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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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get started. r he wants me to tell you to have a happy thanksgiving. thank you for watching and making fox news number one. >> welcome to this special editionn of hannity. democratic scandals. i'm jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. the bad news keeps piling up for liberals. the hometown newspaper of congressman john conyers is now calling for him to resign. this comes as the house ethic's committee has launched an investigation after he admit that his office paid out $27,000 in tax payer money to settle
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harassment complaints. another woman is accusing congressman conyers for calling herrs into the office in his underwear. he is. saying that he has no plans to resign. also tonight two new women are telling the huffington post that senator al franken inappropriately touched them in separate incidents. a poll shows that 50% of voters think that senator franken should resign. after radio host leann tweet enreleased this photo. but before a second woman put out this image where she is alleging that senator franken grabbed her behind. now despite all of those
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allegations against congressman conyers and senator franken democrats and the media are still defending them. when asked about the allegations congressman james clyburn told the "new york times," "you can't jump to conclusions with these types of things. for all i know all of this could be made up." and senator from hawaii brushed aside calls for his resignation. >> your colleague al franken has been called to resign. >> that is a distraction calling for resignation because the whole issue is that it is pervasive in our culture. >> the liberal mainstream media is also rushing to senator franken's defense.
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>> there is a new report that senator al franken grabbed a woman's behind at a fair back in 2010. we're going to start to go after everyone in every power industry for something like a slap. i'm worried there is not going to be anyone left running anything. >> asking him to resign. i don't know if that is the appropriate response either.r. no senator has ever been asked to resign ever. >> we're into a moment where forgiveness is now married to ideology. if c you're a conservative and bill clinton -- >> he photo took a picture which hisho office now said was a joke which shows him mock groping her. >> joining us with reaction are fox news contractor charles hurt
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and joe concha tammy bruce. i'm actually stunned at the liberal left hypocrisy with this and i want to start and i'll starth with you charlie hurt where you have got macie saying that the calls for resignation is nothing more than a distraction because sexual harassment is pervasive. what is your take on that?e >> clearly i think the democrats arehe circling the wagons and it just puts a lie to all of the talk we've heard for years and years from democrats who claim to be the party that sticks up for women. thean party that wants to stamp out this type of awful atrocious behavior and accusing people like mitt romney of waging war on women. they have been talking about this for years. all they want to do is circle the wagons.
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>> you know what joe, it seemed for a time that the democrats with donna brazil and kirsten gillibrand were ready to throw bill clinton under the bus. now they are going back to where they were. we've got this congressman clyburnn saying you can't jump o any conclusions. for all i know these women could be making it up and yet when president trump says the same thing about roy moore w they wat to crucify him. >> towards the a end of the game and the team looks like it's going to lose and they start singing turn out the lights. the party is over. we're now at four accusers. we're talking about franken. here is a quote. only two people have come forward and people are saying
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this is a right wing conspiracy. i'm t a liberal person. i voted for him. so when you get to four and you have the photo evidence how can he possibly survive? >> not only that and i want to tell "the viewers" this. everyone this. everyone has the right to draw a distinction. including thehe woman for the "w york times." here is his so-called apology. ergo he should be forgiven. the first thing i want to do is apologize. talking to leann. and he says i understand how or why you could feel violated by the photo. he does not at any point in time apologize to her for touching her breasts. whether it was under the --
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offense or not. his hands on that. he apologizes for taking a photo and nothing more. >> he forced himself on her with a forced kiss. as somebody who has been violated in that way i can tell you that is a sexual assault and that is her other allegation. he doesn't even mention that. noww that we also know they have paid $17 million out in congress. if one person resigns there is going to be no excuse for someone else in the same position not to resign. this is why they can't allow him to do that. because who knows how many seats they would lose but this is goes and comes down to the nature of what the clintons did to this party. they set a tone in the '90s that as long ask you're right on the issues and speak properly about feminism and on their side you have free reign. we're going to sacrifice
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individualal women's lives for e collective. this is an a ban donment of women and feminism and finally now it's clear and this is -- this has got to be the thing inch we sweep out part of the swamp. >> and: you know what charles what tammy is saying is so true based we when this happened when bill clinton instead of saying it's a personal issue between bill and hillary and instead talked aboutlk the morale core f this country and the power between relationship women who are vulnerable and men who are in power so many thousands of women would not of suffered. i want to read something to you where con yers attorney is
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saying he will not resign. for two decades they've spent $17 million of our money to cover their sexual harassment. they should all be gone and doesn't this speak to the issue of term limits? >> absolutely and i think one of most devastateing thing involves theus latest accusation. a woman who's a liberal and worked for conyers. she said she went to other leaders in the democratic party and complained and told h him te sort o of things that he had doe to her and they all turned a blind eye to it so there are a lot more questions that need to be asked and we need to find out
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about who has been along the way that has swept this under the rug. >> and what about this $17 million and the complaints. why don't we know who those settlements were against? >> because speaker ryan needs to say release the names. that is all that needs to happen. >> i'm on another mission, joe. is that all it's going to take. >> weer know the payments were made and the number in terms of people soo all that takes is the speaker of the house to go ahead with that. but think about where we are now. it's a revolution. first since the weinstein report all of the names the kevin species. the charlie roses and i could go on and on with big names in the media. the count today is two more accusers again al franken and a
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photone of joe barton's genitala all over the internet. >> this is part of the collapse of the clinton mafia. the clintons remained in power and there was silence. rows macau began couldn't get anyone to listen to her. the democratic party is clearly collapsing and all of this false front that held people at bay and afraid. now that is gone. you've got the book shattered and donna brazil's book and now it's free for everyone to speak their truth. this is where the republicans have to stand up for what they feel is right. they stand for individual freedom and the democrats are destroying women's lives and yet i'm hearing nothing really organized by the republican
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party taking the lead on this whether it's paul ryan or mitch mcconnel who has been going after roy moore perhaps appropriately. where is he. >> i'm going to jump off of what tammy just said. what is frightening to me is whenon cony ers said i intend to cooperate and when al franken says i intend to cooperate. that tells me both of them refusing to resign. the old boy's network. one hand washes the other. they are going to pay for each other's sins while women are forced to sit for 180 days and thenen forced to mediate. it's like in domestic violence. they used to say to the women being beaten, you've got to work
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it out with your husband. no. it's a crime. there is nothing to work out. >> they are playing with house money and buying time. but also following on what tammy was saying, the other thing we're starting to see is we're starting to see people come out against the clintons and condemn bill clinton for his behavior and hillary clinton for her behavior in shutting some of the women up. i have little patience for that. it takes no guts to walk around the field and shoot the wounded. where were they when these people were powerful. now they come out and they want some badge of honor. >> such a good point and joel's let you ex pound on that. just as tammy said it's safe to
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go after the clintons and now they are going to be these powers of morale superiority. >> and the narrative was bought by the media which -- there was no internet. there was no conservative media and you know what bill clinton's approval rating was because they bought the narrative. -- 73% when he left office. >> this is where my split with him began because i knew he was a predator. i said so. many of us resisted the argument as to cast him as some good old boy.t.
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he loves women. we knew different. good people knew what was happening then and they know what is happening now. >> when i call the clinton foundation an organized r crimil enterprise i didn't know how profound it was. not that i'm smart but it's a mafia. everyone was afraid of them. and in any way fight them. i want to thank you you all. and coming up democratic congressman bob brady is in hot water tonight over allocationses that he tried to buy off his political opponent. we'll explain that one next. plus the latest on the uranium one scandal. stay with us.
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[ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. >> welcome back to this special edition of hannity. we have yet another democratic scandal to bring you. democratic congressman brady is being investigated by the fbi for his potentially unlawful involvement in a scheme to pay his opponent $90,000 to drop out of the race. he is yet to be charged. joining us now with more --
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kevin jackson. good evening, gentleman. i know someone who years ago offered a job to a primary opponent in a state assembly race in new york and as a result of that he was indicted and he ended up going to jail.p now, if it is true that brady did this what should happen to him, larry? >> he should go to jail of course. but judge this is about philadelphia. this is one of the most corrupt cities in the country. you have the d.a. who has just been indicted. you have the majority of the traffic cops convicted of charges. they've got people on city council on tape discussing bribes. it's one of the most corrupt cities in america so i suspect the congressman is following the
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role models that preceded him. >> and kevin your take on this? >> i think it's funny that we have this number. remember william jefferson -- his name was william jefferson the black guy who had $90,000 in his freezer. right. >> cold cash. >> right. cold cash.h. 9 $10,000 the going rate for slavery today. the interesting thing we have a whitee congressman who wants his black counterpart not to do it. so he paid him off with a $90,000 bribe. >> heem was african-american. >> that is my point. >> he happens to be a black guy so that is democratic politics. if i can't beat the guy i'll pay him off. this hearkens back to the days of slavery. $90,000 is the going rate. it's true.
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>> it's sad. it's horrible. >> that is the going rate and here is the problem. the judge -- he probably thought i'm doing this on behalf of black people so what he said to the blacks who invested in his race is i'm willing to sell you out. >> larry, let's talk about the fact that s so many democrats ae in trouble right now. and at the same time it appears that a lot of the criticism that was initially aimed at democrats whether it's donna brazil or this "new york times" writer who said al franken has to resign and then the next day saying i have changed me mind. the more they talk about corruption by the democrats
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whether it's the second wall harassment or buying seats that they are going to lose in their politics and their political power in washington. >> well what has happened is that the democrats have been exposed as hypocrites on the issue of sexual harassment. you have bill clinton who was credibly accused of rape. you have hillary is a -- accused and they got a pass and it's not going to happen my more. and philadelphia they have an eleven term congressman just -- just indicted and thrown out of office. they have these council persons on tape. nobody got charged. incredible. >> it is incredible but what is incredible rights now is that initially there was christen
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gillibrand from new york and she was like shame on bill clinton. we should have done something about it and now when asked about whether orwe not al frankn should resign. she won't answer the question. and now all of a sudden it seems that she is now trying to make nice with theh clintons. there is this change by the democrats where they are not as critical of democrats who are violating any morale code or laws because it appears that it looks like their power base is being affected. >> judge. they don't know whatt to do. that is their problem. with conservatives we react. we don't care who the person is. if donald trump had done these things we would have reacted the same way.
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our morale compass stays the same. look at the policy on immigration. you can find 50 high level democrats saying we need to secure the borders for all of the reasons done amend -- president trump said. they are living on muscle memory. do the s clintons still have por or not. they don't know for sure. >> but, b, but what it does seem larry and you can feed off of thatf one it seems that the clinton tower is dissipating but at the same time there is a little reluctance to go all the way. could it be if a senator resigns like al franken that maybe if there is a republican governor the republican governor gets to a point that this is not about women. it's not about their morale core. it's about rank politics.
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it's about power and money and it has nothing to do with morale compass. >> as kevin pointed out the democrats don't know what to do, judge. the revelations of harvey weinstein they cannot ignore them. if you are going after roy moore how come they didn't go after bill clinton. hillary clinton. they are now caught in the hypocrisy.y. a feminist named gloria steinem saying even if you believe what kathleen willie said is true that is not sexual harassment because bill clinton stopped after he was told to stop. are you kidding me? noww the chickens have come home to roost? >> and how that is going to impact the 2018s? >> they are going to get crushed. they talk about the wins that
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they just recently had with the governors which were expected wins.. but they've learned no lessons. we do it every day on our radio shows but the democrats don't learn and the problem is that they still don't understand where the power structure is so they are still trying to weed out. do the clintons have power. obama any power? they are going to bring bill clinton out to campaign. >> i don't get it. larry, do you get it? >> bring him out. >> and by the way brazil went after obama today. it just keeps going. theyey don't know who they are. >> bill clinton is a dead man walking politically. they can no longer ignore allegations. and hillary still has never been asked to my knowledge did you or
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did you not very -- verbally intimidate. >> she is still trying to figure out why she didn't win in 2016. she k came up with another excue today. i can'ter keep track of it. i keep saying just go back in the woods. >> why respect they asking barack obama to campaign? it's funny. she gave him credit for saving america but she won't bring him out to campaign and she explained he lost all of these seats. >> and he left the dnc broke. larry, kevin, thank you for being with us. and coming up hillary clinton wants to you think that the uranium one scandal is much to do about nothing. we'll explain why this scandal just won't go away as this
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special edition of hannity continues.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of hannity. hillary clinton is once again down playing the uranium one scandal. during a recent radio interview she had this to say. >> when there is a deliberate
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effort to misinterpret facts like the whole uranium one charge that is something that has been kept alive despite constant debunking. similar to the tragedy in benghazi where -- testified at length. >> but as we've seen this week we're only beginning to learn the w extent of this massive alsoso tonight the washington em ior is reporting, "if youly filed court documents confirm that fusion gps the company mostly responsible for the controversial trump do isier on presidential continued date donald trump made payments to three journalists from june 2016 until february 2017. the three journalists are known to have reported on, "fusion g
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-- russia issues relevant to the investigation. it claims that the money was to help with research. joining now to explain is fox news legal analysts gregg jarrett and city roy murdock. -- give me one person who debunked uranium one. molly 99. russia -- iran but you don't want to hear that. >> she said look this whole thing is fully litigated.
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which is incredible. there has been no trial. no charges. the republican congress you would think by now would have had at least one hearing. >> why do you think they didn't? back then when the republicans objected and it was peter king and they were like wait a minute. you can't sell uranium to russia and they were like poo pooed. who was the speaker at that time? >> john boehner. okay. so doesn't it make sense to you that because they were objecting to it and they were on house intel in foreign relations so why would boehner not be interested in doing anat investigation. >> i don't know why these people didn't investigate. they certainly should do so now. >> they are doing it now. >> i can't think of any logical or innocent reason why the united states of america would
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turn over 20% of active uranium. i don't know why we would turn over 20% of our uranium. >> and you left out the big piece. the clintons got $145 in donations to theon clinton foundation. >> who knows what other cash? >> three people knew and covered it up and kept it secret and didn't teleconference. robert mueller. rod rosenstein and -- the three people now investigating the trum russian collusion. >> stop, say itw again. >> andrew weisman and andrew rosenstein and robert mueller. these are the people that covered up the russian criminal
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and they sold it out to the russians.. it is unconscionable not to go to congress. and the question is did they also not tell the committee presided over by hillary clinton which unanimously voted to sell the uranium to the russians jeopardizing u.s. security. >> and eric holder had to have known. and theti russians were involved in extortion and bribery and yet this deal went through. >> and the person who brought to the fbi the information that hey look russia is -- has a whole operation to access our uranium of extortion and bribery and whatever they need to do cash andh. the fbi said okay we'll we you up, prove it.
10:38 pm
he did for six years and they gave him a bonus of $51,000. >> and loretta lynch threatened him with prosecution. >> and gagged him saying don't you dare talk. >> and why did jeff sessions wait so long to lift the gag order and why has jeff sessions been peddling the lie that in fact there is no correlation between the sale of uranium and the racketeering team. either he is ignorant of the law or gullible. >> that took the plea that they took quietly. >> -- the department of justice. he is manipulating jeff sessions and sessions has no clue. >> andnd this informant has six years of information on the
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russian effort to get our uranium. documents and videotapes something like 5,000 different records so he has lots to sing about and i hope he begins to sing soon. >> and i hope he gets to go public soon. >> and they promised us that the uranium would never leave this country. >> another lie. >> and it left the country and the amazing part of it is that they used the secure root. theyey did an amendment. a trucking company sent it to canada and at the same time obama was doing the uranium deal and sent the $115 billion in cash to iran said you can do all of our medical -- make medical imaging and all of that and can
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be in charge of it. >> a beautiful thing. left them to be in charge of it. >> it's stupid and insane for any information including obama's administration and hillary clinton to sell the fundamentallal elements of the nuclear weapons to your enemy and now we have to import uranium because we gave so much to the russians and the nuclear regulatory agency is complicit in this because they signed off on the third party that shipped it away to places we don't even know including potential terrorists and countries like iran. >> uranium is the edges, agreement for molly 99 which is used for nuclear medicine and there is none in the united states. i want the talk about fusion gps. paid by hillary clinton's dnc. gets a million dollars more than that in seven months.
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they are paying reporters reporters who weres reporting on russia. how do you interpret that? >> we find the dnc turning money over to fusion gps who ends up in the pockets that are covering usual ya. -- russia. >> it was a crime for the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc to give money to foreign nationals in exchange for information in a political campaign. two felony statutes. you know this quite well. as to the journalists i don't know that it's a crime but it is highly unethical. they need to be exposed and not kept secret. >> and those are checks. how much cash do you think they handed out to journalistses? >> there are a lot of deep pockets filled with greenbacks.
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interesting about fusion gps the law firm that was the funnel from the dnc and the clinton campaign that is now one and the same they then funneled the money to fusion gps and fusion gives it to the british spy and they go to russia and get all of this information. >> sounds like money laundering. >> i know it well. but the truth -- racketeering but the truth is they fought this tooth and nail. they did not want to give this information over and when houseo intel says we're going to subpoena bank records they freaked and now said we'll give you what you need. >> it tells me they have had something to hide all along. >> the democrats are very good in projection. you've particular
10:43 pm
characteristics and rather than admit it they throw it on someone else. it's a psychological defect that has very serious public policy issue. >> if you have nothing to hide don't hide. if you have a lot to hide invoke the 5th and gee you on wow that is what gps officials did. they invoked the 5th. >> fusion gps -- what did these guy do? >> they were journalists so they know the business quite well. >> inside and out. >> inside and out and the frightening thing is you call it a projection. i call it make up the narrative. buy p the narrative. pay for the narrative and smear the other side. >> as we learned in watergate follow the money and you'll find a myriad of crimes so let's follow the money.
10:44 pm
and i guarantee you there will be a lot of crimes and a lot of defendants to go around and that includes hillary clinton. >> and as the clinton some of. >> starts to fall apart you'll find people saving their tails. >> that is right. play.yto bribery, bank fraud and the list goes on and on. >> give me a grand jury any day. >> there are a lot of reasons scandal ridden hillary clinton lost the 2016 election but the twice failed presidential candidate is still refusing to take any responsibility. you won't believe who she is blaming now. that is next.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of hannity. hillary continues to add to her long list of excuses for why she lost in 2016. pointing the finger at president trump and even the mainstream media. listen to this. >> when you run to succeed a two term president of your own party you've historical head wind blowing against you. it is challenging when the press and not just the press on the right but the press in general
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decides that my e-mails are the most important story of the campaign and that is clearly -- was just pounded day after day after day and you know i take responsibility for the mistake i made but it was a pretty over blown scandal. >> meanwhile former obama cabinet member kathleen see bill your is slamming the clintons for their attempts to cover up. >> here we are 40 years later and very much the same atmosphere prevails and it's about power. it's never been about sex. it's been about power and menus that power in all kinds of ways. >> i voted for bill clinton twice and i think he was a really fine president. a brilliant guy. committed public servant but i
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knew, everyone in politics knew about his behavior and we looked the other way. and i think there is a lot of soul searching to be done. >> you bet and that should not ever happen again. not only did people look the other way but they went after the women who came forward and accused him so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior. >> was that fair criticism of hillary that she participated in that effort? >> absolutely. i think it's very fair. >> joining me now is us and an school bee and charlie hurt. to what do you attribute this? >> it's quite simple. tammy bruce said it the best. now that the clinton mafia has
10:51 pm
been destroyed now all of these allegations are fair game. president trump said this on the campaign trail that hillary was instrumental in trying to silence those against bill clinton. you didn't campaign in wisconsin and wisconsin. you are unbelievably uninspiring not to mention you are part of the administration. you sold our uranium out for cash and you contributed to most of the scandals. >> what is your take on this. kathleen is a bright woman. she didn't do too well on the website. she as strong woman. she knows about sexual harassment. this is not new. why the turning point? >> well, i think you've got a lot going on. one is this issue of why does hillary clinton say she lost the election and the other is
10:52 pm
revisiting the sex scandals of the past. i think the reason why you're hearing more publicly is you've got big public accusations against the president and judge moore who's running in the senate against al franken in the senate. harvey weinstein and getting a public moment. a lot of people as you heard david axelrod saying you've got a lot of people doing soul searching feeling guilty of why we didn't do more. >> i don't buy that. look. let me give you a perfect example. a woman who wrote the piece who said al franken has got to go and then had a change of heart. it's base politics.
10:53 pm
when they realize that if al franken goes then there is going to be a new senator and the political climate or the political balance in the country is going to change and then when democrats say you can't believe a woman just based on allegation and yet when the president says the same thing he is destroyed. people want to understand -- go ahead. >> i think the first part of what said i agree w there are some people who are finding a conflict between their political and morale interest and that is a tough position to be in. that is absolutely not exclusive to democrats. you see the voters of alabama are very much put in that situation. >> i agree with you. >> judge moore is a person they are not comfortable with but they are trying to resolve it.
10:54 pm
i don't think it's been the democrats approach to discredit the woman in the al franken scandal. >> but first don't tell me how he apologized. he didn't. he apologized for taking the photo. there is evidence his hands are on the breasts. the evidence is there. go ahead, charlie. >> one final thought it's important to know that if hillary clinton was president and we should be thankful none of this stuff would not be coming out. he was a top clinton fund-raiser. these people are no longer political relevant to the media or the democratic party so now they are able to expos this stuff. they would be protecting the same behavior that has been going on in the democratic
10:55 pm
party. >> i hoe that is -- i hope that is not true. >> donna brazil today -- saying bill clinton will hit the campaign trail in 2018. are they schizophrenia? >> she may have gotten some threatening phone calls. she is trying to make up for all of the things she has said. but i don't think it's going to help. >> i just say nobody has ever lost the presidency while winning more votes than hillary clinton did. so you've got to cut her some slack. >> bill clinton never won the majority of the votes. don't go away.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of hannity. be sure to watch justice this saturday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have a jammed packed live show lined up with special guests sebastian gorka. also i visited the border. and we hope you will join us saturday night. in the meantime have a very happy thanksgiving. all the best to you. laura ingram is up next. battl.
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