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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 19, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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safe! ( both laughing ) the information and analysis to a not find anywhere else. including the democrats from the 20/20 election. good evening to "the next revolution" by m steve hilton but more of anything the working people of america to but donald trump in the white house. working-class people put
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their faith in him. >> i have visited the factory workers and the communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals. these are the forgotten men and women of our country but will not be forgotten for lot. [cheers and applause] steve: what happened to the promise? is it being delivered by the president or by congress and what more needs to be done? let's start by looking at the facts the two most important things is you have a job and how much repaid? things have improved coming to jobs one year ago fourpenny personality is 4.1% 1.5 million jobs have been
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created but as a boost of economic confidence who is cutting regulation at much faster economic growth but that is not the whole story. we'll get the number of people who have given up that number is the labor per dissipation rate one year ago it was 61% now 62.3. it still means one out of six are not working of working age of that is depression-era levels. what about earnings? the bad news is not really. wages are still flat. that is not surprising it hasn't been turned around because it is a massive long-term problem. now this is incredibly
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important information space cirrose. but it goes to the heart of the populist revolution. decades after the second world war the american economy grew. in the workers' share in accrued and productivity and wages grew with each other that the economy continued to grow but wages went down even with economic growth and raise the opportunity boosted the in come to the richest americans to own businesses. do you know when things started to go haywire? and started to stagnate? not under obama or financial pressure not even the first president bush, with this incredible chart tells a story wages for working americans have been falling
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since 1973. for decades of stagnation for the working class. the economy has grown since then and productivity has gone up but the working people of america have not shared in the progress at all. that is a massive challenge facing this president and congress of the solution isn't the same old. we need to be open to radical ideas a populist revolution and here to discuss that is my political commentator monica crowley. great to see you. what do see that has happened to a working-class america? period they have largely been decimated over many decades you pointed to the reasons why and what has
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happened. and obviously it has had serious political follow because it has become the of coastal each party be essentially the middle of the country has gone republican especially in those 10 swing states that decided the election last year they felt that they were not being heard by the democratic party. so now that is no longer true so what donald trump saw was the opportunity for a political realignment and he spoke directly to those people who were feeling flat out ignored by both establishments and spoke directly to them and that is where the whole america first platform came about.
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when they said i cannot believe americans elected donald trump but those in those 10 states elected him because he was speaking directly to their economic needs laying out a plan to raise that class back up. steve: i agree with that analysis and it is interesting fought later we have democrats from space ever working incredibly hard to correct that mistake to try to win back some of those so to talk about the republican side of the equation i think the other thing the president trump did was the republican also let down those working people in the phrase that we have heard for years in conservative circles is the
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rising tide lifts all boats. reveals like that has not been true for the working people of america. and it seems like donald trump would be a different type of republican populist republican. where you see those differences with that agenda in that establishment?. >> this is the serious break between donald trump of the republican party establishment. he went with that economic message that what but we have seen so far is with trade republican establishment that donald trump says the american worker has gotten screwed
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because both parties have engaged in the free trade policy approach putting the united states and worker at a disadvantage so then to begin that process isn't withdrew from a the dpp as well as the agreement to protect american jobs and sovereignty. and then to authorize the keystone pipeline to put people back to work. if you couple that with a traditional approach with corporate tax relief or regulatory reform in those economic policies but in the first six months of his presidency he has created well over 1 million jobs in
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the first six months you have seen him rollback and redefine 16 regulations. that goes well beyond the stated goal. is to have two consecutive quarters of 3 percent economic growth. imagine that they do that imagine what growth can do. steve: i agree with everything that you said that key capstone is the tax reform if that goes through and let's hope that happens happens, will that translate into higher income of the working people? will we get that moving in the right direction?. >> a thing so. we'll get the empirical evidence. every time across the board
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tax reform tax cuts kennedy, reagan, bush, every time tax reform with tax cuts put into place you have the results of the booming economy which does lift all boats. more job creation and in that wave stagnation that has been such a serious problem will ultimately move. steve: monica l. thank you for that i hope that happens because i completely agree and i hope to see you soon. coming up next my exclusive interview with congresscongress man who was to make of the house of representatives. next.
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♪ the it democrats were the party of the workingman but that was changed in november with the populist wave from donald trump's voting into the white house but now
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where is their allegiance is anybody's guess. it is needed to win the critical mid term of the election i sat down with tim ryan that the democrats thing could be the front runner in 2020 he thinks the best way to represent is to fill the working congress with working americans. >> one of the big reasons with his populist urge with of big changes of the economy that is something you really focus:with the nancy pelosi early in the year with the leadership of the democrats. reduce the the policy argument today? with that
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story of working americans?. >> i think they have still been forgotten by a beecher administration they were told there will be a trillion dollar infrastructure bill to get those working-class people back to work and here we are but it has happened they were promised the expansion of health care can trump came to ohio to expand medicare and health care in with those two bills he supported it through 20 million people off of their health care. there hasn't been anything done to connect these communities that have been isolated. >> but your argument was that we tried to shift the focus do they get it now?.
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>> democrats get it only does a democratic model will work in the new era of globalization. we almost need a new model. in my criticism of the republicans is a tax cut for the wealthiest people in the country of 2.3 trillion dollars worth i don't think that will fix the problem. and the democrats we have ideas but don't think we can come off as cost aisle to free enterprise the government cannot hire everybody so we need private sector investment so with that democratic party had you address that with
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venture-capital 80 percent goes to three states california new york in massachusetts. ninety% goes to men and only 1% goes to african-american so to get this vast amount of investment capital pushed into other regions of the country so they can have an entrepreneurship and innovation without a tax code that doesn't sink a small business person so that is the general balance. >> so those that were rejected in a large part of the country with that identity politics leading to that populism. >> bad is not what you hear.
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>> the media tries to figure out where the conflict is. in the reality is everybody needs to be included. equal protection under the law. id everybody is that the cool kids table to have the opportunity to participate. and then to get more working class people so that working americans are represented so tell us about that. >> the people's house project is to get working people in to congress ironworkers, in into
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congress in to belong to a union whose hour after work and set of before work. who don't have the pension plan or far from negative 401k living paycheck to paycheck. coming to those legislative actions. >>. >> what about working-class people why duty that will translate?. >>. >> so that political system is spending time raising money, travel to the coast to get their money to regret a republican mr. reding in those circles to have too
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much of the influence of the policy debate under the tax debate then the voters will be very upset. >> really? you kidding me? that is the influence. what do the american people want? that is to have that viewpoint how does this hit the ground in youngstown ohio? all of this complex high-minded. what happens to the average family? in the people asking those questions with that pension? to have that person at the table.
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>> so as you ran against nancy pelosi. it is better than what people thought. honestly i have no intention to do that at all. for what needed to be done and said we're all of the same team helping our party in the direction to create a new model. for the economic system generally. and we're starting to move in that direction and they will start to see as more is more as the responsible party. >> that is a very practical way to think about it.
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>> you tend to see things as they are. >> we will be sure to check in how this project is going. up next a leading expert with ronald reagan with the similarities between the former president and donald trump and working-class republicans. next. it's the ultimate sleep number week on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. ends monday. visit for a store near you. the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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steve: welcome back to "the next revolution" we're taking a look at what is being done for the working class america. trump campaign to bring jobs back to america but as we have seen so far the result is mixed. joining me now is a working-class republican from ronald reagan and the return of blue-collar conservatism from the economic policy center. henry, the eggs for joining us. let's start by what is a working-class republican?.
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>> putting dignity of the average person and reality of their everyday life at the center of their political philosophy who believes in the free market but not as important as helping every day americans being dignified lives of their own choosing it is the philosophy to get government out of the way helping the average person bayous government selectively but effectively to help the working person when they need some help. >> you think ronald reagan was an example of that? so how was the example of that?. >> he put the average person at the touched on of his philosophy. that conservative movement represented the forgotten american.
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and pays the mortgage knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch cutting taxes and regulation but also put sanctions on japanese companies and imports to protect american jobs to put the well-being of the american worker at the center of this philosophy whether that meant less government or more government. >> that is interesting so to contrast that with the republicans did you think after ronald reagan the g.o.p. lost sight of representing the working-class?. >> absolutely saw cookie cutter reaganism after him ideologues would take the mantle to try to say he was much more anti-government than he ever was to say the free market was the absolute
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and people were losing their jobs it was just the market working the way that it deserved ronald reagan never would have done that he didn't do the was president or governor or not if he was alive today to see that to continue to be a philosophy it is one of the great reasons why they did not see donald trump coming when he took the mantle of the american worker. >> so what a lot of people including me talking about populism that is that every new version of conservatism?. >> absolutely. he took reagan's mantle that the average person deserves a dignified a decent life and creating a modern solution for the problems we have done it involves less covered in lower taxes and regulation also the work the
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element to reinforce immigration laws and drafting trade agreement was ended of false taking a look to make sure our governments worked -- supports people in need that they deserve that ended is entirely different from those decades before. >> bad is interesting i love your take we will see you on the show in the studio in the weeks ahead base for joining us tonight. coming up of former republican governor who says populism isn't what it used to be. it let's begin.
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. >> american populism dates back to the end of the 19th century with william jennings bryan talk about
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health and wealth soda pop biggest wave is a far different thing so what does the of future will? joining me now, bob thinks for being with us to have written about this before. we love the fact you could join as tonight because this is that part of what the show was all about with the positive populism. what was said you pick out to be the most important element?. >> it is trump style populism ronald reagan traditional republican values in economics with that growth-oriented tax bill. but that particular trump stamp so with that populism
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to close the deal with the working class voters so why they have been tipped off for years of the '70s but he completed the deal and he talked to the misery index and flyover america that is why he to close the deal and even today with the definition in the polls he remains very strong as long as he maintained -- maintains that strength he will be very difficult customer. steve: how is he doing so far? the. >> give is interesting with the policy with the stock market with that populism
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that 1.5% growth that limits of rising growth cannot get your 26 rolled out of the basement i will get your 26 rollout of the basement. we will account for real wage growth in factory in the rust belt did to that extent he has been pretty successful from the macro economic numbers. >> one area you focus on is a regression that is where he really diverged from the traditional republican interest. >> it is interesting they cannot pass the bill yet but he has of a pretty good rhetorical point whether 75 percent tuesday that diminution of the of border crossings into the extent if
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that is a great success but wall street with the cheap labor but this particular bass group sovereignty means something they won the border to mean something so to enforce the law have a the border retreated to a sense of sovereignty with fly over america. >> web more would you like to see done?. >> just pass the bill. just like the of daca kids and the wall but the bottom line for a lot of people is he places emphasis on the wall but i place emphasis on enforcing the law.
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once stoppage to the extent the rhetoric supports the case it is helpful given these numbers but i believe everybody deserves a comprehensive real immigration bill so pass the law in respect the law retrospect sovereignty. with skilled nurses unskilled. >> olivetti border crossings are down but with the rhetoric do you think there needs to be action with the flow of immigrants?. >> if there is a deal and by the way you raise the good point with the most recent statistics because border
9:41 pm
patrol are the people who enforce the law they have a president out who has their back. they protect us enforce the law. they have the president who means what he says and has there back that makes the difference when you wake up every day to face real danger. >> so trooper crow. >> take care godspeed. now to speak with two leading democrats who thinks they're handling those is
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. >> by now it is clear the blue-collar american is desperate to win over in 2018 since the democrats lost the vote seven of them are looking in the year trying to figure out what went wrong to resell the debt it teamed up with other
9:46 pm
democrats for a cross-country tour to listen to the needs of the working class voters for a set down with the representative this week in washington. >> the big story for the last year was the argument of what is happening to the working people have that played into the election with donald trump's success of your district enough democrats may have lost touch with people traditionally that was expected to support them now was what of the big messages of the effort by men and women you have met them. give us a sense of what you have learned through the process. >> i will tell you that i have heard that first of
9:47 pm
all, the working men and women in my district want to earn enough money to be in a safe neighborhood and afford to go to the doctor to buy medicine and educate their kids and have a safe than secure retirement. so talk about the auto industry that is transformational for this country is still the backbone of the economy, the people are in this country because of those jobs the workers were feeling forgotten. was so now in the short term what will happen to those jobs? hurry keeping those from the united states of america?.
9:48 pm
>> it is the sense of urgency people with big depression issues they need to get training for that. they were too connected to the investment the economy. >> the wages don't get enough attention. such talk about in terms of solutions we need a bill of rights for working people if it doesn't help human beings and the average worker's. >> so that is a good objective if they did agree with that then how'd you do that? what about this
9:49 pm
person or that person?. >> we would enforce and strengthened those antitrust laws. to make sure that the nlrb is strengthened so people from the different workforces and that is what they can do. and to raise the minimum wage and a 196355 percent for part of the union. >> but here is the reality. we are competing. we are not played on a level playing field.
9:50 pm
is less than that. and the environmental standards are not the same. canada as a labor proposal more generous than ours. sova 82 to be john doe level playing field. so talk abut those major issues that i have teamsters in my district talking about their retirement funds. >> 70 million the of those are contract employees and. >> we have to be out there how will we take care of
9:51 pm
people?. >> who is we? coming from the government?. >> but what is the responsibility of the employer? what is that contract that you have with them? people don't understand what you did for people. but in this stage with the student teacher ratio. and then they negotiate that but then they don't have somebody to fight for working men and women. >> so that traditional
9:52 pm
republican view but with that 2016 election showed you have a lot of people supporting president trump. those traditionally are the of right. >> but there is somebody out there if fighting for the workingman and women. that is donald trump. showing people that we show their concern. so that is what happens that they talk about them to
9:53 pm
understand that anxiety. >> president trump invited those union leaders. does he have the republican president?. >> so the question is who is on your side? in that economic populist it me tells me it is specific with economic opportunity to suffer the election so somebody has to demonstrate we are on your side. there is for a few -- for of you where is the debate within the democratic party?
9:54 pm
with that establishment. >> i'd think people recognize we have to work with our colleagues is that is what we're trying to do. >> what is that message with real grass soup -- results?. >> next what i think should happen next for the blue-collar and white-collar ♪ ♪
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as a sort start of the show wages have been falling flat since the early 1970s. the tax reform in congress right now will help ensure and the republicans must get their act together and pass it. there is much more than needs to be done. we need that massive infrastructure program president has talked about. we need better education and training but the on that we need to give workers more power so that their interests are no longer ignored in favor of the elite. that is very different to a traditional republican agenda or traditional conservative agenda. but it is what we mean by populism and that is what the show is about. next week we have an amazing report on the trafficking of aids. yes you heard that right. will be discussing radical plans to shrink the federal government
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and bureaucracy. hope you can make it a part of your thinking we can. what is again next sunday for the next revolution will be televised. plus. eric: hello, mom. have a good night. >> republicans looking to clear the next hurdle in tech support. trump administration singles the ability on a key sticking point. i'm rick leventhal was watching the "fox report". white house hoping to seize momentum on house republicans past their tax bill on what was basically a partyline vote. the focus now shifting to the senate version where gop leaders have included a repeal of obamacare individual mandate. that could be a nonstarter for some moderate republicans like susan collins of maine spoke out against it. white house budget director mitch mulvaney says there is room for negotiation. >> i don't think anyone doubts


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