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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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. hope you will watch. >> tucker: it's been a fun year, and more than anything, i want to thank the people who produced the shown, the staff, the producers behind the scenes, the best ever. thank you for tuning in every night. we promise to continue to be the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and especially groupthink. have a great night, here is sean hannity. >> sean: you only took ten seconds of my time. i only get an hour. i'm kidding. we do work with the best people, congratulations. welcome to "hannity," we have a ton of breaking news to tell you about. if the attorney general jeff sessions testified on capitol hill earlier today. if you are hillary clinton and you were on the left side of the aisle, you should be very worried tonight. it is becoming very clear an investigation to the clinton foundation, uranium one and other issues are happening. also tonight, we will explain hannity investigation. into hillary clinton's crooked
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web of corruption. information you will not get anywhere else. we will connect the dots for you, we will tell you how all roads in the major democratic scandal lead back to one person, hillary clinton. she is at the center of everything, we will break it all down. we have a lot to get to, so let's get started tonight. a very important breaking news opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: as you can see we are at the big board tonight for a very special reason. tonight, you see all this. all this year, we are going to untangle the giant web of clinton scandals and corruption. it's unlike anything we have ever done on the show before, coming up in just a few minutes, but first, the attorney general jeff sessions appeared to downplay the idea of appointing a special counsel to investigate the correct uranium one deal and the pay to play clinton foundation issue. however, sources are telling me tonight sessions may in fact not be revealing all of his cards. i can tell you this tonight,
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from what i am hearing, investigations may already be underway, and things, apparently, are moving pretty quickly. keep that in mind while you listen to this exchange between ohio congressman jim jordan and the attorney general jeff sessions about appointing a special counsel. watch this. >> what is it going to take if all of that, not to mention the dossier information, what's it going to take to actually get special counsel? >> it would take a factual basis that meets standards of the department of a special counsel. >> is that analysis going on right now? >> it's in the manual of the department of justice about what is required. we only had to go. in waco, janet reno, senator danforth, who took over that investigation a special counsel, and mr. mueller. each of those are pretty special factual situations, and we will use the proper standards, and that's the only thing i can tell you, mr. jordan. >> i appreciate. >> sometimes we have to study what the facts are and to evaluate whether it meets the
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standard to require a special counsel. >> sean: the department of justice has since put out if statements are made to further explain attorney general jeff sessions comments. it says "the attorney general was clarifying the legal basis for appointing a special counsel, not passing judgment on whether it applied in any specific investigation." that statement and sessions testimony today is crucial in all of this. sessions is explaining that just because a special counsel has not been appointed, that does not mean it won't happen, and that the threshold for one won't eventually be met. look, we've been exposing these massive clinton scandals, and i believe -- it's frustrating, people are getting impatient. i totally understand why congressman jim jordan was pressing and demanding answers to important questions. we all want the truth, we'd need
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there to be an investigation because we know crimes were committed, the evidence is overwhelming, it's incontrovertible. with all that said, things are happening that we can't reveal all the information tonight, but here's what i can tell you. if you listen very closely to sessions today, he is suggesting that it would take "a factual basis that meets the standards of a special counsel" in order for the doj to make that type of appointment. those words, i can assure you, were carefully crafted. sources told me earlier this month, and we reported it right here on the show that sessions has not, hear me, has not recused himself in the uranium one scandal, and if there is an ongoing investigation, sessions isn't going to come can't reveal all that in an open setting in front of congress. we will have a lot more to say about these things in the coming days. congressman headed interesting exchange with the attorney general today. watch this. >> in the past, did the fbi or doj and for me to
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president obama, secretary clinton, or any cabinet secretary that it had uncovered evidence that the main u.s. executives, mccarran wasn't engaged in bribery, kickbacks and money laundering before the obama administration approved the uranium one sale in 2010? >> that matter is prosecuted in maryland. >> 2014. in 2009-2010, the fbi had evidence of bribery, kickbacks and money laundering. was that information conveyed to any of the relevant people on the board, that clinton, other cabinet secretaries, or was it given to the president? >> the way i understand that matter is that the case in which he was convicted was not connected to the safe es problem
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that occurred two to three years before. >> sean: all that should sound very familiar because it is exactly what the facts are. what we've been telling you on the show for months, that vladimir putin and his agents, they orchestrated a bribery kickback, money laundering racketeering scheme all in an attempt to get a foothold in america's uranium market. this of course was all going on while hillary clinton in the obama administration were signing off on that corrupt uranium one deal. yet nobody did anything to stop putin and his plan. there is so much important information that we need to explain tonight and we will untangle this web of clinton corruption and show you how all of it is connected. let's start with uranium one scandal. at the very center of this, we have hillary clinton. in 2010, clinton was serving at the secretary of state. one of her response abilities was at the head of the departments of state to serve on a committee of foreign investment in the u.s. and it
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states. it's made up of nine officials, they were tasked with reviewing foreign investments in u.s. companies and resources. if one last point here, you see all of this. we don't have enough uranium in this country, we have to import uranium. another notable obama official that was serving on the board was the attorney general. and together along with seven other obama officials on this government board, they approved the sale of a company called uranium one to a foreign nuclear energy company. pay close attention here, watch all of this began to unfold. uranium one was a canadian-based uranium mining company, and it controlled and estimated 20% of raw uranium in the united states. we don't have enough, we imported. in other words, one fifth of america's supply of the foundational material to make nuclear weapons, and the company that they allowed to buy uranium
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one. that is a russian state-run atomic energy conglomerate controlled by vladimir putin on the russians, the bad actors, the hostile regime. to put this simply, then-secretary of state hillary clinton and others, nine total, approved a russian takeover of 20% of america's uranium supply in 2010. it's all while vladimir putin was becoming more and more hostile in the world stage. why would anyone, let alone members of our government think it's a good idea to let put in control 20% of our uranium supplies when we don't have enough? it never made sense, it still doesn't make sense. it's not like america has a lot of uranium to begin with. hillary clinton, eric holder, if you look at all of this up here, and the rest of the obama administration, i argue created a national security crisis. this is insanity. and then in 2010, during the very same time that the uranium one deal was being reviewed by the government board, former
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president bill clinton, he sought approval from his own wife's department to meet in moscow with high-ranking board members of this group that controls all their energy there. the request was made while bill clinton prepared to give a $500 paid speech in moscow, twice as usual speech. it was called renaissance capital, and they have links to the kremlin, and it was actively rallying for the russians to take over uranium one. ultimately the speech took place but meeting with rosatom ever happened. instead bill clinton sat down with vladimir putin himself. the last piece of this web of corruption is the clinton foundation. between 2009 and 2,013, the chairman of uranium one used his family foundation to make millions of month dollars in donations to the clinton foundation before and after hily
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approved the sale to russia. that's not all. other uranium one investors, guess what? they also donated millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. where i come from, that sounds like a quid pro quo, that's what we call pay to play. look at all of that. do you see that? that's only part of it. let's turn to the second ongoing clinton scandal. no matter how much hillary clinton deflects and ignores this issue, the scandal surrounding a private server will not go away, because she broke the law, and she got away with it. this all started in 2008. private server, email account set up under the name of a former clinton aide in 2009. hillary clinton becomes equatorial state. she uses that personal email account to conduct official state department business where she sent and received top-secre top-secret, special access program, classified information. you are not allowed to do that. this came to light in 2015 after the house committee on benghazi
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subpoenaed hillary clinton's emails related to the benghazi terror attack. following the subpoena, an employee of platte river networks, that small mom-and-pop shop in a bathroom tech company. they were responsible for servicing private server, and they deleted, what, over 30,000 emails using something that is called bleach fit, it's like acid washing your hard drive. the concerns that hillary may have mishandled top-secret government information, the fbi actually opened a criminal investigation to find out what is going on here. if you're not allowed to do this. the person in charge of the investigation was then-fbi director james comey. see how this is coming together here? pretty interesting. during the course of the investigation, the attorney general, loretto lynch asked james comey, don't call this an investigation, call it a matter. take the clinton talking points and comey will fully comply. then one week before james comey announced the fbi's decision on
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whether or not to pursue charges against hillary clinton, then-attorney general loretta lynch, who you can see right here, former president bill clinton, they had that meeting on the tarmac for private meeting lasting 40 minutes. when pressed about it, she said we were only talking innocent small talk about golf and our grandchildren. after a week, comey announced the fbi would not recommend charges for hillary clinton, even though he spent a good 13.w clinton had top-secret, special access program, classified information stored on that unsecured server that anyone could have hacked. and by the way, we believe five foreign intelligence agencies did, and we also have since found out that the original draft of comey's announcement described clinton's actions as grossly negligent. okay, that is the legal standard. but then after three drafts, it was changed to extremely careless. if they didn't want to site with
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the actual law said. we also know that comey made his decision not to recommend charges against clinton before he ever interviewed the key witnesses in the case, including clinton herself. the fix was clearly in. and that's why all of this here needs to be investigated. look at how this all begins to tie together, one common thread, hillary clinton. a third scandal involves fusion gps and the fake news russian propaganda, anti-trump dossier. of course at the very center of the scandal, there you go, it's hillary clinton again. during her failed run for the white house, the clinton campaign paid millions and millions of dollars to a law firm, named perkins, for legal ease. the clinton controlled the nc also paid millions of dollars to the ferry same law firm during that same period. a lawyer within the firm's then avoid a consulting company, you've heard about it, fusion g. they utilized the services of a
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former spy, christopher steel. christopher steel used the current sources to create the n, totally discredited fake news russian lies, propaganda, misinformation dossier. if that was all an attempt they paid for it, she paid for it, to influence you up, the american people in the election, and lie to you and propagandize to you. this was secretly shopped around, eventually ended up in the hands of john mccain, he hands it to james comey, and now there are concerns that this baked dossier was used as evidence in order to justify a rush of collusion investigation into the trump campaign. in other words, was this dossier actually used in a court to get a warrant against the trump campaign or an opposition party? this dossier was not made fully available to the public until bob's feet ended up publishing
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it on january 10th 2017. well after the election. now we turn our focus, see this? another one, another troubling scandal. questions that are raised over a former democratic i.t. staffer. we begin this time with florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. one of hillary clinton stop allies in the democratic party. she employed in i.t. staffer. he and several of his relatives, they all worked for congressional democrats as i.t. staffers for years, and they reportedly earned between two and $4 million, although having access to health servers. and earlier this year, news broke of the investigation into him and his family, they were double billing. how did they do that? and stealing house equipment. democratic lawmakers rightly fired awan and his relatives, and he was allowed access to the
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service. debbie wasserman schultz kept him on her payroll. then in march of this year they flew to pakistan where he had been sending a lot of money and finally awan was arrested in july in virginia. he was trying to board a flight to pakistan, and was charged with bank fraud, all while some fear that he was responsible for exposing house democrats information online. meanwhile, debbie wasserman schultz is defending her decision to keep this guy on the payroll, despite the fact that he was under investigation and only fired him after his arrest. now in tonight's final, if you will, scandal, we have more shocking evidence when it comes to hillary clinton as it relates to the fix being in. at the democratic party is now in disarray following revelations that hillary clinton rigged installed in 2016 primary. this scandal started all the way back in 2015 when hillary clinton disturbed
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her candidacy for president. at the time debbie wasserman schultz, she was serving as the chair for the democratic national committee. hillary clinton wanted nothing more to it than to be president. the socialist senator, bernie sanders, was standing in her way. the primary fight was close and in july 2016, just days before the democratic national convention, releases thousands of emails, allegedly hatched from key dnc staff members. those emails exposed to the dnc was working against him. the fix was in for her. a response to the dnc hacking, did schultz and the dnc go to the fbi to investigate alleged cyber attacks? no, of course not, why would they do that? instead, they hired a law firm, again perkins, sound familiar? remember them? at the same law firm from the discredited fusion gps and the trump dossier. as you can imagine, people were
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outraged over what was discovered in the week and schultz had to step down on the eve of the convention. she was replaced by donna brazile. at donna brazile just wrote a book. in that book, donna brazile slammed wasserman schultz, as you can see here, and by saying that she let clinton headquarters in brooklyn do whatever they wanted, they were running the dnc. she revealed that a secret contract existed between the clinton campaign, right here, and the dnc, and donna brazile exposed all hillary clinton andr campaign had total control of the dnc's finances, strategy, personnel decisions, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings. and for all of you who would have voted for this man, bernie sanders, you were cheated. the dnc sold you out, and clinton literally stole the primary election. look, these are all massive scandals. for years we have been warning you about the web of corruptione
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clinton crime family, that they have gotten away with for decades. now take a look at this. it shows the entire scale of the clinton's willingness to do anything and everything to gain power and wealth at all costs. look at this. pretty amazing. there is so much to investigate. we have a jam-packed show tonight. up next, you will hear from three congressmen. if they are the charge to hold the attorney general jeff sessions accountable over the scandals. also tonight, as it relates to senate candidate from alabama roy moore, i have an important commentary you do not want to miss. i promise. straight ahead. ♪
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>> doesn't that warrant naming a second special counsel as 20 members of this committee wrote you three months ago asking to do? >> mr., it is no longer the director of the fbi. >> thank goodness. >> we have an excellent man of integrity and i think is going to do an outstanding job. >> he's not here today, i'm asking for special counsel. >> would say it's not enough basis to appoint a special counsel. >> sean: jim jordan today
6:24 pm
grilling the attorney general jeff sessions on why the justice department has not appointed a special counsel to investigate the scandals i just outlined before you surrounding hillary clinton. congressman jordan is here along with florida congressman matt gates and ron desantis. thank you all for being here. let me start with you, jim. a week ago friday my sources, multiple sources told me he did not recuse himself from uranium one. b, i have sources telling me that there is and has been an ongoing investigation. >> we hope the second part is true, but the first part, to get contradictory answers to my colleague, mr. gates under his questioning today. we will see. >> sean: in fairness, is it something he would be able to tell us? it would not, correct? >> on one hand he said he was
6:25 pm
not recuse from that, on the other hand he said maybe i would have to check to see if i'm supposed to be recused from that. mr. gates made that asking those questions and within the same 5 minutes he said two different things. >> sean: congressman? >> jim is absolutely right, we had a lack of clarity from the attorney general and just like you are frustrated, we are frustrated. we've been calling for three and a half months for an investigation into the scandals because if we allow them to continue we erode the rule of law. if the attorney general at one point said that he would have the power to appoint a special counsel, and then later he said he wasn't sure, and that may be subject to a recusal. we left today without a straight answer on whether or not there would be a special counsel or even what the time frame would be. that's frustrating. >> sean: let me go to the substance, congressman desantis, about all of this. i won't regurgitate, it took me 20 minutes to lay this all out to my, there is so much detail, but to me the evidence is so overwhelming. the idea that we have spent a year and there's no evidence of
6:26 pm
trump-russia collusion, dianne feinstein said it a week ago on chris wallace the show, and here we are a year later, smoke, smoke, no fire, fire, fire. the evidence here is overwhelming. fusion gps, uranium one, the email scandal, call me should be investigated. your thoughts? >> you are right. let's take trump-russia collusion. not only is there not evidence of collusion, but we know -- or we think that the dossier that was used to justify some of this warrant was done through the democratic party pay and christopher steele, and obviously he had to pay some of these russians to be able to get some of this information. we need to know, and jeff sessions would not answer whether the fbi paid christopher steel for that, how much did they pay him, and whether they used it for the warrant. >> sean: those of the american taxpayer, though they have the right to know if they paid this guy that paid russians for salacious lies about
6:27 pm
donald trump to influence the election and the american people to propagandize, lie, misinformation, distort, don't we have a right to know? >> absolutely. this is the american taxpayer. we need to know what the fbi is spending money on, and if you look at it, if, in fact, this was democratic party-funded, you have the fbi working with one political party against another and by the way, in collusion with russians, who were providing this information. >> sean: and congressman jordan, it's the very thing they said that donald trump did, and they have no evidence. >> won't be the first on the left accused us of what they are actually doing. we don't know if this happen for sure, but everything points that way and wrong is exactly right. if one major party is working with, financing and working with the fbi to go after the other major party, taking a "national enquirer" type document, turning it into an intelligence document to spy on american and associated with president trump's campaign, that's as wrong as it gets.
6:28 pm
and again, if that doesn't warrant investigation, if that doesn't warrant a special counsel to look into it, i do not know what does. >> sean: to me, congressman gates, it is this serious. are we going to have an america today, a dual justice system, or will we have equaled justice under the law? because if i deleted 30,000 emails, if i used bleach bit, if i'd destroy devices with a hammer, -- how does the fbi director, mueller at the time, no russian agents of putin are trying to corner the uranium market? we have to import uranium, we don't have enough. nine people sign off on this thing and then you have the transfer of money with people involved, back to the clintons, and they funded a phony dossier full of russian lies to hijack an election and now we know she artie hijacked the primary. or bernie sanders got ripped off. it was rigged from day one. >> you are absolutely right, and this is what makes the american people sick. this notion that there is one
6:29 pm
set of rules for the clintons and another set of roast for everybody else. we look at this investigation, if not the very people who may have been involved in keeping information from congress, keeping information from the process, but they are in the pr process -- they are undermining our democracy now when they very well be witnesses to the actual collusion with one of the participants in the 2016 election, hillary clinton. >> sean: this better happen, last word, congressman desantis. >> i think everything is laid out, uranium one, we are working hard in the congress, we are bringing the informant in. we look at his documents. we will get stuff for fusion gps. they will have to turn that over, and then finally, comey and his memos, and how he exonerated hillary, we are getting all of that information, and we can't let up. >> sean: thank you. we are not letting up. when we come back, we will
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continue to give you news and information, and a fax you can't get anywhere else, sadly because the news media in this country is so up by us. we will check in with peter schweitzer, he first broke the uranium one story. sebastian gorka will weigh in. tonight i have a very serious and important announcement about roy more as we continue. ♪ will be american energy.
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♪ >> sean: as i said at the top of the show, the left is scared out of their minds about the possibility of further investigation, or a special counsel investigation, into the uranium one deal. hosts over at nbc, msnbc, they are wondering where the call for a special counsel is coming from. you will love this. take a look. >> if jeff sessions is not involved in this, does that mean someone else at the doj right now is pushing this obama-uranium review to mollify president trump, or president hannity, or someone else's
6:35 pm
political agenda? or is jeff sessions involved and violating that pledge recusal? >> sean: president hannity. i like the sound of that. just for a second it sounds good. no, it would be the fact that america imports uranium, because we have a short supply. we don't have enough. why would we ever give it away? we were promised it would never go overseas. he went to canada, it went to europe and it likely went to asia. joining us now, the man who got the started, author of the book, peter schweitzer, former deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka. you watch the start comey watched it unfold, i want to get your initial reaction. i want you to give us the money aspect to this as it relates to the clintons, who paid who, when and where, and how active and involved were they in this deal? >> look, sean, i've always felt the evidence was really clear. i don't know that hesitation is at the department of justice. there were several facts that no one debates. fact number one, you have
6:36 pm
cossack uranium minister in a 20 video definition describing in great detail how bill and hillary clinton shook him down and shut down officials to compel them to give uranium assets to the founder of uranium one. nobody disputes that. that is clear. we now have this whistle-blower that has come forward who reportedly has audio recordings of russian officials talking about using bribery to get favors from the clintons, giving donations to the clinton foundation. that has yet to appear, but i think that will be pretty strong. the third part of this is we have the actual flow of money. tens of millions of dollars to the clintons as this deal is going down. i would say, sean, anybody in washington, d.c., elected office, from president trump to vice president pence, two members of congress or the senate, if that body of evidence
6:37 pm
existed, there would be an investigation today on corruption charges and bribery. i just think the facts are so clear. >> sean: let's go back to the simple part of uranium one. we import uranium. the foundational material for nuclear weapons, that means we e enough. why would anybody ever think it's a good idea to give vladimir putin 20%? especially as we have now learned through investigative reporting, putin's agents in america were involved in bribery, extortion, racketeering, money laundering and kickbacks. these are facts, mueller knew it and eric holder knew it. why would we give away uranium, or rights to uranium when, in fact, we need uranium? >> why? because the key people involved in that sale were paid off to the tune of millions. i want to make a statement here, sean. peta needs to be recognized for
6:38 pm
the person who put this altogether, but what you just did two segments ago, those graphics, i pray to the good lord that one day they will be used in a court of law to bring justice back to america. "the new york times," cnn, "the washington post," will not show you the truth and you and your team put it out so everyone can see it. i said it before, and it made the left blow up, but i will say it again. the rosenbergs were executed for giving away the secrets on how to make a bomb. clinton crime cartel sold those things that you need to make a bomb, which is american uranium, and they gave it to a russian government that is in league with rogue nations. none of that should ever have been sold to anybody. >> sean: mueller knew was the fbi director. an fbi informant. that means holder had to know. they have not only has four plus years experience as an
6:39 pm
undercover agent, informant, they also have tapes, and they also have documents, and they also have emails, and they slapped an nda on this guy, putting a muzzle on him. wait until he now discloses thi this. i'm imagining this is devastating. sebastian first. >> look, you've done the amazing mapping of all the corruption, the pay for play, the emails server and everything else. you can do it again for simply network analysis. look at who was in key decision-making positions for the last eight years. look at the connections between the directors of the fbi, comey, mueller, look at the ags holder, lynch. this is really important. look at who rob rosenstein's best buddies are for the last ten years, and the fact that this is still at top of the department of justice today in
6:40 pm
the trump administration. just the network analysis tells you that there is something rotten in the heart of denmark, and it is now time to clean it out. >> sean: it is so extensive, i keep talking about this dual justice system, peter, it is the dossier, propaganda bought and paid for by hillary and the dnc. it doesn't make sense to give away our uranium, ever. i will give you the last word. >> you are exactly right, sean. and look, the clinton defense thus far has been pedicle. essentially they say first of all, nine government agencies have reviewed this, it's nothing to do with bribery. the fact of the matter is bribery exist whether it's a close vote or not. the second is saying she was not involved in the decision, i'm sorry, but she does not have a great track record of speaking the truth. the person they sort of prop ou out, assistant secretary of state fernandez to say she was
6:41 pm
not involved in this decision. four days before he first made that statement, sean, he's in the podesta email saying he wants to do whatever he can to help hillary clinton get elected. he is not a disinterested party, this has to be investigated. >> sean: the media has been so wrong. the day of vindication is getting closer and closer, mark my words. jay secular, john solomon and sarah carter are next. new developments in the roy moore case, you don't want to miss what i have to say, it's too important, straight ahead. ♪
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who inspires and pushes us to go further than we could ever go alone. sofi. get there sooner. ♪ >> sean: as we continue tonight on "hannity," reaction to today's hearing with attorney general jeff sessions, attorney for president trump jay secular. sarah carter, john solomon. john and sarah have been at the forefront of this investigative reporting on all of these issues. jay is an attorney. let's get your reaction. >> jeff sessions made the point both in a letter that was sent by the department of justice committee as well as in his testimony that they are going to be looking at these issues that have been reported no extensively involving uranium one one in the clinton foundation. i think what's interesting here is there's a lot of discussion about whether there will be on
6:46 pm
appointment of a special counsel, and there may be. may be determined on the guidelines that a special counsel is necessary to evaluate that because of the role in the approval process on uranium one, so it raises the specter of the possibility for the need of a special counsel. the department of justice is obviously looking at it. it's serious, and i think that is good for the country. people need answers. >> sean: john, you reported with sarah way back when, you went right through it, that in fact, we are trying to fix her television, you are on television, don't do that. >> sorry about that. i will ask john first. we will check your audio. john, from the very beginning, when you first reported on the warrants, that may be the faulty dossier
6:47 pm
answer the question. i think the people want to know the answer. there were two things that struck me about the hearing today. first, general sessions so there were 27 criminal leak investigations. 300% increase over the nine that had been done in the three years before. just 300% sound familiar? remember back in the summer when we were reporting the total number of searches on american records? 300%. that's what happens when america's records get on masse, they get searched, the temptation to leak increases. second thing, he fumbled the entire factual basis of understanding why the nuclear bribery case is related to uranium one. someone needs to brief them on the facts. in 2009, the fbi had a criminal evidence waited for the prosecution in 2014, and the question is, what did they do
6:48 pm
with that information? >> sean: they had that information in 2009, a year and a half before uranium would happen, and this is where mueller gets caught up in it. rosenstein gets caught up in it, and eric holder gets caught up in it. how can they be investigating anything russia at that point? >> that's right. not only that, you think about this. you have the informant who was undercover. at least for 15 months they have been investigating this. they had ample evidence at that time, and enough so that according to the informants ins attorney, we follow up to the top, with a leap to president obama himself. i think the question is this: why weren't they aware of that when they made their decision? and apparently they weren't. this is the reason why we need the investigation. we need to see how far this one, who was informed, who was not informed and why. and i think as we move closer and closer to the testimony, john made a very good point, it did not seem that attorney general sessions was aware of
6:49 pm
all the facts of this case. >> sean: let's talk about this informant. four plus years, fbi informant. it documents, first-hand knowledge, emails. he was stunned, if i'm not mistaken, why didn't they do anything with this? >> exactly. remember, this is an informant that you had to strong arm. this isn't somebody that did something wrong that the fbi got to turn around. this is somebody who approached the justice department and set i have information, i know what's going on, i'm a patriot, i want to deliver that information to you, and i want out. it was the justice department and the fbi who asked him to stay on. please, stay on, please continue to help us build a case. >> sean: and he did. >> went he did for four years. >> sean: what is your reaction? >> let me give you reaction to something he said earlier, if, in fact, warrants were issued by a pfizer court based on the dose
6:50 pm
had a fundamental miscarriage of justice and it puts a serious risk into our whole constitutional basis, upon which these courts are supposed to operate. they paid for dossier that has been discredited becomes the basis, not just of a warrant, but of a foreign surveillance warrant, a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant that included americans. >> i would be filing motions to quash all of that evidence and suppress all that evidence and i'm sure if that comes up with lawyers will be doing it, but the fact that that may have happened. if it turns out that that's the case, i think we have reached a whole new level of a constitutional crisis. >> sean: john? >> is a very important question that needs to be answered to the american public and you have to put it in the context of this. look at what sarah and i reported earlier this year. all of the violations at the nsa and the fbi and the cia at the end of the obama administration suddenly dropped on the court.
6:51 pm
you take that, the possibility that may be a dossier was used for some form of a warrant support. there are really important integrity questions and i think the public deserves to know what i think congress is trying to get the answers. >> sean: final word, sara? >> we know that clint simpson spent seven hours, the founder of fusion gps, i want to know what was said behind those closed doors and what he revealed, and what he and natalia vessel vizcaya discussed all of these pieces of the puzzle are fitting together. >> sean: i have sources of saying all of us are being surveilled illegally, just in case you are interested. i hope that's good news. i have a very serious announcement that deals with roy moore when we get back, you don't want to miss it. ♪ riasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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♪ >> welcome back, before we close tonight i want to address the new very serious misconduct allegations against judge roy moore. if you watch this program
6:56 pm
regularly you know i will not rush to judgment, we have seen in the media and politicians get it wrong so many times, i've outlined all of that. in light of new information about judge roy moore, we have to address this issue tonight. we should be troubled by two things. when "the washington post" story first broke i said that the allegations it should be taken seriously, they should be fully investigated. it's a 14-year-old girl. we need to discover the truth. i also said, i can understand why women wait years to come forward to because of the evil that in cases where they are guilty, it's evil trauma, i can understand it, people have a difficult time talking about it years later. this past friday i had him on my radio program and i methodically step-by-step went point by point and let him respond, here's part of that interview. >> "the washington post" alleges back in 1979 when she was 14
6:57 pm
years old, she had sexual encounters with the then 32-year-old roy moore. what do you make of these allegations? >> let me say this, these allegations are completely false and misleading. >> sean: of would it be unusual for usa 32-year-old guy to have dated a woman as young as 17? do you remember dating girls that young at that time was mike >> not generally, no. >> you don't specifically remember having any girlfriend that was in her late teens at that time? >> i don't remember that, i don't remember ever dating and a girl without the permission of her mother. i think in her statement, she said that her mother encouraged her to go out with me. >> sean: he gave a third answer, he said not generally, not without permission of the mother it seemed inconsistent and a lot of other people saw the same thing.
6:58 pm
on the third time he unequivocably denied that he dated somebody in their late teens even though i was pressing again and again. we have another accuser that came forward, she is alleging that roy moore sexually assaulted her when he was 16 years old and he was in her 30s. here is how he responded to that accusation. >> i want to address what's been brought out into television today about things that i allegedly did. i want to make it perfectly clear, the people of alabama nobody they know my character. they know what i've stood for in the political world for over 40 years. i can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. i don't even know the woman, i don't know anything about her. >> sean: he denied knowing this fifth accuser but this accuser has brought forth a yearbook that he appeared to sign to a sweeter, more
6:59 pm
beautiful girl, i could not say merry christmas, love roy moore. i looked at the handwriting and i know some people have twitter headset takes about this. here's where i am tonight, between this interview that i did and inconsistent answers come up between him saying i never knew this girl and then that your book comes out. for me, he has 24 hours. he must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistency is that just showed you. you must remove any doubt. if you can't do this, then he needs to get out of this race. this country has way too many issues and problems. the american people deserve hundred% truth and honesty. we needed to correct answers first time on issues of this serious, you owe that to the people of alabama. the republican party that you represent and to the country which is suffering under so many
7:00 pm
problems. we deserve answers and consistent answers, laura ingraham, high. >> laura: good evening everyone come up from washington, thanks for joining us, this is "the ingraham angle." ♪ >> laura: we have so much news every tonight but we can only take one hour. we have an infuriating opening segment for you. congress is spending your money to cover up sexual harassment and do some major developing stories for you on other fronts. president trump returned moments ago from his 12 day trip to asia, will have a report on what he's doing next and wire immigration agents complaining about


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