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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 15, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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$25,000. catching up on sleep on the weekend might not be good for you. according to the american heart association, women get more sleep on the weekend and that could result in heart problems later in life because you are counteracting the harmful effects of not getting enough sleep during the rest of the week. try weeks on end. "fox and friends" first continues, see you tomorrow, goodbye. rob: serial killer strikes again in a florida community after a fourth person is mysteriously murdered. what we just learned about a potential suspect. >> let stopping winners and losers, get rid of loopholes and use the money to lower rates across the board. jillian: tax reform on the table, the house moving full steam ahead with donald trump's proposal. how republicans plan to sneak in on obamacare repealed.
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rob: a popular party game taking aim at donald trump. >> hanging by a thread, a small card game company from chicago illinois known as cards against humanity launched a bold campaign to save america. rob: they had to get political, cards against humanity made an attempt to stop the border wall. "fox and friends" first continues now. ♪ jillian: good wednesday morning. a look outside the building, midtown manhattan, quiet start, 5:00 on the east coast, you are
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watching "fox and friends" first. rob: it is full steam ahead for house republicans days before they plan to vote on donald trump's tax plan. jillian: the senate announces a change to the plan making democrats furious. griff jenkins joins us to break it down. >> reporter: big change, mitch mcconnell sending shockwaves through capitol hill when he announced republicans taking another swing at killing off obamacare. >> we are optimistic inserting the individual mandate repeal would be helpful and that is obviously the view of the senate finance committee republicans as well. rob: house republicans on the tax bill will not include the obamacare repealed. paul ryan explains why. >> we are not going to
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needlessly complicate tax reform given we did not have the votes before to get this to the senate. we want to see the senate go first and see if they can get that done and then we will discuss if it gets included at the end. rob: house leadership is equipped and competenthey have the votes to pass and could jeopardize that passage. house democrats are uniformly opposed to it. >> this tax plan is predicated on a budget that does violence to our country's future as well as the well-being of america's working families. >> reporter: ryan disagrees saying it offers real opportunity. >> what we are trying to achieve is get out of the slow growth we had for the decade, get real economic growth so you can have an opportunity. rob: the senate bill is expected to pass out of committee this week in the house, putting on their bill, both chambers can pass their bill the coming
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weeks, compromise the two. rob: land them together. jillian: jeff sessions testifying in a fiery house hearing vowing he never lied under oath about russia. rob: the top law enforcement official won't say whether hillary clinton will face a new investigation over the uranium one deal. jackie ibanez is here to take us through the testimony. >> reporter: good morning. jeff sessions not revealing all the cards when it comes to hillary clinton but he is making clear he never lied about his contact with russia during the trump presidential campaign. >> at all my testimony i can only do my best to answer your questions as i understand them and to the best of my memory but i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever
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lied. that is a lie. let me be clear. i have at all times conducted myself honorably. jillian: a hearing with house judiciary committee sessions putting an end to any confusion for democrats about previous statements on contact between the trump campaign and russian officials. >> you are accusing me of lying about that? that is not fair. i would say that is not fair. jillian: as for if a special counsel to be appointed to look at the clinton foundation and the uranium one, gave russia control of a big part of the uranium market when hillary clinton was secretary of state, that door not yet closed. >> do i have your assurance these matters will proceed fairly and expeditiously? >> yes you can come mister chairman. and they will be done without political influence and done correctly and properly.
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jillian: the justice department has put out a statement about attorney general jeff sessions's comment saying he was clarifying the legal basis for appointing special counsel, not passing judgment on whether it applied in any specific investigation, pushing physicians to appoint a special counsel to investigate james comey and that unverified trump dossier. rob: no answer on whether a special counsel will be appointed on hillary clinton's uranium one deal. jillian: the author of clinton cash you first expose the connection says there is clear evidence of pay for play. >> i don't know what the hesitation is, there were several facts, fact number one, you have the uranium minister in a 2010 video deposition
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describing in great detail how bill and hillary clinton shook him down and shook down officials to compel them to give uranium assets to the founder of uranium one. we have this whistleblower who has come forward and has audio recordings of russian officials talking about using bribery to get favors from the clintons, giving donations to the clinton foundation. we have the actual flow of money, tens of millions of dollars to the clintons coming down. >> americans told to shelter in place as troops and armored vehicles control the suites of zimbabwe, tension surging around long time president robert mugar be claiming the patrol is not a military takeover, the president is in dc, the vice president
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after an apparent plot to put his wife in power. >> why a gunman opened fire at 7 locations including the school, california police a officials locked down the elementary school after hearing gunshots nearby. and opened fire on the building before trying to break in, it was locked. he shot at people on the streets, it started as it spewed with a neighbor. >> this is an individual, and when it went that far. he went on a rampage.
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>> 10 people including 2 twin children are hurt. >> senate helpful roy moore remaining defiant on sexual misconduct allegations despite losing the gop support. >> why do you think they are giving me this trouble. and supporting allegations. >> they sexually harassed them, the are in c cutting ties, pulling out of the fundraising agreement, the local affiliate in alabama, doug jones by 6 points, they were undecided. >> rex tillerson landing hours
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ago, the humanitarian crisis, the government accuses ethnic cleansing by military force causing 6000 muslim citizens to flee. they are calling for economic sanctions and travel restrictions. rob: hours of testimony, no definitive answer whether special counsel will be appointed to look into hillary clinton. >> we have been calling for an investigation, one set of rules for the clinton tent another set for everybody else. >> met gave demanding answers for the american people. jillian: a new mascot at marist college, say goodbye to shooter and say hello to frankie the fox. rob: move over dwayne johnson, blake shelton, the sexiest man
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so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. >> do you have the authority subject to your recusal to appoint a special counsel to investigate the uranium one matter? >> i believe i have the authority, yes. >> and the duty? >> and responsibility to make the decision. jillian: congressman matt gates putting jeff sessions in the hot seat. rob: florida representative amending answers on the to hillary clinton's ties to russia and the uranium one deal, joins us this morning, coming on, first thing i want to say is mister sessions showed his independence from the republican party of the president but what did you make of his answer when he said this -- just because it
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looks like something doesn't mean it to be investigative? >> what is going to take? circumstances where everything from loretta lynch going on the tarmac meeting with bill clinton to the fusion gps dossier by the democratic party and potentially reimbursed by the fbi and the uranium one deal fox covered with great vigor and a circumstance where uranium assets in the united states being used and owned by the russians and hillary clinton silent, with all the smoke we there is fire in the attorney general out to use the authority he said he has because we should not apply different standards as secretary clinton than donald trump just because she lost the election. losing an election is not an immunity deal, you have to be accountable for crimes and other bad acts of the prior administration. jillian: a lot of people are frustrated with the lack of answers and i'm sure you are as well. how frustrating is it when you
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go up there trying to get these questions answered and for a lot of them -- >> the chairman of the house judiciary committee and 20 members of the judiciary committee have been calling for a special counsel because so many people at the fbi and department of justice would be witnesses in such a case. they have roles to play in circumstances that led to bizarre results and collusion with the russians on every the uranium one deal to the fusion gps discredited dossier and so many at the fbi, debarment of justice, we believe a special counsel is appropriate. the question for the attorney general is what are you waiting for? we have a mountain of evidence and we need to see action quickly otherwise the american people start to question whether or not there is a double standard where if we are subjecting donald trump to scrutiny the clintons of never been subjected to. rob: when you look at all angles of the story it stinks but
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donald trump got his own investigation into russia. is there more smoke on hillary clinton and allegations against her than against donald trump? >> we a 6-month into an investigation of donald trump and all that seems to exist is bizarre financial transactions from years before donald trump even contemplated running for president and the dnc admitting to paying this intelligence document to fusion gps, coordinating with russians, the dnc was coordinating with russians to discredit the president before and after his election. that seems to be a stronger nexus to the russians was the uranium one deal is a true financial nexus to the russians, a nexus that doesn't exist with donald trump or any member of his team. i'm not saying there shouldn't be investigations of russia's meddling in the 2016 election, congress has many of those
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ongoing now. my concern is we don't seem to apply the same scrutiny to secretary clinton people are applying to donald trump and that is not fair. that reinforces this theory there is one set of rules for the clintons and another set of rules for the rest of us. kerrimac a lot of the scrutiny we saw yesterday from a lot of democrats asking jeff sessions questions needs to be the focus on catching him in a lie. >> i don't remember every single meeting i had years ago, seems to be the standard they want to hold jeff sessions to and he did a good job pushing back on democrats who were trying to say things were inconsistent when in reality there's a different recollection of eventss at different times and frequent the witnesses need their recollection refreshed, that happened in trials all the time. i thought he did a good job. the attorney general doing a great job in a lot of areas from
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free speech on college campuses but for some reason he is dragging his feet on the appointment of a special counsel leading to this inequitable application of justice and there is no rule of law when you don't apply the law equally and it is not so because you don't have the same scrutiny for secretary clinton you have for donald trump. rob: it could be because she didn't win it is not that important right now. we will see how this turns out. thanks for getting up early, we appreciate it. jillian: rahm emanuel accused of helping a now indicted former democratic it aid. according to a newspaper in pakistan chicago as they are intervened when serving as obama's chief of staff, cleared of land fraud charges overseas years ago. he is currently charged with bank fraud when working for debbie wasserman schultz and other democrats on the hill. rob: free legal help for illegal immigrant courtesy of you the taxpayer, cities and counties joining the list of jurisdictions across the country providing legal defense for
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undocumented immigrants. this initiative was launched by the nonprofit group the vera institute, named at helping those at risk of deportation with tax dollars. yesterday we showed a map that mislabeled oakland county, michigan instead of oakland county, california. oakland county, michigan is not one of these cities. jillian: fear in florida after a fourth person is mysteriously murdered. >> unfortunately there will be one more family today notified of a family member that was killed in cold blood. jillian: new clues in the hunt for a serial killer. rob: national and protest goes from gridiron to the hardwood. players who protest are patriots. carly shimkus here with comments flooding in from social media. ♪ [ click ]
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rob: nfl athlete to take a knee during the anthem are patriots. rob: fat from the nba team's head coach. carly shimkus with serious xm 115, the coach talking about nfl players. >> the nfl national anthem protest is bleeding into the nba, detroit pistons coach wrote an op-ed saying players who neil during the national anthem should be considered patriotic because they are protesting to make the country a better place. here's a direct quote, he says these athletes and many others are risking future contracts and endorsement opportunities to speak out on issues of racial injustice because they feel duty
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bound to do so. these are patriots of the highest order. that op-ed has created a bunch of buzz and backlash online. one twitter user says he wants to be the one who destroys the nba like the nfl and andy says he does not have a clue about patriotism. people are saying stick to the sports. the debate continuing into today. jillian: what is mark zuckerberg talking about? >> he reveals what he found most surprising on the road. take a listen. >> the biggest surprise by far has been the extent of the opioid issues. it is saddening to see. jillian: cnbc is pointing out drug dealers use facebook to sell opioids.
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facebook released a statement saying they rely on users, saying anyone can report content to us if they think it violates standards. people who flag pages, profiles or individual comment for review, a lot of people on social media say mark zuckerberg should know what is going on on his own site, this is what happens when you live in an alternate universe. betty says he had his head in the sand. facebook continuing to face criticism for not being able to police their own site. rob: people still read people magazine. jillian: i like people magazine. >> they just released their 2017 sexiest man of the year. do you think he deserves the honor? listen to this. ♪ you take pain
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♪ out of the car ♪ sing a song ♪ >> he has some swag. someone on twitter says i've waited for this for ten years. carol also said i must say the older he gets the more handsome he gets. blake sheldon responded saying you must be running out of people. can't you just hear him say that? rob: six foreigners with ties to terror slipping through a system for immigration the same way the man who plowed down pedestrians on a new york city bike path did. why isn't congress calling for an end to the lottery program? we debate that next. jillian: it is not too late to say sorry, papa john's backtracking after the pizza comedy blamed anthem protesters for sinking sales. ♪ treat goodness,
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rob: no evidence of terrorists slipping through the cracks, the white house announced 6 with territories heaven allowed into the us through the diversity visa lottery program. is this grounds for donald trump to terminate this program. here to debate it, liberal analyst kathy a rule. thanks for coming on today. there is this call, a topic because on halloween we had this mode down of people on the manhattan bike path or fight everybody. the other side playing devils advocate is a lot of homegrown terrorists in las vegas. >> recently in new york the situation -- allows for
2:32 am
undocumented immigrants to come into the country, time for a major reform into major change to the program. jeff sessions says it needs to be a merit-based system. we don't choose college recipients based on can you get a job offer, look at the state department, 2004. the inspector general said there are major flaws in the system, the security of america. we need to take a look, times have changed. not the we are not compassionate. it is different from 1991 when schumer and those guys moved the legislation. >> the president says i'm calling on congress to terminate the diversity visa lottery program, significant vulnerabilities to the national security. why in the world do we have a random selection? what if you hit the one person
2:33 am
that could be radicalized, could have been prevented if it was a merit-based system? >> million immigrants coming in with this program, talking six incidents, looking at homegrown terrorists, throw out every white guy in this country? we have 88 murders in the last 25 years committed by men. it is not the immigrants committing these mass murders. we need this, this is a melting pot, it is american to allow immigrants into the country. >> it is true the world over, i want to get your reaction. >> it is one here at home domestically to control our people individually. different values and beliefs different from outside the
2:34 am
country, able to control that and who is coming in, not just say to get to your point this is a system that is a free for all. it is an entirely lottery system, whether motive and intention is, not just random selection. talking about terrorists and random people on the street. rob: we need a visa lottery system can we are the most diverse country in the world. name another nation that has an immigration system the way we do, go to italy or france, you don't -- when i go to france i see a bunch of french people. jillian: the economy is suffering, they don't allow immigrants into the country, immigrants are keeping us alive and keeping us young.
2:35 am
the diversity program allows other countries that wouldn't be allowed into our country, different points of view. rob: syria, former soviet states that have problems with terrorism. >> these are homegrown. >> it should not be at the cost of affecting american lives. it is two different viewpoints. >> the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing a tampa community, shot and killed in the same neighborhood as three other people weeks ago. checking on residence and searching for clues, former homicide detective ted williams says it is a matter of time before the killer is captured.
2:36 am
>> somebody knows something in that community. for that person to make a mistake. he will be brought to justice sooner or later. jillian: he targets people who are alone and distracted. after a pledge dies at a frat party, 20y matthew ellis was found dead in an off-campus apartment, may have died from alcohol poisoning. some charges including involuntary manslaughter, with the death of a pledge. papa john's apologizing two weeks after blaming the nfl and players for the company's sale. describing factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone with those
2:37 am
devices. john schneider calling out the and some protests forcing thousands of nfl fans to boycott. >> 3, 2, one, 0. rob: space x set to launch top-secret cargo into space, it will take off tomorrow from florida but nobody knows exactly where it is going or what it is for. the rocket is set to be carrying a government payload into low orbit provided by defense and aerospace companies. maybe it is a satellite, no idea what it could be. jillian: let's check the forecast with janice dean live in the studio. >> we have a storm moving across the midwest and another storm moving into the west coast and we might have problems traveling this weekend, 38 new york, too warm for big snow as the storm
2:38 am
marches across the midwest towards canada. mainly a chilly rain event, since tomorrow, traveling on the roadways tomorrow morning on the i-95 corridor door, then this next big storm into the west, specific storms, this is no exception, heavy rain, big-time snow across the rockies and the interior northwest, the rainfall over parts of the central california causing potential for flash flooding. the storm across the midwest, the storm across the west, we will watch this weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, the northeast core door, toward thanksgiving, all these storms moving to the west that will affect the rest
2:39 am
of the us. busy weather, people, this week. rob: no white thanksgiving. >> we will see. we have to watch. it is a coin toss. rob: got to keep your job. and explosive new warning about hover boards. rob: and donald trump's alma mater urging too much against his tax reform plan. the tax truths that liberal colleges refuse to paint next. ♪
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>> pennsylvania county fighting back after 73-year-old seal is ruled unconstitutional, age is willing to cross on the seal is
2:43 am
prohibited from being used or displayed on anything in lehigh county following a lawsuit, the freedom from religion foundation which says the cross promote christianity, county plans to appeal. recent gun violence, one college renaming its mascot marist college in upstate new york changing the name of its red fox from shooter to frankie. the original name references shooting hoops the college officials say it is no longer appropriate. the new name frankie is after franklin roosevelt who was born near that campus. jillian: donald trump now turning his attention to tax return with a vote scheduled in the house tomorrow. house republicans confident about the proposal going through but not of donald trump's alma mater has anything to do with it. the campus president urging students to lobby against the plan. the question is do they know
2:44 am
everything in it? thanks for joining us this morning. what was your initial reaction when you heard about this? >> i understand his tax plan might be a rude awakening for administrators who a year ago thought bernie sanders was going to pay for their college and advocate low debt. this might be scary for people advocating for democratic socialism. what about the positive aspects of this plan will help these students after they graduate? the aspect that will help them get jobs after college, the part of the plan that will put money in their pockets? the doubling of the standard deduction, the pro-growth, pro-business plan for positive benefits. she is only talking about one side of the story and that is what we see at these colleges, they have liberal bias rather
2:45 am
than institutions for higher learning. jillian: a portion of that email, we are writing to update you about our efforts in response to proposed changes in tax policy. we believe many of these changes would have a detrimental impact on our students. at this moment we urge you to express your views on social media and directly to elected officials. what about students not being told how they should feel about this. >> when i was in college administrators and professors had to frame bipartisanship, that doesn't seem to be what is happening, she is bolstering her own bias and the bias of her students manipulating them in order to have them do her political bidding rather than telling both sides of the story, positive and negative parts of the tax plan and let the make up their own mind, that is the point of college. jillian: what do you think
2:46 am
students should know? >> they need to know the positive benefits the come from cutting the corporate tax rate and saving the middle-class money, no matter what brackets they are in, the part that will save americans money, the parts that are positive about this and progrowth primerica profamily, need to see both sides. jillian: do you think the email is fair? >> it sells one side of the story. universities don't like endowments that might be taxable. it is not a holistic we regressive in that not the entire plan takes it back the weight is portrayed to be so it is not there. jillian: thank you for joining us. we did reach out to university of pennsylvania for comment last night. rob: russia using this video to claim the united states is creating an evil partnership
2:47 am
with isis but the plan is not fooling anyone. there is a glaring mistake by the kremlin. jillian: that time of the morning, we check in with pete for what is going on in fort myers, florida. >> we are in fort myers, florida, home of the minnesota twins spring training which i've never been to, my team swag with morning, a year ago, "fox and friends" in fort myers talking to floridians in this key state. a year later we went to talk to trump supporters, how they feel about his presidency. tax reform on the cusp of possibly happening, the president returning from an overseas trip. this is not about pundits or politicians but the people. "fox and friends" will be live in fort myers, florida all morning long. we will ask people how they feel
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jillian: here some fake news courtesy of the kremlin. russian intelligence claims to have proof the united states is helping isis. the only problem is the evidences from a video game. russia's defense ministry posting on social media the us-led coalition helping isis convoy, people on the internet quickly point out the screenshot from this military mobile game called a c 130 gunship simulator. rob: cards against humanity releasing and anti-trump holiday stunned aimed at saving america.
2:52 am
>> on the first day of the campaign cards against humanity purchased acres of land on the us/mexico border and didn't build a wall on it. rob: asking players to donate $15 in exchange for six american saving surprises, one of the gift a certificate of the company's purchase of land at the border to keep the wall from being built. this promotion has already sold out. now to a foxbusiness alert, two new house fires blamed on hover boards. jillian: treacy here with a new warning out in time for the holidays. seems there is always warning about these things. >> reporter: if you plan on buying one of these you might again. here are the brands being recalled on your screen right now by the us consumer product safety commission. because the lithium-ion battery can explode causing them to cash
2:53 am
fire, two fires this year by the lazy hover board, one was fatal, pretty dangerous if you have one. take it back to the store, get a refund, store credit or replacement if you are daring enough. jillian: nutro bullet on that list. >> this is pretty scary, 14 people say it can burst open and burn. the heat from the boys causes pressure in that compartment and cover parts from the rest of the machine. one victim says using it for 20 seconds, denying these allegations, user error causing problems. rob: not a fun way to go. a cheese advent calendar.
2:54 am
>> reporter: the chocolate one, we told you a while ago about the one filled with alcohol. this is cheese, behind every door there was a different cheese, cheddar, the only problem, this was a big one -- >> why are you teasing us like that. rob: chip it over. 54 minutes after the hour. making pets last a lifetime by cloning them. the sci-fi fantasy turning into a bizarre and expensive reality, straight ahead. >> they see you can get four glasses of wine out of one bottle, only a glass and a half. jillian: go ahead and indulge. the brand-new diet wine were the of a toast woman.
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and always working to be better. .. did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids.
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♪ ♪ ♪ rob: all right, a live look at the capital for people not nearly as cool work.
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first the good, just in time for the holidays, weight watchers a new diet wine and it's 85 calories. 120 in a typical glass of wine. jillian: i demand a taste test. not getting enough sleep during the week? [laughter] >> are you kidding me? jillian: we can all understand that. according to heart association sleeping in on the weekend can result harmful in heart. i'm in trouble. rob: i thought that's what we were supposed to do. what seemed like a si-fi you can get a client of your dog. a duh -- duplicate of your dog's
3:00 am
dna. jillian: my dog is 14 but 50 grand. rob: they are all kind of the same. jillian: no. what? >> can we answer the question? >> i am once and for all answering the question. i don't understand why you would take my answer. >> what does it take to get a special counsel? >> we have to study what the facts are. >> this is what make it is american people sick. one set of rules for the clintons and another for the others. >> this tax bill for the average taxpayer in every income group gets a tax cut. >> four people plus the gunman are dead after series of shootings in multiple


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