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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 24, 2017 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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we know what their gun-control laws look like, there aren't that many guns. we will wait to find out. >> you can catch "outnumbered" back here on monday, now to "america's newsroom." >> we begin with the fox news alert, police are responding to reports of shots fired in a popular london neighborhood. welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> melissa: i melissa francis, let's get to the news. benjamin hall is live in london with the latest on this changing situation, what can you tell us? >> this is the busiest day of the year, the busiest street in london and the busiest time of day. police responded to a call at four: 45:00 p.m., responding to reports of shots fired.
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very quickly, major evacuations have played, hundreds of people out into the streets. what we now gather is transport police and metropolitan police have said there's no evidence that shots were fired and that they were responding to a customer incident. the chaos that ensued in this busy part of london, has everyone's minds racing and thinking back to those numerous terror attacks be seen here. we gather that the incident moving forward, the tube stations and subway stations have reopened. taking absolutely no chances at the moment. when you hear things like this happening in london, you worry whether it could be another terror incident. they responded to this as if it were a terror related incident.
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such a busy street, such a busy time of day. reports of shots fired, people trying to find out if those reports are true or not. one minor injury as they were evacuating the building. back to you guys. >> leland: there is a long to-do list as we know and have been reporting, very short calendar for lawmakers in washington, congress returning to work next week with an agenda that will be tough to tax refor reform. they are dealing with a couple of scandals on capitol hill as well, perhaps a distraction. kristin fisher live in washington, first things first, give us that very long to-do list and the deadlines before the end of the year. >> the big to do are the spending bill and tax reform.
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congress only has a two weeks today to pass this to avoid a government shutdown. we are set in the deal, democrats like chuck and nancy may insist that a legislative solution for daca be included in that spending bill as well and i could really hold things up for president trump and what he really wants to accomplish with this tax reform. he will likely be voting next week on their version of the tax bill and later in the day, they'll be heading over to the white house for an oval office meeting with the president, where they will be talking about all of these end of the year legislative issues. tuesday is shaping up to be a very big day as we head into the final stretch for 2018. there is only about three weeks left. until new year's.
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>> leland: speaking of that meeting, that was when we got that huge deal last time, the president made a deal with chuck and nancy. we will see if that happens again. capitol hill, tsunami of sexual harassment allegations, al franken with his third statement, is not going to slow things down and distract folks up on the hill? >> it's tough to say how much it will slow things down, at the very least it is a big distraction in addition to republican candidate roy moore in alabama. democratic congressman john conyers of michigan accused of sexual harassment, that settlement allegedly funded by taxpayers. al franken of minnesota, two more women have come out since tuesday accusing him of inappropriately touching them during campaign events in 2007
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and 2008. the congressman responded last night by saying this -- we are learning that after all of these statements, the first time senator al franken is expected to speak publicly about all of these allegations on sunday. >> leland: kristin fisher in washington, good to see you. >> melissa: president trump planning to meet with top republicans and democrats in congress as they hope to strike a deal and divert a possible government shutdown that could come as soon as december 8th. how difficult will those negotiations be and what good to be the issues that trip them up? a commentary writer for the "washington examiner," thanks so much for joining us.
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you said it's not an exaggeration that the next three weeks could shape president trump's first term, what did you mean by that? >> i think the decisions that are going to be made are not only impacting congress going forward but impact trumps ability to get things done on capitol hill. if republicans don't finish tax reform, they are not going to have to anything to run on in 2018 i don't think voters are going to reward them with more majority. if they are able to get to the finish line without government shutdown, there is a possibility that they might have to add a daca fix. and finally if there is a government shutdown, if things do go dark, i don't know what's going to happen. there are a lot of pitfalls and not a lot of good options. >> melissa: you see the president obviously understands that, he is having this bipartisan meeting, he wants to make a deal.
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he is not necessarily that loyal to republicans, it seems like a real opportunity for democrats if they provided any bit of help, as unhelpful as they could be behind the scenes, they could get something. if you wear them, what would you ask for right now when they have all this leverage? >> i think something that looks like tax reform is going to limp to the finish line. the big issue for democrats now after they have that deal early on this year is daca, you already have elizabeth warren and kamala harris saying there is no deal for them if a daca fixes and included. i think they're going to run into president trump and the house freedom caucus who have locked arms on this issue.
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they want to see daca fixed not this year but next year. >> melissa: the president has signaled again and again that he is -- more interested in negotiations, trying to find some sort of fix on daca, that he has heart for these people. i think think you might've strn the item that maybe they get some movement on their end in exchange vote for tax reform. you know there is all different variations i can go on behind the scenes, may be daca is the most likely thing we see republicans give on. >> this president has shown tremendous flexibility when it came to some of his campaign promises. we are looking at politics, not necessarily who is on team read and team blue. maybe the president will be able to make that deal but if you are
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democrats right now, if you are looking to 2018, the best scenario for you is to be bipartisan and come next year, lose both the house and the senate. >> melissa: you are saying obstruct, obstruct which is certainly what they want to do. i don't know about that as much as when he gets in, he wants to find a deal -- a way to make a deal and get things done. the american public is fed up with people that don't get anything done. they are really jamming republicans into a corner, does it help democrats? a lot of voters just put all of them in the same group, establishment people who aren't getting anything done who need to be thrown out of office. >> it's easy to lump everyone
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into that basket, there is definitely anti-incumbent sensibility that we will see but one of democrats look to help republicans this year on major big-ticket legislation? they are frustrated with what's happening in the tax bill currently. if you are chuck schumer, i don't think you want to step across the aisle, you want to see him flounder. that's what we have seen from day one with the opposition in the democratic party. >> melissa: maybe there are democrats at the edges that want to help out. we will see how it plays out. politics are a strange thing, i'm glad it's not my business. thank you. >> leland: a terror attack in egypt has left at least 200 people dead, more than 100 wounded. officials say militants bombed mosque, opening fire on worshipers during friday prayers. it is the deadliest attack ever on civilians by islamic
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militants. live with the details, late in the night there, what do we know about this attack? >> this was not only a very deadly attack, this was also a very well-planned attack. according to reports where this attack was carried out midday, bomb reportedly went out outside this mosque, people began to flee and get outside and when they did run out of the mosque and out of the area, several vehicles full of militants began to open fire, shooting people as they were leaving the area. also began attacking and opening fire on emergency vehicles, trying to help people there in need. obviously it appears the people who carried this out had some sense of there wasn't much security in the area, there wasn't much security that was
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going to give to the area. they could sit there and not only carry out the attack but she people as they were leaving and coming and going. there's a real sense of this was a well-organized, sophisticated attack. nobody has yet claimed responsibility but it does have the hallmark of isis who have launched similar attacks in that region, this is something we are still waiting for some type of responsibility claim. all eyes and fingers are being pointed towards isis. >> leland: the past couple of years, it's become a hotbed for militant activity, the egyptian military has tried to go in and clean it out, how are they responding now? speak of the president has made his name as somebody who is tackling extremism. he is talking tough tonight,
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have a listen. >> the police will take revenge and bring back security and stability. this is our response. we will respond to this attack with extreme power, while confronting these terrorists. >> this is the type of language we've heard from other egyptian officials in the last few years. these attacks have been happening pretty regularly, there are regular attacks on police checkpoints and other villages, it appears the isis affiliate that has really taken root there is much stronger than egyptian officials want to acknowledge. they really have not had any success in battling and beating them back in that area. >> leland: strong words as you noted from the president of egypt. less strong words but no less heartfelt, we offer our condolences to the families of those killed and wounded,
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standing with the people of egypt against terrorism in the white house a couple minutes ag ago. there in jerusalem, thank you. >> melissa: the navy is calling off its search for three sailors missing at sea, they were on board a u.s. military aircraft that went down more than 500 miles off the coast of japan on wednesday. eight others were rescued shortly after the crash and are doing okay. live at the pentagon with the breaking developments. it's incredible that anyone survived this crash. >> of former navy pilot tells me it's a miracle that eight sailors were able to walk away after the crash with skill -- the u.s. navy called off the search last night for those three missing sailors following wednesday's crash hundreds of miles out at sea. the cargo plane is used to bring
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passengers to aircraft carriers at sea. it first entered service in the late '60s and is scheduled to be replaced in the next few years. the investigation is focusing on the possibility of an extremely with rare dual engine failure. the families and the names of those three missing sailors will be released tonight around midnight, i am told. >> melissa: we have seen a lot of service members lose their lives in plane crashes this past year, have a duty? >> we have. according to our research, the number of u.s. troops killed in noncombat plane crash as a this year. the number of u.s. troops killed in these combat crashes has skyrocketed by over 100% compared to this time a year ag ago. over the past three years, more than four times as many u.s. troops have been killed in training accidents than in
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combat. >> perhaps the greatest harm to our national security and military is self-inflicted. i repeat, self-inflicted. we are killing more of our own people than our enemies are in combat. >> he's called on the increase of over $26 billion to rebuild the military and fix some of these airplanes. melissa? >> melissa: thank you. >> leland: a little bit more on the decision to call off the search, our next guest explaining why we are seeing a rise in the number of military plane crashes in noncombat zones. also perhaps have to fix it. plus a shocking new details on the vegas massacre, but we are now learning about the ammo and of the crazed gunman in that attack. well, my parents met in texas, then they moved to washington.
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♪ >> melissa: investigators in las vegas releasing details about the deadliest mass shooting in modern history, we now know that the killer fired over 1100 rounds from his mandalay bay hotel room into the concert crowd below. they also said he had 4,000 more rounds ready to go inside that
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sweet. authorities had still not determined a motive or why he stopped shooting when he did. 58 people died in the concert attack back in october. >> leland: three families mourned the loss of their sailors in the crash of a navy supply laid out in the pacific, there are troubling new questions about the spike in the number of what the military calls crashes out of planes, helicopters, and ships killing more service members than those dying in combat. with us now, director of defense studies at the national center, good to see you as always. john mccain always a long time supporter of the military calls these self-inflicted wounds, agree? >> i agree 100%. just because you have the world's biggest, baddest military doesn't mean your equipment can't get holes. this plane that we are talking
10:22 am
about as the previous person pointed out, it was built in the 1960s. you can keep changing the oil and fixing the electronics but those engines are only built for so many thousands of hours of usage. think about all the other planes you use on a daily basis, think about the b-52 bomber, it was built in the 1950s. a lot of our airplanes have this problem. we are using a lot of old military hardware that hasn't been replaced. >> leland: if you think about it in terms of military readiness, out of commission, unable to provide protection, you've got half of the faa teens that are supposed to be able to fly, they can't even fly much less have bad safety records. who's to blame for all of this? >> i think the blame is on many
10:23 am
people in many different institutions. i think frustration took a hammer to the u.s. military, military budgets can become for many good reasons but when you take a hammer to it into there is no strategy involved because of the budgetary giving, that creates a lot of damage. keep in mind a lot of our sailors, marines are working hundred hour plus weeks in a lot of instances, getting tired. >> leland: that begs an important question, is there a leadership issue? you never want to take a knock at our military but if all of a sudden you have a situation where ships are running into each other in calm waters, clear skies and you have the head of naval operations saying we have a real problem, is it time for more heads to roll? >> i take a very different tack and i agree with the president. the president was talking so much about things like burden sharing, having our allies give
10:24 am
more, japan only spends 1% of its gdp on its defense. if our ally steps up to the table a little bit more, help us patrol in asia or deter north korea and china, some of these burdens could be passed on to them. i think it's something we need to have a discussion on in this country. we simply can't do everything. >> leland: to that point into the president's point, we've seen japan to step up their military spending, perhaps three redefining their constitution, speaking of the president, this is what he had to say yesterday as he met with members of the u.s. coast guard. >> we are building up wealth so we can take care of our protection and we are ordering tremendous amounts of new equipment, $700 billion for the military. they just kept cutting, cutting, cutting the military.
10:25 am
it was depleted. then now it's changing. >> leland: is not really changing? the defense authorization bill hasn't gone through, frustration hasn't been lifted. >> it's going to take time. if we have sailors, airmen, marines that are working these long hours, long shifts, mistakes are going to happen. that's why what president trump is done to push on our allies, to spend more and have more men and women out there on the front lines with us, the challenges that like i said, being a superpower, even superpowers have their limits. >> leland: john mccain saying the greatest harm to our national security and military is self-inflicted, we will see if the money flows a little bit better, appreciate you coming i in. >> melissa: president trump in florida as it we learn of new
10:26 am
developments. plus, senator al franken planning to address allegations this sunday. meanwhile took on more lawmakers dealing with accusations, how can congress curtail what seems to be a growing problem? >> one way or another congress is going to have to wake up and do something about this -- in hollywood and in congress, some of the worst kept secrets for a long time. s day 1. by day 28? years off your skin age. but don't take it from us, take it from one of the millions of real women already in the know it's not often you can say, you know i saw results right away visible results or your money back olay. ageless
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10:31 am
turkish president. we learned that lawyers of the president's former national security advisor are no longer sharing information with the president's council as the russian investigation files on. live in west palm beach, anything from the president or the white house about general flynn this morning? >> mum's the word from the president on general flynn, his former national policy advisor who in february forced into his resignation. resident trump and his family have spent three mornings here waking up in florida at their mar-a-lago estate and winter white house. the president did wake up around sunrise, tweeting out several agenda items, none of them today included any mention of his foreign policy advisor. first reported by "the new york times" ," general michael flynn, said to no longer be sharing information with trump's legal team about special prosecutor robert robert
10:32 am
mueller's probe. could it be nothing, jay sekulow gave us the short reaction "this is not entirely an unexpected, no one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about general flynn cooperating against the president. it's important to remember that general flynn received his security clearance under the previous administration. flynn is being investigated and some expect he will be indicted at any point for operating secretly as an agent of a foreign government. >> leland: big questions as to whether or not that will be related to his work for the trump campaign. the white house keeps saying that this is a working vacation for the president but it's not all work. we see the weather behind you. >> the weather is incredible, it's been about 80 degrees every day. there day in a row,
10:33 am
president trump is out at one of his golf clubs, presumably golfing the first to go days and definitely golfing today. he is expected to be making some phone calls while he is here through sunday in tcn around the country, trying to control the majority to vote for and pass the senate's big tax cut and tax reform bill. president trump really wants to send that in a law, that was a big campaign promise for him. also the president issued a very nice prethanksgiving message of the country yesterday, giving thanks to the military and first responders helping strangers and neighbors helping neighbors. today in a foreign policy phone call with the turkish president, talking about regional issues like isis and terrorism. this morning trump tweeted this in reaction to today's deadly attack, horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and
10:34 am
defenseless worshipers in egypt. the world cannot tolerate terrorism. we must discredit the extreme ideology that forms the basis of their existence. if you are a big-time golfer, here's an example of some days it just is absolutely incredible to be the president of the united states. as we speak or for the past four hours, president trump has been golfing with tiger woods and the number one golfer in the world, dustin johnson at trump's jupiter base trump national golf club about 30 minutes north of here. they should be heading back tomorrow lago in the next several minutes. had to be a pretty memorable day of golf. >> leland: you have to wonder when you are playing guys that are that good, a lot of questions for future report. >> i wonder if they just automatically intentionally shoot it into the stand. >> leland: if you are playing with the president, what is the
10:35 am
protocol on that? good to see you, my friend. >> melissa: minnesota senator al franken promising to speak to reporters this weekend about the sexual harassment allegations that are piling up against him. the lawmaker issuing another apology to his constituents as to call more women come forward accusing him of inappropriate conduct. frank and saying "i crossed the line for some women and i know that any number is too many. and let me say again to minnesotans that i am sorry for putting them through this and i'm committed to to regaining their trust. joining me now, former chief of staff to utah senator and president of the sutherland institute. we also have a democratic strategist and president of the advance group. there was another problem, another part of his apology this
10:36 am
time around that sort of struck me as he said "i've met tens of thousands of people and taken thousands of photographs, often in crowded and chaotic situations. i am warm, i hug people." he makes it sound like it's an accident. it doesn't often end up that their hands and up on someone else's private parts or squeezing. what do you think? >> i think the apology tour he is going on just isn't working. some women, i have no idea what that means. it clearly does not meet the status of what we should be talking about here. i think he has a long road ahead of him. this is not just about al franken, this is a broader issue that we need to be talking about as a country. we have to get comfortable having some of these uncomfortable conversations and this is just the tip of the iceberg. this is just the beginning. >> melissa: some people say
10:37 am
because he happens to be good guy guy on some other issues, people are confused. and i don't know if that's it so much as when you say you are on the side of women, you are a champion of women in foreign women's rights and then you are doing degrading things to women, the hypocrisy of it stands out and that's what breeds is so much oxygen in the stories, what you think? >> in the spirit of thanksgiving, this is truly and not a democrat or republican issue, there is bad behavior, whether it is good people are bad people. any inappropriate touching is inappropriate touching, there is no way to skirt around it. the problem is we are not just dealing with a cultural issue, we are dealing with a legal issue. the language of each of the statements, you get into not being able to have a candid
10:38 am
conversation about these real important issues. >> melissa: they are forced to respond in a way that's legal but for a normal human beings that read at this very artificial. they are right because that person was sort of forest to that for legal reasons. >> it went through 12 drafts. >> melissa: i've heard this from a lot of younger men, we don't behave like this, not all men think this way and feel this way and it's frustrating to have women up in arms. and feeling like all men behave like this when we don't. >> i think both political parties are facing a growing man problem, there are tens of thousands of men out there who are saying wait a minute, i don't want to be part of that.
10:39 am
they are tired of being treated like knuckle dragging neanderthals when again in the spirit of thanksgiving, we should be grateful for all of those men out there showing up to work, going to dance recitals and making a difference in their communities. they have nothing to do with the al franken's of the world. what's going on in congress, what's going on in hollywood is not going to solve it. scott knows this from his organizing ability, our politicians are not going to lead us out of this thing. it's culture and community and we can't separate the behavior from the principles anymore. we can't say this is just bad behavior so we need more regulation or oversight. >> melissa: i will give you the last word really quick, it's not just hollywood.
10:40 am
it's happening everywhere. >> it's a cultural issue. it's going to take each of us standing up and accounting for what is wrong behavior. >> melissa: thanks to both of you. >> leland: the search for missing argentinian sub reaching a desperate point. crews not saying there may have been an explosion on board, how much longer do those beneath the sea have left in terms of oxygen? plus, former national security advisor michael flynn's legal team cutting ties with the white house, what does that mean with the former general future? >> there's never been any indication that the president of the united states or anyone else within that circle has done anything wrong. if mike flynn did something wrong he should be held
10:41 am
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♪ >> leland: lawyers for formal national security advisor michael flynn telling the president's legal team they are no longer on speaking terms especially when it comes to theo russian interference in the election. the move may be a sign that flynn is or could be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. what are the legal implications, what can we learn from this piece of news? gentlemen, not unusual for defense teams to cooperate and not unusual for them to part ways at a given point. to you, is there anything we can read into this other than mr. flynn's legal team feels it is in their best interest to cooperate with the president's legal team? >> you can read a lot of things
10:46 am
into this, you can read that flynn is protecting trump who has possibly been labeled as a spy, somebody who has lied, somebody who maybe can't be trusted. maybe he's distancing himself in order to protect trump or you could think that perhaps he's going to be indicted as a spy. we don't know why or if he's cooperating with mueller in this investigation. >> leland: this morning especially, everybody seemed to point to this for whatever narrative they were most interested in. >> my whole career especially as a prosecutor for the most part, handling political corruption cases as a boss. this is the abc of the way you go about political corruption cases. they have flynn twisted into a legal pretzel, he is doa. they want to move up to higher
10:47 am
target. the president, his son, or jared kushner. i'm not saying we don't know that is -- >> leland: we don't know that it's any of them. they were indicted for something that had absolutely nothing to do with the trump campaign. things that michael flynn seems to have done as well. >> think about this, why would michael flynn who has the trump card, literally, walk away from him? the only reason you would do that is if you are on team usa because it is a conflict of interest to be working with the federal government and being part of the defense team, it's a no-brainer to me. somewhere, higher up they are using them for purposes of cooperation. >> leland: how is it that there is so much being read into this, saying no matter what you can't read anything into it, you seem to say that you are sure
10:48 am
that they are moving up the food chain. >> i don't think anybody knows where we are going. when manafort was indicted, it was on financial crimes. flynn had his own financial troubles with russia, i don't know that anybody suggested that trump or anybody in his inner circle has been implicit with flynn in any way, shape, or form. we are going to find out where this is going in the next few weeks. >> leland: that's what i keep trying to get at here, there is a lot of speculation that it could mean they are going up the food chain but based on the facts we have, there is no way to prove that, and certainly not beyond a reasonable doubt. >> part of what prosecutors do, of course we don't know exactly but remember in the beginning of this whole thing, flynn's lawyers did that unusual thing and reached out and said if you give me an immunity, we have an
10:49 am
unbelievable story to tell. every defense lawyer in knows you need to move up, not laterally. there is a lot of smoke here, a lot of loose ends are being connected, the obstruction charge, the interview with lester holt, a lot of contact with the russians and foreign nationals, the feds aren't interested in lateral financial crimes, they are looking to move up the campaign trail, in my humble opinion. >> leland: back where we began, if that seems to be the most likely scenario that bob just laid out, if you are the president's lawyers, you don't necessarily know what is happening. you are -- if you are the president's lawyers, what is your best move now? >> i don't know that there's anything he can do, you are talking about a historical case,
10:50 am
things have already been done and are already known and that have other individuals of already testified to. there is really nothing trump can do other than distance himself, watch for his son in law to not be prosecuted. you have to look at flynn, who is he protecting? is he protecting himself or protecting his son. give to build your evidence against him, if you feel he's going to testify against you, he is not to be trusted, he lied to the white house, no matter what's coming out of his mouth, he is not telling the truth. >> i will make a prediction, it very well may be that this campaign is completely chaotic and it would not be unusual that the person at the top of the campaign had no idea of the nefarious feather nesting that was going on with the underlings of his campaign. watch right now, you will hear them talk about a more chaotic campaign, in other words, he
10:51 am
didn't know. >> leland: we heard a little of those talking points from corey lewandowski as he talked about this this morning. appreciate your insight as always, we are watching. we'll be right back.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
>> melissa: the holiday shopping season kicking off with a bang, shoppers swarming stores
10:55 am
to cash in on those big black friday deals. but of course those brick-and-mortar stores faces some serious competition. live in chicago, what does it look like? it looks pretty busy. >> it is busy, in terms of swarming, this is kind of an aside to the national story on black friday. this is the third year in a row that demonstrators have been protesting against alleged police brutality and crimes in chicago. in years past, they've closed entire blocks of stores by standing in front of them and locking arms. today you could call it a nuisance. looking back to black friday, the past few years on mobile sales, last year, according to adobe analytics, consumers generated a billion dollars in sales on their cell phones alon alone. well known department stores like kmart and sears are bleeding. walmart this year is trying to
10:56 am
lure stores into its doors by offering some items significantly cheaper in the store versus online. i guess black friday in general is off to robusta start, $640 million have been spent online so far as of 10:00 a.m. this morning according to adobe analytics, with 61% of that on mobile sales. people are taking the convenient way out and buying stuff on their cell phones. >> melissa: that's what i'm doing. thank you. >> leland: she's been very busy over here during the breaks. that's what you've been doing. >> melissa: don't tell them. >> leland: we are back at the top of the hour. are you on medicare?
10:57 am
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if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. ask your doctor if 90 days of linzess may be right for you. >> leland: we have an all clear in london, there were reports of shots fired and that sparked a panic on black friday in london, one of the big busiest times of day and with the busiest times of year. police responding to the scene with weapons, saying they found no evidence of gunfire or anything suspicious. as you might imagine, reports of people running for cover in london's busiest shopping district. the underground station is back open. ♪
11:01 am
>> melissa: congress set to hit the ground running next week with lawmakers looking to pass historic tax reform and avoid a government shutdown, all while dealing with the growing sexual harassment scandal. welcome to an knew our inside america's news headquarters, i melissa francis. >> leland: great to be here, hope you're having a great black friday. president trump hoping a taxable will be on his desk before christmas. >> melissa: he will be meeting with senate republicans before tuesday as they get ready to vote on their version of tax reform. >> leland: kristin fisher from the latest from washington, at the same time, congress trying to get dealing with all these sexual harassment allegations. how big a distraction is it given how tight the calendar is? >> it's a huge distraction at a time when congress already had a massive end-of-year to-do list. in addition, roy moore down in
11:02 am
alabama, you have republican congressman joe barton dealing with that naked picture of him that appeared on twitter. you have john conyers who settled a sexual harassment claim with taxpayer funds. and then al franken of minnesota. two more women have accused him of inappropriately touching them during campaign events. the congressman weighed in last night say, i've met tens of thousands of people and taken thousands of photographs often in crowded situations. i'm a warm person, i hug people. some of those encounters, i crossed the line for some women and i know that any number is too many. so you have these congoing ethics investigations. you have the election for the alabama senate seat on december 12th. and of course don't forget, there could be more accusations against more congressmen coming before the end of the year. >> every day, there's a new
11:03 am
revelation you didn't expect to come out. the calendar doesn't change nor does the to-do list. they get back from thanksgiving break, go back to washington next week, clock starts. where does it go from there? >> before anything else, congress has to pass a short-term spending bills. it expires exactly two weeks from today. so on tuesday, president trump is going to be meeting with congressional leaders to figure out how to avoid a government shutdown. first, they have to agree on total government spending levels. that hasn't even happened yet. and then they have to write the funding bill for the rest of the fiscal year. and don't forget daca, democrats may try to use that for leverage. and then president trump's top priority, tax reform, promising massive tax cuts by christmas. so a lot to do and not a lot of time. >> thanks so much for covering it all for us. more on this, we'll bring in kelly jane torrance. thanks for coming in.
11:04 am
the last time there was the potential of a government shutdown, you had the big four, mcconnell, pelosi, chuck schumer, paul ryan all head to the white house and it was chuck and nancy as the president likes to call them, who walked away with a big win. are republicans in congress worried? >>. >> i think they are. we've heard the president plans to meet with all four of those people again next week. there's no word on whether he's going to meet with them all together and what days he's going to meet with them. but the fact is he is meeting with them. and with president trump, you never know quite what can happen. people were very surprised that he managed to cut a deal with pelosi and schumer the first time. and as the clock is really ticking now, it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks in washington. anything can happen. >> we know the democrats would love nothing more than to embarrass their fellow republicans in congress,
11:05 am
especially in some way embarrass the president or put him into a jam. is daca the place to do that. >> i think that's going to be a difficult one for the democrats to do because there's actually a very amount of bipartisan support on daca. even though immigration is a bit of a divisive issue within the republican party, the fact that these people are the young people brought in as children without their -- they had nothing to do with it. it's a very sympathetic group of people. and even top congressional leaders like paul ryan think something should be down for them. while immigration is a difficult issue, this is one area in which there's actually a lot of bipartisan support for this sympathetic group. and i'm actually not sure the democrats are going to be able to embarrass republicans on it. but i think republicans should use it as leverage and say, if you want this, daca, give us this this. and i think it's a perfect issue to use leverage on because it's
11:06 am
only going to be a win-win. >> the president tweeting about the terror attack in egypt at the same time saying, this is further proof we need the wall. and we've seen the wall and daca linked before. you might think of this as an alternate reality of the sexual harassment allegations with all the individuals on the list right now. potentially more, we've heard rumors there could be more congressmen which will become embroiled in this. and leadership says, oh, never mind, we're going to get all this done. is that an alternate reality view of the world or can they get through without this distraction? >> i think it's going to be difficult for them to ignore it because the democrats have been complaining about the character of the president and many republicans for months now. it's very difficult to characterize the president and others on character if they're
11:07 am
going to let someone like john conyers stay in congress. he used taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment claims it's incredible that democrats are not at all calling for him to step down. and we're hearing by the day, it seems like, more women coming out and saying they had a difficult time working for john conyers. he's an 88-year-old guy, one of the founders of the congressional black caucus. i'm reading stories that say democrats are scared to go after him. well, what's more important? the people who are supposedly powerful who are preying on other people or those people who are being preyed on? i think democrats really are really wrong if they think they can ignore this. the american people are tired of hearing about the democrats complain about character and then fine when it's someone on their side. >> so far it's worked for them. al franken saying, i'm not going to resign, he will address the
11:08 am
media on sunday. this is his apology version number three here. "some women have found my greetings or embracings for a hug inappropriate. i respect their feeling about it. some have found my greetings or embraces for a photo -- let me say to minnesotans i'm sorry for putting them through this and i'm committed to regaining their trust." put aside for a moment the ridiculousness of writing this all off to, i like to give people hugs and i'm a warm person. we'll put that aside for a moment and go with this. al franken was a powerful political voice for the democrats. they're protecting him. they continue to protect him. but is that going to sort of long term have a deleterious effect? not only is franken's voice lost but you have this big distraction of continuing until he possibly rescience? >> that's a great point. i hug a lot of my friends. doesn't involve any sort of
11:09 am
groping. ridiculous what he's saying. but al franken is one of the strongest voices in the senate on the democratic side. and he's one of the most hardest-hitting senators for the progressive side of the democrats. yeah, it's going to be hard for people to take him seriously and to listen to what he's saying without having to talk about these allegations. and of course what he did is not nearly as serious as what what someone like john conyers did. but the credibility of the democratic party is hurting right now. it's amazing to me we're finally seeing some people talk about, maybe we should have had bill clinton resign for what he did. i think things have really changed in the last few months around sexual harassment and sexual assault issues. >> and kristen had to walk that back after campaigning with them. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. new developments on the missing submarine in the
11:10 am
southern atlantic city. argentina's navy reporting there was an explosion in the area of the submarine's last known location. 44 crew members were on board and now their loved ones are losing hope. benjamin howell is joining the story live in london. >> and it just gets worse. experts say it is highly unlikely that anyone is still alive on that submarine, not just because of the explosion you mentioned but also because we are nine days into this now. and the oxygen on board that everything else will be running out. news of this explosion broke yesterday. it was picked up by an international organization. they heard it on the day the submarine went missing. it took them a week to analyze it. and it was the u.s. that informed argentina. despite this bad news, the search continues with more than a dozen international airplanes and ships participating. the initial search covered an
11:11 am
area of over 180,000 squares miles, an area larger than california. now the search is focused in the area where the explosion was heard. video is being released from on board the submarine. it shows a celebration from 2014 when it saw a refit. some founding members have said sailors were complaining about the state of the 215-foot vessel which was built in 1983. family members have reacted angrily after it emerged there had been a long delay before anyone was even told about the disappearance. that's bald argentine military protocol says to wait 48 hours before starting any search effort for any submarines launched at sea. the continental plate there drops off. so the depth of the sea starts at about half a mile and then quickly descends to three miles. 44 people on board now feared
11:12 am
dead. melissa? >> benjamin hall, thank you. a south african judge is now doubling the sentence of olympic runner oscar pistorius in the fatal shooting of his girlfriend. pistorius is facing more than 13 years behind bar after the supreme court after appeals ruled in the favor of the prosecutors. paul is live from johannesburg with the reaction on this. hi, paul. >> hi. even experienced trial lawyers here are shocked how much the judge have increased the sentence. the judge said the original sentence of six years was shockingly lenient and trivialized this serious offense. >> 13 years and five months. i hereby hand down the judgment. >> actually the judges had
11:13 am
wanted to give pistorius even more jail time, 15 years. but they took into account the time he's already spent in prison. the prosecution appealed the earlier sentence and today the judges agreed with their claims that pistorius had failed to explain why he fired four shots into a toilet cubicle where his girlfriend was standing. judges made the unusual step of joining the prosecution in asking if he claimed he believed there was an intruder in the house, why had pistorius not fired a warning shot. why fire four times and use a heavy handgun with armor-piercing bullets? >> the family of the victim saying they finally believe this is justice for their daughter. paul from south africa, thank you. melissa? meantime, a developing story overseas, hundreds of people murdered as terrorists storm an egyptian mosque during friday prayers. what we know about the attack and why this place of worship was targeted.
11:14 am
plus, a big development in the russian probe fueling speculation that mike flynn may now be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. the significance of this as reaction pours in from former members of the trump campaign. >> mike flynn did do something wrong, he should be held accountable. mike is not a bad guy. he served his country with distinction for a long time. but if he didn't disclose information and he wasn't honest with the fbi like anybody else, he should be held accountable.
11:15 am
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a texas man now under arrest, accused of killing a state trooper during a thanksgiving traffic stop. police say mr. black shot and killed trooper allen with a rifle in freestone county, texas, 90 miles south of dallas. black allegedly drove off after the shooting. police tracked him down more than 100 miles away. police are looking into what may have prompted him to open fire. >> department of public safety troopers, rangers are all professional individuals. they'll investigate this to its fullest complete and will be turned over to the local district attorney afterwards.
11:19 am
but right now, the main focus is taking care of the scene, taking care of the family. >> and this is the suspect who we are told now faces capital murder charges. it is a move that could signal cooperation with robert mueller's investigation into russian election interference. lawyers for former national security adviser michael flynn are no longer communicating with the white house legal team. a development fueling speculation that flynn may cut a deal with special counsel. let's bring in democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica tarlove and brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. jessica, what do you make of this? >> it's an indication that mike flynn may be cooperating with the mueller investigation now. it also may mean nothing. apparently this can happen in any case with so many people being investigated. but i would guess based upon the fact that we know that mike flynn was a foreign agent with
11:20 am
the turks, there was that story a month ago that he was potentially moving muslim cleric out of the u.s. to turkey for a $15 million sum, the role of his son during the campaign and what happened during the transition when he lied to vice president mike pence about past work that he had done, it would suggest that mike flynn might be running into the arms of robert mueller. >> brad, he could be cooperating but for many different reasons. to save his own skin, to help his son. it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the president. >> absolutely. and as a lawyer i will tell you that there are many times where the witness will want to cooperate but the lawyers will put the brakes on it. let's blame the lawyers on this one. and there's a reason for why the cooperation has stopped. but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's nefarious. it could just mean the investigation has taken a different turn. but protecting someone's personal rights, constitutional rightings are paramount for lawyers. and that's probably what we're seeing here. >> jessica, one of the biggest
11:21 am
problems that they would have with michael flynn right now would be his credibility, especially because -- obviously he's a very decorated soldier and so much respect. but then it comes down to the president releasing him because they said they no longer had confidence in what he was saying -- >> well, he was lying to them. and that's well documented now. and he's put vice president pence in a difficult situation as well. >> that hurts his credibility. >> it absolutely does. but that doesn't mean there aren't e-mails or communications that they might have access to that have nothing to do with mike flynn's credibility, they could just be factual. i think at this point they will take any information that they can get and i trust them to reliably parse out what is credible and what isn't. but we do know as well that mike flynn is very concerned about his son, as you mentioned. and this might be something that he's doing to kind of fall on the sword to make sure to protect his son.
11:22 am
>> brad, not for nothing, but is this another leak that we're hearing all these things? aren't we supposed to not know about all this? >> you would think that an investigation, especially one that involves criminality, should be secret. there should be no leaks. and mueller should get a handle on what's going on with his -- within his investigation. that's the fair way to deal with people that you're trying to get to cooperate or investigating. one thing is for sure. politician investigations' achilles heel happens to be perjury in every modern day investigation. the key here is for people to tell the truth. very rarely are they tried for the underlying crime. seems always to be perjury. >> jessica, great point, no? >> absolutely. and your discussion about the leaks, it doesn't help anyone or national security when we have such a leaky intelligence community, as it were. but that doesn't mean that michael flynn couldn't have been a key player in russian collusion within the trump campaign.
11:23 am
we have the picture of him at vladimir putin's table in 2015. so there's evidence to indicate some unsavory going on there. >> there does seem to be a lot of superficial dealing with this across the board. have we seen any evidence that the president knew anything about it? most recently we saw jeff session give testimony talking about the fact that the presidential campaign was incredibly chaotic and this seems to be a theme they're going to go with going forward. he said they often had no idea where they're going to end up during the day, that it was more uncertain and more all over the place than any political campaign he had been a part of before, that lends itself to the idea that he wouldn't necessarily know about all the people that he had recently hired and what they were doing behind the scenes to feather their own nest. >> no doubt about it. donald trump was an unconventional candidate what
11:24 am
ran an unconventional campaign. he spent next to nothing compared to his opponent, had a skeleton staff. there's no doubt that it was chaotic. but it got him to the presidency. we know through the investigations to date and even prior to mueller being appointed that nothing seems to have been untoward towards the president. and i have to believe that we would have heard something by now had it gone up to the candidate or the president-elect or the president himself. >> jessica, i doubt that democrats are going to buy this new narrative that we started hearing about a week ago -- >> the chaos theory? >> yeah, the idea that it was such an unconventional campaign, that from the inside, nobody knew what was going on, it was fast changing, quick moving. that would be a good defense in this situation. as much as democrats like to say that it looked like it was off the rails and just chaotic, they wouldn't like it hear it as a defense in this situation. >> no. i think they'll pick it apart even on the bad judgment front.
11:25 am
obviously this was a chaotic campaign. switched senior staffers constantly. you had paul manifort in and auto. i think kellyanne conway was integral to his success. democrats won't like that defense. i don't think the american public will. and i don't think bob mueller with. >> i don't know. certainly be interesting to watch, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> you as well. the u.s. navy calling off its search for three missing sailors in the pacific after their cargo plane crashed. what went wrong? plus, president trump touting big gains against isis. does he deserve the credit? >> we're very, very proud of you.
11:26 am
believe me, everybody in this country is watching and they're seeing and they're seeing positive reports for a change instead of the neutral and negative reports. it's all positive.
11:27 am
11:28 am
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holiday weekend. the u.s. navy calling off its search for three missing sailors missing since wednesday when their transport plane crashed into the western pacific. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with the latest. i think lucas can't hear us. that's pretty safe to assume there. we'll go back to him when we can. >> one of the things lucas will talk about is the difficulties the u.s. military is facing in terms of crashes.
11:31 am
president trump promising more money to rebuild the military. during a video conference with u.s. troops overseas yesterday, he also congratulated them for their progress made in fighting the islamic state. >> the fight against isis, it's coming our way. it's coming our way. big, big difference. a lot of things have happened. they say we've made more progress against isis than they did in years of the previous administration. and that's because i'm letting you do your job. >> former u.s. army intelligence officer andrew peek joins us now. specifically to this issue of isis, the president saying, i'm letting you do your jobs, the contrapositive of that, president obama didn't let you do your jobs. fair that he should get the credit for isis's downfall? >> i think he definitely in two respects contributed to the defeat of isis. i think first of all clearly
11:32 am
trump delegated more authority to the military. the former administration was notorious for micromanaging the military. the trump administration made the bold decision back in february to go ahead and empower the syrian kurds to capture raqqah, the islamic state's capital. i think trump genuinely deserves a lot of credit from that. >> does he seem to trust his military commanders' judgment and advice more than president obama did? >> absolutely. i think there is a legacy during the campaign of him enjoying talking about the military. he clearly likes how well it runs. the can-do attitude. i think one of the problems with the obama national security council was there really was nobody up there with significant
11:33 am
military experience after the first director had been fired, who was a four-star general. >> we saw the president when he met with the coast guardsmen. he was also on a video where he talked to troops mostly in the middle east, in afghanistan, in turkey. you see video of him on the secure video conference. in that conversation, he talked about how much better things were going to get in afghanistan and this is what the four-star general in afghanistan had to say in response. >> the new authorities that i've been given allow me to go after the enemy in new ways. so previously i could use airpower and close support of the afghan forces. now in working with the afghan government and complementary actions, we can go after all of the facets of the enemy operation. >> decode that for us. >> i think the commander in that
11:34 am
picture -- >> he was about to get fired at one point. >> who reportedly was on thin ice. i actually served with in afghanistan, he is a killer. he's one of the best generals this country has. i think what the president has done is to roll back some of the rules of engagement in terms of us taking on the taliban. our aircraft, coming to the support of afghan who are fighting the taliban, not just al qaeda. so the obama administration really wanted to make sure that we really, really only engaged militarily on certain targets like a.q.. and i think trump says, we need to win the war overall. >> makes sense if you take the gloves off, so to speak, you'll be able to inflict a lot more damage on your enemies. these are the same people who they dropped the mother of all bombs on, right? >> they are. >> and this is file video of what looks like the liberation of a number of cities by the kurds from isis. back to this sort of -- if we
11:35 am
tie this all together, the president vis-a-vis the military giving them a lot more latitude on other things as well? >> clearly one of the narratives that's emerged from in the first year of the administration has been that the top officials trump feels most comfortable with are the military officers who for a various of reasons. but there are other elements like trump bumping up the pentagon's budget, $54 billion over congressional limits. trump delegating more operational control to mcnicholson and genuinely enjoying allowing the pentagon taking control. >> but the pentagon has a big issue with what they call mishaps, what the rest of us would call plane crashes, helicopter crashes and ships running into each other. we just lost three u.s. sailors over the past couple of days in a crash. we've had other crashes, a lot of reporting out of the pentagon that half of america's f-18
11:36 am
fighter jets can't fly. and john mccain saying this is a self-inflicted wound. $54 billion, is that enough? >> i think there's two components to this. one is overall management of the pentagon which is always an ongoing issue. >> the president is the commander in chief. >> and he's only been there for ten months, though. this is the biggest agency with discretionary funding in the u.s. secondly, there is this issue of the u.s. navy pacific fleet which is a serious problem which has had event after event after event that's caused casualties. ships crashing, planes crashing. famously, the pacific fleet is looser run than the atlantic fleet which is closer to d.c. which is more tightly knit. so i think you'll see a cultural change out there. >> the commander of the 7th fleet was already sacked by admiral richardson and commander of naval operations. but in a larger serngs they will tell you, we've got issues but we've got sailors who are on
11:37 am
watch 100 hours a week, planes that were built in the 1950s far older than the people who are flying them. so is it really a cultural issue with the fleet or is it perhaps a larger issue of military readiness? >> well, i think you could make the argument, yes, that the ongoing operations overseas have diverted money from training and long-term weapons systems purchases that have hurt the navy more than any other service. i do think the pacific fleet just has a cultural problem right now. that's got to be segmented away from the other issues that plague the pentagon. >> melissa's got a lot more on just that issue. andrew, thanks a lot. good to see you. >> thanks. >> the navy is calling off the search for three sailors who were lost. lucas is live at the pentagon with the latest on this. can you hear us now? >> i sure can, melissa. >> oh, good. >> this is the deadliest crash for the u.s. military since a u.s. army blackhawk crashed off
11:38 am
the coast of hawaii in august killing all five soldiers aboard. the u.s. navy calling off the search for the three missing american sailors. following wednesday's crash hundreds of miles at sea while flying from japan to the "uss ronald reagan." the navy c-2 cargo plane is used to bring supplies to knave aircraft carriers at sea. it was scheduled to be replaced in the next few years. right now, the investigation is focusing on the possibility of an extremely rare dual engine failure. fuels and oil srs sources are also being examined. the navy is expected to release the names of the three sailors late tonight. according to our research, the number of u.s. troops killed in plane crashes spiked even before this latest crash wednesday. the number killed in non-combat plane crash this is year skyrocketed by over 100% compared to this time a year ago. in fact, just two days ago before the navy plane crash, an
11:39 am
air force training jet with parts from the 1960s crashed in texas killing one pilot and injuring another. a mechanical failure is also suspected. >> perhaps the greatest harm to our national security and our military is self-inflicted. i repeat, self-inflicted. we are killing more of our own people in training than our enemies are in combat. >> congress called for a $26 billion increase in the defense budget to rebuild the military and fix some of these airplanes. melissa. >> lukas, thank you so much for that report. terrorists launching a deadly attack in egypt and the number of victims in this is staggering. the latest on the search for the killers. plus, the holiday shopping season kicking off. melissa doing some online shopping on the breaks. >> don't tell them. >> how much are consumers
11:40 am
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terrorists killed at least 235 people in an attack on a mosque in the northern sinai peninsula. police say the gunmen approached on offroad vehicles opening fire in the middle of a crowded prayer service. militants tied to isis are suspected of carrying out this attack. on this black friday, new questions about how willing shoppers will be to open their wallets this year. a new analysis from "the wall street journal" of gallup polling finds that people are
11:45 am
more likely to believe the economy is improving if they voted for president trump, with the opposite being the case for those who voted for hillary clinton. and the data also shows that people believe -- may be swayed by where they live as well. let's bring in erik eriksson. what's your take on this? >> you know, it just goes to show how much partisanship has poisoned the well here. democrats used to lecture the republicans that the economy was improving. the same is true now. the economic has improved more now than it was when barack obama was president. but democrats think the country is on the downturn. it's ridiculous because they live in some of the thriving parts of the country under president trump. >> it does sound ridiculous. but at the same time, so much of the economy and shopping is about sentiment. you go out and you spend more for the holiday season if you
11:46 am
have the perception that you're doing better and especially that things are going to get better in the future and we're on the upswing, you feel more relaxed, you're looser with your wallet. so it is in many instances a self-fulfilling prophecy as people go out there and stir up the economy, no? >> yes, very much so. but particularly among democrats now, everything has become political. where you eat, what you -- >> i think you could say that about both sides. let me jump in there because it's just -- we don't want to blame one side or the other necessarily. you started out in the beginning by saying that democrats complained that republicans wouldn't give president obama any credit for any upswing in the economy. >> that's true. but among democrats in particular, even the polling shows democrats tend to view things much more politically than republicans tend to. they're much less likely to be surrounded by people of the other party than republicans are. so in times like this when washington isn't going in your direction, they tend to have a more negative reaction against
11:47 am
republicans. the polling has shown consistently that democrats view things much more partisanly. there may be an economic upswing. but because the democrats aren't in charge of it, they're less likely to ascribe credit to the opposing party. >> and a lot of people can't afford to be concerned about politics and who's getting credit and are really just focused on what their checking account looks like, how much money they have, how much they can afford for christmas, whether people in their family are employed. a lot of people in the middle of the country are feeling better about what's going on right now. we heard that forecast going into the last break that this holiday season could be up 3.8% over last year. what do you think that means going forward? >> well, it's great for these areas that were disaffected under president obama and voted for president trump. it looks like the economy is improving there. much of the economy over the last decade has improved in urban areas but not necessarily rural areas. it looks like there's a rural upswing happening in the economy. by the way, this is another
11:48 am
reason republicans should pass commonsense tax reform now because that will continue to get this economic ball rolling. >> that was one of the things the study found was that people in rural areas felt better about the economy right now. do you think that has to do with politics? is there something different going on there than going on in the city? >> i do think so. i think that a lot of people in rural areas in the country felt left behind over the last decade. tech jobs were going to the cities. major corporations moving into major metropolitan areas. but places like where i live in the middle of georgia didn't necessarily feel part of that economic upswing. now they're starting to as people are leaving cities and they're moving back into rural areas. but they're bringing money with them, shopping in local businesses in rural parts of the country. that's definitely being felt. >> what have you seen in your part of georgia? have you physically seen changes that make you think that business is coming to your area that wasn't there before or is it just a sentiment? >> it is sentiment but it's also
11:49 am
dshg for example, amazon is creating a fulfillment center in the middle of georgia. that will create thousands of jobs. >> that's tangible. erik eriksson, thank you so much. >> thank you. speaking of shopping, it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. so maybe you know someone who got up really early like these people or even hit the malls before the turkey was carved. that seems wrong. >> yes. >> but what everyone is standing in line for and we'll check in if there's anything left on the shelves. >> what time did you have to get here? >> i was here at monday night, right here i came here at 8:00. alright, off you go. casual fridays at buckingham palace? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico.
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the national retail federation predicting 69% of people will shop on thanksgiving weekend, this is if you include cyber monday. and 31% of the population are procrastinators like me. our fox business analyst is not a procrastinator and joining us live outside of target in north bergen, new jersey. hey, there. >> is that a legit number, 31% are procrastinators like you or are you trying to make yourself feel better? i'm not sure on that. >> both could be true at the same time. >> i can talk about that 59% number. that equals 164 million shoppers
11:54 am
expected to buy something this weekend. so if you talk about the entire holiday season according to the national retail federation, that's $967 that we are spending each. but i've got to tell you, the way we have shopped has completely changed. if you look at online sales and that might explain the lack of crowds that you were seeing in many brick-and-mortar stores, online sales this morning alone, according to adobe, were $640 million. and about half of that is happening on mobile. so we're sitting on our couches at the breakfast table buying on our phones. and somehow the brick-and-mortars with expensive retail and a lot of overhead had to lure shoppers into the stores. how exactly do you do that? deals. we're seeing deals on television as we do every year. the gaming consoles, you see hot
11:55 am
deals on those items. the big day is actually going to be cyber monday. so monday coming, $6.6 billion is expected to be spent online. that would be the busiest online shopping day we have ever seen. so moral of the story is, we are spending money, we're feeling more confident. stock market is at record highs, as you know. and all that is translating into sales so far. however, the way we do that is changing. so make sure your phone is charged basically. bottom line. on christmas eve for you. >> good advice on all fronts. thanks, lauren. melissa? history being made in finland when we come back. why a bakery's hot new item has lots of folks bugging out. my experience with usaa has been excellent.
11:56 am
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for me, it's only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs.
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11:59 am
a bakery in finland introducing a whole new kind of bread. the main ingredient, wait for it, crickets. each loaf contains about 70 of the chirping insects. according to the u.n., over 1,900 species of insects are used in food. the crickets make the bread rich with protein so if you're in finland, you might want to hurry. the bakery has a limited amount. i'm sure they're going to sell out. >> yes, before i get there thankfully. >> that sounds horrible. i'm sure it's a delicacy.
12:00 pm
i don't want to offend anyone who loves that. but you can have my share. >> mine, too. there you go. great being with us. have a wonderful cocktail with your dad. >> thank you. >> that does it for us. >> ed henry is in next for shep. is michael flynn about to flip? his lawyers have reportedly stopped sharing info with president trump's attorneys. legal experts say it's a sign flynn could be cutting a deal with the special counsel in the russia probe. president trump heading to capitol hill next week as senate republicans try to pass his tax plan. and democratic senator al franken apologizing after four women accused him of groping them. but he's apparently not planning to resign. and word uber's new ceo also covered up that hack of more than 50 million people's personal info. that's all ahead this hour. i'm ed henry in for shepard


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