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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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five" on thanksgiving day. we'll have a full hour of thanksgiving friday. set your dvr. thanks for joining us on "the daily briefing." i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in montgomery, alabama where the roy moore campaign is about to hold a news conference. we're told his team plans to respond to the accusations against the republican candidate. that's one of a string of sexual harassment controversies including one involving charlie rose who is out of both jobs out of a report that he harassed eight different women. john conyers of michigan accused of paying off a staffer who says she was fired after she rejected him advances. he's now responding. while we've learned that the federal government has spent millions and millions of our tax dollars on secret settlement pay-outs. >> in the last 20 years, there's
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been 260 settlements. >> shepard: plus, we're following the federal government's plan to change the way we all use the internet. letting companies now speed up or slow down or outright block some sites. this could really change all of our lives. we'll explain how. also, today, the high tech way for the law enforcement to fight back against potentially dangerous drones. >> i would like to see the ability to identify a uav coming in to an area and then the ability to land it where we want. >> shepard: lea gabriel taking us inside the wave of drone-killer technology. let's get to it. >> shepard: a live look, montgomery, alabama where a spokesman for the republican senate candidate roy moore holding a news conference at the state capitol. we'll bring it toy in just a moment. first, the democrat facing roy moore in the upcoming election out of alabama is now using
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republicans-own words against them. the latest doug jones political ad features about the accusations of sexual misconduct against roy moore. one woman claims she was 14 and he was 32 when it happened. here's part of the advertisement. >> on roy moore's disturbing action, ivanka trump says there's a special place in hell for people that play on children. i have no reason to doubt the victim's accounts. jeff sessions says i have no reason to doubt these women. richard shelby says he will not vote for roy moore. conservative voices putting children and women over party. doing what is right. >> gop leaders in congress have called for roy moore to quit the senate race. alabama's republican party is standing by him. so is the state's republican governor who is a woman. moore denies the accusations and he's refusing to drop out. let's go to the news conference now. it began about a minute ago. we're going to play it from the
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beginning. here you go. >> to answer some of the things that are still floating out there. by quick way of introduction, i have known roy moore for 15 years. i worked with him and for him between 2001 and 2016. most recently as his chief of staff in the alabama supreme court. as you heard from last week, i can also say i traveled with the man, i've worked with the man, i've been in the inner office with the man, i've been in various cities around this state and various states around the nation. i've seen him with crowds of thousands and one-on-one, i can say without a shadow of a doubt that he's been nothing but honorable, trustworthy and honest to me and anybody in his presence, men and women alike. i supervised his staff over the past four years, three years or so. never heard a single complaint by anybody about inappropriate behavior or uncomfortableness. i wanted to state that clearly.
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as phillip has done. everybody knows judge moore well will say the man is above reproach. it's why we stand here today. not because he's guilty as charged and we'll stand by our manny way, but because we don't believe a word of these lies and we know them to be false. not only to see him succeed in the immediate fight ahead of him but clear his good name. the "washington post," the republican establishment and the democrat party have waged a three-front war to destroy judge roy moore's character and reputation. we understand why. they world views couldn't be more opposite than judge moore. the press is quick to preserve the benefit of the doubt for liberals like bill clinton, al franken and bill menendez but similarly quick to pass judgment on a conservative, even when
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allegations are put forth out of character with his entire life's record. we're here today to answer questions, offer some evidence. the lies and character assassination of roy moore ends today. let's look at leah dorfman. she had a a very softball interview on the today show. we reject them as false and we continue to maintain that judge moore did not know leigh or has he ever known her. what we find interesting is that her story has been told in only the vaguest terms without any deeper investigation by the media. even on "the today show" korfman was not asked to substantiate one detail of her story. we've done the basic research and offer the following for consideration.
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korfman alleges number 1 that she was with her mother in a court hearing in early 1979. according to court documents that we were easily able to obtain at the etowah county courthouse, i'll gladly give you directions, the court documents signed by leigh korfman's when she was a minor asked for custody to be changed from the mother to the father. as best we can tell, the hearing, if it ever happened to which leigh korfman says tok place february 21,1979, the judge signed the order where the parents requested that leigh korfman be transferred from the custody of her mother to her father. secondly, she claims her life spiralled out of control after she first contacted or was contacted by judge roy moore. however, as her own parents
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said, in their joint petition to modify custody and i quote, "that each of the parents have become increasingly concerned and worried about certain disciplinary and behavioral problems being manifested by their minor child." this was the basis for them asking that custody be changed from leigh korfman's mother to her father because the father was better equipped having been remarried and being of a stronger personality to deal with the already existing disciplinary problems of leigh korfman. second problem with leigh korfman's story. third, at one of the lynchpins of her story, judge moore talked to her on her phone in her bedroom. within days of this story coming out, her own mother told breitbart news that there was no phone in her bedroom. that is a falsehood as well.
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fourthly, korfman claims that moore picked her up around the corner from her house. korfman alleges that she would meet moore and the corner of her house and he would take her according to her. however, according to public records that the media has not bothered to look at, korfman's supposed pick-up police was almost a mile away from her mother's house and would have been across a major thoroughfare. this is another improbable fact in leigh korfman's own story that the media has not investigated. i would point out, korfman's father did not live in rainbow city at the time of, this he lived in lower alabama as is borne out by the court documents. john adams once said, facts are stubborn things. whatever may be our wishes,
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inclinations or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the states of facts and evidence. if the liberal media were half as interested in investigating these accusations against judge roy moore as they are in scaring up 1980s gossip from the model, we would move on. we urge the press to do its job. thank you. >> my name is stan cook. i've known judge moore for many, many years. knowing his history, knowing that he has run five campaigns and 35 years, i would like to point out never has there been a time that his character or his integrity has been questioned in any of those political races. with all of this vetting, why now? four weeks before the election. why has he been attacked so
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ruthlessly, especially by the media when the evidence and the facts are so easy to find? i want to do two things. the gloria alred story and to the mall ban, the supposed mall ban. first, judge moore adamantly and without any hesitation rebuked gloria alred and beverly nelson for the false allegations concerning the yearbook. on wednesday, one of our attorneys pointed out the message in the year book had been altered, faked to look like moore's signature. the moore campaign has called on nelson's attorney, gloria alred to release this year book for further analysis. she has refused. alred has said on msnbc that even if the yearbook entry was
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altered, it would not affect the integrity of the allegation. allegations are words. they're not facts. allegations are words. they're not indictments and they're not charges. it would not affect the integrity of their allegation. the yearbook is her star witness and the yearbook has failed. nelson's stepson took it upon himself to have a video saying that he believed his stepmother was lying, being deceptive and she did that for financial gain. additional news reports nelson's former boyfriend at the time alleged that when this incident took place that the nelson story was false and her former boyfriend believes judge moore and not beverly nelson.
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in addition, the moore come pain has unveiled statements from key witnesses that completely counter all details of beverly nelson's story. we can provide those to you. they are from past news releases, that news media outlets have refused to print. now on to the restaurant itself. former waitresses at the old hickory house restaurant said employees had to be 16 years of age. no 15-year-olds worked there. according to former employees, the dumpsters were located on the side of the building. they were never in the back. the old hickory house set off a four-lane highway. it had a wrap-around porch, lights all around that porch and it was lit properly. nelson claimed the surroundings were dark and isolated. again a major contradiction.
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rhonda ledbetter that worked at the old hickory house almost three years states the earliest the restaurant closed was at 11:00 a.m., but almost midnight. the reason why the restaurant never closed at 10:00 a.m. is that the goodyear plant workers would come over and have their meal after their shift ended at 10:00 p.m. the restaurant never closed at 10:00 p.m. and that also contradicts nelson's claim. it's unlikely there was an entrance to the back of the building because the property was adjacent to homes and back yards. there was in thoroughfare behind the building. nelson claimed that judge moore came every night and sat at the counter. former employees tell us that customers that sat at the countered were served by the short order cook, and they never interacted with the wait staff.
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additionally, two former waitresses and two former patrons state that they never saw judge moore in that restaurant. these witnesses have shared their testimony on multiple occasions with multiple news outlets. but these media outlets have refused to tell this story. now let me go on to the shopping mall ban in etowah county. as you know, etowah county is a small county. politics is rough in that county. political knives are sharp. it's old school. some contests from old days are being relived now. some people are seeking vengeance for past events that they have concocted or said or dreamed up. but let me set this record straight. roy moore's character has been spoken of and spoken for for
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40-plus years of public service. only now has these accusers come forward. this is an effort by these people, the liberal media, the republican establishment to malign the good name of judge moore. yesterday judge moore's campaign had key witnesses that debunked the claims of being banned from the gadsden mall. we contacted johnny adams. johnny adams is the -- was this gadsden mall operations manager for 14 years. he worked there for 26 years. he's statement is as follows: "in all of my 26 years working at the gadsden mall, i never heard anything about roy moore being banned from the mall or any other mention of issues concerning him.
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as the operations manager overseeing mall security, i would have been aware of any incident that would have occurred. there were none." in closing, i want to say this. you men and women of the media are responsible for the stories and printing the truth. free press is what we cherish in this country. not being free with the facts. i'm asking you, i'm urging you, i'm imploring you to print and tell the truth. thank you. >> questions? >> no, we're not. not right now. listen, i'm dean young. i've been with judge moore for 25 years. i was with him before the aclu rolled into gadsden, alabama and had their tails kicked. i've been with him all these years. let me tell you something. the same thing will happen on december 12. all of this stuff is going to be
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settled. judge moore will be our next senator. alabamians, i want to talk to you. you're seeing us through the national tv shows. the local alabamians, i want to tell you what's going on. i want you to understand alabamians, that the judge moore you knew two weeks ago is the same judge moore. what we're seeing on a national and a worldwide effort is to stop judge roy moore at any cost. when i say "any cost", mitch mcconnell has spent over $30 million trying to stop judge moore. "the washington post" and all of the fake media for the last two weeks have said everything they can say about judge moore. they're trying to dig people up, put them on tv and say judge moore is a bad guy. the contest is this. this is what -- where the rubber hits the road. what are alabamians going to do? if you can be tricked, alabamians, with a $30 million
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from mitch mcconnell, maybe 40 by now, and "the washington post" fake stories, if you can be tricked in two weeks about judge roy moore, then they win. what do they win? why is it such a big deal? why two weeks ago do we wake up and we hear all of this stuff about judge roy moore that we never heard although we've watched him for 25 years stand for what is right? always has. he stands for what is right, what is just and what is fair. we know that in alabama. all right? so why did this happen? i think the future of this country rides on this race. let me tell you why. donald trump just exploded the establishment. this is the first senatorial election since donald trump went into office. so the magnitude of what is going on here can't be overestimated. you've got to understand,
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alabamians, that the world is watching you. you know, we read that story about esther, says such a time as this. it's not just judge moore for a time such as this. it's you people in alabama. you're the ones that are put here, i believe, by god to make a decision that will affect the according of not only this nation, but the world. because the world is watching to see what you do. the question is, can you be tricked? can you be tricked? because all hell is coming to alabama against judge roy moore. anything they can do, any lie they can make up, any person they can drag up and put in front of a tv camera and say negative things about judge moore is coming. but don't be tricked. because you, alabamians, will have to stand up on december 12, that's 12-12 and you'll have the show the world that we won't be
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tricked, that we're not a bunch of idiots or sheep like the mainstream media want you to act like or mitch mcconnell. they think they can do their stuff about judge moore in two weeks and you will all run for the hills. they don't know ya'll. they don't know ya'll. i'll tell you this, media, fake news people, let me tell you this, alabamians will go and have thanksgiving on thursday. black friday will start. then we're going to have a war called the iron bowl. after church on sunday -- this is what i want you alabamians to do. talk about it thanksgiving. i want you to talk about it sunday night after church. i want you to think in your brain, judge moore that we've known for 25 years, are we going to be sold a bill of goods by mitch mcconnell and the fake news? are we? are we that gullible? the answer will be no. i'll tell you right now, there was a poll done last night, media.
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judge moore is -- >> shepard: there you go. that's about 17, 18 minutes of this news conference there. jonathan serrie is covering the conference. he's live in alabama this afternoon. a direct appeal to alabamians saying the fake news is wrong. jonathan, has roy moore granted an interview to an alabama-based journalist? they have a big television market in birmingham, mobile. they have great newspapers down there, the or has he granted any interviews to any journalists locally? >> not recently. right now he's been giving some interviews to moore friendly media outlets. as far as the mainstream media and the birmingham -- >> shepard: what i'm saying, not an opinion person, but a journalist. like a journalist that works for a television station or newspaper there locally in alabama. >> no, not for some time. in fact, at his latest
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opportunity where reporters had a chance to ask some questions, this is after a rally with faith leaders, the reporters were told that he would not take any questions about the allegations against him. of course, it was the reporter's responsibility to ask him about the news of the days. as soon as they start asking the questions, they abruptly ended that news conference, shep. >> shepard: the gentleman that was spoking today on his behalf, they're not taking questions either. is that right? >> so far they have not taken any questions. they're just reading these prepared statements. largely repeating what they had sent out in a press release yesterday where they talked everything from waitresses at the restaurant that one of the accusers allegedly worked at to employees at the mall trying to dispute claims, reported claims that moore was on a watch list or somehow banned from that ball in gadsden. so yes, that's what they're talking about. they have not taken any
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questions so far at this news conference, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, what are the basic allegations against judge moore? >> basic allegations were that he approached young women in their teens. there's one woman who claims that she was underage when he invited her to her home. he says he touched her inappropriately. she felt uncomfortable so he brought her home. other women say they were in their late teens and he just aggressively pursued them. just made them feel very uncomfortable. trying to establish sort of a pattern here, that moore, who was in his 30s at the time was allegedly pursuing women considerably younger and at least in one case allegedly a young woman that was underage, shep. >> shepard: so those
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allegations, they were brought by those individual women or they were brought by the media? >> they were brought by the media. started with a "washington post" article. "the washington post" articles sought out -- they had been hearing some rumors about these allegations and they sought out these women who were reportedly reluctant to come forward at first, but then when they were told that there were other women in the same situation, they were more eager to tell their stories. one woman in particular said that she didn't want to report any of this alleged because she had a family, didn't want to drug her family through this. but now is feeling comfortable to talk about it, especially knowing there's other women making allegations against roy moore. >> shepard: jonathan serrie in alabama on what appears to be a beautiful day. thank you. i've just been informed that the
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president has spoken on this matter. that he has spoken on the race for the senate seat for the state of alabama for the first time since these allegations were brought forward. remember, kellyanne conway, an adviser to the president, spoke about this matter on "fox and friends" on this network and what she said was -- want to remember specifically because the words matter -- she said they want the vote for the tax bill that is coming. it's passed in the house. not the senate. they want the vote in the senate. she said we want the vote. of course, roy moore is the republican, jones is the democrat. she didn't say go out and vote for roy moore. don't get me wrong. she said we want that vote. it's sort of there. let's bring in julie. we'll have tape from the president or i should say media play-back from the president who spoke. he was on his way to get on the plane a minute ago. when he was on his way to the
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helicopter, he spoke to reporters at the rope line. that's when he spoke about this matter. we'll hear from him in just a moment when the white house pool plays the video back for it and you'll hear for yourself. again, julie works for the "wall street journal" and fox news and fox news channel share common ownership. julie, by way of observation in your reporting, what seems to be the strategy here? it's interesting that roy moore has not granted any interviews. with journalists. >> sure is. he's a key person that we would want to hear on this in an extended way. speaking with reporters and answering tough questions. another key person we're waiting to hear from as you just said is president trump. his words on this will be super important. one reason why is that doug jones, the democratic competitor, is already using republican words against roy moore in an advertisement and would do the same with president trump depending on what he has to say.
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>> shepard: and to this moment, kellyanne conway spoke on this matter. then we had some words from sarah sanders at the white house podium. can you tell us the reporting on that? >> sure. the white house has not wanted to talk about this much at all. >> shepard: what is the reason for that? >> again, there's a couple -- it's a very sensitive topic, obviously. the president himself faced some allegations during his own presidential campaign making it sort of just a really tricky topic for the white house to address in general. then also what i mentioned earlier is just the state of alabama and democrats in alabama are paying very close attention to how republicans nationally and locally are talking about roy moore with an eye towards trying to galvanize that support for doug jones in a very red state, a very supportive state of president trump. so you know, the white house just really has to tread
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carefully at this point. like kellyanne conway said, they do want to pass the tax measure. the senate is very important. every single vote will count. >> shepard: stay with us, julie. i wanted to let you know, the reason you haven't heard from the president yet is all a technical matter. the president came and spoke on the rope. you know when the reporters hang out and the president is about to get on the chopper. he can choose to speak to the reporters if he wants to. today the president did. the questions were asked about roy moore. in the past, the president has just not taken the questions. somebody asked those questions. he would move on to another question or ask them to move along. i want to tell you the associated press is reporting now trump discounts allegations against republican roy moore and says, and i quote, we don't need
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a liberal person in there. that's from the associated press. and that's all we've gotten so far. here's the technical part that i was telling you about. the president spoke. then they wait for the president to take off. you have to have video of that. a politics pool, the white house pool, you have to have the video of that. it all has to be documented. the pool is required to do that. when he's finished, when that videoing is over, they go back to a playing point where you'd put the vcr in the machine and hit play. they will play it out for us. all the networks will have access to what the president said at exactly the same time. so when they are able to play that back, we'll play it for you. but obviously we can't do that until. i don't want to be characterizing anything for you. i'll report to you with the associated press just reported. that is that trump discounts allegations against roy moore and says, now quoting president, we don't need a liberal person
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in there. julie this is a change in public position i think without any question, is it not? >> it really follows up on the ground work that kellyanne conway laid. i don't know if that was early today or yesterday, very recently on fox. and it seems to be -- again, i'm eager to see this video with you. it seems to be following that same sort of train of logic. i would add that that echos what some people who are close to trump have been saying on the outside, you know, other personalities on fox news have told that line as well and steve bannon who is now working outside of the white house, but very involved in politics and certainly involved in this alabama race as well, has urged the same sort of line of thinking. so depending on what exactly the words of the president are, it really does represent sort of a new weighing in of trump on a
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race that everyone in the country is watching. we still have three weeks to go. it's hard to believe that we still have that much time left in such an important race. >> shepard: there seems to be a belief, julie, that the white house would do its best to not -- maybe kellyanne conway speaks, maybe sarah sanders speaks. but to have the president not comment because there are some that are very much for and some that are very much against and they might all be in the president's camp and whoever he's for or against, that's going to -- he's going to lose a bunch of the crowd down there in alabama and maybe other places around the country. there's a risk with women. a lot of risks involved. if that was the strategy, it has now changed. >> this race has been an absolute nightmare for the white house for all of time seemingly. the white house was behind luther strange, the sitting
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senator that replaced jeff sessions, now the attorney general. there were some on trump's team that were upset about the decision to get behind senator strange and had been kind of urging him to reconsider that and to back moore who looked like he was going to prevail. indeed he did. so right from that special election, you've got this kind of tense point where some in the white house and some close to trump feel one way and some feel another. now you got an even deeper mess with roy moore, a person that the white house wasn't originally behind but when he won, you remember when the president deleted all of his tweets supporting luther strange seemed to try to wipe him out of his memory in an effort to portray himself as all in for roy moore. >> shepard: excuse me, julie. they're going to play that tape for us now. the delay i cannot explain.
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here's the president. they've still got it in pause as you can see. listen. now they're rewinding it. this is pretty important stuff. where the. stands on this particular matter is something that the people should know. viewers and people interested in this sort of thing should hear it from the president himself. it's my belief you shouldn't have to hear this through a filter. if the president wants to speak to the pool camera that covers the white house, then you ought to hear that. exactly what it is the president will say when they push the play button, you'll hear it. i want to show you what is happening live now while we wait for them to push play. this is marine one landing at joint base andrews. the picture you just saw, that was at the portico at the white house. this is a few minutes ago. the president came out of the white house, walked over to the helicopter and instead of making a beeline to the helicopter, which happen as lot of times, instead of that, he came to the
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rope line. julie, there's no way for me to know -- you'll probably find out at some point, some of our white house team will find out as well, whether the plan was for the president to go and use this moment to address this issue because the white house decided this is the moment we want to send out the president, this is the moment we want him on the record or if the president just decided i'm going to go talk to them and if they ask me questions, i'm going to answer him. here's the tape play back we've been waiting for. >> i can tell you one thing for sure. we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. jones, i've looked at his record. it's terrible on crime. terrible on the border. terrible in the military. i can tell you for a fact, we don't need somebody that is going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad with the military, bad for the second amendment.
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>> [question inaudible] >> he denies it. he denies it. if you look at what is really going on and you look at all the things that have happened the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen. you know, you have to listen to him also. you're talking about he said 40 years ago this did not happen. >> [question inaudible] >> i'll be letting you know next week. i can tell you, you don't need somebody that is soft on crime like jones. >> what is your message for women in this pivotal part of the country. you've had your own allegations against you -- >> let me tell you. roy moore denies it. that's all i can tell you. he totally denies it. >> what is your message to
12:36 pm
women? >> women are very special. i think it's a very special time because a lot of things are coming out. i think that's good for our society and i think it's very good for women. i'm very happy a lot of these things are coming out. i'm very happy it's being exposed. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know -- i don't want to speak for al franken. i don't know what happened -- >> what about john conyers? >> i just heard about john conyers. as far as franken is concerned, he has to speak for himself. i'd rather have him speak for himself. >> [question inaudible] >> we had a great call with president putin. we're talking about peace in syria. very important. we're talking about north korea. we had a call that lasted almost 1 1/2 hours. we just put out a release on the call. we're talking very strongly
12:37 pm
about bringing peace to syria. we're talking very strongly about north korea and ukraine. >> [question inaudible] >> can't hear louder. >> [question inaudible] >> i'm not going to get involved in litigation. personally, i've always felt that that was a deal that is not good for the country. i think your pricing is going up. i'm not going to get involved. it's litigation. thank you, everybody. have a very great thanksgiving. >> mr. president, do you believe roy moore? >> roy moore denies it. and by the way, he gives a total denial. i do have to say, 40 years is a long time. he's run eight races and this has never come up. 40 years is a long time. the women are trump voters. most of them are trump voters. all you can do is do what you have to do. he totally denies it.
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>> [question inaudible] >> i do. i really do. i think they should. thank you. have a good thanksgiving, everybody. >> shepard: well, man alive. that was a journalist dream come true in many ways. a lot of subjects touched on there. go back to roy moore. we'll start there and move to the other matters. i'm going to get to this in just a second. we got the read-out on vladimir putin's call. not a quick call. more than an hour it lasted according to the white house. back to roy moore. we don't need a liberal in there. he talked about the different positions of jones from his perspective.
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and on roy moore, he said he denies this. then he said he denies this totally. then he said this didn't happen. a little later he said, he denies this. it's a total denial. as for women, women are very special. women must trust -- many of them women are trump voters. you do what you have to do but he totally denies this. the questions specifically put to the president, will you be campaigning for roy moore. his answer on that was i'll let you know in the next week. julie, do we have a sense of where the white house or where the president is on this now? >> i thought it was very interesting to see the world deny, deny, deny throughout. seemed like that is what the white house -- president trump's political advisers were telling him to focus on each time a recorder the question, do you believe roy moore, trying to get him to expound on how he's come
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to this position. and you saw the president just continually returning to the phrase, he denies it, he totally denies it. and then that combined with his sort of wait and see attitude about will he campaign with roy moore really sets up a potentially interesting last few weeks of this already very interesting election. on the other side, you have senator mitch mcconnell who said hey, if this guy gets elected, we're going to start to -- the proceedings to eject him right away. >> shepard: that's another matter. the door is now left open for the following based on the president's statement today. there's been many suggestions and lots of republicans have taken this position, not all of them, but some of them have taken the following position. don't push him down. give him an opportunity to win this thing and then once he wins it, we will not seat him and we'll get the governor to appoint another republican. which is your way to keep from
12:41 pm
having his opponent jones actually get seated. so we've been wondering if that is really the thinking of republicans about how they would approach such a thing. how they would handle this, not destroying roy moore, helping to prop him up while being in a position to not seat him later. i wonder, julie, if you have any idea if this is that? >> i think this changes the dynamics of the race quite a bit. because you know, you'll have reporters going back to mitch mcconnell and others and asking the questions, you know, now that the white house has weighed in on this, do you still sort of maintain that you don't want this person elected or if you are fine with him being elected, that you'll move to kick him out of the senate right away? i can't even imagine what the answers are on that. >> shepard: julie bykowicz from the "wall street journal."
12:42 pm
"wall street journal" shares ownership with fox news. thanks for your perspective. >> thank you. >> shepard: two more things we have to get to and we will. president trump and president putin on the phone for an hour, this is what they talked about. i have to get a commercial break. we'll get to that and john conyers. he said he just learned about the accusations about the democrat john conyers. we all have all of that when fox news comes back after this. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health.
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12:46 pm
john conyers is 80 years old and is denying the allegations. he says his office resolved the case to avoid a court battle. according to buzz feed, john conyers paid more than $27,000 to settle the complaint and had the woman to sign an agreement of confidentiality. the one seat published statements from other former staff members that said that say saw the congressman touch women staffers inappropriately including legs and backs. they say congressman conyers would ask for sexual favors. one former staffer says it was part of her job "to keep a list of women that i assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request, and if necessary, have them flown in using congressional resources." congressional resources, meaning taxpayer money. buzz feed reports that they got the money from a right wing
12:47 pm
activist. buzz feed cites four different people, including the accuser, confirmed their authenticity. earlier today, john conyers said he didn't know about the settlement. then a couple hours ago, his spokesperson said the congressman thought the a.p. reporter was talking about recent allegations of which he was unaware and denied. the congressman has released a statement. it reads -- >> shepar >> shepard: that's the end of the statement. the congressman says he will fully cooperate with the
12:48 pm
statement. peter doocy with the story in d.c. what are you learning from other lawmakers? >> shep, they're surprised but not sympathetic. nancy pelosi said she didn't know about the allegations until last night. she put out a statement that says -- >> another democratic member on the judiciary committee now says this. >> a rep for the former house speaker john boehner said that speaker boehner was unaware
12:49 pm
about this until receiving buzz feed's inquiry. paul ryan says this report is troubling. people that work in the house are entitled to a workplace without harassment. will we hear conyers talk about this in public? he says no because he says he's not allowed to. part of the conyers went on to say -- >> i also spoke to barbara comstock. she says she's working to freeze future taxpayer payments for sexual harassment settlements. shep? >> shepard: thanks, peter. president trump on the phone with vladimir putin for more than an hour according to the white house. and it comes after the russian leader met with the murderous syrian dictator. what president trump has to say about the call with president putin next.
12:50 pm
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>> shepard: president trump said at the rope line there that he spoke with the russian president vladimir putin on the phone today. the white house says the call lasted a little more than an hour, for more than an hour. it set iran, north korea and ukraine were all on the agenda as well as syria. the call came a day after president putin met with
12:54 pm
dictator bashar al-assad. josh lederman with the associated press. the read-out is one page here and words large enough to read them. president trump and president putin talked about to get a lasting peace in the ukraine. isn't it an answer for the russians to leave the ukraine, the nation they invaded? >> that has been the position of the u.s. for quite a long time. there's signs that president putin is looking for an off ramp when it comes to ukraine. he's not seeing this conflict in the long-term of being in his interest anymore. that's why president putin has proposed putting in u.n. peacekeepers. generally speaking, that's a plan the u.s. feels they can get
12:55 pm
behind. >> shepard: talked about fighting terror in the middle eas east. stressed the importance of implementing u.n. resolutions, syrian war. all of this -- you were a white house reporter a long time. is this read-out the totality of the conversation or described the white house and what hey feel like the people need to know? >> it's the latter. doesn't tell us a lot. the important part is the context. this tells us that a few hours after president putin met with president assad met with him as the isis fight is dying down and people are looks at the future of syria and a lot of signs that russia has the influence here and the u.s. lost its leverage about how to ensure a future for syria that doesn't involve president assad. president putin has been working the phones with president trump and leaders of egypt and israel
12:56 pm
and saudi arabia trying to put russia's imprint on what the next phase will look like in syria. >> and did the white house try to make an attempt to put its imprint on them? >> the u.s. doesn't want a syria run by assad and have a large iranian influence. that's what both countries are trying to do. >> shepard: thanks, josh. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> shepard: happy thanksgiving to all of you. i'm going to head out with the family a few days. hope you get the same opportunity. so much to be thankful for. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up after this on fox news channel.
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the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. >> neil: all right. so you probably just heard, the president of the united states is standing by roy moore. but did you catch that other development? not so a record 85 billion media deal involving at&t and time-warner. that raised some eyebrows and hackles at the corner of wall and broad. to kevin corke with more. what's going on? >> this is a major opportunity for the administration to really set forward its policy on these major conglomerations. what does it feel about the major mergers that we've seen so many happen, you and i, neil, the last several years. we're talking about $109 billion here if at&t was able to consummate


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