the really cool day across the northeast. yesterday all kinds of record temperatures is settling back towards the north in canada. just because it was warmer there
3:42 am
yesterday than it was in cleveland and boston. now it has warmed up a bit down across parts of the south. at least now it feels a little bit more like a mild winter day or a cold fall day. east coast pretty dry. we watch more rain and snow across parts of the central plains. none of that will announce. pretty light storm. purdue week across parts of the pacific northwest, especially rain continuing to pull on by the latter part ready for a huge day luge across the northwest. temperature wise fairly stable with some warmer towards the north a little bit cooler. >> what is the definition of the day luge? abby: thank you so much, rick. president trump making a wish to mend relationships with russia. transfer younger veterans the best way she knew how.
3:43 am
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♪ ♪ griff: train for a quick headlines. carrie recovered after falling outside of her home. the singer now out of the hospital with a broken wrist, cuts and abrasions. injuries keeping under it from performing an event in nashville tonight in our team essential need some time to recover. taylor swift is back issues taken over the charts. ♪ the pop star's sixth album reputation selling more than 700,000 copies on the first day in the u.s. billboard saying it
3:47 am
could be this year's best-selling novel and after just one week. go team swift. >> i don't think she's going anywhere. a fox news alert. president trump touching on manila scheduled for a state dinner with the association of southeast asian nations at any moment. when we have that, we'll bring it to you. president trump opening up about the significance of this they found with russian president vladimir putin. >> i want to be able because it's very important to get on with russia. there were sanctions at a very high level and not to place very recently. it is now time to get back to healing the world that is shattered and broken. i feel like having russia has opposed always fighting them is an asset to the world. >> from the u.s.a. intelligence
3:48 am
operative colonel tony schaeffer. you heard the president. a ton of hyperbole in the so-called mainstream press about his statements around vladimir putin and colluding and meddling. what do you make of the president's comments? >> you are right. this is over-the-top. ted lieu and i were going at it because the congressman accused the russians of hacking. every report that's been out there that's incredible to include comments from mike pompeo and down is that there is quote, unquote, some level of meddling. as the president pointed out, vladimir putin thinks that he didn't do that. whatever. it's time that we get past all the drama and focus on what is real. if anybody has to go out and read the reports which are out there, stipulates clearly would have been. the other thing to your point, for goodness sake, everybody is pushing this president to engage with north korea, but what was
3:49 am
just sanctioned to russians, the russians are going to be paying a price for what they did. but there's bigger things we've got to get to. we've made great gains in iraq and syria now on the verge of defeating the islamic state isis on the ground good for goodness sake when he toured together to to bring stability into syria. other things we must do together. it is like you have all these adolescents who heard that their favorite show on eye got canceled and they are all hyper now. it's totally insane. pete: talked about working at the russians. north korea when the president was in china he had this to say about dealing with it koreans. take a listen. >> the united states is committed to the complete and permanent denuclearization of north korea. so important. china can fix this problem easily and quickly and i am calling on china in your great
3:50 am
president to hopefully work on it very hard. >> a lot of tough talk around the north korean regime. long overdue. what are we getting into our progress in preventing them from having the weapons they can't have? >> we've got to find a way not to engage china to work with us to denuclearize. this is a huge issue in the weaponization of those warheads is what we are most concerned about. we are talking about here the ability to push these things, the small shira schama says weapons on long-range icbm rocket that can hit the 90s date of the senate eastern and western seaboard. again, china needs to understand if there is every real hot water, they'll pay pay consequences as much as south koreans would. pete: colonel tony schaeffer comes the part of the trip was to go. a lot of takeaways will take from it.
3:51 am
well, they've been on the trump train from the beginning. >> army, first to fight for their right and to build and the army goes rolling along. maybe. anchors away my boys, anchors away. pete: joined us later on this well. this gentleman took on a southwest airlines flight. more later today. november is epilepsy awareness month.
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this is our shot to take. learn more at: abby: are for us that i'm purdue university alumni honoring our heroes the best way he knows how underway since southwest flight. these branches armed forces with a stirring rendition of all of their fright times. abby: joining us now, so on this
3:55 am
morning peewee pager video yesterday. you might have been the best thing to happen on veterans day and on veterans we can't remind everybody what it's all about. where did that come from, the personality to walk to the front of the plane and start again? >> it's an idea had on the way to work a couple days before. i wanted to find a way to use my god-given talents to honor our talents been a disabled veteran myself. when i asked them to use the song i had learned include club to honor veterans. >> called the fight songs you honor veterans more than anybody in america. >> i actually got a round of applause from a lot of folks on the plane. honestly, this is about honoring veterans demand a lot of people and taste of thinking me. but i just wanted to give back
3:56 am
to those who have in some cases given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. abby: it's a feeling of unease to give. how many incredible people serve this nation. thank you for reminding us all of that yesterday on the show and throughout the country. you're a special soul. >> is for having me. abby: have a great sunday. we'll be right back. griff: he's awesome. ♪
3:57 am
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in the mirror everyday. when i look when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure. >> safety and security are goals with all civilized nations. who wants stability, not chaos and we want peace, not war. >> president trump at the home stretch of his marathon trip. a new denial for vladimir putin over russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> what he believes is what he believes. what i believe is we have to get to work.
4:00 am
it's very important to get along with russia to sell syria, north korea, ukraine, terrorism. >> president trump on a tree storm. with all the haters realize having a good relationship with russia is a good thing. >> resident trump is elected and the left can't get over it. >> a disgusting, and dangerous for the democratic party. >> this is now bordering on a psychotic, collective breakdown by the left. >> is now time to get back to healing the world that a shattered and broken. ♪ abby: we didn't have a song on the upper left of the screen,
4:01 am
but this might be a new taylor swift song. it just came out on a night. the line outside yesterday during our show is unbelievable. tailor searches on snl. transfer 700,000 copies of problem out the gate. there is more important news than was more important is the nt swift and that is the manila philippines where we are wading president trump's arrival at the ogden summit in the philippines. abby: commander-in-chief and with the philippine leader as well as other world leaders on the final leg of the historic asia trip. pete: now the latest on the president travel plans. hey, kevin. reporter: hey, good morning. always great to be with you. coming to you from beautiful manila. the president almost hear that asean for the fifth stop and he
4:02 am
is meet to me with a president who has decidedly rocky relationship with the previous u.s. administration. talking about the president of the philippines. it has been an eventful time for the president to reduce size 10, 11 days plus as we continue to watch his arrival here in all the other big names as they make their way here. i should point out this comes after the rebels up in vietnam just ahead of course another gathering here another economic summit. this time the association of southeast asian nations and clearly we are talking a great deal about trade, security cooperation and increased economic ties in the region. this gathering is hosted by president duterte of the philippines, outspoken critic previously in particular president obama who you may remember chastise the philippine leader for his human rights record. the country's foreign secretary told me this afternoon in the past doesn't mean there won't be a bright future ahead for the two allies.
4:03 am
>> it's a relationship. relationships are complicated. but you cannot view the relationship. the latorre is tied very strong. cooperation very strong. so if there was a misunderstanding that the previous administration, words that were misinterpreted because of the different culture, it's being repaired now. >> talking about massaging the relationship between these two countries, long-standing nuclear relationship to say the least. not a lot we don't expect to hear from the president, but tomorrow we will hear plenty. for now, back to you. abby: the president right there, live video writhing at the asean summit in manila in the philippines good as you can see meeting with leaders there. what could we expect from the scene about to take place?
4:04 am
>> this is a very important opportunity for the leaders to get together, do not have a little meal tonight and do site conversation. big day is tomorrow when the real bilaterals have endured a lot of sideline meetings happening. cameron got the idea of cooperation on security, trade and maybe, just maybe a little help on the north korean problem. we'll talk about that as well. >> i want to quickly ask you see the president with duterte come in the philippine president. a lot of criticism for him because of duterte's human rights abuses, cracking down on drug dealers. the president extend his trip by one day to stay at this summit. do anticipate some pushback for the critic said he was in so much time with this later on this summit? >> i can guarantee you will hear plenty of criticism as the environment we are operating in
4:05 am
as journalists. this is an important opportunity to mend fences and if i could also tell you quickly, there's some symmetry there. i think there is a personality blend. i think they like each other based on what my observation has been and will keep an eye on it for you. >> kevin corke, thank you locker will check in with you. corey lewandowski, former trump campaign manager and senior advisor for america first action. corey, we just saw the light images of president in manila. clearly matching shirts is a big thing on this trip overseas. however, a big part of the conversation has been the so-called mainstream media here flaming president trump for his comments on vladimir putin and the russians in meddling in our intelligence community. former presidential candidate and john mccain. john mccain treated this about the president. he said there is nothing america
4:06 am
first about taking the word of the kgb colonel over that of the american intelligence community. vladimir putin does not have america's interests at heart. did not the president point out he believes in the community. he acknowledges russia will deny it. >> you're exactly right. you also have to remember john mccain's own colleague, senator dianne find kind in california last week was on television saying is the ricci member on the senate judiciary committee has been no coordination between the tram campaign and the russians in any way shape or form. the mainstream narrative, but the bottom line is we are leading the intelligence community to their jobs. what we've seen so far there has been a meddling is spent with a russian spy events from facebook, which faced that should've stopped. abby: a lot going on. tax reform on top of everyone's mind. giving a sense of what they will put forward. several key differences between the two bills.
4:07 am
sounds like they will come together soon as tomorrow to make this at least come together in some way. the president hoping to have it on his desk by christmas. a number of guests on the show the last few days than there seems to be -- the confidence seems to be slowing down in the tax reform bill getting through. but man do a lot of health care. what you think of what is going to happen? >> i hate to be a debbie downer, but if our faith and tax plans are in the health of a congress with a 6% approval rating, we are in big trouble. we need the president to get back to the u.s. and italy during getting it done. fully seen in the past as republicans and democrats have not gotten nothing done for 30 years. the president wanted the tax though then. we are now seeing now will be delayed to 2019. he wanted tax cuts across the board for everybody. maybe an increase, and very little faith in the members of congress in the u.s. senate to get the bill done until the
4:08 am
president comes back and force his hand. griff: we are still seeing these pictures as americans are waking up across the country. is it your sense that he was talking about the press here, taking the president out of context. what is your assessment on the entire take away from this trip? as the press undermined the president's trip in the strides he's made on this trip? >> is not just this trip, but the multiple trips the president has sent overseas, he's been now received glowingly by world leaders in any relationship between the united states and world leaders for the president -- press doesn't want to give him credit for that. the longest -- president of the united states, the relationship is building, putting america first grade we see whether his china, vietnam or others. american industries have the
4:09 am
opportunity to participate in those economies as opposed to been taken advantage of hours that he should be getting amazing amounts of credit for the mainstream media. that doesn't fit their narrative. one sole focus. donald trump now with 100 putin, president of russia said there has to be relationship with derek. with the president has said is both have a relationship with these people that allows us to kill isis and syria and other places. tran do you mention facebook in russian television. his image is stepping back and 80 new mercedes influencers, which are not good in our intelligence community has acknowledged are not good, but you spend a years worth of hysteria saying this is that impacted our election. time to move on. all of this is vladimir putin. hillary clinton had a misspelled reset button. maybe i can get it done. is this a president standing confidently saying i don't care if the world and the price tag. i will put the country first and
4:10 am
work with you. that's exactly what he talked about on the campaign trail, which is putting america first for a change in all this hyperbole, speculation, conjecture and that there is something going on between russia and the united days trying to influence the election. we have 10 or 11 months to look into inlets come to a resolution because it's time to get past the cycle in the forward and if russia did influence the elections let's put places and physicians in place so they never do that again and that includes companies that facebook and others not taking money from overseas trying to influence elections. >> maybe the biggest thing is north korea appeared to move on but to focus on things that we can hopefully impact today that will make a real difference down the road. he was going back and forth with kim jong un. he treated by what he influence -- insult me a call in the old while i would never call him short or. i tried so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will
4:11 am
happen. 10 days into the trip i believe. do you think the biggest thing that will come out beyond the trade deals being made is the progress on bringing these on bringing those countries not that part of the world together on fighting against north korea? >> that's the most important thing. you have to remember this president has been a counterpuncher. when someone has sent you a worse one in kind. the most important thing for the global economy and global safety is to make sure we control and contain the chaos that will happen in north korea. if we don't have support and south korea and not "mad men" will launch a new layer attack on an unsuspecting nation that will cause massive devastation. what the president is doing is trying to bring the world community together in their region as well as the work of ambassador healy is doing at the united nations to keep economic pressure and political pressure on north korea to make sure they do not have nuclear weapons. that's the single most important
4:12 am
thing the president will be doing on the trip overseas. >> in the actual summit right now, the asean summit in the philippines bingo 10 southeast asian nations. we talked about everyday like north korea and china, is it your sense the president no one is talking about this that he's creating a coalition of southeast asian nations to bring further pressure on china with regard to north korea and in a smaller issue in the south china sea where china has quietly been dominating the waterways that serve as an entire nation ramping up in the military position, the president trying to take a stand there and lift all these nations and possibly getting the respect of these leaders which is not getting the respect here at home. >> i think you're exactly right. the reason is the president is a great negotiator. he can bring the community together collectively to ensure
4:13 am
they are putting pressure on china which in turn will put pressure on north korea, that is a win for the united states that the best way to do that is because inmates at them. as you know he extended his trip one additional day to make sure he's at the summit tomorrow to participate in bilateral discussion. it was a decision he made in this very, very important to the southeast asian community is cohesive on us to go to china have economic pressure allows us to put economic pressure and political pressure on north korea. is that the president is the best of the only way to put a coalition together. pete: kory lewandowski, appreciated. abby: appreciated today. investigation into trend in russia but why does the group on the john podesta's brother now shutting down? prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
4:14 am
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pete: democratic lobbying firms are reportedly closing down run by the brother of hillary's campaign chairman has been a focus of a special counsel in a growing rush investigation. tredegar to weigh in as president following this case in the beginning joins us to weigh in. tom, thank you. this podesta group has been a focus of this because of their connections to future gps another aspect now shutting down. it doesn't look like their hands are clean here. >> well, they are tied to the manafort lobbying operation that is now the subject of a criminal indictment or at least to criminal indictment by investigators for the question is why hasn't the podesta group and targeted? they are partners of manafort and the underlying lobbying campaign for which he's been
4:18 am
indicted. they filed the site as well. these registration not forms that are supposed to tell the public who is working for what foreigners. the manafort filed the forms latecomer he gets indicted. podesta files than late they don't get indicted which raises questions as to maybe there is an inordinate focus on people close to trump wall protecting people close to the operation. pete: and the left side of the screen there you can see the president on his 12 day trip over nation in the philippines. he is at the asean summit taking place in a moment there. live shots there. there's a lot going on. the president has a lot on president has a lot of misplaced overseas but but at home dealing with legislative matters all the while this investigation still going on under moeller. how has that investigation change just in recent weeks with the new revelations coming out about the democrats involvement? >> the problem is that hasn't changed in the sense that even
4:19 am
though the democrats and hillary clinton and the dnc specifically created this dossier that of the building was used to target donald trump, there has been no change in focus. we would know if there's a change in focus. you saw with the manafort investigation command the grand jury is, people's homes could rated in the case of manafort. nothing like that has happened on the democrat side of the issue because frankly you see them investigating the own operation because this dossier by all accounts is still being pursued by mueller and his people. trying to tom, which are effectively saying that if manafort is under investigation and they are not being investigated, we are looking at political targeting. we are looking at a special counsel deciding to look at one side of the aisle and not another. >> he was hired to get donald trump. that was the reason they look at russia collusion in the campaign and the fact that manafort and podesta were not talking about
4:20 am
russia collusion would talk about manafort and podesta. interesting of the two d. only person target is the president's former campaign chairman. who knows what will happen with mr. podesta down the road. i don't know if podesta is guilty, but at this point no one can have confidence in mueller investigation with all the parties in the democratic donors on the investigation and the inordinate focus on the trump operation while protecting hillary can be trusted. pete: as we watch the triply optimistic white on the investigation that's a wise move. focus on facing forward and tax reform and everything else. >> just quickly. you should be contents into the inappropriate use of government resources to target people in the misuse of taxpayer resources not regard. pete: tom payton, thank you. we will continue filing was going on in the philippines.
4:21 am
war of words between president trump and kim jong un has been fired. diamond and silk are here to give us their take. they will surely be candid. don't want to miss this. ♪
4:22 am
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pete: welcome back. quick headlines. will not change its national anthem policy despite thousands plan to boycott the league today in the veterans day, john mcdonald joined us earlier telling us why he's taking part in the boycott. >> what the national anthem means to me and i think it means to all veterans that have served as the one moment that is sacred. the mechanical policies of the
4:25 am
player should stand for the national anthem but they're not required to. in an nfl player now facing domestic battery charges from a kansas city chief roy miller arrested yesterday in jacksonville. he's accused of attacking his wife at the judge set them free in court after she decided not to press charges. police are still investigated. train to president trump wrapping up his overseas tour by trading with the north korean dictator kim jong un. the president treated why would kim jong un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and russian ark i try so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen. abby: social media star come always good to have you on the show. how are you? >> thank you for having us. abby: thrilled to have you. to treat the president sent out about kim jong un. the kind of jokes about it.
4:26 am
i tried to be his friend. there's an an seriousness and not in a cinema to be their friend but if not we will take action as seriously as we can. do you think he has the ability to be friends with kim jong un? >> you know what, we have to get along with some of these countries. let's just address the short and fat. he short, fat an ignorant. they tell you how the president operates. you took good dad at him. he will let you. this country got to play fair. you can't be shooting missiles than trying to kill our people. griff: speaking of playing fair. the same thing with china saying we want to trade with you. but it's planted in your advantage for years. how do you feel about the
4:27 am
president's message on trade and putting america first? >> i love his message. we have to be put first. we want fair trade. it can be one-sided. you have to put the american people first. you have to explain. those people over their respect and to the fullest and i love it. drink or let me it somewhere else. that is donna brazile, not only do we have someone else talking about donna coming to her defense. take a listen. >> it's been a year since the election that could people have outlook to the mirror over the course of this year. they've been claiming the russian and everybody else blaming senator sanders. they've got a look in the mirror and say how could we have the clinton campaign list to a seemingly unelectable man. three cheers for donna brazile. on the way through. >> what you think of lincoln chafee?
4:28 am
>> lecs telling the truth. the other collusion is hillary clinton dnc. you know what, why are they being prosecuted? why aren't they being prosecuted for that? kudos to donna brazile for standing in her truth and telling the truth even though she got held up in some things here she told the cover nasty truth. >> we are glad donna brazile had a come to jesus moment. >> daybreak this whole entire thing against bernie sanders but it didn't work. >> u2 voted democrat in your day. supporters of barack obama. but he think the democratic party needs to do moving forward? what lessons can they learn? >> that the democratic party can dismantle itself. we looked at everything going on in our country, and against the flag, and the democratic party
4:29 am
is pushing itself. this is what they created. all of this here. so i think they should dismantle itself. there's no coming back to what they've done. >> the people have awoken. trade for bert "saturday night live" said they are all coming back strong. be my killer needs to go somewhere and sit down. she is not the president. they are not coming back. people see the trickery. they see the clintons can get away with any and everything. that's where the oppression lines and people are tired of that. >> bernie sanders is part of the problem because i believe allegedly he was paid off and he was given it. >> we just want a fair system. trade to either north korea or none create depending how it goes. diamond sale, we appreciate your time. well, jumping into politics,
4:30 am
literally. we will hear from a former army ranger who jumped out of an airplane, a perfectly good one to announce his candidacy for south carolina state house seat. abby: too many christmas carols to really unhealthy? the new controversial study? i listen to christmas carols all year round. pete: all year round? abby: yeah, i own it ♪ every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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♪ abby: dispatches gets you in the mood? a chewing the spirit? rick is rolling his eyes over there at me by the weather stand. i wish you could see his face. last night train to put the american holidays before christmas can we not celebrate thanksgiving. abby: if you're not careful we are going to play wham. tray waiting to play thanksgiving music first. >> there is no music. >> banks, telegrams. does anyone know one? you can let us know.
4:35 am
abby: the reason we are talking about this because the psychologist in link it too early can be bad for your mental health good you can see which side of the argument i'm on. i feel like it's july and that comes on with my running mate i'm fine with it. it gets me in the mood, gets me happy. pete: i usually skip it unless it's aaron neville and then i listen to it. [laughter] >> we are excited when he started working here and you are like arthel neville works here and you have a connection. pete: i want to know what christmas gift that didn't get as a child. >> after thanksgiving. >> friends at fox abby: d. like to listen to christmas music all year round or is it bad for you to hop waveguide carolers on the show later on to give his spirit.
4:36 am
thank you in the spirit. abby: but i doubt. pete: we have worked to get us in this era well. reporter: thanksgiving is my favorite holiday bar none. when christmas comes first time in comes first, it makes are you using. pete: i'm with you on the way. >> is that either. especially across the northern tier right out. overall, not as bad last couple days. that's going to bring simmering in a little bit at no. all of our a lot of assured that this is. most of this happening right now is we have a lot of what we get through before we get to thanksgiving or christmas is
4:37 am
also, output not enough weight. we need to celebrate abbeys black elites were you go out on maternity leave. you're going to be leaving nasa in a little bit. we had a pizza party. >> you crave certain things during pregnancy. >> you crave anything that's not healthy. pizza has been my number one craving. pete: by the way, this is a food segments that we decided to do it. abby: i am so thrilled your >> right away, a lot of times pizza comes like this and it does not look good. >> this looks amazing. pete: i was hoping for one pizza. abby: how might we have? pete: i don't know about you always do it big. dream through this makes it all the better.
4:38 am
come to "fox and friends" studio. we have more than enough to go around. you won't have to >> is coming down. how many more pounds can i put on today. i love it. reporter: more surprises coming throughout the morning. abby: more coming up. did the democrats have more? "saturday night live." >> in a message from the democratic national committee. >> now one thing is clear. we are back, baby. >> debating whether they have a messaging problem. >> the former army ranger quite literally announcing his candidacy for his house seat by jumping out of a plane. we'll talk to him coming out.
4:39 am
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pete: welcome back to "fox and friends" weekend. called the trump effect. a president in japan after eating a cheeseburger. much as burger shack in tokyo selling out of the trump of berger would people lining up just to get a taste of the $10 colby jack burger talk with lettuce and tomato and a side of fries. we tried to get a few onset here turned out he couldn't get a view here. running out of burgers to running out of money. so strapped for cash. officials pass the measure the fish out all the coins in the world name is heavy sound. they add up to more than a
4:43 am
million bucks a year which can go towards other projects. the country is pulling coins out of a fountain you know you might have problems. griff, over to you. train for for democrats by high after their series of election wins this week gloating about it. so much and became a "saturday night live" political priceline. >> .message from the democratic national committee. >> tuesday americans went to the polls. >> we don't like what you're doing at all, sir. >> one thing is clear. we are back, baby. >> fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces like me, nancy pelosi. >> in me chuck schumer. >> and i am donna brazile. griff: but is there a little trickier? kevin scott and adrian elrod here to let me start with you. what is your reaction? >> first of all, thank goodness for snl, which is always
4:44 am
encapsulated what is going on at the national level in a humorous way. democrats have the best night that we had in five years on tuesday night. we made it teammates in virginia, washington state to regain control of a state legislator. in pennsylvania and new hampshire. i was a weakness when it came to be invested in those races every one. there is a level of truth and not that moving forward with that to be a little bit more focused on talking about policies that matter to democrats and how we can help the american peep hole. that is something that i've long believed and i think you'll see a lot more of that coming forward. griff: i want to get your take and kevin, what do you say for the future? >> well, it was not a great night for republicans, but the reason this is so funny is because there's so much truth to it, the "saturday night live"
4:45 am
skit because it's not just the democratic policy, the personalities bringing down the party. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, bernie sanders, joe biden. the average age of the face of the democratic party is in their mid-70s and they are all white. they desperately need some new faces. in the midst of people not loving everything trump is doing, they can build a lot of momentum because of the face of their party. griff: the star of this cat obviously, donna brazile, in the news business we know right away what happened in the country amongst the electorate takes a few weeks for us to sort of saturated. what do you think will be the ultimate impact of the donna brazile news? >> the impact will be zero and that was illustrated tuesday night. tuesday night could enact indoors in virginia all weekend and monday and tuesday and not one person asked me about donna brazil's vote-getter obligations it has zero impact moving forward. we are looking forward to 2018. a lot of momentum going into the
4:46 am
new year and i think it has no impact. griff: do you agree with that? no, not at all. the next time there's a presidential primary, and these issues will resurface and the voters will be asking, does their vote count and the democratic primary or is a break from the beginning? say whatever you want about republicans. at the end of the day, the people got to choose what they wanted. the democrat is a top-down leadership they choose the people's votes don't matter and that is going to ring true in 2020 when we start looking at democratic residential nomination process. griff: adrienne, let me ask you, either in a new faces? what about joaquin castro, and a fresh blood in the democrat faces? >> absolutely. we collected even more at the state level asinine as we continue to rebuild the doubt. i want to go back to something you said about what voters care
4:47 am
about. not one voter in any exit poll that came out a virginia top about donna brazile. they talked about health care reform, protecting health care, not repealing it, fixing the escalating cost of health care but not repealing it. that's what people are concerned about where democrats have so much strength going into the midterms. we want to protect obamacare, not repeal it, whereas republicans are focused on trying to eliminate obamacare. griff: let me give you the last word on that. what is your take? >> when the next presidential primary comes up, this'll be an issue. can they trust the dnc to protect the process and honor what the people want. i don't think they can and i think you hit the democrat party in 2020. griff: thank you very much. i was a good discussion and a lot to talk about. that's for sure. alan dershowitz and david bossie and a whole lot more plus a
4:48 am
former army ranger jumping into politics, literally announcing his candidacy for south carolina seat. as you see here, by jumping out of a plane. he joins us live next. don't go anywhere. he's jumping. here we go. ♪ free, free fallin ♪ and i'm free, free fallin ♪ november is epilepsy awareness month.
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i am the proud father of aeness very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy. it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at:
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pete: back with the fermi army ranger jumping into politics. robbie cox announced his candidacy for south carolina statehouse seat i jumping you can see out of a plane. true for tours in iraq as a republican that time for new leadership. former army could be forming.
4:52 am
more about his former campaign, fermi army ranger bobby cox. thanks for joining us. obviously, in cool unique way to launch your candidacy. first of all, why are you running to my jumping out of an airplane to start it? >> good morning. great to be here with you. as you just mentioned, to time for new leadership. i really want to bring integrity back to her state government or state level here in south carolina. we've had multiple ethical violations and we are just really tired of the same old, same old, same old career politicians in the shadows. i want to bring leadership back to the state government. pete: same old is not jumping onto the plane. >> exactly. i wanted to do something different. and that's a good message there. i wanted to tie it into a veterans day. as a combat veteran the honor of my life was to these soldiers
4:53 am
into do something that really kind of personified the american tenacity from a fighting spirit the servicemember, but also signified the boldness that would bring into the leadership of taking on the problems of her state government. as an airborne ranger and paratrooper, there's only one way you can do that is jump out of the plane. >> all the way. for tours in iraq, what lessons do you learn on the battlefield he will bring to elected office? >> you learn so much about selfless service that it's not about yourself. is about the mission, the greater danger part of. i lit my code code pretty much my whole life. they lived by the honor code when i was in the army. they lived by a high ethical standard in my daily life and i plan to bring those down to the state government and motivate them to do more with what they
4:54 am
have two secure a brighter future. i'm pretty certain. abby: what you think is going to write right now when you look at washington, the term presidency, would you think is something that makes it optimistic? >> one of the big reasons i'm going into it is because we just needed a change. the message to countries that we want something new fresh and we are not getting it. they are rising up and i'm excited about that. pete: the swamp weather in washington lives in its own code. good luck in your candidacy.
4:55 am
but that can erase their bobby cox appreciate it. >> including how abby etherpeek said. david bossie, steve scalise happy to have you here. all coming up on this sunday morning. ♪ #stuffynose #nosleep #mouthbreather just put on a breathe right strip it instantly opens your nose... up to 38% more than cold medicine alone go to today to request a free sample.
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4:59 am
to work. i think it's very important to get along with russia, to solve syria, so solve north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism. >> all this coninjection the mainstream media that there was something going on between russia and the united states trying to influence the election election. we tend to get past the 2016 -- it's time to get past 2016 and move forward. >> all major stock indexes breaking records up more than 20%. >> the economy is expanding despite what the mainstream media wants to tell you, not just the stock market that's doing well, it's the economy on main street. >> donna brazile. >> we always thought the fix was in with the dnc. i know i felt that way. >> three cheers for donna brazile. i like a truth-teller. >> has our back. >> i will destroy all of this . [laughter] ♪
5:00 am
pete: baby watch. abby: baby watch, eating way too much pizza. pete: flee pizza in the america. abby: my pizza. pete: you eat pizza weird, though. look at this. she eats the crust first, america. have you ever met anybody -- there are no rules. there are no pizza rules. abby: i'm that girl at the party when you open the pizza box and there's just crust left, it's like christmas morning for me. i take all the crust. griff: that would drive my jack russell rascal, that's the only thing he gets. abby: we all eat differently. we don't judge on the show. pete: we don't judge you at all because when you're about to go on maternity and have a child, you can eat as much as you want for as long as you want. abby: how do you eat your pizza? crust first or what do you call this part? pete: this is called the american way, eating it front
5:01 am
first. abby: we want to hear from you. griff: now we got to find out how kevin corke -- we have a fox news alert. abby: president trump right now having dinner with world leaders in the pete: the commander-in-chief sitting next to philippine leader rodrigo duterte during the last leg of his historic asian trip at the asean trip. griff: kevin is with us live. >> hey, guys, before i get to asean, listen, the only way to eat pizza is fold it, period. if you don't fold the pizza, you're just not eating it the right way. listen, this is an important opportunity for president trump. clearly he wants to come here and talk about a number of major issues for the region, right? he's got to talk about economic cooperation, security cooperation, trade, and, yes, that problem up there, north korea. this is, after all, the fifth of five countries that he is visiting here in his asian store going from one economic summit to another, from apec over in vietnam, now this is asean.
5:02 am
this is also an important opportunity for him to meet with a leader that, for lack of a better description, hasn't had the greatest relationship with the united states, certainly not the last administration. of course we're talking about, as you pointed out, president duterte looking forward to his opportunity to chat with president trump here at asean. the president coming here after much discussed comments on russian meddling and he's looking to leave all that stuff in the rearview mirror. so this time he's here for the gathering of the association of southeast asian nations, again trade security, cooperation, et cetera. this hosted by president duterte who is an outspoken contradict of the u.s., in particular president obama. you may remember he really sort of chastised him about his human rights record, and that really ruffled feathers here but philippine officials are confident that the trump administration will be able to bring a renewed spirit to the conversation between the longtime allies. >> i think the impact will be on the positive side because president trump has much more
5:03 am
empathy. he has the same threshold and holds human rights as high as any other u.s. president. he might not -- just like president duterte, they might not say it in that matter, but it doesn't mean that we aren't strong supporters of human rights. >> very interesting conversation there with the foreign minister. don't forget this evening's festivities are pretty much the capstone for the day. the big meetings really all begin tomorrow, but that doesn't mean there won't be festivities. and in case you're wondering, no i did not get one of those cool shirts. [laughter] abby: they look really comfortable, i got to say, kevin a pizza folding could i guy. thank you so much. and just to be clear, they were doing the toasts there. president trump doesn't drink. pete: yeah. abby: so it's been reported -- and you can clarify this, kevin, quickly, it's diet coke that he's drinking when he cheers?
5:04 am
>> absolutely right. he is not a drinker. in fact he's been very vocal about the fact that his brother had a problem with drinking and so the president has never, ever ever touched alcohol, so when you see him raising a glass, it's diet coke. pete: it's diet coke. >> it may be pepsi. abby: good point. thank you, kevin. pete: obviously this part of the trip, there's still more to come come. i think it's on day 10 of 13 but so much of the focus on other networks and elsewhere will be on the exchange and the things president trump has said about his meeting with vladimir putin. of great consequence to real substantive issues like north korea and china and isis and syria, but the media will want to focus on what happened a year ago an election and whether or not there was collusion and meddling and of course those questions were brought to the president yesterday. he said this to the media which is sparking a big conversation today. listen to president trump. >> i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies,
5:05 am
especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies, i've worked with them very strongly. there aren't 17 as was previously reported. there were actually four. but they were saying there was 17. there were actually four. so i'm not looking to stand and start arguing with somebody when there's reporters all around and cameras recording and seeing our conversation. i think it was very obvious to everybody, i believe that president putin really feels, and he feels strongly, that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes is what he believes. what i believe is that we have to get to work, and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer, we have to get to work to solve syria, to solve north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism. hillary clinton had the reset button. she wanted to get back together with russia. she even spelled "reset" wrong. that's how it started and then it got worse.
5:06 am
president obama wanted to get along with russia, but the chemistry wasn't there. getting along with other nations is a good thing, not a bad thing believe me. umph, now, we need to just do a quick explanation for our viewers to get some context meaning the president was in his gaggle, there were no cameras there and he was asked about his meeting with putin and he said he believes he means what he says, the press reporting then that he believes that vladimir putin on no meddling but it was taken out of context as he felt compelled to clarify which he said i believe putin believes that but what we need to do is move on and our chief white house correspondent john roberts made it very clear it was a case of the press taking out of context and not listening to the president's inflection when he was speaking. abby: right. john roberts who's overseas on the strip was tweeting yesterday saying how frustrated he was to see the coverage back at home and how it wasn't honest, it wasn't accurate because what many were saying yesterday after this happened was that president
5:07 am
trump didn't believe there was meddling in the election which he's now come out and said i stand with our intelligence community which have come out and said russia did try to meddle in the election so it's so important here to get the facts right. griff: it's very important, remember, as a journalist, as a reporter, it's long hours, very difficult. in the case of the pictures you're seeing this morning, it's host tv in the philippines, china, it's the press run by the governments of these countries and so you have to work double time on zero sleep to try and get it right. and in this case his own colleagues who should be working double time to help each other get it right. pete: not yet it right. but a shocker, they don't care about getting it right for most -- i'm not talking about our own john roberts. i'm talking about so much of the fake news media that wants to spin it no matter what. the president put a bow on his argument tweeting this, saying " "when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. they're always playing politics politics," meaning the haters and the fools, "bad for our country. i want to solve north korea,
5:08 am
syria, ukraine, terrorism, and russia can help greatly." from the president's perspective he's been called illegitimate since election day, they call it collusion and meddling. first of all, he's trolling the press with his willingness to talk to vladimir putin. he also says you can talk about meddling, but there was no collusion, so don't try to discredit me. a few of a ads and russian television here that no one watches somehow we spend a year of hysteria on influencing our elections, there's no proof that it changed a single vote per se yet this dominates my presidency and whether i can talk to vladimir putin? i support my intel agencies, but i don't support witch hunt hysteria to discredit me so i'm not going to let that change how i view vladimir putin and the potential to move on and establish a relationship that the obama administration was never able to establish despite, you know, trying everything they could to be friends with vlad. abby: here's the problem, griff, i see when you do misconstrue
5:09 am
the facts, this becomes the headline, this becomes the story about a trip that has become so much more. we can talk about meddling and russian involvement, whether or not putin says what he says, but there's so much to talk about, as the president is saying, whether it is north korea and whether it is syria. corey lewandowski who we had on last hour said it's so important we have the president in this part of the world because we need their help when it comes to the most important thing we deal with today, when it comes to north korea. >> he has been received growing growingly by world leaders, it's a new relationship between the president and his world leaders. he should be getting amazing support from the mainstream media, but that doesn't fit the narrative. there's one focus: president trump, the united states, vladimir putin, the president of russia, there has to be a relationship there that's detrimental. what the president has said, let's have a relationship with these people that allows us to kill isis in syria and in other places. all this hyperbole, all the speculation, all the con coninjection in the mainstream media that there was something
5:10 am
going on in russia to influence the election, if that's happen, we have had 10 or 11 months to look into it, and let's come to a resolution, it's time to get past the 2016 election cycle and move forward. pete: most any on her president would have caved from the amount of pressure from the mainstream media and democrats and never trumpers, instead he stands up and says i'm going to do what i think is right. we didn't collude, nothing happened, we can move past that here at home. griff: remember, he knows he's the best messenger for his own abby: most of the time. griff: -- any time he sees -- well, i mean, look, he has a voice. his voice and twitter -- abby: he's using the 280 characters, by the way, i've noticed. griff: the twitter he put out to getting a lot of play we haven't mentioned yet is the one on north korea. here's a tweet: why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat? oh, well, i try so hard to be his friend and maybe someday
5:11 am
that will happen." obviously the president's sense of humor, but using yet again in front of this 10 nation bloc like, don't forget, i'm in charge of, i'm going to be tough and you're going to get behind me and we're going to put pressure on this threat to not only that part of the region, but the entire world. abby: but also times change. you think about where we are going to be in 40, 50 years and what is happening right now on this trip is going to impact that so much. he was in vietnam yesterday. think about our relationship with vietnam back then and how much -- griff: we rebuilt the country we were at war with, and you're right. china has a chinese ring. if we don't build those kind of alliances actively, which we're doing right now, not fake tpp trade alliances that strip away our sovereignty and don't actually help us but real forged alliances, then we will see a pacific dominated by the chinese which won't be friendly to freedom, which won't be friendly to trade -- abby: you know what that means for north korea, too, a disaste. pete: exactly. a lot of consequence here.
5:12 am
griff: the president's already taken a trade meal to china, $250 billion to buy american products, beef, auto parts, natural .as abby: other headlines breaking overnight, new video of the u.s. and south korean forces kicking off joint naval exercises in the pacific with north korea watching and a clear warning to the rogue nation the u.s. rolling out three aircraft carriers and 11 missile defense ships near the korean peninsula. the uss nimitz, the theodore roosevelt, and the ronald reagan all taking part in those drills for the first time in a decade. also this, alabama senate candidate roy moore again denying sexual misconduct allegations, slamming the washington post for the first time since the paper published that report. >> i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. these allegations came only four and a half weeks before the general election on december 12th. why now? abby: the washington post report
5:13 am
published last week detailed allegations moore pursued relationship with several women when they were between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. he was in his thirties at the time. and a u.s. marine capital, the gender of his family in a unique way overseas. watch this. that is captain gregory betito kicking a football which then burst with pink powder which you can see revealing his expecting expectingase little girl. he learned his wife was with child three months into his deployment. how fun is that. griff: can we get back to the right way to eat pizza? the right way is to have you abby: i don't know about that you're going to have to eat it this way. griff: we'll do it this .ay pete: there is a thanksgiving song, adam sandler wrote it. well, she stole and leaked our nation's secrets but was left off the hook by former president
5:14 am
obama. former private manning has a disturbing message for our men and women serving overseas. abby: and get ready to have some extra cash if the president's tax plan gets passed by congress congress. breaking down those numbers coming up next. so much more on this "fox & friends sunday" including how with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
5:15 am
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5:17 am
♪ griff: president trump's tax plan could get more money in your pockets with tax cuts. here to break down it is numbers is cpa daniel geltrude. let me start with these brackets brackets. let's look at what we currently have and what's going to happen under president trump's tax plan plan. this is $75,000 salary, single, childless taxpayer. tell me about the numbers. >> okay. so when we look at this currently, we would owe almost $12,000. what's important to point out
5:18 am
here is this is for someone that is not itemizing their deductions. we have to be able to compare apples and apples so when we do that we see that the trump tax plan is going to increase a tax savings here by a little over $2,000. why is that happening? it's happening because of an increase in child care credit as well as the family care credit. griff: let me look at the family under 75,000. what's the difference and why? >> what you have here is you need to keep in mind that the single person is actually paying more tax. this is simply about what the refund and the savings is going to be. when we look at the same family here, family of four, less tax to the tune of $1700. griff: let's look at at someone making $175,000, no family, savings quite significant. >> yes, it is significant. let's look at it this way.
5:19 am
they are paying in much more than the last screen that we looked at. their taxes are higher. they're just getting a greater savings. the concept always is, the more you pay, when the taxes come down, you get more back. griff: and so if you make the same amount, 175,000, and you have a family, two children, under 17, you're not getting as much. >> is no you're not getting as much but this only tells part of the picture. this is only about the savings, not the total tax paid. so this could be a little deceiving and some people have really made quite an issue of this, but it still comes down to significant savings for middle-class people. griff: one of the criticisms from democrats is that those making on the lower end of the economic scale not making anything, here is a single guy making or gal making 25,000 salary, explain they see numbers numbers. the savings are slim. >> the savings are slim because again they're not paying that much in taxes. proportionately, it may not be necessarily that much less. it's just in the absolute dollar amount it is less.
5:20 am
griff: let's look at try to make it with a family and you are pressed for every nickel and dime, and this isn't good news. >> it's not goons, but again it doesn't tell the whole picture. let me tell you why. when you're looking at a household, family of four, $25,000 of household income, they're paying no tax. all this means is they're getting a $72 less refund credit back from the government, but they are paying no tax whatsoever. griff: so is it your sense, then that as the message is going to be democrats say it's terrible, it's refund for the rich, the republicans say it's the best thing to happen in 31 years. what say you, dan? >> i say the middle class is getting a tax cut here. the numbers can appear deceiving but from everything i looked at, it's absolute, they're going to save money. griff: daniel geltrude, thanks for walking through the numbers with us. president's critics complain
5:21 am
he's not getting anything done but they must not be paying attention to his move to transform the courts. and is it ever really too early for christmas music? apparently it can affect your mental health. we've christmas carolers who are going to put it to the test. ♪ that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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fellow. pete: welcome back to fox & friends. quick headlines for you. the small texas church where 20 people were shot and skilled. the church inviting the public to tour a memorial on the one week anniversary of the deadly shooting. the church will also be holding its first service since the attack and will be held at a nearby community center. plus snipers posting up on las vegas rooftops where the city is preparing for tonight's
5:25 am
rock 'n' roll marathon. police using countersniper surveillance, on the strip since a sniper killed 58 people in october. abby: largest hitting in u.s. history. one of the country's most influential newspapers throwing water in the faces of those critics who claim the president has accomplished nothing. pete: today's new york times, which the president calls " "failing new york times," their headline says this: proclaiming trump is rapidly reshaping the judiciary, breaking down the speed at which federal appeals courts are filling up with young conservative judges. griff: here to weigh in law professor and lifelong democrat alan dershowitz. what did you make the story? >> there's no question president trump will have an impact on the judiciary for years and years to come because he's picking many young people, many from the federalist society. it depends on who he picks. if he picks true conservatives
5:26 am
who believe in judicial restraint, applying the law objectively, following pinto precedent, the impact won't be as great as if he picks a mirror image of what he complained about with obama and others. if he picks right wing judicial activists who are ideologues and who try to impose their view of society on the rest of the country, they will then he will have a big impact, but there will be a lot of complaints about it, so it really depends on the nature of the conservatives that he puts on the court. so far, i think he's had a mixed picture. some of them have been people who are serious academics who come from the federalist society who would be like justice scalia but some of them look like they're they're judicial ideologues. griff: so should we look at the president with picking gorsuch? >> well, neil gorsuch is a very distinguished judge, former student at harvard law school who believes in judicial restraint when was a law clerk for one of the most
5:27 am
distinguished justices. if he picks everybody like gorsuch, i don't think that the change will be as dramatic as if he picks, you know, the mirror image of people he complained about on the left. so i hope he doesn't do that, and i suspect he won't do that. griff: professor, president obama packed the courts with sunk ideologues, social justice activists and others who see the constitution as a living document. is the best check against that to reassert the rule of law, is it to do the mirror image or is it to find, folks, who have a fidelity to the constitution, understand the limited role it should play and that law should be made by the legislature? how do you fight back against what the obama administration did most effectively? >> i think you're absolutely right, the most effective way of fighting back is not to pick mirror image people the other way. that just turns it into a political fight and, you know, one party is going to win another time, another party is going to win another time, and
5:28 am
the judiciary is going to swing like a wide pendulum. but if the president picks people who care deeply about original meaning, about applying the law fairly, about not allowing their personal views to enter into decision-making, then i think we could begin to move the judiciary back toward the center where it abby: that really could be the biggest part of your legacy. i talked to more voters before this past election, they said the biggest issue to me is the supreme court and whoever wins will put in these positions. and we've seen with president trump already as you said the lasting power that it could have to put young people specifically in these positions. >> yeah. of course the supreme court right now has no vacancies. there are at least three justices who are at an age where they might leave the court for one reason or another. and when that happens, i think the high drama will come into effect. pete: my goodness, the high drama will come. >> remember, they have to follow supreme court presid.nt pete: it will come when the balance of the supreme court is truly at issue, as you say. professor alan dershowitz, that's it. griff: thank you, professor.
5:29 am
president trump slammed again by the left for trying to improve relations with vladimir putin during his trip to asia. former deputy campaign manager for the trump campaign david bossie weighs in next. pete: and is it ever really too early for christmas music? apparently, according to abby, it's not, but some studies say it can affect your mental health and not in good ways? look at these carolers. they seem therapeutic. ♪ baa baa black sheep,
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
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♪ >> i want to be able to because i think it's very important to get along with russia. they were sanctioned at a very high level, and that took place very recently. it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken. i feel that having russia in a friendly posture, as opposed to always fighting with them, is an asset to the world. griff: the president there trying to explain what he meant as the press took what he meant out of context. pete: course. they're never done that before, griff, no. let's bring in david bossie, former deputy campaign manager of president trump, president of citizens united and a fox news contributor. david, does any of this surprise you? of course the rest of the media going wall-to-wall on this as some sort of another development in the russia scandal. what are we really seeing here?
5:34 am
>> you know, i think it doesn't surprise me at all. this president has had a tremendous trip overseas, success at every turn, once again, another perfect foreign trip. the mainstream media here in the united states has to end this trip on something that they create, a controversy that isn't one that they create. it's ridiculous. what the president said yesterday needed no clarification if you had a brain and two ears. and so it is ridiculous. i listened to him last night and i said exactly what -- i agreed completely, because he said this is what putin said to me. he didn't say i agree, he didn't say he was right, he didn't say any of that, but the mainstream media forces this clarification today. and the president, what he did today was masterful. i think what he did is he put them all in their place to say " "look. obama and hillary clinton for
5:35 am
years tried and failed to have a better relationship with russia russia." and now the democrats are, in my opinion, in a dangerous place. they have continued, they have continued for a year to attack this president's relationship or potential relationship with putin over these ridiculous collusion claim of the campaign, and this is going to pay consequences down the road, and this president is just trying to get that behind the american people. pete: wait a minute, david. let me just press you a little bit. and that is what the president is saying he wants to move on to north korea, isn't the real determination of whether this trip was truly successful or not is whether or not he's able to bring pressure on north korea from both china and from vladimir putin and russia? >> it is vital for the american people, it's vital for the world that we get a resolution to de denuclearize north korea. it is in everybody's best interests, including the chinese and including the russians.
5:36 am
and that is what the president was putting on the table, that we can build these relationships going forward, not living in the past. what is the president supposed to do with putin? is he supposed never speak to him again? do the democrats want to cut off all relations, all conversations all, you know, diplomatically with russia? what is their position? it is a ridiculous position. the president wants to move forward to solve syria, to solve north korea, to solve the iranian problem. we have problems all across the world that he inherited from a weak foreign policy of barack obama. and this president is trying to fix those one day at a abby: well, and no doubt there are challenges here at home too. he is i believe watching very closely what's going on with tax reform. tomorrow the house and senate are supposed to meet to mark up the tax reform bill. he is hoping that it gets to his desk sometime during the holidays, maybe christmas. yet critics say the middle class it's only going to be bad for them.
5:37 am
you also have conservatives saying wait, now that we see what the senate's putting forward, we're not happy about that, including the business tax not until 2019 will it go down, something the president said is a red line for him. at what point does he say i'm not standing for this plan? >> i think we're going to see that later this week. i think the president will get back from his foreign trip and get a look at what the house and senate are doing. he has been very clear that he wants tax reform done this year, tax cuts for all americans, not just some, all americans, tax rates are fundamentally too high and they need to come down for all americans. and, two, the corporate tax rate has to be done this year or at the beginning of next year, has to take place january 1st. that can't be off into the future. our economy is waiting for this infusion, and it needs it desperately right now. griff: anybody that knows you, david, knows you've never been an establishment type, always a
5:38 am
risk taker, bomb thrower, let's go for it. no, you should take that as a compliment. >> pete: is this good enough, is this tax bill, is it simple enough, is it cutting taxes enough? 'cause you're hear from conservatives saying this isn't the tax cut for every american, per se. >> look, i'm with you. i don't -- that's why i'm waiting for the president to get back to see exactly where we are are. i hear things out of the house. i hear things out of the senate. neither of those places, neither of those bodies are what i would call giving us a reaganesque tax cut. this -- i look back at ronald reagan's tax cut, and that's what we should really be trying to do here, bring taxes down on all americans. the burden is too much. a smaller, more efficient government, lower spending and lower taxes for all. that's what ronald reagan stood for as a governing philosophy. that's what this tax bill needs to make sure it's anchored in. griff: david, real quick because i want you on the record saying
5:39 am
this, we've seen steve bannon saying ditch mitch, we've seen conservatives say ditch mitch. what do you say? does the president come back and go to war with mitch mcconnell over this? >> i think, look, those are two completely different things, griff. what you have is the president needs to work inside the house and in the senate to get tax reform done for the american people, and he is committed to doing that, and he wants it done this year so our economy can take off. look, you look at the economic numbers, growth at 3%. the obama administration literally would have given a limb for 3% growth. it is that -- it is that -- griff: i got that part. but the new york times headline yesterday that was mitch mcconnell has a messaging problem in that he's dropping the ball, if you will, to get this done. the president's made it clear he wants something done. will we see the president come back and put pressure as he has in the past on health care, put pressure on mitch mcconnell over the messaging? >> i think he's going to put pressure on the entire u.s.
5:40 am
senate. all the republicans, including the leadership, and all the democrats, putting them on notice that he is going to be campaigning next year in the midterm election against the senate democrats if they do not come on board. i think if we get our 52 together, our 52 republicans, we're going to see democrats come on board, and it will become a bipartisan bill overnight, even though the democrats do not want this bill, they don't want tax reform for the american people. abby: well, he has certainly put pressure on members of his own cabinet, so i have no doubt he will come back if he needs to and put pressure where it is needed. david bossie, good to have you. pete: if democrats come on board david bossie, you are quite the prophet. we shall see. >> christmas carols. think christmas carols. abby: going now to other headlines i want to bring you this morning, chelsea manning taking a shot at lawmakers on veterans day. the convicted leaker posting this on line saying "want to support veterans? stop sending us overseas to kill or be killed for your nationalist fairy tales.
5:41 am
we can do better." the army private was sentenced to 35 years in prison after leaking classified military documents to wikileaks. that sentence of commuted by president obama just days before leaving office. and one man honoring our heroes on a recent southwest flight. watch. ♪ down we dive, with our planes, off we go over the abby: i just love that that is air force veteran noah gemerly. he told us what encouraged him to sing to troops. >> i just wanted to find a way to use my god-given talents to honor our veterans, being a disabled veteran mys.lf abby: and he made sure no one was left out singing each branch branch's fight song. >> the top team in college football goes down, tenth ranked auburn hands number 1 georgia its first loss. alabama surviving a scare against number 16, winning 34-21
5:42 am
34-21. notre dame losing on saturday to memorial 43-7. good game. pete: ouch. sod good people games. and some nfl games coming up today unless you're not watching because a lot of america will be not watching. abby: donna brazile getting backup on her claim that the election was rigged for hillary from a former democratic presidential candidate. griff: president trump has a question for kim jong-un, why can't we be friends? from north korea. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends i cannot imagine managing my diabetes without my dexcom. this is the dexcom g5 mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. a small, wearable sensor measures your glucose every 5 minutes imagekim jong-un
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5:46 am
pete: a top orthopedic surgeon saying ugg boots don't offer enough support, leading to premature wear-and-tear of the joints. an uggs spokesman said its boots offer added innovative enhancement to improve stability just when you thought the pokémon go fad was over, it may soon be here. >> stop, stop, stop. you're going to take someone's eye .ut pete: the game's creator says a similar mobile game in the harry potter universe is in the works. players will be able to learn spells and take on beasts from the books and movies while traveling around their neighborhood. they just have to be careful about wearing ugg boots when they do it. pete: she wears almost nothing
5:47 am
but uggs and she's pregnant. abby: it's either heels or the uggs go on. griff: i got a household of all girls. we have a lot of uggs boots. this is not good news. pete: and i asked you how come your uggs don't smell because if i had uggs -- you said because your feet don't smell. abby: everyone's feet sm.ll pete: men's feet smell really bad. griff: the question is does donna brazile wear ugg boots? here's the important part. and that is donna brazile has taken on the world. she's got democrats, republicans everybody mad at her for talking about what she says was the truth behind what happened in the 2016 election and hillary clinton taking over the dnc. she simply pointed out in her book that she felt like the system was rigged and moving toward -- well, she helped rig it and then she pointed out that the system was rigged. abby: now that a number of her democratic friends are obviously very upset with her book and now a former presidential candidate is speaking out saying that it was -- griff: not just a former -- she has coming to her rescue in the heat of a long protracted battle --
5:48 am
abby: lincoln chafee, you remember him. griff: lincoln chafee and former republican. turned democrat. >> it's been a year since the election, and the clinton people just haven't looked in the mirror over the course of this year. they've been blaming the russians and everybody else and blaming senator sanders. they got to look in the mirror and say, how could you we as the clinton campaign lose to a seemingly unelectable man? three years for donna brazile. i like a truth-teller. i just thought the fix was in all the way through. pete: i mean, it hurts when people are willing to cut against the orthodoxy. abby: i think a lot of democrats are quietly cheering in the background, they knew this was going on, even elizabeth warren admitted that it was rigged when she was asked about when the donna brazile stuff came out. this is serious stuff. and when you ask an honest democrat about the system moving forward, it has to change, the way was this handled, it was rigged. this is not the way a democracy
5:49 am
should be. pete: before that it was bernie and her and lincoln chafee and martin o'malley and lincoln chafee did not win because he talked about returning to the metric system. griff: she has storied accomplishments in politics. she has no motivation to build upon this, and, by the way, just for the other side of this story donald trump, right? what did he have to do? take down, 17, 18 candidates. pete: basically rigged against him. you had the whole established coming against him. griff: didn't matter to him. he had the deck stacked against him . pete: the dnc said rig it enough the rnc couldn't. it's interesting. so let us know what you think, are you with lincoln and donna with this rigging of the did think? abby: do the democrats have a fresh face problem? saturday night live, they think so. >> and now a message from the democratic national committee. >> it's tuesday. americans went to the polls. >> and now one thing is clear. we're back, baby. pete: abby, saturday night live
5:50 am
finally found out the democrats are funny, right? abby: that was actually a very good clip. going up, dan bongino on how this is a wake-up call for republicans, not the democrats. you don't want to miss that. griff: and how early is too early to listen to christmas music? now one study claims too many tunes is unhealthy. we've got carolers here. look at this. they are absolutely awesome. ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh gloria, hose an in excelsis i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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>> abby: the commander-in-chief meeting are a team leaders on the final leg of this historic asia trip. >> griff: dominating the headlines a new denial all from vladimir putin over russian medaling in the 2016 election. >> president trump: what he believes is what he believes. what i believe is that we have to get to work. i want to be able to because i think that it's very important to get along with russia to solve syria, to solve north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism. >> abby: u.s. and south korean forces kicking off joint naval exercises in the pacific with north korea watching. >> he's fat and he's ignorant and if he don't get himself together north korea is going to not be korea. >> the most important thing for the global economy and global safety is to make sure we control and contain the chaos that will happen in north korea. >> we always thought that the
6:01 am
fix was in with the dnc. i know i felt that way. >> three cheers for donna brazile. i like the truth teller. >> i will destroy all of this. >> [laughter] >> [christmas carols singing ] >> abby: you have a great voice. >> griff: i'm humming for a reason. >> abby: we came to the conclusion on fox & friends sunday that caroling is good for everybody because there was a therapist that came out and said caroling all year around is bad for your mental health. >> griff: he was taking the scrooge position and then he got into a good mood.
6:02 am
>> pete: or thanksgiving right? but now that i'm hearing it, i'm like when is christmas? i am still so excited. >> abby: you might have people on your team because we asked all of you watching do you think we should listen to christmas music all year around or just during the holidays and your e-mails are coming in from joan that says yes starting too early is too much of a good thing. it's exactly your point. >> griff: it's not clear that's true with everything on earth. sometimes too much of a good thing is a good thing. >> ron e-mailed i could listen to christmas carols every day of the year instead of schumer, pelosi and waters songs of doom and gloom. he should go to cleo's in wisconsin. >> pete: or watch saturday night live. laurie e-mailed this, she said i have ocd, obsessive christmas disorder and i love it. maybe she's already got the decorations up, maybe she left them up all year long. >> abby: laurie keeps her decorations up all year long and we love you for that.
6:03 am
>> griff: do we know what the president thinks about christmas carols? we'll have to find out. >> pete: he won't be singing holiday carols i'll tell you that. >> abby: he's very big on merry christmas. >> griff: he wants on his desk by christmas tax reform and by the way he made a point, it's merry christmas. >> abby: very big on that but there is big news we want to bring you. >> pete: that's right. fox news alert right now. president trump is in the philippines the commander-in-chief meeting with the phillipine leader for the first time face to face along with other world leaders in matching shirts at the summit. >> griff: he just left dinner and is heading back to his hotel this march president trump's final stop on his five nation tour of asia. >> abby: he's on day 10 and will be back where he's slated for a long day of meetings with several different leaders and still a couple days to go, but a lot that has happened on this trip. a lot of deals that have been made but also, some controversy. >> pete: absolutely, a lot of it's about north korea but he
6:04 am
emphasized heavily on the front end of the trip trade and imbalances we've seen and so much of this abbey you pointed this out is a check against china. it's a recognition that without alliances in that region, you've got chinese dream and a future that seeks regional dominance and wants to control those shipping lanes and military dominance if we don't do a real asia pivot we could be behind the curve quickly. >> abby: way to say quickly he's found a really good balance watching this from afar of showing our strength and america first but also, extending the olive branch as you said to our allies over there and to places like china that have been needed this has needed to happen for a very long time. >> griff: he's also continuing to own his message. here is what the president had to say when he was clarifying some of his remarks as it relates to other issues. >> president trump: i believe that he feels that he and russia did not medal in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies,
6:05 am
our intelligence agencies. i've worked with them very strongly. there weren't 17 as was previously reported. there were actually four, but they were saying there was 17 and there were actually four so i'm not looking to stand and start arguing with somebody when this reporters all around and cameras recording and seeing our conversation. i think it was very obvious to everybody. i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strong ly that he did not medal in our election. what he believes is what he believes. what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer. we have to get to work to solve syria, to solve north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism. hillary clinton had the reset button. she wanted to get back together with russia. she even spelled reset wrong. that's how it started and then it got worse. president obama wanted to get along with russia but the chemistry wasn't there.
6:06 am
getting along with other nations is a good thing. not a bad thing believe me. >> griff: so what our viewers need to understand is what he was doing there was clarifying his conversation with vladimir putin, the press pete as you say doesn't give the president a fair shake so there were no cameras and he said well i believe putin believes what he believes but i believe the russians medalled in our election and they took that to mean that trump says putin did not medal and so he is saying look, let me give it to you straight since you weren't paying attention the first time. >> pete: the word russia is cat nip that this fake news media can still not avoid. we watch other networks so that you don't have to and in watching other networks, they didn't cover this foreign trip as much as others because it was substance. then, the topic turns to russia and it's like wow the wall. before that they want to be talking about a certain alabama senator and now it's russia and they want to talk about anything that makes republicans or this president look bad and in the tweet that president put out
6:07 am
yesterday, i think sums up the way he views how people look at him and his relationship with vladimir putin. the president tweeted when will all the haters and fools out there realize having a good relationship with russia is a good thing not a bad thing. they're always playing politics meaning the haters and the fools , bad for our country i want to solve north korea, syria , ukraine, terrorism and russia can help greatly. he's maintained from the beginning no collusion, medaling may be fine if russia believes that and our communities have found that, doesn't mean we colluded now maybe it is time to work with the russians on a few things because they are definitely not our friends. >> abby: but here is what's dangerous about the coverage here at home and our own john roberts will talk about this who takes his job very seriously and is one of the best at his jobs. he said watching the coverage at home because he's over on this trip, basically it's frustrating because when you don't get it right, people are mislead and then they're quickly jumping to those conclusions as you were saying, pete and they love that because if it's a narrative that you're wanting and something that is not about the trip and
6:08 am
not about what's actually being done over there and it's something that we can be distracted by it's a good headline, but exactly. >> griff: as he should because this is members of the press taken out of context, something the president said that has to do with very serious things. very serious implications. he didn't missspeak or be misquoted about what he had for dinner over there or what shirt as you keep pointing out. >> pete: too much food. >> griff: we are talking about this russian story and ultimate ly talking as the president said he wants to move on putting pressure on north korea which is the ultimate goal of this. >> abby: and by the way he continues to say i stand with our national intelligence community which has said over and over again that the russians have tried to medal in our life and that will continue to be a problem but president trump is saying let's put that aside here that's an issue but let's focus on what i'm here to do. let's move forward on north korea. >> pete: why all the thousands of dollars of facebook ads on russian television, that's bs, this is substance, one of the
6:09 am
things we need russia's help on as you mentioned is north korea and there's a back and forth between our countries. president trump as he often does taking a new angle on tough problems, whether it was rocket man, now it's another comedic angle. he tweeted yesterday why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old which he did through state propaganda when i'd never call him short and fat. oh, well i try so hard to be his friend and maybe some day that will happen. i don't think he truly wants to be his friend. i think he recognizes he prefers to solve this peacefully while the regime continues to insist in a different route. >> griff: although this is really the best thing the president could have done because as we talked at the very end he's trying with this 10 block southeast asian group who wants to do trade and that's a big part of it but also they want to get their support to put pressure on china. it's really north korea so instead of letting that story come out of what comes out of these meetings people are talking about this tweet i don't know. >> abby: we should be talking about the deals that have been made over there including the
6:10 am
trade deals. we talked about this morning $250 billion worth of deals right? this is what he hoped to get done on this trip and that's what ultimately will impact this country and the diplomacy for years and years to come. time will tell if chain ends up following through with any of this. >> pete: what we know is the last three or four administrations haven't done anything effective on north korea so maybe it's time for a new change and if it takes a couple tweets who knows so we had social media stars trump supporters we asked them about this very topic of north korea and they had a great take. listen. >> he's short, he's fat and ignorant and if he don't get himself together, north korea is going to be not korea okay? we're not going to play with them so let me tell you how the president operates. you fought back at him he will throw one back at you but we do have the capability of getting along with this country, but this country got to play fair and you can't be shooting missiles and trying to kill our
6:11 am
people. >> pete: i know members of the bush administration to hear a tweet like that and a response like that it makes their heads explode and god bless a lot of the folks in the bush administration . they didn't prevent north korea from getting a nuclear bomb. neither deirdre bolton o. try something new and force something to happen. >> abby: listen to diamond and silk with their opinions don't they? >> griff: give them a job. >> abby: i want to bring other headlines we're following close a stairwell collapses at an indoor gym injuring 21 kids and two adults officials saying multiple children ran on to the wooden platform 10 feet above the ground when it fell through injuring them and people below. four kids are being treated for major injuries. authorities trying to figure out what caused that to collapse at the gym in san diego. and disneyland shutting down cooling towers that had high levels of bacteria following an outbreak. health officials in orange county say 12 cases of the bacteria caused illness where they were found about three weeks ago among people spending time in anaheim. nine of the cases were from
6:12 am
people visiting the theme park. one patient in anaheim but not disneyland had additional health issues and unfortunately died. and have you ever felt a handful of coins out of a public fountain? pete? [laughter] >> pete: no comment. >> abby: that's what the city of rome is thinking they are apparently so strapped for cash officials passed a measure to fish out all of the coins in the famous fountain. they can add up to more than a million bucks a year which can obviously go towards other projects. >> griff: aren't you stealing people's dreams too or wishes? >> abby: i actually put a coin in there a couple years ago. >> griff: did you make-a-wish? >> abby: i did i hope it's still there. >> pete: did it come true? >> abby: well i can't share i can't share my wish. i didn't do it just on the italian government. >> griff: well we have a very special guest coming up while all eyes are on president trump and the philippines congress is busy working on a historic tax reform and we'll get a status report from house majority steve
6:13 am
scalise next. >> pete: socialism on the rise in the capitalist united states, and its biggest advocates? millennials, is that shocking or not, coming up. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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6:15 am
man: let's go! man #2: we're not coming out! man #1: [ sighs ] flo: [ amplified ] i got this. guys, i know being a first-time homeowner is scary, but you don't have to do this.
6:16 am
man #2: what if a tree falls on our garage? woman: what if a tornado rips off our roof? flo: you're covered. and you've bundled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry. woman: oh. flo: you're safe. you're safe now. woman: i think i'm gonna pass out. can you stop using the bullhorn? flo: i don't make the rules. >> abby: welcome back well starting tomorrow the gop house and senate leadership set to begin marking up their versions of the gop tax plan. >> pete: this as democrats and the so called mainstream media warn a senate plan could increase taxes on middle class workers. >> griff: so what can we expect here to break it down gop congressman and house majority steve scalise. congressman it's an honor. let's go break it down. what's going to happen here this week as the house is expected to vote on it? >> steve: good morning good to be with you. this is a really exciting week for the house and for the
6:17 am
country. we passed our bill out of committee on thursday, so chairman kevin brady in the ways and means committee did a great job of bringing a bill out of committee that will cut taxes in every different income sector. what we're doing is focusing on getting the economy moving again , making our country competitive. look we've seen so many jobs ten s of thousands of jobs leave america because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. we're reducing all those taxes so that we can bring those jobs back and rebuild our middle class. >> pete: congressman as we saw with healthcare reform repeal of obamacare the house was better on it able to pass it and do something about it. if the senate does pass something and it goes to conference what are the red lines for you, what are the biggest things is it number of tax brackets, rates staying low, kicking in immediately? where do you not want to give to make sure real tax reform is actually delivered? >> steve: well the main things that we've been working with president trump on is a tax cut plan that actually helps rebuild our middle class, bring jobs
6:18 am
back, make us competitive. all of the things that we did in our house bill and frankly a lot of those components are in the senate bill as well. they've got a few differences but in the end i think what you're going to see is the house pass a bill, we're going to whip that bill monday night so we'll know where all of our house republicans are and work to make sure that we bring everybody on board so that we could pass the bill hopefully by the end of the week and then let the senate go do their job. they've got to produce a bill as well and if there are difference s which i'm sure there are, we're going to work those out but again, you've got to make sure that the middle class is going to benefit dramatically from this tax cut which our bill does and that we make our country competitive again to bring those tens of thousands of good, high paying jobs back and oh, by the way we simplify the code so much in our bill that over 90% of americans can actually do their taxes on a postcard, just think about how simple that's going to be. >> abby: i do want to ask though how important the president's role is in all this because when he talks about tax reform you'll see him light up in a way that you don't see on anything else
6:19 am
even healthcare. how involved has he been and how important is it for when he gets home to put pressure on certain individuals to get tax reform to where it needs to be where it ultimately helps the american people the most? >> steve: president trump has been incredibly helpful from the very beginning and look, he is passionate about getting the economy moving again and rebuilding the middle class, really pushing those tax cuts to middle and lower income families and that's what we did in our bill working closely with the white house, so i think you'll see a president very engaged and he understands that the best thing we can do to get our economy moving again is to pass this tax cut and jobs bill. so he's been really involved in it because he knows how it's going to help the economy. it's going to create jobs and help all those families that have been struggling for the last eight years who want to see wage growth that will happen under our bill. >> griff: congressman real quick where are the numbers? you're the whip how is this vote looking and are you going to get any democrats to support this?
6:20 am
>> steve: you know democrats should vote for this bill because it cuts taxes across-the-board. it helps rebuild middle class. unfortunately, you see them opposing these tax cuts because really all they're for is for more taxes and growing the federal government but it's crushed our economy. let's go a different route and actually create a job. >> pete: how about the freedom caucus are they on board? >> steve: we've been working really well with them and most of the members of the freedom caucus that we talk to are supportive of this bill as are most members of our conference. obviously there's folks we will talk to this week that will get there. >> griff: good luke we'll see what the week brings. >> abby: good to see you back. great to have you. >> great to be back what an exciting time it is. >> pete: thank you, sir. >> griff: coming up dan bongino is going to join us live. >> pete: nfl players protested our national anthem for months and now fans are saying enough is enough. our next guest a double amputee
6:21 am
veteran turned congressman, find out what standing for the flag means to him and so many americans. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9?
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how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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shouldn't we get our phones and internet from the same company? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to >> griff: quick headlines final witnesses taking stand in the murder trial tomorrow and the defense resting last week prosecutors now with a chance to recall witnesses the 32 year old steinley was gunned down in 2015 an illegal immigrant now standing trial. and jury deliberations will pick back up tomorrow in bob menendez 's corruption trial remarks from a juror excused in the middle of deliberations suggest the panel could wind up in a deadlock.
6:25 am
the juror told reporters she would have acquitted the new jersey democrat on all accounts. menendez is acused of accepting gifts from a wealthy florida doctor in exchange for political favors. >> abby: thank you, griff. more than 200,000 facebook users vowing to boycott the nfl this veterans day weekend over the player's continued anthem protest. >> griff: despite this the nfl proclaiming it won't be changing its current policy which doesn't require them to show respect or punish them for kneeling. >> pete: gop congressman and u.s. army veteran brian mast lost both of his legs in an ied blast while deployed in afghanistan and he joins us now to react in his continued service thanks for joining us this morning. so this is something the nfl never got ahead of. it got away from them. here we are veterans day weekend and there's a movement for a big chunk of the country to say we may love this game but we love our flag a lot more and we're going to turn it off. what do you make of that? >> it's a great movement. anybody that's ever seen a flag folded and handed to some family
6:26 am
member, a spouse or a child, anybody that's ever seen that it's the most beautiful flag i've ever seen. anybody that's ever seen that cascade over a casket of a friend they know that that's not the time and place to go out there and have this kind of protest. it's just not the right time and i could use a lot of really harsh words to say how much this really piss me off. >> abby: i have no doubt. you have an op ed out you address invisible injuries of war. if we can read a quote from this i want to give people a sense of what you wrote. you say many scars of our nations wounded warriors are not visible far too often my peers are haunted in silence without the same support of a grateful nation encouraging them through struggle we must do more to support these men and women and of course, congressman, this is coming from someone i spent the day with you on capitol hill. your injuries are quite visible but it's a great point. many of them you can't see. >> congressman: my injuries are easy. people look at me and they say okay this guy is missing two legs he needs a cane, maybe
6:27 am
needs to grab my shoulder maybe needs a hand rail. that's easy to identify the assistance that i need for so many of my friends people that spent time on the battlefield. you can't see what it is the pain that they have inside of them. you can't see what it is they want that they need so when you think about veterans day that's the time to recognize what their commitment was, they went out there. they were willing to be targeted by snipers and willing to walk across land mines and willing to fly across enemy lines even though they might get shot down. these were amazing people, recognize that sacrifice but get to know them actually more than just saying thank you for your service. really, you know tugs their heart and find a way to build a relationship. >> griff: congressman thank you for your service. let's go back to where this all began that is san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick started the kneeling movement. is it your sense that if colin kaepernick would just go to walter reed medical center in washington or overseas where our
6:28 am
troops are and see what they face he would change his mind and heart? >> congressman: i wouldn't say that he's in any danger of changing his mind or his heart. i don't know him personally but i think if he wanted to undertake a true way to be an activist you could look at somebody that's been an nfl activist. that was somebody that served this country, pat tillman, an nfl activist that went out and joined the 75th ranger reggie meant and he gave his life for this country that's what it looks like to be an activist coming out of the nfl. there was a time during world war ii when professional athlete s left what they were doing and served their country. that's patriotism. that's what i want to see out of players not this protesting during the most important moment of the entire game when everybody comes together to put their hand over their heart or render a hand salute and respect our american flag. >> pete: such a good point. actually the most important part of the game is when we do coming to in opposing jerseys and salute that flag. it's amazing we turned a uniting
6:29 am
symbol into a dividing one by turning it into a protest so well said this morning thanks for all you fight for over there >> congressman: thank you. >> abby: so good to see you brian mast. >> pete: great guy. also another great guy whose always fired up dan bongino is here live next. >> abby: plus a 20 year old traveling the country on a mission to interview all world war ii combat veterans, hear their stories of heroism. we'll hear from him and a 99 year old vet who pete is going to speak to that's coming up on the show. great story. ♪ god bless the usa my dad's. grandma's. aunt stacy's.
6:30 am
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if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. now a message from the democratic national committee. this tuesday, americans went to the polls >> and they tell president trump we don't like what you're doing at all, sir. >> now one thing is clear. we're back, baby. >> we love our fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces like me, nancy pelosi. >> and me, chuck schumer. >> and i'm team player donna brazile. >> [laughter] >> abby: or the fresh faces of the democratic party we want to bring in dan bongino, former nypd officer former secret service agent and host of dan bongino show whose always fired up on these weekend mornings dan , just first off your take on snl last night? >> dan: you know, it's good to
6:34 am
get some bipartisan humor for once you know guys, i mean listen how tired are we all getting as conservatives,lier dariens and good republicans of turning on late night tv, snl, and of course we have to get used to the left wing media all the time as well and just getting beaten up all the time. the cma awards they did a little bit of ripping on both sides and we're not humorless as conservatives. if it's done and not malicious that's okay i'm good with that. the problem is it's always one- sided. >> abby: but dan there's so much to work with the democrats. there's stuff to work with on both sides of the aisle but to your point the fact there's so much of a focus on the gop and yet how funny they can be when they do focus on democrats for a while. >> dan: abbey, hillary clinton alone is like a 700 page walking comedy guide. i mean, do you know how much material the clintons could provide? snl would have 300% ratings growth if they focus on only
6:35 am
hillary. there's so much good content there given all their screw ups, but they're just obsessed a lot of these media types with bash ing conservatives and it's really bad business too as we seen by collapsing box office receipts in hollywood. >> griff: dan clearly the takeaway from the elections this past week particularly in virginia was that snl now can pick on democrats. >> dan: yeah, listen virginia was rough. i mean let's not try to put lip stick on a pig here as conservatives and republicans. we got beaten up bad but here is what i'm worried about. i'm a little bit more worried about what happened in georgia where a definitely a pretty blood red state where we lost two house districts at the state level that were republican lean ing districts and here is my message to the gop, man. get off your collective, we don't have a buzzer on this show so we've leave that word out but you get where i'm going with this. get off your butts, man. you've got to do something. you know democrat anger, they're , democrats are angry ordinarily.
6:36 am
they play identity politics so they're always angry and just a base level of anger. now they're super angry because they hate donald trump and they're motivated to go out and vote. the only thing only thing that is with democratic anger are results. you have to do something. you've done nothing. outside of trump changing the judiciary and getting a good supreme and appellate court judges we have nothing else to show for it. you better get tax cuts through or it's a blood bath in the midterms. >> pete: quick topic for you we just pulled sound from another network where the former cia director had comments about the president's come to of course president has been asked about collaboration, collusion, and medaling with russia as he's been on this trip in asia, meeting with vladimir putin the media going on a frenzy about that and the president critical of some members of the intelligence community on how they handle this. this is director brennon replying to president trump minutes ago. >> but i think what by not confronting the issue directly
6:37 am
and not acknowledging to putin that we know that your responsible for this i think he's giving putin a pass and i think it demonstrates to mr. putin that donald trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and to try to play upon his insecurities which is very very worrysome from a national security standpoint. >> pete: so is the president being played? >> no, john brennan went up to capitol hill and he lied. he basically said when asked about being if americans were being spied upon, he gave the wrong answer on capitol hill. you know, i remember working with john brennan as a secret service guy and i remember him one-time looking at his phone for a google alert for his name so it's like okay i'm in a conservative content but i thought it withs a little weird. this guy is an ego maniac. he's aching for some sunday morning tv appearances and he's not credible at all. is trump getting played by the
6:38 am
russians? how exactly by wiping out isis and taking them on in syria? i mean how is he getting wiped out by not repealing? trump has done a pretty good job against the russians and i think he's doing his best effort right now to try to repair a really broken relationship. listen guys it doesn't do us any good to keep a perpetual enemy. they are our geo-political folk we get it. we have to keep one eye open but there is some diplomacy that has to happen. are we dropping a nuclear explosive on them? >> pete: before now they're suddenly our biggest potential f oe, which of course mitt romney warned against in the presidential election. >> dan: romney was mocked for it. >> abby: it was james clapper. he was on with brennan, so we want to clarify that but dan in that exchange that president trump had with vladimir putin do you think he should have pushed back a little more when vladimir putin said no we did not medal in the elections because trump said he asked him a number of times but should he have handled
6:39 am
that moment differently in your opinion? >> dan: that was clapper i'm sorry, so let me, i apologize for that. you know, well he should have handled a little differently. the point right now is the democrats have been roundly proven wrong on this issue about the trump russia conspiracy here okay? the conspiracy was clearly between the democrats and fusion gps at this point that's obvious why they're doubling down on this narrative and making themselves look foolish is bizarre to me. this narrative will blow up in their face and so badly i can't understand why they keep continuing down the road with this. >> griff: one quick follow-up dan and that is this. your message to coming back to the election results because i want to, you ran for office and you want republicans to get off their butts but what tact do they take to get elected because we really are i think a lot of people are fair saying that we are headed for a blood bath particularly if tax cuts don't go through. >> dan: well here is the problem. the republican party right now has a messaging problem.
6:40 am
not a message problem. it's clear by this poll recently that young kids are leaning towards socialism. you know, they have a message problem. you have to go out and sell conservatism. it's easy when does freedom get to be such a tough sell? you keep your own money, your own healthcare, pick your own kid's schools this isn't a complicated message. we have to stop walking into soup kitchens and talk about freedom and liberty. >> abby: and you need people that are good messagers to be able to deliver on those and people are arguing and mitch mcconnell may not be the right one to bring in all of those young people. >> pete: dan bongino thanks for joining us someone turned the lights off behind you so we'll end this segment. you're no longer next to the ducks on the water there. >> dan: power outage. >> abby: dan good to see you. to some other headlines quickly. boeing kicking off the first day of the dubai airshow announcing a $15 billion order from emi rates a large airline in the middle east is ordering 40 boeing 787 dreamliners and it's already the biggest customer for
6:41 am
boeing 777 with 165 in service and another 164 on order. and an unhealthful message that's what david axlerod is calling for president trump's impeachment, watch. >> i'm a citizen and it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand elected officials take a stand on impeachment. >> abby: president obama's former top advisor tweeting his disapproval of the ad calling it a "vanity project" and damaging to our democracy. he has been paying millions of dollars to push his impeachment campaign. we'll hear that for the next remaining years of his presidency. >> pete: it's true. and all the focus is on the special council's investigation into trump and russia but why is the lobbying group owned by john pedesta's brother shutting down. maria bartiromo will talk about it next, coming up. >> abby: good morning maria. >> maria: hi guys.
6:42 am
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>> griff: welcome back the
6:45 am
democratic lobbying firm with ties to hillary clinton now reportedly closing down the group run by the brothers of hillary clinton's campaign chairman has been a focus of the special council in the growing russia investigation. >> abby: here to weigh in sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo. good morning maria. >> maria: good to see you. >> abby: as they say actions often speak louder than any words can. >> maria: and this really is the comedown of anyone incredibly sort of successful non-law lobbying firm in washington for so many years. it's really a dramatic fall from where tony pedesta and john have been throughout their careers to what we're talking about now. obviously the ceo told employees on thursday clean out your desks , no more paychecks after november 15, leading a lot of news organizations to expect that this firm is going to be shuttered by year-end. >> pete: the pedesta group was poised to be a cash cow in a clinton administration that never happened and now whether it's through paul manafort or through their own dealings of fusion gps we learned how thick
6:46 am
and deep and bipartisan the swamp is and trading on the clinton name just isn't what it used to be. >> maria: that's absolutely right and what you're seeing here is as we spoken about, further evidence that the collusion between the russians and the u.s. really has been on the democratic side. i mean whether you look at this dossier or whether you look at the fact that hillary clinton's state department oversaw the sale of 20% of the uranium, the stockpile of the u.s. and then was given $145 million into the clinton foundation-- >> pete: while under fbi investigation. >> maria: and there's bill clinton getting half a million dollars for speeches from the russians. so all of this collectively you have to believe is part of robert mueller's investigation. >> abby: and maybe good news it's all finally coming out. we talk about the swamp as you said, pete and changes that need to be made. maybe this is a positive movement forward? >> maria: well at this point, there's shining a light on it so we're understanding a lot more and we're learning a lot more so yes, from that standpoint. >> griff: is it fair then to say in terms of the influence
6:47 am
the clintons have we'lled in washington is now coming to a close? >> maria: it feels that way but also when you look at the strength and power of hillary clinton the idea that some people actually think she is going to run again, which is just extraordinary. i don't know, [laughter]. >> griff: is she on your show today? >> maria: no we've got a great show talking about taxes, gary cohen the president's chief economic advisor, to take us through the tax player, my question is do they actually have the votes? here we are once again at an opportunity to get massive legislation passed first time in 30 years, but look what's happening with the allegations against roy moore. look what's happening with senator rand paul, a broken ribs you know, so again, you're at a situation where you have to wonder are they going to be able to get this across the finish line so we'll talk about that and also senator roy blunt to talk about the senate as they're going to be marking up this week >> pete: maria bartiromo, thank you so much.
6:48 am
>> maria: see you later. >> pete: well he wanted to travel the world to capture the stories of heroism from the greatest generation, the 20 year old behind the project and a 99 year old world war vet with two purple hearts joins us next. ide. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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>> pete: according to the national world war ii museum of the approximately 16 million americans who served during world war ii, only 558,000 are alive today. and sadly it's estimated that hundreds of these veterans are dying every day that's why one young man has made it his mission to gather every story from the greatest generation and document it on his website. heros of the second world war. he joins me now along with one of the world war ii veterans he
6:52 am
has interviewed corporate anton deal rick we'll get to your story sir in just a moment but i interviewed you a while back about this today you've interviewed 750 before it was three or 400 your mission is still to go across the country and find every world war ii veteran you can find and tell their story. why? >> to get a better appreciation for the sacrifices that these men made. all these opportunities have been given to us with the price of blood of people like him who fought and people like him who died so that we could have a chance at life and it's my responsibility to learn and share those stories with the world. >> pete: corporal if i can it's an honor to have you here. i'll read a little bit of your biography you were drafted in the army in 1941, served as a rifleman of the 39th regimen of the 9th division fought in north africa, sicily and normandy awarded a bronze star and purple heart. if you would what was it like to serve in world war ii? >> actually i was not looking to
6:53 am
want to serve in the infantry. anywhere else would have been great. >> pete: [laughter] >> they sent my name down to go to ocs, officer's training school. i asked one question, and that was where and they said fort ben ing and with that i says no thanks. as long as it's in the infantry i'll be happy with what i've got right now. a pfc. >> pete: [laughter] >> the only way i was able to survive was to stay as the pfc. >> pete: well sir you have a powerful story. not only were you wounded in normandy which ultimately took you off the battlefield. your ship you were on during the invasion of north africa was hit by a german torpedo and stranded and then you were also wounded before you were wounded in normandy. talk me through that? >> well i got slightly wounded when we were backing up fighting
6:54 am
the germans, i got hit with a small piece of shrapnel, oh, approximately the size of a dime and it was sticking out so i pulled the rest of it out, stuck it in my pocket, hoping to keep it as a souvenir and didn't think anything of it and didn't think it was enough for a purple heart, so i completely ignored it and three days later as i was leaving my foxhole, all of a sudden i started limping. well, it went and got infected. >> pete: sure. but i think it's so amazing to our viewers about the story you just told is you didn't realize enough to think that you were wounded. you took the snap pal and put it in your pocket and kept fighting until an infection pulled you off the battle feed. it's that kind of grittiness that i think even this
6:55 am
generation of war fighters can't even relate to. >> it gives you a really great appreciation for just how lucky we are to live in today's world and it gives you the perspective of what at 19, 20 these boys what they had to go through and here today people are complaining about the smallest things like if they have internet connection on their phone? it really gives you a great perspective and such a great appreciation for the sacrifices that they made. they're heros. >> pete: thank you for interview ing with us today and for being here and for your service. what you did for our country and for free people everywhere. we honor you and we thank you for your service and thank you for what you do if you want to help with his mission, go to heros of the second world war.or g. he's always looking for veterans to talk to god bless you both. >> thank you.
6:56 am
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did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
6:59 am
>> abby: going to get emotional. this is very real. >> griff: it is very real. >> abby: until a new baby comes into this world. >> griff: the most important thing in your life. >> pete: very real, abbey. >> abby: really? >> griff: we have a bunch of things here. >> abby: oh, my gosh. see i'm so spoiled on this show. oh, my gosh. so these are members of our crew that you never get to see on camera and i just want all of you to know on the show i'm going to miss you all so much. >> pete: we are going to sincerely miss you. you better keep us posted on this show. >> abby: i can't wait to bring her on to the couch and introduce her to all of you. you've been so supportive of me through this whole journey. >> pete: when she's crying in the middle of the night don't call me. >> abby: i need help [laughter]
7:00 am
so sweet. well thank you, guys. >> griff: best of luck. >> abby: i'll be back soon and by the way you'll be in good hands we're going to have great women on the couch. >> pete: warming it up for you until you get back. >> abby: i'll be back soon love you all thank you so much everybody. >> maria: good morning, tomorrow the senate is beginning its mark up on its version of tax reform plus the house gears up for a vote on its plan by weeks end and then president trump nears the end of his 13 day trip across asia. good morning i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. republican lawmakers are getting ready to take another step towards tax reform this upcoming week but will the plan actually mean a tax increase for many americans? i'll talk with the president's chief economic advisor gary cohen this morning plus we'll hear from senate appropriations committee remember roy blunt and congressman peter king of new york and getting close to the end of his first trip to asia, as commander-in-chief. did he make progress in reignin


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