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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 13, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, everybody. the asia trip in the homestretch. now on the final stop in the philippines meeting with the controversial president duterte amid a flurry of questions surrounding human rights abuses in that country. hope you had a great weekend. here we go. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." >> sandra: thank you, sir. sandra smith. the president on the last leg of his trip for the southeast asean conference. he met with australia and japan. the big focus was north korea. >> we've had many meetings. having another one right now.
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primarily focused on trade, north korea, other subjects. but we're very far along. the dialogue has been very good for all countries. we are working very closely together. >> we have the same values and the same focus in insuring the north korean regime comes to its senses and stops this reckless provocation. >> bill: all this follows president trump's brief meeting with russia president vladimir putin over the weekend. >> sandra: john roberts is traveling with the president in the philippines. good morning, john. 10:00 p.m. there. >> yes, good evening to you, sandra, as we look forward to the last day of this 12-day marathon of the east asia region where the president has been touring. the president took to twitter this evening, this morning new york time saying great day of bilateral meetings at the asean summit on trade. we'll be leaving the philippines tomorrow after many days of constant meetings and work in order to make america
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great again. my promises are rapidly being fulfilled. the president as bill mentioned had his first sit down meeting with rodrigo duterte of the philippines. he has an aggressive drug war that critics say has resulted in the killings of thousands of people. maybe as many as 13,000 people. however, duterte and the national police say there had been no extra judicial killings and they don't have a role in it. the white house says human rights came up in the bilateral meeting in context of the drug war. a spokesman for him said it didn't come up at all. listen here. >> there was no mention of human rights, no mention of extra legal killings, only a rather lengthy discussion about the philippine war on drugs with president duterte doing most of the explaining. >> last year at the asean
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conference in laos duterte called president obama i'm quoting now, son of a who are because he learned that president obama would press him on the issue of human rights. that led to president obama canceling the bilateral meeting. duterte later apologized for using such harsh language. his spokesman said duterte and president trump have a warm and friendly relationship and seem to mutually agree that barack obama is no friend of either one of them. the president with a couple of other bilateral meetings with turnbull of australia and abe of japan and the prime minister of india to talk about trade and putting more pressure on north korea to try to give it to give up its nuclear program. >> sandra: it all follows a high-level meeting over the weekend when the president met with russian president putin. >> they apec summit in danang,
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vietnam. we learned about the meetings aboard air force one. the president had a little extra time because he was early traveling between danang and hanoi. air force one cruised the air. he said he talked with putin and putin assured him that he had no role in meddling in the u.s. election. the president was asked if he believed him. he said i really believe when he tells me that he means it. that was interpreted widely in the united states, including by senator john mccain as the president saying he believes vladimir putin when he tells him he didn't meddle. i put the question to the president in a press conference along with the vietnamese president in hanoi on sunday. let's look at that exchange. >> could you once and for all yes or no say whether or not you believe that president putin and or russia interfered in the election? >> what i said -- i'm surprised there is conflict of that. i believe he believes that.
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that's very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership. >> i'm with our intelligence agencies, the president said. he said those comments saturday night north korea time. still on sunday morning former members of the intelligence community came out and criticized the president for siding with a former kgb agent over the american intelligence community. he seemed to go some distance toward finally clearing up his position, it still was not exactly definitive. >> sandra: busy trip for the president and you, john roberts. >> bill: gillian turner former national security staffers forbarack obama and george w. bush and former member of the security council. good morning. john laid out a lot just there. what is the headline as we start to conclude this trip.
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>> to me the biggest takeaway from this trip is that the american president took the trump doctrine overseas to the continent of asia for the first time. that is the trump doctrine known as america first. >> bill: then america first by trade. america first with regard to north korea. that's how you size it up. >> if we want to go down into the weeds a little bit more to me the trip was really a trip in two parts, security was the first part and trade was the second part. when it comes to security the president made it clear that this was a show of multi-lateralism. this was a trip to really emphasize u.s. partnerships with strategic asian allies, south korea, japan. but when it comes to trade in china and then in the philippines he made the case we are going to go it alone. the united states is going to do america first and it is well recommended to the rest of the asian continent that they do their own thing also. this is the way of the future. >> bill: with regard to north korea you have three aircraft carriers in the sea of japan.
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a strong show of force there. with regard to putin. what is your takeaway by john brennan saying to the president has been intimidated by putin, suggesting that on sunday. >> i don't usually go in for sort of pop psychology analysis of politics and government leaders. but something that was interesting on this trip was john brennan is not the only one doing this. the president himself did it quite a few times. by that i mean he emphasized these interpersonal relationships he has with the foreign heads of state in asia it was really interesting to see him talk about president xi and prime minister abe and focus not necessarily the bilateral relationship issues but how he gets along with them. we have not had a president do that, put that much emphasis on the interpersonal relationships in quite some time. so that was something remarkable. john brennan's comments follow up on that. >> bill: we'll see what we get
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from that. finally, we know the president will make a statement on wednesday at the white house. this is going to put a bow on this entire trip from overseas. what would you likely hear or what should he say on wednesday back at the white house? >> i think what the president will emphasize is the first part of the trip. the idea that he really strengthed bilateral security and multi-lateral security relationships with these other countries. to him i think that was the most important thing to come out of this trip because again, a lot of the first half of this trip was designed with an audience of one in mind. that person being kim jong-un in pyongyang. i think from the president's perspective that was the largest success of this trip. >> bill: gillian turner instant analysis in d.c. more coming up during the week. thank you so much. >> sandra: a busy week for republicans on capitol hill. the house expected to vote on its tax bill later this week. the senate finance committee will mark up its own tax plan
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today. lawmakers and white house officials making a full-court press on the sunday shows over the weekend expressing optimism that the chambers can come together despite key differences in their bills. >> i believe there is tax relief all up and down the income level for families regardless of what they earn. republicans in the house know that it is time to deliver on this economy. >> the president is acknowledging some of the provisions that democrats senators were asking about are addressed better for them in the senate bill. that's not him saying i choose the senate bill over the house bill. we're excited with the house bill and the path it's been on. chairman brady has done a great job and we hope to deliver tax reform to the american people before tend of the year. >> we will have the votes and highly motivated to do this. once we get 50 republicans we'll have three or four democrats vote as well. they won't vote for it as long as there is a chance that republicans will once again be embarrassed by not getting something this important to our agenda and to the economy done.
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>> sandra: senator rob portman, a member of the senate finance committee joins us within the hour to talk about all of this. that really sets things up. there is a lot at stake here and a lot of optimism heading into the week. >> bill: it would appear we have the votes. but you never really know until they take it to the floor. watch it. back to one of our big stories this morning. president trump facing a bit of criticism over that meeting with vladimir putin. >> i think mr. trump is for whatever reason either intimidated by mr. putin. i -- afraid of what he could do or what might come out. >> that's john brennan accusing the president of being played by putin. the white house is firing back in a moment former trump deputy campaign manager on that. >> sandra: now someone says it's time for jeff sessions to get a special counselor to
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investigate jim comey and hillary clinton. jim jordan will join us later this hour. >> bill: breaking overnight, fox news alert a tragic scene in the middle east. hundreds are left dead. the breaking details in moments on what is happening there today. it's resourceful. elusive. shrewd. cancer. is. smart. it pushes us. we push back. we even push each other. to challenge conventional thinking. find smarter solutions.
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>> sandra: death toll is rising after a massive 7.3 earthquake rocks the border between iraq and iran. you can see people running for
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their lives moments after that earthquake hit. some 7,000 people, more than 350 people have been killed in both nations the powerful quake leveling buildings and sending people running from their homes. more than 100 aftershocks have been reported since the initial quake. >> bill: house republicans saying they're an track to pass tax reform bill later this week. what will a merger look like if the senate can follow suit? david bossie, fox news contributor. welcome back here and good morning to you. i've got three big topics to get through. let's start with taxes, okay? is this a good bill or just a bill. >> this is a bill that i hope at the end of the day is going to be a tax cut for all americans. the corporate tax rate will come down, individual tax rates need to come down. we can't have tax or cuts for some and tax increases for others. we don't know where it will
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wash out yet. it has to be reagan -- a rising tide lift all boats mentality. most conservatives are trying to get to at the end of the day. >> bill: you don't sound like you're convinced. >> i'm not convinced because we haven't seen the final result yet, bill. i think i'm optimistic we are going to the right direction but i do say this congress hasn't delivered much, right? they haven't delivered virtually anything legislatively. i'm a skeptic when it comes to these republicans getting something done. i think roy blunt was correct. if we get to 50 we'll see an avalanche of democrats come over because they're up for reelection and can't be against tax reform. >> bill: those 10% will pay more under this plan. what is so fiscally conservative about that?
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>> that's where i think we have our rub. i don't know exactly what is going on inside of that bill making operation. but we can't have that, bill. we have to have the people who pay the most have to have some tax relief. they put -- they get more taken away, they need to get more back so they can put it back into the economy. they are the first people to grow their jobs, to grow jobs, to buy and purchase equipment, open new businesses. this is what is going to be transformational for our economy like ronald reagan's tax cut 30 years ago. >> bill: vladimir putin, john brennan, former cia director said this about the meeting with president trump. >> i think mr. trump is for whatever reason either intimidated by mr. putin, afraid of what he could do, or what might come out as a result of these investigations, so it's very worrisome.
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so it's either naivety, ignorance or fear. >> intimidated. naive, ignorant, fear. >> the only thing ignorant is john brennan and clapper. james clapper. both of these individuals have become political hacks. that is all they are. they sound like they are counter intel officers for the russians. these guys are playing games with america's national security and it is not a joke. they need to be taken seriously and rebuked seriously. look, the president -- the furthest thing from the truth is this president is intimidated by anyone. he is practicing peace through strength but also somebody who said putin believes this. he didn't say i believe it. these guys are making things up and they're dangerous. they're dangerous just like the democrat party. the democrats for over one year have been running this rogue investigation that is nothing
6:19 am
to do with the president saying there is collusion between the campaign, the trump campaign and the russians. there has been not one shred of evidence brought forward in over one year, bill. i'm sick and tired of these guys playing games, put up or shut up. these guys are dangerous to our democracy and they are dangerous to our national security. we have to have good relations across the board with china, with russia and others. what is the president supposed to do, get into a fist fight with putin? >> bill: that would be must-see tv. let's not hope for that. >> democrats want that. the democrats want a bad relationship with russia. i don't understand why. >> bill: strong answer there. third question. last topic. roy moore, what should happen in the senate race in alabama? >> i'm with the president. i hope that these allegations are incredibly false. they seem -- look, the politics are now coming forward.
6:20 am
you see the woman is a major democrat operative, a major democrat political operative and is a leftist. so it brings the whole thing into question. i think roy moore is fighting back for his life in this atmosphere of the harvey weinstein's and all this going on where you are guilty until proven innocent. roy moore is under the gun and i think it's unfair. >> bill: you are saying stay in it for now. >> roy moore is the nominee. until such evidence -- look, if he did these things he has to step down. if he didn't and it is a smear campaign by the left he should fight this. we can't allow the left to just beat somebody up. you look at new jersey, menendez, the next corrupt one in new jersey, these guys are on trial. >> bill: we go back a long time in history. thanks for your time. david bossie, come on back. thank you, sir from washington
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>> sandra: a top republican lawmaker calling for attorney general jeff sessions to quote do his job and get a special counselor to investigate jim comey and hillary clinton. that lawmaker, ohio congressman jim jordan is here to explain why next. >> bill: also. he was one of the worse losses of life in a single day during the iraqi surge. seven americans losing their lives in an attack in 2009. but two men lived to tell their stories and now they're giving back. what they are doing to help veterans coming back home again. >> once we got started talking about it, we have all these issues within ourselves. so let's do it and heal ourselves and we're like well, let's see if we can help other people. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
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>> sandra: a top republican lawmaker says jeff sessions should create another special counsel to investigate the campaign and obama years. they said do your job or step down. one is ohio congressman jim jordan on the house oversight and government reform committee and joins us now. thank you for being here this morning. it's a big piece and you ask a lot of very important questions. you are saying mr. attorney general, it is time to do your job. what is he not doing right? >> not naming a special counsel. 20 republicans sent a letter july 27th calling for a special counsel outlining the same questions we have in the op-ed today. we met with him on september 28th and some of his staff. we brought up the same issue. the response from the justice department has been silence. it is the response from the sessions justice department is no different than the response we got on a lot of questions from the holder and lynch
6:26 am
justice department. that's our concern. when you have all these questions, let's appoint a special counsel. we think mr. mueller is inherently compromised. let's appoint a special counsel to get the answers -- it is not about jeff sessions but answers for the american people. >> sandra: some of the questions you ask why did jim comey call the clinton investigation a matter not an investigation. why did he begin drafting an exoneration letter for secretary of state hillary clinton who he called grossly negligent before completing the investigation and why did he publicize the clinton investigation? one of a dozen questions you ask in this matter. >> why call it a matter rather than an investigation. it's an investigation. think about what james comey did. misled the american people trying to call the clinton investigation a matter and miss l*ed the american people when he let the public believe president trump was under investigation when he wasn't. he misled the american people twice. we got the focus from mr. mueller on possible collusion
6:27 am
on the trump campaign to influence the election. we know the justice department tried to influence the election. loretta lynch one day before the benghazi report comes out and five days before secretary clinton is to meet with the f.b.i. she meets with former president clinton on the tarmac in phoenix and corresponding with public relations staff she doesn't use her real name but the name elizabeth carlisle. if you are talking about golf and grandkids you can probably use your real name. not to mention when we learned about fusion gps, uranium one. all of it cries out for a special counsel. we ask mr. sessions to appoint a special counsel so the american people can get the answers. you say if he doesn't he isn't doing his job. who or what do you think is getting in the way of him not doing the right thing in your opinion? >> i do not know. i do not know why he won't do this. with what we've learned by the reporting of john solomon, sarah carter about the uranium
6:28 am
one deal mr. mueller has a conflict there. you have to appoint a special counsel. i don't know what's holding him back. maybe it will prompt him to do so. tomorrow when he comes in front of the judiciary committee i will ask these questions and maybe that will prompt him to appoint a special counsel. >> sandra: jeff sessions will sit down separately before the house judiciary committee. you sit on that committee. why are you bringing him back in for more questions? >> this is his annual -- tradition is once a year the head of the justice department and f.b.i. come in and take questions from the house judiciary committee like he did a few weeks ago in front of the senate judiciary committee. it's that time for that appearance. just so happens we have all these important issues going on right now that i'm sure he will get asked about all of those. >> sandra: safe to assume you'll ask about all of that. i have to move on to tax reform. a huge week. we've heard a lot of optimism coming from your colleagues as well as your colleagues in the senate. new york congressman peter king on the house plan still says he is a hard no.
6:29 am
watch this. >> right now i'm definitely voting no. what i find infuriating is when you hear people in the add min traition and house and senate leadership saying because we lost in virginia in the long island and in new jersey the answer to that is to pass a tax reform bill which is going the raise their taxes. they are the areas hurt the most. >> sandra: where do you stand? >> i think we'll get it done. we've said all along those of us in the freedom caucus free principles. does it cut taxes and simplify the code and produce economic growth? if the answer to those questions are yes, we should be for it. some things need to be worked out. it is happening this week. i think it will pass this week and it's important. i hope it passes the house this week. that's what the goal is. who knows what happens in the senate? i think we get it done before the end of the year. >> sandra: thank you for coming on with us this morning. >> bill: almost 9:30. president trump meeting
6:30 am
face-to-face with russian president putin. a former intelligence chief back here says the president was played. the white house doesn't think so. our panel takes that on in a moment. roy moore on offense after multiple claims of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. claims that go back years. what he is now saying about all that this morning. >> let me say it one last time. the conduct as described is not just offensive and disgusting, it disqualifies anyone from holding public office for anyone who has done that. ♪ so what's it gonna be? ♪ ♪ hey it's an amazing day, ♪ ♪ traveling our own highway, ♪ ♪ no matter where it leads us ♪ ♪ we can smile, ♪ 'cuz there's meaning in the miles. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: president trump is in the philippines as he prepares to wrap up his asia trip. president trump asked russian president vladimir putin directly about russian election meddling and getting a firm denial leading to claims that putin pulled a fast one on the president and a quick response from the white house. listen.
6:34 am
>> by not confronting the issue directly and not acknowledging to putin we know you are responsible to this i think he is giving putin a pass and i think it demonstrates to mr. putin that donald trump can be played by foreign leaders. >> president trump is not getting played by anybody. president trump was focused on some very important issues which are north korea and syria and those are areas that we need to work together with russia and get them on board with our strategy. >> i think the country is ready to move off this and focus on important issues. >> sandra: mary anne marsh and david hoppe is former chief of staff for paul ryan. mary anne, the former c.i.a. director saying he is giving putin a pass, the president. >> i don't think trump is getting played but i do think trump is making a choice. that is the difference here. every single time in word and actions donald trump sides with putin and the russians against
6:35 am
the united states. and he has never once said that russia has interfered in the 2016 election. yet the evidence is overwhelming. he has never once said or criticized putin for anything. but he has criticized plenty of americans individually and collectively and never once taken one step to make sure the russians don't interfere in our elections this year or 2018. that should concern every american and every american should ask why donald trump sides with putin and russia every time. >> sandra: that's the word the former c.i.a. director that trump is getting played by putin. the white house responded he is dealing with important issues some which he has to work with russia on. >> as a former kgb agent putin has played or tried to play every american president whether it's george w. bush who looked into his eyes or saw his soul or the silliness of the reset button or president obama who said get me reelected and
6:36 am
i'll work more with you. that's what the kgb and putin do. we might be able to work with russia on certain areas but we have to be clear that we understand what putin will do. he will continue to do it. he did it very well with president obama and secretary clinton. i hoefp he is not as successful with president trump. that's what putin does. we cannot allow the russians to be involved in our elections although the president did say he believes what our -- what the intelligence of the united states is saying now, which i think is admitting that yes, russia was involved in this election. that shouldn't be allowed and should never happen. >> sandra: let's go back to john roberts pressing the president on just that. listen. >> could you once and for all definitively, sir, yes or no say whether or not you believe that president putin and or
6:37 am
russia interfered in the election? >> what i said there is i believe he believes that. it's very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. >> sandra: i'll get your response to that. >> i thought john roberts said it at the top of the hour. not a convincing answer. the fact is donald trump's statement once again he doesn't say that russia interfered with our elections when they did. that's a fact. donald trump instead says -- he doesn't believe comey, clapper or brennan when they were in office and put these reports together. and he also implied he didn't believe the people he put in those positions like pompeii. he said as constituted now. he by implication didn't believe pompeii and everybody else in the positions he put them in. that's his version of cleanup. >> sandra: for the president's
6:38 am
part here is how he is responding to the haters out there. he tweeted when will all the haters and fools he calls them out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing? they are always playing pog particulars. bad for our country. i want to solve -- russia can help. isn't having a good relationship with russia important here, david? >> i think we have to go back to the reagan years. if you recall president raig worked with gorbachev and the russians. strong by verify. you have to be strong and assertive and understand when they are trying to do things to play you or work with you, when you might be able to work with them successfully and effectively. it is not always -- you have to be very clear about this. reagan had the right model and it is the model that american presidents ought to use going forward. >> sandra: a delicate balance,
6:39 am
right? having a good relationship with russia? >> well, here is the false choice donald trump put on the table for our country over the weekend. he said i don't want to deal with putin on whether he interfered in our elections in 2016. i'm more concerned about north korea and syria. that is a false choice. you have to do all of them. you can't interfere in our elections and you need to work with us in syria, north korea and elsewhere. don't make the choice. that's wrong. you have to stick up for our democracy and our freedom. that's what makes us the greatest country on earth. not a mutually exclusive exercise. >> sandra: good start to this monday morning. thank you for being here. >> bill: alabama candidate roy moore strongly pushing back against reports of the "washington post" after they issued a story claiming he pursued teenage girls including a 14-year-old girl four decades ago. he is threatening to sue the paper calling those allegations completely false and politically motivated.
6:40 am
there is an election early december. jonathan cyri live in alabama. what did moore say in huntsville last night about this? >> he mostly focused on religious freedom and the constitution but spent several minutes talking about the allegations against him which he flatly denies and threatened legal action against the "washington post" for publishing them. >> they are false and untrue. >> that video, reporters were barred from the forum sponsored by the local tea party chapter. some of moore's supporters expressioned us frustration with the media. >> moore is investigating the
6:41 am
source behind the allegations and the timing of their release. he suspects democrats were involved but also perhaps establishment republicans. >> bill: what is moore's opponent saying as of today. >> reporters spoke over the weekend with doug jones the democratic opponent who is challenging roy moore. at one point jones was asked point blank whether his campaign had anything to do with the release of these allegations. here is what he said. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. that's just another in a continuing pattern of absurd statements that moore and his campaign have made not just in the course of this campaign but in the course of his career. >> it's not just democrats criticizing moore. over the weekend republican senator bill cassidy of louisiana tweeted based on the allegations against roy moore, his response and what is known i withdraw support. moore and jones face off in a december 12th general election, bill. >> bill: thank you, jonathan.
6:42 am
there in alabama today. >> sandra: an emotional scene unfolding. a mother races out of a burning building carrying her children. more on this heart stopping moment and how everyone is doing today. >> bill: that's remarkable. also in a moment here what will republicans give you on the tax plan? republican senator rob portman out of ohio talks to us about that live next. >> i'm confident we'll get votes. so far every vote has gone the way we thought it would go. we're optimistic we'll continue to get the votes. time is going to tell but we'll be in the senate finance committee this week and it will be in the full house this week. . amanda's mom's appointment just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires.
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i was wondering if an electric toothbrusthan a manual.s better and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the only electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> sandra: oh horrifying moment when a fire rips through an apartment building in texas. some survivors barely escaping the flames. this mother is holding two
6:46 am
instance and running out of the burning apartment complex. at least 50 apartments were impacted. the red cross is helping those displaced from the fire. thankfully no one was seriously injured. >> this goes back to how do you grow the economy? you grow the economy by making your businesses, all businesses, small, medium and large businesses, competitive. allow them to compete on a level playing field and allow us to sell our products around the world and allow us to hire our people and pay them more money. that's how we'll pay for the bill and grow the economy. >> bill: president trump's chief economic advisor talking about the tax bill. the senate could start hammering out details today. rob portman member of the finance committee in the senate. republican from ohio. senator, good morning and welcome back to "america's newsroom." i've got a couple of things here i want to run by you. late on friday mitch mcconnell said he misspoke, you can't
6:47 am
guarantee absolutely no one sees a tax increase. in addition, you are here to make the case this is good for growth. i think on the corporate side you've made a pretty good case. on the individual side you have a long way to go. state your argument now, senator. >> first with regard to the middle class tax cut it is real. the joint committee on taxation, the nonpartisan group on the hill came out with their analysis over the weekend showing that middle class families across the board get tax relief. to mitch mcconnell's point, every group gets tax relief here. the difference is that the burden of taxation shifts so that those at the top end say the top 1% will pay a little more of the burden and those in the middle class will pay less of the burden. ohio, bill the number is -- >> bill: cut spending and you can reduce everybody's taxes and get around the debate. you don't have to jump through hoops to explain it. >> well, i don't think we have
6:48 am
to jump through hoops. this is result of more revenue coming into the federal government over the next 10 years than we have now. the tax code is hopelessly broken. for the middle class in ohio median income family 2375 per family. that helps right now, bill. people's salaries are flat. wages are flat and expenses are up. but the exciting part in terms of growth is on the business side and it's not about businesses, it's about workers. and you and i have talked about this before but our code right now is actually driving jobs and investment overseas. that's crazy. this will bring that back and so the analysis is 1.2 trillion in additional revenue over the next 10 years. if that happens and i believe it will, a conservative estimate, it will decrease the deficit over the next 10 years. we need to focus on the spending side and republicans are doing that all the time, relative to democrats as you know this is a fight we have all the time. this is about stimulating the economy. >> bill: you make some good
6:49 am
points. chuck schumer has a point to make an election 12 months from now if the bill passes. >> i say to every one of my republican colleagues in the house who come from a suburban district, this bill could be your political doom. >> bill: what he is referring to is the election in virginia last tuesday, the suburbs of atlanta that was pointed out last week in the "washington post". what do you think about that portending 12 months from now >> i love when he gives advice to republicans. pretty partisan guy. look, the best thing to do in my view is to get stuff done that helps people. and that's exactly what tax reform does. we should also do some other things to help people in terms of getting healthcare costs down and terms of regulatory system that makes more sense so people aren't spending so much time filling out red tape and worker training. tax reform is what people are crying out for. they know the code is too complicated and driving
6:50 am
businesses, jobs and investment overseas. i think if we can get this thing done, bill, it will help every american. that's the point. it will also help in terms of the election. but you should do it because it's the right thing to do. >> bill: you want to get a good bill. not just any bill. what should happen with the roy moore situation in alabama? >> well, the voters will decide. what you or i think should happen is kind of irrelevant. i do think that the allegations are really serious. when people go on the record it has more credibility. but the voters of alabama will have to decide this thing. >> bill: thank you, sir, for your time today. rob portman back in ohio. we'll see you in d.c. later today. thank you. >> sandra: breaking news coming in on hundreds of people today because of an earthquake. a live report straight ahead.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> bill: the legendary gossip columnist liz smith passed away at the age of 94. her column was one of the most widely read in the world. access into major hollywood scoops nick naming her the dame of dish. she was 94 years of age. what a life. really a trailblazer in so many ways. she shall be missed. >> sandra: a lot of people remembering her today. >> bill: our best to her family. >> sandra: a tragic scene unfolding along the iran/iraq border after a massive earthquake levels several buildings and is now blamed for killing more than 400 people. benjamin hall is live in london with the latest. >> good morning, sandra, large scale operations are still underway amid fears that the death toll may continue to rise.
6:55 am
the very mountainous region between iran and iraq. it is what has made rescue operations difficult. the powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck at 9:20 p.m. has killed over 400 people across both countries injuring at least 6 1/2 thousand, unknown number of people remain trapped under debris. it is a rural mountainous region and residents rely on farming to make a living. it struck at a shallow depth of 14 1/2 miles. sent people fleeing from their homes and into the night. more than 100 aftershocks followed and the tremors were felt in turkey, israel and kuwait. the epicenter was 19 miles outside the city -- but iran bore the brunt of the tremor. 70,000 people are homeless afraid to go back into their homes. it is no stranger to quakes where a tack tonic plate meets
6:56 am
and in 2003 a 6.6 -- they've seen cracks forming in a dam that holds back a river. on top of the 400 plus people who died the 70,000 who are homeless and the 6 1/2 thousand injured fears it might get worse. >> sandra: tragic situation there. thank you. >> bill: these are critical days ahead on the hill. watch this story. house leaders getting ready to pass their tax reform bill. do republicans have the votes. ? we'll check on that. the u.s. sending a strong message in the waters off north korea. president trump now wrapping up his historic trip in asia.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> sandra: tax reform rushing full speed ahead this week on capitol hill. republicans staying optimistic and keeping their eyes on the prize hoping to send a tax cut bill out of congress and to the president's desk this year. welcome to a brand-new hour of
7:00 am
"america's newsroom," everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: it will be an interesting time here, right? watch the bouncing ball on this. i'm bill hemmer. the full house expecting to vote this week on the house side as a senate committee begins marking up their bill later today. the issue dominating airwaves on the sunday shows. for example this with gary cohn, have listen. >> americans deserve a tax cut and deserve to keep more of their income. both bills do that. >> when it comes to working families it's a mixed bag. in my state of illinois it will be devastating they can't deduct their state, local and property taxes that they pay. they'll be paying a tax on a tax. this is not a tax break for them. >> these are hard working people and they will get screwed by this bill. i won't vote for it. i didn't run for reelection so that i could go to my constituents and say i raised your taxes to help people living in other states that
7:01 am
already get subsidized by new york. >> i feel there is strong support for this. we continue to make improvements every step of the way. our republicans in the house know that it is time to deliver on this economy and grow these paychecks by getting rid of this current tax code. that's exactly what we'll do. >> bill: an interesting debate. mike emanuel picks it up on the hill. peter king is a no. how optimistic are republican leaders about passing it this week? >> they sound upbeat and hopeful. my understanding is they intend to whip their members this evening to get a better sense of the vote count on tax reform. part of the pitch to those high-tax republicans will be essentially a plan to keep part of that state and local tax deduction. >> i'm convinced that this is where we'll end up because this is -- it's important again as i told you, chris, to make sure people keep more of what they earn even in the high-tax states. what we're working toward and
7:02 am
what we work carefully with are lawmakers from new york, california, new jersey is to make sure we deliver this relief. i'm committed to it. >> that is significant. the new senate tax reform plan does not keep any of that state and local tax deduction so a lot of high-tax state republicans in the house are anxious, bill. >> bill: how is that being used as a weapon in this debate? >> peter king is a prime example. so he says his district voted for barack obama twice. supported president trump big this time and he says he is worried that his constituents will be badly hurt by that one component of tax reform. >> they are going to lose most of their property tax deduction. all of the state income tax deduction. family of four will lose $18,000 the individual exemption. medical bills they'll lose that with someone with a long term interest. this will have a devastating impact on areas like mine. >> fellow new yorker chuck schumer the top democrat in the
7:03 am
senate is calling on republicans in the house from new york and new jersey to kill the bill. >> if state and local is in this bill it is a dagger to the heart of new york, it's a dagger to the heart of new jersey. and they, those 15 have to choose their states over the rich special interests who are trying to push them around so they can get a tax break. >> huge week on tax reform with the senate expected to work on its plan in committee and house leaders hoping to pass their plan on the house floor this week. >> bill: here we go. leading us off this hour on the hill. >> sandra: john mccormack is a writer on "the weekly standard". this is setting up to be quite a week. you heard the emotions coming out on all this right now and the optimism on both sides. it looks pretty rosie. you hear guys like pete king
7:04 am
say no way, it's horrible for the people in my state. >> you can't really look at the state and local income tax deduction issue completely in isolation. there are lots of moving parts to this bill. it doubles the standard deduction. increases the child tax credit from 1,000 to 1600. allows the upper middle class to claim it. gets rid of the -- lots of moving parts in general average family saves $1100 a year right off the bat. there are people who pay more according to the tax policy center by 7% of americans would pay more under this bill. so -- those people would tend to be in the higher-taxed, higher-income districts. it creates the cross pressures for people in districts like pete king's and other wealthy suburban districts where the upper middle class could end up worse off. >> sandra: do republicans have the votes in the house? >> you just heard mike emanuel say they'll be whipping tonight. the house is definitely much easier than the senate because
7:05 am
there are a lot more republican votes to work with in the senate you can only lose two in the house you can lose a couple dozen almost. so i think that they will probably squeak it through the house and i think the real thing to look at is the senate. if you look at the senators and the ones i would pay attention to are the deficit hawks. some analysts say this bill would raise the deficit by 1.5 trillion, that's a harder thing to fix to get rid of that 1 trillion deficit, you have to cut the corporate tax by a much less. >> sandra: you are talking about the bob corkers and john mccains. >> those are the people i would keep an eye on in the senate. mike lee and marco rubio saying the child tax credit isn't big enough and moderates. a lot of moving parts. you don't know how it will shake out. the house is in decent shape. >> sandra: the senate will work on that this morning. the house you think are in
7:06 am
pretty good shape. they made some smart changes to their plan last week that's putting them in such good shape this week. what did you like that they changed so much? >> they made a big mistake they got rid of the adoption tax credit which costs very minuscule amount of money. 0.01% less to the federal budget. they got rid of that. that's a helpful thing for american families who are adopting and the cost savings they believe they'll take in doesn't even account for the fact that taxpayers are saving money by getting kids out of foster care into permanent families. they shot themselves in the foot there. a bad messaging play right there where they are going to get rid of the estate tax eventually and also get rid of the adoption tax credit. that was really bad politics to say nothing of the policy. >> sandra: it comes to this issue of who is in the middle class and we have asked some in congress to define that in the weeks leading up to this. and you've got gary cohn saying this is for the people, the
7:07 am
hard working middle class. peter king saying the people of his state will get screwed by this to use his words. chuck schumer saying it's a dagger to the heart of new york, a dagger to the heart of new jersey. so that middle class, that is really where the problem lies. who is in that middle class and will everyone's taxes go down? the senate has to look at that closely this morning. >> i'm guessing 99% would say they're in the middle class. that's clearly not true. that's an elastic term. when barack obama was running for office back in 2008 he said he wasn't going to raise taxes on anybody making less than $250,000. if you give a lot of money to charity, if you have a high state and local taxes, high property taxes, the way these things shake out you could end up paying more, maybe a little, maybe a lot. several thousand. it depends on the family. as i said if you look at the whole thing on net the tax policy center says 7% of
7:08 am
americans will pay more. it's much smaller percentage than pay more than under the 1986 reagan tax plan. not everybody is a winner but most people in this country would be winners. >> sandra: both the house and senate have big jobs to do this week. i think mike emanuel says they're upbeat and hopeful on capitol hill. the expectations are high. thank you for joining us this morning. >> bill: fox news alert. three u.s. aircraft carriers holding joint military exercises with south korean and japanese forces in the waters off the korean peninsula. the massive show of force coming as president trump wraps up his trip in asia and in the wake of new provocations from pyongyang. so where do we stand on this now? greg palkot watching all of that in london. tell us about the exercise first in the western pacific, greg. >> it's a very big show of
7:09 am
naval force coming with a strong message to north korea involved, as you noted in the exercises, three u.s. aircraft carriers. they include the u.s.s. nimitz, ronald reagan and the theodore roosevelt. this is rare. it's been about ten years since three carriers have operated in the western pacific. the aim according to the navy to demonstrate the unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike force and coordinate strike force efforts. not just to these carriers but the 60 jet fighters on top of them, destroyers, submarines and other ships and it was these exercises with south korea and japanese ships as well. pyongyang state media over the weekend called these actions more activities by the quote war maniac president trump. as you noted he is wrapping up
7:10 am
an asian trip dealing a lot with this north korea issue. >> bill: what was the activity on the dmz today, greg? >> this is really a strange one, bill. activity going both ways across the dmz. that's the strip separating north korea and south korea. a north korean soldier was shot and injured by his own side as he made a break to the south in the joint security area. that's the place where literally north and south korea are face-to-face. we've been there a few times. bret baier was there last week. south korean officials heard gunshots, saw the man lying flat on the ground in a pool of blood about 150 yards away from north korea. they dragged him out of range. he is in a hospital now. there is about 1,000 defectors coming over from north korea to south korea again. one quick note. another strange story. at another stretch of the dmz an unnamed 58-year-old man from
7:11 am
louisiana tried to make a break from south korea into north korea. he said for political reasons. he didn't get too far in the immediate security area next to the dmz. he is now being held by south korean officials. >> bill: stranger things. greg, thank you, in london, thanks. >> sandra: breaking news. this just in from the white house. president trump announcing his pick to be the next health and human services secretary. he tweeted just minutes ago happy to announce i am nominating alex azar to be the next health and human services secretary. he is a pharmaceutical executive. if confirmed he will take over for the acting secretary who took over to tom price. >> bill: some republicans saying it's time for a.g. jeff sessions to do his job. they're pushing for a special counsel investigation of jim comey and hillary clinton.
7:12 am
the judge andrew napolitano with his take on that coming up here. plus there is this. >> i say to every one of my republican colleagues in the house who come from a suburban district. this bill could be your political doom. >> sandra: so does senator schumer have a point? our panel will take that one up. >> bill: doom on the floor of the senate it echoes. a week since the massacre in texas and the church now reopening its doors as that town remembers those they lost. >> we've lost some great friends today. any type of act they were doing in the church, there was somebody lost in almost every aspect, i think.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> bill: it was another emotional day in the small town of sutherland springs, texas remembering the victims of the horrific church service. heart wrenching images from inside the church. 26 roses gracing the now empty chairs of the 26 victims and encased in glass the bible open to the scripture that was supposed to be read that sunday morning. >> sandra: a top republican lawmaker says attorney general jeff sessions should create a new special counsel to investigate actions by democrats during the campaign and obama years. we spoke to congressman jim
7:17 am
jordan about this. >> when you have all these questions let's appoint the special counsel. we think mr. mueller is compromised. let's get the answers -- it is not about jeff sessions but getting answers for the american people. >> sandra: joining me now is judge andrew napolitano. a really big piece he published in fox calling for this special counsel. if he does not do that, he is calling for the attorney general to step down. >> the attorney general can expect a difficult time when he testifies before the house judiciary committee tomorrow. >> sandra: it will get fiery. >> republicans want to know why aren't you investigating mrs. clinton. why don't you pick up the ball and run with it? whatever happened to the uranium one investigation? did the f.b.i. pay for the russian dossier or mrs. clinton? interesting questions. democrats on the other hand will say the "washington post" claims there were 30 separate
7:18 am
contacts between the trump campaign and russians. you told the senate judiciary committee you didn't know of any. which is right? he will be in a vice when he testifies tomorrow. with respect to what congressman jordan said i have the same questions he does but i do not think we need an independent counsel. we need an attorney general that does his job. jeff sessions a friend of mine, i've known him for years. >> sandra: how come he keeps getting in the way? >> he seems to be allowing others in the justice department to make the decisions traditionally made by the attorney general. that impression is filtering out to the legal community, the judicial community and as you heard from congressman jordan the political community as well. for a republican, a leading republican as jim jordan is to say do your job or leave when he only has had the job for nine months and they're in the same political party. the same party as the president i think is very telling.
7:19 am
jeff sessions needs to erase the image that he is reluctant to do his job. he shouldn't be because america needs a vigorous attorney general. >> sandra: how does he do that? special counsel not needed. he needs to step in. >> the only time you need a special counsel if there is a conflict between the investigation and president as there is in bob mueller's where the president may be a target of mueller's investigation. either to charge the president or clear him. and jeff sessions may very well be a witness in bob mueller's investigation. that's a classic case for a special counsel. investigate hillary? the justice department can do it. investigate uranium one? the justice department can do it. >> sandra: do you agree for all the reasons that jim jordan listed there, all the questions that he had over the hillary clinton investigation, the wording chosen by the former f.b.i. director, the decisions that he made, do you agree with his -- you --
7:20 am
>> i agree with most of what was said. the a.g. was a political hack about it and he changed his mind. there is a logical explanation there. the core questions that he has, not only do i agree but many republicans on the house judiciary committee which will be grilling the attorney general tomorrow agree. the only question where we have this disagreement is do we want another independent counsel who doesn't answer to the president or do we want to do it through juice -- justice? >> i'm disappointed. i'm almost thinking they should have fleshed all this out before the president nominated him. there seemed to be too many we need to revise history again. that's not good. the attorney general has to have the confidence and credibility attendant to his job. he is the chief federal law enforcement officer of the land. he can't have questions about his credibility lingering in the minds of lawyers and justice. >> sandra: the grilling, as you
7:21 am
put it, is expected to happen during this show tomorrow. >> i'll be happy to be with you. he needs to answer this questions if this stuff keeps happening over and over again it won't go away. >> sandra: thank you, judge. >> bill: 21 past. a terrifying scene unfolding at a college party over the weekend. check this out. [screaming] >> bill: dozens tumble down when the floor of the apartment gives way during the party. more details and video as to what happened next ahead. >> sandra: remembering seven fallen heroes killed during the surge in iraq. how two of their comrades are hitting the road to honor their memory and raise awareness. >> it's the philosophy behind it. face the road ahead without putting the road traveled behind you. that's what it was for me. i think --
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> sandra: a college party in texas ends in chaos after this moment. [screaming] >> sandra: the third floor of an apartment complex collapsing out of the blue sending dozens of people tumbling to the floor below. it happened at the university of north texas in denton. thankfully only minor injuries were reported. investigators are looking to see if the apartment had any code violations. >> bill: almost 10 years ago seven americans went into combat and then died in a booby-trapped house inside iraq. it was one of the worst losses of life in a single day during the iraq surge and the survivors struggled after returning home. now two survive ors are walking across the country for veterans coming home. good morning, katherine.
7:26 am
>> at sunday's game army veterans joe cox and adamlingo carried to american flag for the walk of life to raise awareness about veteran suicide. it began in summer when the two vets left san monica pier in california to raise awareness about veteran suicide. 12 states, 2700 miles the deeply has become personal. a close friend and buddy who served with them in iraq committed suicide giving the vets more reason to finish the trek. cox's unit was hit hard in iraq and repercussions are felt to this day. seven men who went into combat january 9th, 2008 and died in brothers in iraq when a house rigged with explosives collapsed. it is still considered one of the worst losses of life in a single day during the iraqi surge. >> the walk is about healing?
7:27 am
>> yes, absolutely. you never know where you'll find yourself, really. >> the walk took 22 weeks. that number matters. according to government statistics 22 veterans take their life every day. >> bill: the walk is over but a charity continues the work. >> brotherhood bridge to connect vets to available services. >> the only thing i want to say to people out there, there is help. there is a lot of help and i know where it's coming from. i've been that guy that had a gun to my head. the short, funny version we're basically becoming a dating website for veterans groups. the one thing none of us have is a network. >> inside his old knapsack we carries a glass case and he showed us the badges of three of his squad mates killed in
7:28 am
2008. cox has carried them with him for nine years and with the trek over he says he feels that they are all finally coming home. fox news made the final leg of the trip saturday november 11th as they visited their buddies in arlington national cemetery. the whole experience from those who walked with them and the game sunday is overwhelming. it will take time to process. >> bill: remarkable sacrifice. thank you. >> sandra: the judge in the menendez corruption trial pushing the reset button as a member of the jury drops out. then talks to the press. why the prosecution could be worried. >> bill: it is one of our top stories for the entire week and maybe the month. the house and senate are full steam ahead on tax reform. do republicans have the votes to get this done? >> we will have the votes and we are very highly motivated to do this. i think we'll get it done and get the 50 votes.
7:29 am
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>> bill: so now the battle over tax reform the hot topic all week. we don't know if any democrats will vote for it. chuck schumer warning republicans will face a voter backlash in 12 months if it goes through. >> i say to every one of my republican colleagues in the house who come from a suburban district, this bill could be your political doom. >> bill: chris bedford editor and chief news foundation, michael starr hopkins democratic strategist. chris, doom for republicans in this form. you have the floor? >> i would say the republicans have to get better on messaging on this tax bill if they protect their colleagues in new york or their colleagues in california and new jersey. no republican senators from there but over 20 republican congressmen from these states. the republicans are trying to get the message the hike that
7:33 am
will get rid of their ability for state taxes will only affect higher earners, not the lower middle class and the ability to write off -- take a stand arpd deduction which is higher will impact them better. it gets complicated. i don't think chuck schumer will give sound advice to the gop. he will message. >> bill: his larger point the suburbs will make you pay a price for it. some middle class voters see the rates go up. some upper middle income americans might see a deduction in the rate but once you take the deductions out they pay more in taxes and high earners, 10% of americans pay 70% of the taxes, that's just the fact, chris. >> absolutely. and you are absolutely right on that. these states, these blue states that have extremely high tax codes already, high state taxes aren't going to get a ton of breaks right here except for maybe in the corporate rate or the higher rate. republicans are going to have a hard time. why you are starting to see deif you can shuns.
7:34 am
so far paul ryan doesn't seem too concerned. >> bill: i think he has the votes despite the defections. we heard from peter king. listen to him again right now. >> my suburban district voted for barack obama twice, voted for donald trump by nine points. it was a 14-point turnaround. they'll lose most of their property tax deduction. allstate income tax deduction. family of four will lose $18,000 individual exemption. medical bills you'll lose that if they have someone with a long term illness. all of that, it will have a devastating impact on areas like mine. >> bill: as i said before, michael, he is a no vote clearly. >> he is. not very often that peter king and i agree. let's talk about what the bills will do. they'll get rid of the student loan deduction. the medical deduction. it will put a cap on how much you can deduct from your 401k and get rid of that >> bill: some of that is changing. we don't know what the final form will be.
7:35 am
>> at the crux of the bill what's offered right now those things will be taken away from middle class americans so we can lower the business tax rate. it doesn't make any sense. republicans are supposed to be the party of fiscal spending. it blows a hole in the deficit. we have choices on what we want to spend on. we can make healthcare more affordable and make it so people can send their kids to college. these are choices. republicans are making poor choices. >> bill: it does strike it some is redistribution. i don't know how it works out in the end. by a different definition that's what it appears to be for many. the president said this just last hour. i'm proud of the representatives dush dush republicans in the house and senate for working hard on cutting taxes and reform. we're getting close. how about ending the unfair and highly unpopular individual mandate on obamacare and reducing taxes further? cut top rate to 35% with all the rest going to middle income cuts. i believe that top rate right now is anywhere between 38 1/2
7:36 am
to 39 1/2. what's this all about, chris? what is coming next when he gets back on wednesday. >> they want to simplify the tax code. they have a problem. all these deductions and the individual mandate which is another thing, not a deduction. but these all have parties that are attached to them. special interests or constituents who make money off this. maybe you would want to be careful adding too much to the plate here. if republicans can get the top rates down and get the corporate rate down it should help generate the economy and get things going better and they will see the turn arounds they want to see in time for their reelections. >> bill: is there time to do that, michael? think about the calendar even if it goes through in january. will americans >> i don't see how it gets done. at least not this year. especially with i think republicans will have to fall under the byrd rule. it will add to the deficit. i think for one second we should take the politics out of this and talk about the
7:37 am
morality of it. the morality of it republican voters will have to ask themselves are their lives better a year into the trump administration? the economy may be doing better. do they have more access to healthcare and better jobs and better access to education? i think a lot of those answers are no. that's not a political thing. that's an american thing. >> bill: chris, answer that >> it sounds like a pretty political message to me. republicans have a shorter timetable here than january because we had the alabama election coming up for the u.s. senate. that is starting to look rocky for the gop. they want to figure it out in the next month and it will be hard. >> i have almost half a million in student loans for my education. under this tax bill i can't deduct that. that could be crippling for me. this is not political. it will affect me, my friends, family. that's an american issue. >> bill: something to watch and we'll see whether or not that's in it. chris bedford and michael
7:38 am
hopkins, thank you. >> sandra: the menendez verdict jury deliberations resume. as the democratic senator awaits his face the comments of a dismissed juror throwing a cloud of uncertainty over the entire case. david lee miller outside the courthouse in newark, new jersey. >> the jury deliberations were supposed to be underway this hour. that's not the case at the request of defense attorneys. the judge is now questioning a number of the jurors to see if they've been contaminated by information in news reports. this dispute centers on juror number eight. she was dismissed to go on vacation last week. she has been replaced by another juror, an alternate. now juror number eight gave multiple interviews last week saying among other things that other jurors tried to intimidate her because of her view that senator menendez was not guilty.
7:39 am
here is some of what she had to say. >> still saying not guilty. >> changing that more people are changing? >> yeah. >> anyone in there big a big advocate for guilty? >> yeah, we have someone in there that don't want to hear saying he is guilty. >> defense attorneys have told the judge that they believe there might be misconduct in the jury room because juror number eight they say was prevented from giving a note to the judge during the deliberations. secondly, they are questioning whether or not any of the jurors heard the remarks she made to the media. a short time ago senator menendez entered the federal courthouse here in newark and briefly addressed the controversy surrounding this dismissed juror. >> wish her a great vacation. but i will bet that no juror in the jury room feels -- [inaudible]
7:40 am
so again sandra at this hour the judge is speaking in his chambers without attorneys present to individual jurors who say that they have heard news accounts to see to what extent, if any, they have been contaminated and might possibly have to be removed from the jury. the judge stated moments ago speaking to the defense and i quote him now, if you think this is the genesis for a mistrial, you are off target. underscoring that, sandra, just a few moments ago, the jury placed its order for lunch. >> sandra: very important. 10:40 a.m. eastern time. we'll stay on that story. >> bill: a massive vigil in paris remembering those killed in one of the most deadly islamist terrorist attacks in europe. it happened two years ago. >> sandra: president trump wrapping up the last leg of his asia trip.
7:41 am
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>> bill: somber day in the long fight against terror. paris marking two years since the deadly gun attacks in president. the french president laid a wreath in honor of the victims and other ceremonies across paris. 130 people killed when terrorists attacked six different locations including a concert hall that sent -- france has dealt with a lot of this stuff. that event there helped change the way they respond in a significant way. >> sandra: hard to believe it's been two years. >> bill: we remember them today. >> sandra: all right. president trump's trip to asia
7:45 am
wrapping up. he met with philippine president rodrigo duterte. the president encouraged by their meetings particularly on trade. >> we've made big steps on trade. in addition to about $300 billion in sales to various companies, including china, that was $250 billion and going up substancely from that. we've made a lot of big progress on trade. we have deficits with almost everybody. those deficits will be cut very quickly and substantially. >> sandra: let's bring in john sununu. white house chief of staff to george w. bush. good to see you this morning. thank you for coming on to us. the president sounds like he is saying this has been a pretty successful trip touting the $300 billion you just heard him in additional sales to various companies. he is saying that there and likely comes home we'll hear more success coming out of this
7:46 am
trip from the president. >> i think that it was successful on trade. i think the biggest success was the conference and discussions he had with the japanese minister abe and with turnbull from australia. the focus there was on the issues of the china sea and their concerns and i really think that of all the issues there other than the north korean issue, which everybody talked about, that conversation may have been the most important. >> sandra: the president is promising this major statement as he is calling it on north korea and trade after he comes home from this trip. but he is not giving us any details yet, governor. he tweeted this. great day of bilateral meetings at asian summit on trade which we're turning around to be great deals for our country. so he is setting up for some major announcement when he returns home. >> yeah. i have think what they probably did is agreed on a top line and
7:47 am
now you've got the staff behind the scenes from all the countries involved that will be addressed in the statement, their staffs are working out the details so that the statement accurately reflects the real commitments that will have been made and so the art form is in the language that they're putting together. >> sandra: what do you make of the criticism that you have heard. you seem to be saying this trip has been a success for the president. but it has not been without criticism from the media when it comes to handshakes, what the president said, what he didn't say, what he did, what he didn't do. did you see any of that criticism fair? let's start with vladimir putin, for example. >> yeah. the russian issue is an interesting one. the democrats have done this country a huge disservice by focusing on this non-issue of the russian investigation. that puts the president of the united states in an awkward
7:48 am
position where he is damned if he talks to putin and damned if he doesn't. unfortunately it is important that the american president be talking to the russians. they are an almost super power and they are a serious concern and conversation has to take place. but the democrats have created this awkward climate which i think hurts the country and hurts the world. >> sandra: you know, another important meeting with the president meeting with the president of the philippines rodrigo duterte. the white house said they briefly discussed human rights and then the philippines no, there wasn't a discussion on that. it seems they have come to some sort of agreement. they've issued a joint statement on the human rights issue along with the republic of the philippines and united states mainstreaming the human rights agenda and national programs. they just released that statement. governor, i think this falls in line with the mixed messages we do see coming out of the white
7:49 am
house. later to learn well, here now is a joint statement. they did have a discussion. >> i took a quick look at the statement that was put out. it is a grand example of the art form of non-comment. it does talk about the fact that they discussed it, that they agreed to respect the importance of those issues, but with no specific conclusion. so i suspect that what happens is it falls in the context of having discussed with no conclusion, one side says it was discussed and the other one conveniently forgets it was. >> sandra: thank you for coming on. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. bill gates shelling out $80 million. guess what he is buying for christmas? we'll tell you next.
7:50 am
did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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>> sandra: billion bill gates is dropping cash to build a city of the future. 25,000 acres in arizona. that's huge, price tag $80 million. next comes the fun part. the co-founder of microsoft plans to build a smart city with cutting edge technology 50 miles west of phoenix. 80,000 homes and plenty of room for industry are high speed data center and self-driving cars. the name of the city, the new city will be belmont. >> bill: belmont. how about gatesville or -- >> sandra: hemersville. >> bill: the town of williams.
7:54 am
>> sandra: you are into technology. you love it. self-driving cars, are you ready for those? >> bill: no, don't trust them yet. what do you think of belmont? >> sandra: i don't get it. >> bill: we have a belmont. >> sandra: tell us what you think about that one. >> bill: a demonstration in the heart of hollywood taking a stand against sexual abuse in the workplace. we're live on that story in l.a. william, good morning there. >> the choice facing the executives of the studio, the money on hollywood does it side with the successful male producers or directors or the big female stars. an actress gave warner brothers an ultimatum refusing to act in the wonder woman serial if william brandtner is involved. warner brother is siding with the woman. the studio did cut ties with
7:55 am
the creator of the flash and super girl. a dozen women accuse him of harassment. in the last month or so since the harvey weinstein accusations women have made accusations against 20 men. >> bill: is this going beyond hollywood? >> supporters of the me too movement hope so. sunday hundreds rallied in hollywood saying they wanted to make a cultural change that makes sexual harassment unacceptable. >> sexual violence is something we've seen happen in the workplace which is really where this began. but sexual violence takes hold in many other ways throughout society. >> the group is setting up a nationwide hotline to give women anywhere who feel victimized advice and counseling. >> bill: thank you live in l.a. today. >> sandra: christmastime is closing in. rockefeller center is gearing up and you know what that means?
7:56 am
guess what comes to town.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> sandra: it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> bill: say it again. >> sandra: 75 feet high and weighing 12-13 tons. here's all that goes into getting it here. >> bill: we started tying it up. >> then we pulled into a tree to get it down to 14 feet so he could travel on a highway so we could get over bridges and overpasses. >> sandra: how many days left until christmas? >> bill: a lot. or money. not so many. assad november 29th, it is a wonderful thing to experience if you are in the city. bill hemmer, are you ready for this? >> bill: i pressed my lips did
8:00 am
gather and try to knock it out. it's such a wonderful holiday. enjoy your family and friends. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we start with this fox news alert on president trump's asian tour. a long trip winding down with an extended stop and manila. he's talking progress on trade. good morning to you, i am jon scott. in new york, it is a rainy monday. >> melissa: i am melissa francis. the president of the philippines, after sitting down with the leaders of australia and japan, the president making a big announcement on trade in north korea, tweeting today...


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