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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 23, 2017 10:00am-1:00pm PST

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>> good afternoon. happy thanksgiving. delivering food had to members of the coast guard where he is spending thanksgiving with his family. i'm ed henry. >> happy thanksgiving to you. i'm cheryl. president trump is in florida for what his team calls a working vacation. he thanked troops for their service. >> i speak on behalf of all americans when i say that we totally support you. in fact we love you. we really do. we love you. this is a that, giving that you won't forget because you're at a very different part of the world, but boy are you doing a
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job there. thank god for you. >> phil keating live in west palm beach florida. the president embracing the holiday spirit. >> absolutely. unlike yesterday morning the first day of the president's florida vacation, where he slammed the nfl over the national anthem kneeling controversy and slammed one of the fathers of the u.c.l.a. players, today, the president waking up very thankful on this thanksgiving day. tweeting, and video conferencing and taking a short road trip down to rivera beach. the president is at one of his golf clubs. he's golfing. now after speaking by video conference our troops, nearby
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coast guard quarters just south of mariah carry for their service and protection of our coastline and of him and his family. it has the atlantic on one side. the intra coastal on the other. he praised the coast guard forest cueing more than 1600 people this hurricane season. >> we went together to texas. we saw what you were doing. you just followed that storm. right next to that storm. you saved so many people. you saved a lot of people. i want to thank you on behalf of the whole country and on behalf of us. >> we're told all of that food you saw there, the bread, the turkey, etcetera, all provided by first lady and the president. >> you know what, for the second straight day in florida, twitter has seemed to be his favorite
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friend when the sun comes up. >> absolutely. seems to be the first thing he does in the 6 a.m. hour. he tweeted put on a litany of thank yous exa little pat on the back. happy thanksgivings your country is starting to do very well. jobs coming back. highest stock market, military getting strong. we'll build the wall. va taking care of our vets. great supreme court justice. record cut in regulations. lowest unemployment in 17 years. president trump shot out this the videotaped happy everything giving day message. his first. giving thanks to all the pilgrims, pioneered and patriots that have come before us. >> this year we have seen the incredible strength of the american spirit. neighbors helping neighbors. strangers helping strangers.
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>> now yesterday president trump was returning back to mariah carry from his golf course. as usual, the white house press core will not confirm or deny whether he participated in any government. he was there 4, number hours yesterday. perhaps that's because of all the criticism he gave president barak obama for vacationing and playing golf. >> we would like to know what his score was. bill keating thank you. >> as you just heard president trump tweeting out positive comments about the economic rebound and lashing out over the last couple days. including nfl players and lavar ball, the father of one of the u.c.l.a. basketball players arrested. the president responding by
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lavar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years with your son in china. but no n.b.a. contract to support you. shoplifting is a big deal in china. ungrateful fool. that from the president who called out the nfl and the anthem protests. ahead of one of the biggest football day of the year. now, happy thanksgiving to you. what do you think about the president on this holiday? >> well happy thanksgiving. it is a distinctly north american holiday. it's the holiday, that is most about humility. this is the time when we recognize na a lot of what we have is ours because of grace, luck and because of the goodness of others. i think that's a lesson the president might do well to learn. i think his tweets have indicated this is not something that he gets.
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this holiday is not a meaningful one from him. >> my reporting suggests that one of the things that frustrated the president while he was in china, he showed him a video of the shoplifting and suggested that local authorities were going to put these three players in jail for up to ten years. so should there have been some grace from lavar ball? >> i think this time of year especially we could all be a little more generous and gracious. yeah, to everybody and those we don't agree with. i think if my son committed a crime in a dictatorship that has very harsh rules, i would be greatful to anyone that helped get him out. if i was the person that helped get him out. i might be more gracious and not necessarily tweet it was me. i think a little more
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graciousness in america could go around. >> certainly something we can agree on. the president was ahead of the cough, around the nfl. frustrated for players not standing for the national anthem. mainstream media made it sound d like he didn't know what he was talking about. ratings are down. >> a couple days back when lynch from the raiders, there was a game in mexico city. he was kneeling for the american anthem but standing as i recall for the mexican anthem. that went a bit far. another case where some generousness all around would be helpful. the idea that the anthem represents the united states. what's great about this country. i'm a little puzzled the first
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tweet he sent out, happy thanksgiving. your country is starting to be great again. >> isn't the day that we recognize the people who first came to this country and met people from the new world? this was the beginning of america and how great this country has been since its founding. i'm a little surprised the president said that. this is -- an important american holiday. they show their country respect. nobody thinks it is perfect. but there's been a lot of great things that america has done. i think that, we can have a debate about the bad things that have gone on. i'm not sure that debate is going on. we're talking about people kneeling and not the issues. >> speaking of positives, the president tweeted out today about the stock market on the rise. unemployment down.
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a feeling of consumer confidence as well. is that a positive he can take into the new year and turn around some of the critics who don't seem to want a tax cut. >> well it's going to depend on what's going to happen in congress. if it doesn't get passed then the republicans have no legislative wins and that's going to be very tough going into the new year. there is a lot of confidence. this is the time of year we see it most. it will be interesting to see the numbers as black friday known as the biggest shopping day. that will be a good is lent indicator of how confident people will feeling. >> well you're right. cheryl knows a lot more about that. i'll let her cover the black friday deals. we'll get into that. voters will not be thankful if congress can't come together on a tax cut. >> happy thanksgiving.
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>> great friday i'm calling it. i'll explain that later. >> capitol hill has once again been rocked by a sex scafn del. it is joe barton of texas. he threatened to go to police if a woman released sexually explicit felts to, that he sent her. he issued a policy when a nude photo circulated on line. claudia is covering that story for us. >> hi, the republican is apologizing to his constituents and possibly gearing up for legal action. he should have used better judgment after a nude photo appeared on a twitter account. we're not going to show it. it appears to be a screen graph that he sent to a woman who is now a central figure in a
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growing investigation. aord to go the texas tribune they began dating in 2011. she says barton would send her messages, and videos and pictures. he paid for her travel and showed her around washington, dc and texas before they split in 2014. she was unmarried and he was separated, from his second wife. yesterday afternoon the post reported that he threatened to ruin her career if she used the photos. all of this was revealed during a phonecall. the woman recorded in 201 and played yesterday for reporters. but the woman claims she did not publish the nude screen grab. she never had any intention of using it. so it's a mystery how that picture got out. barton may have a legal case
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here. >> the enact he's a public figure is irrelevant. his private moments and images are not open to the public. we don't have a right to know about his private parts. >> capitol police have launched a investigation. no further comment. par ton is 68-years-old and longest serving member of the house 17 terms. he said he will not resign and has filed papers for reelection next fall. >> thank you. meanwhile new york city police leaving nothing to chance stepping up security as hundreds of thousands of people "pacman" hatton for the macy parade. now some holiday shopping. brian is live, where he might be trying to scoop up some sales items. he's been working hard covering
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the security. >> good afternoon. you know what, i have been enjoying the parade. already cleaning up. some 3.5 million people were lined up here along the two-and-a-half mile stretch. the sceurltty was on everybody's mind given the attack that happened on halloween night which killed eight people and the vegas shooter, they had plenty of security. sanitation trucks filled with sand. blocking intersections. dogs that are trained to sniff out bombs. radiation, undercover and police officers. take a listen to all the folks, along the parade. >> it's beautiful data, everybody is so nice. it feels very safe but very friendly.
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very organized. how happy everyone is to be up so early on a holiday. >> we're just ordinary people that got a shot to do this. you can do it. >> also part of the security a really great day. things we don't see, observation teams on the rooftops. looking at some of these buildings. a reminder from the vegas shooter, they have to take mind of these buildings that have windows and sniper teams and this was, they did their jobs. it was a beautiful perfect day for the parade. >> exactly. new york's finest. they do that great job. everybody is safe and sound. how was the parade. >> it was fantastic. 17 quarter balloons. the new big one is from frozen. five-and-a-half stories tall.
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it led the parade and also the grinch, twelve marching bands. cheerleaders. it was gorgeous. >> all right. time to go do some shopping then. [laughter] >> happy thanksgiving. >> not a bad assignment. well iraqi forces fleeing the last town controlled by isis. the mission the generallals believe will lead them to victory a. search for three missing sailors a day after the military crashes. coming up, on that race against the clock
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>> some dissing new information on the 12th people who lost their lives at a florida nursing home. hurricane irma knocked out power. the florida sun newspaper now reports those deaths have been ruled homicides after the brow ward county m.e. released autopsy charges. >> a lot of people still digging for answers. >> iraqi forces are closing in on victory. now liberating the last military
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town to clear the desert. all of this coming to state after the iran president declared an end to the group. >> hi, happy that was giving. >> it's striking many, a little straining here that iran is saying that isis is over when iraq's prime minister is saying we're not going to declare victory, until we clear out that border with syria. why is iron trying to put over its influence. >> iran has impervia ambitions, supported by russia. we, the u.s. armed forces have been vital, to the defeat of the califate. it is now lying in ruins. it's over. the last military operations are clean up.
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that's good news. it's over. the bad news, is we will -- we're not getting gratitude. the syrian government will tell us to leave and we have set ourselves up for that one. we have no legal right to be there. we made a mistake. president trump just agreed with putin to recognize the sovereignty of syria. so there goes the cards. in iraq, prime minister he wants us there, in a reduced level for awhile to be a counterbalance to iron. iran is so strong. we'll be pushed out of there. we won the fight. but the result is going to be that russia, putin, iran has an empire and turkey, is going goio get influence. it is notable -- embarrassing
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and humbling to us that putin just add conference, in russia, with the head of the turkish government, they were carving up syria. we weren't evening at the table. >> he was at that ton fence. but, i want to go back to this issue of ryan's influence. there are many that say there is no true syria any more. no true iraq. the borders have become so flooded. this is a religgust battleground. so if it is an area, if that's what is we call it, what can iran do? >> trying to take over these portions of land that so many americans have lost their lives defending. >> the iranians want control.
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>> they want control. they want a highway from iran to the mediterranean and they have it. even with the case of saudi arabia he was summoned to moscow. he was told to come. he was actually excluded from the negotiations about the future of his own country we're seeing skillful diplomacy on the part of putin and iran and we focused on defeating the terrorists. but we didn't think through the situation. >> what about sanctions against iran? >> what is our true power here if they are trying for this power grab. >> well as long as russia supports iran our power is very limited. we can hurt their economy but russia will step in.
10:24 am
so, you raise the point about, it's a very important point, that the borders aren't operative any more. isis thought that it was about religious things. we cling to those borders and putin during president trump's far east tower do you want us again and got us to agree to that border. we could be forced to abandon the kurds, our allies. again, it's appalling to me to see our amped forces do such a great job. and lack of thought, throw it away. >> after so many years. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> speaking of those brave men and women they're getting a chance to have a special that, giving meal. turkey and all the fixings on
10:25 am
the menu, american military installations all around the globe. it goes to great lengths to provide those meals. shipping 99,000 pounds of turkey and stuffing and, 6500 pounds of marshmallows and 900 gallons of eggnog to soldiers. >> all around the world. >> that's a lot of calories. >> they work harder than any of us. >> a new ad blitz. you saw that tough ad. now see the other side how roy moore supporters are defending him. >> three sailors are still missing. we'll have a live report from the pentagon on the latest in that search.
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if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. well the search for three missing u.s. sailors stretches into its second day. they were on board a navy air board. crashed. >> the search mission is underway. the japanese navy is helping with many asset the. keep our fellow and a half have i family people in our thoughts and prayers. >> luke kas live. what are you hearing about the search? >> it's now past 3 a.m. in japan. more than 33 hours after the crash. the desperate search continues
10:31 am
and has expanded in the western pacific. eight sailors were rescued after their greyhound crashed about 600 miles southeast. the navy says that 8 are in good condition. defense officials tell fox early indications point to a dual engine failure. one former c2 pilot says you can land with one engine. the greyhound is a cargo plane that delivers passengers and supplies. it entered service in the late 60s. schedule to be replaced. >> the fact that eight sailors were able to walk away. well it seems like there's been a lot of crashes. at a time where we're having this big debate about defense spending and trying to get our aircraft up to speed and get newer
10:32 am
planes. what are you hearing? >> there's been a spike in u.s. military plane crashes and many blame years of budget cuts. plane crashes are up 38% compared to this point a year ago. it comes just two days after an air force training jet crashed. earlier this month the head of naval aviation said half of the super hornet jets cannot fly. only 9-33 greyhounds can gry right now. the navy grounded its entire fleet of training jets following a fox news report saying pilots were refusing to fly them. over the summer, the head of the navy japan was fired.
10:33 am
live at the pentagon. thank you. >> roy moore is a man of character. he knows what it means to serve. >> i definitely believe the establishment is trying to stop roy moore. >> those women are part of the latest arrest for roy moore. he is hot on the campaign trail denying the numerous allegations of improper advances and conduct with teen girls. >> i have a great regard for women. i regard women's rights. didn't have any wrongful relationships. any engage in any sexual misconduct with an under age woman. >> joining the race, former missouri state senator. we appreciate you boat joining us on thanksgiving. >> great to be with you. >> when the president headed out
10:34 am
and seemed to express at least some mild support for roy moore democrats jumped all over him. what happened to innocent until proven girlie. >> you could ask the same thing about al franken. democrats were very quick to point out -- >> didn't al franken admitted. there's a difference. but in case of roy moore, guilty is still around. but democrats don't want to treat roy moore that way. >> my point is that donald trump, the best he could say is that, he said that he didn't do it. he believes him. he said the very same thing about putin that he believed putin that he didn't do anything with russian collusion. that is cause for suspect. i think this is a very ten peat response. i know that this was not donald
10:35 am
trump's first choice. i think that he has -- the ad that you just played a moment ago. the part that was missing, they said roy moore is a candidate of character. his character is beyond reproach. so i think, they did not quantify what type of carber. >> i have to give robin high marks. we started in alabama and yet as a democrat he still found a way to wind his way to russia. [laughter] >> that's right. you caught that, too. >> so, i use that looks a way of getting you into this conversation. yeah, sure. absolutely. first of all, we really don't know about the character of roy moore in this die cotton toemy. we have allegations that are 40-years-old and a 30-plus year
10:36 am
history of one wife and no scafn del. i don't know how anyone can assert that he's a bad character. maybe he was. and now he's a good character. we don't know. but to assert that the guy for the last 30 years has been fine but he's still a evil character. not like al franken he has the pictures right there. fair point. you have to admit as a republican, if roy moore has the seal of approval, that some want to say, we have a graphic of 29 senate republicans who would be serving with him, who have said, there they are. they say we endorsed him before and now we unendorse him. if he is so fine of character, why are they running for the hills? >> i can understand it.
10:37 am
i mean i guess there's a political explanation. that is swamp in nature. i'm wearing my donald trump tie. he wants another republican senator and you have a bunch of republican senators who would rather have a democratic senator. >> one less vote. >> one less vote. >> robin -- >> if the democrat wins the president's agenda is in trouble. >> robin i just want to know, it doesn't seem like you're wearing a trump tie. not it. >> this is my thanksgiving tie. >> i want to end on this. give you a chance. because always enjoy having you on. it's thank giving. you still went right to russia. you took us on this wide turn to
10:38 am
russia. and how the president is with putin. are you going to give him some grace on thanksgiving. >> my point was just that donald trump is taking people at their word. that's my concern. he's taking roy moore at his word. even if they are true that they're old. i don't think that's good enough. when this came out against al franken we said, that if it is true that he needs to step down. they're making good excuses for roy moore. i don't think that's good for the party. they are the partive family values. i think that is in jeopardy right now. >> i want to give john the final word. >> there's a basic virtue, wild as a serpent and gentle as a dove. taking people at their word until proven wrong. >> when al franken said, if this
10:39 am
is true he has to step down. that's not what they're saying. chuck schumer are being hard on him. but they're not saying he should go. he should be investigated by the senate ethics committee. that's a lot different. >> i'm speaking for myself. i have called for him to step down. i think he needs to step down. somebody in the democratic party has to say that. i have been very clear to say he has to step down. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> i like his turkey tie. [laughter] >> we have got a new potential peace treaty that has been sign the. an agreement between two countries has muslims returning home for the first time in several months. the gop tax reform bill drawing some harsh criticism.
10:40 am
it is being looked at the wrong way. who does it benefit? we'll tell you. coming up next. we want to bring our jobs back to the united states. we'll go from being one of the highest taxed nations to one of the lowest taxed nations in the world. corporate rates will be reduce fred 35% to 20%.
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berma striking a deal with bangladesh. allows 600,000 muslims driven the border by state sanctioned violence. rex tillerson spoke out against that. he called it ethic cleansing and threatened u.s. sanctioning on berma. >> tax reform, the debate is going to resume. but criticism of the tax bill
10:45 am
passed by the house is piling up. who benefits most from this plan? the democrats haven't shied away saying it only benefits big business and rich people and not the middle class. >> one column in "the washington post" says this bill was never meant to individuals. it was meant to benefit businesses. big corporations should be very happy. so should small firms like mine. >> here is gene marks. you do have an interesting take on this. i say that because, many of the tax community, has shown that a lot of folks are worried about small businesses. even senator johnson is worried about the house bill he's effect. he wants to make changes. >> i'm a small business owner. i'm a c.p.a.
10:46 am
600 clients that are small and medium-sized businesses. you know, listen, there are people that are complaining from the small business standpointthat the taxcuts are not enough. you're still getting a tax cut here. there are significant taxcuts for some. and some taxcuts for most others. so, i don't see why small-business owners should be complaining. it's nice when i hear my clients always looking for more. >> let me tell you what the complaints are. 90% of small businesses are pass through corporations. many are in high tax states. california, new york, new jersey. >> there are certainly provisions that make it more burden some when it comes to how they declare the income. they're saying they believe that that's a way to get more revenue
10:47 am
out of them. it's going to hurt them. they're still going to be at that top 39% plus. >> so, now for these kind of small businesses. the average small business owner makes between 35 and 70,000 a year. so it's not just the tech businesses. when you think about small businesses restaurants and clothing shops. and merchants and freelance sers. that's who makes it is up. when they're in that range. the first 70,000 of income is taxed at a much lower rate of 9:00 than and then it caps out at 2%. there are some small businesses, people that employ up to 500 people, say i'm not getting as much of a tax cut. >> but there might be more
10:48 am
language in the bill. it makes it more difficult for them. some of the deductions are going to be taken. but let's get to the corporate side. the corporate tax cut. 20%. 3 to 20%, for the corporate tax rate is great. >> that will help. but you say it will help small businesses as well. we grow on this point. >> yeah, first of all, look at fox news. the company that you work for, they employ many small businesses. contractors and people that clone your offices and supply them with services. these are all small-business owners. most of my clients they always have a few large companies that make up a lot of profits that they make. in your case. good for you if you work for a large company. you buy pizza. you will shop on small business
10:49 am
saturdays. the more benefits that big companies have to raise your salary, provide more benefits to you, that trickles down. it's a good thing. >> your point is 100% correct. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. take care. >> senate republicans considering changes the rules in order to speed up the confirmation of the judicial nominees. we'll tell you how. >> new evidence shows us just how long folks have been making wine. perfect for thanksgiving. it's longer than you might have thought even if you reach your a1c goal
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>> so wine uncovered from the year 5980 before christ. scientists, of georgia found the oldest remnants of wine. ther them wear is like those still used to make wine.
10:54 am
>> they harvested wheat and cat tell. >> one of the best producers is from the country of georgia. i'm going to ask you for details. this happened in georgia. >> the price-tag, 9,000-year-old wine -- >> all right. meanwhile we have some other news, gop lawmakers thinking of scrapping a tradition in order to speed up confirmation of candidates. allows the senator to block confirmation by refusing to release what's called a blue slip. live in washington to explain all the details. >> hey, good to see you. you know about blue slips. it's an informal practice that dates back to the early 1900's. each time the president sends a nomination to the senate, the yao dish rare chairman sends a
10:55 am
form to each of the two home state state senators. they return it with their support or opposition. or they can withhold it. well that last option is what the current chairman, is accusing senate democrats of doing. he announced that he's appending this longstanding tradition for two of his the president's nominees. i'm not going to allow senators to prevent a hearing for political reasons. those are the least reasons to not have a hearing. using the blue slip is not consistent with historical practice. >> democrats, are pushing back urging the chairman to reconsider. they say the blue slip tradition has lasted 100 years because it protects those home state
10:56 am
interests that are important to the integrity of the senate and judiciary. >> he said you can't use blue slips in place after filibuster. remember it was democrats who abolished it, back in 201. republicans don't fully get at pass. they too have been guilty of blocking judicial nominees. both parties have been guilty. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks for all the details. >> well president trump spending time with members of the coast guard today as he says thanks to all will men and women in uniform
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> president trump showing his gratitude for the armed forces, making a video call to soldiers overseas. and at a coast guard station not far from his estate in florida. welcome to a new hour inside america's news head quarters. happy thanksgiving everyone. >> good to see you. happy thanksgiving. president trump spending that holiday in palm beach, where he sent a message to americans serving all over the world. the president praising those brave men and women in uniform for making major gains against isis, telling them that america has simply been racking up win after win. >> you folks are fighting so
11:01 am
hard and working so hard. it's nice to see you working for something that's really starting to work. we've cut back so much on regulation and all the waste and all the abuse. stock market on friday hit an all-time high. highest it's ever been. >> phil keating is live from west palm beach. phil, the president certainly talking up the economy there. also talking foreign policy with the troops. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. happy thanksgiving. as usual, president trump's morning here began with some early sun rise tweets. all morning long the white house theme has been very thanksgiving rich. right now the president is at his trump international golf course just down the street presumably taking in the links as he did for about five hours yesterday. now, after thanking by video conference our troops in afghanistan, iraq, turkey, bahrain and on board the uss month ray. these are all men and women who will not be spending thanksgiving with their families because they are serving the
11:02 am
country. he and the first lady visited the coast guard group to thank them for what they do day in day out. protection of our coast line and of him and his family while they stay at the winter white house which has the atlantic ocean on the east, the intracoastal on the west. he praised them for rescuing more than 1600 people this hurricane season. >> we went together to texas. we saw what you were doing. and you just followed that storm. right next to that storm. you saved so many people. you saved a lot of people. i just want to thank you. on behalf of the whole country and on behalf of us. >> reporter: it turns out this morning those coasties turned out to be a little shy. the president at one point offered up any questions he could answer. silence. not a word. perhaps they were a little star stuck by the president's presence in person. he did offer up also all of that
11:03 am
food he and the first lady provided all of that food on the table. they got a real nice early thanksgiving treat. >> they certainly did. phil, probably should have gotten more reporters. they had some questions they probably wanted to shout at the president. in any event, he wants to focus on a long list of things he thinks the country should be thankful for right now. >> reporter: absolutely. just as he did yesterday morning in the wee hours of the morning right around sun rise. the president began his day by stumping, sending out a tweet. here's the first one that came out today with a thanksgiving theme. quote, happy thanksgiving. your country is starting to do very well. jobs coming back, highest stock market ever. military getting really strong. we will build the wall. v.a. taking care of our vets. great supreme court justice. record cut in regs, regulations. lowest unemployment in 17 years. also via twitter, president trump shot this videotape thanksgiving message for all to see, saying today we give thanks
11:04 am
to all those pilgrims, pioneers and patriots who have come before us. >> this year in the face of painful hardships, we have seen the incredible strength of the american spirit. neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers and citizens reaching out for those in need. >> reporter: as for the first family's thanksgiving, well, that will be happening this evening. the white house press office leaking out to the press exactly what's on the agenda. that is a traditional thanksgiving meal with friends and family at mar a-lago. not only is son baron there, but her parents are in town. turkey, stuffing, as well as red snapper, as well as a huge florida keys favorite and a personal one of mine. florida stone crab claws. >> get some of that key lime pie as well. >> reporter: yeah, that should
11:05 am
be there. >> you have a wonderful thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. >> reporter: you, too. >> welsh president trump set to met with congressional leaders next week after the dinner today. but topping the agenda is going to be avoiding a government shutdown. lawmakers are up against a december 8th deadline to pass a spending bill. democrats insisting it could include a fix to the daca program for illegal imgrants brought here as children, something that would complicate things with republicans. let's bring in beckett adams. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> it is all coming down to daca, if you will. we should mention the deadline is two weeks from tomorrow. this is a short window of time we're talking about. nancy pelosi and chuck shumer walked out of the white house in september, thought they had something in agreement with the president on daca. didn't turn out to be so. is this going to affect the budget deadline? >> welsh one thing that's interesting to look at here is they haven't said explicitly for the short term stop gap that
11:06 am
they will insist on daca fixes. we've seen schumer and pelosi said they will be extremely insistent on that. we've had three major democratic senators, including bernie sanders, who have said they are not going to agree to anything without daca fixes. however, at the same time, we've had senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying that it is not completely off the table, so long as there are other restrictions put in place. this comes down to where does trump fall on this? we've seen earlier he seems open to the idea as he was earlier with schumer and pelosi. >> seems six months and we were only at three. there could be room for that. speaking of room, the budget, what if they end up passing another short term fix like they did back in september? there's a lot on the legislative agenda. >> right now republicans
11:07 am
democrats are saying they want daca fixes. for the moment they can have a small gap. i don't think it's out of the ordinary. in the end, for an omni bus, they're going to need eight senators to get them on. that leaves republicans in a position where they are more or less condoning and supporting something that's an executive action from the past president. so if that's something republicans want to get saddled with for the rest of their term in office that's their prerogative. >> we haven't even had an agreement on spending levels. that is a major sticking item when you're talking about the federal government.
11:08 am
give the president and democrats and republicans way to figure out daca maybe by march. >> to give them more time. we haven't even agreed on top lines. here we are talking about funding the next fiscal year. when they all meet with trump, details of that forth coming meeting aren't exactly clear. i think maybe along the lines of what you're thinking they could find things to keep us puttering along. as you're saying both sides have major issues that they want to advance and sort out. i don't think either one will cave or give in any time soon. >> right, right. at the same time, though, i will say when it comes to the issue of daca in particular, this is something where the president seems to be still wanting to reach across the aisle. >> right. it's -- what's interesting on that as well is that daca is popular. it has a lot of support if you
11:09 am
look at ugov or any of those other places that do these surveys, it does have popular support. the president i think can be swayed on this. like we saw earlier this year, chuck shumer does have a good rapport with him. maybe it's a new yorker thing, but they do seem to have a relationship. i think the president, the way this situation looks to me, as far as the bill and daca, it all comes down to the president and which way he's going to go on this. it's who ever can get his ear. we know schumer's pretty good at it. >> chuck and nancy, line of the fall i think. my time with chuck and nancy. we will see what happens next week. they have got a very tight calendar. everyone's watching. thanks so much. good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me. capital police officials launching an investigation after a nude photo of texas congressman joe barreden surfaces online. he said police contacted him about looking into it and he
11:10 am
accepted. claudia cowan live from washington. >> reporter: unlike other cases we have seen, where there have been allegations of sexual harassment, this case involves threats of retaliation. there may be more than one victim here. congressman barton may have case. barton apologized after a nude photo circulated around social media. a screen grab from an explicit cell phone video appeared on an anonymous twitter account. the washington post published an article saying an anonymous woman shared with them images and videos that barton sent her when the two were dating. she was single. he was separated at the time. now, the woman also played a regarding of a phone conversation she had with barton in 2015. the post said the recording captures the 68-year-old texas republican warning her against using the pictures and texts in
11:11 am
a way that would hurt his political career. the woman said she didn't release that nude photo. again, barton acknowledged he did not use his best judgment. but here is the twist. in a statement to "the post" barton said a transcript of that recording may be evidence of a potential crime against him. here's why. >> let's say he shared this with a person. if that person provided that image unedited to a third person who then posted it on the internet, that act of sharing that image unedited would constitute a violation of the texas porn laws. today the capital police reached out to me and offered to launch an investigation and i have accepted. because of pending investigation, we will have no further comment. so, this could be a case where the man accused of making threats against an ex-girlfriend ends up pursuing legal action
11:12 am
saying his privacy was violated and that he's the victim. for now he has no plans to retire and that he will seek re-election for an 18th term next year. back to you. >> thank you. fox news alert for you. on a new clue. as crews race against the clock to find a submarine missing off argentina's coast for more than a week. sounds have now been detected that are consistent with an explosion but not a nuclear blast. this is the argentine navy assures relatives of the crew members on board that the search will not end until there's certainty about the sub's fate. benjamin hall has been following that story. he is live from london. benjamin. >> reporter: good afternoon. as you say, eight days this submarine has been missing in the south atlantic. but this bad news breaking just in the last few hours. argentina confirming a sound
11:13 am
that was picked up is indeed consistent with an explosion, a nonnuclear explosion. now, nothing has yet been confirmed but ships and planes which were involved in the search have gone back to a certain area they were searching for. experts say this could provide the clue towards finding that vessel. u.s. agencies also say the hydroacoustic was produced only hours after contact. it has taken until now to analyze it. the remnants of the crew who have been holding a vigil have been informed because the search will continue until there's certainty about the fate of the submarine. there is only enough oxygen for seven to ten days. even if the ub is intact, time is running out for the sailors. it had been sailing from the southern tip of south america up toward buenas aries.
11:14 am
the navy said the submarine reported a battery failure, but they've got no more specific details about that. more than a dozen ships have participated in this search, which covers over 185,000 square miles. that is an area larger than california. the u.s. has taken a big role, sending two planes and under water vehicles. we are awaiting confirmation about whether or not this explosion came from that submarine, but it does appear that hope of finding this 44 submariners are alive is diminishing. >> that's rough news for those families. benjamin hall, thank you. for the fifth time this year the u.s. navy fleet experienced a crash or collision near japan. search now on to find three missing u.s. sailors. but do all these incidents mean the navy has a much bigger problem on its hands. plus a crowd estimated in the millions lining the streets outside our studios for the
11:15 am
iconic macy's day parade less than a month after a deadly terrorist rampage down the street. next how the nypd helped keep everyone safe. >> you know there's no cross town traffic. sand trucks. we've got to thank sanitation for the job they've done giving a few trucks to prevent any vehicles from getting on the route. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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a division of mitsubishi admitting it falsified data about some of its products including parts used in aircraft and car. mitsubishi materials said an investigation found two of its subsidiaries manipulated data to match specifications set by the company or its clients over the last 2.5 years. company said it has not found any safety or legal problems, but it's setting up a task force to look into that issue. the u.s. navy scouring the waters hundreds of miles off the coast of japan for three u.s. sailors after a navy plane crashed in the philippine sea yesterday. eight others on board were rescued and take ton the carrier uss ronald reagan in good
11:20 am
condition. it's the fifth such incident for the navy this year in the crowded sea of japan. two of them deadly collisions that led to the fleet. he's a great reporter, he was all over this. among the stats that are shocking, 22 u.s. military noncombat crashes this year alone up from 16 last year. nine accidents so far this year alone. it's remarkable. >> the budgets, particularly when it comes to the aircraft, whether it's the air force, navy. we're talking about this plane going down in the philippine sea. these older aircraft. you can only do so much maintenance to maintain them. same with a commercial jet. we just retired the 747, united airlines did. there's a reason for that. that's why the military has got
11:21 am
to really address that funding issue in the budget. >> you saw president trump among the treats. said the stock market is up. unemployment is down. military is back on the rise in terms of trying to get more money to the military. getting those resources to make sure they can rebuild and not have these difficult situations. we've got a lot of other stories coming up. >> that's all coming out of washington. capitol hill is reeling from a series of sexual misconduct allegations. cutting across party lines. what congress is doing now about all of these allegations. plus the macy's thanksgiving day parade. one of the nation's biggest outdoor gatherings. how police kept everybody safe today just weeks after a deadly terror attack in lower manhattan. we'll be live with the details and all the floats to show you. we'll be right back. i love eggs,
11:22 am
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no surprise security beefed up big time in new york city this thanksgiving holiday as the macy's day parade made its way through midtown less than a month after that deadly halloween terror attack near the world trade center. brian ennis has been on this story all day. thankfully it seems like new york's finest is all over this. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. thanksgiving day parade went off without a hitch. it was absolutely beautiful weather. of course, it was a beautiful event. as american as the turkey on thanksgiving day is actually the parade. this parade was 2.5 miles long through new york city, 3.5 million spectators, 50 million people watching on tv today, as everyone gathers with their
11:27 am
families. giant 17 balloon character, 12 marching bands, gwen stefani performing as well as performances by florida and others. it was a great event. obviously, the parade ending with santa at the end coming out. of course, we have to get back to the whole thing of security. leading up to the parade, there were two big things on nypd's mind. attack on halloween night, the truck rental that the man used to mow down and kill 18 people. also the las vegas shooting that was very much on the mind of the nypd, particularly because the parade goes through midtown man thapbt and there are tall buildings all around with windows that give eyesight to a lot of the event. what nypd did, they had dozens of sanitation trucks lined up along the parade route to prevent possible vehicular
11:28 am
attacks. also observation teams looking at potential windows and roof tops. couldn't walk without knocking into one. these dogs are specially trained to sniff out bombs on a person. that is to help stop and prevent an attack. nypd was ready like they always have been. this parade was the most secure they've ever had. the most security it's ever seen given what we've been seeing all around the world. it's also important, ed, that part of security isn't just what you see. it's what's done behind the scenes. lot of that has to do with the nypd's own intelligence service. nypd said since 9/11 they've
11:29 am
stopped more than two dozen terrorist plots. that's the kind of work they do day in day out, as well as working with a private sector here in the city. program called shield in which they work with hotel workers and car rental places. if they see something suspicious to say something. ultimately today a beautiful event. nothing wrong. it was just a great day to be out here. >> no doubt about it. nypd working hard. bryan llenas, go get some tur y turkey. a gust of wind blew a candy cane into a tree. the balloon popped. thankfully no one was hurt. the rest of the parade was smoothly. as many as 15 deep to catch a glimpse of the floats. some of the new balloons included olaf from frozen, chase from the tv cartoon paw patrol. >> ronald mcdonald cruising by. >> the trump administration is
11:30 am
speaking out on the situation in burma, saying the military is guilty of ethnic cleansing against the country's muslim population. amy kellogg has the latest. hello. >> reporter: well, hi. after months of bloodshed the pressure is now finally mounting. secretary of state tillerson calling it ethnic cleansing. 600,000 people have fled. they are stateless muslims in burma. they've gone to neighboring bangladesh. a deal was struck for their return but many remain skeptical. the military began a crackdown after a militant group of rohingya's attacked. the retribution is crimes against humanity. homes burned, women raped, in some cases to death. the rohingya have very few
11:31 am
rights in burma. their fundamental right to citizenship was rescinded in the '80s. there has been a vicious propaganda campaign against them creating bad blood in the country. they have been called illegal immigrants from bangladesh. burma's civilian leader who spent decades under house arrest and won the nobel peace prize has been criticized for her relative silence. she has played the fake news card to an extent on all of this. she does not control the military. it's important to point out. it's the military which is carrying out the atrocities. she has been held as a champion of human rights that many expect more from her. againing secretary of state rex tillerson visited burma recently, but finally called the situation ethnic cleansing yesterday. >> they will have to take it seriously. this is the strongest country in the world saying this.
11:32 am
>> we wait. pope francis words. now, we understand the situation is dire that he's been warned against using the word rohingya. saying simply that rohingya is not a forbidden word. back to you. >> amy kellogg, what a report live from italy. thank you, amy. as we mentioned, the u.s. navy scouring the waters hundreds of miles off the coast of japan for three u.s. sailors after a navy plane crashed in the philippine sea yesterday, eight others on board were rescued. joining me now is eli lake a bloomberg columnist. we appreciate you coming in. happy thanksgiving. i wonder, when you think about the sheer numbers, 22 u.s. military noncombat crashes this year. that's up from 16 last year over the same time period. obviously there's still time here in 2017.
11:33 am
we want to see this problem fixed as quickly as possible. based on your vast expertise, what's your sense about what's been going wrong? >> well, we've already seen the navy address this problem, specifically with the seventh fleet. they say that there's just issues of preparation and training and it needs to be addressed. it's a particularly bad time strategically because everyone is focused on north korea. the seventh fleet is there. the south china sea is the big contest right now between the u.s. and china particularly with mill tarrized islands. it's a problem president trump inherited. but it's a problem ultimately that if it comes to it, the seventh fleet will have to solve. for these sorts of accidents really do have a bearing on the perception of the competency of the navy that's there really to protect the freedom navigation in the area. >> you make a great point because of the context of what's
11:34 am
happening in the region. territoryial disputes. have you gotten any information that this is hampering the u.s. in the region or is it more something we don't want to hype up, but it's a concern that bears watching. >> the u.s. navy is still the most powerful navy in the world. the trump administration military budgets have committed to increasing its size after really almost a decade of cut backs. so in that respect, the message from the navy is that we'll get through this. it is a problem that needs to be addressed. there was speculation that some of the crashes earlier this year were perhaps due to cyber war fare that's been put to bed at this point. it really is a question of trying to get the navy to sort of continue to meet their high standards, which seems to have slipped. >> you mention the budget. always a big issue. is this something your sources say, hey, you can throw money at the problem, or is there
11:35 am
something deeper going on in terms of not just the infrastructure, but the leadership in place? >> when you're talking about institutions, it's more than just money. it's about having accountability and leadership. i think we saw that when the pacific fleet commander currently said he's not going to be continuing his term. there is an element there where i think there has been some accountability at the top and will continue to be so. >> eli lake, we appreciate you coming in on thanksgiving. thank you for bringing in your expertise. front and center on all our minds is the fate of those three missing sailors. we appreciate you bringing in those facts. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to you. sexual misconduct allegations rocking capitol hill on both sides of the aisle. senator al franken, senate candidate roy moore and congressman john conyers.
11:36 am
now congress is trying to fix the mess. joining us now antwan seabright, ceo of blue print strategy and kevin sherri, former spokesman for house speaker paul ryan. thanks for being here on thanksgiving day. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> tough topic, unfortunately. let's start with this new bill that's been introduced by two democrats here -- excuse me, actually representative jackie speier and kristen hillebrand. they want to see changes. they want to see training. they want to see committees. they want to make safe spaces for women in particular that will be able to go to file a report without feeling they're going to get backlash for reporting these allegations. i know you had a chance to look at their proposal. what do you make of it? it >>'s unfortunate that these things are happening.
11:37 am
not just in the political world, but in the corporate world. just in every day society. it's very unfortunate. any legislative proposal is a step in the right direction. we have to send a message and try to change the culture that this is no longer tolerated in our society. i think it's a step in the right direction. i hope these measures will be bipartisan. this issue is not democratic/republican, it's not black or white. it's not social economics. i hope that it's bipartisan. i hope it moves through the congress very quickly. i think this is a step in the right direction to try to send a message not just in the political world but across the country. >> we're watching this happen on capitol hill. that's where tpr the democrats to women on the republican side, kevin, i want to provide you a sound byte. here's what she said ab how allegations of sexual harassment in washington should be handled.
11:38 am
listen. >> we are not going to allow any funds to be used from members to pay for harassment. we are going to have mandatory training. the speaker said that is a mandatory training. they need to be uniform the way they are in the private sector. we need to have something like a victims council so they can come forward. >> so, kevin, what she's talking about are these reports that there's a slush fund, if you will, to pay out the victims of sexual harassment. she's not a big fan. what do you say? >> i think most americans were shocked to find out there's a secret taxpayer funded slush fund to pay off accusers of members of congress. when they found this out and this came to light, people were stunned. she's absolutely right. there's no way that the american people should be paying off sexual harassment accusers. that's just crazy. so i think there's going to be a lot more sunshine on this.
11:39 am
there's going to be a lot of reforms coming. bipartisanship will happen in this case. who the heck is going to vote against any of this? this has become a national story. it's hit home for everyone. i think you're going to see some bipartisan legislation now. >> senator paul ryan already said that they are going to require all members of the house and their staff members for anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training. at the end of the day, even though we have different women from different sides of the aisle saying these are what we want to see passed, isn't it up to the leadership? isn't it up to, in fact, all four leader, whether mcconnell, pelosi, schumer? they all need to get together and come up with a common theme, if you will, so that this is across the board? >> absolutely. again, i'll reemphasize the need for bipartisanship. i do think they need to get together, have these discussions. put reforms in place.
11:40 am
at the end of the day the buck stops with all of us as individuals, whether you are a leader or not. buck stops with individuals. all of the reform measures can be put in place, but if individuals do not on their own decide to think twice before they make certain decisions, we'll continue to have these conversations regardless of what reform measures are put in place. leadership has a role. they must lead. it's also up to those who are not in leadership roles to take some real responsibility as well. >> kevin, do you have faith in the ethics committee, in particular the senate? you've had some calls for al franken to resign. others saying, let's take this to the ethics committee. and maybe roy moore if elected. is that the best course of action, do you think? >> the ethics committee does not have a good reputation. the last time they were rel van
11:41 am
was in the 1990s. took three years to investigate that. the process is very slow. people see it now as kind of a dodge. you kick it over to the ethics committee. they investigate it for a long time. nothing really comes of it or the story is forgotten about. they'll have to get serious. they aren't going to be able to do that. i think we'll get really serious. this story seems to be far from over. >> but, kevin, on one regard maybe part of the reform measure should be to hold the ethics committee accountable if that's a way to do that by way of legislation. push the button on them to make sure they're doing their job. >> to the point about this needs to be a discussion that the leaders need to have. the discussion is happening. it's happening on a national level. gentlemen, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. holiday shopping season here. this time around americans expected to spend, yes, more
11:42 am
money. we'll explain why and why it may have to do with the trump economy next.
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november is epilepsy awareness month. i am the proud father of a very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy.
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it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at: for the first time in five yearious have four days to shop before christmas. you may not have known that. with unemployment down, americans are expected to spend 3% to 4% more than last year. a poll finds americans average spending $862 a year on holiday gifts. let's bring in harry alfred. gonna give us all the details. happy thanksgiving harry. >> happy thanksgiving to you and yours. >> i appreciate that. what is to explain the fact that
11:47 am
optimism is up, confidence seems to be up. people want to spend more money on their gifts. >> it seems as though america is becoming great again. >> it seems like you're giving credit to somebody in the oval office. >> i have to do it. hats off. 2016 was miserable. one of the most terrible years i have seen in my adult life. 2017, things are coming up roses. >> let's look at a graphic on all of that. we want to look at the trump economy. president's been tweeting about it suggesting he doesn't get enough credit. real gdp growth up to 3%. unemployment down. consumer confidence up to 125.9. housing starts 1.29 million. just a small increase in that area. what do you make of the optimism? i was talking to sheryl during the commercial break. she covers this more closely than i do. she says the cutting of regulations by the president has had a bigger impact than he's
11:48 am
gotten credit for, perhaps. i also wonder if you can weigh in whether he can get a tax cut by the end of the year, what kind of economic impact will we see? >> that's the most beautiful thing. the thought and possibility of having tax reform. if we get tax reform completed, we are gonna take off. our economy is gonna take off like a rocket, to the moon. it is exciting to me. i think you have to give credit where credit is due. i don't think lected officials should say no, no, we don't want tax reform, no, we don't want tax growth, no, we don't want a better economy. are you out of your mind? >> last question, let's dig a little deeper on the spending and whatnot, how it breaks down compared to online and actual brick and mortars. i saw a story where one newspaper was saying this is a fight of life and death for some big box stores. they either make it happen on black friday and beyond or they're not gonna survive going up against amazon and others.
11:49 am
>> black friday for them. then there's net monday for the others. i think there's gonna be a change. there's gonna be a seat change. hopefully no one will become a dinosaur. but things are changing. for the good, too. >> harry, we appreciate you coming in today. happy thanksgiving to your family. >> thank you. same to you. god bless america. >> absolutely. god bless america. sheryl, i have been telling you jokes during the break. i wanted to share with everyone. what does miley cyrus need for thanksgiving? >> what? >> twerky. are the jokes getting worse? >> there's an escalation of gem getting better. >> the director doesn't want me to use his name. he uses puns every time i'm filling in hosting. i'm giving him turkey puns today whether he likes it or not. >> there's a lot of good turkey jokes. >> i have a lot of leftovers. >> all right. high drama in the always tense middle east to tell you about.
11:50 am
how one stunning event in saudi arabia may be overshadowing an even bigger story. the kingdom's battle with iran for implements in the region. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? i have no idea.
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>> saudi arabia intensifying despite influence over iran. dramatic developments being overshadowed by recent events like the arrests of 200 business leaders. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live from washington with what still is a shocking story. >> good afternoon. foreign policy analysts see that that recent surge inside saudi arabia has caused the prince to consolidate power as he prepares to take a more aggressive stance. towards that end, other forms of cooperations with israel including the paying of a rare public visit to paris by two
11:55 am
former saudi ministers. one is now the head. >> he clearly has a very different vision than any of his recent predecessors. saudi arabia can't necessarily rely on outside allies in particular the united states to work for it. >> iran forges ahead with ballistic missiles. the prime minister and lebanon recently resigned. published reports say tehran has reached agreements. northern iraq backed by around seizes control of the city of cook a major blow to our kurdish
11:56 am
allies who held them against isis aggression in 2014. >> they are taking advantage of the energy. in that perspective, i think they would like to see the united states really be concerned rather than stay between the current. speak of the saudi iranian struggle also playing out. we'll have more on the whole story at 6:00 p.m. eastern on special report. >> james, thank you. >> we'll be back right after this. it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers.
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12:00 pm
>> good afternoon, president trump has a message for men and women in uniform on his first thanksgiving as commander in chief. >> happy thanksgiving to you, happy thanks giving to all of you out there. the president telling american troops that they are running big under his leadership. >> i know it's hard to be away from home at this time of the year. we are doing well at home, the economy is doing really great. when you come back, you'll see the jobs and companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high. unemployment is the lowest it's been in 17 years, so you're fighting for something real and for something good.
12:01 pm
>> the president spoke two stations around the world by video from his home in florida. he could gradually coast guard members for saving thousands of lives after the hurricanes over the summer. phil keating and west palm beach is live. >> i'm living here all week. absolutely. the president followed a lot of white house traditions this thanksgiving by doing what they typically do, thinking the military stationed overseas. they are not spending this family rich holiday with their families here like so many other american families are doing. thanks to the families as well who often don't see their husbands and wives as they serve
12:02 pm
their country. right now, the president is wrapping up about four hours spent at his golf club just down the street and considering the weather starting to turn a little bit further south, there is a chance for rain. perhaps it's just the right time to head back to mar-a-lago. in the video thinking our troops from afghanistan, iraq, turkey, bahrain, he and the first lady drove just south of mar-a-lago visiting the nearby coast guard members for what they do day in and day out and of course while he's in in town, those protecting the trumps. in particular, he praised them for all those certain rescues they performed this year and hurricanes harvey, irma and
12:03 pm
marie. >> we went together to texas and we saw what you were doing and you were right next to that storm. you saved a lot of people and i just want to thank you on behalf of the whole country and on behalf of us. >> we are told all of that food, that huge spread that you saw there all provided by the president and first lady. >> the president also think the first responders. >> absolutely. here at home, there are people day in and day out who give everything just to help absolute strangers. in las vegas during that mass shooting out there, they helped people who are bleeding on the
12:04 pm
ground. president trump also tweeted a happy thanks giving video message. his first as a sitting president. >> this year in the face of painful hardship, we have seen the incredible strength of the american spirit. neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers and those helping others in need. >> as for the families first thanksgiving, we are told by the white house it will be a classic traditional american thanksgiving with all the fixings. turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, local produce, red snapper, and a humongous florida favorite which bring people from all over the country down to the keys, crab claws. >> that and the warm weather, you're killing me. phil keating, thank you very much. >> good to see him today.
12:05 pm
john conyers does not plan to redesign over accusations of sexual harassment that go back over two decades. now a former staffer speaking on the record. she worked for conyers and the '90s. he once called her to his office and when she arrived, he was wearing only underwear. she also said conyers abused female staffers. his attorney denies those accusations. the house ethics committee is investigating the 88-year-old from michigan. he admits his office paid a former female staffer $27,000 in 2015, but he denies her claim that she was fired for rejecting his sexual advances. the congressman says he resolve the case to avoid a long legal battle. his lawyer says these are serious accusations, but they are just that and if people were required to redesign over allegations, a lot of people would be out of work of this country including many numbers
12:06 pm
of the house, senate, and even the president. two other women are accusing senator al franken from touching him inappropriately. both women are making the accusations anonymously. face it frank and grabbed their butts when he was first campaigning ten years ago. these are two separate incident incidents. "it's difficult to respond to anonymous accusers and i don't remember these campaign events." >> the women who received a naked photo of congressman joe barton says he wants her not to make the picture public. that's according to "the washington post." reports at the woman recorded a phone call with barton back in 2015. a reporter at the post said they listen to it and they say the congressman threatened to call the capitol police on the women because she could release info to hurt his career. she told that she did not release the photo, it showed up
12:07 pm
and an anonymous twitter account however. claudia has more for us now. >> the longtime congressman says he should have used better judgment after that picture appeared on that anonymous twitter account. were not quite to show it here, but it appears to be a screen grab from a cell phone video that he sent to a woman that is now a central figure in this growing investigation. according to the texas tribune, the two reportedly began dating in 2011 after meeting on facebook. she says barton would send her a sexually explicit message, videos, and pictures. he reportedly paid for her travel and showed her around parks and texas before they split in 2014. at that time, she was unmarried and he was separated. yesterday afternoon, "the washington post" reported that barton threatened his ex-girlfriend with ruining her career if she used the photos and text messages to try to ruin his spirit saying he would go to the capitol police if she released them.
12:08 pm
all of this during a phone call the woman recorded in 2015 and then she played yesterday for reporters of the post. she claimed she didn't publish that and says she never had any intention of using their exchanges. the mystery remains to how the picture got out. after you. >> it's interesting because congressman barton could have a legal case here. not just a he said, she said, but a consensual relationship because this is damaging. >> there is a private issue at stake. it's possible he might have a legal case of someone illegally obtained that picture. >> the fact he's a public figure doesn't matter. his private moments are not open to the public. you don't have a right to know about his private parts.
12:09 pm
>> capitol police have launched an investigation. as for now, no further comments from the congressman's office. barton is a 68 years old, but the lone star state longest serving members, 17 times since 1985. he says he will not resign and he has already filed papers for reelection next fall. back to you. >> claudia callan, thank you. >> meanwhile, news off the coast of japan where the navy is still searching for three missing american sailors. officials say crews worked through the night covering more than 350 miles where a navy cargo plane crashed yesterday. the navy reports 11 people were on board, rescuers saved eight survivors soon after that plane went down. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon now. a very difficult story on this thanksgiving. >> a former navy chief pilot tells me that eight sailors were able to walk away from this
12:10 pm
crash. it's now past 5:00 a.m. and more than 33 hours have elapsed since the crash, but the desperate search for three missing american sailors has expanded. the navy says the eight are in good condition back aboard the aircraft carrier ronald reagan. fox news was told the cause for the crash was a dual engine failure. they are investigating other potential causes. it is a cargo plane that delivers passengers and supplies to aircraft carriers at sea. it's a very old airplane having first served in the late '60s and rescuers are continuing the search today at daybreak. >> when you look at the numbers, it's devastating that there have
12:11 pm
been so many more aviation crashes in particular and problems this year compared to last year. >> there is been a spike in u.s. military crashes this year and many lawmakers on capitol hill .2 budget cuts. the navy plane crash comes two days after an air force plane crashed. earlier this month, the head of naval aviation told congress they can't fly right now pointing to a crisis and only 9 out of 33 greyhounds can fly as well. in april, the navy grounded an entire fleet of training jets some 200 and all the way a fox news report saying pilots refused to fly them citing poison in the plains oxygen system. last month, two navy pilots died and a crash in tennessee flying the same type of airplane.
12:12 pm
over the summer, the 7th fleet was fired after 17 sailors were killed. >> thanks for the reporting, happy thanks giving to you and your family. >> happy thanks giving to you too. >> a fox extreme weather alert for you. the southwestern part of the country is expected to see record-setting heat this thanksgiving. >> and southern california, folks might want to trade that for a day at the beach. temperatures expected to top 90 degrees this afternoon. in phoenix, temperatures near 90, about 20 degrees above normal for november. >> pretty chilly here in new york city today. forecasters say that trouble is on the way for the weekend, snow in the great lakes could cause travel headaches just as you are heading home after the holiday. i will say i was in phoenix one
12:13 pm
year for christmas and it was so hot we had our christmas dinner outside. that's not a bad thing. >> may be take the deep fryer out there. watch the hot oil. >> president trump not taking a break from twitter this thanksgiving. >> he's been tweeting all kinds of things including creating new jobs in the stock market that is raging right now. do his tweets about sports distract from his message? >> wasn't a coincidence or conspiracy? >> there is no information that has been communicated to me that detective suter was anything other than a stellar detective, great friend, loving husband, and dedicated father. asked the:
12:14 pm
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12:17 pm
>> a police officer was shot and killed with his own gun just one day before he was set to testify against other officers. that's according to the police commissioner. he is a homicide
12:18 pm
detective suter saw someone suspicious, approached him, and was shot. there are rumors of a conspiracy, but they have not found evidence. police say they do not have a suspect in custody. >> president trump continuing his twitter battle with levar ball in the last couple of days. >> he is the father of a basketball player arrested for shoplifting in china. the president tweeted this yesterday. you could have spent the next 5-10 years with your son in china. no nba contract would support you. remember, shoplifting is not a little thing, it's a really big deal especially in china. ungrateful fool. let's bring in our political panel. great to have you here.
12:19 pm
the president certainly made the use of twitter to his advantage and that's been a good thing. these suites have been going on and on when it comes to the situation in china. >> the economy is booming. we have neil gorsuch. i will yield to his brilliance there when you look for political philosophy. he won when no one thought he would and you look at what he said this morning, the success he's been able to have, despite all the forces against him is amazing. >> that's what really frustrates democrats.
12:20 pm
you can criticize all you want, but he reaches the american people directly. >> that's some of the things that frustrate us. we should look back at the result of the election in virginia. i don't talk about politics on tv, i run campaigns for a livin living. when we are seeing across america as a group of frustrated americans who wanted to give donald trump a chance and they did and now they're a little uneasy because of his twitter account, and other things that are happening, but in virginia, more republican voters than who would ever vote in virginia in two weeks ago. the problem is, more democrats voted. you have two very motivated electors. we get democrats to show up because anything is appropriate. >> when it comes to twitter and his tweets against the national football league in particular, commissioner roger goodell, it seems have a little more suppor
12:21 pm
support. the readings have been down for the nfl, so it's a big day for football around the country. this is where the president really seems to be grabbing onto something that people are very frustrated with and that his players kneeling during the anthem. >> they should be frustrated. i used to watch the nfl on thanks giving every year, i'm not going to today. i'm tuning out like millions of other americans were sick and tired of the league that would tolerate this blatant anti-americanism and will not take a stand literally try to make players take a stand. despite the comments about virginia, virginia has become a deep blue state articulated because of its proximity to washington, d.c. d.c. is a swamp. virginia has become everything that the president has run against. you want to talk about special elections, let's talk about what happened in georgia with karen handel versus john all soft
12:22 pm
this idea that there is a huge democratic wave that is brewing, i think there's some truth to that, but it's not the same referendum that we saw in 2010. be careful with saying that because the base was fired up. >> chuck, you wanted to jump in. >> i just want to say there is something happening out here. it's thanksgiving, you are watching football, you've got your crazy cousins, let's talk about politics. democrats have won 52 of special elections. republicans in west virginia have a 17 majority. there are some crazy things happening. >> we are talking about state and local special elections. >> elections are elections. >> the republicans swept virginia. >> that's correct, montana,
12:23 pm
kansas, oklahoma, georgia. >> think about it, it's just numbers. >> the president was 4 for 4. >> chuck, i just worry you might be all hat, no cattle. >> don't say that. >> i appreciate you wearing the hat. you are looking pretty nice here on thanksgiving. charlie and chuck, enjoy the day with the families. >> people in texas are watching football and talking a little politics. >> they are probably talking smack to each other. speak out we've got more headlines were watching for you today. word of a possible explosion near the spot where a submarine has vanished. 44 people on board. the u.s. is searching for that
12:24 pm
that has been missing since last week. >> if you haven't seen this video, you have to see it. he made this escape in south korea. dramatic evidence that kim jong un doesn't even take care of his troops. will talk with an expert on north korea about president trump's decision to put the country back on the list of state sponsors of terror nex next. ge your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (avo) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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12:28 pm
>> navy officials in argentina say they detected a sound that could have been an explosion. a submarine with dozens of people on board disappeared last week. the navy says it happened hours after the summary meant missing. benjamin hall has more. benjamin, this has been a very heartbreaking story. how helpful are they based on this new evidence?
12:29 pm
>> eight very long days since the submarine went missing, but in the last few hours, terrible news, a sound that was heard when it disappeared is consistent with the explosion. how hopeful are they? that has changed dramatically in the last few hours and we are waiting for a news conference now. we don't want to guess what it's about, but it doesn't seem good. we did in the sound came from a specific area of the ocean where the submarine was last based. the search planes and ships headed to one location. experts say it is a clear clue that that vessel was last at that location. this acoustic anomaly was produced just hours after contact was last wednesday. it's taken right up until now to properly analyze it. navy spokesman say members of the crew have been informed and the search will continue until there is full certainty about the fate of the submarine. experts worry that they will not
12:30 pm
have enough oxygen. even if that sub is intact, time is really running out for the members on board. it disappeared about 267 miles off the coast. the navy reported a battery failure, they have no specific details other than that paren more than one dozen international airplanes have been used in the search which has been severely hampered by high seas and storms. that is an area larger than california. the u.s. plays a very big role in this. again, that news breaking the last few hours. that noise heard just when they lost contact with the submarine. >> thanks for bringing us
12:31 pm
details, benjamin hall. >> doctors say a soldier who escaped from north korea is smaller than an average south korean 18-year-old pureed 5'5", 132 pounds. they also said that they found other signs of malnutrition and he has tuberculosis and hepatitis b. united nations command released a video of his dramatic escape. he drove a jeep toward the border and jumped out and started running. guards shot at him dozens of times. earlier this week, president trump put those koreans back on the list of state-sponsored terror. >> it should have happened a long time ago. in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. >> the president also called the north korean dictator a leader of a murderous regime. gordon chang is with us.
12:32 pm
he's also the author of "nuclear showdown." you are such an expert on this topic. we'll get to the sanctions in a minute, but let's talk about this soldier. what does this say to you that he was so malnourished and so sick? >> this is surprising because soldiers in a joint security area, there are the elite of the elite. if they are that malnourished if they have the parasites, it means the food situation is more dire than people thought. people knew there was a problem. i didn't think it was this bad. >> how often do you think this happens? of course north koreans are always trying to escape whether it's against china or south korea, but a military member, how often does that happen? >> it happened twice earlier this year, but not to this extent. the other thing that's interesting from this video is
12:33 pm
that these north korean guards have plenty of warning that this guy was going to try and jumped the border and they didn't kill him. of course, they severely wounded him, but it'll like a keystone cop operation. especially when you see one of those soldiers falling down before trying to fire. >> when you look at the picture of him in the hospital, it shows you again how sick he is. let's talk about peace sanctions. it really is up to china. if china does not get in and help the united states to enforce the sanctions, the chinese are the north korean economy. will china start to get on board with this? >> china will get on board, it's not a chinese question, it's a question of america. it will american put the pressure on beijing? >> the president did, so he says. >> he started to appear what we saw that with the june 29th
12:34 pm
designation of the small chinese bank cutting off from the global financial system. that's a death sentence. there are a lot of big chinese banks that have been money laundering. we haven't gone after them and that's going to be the issue. china's fourth-largest bank, was cited in 2016 2016 u.n. reporte largest money laundering scheme. i wonder why we let that occur. >> it's interesting because the chinese at the end of the day will get the north koreans at migrant labor. they might not want to let go of that very easily even though treasury just as we put more sanctions on top of the chinese. as we step up our game, i'm wondering if the chinese will as well. >> it's not really enough to hurt pyongyang. past presidents have had the
12:35 pm
ability to do that. they wanted to integrate the chinese in the international system. now president trump has said this is not important. what's important is disarming the north koreans. i think we are going to see more and more sanctions, not only with north koreans, but also china, russia, some african nations. >> what about the designation of a sponsor of terror? >> it's symbolic, but for people like kim jong un, symbolism is really important. we saw a treasury on tuesday, to put new sanctions on north korea and china. we are going to see more sanctions in the next couple of weeks, so this story isn't over yet. >> cutting off funding and may be bringing north koreans finally to the negotiating table. gordon chang, it's always great to have you wan. happy thinks giving.
12:36 pm
>> happy things giving. >> over to you. >> thank you very much. she thought he was doing the right thing. a store clerk roughing up a robber and holding him for the police, so why was he fired? plus verdict watch. we'll break down deliberations next. ♪ this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box. it's what's inside the person who opens it. ♪
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12:40 pm
♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> a clerk at a convenience store says the company fired her for attacking a suspected robber with a baseball bat. this happened in raleigh, north carolina, . she was told she violated company policy, but she says she feared for her life when she says this guy came into the store, and said he had a gun. she held him until the cops came, they arrested the suspect. >> a jury in california
12:41 pm
deliberating in the case for the murder of kate steinle. the defense attorney said he found a gun wrapped in a t-shirt and that it went off accidentally. prosecutors say he was carelessly pointing a weapon at people. the suspect pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges. let's bring in douglas burns, our old friend. good to see you, happy thanksgiving. where do you think we are in the deliberations? >> it's always hard to handicap deliberations, whether you're doing it outside or i'm trying the case. basically they just got the case, the judge kicked it over to monday, not surprising, so there really at the beginning. the prosecutors are committed to the theory that heat shot at her and with the specific intent to kill her. the defense says no, he picked up the weapon which was wrapped in a towel and it was a horrific
12:42 pm
accident. >> that's it. that's why we have juries. >> the idea that it was an accident might carry more weight if jose zarate was someone without a criminal rap sheet. >> it's as long as the state of california. >> it's become a lightning rod and seminar for legal immigration, illegal entry after deportation, none of that is apparently before the jury which is typical. they're not going to put that information there. at the same time, who knows? as you point out, it's a huge difference between somebody who's essentially a good citizen who might have had an accident versus someone who has a track record. that's not for the jury though. the prosecutors are spraying for the fences a little bit and i'll tell you why. you don't need to intentionally
12:43 pm
shoot someone. it could be a reckless, depraved -- >> why? >> go to casey anthony. they started to swing for the fences. prosecutors sometimes get a little bit overzealous. she gave the child chloroform, that's a felony, the child died, that's the same level as intentional killing. here, if the prosecutor for a lesson throttled a drop and said it's reckless and depraved, same level of court. >> we talk about the jurisdiction, how much of an impact is that? sanctuary cities, san francisco, very liberal area. might that because of the political overtones of this case tilt this to the defense? >> that's a really good point. of course, when we try cases, i'm not going to mention a thin
12:44 pm
thing. that's absolutely part of the equation. i think the big thing here, a little broken record is separating out and just deciding the case on merit. i said of the other day and allstate again, there is some mitigation here to work with. it's a tragic case, it's horrible that kate steinle died, but in a criminal courtroom, we have to determine what exactly happened. >> for the family, and has to be so devastating when you talk about the idea that may be annual to kate steinle, you mention, and the prime of her life or just be getting it really, so young, and every life is precious, but the idea that someone with a criminal rap sheet came into the country illegally, appeared to have killed her, and based on what you're saying, there's a chance the prosecutors will swing for
12:45 pm
the fences, may be overshot thi this, and may be a criminal walks free. >> again, my point being you can charge it in a way that gets you a higher percentage of success. the casey anthony case was a classic example. >> why would they do that? >> it's very hard to say, i don't want to get all cynical, but you talk about the case is a high media case, but who knows questioner prosecutors sometimes overcommit two things. to be fair to them, maybe they have evidence that there was an intentional aspect. i felt in terms of shop talk, it would make more sense to go with the depraved. >> there's going to be someone in the oval office tweeting if he walks. we appreciate it, doug burns, happy thanksgiving. >> we have a feel-good story for
12:46 pm
you. a homeless man used his last $20 to buy a woman gas after hearing tank when empty on the highway. now she's paying him back thousands of times over. the woman says she pulled over in i-95. that's on a homeless man named johnny came toward her. instead of asking her for money, he ended up walking to a gas station and using the last of his own money to help her out. she said she didn't have any cash to repay him, so she came back it, she gave him money, snacks, gift cards. then she set up a fund-raising page online for him and at last check, they raised close to a quarter of a million dollars for him. >> what a nice story on thanksgiving. some positive news. must go back to the swamp. the feds expected to make a major move that will affect everybody but you see on the internet. what it means for you straight ahead. >> that's a big one.
12:47 pm
and then come out ready, set, shop. if you're watching this right now, it might already be too late for black friday. speak out what time to jump to get here questioner >> i was here monday night right after work, i came here at 8:00. ce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol,
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12:51 pm
>> once you've had your fill of turkey, it's time to think about the big deals tomorrow. they've already started. >> i think today would be a big one. it seems like every year, people start lining up earlier and earlier. take a look at these shoppers in tampa. yes, there are tents outside of a best buy. folks were willing to give up some of their holiday to score some savings. that guy at the front of the line says he set up his tent on monday. >> the dinner and the holiday and everything like that, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get that price. >> forget about your family. he said he saved about $300 on electronics. there is always a cyber monday which is around the corner. >> i think you wait until the day after christmas and then you get an even better price.
12:52 pm
>> it you're right. i will say this, we are calling it great friday. people are shopping and they're doing it today. black friday is getting stretched out. it's cyber monday and thanks giving. >> meanwhile, the feds unveil a plan to strip regulations on internet service providers. that would affect searching on your phone, watching videos and nearly everything you do online. the chairman of the fcc announcing the commission will vote on the plan next month. carolyn live in washington right now. this is been very controversial. >> it sure has been. the one member of the fcc tells consumers there's still time to make a ruckus before the vote. net neutrality rules were put in place two years ago. and from nudging traffic to their particular sites. at supposed to be a way to keep
12:53 pm
little start-ups and libraries and schools and people without a lot of money from getting crushed by the big guys. big companies can afford to spend more money. without those rules, the fast lane for big business and the slow lanes for other sites. >> i think it's tragic for american consumers and it's shameful for an agency that supposed to be protecting consumers. >> the current head of the sec says net neutrality rules are getting in the way of the free market and haven't actually helped customers. consumers rather. the federal trade commission is there to stop any outside competition. companies won't invest in an industry that's overly regulate regulated. >> we need much more investments and networks and infrastructure to get these businesses to take the risks to build these networks, especially in rural america, you need to have light
12:54 pm
touch market-based regulation, not micromanagement from washington, d.c. >> the sec -- >> happy thanks giving. speak out the thanksgiving day parade in new york city marks a milestone this year. >> we look back at how it all started entry of the big highlights from today. ♪ d in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement.
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>> serving our nation overseas doesn't mean missing out on turkey. these troops stationed in south korea got a full thanksgiving feast. not the same as celibate and back home with their families, but a gesture of thanks for all of our soldiers. >> they deserve it. it's been 90 years since the first balloons floated at the thanksgiving day parade. >> it turns out that all of the animals that they had scared the kids. and 1927, they started experimenting with balloons. up until 1932, they let the balloons float away at the end of each parade. of course, today's balloons are too big for that.
12:59 pm
♪ >> some new additions this year, olaf from frozen and chase from pop patrol. people turn their eyes to the sky 90 years ago. >> olaf a big situation this year because frozen is coming to broadway in the spring here in new york city, so having olaf in the parade today was a big, big thing. >> we also saw something interesting, a candy cane flew away. ed popped and flew away. thankfully, nobody was hurt. do you know why they let the turkey in >> you've got time for one more. >> happy thanksgiving. thankfully the jokes are done. >> it's been a lot of fun working with you.
1:00 pm
happy thanksgiving. hope you get to spend time with her family. i'm going to go watch the cowboys game after this i think. >> neil cavuto is next. you will want to miss it. happy things giving everyone, five >> attention all shoppers, get ready for the rush. some of america's biggest retailers moments away from kicking off the holiday shopping season. stories are expecting a big boost from last year. we'll give an update on the calm before the storm, but first. time is ticking for congress to cut taxes. will you be giving thanks for more of your money in your own pocket? or looking at other turkey coming out of washington? hi everybody everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell and for neil cavuto and this is a special things giving addition of your world. we talk about a full plate, the senate getting ready to take on x


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