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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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images and a whole lot of other goodies along with clothing and thanksgiving and christmas treats. it was set to launch yesterday but delayed when a small plane flew into its airspace. i would've gone for deep-fried turkey delivery. >> president trump behaviors in the home stretch. a final stop in the philippines. i'm rick leventhal. this is the fox report. >> president trump, in manila for formal talks with philippine talks with the philippine leader who has drawn international condemnation for sanctioning a bloodied drug war in his nation. they will hold bilateral meetings at the summit in annual gathering of leaders in the next hour. meanwhile, the rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea took an unexpected turn with president trump jabbing at kim jong-un on twitter.
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the president tweeted why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat. oh well, i try so hard to be his friend maybe someday that will happen. john roberts joins me from manila in the philippines. john, there had to be semi- rolling and pretty dramatic reaction to that we. >> you know, there are always reactions to almost everything this president treats. good morning to you from manila reds 8:00 a.m. the president begins his day with the opening of the conference in about an hour's time north korea will be top of the agenda where the president talks with the leaders of ten southeast asian nations as well as meets with the prime ministers of australia and india. it will also be, as you mentioned, his first sitdown bilateral meeting with the controversial president of the philippines. his admission has presided
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over the killings of thousands of drug dealers and drug abusers. he is making no apology for it. in fact, not long ago he said there are 3 million drug addicts in the philippines and he would be happy to slaughter them. he also, he claimed, as recently as friday, to have killed people himself. you will remember your ago, he infamously called president obama a son of a horror for daring to question his record on human rights and he took another aim at president obama on the sidelines of last week's aipac conference in vietnam, calling him black and arrogant or none of that expected to come up in the presence bilateral meeting because the president really wants to focus on north korea and trade and the problem with china building military installations in the south china sea which is literally just a few miles away from where we are standing now.
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peter, who is the foreign affairs secretary for the philippines talk to fox news yesterday. he believes the philippines will have a much better relationship with the united states under the trumpet ministration than they did under the obama ministration. >> it's a relationship. relationships are complicated. but you cannot view the relationship, our military to military ties are very strong. corporation very strong. if there was a misunderstanding with the previous ministration, they will work on that. i think it has been repaired now. >> president trump has a difficult needle to thread. he needs his support for the big issues like north korea and the south china sea and trade, but these extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses are another big issue as well.
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we'll see how the president handles that when we get the readout from that meeting later on today. >> john, last night where talk about some of the controversies surrounding the president's remarks aboard air force one. you get some clarification over his discussions with vladimir putin. >> yes. you remember the controversy erupted a little earlier than this time when the president said that vladimir putin has assured him he didn't meddle in the u.s. election and the president said i really believe when he tells me that he means it, that was taken back initially that he believed him, but we saw some clarification from him last night at a press conference that he had in hanoi. i put the question to the president, can you clear this up once and for all, do you believe or not believe vladimir putin when he said they didn't meddle in the election. >> i said he i believe he believes that pet i believe he
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feels he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i am with our agencies. >> host: above air force one, he also disparaged the leaders, james james clapper, james comey. [inaudible] >> i think vladimir putin is clever in terms of playing to mr. trump's interest in being flattered. also i think mr. trump is, for whatever reason, either intimidated or afraid of what he could do or what might come out as a result of these investigations so it's very worrisome, and i think it sends a disturbing signal to our allies and partners who are concerned about russian interference in their democratic process as well. >> rick, the president actually called me yesterday
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morning to talk about his meeting and he told me they met on the sidelines of the aipac conference only very briefly and he didn't want to spend that entire time arguing about whether or not russia meddled in the election because there are other important issues like what to do about syria and north korea that he needed to talk about. he basically said he listened to what he said and moved on to other issues. >> is just going to ask you, if the white house, and i guess president trump himself is disappointed that so much attention is being focused on the words about vladimir putin when he has covered so much ground during this trip to asia. >> part of the problem is that the wound was somewhat self-inflicted. i don't know if he just feels like he doesn't believe vladimir putin it's calling him a liar and that will ruin the relationship he's trying to build with russia
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cooperation on syria, north korean and other issues, but he could easily put this away features that look, i believe what our intelligence officials said, i believe what they've said for months and maybe even a couple years about all of this, and vladimir putin can say what he wants. she. order too. robert muller is setting his sights on michael slim in regards to a kidnapping ploy. garrett, how much more do we know about this plot. >> the turkish government has been discussing this for several years now. he is in pennsylvania and he is a political rival and said
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he was behind a failed coup to overthrow the turkish government last year. they paid michael flynn's firm nearly a half million dollars for consulting and lobbying work on its behalf and that included pushing the u.s. government to extradite him. just over a year ago on election day, he wrote an op-ed in the newspaper calling for the extradition and for greater support of turkey by the u.s. federal investigators are now looking into two meetings he had with turkish officials to discuss this alleged plot which called for flynn and his son to kidnap him and deliver him back to turkey in exchange for $15 million. one of those meetings was in september, and the other was in december after michael flynn had been named national security advisor.
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>> how are flynn and the turkish government responding to these allegations? >> 's attorney said these reports are so outrageous he decided to break the rule of not responding to rumors and allegations. in a statement he said, today's news cycle have brought allegations that are so outrageous and prejudicial that we are making an exception to our usual rule. they are false. the turkish government is also flatly denying the allegations with the embassy in d.c. issuing a statement saying in part, all allegations that turkey would are utterly false, ludicrous and groundless. turkey's prime minister said he expected they would be more cooperative. they said that was not because of michael flynn. >> no-no, we are not dealing with michael flynn, we are dealing with the government of the united states. >> we are mainly dealt with the minister of justice, both countries.
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>> due to his work on behalf of turkey, federal investigators are looking into whether he violated the foreign agents registration act by failing to disclose that business relationship with turkey until march of this year. >> garrett, thank you. >> right now the small town of sutherland springs is marking one week since the worst shooting in the state of texas. remembering the victims of that massacre. hundreds of people gather at the church were 26 were killed. texas senator john cornyn with the among them. >> i wanted to come to sutherland springs and worship with these remarkable people. where they find the strength to carry on after such a terrible tragedy is truly remarkable. it is clear there are people of deep faith and that's what system sustains them.
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casey, the public is being led inside the church tonight? >> that's right. a temporary memorial has been set up inside the very sanctuary where the attack happened just seven days ago. tonight, people from the public are lining up to go take a look inside. a lot has been done. everything already repaired and cleaned. now it is a solid white room with 26 white chairs bearing roses and names, situated in the exact spot where each of the victims were found. a recording of previous sermons plays overhead. more than 500 people showed up earlier today for the very first sunday worship service since the attack. perfect strangers mixed with church regulars from the community including this man whose uncle was shot and still remains hospitalized.
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>> today it was the people, not just of this town, but from all over. you've had an outpouring of people who want to help them be there and show their support. >> the primary message from the pastor, evil will not get the best of this community. >> two more victims were laid to rest today. funerals were ha held for a couple who just celebrated 44 years of marriage and were excited about welcoming their fourth grade grandchild into the world soon. dennis and sarah johnson had belonged to the first baptist church for more than a decade. sarah volunteered in a church nursery. dennis senior was a church elder and a veteran.
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tomorrow, funeral services will be held for 16-year-old haley kruger. her mother says the ninth grader had a dream to one day become a nurse and help others. she had volunteered for the church breakfast that morning. by all accounts, her funeral tomorrow will be the seventh to take place. as we know, many more to come in the next days for this tightknit community. >> we appreciate you being here. thank you. >> a deadly earthquake killing dozens and hurting hundreds more. where it happened, coming up next. plus, alabama senate candidate roy moore is refusing to exit the upcoming election despite pressure from his party. he is getting support from some of his friends and some from across the aisle. >> i think he is unfit for office but this will be a decision for the people of alabama. and at my age, i'm moving more than ever.
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a fox news alert. a massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the iran, iraq border. at least 61 people killed and 300 others injured. at least six more killed in iraq and dozens heard there. we are now hearing reports of serious damage including power outages and damage to homes as well. will bring you more on this developing story as we get it here on the fox report. right now, alabama senate candidate roy moore says he won't throw in the towel after a washington report that he had inappropriate contact with minors decades ago. he denies the charges and is denying calls to withdrawal from the special election in alabama. kellyanne connolly echoed the opinion of members when she was asked if she believed his
4:18 pm
accuser. >> conduct as described is not just offensive and disgusting, it disqualifies anyone who has done it from holding office. let me go a step further. if there's anyone currently in public office whose behaved that way to any girl or woman, maybe they should step aside. >> host: jonathan is in alabama with more. the call is to step aside. they don't seem to be having much affect on the candidate. why is that? >> throughout his career, he has never been afraid of butting heads with the establishment, but when you listen to these calls carefully, there's usually a qualifier if it if the allegations are true then he should step down. while he is insisting the allegations are not true and many of his supporters believe him. on the sunday morning, parishioners said the candidate and his family are outstanding people. pastor tom brown who is known him for a quarter of a century
4:19 pm
described him as a man of character, integrity and honor. >> have known him for 25 years and somebody said something adverse or something bad about you and you said no, then i'd have to believe him if you've never given me reason not to. >> religious conservatives in the state still remember when moore refused a federal court order to remove a ten commandments monument from the state spring court. the move ultimately cost him his job and generated a loyal following among his base. he's going to need to rally that base more than ever as he tries to discredit these allegations, just a month away from the general election. >> nationally there are still these bipartisan calls for him to step aside. >> yes. in fact, some of the republican senators are being much more direct in their message on how they feel he should step aside. look these tweets. bill cassidy of louisiana treated based on the allegations against roy moore,
4:20 pm
and what is known, i withdrawal support. others say having read the detailed description of the incident as well as the response from judge moore and his campaign, i no longer endorse his candidacy for the senate. with many supporters still rallying behind him, senators are preparing for what happens if he is elected. on nbc meet the press, amy coble shar, a leading sponsor bipartisan legislation that requires senators and staff to undergo sexual harassment training was asked whether the senate has a duty to seat him if he is elected. >> we will have more on that tomorrow. back to you pgh jonathan, real quick, when is the election taking place? >> december 12. >> thank you very much. liz smith, the faint gossip columnists and a staple of new york city society has died perch she was known for her
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new outcry over the ongoing national anthem debate in the nfl. a new space big page with a million followers calling for a boycott, urging fans not to watch this weekend's game in a show support to our veterans. it sounds like some players might have been listening. did the nfl players observe veterans day in a different way. >> most players today decided
4:25 pm
to actually stand because it is veterans day weekend or maybe that was the reason that they decided to stand. there were a few players who chose to kneel despite being veterans day. the players association had talked to them and asked them to observe a two-minute moment of silence before the game. so far, only three players have taken a need today. it all happened before the san francisco 49ers versus new york giants game. eric reed and goodwin both took any as did the fines defensive end vernon. most had been protesting for the season. the rest of the league did stand today and some even took part in veterans day pregame festivitie festivities. they came onto the field holding hands with members of the army. he too stood today. in the past, impasse games he elected not even come out onto the field until the anthem was over. the nfl continues to reiterate that they do not require players to stand for the
4:26 pm
anthem but polls show it's not very good for the nfl bottom line. a fox news poll released two weeks ago shows the least favorable ratings have dropped 18-point since 2013 among americans and the number of people have an unfavorable review has almost doubled in that time. >> the commissioner said he wants the players to stand but he's not going to require. this issue to boycott the nfl not going away anytime soon? >> no it's not going away. people still believe kneeling is disrespectful to the page. the protest page has more than a million followers. they asked fans to boycott watching to be in solidarity with veterans around the country. woody's roadside tavern chose not to play any games on their tv after a veteran asked them to boycott the games this
4:27 pm
weekend. >> i said we do not show any football games on veterans day weekend. i said i'm a veteran. he said it's a business decision, let me talk it over with my partners and i'll get back to you. >> obviously in a patriotic american. i don't like it so i think the majority of our patrons and our bar fuels same way. there's still football fans, but it definitely rubs us the wrong way. >> the controversy is likely to continue. >> president trump is setting the record straight about his comments on vladimir putin. intelligence officials say that neptune is playing president trump. republicans are pushing tax reform but bills presented by the house and senate are not aligned. can congress get a bill done in time for the holidays? >> i believe there is tax
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4:32 pm
russia didn't interfere with the election. the intelligence agencies have determined that moscow did interfere. president trump has yet to say if he says they are responsible but he gave a vote of confidence with the statement. >> i believe in our intel agencies. i have worked with them very strongly. at the same time, i want to be able, because it gets very important to get along with russia, to get along with china, to get along with vietnam, to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to solve. reporter: to top officials have their own take on the situation and believe vladimir putin is manipulating president trump. >> i think he's giving him a pass. i think it demonstrates that
4:33 pm
donald trump can be played by leaders who will play to his egos and insecurities. >> he seems very sensible to rolling out the red carpet and honor guard with all the trappings and pop and circumstance that come with the office. i think that appeals to him and i think it plays to his insecurities. yes, i do think both the chinese and the russians think they can play him. >> joining me now is tom from the washington examiner covering form policy and politics. thanks for being with us. is he being played? >> i think he is, to a degree. the evidence is rendered by the president's decision on ukraine where he has not pushed the russians as they have pushed further into ukraine and try to consolidate that. more specifically, there is syria where they are
4:34 pm
continuing to support the asad regime and really trying to enable the iranians to form a court or all the way down to the border with israel and lebanon. there is this dynamic at play that is very much inflicted favor with vladimir putin and not necessarily in the american national interest. >> but the presence.was that it doesn't do them any good to argue about whether or not he met old, they have much more important things they should be talking about and working on including some of things you just describe. >> yes. and look, i wholly endorse the idea that you have to engage with the russians, functionally, i don't see where you are going to be able to compromise with them because the interests are so fundamentally divergent as i just outlined, but when it comes down to president clinton, and in this case the election interference, president trump does himself a
4:35 pm
disservice by lending credence to the viewpoint in the sense that president clinton is a kgb casey bg trained spy a manipulator. weather president trump lends any credence to the russian counterpoint, it degrades american credibility on the international stage and it matches greatly in terms of strength and alliances. the president has been underestimated before. certainly during the election he was, and perhaps some people are underestimating him now. perhaps he is the one manipulating his russian counterpart by using the words that he uses. there's been a lot of hairsplitting about what he said last night and what he
4:36 pm
meant by it. is it possible he is trying to manipulate boot and instead? >> it's possible he's trying to do that, but again, where's the meat and substance that flows through it. i'm very confident we will not see a positive dividend for the sole reason that we seen this game before by president george w. bush and president obama in different ways who were manipulated by vladimir putin and the consequences were very negative for the united states. i will say one thing in the president's favor which is perhaps not getting enough attention. behind-the-scenes there is a big push to re-energize the israeli-palestinian peace protest and on the part of the saudi's, there is a lot more confidence in this president. that helps in terms of tempering aggression. it is a mixed bag. >> tom i want to squeeze in this. just because moscow meddled in the election doesn't mean that changed anything on election day. let's listen.
4:37 pm
>> after a year of investigation, he believes there is any ballot that was impacted by russian interference. he is trying to recognize that the biggest threat is north korea developing nuclear weapons. he feels that the greater threat than russia buying facebook ads in america. >> obviously an important point. >> yes but there always a multitude of threats. he had to deal with them all. i think the point in terms of the threat of north korea, yes that is a serious issue and i also think when we hear that line about how much did it impact ballots, i tend to believe that russian interference was more to fragment the american sense of country or unity. i actually think, in the end, president trump probably would have pulled out a win for the reasons of trade and clinton issues, but again when it comes down to it he should
4:38 pm
very clearly say i'm with my intelligence committee on this one. >> it sounds like he might've said that, in essence, overnight. >> we appreciate your time tonight. >> the house chief tax writer kevin brady promises to pass tax reform by thanksgiving. the house bill would allow state and local tax deductions of up to $10000, but some lawmakers say that's not enough. >> my suburban district voted for donald trump by nine points. they will lose most of this deduction. a family of four will lose $18000. if their medical bills they will lose out, especially with someone with a long-term illness. on top of all this this will have a devastating impact. >> ellison has more on this from washington.
4:39 pm
>> rick, an optimistic outlook from the house ways and means chairman kevin brady. he said they have a good tax reform plan and house and they will pass it by thanksgiving. >> our republicans in the house know it is time to deliver the honest economy and grow these paychecks by getting rid of this current tax code. >> this as peter king lays out some of his concerns. >> right now there are two republican tax plans. one in the senate and one in the house. for individuals, there are seven brackets and four in-house plan. the senate lets homeowners deduct mortgage interest payments up to $1 million. the house cut it in half. both cut the corporate tax rate to 20% but the senate plans to delay those cuts by a year. the senate bill will completely eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes. the house bill allows deductions to property taxes up to $10000. that last difference is a big deal for lawmakers like king
4:40 pm
who were from high-tech states. >> right now i'm deftly voting no. on fox news sunday, brady made this promise. >> the house will not accept the total elimination. that just won't fly. >> that's what i'm saying. >> he wants the tax reform bill on his desk by christmas. they made it out of the committee with full republican support but in order to send something to the president, the house and senate need to agree on one bill. republicans are not all on the same page yet. >> a birthday celebration has turned upside down when a stairwell gives way at the gym. >> it was really scary. everybody was crying and bleeding. >> an update on the condition of the young victims, plus,
4:41 pm
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ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. there has now been some distance between all of the stories that came out about the affair. for years, now that you have some time to reflect, what is your view? >> i don't need any time to reflect. i know it was a major major screwup. >> the divorce papers were filed in 2011. it is now six years later. were not divorced yet. why? >> that's a cliffhanger. that was arnold schwarzenegger. in all new episode of object if i talk about his marriage
4:45 pm
to maria shriver. joining us now is the executive producer of objectify. harvey levin. i have so many questions for you. never arnold would leave the room during breaks in your filming, did he say i'll be back? [applause] no, he didn't. i gotta tell you, it is one of the most incredible stories that i've encountered in my lifetime. when you think about poor abused kid in austria who has dreams at ten years old that he forms, that he sees this guy name reggie parke who is a bodybuilder and became a huge movie star and he says i'm in a be that guy, he can't speak english, he has no means to come over here, he is poor, yet he conquers bodybuilding
4:46 pm
and movies and then he conquers politics. it is honestly one of the most amazing stories that i've ever heard. >> i don't even know where you begin with him, but i did see the pool table in the shot. did you play pool? if you any good. >> he didn't challenge me, but he would've beat me at everything. i will tell you what, did you know he was not james cameron's first choice for terminator? >> it's one of my favorite films. no i did not. >> guess who was? >> sylvester stallone. >> no. his first choice, james cameron's first choice was o.j. simpson. >> wow. >> the reason, arnold talks to me about this, the reason james cameron didn't go with him is he just didn't think oj looked enough like a killer so he went with arnold. arnold had six lines in that movie because i memorized all of them. he wasn't easy to understand back in the day.
4:47 pm
did you talk about the kinds of training that he received over the years? >> absolutely. every agent in town laughed at him and said dude, you're a bodybuilder but you're never going to make it in the movies. they just slammed the door shut on him. he persisted in james cameron said it wasn't so much the words that he spoke, although that was part of it, it was his mannerisms. he said that movie never would have worked without arnold schwarzenegger and then became the biggest box office star in the world. >> in the show is about the people stuff collect. did his he have souvenirs from this film? >> oh my gosh. it was awesome. i was barely able to pick it up, but he has great stuff. when you think about it, arnold lived in semi- different worlds. he has pictures of every president in his house, he's got all this memorabilia, his life is so rich.
4:48 pm
>> they were talking to him running for president. they were going to change the laws and the constitution to give him a chance at the white house. >> he is very active politically. there was a buzz in california that he might run for senate. i don't think he's going to do that, but he is very active, especially on environmental causes. he his passion is definitely government and public service. >> does he still pump a lot of iron? >> he does. as a matter of fact, almost said we go to the same gym. the reality is i go to his gem. >> we can't wait to watch. right after this program with arnold schwarzenegger. we look forward to it. thank you. >> ucla men's basketball team is returning to california
4:49 pm
without three of its players. they are still in china, arrested on shoplifting charges. what kind of penalty they face and when they might be able to come back home.
4:50 pm
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4:52 pm
we bring you live pictures of the presidential motorcade. president trump is arriving in manila philippines. this is the last stop on his lengthy trip to asia. he is scheduled to meet with the president of the philippines at the cultural center there. he is participating in the opening ceremony of the summit and has numerous meetings throughout the day with numerous leaders in asia and will be discussing trade deals, economic deals, and north korea. we will keep you posted on any development here, the last
4:53 pm
stop on the president's visit to asia. >> ucla men's best team returns california without three of its players. freshman d'angelo ball is the brother of laker rookie lon sobol. he and two others remain in china where they were arrested on shop lifting. they were accused of shoplifting from louis vuitton store. will car joins us from our west coast bureau. we know when they might be let go? >> rick, at this point we don't. the rest of the best team returned to the states but the three players who were arrested in china, they're all still at a hotel. they reported surveillance footage shows them shoplifting from three high-end stores and their coach didn't have much to say as the rest of the team was leaving. >> coached you have any
4:54 pm
evidence. >> no. >> no updates from the coach. levar paul has been a lightning rod over the past year while promoting him. he said this was not that big of a deal. >> i wonder if the president, during his meetings with the chinese president, may have brought this up? >> we know this could potentially be a big diplomatic issue. we don't know if it has come up with president trump at this point. it's really unclear what kind of penalty they could face. they could face up to ten years but they could also get a slap on the hand. take a listen. >> potentially, they could be in quite a bit of trouble. china has an near one 100% conviction rate. once people are indicted, it's almost certain that they will be found guilty. >> the theoretical worst-case scenario would be one to two years in jail, but my friends
4:55 pm
in china said basically, if they don't just get rid of it right away, tell them to leave the country, they probably hold them for a while and then sends them to time served. >> that's in china. once again back to the states they will also probably face some sort of punishment from ucla or the ncaa. >> it will be interesting to see what that is. thank you very much. >> here in new york city, we know winter is around the corner when the giant christmas tree arrived across the street. we will tell you just how big, coming up next. ♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ ♪ everywhere you go ♪ take a look ♪ ♪ definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪
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4:59 pm
and pizza. even e. coli on board, astronauts will test how that will react to antibiotics in space. supplies will arrive on tuesday for a pizza and ice cream party. if you been in the northeast and mid-atlantic we are just getting through a blast of arctic air. definitely getting to look and feel like christmas especially new york city. the annual christmas tree in rockefeller center has finally arrived. it was hoisted into place. it weighs about 13 tons and stands 75 feet tall. coincidentally, so why. [laughter] true story. that's how fox reports this sunday, november 12, 2017.
5:00 pm
thank you for spending part of your sunday evening with me. to keep in their home define who they are. this is... - good to see you. - okay, let's do it. i'm harvey levin. this is a story about one of the most successful immigrants in the world. arnold schwarzenegger became the gold standard of professional bodybuilding, something his parents did not embrace. my mother said, "why does he have all these oily guys - hanging on the wall?" - so she thought you were gay? he scoffed at conventional hollywood, determined to become the biggest movie star in the world. i wanted to be another clint eastwood. and his third act may be the most stunning-- becoming the governor of california. it was the most rewarding thing that i've ever done. but there were failures, like the affair we thought ended his marriage.


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