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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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to get started. he wants me to tell you and later he will relay it to have a happy thanksgiving. thanks so much, stay safe, and most of all, thanks so much for watching and what making fox news number one. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of hannity. democratic scandals. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. the bad news keeps piling up for liberals. the detroit free press, the hometown newspaper of congressman john conyers is now calling for him to resign. this comes as the house ethics committee has launched an investigation into congressman conyers after he admitted that his office paid out $27,000 in taxpayer money. this harassment complaint from a former staff. and just breaking tonight, according to the "the
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washington post," a new woman is accusing congressman conyers of calling her in to his office while he was in his underwear. the woman is also alleging that conyers harassed and verbally abused her. an attorney for congressman conyers saying he has no plans to resign. also tonight two new women are telling th "the huffington post" that senator al franken inappropriately touched them in separate incidents. and, a new politico poll shows that 50% of voters think that senator franken should resign. this survey was conducted after radio host leann tweeden released this photo showing franken groping her during a 2006 uso tour. but before a second woman put out this image, where she is alleging that senator franken grabbed her behind. now, despite all those
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allegations, against congressman conyers and senator fran franken, democrats in the media are still defending them. when asked about the allegations against conyers, congressman james clyburn told the "new york times," quote: you can't jump to conclusions with these types of things for all i know all of this could be made up. and senator maizey heir reasomaize hironobrurebsd asider resignation. take a look. >> your colleague al franken has been accused. do you think he should resign? >> i think that that is a distraction to be talking about resignation because what's really at the bottom of this whole issue of sexual harassment is that it is pervasive in our culture. >> judge jeanine: the liberal mainstream media is also rushing to senator franken's defense. take a look at this.
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>> there is a new report that senator al franken grabbed a woman's behind at a fair back in 2010. he says he doesn't remember doing it. >> we are going to start to go after everyone in every power industry for something like a butt slap? i'm worried that there is going to be no one left running anything. >> yeah, that may be true. >> to ask him to resign, i don't know if that's the appropriate response either. no senator has been asked to resign, ever. >> we have also, i think, unfortunately slowly slid culturally into the moment when forgiveness is now married to ideology. if you are a conservative, you know, bill clinton, or al franken get him out or get her out. >> he took a picture, which his office now says was a joke that showed him potentially not actually groping but mock groping her. >> judge jeanine: joining us now with reaction are fox news contributor charlie hurt. media reporter for the hill joe concha and radio talk
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show host and fox news contributor tammy bruce. you know, guys, i am actually stunned at the liberal left's hypocrisy of this. i want to start and i will start with you, charlie hurt, where you have got maizey hirono sexual harassment is pervasive. what's your take on that. >> clearly the democrats are circling the wagons right now. what i find so disturbing about it is it just puts a lie to all of the talk we have heard for years and years from democrats who claim to be the party that sticks up for women, the party that wants to stamp out this kind of all of atrocious behavior. and, of course, also accusing people like mitt romney of waging some war on women. they have been talking about this for years. and so as soon as the pox is on their house, all think want to do is circle the
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wagon. >> judge jeanine: you know what, joe, it seemed for a time that the democrats, donna brazile and kirsten gillibrand were like ready to throw bill clinton under the bus. it seemed like they were now going to take the side of women. now they are going back to where they were. we have got this congressman james clyburn from the judiciary saying you can't jump to any conclusions for all i know these women could be making it up. and, yet, when donald trump, the president says the same thing about roy moore, they want to crucify the president. >> on al franken i have got to say do you ever watch monday night football when can a sell and gifford were there, toward the end of the game when a team looked like it was going to lose turn out the lights the party is over. we are now at four accusers including one from huffington post report. >> talking about franken, right? >> talking about franken. here is the quote from one the accusers. only two people come forward. people are saying this is a
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right wing conspiracy. she says it's not. i'm a liberal person. i voted for him after this happened. these are women that were at events, campaign events for franken. so, when you get to four and you have the note evidence with leann tweeden, how can he possibly survive, judge? >> judge jeanine: not only that. and i want to tell the viewers. this everyone has tried to draw a distinction including the woman, tammy, who wrote the article, the op-ed piece for the "new york times" and then felt guilty that she said al franken should resign. just before i come to you with a question, here's his so-called apology. everyone said he apologized. ergo he should be forgiven. he said the first thing i want to do is apologize. i want to apologize to you personally, talking to leann he says i understand how or why you could feel violated by the photo. he does not at any point in time apologize to her for touching her breasts, whether it was under the
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kevlar vest or not. his hands are on that. he apologizes for taking a photo. nothing more. >> her other allegation, keep in mind, is that he forced himself on her with a forced kiss. as somebody who has been violated in that way, i can can just tell everyone, every woman who has experienced that, that is a sexual assault. so that is her other allegation. he doesn't even mention that but here's the conundrum, of course. now that we also know they have paid $17 million out in congress that we know this is a problem for the liberals, for the democratic party, if one person resigns, there is going to be no excuse for someone else in the same position not to resign. this is why they can't allow him to do that. because who knows how many seats they would lose. but this also goes beyond. it comes down really, too, the nature of what the clintons did to this party. they set a tone in the 1990s that as long as you are right on the issues, if you speak properly about feminism and if you are on their side, you have free
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reign. in other words, we are going to sacrifice individual women's lives for the collective. this is an abandonment of women. it's an abandonment of feminism by everyone who is a liberal. finally now it's clear. and this is -- this has got to be the thing on which we sweep out part of the swamp. >> judge jeanine: you know what, charles, what tammy is saying is so true. had we, when this happened with bill clinton. instead of saying it's a personal issue between bill and hillary and instead talked about the moral core of this country and power between relationship between women who were vulnerable and men who were in power, so many thousands of women wouldn't have suffered. but i want to read something to you where conyers' attorney is now saying he is not going to resign and if people were required to resign over allegations, a lot of people would be out of work in the country, including many members of the house senate and even the president. i don't agree with the last one. but, don't you think we
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ought to clear out the house and the senate because for two decades they have spent $17 million of our money to cover their sexual harassment. they should all be gone and doesn't this speak to the issue of term limits? absolutely. one of the most devastating things about the conyers accusations involves that latest accusation that you just mentioned a woman named melanie sloan a liberal, she worked for conyers some years back. she is used to standing up to people. and she -- in that story, that came out this evening. she said that she went to dick gephart and other leaders in the democratic party and complained about conyers, told them sorts of things that he had done to her. and to other staffers, and they all turned a blind eye to it i think there is a lot more questions that need to be asked and we need to find out who has been along the
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way that swept this stuff under the rug. >> great point. >> judge jeanine: joe, what about this 17 million and 264 complaints? why don't we know who those settlements were against? >> because speaker ryan needs to say release the names. >> judge jeanine: aha. i'm on another mission, joe. is that all it's going to take? >> i would think. so we already know the payments were made. right? we already have a number in terms of the people. so obviously all that takes is the speaker of the house, i would imagine, to go ahead with that think where we are now in this -- it's a revolution, really that's going on. ever since the weinstein report by ronan farrell and all the names since then, the kevin spaceys, the hark mark halperins and charlie roses. i could go on and on with folks in media. the count for today is two more accusers against al franken, one more against
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john conyers and a picture of joe barton genitalia all over the internet. >> judge jeanine: where did that one come from? >> i don't want to know where that one came from. >> if i could add that this is part of pref face this the collapse of the clinton michael chertoffia, if you will. that the clintons remained in power. people priewmgd she would be prd she would be the president. there was silence. rose mcgowan couldn't get anyone to listen to her. the clinton framework collapsed. the democratic party is clearly collapsing and all of this kind of false front that held that up and kept people at bay and afraid now that is gospel. you got the book shattered and donna brazile's book. it's free for everyone to speak the truth. this is where the republicans have to stand up for what they say is right. they do stand for women. they stand for individual freedom, for us to be able to live our lives freely. the democrats are destroying women's lives. and, yet, i'm hearing nothing really organized by
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the republican party taking the lead on this. whether it's paul ryan or mitch mcconnell who has been going after roy moore, perhaps appropriately, where has he been on franken? and on conyers and everyone else? he has been quiet. >> judge jeanine: charles, i'm going to jump off what tammy just said. what is frightening to me is when conyers says i intend to cooperate with the house investigation. and when al franken says i will cooperate with the ethics committee investigation. that tells me both of them refusing to resign that tells me the old boy's network fay for each other's sins while women are forced to sit for 90 days or 180 days and then forced toe immediate. it's like domestic violence. they used to say to the women being beaten beaten. no it's a crime.
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there ain't nothing to work out. go ahead. >> it's paying with house money buying time hoping that the furor blows over. i don't think it will: what tammy was saying. starting to see these people come out against the clintons. and condemn bill clinton for his behavior. condemn hillary clinton for her behavior. in shutting some of these women up. i have very little patience for that that takes no guts to walk around the battlefield and shoot the wounded and shoot the people that are already dead: where was kathleen sebelius when it mattered when these people were powerful? where was kirste care kirsten ge senator from new york. why didn't you stop them when they were powerful? now they come out and act like they want some badge of honor because they are dumping over them now. >> judge jeanine: that's such a good point. joe, i will let you expound on it it's true.
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it's safe to go after the clintons and now they are all going to be these towers of moral superiority. national organization for women couldn't comment on the charges against bill clinton. whether he was womanizer or sexual predator. that's the way it was presented. narrative was bought by the media at that time. the media was abc, cbs, "washington times." fox news was infancy. there was no internet in terms of internet news. there was no conservative media. do you know what bill clinton's approval rating was because everybody did buy the narrative that the women that were accusing him were crazy. 73%. >> i was the president of l.a. this is where my split with them began. i knew he was a predator. i said so. many of us resisted this argument to cast him as just some kind of good old boy who loved women. we knew he wasn't.
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certainly conservatives knew he wasn't. this is the change. it's not like suddenly there is some revelation or epiphany. good people knew what was happening then. they know what's happening now. >> judge jeanine: what do you say? when i call the clinton foundation an organized criminal enterprise i really didn't know how profound that was not because i'm smart. but it is a mafia. when you talk about the clinton, you know, the whole organization, it's a mafia. everyone was afraid of them. afraid to come out. >> exactly. >> judge jeanine: in any way fight them. anyway, i want to thank you all, charlie hurt, joe concha and tammy bruce. coming up, democratic congressman bob brady is in hot water tonight over allegations that he tried to buy off his political opponent. we will explain that one next. plus, we will have the very latest on the uranium one scandal. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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democratic congressman bob brady is being investigated by the fbi for his potentially unlawful involvement in a scheme to pay his 2012 primary opponent $90,000 to drop out of the race. brady has yet to be charged but the fbi has executed a search warrant of the congressman's aol email accounts with probable cause to believe that he committed election law violations. joining us now with more is
6:20 pm
salem radial nationally syndicated host larry elder and fox news contributor kevin jackson. good evening, gentlemen, i must tell you that i know someone who years ago offered a job to a primary opponent in a state assembly race in new york as a result of that he was indicted and ended up going to jail if you it is true that he did this what should happen. >> he should go to jail. this is about philadelphia. this is one of the most corrupt countries in the america. you have the da just been it indicted on 23 counts of corruption. majority of traffic cops have been indicted on charges. they have people on city council on tape discussing bribes. one of the most corrupt cities in america. i suspect the congressman is just following the role
6:21 pm
model superseded him. >> kevin, your take on this? >> i think it's funny that we have this number. remember, william jefferson, i think his name was william jefferson the black guy who had 90,000s dollars in his refrigerator? >> judge jeanine: in his freezer. >> 90,000 the going rate. >> cold cash. >> is 90,000 the going rate for slavery today? the interesting party of this story to me, jeanine and larry can certainly relate. we have a white congressman who wants his black counterpart, the guy is going to run against him not to do it. so he paid him off with a $90,000 bribe. >> judge jeanine: he was african-american. >> that's my point. the gentleman, the judge that was paid off happens to be a black guy. that's democrat politics. if i can't beat the guy i will pay him off. this hearkens back and i know this is going to make some liberals mad. this hearkens back to the days of slavery. $90,000 is the going rate.
6:22 pm
i mean, it's true sod i'm not saying it isn't true. here's the problem. the judge going to fun for this office probably thought i'm doing this on behalf of black people. who he said to all the blacks who invested in his race is i'm willing to sell you out for $90,000 to pay off my campaign fees and have a little chump change left over. >> judge jeanine: all right. larry, let's talk about the fact that it seems like so many democrats are in trouble right now and at the same time, it appears that a lot of the criticism initially aimed at democrats, whether it's donna brazile or, you know, this "new york times" writer who says, you know, al franken has got to resign and then the next day she says i'm changing my mind, is there a concern on the part of those democrats that the more they talk about corruption by the democrats whether it's sexual
6:23 pm
harassment or buying seats, that they are going to lose their politics and political power in washington? >> well, what's happened is that the democrats have been exposed as hypocrites on the issue of sexual harassment you have bill clinton credibly accused by three women accused of rape. hillary clinton accused by juanita broderick intimidating a rape survivor got a pass. not going to happen anymore. philadelphia had a 11 term congressman indecided and charged and thrown out of office. the city is democrat, republican seven to one. a completely democratic city totally run. they can do whatever they want i mentioned they had all these council persons on tape nobody got charged. incredible. >> judge jeanine: it is incredible. what is incredible to me right now is that initially there was kirsten gillibrand
6:24 pm
from new york and she is like shame on bill clinton. we should have done something about it when she is asked whether or not al franken should resign she won't answer the question. donna brazile comes out and she says, you know, this is horrible what the clintons did was horrible all of the sudden it seems she is now trying to make nice with the clintons all of a sudden there is this change in the -- by the democrats where they are not as critical of democrats violating any moral clause because it looks like their power base is being affected. >> they don't know what to do. that's the problem. with conservatives, if these things happen, we react. we don't care hot person is. if donald trump had done what some of these other people had done we would have reacted exactly the same. our moral core stays
6:25 pm
complete. they are bad on every other policy. look at their policy on immigration. you can find 50 high level democrats who said we need to secure the borders for all the reasons that donald trump says. you can find 50 democrats during the time of obama that said we need to look at our muslim refugee resettlement program and so on and so forth. all they care about who is in power. right now they are living on the muscle memory. they don't know, do the clintons still have power or do they not? that's what you are seeing. they don't know for sure. >> judge jeanine: well, but what it does seem larry and you can feed off of that one. it does seem the clinton power has dissipated. at the same time there is a little reluctance to go all the way. could it be that in a senator resigns like al franken there is a republican governor, the republican governor gets to a point that this is not about women. it's not about their moral
6:26 pm
core. it's about rank politics. it's about power and money and it has nothing to do with moral campus. as he pointed out democrats don't know what to do. harvey weinstein, so blatant they can no longer enjoy them. if you are going to go after roy moore how come you didn't go after bill clinton and hillary al franken and john conyers. they are now caught in hypocrisy. after kathleen willey claimed she was groped by bill clinton. gloria steinem wrote a column even if you believe what kathleen willey said is true that's not sexual harassment. he stopped after being told to stop. this is the way they twisted themselves to defend the clintons and nau the chickens have come home to roost. >> judge jeanine: how is that going to impact the 2018s, kevin? >> they are going to get
6:27 pm
crushed. every time i talk to the leftist they talk about the wins with the governors, expected wins, they have learned no lessons, larry is pointing out the hypocrisy, we do it every day on our radio show democrats don't learn. they still don't understand where the power structure is. they are still trying to weed out do the clintons still have power. does obama have any power? in fact, i heard they are going to bring bill clinton out to campaign. somebody's clinton to campaign in 2018. >> bring him out. >> judge jeanine: i don't get it clintons in or out and obama. by the way brazil went after obama today. it just keeps going. >> right. >> judge jeanine: they don't know who they are. >> bill clinton is -- politically bill clinton is dead man walking. he is toast now. they can no longer ignore allegations made by juanita broderick. more importantly hillary clinton has never been asked
6:28 pm
to my knowledge did you verbally intimidate the rape survivor as yua juanita roderick alleges. >> you know why they are not answering that question because they are still trying to figure out why they lost in 2016. she came up with another excuse today. i can't keep track of it you know what? i keep telling her just go back in the woods, hillary. enough. wouldgo ahead, kevin. >> why aren't they asking barack obama to campaign? that's what donna brazile is essentially saying. she gave him credit for saving america. but she won't bring him out to campaign. she explained he lost all these seats. the democrats have nothing. this is a fun time for conservatives. enjoy, people. >> judge jeanine: he lost all the seats and he left the dnc broke. >> you are right. all right, larry, kevin, thanks for being with us. and coming up, hillary clinton wants you to think that that uranium one scandal is much to do about nothing. we'll explain why this scandal just won't go away. and this special edition of hannity continues.
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to special edition of hannity. hillary clinton is down playing uranium one scandal. during a recent interview she had this to say.
6:33 pm
when there is attempt to uranium one. that is something that has been kept alive despite constant debunking. similar to the tragedy in benghazi where i testified at length. >> judge jeanine: as we seen this week we are only beginning to learn the extent of this massive scandal. also tonight, "the washington examiner" is reporting quote newly filed court documents confirm that fusion gps, the company mostly responsible for the controversial trump dossier on presidential candidate donald trump made payments to three journalists between june 2016 until february 2017. the article continues, quote: the three journalists who were paid by fusion gps are known to have
6:34 pm
reported on, quote: russia issues relevant to the committee's investigation. closed quote. the house intelligence committee said in a court filing. according to the washington examiner, fusion gps is not denying payments to reporters. but it claims that the money was t to help with research. joining me now to explain is fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox news contributor deroy murdock. all right, guys, i will start with you deroy. every time i hear hillary clinton saying that uranium one is nothing more than a deliberate effort to misinterpret the facts, despite a constant debunking, give me one person who debunked uranium one and i will go through my whole open on uranium one, molly 99, russia, iran, but you don't want to hear that tonight. >> yeah, i think that case has neither been debunked or even bunked for that matter. you know, she said look, this whole thing has been
6:35 pm
fully litigated, which sin credit being. it's not been fully litigated. there has been no trial there have been no charges. the republican congress you would think by now would have had one hearing on uranium one. that's not happened yet. >> why do you think they didn't? back then, when the republicans objected and it was peter king and elena roth lynn ten then. they were like wait a minute, you can't sell uranium to russia. and they were poo pooed. who was the pirik at that time? john boehner. >> that's right. john boehner, yep. >> doesn't it make sense to you that because they were objecting to it and they were on house intel and foreign relations i believe why would boehner not be interested in doing an investigation? >> i don't know why these people didn't investigate. they should have done that she certainly should do so now. one thing that baffles me. >> judge jeanine: they are doing it now. >> i can't think of any logical or innocent reason why the united states of america would turn over to russia the control of 20% of our uranium the active
6:36 pm
ingredient in atomic weapons. this isn't sending to holland or pair guy. this is russia with at least we have add investor tailor relationship and cold war with them. i don't know why we would turn over 20% of our uranium. i can't think of an innocent explanation. >> judge jeanine: you can't. left out a big piece. the clintons got $145 million. >> to donations to the clinton foundation. that we're aware of. >> judge jeanine: who knows what other cash. >> three people knew back then. covered it up mueller, rod rosenstein and andrew wiseman, three people now investigating trump/russian so-called collusion. >> judge jeanine: stop. say it again. >> andrew weismann, rod rosenstein and robert mueller. these are people who covered up the russian to preserve its national security assets
6:37 pm
in uranium they sold it out to the russians it is uncon thennable not to go to congress. they had a legal duty to do it. they didn't do it the question is did they not also tell the cfius committee presided over by hillary clinton. sell uranium, 20% of it to the russians, jeopardizing national security. >> what do the people on that cfius committee is eric holder. he should have known that the russians were involved in extortion, bribery, money laundering in order to get control of the uranium. and yet this deal went through somehow. >> judge jeanine: what's amazing is the person who brought to the fbi the information that, hey, look, rickenbacker is -- has a whole operation to access our uranium of extortion bribery, whatever they deed to do cash. the fbi says we will wire you up, prove it. they did. he worked for them for six
6:38 pm
years and after he finished working for them. he gave them a bonus of $51,000. >> and loretta lynch threatened him with criminal prosecution. >> and it's illegal and gagged him and said don't you dare talk. >> that's right. >> what does that tell you? >> why did jeff sessions wait so long to finally lift the gag order? and why is jeff sessions been pedaling the lie that, in fact, there is no correlation between the sale of uranium one and russian racketeering scheme? either jeff sessions is utterly ignorant of the law or he is gullable and naive as to the facts. >> judge jeanine: or rose rosenstein his deputy attorney general, who was in charge of the maryland office that took the plea that they took quietly on labor day weekend. >> he is the manipulating jeff sessions and sessions has no clue. this informant has something like six years' worth of
6:39 pm
information on the russian effort to get our uranium, comments, videotapes, apparently, something like 5,000 different records. so he has a lot to sing about and i hope the singing begins soon. >> i hope it's public. we need to know about this. this is deadly stuff. the rosenbergs helped stalin get the bomb they did it for principles. the clintons gave russians access to 20% of our uranium for money. >> judge jeanine: they promised this uranium would never leave this country. >> another lie. >> judge jeanine: and it left the country, amazing part of it is that they use the sue could you tuesday route. no license was issued for it to leave the country. bologna, they did an amendment. the a trucking company sent it to canada. canada sent it to europe. and at the same time, obama was doing the uranium deal and sent the 150 billion in cash and said to iran you can do all of our medical -- you can make medical imaging
6:40 pm
and all that you can be in charge of it. >> wonderful thing. just let them be in charge. >> it's stupid and insane for any administration, including obama's administration and hillary clinton. to sell the fundamental elements of nuclear weapons to your enemy and now we have to import uranium for our uses. because we gave so much to the russians. and the nuclear regulatory commission is complicit in this. because they signed off on the third party that shipped it away to places we don't potentially terrorists and iran. >> judge jeanine: uranium is essential ingreent yent for molly 9 nuclear medicine. there is none made in the united states. we get it from foreign countries. [talking at the same time] >> judge jeanine: hold on, guys. i want to talk about fusion gps. paid by hillary clinton dnc gets a million dollars more
6:41 pm
than that in seven months. they are paying reporters, reporters who were reporting on russia. how do you interpret that? >> finance amazing how all the russian crow collusion done by the trump campaign. we find the dnc turning money over to fusion gps. ends up in pockets of journalists covering russia. british spy had russian sources. again if there in any russian collusion it seems to be happening on the democratic side not the republican side. >> it was a crime for the hillary clinton campaign and dnc to give money to foreign nationals in exchange for information in a political campaign. it's two felony statues. you are a lawyer, of course, you know this quite well at the journalists i i don't know finance a crime. it's highly unethical they need to be exposed and not secret. >> judge jeanine: those are he cans which. how much cash do you think they handed out to journalists? >> yeah. there are a lot of deep pockets filled with green backs. >> now, what's interesting
6:42 pm
about fusion gps. that, you know, that law firm perkins coy was the funnel from the dnc and the clinton campaign we find out now it's one in the same. they then funneled the money to fusion gps and fusion gives it to this british spy and then they go to russia and get all this information. >> sounds like money laundering. >> judge jeanine: yes it does like a government enterprise. ricco i know it well. >> called a react. >> racketeering. the truth is they fought this tooth and nail. they did not want to give this information over. and then when congress says, house intel says we are going to subpoena bank records. they freaked and they said now we're going to give what you you need. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that they have had something to hide all along. they are letting that drip, drip, drip as they are compelled to. the democrats are very good at something in psychology called projection. where you have a particular
6:43 pm
characteristic. rather than admit it you throw it on to somebody else and say you have got that problem. these people engaged in russian collusion. rather than admitting it say you russians are involved in russian collusion. >> i used to tell my clients if you have nothing to hide don't hide. if you have a lot to hide, invoke the fifth. and, gee, oh wow. address what g.p.s. officials did. they invoked the fifth. >> judge jeanine: amazing part of it is fusion gps, i mean, what did these guys do before they created fusion g.p.s.? what were they? >> they were journalists. >> judge jeanine: journalists so they know the business quite well. >> inside and out. >> judge jeanine: inside and out. and the fright thing thing is you call projection. i call it, you know, make up the narrative, buy the narrative, pay for the narrative. and spare the other side. that's what they do. >> as we learned in watergate. follow the money. and you will find a myriad of crimes. so let's follow the money. and i guarantee you they
6:44 pm
there are going to be a lot of crimes and a lot of defendants to go around and that includes hillary clinton. >> judge jeanine: interesting thing is that as the clinton mafia starts to fall apart. you are going to finds more people looking to save their own tails. >> and start flipping. don't forget $145 million from the investors of uranium one into the clinton foundation. >> that's right. >> that we know about. >> that we know about. >> pay to play. called bribery, mail fraud, racketeering. >> indeed. >> bank fraud. the list goes on and on general jean give me a grand jury any day. thank you, gregg, thank you, deroy. there interest a lot of reasons scandal ridden hillary clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. the two lost presidential candidate still refuses to take responsibility. you won't believe who she is blaming now. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. hillary continues to add to her long list of excuses for why she lost in 2016. in her interview with hugh hewitt, clinton pointed the finger at president obama and even the mainstream media. listen to this. when you run to succeed a two term president of your own party, you have a historical head wind blowing against you. it is challenging when the press and not just the press on the right but the press in general decide that my
6:49 pm
emails are the most important story of the campaign that clearly was pounded day after day after day. i take responsibility for the mistake i made, but it was, you know, it was a pretty overblown scandal. >> judge jeanine: meanwhile, former obama cabinet member kathleen sebelius is slamming the clintons for their many attempts to cover up and attack those who accuse bill clinton of sexual misconduct. watch this. >> here we are 40 years later and very much the same atmosphere prevails and it's about power. it's never been about sex. it's all about power. and men who have power over women use that power in all kinds of ways. >> i voted for bill clinton twice. and i think he was a really fine president. a brilliant guy. committed public servant. but i knew, i mean, everyone
6:50 pm
in politics knew about his behavior. and we looked the other way. and i think there is a lot of soul searching to be done. >> you bet. that shouldn't happen ever again. not only did people look the other way. but they went after the women who came forward and accused him. and so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior. >> was that fair criticism of hillary that she participated in that effort? >> absolutely. i think it's very fair. >> judge jeanine: joining me now with reaction is former obama economic advisor austan goolsbee and founder of executive director of turning point charlie kirk. all right, gentlemen, i will start with you, charlie. to what do you attribute this change in tune by kathleen sebelius? >> well, it's quite simple and tammy bruce said it the best earlier in the show. now that the clinton mafia has been destroyed.
6:51 pm
all of a sudden all these sexual harassment allegations against the clinton family are fair game. do you know why? president trump said this on the campaign trail that hillary was instrumental in trying to silence and delegitimize the accusers against bill clinton. she said earlier oh, it's somehow a two term president's fault that i lost the election. you didn't campaign in michigan and wisconsin. you got outworked. you are unbelievably uninspiring, not to mention you were part of that administration as secretary of state you sold our uranium out to scandal. >> judge jeanine: kathleen sebelius is a very bright woman. she didn't do too well on that website. she very bright woman. she is a strong woman. she knows about sexual harassment this isn't something that's new. why all of a sudden this turning point. >> you have a loft issues going on. why does hillary clinton say
6:52 pm
she lost the election and the other revisiting the sex scandals of the past. i think the reason why you are hearing a lot more publicly about that is you've got big public accusations against the president and the judge moore who is running for the senate against al franken in the senate. heank weinstein -- it's getting a public moment. and i think that's why you are hearing more kind of soul searching. i think a lot of people as you heard david axelrod in that segment saying got a lot of people doing soul searching, feeling guilty of -- why didn't we do more 20 years ago? >> you know, i got to tell you, i don't buy that i mean, you know, if -- look, let me give you a perfect example. the woman who wrote the op-ed piece in the "new york times" saying al franken has to go and then had a change of heart the next day and says nah, he shouldn't really have to go. it's base politics.
6:53 pm
when they realize that if al franken goes, then, you know, there is going to be a new senator and, you know, that the political climate or the political balance in this country is going to change, and then when democrats say you can't believe a woman just based on an allegation, and yet, when the president says the same thing, he is destroyed. i mean, people need to understand. >> most of the democrats, i think the first part of what you said i believe i agree with, that there are some people who are finding a conflict between their political interests and their moral interests, let's call it and that's a tough position to be in. that's absolutely not exclusive to democrats. you see the voters of alabama are very much put in that circumstance now. >> judge jeanine: i will agree with you. >> judge moore is a person they are not comfortable with, but they are trying to resolve it now, i don't think that it at all has
6:54 pm
been the democrats' approach to discredit the women in the -- al franken scandal. al franken himself. >> judge jeanine: first, don't tell me al franken apologized because he didn't. he apologized for taking a photo. there is evidence. his hans are on that woman's breast. don't tell me is a great guy. said forgive me afollow guides. he didn't apologize for anything. the evidence is there. go ahead, chris -- charlie, go ahead. >> one final thought on, this it's important to note that if hillary clinton was president, thanksgiving thankful she isn't. if she was president none of this stuff would come out. the media wouldn't be publishing exposes on harvey weinstein. he was a top democratic fundraiser. these people are no longer politically relevant to the media or the democratic party. so now they are able to expose all this stuff. if hillary clinton won the election. they would not be doing this sort of soul searching. they would be protecting the same behavior that's been
6:55 pm
going on in the democratic party for 20 or 30 years. >> that might be true, inhope that's not true. >> judge jeanine: hang on austan, donna brazile today said hillary clinton should hit the campaign trail for democrats in 2018. are they schizophrenic? they can't figure out what they want? >> i think donna brazile is saying that because she might have gotten some threatening phone calls in the last couple weeks all the refusings -- she is trying to make up for all the things she told in her book recently. i don't think it's going to help. >> judge jeanine: 15 seconds, last word. >> i would just say nobody has ever lost the presidency while winning more votes than their opponent than hillary clinton did. you have to cut her some slack. >> judge jeanine: all right, charlie, austan. >> happened in the reverse. >> judge jeanine: edition of hannity right after the break. don't go away. ♪
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>> welcome back to special edition of hannity. unfortunately that's all the time we have left. be sure to watch justice this saturday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. ewe have a jammed pack live show lining up with all the latest news. special guest sebastian grka. we hope you'll join us saturday night in the meantime, have a very happy thanksgiving. all the best to you, laura ingraham is up next.
7:00 pm
>> good evening everyone and welcome to a special edition of "the ingraham angle." tonight we're going to take stock of what we're grateful for and not so grateful for in this year of the trump presidency. we're going to talk to my fox colleagues about how to avoid at all costs, thanksgiving political fights. we're going to celebrate america's economic come back, thank goodness and other highs and lows of the year. we begin tonight with some of the cultural battles. especially in the entertainment business. we're very grateful for the transparency that we've seen on hollyw


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