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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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th gesiv you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. >> neil: all right. so you probably just heard, the president of the united states is standing by roy moore. but did you catch that other development? not so a record 85 billion media deal involving at&t and time-warner. that raised some eyebrows and hackles at the corner of wall and broad. to kevin corke with more. what's going on? >> this is a major opportunity for the administration to really set forward its policy on these major conglomerations. what does it feel about the major mergers that we've seen so many happen, you and i, neil, the last several years. we're talking about $109 billion here if at&t was able to consummate this deal. the administration says this
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will not only limit cooperation and competition but innovation. before taking off for his vacation in florida, the president making it clear he doesn't want to get involved in a circumstance where he's commenting on ongoing litigation. but the facts are these. this is something that the administration has been very clear. it doesn't like this side. so when the president does finally weigh-in, we suspect when he has the opportunity to say so, he will also say quite forcefully the idea of a at&t-time-warner merger is not in the interest of the average american with a cable bill but not in the interest of american business. one more thing. there are some people, neil, that will make the argument that the president's disdain against cnn is against the doj's decision here. white house sources have told me on background, that's not the case here. when you hear that, understand from their perspective it has nothing to do with it. that's their story and they're
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sticking to it, neil. >> neil: if you think about it, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. they could argue even if they were to rail against this merger and the fact that cnn would be a part of it, it's not as if cnn even jettisoned would find many interested bidders willing to pay top dollar. there's something to say there. >> yeah, they would probably peace them out of this deal if it ultimately happens. may not happen with at&t. you may a good point. i don't think there's any question, a number of potential souters that would love to get their hand on a major american media company with original programming. however, you'll hear critics say that. you'll hear them say this is something to do with his feud with cnn. white house officials say it's not true. >> neil: yeah, in the end, it's not as if they're going away. plenty of other vines out there clawing for it as it were.
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thank you, buddy. all right. now the president of course weighing in on the at&t time-warner deal. not really a big fan of it. this is not the first time we've seen a white house or by extension a justice department, although the two are not supposed to work in tandem on these things, the white house is disavowing that they are but it wouldn't be the first time a administration of any sort has poo-pooed a deal. a lot of insurance mergers in the last one and now a media one. on the phone, judge andrew napolitano. let's say there was pressure applied on the justice department on the party of the white house, directly the president, to stop this. surely if you want to follow-through on that you're working under the idea that this would stop cnn. that this would kill off cnn. it wouldn't, right, judge? >> well, first of all, always a pleasure to be with you in an early happy thanksgiving. >> neil: to you as well. >> this is a lawsuit filed by
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the justice department. the justice department has to prove the case. if the defense is the president really hates cnn and that's the reason they want us to spin it off, the justice department loses, plain and simple. that argument, if the court accepts it, would be such an interference with free speech in american society that the justice department would lose and a merger would go forward. the justice department will argue that there are economic reasons to prevent the merger. almost all of which were so nicely ticked off by our colleague, kevin corke. but the essence of it is this. if you get to dominance in an industry, somewhere north of 40, 45%, there's no hard and fast rule what the percentage is, but if you control north of 40 to 45% of an entire industry and you want to add to that, the
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justice department will look at it very, very carefully. because there's case law holding that once you get to that neighborhood, you can buy up your competitors and there for stifle competition and influence prices and therefore interfere with competition. >> neil: but it's a moving target especially when it's this type of technology that you could say that facebook at its market value dwarfs what is being talked about here. >> absolutely. and how do you measure the marked? is it the u.s. market? is it the u.k. market? is it the e.u. market? when you talk about something like cnn, what do you measure? are you measuring eyeballs on the screen or measuring the precious eyeballs that we all look at on the screen, the buying public between age 24 and age 54. so this is virgin territory for the justice department to bring a lawsuit of this nature and say in effect, we will go away if
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you sell this entity that has been a thorn in our boss' side for the past 18 months. >> at&t is not the first company to legally challenge the justice department. it's a reminder that administrations don't dive up when you think it's the case with a justice department action. for example, it was under reagan's justice department that we had the formal breakup of at&t. so you could make the case that that is really hardly a consistent case where the administration would personally push its point of view. i guess what i'm asking you here, where do you think this goes? with at&t promising legal action of its own, this could be a mess. >> i think the case will be settled in some way. that is federal judge will sit down with the justice department lawyers and time-warner and at&t and say let me suggest a couple
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scenarios that you can live with. neil, the last thing you want is a jury trial. the last thing you want in the jury trial is for the president of the united states to be called as a witness for the defense. talk about selling tickets. you really -- the government really wants to avoid the spector that an economic and judicial decision was made for petty political purposes. i say spector. it may not even be true. the president may have not signalled this in any way. the justice department may have a negative opinion of the president's negative opinion of cnn. but the impression is out there. >> neil: real quickly, judge, i'd be remiss in the president didn't bring up the roy moore thing. the president seemed to stand by roy moore, that he's a better alternative than the democratic candidate. this is add odds with mitch
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mcconnell so they'll be add odds again on this. i know it's an uphill battle in the polls for roy moore to win this race. let's say he does. you're dealing with 40-year-old charges here. i believe to censor or take any action in the senate. so what are we looking at here? should he be elected? >> if he's elected, they have to seat him. they can't refuse to seat him because of the allegations. once he's seated if they move to expel him, no person has ever been expelled from congress ever for behavior that occurred whether proven or not before they were in congress. they can only get expelled for something while they were there. >> neil: so years back that occurred in congress -- >> some of it occurred in earlier days. some occurred while he was there. if he's there and most of the republicans won't talk to him and won't shake hands with him and won't let themselves have
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pictures taken with him, how happy of a gang will this be? they might be better off with what the president is calling a liberal democrat is not a liberal democrat at all? he's a ku klux klan busting prosecutor. they could be better off than someone like that that they can talk to and have eye contact. >> neil: thanks, judge. >> all the best to you, neil. >> neil: stocks closing at record highs. averages are focused apparently on not only good earnings but the tax cuts. if they do pass and all of a sudden for corporations taking advantage of the lower rates and they don't pass that on in terms of expanding plants and equipment and hiring more folks, just buying up stock, but that's their legal right, is that considered a disappointment? let's go to charlie gasparino
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and gary smith and heather. what would the fall-out be if companies take the tax cut and plow it back into their stock? >> that would be a big push-back against the gop in this plan. it's most likely to happen. while that will benefit stockholders or shareholders of the company by buying back shares and increasing the dividends, neil, that won't benefit the economy in the short run. it will take time in order to hire workers and invest in domestic plants property and equipments. >> neil: gary, i'm looking at the markets. a lot of it is fueled by better than expected earnings. i'm wondering how many tax cuts are playing into this. what do you think? >> i think a lot, neil. as we talked about, the expectations that this is going to get done in one way, shape or form is really the rocket fuel for this commit. we've also talked about what
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happens if it doesn't get done. to your point, i think no matter what happens, if it does get done and corporations horde the cash or spend the cash, the spin will be, i guarantee you, across the main street media that jobs were not created. so the republicans need to be ready with their bullet points regardless of what happens. >> neil: that could be a case charlie gasparino, be careful what you wish for. you might get it. >> yeah, there's a political problem with the tax plan. all the goodies are really on the corporate side of the equation. you've given corporation as major tax cut. you're not giving small business as major cut if you look at the numbers there. they're nothing like the corporate side. they're still paying the rate on the pass-throughs on 70% of their income. on the individual side, you're giving marginal tax cuts to people that don't pay a lot of tax cuts. they pay a lot of fica.
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that's not being touched here and jamming everybody else. so what you got here, you're literally raising taxes on a lot of individuals to pay for a corporate tax cut. if that doesn't show some benefit immediately more than just the markets going up, economic benefit, where we say definitely we see 4%, 3% economic growth, the republicans will have a huge problem. they did it to themselves because they just totally wimped out on the individual side. >> neil: you have to understand the reasons. reconciliation and more. heather, let's say it goes through. we're waiting to see the details on the reconciliation. there's no sure thing that it goes through in the senate, that this will have a positive effects on the market and the economy? >> it will absolutely have a positive effect on the stock market. steve mnuchin and gary cohn, it's no secret that the stock market is predicated on some anticipation of tax reform getting done before year end,
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neil. >> neil: so if you don't, heather, then what? >> it goes down. market declines 10 to 20% even. if we don't get corporate tax reform, this is already priced in to a lot of the earnings. we have corporate earnings right now. they're doing well. we also need tax renorm before year end to help market the markets go higher. >> neil: gary b. smith is saying it's not priced in. this could be that and ubs saying yes, this thing is a rocket if those tax cuts are approved. >> absolutely. i think it's a rocket either way. if you come in on a monday morning and all of a sudden it's approved, the markets sky rocket. to heather's point, i dread waking up on a monday morning after a sedate weekend and saying that it's done, didn't get passed. my gosh, the gap down in the market could really be huge. >> but that would be very
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short-sided. i'll tell you why. the trump regulatory agenda is a tax cut in and of itself. yet the markets will react if they don't do this. will probably go down. i don't know 20% but could go 10%. guess what? you still have the regulatory stuff, which is a defactor tax cuts and a good point for earnings. >> i knew charlie would disagree with me. >> neil: thanks very much, guys. there's also whether they can get rid of the deduction for state and local taxes. there's some leaders now, democratic leaders coming in in new jersey who are worried about that and rethinking local hikes and taxes of their own. need a prominent player in that after this. ♪ i love you so much. we're going to be best friends forever. let out your inner child at the lexus december to remember sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> neil: all right. now it's nancy pelosi calling for an ethics investigation into any credible claims of sexual harassment following allegations against democratic michigan congressman john conyers. hillary vaughn has the story. >> congressman conyers is admitting he paid off a female staffer using taxpayer money. this is after buzz feed said that conyers made sexual advances, repeatedly harassing her and fired her when she wouldn't give in to his advances. the shocking allegations are rocking conyer's colleagues in
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congress. the big surprise, neil, that he used a secret bureaucratic process congress has set up to handle harassment claims. the secret pay-out system has caught people on both sides of the aisle off guard. >> i think the american people deserve to understand what has been going on under the dome of the capitol. this is not a republican problem or a democratic problem. >> paul ryan calls the report troubling. he said he knew nothing about the pay-out and john boehner said he found out about the settlement through buzz feed's reporting. conyers still denies the allegations and says he only settled to save everyone from ongoing litigation saying in a statement, the resolution was not for millions of dollars but rather for an amount that equated to a reasonable severance payment. i will fully cooperate with an investigation, he said.
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and the top two democrats are asking for that. nancy pelosi calling to investigate and steny hoyer calls for major changes to the pay-out system. the office of compliance that handles all types of work-related complaints has paid out more than $17 million to settle 260 cases over the past 20 years, neil. >> neil: the leadership doesn't even know about it. hillary vaughn, thanks very much. with thanksgiving around the corner, how did it go from, i don't know, this to this? meet the ceo. he says you know what? i'm having none of it. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets-
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>> neil: man, that was fast. as expected, the house ethics committee has begun an investigation against john conyers who has been there longer than any other united states congressman, elected in 1964. but the investigation is on! meantime, so is thanksgiving. but today is a day meant to spend time with your family, not necessarily at stores. that changed over the years. that message is coming from a
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major retailer that is in no rush to change that. a policy it has adhered to for some 11 years now. b.j.'s wholesale club, chris baldwin joining us. good to have you. >> happy thanksgiving. good to have you, to be on your show today. we appreciate the opportunity to speak to you and your audience. >> happy thanksgiving to you. you drew the line at this long before there was this rush to be working 24/7 through the holidays, including on the holidays. you opted not to do that. why not? >> well, in our view, it's simple. there's a time and a place for everything. thanksgiving is a time for our employees that work hard all year long, it's time to spend time with their families. for as long as i'm here, we'll
1:26 pm
be closed on thanksgiving and ask people to come back bright and early friday morning. >> neil: what time friday morning are the lights on? >> awfully early. we'll open at 7:00. in order to prepare, before that. >> neil: amazing. how do your employees react? >> they have come to expect it from our company. we think it's the right thing to do. we have 25,000 hard-working associates. and they deserve a break like we do. it's the right thing to do. they appreciate it but they expect it at this point. we believe it's the right thing to do. >> neil: i'm sure you have accountants and say, you know, boss, some of these guys are open on thanksgiving and making a lot of money.
1:27 pm
we should consider it. you say what? >> neil: it's not the right thing to do. it's simple. the math is easy to do. we can make more money by opening thanksgiving. we think there's a bigger opportunity here. it's about creating an environment where people feel great about working for our company. sometimes it's right to stop a full day and thanksgiving is that kind of a day. >> neil: i do notice and while you're sticking to this position and some of your retailers are moving to being open through thanksgiving day itself, that people began to reassess this, including in your industry, to say, you know what? maybe not thanksgiving day or limited hours thanksgiving day. but it seems to be going the other way now. what do you make of that? >> you know, something different. people have different views to how they want to run their
1:28 pm
companies. we believe this is the right thing for our company. it will be that way a long time and will be here as long as i'm here. we'll stick to what we think is right for our important employees. >> do you and your employees look forward to tax cuts? in other words that tax cuts are in the offing here. there's this view in the past that people spend money before they get money and counting on them and stores like yours benefit from that. is that true? >> it is absolutely true. we believe the most important part of the tax conversation in the united states is the ability to get a tax cut to the middle class, working families that we work so hard to serve. ultimately the tax policy will help our company, we believe. we'll see how it shakes out in the next few weeks. we believe we can invest more in our company going forward are improved corporate tax rates. so the combination of benefits to employees and corporate benefits will be helpful to the economy. >> neil: would you take advantage of the lower taxes?
1:29 pm
what would you do with that money or that savings? the hope is among a lot of people pushing this that you'll pour it back into your stores, maybe hire more workers, open more stores? what would you do? it's a combination of things, neil. cand candidly, most of it we would spend back. the opportunity in our company -- we feel great about our business. value retail works. our business is vibrant and growing with improved tax structures, we can reinvest and open even more stores than we're currently planning, which creates significant job growth and the economy. >> neil: chris baldwin, i'm sure you have grateful employees. i don't know necessarily customers will be chagrinned to find your stores to be closed thanksgiving day. they'll be okay with it. thanks nor taking the time and happy thanksgiving.
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>> thanks, neil. >> neil: be well. meantime, you think all of this is for the birds? so many have said it for the big guy, too. there's a reason that we've soon with this president, with every president, since harry truman, these are the moments that can be defining and funny as well. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us.
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>> neil: here's how important meg wittman is to
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hewlett-packard. that's the company's ceo. she announced she's stepping down. you know what the stock is doing? it's down 5%. she's leaving in february. we're back in 60. even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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>> today in the spirit of thanksgiving, i will grant a presidential pardon to a turkey. drum stick, you are hear by pardoned. [applause] >> neil: all right. drumstick was overjoyed. i love these moments. for presidents, they might deny it but it's one of the more fun parts of their job. this annual event where they pardon a turkey. now they have a backup turkey just in case. i have so many iconic memories of presidents over the years with these images where they all
1:35 pm
got into it. it's something that they had fun with. i think it can show a different side of the president if properly played. don't you, doug? >> i do, too. truman brought it back. his approval ratings were so low. he needed lincoln magic dust to fall on him. so he's the guy that kind of brought it back to modern times. >> neil: the idea of an official pardon where you save a turkey's life instead of being on the white house menu, that was something that formally started with george bush sr. the action you pardon is with bush. is that right? >> that's right. i remember that thanksgiving. i flew back with george w. bush. i was on staff. secret service brought us in through the suit lawn. george w. got me on the phone.
1:36 pm
he said put me on manifest to camp david. so the bushes celebrated at camp david. that was the first formal pardoning. >> neil: i think a lot of presidents can "the early sho show" -- can show their wittier more humorous side. i thought george bush was the same way. do they do that by design? i get a sense that it's like a favorite moment? >> yes, they do. every word is calculated in the white house. sometimes some things happen that are not calculated. sometimes the bird do what they're supposed to do. >> neil: this moment with bush. that was a close call. >> yeah, with reagan, the bird
1:37 pm
strutted wards the white house press corps. and then the children, malia and sasha were irreverent. a reporter criticized and got fired over it. >> neil: that's right? >> yeah, the public identified with the obama kids and said yeah, this is pretty corny. >> neil: i remember the last year, the girls had had enough. had a scheduling commitment and instead his nephews there. leaving that, i'm wondering what presidents -- it gives them the chance to have the press see them in different light. who is surprised the most or who has liked this the least? >> the carters, you know, they had to stay away from the whole thing. that's why you don't have any footage of them because of the hostage crisis. the american hostage and the embassy was taken on november
1:38 pm
4th. every thanksgiving was a reminder that they still have our hostages. that was low key. >> neil: but that wasn't the entire administration. from 79 and 80. but in 77, 78 did they hide from the world or what? >> well, it was -- it was a reminder. they were counting every day, there was a tv show named day number 382, kept going on and on. but abraham lincoln, that was really the classic. could have gone either way. tad got the pardon. he understood the power of pardons. the wife openly wept and the white house wept and tad broke into sobs a at the wonder of what he done. so jack, he insisted on a pardon. lincoln could have been criticized for that. some said that you pardoned that dumb turkey but killed my son.
1:39 pm
such blood shed. the american public thought this is a father trying to explain to his son, life and death and yes, we've got to live, we have got to eat, this turkey will let this one go. an interesting moment. >> neil: balance it out. as did you, young man. a great thanksgiving. good seeing you again. >> thanks neil. >> neil: a democrat in new jersey could be rethinking some tax hikes. steve sweeney is joining me next. are you on medicare?
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1:43 pm
new york and new jersey. steve sweeney recognizes that and with the incoming democratic administration, a governor like phil murphy, democrats will have control of all legislative branches and the governor's house in the new year. so senate president, very good to have you. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me, neil. >> neil: you expressed concern as well, this development obviously would hurt residents in your state. what i caught, senator, this idea that maybe you might or the state might rethink a million near's tax. could you just state what you're looking at now? >> you know, neil, with this federal tax cut that is coming down the road, it's going to hurt states like new jersey enormously. we can't ignore it. we have to hit the because button. the outcome of this federal tax cut, which again, i'm wondering what happened to the deficit
1:44 pm
hawks in washington, but the tax cut will hurt new jersey in a big way. we can't afford to lose thousands of people that make up a large piece of our tax base. you know, this is like a double whammy. this wasn't on our radar. i never dreamed this tax plan could happen. now that it is, we have to weigh this altogether. >> neil: so what does that mean, sir -- i know governor-elect murphy has talked about a sir tax on millionaires or bringing it back to what it was before chris christie took office and removed it. is that out or what? your new rate or what he wanted to do would bring that from close to 9% to about 10 3/4%. is that out the window now? >> it's not out the window. we really have to hit a pause, neil. when you look at the fact that if we lose 5,000, 10,000
1:45 pm
millionaires, because there's a lot that live here, this with the federal -- not having the ability to deduct your state and local income taxes will force people to look to another place. i think that's why governor cuomo is doing the sale thing. he's saying, wait a minute. we have to look at this. >> neil: has governor-elect phil murphy talked to you about this? are you in agreement on this? >> well, listen, the governor-elect -- this was a big cornerstone of his campaign. after i got elected, the first thing is the millionaire's tax. we have to get it for school funding president and now this happened. i have to take a step back and think about what is best for the state of new jersey. 1% of the people in the state of new jersey pay about 42% of the tax base. they can leave. we have to balance it. you know, we didn't think it was
1:46 pm
unreasonable to go forward with this tax increase except with what we're looking at now, new jersey is a state that will be punished under the new plan. we don't need a double whammy, people that can still come back and conduct business and live in new jersey and everything is fine. it won't be fine for us if we lose all of that revenue. like i said, i said we would do it and that's why we have to pause. take into account what this national tax cut is going to money. because the national tax cut is going to be a tax increase for the state of new jersey on all levels. it's scary as hell to be perfectly honest with you. >> neil: we're in the waning weeks of the chris christie administration. you two have had an acrimonious
1:47 pm
relationship. you going to miss him? >> he was pragmatic and wanted to get big things done. we had education reform and benefit reform. we dare to try to restructure benefits in the state of new jersey. so we have to be willing to get in the middle. my position, chris was willing to come, meet me in the middle at times. i was willing -- we came together on a lot of big issues. so you know, people can say what they want to say about him, but he did a good job. look, he had his problems, too. we had our wars over the supreme court, over civil service. when you don't start like with what they're doing in washington, both sides started in the corners and won't come to the middle. the governor was willing to join me in the middle to get things done that needed to get done.
1:48 pm
we still fought on principle with what we didn't agree with. the supreme court, i fought them for 6 1/2 years. i was successful at the end of the day because he said he would never appoint a democrat. he did. so parties can work together. and i really wish washington would recognize that we were able to accomplish great things in new jersey. they were painful and hard to do but we did them. we're talking about new jersey being a one-party state right now. nothing is important is going to come with one party. that's why you're seeing the struggles in washington. >> neil: you ever worry that sometimes that could be a problem? >> listen, john corzine, when he was the governor, it was a democrat house. he had to shut the state government down for six days because we fought over the sales tax. we don't want to raise it. it was democrats that didn't want to raise it. >> neil: i remember that. >> we're very tax sensitive.
1:49 pm
we eliminated the state tax. we raised the retirement income threshold for retirees to $100,000 so they don't have to pay taxes. we raised the earned income tax credit. gave the veterans tax deduction. we're tax sensitive, too. taxing is not the answer to everything. >> neil: thanks, senator sweeney. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: to what senator sweeney was pointing out, is this a case of a different strategy, middle of the road, more pragmatic strategy? we're on it after this. t scatte♪ ♪ you pull them all together ♪ and how, i can't explain ♪ ♪ oh yeah, well well well youuuu ♪ ♪ you make my dreams come true ♪ ♪ well, well, well youuuu ♪
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>> neil: all right. republicans have been saying, you know, we removed the deduction for state and local taxes and states might have to
1:53 pm
reconsider tax hikes and how expensive it is to live in their states. you just heard new jersey state senate president steve sweeney saying that they will be reevaluating a proposed millionaire's tax in new jersey. i want to go to michael star hopkins and from kingsview asset management, scott martin. michael, you first. what you think of that? >> steve hit the nail on the head. getting rid of the salt deductions are going to hurt every day new jerseyians. those taxes are supposed to help pay for schools and healthcare and help better lives of the people in new jersey, new york. >> neil: but michael, he's not going to help every day new jerseyians. to be fair, he wants to target. the idea was to target a millionaire's tax and now maybe takes that back because it was going to hurt millionaires. >> now what he's saying, we have to go back and think about that. >> neil: you feel guilty about raising people's taxes, don't you? >> all new jerseyians are willing to pay taxes as long as
1:54 pm
they're confident they're being used appropriately. >> neil: a fair point. could be a brush fire going on here. obviously you're cognizant if you're in a high tax state. how expensive it is to your residents, to many that can just up and leave. he's worried about it. maybe the incoming democratic governor is as well. what do you make of that? >> yeah, i mean, neil, the ones that are the most taxed can up and leave. because they have the means to do so. that's the tough thing. you brought up the comment about the brush fire. we have a brush fire in illinois. we just had a 33% tax raise on the personal side as well as the corporate side by the illinois state legislature, which is largely democratic. we have the highest sales tax in the country right here in the city of chicago behind me. so the state is continued to go further in debt and continued to misspend and continue to screw their citizens. and what they do to thank us?
1:55 pm
they ask us for more and say this time we're going to get it right. every time they have gotten it wrong. >> neil: you said at the outset as well, getting a sense of where the money is going and how the money is spent no matter whether it's coming from millionaires all the way down to those that are far from millionaires. does that ever happen or do we go back each party to its respective strategy, republicans always, you know, blamed for being cozy with the rich, democrats gouging the rich. never seems to change or the way it's played in the media. >> no, it doesn't. at some point both sides go back to talking points. that's why people are frustrated. steve talked about how he and chris christie haven't gotten along but they managed to work together. >> neil: they have done big things together. >> it is. it's a model for the rest of the country. the people of new jersey expect their politicians to work for them, not against them. that's something that the rest of the country can learn from new jersey.
1:56 pm
>> neil: but you're less tempted to run the side when you run the table. i don't know how it will fall out in illinois. democrats have the run of the table in new jersey on both branches of government and now the executive mansion. >> same deal, yeah. we had governor bruce win some years ago, the republican. he's pitch was like michael said, let's mend fences, let's talk about this. you know what we got for that? higher taxes, a worse deficit and we have pension problems. nobody ever came to the table. lavar ball could figure this one out here and the fact that we can't to give people the message, continue to say hey, this is going to work out because this is going to hike taxes. i'm not buying anymore. >> neil: i've been talking to you for five minutes and neither one of you thank me. >> i always thank you. >> neil: we're showing dow did
1:57 pm
finish up in record territory. so the market averages are concerned about these -- what is slowing developments. again, a funny way of showing it. "the five" is next.
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♪ >> kimberly: i am kimberly guilfoyle with juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." a lot of breaking developments today on the sexual misconduct scandal is rocking the country. charlie rose has been fired by cbs and pbs. multiple allegations by former staffers. the longest-serving member of the house is now under scrutiny. michigan congressman john conyers admits to the harassment complaint against him in 2015 but denies the allegations


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