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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> greg: i can't have chinese food again. all right. never set your dvrs. [laughter] never miss an episode of "the five." bret, to you. >> bret: thank you. we thought this might be coming on his asia trip but today it's official. president trump declares north korea a state sponsor of terrorism. plus new sexual misconduct accusers for al franken and possibly bill clinton, as one of roy moore's accusers speaks out. this is "special report" ." good evening. i'm bret baier. president trump is taking another major step in his pressure campaign against north korea. the president, putting the communist country on the list of nations designated state sponsors of terrorism. the move paves the way for new
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penalties against the kim jong un regime. kristin fisher is live on the north lawn of the white house to tell us why this is being made right now. good evening. >> this is a move president trump has been wanting to make for some time. he's had to wait, according to the secretary of state, to make sure north korea legally met the criteria for this designation. today he announced it had. >> today the united states is designated north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. >> president trump says it's something that should've happened a long time ago. north korea joining the ranks of iran, sudan, syria. >> this designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on north korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime. speak at this designation is accompanied by a sweeping set of
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sanctions banning armed related exports and sales and goods or services that could enhance the country's military capabilities or its ability to support terrorism. restricting economic assistance and applying other financial restrictions. but north korea is already so heavily penalized by the united states that and a surprised briefing room appearance, secretary of state rex tillerson acknowledged this new designation can only do so much. >> do you see today's announcement as symbolic or something that has teeth? >> it is very symbolic on the one hand because it points out again what a rogue regime this is. the practical effects may be limited but we hope we are closing off a few loopholes. >> a high-level envoy of chinese officials returned today from north korea.
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it comes one week after the president personally pressured the chinese president to help. >> something else he had to ask president xi for that frustrated president trump most over the weekend: the freedom of the three ucla basketball players. the father of one of the players watered down mr. trump's involvement. "what was he over therefor? don't tell me nothing. everybody wants to make it seem like you helped me out." president trump fired back on twitter, calling him out by nam name. "lavar ball, the father of liangelo, is unaccepting of what i did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. i should have left them in jail!" when asked today if president trump really meant that, the white house press secretary said he didn't and it was only a rhetorical response. >> if that was the case, he would have taken the action he did. >> in addition to today's announcement about north korea, tomorrow the treasury department will announce even more sanctions against pyongyang and
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the president describes those sanctions is a big one, the highest level of sanctions possible. bret. >> bret: kristin fisher, live on the north lawn. let's get reaction. brit hume joins us tonight. good evening. your thoughts. >> hi, bret. it'll be interesting to say what the treasury department announces tomorrow. as you heard, secretary tillerson say in kristin's piece, it's a heavily sanctioned regime and i think an awful lot of the possible sanctions have already been imposed. perhaps the treasury department will have something new. the president seemed to suggest that. i think the consequences of this in terms of practical consequences, we will have to await tomorrow's announcement. it's clear that the strategy is to raise the price of come on north korea for his continuing aggressive behavior.
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that doesn't mean that north korea will forsake its ways but it's at least a strategy. one can only hope north korea will find this increasingly uncomfortable and decide to come to the table which i think is with the administration has in mind. >> bret: secretary of state tillerson pressed today about whether they diplomacy side of things is coming to the end. he said no. he pushed back pretty hard. it's the most sanctioned regime in the world. >> it is, and it's interesting. you would have sort of thought with syria and iran on the list that north korea would have already been on there but it's activities have generally fallen into different categories. when they sank a japanese ship sometime back, the thought was raised, now is a good time to add them to the state sponsored terrorism list. the response from the u.s. government was it was done by the military so doesn't quite fit the definition of terrorism.
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that may be what has restrained the hand of the previous administration and until now this one because of the way north korea goes about things. i think it used to be more directly and obviously involved in terrorism that it now may become a depending on how you define the word. you can see why they may have held back until now. >> bret: the bush administration took north korea off the list after meeting certain criteria. they were hoping north korea would jump through. is the carrot and stick approach one that works with north korea, or do you think this guy is just out to continue his nuclear ambitions? >> well, that's the question, isn't it? we really don't know. in the past, north korea has gotten squeezed in us come to the table and given assurances and compromise has been made and things like the removal of their name from the terror sponsor
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list has occurred in that effort to try to create some kind of deal with them where you could restrain the practice. in the meantime, the north seems to have barreled on. i don't know that the pressure has ever been ratcheted up quite as high as it is now. there may be, bret, some military answer here that we can't imagine. but it's worth remembering that nobody has ever thought of one that would forestall the kind of artillery barrage, forget nuclear weapons, the artillery barrage for north is thought capable of mounting on seoul. that's been what's allowed north korea to move forward without apparent fear of real punishment. >> bret: yeah, i was just there. it's about 25 miles and there's 1500 artillery pieces in the mountain. it's a scary prospect. brit, as always, thank you very much. now to the latest on the
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sexual-harassment front, and there is a lot. moments ago, cbs news suspended on a show host charlie rose, and pbs announced the suspension of the production of his program. this comes after "the washington post" reported eight women are accusing the longtime tv host of making unwanted sexual advances, including groping their private areas and lewd calls. rose tells the post that he apologizes and accepts responsibility but does not believe all the allegations are accurate. also today, new accusers have emerged against minnesota democrat senator al franken and even possibly former president bill clinton. here is chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> a second woman has come forward accusing minnesota senator al franken of inappropriately grabbing her bottom at the minnesota state fair in 2010. the alleged incident with lindsay menz was when franken
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was a senator. lindsay menz tweeted saying "franken grabbed me." and she felt violated and embarrassed. a leading senator republican didn't want to get ahead of the facts. >> i think it's going to be taken up by the ethics committee and i will let them begin the process. i share everyone's view that it's unacceptable. >> kellyanne conway took this swipe today. >> the media were really concerned about all these allegations, and that is what this is truly about. al franken would be on the ash heap of bygone half funny comedians. he wouldn't be here. >> franken told cnn he didn't remember taking the photo and felt badly that menz was left feeling disrespected. >> men and women together, here we are. this isn't going to get fixed. men have wives, sisters, daughters, families. >> causing some democrats to
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revisit clinton scandals. facing allegations of sexual assault after he left office. a spokesman for the clintons has attacked the daily males reported. "new york times" political reporter been accused of sexual misconduct with the times saying "we intend to fully investigate, and while we do, glenn will be suspended." >> prominent democrat resigning and scrapping his reelection campaign. a staffer accused the majority whip in california of putting his hands in her blouse, with a total of six women making sexual harassment allegations. a former oklahoma senator is expected to plead guilty after he offered to pay a 17-year-old boy for sexual stuff in march. >> bret: the president seemed optimistic and his cabinet meeting today about tax reform.
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>> we are going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great big beautiful christmas present. it will be up to the republicans to come through for america. i think they will. i hope they will. it's up to the senate. >> bret: are they wrapping up that presents? >> you have susan collins saying she would like to see changes to the tax reform package. bottom line is that she thinks including the obamacare individual mandate is "the biggest mistake," and says she hopes it will be dropped. that's after ron johnson said he was a "no" on the bill and g.o.p. leaders can only afford to go no votes out of the 50 to republicans to pass tax reform. mix that with the uncertainty of the alabama senate race and g.o.p. leaders are under intense pressure to see if i can get 50 yes votes next week. >> bret: mike emanuel, thanks.
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a woman who says roy moore initiated contact with her many years ago when she was 14 is speaking out, explaining her decision to go public. jonathan serrie has the latest from birmingham, alabama. >> he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to... seduce me. >> speaking out on nbc's today show, she repeated allegations that roy moore fondled her when she was in her early teens. >> he tried to get me to touch him as well. at that point, i pulled back. i said i was not comfortable. i got dressed. he took me home. but i was a 14-year-old child in an adult world and he was 32 years old. >> having denied all accusations of sexual impropriety, moore is focused on attacking his opponent as being too liberal,
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commenting on the death of a border patrol agent in texas, moore tweeted "doug jones in the senate equals no wall. no wall equals more senseless bloodshed. we must build a wall to protect americans now." jones insists his positions on health care and the economy are mainstream. endorsements from alabama media groups. >> your thoughts. >> president trump refused to answer reporters questions on the alabama race. speaking on "fox & friends," kellyanne conway warned vote for moore's opponent could jeopardize the president's agenda. >> i am telling you we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> conway's statement and apparent departure from her comments last week. >> there is no senate seat that's worth more than a child. >> bret, at this afternoon's
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briefing, press secretary sarah sanders said the president still believes the people of alabama should be the ones who get to pick their neck senator. meanwhile, an advisor to the moore campaign tells fox news the campaign did take a bit of a hit as a result of the national media scrutiny over the past week. however, the aide says internal polling suggests moore is still leading by five points. >> bret: jonathan serrie in birmingham. thank you. the justice department will file a lawsuit aimed at blocking at&t's purchase of time warner. the number two wireless carrier struck a deal a year ago to buy time warner which owns cnn, hbo, and warner bros. movie studios. an at&t spokesman because the lawsuit a radical and inexplicable departure from decades of antitrust president. these sailors valued at almost $85.5 billion.
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a good day for the markets. dell finished up 72. s&p 500 rose 3. nasdaq gained 8. manhunt is underway in two regions for a suspect in the murders of two law enforcement officers. authorities in pennsylvania are looking for a man they say he killed a rookie officer after a traffic stop. david lee miller is in new york with the latest. >> this marks dave four of a man hot in and around new kensington, pennsylvania. the killer of a police officer is on the list. the tragedy began friday night about 8:15. the rookie officer exited his police cruiser. after he attempted to stop an suv, the driver pulled away and a passenger in the vehicle ran. during of foot chase, officer shaw was shot and killed. an arrest warrant has been issued. the 29-year-old suspect has a
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lengthy police record. a local tv station is reported that the mother wants to wantso turn himself in. >> to the individual who did this, we will find you. we will arrest you. we will prosecute you so that you are held accountable for what has occurred. >> the driver of the suv was arrested on sunday. a police affidavit says heroin was found in harper's home. a painful time for the officer's family has made more difficult with his killer still at large. >> officer shaw had a wonderful family. they are trying to go through the grieving process and deal
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with the whirlwind of tragedy. >> officer shaw leaves behind his parents, brother, girlfriend. he will be laid to rest wednesday. the reward leading to the capture of the shooter stands at $55,000. >> bret: thank you. authorities in west texas are scouring the area after the death of a border patrol agent and the wounding of another. casey stegall is in dallas. >> federal law enforcement agents say they are currently working to piece together a timeline of events to gain a better understanding of what exactly happened in this rural texas town over the weekend. >> we lost a border patrol officer just yesterday. another one was brutally beaten and badly, badly hurt. >> according to boston sent border protection, rogelio martinez was patrolling along the border.
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officials say he was working alongside his partner when they responded to a call off interstate 10. they somehow got into trouble. moments later, one of the agents came over the scanner saying they had been hurt and needed help. both men were transported to an area hospital where agent martinez died from his injuries. >> we are going to have the wall. sick of the violence prompted president trump to tout what he thinks it's important to secure the border with mexico. the president talked about how his wall plan will help curtail violent crimes like this. >> we need it. it's rough territory. that's where that drugs are coming in. a lot of things are happening along the southern border. >> the fbi has confirmed agent martinez and his partner did not come under fire but would not elaborate on how the agents were attacked. representatives with the national border patrol council say rocks were used against the
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agents but no federal sources will confirm that. agent martinez was 36 years old and have been a border patrol agent for about four years. according to customs and border protection, 38 agents have died in the line of duty since 2003. bret. >> bret: casey stegall and dallas. thank you. russia investigations special counsel robert mueller will interview more top white house advisors after thanks giving. the list includes communications director hope hicks, donald mcgahn, and josh raffle, a communications aide to jared kushner. up next, should we kill animals to save them? president trump ways and willow will talk with an expert from "national geographic" about the controversy about importing big-game trophies. as we had to break, the first lady welcomes the white house christmas tree today.
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>> bret: president trump says he will announce a decision later this week on a new policy allowing trophies of african big-game to be imported into the u.s. it's an issue that has ignited passionate arguments on both sides of the question. should we kill animals to save them? here to talk about it is rachel bail who reports on wildlife crime and exportation for "national geographic" wildlife watch. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> bret: this seems like an emotional issue, obviously. it's obviously gotten the attention of the president who it appears is going to change his, what his administration is going to do.
3:24 pm
>> that's right. asked extremely emotionally charged in part because the science isn't settled yet. the whole question centers around whether or not big-game hunting actually helps support conservation efforts. it really depends on the location on how well these programs are implemented. >> bret: the president tweeting: "put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as i review all conservation facts. under study for years. will update soon with secretary zinke. that was the 17th. "big-game trophy decision will be announced next week but will be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal." is it, how does it affect the elephant population, places like zimbabwe, zambia. >> from zimbabwe, it was one of the most popular spots for americans to go and hunt
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elephants. because the poaching crisis is particularly bad in zimbabwe, a couple years ago under president obama the fish and wildlife service made the decision to stop allowing the import of trophies. if it were to open up again, it's unclear what would happen to elephant populations. what we do know is the poaching crisis is serious. losing 30,000 african elephants every year. >> bret: the trophy hunters, for their part, say they are hunting and safari fees which can sometimes get up to tens of thousands of dollars make their way back to those local communities and then affect how the people deal with elephants on the ground. is that the argument? >> that's correct. so the idea is that these big trophy hunting fees not only trickle-down to the communities who live with the wildlife, incentivizing them to protect their wildlife rather than poach
3:26 pm
it or push it away but also that these fees go into conservation efforts. whether or not that's actually happening is unclear. >> bret: wasn't surprising that the president came out like this on this reversal? >> we know president trump had tweeted a couple years ago that his sons were trophy hunters but it wasn't for him. at the same time, during his campaign, obviously we all became familiar with some of the photos his sons took and they had to come out and said they would like to have some influence on trophy hunting policy. i think it could've gone either way. >> bret: rachael bale, we appreciate your time and expertise. we look forward to more things from "national geographic" going forward. thanks a lot. up next, one of the histories most notorious cult leaders has died. we will have that story. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering.
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fox 26 in houston. federal officials are extending deadlines to register for federal assistance following hurricane harvey. data includes help for temporary housing, rental assistance assistance, repair or replacement of damaged homes. grants are available for health, dental, and child care as well as funeral and burial costs. fox 2 in san francisco. the investigation into yesterday's crash of a single engine airplane into a house in san jose. all three people on board were injured. no one on the ground was hurt. the aircraft have been rented from a nearby airport and was occupied by a flight instructor, a student, and one of the other person. it's not clear who was flying the plane when it crashed. this is a live look at atlanta from our affiliate fox 5. the big story there, the demolition of the georgia dome. you may have seen it, one of the nation's largest domed stadiums was imploded with nearly 5,000 pounds of explosives. the facility has been replaced by the new $1.6 billion mercedes-benz stadium.
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that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. sleep numbee only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during ultimate sleep number week, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends monday. visit for a store near you. america's small business owners. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes, who brought us delicious gyros. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes,
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and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean.
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♪ >> bret: the cult leader behind over some of the most famous mass murders in american history has died. charles manson had been in failing health for months but his legacy was long ago steered into the collective memory of the nation. national correspondent william la jeunesse has the story. >> when i stand on the mountain and say do it, it gets done. >> cult leader, criminal, celebrity. charles manson dated 83. >> in the counterculture '60s, manson collected drifters, runways and young women who committed petty crimes. a commune lifestyle.
3:32 pm
short and scrawny, there was no limit to what he and his charisma convinced his followers to do. >> they committed these murders in an attempt to start a black-white race war to take over power in the country. they wanted to destroy society. >> in august 19629, 4 followers killed seven, including actress sharon tate, eight months pregnant. they stabbed her 16 times, then wrote "kill the pigs" in blood. the next night they killed agai again. >> it was almost unbelievable. it was like a slaughterhouse. stick with the trial became a circus. supporters lionized manson. inside, the defendants yelled at witnesses. >> manson spoke constantly of death. >> though manson did not kill anyone, a judge sentenced all
3:33 pm
five to the gas chamber. 1972, california outlawed the death penalty, reducing their sentence to life. >> i never broke nobody's well. i never told anybody to do anything other than what they wanted to do. >> unless a relative comes forward, california can cremate manson, burying his ashes but not the infamy of one of america's most notorious killers. >> bret: thank you. nebraska commission has approved an alternative route for the keystone xl pipeline. the panel was not permitted to consider last week's spill on the existing keystone pipeline. today's action removes the last major regulatory obstacle to the project. opponents are expected to appeal in court. overseas, germany is in political crisis tonight. angela merkel's attempt to form a coalition government after a major electoral has collapsed. benjamin hall tells us what happens.
3:34 pm
>> angela merkel, the iron lady of germany, suffered a political setback after coalition talks fell apart. it means the german parliament could call snap elections which some say could signal the end to her 12 years as chancellor. >> it's a day of deep reflection on how to go forward in germany. i will do everything possible as transitional chancellor to ensure that country will be well led. >> the crisis can be traced to september when a new far right party won 12% of the vote, taking away angela merkel's ability to form a government. protesters set the scene for weeks of intense coalition negotiations between four different clinical -- political parties.
3:35 pm
>> it's better not to govern than to govern wrongly. >> immigration was the key sticking point. refugees fled to germany last year. a rise in terror attacks came after the influx. >> the question on refugees and whether they would be allowed to have their families come to germany. once they had attained asylum status. >> merkel said she would rather hold elections than form a minority government. that would likely lead to a different outcome. growing concern about the stability of europe's largest economy. elections probably won't take place until next spring, and that's a real period of uncertainty at a time when europe is looking increasingly divided. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. thank you. up next, the panel on president trump's decision to designate north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. first, beyond the borders. zimbabwe's ruling party will begin impeachment proceedings against longtime president
3:36 pm
robert mugabe. he ignored the parties deadline to resign or face removal. the leader was placed under house arrest last week after firing a deputy and moving his wife closer to becoming his successor. argentina's navy says a brief satellite call that had raised the hope of finding a missing submarine did not come from the vessel. the boat with 44 people on board is not unheard of since wednesday when it reported an unspecified breakdown. search efforts have been hampered by stormy seas. american warplanes. the top general in afghanistan says it's part of a strategy to cut off funding for the taliban. sunday's attacks conducted by b-52 bombers and f-22 fighters. some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> notifying congress of my intent to rescind north korea's designation as a state sponsor of terror. if north korea makes the right choices, it can repair its relationship with the international community. >> the united states is designate north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. should have happened a long time ago. should have happened years ago. the north korean regime must be lawful. it must end its unlawful nuclear ballistic missile development. and cease all support for international terrorism which it is not doing. >> bret: president trump announcing what had long thought been coming, even may be on his asia trip, adding north korea to the state sponsor of terror lis list, added in 1988 after the
3:41 pm
bombing of a south korean airliner. then the bushing administration removed north korea from the list in 2008 after the regime that all nuclear inspection requirements. north korea has since helped syria and iran with their nuclear missile developments. it also has close ties to hamas and hezbollah. iran, sudan, syria. and now north korea. let's bring in the panel. stephen hayes, mara liasson, from north carolina, bill bennett. former education secretary. thanks for being here. steve, your thoughts, not a surprise but it is a significant action. >> it is and it's long overdue in my view. president bush was wrong when he said in june of 2008. in 2006, north korea tested a nuclear weapon.
3:42 pm
in 2007, they were caught proliferating nuclear technology to syria. the israelis took out the syrian reactor that was designed like a north korean reactor and there was intelligence showing north korean scientist that helped in the effort. despite what president bush said in the clip, north korea hadn't been behaving well and this was part of the problem. they behave badly and we reward them with preemptive concessions, as president bush did when he took them off the state sponsor list. if you look at north korea's activity since they been taken off the list, you can look at the assassination of kim jong ug nam. you look at nuclear technology come up further proliferation of nuclear technology. it's not country that's behaved as if it wants to staff the lis list.
3:43 pm
in addition to repeated assassinations of people suspected by the regime, outside of the regime, of undermining the regime. >> bret: you look at the list of missile launches, missile tests in the past for years. it's pretty staggering if you look at 2017. 15 missile tests, 23 missile launches, 16, 16, 21 going back through the years. they have been adding up a lot. >> no doubt they have been accelerating and they are rushing to get a missile that can reach the continental united states. what's interesting about the move today, i think it's symbolic. that's what rex tillerson said on a rare visit to the briefing room. he said that as a practical matter, it might not make that much difference since north korea is the subject of so much tough sanctions but it sends a signal that the u.s. is going to be tough about this and it's just one more punishment we can put on north korea. we are waiting to see if the
3:44 pm
chinese will do what donald trump says he wants them to do which is to cut off oil shipments to north korea. >> bret: bill, here is the secretary of state today. >> reporter: do you believe the united states is running out of diplomatic options to respond to the nuclear threat of north korea? >> i do not. it's very symbolic on the one hand because it points out again what a rogue regime this isn't how brutal the regime is and how little day care for the value of human life. the practical effects may be limited but hopefully we are closing off a few loopholes. >> bret: bill. >> a declaration for civilization. i agree with the panelists. i don't think it adds too much. i wonder what the right decisions were that president bush was talking about that they were making. i don't recall them. steve had a litany of all the
3:45 pm
wrong decisions. what seems to be happening is it's possible they've combed down a little bit. haven't seen a lot of missile launches lately and i think maybe that president can get some credit for that. certainly his work with the president of china has helped in this regard. this certainly doesn't hurt, and again, the judgment of all civilized people has said these people should have -- the government should have never been taken off the list. >> bret: in the region, talking to leaders they are including the japanese prime minister, there's a feeling that increased sanctions, even though this is the most sanctioned country in the world, might work. here is the japanese prime minister. is there anything short of military action that you think can be done to force north korea to denuclearize? >> translator: north korean dialogue for the purpose of dialogue is meaningless. that's our experience. we have decided to cut back 30% of oil as well as other
3:46 pm
petroleum products exported to north korea. as winter comes on, this will be quite effective on north korea. >> bret: steve, there are hopes this is going to move the ball. >> yeah, and i think there are tweaks we can make to the sanctions to ratchet them up then apply new ones. the question is why haven't we been implementing a full order of sanctions already. why is it the case that north korea has been able to behave as it has without being fully sanctioned? it's true north korea is one of the most if not the most heavily sanctioned countries in the world. we should make that clear. the one thing that president trump did today, what it does is apply clarity. we do regard them as a state sponsor of terror. there are implications to that, and beyond that, it does send a pretty strong and i think important message. >> bret: panel, standby. next up, more sexual harassment
3:47 pm
allegations against some very famous people when we come back.
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♪ >> i wanted to walk into his office and say, hey, remember me. you need to knock the stuff off. i need to go public. my children were small, so i didn't do it. "the washington post" fought me out. i didn't go looking for this, it fell in my lap. it literally fell in my lap, and i had to make a decision. if they found additional people then i would tell my story. and they found those people. >> bret: speaking out today about why she's talking now after allegations about roy
3:51 pm
moore and when she was 14 years old. this continues to be a big story. al franken has another accuser no. according to cnn, lindsay now 33 years old shared a story about how franken in a properly touched her while taking a photo with the minnesota state fair in 2010 while he was already a senator. franken pulled me in close, awkward close. my husband took the picture. really close. my husband took the picture. he pulled his hand in class he has apologized and another "washington post" story. cbs has suspended rose and cbs has halted production on his show. we are back with the panel. this is quite something. >> it's quite something, we have not heard the end of this. there's going to be a lot more, a lot more men. this is just not going to go away. we are in a new era.
3:52 pm
this behavior is not acceptable and if you are a sexual harasser and you are discovered, your career was going to be overcome period. i think that's where we are at. >> bret: bill? >> i have some interest in this, have had for some time. read a book called death of outrage, about bill clinton, one of the figures identified as someone who should have resigned. i so argued in that book, especially to liberals who said no, no, no, this is trivial. i called the book the death of outrage but it turns out it was just a sleep for 20 years. now it is awake and it's like an avenging angel, isn't it? a sickle just going through the landscape and you turn on tv and who's the latest on this? tomorrow there will be more because we know there are a lot of bad conferences out there watching tv, hoping their picture doesn't appear. >> bret: listen, in our
3:53 pm
industry in the media business, steve, on capitol hill when you have $15 million being spent in some kind of a fund to deal with allegations, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. >> and those people remain anonymous. i agree, i think this is the tip of the iceberg. what's been interesting to watch after the political left downplayed an and excused bill clinton for so many years. they cast aspersions on his credible accusers, they cannot join the outrage. it should be the case that whether you find this a serious issue are not, whether you believe the allegations find the women's make and the charges, or the charges credible, ought to depend on facts and evidence, not on your political affiliation. what i think is dispiriting to watch as you see this volley of shots back and forth in the news these days is people saddling up, depending on whether they
3:54 pm
are republican or democrat. i think it's important to look at the cases on an individual basis. i thought she was credible when she gave her story to "the washington post." i thought she was credible when she spoke on the today show this morning. the way that showed dominic story came together makes the charges against roy moore and very credible and deeply troubling. it bothers me that republicans haven't been able to separate themselves from roy moore in a more forceful way, and that you have some republicans saying in effect he might be a pedophile, but we really need that vote for tax reform. >> bret: speaking of which, kellyanne conway and doug jones. listen. >> he will be a vote against tax cards. he's weak on crime, weak on borders. doug jones is a liberal and he's not saying anything why the media are trying to boost him. >> that's pretty absurd. that's their only hope. they are in desperation mode right now.
3:55 pm
if you look at the support i have from the business community, i think i am pretty mainstream. >> bret: bill, thoughts? >> i look -- these accusations are ugly and tawdry about roy moore and i agree with steve to this extent. it shouldn't matter whether you are democrat or republican. it let's look at the evidence. let's look at other things. there's a particular hypocrisy it seems to me with these liberals, the spokesman for women and women's rights like bill clinton and charlie rose and al franken and meantime what they are doing on the side. what does emerson say? the ladder he spoke of his honor the faster we counted our spoons. they just go to much. one thing about judge moore, and i i have no defense to any of this and i don't question the women, but has he cleaned up himself? it seems for 40 years this guy has been relatively spotless because you know if there were any spots they would have been found. it would have been better for
3:56 pm
moore to say, hey, i made terrible mistakes. i was totally inappropriate. maybe even doing things that were against the law back then, but i'm terribly sorry but i have lived well, very clean. but he hasn't done that, and that is to his disadvantage. it's a comp located issue, it's not so simple. >> bret: a countdown to that election. we will follow it here. panel, thank you from d.c. when we come back, timing is everything in tv. ♪ you know what, i'm not buying this. you gotta come a little harder dawg. you gotta figure it out. eh, i don't know. shaky on the walk, carriage was off. randy jackson judging a dog show. i don't know dawg. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money lisa saved by switching to geico. wow! performance of the night. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. i got this...n there?
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>> bret: finally tonight we watched the georgia dome implode earlier in the show, but not everyone was so lucky. >> [bleep] >> bret: the weather channel posted this to facebook saying they thought they had the best seat in the house with their cameramen pointing rate charge the dome to want to go down but unfortunately the bus stopped right in front of the cameras.
4:00 pm
the video is now going viral all across twitter, including the beeps from the camera operator at the time, who just missed it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for the special repor report, fair, balanced, and unafraid, "the story" hosted by my friend martha maccallum starts right now. martha, timing is everything. >> martha: too bad they couldn't if he is the camera one of those people who was holding their folds on the other side of the bus, that would've been helpful. we will pick up "the story" from here. breaking tonight, after years of anemic growth, the u.s. economy is set to boom in the new year. goldman sachs has just announced that they see growth that was in the 1.5% range jumping to 4% in the new year. this is a big deal. where have i heard this before? >> we are saying 3, but i say four. >> by one? >> over the next few years. and i say there's no reason we shouldn't be able to get at some point into


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