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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 23, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> tax reform the top item on the agenda after thanksgiving as republicans gear up to hand president trump a critical victory. this is "outnumbered." i'm dagen mcdowell, and here today, to take a part in the fun. anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan. fox news contributor lisa booth. >> marie and today, hashtag one lucky guy, weekend cohost senior political analyst pete. you my friend are "outnumbered."
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>> great to be here. i can smell the core electrickive turkey of america. >> we're not turkeys. >> we'll all be fat happy soon. let's moving on to something that would make us fatter. tax reform. the senate is expected to vote on its plan to rewrite the nation's tax code. the house already approving its version of the bill. one republican is against the senate plan as it stands now. several others are on the fence. republicans can only afford to lose two votes. the white house is confident it will get done. the house and senate will have to rec on i'll their two bills to be signed, into law. he says it will be a gift to the american people. i want to congratulate the house for passing a vital tax cut last week. i'm very hopeful the senate will
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do the same. we're going to give the american people a hurricane tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great big beautiful christmas present. >> i want to to get to the sena. the graveyard for the repeal and replace. ron johnson upset that it doesn't do more for small businesses. >> susan collins, here are my list of requirements. you think they get it done. >> i think they do. with courage. mitch has shown very little of that. the fact that susan collins is the removal of the individual mandate, if you are a republican and you tell people to buy things how are you still a republican? >> i don't think they should take it out. i don't think it's a perfect tax cut. if you can get it to 20% do a
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little but the with individual rates. if republicans cannot co coalese on that. johnson comes on, with bob corker and, they can help mitch by giving him a victory. you know, all those people that want to ditch mitch. if he gets this done. you say he got something serious done. >> that is president trump in a way. flake caught on open mike talking about him. senator john mccain might not give the president a victory. even though it benefits the american people. >> yes, but i think it's more than just politics. they could have done a better job with this bill. they had a huge opportunity. there are things on the individual side that could have biive better. guess what. they're giving corporations a tax cut. but high earners are going to
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pay the price for it. >> they promised, inssistd that he would go after the fat cats. no one bothered to. maybe that's the swamp. i think the president had very high aspirations and wanted them to do a lot to give average americans a tax break. it doesn't do a ton of good stuff. i want more. >> it levels the playing field for american businesses. it puts us on a firmer footing when it comes to overseas countries t. reduces the corporate tax rate for the very people who create jobs in this country of it prevents cheating on your taxes on the corporate side by encouraging, if you give us a 20% here, we're not close to what ireland taxes companies.
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but it still goes a long way to keep businesses here rather than moving overseas. that's the hope to mat united states more competitive on the world stage. but you talk about corporations and there is a lot of concerns, ron johnson who was mention had as no for the way that small businesses are being treated. the feeling that they are not getting the same break that corporations are going to be getting. this is not going to help enough small businesses. you have the independent businesses come out against the house bill. so there is as concern there. the difficulty for republicans is the fact that the margins you are slim. you can only lose two republican senate us to. we have johnson. i do think he'll come around. but then you have langford and corer. adding to the national debt. you have sue san collins
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expressing concerns over the individual mandate. when you can only lose two that's a tough math. >> i find these senators right and left and democrat and the republicans, grasping at straws. susan collins didn't like the nawct get rid of the state and the local tax deduction, she doesn't represent one of the states that is hardest hit. >> johnson hasn't been a big critic of the president. >> state and local taxes, any state that the taxes income. any state that has high property taxes, you won't be able to did he duct that. that's why i say the individual is getting hurt. i fully believe that there's no reason in the world that khaalia hillsman or new york should be subsidized.
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however, steve forbes said to me yesterday. we should be looking at another way to do this. perhaps we say two years out you are going to get rid of that. deduct the first 500,000. >> here's what makes me crazy. we are a group economy. every person is i want it and i want it now. if i don't benefit from it. you know what, bernie was on this sofa and he said i have high taxes because he lives out on long island. for tax reform to start to clean up what is a miss i'm willing to give that up. >> i was glad that he said that. the challenges, the middle-class isn't the obvious winner here. politically president trump did say this is for the middle class. when you're running in 2020 the
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middle class has to be the center of these kinds of policies. the white house said they were open to removing the individual mandate from the legislation. i think that's the only way -- >> you double it. >> over ten years they're not. >> political calculation is you what the corporate tax cut permanent. businesses will not change their decision-making unless they can have that tax cut. nobody in congress will raise taxes on individuals. they can make it permanent. >> sure. >> speaking of that, talking about the stock market and the benefit to the u.s. economy. the economy soaring since donald trump took office. stocks setting one record after another. the dow jumping 2-and-a-half
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overall. gaining more than 5,000 points within the first year. the nation's gdp growing 3% or more, two quarters in a row since. >> trump's first year. up from under 2%. unemplayment ticking down to 4.6% in november. 4.1% last month. but when it comes to wages, more than half, 52% did not get at raise over the last year. 3% did see a salary increase. 18% left their jobs for better paying ones. trish regan, we're firing on all cylinders and they're counting on this tax reform to get done. >> just this, the market and s & p 26 times earnings. your big numbers.
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it is expensive. people anticipate that they will see a corporate tax reform. corporate tax reform is very good for earnings. more revenue. so i think that's what this market is about. i think that there is a expectation that there will be more jobs if you bring all that money, that the president says $4 trillion. he could be right. we don't know the exact number them. it have a multiplier effect. bringing that money back is good. we just keep going back -- it's not the middle class. but it is even high earners, penalizing people that make a lot of money. the people that make a lot of money are helping to subsidize these corporations. some people may say that's fine but i don't think you want to
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destroy incentive. >> the president takes credit. >> you create a lot of wealth. it is an investment on new tax reform. that survey is a little deceiving, 52% did not receive a salary increase. 3% did and 1% left their job for a higher paying ones. that number is 56%. that's what we want. the ability to climb the ladder. you may be flipping burgers, you could be a v.p. at a company in your town. social mobility. that's why corporate tax rates are so important. you keep companies here. you provide a ladder to success as opposed to the slide of dependency. that's the difference of the trump and president barak obama administration. they have to do it.
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>> i also support that. disbanding the party. >> the stock market is interesting. i do think i have heard from folks that are that there may ab correction. so the question will be how president trump responds to that. >> you can't take credit if it is high. what that will look like. >> i have said that. i warned the president because ronald reagan said after the 1997 crash. stocks go up and stocks go down. >> so the president's owning this record run, he's going to own it if there's a dip. >> the president came out of the gate heavy on de regulations, with the keystone pipeline pro-business president. we have seen that in the national federation of independent business.
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their surveys. >> but clearly there's a lot of optimism. you're right about wanting to be careful about the ups and downs. depending on what happens with tax reform. >> optimism does lift an economy. democrats sounding more confident about taking backseats in the mid-term. many hoping to capitalize on opposition to the president. can they do it? >> is that a wrong approach? >> president trump wants to do away with the program that one used to get in this country. we'll debate whether it is time to end the diversity visa program your insurance company won't
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>> with the mid-terms less than a year away democrats have been expressing more confidence after election wins in new jersey and virginia. they're hoping to capitalize on opposition to the president. but wall street columnist says democrats may be blowing their shot to not win back working class voters.
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democrats can miss their chance by decision that running against an unpopular president is sufficient. failing to come up with what e connol mick voters they lost. on that same column ohio democrat tim ryan, degrees that democrats need a sharpen their message. republicans would run a campaign, casting pelosi as a far left leader of the party. and, republicans have some less than popular leaders. >> this was a problem with hillary clinton, that failing to capture working class voters. they were excited about the wins in new jersey and virginia. but do you worry that they are over reaching. or excited considering the fact that they don't look like place like northern virginia. >> 2018.
9:19 am
we're a year out. we have candidates who are targeted to their districts and states. we have enthusiasm with fundraising and organizes. and president trump's numbers are at an historic low. >> the incumbent party loses seats. we need 24 seats to take back the house. 23 districts, hillary clinton won those districts. it will not be easy or a slam dunk. but i think democrats have realized we need to fine-tune it to match the district. we have so much enthusiasm. >> they have been at least in the past good for republicans as well. >> what do you make -- >> i thought it was long since thrown. you talk about -- we'll see. you talk about, i don't think the president's ratings are at
9:20 am
an historic low. 30's. depends on what polls you're looking at. 40s. still historic lows. depending on how you define it. trump supporters haven't left him. they will run from obstacles. you talk about candidates tailored to their districts. we'll do whatever our leadership wants. that's what the democratic party is. the democratic party is a series of grievances, gender. identity politics. that's what it has been. there's no economic strategy other than take from rich people and give to other people. socialist party. >> that's what it has become. >> i'm going to -- it was not always that way. >> cut taxes.
9:21 am
>> he would be a conservative republican. >> they need to get back to their roots to the middle classworker. this is what they need. you know what hillary clinton took them so far off. nancy pelosi and they need that tim ryan and joe biden -- but the point of the column is the fact that it's going to be difficult for democrat ends with charged up progressive base and trying to win some of these blue color districts. some of the voters that hillary clinton had a difficult time. what do you make of that. >> i think if you read the column that some of the ideas that tim ryan talks about are government healthcare. single payer healthcare. that's a big step towards
9:22 am
socialized. medicare going broke in less than 12 years. take that nationwide. earned income tax credit. that's taking from wealthier people who bare the large burden of paying taxes and creating people who don't pay any tax which is half of the people in the nation but increasing that number to people who get money back from the government. 15 dollar minimum wage. >> it's democratic social limit. >> there's twelve democrats, where president trump won and ten that he won. we'll see what happens. new concerns about the diversity lottery program which allowed the terrorist, accused of killing eight people, details ahead. plus the homeland security under cover probe exposing major
9:23 am
failures at our airport. we'll debate what should be done. lawmakers are briefed on the investigation findings earlier this month. stay tuned. >> quite frankly i think i speak for all of us, we found that briefing disturbing. we need to do more to confront the growing front. makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly. their holiday favourites.
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♪ pudding... [sigh] did grandpa win again? yes! download the new words with friends 2 today. president trump says he wants to end the so-called diversity visa program, and lottery for immigrants. it's the same program a a terrorist used to come into this country before killing eight people driving a truck down a bike path in new york city. now new state department numbers are raising eyebrows about it.
9:28 am
since 2007 nearly 30,000 foreigners have come in from three state sponsors terry error. many trying to escape terrorism. but the white house has released stats showing that the bicycle path kill ser the latest of six foreign terrorists to enter the u.s. through these lotteries. one an egyp shan national who opened fire back in 2002 killing two ticket agents and wounding three owes. on this note we should point out because president trump has gone after chuck schumer who had a role in creating it. but he was in favor of getting rid of it. do we need to jettison this program. schumer was willing to get rid of it because he's as horse trader. america is diverse.
9:29 am
we don't need a visa lottery program. this is why president trump won. it is simple common sense you should choose the people that come to your country. be careful billion refugees. if you aren't staying here then you should go home if you're not here for the right reasons. republicans should take cues, from this president. chain migration, once you come you can sponsor all your friends and family and they're coming too. maybe it is not as pure. >> from has been warnings by government agencies going back to 2007. there was a government accountability office warning that this was open to manipulation and fraud risk. a few years later research reported vulnerable to fraud. misuse. it could be used as a avenue for
9:30 am
terrorists. there have been warnings about misuse. >> we should listen to it and get rid of it. we saw with four a mali born individuals who lied about being family members. there are concerns here. we're talking about iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. 30% of the individuals who have won the lottery are from tear railroad rift sponsoring countries. i think that republicans should make this as part of a larger plan when we get to daca, and looking at the race act. and he has endorsed. they should make that a part of any conversation. we have programs that help. allies -- >> the president wants to end. >> for good reason. absolutely. the ones that should work don't
9:31 am
work. >> you don't think the s.i.d. program was -- it's a terrible implemented program. took four years and three appeals, to get two guys that i fought al-qaeda with. >> it doesn't make any sense. you know this is an example of government trying to diversity for immigration. i get it. but it doesn't make any sense at all to say -- we want people from afghanistan. so here you go. the won the lottery. that's not what it is b. we want people that are going to work hard and embrace everything that has made this country great. how many people do you know, i think about my husband's family and they were italian. the grandparents didn't want to speak italian in front of the kids. you should learn english.
9:32 am
but there was a different attitude. now, people don't want to assimilate any more. that's wrong. >> what is the point of it? i feel like democrats are hard pressed to defend it. i haven't heard a reasonable answer. >> democrats for argued for getting rid of it. what i would say is that, the random nature doesn't mean people aren't vetted. they may not be vetted well enough. >> on that note 9.4 million qualified entries were in the lottery. a very small people who applied got visas. people who come here, are vetted. we know who they are. we're looking at their social media. and welcome refugees. >> they need to assimilate and the learn english.
9:33 am
i think the question is -- >> large. >> you know what i do. i take the test for citizenship that you can do. yes, you can. [laughter] >> you got a lot of extra time. >> sitting in the back of a cab. it does reinforce your pride. you know, speaking of all this, there's security concerns that are fueling all of it. we're thinking about this. there's all this concern about airport safety. this month, house lawmakers received a classified briefing on an undercover probe showing that the t.s.a. failed to spot threates like knives, guns and explosives. some reports say the failure rate was as high as 70 to 90%. the committee chairman called
9:34 am
the briefing disturbing to say the least. saying we must do more to upgrade security. >> cannot solve this problem alone. working with the private sector we need to find ways to meet our security needs. these partnerships can produce new technologies. advance or stream process. fingerprints and facial recognition. >> gave the tsa eight classified classifications. they're taking it seriously. they are now testing new scanning equipment. i have to tell you. we have all the technology in the world. we don't use it. >> we allow rates 70 to 90% of the time things like explosives can get through. >> they look at my cellphone
9:35 am
charger. >> my little shampoo bottle. >> first of all, we always have to remember that inch tell against and being on the offense is better than being on the defense. >> so remembering the threats we face and the way this president has untied the hands of people. you can have all the technology but you have a human behind the screen. you talk about 70 to 90% failure rate. my home airport had a 95% failure rate back in july. that's why the acting t.s.a. director was let go. >> some of the highest rates in the country and missing 95% of the time. it's when big government run security. >> well, i was, security we must point out was in private hands before nine eleven. it was president bush.
9:36 am
there are public private partnerships in a number of airports. like san francisco cisco. you have the role of private contractors. ct-scanners replacing the bag scanners. there's a . lot program. it's in two airports so far. you know, that ticket fee that you pay for airport security, the t. as much a. budget is about 7.6 billion every year. it's not that much. 1.3 billion in recent years from the fee you pay for security goes to pay down the deficit. >> deficit reduction, not airport security. some of it is not being used for security. >> you look at a country like israel. they have done a great job. much smaller. but they're using a lot of technology that we could use
9:37 am
here. >> not to mention that we learned because of the israelis and hacking into an isis seep bottom maker, finding out that they were trying to use laptops, to fool airport x-ray systems. and down international planes. these are real concerns that we have as a country. we know that the terrorists are trying to be on the cutting edge of this with technology. they're working on ways to smuggle explosives in on planes to fool technology that we have. they're continuing to miss the mark. we should be staying on top of it. we should be let them be more cutting edge. >> how about those bomb-sniffing dogs. so that also -- they're more effective too. >> a thanksgiving tradition in danger this year.
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kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. thanksgiving is a big day for eating and for football. pete is the clapping. but in many homes the t.v.'s may be off as many americans are fed up with players kneeling. images like this won't help. lynch number 24 during last sunday's game in mexico city, sitting during the play of the star spangled banner but standing for the mexico andrea tantaros them. trump said he tweeted great
9:43 am
disrespect. attendance for ratings way down. >> getting an earful from sponsors, especially since the president made this an issue. >> al michaels tends to agree, what you say he made these remarks in alabama it was like throwing a match into a gas tanker. both sides have to sit down and need to figure a way to make it a decision. pete, it's tough for a lot of americans -- he's freaking out. >> calming me down. >> it's tough to understand the heart of this when you have a player neal during the star spangled banner and stand up to the mexico andrea tantaros them. you don't want to talk about injustice. look no further than a corrupt place like mexico.
9:44 am
how do you make sense of that. >> lynch is ad i don't think. >> he doesn't understand. he may have been treated nicely because he's a millionaire football player. commit a crime and see what happens. and how fairly you are treated. this issue is so visser ral. i love football. i love our country. my vikings are 9-67 they're plague right now. all of, no single viking has nealed because they haven't kneeled i watched only that game. i think a lot of people have carved out their boycott niche. i imagine right now, you probably have people that still watch and don't watch and it's frustrating. players don't have perspective. >> it's in everything. do you support of protests that are going on.
9:45 am
>> i support their right to do it. >> i think we should talk about the issues they're trying to raise awareness. >> the point of that is the question i wanted to ask you. but okay, since, can you name three things, changes that they want to see get accomplished. >> they would all have a difference answer to that. i think -- >> one. >> they want there to be a conversation about police brutality. this may not be the way they should be going. i want to go to what al michaels said. in the off-season the players need to sit down, the owners, the coaches, the league, roger goode. >> he is a tehran -- >> wait. he actually understands that he can't just ignore the players. he has to say let's find --
9:46 am
>> now he's ignoring the fans. >> we need to sit down in the off-season and say how can we fix this? >> let's admit, the protest starting with kaepernick it was about police brutality. but more lately it's protesting donald trump because of the comments he made about firing the nfl players. and what he called them. s.o.b.s. why don't we point out the players who are standing. on "monday night football" every single seahawk stood including michael bennett. very few players are kneeling now. we do owe them that. this seems to be -- >> social pressure has work evidence. >> maybe their realizing if it's salute to service night i'm going to salute them.
9:47 am
>> i want to get trish in here. marie, talking about the reaction to president trump do you think he forced this issue and -- >> no. let the people -- >> i think he pointed out what everybody in the united states of america was feeling. i don't know how you don't hear that song. every time i sing it. i get goose-bumps. that's part of what we were saying. assimilation and being proud of your country. that's part of it. so i think he said what everybody was thinking. it was these players and the inability of roger goodell to do what needed to be done. >> we should be proud to be americans. a new survey finds 7-10 people
9:48 am
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ask. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, as the christmas season kicks off a new survey shows americans are feeling grinchchi when it comes to gift-giving, 7-10 say they would skip exchanging gifts, if their family and friends would agree to it. if folks didn't have to spend money on gifts, they will still use it to spend on activities on family and friends. 3% said they would payoff some debt. 48 said they would safe or invest that money. >> i -- i would skip it. once you're an adult, i know
9:53 am
what you want. why can't we skip all that. >> do both. [laughter] >> i think that, i like the people that say they would spend the money on activities. experiences, and travel and food and wine are things that are nice gifts. but there's something special about the holiday season. people have gone way over board with too many gifts. >> so if there's a couple little special things, i don't know -- >> you agree with me. >> gifts are great for kids. i love seeing my kids open the christmas presents. and that's a memory. but you know, it's tough to buy for me. [laughter] >> it's very tough to buy for me. it's tough for me to buy for him. so i hear you. what we sometimes do we go
9:54 am
shomming together. >> i want that. >> it's time. experiences matter. >> you probably know this by now as an adult male if a woman ever tells you, don't get me anything, she's lying. you better get her a gift. i'm talking about not just christmas, new years, president's day. valentine's day. >> harbor day. you better get gifts. [laughter] >> the older, you used to love getting gifts. i don't different like it, but, the older you get it becomes less relevant. you can get something if you need it. what it comes down to, is having that time with your family. everybody of everybody is so busy. my older brother is married. so everybody is so busy. it is just nice to have family together and just spend that
9:55 am
qualify time together. >> my secret talent is giftwrapping. i many really good. >> come to my house. >> but it is everything giving and not christmas. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without going around this table, this couch and saying what we're thankful for this year. >> family is everything to me. it's just what centers me and i'm fortunate to have two amazing parents. three brothers -- and my older brother is married. so, i'm very fortunate to have a wonderful family. >> marie. the news has been crazy. i'm thankful for my friends for giving me a way out of talking to it. >> i think of all the troops overseas. i many grateful for what they are doing.
9:56 am
>> my family. my wonderful loving supportive husband james and my three kids. they're the world to me. >> i am thankful after fighting lung cancer i still have my mother with me. i'm thankful for every person i have come in contact with who's always battling cancer. i think about you. i do say a prayer. i'm thankful i work here with all you fine people. thank you so much. that's "outnumbered" for this very happy thanksgiving. we wish you and your family all the best. we're back tomorrow
9:57 am
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>> good afternoon. happy thanksgiving. delivering food had to members of the coast guard where he is spending thanksgiving with his family. i'm ed henry. >> happy thanksgiving to you. i'm cheryl. president trump is in florida for what his team calls a working vacation. he thanked troops for their service. >> i speak on behalf of all americans when i say that we totally support you. in fact we love you. we really do. we love you. this is a that, giving that you won't forget because you're at a very different part of the world,


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