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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 17, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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a 20-mile high speed chase finally taken down when a k-9 unit sus sent -- was sent in. jillian: thanks for joining us, happy friday. rob: "fox & friends" starts now, see you later. >> the bill has passed. >> we are one step closer to tax relief for every american family. >> now is the time to deliver and we fully expect the senate to follow the house. >> when republicans are in power, the first thing they want to do is give tax cuts to the rich. >> what you said was not right. >> this bull crap really gets old after a while. >> the judge has officially declared a mistrial. >> to those who were digging my political grave, i know who you are. >> the most troubling thing to him is the senate ethics investigation. >> al franken accused of sexual
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misconduct. >> his put his tongue down my mouth, i remember i pushed him out and walked out and i wanted to find a bathroom and rinse my mouth out. ♪ >> that's a great song. doesn't that remind you in being in your 20's and restaurant and they turn the lights down, they do all the time in new york. dance parties in the middle of the day. you haven't? no, no, it's a restaurant. it's a restaurant, elizabeth, our assistant she's done it, right? it's a lot of fun. when you come to new york you have to find where the places are. they start playing music like that and they dim the lights,
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close the drapes. steve: it's friday, let's go ahead -- there are a lot of people who are in congress on the republican side are actually celebrating on this friday because yesterday as you heard in the open, tax reform took a huge step forward, the final vote was 227-4, 205 against, the whole idea in the republican plan is to juice up the economy by cutting taxes and while the democrats say this is a gift to the rich, the cuts mean fewer firms will have to lower, will have to move to lower tax nations to make money going forward. pete: how many democrats on the bill? steve: you know it was bipartisan in the opposition. every democrat was against it and there were about a dozen republicans against it. ainsley: 13 republicans in the states that are worried taxes will go up for highest tax bracket, new jersey, california
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and a guy from north carolina said that didn't vote for it, a republican. pete: the president took to twitter, the 13 house republicans who were oppose today this bill as you said, new york, new jersey, california, worried about the local income taxes, their states will have to figure that out in light of this bill being passed. the president took to twitter and made a statement over passage of the bill. 227 to 205, 0 dems, they want to raise taxes much higher but not for our military. ainsley: big news the the senate finance committee, they vote today send the version to the full senate. mitch mcconnell said after thanksgiving we will bring it to the floor and debate it there and consider it. steve: they already know they have one no and that is senator ron johnson of the great state of wisconsin and his concerns were about how pass-through
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entities -- pete: small businesses. steve: as corps pay taxes. the president talk today him on the phone on wednesday night and then the people in the senate actually started working on trying to figure out a compromise between what the tax they propose will be and what he would like. pete: the senate bill included repeal of the mandate. ainsley: that's right. slashes corporate tax rate. two members in the senate finance committee that didn't see eye to eye and lit into each other and probably the juiciest video of this morning. steve: democrats says this is give away, tax cut, give away to the rich whereas the republicans say, this is a way to keep jobs in the united states and boost the wages for everybody and inca
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-- incapsulated. >> i resent anybody saying that we do this for the rich. you guys over play that and it gets old. >> mr. chairman, the people believe it. >> i get kind of sick and tired of it. true is a nice political play -- >> mr. chairman, with all due respect, i get sick and tired of the richest people are getting richer and richer. we do attack -- >> regular order. >> what you said was not right. that's all i'm saying. i come from the lower-middle class originally, we didn't have anything so don't stew that step on me. pete: when orrin hatch is -- it's rich, rich all of the time. i like orrin hatch saying, not
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only are we passing this for everyone, we went over backwards to make sure that it didn't just benefit the rich which is critic of conservatives. ainsley: i came from nothing and stop using the victim mentality for excuses for the people who haven't gotten far, work, work really hard is what they're saying. pete: why is success bad? steve: don't give me that crap, that's the word he used and used other colorful language as well. i have -- orrin hatch talking, i have done more to cross the aisle to get legislation through the body, i have been doing this the whole time, this is one of the things that we disagree but there has to be regular order. ainsley: that's why he takes offense to it. he thinks that he's worked really hard to knock down the stereotype because he's worked hard for all crasses of people he said. pete: we disagree but why are you saying is because i want to
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benefit rich people. we have different views on how freedom happens in the country. steve: tax reform has passed the house and out of committee in the senate. the stop the senate. we will keep you posted. in the meantime another sexual assault scandal rocking capitol hill this time for democrats. ainsley: senator al franken is accused of sexual misconduct. pete: griff jenkins live with details. good morning, griff. >> sexual misconduct allegations are rocking sitting u.s. senators now specifically comedian-turned democratic senator al franken and this time there are photos. speaking out publicly claiming senator franken forcibly kissed and groped her on two occasions in 2006 while rehearsing a skit for the troops, then later on the flight home, the photo you see of franken posing with hands
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gesturing as he was fondling her breaths while she slept. >> i had a good career and i thought, you know, if i come out and speak out then, i probably would get fired or would just get faced out and i was afraid of that, i'm not afraid of that anymore. >> this happened surely before franken was elected in u.s. senate but in 2010 he recalled the trip on the senate floor. >> we did a four-hour show because we found out that the troops loved the show. i was the cohost with a beautiful woman named lean. >> issued an apology putting out this statement, the first thing i want to do is apologize to lean, to everyone else who was part of that tour, to everyone who has worked for me, to everyone i represent and to everyone who counts on me to be an ally and supporter and
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champion of women. he also added that he doesn't recall the skit in the same way as theetan and feels shame and disgusted over the photo. there are many calls, bipartisan calls for investigation, senator chuck schumer one of them, quote, sexual harassment is never acceptable, it must not be tolerated, i hope and expect that the ethics committee will fully investigate the troubling incident as they should with any credible allegation. president trump weighing on twitter, the al franken picture is really bad. where do hands go in picture, two, three, four and five while she sleeps. let me just say that theetan has accepted the senator's apology but may not be enough as calls and whispers of him having to resign are going to play today. guys. steve: griff jenkins, thank you very much. let's talk about another u.s. senator, the senator of my state
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of new jersey, bob menendez, a mistrial was declared. the jury was deadlock, 10 out of 12 of the jury -- jurors thought he was innocent. ainsley: he had an emotional press conference there, basically is set out for vengeance. i know who you are and i won't forget you. pete: that's true, we will see where this goes. our own judge andrew napolitano was on the program earlier giving analysis saying, bob menendez he may have escaped one thing but not necessarily out of the woods completely. listen to what the judge had to say. >> he faces a lot that's coming, a decision by former colleague jeff sessions, attorney general, it would actually go to that level as to whether they want to retry a sitting senator. they spent several million dollars in the prosecution, they defended their case three times in the federal court of appeals,
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second problem that senator menendez faces is a likely primary chauj in the new jersey senatorial race. the most troubling for him is the senate ethics investigation because the ethics committee can look at allegations against senator menendez which the judge will not let the jury hear. steve: what will the department of justice do? will they we try it? that ship we are uncertain how it's going to sail. actually we've got somebody from the department of justice at 6:30. ainsley: you have to look at 10 out of 12 said he was innocent. 10 out of 12 jurors. pete: there have been 613 allegations made against senators, 75 preliminary investigations, zero sanctions. ainsley: zero, nada. pete: we will see if ethics committee lives up to its name.
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steve: jillian joins us, let's go down to alabama. jillian: let's do that. it's friday. good morning. the alabama gop is standing behind senate candidate as more accusers come forward. four additional women bringing sexual allegations against moore bringing total number to eight. alabamans will be the ultimate jury in this election. fox news poll trailing doug jones by 8 points. special election is december 12th. now to fox news alert. a manhunt intensifying for the cold-blooded murderer who shot a baltimore detective in the head. 18-year veteran of the force, investigating a hock side when the suspect opened fire. officials now offering nearly $170,000 for information. >> we will find the person responsible for this ridiculous, absurd, unnecessary loss of life.
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jillian: navy veteran was known for contagious smile, he leaves behind a wife and five kids. a quick look at headlines, i will see you in a little bit. steve: not only is it friday but friday after thanksgiving. next week a short week. ainsley: i thought about that walking through the halls. pete: my favorite holiday. steve: more a little later. straight ahead. pete: the trump administration taking another step to fill its promise to help nation heros, va secretary hosted a round table at the white house that i was a part of but is the department doing enough to help? we will talk to the secretary next. ainsley: plus pentagon retweeting a call for president trump to resign? steve: what? ainsley: how did that happen? steve: darn twitter.
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pete: veterans affairs secretary hosting round table discussion outlining the administration's priorities when it comes to helping our heros. comes at a crucial time for va reform. i had an opportunity to be part of the round table and the
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secretary to have va david agree today join thus morning to talk about it as well. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us this morning. yesterday at the round table part of what you updated on was the department's efforts to bring more transparency. 163 removals, firings from the va, give us a qiek update as it pertains to transparency and accountability at the va. >> good morning, pete and thank you, i think it's essential that we begin to rebuild the trust with our veterans and the way to do that is to share what's going on in the va and be honest and open about the problems that we have as well as the progress that we are making so we are publishing all of our wait times, the only health america that's doing that currently. publishing what other veterans are saying about their care in the va and publishing all of our
3:19 am
quality data. we are going to double down on the strategy to be the most transparent department in the united states. pete: mr. secretary, yesterday at the round table the biggest issue by far was choice, president trump made it campaign promise that any veteran will be able to choose to go to private provider or va, there's rumors and concerns that maybe it's being deluded in the house bill or the senate bill being presented. give our viewers assures or sense of the fact that real choice will be given to veterans? >> pete, i think you're right. this is our most critical issue right now. our chance to transform the va and modernize it and give veterans the type of care that they need and that is the president's commitment to make sure that our veterans are getting the very best care whether it is in the va system that's taking care of millions and millions of veterans each year and doing a great job and in many cases but in the cases
3:20 am
where we are falling short, we absolutely want to make sure that veterans get the best care in the private sector and it's really building a system that integrate it is best of the private sector with the best of the va that our veterans deserve. pete: we don't have enough time, unfortunately, again, are you committed to ensuring that you remove any and all gatekeeper so it isn't the va telling you can choose and it's the veteran making the choice themselves? >> this is the path that we are on, pete, we are working with congress to make sure we can give veterans the best choice as possible to meet needs. this is a system that has had decades of problems and we are not going to get everything at at once but pushing for what we can to transform the system and send it on a path. pete: the swamp is fighting back. even the va has its own swamp. we will keep everyone posted on it. i appreciate it, secretary. >> thank you, pete. pete: obama administration
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ainsley: quick headlines for you, a brand-new warnings to americans that are traveling to europe for the holidays, terrorists could be plotting attacks at festivals and events. 12 died at christmas market in berlin last year when isis terrorist rammed a car into a crowd. north korea could be beefing up military with ballistic submarine. new satellite images show sections of pressure hole and large canister indicating aggressive ship-building operation. days ago president trump warned kim jong un's arsenal is putting north korea in grave danger not making it safer.
3:25 am
steve. steve: thanks ainsley, the union that represents ice officers, ice council that endorsed president trump in the election. now the team is upset that the trump administration has been so slow to reverse policies of obama years. a post on website saying, quote, while officers view the president's position on enforcement as courageous, the trump administration has left all of the obama managers and leadership in place, tensions are on the rise between trump's army of obama holdovers. here to react former ice agent and border patrol officer david joins us today as you can see from channel 35, fox 35 in orlando. david, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: a number of ice officials say they feel like the president has betrayed them because so many people are leftovers from the obama administration and nothing is changing? >> i don't think president obama
3:26 am
has betrayed anyone at this point. steve: president trump. >> sorry, president trump, but what we do have is a period of time from january until april where we had an increase of 37% in apprehensions over last year because we did have trump and kelly in charge of the department of homeland security and immigration enforcement. since mr. kelly went over to the white house and now that we have an open border's department of homeland security secretary, we are back at square one as we did in the past eight years. steve: are you referring to kristin nilsson at the department of homeland security. i know that she did not have any much if not any immigration or border patrol experience. she also supported jeb bush and didn't support president trump and she's made comments that she's against the wall. >> well, this is going to affect their agents out in the field and if she imposes his policy that we had in the previous
3:27 am
eight years, you will see a has exodus of border patrol agents leaving the agency because they are hired to do a job that congress mandated and we have the politicians particularly these attorneys taking over the agencies and not allowing the guys to do their jobs by imposing these policies that they just created out of thin air that doesn't even exist like daca, that was just a policy that was created by obama that was not part of law. steve: david, i understand you're also concerned or leery, perhaps of the man who has been nominated by president trump as director of ice, tomas holman, what are your concerns about him? >> he worked for the obama administration as the director of enforcement and operations removal department and, of course, you know how that went with removal of aliens. this is not to say that he won't do his job, he's following orders from the obama administration and perhaps this time around -- he has come out that he's strong on enforcement.
3:28 am
i'm encouraged by his opinion on that. we are looking at a new department of homeland security secretary that's very similar to jay johnson and his opinions. steve: david, in listening to you the last couple of minutes, it sounds like you and many of the -- of your former colleagues at the department of homeland security had high hopes but now there doesn't seem to be much swamp draining because a lot of the people from the previous administration will have jobs in the new one. >> obviously the obama administration, the swamp has not been drained and a lot of folks will try and block mr. trump's immigration decisions. with the homeland security, i'm dubious on what's going to happen with the department of homeland security. steve: we are all concerned. let's see what happens. david ward, former ice agent and border patrol officer, sir,
3:29 am
thanks for joining us and thanks for your service. >> have a good day. steve: what do you think about that in emails at fox and >> this is such an abuse of power and it goes right at the rule of law. steve: having a special counsel is an abuse of power? what does the department of justice think about that we will ask, their spokesperson is next. does it get any better than this? 92-year-old vet becoming mvp at a hockey game for honoring his country. ♪ ♪ a tiny sword? bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot!
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>> this is such an abuse of power. if they send a cig flal that we are going to be like some dictatorship where political opponents are going to be unfairly fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have that we can't trust our justice department. steve: hillary clinton sitting down with mother jones, the publication which leans way to the left talking about the prospect for a special prosecutor to look into the uranium deal and many other questionable clinton foundation entities. pete: that's right. mother jones, you say the left and then there's mother jones. ainsley: right. let's bring in sarah flores, doj, department of justice, great to have you, great to have you. >> morning, guys. ainsley: your organization or
3:34 am
your department, will you appoint a special counsel in the uranium one case. >> president trump wanted a strong department of justice and restore rule of law in the department of justice and not confirming and pursuing allegations regardless of political bias or ideology or anything like that. what we have said is we are bringing in federal prosecutors to review all the investigation that is we have going on and that includes reviewing the decision of whether to have a special counsel or not. i do think it's so important for your viewers to know that the department of justice conducts thousands of, upon thousands of investigations all of the time and in the history of the department of justice we've only had two special counsels, so the department is incredibly able to conduct investigations without special counsels where there's not a conflict of interest and where there's not that factual basis where you need a special counsel. pete: what is the threshold? what criteria would you be looking for in uranium one case?
3:35 am
>> conflict of interest. no prosecutor, including the 94 u.s. attorney district that is can handle an investigation. the other one is extraordinary circumstances which is sort of, you know, standard, but again, would have to be incredibly staired where -- staired circumstances where no department could do it. steve: we are looking into it. we don't see much going on, so who is determining whether or not there would be a special counselor because as we have detailed on this program and across the channel as well, a lot of people at the department of justice were there during the hillary clinton as secretary of state years and during obama administration and some people think, they seem too conflicted to be fair and balance on this. >> president trump has put in an incredible leadership team at the department of justice. i mean, this really is about restoring the rule of law,
3:36 am
actually having separation of powers again between the legislative and executive and the judicial branches. steve: who is making the decision, who are the judges inside the doj? >> sure, let's stop at the top, attorney general jeff sessions, served in the senate for 20 years, rod rosenstein, career prosecutor who has brought very important cases during his time in maryland but don't forget you also have now chris ray. donald trump's nominee to the fbi who is now overseeing investigations and someone who has a long and distinguished career. steve: those three. ainsley: the bribery case against new jersey senator menendez ended in mistrial, what happens next? >> we will look at retrying the case. it's always disappointing when you don't win in court but bob menendez was facing several felony bribery and corruption charges and those are serious allegations. steve: but 10 out of 12 people
3:37 am
on the panel the prosecution had no smoking gun and in fact, his own defense attorney abby said in closing, gift to cultivate friends are not bribes and the jurors agree. so going forward, are the people at the department of justice going, okay, do we have any other proof or are they going to try to find a better jury for them? >> well, we will look at that. again, he wasn't acquitted, this is a hung jury and the jury did think about it for several days before they decided that they couldn't come to a conclusion. we will look at retrying him. several counts in reaching that standard to have a grand jury indict is pretty serious allegation. pete: today the department of justice is going to do something that feels in the weeds from your perspective changing a policy that was in the wrong direction, the department is going to change its practice of regulation by guidance. can you explain what that means? >> absolutely. so you're totally right. this is very in the weeds but
3:38 am
incredibly important to the day-to-day lives of so many americans out there and small business owners and for that matter, big business owners. so before this, if you remember, president obama said he was going to do it by the pen and the phone if he couldn't get congress to act on certain things, a lot of the times sending a letter from the department of justice saying, we are going change the law, this is how this is going to work from now on, signed whoever. and that's going to end today. so the attorney general jeff sessions is speaking at the federalist society convention and announce that regulation by guidance where you don't have notice where the public can't weigh and not based on legislation, the department of justice is an executive agency can't just change the law by signing a letter. pete: no more legislating from the executive branch. steve good stuff. there's been a lot of that in the past. pete: appreciate it. ainsley: let's head over the jillian who has headlines on this friday.
3:39 am
jillian: i have a concern, pete, from viewer that your tie is not red. i wanted to pass that along. important information. [laughter] ainsley: it would work on valentine's day. let's go onto headlines right now and get you caught up on what you need to know. monica lowinsky should have end ed president clinton's career word from clinton ally. >> is it your view that president clinton should have stepped down given the allegations? >> yes, that's the appropriate response but i think things have changed today and i think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction. >> democrats speaking to the new york times about the relationship between clinton and the white house intern. she introduced a new bill to combat sexual misconduct in washington. the pentagon mistakenly
3:40 am
retweeting a call to president trump to resign. the solution is simple, roy moore stepped down from the race, al franken resign and gop stop making partisan issue. it's a crime as your hypocrisy. an authorized user mistakenly retweeted the message but deleted after catching that mistake. a 92-year-old veteran brings down the house playing the national anthem on his harmonica. ♪ [cheers and applause] jillian: wow, steeling the show in tampa bay, florida, the team honoring him on military appreciation night. he served as army infantry man in both korean war and world war ii. isn't that impressive? steve: not only was he honored
3:41 am
but he had to work. ainsley: patriotism, beer and fight. pete: i was never a hockey guy and i went to a hockey game and it was amazing. steve: it's just a little cold. the whole time indoors. ainsley: drink beer to warm you up. coming up president trump's trip to asia already producing results, the move being made by china this morning that might help change the game with north korea. pete: plus, sorry, you're just too republican. the hispanic group of lawmakers rejecting a hispanic lawmaker because of politics? take a listen. ainsley: listen to that song. remember the breakfast club? ♪ ♪ we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine!
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ainsley: china is holding talks in north korea amid tension against the u.s. and rogue nation. president trump tweeting this. china is sending envoy and delegation to north korea, a big move, we will see what happens. this comes after president trump wrapped a 13-day trip to asia where he focused on the threat from north korea, listen. >> i called on every nation including china and russia to unit in isolating the north korean regime, cutting off ties of trade and commerce until it stops its dangerous provocation and this is the key to what we are doing on denuclearization. we have to dedenuclearize north korea. >> did it improve our standing in world stage? joining us kyen skinner.
3:46 am
can you answer that question, did it improve the way we looked on the world stage? >> i think more than that absolutely it did. more than that what happened is president trump reasserted american authority in the world and he actually began the process of kind of redesigning the international system around a rule-based order that includes not just the multilateralism that dominated much of the past 70 days but emphasis on the national interest of nations, bilateral agreements that are often easier to understand and to kind of track compliance, he did a number of things that i think will, in fact, ultimately make the international system work better. it's really been fraying around the edges in the past 70 as multilateralism and globalism have overtaken sovereignty and
3:47 am
he has reasserted the nation state as the core unit of analysis in the international system and that way it was a fundamental kind of moment for the united states to say, not only are our interests important, but the interests of other nations as well, and when we put our interests first, we can actually negotiate better and come to more enduring agreement. ainsley: that's what the president is saying, he was over with president xi and now china sending a senior diplomat to north korea to negotiate with them. is that because our president talk today china and said, you need to do this and get more involved? >> the chinese are claiming that they were going to send an envoy in any case. i think president trump set background conditions not just at the asia summit but in 2017. if you think at all of his trips, speech at united nations, speech in poland, he's setting
3:48 am
conditions where the chinese have no where to turn but to face the fact that the instability in northeast asia is within north korea itself and that they have to take action, that they are, in fact, the pathway to a much more stable korean and denuclearized peninsula. >> he said on his trip that china was negotiating in their best interest and he said no longer is america going to be taken advantage of. what do we need to do when we negotiate to china to improve the relationship or make it better for the united states? >> the major part of the trip was to address trade and he wants to see more balance in trade. the united states has around $800 billion in trade deficits and he wants to reduce trade deficits with all of the asian economies that he met with while on his trip and also to have greater market access and those are things that he's working on but think about it, on the
3:49 am
sidelines of the meeting specially with the chinese, $250 billion worth of trade and investment deals were being worked on, agreed upon, emou's being signed by major american companies, boeing, general electric, i think he's reinvigorating by saying we are going to have balance trade and we are not going to be taken advantage of and many american jobs were both protected and will be created as a result of those agreements that were happening in the context of his asia trip. ainsley: thank you so much for being was. you look at 401(k)'s, the market is up and after that trip and after tax reform passed in the house yesterday, so it is good news for pocketbooks. >> absolutely. ainsley: going into holidays specially. thank you very much for being with us. tax talk in capitol hill turning into debate between congressman
3:50 am
steve scalise and rosie o'donnell. mega morning deals just for you for "fox & friends" viewer, how about a drone at 80% off? steve, thumbs up or thumbs down? thumbs up. ♪ when i walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how. dear dauwith our used to mother-daughter matches. but i've been taking osteo bi-flex ease. it's 80% smaller but just as effective. which means, i'll run you off the court. hugs and kisses, mom. osteo bi-flex ease. made to move.
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3:57 am
money, let's talk taxes. turning into debate with steve scalise and rosie o'donnell. the house majority whip here to respond in the next hour. ..
3:58 am
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4:03 am
>> getting this past is a difficult thing to do this quickly. it was important and got it done. >> first time in 31 years they cut taxes, the lowest corporate rate since 1939. the president has been up with his smart phone. and if democrats understood lower taxes we could get many of their ideas into a bill. keep in mind, what democrats are trying to say that, the republicans say, it will boost jobs and boost wages and companies trying to leave the united states for lower taxes have to leave the united states, they can stand get americans employed.
4:04 am
>> some republicans, 5 in new york, four in new jersey, three in california and one in north carolina say they are not for it because it won't lower their taxes because they are such highly taxed state so states have to make taxes lower. >> why should somebody from minnesota or montana be penalized in new york state they pay too much on taxes. >> it is albany's problem. >> or trenton. taxes won't be lowered, the president ran saying they would be lower and that bothers me. that is what he ran on. whether it is possible i'm not sure, the benefit of the tax plan, corporate tax rate would be lower, more jobs, more money in our boss's pockets and they will get more raises and more money in our targets. >> the point republicans make is when you simplify the code those deductions the wealthy benefit
4:05 am
from go away. your lawyers and lobbyists don't help you because you pay rates like everyone else which led to a mini explosion in the senate committee. >> lauren hatch had it up to here listening to democrat sherrod brown, this tax-cut is a giveaway to the rich. he didn't like that. listen to this. >> i resent anybody saying i am doing this for the rich. you guys overplay that and it gets old. >> i am not through. it is a nice political play. >> i get sick and tired of the richest -- >> regular order. regular order.
4:06 am
>> we do -- >> what you said was not right. i come from the lower middle class, we didn't have anything so don't spew that stuff on me. >> there was a nonpartisan group who said based on the data they got, every income group in every jurisdiction across the country would see a tax cut. it will impact everything. >> it does get old, how many times you have your democrats a it is russia or give it to the rich, three talking points repeated over and over again. maybe republicans believe giving people their tax dollars is a better way to let free people live their lives. it is always you want to help the rich. or and hatch rarely gets fired up. >> that mentality of they have more and i want what they have and why do they have more and i don't, you will never succeed if you have that attitude in life.
4:07 am
>> makers and takers. >> another sexual assault scandal rocking capitol hill. >> calls for an ethics probe as senator our franken has been accused of sexual misconduct. griff jenkins live in washington dc with details. >> reporter: they may not agree on taxes but they agree on one thing, sexual assault on one of their own is unacceptable. bipartisan calls for an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against al franken, the shocking photo of him fondling her breasts while she slept, she spoke about her decision to come forward and this photo. >> he thought he could get away with that it was okay and it was
4:08 am
funny. nothing like that is ever funny. is it funny if he does that your sister or your daughter or your wife? >> this before he was elected to the senate and he has issued an apology putting a statement saying the first thing i want to do is apologize to leanne and everyone else who has worked for me, everyone who count on me to be an ally and supporter in champion of women. he had a doesn't recall this the same way but now says he feels shame over the photo. chuck schumer, one of many calls for an investigation writing, quote, sexual-harassment is never acceptable, must not be tolerated. i hope and expect the x committee will fully investigate this chilling incident as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment. donald trump weighing in on twitter writing, quote, the our franken signed picture is really bad, where do his hand going
4:09 am
pictures 2345 and 6 while she sleeps? she accepts the senator's apologies but appears an ethics investigation is imminent and reports and whispers that franken could be forced to resign. we will see, much more to this story. >> appreciate it. let's talk about another member of congress. he is a republican. carlos cabrera from down in florida, he would like to join the congressional hispanic caucus, they had a vote. here is the thing, the caucus is made of 30 democrats who took a vote and decided you are not welcome. >> the chairman said members are concerned about his views on immigration and supported repealing and replacing
4:10 am
obamacare. >> this is how the left works in every way. you are feminist until a female who is conservative and in your values are wrong. you disagree with our politics, either your the hispanic caucus or you are not. >> here is what he said after not been allowed in the organization, quote, it is shameful the congressional hispanic caucus decided to build a wall around the organization to exclude hispanic americans not registered in the democratic party. harmful message of discrimination, bigotry. >> almost like bullying, being in fifth grade as a kid wants to join the circle in a won't let him. >> you live in a world the hispanic caucus won't expect hispanics. >> congressional hispanic caucus. what is the big deal?
4:11 am
>> should they vote on that again? it is 7:11 in new york city, jillian has headlines. jillian: headlines of the day. alabama gop standing behind roy more as more accusers come forward, four additional women remain sexual assault allegations against him bringing the total number eight. alabama gop chairwoman says they will be the ultimate jury in this election. a brand-new fox news poll shows him trailing democrat doug jones by eight points. special election is december 12th. a massive fire tearing through a senior living community in westchester, some of them in wheelchairs or oxygen tanks, people wrapped up in blankets in 40 ° temperatures waiting to go to hospitals in shelters, firefighters work through the night to control the flames, the building still smoldering, 20 people are hurt because of the
4:12 am
fire. 7 years in the making, the museum of the bible opens today, the president of hobby lobby built a $500 million museum that uses technology to bring the bible to life featuring dead sea scrolls and a personal bible, the museum's president says it is not promote any faith or denomination, they just want people interested in the holy book, admission is free. >> hillary clinton firing back at calls for special counsel to look into that shady uranium deal. >> this is such an abuse of power and it goes right at the rule of law. >> such an abuse of power, john solomon breaking details on the story from the beginning and has new information we will share with you this morning. >> a performer for the victoria
4:13 am
avenue secret fashion show got banned from china. >> because of the dress she wore. >> you should do a story on that piece. ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> this is such an abuse of power and it goes right at the rule of law. if they send a signal we are going to be some dictatorship, authoritarian regime where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated that reps at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust our justice system. >> hillary clinton claiming a special counsel investigation would be an abuse of power but don't the american people deserve simple answers? here is john solomon, reporter for the hill. we heard talks of a special counsel that they are considering it and it has to meet a certain threshold, what is the latest?
4:18 am
>> the justice department has been investigating issues raised by congress and trying to determine if there is a need for special counsel if any crimes have been committed or conflict of interest that would warrant a special prosecutor and that process is playing out the way the rules require and we will get an answer in the next few months. >> when did they start looking at these shady deals? they have been out there in the news for a while. >> there has been new information people didn't know until the hill reported an undercover reporter had found criminal activity going on before uranium one was approved, new facts are in evidence, congress raised issues that were not known. this past summer these reviews began.
4:19 am
>> one thing you broke yesterday, a confidential informant, there's videotape and you can see brides being done, suitcases full of money exchanging hands. >> a suitcase full of money, $50,000 in a suitcase and another videotape, stuffing it in envelopes to get to russian dignitaries, the sort of bribery case and image that will get people to understand why there is concern about what the russians were doing in 2009. >> when you get a video like that it could be game changing. a game changer from hillary clinton, emails in the election and whether they impacted people's perception of her. we are learning email investigation received inside the fbi a special status, we don't quite know what that means but we have a quote from the fbi director and this is what he had to say, the decision was made to
4:20 am
investigate the hillary clinton email scandal with a small team, washington office provided personnel for the effort but referred to as special and i was not given any details about it but this is the deputy director of the fbi, what do you know about special status? >> the normal process, where a crime is committed in new york, washington, the field office of the fbi, normally a lead investigative agency was plucked out of new york where the email server was and taken inside headquarters controlled by a small group and you go to kalamazoo, michigan, powerful people get special treatment, this is the story of the email that reinforces that belief. >> if she had any friends in the department, a special tribute. we don't know.
4:21 am
we need more facts. this is usually what happens when conservatives try to speak at berkeley but what happens when our next guest showed up? how it went, live. [ keyboard clacking ] [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ clacking continues ]
4:22 am
good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours.
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4:24 am
♪ what you made me do ♪ >> quick musical headlines, taylor swift selling more albums than anyone else this year. according to bill born magazine, more than 1 million copies of reputation.
4:25 am
and things not looking so great for swift's rival, katy perry. ♪ ♪ you are in and you are out ♪ >> page 6 reporting the star is out of the victoria's secret fashion show, china banned her after wearing a sunflower dress in taiwan which shows support for anti-china protesters. and now you know. all the evil stuff. >> typically we share stories of protest at berkeley when a conservative is scheduled to speak. >> a fox news contributor broke through the craziness when she gave a speech on that campus. live and escape from berkeley. >> i have a 3-year-old that can do that all thing but what happens when you are 3?
4:26 am
>> do the girls like that sound? >> telus who invited you to berkeley? >> i was sponsored by a conservative business organization and every year, doctor alan ross invites a conservative speaker to address, a huge lecture hall with 300 people and it was amazing, really great experience. >> you had to be terrified, conservative speakers going to california campuses, ben schapiro comes $600,000 on security for him, fires and riots. >> mostly just -- hidden security, i did a lot of q and day after the lecture, stayed as long as the students wanted and security guards were with me and
4:27 am
there was one moment they got nervous, one aggressive person but for the most part all the students were so grateful to have a conservative speaker and they said i don't agree with you and was interested in what you said but thanks for coming and a few quiet conservatives said thank you for coming to berkeley. >> thanks for having a conservative once a year. i wish it were more. >> it was great they brought me in and i was an exotic zoo animal and the point is we need to have our faculties have diversity of ideas, some of these departments -- you see what happens with the hispanic caucus, it is crazy, the same thing we are talking about it berkeley.
4:28 am
the idea you don't want diversity of ideas. it is groupthink but in the case of the caucus it is more sinister. >> hispanic caucus -- >> it is not about being hispanic, not about our culture, it is saying you don't have bright ideas, you are not really hispanic, as a hispanic woman that is what -- you don't have the right ideas that is what they do. >> what are you doing this weekend? >> cohosting with you, super excited. abby is on maternity leave. >> going to be fantastic. you have to carry me through four hours. >> got to put it on tv. we will be watching.
4:29 am
>> it is not national geographic. >> we will be watching. how did the tax reform debate turn into a twitter spat between steve scalise and rosie o'donnell? he takes us inside that next. >> welcome to the future, this robot doing back flips, could it be going to the olympics? ♪ my head download ♪ i am going to show them ♪ whoooo.
4:30 am
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ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. >> the bill is passed without objection to reconsider, lay it upon the table. steve: and with that, the tax reform bill moves out of the house. a vote of 227-205.
4:33 am
joining us right now is congressman from louisiana. the house majority steve scalise joins us from statue aware hall. good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. great to be with you all. steve: it's great to have you. your job is the whip is to whip people for it. >> i knew we were going to be above 220 votes, 218 is what passes the bill. we worked hard with the rest of our leadership team to make sure that we answered questions members had during the week but ultimately come up with a very strong vote to send this to the senate. president trump was there to help us. and a really big win for republicans yesterday. ainsley: what do you say to those republicans that did not vote for it? those five that represent new york, four that represent new jersey, one california, and three north carolina. we have a lot of viewers in
4:34 am
those states, including us. we don't want our taxes to go up. is that going to happen. >> no. in fact, we worked really hard to address what you're referring to as the salt issue to push even more tax cuts down the middle class families, even the higher income families where it may be higher 250,000 middle class. if you live in new york, you may be a teacher married to a firefighter making that and in our bill, they do. you'll see tax cuts at every income level, and that's why you saw a number of new yorkers vote for the bill. and, listen, this bill will come back from the senate with even more improvements, and maybe they could have a chance to vote for it then. >> congressman, you led me to my next question, this bill goes to the conference committee, are there certain items that are deal breakers for you that you believe if it doesn't stay or it goes, you might lose your caucus on a second vote. >> well, there are a few, and i just mentioned you have to
4:35 am
make sure for those salt states, california, new jersey, illinois, minnesota, let those stay in the bill. a lot of illinois did, most of california, some of new jersey. so the bottom line it was the right policy. we want to make sure that policy stays in the final product. to remove the death tax. most people know if you grow a small business, it has already been taxed multiple times. you shouldn't threaten to take the business away because the other than dies. they ought to pass it on to their family. the tax cuts we make on the corporate side that actually make our country competitive again, look, we have the highest tax rate in the industrial world, and we're watching tens of millions of jobs shipped overseas. those are good jobs, and we want to bring those jobs back so that we can rebuild the middle class. steve: well, something the senate has done, and they passed it along last night, 14-12 a party-line vote is they're getting rid of a individual mandate where you
4:36 am
have to have coverage under obamacare or you would wind up paying a fine. that was in the senate version. how would that be received in the house. >> that would be well received. and, look, we passed repeal of the individual mandate in many different ways with full repeal. other bills we've had in the house. so we've proven we can get the votes. they've troubled in the past getting votes on that. i hope the senate is able to get that included in the final product when they pass their bill. it takes 50 votes over there, and i think they'll get it. and if they do, that would be a real good item for discussion here in the final conference report. and, look, that gives families freedom to pick whatever health care plan they want, including plans that cost less money than these expensive obamacare plans. it would be a good provision to move in. steve: before we move on to the next topic, i know the president of the united states came up to the capitol hill yesterday. you closed the doors, and he had a pep talk, what did he tell you. >> earlier is so passionate about getting this tax bill through. from the very beginning of this presidency, he said he wanted to provide tax relief
4:37 am
for middle class families and create jobs. he's done that, and decided how we're going to work so closely. president trump invited us down to the white house to be with us, and he said he supports this 100% and his help has been incredibly important for us getting the bill through the house. so he's all in getting the economy moving again. this bill does that, so it was great to see him in the house. ainsley: rosie o'donnell attacked you on twitter. she wrote some interesting things about you. she said your life was saved and called you the a word. do something with it. find your morality, your decency, stop lying about tax cuts for the rich, and dedicate your life to truth. and i don't want to read that because it's a cuss word and kids are reading but if you're a parent at home, you read that. you opened the show with how are y'all doing, and you said bless your hearts. i'm from the south. i love that. it was a great way to kill her
4:38 am
with diedness and basically say bless you, rosy. what is your response now? and did you think that was a little overboard? i mean, after everything you've been through being shot and working for our great country, did you think that was a little harsh? >> well, i guess that's par for the course for her. but at the end of the day, look, if you've got to use curse words and name-calling, you've already lost the argument. it would be better for her to actually go online and read the bill. because if you read this bill, it's great for middle income families. it cuts taxes for middle class families. i would imagine she has never read the bill, so this is all she has to go with. that's how life is there. >> well, that's how life is, but that's how the left is. why are they always saying you have evil motives as opposed to we just see the world a little differently. >> yeah. you know, they started off this is tax cuts for the rich, and they got four pinocchios from the washington post of all places,
4:39 am
so they have to call people names. they know this is good for middle class families doubling the deduction so the first $24,000 you make is tax-free is a real big win for middle class families, and we have a lot of other good provisions in there for families for people that work two or three jobs so that they can actually get to be part of the american dream and middle class and bringing those jobs back to america is going to be a real important to see. and, look, i love ireland, i love canada. i'm just tired of seeing tens of thousands of our best jobs go to those countries. let's bring them back. steve: well, you passed it in the house and now the senate is working on things. steve scalise, thank you very much. ainsley: real quickly. yes or no are we going to see this thing before christmas? >> this will get on president trump's desk. he'll sign it, and you will see economic growth and job creation in this country like we've never seen in decades. it's going to be great for america. this is how you make america great again. >> there you have it. thank you, sir. appreciate it. ainsley: thank you.
4:40 am
>> heard that too. you know how to make headlines great always? ainsley: it depends on the day, i guess. it is friday, so let's hold onto that; right? >> isis is on the brink of extinction, a terror group pushed out of the last iraqi town under their control, liberating the town. means all towns and cities are rid of isis control. however, the group still controls some territories around the country. a bribery case against senator bob menendez days after. public affairs for the department of justice joined us earlier explaining what's next. >> we're going to look at retrying that case, you know? it's always disappointing when you don't win in court, but bob menendez was facing several felony bribery and corruption charges, and those are serious allegations. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is calling for the senate committee to investigate.
4:41 am
menendez is accused of taking free gifts from a if florida doctor in exchange for political favors. he's up for reelection next year. well, this looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's actually happening right here in the usa. can you imagine seeing that thing down the street? this is atlas. he's 6'9". he's a tall robot and can do perfect backflips, as you can see. a robotics company in boston posting this awesome video online. how cool is that? >> it doesn't virginia head. >> better backflips than most humans. >> i mean, they might take over the world. >> it's scary. i don't like it. ainsley: really? >> yeah. ainsley: i've seen too many movies. >> can you imagine seeing something like that on the street. steve: we had it in front of the building. >> no, i don't mean planned. just. >> shows up. steve: we don't have to worry about that today.
4:42 am
ainsley: from ghostbusters to apocalyptic moves. steve: well, i tell you what. let's go out to the streets of new york city to janice dean, do you see any renegade robots out there? >> no. and i only do backflips for treats. do you have any treats? ainsley: i'm sure we can find some. >> let's take a look at the maps. a lot of people are traveling this weekend, including my mom. she has to get here to new york city because the only one that cooks in my household for thanksgiving. 40 in new york, so it has gotten cool across the great lakes in the northeast. our next storm system arrives across the midwest over the next 12 to 24 hours, and this is the one that's going to affect travel not only today but saturday and sunday. so if you are traveling, especially across the eastern third of the country this weekend, hi, mom. you want to make sure, you know, you're watching your local forecast or calling me or tweeting me, or i will give you all of your local forecast if you want. brian: and we already put out your cell phone number so that people can call you. >> absolutely. ainsley: thank you, janice.
4:43 am
steve: 1800, weather machine. thank you, jd. ainsley: too many numbers. a fox news alert. a massive manhunt right now for a cold-blooded cop killer. we are live in baltimore as the search intensifies. the guy had five children. steve: plus, coming up, geraldo herrera on the friday telecast. you're watching live from new york city fox and friends when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
4:44 am
did yon the national debt?ssman get elected by talking tough will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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4:46 am
>> welcome back to fox and friends on this friday. police offering a $100,000 award for information on the arrest of a killer.
4:47 am
in the state called florida. the murder happening blocks within each other, the murders captured on surveillance video twice. one of them is a tall thin man in a hooted sweatshirt. plus the story the trump administration is cleaning up america's streets. the six-week crack down by homeland security nabbing more than 16 suspected ms13 members called operation raging bull of 16 expected gang members of el salvador and 15 in the u.s. more than 100 of them face arrest of forgery and murder. for it. steve: this is a fox news alert, a manhunt is intensifying as the search for a cold-blooded cop killer enters his second day. >> joins us live from baltimore with the latest on the investigation. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning to you. it has been a tough past 48 hours. four baltimore police officers, we are now standing just way block away away from
4:48 am
where detective sean was gunned down. one of their own. we spoke to one detective who said he's been here since 10:00 last night and not going to get on of until 1:00. another wiping off tears as they approach. but they said they are not going to rest until they find this cop killer, the man who gunned down one of their own. and the reward is rising right now. governor hogan added $100,000 to the reward, and that brings the number to $169,000 for anyone. detective was following up on a case here in west baltimore when a man pulled out a gun and shot the 18-year veteran in the head in an ally. police commissioner kevin davis has said it has been an emotional past day and a half for police officers, but he is 100% confident that his officers will catch the killer. >> we will find the person
4:49 am
responsible for this ridiculous, absurd, unnecessary loss of life. the shooter knows what he did, and he know who he did it to. >> so far, we're just getting a vague description of the gunman. we're hearing he's a black man was wearing a black jacket and that he may be injured. now, officer, detective leaves behind a wife and five loving children. here in west baltimore, i'm stephanie woods, back to you. steve: a terrible story. all right. thank you. all right. straight ahead on this friday program, senator bob menendez of new jersey vows to get revenge after his mistrial yesterday. >> to those who were digging my political grave so that they could jump into my seat, i know who you are, and i won't forget you. steve: geraldo herrera weighs in on that story top of the hour. >> and just in time for christmas shopping. we're already shopping for christmas. megamorning deals just for you. we have cashmere scarves for 35 bucks.
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>> 227-205, the bill is passed. >> a really big historic win for middle class families yesterday. this is how you make america great again. ainsley: rosy on he donald attacked you and said your life was saved and called you the a word. >> if you have to use curse words and name-calling, you've already lost the argument. >> when republicans are in power, the first thing they want to do is give tax to the rich. what you said is not right. i came from the lower middle class. this bull crap really gets old after a while. steve: hillary clinton claiming a special counsel investigation in the uranium one deal would be an abuse of power. >> we're going to get an answer some time in the next few months. there's new factor in evidence now. people are looking at it. congress has issues that were previously not known. ainsley: al franken is accused of sexual misconduct. >> that is never funny. is it funny if it happens to your daughter or your wife? >> the bible is open today in
5:01 am
washington, d.c. the $500 million museum uses technology to bring the bible to life. ♪ ♪ steve: yeah, good morning, everybody. welcome to fox and friends from the mezzanine level here. ainsley: glad to have you here. >> you were just dancing. ainsley: i love that song. it puts me in a good mood. >> i think you put america in a good mood. ainsley: i'm so glad. and today is friday, so you get to sleep in tomorrow. steve: so good morning. >> unless you work on a weekend. ainsley: when you wake up, turn on the channel, and you'll see pete.
5:02 am
steve: meanwhile, we have news to start. pete: capitol hill this time against a democrat. ainsley: bipartisan calls for an epix probe now growing as senator al franken is accused of sexual misconduct. steve: there's a lot about this this friday morning and griff jenkins fills us in from dc with details. >> good morning, guys. all of the senate agrees on one thing, and that is sexual assault will not be tolerated by a member of their own. those calls into sexual misconduct allegations. los angeles radio personality speaking out publicly claiming franken forcibly kissed and groped her while on a tour in 2006 while rehearsing a skit for the troops and on the flight home, this photo fondling her breasts while she was asleep. >> to get away with it that it was okay and that it was
5:03 am
funny. nothing like that is ever funny. i mean, is it funny if he does that to your sister or your daughter or your wife. >> this happened before was issued, and putting out an apology saying quote the first thing i want to do is apologize to lee anne and everybody else who was part of that tour, everyone who worked on me, everyone i repent, and everybody who has counted on me to be a champion of women. he doesn't recall the skit the same way but is ashamed over the photo. and senator chuck schumer is one of the many bipartisan calls for an investigation. schumer writing sexual harassment is never acceptable. it must not be tolerated. i hope and expect that the committee will investigate this troubling incident as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment. president trump also weighed in on twitter saying quote the al franken picture is really bad. speaks 1,000 words. where do his hands go in pictures two, three, four,
5:04 am
five, and six while she sleeps? accepts the senator's apology but it appears, guys, that an ethicals committee investigation is eminent, and you're going to hear a lot more about this story. steve: all right. griff, we thank you very much. let's go out to cleveland and joining us is geraldo herrera because he joins us every friday. he's our correspondent at large. what do you think of these allegations regarding al franken? >> well, they're not very surprising. i think that, you know, men will be men. you've got a terrible epidemic of sexual harassment that's now sweeping from the media to the entertainment world now politics, academia. before it's over, there's going to be a lot of piggy behavior that gets fried. and now franken is the latest example. in his case, there's also hypocrisy involved. he's a champion of women's rights had been w be he's giving a lot of money out to various female democratic
5:05 am
senators. many of whom are returning the money. i think that, to me, the big challenge is going to be see if roy moore, judge roy moore in alabama. now you have franken from the other side of the aisle. we have to respond whether the alleged perpetrator is red or blue, right or left, democrat or republican. we've got to have the same outrage when we hear these allegations, and we have to respond similarly. i think that franken will probably be able to truffle out and stay in the senate, but he was my favorite candidate or the one i thought most likely to mount a big risk campaign against donald trump in 2020. now franken bites the dust as a national candidate, although i think that he will maintain his seat in the senate after the epix committee gets through knocking him around. brian: speaking of senate epix, on the other side of the aisle, senator bob menendez his corruption trial ending in a mistrial, yet he stands --
5:06 am
so you don't know exactly what the fortune will be eventually. but he's standing the filing. this is what the senator had to say yesterday. >> the way this case started was wrong. the way it was investigated was wrong. the way it was prosecuted was wrong. and the way it was tried was wrong as well. to those who were digging my political grave so that they could jump into my seat, i know who you are, and i won't forget you. pete: he's already making threats, geraldo. >> that was definitely a threat. you know, he's standing near abby lull. a great washington attorney who had a brilliant defense. he said, listen, menendez sent it to menendez and this guy, the doctor were friends. that's why. because they're friends.
5:07 am
friends do favors for people like fly them on private jets and take them to the dominican republic and hire women to do this and that, but we're just friends. and on the other side of the aisle, pete mentioned the other side, when you have bob macdonald, the virginia governor getting acquitted by the supreme court of the united states and said, listen, if you have a bribery case, menendez case was essentially a bribery case, you have to prove that menendez did something for something. it has to be a quid pro quo. it can't just be that one guy is showering favors on the other. so in this case, they didn't make that link. they didn't make the absolute link that what menendez did for his pal in terms of some medicaid relief and a port security project that the doctor was bidding on was because he was a pal and a constituent and, listen, there's no quid pro quo there for menendez not guilty. think case goes nowhere.
5:08 am
i think that he will get beaten up by the senate ethics committee. but the jurors after they were polled following the verdict with the nonverdict, the hung jury were 10-2 in favor of his acquittal. so i think menendez survives from the democrats' point of view they breathe a sigh of relief because chris christie, the outgoing governor of new jersey doesn't get replacement of menendez. so they both soldier on, i'm not sure who menendez is now going to beat up with that threat he made. but they soldier on, but my point is this epidemic of sexual harassment, this plague has a long way to go before it burns out. there's going to be a lot of famous men embarrassed, humiliated, maybe their careers broken, franken in this case no longer a presidential candidate. this thing is really going to be huge. ainsley: geraldo, what do you think about this miami congressman, his name is
5:09 am
carlos. he wants to join the caucus. he's a congressman, he's hispanic, you're from puerto rico. they're saying basically your message is if you're a republican, need not apply. they have 30 members in the chc, and they're saying you're not allowed to be part of this because we're all democrats, and you would be the only republican. >> i think, to me, ainsley, that's pretty sleazy. it's pretty, you know, what's the whole point? if the hispanic caucus exists to -- because we allegedly bring special expertise to the issues that are affecting and afflicting spanish people, it would seem to me that we want to reach out. i'm a republican. does that mean i wouldn't be invited to observe the congressional democratic hispanic caucus? i think it's absurd. it's partisanned in a way that diminishes us. steve: they took a vote and said he's not going to be in.
5:10 am
ainsley: do you think they'll change their mind? >> very bush league, really. brian: well, it's -- yeah, we can leave it right there. bush legal leaking is a great way to end it. ainsley: thank you, geraldo. happy thanksgiving. i don't know if we'll see him again. steve: next friday we're not working. pete will be on here. pete: i'll be here. lots of great food on thanksgiving. ainsley: that's true. fox serves good food. >> good morning, guys. breaking news out of pennsylvania. overnight a massive fire tearing through a senior living community. hundreds of people rushed outside into the cold, some of them in wheelchairs or with oxygen tanks. those people wrapped up in blankets in 40-degree temperatures waiting to go to hospitals and shelters. firefighters working through the night to try and control the flames. this is outside of philadelphia. at least 20 people are hurt. the cause of the fire is unknown. a brand-new warning to americans traveling to europe for the holidays. the state department says terrorists could be plotting attacks at festivals and events. 12 people died at a christmas
5:11 am
market in berlin last year when an isis terrorist rammed the car into a crowd. and nearly 40 people were killed when a gunman attacked a new year's celebration in istanbul. in just hours, president trump will host the ncaa team to the white house. but already welcomed the clemson tigers back in june. it's unclear who will attend but we know who teams won't be there, the north carolina tar heels said they had scheduling issues and south carolina women's basketball team is busy preparing for their season. a look at your headlines. ainsley: the south carolina women aren't going? >> sorry to upset, ainsley. ainsley: scheduling conflict. >> there's no such thing as a scheduling conflict for the white house. >> change your schedule. steve: all right. coming up. pete: the stock market surgeries right in favor of tax cuts. ainsley: stuart varney says the vote is giving real momentum to make america great again. he breaks it all down for us. steve: he will.
5:12 am
he's right here. and a smooth criminal, texas police trying to bust a guy, but he busted a move instead. ainsley: look at that. steve: wait until you see what happens next
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
ainsley: yesterday passage of the house gop tax cuts already making ripples on wall street. stocks surging after the vote. pete: the president weighing in tweeting this. great numbers on stocks and the economy. if we get tax cuts and reform, we'll really see some great results. steve: what does that all mean? the host of "varney & company" on fox business, stuart varney joins us live. stuart smiling. this is a good day for you. stuart: well, i think so because we now have momentum. the wind in the sales of tax cuts. you got past two hurdles. the house says "yes." the senate finance committee says "yes." now it's onto the senate. and here's the question. will the senate, will the republican senate at the very last minute say "no" to tax cuts? will they cut their own throats for the election next
5:17 am
year? i can't imagine them doing that. maybe i'm naïve, but i can't imagine it. steve: stuart, nobody thought they were going to vote when it came to health care that there would be republicans, but there were a bunch of them. stuart: who's going to be the republican senator who says "no"? who's going to be that one republican senator who says it's all over, we're going to lose the election next year. there's no more trump growth agenda. you're not going to get a tax cut. business won't get a tax cut. the middle class will not get a tax cut because i'm the republican senator saying "no." i can't imagine being that person. i can't imagine the republican party doing that. so i am not exactly confident. but investors are confident that, yes, we get it through. it goes over the finish line. we get the cuts. ainsley: from finance perspective, i've heard that people who -- there are some house members that voted "no" because they live in new jersey, they live in new york, they live in california, and one lives in north carolina. they voted "no" because taxes are going to go up in all of those states.
5:18 am
but then i heard some people in this state, new york, argue that corporate tax rate is going to go down so much, there will be more money in your boss' pocketbook, so they'll be able to give you more raises, it's going to help your 401(k). there are a lot of people upset because they don't want their taxes to go up. >> the very high income people in high tax states know it does not balance out. high income people in high tax states notably new york, new jersey, maybe massachusetts, illinois, and california. they will pay more. now, i'm talking about way up there. really high income stuff. million-dollar, 2 million-dollar, 3 million a year. high income stuff, they will pay more because they can no longer deduct their state and local taxes. very small group. they get no whatsoever. that's the upper, upper, upper 1%. ainsley: they can afford it, did you say? can they? that was a question. steve: they're going to give a tax cut to the rich people, then that would make an argument for the democrats.
5:19 am
stuart: that's the argument in which they are using right now. it's not correct, in my opinion. or virtually everybody does get a tax cut, except that thin sliver of upper income people in high-tax states. pete: stuart, i know you're exciting when it starts with a stuart varney shim. which is i think what it's called. how optimistic are you as someone who has been behind this tax reform from the beginning that this will actually get signed into law by the president before year end? >> i think it's 90% chance. goldman sachs says it's 80%, i'll go further and say 90%. i go back to the argument i can't see the republican party turning it down at the very last minute and as lindsey graham said, destroying the republican party in next year's elections. i can't see that. steve: you're right about that. all right. stuart, we're going to be watching you over on fox business in 41 minutes. check him out. he works until noon, and then he takes off. stuart: thank you. steve: and have a good
5:20 am
thanksgiving. stuart: you too. everyone. steve: meanwhile, that fbi enforcement we've been hearing about from that uranium one investigation set to testify any day now and could blow the investigation wide open. peter here with that. the offer of clinton cash next. ainsley: and can your airplane, the one that you're flying on possibly this weekend or next weekend, can it be hacked? well, the government just did it. pete: it has wi-fi, you know? when i walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how.
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5:23 am
ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. police tell a man to get down on the ground, but he just gets down instead. the suspect dancing in the
5:24 am
streets after leading police on a 20-mile chase through houston. watch this. he was finally taken down by a police dog. it is still unclear if he -- i'm going to read slow so you can watch more of it. was under the influence. and a story mixing a 7th grader's t-shirt or a school, i should say, mixing a 7th grader's t-shirt because he was mocking cnn. they were taking a tour of the network to atlanta's headquarters when a teacher asked him to remove the fnn or fake news network t-shirt. his parents want the school to apologize to jackson directly saying that he has the right to free speech. and, guys, i knew one of the kids on this trip. he actually wore his trump t-shirt and trump socks. i don't think they made him take it off. but jackson had to take off that fnn t-shirt. pete: we'll book him on the program. steve: well, they were going to the cnn headquarters. what do you think, ainsley?
5:25 am
brian: the uranium one deal abuse of power says it has already been litigated and the story was debunked. steve: our next guest fighting back with us siding with clinton, and he's the author of clinton cash. peter schweitzer joins us today from florida. peter, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, guys. steve: so to the critics of these things, you know, hillary clinton this week said that if they appointed a special counsel, that would be an abuse of power. there's really no, there there when it comes to this thing, this uranium one deal and everything else. is that right? >> no. i mean, there's a lot there, steve. look, we know the front page of the wall street journal reported last year that five field offices of the fbi were investigating the clinton foundation. they felt they had compelling evidence. they went to the obama justice department looking for subpoenas, the ability to wiretap, et cetera, and they were turned down. so you've got a lot of people
5:26 am
in the fbi who think there's fire and not just smoke. and, you know, her claim that this has been litigated -- it hasn't. there hasn't been one congressional hearing about this. there hasn't been any serious questioning of hillary clinton about this. she's avoided it. so my point has been from the beginning let's investigate to find out exactly what went on, and i don't know why that's such a radical idea. pete: well, it's not. peter, you wrote the book or at least started this and provided evidence, exposed the smoke, if you will. for this to move forward, what other shoes could drop as someone who has access to a lot of different sources. do you see new corners being turned? >> yeah. i mean, there's a couple. first of all, we're in the process right now of translating a video in 2010 smuggled out of a prison by the kazakh, former head of the kazakh atomic agency, and he describes in great detail how hillary clinton, then a senator, shook down kazakh officials reducing to meet
5:27 am
with them. she was on the senate armed services committee. she had oversight of money going to, reducing to give money. a couple of months later sent $30 million to the clintons. that video has never been translated. that's going to be interesting, and this new informant, high level well-paid lobbyist for russian interest i think is going to have a lot to say on this subject as well. steve: sure. in fact, word is that he provided the fbi because he's working with the fbi. they said go ahead and keep paying him, your own money, essentially. and the government said "no." but he has video, apparently, of suitcases full of money. of bribe money. and, peter, we had victoria on yesterday who is the -- his attorney who said that when this guy was working with the fbi watching the bribery, he was telling his fbi handlers, and they were saying "we're
5:28 am
monitoring this. we're reporting directly to the director of the fbi. and we're reporting it as well to the president of the united states. barack obama. so he knew about the bribery, and they still let it go through. >> yeah. no, it's a pretty remarkable story. i have not met this informant but, look, he was high level. he was a lobbyist for cassidy and associates, which is the premier lobbying firm in dc. he was being paid by this russian entity $50,000 a month to serve as a lobbyist. and when you look at the legal documents, what was his job? part of his job contract with the russian government was to improve the view of russia and to help set up meetings with these officials with officials in the administration on capitol hill and other members of the washington elite. so he's definitely an insider, and it's going to be very interesting to see what he has to say. steve: a little bribery goes a long way, apparently.
5:29 am
pete: when you work, people take a look at it. thanks a lot. thank you for your time. >> you bet. steve: and, meanwhile, could congress -- lawmakers on both sides of the aisle working on a plan to background checks? what does the nra think? spokesperson dana loesch is going to join us next. pete: and could your airplane be hacked? the government just did it. was it just the wi-fi, or was it the controls? we'll tell you next. you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. downy and it's done. whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors
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5:32 am
>> i do support that there should be an investigation, and we'll see where that ends up. ainsley: she supports an
5:33 am
ethics investigation. let's bring in dana loesch radio spokesperson. she's talking about al franken, and i know you're the one -- i don't know if you've talked to lee anne since all of this has come down. what do you think about it? >> well, i haven't, ainsley. thank you for having me. speaking about this particular issue, i'm not a friend of al franken. i don't want my opposition to his politics blind me from him receiving due process, but i do believe that there's a very interesting double standard when it concerns individuals and their party lines and such accusations. but in the case of al franken, here we have photographic evidence, and we have not one but two women, melanie morgan who also have come forward on this, and i know both of these women, neither of them are attention-seeking divas, and i think their worth should carry a lot of weight with the
5:34 am
democratic party, and they should consider that accordingly as they step forward. steve: yeah, it will be interesting to see how this story develops. it came out of nowhere yesterday. the reason we booked you today is there was a daily caller piece that found more than 100,000 convicted felons or other prohibited persons tried to buy guns each year during the obama administration because they lied on their application. which is against the law. but it was so lightly prosecuted, it has people going what was up with that? what do you know about that? >> steve, you're so right with this. first off, the former administration president obama was called a gun control president. but this president was one of the lacksist where it concerned enforcement of gun laws and prosecution of those who broke gun laws. you mention the 4473. that is the form when you fill out when you go and get your background check and the nra created the system. it checked three separate fbi-maintained databases.
5:35 am
and the problem with this is that there are a lot of people that would falsify their 4473. now, that's a serious crime. but joe biden once told reuters in a separate daily caller piece several years ago that he quote -- they didn't have time to prosecute everyone who lied on their 4473, made a mistake, or checked a wrong box. what is the point of having these laws when you have people who refuse to enforce them? and so making -- i mean, this is what the catching these people at the point of sale is all about so you don't punish the law-abiding. and i want to add really quickly too. pete: go ahead. >> with attorney general jeff sessions, we've seen an increase now of prosecutions of felony possession of 23% and firearms that are illegally possessed and abused during drug trafficking, we've seen an increase in those prosecutions in over 10%. so i think that the president, and i think that attorney general jeff sessions are both owed a lot of credential from people like the brady group because they fear monger and
5:36 am
fundraise off of these issues with but they're not given credit where it's due. >> turns out enforcing the law works. there's a bipartisan gun control deal emanating from the senate at this point. senators involved chris murphy, richard blumenthal, tim scott, and dean. so a very interesting mix of republicans and democrats. some who presumably have received support from the nra in the past looking to, you know, in light of these shootings, it's crafted to attempt to better enforce current law and strengthen the national background check. the nicks system that you referred to so people don't fall through the cracks. how do you feel about this bill. >> well, i like direction on this bill and the nra has fought for 20 years to make sure that states are compliant -- there have been numerous laws passed that have mandated that states submit felony convictions into these fbi databases that the system that the nra created checks. now, here's something i want everyone to consider.
5:37 am
in 2012, you had what? about 80,000 individuals, roughly, who falsified their 4473s. guess how many in 2012, how many of those were prosecuted? only 44. and when you consider how you have about 38 states that submit less than 80% of all their felony convictions to these systems, guys, you have 7 million cases that you have out there. felony convictions. those are people like the southern land springs murderer when the air force didn't submit his conviction at all. this is a huge problem. look, people want to be able to defend themselves. i think of christina who is in rancho, and she heard gunshots outside when that murderer went on his rampage, and she told the press i have the right to bear arms, and i want to make sure i can protect myself and my family. people want to be able to protect themself, and these politicians for the longest time, feinstein, schumer, et cetera, said they're going to make this system work. this is what the nra has
5:38 am
pushed. i like cornan's direction on this bill. the records need to be submitted, and they need to -- states need to be compliant. and that's what this is all about. and i -- again, i think that this is a great move, and i think that the nra -- the nra gets blamed for everything, but the nra doesn't get credit for when it -- for all of the great stuff that it does. this is an issue that the nra pioneered, and i think the members, and i think those who are taking this seriously, they should be applauded for that. this is a good move. pete: and solutions that address why things happen. >> that's right. enforcing the law. absolutely. enforcing the law. laws work when you enforce them, and that's what this is about. steve: you've got to go after the people who break them. ainsley: thanks, dana. steve: thanks. appreciate it. >> have a great weekend. ainsley: you're welcome. with jillian has headlines for us. >> that's right. let's get you caught up on your news today. a commercial plane could be hacked by terrorists who want to kill americans. well,
5:39 am
american government already did that. cyber security remotely breaking into the cockpit of a boeing 757 on the runway of atlantic city airport in new jersey last year. the pilots completely unaware of the controlled experiment. they used radio frequencies to hack the plane. but details are classified. the union representing ice agents upset over the trump administration's slow reversal of obama-era policies. say tensions are rising between quote trump's army of obama holdovers. former ice agent and border patrol officer david ward joined us earlier to weigh in. >> the obama administration psychofans are still within the administration. the swamp has not been drained. it's going to take a while to do it. >> concerned about security as officials try to block presiden president trump's. and arrested on fraud charges. now she blames scalise for getting her into trouble.
5:40 am
>> people use the badge, in my opinion, and money talks. money on that end and people with money on the other end too. >> so here's how it went down. a texas cop was looking for karen after numerous people complained about her bumper sticker that curses the president and his supporters. after investigating, authorities found an outstanding warrant for fraud. she could also face disorderly conduct charges for that bumper sticker. what do you guys think about that? steve: that's the last time she does that. just saying. jillian, thank you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: all right. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour. it's a pleasant day outside to meet total strangers. >> they're not. they were inside the studio just moments ago. what are your names? where are you from? >> carel. >> joe birch. >> where are you from. >> orlando. >> and you. >> patty. >> mike. >> and from. >> orlando, florida. >> what were you doing inside? >> touring the studios. >> who was the nicest host to
5:41 am
you? >> kerrie. >> get over here. she works with us here at the fox news channel. how has the tour been so far. >> wonderful. >> love it. >> and what about the weather here in new york city? >> perfect. >> really? >> yes. can i come to your house on thanksgiving. >> yes. >> we have an invite. cool here in new york. but you guys love it. 48 right now. 38 in cleveland. tomorrow is going to be -- when are you traveling. >> sunday. >> sunday. okay. so we have this front that's going to move across the midwest great lakes and northeast but by sunday, things should be out of the way for you guys. and you know what? we don't have a lot of weather to talk about for thanksgiving, which is great news. no big storms on the horizon. so thank you so much for being here. do you want to come back inside with me. >> absolutely. >> okay. and who is your favorite host so far. >> you. >> me? fantastic. ainsley: you have to bring them in here so we get a chance to redeem ourselves. >> absolutely. you want to go back inside?
5:42 am
okay. let's go. steve: now, folks, don't get the idea that if you show up to do the weather you can just walk in. janice sometimes, she just feels so inviting and brings in folks. ainsley: she's so into the. >> steve gives tours all the time. ainsley: after 9/11, things changed; right? steve: it's just much harder to get into every building in new york city. ainsley: this is true. steve: 18 minutes before top of the hour. ainsley: so are democrats turning on their own? now a key clinton ally says bill clinton should have resigned after the monica lewinsky scandal. steve: and you know him as a country music singer and songwriter. ♪ ♪ jimmy wane is now focusing on adopting kids and animals, and he's here with his important message next
5:43 am
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another day at the office. why do you put up with it? believe it or not you actually like what you do. even love it. and today, you can do things you never could before. you're working in millions of places at once with iot sensors. analyzing social data on the cloud to create new designs. and using blockchain to help prevent fraud. so get back to it and do the best work of your life.
5:46 am
. >> is it your view that president clinton should have stepped down at the time given the allegations. >> yes. i think that's the appropriate response. but i think things have changed today, and i think under those circumstances, there should be a very different reaction. ainsley: that was a democrat saying that. seems democrats are starting to turn on the clintons. but is it too little too late? lauras laurason is the host of the show. good to see you. >> hey, it's great to see you as well, ainsley. it is sad that the democrats seem to eat their own when it's convenient. this is terrible stuff. but it shows that, like i said for a long time, the democrats didn't have double standards, they would have no standards at all. so ms. is able to take the support when convenient and throw bill clinton under the
5:47 am
bus when it is convenient. ainsley: are you proud of her for doing it, though? she's the one that took clinton's spot. >> no. and she's doing it at the time it costs her nothing to do it. at the time if she said i wouldn't want bill clinton's support in a spot running for the government, then it would have cost her something. she didn't do it when it would have cost her something, and i think this applies to a lot of these sexual scandal situations where we're talking about where people have come out and named some of the bad guys, whether it's al frankenstein in this case or, you know, in other cases or harvey weinstein, they come out and say something when it doesn't cost them anything. doing exactly that right now, so why should we laud her when she says bill clinton is old news right now, and it doesn't cost her anything to say this. ainsley: so what is the impact with these democrats coming out against bill clinton? >> well, i certainly hope so. what can the impact be?
5:48 am
he's never going to be prosecuted for the rape o juanita, and i don't think he's going to lose out on speaking engagements. he still has those, and he and his wife have made a couple hundred million dollars. what do you think it costs him at this point? ainsley: what do you think is going to happen down in alabama for roy moore? >> well, that's a tough one because polls show him running behind but remember how accurate those were a year ago by a guy named donald trump. the polls weren't accurate at all, and i think this is a tough one to pull in that state. i don't know whether people are telling the pollsters the truth because they may be holding their cards very close to the vest. that is individual alabama voters who may not exactly appreciate the elite-level media, all of us, from, you know, east coast to the west coast telling alabama what to do. whether or not he gets seated in the united states senate if elected is another matter all together. ainsley: thanks for coming on with us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. well, you know him as the
5:49 am
country music singer and a songwriter. ♪ ♪ but now jimmy wane is focusing on cooperating kids and adopting animals, and he's next. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> good morning, everybody, we'll talk to kellyanne conway at the white house. and steve mnuchin is here and lee, republican, he voted against the tax bill in the house. he'll tell us what it will take to get him to a "yes," if anything. and the largest school in america now suspending every one of its fraternities. we will tell you why when sandra and i join you eight minutes away. top of the hour.
5:53 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: well, you know him as a country music singer and songwriter. but jimmy wane is also bringing attention to kids that are aging out of the foster system. pete: he walked halfway across the country to raise awareness about this incredibly-important topic. and along the way, he met his forever friend, loyal dog ruby, which sparked his new book. ruby the foster book. steve: and jimmy wane, also known as mr. james joins us right now with lux and chico who are up for adoption by the animal society. why are you wearing goggles in the studio? >> well, in the book, mr. james is wearing googols because he has to protect his eyes from the debris that
5:54 am
comes off the road when the cars pass by. >> and you know a little bit about that. >> i sure do. in 2010, i walked halfway across america to raise awareness for foster children in america. i was a foster kid. i was rescued by a wonderful family in their mid-70s when i was 16, given an opportunity to go to school, college, and the only thing i had to do was cut off all my hair and go to church, and i stayed with this family for six years. changed my life, so i know the power of one, and i know that it only takes minimum resources to help save a kid's life. steve: that's an amazing story, really. >> yeah. and this family saved my life. ainsley: how did you go from being a foster kid to a singer songwriter? >> well, it evolved into writing music and books, of course. and this always had a dream of maybe being on stage somewhere playing at madison square guarden, i've performed at grand ol' openry 218 times.
5:55 am
i will be there another 21st, that will be my 219th performance there. i've always loved music, and i thought how can i help kids through my resources? we all have resources. mine is music and writing, so i write music, and i write books to help kids. and i adopted ruby along the way and thought wow, maybe she could tell the story about adoption through her eyes so that kids understand adoption. brian: you're passionate about foster care. what's the biggest misconception people have? >> that foster kids are not bad kids. they're kids in bad situations that simply need a little help. steve: i'm glad you're talking about children in the system who are older, you know? when the kids are just a couple of years old, it's, like. okay. we're starting from scratch. but somebody who's 15, 16, 17, almost 18 years old, those are harder kids to place. >> absolutely. it's really hard. there's 30,000 children a year that age out of foster care in america and 50% of the females that age out within the first year end up pregnant.
5:56 am
one of four end up incarcerated within two years. the statistics are a mile long. and if we could just give them a little bit of help to help them transition into adulthood, they could become productive citizens. pete: how old? 13? >> i think she's 13. ainsley: you have to adopt this one. if you're looking for. she's a chihuahua? >> yeah. mixed. ainsley: she's hearty, precious, and what's her name? >> chico. ainsley: how can someone adopt them? >> best friends is an organization that's a wonderful organization that's doing their part in helping save these dogs' lives. and just reach out to them. steve: and the new book is called ruby the foster dog. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for having me of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family.
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when i walked through a snowthat's when i knewtte, i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how. >> bill: -- >> if you would like to come
6:00 am
and meet me i would love to see you all if you live in the kansas city area i'll be there at the barnes & noble. have a great weekend. thank you. >> bill: guys, thanks, good morning, everybody. breaking late overnight last night a big victory for the president. republicans on tax reform in the u.s. senate. late night vote in committee that followed the house earlier in the committee. moving toward another showdown after thanksgiving. a big friday coming at you the next two hours. good morning inside of "america's newsroom," i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: we made it almost. >> bill: should have seen us before. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. the tax victories as claims of sexual harassment consume capitol hill. senator al franken apologizing. while republican senate candidate row moore vowing


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