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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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thankful for many things, including the fact that sean hannity is here for the full hour this prethanksgiving night. sean hannity, go get them, sean. ♪ >> sean: thanks, mark. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. a massive new democratic scandal is developing tonight. congressman bob brady is being investigated over the fbi on allegations that he bribed his 2012 primary opponent to drop out of the race and for later lying to investigators. also tonight, the liberal establishment is being rocked by a new wave of sexual misconduct allegations. plus, the reckoning continues for the clintons. right here we will expose the biggest enablers of bills predatory behavior over the year. that is tonight's opening we start tonight, liberal media lion charlie rose has now been
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fired by cbs, pbs, and bloomberg tv. they have all cut ties to the anchor after the numerous damning bizarre sexual conduct allegations. a washington report where 8 women are accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior. this behavior includes making unwanted advances, lewd phone calls, prancing around naked in front of people that were accusers, but also strangers, and even groping them. in a statementan to "the washington post," rose did apologize for his inappropriate behavior. he says he was mistaken for pursuing what he thought were shared feelings. and earlier tonight, more accusers have come forward. "cbs news" is now reporting that three more women who work at the company are also accusing rose of unwanted sexual contact.. and also tonight, the house ethics committee is investigating democratic congressman john conyers after he admitted that his office paid out $27,000 of taxpayer money to settle a harassment complaint from a former staffer.
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the staffer says that she was fired after rejecting the advances. he denies that claim. today the congressman at his office put out a statement confirming the settlement, but it said "the amount that a equated to a reasonable severance payment. he still has some explaining to do, because according to the same bombshell report from buzzfeed, other staffers have accused him of requesting favors and inappropriate touching, and one aide says her job was to use your taxpayer dollars to fly in she assumed congressman was having an affair with. buzzfeed is also reporting tonight that a new accuser is speaking out saying that she faced daily sexual harassment from the democratic congressman that included unwanted touching. congressman conyers, he is saying he will cooperate withh the investigation. i don't agree with the word this guy has ever said over thete years, but like everybody else, he is denying it. he's been accused of
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inappropriate sexual behavior, and as of now with his denials he deserves the presumption of innocence. every american as i've been saying is entitled to that. i remain one of the few people in the air in the media that are consistent. also, democratic congressman isn't alone when it comes to sexual misconduct allegations. two women have also come forward to accuse senator grope, al franken of inappropriately touching them. senator franken is now owning up to those allegations, most likely because there is photographic evidence. leanne tweeden released this photo where he is seen groping her while she was sleeping while they were both on a 2006 tour. another woman put out this photo where she is alleging that senator franken grabbed her behind while taking a picture back in 2010. and as we've been telling you, senator al franken has a long history of making all kinds of lewd and sexually offensive jokes, including one about actually drugging and raping
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lesley stahl. she's a cohost of 60 minutes. also tonight we have new photos that have been uncovered. they show franken groping huffington during a 2000 photo shoot. here you can see franken grabbing her breast. the second photo shows are behind and she's rushing to her defense saying they were just having fun in that people shouldn't be offended by the photos. the rest of the mainstream medib won't tell you this, but this kind of gross behavior is part of a pattern when it comes to ao franken. take a look at this photo from 2000. franken is seen right there inappropriately touching joy behar while they are on the red carpet together. just like huffington, she shares his politics and is downplaying the photo and defended his actions. p look, i've known arianna for a long time. she and joy behar, if they don't think anything is wrong with that, that is their choice. but from the outside, it looks kind of creepy. it's probably something most people would think as well.ks
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i think many people will look at all of these photos find that type of behavior beyond offensive. and what we are seeing with franken is a pattern. al franken, tweeden, she is asleep when he did that to her. and she rightfully was offended. also tonight, yet another scandal is now rocking hollywood. this time from the chief creative officer and founder of disney's pixar, and a huge democratic donor john lasseter. according to the hollywood reporter, he is now taking a leave of absence for what he is calling "missed steps" but other calling it a pattern of unwanted grabbing, hugging and kissing. and also in other news tonight, the president has weighed in on the alabama senate race with roy moore. let's take a look at what he had to say. >> i can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat jones, i've looked at his record, it's terrible on crime. it's terrible on the border, terrible on the military. he denies if you look at what is really
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going on and you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen and you have to listen to him also. you were talking about -- he said 40 years ago this did not happen. roy moore denies it. that's all i can say, he denies it. and by the way, he totally denies it.,en >> sean: as the white house has been saying all week, president trump is going to let the voters of alabama decide the fate of roy moore in light of moore's vehement denials and repeated denials. finally, as we promised to do last night, tonight we are naming names. we are exposing the people who have covered up for the clintons for 30 plus years and made excuses for all of their behavior, all while attempting to discredit and utterly destroy all of his accusers. let's start with the raging cajun james carville. he ran bill clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, one of the fiercest defenders of bill's sexual transgressions.
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he made this infamous comment about paula jones who sued bill clinton for sexual harassment. "you drag $100 bill through a trailer park come you never know what you were to find." it was carville who also slammed jones by saying her lawsuit was all about money, plain and simple, and a healthy dose of right-wing politics. the jones case was a lot more serious than he ever claimedit because clinton did end upe paying over $850,000 in an out-of-court settlement. next, former clinton sr. advisor, now abc good morning america anchor george stephanopoulos. he wrote in his memoir, in 1991 hillary clinton said we have to destroy her when describing one of bill's accusers. he also helped oversee theca clinton campaign war room, all in order to deal with what some on the campaign or referring to as bimbo eruptions. then in '99 when he left the white house. george stephanopoulos confessed to npr that he put aside his doubts on bill clinton, why? because he believed in the
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future president's message and because he was an ambitious guy and wanted to work in the white house. next up, nbc. that's the network that helped protect the clintons for decades. in january of '99 nbc news reporter lisa myers taped the first exclusive interview with l juanita broderick. i had the second. remember she accused bill clinton of raping in 1978 and as "the washington post" reported at the time, instead of airing the interview, nbc news president and a lack, he still on the job, and other top executives sat on that interview for over a month, and at the time, nbc claimed they couldn't corroborate her accusations. it didn't air until february. now while all of this was going on, at the time our colleague brit hume here on the fox news channel and his panelists, they actually were wearing free lisa myers buttons on air to encourage nbc to run the interview. in 2016, nbc correspondent as of last year, andrea mitchell, she
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falsely tried to claim that her claims had been discredited following an interview that i did with candidate trump. watch this. >> in one case it's about exposure, in another case it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> donald trump using that word unprompted during an interview last night with fox news is sean hannity. t bringing up a discredited and long denied accusations against former president bill clinton dating back to 1978 when he was arkansas attorney general. >> sean: nbc was so offended by that they later edited the online version of that clip to remove andrea mitchell using the word discredited. "the new york times" also jumped into attack clinton's check out this headline from an op-ed. "new york times," monica the marketer changes history script. that piece goes on to mock all the ways monica lewinsky in the future would be able to
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capitalize from her affair with bill clinton. and finally, the worst enabler of them all. hillary clinton herself, who did everything within her power to smear, slander, besmirch all off her husbands accusers. in 1992 when it all got started, gennifer flowers announced she had a 12 year affair with bill g clinton. hillary and bill raced to cbs and 60 minutes, why? to trash her character. then later, hillary attempted to smear flowers when telling "vanity fair" "if we had been i front of a jury i would say ms. flowers, isn't it true that you were asked in june of 1990 and you said no? weren't you asked by the arkansas democrat and you said no? i mean i would crucify her. wow. bill of course ended up testifying under oath, yes gennifer told the truth. he did have a sexual relationship with gennifer flowers. and in the case of monica lewinsky, hillary's friend diane
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blair called a white house intern, in her young 20s a narcissistic looney tune. then there's kathleen willy, who accused bill clinton of groping and grabbing and fondling and touching and kissing her against her will. she later said that hillary enabled bills horrific behavior. juanita broderick said that hillary clinton try to intimidate her after she was allegedly raped by bill clinton. we can forget how she claimed all of it. if they are all on a vast right wing conspiracy. remember this. >> the great story or for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is the vast white ring conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president -- >> sean: what they did here is shameful and reprehensible and it went on 30 years.
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30 years they protected bill clinton, a sexual predator and they helped cover up and make excuses for all of his actions. we have a busy news night and if you're joining us now with reaction, fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka, conservative commentator monica crowley trial attorney rebecca rose woodlind. where do we start? >> there are so many people every day. with charlie rose at least he was fired today. at least he admitted he did these things. the victims are not further victimized by the press they keep insisting these women are lying. there can't be this many women line, a whole group of people throughout the course of america who are lying. it's not possible, it doesn't make sense. >> we are in this moment now, sean, because for decades this kind of horrid behavior has been covered up, excused, and
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accepted. with the harvey weinstein piece in "the new york times" opened the floodgates, you have the explosion of stories of people feel empowered to tell their stories. this kind of behavior, if you look at politics for example. goes back to jfk, lyndonon johnson. >> sean: ted kennedy, the lion of the senate who left the woman at the bottom of a body of water. he went home, told nobody. there was a house across thehe street and he was so beloved. >> in the modern era a lot of people are putting the current marker at bill clinton. because he was excused by the woman who was the most powerful and influential in the country, not just in his life. but mrs. clinton. there's a special place for the women who have covered this kind of behavior. >> sean: listen to what i said about john conyers. i never liked the thing that he ever said. politically we are on opposite sides. john conyers says no, others say it didn't happen. i believe clarenceon thomas was
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smeared at the last minute. you see the october surprise, after the october surprise. whether it's a dui to george bush or an allegation in a campaign 30 days out of an election.. sometimes it's not true. what do we do, how should people act when one side says itt happened and without smearing them like the clintons did for 30 years and take their allegation seriously. was it -- we need to find out we need to know. how do you balance that? i will get to sebastian in a minute. >> this is the issue now, we arg bringing up a huge issue in congress. >> sean: am i right to give him the presumption of innocence? >> no, you are -- you are absolutely right. you have done it over the last week. i think you should. >> sean: i've done my whole career. >> i'm saying with all these victims, we discussed this over and over, that's what the constitution
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absolutely. the problem with congress is there is not a body that is investigating carefully, distinctively and without some sort of -- there's a whole shadow over this office of compliance that women have to go to, not only women, men as well have to go to if they were harassed. the office of compliance is shrouded in secrecy. there might be a way for one all of these complaints to restructure that and have a better place for people. >> sean: if we are going to have a coming to jesus moment, i think in the end, as a father, i have three sisters, dr. gorka. just the people that admitted these things and groping franken with what he did to poor leanne tweeden is enough. but it was conservatives that were out there on the front lines saying wow, all of these women, and there was more besides juanita and kathleen and paula and monica.
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there were a lot of other women involved in this too that i interviewed over the years. how do you balance that, and how much damage do liberals do in terms of their mantle that they are the great protectors of women's rights, but they were involved in protecting the clintons all those days? >> that's the real question. you've been very, very righteous in terms of giving the question of the reasonable doubt. the idea that you. have to prove the case in the presumption of innocence. whether it's judge moore, john conyers. aboutstep back and talk the bigger issue.ti the left as a whole has no vision and no morals.s they are spiritually and politically bankrupt. why? l because they made this all possible. whether it was covering for ted kennedy, whether it was covering for bill clinton, they've created this mantra for 30 years, it is just sex, it's
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private. don't worry aboutau it. this created a culture of permissiveness. as a result, the political side of the aisle that says we support the victims. they have completely hollowed out their own moral standing. i want to see the reckoning, i want to see the real feminists get out on the street, i don't care what kind of hat they are wearing, i want them to protest because we are the right, they hate us. i get it. but they made this possible on their own side. let's talk about charlie rose. charlie rose? >> sean: let me ask monica this question. what convinced me is -- right from the get-go with the clintons, gennifer flowers had tapes. they actually said your doctor the taste. -- the tapes. you could hear it was his voice, you can hear an intimate conversation that was going on there, but they still went out and denied o it.
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8 years later he had to admit it.ay they are going and saying that's my question. >> it was a sensual relationship with gennifer flowers. >> sean: very different, agree, but he still lied. >> yes. >> sean: that was part of it, and she was smeared and she was telling the truth, that's the difference. in the case of how much should science play a role? one of the things, as i talk to a two year expert in handwriting analysis said you give him was 42 years -- it's an art, it's a science, and he will be able to tell you forensically if the ink is new or old and forensically if he can look at his handwriting at the time with that yearbook, there's the answer. >> these investigations should go on because nobody should be smeared in this way if the charges are false. problem is here, time is of the essence. there's another point about hypocrisy that i want to make. over the last couple of decades, every republican that has been embroiled in some sort of
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sex scandal, the left has piled on because they are saying that conservative is a family values candidate. >> sean: you have no standards, you are better off. >> but the left is equally as hypocritical in this sense when they have positioned themselves as the champions of women. and yet in their private lives what is coming to light now is that their behavior against women has been absolutely atrocious.s >> sean: closing remarks, dr. gorka, we will go to you first. >> i think this is just the tip of the iceberg. i think we have to strap on our seat belts and hold tight because i think this is the beginning of an avalanche, and i hope it means that the left will have to clean house. no more double standards, no more playing the victim card. >> sean: they protected him through 2016. the only reason that they're doing it now is because they don't need the clintons anymore. clintons can't do anything for them anymore. rebecca, last word. >> i agree with dr. gorka. this is the beginning of an avalanche and i think it's great opportunity for us to changege
10:20 pm
values in this country and to change the way we treat victims and how we handle -- >> sean: i totally agree. we have to be careful. this is dangerous territory. >> a word of warning, this kind of behavior has no political or partisan boundaries. >> sean: it doesn't. >> a lot of these perpetrators and predators are on the left. it could be a big conservative tomorrow, so let's just -- >> sean: should franken have to resign or let the people of minnesota decide? >> the people of minnesota should decide, as the people of alabama should decide. >> sean: who should decide in his case with the picture? >> i think he should resign. take himself out. >> sean: dr. gorka? >> absolutely. he has admitted it, we have the proof. it's not hearsay. >> sean: thank you for being with us. when we come back, newt gingrich is here. he will react to my opening monologue. later, new details about the uranium one scandal, it is now beginning to cascade down as wee get closer to the truth. and i have a challenge for nbc
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news. andy lack, you may want to turn your television on, that and more tonight on "hannity." ♪ what powers the digital world. communication.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with reaction to these big stories and news. author of the number one best seller, vengeance. fox news contributor newt gingrich. you have all of these cases, in some cases the sexual harassmenl cases, mistreatment of people cases. and some people admit it. and then you have instances where they do not, and we are hearing $15 million of taxpayer money was paid out by members of congress. shouldn't the american people, they don't want to pay it themselves, shouldn't we know who's money, who is paying what, where and how?
10:25 pm
>> sure. this whole thing, if you back out for a minute, this wholee thing is crazy. it's a very good thing for us to explore. we are learning a lot of stuff that is a huge surprise. i don't see why if it's a personal offense -- i don't see why the taxpayers ought to pay a penny. and i think that is something to look at carefully in terms of where have the taxpayers money gone to cover up incidents look like this. but i also want to take a minute, and maybe this makes me an outlier, or somebody who is out of touch with the times. i think this is an enormous difference between harvey weinstein, who clearly is a sexual predator, and who clearly was exploiting his position of power and president george h.w. bush, who is in his 90s in a wheelchair. and i think we have all these things coming together because of the infantile stupidity of our news media.
10:26 pm
as though they are all the same problem. now the topic is an important topic. finding a way to have not just a work place, but to have a, community where people are not being harassed or being prayed upon, i think that's important. finding with the rules ought to be, and i commend speaker paul ryan, will immediately responded by talking about getting mandatory training in the house. i think senator mcconnell is taking the same position in the senate. i think we deserve to know, the american people, who did the money get paid out to, and who paid for it, and why is the taxpayer on the hook for any of this? so that part is a legitimate public policy question. >> sean: if they wanted anonymity they should have used their own dollars. if they want to make a deal that should be there money. no? >> right. absolutely. i think you will find the same thing is happening in
10:27 pm
corporations where people will be very skeptical of the idea that you could spend the stockholders money to cover up things that the stockholders didn't approve of you covering up. but i also think -- i think we have unearthed a lot more bad behavior and a lot more destructive behavior than anybody, certainly i would have thought was going to happen, including some very positive people, who i am actually shocked to see showing up and some of these attacks. >> sean: what about the cases where there is no clear line? there's no al franken picture, and you don't know for sure? we saw what happened with the duke lacrosse kids, and that's one of just a number of examples, where so many in the media have been so wrong so often. there's a rift here, one allegation destroy somebody and it's not true or it's far more nuanced than anybody wants to know. >> i think it's time -- again i will go straight out on a limb about this. we've had a very long tradition
10:28 pm
in america going all the way back to the boston massacre in the 1770s that you are innocent until proven guilty. and that you have the right of a presumption of innocence. and i think, again, if you have somebody like harvey weinstein, who now has so many names out there that it's almost inconceivable that he isn't guilty of a substantial amount of stuff, somebody remembereda that 12 years ago they felt bad. i don't understand the standard that goes into that. and then, how do you prove what really happened, and how do you prove whether or not somebody really meant to do something negative? and i do think we've got to take a deep breath here and not have the hysteria allow us to start destroying people randomly so that you then set up targets were anybody who wants to can get even by suddenly remembering something that happened 20 years ago. >> sean: it gets hard too when there is politics in the
10:29 pm
equation.. clarence thomas would be a case in point. last-minute allegations thrown out there on the eve of a senate hearing, or on the eve of an election in october. george w. bush the weekend before that election with al gore, the dui came out. in the whole year and a half prior, nobody knew about that? that wasn't planned? that wasn't a last-minute october surprise? to influence voters, where if somebody doesn't really have a chance to help themselves or prove they have grown beyond an instance like that? >> i think that's part of it and part of it as manipulation ofip the public by liberal news media trying to make a point. part of it is i think that you got to look at some of these o things and ask yourself why are they coming up now, what is the evidence, and again, was it a situation that in fact was basically innocent, but is nowsi subject to misinterpretation?
10:30 pm
when i see people who weren't particularly offended ten or 12 or 15 years ago but suddenly there is now this hysteria and so they decide they are going t join the lynch mob and they got their story to tell, i just think we as a country ought to take a deep breath and think carefully. again, i say this whether it's about my wife, my two daughters, my granddaughter, for thatat matter my grandson. remember, you have many instances now of sexual harassment that involves men as well as women. i think all of us want to protect the innocents, but we also have to remember that the innocent may be on both sides of that equation, and is not automatically clear that a charge is the same as that conviction. >> sean: so sara carter, who is going to join us later tonight is now reporting that this fbi informant, this guy worked for over 4 years for the fbi, and knew about vladimir putin, had established a network inside of
10:31 pm
the united states. their goal was to crack into the uranium market. and he has documents, he has emails, first-hand experience and apparently even tapes. sara carter is referring to it as a treasure trove of information, proving -- that's where the bribery and the kickbacks and extortion and money laundering all took placed. proving that that all happened. and yet that was 2009, before the approval of uranium one. u it seems to now be cascading, the floodgates seam open. how far should this go? is this something the justice department can handle? is this a special counsel area? where should this go? >> the influence of the american media today, the next story by somebody about something that may or may not have happened 12 years ago, as long as it is sexual, that is a big story. here you have an enormous historic story. you apparently have the head of russia in a methodical project trying to gain access and
10:32 pm
influence over bill and hillary clinton while she is secretary of state, trying to get control of the american uranium market, willing to spend s apparently while over $100 million. 11 fbi source who apparently was ignored deliberately byil the obama administration, who is out there saying wait a second, guys, look at all this evidence. i don't understand how the house and senate can avoid having in-depth weeks of hearings taking this whole thing apart, subpoenaing everybody, making public all the information about the clinton foundation, about bill clinton's personal earnings. how many different ways with the clintons making money out of this? and does anybody really believe all this was innocent? it's astonishing -- by the way,s it goes beyond the clintons. it goes right to the obama administration, to the corruption of the justice department, and to a level of problems that i think are truly historic.
10:33 pm
>> sean: mr. speaker, appreciate you being with us, thank you so much. next, new details about the uranium one scandal continued to trickle out. sara carter, gregg jarrett, they are here to respond.e and also later tonight, i have a challenge. all of you that are friends with andy lack, tell him to get to a tv, i have a message for him tonight. ♪
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"hannity." at last night john solomon broke a huge story about uranium one, and according to the memos that he obtained, the fbi informant at the center of this case gathered years of evidence on russia's plot to control u.s. nuclear fuel deals, including the uranium one deal. solomon has boiled down the newest revelations in a piece for the hill detailing the five new revelations. first, russia saw its purchase o of uranium one as part of a larger strategy to dominate global uranium markets, including making the united states more dependent on moscow's nuclear fuel. next, uranium one did export some of its u.s. uranium ore. then, the fbi informant does have information to share with congress about rosatom's uranium one purchase. the fbi did have evidence that's rosatom officials were engaged in criminality well before the
10:38 pm
obama administration approved their purchase of uranium one. and finally, justice officials, they trusted campbell enough to keep them working undercover for six years and to pay him more than $51,000 once convictions were secured. here with reaction, investigative reporter sara carter, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett is with us. sara, let's start with you because you also had a piece. you call it a treasure trove now of information. i only thought it was for years, it's six years the informant worked for the fbi. but these were years long before cfius went ahead, nine separate agencies to approve this deal, and we still import uranium. that's the crazy part. it's not like we have tons of it and we can get rid of any of it. >> i think what is really fascinating, sean, is if you look at what happened, hey working way back in 2008 for tha fbi, but also on counterintelligence side of it. he was collecting information on the russians way back 2008.
10:39 pm
so when you look at that, and you look at how it all added up together, all of that evidence, and now they are trying to say that uranium one had nothing to do with that case. it doesn't make sense and it doesn't coincide. >> sean: gregg, we get to the heart. what we have is a network. we have the hostile russian w regime, the hostile actor, vladimir putin. this is an amazing thing. we have to import uranium, because we don't have enough. we know in the country in '09, we know that they are involved in bribery, racketeering, money laundering, extortion. >> right. >> sean: and we knew it was clinton's guy -- putin's guy. deal? >> there are so many lies associated with what the u.s. government did in the obama administration did. you just identified several of
10:40 pm
the biggest lie was that nobody in the government knew about this russian criminal scheme before the sale of uranium one. thanks to john solomon, sara carter, and the thousands of pages of documents they were pages of documents they were uncovered, that is simply untrue. then they said, well, there's no correlation between the criminal acts and the sale of uranium one. that is also untrue. and then they kicked dirt on the informant saying he really doesn't know anything, my goodness, he has more than 5,000 documents. >> sean: and they outed him. >> they outed him. this is our government at the worst. complicit in allowing a foreign government to engage in illegal scheme that jeopardized national security, and then they covered it up and they have been lying about it ever since. that is the government that is aiding and abetting criminality. >> sean: they sold out our security. that's going to be the criminality, part of the criminality on all of this that
10:41 pm
is going to have to be investigated. sara, you know the informant. you've talked to the informant. they outed this guy. this guy spent six years of his life -- tell us the back story. he's accumulating this information, documents, emails, tape recordings, his first-hand experience. he sees what putin's network is doing, the crimes they are committing, he's passing it on to the fbi director, eric holder, the justice department, the ag at the time had to know, told it was put in obama's daily briefing. >> that's absolutely correct. think about this. there's a lot about this informant that hasn't been made public.. i know that victoria, his attorney, is asking for permission to make more information public about him, but let's just go back to when he reported this to the fbi. he went voluntarily to the fbi to give them this information. and then he was asked by the fbi and the justice department to
10:42 pm
not leave the job with rosatom, but to stay inside and help them build a case. to investigate. he was doing his due diligence and he believed it was his patriotic duty to give this information to the justice department. >> sean: he's a >> yes, he has absolutely 100% -- i have spent months and months and months looking at this. and they paid him more than $200,000. it wasn't just the $51,000 at the end. it was $200,000 in reimbursement, which sourcesin told me would have gone all the way to the top of the fbi. m you just don't give that kind of money out. >> sean: knowing that putin is doing all this, why would anybody sign off on that, and where did the money come from, as we now look at the connection with everybody associated with uranium one and the timeline and the clinton foundation and bill's speaking fees -- does that timeline coincide with payments? >> yes. if you look at the payments, some of the payments. for example, the speaking fee,
10:43 pm
the 500 -- half a million dollars that bill clinton got, it certainly coincides. >> sean: didn't they have a financial interest in the deal? financial interest in this deal. >> absolutely they had a financial interest in this deal. >> sean: and they are connected to putin? >> exactly. >> sean: last word. >> the informant's debriefing papers showed that an entity close to the clintons was receiving millions of dollars that went to their charity and then of course later tens of millions of dollars to their foundation and bill clinton's wallet. is it a quid pro quo, is a it corruption? it could be. bribery. >> sean: if you are hillary clinton, are you worried tonight? >> she absolutely should be worried. >> sean: the four people she hates the most and i are sara carter, john solomon, you and she has always hated me. just hates me more. >> she has a lot to be worried about, because if she used her public office to confer a
10:44 pm
benefit to the russians in exchange for money, that is pretty strong evidence of a myriad of corruption crimes. >> sean: unbelievable. sara, when this informant goes before congress, how soon will it be where the whole story will be told? >> i think it will happen right after he goes to congress. they will look at whether they will do closed-door hearings are open door, but i know he will be briefing congress and that will probably be behind closed doors at first, and then there will be public hearings. i think that's going to be very valuable, very important for everyone, for everyone in our country. >> sean: on a scale of 1 to 10, how worried should the clintons be? >> 15. >> i would definitely say ten plus. >> sean: wow. all right. when we come back, the media has ignore this, we are not ignoring it. another democrat caught up in a major scandal it involved and camping rigging. what is up with these people? i will have a major challenge
10:45 pm
for the executives at nbc news and andy lack as we continue. ♪ t comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. at the bass pro shops' black friday sale. (theresa vail) boys and girls denim jeans for only $10! this chevy siverado battery powered ride-on toy
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." just when you thought the democrats couldn't be involved in any more scandals, fox news tonight confirming that the fbi is investigating pennsylvania congressman bob brady for allegedly paying off his democratic primary opponent in 2012 and then lying to federal investigators. not a good idea. according to the charges, brady secretly paid 90 grand for his opponent jimmy moore to drop out of the race. and his former campaign manager already pled guilty to concealing the payments. additionally, two aides for brady have beenhe indicted. sounds like democrats level
10:49 pm
love rigging elections more than anything else. we reach out to his attorney for comments, shockingly we haven't heard back. here with reaction, larry elder. fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. hillary rigged the elections in the primary. according to brazil. she tried to rig it with effusion gps propaganda dossier in the ritz -- what is it with democrats rigging elections now? >> isn't it nice to have a good old political corruption story rather than all those icky scandals we've been hearing about for the last several weeks? >> sean: i've never seen anything like it in my life. >> this guy, brady is not just any democrat, he is the head of the philadelphia machine. he's a very, very important person. he's the ranking member of the committee on house administration. he is the biggest ward healer, old-style gregarious, 6'2" irish
10:50 pm
italian son of a cop, back slapper, very popular, but he feared an opponent running in a plurality black district, a black man running, so he engineered a scheme allegedly, or some believe, he is not charged yet, he just had a search warrant executed against him. engineered a scheme whereby they could just give this man 90 grand so they created fake businesses, laundered money. three of his associates were involved. one has already turned states evidence. >> sean: he's just basically taking -- let me sum it up into this, basically taking hillary clinton's -- a page out of her book. larry? >> news bulletin: democrats cut corners in campaign races. how about harry reid going to the floor of the senate and the 2012 race and saying the word on the street is that mitt romney hasn't paid taxes.
10:51 pm
then when harry reid retired he was asked about this by cnn and he said well, he didn't win, did he? how about donna brazile getting the debate questions to hillary ahead of time? i mean, come on. democrats cut corners, shockingly -- >> sean: shocking. >> for a second, pretend that it's just the one party involved. there's plenty of this to go around. the republicans are the principal engineers of the gerrymandering, the reading these districts so they get a maximized the impact of the staple. there's plenty of sleaze to go around. what is interesting is this is one of the giants of the homestyle democratic urban machine. philly is rotten. since 2000, 30 plus democrats have been indicted, jailed, the other congressman is in jail now. this is a house of cards. >> sean: larry?
10:52 pm
>> going to the floor of the senate as harry reid did as leader of the senate and saying the word of the street is mitt romney hasn't paid taxes knowing full well it wasn't true, that's on a whole other level. stealing the debate questions and giving them to hillary ahead of time and therefore shafting bernie sanders, that's on a whole other level. if there has been a comparable thing to the republicans that they have done tell me about it. who is it? >> sean: hillary rigged at! >> disenfranchising black voters. how about disenfranchising black voters. [indistinct] >> you mean the way al gore tried to get those military ballots dismissed like that? >> like that. >> sean: when you say that, this is a narrative i reject, that republicans are racist.
10:53 pm
i resent it, it happens every two, every four years. to get into the democratic national convention that we both go to every four years, guess what?to you need a picture i.d. the democratic convention. >> sean, my feeling about political corruption -- and i think in one sense you are right, i think that urban old-style party politicians maybe are more prone to or more used to being corrupt, but my feeling about corruption is the same about my feeling of the sexual harassment scandals. there's plenty to go around for everybody, right, left, red, blue.o >> sean: a modern-day example of republicans rigging a primary. they rigged it. every democrat that liked bernie sanders, the socialist he is, god bless them, their votes should the whole thing was rigged from the get-go. she controlled it all and you try to do it, larry, and the general election by paying for russian lies and propaganda. how ironic considering the last
10:54 pm
year of trump-russian nonsense. >> how about the fact that juanita made allegations 25 years ago, nobody cared. now all of a sudden the clintons are no longer in power, it's okay to throw them under the bus. a what about the hypocrisy? what about kathleen saying that. bill clinton basically did something inappropriate in the oval office and then a couple days later one of the nation's top feminist, gloria steinem writes a piece in "the new york times" that says well, even if you believe what she says, it's not sexual harassment because when she told him to stop, he stopped. are you kidding me?ra this is the way the left twisted themselves to defend the clintons. >> sean: 30 years of abusing these women. >> i think that what president clinton did -- you and i have had this argument before, sean. the man whose entire life was raked over the coals, and talk about bill clinton. he was impeached, dishonored, disbarred.
10:55 pm
>> sean: we will pick this up. an important message and challenge for nbc news next, thanks, guys. ♪ talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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10:58 pm
♪ >> sean: we all know the news media in this country is biased, i have a challenge for nbc news, they lead the pack. for decades the incredible left wing media has been covering bill and hillary clinton, led by
10:59 pm
nbc news chairman and a lack, also ran the company in the late 1990s. at the very same time that one media broderick accused bill clinton of rape. they sat on that interview for a month saying that the story was not cooperated at the time. that's not what lisa myers told juanita, and they aired it in '99. our challenge to nbc news, air the interview in its entirety on nbc in prime time. let the people in this country see and hear and decide for themselves what former president bill clinton is accused of doing. certainly going to be better than the "dateline" reruns that you play. are you going to give juanita the platform that you sat on? or is hillary and bill clinton's reputations still important to you. that's all the time left we have
11:00 pm
this evening. this show will never be the main stream media. not the destroy-trump-media, we are fair and balanced. dvr, never miss an episode. laura ingraham standing by nbc. what witty comments are you going to take tonight? you and family are deep frying a turkey on thursday. is that right? you're deep frying. >> a butterball. master bit butterball turkey fryer. the best. it takes an hour for a 15 pound turkey. >> let me say this, the day you cook a turkey, the day i vote for a democrat. i don't believe it. you have your servants do it for you. >> i'll video the whole thing. i have a football, catch it. >> laura: ready? >> see you later! >> laura: thank you. all right, have a good one. thanks, sean and good evening from washington! breaking just moments ago, some sad news to share with you. david


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