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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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celebrating with people you love. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. ♪ >> brian: all right, good evening, everyone. and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." that's the sign you will see over there for second. i'm brian kilmeade. i will be filling in for tucker. it's more than a year since hillary clinton'ss defeat. excuses keep on coming. hillary clinton appeared today to talk about what happened. she is on a book tour, i had no idea. she had a whole array of explanation for her loss. she put the blame on new person, president obama. >> when you run to succeed a two-term president of your own party, you have a historical head wind blowing against you. it is a challenge. if you are both the candidate defending a lot of
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the areas of agreement but also putting forth an agenda for change, which is what i tried to do, it is often difficult to get the second part of that message through. >> brian: right, because you didn't say anything different from president obama so how do you run on the word change? today wasn't the first time clinton pointed fingers. if you had an email for every excuse she had, you could fill an entire private server. >> the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when. they covered it like it was pearl harbor. if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. there is all these storiesos about, you know, guys overe. in macedonia who are running these fake news sites. i inherit nothing from the democratic party. comey was more than happy to talk about my emails but he wouldn't talk investigation of the russians. i also think i was the victim of a very broad
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assumption i was going to win. >> brian: i did not know sheha was a judge on "the voice." i don't know if that chair turns. clinton used today's appearance to talk about more than just her defeat. america has a large numberce of white supremacists who have made common cause with the president. >> i think there has proven to be more white supremacists and white nationalists than i wish there were in our country as we saw tragically in charlottesville and other places. and they have made common cause with the president's agenda out of their own mouth that he is someone that they are counting on to promote it. >> brian: clinton expressed doubts whether she could ever possibly be friendly toward president trump like she was in the past. >> i said we all need to give him a chance. and we all need to support our president. we have one president at a time.e.
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and i have been very disappointed in the way that he has conducted himself.>> >> after this is all done, do you see becoming friendly with him again? >> i don't know the answer to that question, hugh. a >> brian: i do. i'm going to go with no. dan bongino was a former secret service agent and officer. may i add, avery nice man. former campaign regional director and this both join us now. robin, the problem was president obama. president obama replacing aes third term popular president who got over 50% when he left. that is very hard when you run as an agent of change. do you buy that? >> you know, i can't ignore things do go in waves. it happened with george w. bush. after 8 years of george w. bush i thought we were destined for change. i thought she had quite theyi road ahead of her with trying to paint herself differently than president obama.ff and really she did not do a
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very good job of that. she did the best, i think, that she could, but her campaign still, i still insist to say that it lacked soul. i had the privilege of meeting her several times face to face.i she was always warm and ingratiating. once you got her in front of a camera, it just fell flat. she never seemed to resonate with the people. it just was lacking that soul. she failed to tap into that wave of populism and anger. donald trump did capture that and so did bernie sanders. >> brian: i think george bush was authentic. even one to one interviews didn't resonate. if you are going to run as an agent of change, you have to say something different from the person that you are changing from. she ran the same thing that president obama ran on.. she never said he was wrong here, he was wrong there and i will be different here. w right? >> well, yes, brian, that's because she sat in front of focus groups and changed
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their position by the day. you know, she would lick her finger and see where the wind was blowing. robin said he had the privilege of meeting her. i had the privilege of working with and for her as a secret service agent. my take away was the exact opposite. i found mrs. clinton to be the most deceptive human being, manipulative political person in a position of power i had ever met in my entire life. it wasn't so much that she was a liar. it was that she did it and she deceived and manipulated with such ease. you know, i spoke out against her and, believe me, this was not something that i took lightly. i never attacked president obama personally and never. would. i disagreed with his politics but he was very genuine and nice to me personally. mrs. clinton is a fraud. if the people out there knew the mrs. clinton i knew, they would have a far different take.w, and the fact that she is trying to upend an american election where president trump was elected, you may have not have liked it but she is trying to upend it
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with this nonsense on this what happened tour is a disgrace. it's a disgrace to herself and the american people who picked someone other than her. >> brian: robin, i read donna brazile's book i found it fascinating, cover to cover.a no doubt about it they took the african-american vote forr. granted. there didn't seem to be any push for any local radio. there was no push to go with the yard signs and person-to-person interaction. it was all about analytics. about a bunch of 30-something-year-olds who thought they knew it all. >> you know, and i'm personal friends with robbie mook and i worked with him in south carolina on the primary of this campaign. the entire first section of the book "what happened" does dedicate to the mistakes of the campaign. o her own personal mistakes that she does own up to where you are exactly right. they got too much into the weeds. into the analytics. they surpassed the flyover states. the middle america votes. we took those for granted. there were a lot of mistakes. granted, it's -- the book is a complete assessment ofak
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everything that factored into this, which there was a lot that factored into it. but, you know, i think she does take credit for her mistakes. but, in the end, the message was basically that she was embarrassed. she felt like she let her supporters down. that's why she stepped away from the public eye for quite a while. and is just now making sell books. i want to point out something, brian. i hope the point of selling these books is not to try to push chelsea clinton to run. please don't do it. >> brian: i know. dan, do you believe the democratic party is turning the page when you see kirsten gillibrand stepping up and talking about her husband and when you see others not rushing to hillary's side. she got book of the year by some clubs. i don't think she is winning over people, dan. i don't see any conversion here. >> you know, brian, i have lost elections. i lost a tough one in maryland. you know what? you move on. nobody likes a sore loser. everybody hates sour grapes.
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i lost an election they called the race three days later. i will never forget someone calling me and saying move on, move on. don't bother with these lawsuits just do it. that's what we did. you know, listen, i know democrats aren't going to take any advice from me. i'm a conservative republican. she is not the hill to die on, the clintons. let her go. it is time to throw them overboard here. they are not genuine people. i can make the case to you strongly having been around them and knowing them far differently than others,ee maybe including robin.m i'm not sure. they have been the most destructive force in american politics in the last 50 years. nobody close to them. they have absolutely c decimated america's faith in government by everything they have done. it's really a shame and it's time for the democrats to unmoor themselves from the clintons. >> brian: al gore i have never been in more awe of him. w he had his heart broken. he went away. john mccain said i blew it he kids about it. bob dole goes on letterman
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and people had a warm feeling for him then. it's the way you lose, not if you lose that wins people h over. bush 41 is another great example of that people thought he was a failed president. not in retrospect. thanks so much, guys. rob and dan, great work. newly court documents reveal fusion gps the company behind the infamous trump dossier made payments to at least three reporters in 2016 and 2017. p todd shepard is an investigative reporter at the washington examiner. thor halverson directly linked with g.p.s. he will tell you about it in a second. d first, to right now to the story that broke in the washington examiner. three reporters say -- who have wrote things againste donald trump on the payroll from g.p.s. what does this mean to you? >> well, brian, first of all, the documents that we looked at, it shows that these journalists were paid in a contract manner.
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i can't necessarily say they were on the payroll. as to whether or not the stories they have writtenil about donald trump, were they negative? what we really know they have been writing about w russia related activities and they have been writing about the house intelligence committee. it's this last part that concerns the investigators and attorneys for the house intelligence committee.t especially, you know, how much did they use their influence and their leverage with other journalists in this town to plant stories about the dossier supposedly. and, again, as you mentioned, some of those payments began, let's say, back in june of lasta year. so, that would be about the time that the court documents also reveal that they were sending christopher steele, the british spy who assembled the dossier, that they were sending him out to pitch the dossier to media companies all along -- all in d.c. and up in new york city. >> brian: what does this mean to you? you know fusion gps. they did some work on you.u.
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>> yeah. important clarification. fusion g.p.s. was hired to smear me and to smear a group of us who were whistlele blowing about a venezuelanan corruption case.e a group of criminals in venezuela hired fusion gps so that they would then smear us. they created a dossier. smearing us. they did one on me personally smearing me.. they took that dossier to the "wall street journal." it did not work. the reporters there would not bite. ultimately they found an out-of-work reporter, ken silverstein in washington. he took their money and took what was in that dossier and published a fake news story. what fusion gps does is create fake news. they get paid to smear people. and the fact that the house investigators have actually found these three journalists have been paid, they should unredact that and i should note that just because it's in their banking records doesn't mean that there is not a whole bunch of other journalists that didn't get paid in cash. i have no doubt that they have also paid journalists in cash. it's what fusion gps does. and a lot of journalists
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don't want that "on the record." so they want it in cash. this is a massive scandal. the mainstream media knows that there are negative repercussions. this is why this must all come out. this all be unredacted therere must be more and more information about who is getting paid. what are they getting paid for. >> brian: thor, i can tell you are fired up. todd, this is part of the negotiations, wasn't it, before g.p.s. came to the f table to speak to the house intelligence committee. they were so reluctant to come out..s maybe this was part of the negotiation. i will admit there arere reporters, but i will not tell you their names. that, to me, is nots something the intelligence committee should have the right to do. we need to know. >> well, the house t intelligence committee from these documents, again, it looks like they intend to fight this in the last second. i asked josh levy who is an attorney for fusion about the payments made to the journalists. they said, look, we never pay a journalist to actually do a story but we do pay journalists to do some contract investigating. and it never really ends up, you know, they never write
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on the stories in which they investigate. but i think, mr. halverson alludes to some very serious issues here about conflicts of interest. look, conflicts of interest don't have to be disqualifying for a journalist. but if you are a journalist and you worked for fusion on, let's say some entirely separate project and then you are reporting on thehe house intelligence committee in september of this year, in october of this year, when it's entirely about fusion gps, you owe it to the -- to your media consuming public at the bottom to have a disclaimer that says i have made money from fusion gps in the past. >> brian: we do have breaking news to go over. thanks so much. fusion gps. we have to find out a lot more about we will realize the russians are loving this because they played both sidesg effectively creating confusion and distrust in america. guys, thanks. have a great thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> here we go. a fox news alert, this just crossing. two new accusers have come forward with allegations against minnesota senator al franken. the two women spoke anonymously to huffington
9:14 pm
post separately. they don't know each other. they say that franken groped her, one said, franken groped her while posing for a photo in 2007 at an event in minnesota. f a women's political caucus. the other says franken grabbedit her buttocks in 2008 at fundraiser and suggested a bathroom rendezvous. senator franken responded to these allegations saying "it's difficult to respond to two anonymous accusers and i don't remember those events." fox will continue to follow this story because, ladies and gentlemen, it is not goingea away. meanwhile, straight ahead, they have been searching in russia but they should have checked philadelphia first. up next, details on a real election scandal. plus, we will show you the election movie-like scene of a north korean defector escaping the country for south korea. does he make it? hey, man. oh! nice man cave!
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♪ >> brian: all right. donna brazile may have bashed hillary clinton in her new book from cover to cover. h but she allied with the former presidential candidate on one thing, believing last year's election was rigid. here's what brazile had to say yesterday. >> my personal views that it was not a legitimate election. >> so it doesn't count? >> chris, remember, i'm the campaign manager of al gore in 2000.0. and where, as you well know, the supreme court decided this election will always have asterisk by it. >> brian: really? the whole book says hillary blew it.
9:19 pm
instead of donald trump, it involves a democratic congressman bob bradyld under investigation right now by the fbi for allegedly, get this, paying a political opponent not to run against him. ethan behrman and dana loesch join us right now.hi they are both on the radio and extraordinary at that. dana, for you, unbelievable? saying he paid his opponent $90,000 not to run. maybe he didn't do it, but his campaign did. and now the fbi is looking into it. >> yeah. well, he is implicated in this. brian, good to be with you. and happy thanksgiving to you and everyone out there. the other individual who was challenging brady for this seat, he is alleged to have falsified some of the accounts to the fbi which you never lie to the fbi. that's one the most common charges that they bust some of these politicians and
9:20 pm
other individuals lying to the fbi and did he that that seems to be common for the course. if you can't win, then you have to buy your way or have to we did see that in the democratic primary with certain caucuses and primaries and super delegates, brian. so this, i'm not surprised but to $90,000 to pay someone to not challenge you? where is the left on this as well? it seems like moore was disenfranchised an opportunity to challenge an establishment guy. >> brian: we don't want another country infiltrating our election. we got that. we don't want another party candidate. we got that this is one election. do you worry about a trend? do you think this is an anomaly. >> i do see it as an anomaly. this is horrible. there is no defending this activity whatsoever. he should be absolutely held to account.. if he is found guilty in a court of law should pay the fullest price that our law allows. however, that was the 2012 election, you know, what donna brazile was talking about was the 2016 election. what we're all forgetting about this while we are
9:21 pm
talking about the democrat in philadelphia. we have the former republican chair of the colorado republican party who is under indictment ao well for voter fraud. there is a republican here. we really, brian, i can't say this enough and by thee way, happy thanksgiving to you both as well, can't say this enough, we can't takeh our eye off the ball, russia has been intentionallyly coordinated attacking us on the internet, our infrastructure, our voting system, we can never forget that. i don't care if you are democrat or republican. that government isf unfriendly to us. so let's not just make this into a democrat and republican debate. we have to keep our eye on who the actual enemy is here. >> brian: dana, i'm sure you agree with that and we don't want to focus on this one pennsylvania election. >> no, i know. >> brian: if we can possibly pull politics out of this and focus on what russia did. we have to put a stop to this. if russia can do it, china could do it. my goodness, north korea could do it. >> you are absolutely right. i'm wholeheartedly against it. that's one of the things we know that russia wanted to get involved in our elections. o
9:22 pm
we know that they wanted to have some sort of influence. so far, the doj and fbi have not verified anything that was in the dossier that's been going around. that they have had an entire year to look at and verify. and this is why, brian, i'm so against anybody for political gain conspiring with the kremlin through a firm and stashiating a fisa -- substantiating a fisa warrant on a private citizen based on nothing more than kremlin gossip. that's why i have taken aa very strong vocal stand as long as with you and some other individuals. you are right. a it shouldn't be about party. that's why democrats and republicans alike should come together at the thanksgiving table in a moment of unity, brian, and say that was bad what fusion gps did. >> brian: i thought i was told by experts not to bring upas politics. back to politics, because we are on television. ethan, do you believe that this election needs an asterisk like donna brazileu just came up with chris matthews and said. >> i don't know that we needma to go that far. i want to add to something
9:23 pm
that dana was just saying there. we know how bad the russian hacking is. fusion gps, that's not hacking. that is political pay. that is money going under the table toto somebody who may be is dirty. we don't know all the details of that. but the hacking is legitimate. the hacking is concentrated and concerted attacks. >> which is why i wanted the dnc to let the fbi investigate. they refused to do that. >> brian: ethan, get your head around this. the facebook ads and things and you believe they hacked into the election. do you also believe that possibly fusion gps lured the clinton camp through them into russia because they promised that they knew things about donald trump that would blow up his campaign. isn't that virtually the same thing, if that indeed was the a case, which we are about to find out, i believe? >> well, i don't see that as the same thing.
9:24 pm
first of all, what we seem to be missing in the conversation about fusion gps is the main person there is from one of our closest allies, britain. and the mi-6 spy agency. >> brian: he is a free he is not representing the british government. >> free agent now but had a great track record before this dossier. don't forget we had actionable intelligence from him in previous dossiers. so this isn't all bad. >> not been verified. >> well, the previous stories that happened, no,ou some of them have, actually. but the deal >> no, actually they haven't. no, the doj and fbi have not verified those. >> okay, well, we can debate that separately. if there is something dirty that happened with fusion gps. t i have always supported getting to the truth and holdin. people accountable, and if that is the case, let's find out and hold people accountable. >> brian: all we know is that b paul manafort can't leave the house. that's all we found out in a >> except for tomorrow. >> brian: coming up straight
9:25 pm
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brian brian >> brian: it's been two months but the nfl cannot pull itself out of politics. the anthem protest across theic league been going on the last year and a half. the nfl has been considering keeping teams off the field during the anthem. the plan is having a powerful critic not having
9:29 pm
the team show up and having the sidelines empty. that is president trump, pretty powerful guy. he tweeted this out this morning: the nfl is thinking about a new idea keepings teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that's almost as bad as kneeling. when will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart in the issue is killing your league."ma speaking right to the nfl and to you. brent mchenry a former espn host and contributes to the federalist and joins us right now. brent, first off, the nfl's idea, do you think the president is the only onenk who doesn't like it? >> no. i don't like it. not only is this disrespectful to the integrity of the american viewer who consumes the nfl. it's flat out ignorance to think you can solve dissension by burying it. roger goodell he hasn't done anything like other leagues. no suspensionsot no new rules. he could have gotten out in front of it, yet, he did nothing. from historical perspective, players weren't required to be on the field until 2009, until the league saw a
9:30 pm
marketing opportunity. they wanted extra cash. so, the u.s. department of defense gave them $5.4 million from 2011 to 2014 and the national guard gave them 6.7 million from 2014 to 2015. you cannot accept money andt disrespect the armed services. you can't do both things at once. i think you have to look at the timing here. the tweet from president donald trump could be tied to jerry jones unflattering video. >> brian: what do you mean. >> the unflattering video came out about jerry jones last week when he threatened to sue the nfl. that was a four-year-old video. the timing was a little interesting from roger goodell and the nfl if you think about it given all the details that were leaked about this contract he now wants. that happened with jerry jones. now, this week jones says he is dropping the lawsuitaw against goodell but he has the most powerful man in the united states tweeting that he disagrees with goodell's stance.te >> brian: jerry jones and the president agree a lot.t. you sense there might be
9:31 pm
coordination there between the two and the video is doing something inappropriate that he wished didn't go away but has been out there for while. the nfl wants a way out of this. however, they have the union, britt, i contend if roger goodell says you know what? if you don't stand, you are going against my decree, you deal with the american people. he is really doing it to save himself. i think in a way do you think he is taking a bullet for the union who will not agree to stand in the middle of the season? >> at this point, it's so late it would appear that way. we're getting into the last portion of the season. and this could have been done just like adam silver did with the nba. there wasn't an official rule. but he came out in front of cameras, in front of the media, and said no one would be kneeling. they have not had that issue. i think a lot of people don't necessarily agree with players wanting to take a stand. there are other ways to do that. fashion statements. community involvement which we have seen a couple examples of. doing it during the anthem is just creating division
9:32 pm
when a lot of people want to respect the military and it's tied to that. >> brian: only 11 playerss taking a knee or sitting or staying in the locker room. hopefully gradually they get rid of this. nobody is happy about it. a lot of people won't be watching it on sunday bringing us to one game for the first time ever the redskins are hosting a thursday game on thanksgiving. and the problem is the name redskins. they say it's disrespectful to native americans. the polls say a different story, right? >> absolutely. let's look at facts and not feelings. in 2004, the anninberg publicbe policy center conducted a poll of 800 native americans 90% of whom had no issue with the name. and then "the washington post" conducted an interviewwi just last year with similar results, nine out of 10 native americans said it wasn't a big deal.l. so, i think what we need to focus on is thanksgiving. we should enjoy a good meal. shelter over our heads and football. and we can' i think the more offensive
9:33 pm
thing here, brian, is, sorryry to say for you up in new york, is the giants only from two wins this season.he that might be the offensive thing on the field. everyone else needs to relax and i have been around the redskins. i have seen them give turkeys away every year. been out in the community. that's what they represent to the washington, d.c. area. not anything offensive in my opinion. >> brian: hopefully people will follow your lead. just enjoy football. have some family. don't talk about politics or maybe don't even bring up the redskins or no one bring up the giants for tall people that might be insulted. great seeing you. >> great seeing you too. >> brian: video of this defector escaping north korea with a hail of bullets. he gets hit with five bullets.
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>> brian: all right. dramatic new video shows this perilous escape of a north korean soldier defecting to south korea. watch this. the defector is driving a jeep on the north korean side when he breaks through a barrier and heads to the border. he eventually runs the car into a ditch and bolts over to the south korean side while soldiers fire at him. but just barely getting there and getting shot at least five times and they say about 40 shots rang out. one of the north korean soldiers chasing him briefly crosses thes white line, marking the territories between north and south. he realizes he is in the south and he panicked. that soldier takes couple of steps into the south and retreated. this from a camera you are about to see shows the defector just over a wall separating the two countries. two south korean troops crawl over to him and grab him in to safety. they didn't know if they were going to get the director of defense studiesr at the center for national interests and one of the few who probably understands why a north korean soldier would risk everything to get to
9:39 pm
the south. and what they were up against. how rare is what we just saw, harry? >> brian, it's pretty rare. i mean, keep in mind, usually most people who are trying to defect from north korea, you know, to freedom, essentially, go from to china essentially. so, for somebody to actually cross the dnc, i mean, think about it. this is an area that's usually riddled with mines, hundreds of thousands of soldiers are in this area. tanks, heavy machine guns. this is an area of the world you don't run across. it's pretty astounding. >> brian: here's the problem. i got these numbers from our brain room here. 881 defections this year in 2017. last year, 1418. so considerably down under. this leader. the problem with going to china is that they catch you in china, they send you back to north korea. correct? if they catch you in south korea, they leave you in south korea. right now, this north korean soldier struggles for life because is he full of infection. they found a lot of stuff in him, including some tape worms
9:40 pm
that are about 12 inches long to show what he has been eating. he is down to 130 pounds. as he struggles for life, there is no fear of him going back to the north, right? the south will take him? >> right.ea brian, i think of it this way. the north korean and south korean border is the modern day equivalent of the berlin wall, essentially. this man was willing to risk his life to get to freedom. and we have to think of it also this way. his family, if he does have a family in north korea, could also be in tremendous jeopardy. sometimes as many as three generations of somebody who commits an act like this are going to pay a very high price.a so we don't know what's going to happen to him, to his family. also, the reports of what is he going to go through. he will face deficits in terms of nerve damage. they almost had to amputate his arm. what he was willing to sacrifice really shows you what an elite north korea soldier was willing to do. he was willing to risk his lifer >> brian: harry, give me an
9:41 pm
idea what's going on inside north korea. if the people are that unhappy, if they are suffering to that degree, is there a chance north korea can solve this problem themselves, or is the government so insulated there is no chance for a civilian army to rise up? >> the challenge here, brian, is that the north korean machine tightly controls the country. the people are starved. they don't even have enough food to eat.ou this north korean soldier, there has been reports that he might have even been n under malnutrition. this is one of the top line units that this soldier was probably involved in to be that close to the border. b so the north koreans have a very tight control over the a country and the populous. so if you are starving, it's very hard to sort of launch a mass revolt. the outside world is permeating north korea. this apparent soldier wanted to see south korean pop videos and pop music. so he was aware of the outside world. it could permeate into society and change that society. >> brian: real quick, we know things have to change and whoever was the president
9:42 pm
was going to have to deal with this and this president is certainly going at it and focused on it he is not doing strategic patience. we know that the 13 chinese companies have now been sanctioned by our country for dealing with north korea. we know the president talked for 90 minutes with vladimir putin who reportedly is increasing trade in north korea to supplement what the chinese aren't. do you sense there is something that could change? is there hope on the eve of our thanksgiving? >> i think so. the president has the rightg? strategy here. keep the sanctions up. the north korean economy is only worth $14 billion. it's the size of vermont. if we keep the pressure on, we can critically damage that economy.. k we might not be able to stop their nuclear missile programs but we can contain it as much as possible. the president is doing a good job on that. >> brian: hopefully use the leverage to get neighborss involved. they do not like our military presence in the area. only way for it to go away is for them to no longer a threat. harry, thank you so much. have a great thanksgiving. >> you too.oo >> brian: want a smile?
9:43 pm
comedy in america, is it in decline as the anti-trump diatribes rage? what's the future of humor when even comedians would rather lecture you than entertain you? we will meet one comedian who admits the impossible. that he voted for donald trump. what was he thinking? i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but... well, what are you doing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. 3:45? tai chi. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios the automated investing solution.
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>> not only tweets childish >> not only are these tweets childish and embarrassing. trump is a thug and wannabe dictator and lashes out at anyone who isn't sufficiently obedient. a >> other news president trump continues to feud publicly. >> mr. trump, i know you are upset, but maybe now is not the time to be implying that someone's kid should go tose jail for what their dad did.
9:48 pm
>> brian: as you can see, late night comedy is all one note: anti-trump. more like lectures in comedy. it hasn't always been like that, too. some are getting the sense that things are about to change. one of those people is comedian michael loftis. executive producer of "kevin can wait" on cbs. he admits he voted for trump. >> i have a confession to make.v i voted for donald trump. [cheers] i did.d. the whole like election thing, people -- you had to be like embarrassed about it, right? who are you going to vote for? "i don't know. it's tough. tough this year. i don't know. tough call to make. i don't know." you are not going to vote for that maniac?t "oh, no, no, no."o, and then you pull the curtain and you are like click, trump. okay. that was crazy.. >> brian: it's funny but that's exactly what happened. michael joins us now.en
9:49 pm
michael, i watch you and i see that, and i'm wondering, you are very successful in standup. you are respected by everybody. did you pay a price for that position? >> you know what? i don't think i have and people keep -- i'm starting to get scared. because everybody is like what you are doing is really brave. it's really brave. i'm like, i'm honestly just trying to tell jokes. i'm just being honest, like i don't want to live in a socialist america. i love this little crazy experiment we have got going on with the 50 states. so, yeah. you had to act like you didn't vote for trump for the longest time. now i'm like what are you going to do? i voted for the guy. there you go.nn in for a penny in for a pound. >> brian: michael, you are laughing, that's why the polls are all wrong. no one was honest. they said the russians must have rigged. this can't be we watched the crowd show up. they said those people aren't going to vote. but they actually did. but you also said something interesting to me yesterday. you said things are beginning to change. why do you think things are beginning to change after
9:50 pm
one year in office? >> first of all, none of the gloom and doom is coming true. i mean, if you watch, like, msnbc, you watch some of these other news shows, and it's like every day is the end of the world. and they are just like, can you believe what he just -- i have never ever in my life, this is -- and these people who are anti-trump, their lives have to be just so miserable. they have to think "this is it. this is it." boy, i tell you what. come over to my side. i'm sleeping like a baby. >> brian: right. because, you know, people s are investing. they can afford the two drink minimum. a lot of times, one and a half drinks that you need to be successful as a comedian. numbers don't lie too. jobless claims are down. the market is soaring. if you talk to anybody who is a contractor, their voice mails are filled every day. a now, is president trump solely responsible for that? no. but is the world collapsing? no. did he go on 12 day trip and impress about every world leader? yes. do we love all his tweets? no.
9:51 pm
so michael, do you sense that comedians are beginning to say we are on -- this is not the way it used to be? carson used to be an equal opportunity offender. for a while letterman was leno also used to go both sides. >> well, i think the television market is getting smaller andd colbert and kimmel and some of these guys they have just like they are just like, we are just going to go after the anti-trump people and keep them watching. they literally aren't really doing jokes anymore. than just making like mean-spirited observations. and the guy who i feel sorry for is fallon. like jimmy fallon is just trying to do a fun show and because he didn't go afterer trump, people are like whoa, aren't you on board with this guy?eo and he is like, i'm sorry, i treated him like a human being. what was i thinking? that was wrong headed of me. >> brian: he did apologize for saying just that. that's how bizarre he was. i normalized him. yes, he got the nomination and he became president. how dare i treat him with
9:52 pm
respect? >> yes. and so now it's like painfully obvious. usually what, the comedians i like, the guys that ihe respect, they usually like defend the underdog and when you have got, you know, kimmel and colbert and everyone else going at donald trump, it's just not interesting and funny to watch somebody --es it's the same tired stuff. oh, that orange-skinned guy. the oompa loompa. bang bang bang. i want to defend him. i have more fun as a performer. >> brian: let's help the american people now. we are about to haveve thanksgiving together with extended family and some strangers and some close friends. would michael loftus recommend we talk politics at thanksgiving? and the new trend possibly of charging a cover charge for thanksgiving because it's not cheap. would you go for both -- number one, would you talk politics, and would you charge a cover? >> i would not -- i would never recommend talking politics unless you go all in. unless you just decide to have a free-for-all.
9:53 pm
you know, say something bombastic, you know, like trump was the best president since f.d.r. and take off your clothes and roll around on the table. i mean, it's going to have to get weird. stay away from politics on turkey day. let's have a nice dinner and let's not do the cover charge. come on. >> brian:he okay. >> that's mean-spirited. >> brian: and you are a happy guy.s out in los angeles. "kevin can wait." the big holiday weekend means travel, football and parades, will the weather cooperate? the forecast next.t. ♪
9:54 pm
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it's a thanksgiving day tradition. tonight is the annual balloon
9:58 pm
event. they are being blown up right now so will the weather cooperate and allow underdog to fly? rick, what is going to happen? >> i used to live right underneath where they blow the balloons up. and 300,000 people go for the event and can you not get anywhere. you want to avoid it. but right now weather is great. tomorrow morning it's going to be g a different story. cold air is going to move in. 37 degrees at the beginning of the parade. 37 degrees at the end of the parade. if you're flying right now still some delays in newark. but that is the only spot today that has any kind of delays which is really spectacular for the wednesday. it's cold behind the system that is moving toward the northeast
9:59 pm
so it feels like 32 here in new york. 13 inn international falls. go throughout the evening and don't expect to see any more delays. is looking great. pacific north west rain andnd snow. central florida a little bit of rain and thatat is it and then we'll go forward to sunday. kind of the s same story. the weather is good. >> thanks so much. have a great thanksgiving. that is it for tonight. be sure to join tucker every night at 8:00. he is counting on you and i'll see you on fox and friends. if i end early don't worry we have a wide shot. meanwhile that is it for us tonight unless you have something else for me to do. sean hannity's show is about to
10:00 pm
get started. r he wants me to tell you to have a happy thanksgiving. thank you for watching and making fox news number one. >> welcome to this special editionn of hannity. democratic scandals. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. the bad news keeps piling up for liberals. the hometown newspaper of congressman john conyers is now calling for him to resign. this comes as the house ethic's committee has launched an investigation after he admit that his office paid out $27,000 in tax payer money to settle


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