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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> it's one of very few da vincis privately owned. how many of those do you have hanging in your home? >> i wish. thanks for joining us. >> i'll be back tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert. big changes in republicans' tax reform and could deal a blow to obamacare as they work on rewriting the tax code. the senate working to include a repeal of the individual mandate in their bill. it's something that president trump threw his support behind. the house version does not include a repeal of that mandate. things could change, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here's harris faulkner. lisa booth is here. trish regan is here and today's lucky guy, host of the ben shapiro show, ben shapiro himself is here.
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he's outnumbered. good to see you. here. >> thank you. great to be here. >> always good to have you. let's get started. senate republicans looking to pay for the tax cuts. this key piece of obamacare requires americans to get health insurance. right now the house bill does not include that repeal. president trump is planning to make an in-person appeal to house republicans before they vote tomorrow. here's house speaker paul ryan last night on why the bill does not include a repeal of the october mandate. >> we didn't want to complicate tax reform. the house did this already. the house passed our healthcare bill back in may, which will repeal the individual mandate. we're on record in favor of this. we want to see if the senate can get it done and see if it gets
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included in the end. >> see if they can get it done. mike emanuel is on capitol hill for us where there's a lot going on today and this week, mike. >> good afternoon. we expect plenty of fierce debate on tax reform on both sides of the u.s. capitol this afternoon. the house is expected to debate a procedural aspect of its plan ahead of a vote on the house floor tomorrow on the house tax reform package. one issue stressing out republicans from high tax states is the partial elimination of the state and local tax deduction. >> so far, no progress. most of the new york delegation is going to vote no. i can't speak for all of them. we pay $48 billion every year to the federal government. more than we get back. we get 79 cents on the dollar. >> on the senate side, there's been some heated debate in the finance committee over their tax reform plan. this morning, the senate majority leader talked about a major change that will include taking $338 billion from
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obamacare to pay for tax cuts. >> last evening, as the committee released a modified chairman's mark, that among other personal elements, will effectively repeal obamacare's individual mandate tax so we can provide more tax relief to low and middle income families. in short, the goal is to repeal an unpopular tax from an unworkable law in order to provide more tax relief to middle class families. >> missouri democrat senator claire mccaskill vented her frustration with twitter. she said we got this at 10:18 p.m. last night and expected to work on it at 10:00 a.m. today. this is nuts. why can't we have a reasonable time to read and study? another senate democrat says she's not sold. >> i can't imagine supporting this. this is -- first of all, same old trickle down economics that has never worked. they say it puts money in the pocket of middle class families. never does. >> the key right now for
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republican leaders on the hill is keeping gop members pretty unified. if they do, they predict in the end some democrats may come along and support tax reform. >> mike emanuel, thanks for that report. you set it up for us. ben, i usually go to the one lucky guy but trish is outraged. you're objecting to her notion as tax cuts would boost the economy. >> right. she said oh, it's the same old trickle-down economics. first of all, look at the history books and you study the economy, you can see during the reagan years, gdp grew 4%. why do we get that growth? we got it because we had tax cuts. for her to say something like that, she's wrong. second of all, i would also add the wealthy will pay more under this plan. so i wish the democrats would actually try to get their talking points right. the wealthy will pay more and they're trying to say this is only going to benefit the wealthy. no, it's going to hurt the high
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income earner. >> what she said. that was my point this morning. this will hurt in their pocket books, going to hurt them politically. he's obviously still a firm no on the house plan. >> you'll see nos like california and new york because the house plan gets rid of the state's tax deduction. the income tax -- you used to count that against your federal income tax. now no longer can. same thing will happen in california and new york. i'm not in love with the house plan but what you're saying is correct. the idea that this is some sort of whopping tax break for the upper class is not true. >> it's not. it's as though they never bothered to read the plan. they don't understand it. it's not benefitting high income earners at all in any states like california or new york, which by the way these two states combined make up 22% of u.s. gdp. so they're nearly a quarter of
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the entire u.s. economy. if things start to turn south in new york and california, you're running the risk that gdp as a nation starts to fall. so the state and local tax deduction thing is a big deal. i get it. fundamentally -- >> it makes sense. >> but new york gets to deduct and texas doesn't get to? >> and it's a big deal politically as well. the senate doesn't have the same concern that members of the house do. clearly you saw pete king express concerns as a representative of new york. there's a handful of vulnerable republicans running in states like california, new york, new jersey, which is also why we saw darrell issa come out against the house bill. in the senate, you don't have the concerns. what republican senators represent, states like new jersey, new york and california. so that's also a key difference what we're seeing in the house and senate. real quick, regarding the individual mandate, this is why
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republicans wanted to get healthcare reform done before tax reform, so it would allow for additional money to pay for tax cuts. >> so the senate is targeting that. will the house? paul ryan has left the door open. he said things could change. >> i want to re-visit the salt, the state and local tags deductions. it's more than just a few. there's 14 sending states as we call them, states that put more in the federal government than they get resource money. it's the east coast states. enough to make a difference. a few. but not a lot. if we had had two more nos from republicans in the house, we wouldn't be where we are now talking about tax reform because it would need so many more votes in the senate to get it done. so can they sweep talk, compromise, something over salt more than what the house is offering, a $10,000 slide rule on property tax? the senate will have to give something. they're going to have to give
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something. kevin brady has said, the chairmans of the ways and means, it's not going to go forward without salt. he's not going to completely take that out because he has the 20 to 22 members that are going to say no. >> i mean, they're saying they have the votes now. you heard paul ryan. >> how did they do when they whipped? were they still talking about salt? >> when we watched that last night, it reminds you this is a deeply personal issue. >> money, yeah. money, religion. >> we're discussing economics of this and crunching the numbers. and then the hands go up saying they fear that they're going to get left out and pay more. >> you know, sandra, the reality is, people have seen their taxes go up, up, up and income go down, down, down. at least not move higher adjusted for inflation. people are up against it. they have had to manage their own pocket books very well during a very difficult time the
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last decade. so they're saying to themselves, why hasn't the government been able to manage its pocketbook? why can't the government balance -- >> by the way, it's our money in their pocket books. it's not like they're managing their own money. >> it is personal. it's very personal. it's all ours. >> so will we see the house address the individual mandate that we're seeing happening in the senate right now? guidance from the hill is that we would see a lot of struggle with the house bill. moderates would have a huge problem with that. will they go there? >> it does cause a possibility of a death spiral in obamacare prices unless they back it with federal funding. when you talk about getting rid of the individual mandate but when the prices spiral out of control, who will own that? the republicans that repealed the mandate and -- >> it will be done. >> and they're responsible for obamacare. >> the president started with the subsidies. you knew what he was trying to do. he wanted to force their hand.
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they had seven years to get a plan. can he force their hand? >> that's why you say at least in the senate they'll pass this along with the alexander murray bill as well. that addresses the subsidies and the issues you're talking about. people like senator collins -- >> down the road. >> and coming up on "outnumbered" over time, harris will talk about more with taxes, kevin brady and leader of the senate republican conference, john thune. stick around for that the top of the hour. it will be fiery. >> at one point you'll have a democrat and republican on the screen at the same time. >> fierce new debate with the president's authority over ordering a nuclear strike. democrats make it clear this is about president trump. >> i fear in the age of trump, the cooler heads and strategic doctrine that we once relied upon as our last best hope against the unthinkable seem less re-assuring than ever.
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>> new concerns today over limiting the president's power as north korea threatens nuclear war. >> they've done everything they could. now they're working together to try to keep me from going to washington. why?
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roy moore speaking at a church revival and going after the media over allegations of sex assault. >> what do you think i'm going to do? why do you think they're giving? that's all the press wants to talk about. i want to talk about the issues. i want to talk about where this country is going. if we don't come back to god, we're not going anywhere. >> if you're wondering if he's getting support, you can hear the "come on" and talk back from the audience supporting him in that religious venue.
9:16 am
moore is continuing his fight on twitter and going after the republican leader in the senate. he tweeted that alabamians won't be field by the inside hit job by mitch mcconnell. he said he's days as majority leader are coming to an end soon. senator mcconnell said they spoke more and will speak again soon. meanwhile, the rnc is cutting ties with moore and a growing number of republicans are cutting ties with his candidacy. they say it's about time for the creepy dude to exit stage left and let someone else take a spot on his ballot who doesn't prey upon young teenage girls. ben, your thoughts? >> he's not going to go anywhere. it's going to be a nightmare for the republicans and probably far beyond that. he's not going anywhere. he's not provided an explanation as to why the allegations are false. the allegations are highly credible. if this were said about a democrat, if the allegations were made about a democrat,
9:17 am
would you be sitting there defending roy moore or saying this person is guilty? that's what i find so distasteful about this people? a lot of people are jumping down the throat of anthony wiener. rightly so. and because it's political doesn't mean the allegations are false. they can still be true. now you have to determine whether you think an alleged child molester should be in the senate. >> so where does it lie to come up with the truth for the party? that's different, trish, than where it is for society. roy moore has the victory fund. raising hundreds of thousands saying he's been sought off, gone after. you heard me say it's a hit job. >> that tells you how much the public distrusts the media and how fed up they are with the media telling them what to think. so this is almost a rallying call for them. it's disturbing. these allegations are extremely
9:18 am
disturbing. i don't know as we've heard enough from him to refute them. in we don't hear enough to refute them, i think there's senior members of the senate that want to do the responsible thing here. to your point, ben, you can't have a guy with all of these allegations of molestation sitting in the u.s. senate. >> i will say this. attorney sessions was asked about this in his senate -- house hearing before the judiciary committee yesterday. he said he has not, just as you just said, he has not seen enough evidence that he would doubt the stories of the accusers, these women against roy moore. louis germer told me that he's adjudicated a lot of these rape cases, sexual assault cases. he thinks it's hard 38 years lawyer, but what do you do? >> you have to ask the question what do you do next? as the party said, the rnc cut ties. they have pulled funding to him,
9:19 am
for him. they have closed field offices in alabama. how is the party supposed to move forward and is it time that we hear more from president trump on this? does he need to weigh-in? he's been quiet. >> i want to jump to you procedurally. what is possible? what is next? >> yeah, it's tough. republicans are grappling with -- there's the options -- personally it should be done on a state level. i'd like to see -- >> that's what jeff sessions said. >> change the date to allow more time for voters to really dissect and digest this information and get to the bottom of it. i'd like to see that happen. i do think -- it's tough. republicans are talking about expelling him, which i understand. but then there's also the fact that alabama voters are aware of these allegations of roy moore. so if you elect him, you're -- it's tough.
9:20 am
a few things could be true. this could be a hit piece from "the washington post." look at the timing of it. also, it's true that democrats have embraced -- >> doesn't mean the victims are not telling the truth. the timing is what it is. doesn't mean they're not telling the truth. >> they have moral clarity on bill clinton given the fact that the clintons are no longer politically viable for them. and the allegations are very well true against roy moore as well. you could have several things that are true at the same time. >> one thing that has been talked about, john mccain said in the senate. you can wait for alabamians to make their decision and then they can move within the senate to try to remove him from the seat should they decide to do that. that is something else -- >> that will go over well in alabama. >> it's great to have you here, ben. >> thanks for having me. >> one of the president's biggest critics in the senate says it's time to review the president's power to order nuclear strikes.
9:21 am
hand wringing by democrats and growing pressure on attorney general jeff sessions after he says he renewses to appoint a special counsel on hillary clinton's influences. republicans want to know what is taking so long for him to do it. >> i think unfortunately the attorney general is compromised because he recused himself from some aspects but not sure which aspects he can get involved in. there's that confusion. it's all of that, which is why we said, okay, name a special counsel.
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>> the reaction continues to attorney general jeff session's testimony. it came the day after the justice department sent a letter to the committee telling them they would look into whether or not to appoint a special counsel to investigate matters related to hillary clinton. democrats grilled sessions on
9:26 am
whether he is being influenced by the president that tweeted in july. so why aren't the committees and investigators and of course our beleaguered a.g. looking into crooked hillary's crimes and russia relations? nearly two weeks ago, trump tweeted this. "everybody is asking why the justice department and fbi isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with crooked hillary and the dems." here's sessions. >> i have not been improperly influenced and would not be improperly influenced. the president speaks his mind. he's a bold and direct person about what he says. we do our duty every day based on the facts. >> house republicans have been urging the justice department to look into a number of clinton related issues including uranium one to a russian company and the handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. jim jordan sounding frustrated that a special counsel has not
9:27 am
been called already. >> what will it take to get a special counsel? we now the clinton campaign and the dnc paid for the dossier. we know that happened. it sure looks like the fbi was paying the author of that document and it sure looks like a major political party was working with the federal government so that they could get a warrant to spy on americans associated with president trump's campaign. it look like -- >> a looks like is not enough to appoint a special counsel. >> all right. the door is still left open, isn't it, ben? >> the door is left open. i'm with sessions on this one. i'm sure he's seen more evidence or as much evidence as members of congress. he has to appoint special counsel and say that i'm still compromised to appoint someone that is not me. the reason to appoint a special counsel is the idea that he is too bias to look at the issue. i don't think it's right.
9:28 am
he's correct putting on my lawyer hat here, the idea that you're suspicious of something doesn't mean that -- >> do the president's tweets that we just read make it look like the president is influencing his decision here? >> it makes it looks like he's influencing the decision the other way. trump wants it and sessions doesn't. >> i wasn't influencing it in either way. but does sessions have to push back harder? >> i don't think so. sessions -- i wouldn't want to challenge sessions honesty and feel like okay, trump tweeted something and sessions did it. we've seen sessions buck him a few times. >> congressman gowdy expressed returns regarding the dossier and the role it played in the fbi investigation and moving around the intelligence community and what role it had in this special counsel investigation as well. i have concerns over that. i'd like to get answers there. i'd raise one thing. clearly attorney general sessions honesty came under attack in the hearing yesterday. it was something that he's
9:29 am
deeply offended by, clearly by the written statement and his opening statement he made. you have somebody like claire ms. -- mccaskill who said she would never meet with a russian ambassador but she did and made for by them. so you have a lot of meetings that perhaps you forget about, senator mccaskill. >> why is it, how is it that we're very concerned about russia prior to the obama administration, numerous pieces, counts on foreign relations and being warned about putin's territorial ambitions and what he was doing with iraq? the bush administration was aware of that. condoleezza rice was a russian scholar. then you switch and the russians
9:30 am
are no longer a problem anymore? is that because they donated $146 million to the clinton foundation and, you know -- >> you have to ask -- >> they have deep pockets like that. willing to give to the foundation. >> trish has a good point. if you have real justice, you have to ask the questions. you're asking every other russia question times -- >> it's incompetence part on the obama administration to even allowed the secretary of state to have accepted money to her foundation. then you fast forward to the uranium one deal. i would ask how did eric holder not know that the fbi, his own fbi, was pursuing an investigation into vladimir putin inattempts -- >> it would have been the president's decision. you have the agencies looking into this and how did it get beyond those nine agencies? i have a quick question for you. judge napolitano here at fox
9:31 am
news, i've been talking about this for days about how if you appoint a special counsel, how does it change politically the doj? are you undercutting it? the judge says yeah, you're weakening that apparatus if you continue to do that. what you're saying is outside the people's vote, because you vote for the people that have the jobs right now. when you put a special counsel in there, that's not a person that got there through the divisions of election. >> that's that. you think about times to fire a special counsel, now you bring on yourself a firestorm that exist if the doj just did the investigation. >> you lose your accountability there. >> you were looking to say something. maybe this will tee it up. i think the american people just want to get to the bottom of this. they want to know why an letter was written by james comey and the -- they just want answers. >> and i think a lot of the
9:32 am
suspicion falling on sessions now from democrats is utterly misplaced. obama was protecting eric holder from being held in contempt by putting things in privilege status. the idea that sessions is compromised when it comes to the attorney general's office -- eric holder was the most corrupt attorney general in my lifetime. that's been obscured by the smoke about sessions that results to nothing. >> while all eyes were glued to the sessions testimony, there was another important hearing happening on capitol hill. the senate foreign relations committee chaired by trump critic bob corker held a hearing on the president's authority to launch a nuclear strike, the first of its kind in more than four decades. this as some people say they fear tensions with north korea could lead to war, a lot of people are worried about it. some democrats went after the president while voicing their concern.
9:33 am
watch. >> we are concerned that the president of the united states is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quickodic that he might order a nuclear strike that is out of step with national security interests. >> consider this in the mix. a retired general joins lawmakers in arguing that restricting the president's authority might not be the best way to go. >> i think it's important to remember that the united states military doesn't blindly follow orders. a presidential order to employ u.s. nuclear weapons must be legal. >> if anyone thinks that they can get away with something because in politics of the united states would prevent the commander-in-chief from acting expeditiously, that could also encourage miscalculation. i have one person in particular in north korea that concerns me in that regard. >> general keller said conflicting signals can result in loss of confidence, confusion
9:34 am
and paralysis in operating forces in a critical moment. you don't want to tinker with the power of the president. >> it's unconstitutional for them to take away the power of the president to take away a strike. >> why do you think corker and others are saying this? >> corker hates trump. it's clear. corker and trump don't get along anymore after corker didn't become secretary of state and now corker is making a solid living going around calling president trump crazy when he was willing to be a secretary of state there for a few minutes. this sort of talk that trump will randomly launch nuclear weapons -- yes, trump says ridiculous things on twitter. i make fun of him for it. everybody is seriously worried that he will randomly launch a nuke -- >> doesn't this play into his strategy? >> yes. it does. anybody that opposes him overreaches by suggesting that he's insane and willing to
9:35 am
launch nuclear weapons because kim jong-un cold him old. >> doesn't he want kim jong-un to think that and his strategy? >> i don't know what he wants kim jong-un to think. he tweets that kim jong-un is fat and short. i'm not sure what he wants kim jong-un to think. i think he would see the same thing about me if he watched this segment. i don't have to trace any strategy on his part. beyond that, i don't think if you look at how he's conducted foreign policy, there's not much there to suggest that he's doing it on a whim. he's not doing it randomly. the most knee jerk he thing was a strike in syria which was followed by little action and widely praised by both sides of the aisle. >> because he went after the use of chemical weapons. i want to go to you, trish. we often talk about relationships and economics coming into player. i'm curious to know your
9:36 am
thoughts. >> with north korea? >> yes. >> and china sending the envoy is a good sign. that we have been able to convince china, i think, how important this is. there's so much we can do. we talked about this, harris. there's so many economic sanctions that we can place on china in order to get china to do what we need them to do, which is contain this guy in north korea. so there's a lot of options there. we sanctioned one bank, there's plenty more. >> i bring it up because we're talking about quashing the power of a president. this is a president that just got back from asia meeting with china's leader. one of the most powerful people in the world right now. is this the time you want to challenge the president's authority? >> what this is about, people haven't come to grips with the fact that president trump won the election and he's our president. i think it's dangerous. we don't have a ton of leverage with north korea. we also know because the pentagon told us that essentially any military efforts to try to get rid of north korea's nuclear arsenal would be
9:37 am
a full-on war. so we need the leverage of nuclear weapons to use over north korea. kim jong-un honestly has to believe that if they do mess with the united states, it's going to mean the annihilation of north korea and his regime. so i think it's actually -- does a great disservice to the president to even have this conversation in congress. >> so have you heard about this brand new polling shows what the american people think of the media's coverage of the president? hint. it's not great. and a group of house democrats are calling for president trump's impeachment today. party leaders say wait. they do not want to go down that road whether this will go anywhere or if it will further divide the democrats. we'll talk about it. stay close. >> nearly every month that president trump has served in office, americans have witnessed some sort of violation of liberties and values.
9:38 am
and he has broken the law.
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of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> a new showdown looming on capitol hill. house democrats this morning launching a push to impeach president trump. the group accusing president trump of violating the constitution. watch. >> we're introducing articles of impeachment to remove president trump from office. >> there's many reasons why i think the president is an awful president. an awful person. >> this president has committed misdeeds that merit impeachment. >> the president, donald trump,
9:43 am
is a threat to our national security. >> some top democrats in recent week a persons concerned that a fight may turn off voters and saying impeachment is not their focus. >> i'm not talking about impeachment because i'm talking about good jobs for folks. i'm talking about healthcare for all. i'm talking about making sure that we're fighting for the issues -- >> somebody has to come forth about president trump and let the chips fall where they may. it's not something that i think we should go. >> not a priority for you? >> no. >> so ben, you have democrats saying that president trump is a constitutional crisis. doesn't it have a destabilizing effect? >> it does for democrats more than it does for the country. the fact is that the democrats at the top know that the worst thing that they can do right now is push impeachment before any crime has been committed. nothing will rally trump's base or alienate moderates like a
9:44 am
stupid impeachment hearing. this is what the democrats have been pushing, that donald trump is a constitutional danger, a hitler. that means that a lot of the democrat base says if that is true, get rid of him now. they have a split in the base that they have to rectify. we hear people like nancy pelosi saying it's not a priority. >> to that point, trish, obviously what we saw with some of the members calling for impeachment and leadership saying whoa, whoa. what does this do for democrats heading into 2018? how do they charge their base up and worry about being viable in a general election? >> this is cut both ways. americans say gosh, they're nothing but obstructionists. the democratic party, many members of it may feel as though their party has effectively not been able to do their job because they have been pushing this idea of impeachment but not
9:45 am
doing stuff that will relate and matter to average americans. then it's a no-win. so i get why nancy pelosi is backing off this one. i get why tom perez is backing off. they don't gain anything. we talk about bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, the splintered group, may want to push it but it will make it more challenging. >> i attended an event, the glamour women of the year awards. one of the recipients is maxine waters. she took her time on stage saying she wanted to impeach the president for part of her acceptance speech for her award. she has a lot of millennials that follow her and the democratic party. if you're home sitting and you're a voter, aren't you wondering how long the democrats will ignore the economic issues that affect your dinner table? >> don't you have to ask why maxine waters may be the most
9:46 am
corrupt in america and pushing impeachment? somebody should be -- >> we'll let that -- >> yeah. >> you left the couch speechless. >> we have a sound bite early day of chuck schumer. pick your battles to know when people listen. perhaps that's to nancy pelosi's point. >> and what is the reality here? let's say democrats take back the house. is this something that you see them actually moving forward? >> it will be a heavy push for half of the democrats in congress. once that ball starts rolling it will be difficult to stop. you want to be the democrat voting against impeachment of president trump that brings it to the floor? it's going to be a sticking point. they have gone over their skis when it comes to the radicalism.
9:47 am
>> brand new polling on the president's on going back and forth with the mainstream media. we'll show you how the president is reacting. >> you cannot -- no matter how much money you have, you can't buy class. it's something you can't teach. that is something that this president is jealous about.
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. but first, let's talk about harris and "outnumbered" eed ov time. >> thanks very much. kevin brady will join me next hour. will the house follow the senate's load and target the obamacare mandate? and after a marathon grilling of jeff sessions yesterday, two of the congressmen that questioned him will join me as well. trent franks and eric falwell with that and more on "outnumbered" overtime. >> see you in a minute. thanks, harris. >> this is what joseph stalin would do. this is what tyrants have done for years. >> to me, it's made the spectacle seem like a fake news conference. >> we haven't had a president this psychologically troubled --
9:52 am
i'm trying to be careful with my language -- we haven't had a president this psychologically troubled since richard nixon. >> the man made a fake cover with a magazine cover. >> a stalin comparison. americans are not very happy with the coverage, not one bit happy. the polls found that a majority trusts the media more than they truth president trump. hmm. a larger majority disapprove with the way the media has covered the president, particularly negative stories about mr. trump. >> it's interesting. people have kind of -- >> a lot of people are correct. i think they're right. the media are completely unfair to president trump and they say things are not true and spin narratives around a grain of truth and the narrative won't be
9:53 am
true. president trump's tendency is to call things fake news that are not make news. both polls are true. the media sucks at their job and still president trump doesn't tell us the truth enough. it all consistently true. if you look at polls to the education system, the justice system, americans are dissatisfied with all of the institutions that have failed them. they're right. >> they're over it. >> you hear someone like john dickerson on "face the nation" said the distrust is earned. the media has earned the right for voters to distrust them. look no further than "the new york times" running an article and senator bob menendez who is on a corruption trial without mentioning that he's a democrat. if you want to look for media bias, look no further than that.
9:54 am
>> look at the media today. we got bill clinton wrong. bill clinton should have resigned in 1998. >> if anything comes of the way that the president has handled the media through all of this is that they're not acting like they're not biassed anymore and they're really putting it out there more than they ever did before. >> that's true. that's where trump has them on the ropes. they keep trying to maintain this patina of objectivity that doesn't exist. it's so clear that it doesn't exist. they would be saying here's who i voted and i don't like president trump and this is what he's doing. >> do you remember the ice cream story? like running a story about how many scoops of ice cream the president gets and other people don't get two scoops.
9:55 am
>> in asia. >> yeah. >> and what the poll also got, 53% of -- 53% of americans are saying the media focuses on negative stories. so to your point, it can be as simple as an ice cream cone if it's a negative story about the president, they're in. >> and the president hits on this a lot when he tweets out about the economy. you're not going to hear this in the media. about the unemployment rate being at a 17-year low, the stock market at a 17-year high. to be fair, you don't hear that a lot in the mainstream. >> you don't unless you watch fox business. we are all over it. >> at 2:00 p.m. >> i got you. >> but the reality is, the market is on a tear. it's phenomenal. you can't argue with that success. a job market increasingly improving. we need wages higher. if you get a corporate tax cut, that will help. there's optimistic stuff out there for people to write about and talk about but it doesn't
9:56 am
happen. >> when the stock market of the doing well under president obama, there were tons of coverage. the continue has done better under president trump and nothing. >> there you go. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. patrick woke up with a sore back.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
wow. three little sisters. >> sandra: all right. thank you very much. it's that time. we are back tomorrow and every weekday at noon eastern. now here's harris. >> harris: we're gonna start off with what we are watching that could take place in the next few minutes. authorities in northern california are set to update us on yesterday's deadly shooting in a rural area after a gun man went on a rampage that lasted 45 minutes in different scene, one of them outside a local elementary school there. five people dead, including the gun man. among the injured, children who were at that school. so we are watching this. the sheriff's department is set to give an update. we will be monitoring it for news. we'll bring you the headlines as we get them from that location. and there is this fox news alert. the senate proposes a big change to tax reform. this is outnumbered overtime. the house is set


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