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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 22, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> dana: i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, brian kilmeade, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." hillary clinton avoided the media -- he just went on conservative radio to open up about what happened and took new shots at president trump. >> i don't have any personal stake in this presidency. i have a citizen's stake, i am as you might guess very much
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worried by the actions and rhetoric of our current president. i have been very disappointed in the way he has conducted himself. >> dana: she went on to say that racism in america has become more politically acceptable in the trump era. >> i think there is proven to be more white supremacists and white nationalist than i wish there were in our country, as you saw tragically in charlottesville and other place places. and they have made common cause with the president's agenda out of their own mouths that he is someone they are on to promote it. >> dana: greg, it's your lucky day. we start another show with hillary clinton. >> greg: i can't get enough of her. conservative radio used to go after liberals. not anymore.
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>> brian: they don't go on. that's what makes this news. >> greg: identity-driven politics helped greeted by her campaign that led to a lot of divisiveness. she is swimming in the pool of fallacy. trump will have creepy fans because when you have a lot of fans, some of them are bound to be creepy. the bigger the pool, the likely there is a creep in the pool. if you are the lifeguard, should you say something? i think one of the flaws with donald trump, it's a salesman's flaw. you never want just turned down a sale. it's not a moral choice. it's not a correct choice but it's part of thinking that the money is green, sue never turned turn down a sale. you never condemn anyone until somebody else comes along. there is a glimmer of truth here. the other issue is the democrats have a problem. remember how they made al gore the president of global warming because they couldn't make an president. they gave him a cause so he
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couldn't hurt anybody. they need to make her the president of the angry book club so she can go off and do something. she could be bill clinton's own defense attorney when those cases come up. she could interrogate juanita broaddrick. >> dana: if they hadn't had to close the clinton global initiative, she could be doing that but that's not available to her. did you try to get hillary clinton on your radio show? >> brian: no, not that i know of. we asked her on "fox & friends" on a regular basis and she had no interest. the biggest mistake al gore, john kerry, who came on as secretary of state and hillary clinton did make. if you come on, juan, as you know. solve your best segments were with people, and this show in particular, people who disagree with you because you win people over. some you don't but at least you go in there and get your hands dirty. in this interview, she said uranium one, it is still going on and there's a problem with
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that. the story is moving. the emails, they made it the number one story. it shouldn't have been. the problem is, there was a lot there but you didn't go in and attack it. she admitted, she didn't listen, nor did her staff. how do you know how to fight an uphill battle if you don't know the other side. >> juan: this is a shortcoming for democrats. imagine the kind of flak i get being on fox. but they don't have a sense of the ability to come here and use this as a forum to influence people. i think that's why it's great she went on the radio show. i think it's very important that you have sufficient respect for people, even if you disagree with them, to talk with them. >> dana: i would love to have her on "the daily briefing," in case you are watching, hillary. if you come on to a place where you are not necessarily going to be guaranteed a warm reception
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but you are pleasant and you give some good points, the viewer will say that's good. she was nice, kind, whatever. >> kimberly: appreciate the upside. if you believe in yourself and your confident in what you have to offer, you are a great candidate and you have ideas that are compelling, why wouldn't you take a chance and get in the ring and go into a forum where you might be able to reach them crossover or swing, independent voters. i would feel more certain going with someone like her. the point is, she didn't take the chance. you think, juan, that other people made this a mistake, they would learn. how many high paid consultants and experts does it take to figure it out when you have eyeballs on a network like fox news channel, why wouldn't you take the opportunity? >> dana: the one thing that really drives me crazy, this would be true if the conservative went on msnbc and complained during the interview. like, i know what network i'm on. she did that a few years ago and
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i've never forgotten it. >> brian: she didn't go on when she was going against president obama. one of the things she said was thank god for fox. we were the only one asking central obama legitimate questions. >> greg: she hated obama. >> juan: i don't know about that but she was his rival. >> greg: bill hates him too. >> juan: you have a situation where she said this week when bill clinton was running, if there had been a fox news, he wouldn't have been able to win because fox news is so partisan. i have heard from obama. >> brian: he won though, twice. >> juan: talking about the legislative agenda. fox news makes him into this ogre. the reality is, if you are not talking to people, this goes back to your business about the salesman, you are not selling. you're not making the pitch.
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they may feel unfairly attacked but show up. >> dana: she did make a comment about president obama. >> it is true that when you run to succeed a two-term president of your own party, you have a historical headwind blowing against you. i refer to that in the book because it's not just this campaign can be set apart from everything that's ever happened. it's a challenge. >> brian: do you know what the problem is? permission to speak. i'm sorry. >> dana: go ahead. it's a free-for-all. >> brian: she says it's hard to run as an agent of change when you are following someone in your party. you have to say i like president obama but this is what i would have done differently. the economy, regulations. when it comes to syria, i would've done something different. i have a memo that says i recommended we started bombing.
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>> dana: she did that in 2008 when she had to distance herself from bill clinton. mccain had to separate from george w. bush. that always happens. what do you think will happen next time? the democrats still have are out there. >> greg: they've got to send her somewhere. they've got to send her somewhere. >> dana: she said no one that's thinking about running in 2020 has reached out to her. >> greg: she also said she doesn't think she could be friends with donald trump anymore. i guess she didn't mind his behavior when he was a democrat or on the correct side of politics, like her husband who i think she could be friends with or harvey weinstein. she could be friends with him and she could be friends to a lesser extent with al franken who, by the way, no one has followed up on. go on youtube. google al franken and howard stern. 1999. there is an interview there
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waiting to be discovered. >> kimberly: the difference, president trump they were all over but they are not doing it with al franken. >> juan: let's go back for a second to hillary's interview with hugh hewitt. there are two things interesting to me. she says guess what, the child health care insurance program that trump is just letting it linger and die. >> dana: congress is supposed to take it up before december. >> juan: but he has the president has some authority, some voice, and he's said nothing. it will leave kids with diabetes and other illnesses to suffer. i think that's wrong. the second thing, trump retweets something that says "hillary is a corrupt blank." what is wrong with him? >> greg: that's what he does. we have accepted this. what about paul manafort's house arrest? i will say it quick. he is under house arrest, which
2:10 pm
everybody should want to be under house arrest. it's an excuse to not go to someone's piano recital. >> dana: it is your dream. >> greg: he is not allowed to drink. >> dana: because he is getting a limited release to travel on the condition he doesn't drink. >> juan: can he smoke? >> dana: can he smoke? i might take up smoking if i had to do that. >> kimberly: no. take it back. >> greg: she didn't say what she was smoking, could be an herbal cigarette. cloves. they were big back in the day. >> dana: we have a lot more to come. we are going to keep going. dramatic tape of a north korean soldiers desperate escape.
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♪ >> kimberly: president trump put north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terror. kim jong un is unhappy, calling
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it a serious provocation that justifies its need for nukes. the country is so oppressive, its own people don't want to live there. we want to show you some dramatic new video just released by the united nations. we must warn you it's disturbing. last week, a north korean soldier risked it all to escape from his country. he defected by trying to cross the heavily armed border with the south. when his comrades caught wind, they opened fire. he was hit several times and collapsed on the south korean side. what an amazing sight it was to see troops from the south pole him to safety. that soldier has thankfully regained consciousness after surgery and is now reportedly enjoying american tv shows and movies in the hospital and south korean pop songs. what a story. >> greg: i tuned in, i watched it on msnbc and they played the tape backwards and claimed the south korean guy was trying to
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escape north korea. >> brian: absolutely. >> greg: this is a good tape to see before thanksgiving because everybody should be thankful they don't live in a country where people are dying to get out and aren't allowed to get out. this is a history lesson about tyranny. we talk about, the poor guy was operated on and they found a parasitic worm the size of a human arm in his stomach, which is an apt metaphor. >> brian: it is not rare. >> greg: the food they eat is being raised -- it's an apt metaphor for tyranny. it destroys from within. it shows you how unfair life is that if you are born here, you are going to make it. if you're born there, you are screwed. we have to remember that whenever we are speaking about people coming here, that they deserve a chance to come here. whether you think it's -- we have to deal with national security and vetting i'm about are lucky. >> brian: what you are saying is we should be looser on immigration and with the right
2:17 pm
way? >> greg: extreme vetting but do not demonize people legitimately trying to escape horrible conditions. >> brian: we have plenty of room is what you're saying. >> greg: especially at your place in long island. >> kimberly: it's very spacious. >> brian: sometimes i get lost it so big. he has pneumonia, hepatitis b. they say he has blood poisoning. even though he is watching television, they are not sure he's out of the woods yet. >> kimberly: can you imagine. that's part of the problem ther there. this despicable regime, they don't get proper medical care. literally he is running, getting shot, they saved his life. look at all the medical conditions he had. he unbelievable. >> kimberly: the guy who shot him saved his life. >> kimberly: that's what i'm saying. >> dana: he might have known he was dying. i hope we get a lot of intelligence from him, to the extent he knew -- anything he could. >> juan: he is only 24 years
2:18 pm
old. he is not a high-ranking guy. >> dana: freedom is universal. the desire to be free is something every human is born with. to the extent we can help them get to a better place, we should. >> juan: i was thinking, reading about the story, not only is he a young guy who made this tremendous effort. but it is said last time a soldier escape from north korea, ten years ago in '07 and annually about 1,000 north koreans flee the country. they do anything to get out. the problem is most of them go through china. guess what, one of the request people have right now is that china stop sending north koreans back. but the chinese are worried that if they don't send them back, there will be a flood of refugees. this gets back to what you were saying. these people deserve the opportunity. you believe in democratic principles. if you believe in human rights, how can you turn your back? >> dana: are you a neocon?
2:19 pm
>> juan: because i believe in human rights? >> dana: you have an obligation to do something. what should we do? >> juan: maybe donald trump should have mentioned this when he was over there. >> brian: with north korea, i've always felt the biggest underreported story when we talk about north korea is how horrible the conditions are for the north koreans themselves. when we finally take the lid off the country, hopefully in this generation, we are going to say, what did we allow to happen? this is an ongoing holocaust with nobody getting fat except for the fat leader. >> juan: do you think it is us or the chinese? i think it's the chinese. >> brian: doing what? >> juan: keeping a lid on it. they don't want a reunified north korea. >> brian: i i don't think they have great relations with north koreans. i think there's an opportunity with the rest of the world. he did not alienate anybody on
2:20 pm
this trip. i've read other accounts. i can't read japanese like greg and i can't read korean like dana but i was able to read the translation -- english is overrated. the contractions throw me off. when you look at the reviews and the relations. you see we are making progress. exposing this country. this is the first time we have a legitimate change to make a change. >> juan: why are you saying that? stiffer because china is actually playing ball. they are sending an envoy. >> dana: all because he has nuclear weapons. there is no other option. >> juan: this guy has been firing off missiles at a greater rate. now he says they are a terrorist state. what does that allow? allows us to impose more sanctions. hey, where are the russians? >> brian: they had a 90 minute talk yesterday.
2:21 pm
>> juan: i am saying if he is putin's pal, get putin to say -- >> greg: now you want them to talk? >> juan: if putin would stop replacing the losses from the chinese thanks, maybe there would be more effect. >> brian: maybe that has happened. they said they did talk about north korea. i think the president is smart enough to know i have to surround -- shut the circle off. >> juan: maybe we should say hats off to rex tillerson. mr. president, i know how sensitive you are. thank you. >> kimberly: lacks some sincerity. try it again. >> juan: if you coach me, i will do it. how should i do it? >> kimberly: thank you, mr. president. >> juan: wait a minute. holy smokes. you have a unique touch. how about this? thank you. thank you, sir. >> kimberly: coming up,
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>> greg: great news. she likes you. she really likes you. sarah silverman and you, evil trump voters. after so much hate and bile, she realized you people aren't so bad. in fact, you might even be people. i guess she'll let you live. in a new show, she travels the country interviewing groups who don't live near a whole foods. it's like wild kingdom for vendor studies majors. she claims after meeting so many trump voters, she likes them. she loves them. what a surprise. you can feel comfortable around people who you don't agree with.
2:27 pm
so this is progress for a progressive, especially one who called for a military overthrow of trump, a coup while riots were going on. imagine if anyone had listened. this is a big step. for a progressive, the personal is always political where the right isn't just wrong but evil. good for sarah for deciding that you are okay. you've met the approval of someone paid to talk to you. she appreciates you the way a cat appreciates yarn. will hurd will hurd enlightenment hold? i don't know. i remember how sarah ridiculed andrew breitbart, not to his face but when she took his seat after he left the set on bill maher's show. >> how are you? >> it is sticky here. in general. >> you are not saying that. >> greg: that was classy. she was nice to him in the green room but then did that when he's
2:28 pm
not around. it proves her point. it's easy to be a jerk to someone when they are not there. wrapped in a cocoon of confirmation bias, it's easy to hate millions of people and overtime for them to hate you back. but i hope sarah has changed. truly. anything would be an improvemen improvement. i'm going to be positive about this, kimberly. maybe she is woke, as the left says. you realize just because you have a disagreement, it doesn't make them evil. >> kimberly: this is why you have to have an open mind and listen to others in their viewpoints and try to understand and find common ground instead of being discriminating and having biases against other individuals you are not even taking the time to listen to. i don't know. hope springs eternal. who knows? at least maybe it's an example to some people that they might want to reconsider, just like all the people who were horrific to the women that accused
2:29 pm
bill clinton that are now coming out and saying oh, wait a second. we want to apologize for that. we were wrong with what we did. >> greg: we were going to show a clip but we couldn't get approval. >> dana: from hulu? >> greg: do you think she is sincere? >> dana: i read a feature story about her as she got this series underway. she talked about what she hoped to achieve. it's really not -- it's not that easy to publicly admit you were wrong. or that you have some work to do. perhaps it is sincere. i also think she is supposedly a comedian. one of the best ways to have a relationship with people that maybe you don't agree with is through humor. just laugh about it. politics is really not that important. >> greg: it shouldn't be. that's a great point. >> brian: you seem surprised.
2:30 pm
>> greg: i am surprised. she made good points in the earlier show, the show with her name on it. we get the leftovers. we get the turkey sandwiches. the point is, if politics takes a large part of your life and you can be very angry, you have a lot of hobbies. play soccer with kids. you coach. "fox & friends" is only a tiny part of your life. >> brian: do i have to agree with your premise? disclaimer, he knows nothing about me. when he sees me in the green room, he walks the other way. >> kimberly: did you hear what he said about the hair machine in your office? >> brian: i did not know that. >> dana: thanks for watching. >> brian: she goes on to say, we haven't changed each other's minds but i like these trump people. when asked about trump, he doesn't understand what happiness is. if he is and ruining people's
2:31 pm
lives and destroying the planet, my heart would break for him. i am a -- he's a damaged, damad person. i don't see any turn around her here. >> kimberly: he has a good time, has a nice family. >> greg: she called for a military overthrow of donald trump, and i think she is seeing her career is kind of going down. she realizes may be alienating half the country as a bad >> juan: wow, i didn't get that at all. i think she has been around promoting the show and having some success promoting it. i don't know how well the show does but i don't have that depression. this is more like thanksgiving dinner. this is like oh, you know, uncle joe walks in with a "make america great again" have to. am i supposed to be mocking? should i be like, oh, i can't stand this guy or whatever and
2:32 pm
then it turns out joe is a pretty good guy. we just have some serious political disagreements. let me tell you, i think you can have serious political fear even of donald trump and his presidency, but the idea that you would talk -- this is what we were discussing earlier. >> greg: i think it's a good thing. it's a good thing when you are not paid to do it. she is doing it because she's got a salary. she wouldn't have done it befor before. >> brian: kathy griffin was one of the hottest comedians around. now she is so angry. she is yelling. >> greg: she is claiming hollywood is blacklisting her over trump. excuse me? hollywood hates trump. >> brian: how does that make sense? >> greg: it doesn't. i think she is whining. was she on bravo? she wasn't the biggest comedian. she was a train wreck. >> juan: she was during this tour with frank rich.
2:33 pm
rights for the new york magazine. it's not as if, i don't think frank rich is a trump fan. my impression is this was her speaking from the heart, and i would think that from your perspective, i know you're glad to have hillary around. >> greg: i love her. >> brian: glad to play identity politics, grievance politics. give her some -- >> greg: she is 1 of 3 people who blocked me on twitter. alec baldwin, sarah silverman. >> kimberly: look at how excited you are. >> brian: the anti-trump stuff is getting so stayed. next week at this time, we are going to talk about people taking on the democratic party on stage. >> greg: all right. he managed to hold his fire for more than 24 hours but
2:34 pm
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>> if i was going to think of somebody, i would probably think president xi. >> somebody did something for you. >> i would have said thank you if he had put them on his plane. >> juan: those comments didn't go over well with president trump. he was fired up on twitter, aiming his fire at lavar ball for dismissing his role in helping bring his son into others' home from china. they were caught shoplifting. the president writes: "it wasn't the white house, it wasn't the state department, it wasn't father lavar's so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long
2:39 pm
term prison sentence - it was me. too bad! lavar is just a poor man's version of don king, but without the hair. just think lavar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during thanksgiving with your son in china, but no nba contract to support you. but remember lavar, shoplifting is not a little thing. it's a really big deal, especially in china. ungrateful fool!" oh, my gosh. >> kimberly: that was a lot of dramatics. >> juan: let me ask you. >> greg: that is the best you've ever sounded. >> kimberly: and you had fun. >> greg: it makes you happy. >> kimberly: you love being trump. >> juan: wow.
2:40 pm
>> dana: it is fun to read tweets out loud. >> juan: is so ridiculous this is the president. >> greg: the bar isn't lowered. the bar is gone. shakespeare knew not every play had to be a tragedy. the white house can actually be fun. politics, the president can be fun. the big point here is when we look at historical artifacts of the past like letters written by washington or lincoln or martin luther king, no more. everything is going to be on twitter. there is going to be no parchment paper. every thought and every feeling, every attack is going to be highly readable. it's going to be immortal and worthless. >> juan: excuse me. you may like the gettysburg address? >> greg: twitter replaces that. you don't need that anymore. >> brian: juan asked dana to talk. >> greg: his so point was so mundane.
2:41 pm
[all speaking] >> juan: let the lady have the floor. >> greg: what does that mean? this isn't a dance club. [laughter] gender-neutral individual. >> juan: he is playing trump. >> kimberly: loves talking about trump. he loves it. >> dana: okay, i don't like the 280 characters. i thought he had a better rhythm at 140. self-imposed discipline on that. they were much more fun to read. i also feel like for as much as president trump is entertaining his base, lavar ball is doing the same. everyone has an audience here, so it's like the reality show. i can't wait to tune in tomorrow to see what's going to happen. but would really get president trump going might be of lavar ball thanked hillary clinton for some reason. then we can keep it going. >> brian: i have two thoughts. i think he was putting him on. people say he is crazy, he's not
2:42 pm
real. he went on there. he twisted the thing, put it on his head. he was donald trump. >> greg: yeah. >> kimberly: we said that yesterday. >> brian: mark cuban said donald trump and lavar ball are really the same. >> greg: i said that on >> kimberly: "the five" yesterday. cuban took that for me. >> brian: had he not stepped in, they wouldn't maybe, the player who who has been in jain china because he was in a bar fight. >> kimberly: why didn't he get him out too? >> brian: his name is wendell brown. his family says mr. president, we will thank you every day if you can get my son out. >> dana: free wendell brown. free wendell brown. [chanting] >> juan: what about
2:43 pm
lavar ball as don king? >> kimberly: pretty funny. >> dana: i thought he liked him. >> kimberly: don king supported him. >> brian: do you think it's over? >> juan: no, no. >> dana: never over. we have talked about it two days in a row. it's never over. >> greg: what trump is saying, he recognizes that ball is a showman. when he set a poor man's don king, he was basically saying i know what you are doing. a lot of people call me a poor man's lou dobbs. >> kimberly: everybody says that. >> dana: it is written in the bathroom. >> brian: they didn't just take glasses. they took a lot of stuff. they could've ended up in a lot of trouble. >> kimberly: it a serious thing. he did something wonderful. lavar ball. blah, blah, blah. >> dana: he is asked about it
2:44 pm
on the plane. the president is very restrained and talking about how bad the situation was. at one point, he says it wasn't good, okay. he leaves it at that and everyone could have left of it that. instead we have to go over it over and over. >> juan: i had fun with the ridiculous tweet but i think he has self interest in making himself into the hero of getting the boys back. but now lavar ball is trying to thwart it. i don't know. to me it looks like two hucksters having a party. coming up, recommendations for children during the holiday season. forget the hugging. how about the high five? we will explain next. let's get the big guy in place. the ford year-end sales event is here. i can guide you in? no, thanks , santa, i got this. looks a little tight. perfect fit.
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♪ >> brian: for girl scouts of america have issued a warning to parents not to force kids to hug her relatives on the holidays, specifically daughters. posting reminder online that says "girls don't owe hugs to anyone, not even family members."
2:49 pm
alternatives might be a smile, and aircast, or whatever is most comfortable for them. kimberly, is this an important important -- >> kimberly: air kiss? be phony or whatever. >> brian: should you tell a 12-year-old to go hug a relative. >> kimberly: yes, absolutely. i am so happy that dana and i chose to be campfire girls. they would never issued such a foolish, ridiculous statement. >> brian: dana perino, is it involvement of our culture to realize we shouldn't just hug people because we are related? >> dana: i am a hugger. i think it's good. trying to remember, if you see your family once a year, christmas time. you get to the ranch and there is uncle joe. i want to give them hugs. it's a moment. >> brian: fine, even if his "make america great" hat falls off during hug. juan, may be worried about girls being in uncomfortable
2:50 pm
situations. >> juan: i don't like it because i have granddaughters and a daughter. >> brian: and you want a hug. >> kimberly: would you tell them don't hog? >> juan: i am sensitive. if the little kid said to me i'm uncomfortable, i would say why is that? >> kimberly: i think that's different. complaining about something that maybe has gone on. >> dana: i would never force somebody. >> juan: i would listen to the child. if you look at the statistics, the people who are most likely to assault or attack a child -- >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. now it's gone off the rails. >> brian: unacceptable interactions with an adult. finally, think about the adult's feelings. a young girl doesn't want to hug the cousin from another state because i haven't seen them. they don't feel comfortable. what about adults? >> greg: i am for this. i hate hugging, especially kids who are taller than me. it happens way too often.
2:51 pm
to be serious, we are entering a phase where there is an underlying agreement that all men are predators. no matter what. we are all bad. i think this is a consequence of that. of course, i doubt there will be any hugging at uncle franken's house. and uncle charlie. >> kimberly: and no sleeping. >> dana: uncle roy. >> brian: for italians, it's a no-brainer. they have to hug. it's the law. they were born to hug. the irish will welcome this. they don't like to hug. >> greg: that should be your memoir. >> kimberly: i think the irish are very warm. >> kimberly: i hug people. >> brian: on behalf of the irish, we don't hog. "one more thing" is next
2:52 pm
( ♪ ) more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. (clapping) and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. ( ♪ ) because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest.
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♪ >> dana: it is time for "one more thing." in the spirit of generosity, brian, you get to go first. >> brian: andrew jackson: the miracle of new orleans. fox news channel at 8:00 on sunday. the third or tenth. andrew jackson at a big win. it's for america, pro-history story. here's a look. >> if this didn't work, there was another line in another line they would have to go through before they got to new orleans
2:56 pm
but they never got past this one. >> that's right. >> this becomes a bloodbath. it was the beginning of the end of britain and in many ways the birth of modern america. >> brian: that is the story of the battle. we fly under own about it. >> dana: that looks great. congratulations. kimberly. >> kimberly: i have a fantastic thing. kimberly's puppy love dating tips. this is cute. my friend has a dog who i love. he is super adorable. he is 6 years old and he's got a lot of style. his red cashmere sweater. very famous instagram. sparkles is 7 years old. from atlanta. she has over 50,000 followers. they went on a date. their moms arranged a date and they went to the gramercy park hotel all dressed up.
2:57 pm
>> greg: is this a disney movie? >> kimberly: this is a point that men in new york city could learn a lot. >> greg: people in america are throwing up. >> dana: it's been a while. what do i have? dana's corny joke of the day. number one, why did the turkey cross the road? >> kimberly: to get to the other side. >> dana: because it was thanksgiving day and he wanted people to think he was a chicken. >> greg: mine was better. to get to the other side. thank you. >> kimberly: you improved on mine. >> dana: that was pretty good. number two, what happened when the turkey got into a fight? the turkey got into a fight? he got the stuffing knocked out
2:58 pm
of him. the final one. what did the nut say when it was chasing the other nut. i'm going to cashew. >> kimberly: that's like the good one about the jalapeno. >> greg: it is time for my favorite segment. greg's news not to be seen on cnn. let's go to switzerland. habsburg to be exact-sburg. she is living in a field. that's a coat brush are installed at the farm. her owner could not have expected a happier cow. the reaction is mind-blowing.
2:59 pm
the footage goes on for 37 hour hours. >> juan: it's a car wash for cows? >> dana: it's a rush. >> greg: for more cow brush news. >> juan: new york city getting dressed up for the holidays. sixth avenue covered with barricades, even as we speak, because tomorrow for a very happy reason, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. new balloons floating through the skyscraper canyons of new york, including all off from frozen. paw patrol alongside spongebob and hello kitty. the parade started in 1934 and cost more than $13 million, estimated 3.5 million spectators in person. 50 million will be watching at home. >> brian: is underdog coming back? >> dana: they are telling me we've got to go. tomorrow night, don't miss our thanksgiving special at 5:00 eastern.
3:00 pm
it's a fun show. we hope you will join us. here is something. we have a happy thanksgiving photo of the five of us having a fake dinner. "special report" is up next. bret, take it away. >> bret: such a sweet photo. unfortunately starting tonight with another tragic accident for the u.s. navy's 7th fleet, leaving three sailors missing in the pacific ocean. president trump on vacation in florida with twitter commentary on a host of issues. we will look at the massive holiday travel all over the country and why is the catholic church having so much trouble finding new priests and nuns? this is "special report" ." good evening. i'm bret baier. a holiday tragedy tonight in the western pacific. a navy transport plane taking passengers and cargo to an american aircraft carrier went


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