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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 20, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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day but now you could smell like booze all day if you wanted to. a colorado couple deodorant pit liquor. you can preorder a month's supply. seven bucks too much. bye. ♪ >> charles manson, the infamous cult leader behind one of the most murder is dead at the age of 83. man son convincing his followers to commit the heinous murders 50 years ago. >> republicans looking to clear the next murder on tax reform. this is a big cut for the middle income. >> wages under so many year under obama stagnant we have to get tax reform done. >> president trump reigniting his call to build a wall after a border patrol agent is killed in the line of duty. 36-year-old martinez had been a border patrol agent since 2013. >> president trump dunking on the father of a basketball star lavar ball
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down played the president's efforts. the president fired back tweeting. this i should have left them in jail. >> another week of anthem protests across the nfl. march chilly lynch. when mexico's anthem played, lynch decided to stand ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ party. steve: welcome to the mezzanine level of the fox news headquarters. joel, thank you very much.
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ainsley: joel, are you taking off thursday and friday? he is not. joel will be here? so there will be no mistakes. brian: that isn't just camera men that's ted. how light is ted on his feet? he just glided up the stairs. i felt like it was gene kelly. steve: it's thanksgiving week. turn the camera around and show who else is here. dan stand right there. take your picture. there is joel right there with elizabeth. and then keep going. there is dave. brian: dave can you grab the camera from ted? it's a little complicated. steve: that's part of the crew here for one of the shortest workweeks of the calendar year of course thursday is thanksgiving and friday is the day we all go shopping. brian: let me just give us -- this is what ted looks like. there you go. ainsley: white page. brian: can you zoom in that's how i envision ted. ainsley: look at the monitor, you can't see anything. he looks like baby on him.
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carrying a camera. steve: anyway, it's great to have you. ainsley: we can have a lot of fun because it a holiday week. brian: until the news slips. in. ainsley: we have to do that? can't just have all fun? steve: coming up, we will give you a guideline for how to handle complicated conversations arranged the turkey table this week. right now talk about the news of the day, president trump is sending a clear message to senate republicans on the tax reform bill. don't disappoint the american people. brian: right. he did it through twitter. the white house vowing it's really to make a deal to get the bill on the president's desk. ainsley: he wants it done fast. griff jenkins is live in our nation's capital with what is at stake for you and your family, griff? griff: good morning, guys. look, this is what is at stake tax relief for millions of americans. optimistic a bill will hit his desk before the end of the year. not all senators are on
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board. senator collins of maine says the repeal of the individual obamacare mandate which is not in the house bill is a sticking point for her. >> president trump was not my choice for the republican nominee for president. and i did not support him. i haven't reached that conclusion yet because i think there are going to be further changes. but the biggest mistake was putting in a provision from the affordable care act into the senate bill that's not in the house bill. >> the white house says they are in favor of it but open to dropping it if it means the difference between passing it and collins is most critical because congress can only afford to lose two votes. johnson says no. corker and flake on the fence. not to disappoint the american people he took aim at senator flake saying he will be a nor on tax reform and attacked this hot mike moment. >> come the party of roy
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moore and donald trump, we are toast. >> flake's communications director jason samuels responding in a tweet quote for the record senator flake is still reviewing the #tax reform bill on its merits. how he votes on it will have nothing to do with the president, but you will remember, guys, senator flake announced recently he is not running for re-election next year citing president trump in that decision. to quote smoky and the bandit we have a long ways to go and a short time to get there. brian: thanks a lot. i appreciate it that's probably the only quote we can use from smoky and the bandit. jackie gleason was great in that underrated he played the cop. steve: burt reynolds was the guy driving the car. ainsley: was it a series or a movie. steve: there were a couple of them. brian: they always went two or three too much. there was meatballs 2. caddie shack 7. ainsley: what do meatballs and caddie shack have to do
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with smoky and the bandit. brian: same era. porky's 9. tax reform, ainsley, try not to get off track, i'm kidding. i'm just saying on tax reform i think corker and flake and johnson. those three in particular are not saying i'm not doing it they are like going in and trying to make it better. so they can get it so they are trying to dig in on it. ainsley: corker and flake don't care because they are not running for reflection. they are not supporting the president. brian: i think senator corker does care. steve: with jeff flake in that very embarrassing hot mike moment if the republicans become the party of trump and moore we're toast, you know, so many republicans have already come out regarding roy moore. keep in mind, donald trump is the leader of the republican party. so, if mr. flake can't get on board with that, and given the fact that he wrote that anti-trump book and suddenly shocked that he is taking on water, he shouldn't be.
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brian: on senator flake votes with the president on 95% of the time. and even on this. i look for him to take -- ainsley: when i say he doesn't care. i don't mean he doesn't care about the country. i mean he doesn't care about re-election. brian: i happen to know he is actually working on it to make it better. ainsley: bottom line six people have concerns about it whether or not we can only -- the republicans can only stand to lose two votes. they have to negotiate with four people at least. now, you wanted to tease kellyanne conway. steve: we just put up the big board, kellyanne conway is going to be with us less than an hour from right now and ask her all things regarding taxes. brian: election's talk about mexico and what happened in mexico. you have the radars got blown out by the new england patriots. but, before the first kick, there was international news. it was the first story in drudge most of the day. marshawn lynch famed for saying i'm just here so i won't get fined takes a seat and will not get fined in
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mexico. sits during the american national anthem, stands for the mexican national anthem. ainsley: why would were they playing in mexico city? brian: they always do. spread the nfl out to london on a regular basis and mexico city. ainsley: that's a question that a lot of people who don't follow the nfl like you do are asking out there. steve: ever since he returned from requirement to the radars he has sat down through every time they have done the national anthem. so he sat through the star-spangled banner yesterday in mexico. as soon as they started playing the mexico national anthem he stood up. a lot of people are just not too happy. ainsley: reminds me what happened in the u.k. whenever some of them didn't stand for the national anthem. steve: exactly the same thing. brian: this is an international embarrassment. when you go overseas and pull this stuff after the league has been urging you not to. a lot of people are blaming the commissioner. i blame the players union. the players union has to crack down because it's hurting the league. 9% the attends is down,
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ratings are down. making themselves vulnerable while having a civil war between owners and comirg. aption ains send us your comments. what do you think. steve: a lot of football on thanksgiving. do you plan to watch football this year? college football or nfl, let us know. ainsley: college football. that's the way to go. i grew up in south carolina where we didn't have an nfl team. panthers came later and i still support them. we were college. everyone in our state. this weekend is the big game. clemson and carolina. jill let's get you caught up on your headlines starting with a fox news alert. charles manson the infan must cult leader is dead at 83. passing away california hospital of natural causes. manson known for convincing his followers to commit heinous murders. the group going on killing spree taking lives in los angeles in the 1960's, three
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of the four cult members are alive. two of them still behind bars. manson spent nearly a half senel tri in prison. also breaking right now, president trump calls for a border wall after a border patrol agent is killed on the job. martinez fatally injured responding to a, quote, activity near the mexican border in texas. his partner remains hospitalized in serious condition. it's unclear exactly happened. what happened. president trump responded to the incident saying quote we will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. we will and must build the wall. the fate of the illegal immigrant accused of murdering kate steinle could be in the jury's hands today. he claims he pulled the trigger in 015 on a pier in the sanctuary city in san francisco. steinle dying in her father's arms. jurors must decide whether the shooting was intentional or not. closing arguments set to begin this morning.
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gobbling in luxury. the birds checking into the luxury wool ladder hotel in washington, d.c. before president trump pardons them at the white house tomorrow. it's an annual tradition that dates back 70 years after their pardoning they will live out their lives at virginia tech university. we will find out their names later today. although carley shimkus on the 5:00 a.m. hour said one is bow and one is tie. does that mean they will be wearing bow ties as they get pardoned? ains. brian: would she both get pardoned. jillian: she said one. bun is the backup. one i believe tomorrow that's what she said on the 5 o'clock a.m. i will check. steve: i believe they do both of them. show the turkeys of the two turkeys on the nice bed. how would you like to be the next guest that checked into that room just saying. ainsley: that's the one case where the hotels will clean the cover. brian: the d douve.
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we can't tell you what you may be eating on thanksgiving. after turkey everything gets controversial. at some point going to stop talking about the family and country and you might be talking about politics. and that's where a nuclear war could take place. steve: it okay rachel campos-duffy was here yesterday filling in on the weekend program. she put up a list of things you can't talk about during the thanksgiving. trump, hillary, betsy devos, a wall, pipeline, obamacare, hamilton, et cetera, et cetera. ainsley: "star wars"? ainsley: this was her friend's list that live in chicago. this is their list that they put up on the door or somewhere in the house when everyone was coming over for thanksgiving last year. steve: they always say you shouldn't talk about religion or politic when you say are gathered around with your family because it's just too dicey. what are some of the things on your list? what are the things you do not want to talk about? i don't want to talk about anybody else's healthy eating habits.
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you know, they come in and oh this is delicious and talking about. ainsley: too many calories. jillian: fill up your plate and enjoy. steve: exactly. i don't want to hear about that. brian: tell us what you want to talk about and tell us what you don't want to talk about. tell us your topics. jillian: i got a lot of reaction on twitter after turn ip. steve: let us know on or email us. urgent manhunt underway at this hour for serial killer in tampa, florida, can cops find him before he strikes again? we are live there next. brian: kathy griffin isn't done crying over the fallout from her beheaded president trump picture. >> i know i took a picture that offended a lot of people. but this wall of crap has never fallen on any woman in the history of america like it has on me. brian: okay. now, guess who she is
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. urgent manhunt at this hour for serial killer in tampa. ainsley: four people are dead and the fbi is going door-to-door and desperately looking for clues.
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steve: former homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams has been down in tampa. he has the latest from the area. ted, i understand there is a big reward. but what is so perplexing for the cops down there is the randomness of the selection of these victims. >> yeah. it is the randomness of the selection of the various individuals who have been killed here. let me take you back to october 9th, right around that time and during the course of that month of october, they found three individuals who were shot. they believe that he was -- all three of these individuals were shot by the same individual. now, let's pass now to november the 14th, on november 14th, a gentleman by the name of ron feltton, 60-year-old black man. exited at this bus stop here, started to walk across the street to a homeless shelter where he was going
3:19 am
to help out during the day. and in the middle of the street here, he was shot and killed. the individual then took off and ran. the key is that all of these killerring have taken place within a one mile radius of each other, law enforcement now believes that all of these killings are connected. and when we look at these killings, one of the central things may very well be the bus stop because all of the killings took place by a bus stop. now, when you look at october 9th, law enforcement has put out a video. on n. that video on october 9th you see a long tall lengthy man. and you can see in his right hand, that he is using a cell phone as he's walking. but then on november 14th, after the killing of fell
3:20 am
ton, we find that there was another video that fit the same description. and when he came to fell ton, there has been a person of interest that they're looking at, a black man about 6 feet tall. ainsley: so not random in the fact that it's all within one mile vicinity. but random in the types of people or they are not connected, i guess? what's interesting though, too, if you look at that street behind you, it's very busy. i thought it would be like on a dark road, maybe in the middle of the night. but that looks like a busy area. thank you so much ted williams for giving that information, the latest. >> my pleasure. brian: 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour the father of one of the basketball players arrested in china down playing donald trump's role getting them home. this morning the president responds. full-court press from the white house next. steve: six republican senators who are holding tax reform hostage. who are they? and what do they want to get in return? we're going to talk to matt
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brian: just in time. now we have headlines. let's start. president trump firing back after the father of a ucla basketball player down played the president's role in bringing them home from china. the president we did thed boat lavar ball the father of d'angelo unaccepting of what i did for his son and that shoplift something no big deal. i should have left them in jail. president trump personally asked chinese counter part to help release the three players of shoplifting and martin truex jr. racing to his first ever nascar championship on sunday. the veteran capturing the checkered flag in winner
3:25 am
take all finale. dale earhardt jr. finished 21st final race full-time driver before throwing impromptu bud light party in the pits. meanwhile, steve. steve: thank you, bribe. republicans gear up for tax reform. a few republicans are actually holding the tax plan hostage. so, who are they? more importantly, what do they want? joining us right now is the chairman of the american conservative union and former deputy assistant and political director for president george w. bush, matt schlapp, matt, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. steve: let's talk about these six republicans who are holding up tax reform. first, you've got the left -- these are the six republicans who are holding up the debate. bob corker, jeff flake. also ron johnson, lisa murkowski. susan collins, john mccain. let's start with. susan collins you, what do you want. john mccain. john mccain.
3:26 am
donald trump and he seems to be the republican that's part of every bad democratic bipartisan idea. so john mccain is always somebody on the big issues you have to keep your eye on. and think when it comes to susan collins and lisa murkowski fill sonkly they are much further left than their colleagues in the conference. susan collins over the weekend is already saying basically that she supports obamacare and doesn't want to get rid of the individual mandate and, as you know, voted against repealing obamacare after republicans took over are or after donald trump's victory. she is just doing what she always does which is being to the left of the conference. steve: should we just pencil in right now as the no. >> i have done this, as my job. but if i were counting votes right now, i would count them very conservatively, very hard to get susan collins to be for tax cuts. steve: okay. they can only lose one more and then it is toast as i have heard. actually, jeff flake, the senator from arizona used
3:27 am
the expression toast over the weekend. he is one of the two never trumpers. you have jeff fra jeff flake anb corker. what do they want? >> they want donald trump to go away. they have good conservative voting records. at least on most questions. but, you know, they have let their personal animosity of donald trump get in the way of good policies. we will see. they have been for tax cuts in the past. they are using the excuse that they don't want tax cuts to increase the deficit, steve. buff we all know as good reagan conservatives that tax cuts actually increase revenue to the government because people do more of the things that promote economic growth. steve: sure. you know, matt, jeff flake didn't hide his distaste for the president. he wrote a book about it? >> he stole barry goldwater's title and selling it on more liberal stations. kind of ironic. barry goldwater was the conservative standard bearer, it's a strange day. steve: then have you got true conservatives people who would like things to be
3:28 am
as skinny as possible. have you ron johnson, ted cruz, mike lee, tom cotton, jeff sass. >> lee has spoken says he can't support a tax cut deal that raises anybody's taxes there are losers in this tax bill. if i were a republican senator, i would want to vote for it, get it into conference and continue to improve it ron johnson is doing that now. he is saying he doesn't like the fact that big corporations get a better deal than small corporations. so he is going to keep pushing before the deal hits, before the bill hits the senate floor to try to make it better for small businesses. and i think he is doing the right thing from a conservative standpoint. steve: what's interesting is last week is the house of representatives passed their version, the white house has said they prefer their version and yet the u.s. senate isn't even looking at the house's version, they are coming up with their own. >> steve, there is a long history. it's problematic to have two houses of congress because
3:29 am
guess what? senators don't like listening to congressman. they think they are smarter because they get longer terms. i don't know why. steve: exit exit, matt schlapp does congres get tax cu. >> it's going to get in conference improved and get it done before we are opening um presents on christmas eve. steve: no doubt people like tax cuts. matt schlapp, we thank you for joining us from our nation's capital. >> thanks, steve. steve: we have a fox news alert. a man huntington for the killers of these two police officers intensifying by the hour. our law enforcement panel is here to talk about the war on cops. that's coming up. good morning, gentlemen. plus, one priest wants christians to stop saying christmas. wait until you hear why. plus another performance from last night's amas who is diana ross who got a lifetime achievement award for take me higher ♪ when it comes to love ♪ there are no boundaries
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brian: we have a fox news alert. pair of man hunts intensifying two separate states. pennsylvania identifying rahmael for the murder of killing officer friday night. this as the reward hits $215,000 for the killer of baltimore police detective sean suiter shot at crime scene last week. these aren't isolated incidents. sergeant and former please investigator for the police department of investigations. dr. darren porcher, u.s. army veteran and former nypd lieutenant and steve rogers
3:34 am
retired lieutenant detective from the nuttily new jersey police department fbi joint terrorist task force. we should say for you, steve, you got new book out called "new super power for women." great. steve, let's start with you. you see these two incidents they are horrific. sadly, it's a bigger story. these are repeat violators. >> they are repeat violators, brian, we have a lot to make up for. the previous administration starting from sergeant crowley and henry lewis bear gate when president obama came out and maligned the cambridge police department. that's where it start wanted. that's where politicians were able and aloud to talk about police officer incidents before they had their fact. so, with this new administration, we're going to move forward with a pro-police atmosphere and pro-military. i believe that's going to start to break of what we have suffered for the last eight years. brian: darren, you say this isn't just an attack on two officers. this ask an attack on free vote. in what respect.
3:35 am
>> the social contract affords us protections as citizens and law enforcement is the first line of defense in protecting us. often sometimes we have to look at the symbiotic relationship between police and community. we're joined as the same. and it's important that citizens give this information to police, when we have these issues. so they need to conjoin in such type of a relationship. moving forward, we have to take into consideration, we have the two officers that were killed. the one that was in baltimore and the one that was killed in pennsylvania. that is a travesty to us as an american society. therefore, an attack on police is an attack on us as a society. brian: it's overall a lack of respect and lack of fear of retribution of what's going to happen if i kill this cop i'm in prison for life. you think the courts have let us down? >> absolutely, brian, a couple of things. one is the courts have let us down because they continuously release career criminals and they go back out on the streets and here we have them killing police officers. number one. by the way, let me add that at least president trump has set into motion putting more conservatives on the courts
3:36 am
to reverse that trend. number two, we have to start investing in two man patrol units. there are a lot of one man patrol units around the country. the investment in local, county, state, and in some cases federal government has to be made to put two cops in these cars. brian: steve, the problem is the word is getting out. no one wants to be a law enforcement official. used to be looked at differently by society. over the last 5 to 8 years. things seemed to have switched. you are not getting the numbers or qualities you used to. >> no, there has been a shift, brian, we need more training for our police officers. i don't think that there are agencies that will be able to do two-man police cars. we he need better training. we need better community relations. the attack on police officers, they attack the core of society. so, we need and we need to bring together the community and the police officers and approach this in a different way. brian: darren, something else happened that we will talk about a little bit later. brooklyn college they have now decided that they won't let cops even use the
3:37 am
bathroom, just an external one at the edge of campus which is a mess. that lack of respect for law enforcement here in new york city is unbelievable. >> i think that's a by product of the administration that we have in play. the de blasio administration has failed on many aspects of forging that relationship between police and community. and it's just unfortunate, it's a travesty to new yorkers that he was reelected. brian: the student body doesn't want them on. what's going on with the next generation of americans? >> i think the community affairs bureau and nypd can prove to be an intricate component in bridging the two entities. it's a sorrowful state. brian: steve, unfortunately we have to leave it there i the get you next time. >> thank you, brian. brian: this is ongoing debate. we all suffer when law enforcement isn't empowered. thank you all what you do. jillian mele has update on wham has been happening while we were talking.
3:38 am
jillian: former teen heart throb david cassidy is fighting for his life hospitalized in intensive care ♪ hold my pillow to my head ♪ and scream up in my bed ♪ screaming out the words i dread ♪ i think i love you >> partridge star surrounded by family as his organs continue to fail. he has battled substance abuse throughout his career and recently announced he is suffering from dementia. kathy griffin crying foul saying she has been blacklisted and out of work over this photo depicting a severed head of president trump. the disgraced comedian blaming everyone including fox news in a new video titled state of the union. >> i know i took a picture that offended a lot of people, but this wall of crap has never fallen on any woman in the history of america like it has on me. even kid didn't have fox news. jillian: initially griffin
3:39 am
apologized for the gruesome photo and she has taken that back several times now. an irish catholic priest says christmas has been hijacked by santa and his reindeer. >> you disgust me. how can you live with yourself? >> just cool it. >> you sit on a throne of lies. jillian: father desmond o'donnell now urging christians to abandon the word christmas. we lost christmas just like we lost easter and should abandon the word completely. we need to let it go. it's been hijacked and we need to recognize and accept that. now for the american music awards night honors, controversies and politics. imagine dragons using their acceptance speech for favorite pop rock group to make a statement. >> what a way to start the night, you know. >> we continue to progress as a nation towards one of love, of equality, no divide. you know, there has been way too much of that this last year. >> and another kind of controversy when some fans
3:40 am
accused selena gomez of lip cinching it was diana ross. bruno mars winning big artist of the year. keith urban won three awards including favorite male country artist. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: brand new calls to build that wall after deadly attack at the border. ainsley: if you thought the economy was good in 2017. economists say just wait until next year. stuart varney is here to explain what needs to happen. ♪ ♪ about to get good ♪ excuse me a minute... hi dad. no. don't try to get up.
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ainsley: he apologized for groping a woman while she was sleeping but senator al franken refuses to resign. instead the democrat is promising to do a lot of reflecting during the holiday thanksgiving time. that's according to the star tribune after this photo and allegations surfaced last week that franken forcibly kissed anchor leann tweeden in 2006. lois learner is begging for her testimony she made during depositions to be sealed permanently. "washington times" report the former irs executive told a federal court that she fears for her family's safety if her explanation of the tea party targeting scandal is made public. her taped deposition is part of a settled lawsuit over illegal targeting groups for political beliefs. what do they know that we don't know? steve: good question. meanwhile, president trump making america work again. look at the numbers. u.s. unemployment down to 4.1% right now as analysts say if you thought 2017 was
3:45 am
a good year, wait until 2018 where they predict it will fall even further, the unemployment. brian: a lot of its own projection and hope. what needs to happen. stuart varney plays himself three hours every day from 9 to noon on fbn. >> yes. brian: when ron johnson said i don't think i'm with this yet the market dropped, does that shoat impact of a tax plan that people might debate the contents but they want to see it. >> yes. what the market wants, what the economy needs is a tax cut plan before the end of the year. get that, and you keep the momentum going. the economy is fairly strong already and we have big companies like goldman sachs predicts the unemployment rate will drop down do 3.7% next year because we have got this momentum going to. keep the momentum going you do need those tax cuts when ron johnson turned around and said i have a problem with this tax plan in the senate gives too much to big
3:46 am
business and not enough to small business the market did take a hit. you've got to remember, this is the maneuvering. steve: it's the dance. >> it's the dance. it's the sausage making, call it what you like. we are going towards a final package from the senate in the house together. a lot of people are standing up and saying what about this? what about that? hoping to get a concession at the last minute. ainsley: tax cuts are great for most of ours viewers. people who live in new york and new jersey where taxes are going to go up, what's the benefit for them? >> the benefit for most people in california and new jersey and new york is that you will stimulate business, grow the economy, create more jobs and wages will go up. for high income earners in those states they will take a hit. they will end up paying more in tax, not less. that's because the state and local tax deduction may be done away with. ainsley: if the economy does better, then their 401(k)s go up. >> they will benefit from that but overall, high income earners in california, new york, and
3:47 am
new jersey will suffer. it will be a negative for them. ainsley: not for everyone in the state, just the high income? >> just for the high income people, they will take a hit if they are in those states. steve: sure. although i saw some stat as they were rolling out the whole plan where something like only 31% of all-american tax filers actually itemize so it impacts very few people. but, stuart, i also saw a statistic where they were talking about even with approval polls where if the general public doesn't care for the president, they really like his economic policies so far. >> and so they should. he has succeeded on the economy. and if that's the main point of getting reelected, well, he is doing well. unemployment 4.1% and goldman sachs says it's going down. the economy is expanding at 3% growth rate. we will get 3.5% next year, maybe more, if we get the tax cut package. steve: is all of this stuff because of president trump? >> well, no.
3:48 am
the world economy is growing. that's helping us. that's not what president trump has done for us. but the growth in the domestic economy, the improvement in jobs, and getting rid of regulation, that is president trump. this is the trump rally on the stock market, make no mistake about it. brian: all this talk of trade and some of the details come out that shows he is going to be doing nafta, taking a look at bilateral trade deals, being tougher from vietnam to europe, i think is -- has the promise of even more. but here's the big picture. when it comes to the state deduction, is this going to force states to lower their tax rate or lose people and isn't that part of the plan? >> there is no question in my mind that they will lose people. they there will be an exodus of high income earners out of california. steve: sure. >> probably going to arizona, texas, and especially nevada. there will an exodus of high income people new york and
3:49 am
new jersey. they are heading straight down to florida. ainsley: florida. >> there is no local state income tax. there is no estate tax. you'll win if you are a high income earner and you make tracks for florida. steve: prediction, next year, dolls the stock market continue the tear it's on? >> i think there is a 90% chance that we do get a tax deal this year and, therefore, if we get it, and i think we will get it, the market differents to go up. but i hate to predict the stock market. it could be on the news. it okay watch out for that. steve: what you talk about every day on your program. >> i don't make predictions. steve: varney and company 9 to newspaper today on fox business. >> thank you, everyone. ainsley: thank you, sir. steve: still ahead on this monday jeff flake caught, embarrassingly, with a hot mike. >> become the party of roy moore and donald trump, we are toast. steve: oh, boy. kellyanne conway here to respond to that in just a couple minutes. brian: are you looking for
3:50 am
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that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at: >> steve: let's go shopping.
3:54 am
ainsley: tv's are the most popular item to buy on black friday. here are the deals you need to know before you leave your house. "consumer reports" electronics expert jim wilcox. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. ainsley: people are ready to buy and save money. what do we need to know when buying tv's. >> tv's are great. you see really low prices on brands you probably haven't heard of. those are the door buster specials. a lot of the times designed to get you into the store and hopefully you will buy more profitable goods. with tvs, these are the -- prices are lowest of the year so people want to buy them. steve: actually you brought two televisions. this is the more expensive it's the lg. why do you like that. >> this is one of the best tvs you can buy this year. olets has dominated our ratings the last couple of years. when we bought this tv in april it was $3,000. the price right now is $1,500. you will walk away with one the best tvs you can buy. it's a 55-inch tv 4 k.
3:55 am
steve: meanwhile right over there if you go to kohl's good price. >> $500. samsung. one of the things that happens this time of year their derivative is seasonal model, tves you haven't seen before. come out this time of year. very similar to models that we have seen during the year. this is the 6290. it gives you very good picture quality. excellent hd. 4 k set. $500 at kohl's and a bunch of other retailers now. brian: there are things we should look out for. cut in half. i'm going to jump on this. two thirds out i should get. this are there traps? >> obviously those really low prices on tves are designed to try to get you into the store or online in the hoping that you will buy other more profitable goods. the other thing is too the other brands we have never tested. you might hear about brands have you never seen before. a polaroid, an element. tvs that may not perform as well as some of these other
3:56 am
sets. ainsley: can you go online. do you get the same deal if you wait in line or go online? >> more and more of stores are now matching their online prices in stores. you may have heard a week ago wal-mart said they were actually going to price -- do better prices in stores to get people in the stores than online. certainly one of the tough things is these deals change all the time because of the internet. you really have to pay attention to what's happening. brian: do your homework. steve: that's one of the reasons why "consumer reports" has been so popular for years you rate the televisions and figure out whether it's a dog or dandy. >> exactly. steve: thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: i learned i like that guy sean hannity than that guy charles manson. brian: president trump just weighed in on marshon lynch who just sat down in mexico city for the star-spangled banner. should he be suspended? steve: plus, kellyanne conway joining us from the white house. plus herschel walker, you
3:57 am
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pal met. steve: we love this high school marching band from naples, florida the panel met toe ridge marching band and so do you because last year it was announced that they were invited to perform at donald trump's inauguration but they would need $135,000 to make the trip from florida up to our nation's capital. they didn't have the money until they came on "fox & friends." brian: wow. so a little bit later we have marco rubio is going to be joining us to give us the latest on tax reform and we have a lot to talk about in terms of the people, the republicans that are not on board. and is there a chance that some so-called moderate democrats will put this plan over the top? perhaps are they ready to jump in? steve: no. brian: you don't think so? steve: no, absolutely not. brian: the president has been working the phones with him. steve: they don't want him to get a win. they want to take both house us of the congress next year and they don't want to help him at awesome let's talk to kellyanne conway. she is the counselor to the president of the united states. she joins us from our
4:03 am
nation's capital on this monday of thanksgiving week. kellyanne conway good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so the president tweeted out yesterday, hey, congress, don't disappoint the american people on tax reform. how close are we to finally getting a tax cut? >> we feel very confident, but it is up to those legislators for years have been promising their constituents they are going to get meaningful tax cuts and tax overhaul. and we are very happy that the house and senate have come up with what i call trump speed not swamp speed in getting their bills to the floor fairly quickly. we feel really great that both bills adhere to the president's four core principles for tax cuts and tax relief, relief, simplification, middle class tax cut and reducing that corporate cut tax rate so we're below the average for developed countries instead of the highest. we feel great. my colleagues have been traveling around the country, as has been the president. and up on capitol hill,
4:04 am
constantly. this one feels like everybody is oriented in the same direction. to your point about the democrats, the president has said from day one he wants tax cuts to be bipartisan. that's a question for the democrats. schuyler, there arsurely there s owners and moms and pops in every state in this country who feel they deserve a tax cut. steve: kellyanne conway, the democrats. >> partisan talk also not get in the way. steve: partisan politics is getting in the way and democrats don't want to give the president a win. >> that's too bad because it's a win for the american people. this is not about a win for the president. this is about giving the forgotten man and forgotten woman, who put this man into office because they have been forgotten for decades through regulation and taxation. and just the overbarons of a government that's intrusive, invasive, expensive and expansive. this is for them. and this is not about giving the president a win. that's silly. he is the president. he won. it's ttell hillary clinton by te way p.s. this is about people
4:05 am
winning. i do hope in the legacy of presidents john kennedy, ronald reagan, george w. bush, much smaller tax cut but that we have bipartisan support. we have always been able to rely upon that. i think the democrats are in big trouble because they have to defend 25 senate seats next year. 10 in states the president won. five he won by massive double digits. they are going to go home and say when i had a chance to give you more of your hard earned money, give you a child care tax cut, adult dependent double. your first 24,000 is completely tax free at zero pert%. they will say i didn't do it because of xyz when we know it's because of petty political partisan reasons. doug jones in alabama, folks, don't be fooled. he will be a vote against tax cuts. he is weak on crime. weak on borders. is he strong on raising your taxes. he is terrible for property owners. brian: so vote roy moore. >> liberal not you saying anything and why the media are trying to boost him.
4:06 am
brian: so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you that we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. and if the media were really concerned about all of these allegations and if that's what this is truly about, al franken would be on the ash heap of by gone half funny comedians. he wouldn't be here on capitol hill. he still has his job. what's bob menendez doing back here. that's the best new jersey can do huh, doocy? you live there. a liberal. brian: the rnc has withdrawn support for roy moore. mitch mcconnell has withdrawn support so has the young republicans withdrawn support. ainsley: and a lot of women. >> right. and you know what? i just want everybody to know doug jones, nobody ever says his name and pretends he is some kind of conservative democrat in alabama. and he's not. steve: kellyanne? >> yes. steve: will the president be going back down to alabama to campaign on behalf of roy
4:07 am
moore before the special election? >> there is no plan to do that. the president is going to continue traveling around the country on tax cuts and other issues, yes. ainsley: kellyanne, there are six republicans that have concerns about this tax reform or tax cut bill. you have corker, flake, senator johnson, murkowski, collins and senator mccain. they all have different reasons. i want to play some sound bites for you. the first one is susan collins saying she hasn't supported him from the beginning. and then this was also senator jeff flake who butted these sound bites together when he was caught on a hot mike. listen to this. >> president trump was not my choice for the republican nominee for president. i want to see changes in that bill. and i think there will be changes. there are some provisions of the house bill that i like better there are provisions of both bills that i like but i think the bill needs work. >> become the party of roy moore and donald trump, we are toast.
4:08 am
ainsley: what is your reaction to that? senator flake is not running for reflection. he clearly doesn't support the president. then susan collins she has healthcare that she is concerned with in her state. >> i'm very happy that senator collins is coming forth now and expressing some of the ways she thinks that the bill-out the final bill can be improved, including leaving in some of those provisions from the house bill that she says she personally prefers. we prefer to have those conversations and those debates now than just have somebody show up and be a no vote. that's why the president himself went over to congress last week. that's why my colleagues and i are there nonstop out in the things out. bringing the case to the persoamerican people. taking their input and ideas and reflecting that in this bill. in the end, especially with people like senator johnson who is concerned about small businesses, it comes to -- explain to me what's in there for small businesses? 25% rate? the lowest tax rate on our moms and pops small businesses? i was an s corps for 22
4:09 am
years. you reinvest that money in your company. you buy better inventory, you pay benefits. you are able to attract and retain a workforce that's compensated well and compete with the big guys. the 17.4% deduction for small businesses, the 100 percent expensing for five years, these are all very attractive features to the folks who show up to work before dawn and go home long after dusk. brian: kellyanne conway, i watched the whole collins interview. she is absolutely gettable. she is getting her hands dirty in this. that is something about personal behavior and who she picked during the primaries. corker i also understand and ivanka and you were doing a lot of work to win over some of those others are doing some honest look into the packs plan they realize it's about the country, not about who is president. meanwhile, the president did weigh in and tweeted this out in regards to running back marshawn lynch of the raiders sitting down during the national anthem and standing you up during the
4:10 am
max can anthem he said this: how do you feel about the president weighing in here. >> the president has been consistent from the very beginning. look at what's happened to many of these teams. nfl viewership and attendance at these games. you know what? we have a saying in our house anyway, i think it's a pretty good one you take a knee for the lord and you stand for the flag. many americans agree with that and the president has been very consistent about this. and every president, look at the last one, they become involved in some of the cultural and social questions of the day. there is no way to avoid it and i think many americans agree with that. and, look, if you want to express your viewpoint and the average nfl players i understand it makes about 2 million a year that gentleman probably makes far higher. and far more. there are so many ways for you to get civically
4:11 am
involved. more than 5 seconds before a game. there are so many ways for you to participate and animate youth and engage them, the nfl has taken a big hit reputation wise. they are in a world of hurt. i'm glad the philadelphia eagles are 9-1 by the way. the fact is i hope roger goodell, the nfl, maybe they will work with us on big initiatives like combating the opioid epidemic and drug demand. that would be terrific. roger goodell has publicly said that he would like to, quote, move on from this. and i bet he would. he can call us. we can call him and say hey, can we get you involved in something all sports, something that's big that effects our youth as drug demand reduction. brian: players union doesn't. steve: kellyanne conway let me ask you about this, we had a union representative on friday last week representing ice officers who felt that the president had betrayed them in this new secretary for the department of homeland security, they liked general
4:12 am
kelly when he was there but now he is your chief of staff. and they feel like the new secretary kristin nelson is an obama era holdover a lawyer, little experience, didn't back president trump when he was running, backed jeb and wasn't really for the wall. so what are these people in this union who not feeling so good about the leadership there? what are they getting wrong? >> that was one person. i want -- i thought that was incredibly regrettable and error riddled interview. first of all, i serve with general kelly and serve with care can i citizen nielsen, everybody ought to learn how to pronounce it because she is going to be our deputy of homeland security and she dual a good job there she testified under oath how she feels about all of these issues. people can go and pull that testimony. she is strong. she's smart. i get a little tired of women having to doublely prove themselves but that's
4:13 am
okay. we're up to the task. and obviously we survive and thrive here. but, kirsten nielsen will be in the likeness of general kelly. those first six months on that job for general kelly, he worked on the travel ban, getting that wall built, and keeping our homeland secure. think of all the things that you are dealing with here. the ports, the border. we have 90% of our heroin comes through the southern border. we have poison coming over the border constantly. she's going to be -- that was, i thought that was a very regrettable interview. look at what happened last night with the border agent murdered and god rest his soul. it brings into sharp view how important it is to get ms. nielsen confirmed quickly. and there are many border agents, many. very happy this president under his leadership illegal border crossings are down. drugs being turned away. we have a lot of work to do. the fact is this president is committed to building that wall. we hope congress hears him. we have 70 point immigration plan anybody can pull up as
4:14 am
soon as this interview is over and see tough is he going to be. steve: we will do it kellyanne, thank you investment. we are about out of time. ainsley: a fox news alert. extra police headed to tampa to join a manhunt for serial killer. can cops find him?
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
♪ brian: we have a fox news alert. authorities going door to door searching for clues on
4:18 am
a potential serial killer in tampa. ainsley: four people are dead and a desperate manhunt is underway. steve: former homicide detective and fox news contributor ted williams has the latest on the investigation. he is live down in tampa. hey, ted, we have seen some surveillance video. just looks like surveillance video to us. when you look at it, what do you see? >> well, i think this is going to be crucial in probably solving these crimes. the individual in the october 9th surveillance video seemed to be using his right hand as he walked. the individual in the november 14th video seemed to fit the same description of the person in the october 9th video. brian: all right. these murders happened within a mile of each other, so, besides that, is there any other pattern we can ascertain from this? >> just somewhat.
4:19 am
these murders seemed to have occurred, number one, at night. number two, around a bus stop. and number three, when the area itself appears to be isolated. ainsley: what is the mood in that area and what's that neighborhood like? >> ainsley, it's sad. because this seemed to be a very wonderful neighborhood. but this neighborhood now is paralyzed. and you see at night-i came through here last night. individuals had their porch lights on. there were not a lot of people out on the streets. they are hoping that law enforcement will continue to saturate this area and catch this killer. steve: absolutely. people are locking their doors at night and there is a gigantic award for information leading to the arrest of them. ted, thank you very much for joining us live from tampa on this monday. ainsley: authorities have asked all the neighbors to
4:20 am
keep their lights on. coming up, brand new calls to build that wall from president trump after a border patrol agent is murdered. details on that next. steve: and instead of taking a knee, football icon herschel walker is taking a stand for our heroes. he is live on the plaza to tell us about that. and that silverado truck ♪ there goes my hero ♪ watch him as he goes ♪ totally blind. totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
4:21 am
you feel better. introducing tommie copper's all new shoulder centric posture shirt. they're biggest breakthrough yet. advanced engineering promotes healthy posture and relief for achy shoulders and back. visit to see the entire line of wearable wellness compression. they have you covered from head to toe. go to right now and find out how you can save 25% on your first purchase, plus first shipping. life hurts, feel better.
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4:23 am
♪ ainsley: welcomains. jillian: welcome back. hope you are having a good start to you're day. two flerts. charles manson infan must cult leader passing away overnight of natural causes. manson known for convincing his followers to commit heinous murders. the group going on two day
4:24 am
killing spree taking seven lives in los angeles in the late 1960's. three of the four cult members are alive. two of them still behind bars. manson spent nearly half a century in prison. also breaking right now, president trump renewing calls for a border wall after a border patrol agent is killed on the job. martinez fatally injured responding to, quote, activity near the mexican border in texas. his partner remains hospitalized in serious condition. it's unclear exactly what happened. president trump responding to the incident tweeting, quote, we will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. we will and must build that wall. now outside to ainsley, steve, and brian. thank you so much. well the nfl anthem protests continues with raiders running back marshawn lynch sitting for national anthem while playing down in mexico city. but he stood for mexico's anthem. steve: he wasn't alone. three miami dolphins knelt in protest as did a giants player yesterday.
4:25 am
brian: instead of taking a knee. next guest is standing tall for coon test. before we get to that herschel walker, super star. you will be joining us. you will be fighting another fight. >> i will do one more fight. brian: you haven't done enough. but, herschel, when you heard about marshawn taking a seat in mexico he city, what's your reaction. >> i was insulted. i don't know whether he is taking this as a joke because i think he is this is very serious. the commissioner should have handled this at the very beginning. he should have said everyone stand and at the end of season we goal to washington and do something about it. steve: famously about a month and a half ago that the president of the united states, donald trump, who you used to work for when he ran that football team. >> yes. steve: he weighed in on it. he tweeted out regarding marshawn today that next time he should be suspended. >> i have been saying that guys should have been suspended from the beginning. right now i have been working with the military for 8 years. i don't care what people
4:26 am
say. the national anthem is the united states of america. that's where you live. that's where we get everything that we have here in the united states. steve: that's just one thing you never protest. >> you never protest that. ainsley: now you are doing something great for the troops and for heroes here in this country. what are you doing? >> what we're trying to do is give away this wonderful truck. it was hand painted by tech mcdermott. we will give it away to active military, veterans and first responders. they don't really get enough. i think enough rewards. they have been criticized so much for all the good things they are doing. i wanted to give away a truck from rocky ridge truck. brian: true american hero right here. i don't know if you can make it out. what's the criteria to nominate someone and make them eligible to win this. >> criteria is if you are active military or veteran or first responder can you go on to rocky ridge you can register your american hero in 2 february 28th. a committee go in and vote who is going to win this truck. steve: what constitutes a
4:27 am
hero these days? >> what constitutes a hero in my opinion. i have had an opportunity to go down to the military. someone is going to give to someone else. i've been a christian. i have loved the lord jesus my whole life, it's more about giving to someone else. right now that's what we need in this country right now. we need something that's giving to someone else rather than yourselves. an american hero for me is a military active service man or a police officer. police officers are not getting the credit they deserve. that's a hero to me. brian: interesting to talk to you herschel pause we are in the middle of the nfl controversy. you also knew the president as an nfl owner, as a football owner in the usfl and you also knew him as the apprentice. whose the guy you know. >> the guy i know is a good man. i think for him to be elected as president, i think it was wonderful. people have got to give him the opportunity to be the president. one thing we have to do is respect the white house. i don't care what you do, we were born here in the united states of america. this is the most wonderful country in the world. and if it's the most wonderful country in the
4:28 am
world let's do what we're supposed to do respect the white house. one thing great about this we can vote him out if we don't like him in four more years. if we continue to do what we're doing we may not get a chance to vote. brian: when you call the president a racist, what's your reaction. >> he is not a racist. i have known donald for year. i have known president trump since '82. little donald with me. i took him to amusement park. brian: don jr. >> he is not a racist. that's an excuse people use. he is a good man. they need to give him a chance. because he was elected as our president. he was elected as our president whether people want to say popular vote or not, he is our president. ainsley: what the is necklace you are wearing. >> it's a heart. angel. michael the guardian angel. like i say i have been blessed all my life and that's the reason why i want to give away this wonderful truck to guys that do great things to me. brian: we nominate people at that site. ainsley: do you know what i love about you and your
4:29 am
message you are a true hero. people look at you as an nfl player heisman trophy winner. thank you for speaking out about your faith, being thankful for this country, the red, white, and blue it's wonderful. >> heros are people that go down range that have bullets and bombs going off every night but they get up and do a wonderful job. brian: where were you born. >> i was born in georgia. brian: do you know anything about the georgia dome. >> the georgia dome is a wonderful place. ainsley: did you know it's been imploded right now? steve: this is a fox news alert. we are taking you down as you can see right there, herschel, that is the georgia dome. but with the construction of the atlanta falcons new mercedes benz stadium moving closer to completion, they are planning to implode it as you can see. ainsley: are you ready to see this. >> i hate to see it but i learn from jerry jones best to get rid of the old one because never noe one would ever come to the new one if you don't get rid of the old one. brian: here is the other thing for one last time if
4:30 am
you are inside and watching us, please get out. it's about to collapse on top of you. steve: apparently the falcons had put on hold a decommissioning until there were -- the facility would be ready for the 2017 season. it will be and here she goes. watch. brian: by the way it's going to be converted to a green space to tailgate. ainsley: that's what do best down in the south, brian. brian: put a thing there to show where the stadium once stood and people will be drinking. ainsley: do you have a memories you want to share? >> i have a lot of memories. high school football player there. there was a young woman one of the best kickers in high school in that georgia dome there. ainsley: however did you grow up. >> i grew up about two hours from atlanta. ainsley: do you go back a lot. >> guy back a lot. >i go back a mom still l.
4:31 am
steve: it's going to be an end of an ear remarks we're told in the next few seconds they have closed off all the roads in the area. the neighbors have been forewarned. the new facility, which is right there next to it, will be home to the mls, atlanta united, which will be -- will have a falcons preseason game against arizona on august the -- brian: same owner. the mls team that owns the football team so he is building it all. ainsley: at our college we have our stadium next to our stadium all the green spaces people buy them and convert them to great tailgating spots. can you buy a parking lot in there very luke tia. is it the same in the nfl. >> same in the nfl. one thing that's great about this georgia dome a lot of people don't realize when you do the parking lot, you can see the game going on, the jumbotron you can see from outside of that stadium. brian: wow. >> you can sit outside and tailgate and watch the game. you don't have to go in. >> georgia dome might have gotten from the president.
4:32 am
-- from the governor. maybe they had second thoughts about blowing it up. steve: mercedes benz arena is next to it? >> it is right next to it. i will tell that you is a wonderful, wonderful stadium. as a matter of fact, i gave away a car at the opening game of that stadium. steve: you give away a lot of cars. >> i give away a lot of cars. ainsley: we were told it was going to happen within five seconds. of course that didn't happen. any minute it's going to blow up. what's your advice to kids that are watch having a dream to play in the nfl. >> my advice is continue to work hard. my advice is never give up your dream. steve: there it goes. ainsley: who. brian: there you go. i guess the way to do this seems kind of organized for an explosion. steve: let's listen. steve: the whole idea is for it to implode, just explode straight down so that it doesn't damage anything around it. brian: so much quicker than taking it down piece by piece. ainsley: do they tell people in the surrounding area
4:33 am
close your windows and mouth and don't breathe this in. steve: they have known about that for a very long time. brian: this there it goes for the people of atlanta, georgia i didn't think that other place looked too bad. i was shocked. >> it's not that old that stadium is not that old. brian: are we sure we want to do this? steve: come down to the new one has more luxury sky boxes? >> exactly right. it's all for money. because that's where the owners make their money is from the sky boxes. brian: you just wonder, too, how much the state had to kick in. arthur blanket the owner of that team has cutting edge facilities. his team went to the super bowl a year ago. and they had this to build off on and not having the same season this year. >> right now having a tough season. they got time to turn it around. brian: right. ainsley: think about those kids that played in that stadium they were 18 years old or i guess 20 when they are drafted or whatever. 21. they played in that stadium and now it's gone. they did this coliseum where
4:34 am
we had all our journalism classes at the university of south carolina. steve: all about progress. herbal herbal i hated when they got rid of the texas stadium. brian: one more time how do we get. >> rocky register your veteran's active military and first responding. brian: first time ever done commentating on active implosion. >> first time. brian: herschel walker with the georgia background. ainsley: i know you said you support the president. there is a band that wanted to go to the inauguration. this is when a lot of famous people and bands were pulling out that didn't want to be there. this high school came on our show and go fund me page and needed $130,000 to go. brian: there it is. the presidential inauguration. they had a chance to go. ainsley: they go to go because of our viewers. steve: we're kicking off a weesk giving thanks here during the thanksgiving week taking a look back. so great cause our viewers helped with this year.
4:35 am
ainsley: joining us live from naples, florida, is the band director anna bell, palmetto rich high school principal and head drum major adrienne atyles i believe is how you say it and the entire band. what does this mean one year later. brian: adrienne? >> one year later really means a lot to me because i thought i had a really good experience and it was a wonderful time to be able to be a part of something so historic and to be part of such a great band and to be able to do that with my band. steve: anna bell, let's go back to about a year ago. when you got the invitation and you thought this is going to change all these kids' lives. oh, wait a minute, we don't have the money. how do we tell them we can't go? and then what do you do? >> well, of course i was a little -- well, very concerned about all of that. but, you know, we just try to be positive. and we were just hoping that
4:36 am
the students would be able to fund raise their way and that maybe we could get some support from the community. so when that turned into a lot of support from the community and the country, it was just really overwhelming and just a wonderful experience. brian: john, as the principal, what was it like for these students when they finally got for the inauguration the president noticed them and respects them and even knows their story? >> well, i think it was a great experience. it's a life-changing experience for the opportunity to be able to attend an inauguration. to be a part of that process and was a great experience for the students, for the chaperones and everyone involved and great experience for everyone at the high school. steve: tell us a little bit about how go fund me page had been started and you got some money. but then when you came on "fox & friends" how it really kind of started the to snowball. >> that was an amazing day.
4:37 am
started go fund me page and we are drugging along, donations here and there. but when fox decided to feature the band and the decision to go, within one day we had the amount of money in the go fund me page. enabled all of our students to go for free. ainsley: our viewers are so supportive and loyal. we have the best viewers out there. anna bell, what was your reaction when you saw all that money come in? >> i was just in shock. the phones at the school were ringing off the hook. and it was just really exciting. and then to constantly see the donations come in online was just, again, overwhelming and i was just so grateful that there were so many viewers out there and people that were willing to support our students. it was great. brian: i understand you have a performance for us. it's all lined up. the sheet music is on the right page for something blue. am i correct, adrienne? >> oh, yeah, yeah. definitely. >> this is the last part of
4:38 am
our show from this year. it's called "something blue." steve: we're done talking from new york how about you take it away down there in naples, florida. >> all right. trevor. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: very nice, the palm met tothe panelthe.almetto ridg.
4:40 am
officers banned from using the bathrooms on the main part of campus. they have got to go way out to the edge of campus. brian: yeah, in brooklyn. and more than 30 million soldiers have served in the u.s. army. but the army has never had its own museum until now. pete hegseth, an army guy himself, gives us an exclusive sneak peek at what's inside. ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn trust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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nahelps protect eyesin blue from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy. ♪ ainsley: the old georgia dome is no longer, guys, the dust is settling. they just imploded it. steve: look at that dust tail sweeping across
4:44 am
metropolitan atlanta. the georgia dome had stood for 25 years as you can see in its place the mercedes benz coliseum and that is a view from, we believe, one of the nearby billings looking down at where the dome was until 10 minutes ago. brian: now we have to bring you a story that i hope it disturbs you. because brooklyn college here in brooklyn, new york, is something that it's not in a bad area of brooklyn, it would necessarily challenge. it's always good to have law enforcement around unless, of course, you are the majority of the student body who is circulating a petition to not only not have the nypd on campus, they don't want them to be able to use the bathrooms. steve: yeah. this is a quote from somebody on campus. this is an unidentified student who spoke to the "new york post." they said we do not want the new york city police department on campus in any respect even if it's just to take breaks and use the
4:45 am
bathroom. i know students from every background and across every major, they don't feel comfortable around cops. they just don't. brian: unbelievable. steve: makes safe spaces feel not so safe. your first instinct is to be scared. what they are saying is they don't want the police officers on campus because it's triggering the students. so they have found a bathroom way out past the tennis courts out by one of the athletic fields. and the "new york post" went in to take a look at it the bathroom was broken. the toilet was broken. there was a out-of-order sign on the stall and only one of the sinks work. ainsley: it's a taxpayer funded campus. part of the system. i see the signs on the subway all the time send your kids to this school. we are paying for this school and they don't want cops there. steve: taxpayer funded. ainsley: why wouldn't they want -- they are worried about safety? they say they don't feel safe when they feel cops?
4:46 am
they will not be safe without the cops. brian: student paper called the excelsior. officials saying we are trying to keep law enforcement out of sight so they try to have a directive to either isolate them or keep them out of sight by using that bathroom on the side. ed mullins, who is head of the sergeant's unit says this. maybe it's time those students to fail to recognize the value of protecting them go take classes abroad where they can have their bathrooms all to themselves. this is so insulting. if this represents the next generation of americans, we're in a lot of trouble. steve: the student body president is quoted in the "new york post" is saying people don't like police officers at this particular college because the new york city police department had an undercover cop there with an operation. they were looking for terrorists and they arrested two women who are now on trial on charges they stockpiled tanks of propane gas for an isis inspired attack on new york city. remember that? they came -- they were
4:47 am
discovered through the operation at that college. turns out looks like they were terrorists. they are alleged terrorists and they were caught in that particular sting. brian: you know what in if i'm a member of the nypd, i don't even go near that place. i say listen, you don't want knee use your bathrooms, i don't go near them. go good luck with your chaos. by the way, all due respect to campus police, they are not the police. if you want. steve: they don't have guns. brian: they don't have guns. they are there as basically hall monitors. nothing compares to what the cops can do to keep a city facility safe. this is unbelievablably insulting. and sad. steve: it is sad. ainsley: it really is sad. steve: what do you think email us at tweet us or facebook us. ainsley: meanwhile, president trump warning republicans don't let the american people down on tax reform. six senators are still holding out. at least they have some concerns. what are they? steve: more than 30 million soldiers have served in the u.s. army. but the army has never had its own museum until now. pete hegseth always looking
4:48 am
for something to do. took a tour. and he joins us live next on "fox & friends." ♪ freedom ♪ you got to give for what you take ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ freedom ♪ you got to give for what you take ♪ will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress... don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours.
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i am the proud father of aeness very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy. it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at:
4:51 am
♪ steve steve more than 30 million army soldiers have served and sacrificed in the u.s. army. brian: but can you believe the army does not have its own museum? that is about to change. ainsley: our own pete hegseth got a sneak peek. where is this 3450u678. >> in virginia just outside of d.c. i got a chance to visit the
4:52 am
site where it's being built right there and see some of the amazing items inside. to not have a national museum for the army is shocking. we are doing it now. we got a sneak peek. take a look. >> the arc is somewhere very safe. pete: you've seen it in the movie but did you know there really is a government warehouse like this? located fort bellcar under tight security tell the story of the army's history. where are you. >> nice to see you again. pete: last time i met this guy he was sergeant first class jennings and we served together in the mats mass national guard. >> that's right. pete: dr. patrick jennings is historian perfect person to give a sneak peek at some of the artifacts move to the national museum. >> this is the oldest flag that will be on display at the army museum, correct? >> that's correct. this is the flag of the first regiment of the u.s. infantry. this is a militia drum from massachusetts decorated with a symbol latin.
4:53 am
[speaking latin] >> fitting and proper to die for one's country. pete: from the revolutionary war to world war ii. pete: what have we got here. >> we have probably the most significant cap the hat of douglas mcarthur. hat made famous in the iconic photo of him waving ashore philippines. pete: can i put it on. >> oh, no. pete: can't put it on. i will get really close like this almost douglas mcarthur. nope, can't touch. can't do it. i know. sorry. i have never seen anything like this what is it? >> this is a homemade weapon, if you will. this was made by a german soldier in world war i. so coming up on 100 years of age. this is something that a drummer would have carried with him on a trench raid. ♪ pete: from the weapons used by our enemies in hand-to-hand combat to the weapons used by our enemies today. >> this is a honda motorcycle used by the taliban to move ieds from
4:54 am
the bomb maker to the bomb planter. this is a piece of the landing gear from one the aircraft that crashed into the world trade center in 9/11 2001. pete: looks like what used to the be an engine where from. >> came out of mogadishu. this is the engine from super 6 one. >> going down. going down. helicopter shot down from the famous black hawk down incident. pete: one of the things the army museum is striving to do is tell its history through the stories of individual soldiers. >> this is the bible of mr. melvin, he carried this bible with him through the bataan death march into japanese camp. tell the story of the man who had the will and faith to survive. when a visitor walks into a
4:55 am
museum, they will start encountering these large stainless steel pylons, we put individual soldiers and a brief history about them. pete: also throughout the museum life sized and extremely life like soldiers. >> a lot of these cast figures are active duty soldiers or former soldiers. pete: currently? >> currently in the army. pete: idea is to take the visitor to the museum and put them inside the action, inside the vehicle, inside the fire fight? >> absolutely. pete: what better way to put in the battlefield. the army museum is literally being built around four of these vehicles already in place at the construction site. pete: i can't say i have ever been underneath world war i tank. >> we actually found bullet holes and found a bullet imbedded and we kept that battle damage to shoat visitor. pete: what's it been like to watch a project many years in the making sort of rise from the ground? >> really an honor. a tremendous honor. >> for those families and others who have contributed
4:56 am
to our nation's service and sacrifice, this is special. pete: as you can see the museum is not yet finished the projected opening of the museum is late 2019. they have raised a ton of private money to make it happen. they are still a bit short to. donate visit army it's going to happen either way. some very genius individuals making sure it happens very cool. great place to bring kids to teach them. brian: they will take anything. pete: yes, anything. steve: cool we pose tore. pete: i wanted to put mcarthur's hat on i couldn't do it. brian: wore gel and it will come out. [laughter] brian: coming up next hour thanks pete great job. senator marco rubio live next ♪ ♪ i'll find someone new ♪ swing swing swing ♪
4:57 am
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♪ ainsley: charles manson, the infamous cult leader is dead at 83. known for making his followers commit murders. steve: to senate republicans on the tax reform bill. don't disappoint the american people. >> we're very happy that the house and the isn't he senate have come up with what i call trump speed, not swamp speed and getting their bill to the floor quickly. >> i'm very optimistic. we're going to get it done before opening presents on christmas eve. >> president trump calling to build the wall after a border patrol agent is killed in the line of duty. had been a border patrol agent since 2013. radars running back lynch while playing. decided to stand. brian: next time nfl should
5:01 am
suspend had me for the remainder of the season. attendance and ratings way down. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: i remember when this came out. they actually played at the all-star game. it was the biggest layoff in the history of baseball. it's perfect. steve: welcome to fox and friends. it's monday and what is historically the workweek of the -- just three days. today's going to feel like a monday. then tomorrow tuesday is going to feel like wednesday because it's the middle of the week and then wednesday is going to feel like friday because you have thursday, which is thanksgiving off. ainsley: just the kickoff snoot holidays.
5:02 am
kick off to christmas, thanksgiving, best meal. you don't have to give gifts. no stress. with family. quick, short workweek. brian: but, listen, if you're cooking, you should get a gift for the person in charge of cooking. steve: you should give a gift? brian: no, you should receive. just give that person 20 or $30, and say thanks for making the turkey. steve: that's all they want is thanks. ainsley: if you give your mom 20 or 30 bucks, would she take it? brian: she probably would. she would say shelled say thank you very much. turkeys don't grow on trees. let's be honest. ainsley: i would give her several hundred dollars. if i don't have to cook, i'll pay for the groceries. brian: and this is the first year the redskins are hosting a game and a lot of people are upset because they don't think that name should be with the redskins. so back to controversy. something else to talk about at the dinner table. steve: all right. we're going to have a list of the top ten things you say not to talk about at the table in a moment. but first, one of the things
5:03 am
that people are talking about today is tax cuts. will the u.s. congress wind up with some sort of tax cut bill that the president of the united states could sign? there he is. he just kissed the tax form if the house plan went through. do it on something the size of a big postcard. brian: right. but now it's up to the senate to get it through. five or six holding out. but for the first part, no one's sitting back. they're saying i'm not ready yet, but i want to get to a "yes" for the most part. ainsley: all right. there's six holdoffs or six people with concerns that are republican senators. the republicans can only afford to lose two of those votes. so they've got to negotiate with at least four of those just to make sure their concerns are fixed that they're happy, and they're going to vote "yes." steve: yeah, susan colin has the big concerns not only about the affordable care individual mandate she wants it to stay in there. but she also wants -- she's concerned about the state and
5:04 am
local taxes. she doesn't want that to go away. she wants the bottom corporate wray at any rate not to go 20%, she wants it to be 22 or 23%, which is white house says is a nonstarter. and then you have jeff flake, who wrote the antitrump book that cake out about months ago. they sure don't sound like they're onboard with this. listen. >> president trump was not my choice for the republican nominee for president. i wanted to see changes in that bill, and i think there will be changes. there's some provisions of the house bill that i like better. there's provisions of both bills that i like, but i think the bill needs work. >> the party of roy moore and donald trump. brian: right. so you understand they were both talking about personal conduct. and allegations during the campaign. susan collins is actually talking about the plan. she likes most of it and one thing she did not like is the release of the mandate. but she did bring up the fact
5:05 am
if you tell people they don't have to buy insurance, that's actually going to help the working class more than anybody else, and she brought that up almost contradicting herself. so i think she's trying to work herself to a "yes," and i think it's also interesting that mcmulvaney said if people have problem with releasing the mandate on obamacare, we'll get rid of it if it stops passing. ainsley: they're worried about the debt. it's going to drive the debt up. you have ron johnson, saying it's unfair to small business. too much for the corporations. and then murkowski and collins, they don't want to repeal and replace obamacare, and then john mccain wants the military to get at least 700 billion for the fiscal year. steve: so ultimately you have these six republican senators who want big changes. but if they do make changes, that could alienate other republicans in the senate. we had kellyanne with us just about an hour ago. kellyanne conway the president's adviser. why is the president pushing the republicans right now? this is what she said.
5:06 am
>> we prefer to have those conversations and those debates now than just have somebody show up and be a no vote. that's why the president himself went over to congress last week. that's why my colleagues and i are there nonstop bringing the cake to the american people and taking in their inputs and their ideas and reflecting that in this bill. brian: so what they've got to do is they've got to deal with each other first. president trump has general things, four general outlines of what he wants in this plan. steve: uh-huh. brian: so i think that the senate is closer than they ever would with obamacare. the only person i haven't heard of because he's been injured because of the crazy thing that happened where he broke his ribs and bruised lung. i don't know where he stands on this because he's either a hard yes or a hard no. the others are looking to get to a "yes.," in fact, there's no doubt about it, ivanka came to see the senator. he's definitely trying to get, you know, get his hands
5:07 am
dirty. steve: apparently rand paul, he's super conservative, he doesn't want anybody's taxes to wind up going up, but there's projections some could. we're going to talk to marco rubio from the great state of florida in about half an hour. ainsley: and susan collins told us last week she really think so she's going to be onboard for tax reform. brian: something else happened yesterday in the nfl. the mexico city hosted the new england patriots. but news was made. it was the first story throughout most of the day. lynch, the controversial running back from the seattle seahawks who took a year off and came back with the radars, decided what he always does, and that is sit. he has been sitting all year. he sits in mexico city for the national anthem and stands for the mexican anthem and the president has just about had it. ainsley: yep. the president tweeted this
5:08 am
out. lynch stands for the mexico's anthem and sits down for our national anthem. next time should suspend him. attendance and ratings way down. we asked you whether or not you felt like you were feeling badly about football and whether or not you would be watching it this thanksgiving, and overwhelmingly according to our e-mail, a lot of you simply will not turn on the television and watch the nfl play football on turkey day. ainsley: that's right. you had walker who was supporting everyone who stands up. he supports the red, white, and blue and our troops, and he says this is a shame that these guys are kneeling or taking a knee or sitting on the bench during the national anthem. hats off to him for saying that. it's about the sacrifices that our military men and men are making. they're not home for christmas. these are millionaires kneeling on the sidelines. choose a different platform. choose a different time. brian: i also have a problem with the fact that they're protesting law enforcement. i think most of the time does
5:09 am
a fantastic job. 99% of the time. jillian talking about doing a great job 100% of the time, there she is. >> oh, thank you. and, you know, law enforcement are right there along the sidelines as well during the game. that's the hard part for a lot of people. starting with a fox news alert. charles manson, the infamous cult leader dead at 83. known for convincing his followers to kill seven people in the late 1960s, including sharon tate and her unborn baby. she said a prayer for his soul. three of the four manson members are still alive. charles spent half a century in prison. after a border patrol agent is killed on the job. martinez fatally injured responding to quote activity near the mexican border in texas. his partner remains
5:10 am
hospitalized in serious condition. it's unclear exactly what happened. president trump responding to the incident tweeting quote we will seek you the out and bring to justice those responsible. we will and must build the wall. moments ago, the georgia dome crumbling to its core. the city of atlanta imploding the 25-year-old building next to mercedes-benz stadium with 5,000 pounds of explosives. the stadium that held two super bowls and olympics completely flattened in 15 seconds. it will now turn into a green space that fans can park and tailgate. and birds checking into minnesota hotel in washington, d.c. before president trump pardons them at the white house tomorrow. it's a tradition that dates back 70 years. after their pardoning, they will live out their lives at virginia tech, so we will find out their names later today.
5:11 am
but i did research this further after our last conversation, and their owners right now say their names are currently bo and thai. steve: yelled something at the birds while they were there. brian: that is one moment where you can be off script and can have fun. president obama always had fun with this. i look forward to the big pardon today. steve: because the turks are wild animals, and they do crazy stuff. brian: jillian, last hour. two hours ago. we brought up a very important thing. what should we talk about? ainsley: well, she was filling in over the weekend for abby, and she was great, and she says that she has a friend that lives in chicago, and has a list of what you can't talk about at the dinner table. steve: no trump, no hillary, on and on. ainsley: star wars. the pipeline. obamacare. steve: so we asked you some of the things we thought you should not talk about this thursday. we've got the top ten list. number ten from tammy.
5:12 am
she doesn't want to hear about your kids' accomplishments. brian: who you. that's great. ainsley: janice from indiana says i don't want to hear about the clintons. brian: that will be easy. ainsley: number eight, mike in boston says gun control. brian: all right. number seven beverly wrote in don't want to hear about the nfl. the giants? they won two games. steve: they're not even going to turn on the tv. number six kate in new york says relationships and why there are no grandkids or ring on the finger. brian: yeah, good luck with that. ainsley: mike in florida says i don't want to hear about al franken. >> nicole in arkansas says reasons we can't build that big, beautiful wall. brian: it's going to be a quiet dinner. ainsley: this might be my uncle robert. he says anything controversial while the carving knives are out. brian: and jim, don't use this term. do i look fat? if i do, answer "no." steve: and number one thing you should not talk about at
5:13 am
dinner according to bruce, russia, russia, russia. brian: that was rigged. this whole thing was rigged. ainsley: if you can't talk about politics and kids what about else is there to talk about? brian: you should be colluding. >> oh, my goodness. sit in silence. steve: keep them coming. we're going to read them all hour long. in the meantime coming up this thursday, president trump issuing a warning to dozens of sanctuary cities. comply with the law, or we're going to cut you off with certain grant money. and our next guest says about time. brian: plus, washington redskins will play on thanksgiving. something they've done nine times before. but says this year it's racist. ainsley: but first, another performance from the american music awards lady gaga with the cure.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
steve: the trump administration warning 29 sanctuary cities and states to comply with federal immigration laws by december the 8th or risk losing some federal money. attorney general jeff sessions
5:18 am
said quote jurisdictions also adopt the view that protection of criminal animals is more important than the protection of law-abiding citizens and the rule of law. joining us right now to discuss is the director of research for the center for immigration studies steven joins us from our nation's capital. steven, good morning. >> good morning. steve: okay. you're saying yep. it's about time. glad to hear it; right? >> absolutely. remind your listeners what's happening here. someone beats their wife, they're arrested for drunk driving, and they're in jail, and identified as illegal immigrants when their if the plaintiff got in and said to the jurisdiction please hold them, we'll be there in 48 hours. and the jurisdiction as a matter of policy purposefully releases that person and what the attorney general is saying is, look, you can't do that and expect to get all of this federal money obviously, it's the kind of lawlessness. steve: so ultimately, where
5:19 am
did this start initially where the, you know, it's been big in new york and los angeles for quite a while, and it is spread where people in these jurisdictions say that's the rule of law. we don't like it, so we're not going to follow it. >> right. so it proliferated under obama, but it has been growing for a long time, and there are has been some court rulings at the local level. never higher up. that have basically said, well, you may not be able to hold people without an actual warrant. even though federal law says that when the immigration service asks you to hold someone, that is sufficient to do it. some judges have said, well, maybe not. but it doesn't really affect most jurisdictions and, in fact, most jurisdictions do cooperate. these are the real outliers that don't cooperate. steve: but here's the thing. they understand that if they want the money, they've got to follow the rules. and now they're fighting back saying, look, war not following the rules, but we still want the money.
5:20 am
>> exactly. and, unfortunately, in philosophy a judge said, well, they aren't technically violating the law, so they still have to get the money. now, we'll see what happens on appeal and things like that. but it does seem obvious that they are violating the law because federal law, remember, says you can't do things like with hold information. but they're trying to get away with it. steve: and ultimately i think the people, the law-abiding citizens in those communities that are sanctuary cities, i think they would like to see the law as followed. but that's just my point of view. steven, we thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thanks for having me. steve: it is now 8:20 has toker in new york city. it has been nearly three years since new york police officers lou and roemer was murdered while sitting in their patrol car. officer ramos joins us to celebrate his life and the birth of a new life. that's coming up whoooo.
5:21 am
5:22 am
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brian: hey, some quick headlines now. martin jr. racing to hiss first ever nascar championship on saturday. the champion capturing the checkard flag in miami speedway. daily earhnardt jr. before throwing an impromptu bud light party in the pits. turns out his is sponsored and wanted to taste it to make sure it's good. and the washington redskins gearing up for their 10th thanksgiving game day. but it's the first one they're hosting in the word redskins is censure after we slip into sweatpants and watch the nfl football game. the redskins blank slur a name that exists only because of genocide and displacement will have center stage. the fact is a lot of indian
5:25 am
tribes have no problem with it. ainsley. ainsley: thanks so much, brian. on december 20th, 2014 almost three years ago, two nypd officers were ambushed and killed in brooklyn. officer ramos and lou shot at point-blank range killed while sitting in their patrol car, left behind his wife of only three months. now almost three years later, officer lou's widow joins us to reflect on her late husband's life and to celebrate the birth of their new child. joining me now goes by i sanny, her baby and ceo of tunnel to towers foundation. many of you have given to this organization, and it helps this family in a mighty way. now, tell us what happened on that day. what that day was like, and
5:26 am
then we'll talk about your baby. >> this day was like the hardest of my life after i heard that he was in accident and was in the hospital. and it felt like the end of the world. i was sitting there, and i -- it was almost whenever would that night, all i felt like his spirit was calling that he wants a baby. ainsley: his spirit was calling that he wants a baby. he came over to the dream, and he handed me over a baby girl, so i said okay. i'll talk it. ainsley: you talked to his doctors and said what. >> i spoke to my friends and said i'm going to have a baby girl. and after almost three years, i'm going to have a baby girl now. ainsley: that's amazing. so through medical intervention, the doctors were able to save a part of your husband and then years later,
5:27 am
you decided decided you're ready to have his baby, and your baby girl was born. >> on july 25th. ainsley: and you named her angelina why? >> because she's my angel from heaven, and it's a gift god has given me to have for the rest of my life and also make my life meaningful now. ainsley: was it the best day of your life when she was born. >> best day of my life. ainsley: she's absolutely beautiful. is she sleeping through the night? >> yes. she's such a great baby. ainsley: such a good baby. frank, you started the organization because your brother died on 9/11, unfortunately. but you turned lemons into lemonade with this organization helping other families. what did you do with the lou family. >> well, it's not what we did, but it's what the community did. we related together and made sure that her house and detective ramos' house were paid off, their mortgages were paid off. but it goes far beyond that because she has become part of our family, the fabric of our
5:28 am
foundation to show there's hope afterwards. that something bad can happen and miracles can happen afterwards. and here, you're looking at one. here's something that she's in the hospital, told the doctor save his sperm, has a baby how many years later? you tell me there aren't miracles in this world, and you're looking at one right now. and this is all about our foundation that we tried to tell people there's hope that you can go on with your life. as bad as it is and as sad as it is, there is hope for you out there. and they're certainly an example of that. ainsley: what's the lesson you learned? because he lost his brother and because of that, that terrible day for all americans, he's turned -- he started this organization, and that's blessing your life and what a terrible daily you had. but how wonderful it was to have your daughter and now have a mortgage-free home. >> i'm fortunate that i have
5:29 am
the great support from my family. and this foundation is putting people together, put us together. we can go through everything. ainsley: and see your husband. >> yeah. every time i pick her up, and she smiles like my husband, looks like him. i just feel he always -- ainsley: can i hold her? >> yes. ainsley: i love babies. oh, my gosh. cherish every single second because they grow up so fast, don't they, frank? >> yes. like my grandchildren. ainsley: that's better than having betters. i can't imagine that. >> it is. it's a miracle. ainsley: what do you want her to know about your husband and what do you want us to know? >> i want her to know that her father was a hero and one who learned value of life and for all the law enforcement because her family made a
5:30 am
sacrifice. ainsley: what do you want us to know about your brother, frank? >> the same thing. he sacrificed his life and had five beautiful children himself, and he left behind some legacy. it's incredible how you can turn sadness into joy, and i think we're looking at it right here today. thank you to your fox viewers. they help us so much on so many things. ainsley: you are precious. god has big plans for your life, little girl. you definitely a miracle. there you go. thank you so much. we'll be right back what a great thanksgiving message here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness.
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>> come the party of roy moore and donald trump. we are toast. steve: okay. there you've got senator jeff flake from the great state of arizona caught on a mic. let's bring in florida senator
5:34 am
marco rubio joining us from down in miami. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what do you think of jeff flake saying that? you know, if we become the party of roy moore and donald trump, we're toast? >> well, first, those are two different people. steve: they are. >> and second of all, obviously jeff feels very strongly, and i think he's made his feelings known. i don't think he's said anything on a hot mic that he hasn't implied or said directly in his speeches. look, i think we have a fundamental challenge and understanding how to bring the party together for the future. and part of it has to be one of the things that donald trump really woke up in his campaign, and that is addressing working people across this country. some of the press like to say white working class. it's working class of all backgrounds who feel like they've been ignored and disrespected by leaders in both parties for the better part of 25 or 30 years. i mean, these are the people who make too much money to qualify for government
5:35 am
assistance but not enough to afford the things that modern life require of us. and they feel disrespected in their values and the result is they've got angry. we have to be a voice for them and at the same time stand by our free government and strong national defense. so that's the party we need to be working towards and in that coalition, there's room for a lot of different views and a lot of different people. but one of the most important things we have to confront in tax reform is what are we going to do for the working people in this country? because there's a lot going on there for companies and multinationals and hopefully for small businesses. and none of that is bad. but we also have to take care of working people that are making 40, 50, $60,000 a year and struggling with their families and so forth. brian: we'll finish up on tax reform and come back to this. but just on this right now,
5:36 am
what do you see your responsibility having to get a vote passed? >> well, i'm looking for the child tax credit, and it's not a welfare plan if people don't accuse it of. if you're not working, you don't get it. their sole tax liability is payroll tax. i want to make this up to the amount of payroll tax. so if somebody is making 35 or $40,000 a year, for example, a single mother who's working as a home health aid trying to raise three kids, if it's not refundable, then she's not really going to see much of an increase crest in her tax cut, which she needs to raise her family. now, again, she doesn't get it unless she's working and she can only get up to the amount she paid in payroll tax. but we need to encourage work. we cannot be a country where you're better off not working and having three kids because of the government programs than a country where for 35,000 or $40,000 a year, you end up losing money. the part isn't in there now.
5:37 am
it has to be in there for this to be truly effective. we need to reward work, and we need to take care of people that are working really hard and trying to get ahead to keep more of their own money as opposed to sending it to washington so washington can send it on their behalf. >> that's great. i have friends that say they want to work, but it doesn't pay off because when you pay for child care for the kids, they're spending more on child care than they are getting in their paycheck. what do you think of the folks in florida? what do you think they think of senator flake and their comments? do you think they care? do you think they still support the president? what do you hear? >> i respect jeff, and he's a friend of mine, and we work together on a lot of issues, and he's truly a principle conservative guy. this is the stuff they focus on in new york studios every morning. but people this morning got up and went to work, and i think a lot of people feel like what's going on in washington is just being exaggerated.
5:38 am
they may not agree with every tweet the president puts out, but they also see how everything he does elicits this overelection on part of the media, and it seems we've become a country where everybody wakes up in the morning and tries to figure out what i should be outraged about today. steve: but, senator, that you know you've got a sitting senator from arizona who has taken a shot at the man who is the leader of the party, that is news. let me tax cut question this way. to borrow jeff flake's expression. if the republicans in the congress don't pass some sort of tax reform, you are toast, aren't you? >> well, i think we have to pass something because that's what we ran on. look, this is the party of people like myself and others who ran saying if you elect us, we're going to do everything we can to repeal and replace obamacare. that has not happened yet. we're going to fix the tax code. if that doesn't happen. and third thing is we're going to rebuild our national security, and we're going to deal with some of the issues
5:39 am
like regulations. now, on the regulatory front, progress has been made. i think people will be very pleased with how we're now starting to work through a lot of the judges, the judiciary, the third branch of government, getting people in there understand that the proper role of the courts. brian: got nine of them in. >> more than nine now. we keep rolling through these district and circuit court judges. so by the end of the year, we will have made a substantial did he know the by good jurists who have been there 20, 30 years, but i do think tax reform is important. not just for the republican party. elections come and go for the country. we need to be a country where our economy is growing again and not just creating jobs but jobs that pay more. and i would say if we don't get tax reform done, then those out there who are looking to invest or grow their businesses are going to can lose confidence, and that loss of confidence will lead to less job creation, less economic growth, and it's not the republicans that are going to pay a price, it's the american people that are going to pay a price through slower
5:40 am
economy. that's the main reason. brian: are you surprised that senator al franken will not resign after these pictures have come out? >> well, obviously, i think that's going to be taken up by the ethics committee, and i'll let them go through the process. i share everyone else's view on it, and that's unacceptable. and clearly i think something that has outraged a lot of people. but they're going to have an ethicals committee investigation. i know democrats have called for it. and we'll wait and learn more details. and based on that, we'll see where the road leads on this thing isn't that but it's not like have said things to a girl. >> and i don't think she has denied his behavior. now the question is what are the consequences for it? and, you know, sometimes people make decisions on what they want to do moving forward after thinking about it for a few days or a few weeks than talking about it with their family. no, i have insight on what he's going to decide to do. but i do know the ethics committee is going to take this up and that process could
5:41 am
potentially reveal more or not. we'll see. and i would like to let that work through because we may learn more about this which actually may make it worse. i don't think you can make it better. brian: roy moore staying in, doubling down the alleged 14-year-old was out on another network in detail talking about what happened. are you urging jeff sessions for his job back? >> well, i don't know about the jeff sessions part because i think he's happy about being attorney general. i think those charges are serious, i think these accusers are credible, and i don't think, quite frankly, that judge moore has done anything in the last ten days that has helped this cause or in any way lowered the anxiety that's out there about it. and my view, and i've said this before, i think we're going to learn even more as this goes on and even if he's elected to the senate, i think there's going to be a process that many people in the senate are calling for that could reveal more and be potentially problematic for him and, in fact, i guarantee it would be,
5:42 am
given the nature of these charges. but i don't think he has said or done anything in the last ten days that's either convincing or helpful, and i think his accusers have outlined very detailed allegations that seem very credible and are very serious. steve: all right. senator from the great state of florida, marco rubio, we thank you very much for joining us on your monday of the holiday week. thank you, sir. ainsley: thank you, senator. >> thanks for having me on. brian: indeed. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news alert, join the manhunt for a serial killer. can cops find him before he strikes again? we're live on the ground. more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. (clapping) and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. ( ♪ ) because we know, even the smallest things
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5:46 am
weeks ago he escaped by removing his restrains in jail. while the moves could be returning to washington, anthony scaramucci telling the press he's still in touch with the white house months after being forced out by communications director. saying quote i have very good relationships there still, and he has to remember we are a team for 18 months. so we all have different roles, so i'm still playing my role, frankly. i'm an advocate for the president, media surrogate when i need to be. brian: authorities going door-to-door searching for clues on the potential serial killer in tampa. steve: former homicide detective ted williams joins us right now from tampa. ted, some surveillance video has been released to the public. when you look at it, what do you see. >> well, when i see that
5:47 am
surveillance video, i'm looking at the demeanor of the person in that video to see if he matches the description. now, remember, we had october 9th video, and we have the november the 14th video. and we're trying to make sure that is the actual, same person that's committing these four murders, brian. brian: yeah, these murders happened within a mile of each other. anything else you can pick up in a pattern to find out who this guy is? >> yeah. well, not only -- well, we know that these murders happened in the area of a bus stop. so they're looking closely at bus stops. they're looking for a break and a mistake in this case. they're looking for the public's help. that's going to help tremendously. steve: yeah, somebody could look at that video and figure out who it is. thank you very much for joining us from tampa.
5:48 am
great work. ainsley: i hope they find that guy. steve: straight ahead music stars point of grace have a brand-new christmas album. here they are. going to perform live next. ainsley: love your music, ladies. it's the best. but first, brian. brian: let's check in with sandra smith and check out how much is coming at the top of the hour. >> he is here and ready for what is a holiday short week, guys, but it is an aggressive agenda, the white house has put forth. we're looking at president trump holding a full cabinet meeting this morning followed by lunch with the vice president and a possible announcement on north korea. will it happen today? america's newsroom top of the hr hey, man. oh! nice man cave! nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto.
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ainsley: what a great group. christian music group point of prey have sold over 8 million recordings. three grama nominations and just released their fifth christmas album. steve: the first one features sing noel. brian: the group that makes it special, welcome to all three of you. and i have to -- we have to be honest. do you feel as though you're always getting better, dinnese? >> well, i hope we are. that's the goal is just continue to work on your it craft and get a chance to sing. we're so thankful to be able to do this new christmas record. be here in new york city, go to carnegie hall tonight. so we're excited. ainsley: lee's from south carolina. where are you from, denise? >> from oklahoma. ainsley: and you. >> arkansas. ainsley: how did you all get together. >> well, we got together at mike huckabee's alma mater.
5:53 am
that's where we started singing together 25 years ago. steve: well, i know thanksgiving isn't here yet, but we're going to go ahead and sing a christmas song. what are we doing. >> yes, we are singing -- well, we are actually singing come all faithful. steve: we'll just get out of the way. here they are, folks. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, come all you faithful. ♪ joyful and triumphant. ♪ oh, come, oh, come. ♪ come before the king of
5:54 am
angels. oh, come let us. ♪ oh, come let us. oh, come let us adore you. ♪ ♪ ♪ sing. sing all you citizens. ♪ glory to god. ♪ glory in the highest. oh, come let us people's no. ♪, oh, come let us adore
5:55 am
him. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come let us adore him. ♪ come let us adore him. ♪ oh, come let us adore him. oh, come let us adore him.
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ now in flesh. ♪ oh, come let us adore him. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, come let us adore him. cry the lord. ♪ [ keyboard clacking ]
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>> bill: charles manson is now dead. he became the face of evil as one of the more notorious cult leaders in history. his legacy of terror made into countless books and film. hope you had a great weekend with family and friends. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm sandra smith. manson died at a california hospital after spending half a century in prison. he was the leader of a cult known as the manson family convicted of ordering his followers to carry out murders of at least eight people. the victims included pregnant actress sharon tate and six others in one night in the


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