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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 15, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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changing the channels? i would. good night. ♪ >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, jesse watters, gillian turner and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." this is a fox news alert. you are looking live in alabama where the attorney for roy moore is expected to speak at any moment. moore has been embroiled in a scandal after five women have accused him of sexual misconduct. moore has remained defiant, refusing to drop out of the race. we are learning alabama's g.o.p. is meeting as we speak to discuss the issue.
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moments ago, the president was also asked whether he thinks moore should drop out. moore should drop out. he did not answer those questions. greg, we are waiting for the developments coming out of the meetings. see if they have some consensus regarding our position regarding moore. the president deciding to not make any comment about whether or not he should drop out. >> greg: is it happening? they have files in their hand. >> kimberly: they are walking down the stairs. >> greg: he has 24 hours to prove his innocence. it is like he is jack bauer on "24." they should turn it into a tv series. >> kimberly: we are moving on from greg. go ahead. >> as you know, judge moore has been accused of things he did not do 40 years ago. this is a campaign, so you can expect most anything to come out. we can't stand by idly and that
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false charges go without answering. we've had a lot of people tell us different things about some of these stories, and we are checking them all out. one thing i can tell you is we do have some information we are going to share with you today. we know you're going to share it with the folks you are communicating with about some of these charges. i am bill armistead, chairman of the campaign for judge moore. and chairman of the campaign for chief justice in 2000, for judge moore. he is an attorney and he is representing us and i would like to turn it over and he will make comments. >> may appreciate you all being here today. this is very important. there have been some serious, serious allegations and we really appreciate the media and what you do to get the word out and spread the truth. as an aside, i have no judge moore for 24 years. when these allegations came out in the last week, it was incredibly, incredibly painful for him, his wife, his mom, his
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daughter, grandchildren. in these types of cases, there's always someone who is alleging and the other person. in those cases, when it is true, it's horrible for the person making the allegations. but when the allegations are made and it's not true, it's also horrible for the person who those allegations are directed against. in 2000, judge moore asked me to be as campaign manager, campaign chairman. it was one of the greatest honors and remains today and always will be one of the greatest honors of my life. during that time and afterwards, he asked me to be his attorney and i represented him in the ten commandments case. as you know, there've been other cases over the last 20 years. i have traveled with judge moore all over the state, different states across the nation. i've been with him in probably over 100 different meetings have been around probably in excess of 10,000 different ladies. in judge moore's presence and not once, not one time have i
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ever seen him act even remotely inappropriate against any woman. toward any woman. not when they were walking away, not when he and i were in private afterwards. that's the man i know that i've known for the last 24 years. the allegations that have come out, i hope you understand it takes time to work through this. we don't have a $20 million budget as a campaign. it takes time for that we want to be correct. want to make sure when we say something, it is proper. we are still working through some things but there are some things you need to know that we want to make you aware of. during the press conference with ms. nelson and gloria had on monday, they both said that ms. nelson, after the allegations, had never seen nor had any contact with judge moore. as it turns out, in 1999, ms. nelson filed a divorce action against her then husband. guess who that case was before?
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it was filed and the judge was roy moore, circuit judge of the county. there was contact. judge moore signed an order in that case we will talk about that any minute. we've also had a handwriting expert looking at the evidence that was submitted. you may remember on monday ms. nelson and ms. allred, the only piece of evidence they had in addition to the allegations were the yearbook. they claimed it had been signed and they said specifically. look at what they said. every thing on that page, they said was written by judge moore. judge moore not only has denied everything he she has said befe but has flatly denied that and he said it's not true. we have a handwriting expert let's looking at those. here is the problem. a handwriting expert can't look at a copy on the internet. they have to look at an
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original. right now, our attorney has sent a letter or is sending a letter to gloria allred demanding that the yearbook be released. we will send it to a neutral custodian who will keep chain of custody and our professional expert will examine it and find out, is it genuine or is it a fraud? there are a couple things you need to know. i'm not going to go into everything on that paper because we need to have our handwriting expert draw some conclusions. i am not going to draw them today and i'm not going to make any allegations that we can't support with an expert. there are couple things you need to look at. look at the 1977, look at the sevens and then look below at '77. do you think it was written by the same person? i want you to look at it, which they say judge moore wrote. he says there's no way in the world this handwriting, look at other writing of his and make
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your own determination. that's what our export will be doing but for now i'm asking you to take a look and use your judgment. after judge moore's signatures, it has the initials d.a. i told you about the '99 divorce action. judge moore looked at the d.a. after his signature, they allege it was because he was the district attorney. he wasn't. he was the assistant district attorney. judge moore says he can't ever remember signing his name with d.a. after it. but he had seen it before. do you know where he had seen it? when he was on the bench, his assistant, whose initials are d.a. would stamp his signature on documents and put capital d, capital a. that is on the divorce decree. knowing these things, i've got a
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question, gloria allred and ms. nelson. do you still hold everything written in the yearbook was written by judge moore or written by someone else? it's not an allegation. it's a question. we demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so that our expert. you can send your expert as well if you like to, so that our expert can look at it. not a copy on the internet, the actual document so we can see the lettering. we can see the ink on the page and the indentations and we can see how old is the ink. is it 4 years old or a week-old? release the yearbook so we can determine, is it genuine or is it a fraud. thank you very much. >> reporter: what do you say to -- >> i have for some information i will be happy to pass out. we have -- you have probably seen a lot of this on the internet. you've probably seen a lot of this on the internet.
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these are copies of what was shown by mrs. allred. i will let you pass them out, if that's okay. also what we have here is a copy of the divorce papers, not the entire thing. we show the cover page and what's so important is we show the final page which has judge moore's signature on it. with the d.a. >> we have the roy moore signate here, and the d.a., which was added by his assistant. the same d.a. initials that are written on the yearbook. >> reporter: does judge moore plan to testify under oath? >> i will distribute these. since this is a legal matter -- thank you very much.
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>> kimberly: an interesting press conference there, jillian. they tried to get into a few specifics, factual issues that perhaps they thought would be immediately persuasive to their case. perhaps it might be biased with one of the complaining witnesses that it had a case that was in front of judge moore. cited that name in that individual who had already previously said there was no contact beyond that point. nevertheless, the divorce proceeding was in front of him. overall, what did you make of the tone? >> gillian: you should call a press conference when you have new information to present to the public, when you have something new, new evidence, new information. you don't call a press conference to essentially announce you're going to hire a handwriting expert which, as far as i can tell, is what this achieved. i don't understand the point. it weakens the case. and a yearbook request which you could do via email, letter, fax.
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you don't have to get the masses involved. i think the problem with the press conference is that, you know, the handwriting is to a certain extent on the wall already. we don't know whether judge moore is guilty or innocent of the claims for which he's been accused. but either way, i think this bodes poorly for the party that he elected to serve. this creates major problems for the g.o.p. going forward for the rest of this year, legislating and going into next year, winning new seats. he has embroiled the party in a debate over sexual assault of minors. what constitutes it, if it's okay sometimes. the whole thing that i think renders the party incapable of governing right now. this is something he has brought single-handedly. i don't know that this press conference goes any great distance to try to make things better for him or the republican party. >> jesse: there's a difference between being defiant and being a dead end.
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i would say read the rune, roy. no money anymore, no endorsements. was this a response to sean hannity's 24-hour ultimatum? sean gave roy moore a 24 hours to come up with any convincing evidence to justify why you are staying in the race and why you are not guilty of any of these accusations. accusations. like you said, they came out with handwriting analysis. >> gillian: they don't even have the analysis. they are threatening to get it. >> jesse: perhaps this may have bought the campaign a little more time. i don't think much more time. they are trying to attack the credibility of gloria allred. her credibility in alabama is pure. they are trying to -- to say hd no contact with roy moore and maybe he presided over a divorce
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seems technically accurate but the yearbook thing, i have been seeing the whole thing on the internet it's my kind of blew it off. maybe this raises more questions. did gloria allred help her forge the thing? i don't know. but this is a small part of the larger picture of women coming forward, teenagers. in other people on the record saying that roy moore was inappropriate many, many times and many years ago. you are knocking down may be one allegation but there's a whole host of other allegations and they didn't address any of them and didn't even take any questions. which i thought was the wrong move. >> kimberly: yeah, you don't even put yourself up there to ask these questions unless you're going to have specific answers. they are running out of time because there's a time frame in there so much pressure mounting and they got a little bit of a break with the president didn't make a statement. working on so many campaigns.
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not only do you do opposition research on your opponent. you do it on yourself and you see what's out there and you hire the best to do that. make sure things like this don't happen. it seems to me with the amount and quantity of allegations, you think of some of this might've been told or known to somebody when they are putting this forward. >> juan: from what we see from the reporting, there were lots of rumors but nobody had come out and stated that in fact this had happened to them. the rumors were swirling. according to the latest reporting, it's not only that he was seen in malls talking to young women but even the local schools and gym classes talking to young women. that's kind of weird, but nothing that you would say, that's convincing or evidence or proof, kimberly. i think the difference here is all of a sudden with calls to specific women, some of whom were trump voters and loyal
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republicans, some of the women decided i will put my name to this charge. that's the big difference. that's what made this so explosive at this moment. the second part is that even while sean hannity says roy moore has 24 hours to put forward some evidence that would vindicate him, you have steve bannon out there on the other side who has not withdrawn his support for roy moore, and you apparently have according to the polls, we very close race in which evangelicals and the state really like roy moore and the fact that he put god above all, including above our constitution, which rankles me. understand that's what apparently a large number of people in alabama respect and why they want roy moore in the senate. you have really one person left to speak, the guy we thought we would hear from today, president trump. does he say "well, i don't
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know." or does he say, like mitch mcconnell, "i believe the women." what is that mean? they are thinking about asking the governor kay ivey to delay the election. she says no so far. then mitch mcconnell says if he is elected to be we will expel him on an ethics charge. this is getting nasty. >> kimberly: the president declining to make a statement today, greg. still giving a little bit of air and room to this for roy moore and his team to try to do something compelling. >> greg: when he said it takes time to work out these allegations, he's actually right. if this were in a court, an actual court, you would have time to prepare for this. in the court of public opinion with an election, you don't have the luxury. you have to rush to judgment because you have another option. that makes me feel bad. i don't feel bad for moore. i feel bad for the alabama voters for having a hard time with this because we put this
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whole issue, this whole scandal. he's either a pervert or she's a liar. the fact is, there are other options involved. one of them is its true. the bottom line is, a voter can think this news dropping 40 days before an election is no coincidence. they can think that and still think he's guilty. but their anger, their anger over being screwed by the party or the media is enough to make them think well, screw that. i don't care. the allegations are serious. i think the proposed article, there are names there. there are sources. this isn't some kind of anonymous thing. i understand when voters look at this and go "why now?" and people will say it's because people are terrified of coming out against -- it makes sense because he's a powerful guy.
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>> gillian: you are right to point out they are not mutually exclusive. he can be guilty of these charges and "the washington post" piece can still be a political hijab, a gray area. >> kimberly: some of it could be true or some not. we don't know yet because they haven't had time to flush out all the details of it, see what's true and what isn't. >> greg: the irony of this, in an actual court, you have more freedom to defend yourself. in the court of public opinion, you don't. >> kimberly: we are going to talk about this in the next block, greg. you are lucky. >> greg: really? i am done. ♪ let's go! ♪
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>> jesse: welcome back to "the five." senate candidate roy moore not going anywhere. we just heard from his campaign manager and his attorney, and they are blasting the credibility of one of the accusers who was a teenager and said roy moore sexually assaulted her. and last of the credibility of her attorney, gloria allred. greg, what you were saying before about voters in alabama being able to hold two ideas in their head. maybe one of those ideas, yes, roy moore may have done inappropriate things with young
2:23 pm
girls 40 years ago. but doug jones, the democrat, do i want doug jones to represent alabama in the u.s. senate where he is for abortion -- obamacare, paris climate accords, partial-birth abortion. >> greg: i guess what i meant was the other option is i don't know. like everybody is expected in the last week to make a decision -- if you don't make a decision in the court of public opinion, what's your problem? there's something wrong with you. you can't say i don't know. it's perfectly logical to say i don't know. when it's not in a court of law
2:24 pm
come out when it's in the court of public opinion, you are having people you don't really know and you just first heard about you were thinking about something else completely. you had already made up your mind you were going to vote for know and you just first heard about you were thinking about something else completely. you had already made up your mind you were going to vote for this person and this news comes in. i don't know. is it true? the coincidence is weird but it in. i don't know. is it true? the coincidence is weird but it sounds like it could be true because "the washington post" story is pretty legit and these other women, why would they come out? and you are confused. out? it's unfair to assume people have to, you know, you have to see it this way. that it's binary. it's not binary. people could go to the polls and say i think he is guilty of this but screw those other people who did this to me, who put me in a situation. by the way, it could be the republican party's fault. they could have known about this and chose not to say anything. why did some people endorse strange over this guy? maybe they knew the open secret. it is on them too. they should have done something. >> juan: but it is of binary choice. you either vote for one or the other. >> gillian: a write-in. >> juan: at this point it would be a disadvantage the republicans. if it was a republican right in. it would likely take votes away
2:25 pm
from the republican on the ballot. >> gillian: but imagine he gets elected and the senate unseat sam. isn't that worse? >> juan: no, actually mitch mcconnell has been talking about president -- talking to president trump about this idea. he is elected and you have an ethics probe and you have a -- the governor appoints a republican and guess who the republican might be? >> greg: a member of the group alabama. >> juan: jeff sessions. he was the lead singer. [laughter] >> gillian: the first sitting senator to ever be voted out by their colleagues for sexual misconduct. that's a horrible albatross. >> jesse: kimberly, i want to ask you about the bill clinton situation. a lot of people have come out and said maybe we shouldn't have defended bill clinton when he was accused of massive amounts of impropriety. how do you see that? >> kimberly: i have nothing to
2:26 pm
say about bill clinton. just kidding. >> jesse: never heard you say that before. >> kimberly: just kidding. this is like the pendulum swinging back. let's go back and examine this. these allegations came forward. they did interviews, they were very up front about what happened and what transpired and very consistent. for some reason, people then gave bill clinton a pass. you are not saying that now. you are seeing a circle back on articles, et cetera, to say -- okay, let him stay in. monica lewinsky, let him stay in. >> juan: but he was impeached. >> greg: the people who gave him a pass are now writing article saying he shouldn't have gotten a pass. matthew, talking about bill clinton should have resigned. before he was saying it's a political witch hunt going after him, years ago. you are seeing the people who dismissed bill clinton now saying this is a story. who cares what you think now? >> jesse: that might be too
2:27 pm
little too late. much more to come on "the five." president trump's teased that he would make an announcement. he did. you are going to hear it next.
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♪ >> gillian: president trump held a news conference this afternoon at the white house to give a progress report on a trip to asia. he made his highly anticipated announcement on north korea and was very pleased to say china is on board to help stop its neighbor from making a nuclear bomb. >> during our visit, president xi pledged to implement united nations security council resolutions on north korea and use his great economic influence over the regime to achieve our common goal of a denuclearized korean peninsula. president xi recognizes that a nuclear north korea was a grave
2:32 pm
threat to china. time is running out, and we made it clear. all options remain on the table. >> gillian: all options remain on the table. i think the president is right and this is an encouraging sign china has agreed to send an envoy to north korea. kimberly, what do you think? >> kimberly: i think it's a tremendous forward progression movement in the right direction in terms of diplomacy, working together in a cooperative effort to try to produce a diplomatic outcome. that's what you want. nobody can be displeased at that, not even juan. >> gillian: juan, i'm curious to get the macro picture from you. if you are going to give the president a grade on the trip. what would you give him? >> juan: boy, i guess i wouldn't say it's an utter failure. a d. why? if you look at trade deals, i thought today he was going to announce there was a major trade deal but there isn't.
2:33 pm
he did get some commitments for added trade in terms of security, airplanes. it is almost pre-existing at this point. then the north korea thing, if, in fact, he has received added pledges from the chinese, the russians, from anybody in terms of enforcing more sanctions against north korea, taking added steps, i would say that is real progress. i think he made friends and he hoped the friendships, the big wonderful welcome he received in so much of asia will result in future deals. in terms of the trip itself, gillian, not much. >> jesse: i would give him a letter a because he did not bow to the japanese emperor like obama did. also juan made a lot of statements about things that didn't happen and in fact they did. japan announced new sanctions on north korea. japan says they are going to pay more for their own self defense. sorted south korea as well. japan announced they were going
2:34 pm
to make a billion-dollar investment in u.s. military hardware. japan also announced billion dollars in investments. south korea said they would pony up more money and announced 17 $17 billion of investments. china announced $250 billion of investments in the united states and china is going to strengthen sanctions on north korea and is sending a ministerial level envoy to north korea. hopefully it will encourage more formalized talks between china and north korea, and we all know it can only be solved diplomatically. >> gillian: that was quite an answer. how did you remember all of that? >> jesse: the lock box. >> kimberly: he also invented the internet. >> gillian: a free average out you guys can you come out with a solid b+. >> juan: he is on the record as having said i'm going to tell
2:35 pm
those guys you're ripping america off. >> jesse: he said those things that multiple occasions. >> juan: and what did he get bored? zip. >> jesse: i just rattled off a bunch of investments. everything is pre-existing until we announce it. >> gillian: greg, what say you? >> greg: i am still here? >> gillian: saved the best for last. >> greg: it is all about the envoy. he has broken no new ground he. if you can't admit it, because you don't want nice things to happen to donald trump or the united states. the envoy is dialogue instead of intimidation and anger, and it's really, really important. he's made more progress with kim jong un then speakers do on campus with left-wing students. it's a big deal. i have high hopes, and i think they are going to come away with something very interesting, and it will be a first time.
2:36 pm
it's going to be really hard for the liberals to deal with it because you know what it is? the line speak softly and carry a big stick. trump speaks loudly and has 100 sticks and it seems to be working. he got an a+ on the trip. if there was something higher than a plus, i would give him that. >> juan: really? that's what i think. you said anybody who doesn't see what he sees as a bad person. rex tillerson is trump's secretary of state and he says we made little progress on trade. i don't get it. >> greg: maybe he has high hopes. >> gillian: you're going to continue during the commercial and we will continue. we heard today, three ucla basketball players accused of shoplifting in china.
2:37 pm
president trump wanted a thank you for securing their release but didn't get one.
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♪ >> juan: three college athletes accused of shoplifting and china are home after president trump helped secure their freedom. the president posed this question upon their return. "do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you president trump? they were headed for 10 years in jail!" the trio appeared before camas today and guess what, they did as president trump suggested. >> to president trump in the united states government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. we really appreciate you helping us out. >> i would like to thank president trump and the united states government for the help they provided. >> thank you to the
2:42 pm
united states government and president trump for your efforts to bring us home. >> juan: ucla unannounced all three players had been suspended indefinitely while the school reviews the incident. greg, what do you make of it? >> greg: it preempted a trump tweet. i'm a little bummed. this is a good lesson for american kids which they will probably ignore, how lucky you are to live here because you're spoiled, careless behavior will not fly in other countries. people still get caned in other countries. they get executed for things. adultery, rape victims get punished. here's a question, what if they weren't college basketball stars? what if the president wasn't there? what if it was north korea? they all would have been ottos. >> gillian: this whole episode plays to president trump's strengths. the whole trip in asia, he went
2:43 pm
around touting the strength of his interpersonal relationships with the other heads of state, particularly president xi. he highlighted that over and over and over again. his ability to come in here and secure their release gave him another platform, another opportunity to showcase it. he is right. he is right that the strength of his relationship with president xi is something that contributes in a major way to the overall bilateral relationship between the two countries, the united states and china. this drew more attention to it and i think in a way it's a good thing for him. >> juan: when president trump sat down to dinner with president xi, he said john kelly, the chief of staff, said he leaned over and said to president mugabe are, have you heard about these knuckleheads? >> jesse: i'm happy they are back and i hope they are punished severely which was such
2:44 pm
a stupid thing. >> juan: do you think they should be out for the year? >> jesse: that seems a little harsh. probably the dumbest thing you could ever do. you could get caned in the philippines. someone i think did get caned in the philippines for that. president trump has been very, very on point when it comes to making sure americans who have been detained come back. the american woman we talked about with her husband and family captured in afghanistan, five years. the woman in cairo, there was a businesswoman in china for two years, brought back. and otto. president obama, at least from the public perspective, didn't seem to have the anxiousness to secure the release of people. the marine was in prison for almost a year in mexico. and then the bergdahl trade. you know how terrible that went.
2:45 pm
i'm not disrespecting president obama for his efforts part of the same time, on the surface it seems like president trump has done a very, very good job securing the release of americans detained during the time when obama was president. >> kimberly: it's a good lesson for children out there and people watching to say the president intervened and he tried to do something in a meaningful way to secure their release. the fact they held the press conference and thanked him. release. it was the right thing to do, respectful, hopefully people learn from this lesson and don't commit crimes in china or here. >> gillian: that's the key point. nobody is bringing it up. it is still illegal here. it's not as if you would still still -- >> juan: sunglasses for this? greg is next. stay with us.
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who inspires and pushes us to go further than we could ever go alone. sofi. get there sooner. ♪ >> greg: after last week's screaming at the sky event, the emotionally wounded can't move on. here's maxine waters leading in
2:50 pm
"impeach 45" chant at the glamour women of the year awards. >> impeach him! impeach him! impeach 45! impeach 45! i didn't hear you. impeach 45! thank you. >> greg: adorable. it is their "lock her up." democrats introducing articles of impeachment. six democrats. they want trump gone but they can't exactly say on what grounds. can you impeach based on hurt feelings? poor guys. they need help. here's a solution of new and tied trump hotel is opening up in d.c. the place is built around activism and engagement. it is supposed to foster
2:51 pm
inclusion, of course without the right, how diverse. there will be chats, lectures, sound bad this. maybe a real bath would be better. i don't know if the world's first politically motivated hotel is a good idea. i would put bars on the windows because i would jump. unless you are not staying at that hotel but somewhere else, like here. ♪ come on, even a lefty would take that over an organic mattress any day. we don't have much time. >> kimberly: that hotel is fantastic. >> greg: i have stayed there for a speech.
2:52 pm
giant sticks of bacon on sticks. >> kimberly: love it. >> greg: juan, you lovely trump hotel. you say it is the only place you stay in d.c. you live in d.c. but you prefer the trump hotel. >> juan: is that right? i will say it's a matter of division among democrats because you have the liberal activists who wanted and you have people who say wait a second. what about health care, wages. we think that's the basis for running. don't get distracted. 40% of voters favor impeachment. 75% of democrats and independents. >> greg: very selfish. it will hurt the country. >> jesse: i don't believe that poll. isn't every hotel in d.c. the anti-trump hotel? >> gillian: novel idea. >> jesse: maxine waters, no
2:53 pm
relation, is the gift that keeps on giving. screaming about impeachment may be helped to raise money but it's not going to win back the house. it's only going to fire up republicans. it is hard to impeach someone when the economy is doing so well. just ask bill clinton. >> gillian: it's a political miscalculation to call for impeachment, especially preemptively now, before there is any -- wait for the mueller investigation to conclude. evidence before you start calling for impeachment. nothing will rally the trump base for 2018 like these calls for impeachment. as a political strategy, it's not smart. >> greg: you know what else isn't smart? >> gillian: don't say me. >> greg: i wouldn't say that. leaving before "one more thing." that's next.
2:54 pm
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♪ >> kimberly: it's time for "one more thing." >> juan: gun violence continues. in california this week, kevin neal gunned down four people and attacked an elementary school. rural north carolina. this persistence is prompting some change of heart, including on the campus of a college here in new york. the school's was named shooter
2:58 pm
the fox. the name change was prompted by last month's shooting in las vegas. good move. >> greg: you think that is great they change the name of the mascot? >> juan: i wish congress would act but... >> jesse: and nice moment last night at the celtics-nets game last night. kyrie irving presented his jersey and sneakers to military service members. they were ecstatic and deserved the goodies. it was a nice moment. it he broke his face the night before. >> gillian: i was going to say. how stinky do you think that stuff is? >> jesse: yeah, but it's worth a lot on ebay. >> greg: my podcast. he is a legendary writer. go to i asked him how to become a better writer and editor. check it out.
2:59 pm
>> kimberly: all right, fantastic. titanic is back. you can watch it. after 20 years, it is coming back to the big screen. to celebrate the 20th anniversary, amc theaters nationwide will be playing a remastered, high -- hi-def version. >> gillian: blake shelton was nominated as people's sexiest man. "blake shelton is the sexiest divorced dad at this barbecue." some people got political.
3:00 pm
>> kimberly: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. bret, take it away. >> bret: late breaking news from alabama and new reaction from ivanka trump. this is a fox news alert fox news alert paradigm bret baier in washington. the president's daughter tells reporters about alabama's senate candidate roy moore. "there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children." while some high-profile supporters of moore appeared to be bailing in the wake of allegations about conduct, moore is hitting back. his legal team promising challenges, even calling it


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