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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 13, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> melissa: thanks for joining us. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: president trump wrapping up his historic asia trip after criticism he did not bring up russia election meddling with vladimir putin. speaking out when the president is still overseas. the president heading back. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, lisa boothe, kennedy, and today's hashtag one lucky guy, super bowl champion, author and conservative commentator, burgess owens. he is outnumbered. it's wonderful to have you. welcome! should be get started?
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>> burgess: lets do it. >> sandra: the final stop of his trip before he heads back to washington, before he arrived in manila, the president was asked to clarify after conversation he had with russian president vladimir putin about russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether he believes the kremlin. >> i think it was very obvious to everybody i believe that president putin really feels -- and he feels strongly -- that he did not meddle in our election. what he believes that's what he believes. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies. especially as currently constituted with their leadership. >> sandra: white house counselor to the president kellyanne conway saying president trump was clear from the beginning. okay, what that was kellyanne conway. she was saying he was very clear from the beginning. okay. all right, in the meantime,
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obama administration officials and former cia director john brennan and james clapper blasting the president for what they believe was downplaying the threat from russia. i think -- i am wondering if i'm having issues? >> harris: some people are saying it's not you. it's not your. >> sandra: we have a lot to discuss. getting back to kellyanne conway, she's defending the white house and president say she's been very clear from the beginning. on the part of the white house, president trump is saying i'm going to believe that the agencies tell me on this. let's move on. there's more important issues like dealing with north korea and syria. >> burgess: i'm going to swerve this a little way. at the end of the day, wade works out it's one another person comes in, that's a team that is now defining the new direction. the new strategy.
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the guys who are asked to do the commentary, many of these guys are hall of famer's -- they've had eight years. it's because of eight years of other policies. let's give our president chance. if anybody get respect from their enemies and their friends, the what al davis is all about. they did not like him but he just won. >> sandra: i love the sports analogy. when it comes to that respect, here it seemed that around the country but on this historical trip -- we are saying that around the globe, really. ivanka trump was talking about the reception they've received. >> harris: of the one thing i have heard leaders often say is that when you put the spotlight on them, it's very different
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then when you have the united states president standing in the spotlight. we get to see them with our leader and hopefully voicing the things that are most important. when you look at this trip, one of the most important parts will be with president g xi. yes, we are in their house but we are bringing our greatest pieces of our house. it really changes the conversation. does it with the ball with north korea? >> sandra: speaking of changing the conversation, that's what the president is saying. look, leave this to where it is and let's move on to bigger things. listen to this. >> we have to get to work to solve syria, north korea, south ukraine. terrorism. russia has been very, very heavily sanctioned. it's time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken. >> sandra: kennedy? >> kennedy: it's interesting because i like the fact that the
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president states what he's going to do and he goes and does that. i feel like he did that in japan. he certainly did that and south korea. he didn't do it that much in china and has to be more forceful in his language condemning russian meddling. that's absolutely okay. he's also right and that you can take on a number of different things with the same country. we have to work together with russia, to stop north korea. we absolutely have to we want a prosperous and peaceful planet, which we most certainly do. you can still say this is not okay. it's not cool. i don't care what your excuse is. we have the best intelligence agencies in the world and this is the proof in the data they are giving us. the president, if he spoke in more forceful terms, it would silence his enemies. we have to move on from this issue. >> lisa: the biggest concerns for the critics here, they want to know what president trump -- they want to know he's clear
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ride in looking at president putin. we've had presidents in the past saying i looked into his eyes or what have you. president obama tried to use the reset button. none of those things really work. that's where it's coming from. if you are also president trump, you are looking and saying where those critics when president obama's weak kneed approach, that russia rides in place like the middle east. or the joint chief of staff, the unclassified server and shutting it down for 11 days. people were also critical of the sanctions president obama put on russia, saying they lacked in the final days of his administration. i also think that's the lens that president trump is viewing this. >> sandra: a big week not just because of the president returning from this historic trip but also taxis are front and center on capitol hill. the tax plan, full house is set to vote on its version this week. big differences remain.
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some democrats will even vote for their plan. here is senator roy blunt. >> we are very highly motivated. they aren't going to vote for as long as there's a chance at republicans who will once again be embarrassed by not getting something this important to our agenda and economy. >> sandra: on the house side, one republican is not on board. that is new york congressman peter king. his constituents will get hit by the elimination of state and local tax deduction. >> right now, i am definitely voting "no." these are hardworking people and they are going to get screwed by this bill. i didn't run for reelection so i could go to my constituents and say i raised your taxes to help people living in other states that already get subsidized by people in new york. >> sandra: looming large,
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kevin brady saying his members will not be asked to vote on a bill that hurts their constituents. >> threatening to vote against an elimination of all the state and local tax deductions. can you guarantee them that the final bill they vote on will not include the total elimination in the senate plan? >> i can. >> are you saying the house will not accept a total elimination? that just won't fly even if the senate passes it? >> that's what i am saying. >> sandra: finally, the white house weighing in. legislative affairs director martin schwartz says the affairs will get worked out. >> what we have are two different bills. they will be reconciled in congress. we will be delivering tax relief for the majority of of americans. >> sandra: i'm going to let you take this, burgess. there's a lot to work out. a lot of differences. >> burgess: there are a lot of people like me, we don't know the details.
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i come from an environment -- a segregated community. in that era, they were doing great things. we led the country in terms of middle-class, black americans were part of the middle-class. they turned out because we had small business owners driving in running the communities. in their communities. my focus is i want to make sure our black community comes back. our business owners and entrepreneurs is -- regulations will be helping us. >> sandra: do you like what you are seeing? being laid out for the iraqi people? >> burgess: i like that we are having this discussion. the focus, the economy being driven forward by entrepreneurs. >> sandra: meanwhile, harris. this is going to be a very telling week.
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the deadlines are so aggressive. >> harris: the deadlines are aggressive and i would imagine some of these east coast and left coast people are going to be aggressive with regard to the state and local taxes and those reductions. there is a half million dollar difference on how much you can deduct on your mortgage interest. so you can your interest. it's farther apart than some people really want to maybe look at on those issues. one chamber saying we would completely wipe away your ability to deduct those state local taxes. you heard representative king say that the deal breaker. and some are saying we can look at a sliding real. that's pretty far apart by thanksgiving. which, by the way, is deliciously next thursday. those are some big differences. >> sandra: how do you win over at them? >> kennedy: you're going to assume you have an entire block of people voting against it. kevin brady was saying he was a
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big proponent for getting rid of the state and local deductions. now he say they want to accept a bill from the senate that gets rid of those completely. i think this is going to be an important reflection point. maybe there will be property tax deductions that they can use. the point was they can simplify everything pair they aren't simplifying everything. it does not equal a tax cut. they are raising them in another. that will be most unfair for the middle-class. my biggest issue with the senate is delaying that corporate tax by a year. you are absolutely right. these barriers to entry for my minority and small business owners, so prohibitive. it keeps them out from persons by dating in the economy. >> sandra: some in the middle class might see their taxes go up. >> harris: there are a lot of
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concerns. >> kennedy: the text of her republicans are trying to get done. they're going to be winners and losers. it's trying to satisfy enough people to get to the majority and senate. the house has different problems than the senate does. there i said, who won the election by 2300 votes in 2016, california, new york, new jersey. they are facing tough reelection coming up in 2018. that's where chairman brady is coming from. to try to protect those guys and give themselves -- >> sandra: i think he is coming from the budget reconciliation pass. if they had two more nell's in the house, we will be talking about tax reform anymore. >> harris: those concerns also arrived over the deduction as well. >> sandra: >> kennedy: some of e libertarian republicans were voting against the irresponsible spending. they will vote --
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>> sandra: conversations happening across dinner tables in the country. hillary clinton and her campaign's role in the dossier. seeking answers from the head of the firm that has dirt on the president. what we can expect next. the powerful republican leader of the senate mitch mcconnell now say he believes these women accusing alabama senate candidate roy moore. judge moore goes on the attack less than 30 days before voters go to the polls. >> women that would wait 40 years? to come before right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable. patrick woke up with back pain.
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>> harris: new fallout as republican alabama senate candidate roy moore plans to sue "the washington post" after an article saying he had inappropriate relationships with underage girls from four decades ago. a little less then a month away from a special election to take jeff sessions seat. pressure is growing in roy
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moore's party. >> and attack on my wife and me and a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the united states senate. these attacks involving minors are completely false and untrue. >> harris: counselor to the president kellyanne conway says if the allegations are true, they are disqualified. >> i denounce that conduct. if the allegations are true, he should step aside. if they are true about a lot of people, they ought to step aside. some are probably holding office right now. i said very early in this process that the conduct as described should disqualify anyone from serving in public office. i will stand by that. >> harris: mark short says moore has the right to answer the allegations. >> having said that, the key is
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he's not been proven guilty. we have to force him a chance to defend himself. >> harris: majority leader mitch mcconnell came out inside he believes moore's accusers. the women accusing him. and that moore should step aside. burgess, what are your thoughts? >> burgess: no question, if it was done, he should step aside. it's unfair to the voter into moore and to the folks that are saying. 30 days is not a lot of time to vet this process. it's unfortunate that this process wasn't started earlier. we want to make sure you are doing the right thing. i'm not even sure. based on what i'm hearing. basically, it goes off if we like him or not. at the end of the day, you don't want something like this to move forward. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell
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updating this story now says he believes the women. there's no way to know if the senator knows more than we know but what i am reading is that it's based on what he sees. kennedy? >> kennedy: i do not appreciate people who come out and blame the victims. there was one lawmaker in alabama who said after 40 years, you are not a victim. try telling that to a victim of child sexual abuse. sometimes for decades is not enough for people to heal. i don't appreciate the biblical comparisons. those don't hold a lot of water. saying mary was a teenager and joseph was an adult and they were the parents of jesus. that's a bester does a should and its inappropriate. there has to be some time for the truth. we don't have the luxury of time right now. you can't blame these women for coming forward. >> harris: didn't come out of the shadows. they were sought out.
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>> kennedy: a lot of people like harvey weinstein and louis c.k. a lot of people knew about the stories and had talked and gossiped about them. what has it taken so long? why has he risen through the ranks? why didn't they release this story when he was fighting luther strange in the primary? >> harris: there is a rule that they could proceed on removing him from the process. where do you think we not right now? >> lisa: i think the timing is going to be everything. whether or not they will move to special election, for another date. all we can deal with is the facts. none can sit and speculate about what did happen and what did not happen. it's what people are saying out loud. there's judgment being put on everyone involved. that's the way these things go. unfortunately, there is a deadline. there's an election coming up. i know there has been pressure put on the governor and alabama to change the timeline for the special elections.
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they are the ones who set the rules for the elections. it's an option and quite honestly, does anyone think of the democratic government goven control they would do the same thing? if you are majority leader mitch mcconnell, you are put in an impossible situation, if roy moore were to win, what to do with the absence of irrefutable truths. it's a very difficult situation for him to be in for that. >> harris: we will cover the news on this as it happens. former vice president joe biden are going when he believes he could have done better than hillary clinton. oh, boy. is joe biden ready to thrown his hat for 2020? would that be a good thing for democrats? or do they need new personnel? didn't obama say that? anyway. house democrats getting ready to grill jeff sessions, after new revelations on carter page and
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george papadopoulos' connections to russia. can attorney general sessions set the record straight? stay close. the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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>> sandra: jeff sessions testimony before the house judiciary committee is tomorrow. you can expect over what he knew of any term campaign -- the former campaign advisor george papadopoulos who pleaded lying to fbi agents about contact with russians said mr. sessions was aware of this offer to connect with campaigning with russians and former policy advisor carter page testified he told sessions about his plans to give a speech in moscow. democrats say sessions needs to clear this up.
9:28 am
one democratic congressman tweeting... retweet if you think he's going to fit perjury again. this could get fiery tomorrow. what do you think? >> burgess: the great community in which all americans care about politics. i think we got into a place where the political people is so important. we will find out how much collusion there was. so far, nothing has come out. why would democrats not be as focused and passionate about figuring out uranium one? if americans were putting americans first instead of the politics, i think if we get back to that we would be in good shape. >> sandra: it will be a a big
9:29 am
day. kennedy? >> kennedy: there's no objectivity. no one believes an objective good versus objective evil. it's whatever he can benefit my side is good and what ever can hurt you is good and if it hurts me, it's bad. we should be looking into the truth of what russia was trying to do in this country, to consolidate money and power and to stir chaos in our election. we should be looking at all of it. i'm not a huge fan of jeff sessions for various reasons having to do with his use on civil liberties and criminal justice but as far as the george papadopoulos thing, if you were in a meeting and said i can introduce you to vladimir putin and sessions said no, let's shut him down. it's different than him saying let's go play, baby. moscow! >> harris: this is how the conversation is going to go in part. what do you say to a man who has been on the hill multiple times? he either didn't have the memory
9:30 am
or hit and understand the question. i'm using the word that she has rephrased the question that was originally asked. did you have any knowledge of anybody meeting with someone from russia? what to say customer gets another bite at the apple by democrats. it didn't really go well last time. >> kennedy: if they gain power in the house, you better believe they will pursue perjury charges. instead of talking like a politician, he has to speak honestly but he has to be careful because democrats were absolutely set a trap for him. >> lisa: i spoke with jim jordan, he sits on the house judiciary committee. he will be asking questions across the board, it will be wide-ranging and a big topic is jim kolbe's handling of the clinton investigation, calling it a matter. not an investigation. he has a long list of demands and he saying, attorney general, do your job or appoint a special
9:31 am
counsel. >> lisa: article in the direction of a special counsel. you mentioned the partisanship. we all see it. it is really evident. for these congressional inquiries, tweeting out the night before or read tweeting s senator sessions going to perjue himself -- >> harris: that's not a fair question. that's -- >> lisa: how many times have we seen people like attorney general jeff sessions testify? what answers have become too? none. there seems to be more questions every single day surrounding this. the only real answer is the hope that a special counsel investigation and you hope they are being conducted in an independent manner. >> harris: short of that, you have ted lu in that tweet. they are coming into the room already. some of those democrats with a preconceived -- not just notions, they've got a whole
9:32 am
movie. >> sandra: they aren't coming and asking serious questions. they are coming in like they are campaigning. >> harris: you set it up. maybe we will see some fireworks. >> sandra: senator bernie sanders saying democrats are doing a terrible job bringing new voters to the party. now their struggles are a punch line. why "saturday night live"'s greatest get could have democrats crying head of the midterm. and joe biden, talking about the 2016 clinton loss. what he says he might have done better. and why it may now be his term. >> she never really got a chance to get her message out. one can tell me what her position was in regards to the middle class.
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remember that accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. >> harris: she's back. former vice president joe biden taking a few hours to plug his new book.
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he reflected on democrats 2016 presidential loss, seeing the focus on hillary clinton's emails and president trump's controversies caused clinton to struggle to get out her message on the middle class voters. watch. >> in the last election, it was such a mosh pit, hillary's inability to be able to -- she tried -- to get the message out about the middle class. i think we have to respond and let them know their significant hope. >> harris: he also reacted to the bombshell revelations with the former dnc donna brazile's book, that she considered replacing hillary linton on the ticket. when she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial last september. biden says it was the first had ever heard of that and he would never take up an offer anyway. still, not really out a presidential run of his own in 2020. watch. >> i almost got have a made up
9:38 am
my mind about that. >> are you closing the door on that? >> no, i'm not closing the door. i've been around too long. who knows what situation it's going to be? i have no idea. >> harris: >> sandra: that's noy the campaign slogan you want to hear particularly. [laughter] >> harris: the last guy -- "i've been around too long." >> burgess: i agree. but one more nfl analogy. one thing -- when it is all said and done, years later, they will look at the film. how great i was, what i could have done. joe biden has to recognize the play is done. he can move on. in case the democrats are not desperate, it shows how little youth they have.
9:39 am
>> kennedy: come on, it would be so fun. >> burgess: they need diversity. >> harris: the giants needed you yesterday. i know you played for the jets. it was ugly. joe biden was also asked whether or not he could have been donald trump. watch. >> he dispatched 16 republican opponents. do you think you could have been donald trump? >> oh gosh, i don't know. the polling data at the time said yes and since then -- listen, you've got to be able to race. >> harris: and then she posted, welcome are you going to be in the race? >> lisa: you talk about the need for diversity, the republicans have an incredibly diverse republican challengers. senator ted cruz was the first hispanic to win a primary caucus. got zero attention with the mainstream media.
9:40 am
the republicans that were running were a lot more diverse than the democrats this last go round. the ship has sailed for joe biden. left behind, there's no way someone like him, a little more middle-of-the-road, would ever be able to get elected for a democratic primary. he would have fared better against president trump and hillary clinton did, particularly with the working class. i've mentioned to colm the cout president trump one. >> harris: there are a lot of people on that ship that you say have sailed. >> sandra: >> kennedy: i'm to to picture what joe biden's message would be. >> burgess: we've started getting back to what we are looking at. the democrats, those that have the family values, they are now being pushed out. if you are not on the very far left, you don't survive.
9:41 am
>> sandra: i think they're both going to run. joe biden would do a much better job than bernie sanders. i think that's why he's writing this book. >> harris: are any of them on the ship that has already sailed? it's a rally cry. >> kennedy: is a ghost ship and if they all run, it provides great contrast if you have a younger, energized and confident person who can actually win. i don't think that person exists in the democratic party right now. everybody's all in. >> harris: ouch! >> sandra: new clint my questions about the dossier that the dnc helped fund on then claim that candidate donald trump. saying it didn't surface until after the election. watch. >> part of what happens in a campaign where you get information that may or may not be useful, you try to make sure anything you put out in the public arena is accurate.
9:42 am
this thing did not come out until after the election and it's still being evaluated. >> kennedy: not for a lack of trying. a new opinion piece in "the wall street journal" says the british spy behind the dossier admitted briefing reporters on it in september 2016. blasting clinton's claim. saying they commissioned a former ex-spy to gin up rumors. and they got reporters cite it as a source. calling on attorney general jeff sessions to appoint a new special counsel to investigate that dossier, as well as a controversial uranium one deal and former fbi director james comey's exoneration of clinton in the email scandal. >> when you have all these questions, let's appoint a special counsel. we think mr. mueller is inherently compromised. let's get a special counsel. it's not about jeff sessions. it's about getting answers for the american people.
9:43 am
so, burgess, i don't think we need a special counsel. i think he's capable of handling this investigation. she just has to get going. >> burgess: exactly. at the end of the day, no matter who is in there, we are at a crossroads right now. this works out the way, we have some tremendous problems within the real core of our nation right now. i would hope that jeff sessions -- i have confidence he can take this on. the key is, let's get started. >> kennedy: we don't need another special counsel. >> harris: if get some kind of idea of what could happen to somebody who decided to either become political or appear to become political. we are watching former fbi
9:44 am
director james comey. the dance, the gymnastics move he did between the campaigns. he said welcome i'm not going to go forward with anything with hillary content. in the end, neither side liked him. what are the repercussions of that. the american people have to believe there some accountability at the end of the day. that way, you don't always need a special counsel but but you do have to believe that when one side messes up and becomes political, there is hell to pay for that. >> burgess: you you hit it on e head. somebody has to go to jail. it will reset this whole process of what it takes to go to do tt thing. >> kennedy: when are we going to see that level of accountability? >> lisa: the concern is that a narrative on russia collusion has been shaped by an unsubstantiated dossier that was developed and paid for -- kremlin sources -- we noticed was pushed around to reporters.
9:45 am
there's also concerned that it was used to obtain an sis a warrant. we know it was circled around and intelligent community as well. and shown to both administrations. all based on unverified accounts that even critics admit was unverified. and from paid kremlin sources. this huge concern. we also know in the book "shadowed," they mentioned that the hillary clinton campaign came together 24 hours after the loss and shaped this russian narrative to come up with an excuse as to why she lost. when you look at all those things, it's a concern in it's important to get to the truth. >> sandra: i will wrap this up. the idea that the federal government and special counsel were mobilized, that american citizens were monitored and continued to be investigated based on a campaign funded hit document is extraordinary. she's been on that story for a long time. >> kennedy: and hillary clinton tried to rationalize, it's inappropriate. not okay.
9:46 am
>> sandra: saturday night live mocking the democrats for a change. instead of president trump. suggesting they are having a hard time finding new leadership. a very popular of the left is teeing off on the party. how concerned should the dems be? >> another chance for me, hillary rodham clinton. just one more chance. and maybe one more chance after that. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement.
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prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. hey, here is. "outnumbered" over time. >> harris: you have the house and senate getting down to serious work with their tax reform plan. one of the biggest sticking points, state and local tax deductions we've been talking about this hour on "outnumbered." to end the salt deductions, that's what they're called and keeping them. can the two chambers work out a deal and if they can't, what then? president trump said that would be great if him and kim jong un could be friends. one democrat says why not be an
9:51 am
enemy the north respects? who is right? that and more, over time at the top of the hour. >> sandra: thanks, harris. a one-two punch hitting democrats over the weekend. raising new questions about their hopes to make gains in congress next year and recapture the white house in 2020. "saturday night live" mocking democrats in a blistering skit suggesting the party lacks fresh leadership. watch. >> you love our fresh new ideas, delivered by fresh new faces. like me, nancy pelosi. they go and i am a team player, donna brazile. >> we also some great new leaders waiting in the ranks. like a hot young thing elizabeth warren. and also, that's right,... ... >> it's biden time. >> i'm still around, too. >> we need bold leadership. and new blood. i think the hillary idea could
9:52 am
still work. >> sandra: pretty funny. that air just hours before vermont senator bernie sanders said democrats are failing to bring in new voters. watch this. >> one of the problems facing the democrat party is that it's got to open up its doors. the truth is, not at the democratic party or the republican party today are held in very high esteem by the american people. that's just the facts. there are more people that are independent than democrat or republican. say to independence and young people overwhelmingly independent and working people, we don't want you to come into the democratic party is totally absurd and a recipe for failure. >> lisa: you don't typically see "snl" skewering their fellow democrats. burgess, what is your take? what is the state of the democratic party from your perspective? >> burgess: it's drifting. not that i am unhappy about this -- i want to see capitalism
9:53 am
rise again. i want to see but so far, the democratic party is not there. they will have to compete and opening up -- be more open to not just a different look at a different inside of our country. it still resonates today. >> lisa: typically, the democratic party does a good job not allowing for competition in primaries and shutting that down. >> kennedy: was superdelegates. >> lisa: we saw this play out in donna brazile's new book. reopening the wounds with the bernie sanders part of the party and hillary clinton part of the party. how does that affect their chances heading into 2018 or 2020. or does it at all? >> kennedy: absolutely, both parties are having real structural issues. most both parties are in the mif
9:54 am
the civil war. it neutralizes the advantage either might have by being in such a chaotic state. bernie sanders is absolutely right. we have just a two-party system, we have narrow voices. it really becomes a two-party cartel. this is why voters in my opinion voted for the president. they were sick of the establishment. nothing manifests the establishment like two parties that hold onto power with all they've got. from that, bernie sanders is a right. he is wrong to posit that socialism will cure rates among this country. how is larry david. >> sandra: can we talk "snl" again? that was pretty funny. you do much better nancy pelosi. >> lisa: that's true. >> kennedy: nancy pelosi! her upside down debut. >> sandra: team player, donna brazile. >> burgess: i believe in political free agency. particularly with the black race, let's put aside what party -- it should not be to a party or politician, it should
9:55 am
be to values. we will bring our country back. we are going to be taken for granted or collected. one or the other. we need to be political free agents. >> sandra: what you think 2018 is starting to look like? >> burgess: the key factor is going to be the black urban vote. black americans are waking up and beginning to realize the last few years have not been good to them. they are asking the right questions and demanding the right answers. we will be the race that comes back and 15% or 20% of us will get it right. >> sandra: how are they feeling about the past years? >> burgess: i'm talking to more and more black americans that realize eight years of obama did not do what they were hoping it would do. we are in worse shape than we ever have been. we are now at a 17 year low for unemployment. >> sandra: there you go. >> burgess: in the country is t.
9:56 am
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10:00 am
at noon eastern time for "outnumbered," and now let's go upstairs to harris. >> harris: thanks a lot guys, fox news alert, the furious push to get tax are formed done is president trump urges republicans to go even bolder on tax cuts, let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the house expects to vote on its version later this week. key differences remain, moving through both chambers, the president is calling on republicans to get more aggressive with their tax proposals. he tweeted this -- chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel


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