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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tomorrow might be able to settle it for us. good night from washington, sean hannity up next, have a great night.. >> sean: thanks tucker. welcome to "hannity." judge roy moore writes an open letter to me after i demanded answers. we will share that with you. three more accusers down in alabama. my response is coming up later in the show. plus, democrats, liberals and the media, they're finally now today having their day of reckoning when it comes to bill clinton and his wife hillary, and the many allegations of the sexual misconduct, the mistreatment of women. for decades these accusations, they have dodged and then dismissed and downplayed the left in this country, by the media in this country, and even worse, was accusers were smeared, slander, besmirched, including by hillary clinton w herself, and what is so inexcusable is that the democrats and the media for 30 years did nothing to stop this from happening to protect women.
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instead, they were complicit. they enabled all of this toea happen. those women all suffered, and now they lecture everybody else. we will expose this blatant, despicable, disgusting hypocrisy in tonight's breaking news monologue. new allegations of sexual misconduct now swirling around judge roy moore. they are finally starting to re-examine what is theirju deplorable defense over the years. bill clinton's long history of sexual abuse allegations. it is taken was 30 years for the left, the destroy trump media to finally start admitting, bill clinton targeted women for decades with criminal impunity. take a look at this headline from a liberal publication. the atlantic, bill clinton, a reckoning. feminists saved the 42nd president of the united states feminists saved the 42nd
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president of the united states in the 1990s. they were on the wrong side of history, is it finally time to make things right?he it's beyond time. and then there's this op-ed.? "i believe juanita," but that's not all. members of the mainstream media, they are even starting to realize that what bill clinton did was beyond disgraceful. his conduct should never, ever, ever have been defended in the first place.ho wait until you see some of the tape we have for you tonight. look at this tweet. chris hayes over at msnbc. as gross and cynical and hypocritical as the right's "what about bill clinton" stuff is, it's also true. democrats in the center left are overdue for a real reckoning with the allegations against him. take a look at what cnn's jake tapper had to say. watch this.h >> the accusers of bill clinton back in the '90s were never given the credence and treated with the same respect thatba the women are being treated. and i think that there is something to be said about how
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society has evolved since then, but in addition it's hard not to look back at that period and think, the media treated those women poorly. >> sean: some of the media are coming to terms with what they did and what they said and how they covered it all up, because what they did -- the things they did to protect bill clinton and discredit at a high level is accusers is beyond indefensible, it is shameful.el let me explain. you will not see this anywhere else on television. back in 1982 during a president primary, remember the name gennifer flowers? she went public, she revealed she had a 12 year affair with bill clinton. she even released taped phone conversations to deal with the allegations. what did the clinton campaign do? they set up a warm room and sprung into action. their job, to smear and discredit gennifer flowers and bill and hillary go on "60 minutes" lie, deny the charges, and whatat did they do? they attacked gennifer flowers' character. watch this.
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>> she's alleging and describing in some detail which she calls a 12 year affair with you. >> that allegation isis false. >> when this woman first got caught up in these charges, i felt, as i felt about all of these women that they have just been minding their own business and they got hit and it's no fault of their own. we reached out to them, i met with two of them to reassure them they were friends of ours, i felt terrible about what was happening to them bill talked to this woman every time she called distraught seeing her life was going to be ruined, and heas wod get off the phone and tell me that she said sort of wacky things whichac we thought were attributable to the fact that she was terrified. >> i'm assuming from your answer that you are categorically denying that you ever had an affair with gennifer flowers? >> i have said that before. and so has she. >> sean: i have said that before, and so has she. they were lying.
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he later had to admit during a deposition, he finally admitted during the monica lewinsky case that he did in fact have that sexual encounter with gennifer flowers. then there's hillary clinton. that's was only the beginning of her attempts to smear her husband's accusers, to further attack flowers. hillary clinton told "vanity fair," watchcc this. well, if we had been in front of a jury i would say ms. flowers, isn't it true you were asked by the ap in june of 1990 and you said no? weren't you asked the arkansas democrat, you said no. i mean, i would crucify her. really, hillary? crucify her? and it gets worse. in his book about hillary, bernstein of all people wrote that clinton referred to gennifer flowers as "trailer trash," and that clinton undertook an aggressive campaign to go after flowers. years later i did go after what she described her affair with bill clinton and how she fearedd for her safety.
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watch this. s >> i regret very much that i have had to go through and the country has had to go through what it has gone through in the last several years. there were times when he wanted to be intimate when y hillary would be close by and i wouldn't because i was more concerned with the circumstances. i personally feel that if i hads not become public when i did, even though i had not planned it, that i wouldn't be sittingng here talking with you now. i think something would happen to me. i think most of the women that have been involved with bill clinton have told of situations where they were threatened. my home was w entered three tims and ransacked. that was a horrible feeling. that was pretty darn close.. my mother received a threatening phone call that says your daughter would be better off dead. there were a lot of things that happened over the course of this time that caused me to be very concerned. >> sean: and she was smeared for years, and she had told the truth. then there's paula jones, she accused bill clinton of confronting her in a hotel room
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and dropping his pants and exposing himself, and worse. watch this. >> we did some small talk and then he started kind of getting a little comfortable and trying to -- he said that he loved the way my hair flowed down my back of my clothes, he liked my curves. then he leaned and pulled me towards an he was going to try to kiss on me. so then i tried to distract him, and i thought what am i doing my mind is racing. i said, well, i may need to be going or something, and the next thing i know he pulled down his pants. his whole everything, he was exposed, and i said i'm not that kind of girl. and i need to be getting back to my desk. >> sean: she said that many times prior. in 1998 bill clinton ended up paying paula 1 jones an out-of-court settlement for her to drop that harassment charges against him. in a related case, bill clinton
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actually lost his license to practice law in arkansas for five years. not many people in the media report that. according to "the new york times," cnn and many other outlets, longtime clinton ally james carville said this about paula jones. "if you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you will find." he worked at fake news cnn. paula jones later said there was no way that hillary did not know that her husband was abusing women. next, we got former white house intern monica lewinsky. bill clinton infamously lied about having a sexual relationship with lewinsky. remember this? >> i want you to listen to me, i'm going to this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewinsky. >> indeed i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. >> sean: just like the other accusers, hillary had a lessro than flattering nickname for
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monica lewinsky. according to a journal entry that was made public, hillary's friend diane blair described hillary's reaction to the lewinsky scandal as "she says to his credit that he tried to break it off, tried to pull away, try to manage someone who was clearly a narcissistic looney toon, but it was beyond control."si in an interview with diane sawyer in 2013, hillary clinton wasn't given a chance to deny that she ever said that about monica lewinsky and clinton, interestingly, decided to decline a comment. watch this. okay, sorry, it didn't show up. next is kathleen willey. i've interviewed her many times. a former volunteer white house aide and accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct in 1993. i have interviewed her many times about this encounter. this gets worse and worse. watch this. >> no woman should be subjected to it. it was an assault.
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>> he assaulted you? and touch, grab, fondled and kissed you against her will? >> yes. >> is an allegation that was not paid by one woman, by multiple women. >> sean: kathleen would later slam hillary clinton for enabling her husband's behavior. and finally, there was the most serious, the mostin disturbing allegation against bill clinton. according to wanita broaddrick, bill clinton raped her in 1978 when he was the attorney general of the state of arkansas. take a look at this. >> you described the scene where he was biting on your lip and when it was all over he was leaving. he said you better put some ice on that. >> yeah, and casually put on his sunglasses and walked out the door. and i told my friend, who came back and found me, that i waso sitting there crying and so upset at the time, and i felt
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like somebody -- that the next person would be somebody cominge through the door to get rid of the body, that's just about how i had absolutely couldn't believe what happened to me. >> you begged him to stop? >> yes. >> sean: during that same interview, juanita broaddrick explained why she was fearful to come forward and tell her story. watch this. >> people say you waited 20 years. do you regret waiting, and why did you wait? >> no, i don't regret waiting because i don't think it would have been received any better at that time than it is now. i don't think it's anything anybody wants to hear, that the attorney general of the state of arkansas did something like this. no one wanted to hear that, and it was my word against his. >> why did you originally deny it considering this was a legal matter? >> did you see what happened to flowers? did you see what was happening to paula jones?
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>> you were afraid? >> yes. no, not afraid. i just knew what would happen.. >> sean: you just heard bill clinton's accusers in their own words describe in graphic detail what they say happened to them. despite all of that, h the democrats, the liberals, destroy-trump media, they didn't believe them. they attacked them. they discredited these women, and hillary clinton, she talked it all up to some bizarre, vast right-wing conspiracy. remember this. >> the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is the vast right-wing conspiracy has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> sean: this tells you everything you need to know about how hillary clinton sees thesean victims. it's part of a much largerhe pattern we'd seen over decades. for example, clinton's 1992 presidential e campaign, they
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coined the term "bimbo eruptions" to describe the women who came forward. there were many, many more. george stephanopoulos wrote in his memoir that in 1991 hillary clinton said "we have to destroy her" when destroying one of clinton's accusers. we did reach out to the clintons for comment about all of this, of course they never got back to us. that's not surprising considering everything t that ty did,mo everything the democrats and the media enabled and covered up, almost 30 years. the clintons over these years have been given a free pass by their political party and their friends and their allies in the news media, the ones they colluded within in the last campaign. and up until just a few days ago, the media and democrats viciously attacking bill clinton'sd accusers. here's what they said about clinton's accusers just last year in the 2016 election. watch this. >> a trio of women who say bill clinton made unwanted sexual advances in the '80s and '90s. mr. clinton denies it.
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two of the cases were plagued by factual discrepancies. >> when it was bill clinton's problem, almost in the moment republicans tried to make it an issue and it didn't work, so why is it going to work 20 years later with his wife? i just don't see it. >> the issue of bill clinton's past, is it fair game? hillary clinton is running for president. >> i would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband. maybe she could have said that. >> sean: tramps that slept with my husband? it's nice to see that some of the press are finally coming around to acknowledge clinton's actions, we have to ask what took you so long?n where were you when these accusers were coming forward? why did you trash and discredit these women on a regular basis?s and i want to tell you another thing, unlike the rest of the
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abusively biased news media in this country, i did go down and take this seriously, satld down with them, let them tell their stories before i made a decision in these cases. why couldn't the press do the same thing? m here's why. the media has protected democrats, people like the clintons, by enabling their abuses and predatory behavior for decades, and guess what? countless women suffered as a result. this is important as a history lesson. we are here tonight -- where are all the apologies to those women, the clinton accusers, attacked by the campaign, by t that war room? george stephanopoulos worked in the war room. james carville smeared by hillary clinton, discredited by the mainstream s media. isn't it about time they all had their day of reckoning? my answer to judge moore is coming up later. joining us now with their reaction, geraldo rivera, conservative columnist monica crowley. this was last year they were still doing this. and the thing is, it was systematic because of their
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policies, and the sanctimony, the self-righteousness that exists today but some of s the very people that enabled, they colluded with hillary. they never brought this up with her, they never ask her why she was involved in all of this behavior. that's recent, that's last year. >> i want to lay out a challenge to all those on the left at cnn, msnbc, and "the new york times,a the atlantic. all those that we have heard of and from over the last couple of days now saying that bill clinton should be condemned, he should have resigned at theco time, we should have spoken up. here's my challenge. it's now time for you to put your money where your mouths are. if you don't, you are no better than hillary clinton, who always when confronted with wrongdoing says my bad, and now it's time to move on. no, here's my challenge to them. you put your money where your mouths are.he you all have platforms now. give thoseer platforms, give airtime and coverage to kathleen willey, juanita broaddrick, paula jones, gennifer flowers.
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any woman over the last 20 years who has been dismissed as fake news. you give them airtime, as much coverage as you are getting out roy moore, you now have a chance to reverse your mistake. if you are telling us now that you made a mistake, now's your chance to fix it, and don't just give them a forum. investigate what they've been telling us for the last 20 years. really get into his crimes and sexual assault, and only then will i believe you are -- at this point. >> sean: geraldo? >> first of all, i think that roy moore's fate lies in your hands, and i look forward to your monologue about his case as we go forward now that these three new accusers have come forward on the one hand, and the document, the yearbook is in question on the other. now to bill clinton. terrible guilt.
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>> sean: you say your thing, go ahead. >> i think that to suggest that the clintons have not paid a profound price for the infidelity and the committed by the president, president bill clinton. >> sean: she was the presidential candidate last year and they never asked her in the media, that was last year. >> but, sean, not only was he only the second person in history -- the second president history to be impeached in 1998, he also in 2016 cost his wife thisle election. if youou remember the second presidential dental debate in october after the hollywood tapes had seemingly devastated donald trump's campaign to then-candidate trump,n beleaguered candidate trump stacked the room with the accusers of bill clinton, absolutely destroying bill clinton's credibility and, by extension, his wife, the candidate.
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>> sean: if you have said on this program -- >> they have paid dearly. >> sean: excuse me, i disagree. if roy moore is unfit because of forty-year allegations, more coming tonight, as the left have been telling us, isn't that the same left in the country that still voted for her a year ago? how did they pay? she came close, in a sense, she really got killed in the election. >> your main point is a valid one, and a painful one for those of us who defended president clinton at the time, and who, let's face it, why did we defend him? other than the fact that it was like the cold war between the democrats and the republicans, you also had a situation where you had to fight against people we oppose. and we had an arrogance aboutpl us, and elitism about us.
10:20 pm
these were regional people in carville's words. you drag that $100 bill to the trailer park and look at what you find. i cop to all that. i think this is a teaching moment, a learning moment. >> sean: let me get to monica. >> a very big deal when it comes to the charges. >> this is all about hypocrisy. this is the conversation we're having now. democrats have been so effective over so many decades of circling the wagons when any one of theirs is in trouble. ted kennedy drove a car off a cliff into a lake. >> sean: the lion of the senate. >> and killed a young woman and he becomes the lion of the senate. for 20 years we've been told all of these clinton accusers are fake news and they are liars. the democrats always take their agenda and protected at all cost. >> sean: selective moral outrage.>> >> now we are in a different cultural moment, sexual harassment we know is everywhere, so therefore the left that geraldo was talking about, the teaching moment should be the same standard of stomach applied across the oboard.
10:21 pm
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "han >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we told you earlier, the mainstream media refused to listen to the numerous, the many women and accusations of sexual misconduct against president bill clinton, even up and through the 2016 election,o and hillary's role in smearing and besmirching these women who made those allegations over the years. take a look. >> the rape accusation is decades old and discredited. >> only in the mind of some sort of movie writer of a thirdof wod democracy -- dictatorship, would you have a candidate publicly humiliate the former occupant of that office by parading all of these other people around as well. >> it's hillary clinton was the candidate here, not bill clinton. she was not implicated in any misconduct, she was not someone who was accused even of doing anything untoward with regard to these women. >> sean: she wasn't, she does
10:26 pm
-- just helped smear the woman. joining us now, joe concha, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. >> my objection to roy moore is he has an a long history of lawlessness, that means he also abused women breaking the law. your interview with him was incriminating, because he contradicted himself three times. you asked him about dating teenage girls. at first he said i don't dispute it, then he said i don't remember it, then he said i adamantly deny it. it can't be all three. when people can't get their story straight, that means they are lying. but look, beyond that, look at his career.. twice kicked off the alabama supreme court. he drapes himself in the bible as if it elevates him above the law and allows him to defy -- >> sean: that is the legal thing that really irritated you from the beginning. >> before the nomination process. >> sean: one year ago that was the media defending hillary.
10:27 pm
ignoring her role in theen smearing of these women. >> i want to talk about 18 years ago when nbc actually spiked a report.i juanita broaddrick. there was no twitter so you had to wear a pin on the air. fox news -- you couldn't have a counterbalance, so whatever the big three networks, "the new york times," "washington post," the post, that was treated as gospel, because clinton left office with a 73% approval rating. fast-forward to 2017, there's a democratic senator from my home state that is on trial, bob menendez. he's accused of cavorting with i underage hookers in the dominican republic. i will quote the fbi. they just said this on monday. "federal prosecutors said that they aren't convinced claims the senator robert menendez cavorted with underage hookers, widely discredited, are false." they don't know. this story is barely getting any coverage whatsoever.
10:28 pm
when people say, come on, if this was a democrat, the same thing would be happening. >> sean: i have been arguing all of these years up to, including this past election year. i talk about hillary clinton, talk about taking money from these countries that practice sharia. as a matter of law, abused women, kill gays and lesbians, persecute christians and jews. nobody talked about it except maybe the show and a few others. i'm arguing that the media has been complicit in that less -- she's an angel and all this, that would never was true because politics trump the outrage that they are now showing today over -- it's not just roy moore, over everything. in other words, i don't believe that they are sincere. politics trumps what they are saying today. that makes them lying hypocrites. >> i guess when some folks are coming forward and saying bill
10:29 pm
clinton has to have his day of reckoning, perhaps they can sayn that, because there's really nothing to lose. to bring that up during the 201y election, that may mean problems for the candidate. now let's go after bill clinton and do what exactly? there's no legal course. >> there are no consequences, as joe says, because bill clinton's presidency is over. hillary clinton's career appeara to be absolutely finished. she was complicit in covering it up, the media insulted, ridiculed, demeaned and dismissed all of these accusers. it turns out they were telling the truth. we know bill clinton was lying. >> sean: how do we sort through allegations -- if some of these allegations are true,at it is md numbing. what ivanka said today it resonates with me. i have a 16-year-old daughter. it resonates with me. somebody preys on a young child, you have a special place in dante's inferno in hell. >> there are too many accusers against roy moore.
10:30 pm
their stories are very specific and too detailed to be untrue. >> sean: 40 years in public does it matter -- like in the case of juanita, she waited 20 years, i believed her. >> women wait for very good andi legitimate reasons. they do it out of fear. all it takes is one or two to step forward and have the courage to tell. >> sean: that's like the weinstein effect. >> for others to say, all right, it may be now okay to tell the truth. >> sean: weinstein, kevin spacey effect. >> there are a thousand effects because every day there's a different allegation that comes out. george takei, even though he is pushing back strong on that. it seems like you are guilty until proven innocent. >> sean: legally speaking, the governor of alabama does have authority -- >> she does. she has the authority to postpone or delay, or even cancel the special election. the statute gives her unfettered
10:31 pm
discretion and authority to not only set the date, but to change the date. that's theho problem. >> sean: it would be the right thing to do for the people of alabama? >> it probably would. >> sean: until we get truth, answers, resolution. >> voters are now handcuffed with an untenable candidate. >> i just want to see the handwriting experts come forward since moore's attorney said. it's not he shed dominic said she said no. >> sean: they will compare it to his writing at the time. >> and they can do an ink test to see if it was recent. >> sean: that's right. they have the forensic -- there's forensics now involved. absolutely. coming up, democrats are desperately trying to undermine president trump. we will u show you the latest tactics, and you will not believe, big breaking news as it relates to the stories about what has happened, uranium one,w the dossier, all these things coming up straight ahead. ll thes coming up straight
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we have been warning on this program, the left, liberals are doing everything they can to undermine donald trump's presidency, and now it has reached a fever pitch. congresswoman maxine waters earlier this week at the glamour magazine women of the year awards. watch this. >> i continue to say impeach him! [cheers and applause] >> impeach him! impeach him! [cheers and applause] >> impeach 45! impeach 45! >> sean: it doesn't end there. today a half a dozen democrats announced that they would be firing articles of impeachment against president trump. really?
10:37 pm
watche this. >> i'm proud to stand here with my friend congressman gutierrez, with other congresspeople that will be here and announcing that we are introducing articles of impeachment to remove president trump from office. we have taken this action because of great concern for our country and our constitution. our national security and our democracy. >> sean: here with reaction, our friend larry elder, also civil rights attorney daryl parks. do you think is a lawyer, any reason for impeaching this president? any evidence that you can cite that would warrant such a thing? >> i will say this. i think there are many people in congress, includingan republicas who have strong concerns. >> sean: i didn't ask you that. you are a lawyer, you are an attorney, can you thinkar of anything specifically that would warrant the impeachment, high crimes and misdemeanors, sir?rr >> that's not for me to decide. >> sean: i'm not asking you to
10:38 pm
decide. is there anything close to evidence, you are a lawyer, help me oute here. counselor, is there any evidence that would warrant high crimes and misdemeanors? >> sean -- >> sean: so the answer is no. so what we are watching is a lot of hateful rhetoric and politics, larry. >> if the standard is this low, then it should have been several articles of impeachment brought against barack obama. he repeatedly said after he knew it wasn't the case, if you like your plan you can keep your plan. we have ben rhodes bragging that the iran deal was sold on the basis of a lie, this big debate of the hard-liner ayatollahs in the modern ayatollahs. fast and furious, eric holder is the first, and to my knowledge the only ag to be found in criminal contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents.
10:39 pm
we can go on and on and on. the fact is, these guys have absolutely nothing. their agenda is we hate donald trump. they have no -- this guy is a bad guy, therefore side with us. it's sad. it really is. it's just sad. >> sean: daryl? >> i think senator corker is right. there are serious concerns about this president, many americans share those concerns, i will leave it there.. >> concerns? concerns? therefore he ought to be impeached because there are concerns? >> absolutely no evidence so far >> -- dianne feinstein so there's no evidence so far of any collusion whatsoever. she's one of the rational democrats up there. what do you have? you have absolutely nothing other than you can't stand donald trump for reasons i find quite bizarre. when youwh consider with that back-to-back 3% gdp corporate
10:40 pm
growth, we have border security now. border crossings are down 50%. we've got neil gorsuch on the supreme court. with that regulations down now. consumer confidence hasn't been this high and 25 years. $5 trillion in new wealth from the stock market. what's the problem? what's the problem? >> sean: can you say that the president has done a good job on those issues like larry just listed? >> let me say this -- >> sean: answer the question.>> did he do a good job on those issues? counselor, did he do a good job? >> we need to fix health care, we need to fix health care. that's what we want him to do. >> sean: obamacare has broken promises about keeping your doctor plan and keeping your money, they were lies,ro right? >> we are hoping that trumpcare will be better, but so let's see it. >> sean: where they live? i wish i could do this longer, thank you. we have a lot to get to tonight. breaking news.
10:41 pm
the fbi's mishandling of hillary clinton's private email case, an explosive new development today. judge moore sent an open letter to me, i will have my response straight ahead. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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>> sean: breaking news tonight.
10:45 pm
the hill's john solomon is out with yet another big blockbuster breaking news story. this time john solomon reveals hillary clinton, she may have received special treatment from the fbi during its investigation into the handling of classified information on that server. the one where she destroyed it o all and bleachbit at all. according to the fbi, the deputy fbi director andrew mccabe issued an email declaring that the clinton investigation has 's been given "special status andha would be handled by a small team of high-ranking fbi officials." also tonight, hillary clinton saying the appointment of a special counsel ton investigate uranium one would be an abuse of power. here now, formerec deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, on top of the fact ' that we now know comey was writing the exoneration letter n before he did his investigationh this goes into him changing the
10:46 pm
words, extreme carelessness, instead of gross negligence, all done on purpose. seriously? who are these people? why did she get special consideration? no equal justice under the law? >> that's the real question, sean.. if you or i had put secret, top secret emails onto a private server, you would think mccabe would have written emails detailing how our case was being specially handled by senior fbi agents being shot away from thee average procedures inside the bureau? i don't think so. the question is, does having the last name clinton mean that you get a pass? you get a pass on doing things that are illegal? that you have things such as seriousav investigations relabed simply "matters" to deflate their significance. the decisions are made before the investigation is actually executed.
10:47 pm
we have a problem. don't get me wrong, i've worked with thousands of fbi agents and analysts, and they are fine patriots and they are keeping the nation safe, but at the highest level of the bureau we have issues, and the behavior during his wife's political campaign as an fbi senior agent -- actually on social media promoting his democrat wife, his wife receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars. there are hatch issues as well, which raise the questions of just how impartial is mccabe? >> sean: it seems, not at all. especially when you put it altogether. the loretta lynch meeting and changing the language and making decisions ahead of time, and i am told from my sourcess tonight this is only going to get worse, the fix was in, as i've beence saying. what about the republican house and senate investigators today launching their effort to secure the evidence from federal agencies about this uranium one
10:48 pm
deal, the corruption case, as they prepare to interview the fbi informant connect this informant was telling the fbi a year and a half for four uranium one that there was a network inn the united states. he had his own experience, he had emails, he had documents. he had tapes where he knew bribery, extortion, money laundering, racketeering was all happening. >> not only that, sean. you drew up, your slides yesterday were magnificent. those should be used in the court of law to prosecute everybody involved with uranium one who undermined the american national security. the fact here is we have a very, very serious issue of not only is the law being done, but is it seemed to be done as well? is justice blind, or is there special preferential treatment being given? this story gets deeper and deeper and deeper, and don't forget, loretta lynch freedom. >> sean: a matter, not an investigation.
10:49 pm
judge roy moore, public letter to me, i will respond next, straight ahead. to >> sean: a matter, not an investigation. judge roy moore, public letter to me, i will respond next, straight ahead.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," you may remember last >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," you may remember last night i addressed the roy moore issue athe the end of the progr. i decided to do it again at the end of the program site to be consistent in terms of where we put in the program. it's important. three more women have today come forward making accusations against senate candidate judge roy moore. clearly this now raises new issues in the state of alabama. things are getting worse, and very tough on the voters of alabama. i lived there, i will talk about that in the second. last night on this broadcast i demanded answers from george moore. when the judge's story broke. just a reminder, i laid out a history. i don't rush to judgment, and i said these allegations are so serious, they should all transcend politics. sadly, it's not, but it should. i'm never going to apologize for not rushing to judgment. the issue of presumption of innocence is important to all of
10:54 pm
us. however, these allegations are beyond disturbing and serious. i have a 16-year-old daughter. ivanka trump said something today. there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. ivanka trump is right. there is a special place in hell for predators, that is something everyone should agree with. that should not be political. with judgee moore, unlike everyone else in the media, i went right to the source. i interviewed him. i went to "the washington post"i allegations methodically, point by point through each and every allegation in "the washington post" in that piece, and i let him respond. shockingly, for the first time" in my life, even the liberals praised that interview. rarity for me. for me and so many others, because what happened in that interview, it did raise new questions. then came the issue of the yearbook that allegedly shows judge moore's message to one of his accusers, and that is why for the sake of the people of alabama last night i demanded answers. they deserve them.
10:55 pm
those people of alabama deserve them before an election. and today we got the answers to the questions that we ask. let me give you judge roy moore's attorney in a press conference and question the validity of the yearbook and signature. said it could be forged and demanded a forensic analysis. i spoke to a forensic analyst oa my radio show today. he said they will be able to tell if the ink is fresh or not, and they will be able to look at comparisons to his handwriting then and in that yearbook and determine w if it was his. judge moore today, late tonight released a letter to me. let me read it to you. i will read it in full. i think that's fair. dear sean, i'm suffering thek same treatment other republicans have had to endure. a month prior to the general election to u.s. senate in alabama i have been attacked by "the washington post" and other yliberal media in a desperate attempt to smear my character and defeat my campaign. over the last 40 years i have held several public offices, including deputy district attorney, circuit judge, chief
10:56 pm
justice of the alabama supreme court. in addition to running five state wide and three counter campaigns for public office, i have been involved into major -- two major controversies that attracted national attention, one about the ten commandments, the other about the sanctity of marriage. the alabama judicial inquiry commission, court of the judiciary and attorney general have investigated, scrutinized and examined and vetted me, not to mention every opposing candidate against whom i have run. i have been married for almost 33 years to my wife, and we have four children and five granddaughters. we are in the process of investigating these false allegations to determine their origin, motivation. for instance, we have documented that the most recent accuser, beverly nelson, was a party in a divorce action beforere me in etowah county circuit court in 1999. no motion was made for me to recuse. nelson did not mention that i was the judge assigned to her divorce case in 1999, a matter
10:57 pm
that apparently caused her no distress at a time that was 18 years closer to the alleged assault. yet 18 years later while talking before the cameras about the supposed assault, shere seemingy could not contain her emotions. my signature on the order of dismissal in the divorce case was annotated with the letters d and a representing the initials of my court assistant. curiously, the supposed yearbook inscription is also followed by the same initials. but at the time, i was a deputy district attorney, not a district attorney. those initials as well as the date under the signature block and a printed name of the restaurant are written in a style inconsistent with the rest of the yearbook inscription. the seven and christmas, 1977 are in a notably different script than the sevens in the date 12-22-77. i believe tampering has occurred. are we had a stage in american politics in which false allegations can overcome a
10:58 pm
public record of 40 years, stampede the media and politicians to potentially impact the outcome of an election of national importance when allegations of events occurring 40 years ago, and never before mentioned during a 40 year career of publicdu service, are brought out and taken seriously only 30 days before a critical election. we may be in trouble as a country. he then goes on i adamantly deny the allegations that i did not date under age girls and have taken steps to begin a civil action for defamation because of that ativ the discretion of counsel, i cannot comment further. roy moore. we've demanded, rightly, answers from judge moore. he provided them to the specific questions we asked.we in my opinion, so serious, the people of alabama, they need to know the truth, and they've got to have all the facts that they need. that means that the alabama voters can make an educated,d informed, inclusive decision for their state when they go to the
10:59 pm
polls. and if that means -- whatever it means to get to the truth, if it means more time, i believe the governor according to gregg jarrett has the ability to make that decision. the alabama people deserve that. gregg jarrett said the governor can delay the race if need be. the people of alabama deserve to have a fair choice, especially in light of the new allegations tonight. we have told you everyone's point of view. the accusers continue to have an open invitation to come on the show and share their story. at the end of the day, i want to tell you something. i lived in alabama, i enjoyed my time in alabama.t and i know these they are smart, they are great americans, god, family, faith, country, and i am very confident that when everything comes out, they will make the best decision for their state. shouldn't be decided by me, by people on television, by mitch mcconnell, washington, talk show hosts, news people. one more thing, there's a report, by the way of sexual misconduct in congress. i'm demanding tonight they pay
11:00 pm
$15 million of your money that was paid out to victims, who are they? tell us now and why did they pay it? they need to be exposed. we will have more on this tomorrow night. laura ingraham is next. >> laura: thanks, sean. welcome to washington, this is "the ingraham angle."


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