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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 24, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> greg: that's amazing. >> jesse: so amazing, didn't leave any time for your show. julian: i have two things >> greg: we will see you back. "special report" up next. >> islamic terrorism strikes, killing more than 200 people. president trump talks turkey. the country, not the food. plays golf with tiger woods. as black friday brings out the shoppers, we look at the battle for customers between traditional stores and e-commerce. this is "special report" ." good evening, welcome to washington. i mike emanuel. we will hear from bret baier a little later. militants attacked a crowded mosque in egypt's sinai peninsula today. the death toll is in the hundreds. it is the worst massacre ever of egyptian civilians by islamic militants. president trump calls it a horrible and cowardly attack.
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egypt's president vows that terrorists will not go unpunished. correspondent conor powell is following the story from our middle east newsroom two hello, conor. >> mike, in the last few hours, the egyptian military has launched air strikes in the sinai desert, the first of what's expected to be a series of military responses. today's attack in egypt's northern sinai province appears to have been as well-planned and sophisticated as it was deadly. more than 230 people were killed after militants detonated a bomb outside a mosque in the small village of beer hall -- some 40 militants in trucks open fire, killing dozens more. egypt's president al-sisi who seized power in a promise of restoring column to the country appeared on state tv tonight and from the security forces respond
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forcefully. >> the military forces and civil police will take revenge for our martyrs and bring back security and stability with force in the near future. this is our response. we will respond to this attack with extreme power when confronting these terrorists and infidel sons. >> while president donald trump tweeted his support for egypt and used the attack to press for tighter security at home, saying, quote, we have to get tougher and smarter than ever before and we will. need the wall, need that man. today's attack is the deadliest egypt in modern history and it follows a significant increase in militant activity. for three years, isis affiliated group has launched a wave of violence, targeting both small security checkpoints and large religious sites, including the coptic christian community. the site of today's attack appears to been chosen not only
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for its remote location, but also because of the sufi muslims, who worship there. >> the sufi pluralists are anti-fema to the hard-core isis and isis types. within sunni islam, the sufis are the mystics, the poets, the most tolerant. >> president el-sisi has promised countless times to project a egyptians on extremism but delivering the promise has been proven to be far more difficult. conor powell, thank you very much. there were some very tense moments today in london as a popular transit station was evacuated at the reports of gunfire. shoppers in one of the busiest areas scattered and panic while commuters from the oxford circus subway station ran into stores for cover. after an hour, police say they found no signs of gunshots, suspects, or casualties. business and pleasure today for
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president trump at the winter white house. the first stalker, golfer teed it up with woods. he also discussed matters with the key ally. >> president trump once again beginning his florida learning this long things giving holiday weekend tweeting. this time about foreign policy. will be speaking to present her to -- i will get it all done, but what a mistake in lives and dollars to be there in the first place that $6 million figure comes from the institute of international and public affairs, accounting for the expect of wars, long-term medical -- nation-building. president erdogan and president trump discussed recent development in restaurants russ
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-- eight different region for the >> geraldo: administration to work with >> who have an interest in closing that file with israel so there could be altogether in the middle east with the united states against the new threat, which is the jihadist and iran. >> wants the president and congress returned to washington next week, not only is president trump meeting tuesday with the big four congressional leaderships, mcconnell, brian, schumer, pelosi, to avoid a december government shutdown, trump will also attend a senate geo tv policy launch that same day. and before the night of thanksgiving had passed, president trump again showed no thanks for obamacare. tweeting out one final thanksgiving dig. obamacare premiums are going up, up, up, just as i have been predicting for two years. obamacare is owned by the democrats. and it is a disaster.
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but do not worry, even though the dems want to obstruct, we will repeal and replace right after tax cuts. and there is some pleasure on this white house described working vacation. today, it happened about 30 miles north of here at trump national golf club in jupiter. and what a for some it was on the links. president donald trump golfing with tiger woods, dustin johnson, the current number one in the world, as well as pga brad pro -- the white house would not let the media shoot any of it. in the and that, we had no idea who had the lowest score. we could probably surmise who did not. mike? >> mike: did he get to drive the cart? >> they wouldn't let me. >> mike: phil, many thanks. it looks like a major development tonight in the rush investigation. there are signs that key figure might've decided to cooperate with the special counsel. chief washington correspondent james rosen has details. >> fox news has confirmed that
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robert kellner, the lawyer for former white house national security advisor michael flynn has contacted several attorneys engaged with the special counsel, including those resenting president trump, to tell him, as was first reported in "the new york times," that flynn's legal team can no longer share information with that council, a step widely interpreted that flynn, not yet facing any formal accusation of wrongdoing, is ready to cooperate with prosecutors. >> he also has a son being investigated. this might be one of the situations where the father might want to favor the sun. when you take a look at charges, when you're failed to register as a foreign agent, that he didn't claim money that he received from russian entities, he certainly has some issues. >> j cycle, member of the trump legal team, the prospect of flynn entering a legal plea is not expected, no one should draw any conclusions about general flynn, operating against the president. indeed, the trump team will likely derive on his lobbying on
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behalf of turkey, not anything relating to russia. a former prosecutor to come in predicted defense counsel will try to show that he lied on federal forms and elsewhere. >> to put them against the witness stand against those charges, they will need real corroborating evidence supporting his testimony going forward if he agreed to cooperate. >> the president's lawyer say confidently that the record now in the hands of special counsel mueller will provide no support for any allegation that flynn might make towards russia. but the flynn comic mueller team could not overlook the yahoo news report that quoted flynn telling supporters in may that president trump had called him 5 and urged him to "stay strong." mike? >> mike: james rosen in washington. james, thank you. the people who keep track of such things that 164 million americans dead shopping between things giving and cyber monday, but where you shop and how a bombing a dramatic rate.
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matt finn from chicago's magnificent mile tonight on the struggle between the new and old ways of doing business. >> for decades, customers have camped out in front of or fought their way into stores for extreme once a year deals during the infamous post-thanksgiving shopping day known as "black friday." >> happy thanksgiving! [cheers and applause] >> but it seems like the sun might be setting for traditional black friday for brick-and-mortar stores as an increasing number of shoppers hopped online instead of waiting in line for a door buster deal. >> all probably shopping online at least 90% this year, tempers and in stores. there is traffic, there's crowds, there's waiting in lines. i can get it done in about 30 seconds. >> i can do it 11:00 at night sitting in my bed. >> is serving for the national retail federation, this year 59% of shoppers plan to shop online. the first time the web is the most popular choice. last year, in 2016, consumers generated a record $1 billion
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from this convenience of their cell phone. perhaps the greatest recent attack on brick-and-mortar sales is the growing option of extreme deals once reserved only for friday morning. cyber monday now offers big online deals on the monday after thanksgiving. and some major retailers like walmart and websites like amazon now begins sales days or even weeks before thanksgiving. >> the black friday sales start, you know, the sunday, saturday before black friday, they continue all the way through the week. things giving dates itself is busy. you can just get online. >> still, in the midst of a historic holiday shopping transition, experts and choppers agree there is still a demand to buy and return in stores. >> i think it's a lot more fun to shop in stores especially on black friday. it's a whole different experience. >> we have not found that what the hybrid of brick-and-mortar is. there is a need for both. people like to return stuff to stores immediately. that's when the biggest shopping
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day of the air for the store is november 26th. >> the holiday shopping season in general off to a promising start. shoppers spend $640 million online alone by 10:00 this morning according to adobe analytics. more than half of those purchases were made on people's cell phones. mike? >> mike: matt finn in chicago's magnificent mile. many thanks. markets traded for a half day today. the dow gained 32, the s&p 500 was up five. nasdaq finished ahead 22. those left two our record closes. up next, bret baier takes us to the dealer militarized zone were north meets south korea. one of the most tension filled places in the world. you will go there when we come back. (♪)
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>> mike: earlier this week, we should do dramatic video of a north korean soldier defecting to the south. the images show and jeep traveling on a road that connects the two countries. inside, at 24 year old identified only by his surname of oh passes the checkpoint and keeps going. the car is eventually disabled. oh travels on foot as north korean soldiers fire at him, hitting him five times. south korean troops then crawled to him and dragged his body to safety. during president trump's recent trip to asia, my colleague bret baier was at that very sight. here is his report. >> no dictator, no regime, and donations should underestimate ever american resolve. >> the united states, the ringleader of the division of our people and the brain obstruct or to the reunification, should stop
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anti-north korean sanctions. >> bret: for all of the tension, all of the intense rhetoric, and provocative action... >> they will be met with fire and fury. like korean has never seen. rocket man is on a suicide mission himself and for his regime. >> whatever trump expected, he will see a response above that. we will control the mentally deranged u.s. dotard with fire. >> bret: the standoff between north korea and the rest of the world. there is one place where the u.s. and north korea see eye to eye. or at least, face-to-face. the demilitarized zone, the dmz, marking the border between north and south korea. and the armistice agreement struck to pause the korean war. >> i think we always operate at a higher level, the u.n. agency,
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just because it is a pretty strategically important area. and so based on what's going on outside of our area of operations, nothing really changes for us. we are always ready to, you know, follow the intent of what the chain of command above us asked us to do. everyone wants to avoid the worst possible scenario. so even the propaganda, i would say, has been pretty minimal and it hasn't been overly tense. >> bret: just a few feet from here is north korea. this is the dmz. the demilitarized zone on this side, the south koreans, the u.s. control. just a few feet from here, the north koreans. there has been to medication between the two for many years. they would have a phone they pick up and they'd answer it on a north korean side. but they stop answering in 2013. so now south korean troops,
3:18 pm
every day. they stand here on point. if there is a message to deliver, they go right to that line, the concrete barrier. that is the line with north korea, they yell the message to the north koreans. at which point, they are videotaped. that is the only communication back and forth. >> from that building, we have a hotline. we can see the wire dragged across to north korea. it's a ring down phone. it works. we test it four times a day. >> basically, you pick it up, it rings there. >> yes, sir. they are not answering right no now. >> the state department was up there one time. i was talking to one of their delegation. i just said i'm a backbone like that. went back to washington, d.c., sending us the batman sticker. so the bat phone it is. as a matter of fact, we will do the med midday check right now. [phone ringing]
3:19 pm
>> no answer? >> i was hoping they would answer, but my mom would never live it down. when they don't answer it, we have to come down to the border here. we put toes on the border there and we shout the messages at them. more times than not, they will come down and video record the message. they aren't getting by answering the phone. so it makes sense to somebody in north korea. >> it's kind of a strange process? >> after six and a half decades, we reduced it to a very elementary level. and that is just to sustain this place as a place that is open for communication and dialogue. however, having been general officer talks of here since 2009. there haven't been staff officer level stalks since 2013. >> we see the borders are presented by the white states, it's the latter mdl, military demarcation line. you notice there are no fences, there are no fences on this to factor border across the entire
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peninsula. the only offenses are in the southern boundary, the northern boundary of the dmz which we pass through first coming up here. so really, this is quite an open area. nothing physically keeping somebody from just walking from the other side. >> but if you did... >> they would probably get shot. >> bret: it's estimated there are still some 2 million landmines along the border on north korean side. and he was commander say some 70% of the north's military is positioned along its southern border, along the dmz. >> as we look out here, 180 degrees, this is all north korea? >> absolutely. the way that we are located right now, we are essentially surrounded on three sides by north korea. so the jsa, joint security area, it juts out kind of like a finger into north korea. and so, we are under pretty strict observation at all times.
3:21 pm
>> yeah. he has not stopped looking at us. >> i don't think he will. >> what's the music here? >> that's north korean propaganda coming from the north korean village. you may have seen the flagpole heading up here. >> what is it, a song, we're supposed to like north korea after we hear it? >> absolutely. oddly enough, they both had propaganda broadcasts from the other side. it stopped in 2004. but in 2015, there was a provocative land mine that was sitting up here and it blew off two of the first infantry division soldiers' legs. ever since then, both sides have been pumping propaganda again. it can be a lovely music like this for it can be, you know -- the speeches. north korea plays at about 20 hours a day.
3:22 pm
>> 20 hours a day? >> on our side, we do 2-3 hours per day. it can be anything from news broadcast, k-pop, stepped out one time and they were playing radio free america. i stepped out to bon jovi. >> wow. if you needed a fox news alert, just call us. >> right on. you've got it. >> bret: the sound you hear? that south korean music. propaganda, essentially, being blasted back into north korea. north korea right over my shoulder, the mountains in the distance? it's estimated that north korea has about 15,000 artillery pieces position in those mountains hit in if the u.s. where to attack north korea in just seconds. those artillery pieces would be rolled out and they fired. their target? 25 miles this way? seoul. video of north korean artillery tests tells the story. those 1500 artillery pieces aimed at seoul are the main
3:23 pm
considerations and limitations to even small targeted u.s. military action in north korea. which brings us back to the time-honored tension in the dmz. the arcane maneuvers. the spectacle of both sides bringing tour groups to stare at the opposing country. >> so they have a tour going on right now. they are waving at us. and so what is that? >> there is just a commercial tour. it is very likely made up of... i can see some westerners there. i can also see some asian folks. and a lot of chinese visitors. they will often have north koreans come. a lot of times, they are party officials and party members. even american visitors not associated with the government and military prior to september 1st, the travel ban, american visitors would go over there.
3:24 pm
in fact, my counterpart over there is called major lun, the kid speaks better english than i do. >> is that right? >> yeah. i think he had a american teacher. >> negotiations that have not been used for that purpose in more than four years. >> in february of 2013, north korea did their third nuclear test. and there was a whole bunch of sanctions laid on. and so sort of in -- >> protest. >> parts of the sanctions, they just, you know, they were very verbose about ripping up the armistice and all the agreements that came after the armistice. >> one was the last time north koreans were in here? >> for this meeting, it was may of 2009. however, the north koreans are in here every day five or six days a week with tours. so much like we have in here right now, we lock the north side door and we'll bring visitors to this area. >> if they come down, they lock
3:25 pm
the south side door. and it's their deal. >> that's it. >> technically the line right here it is at this table? >> that's it. yes, sir. you follow it out the windows, you see the concrete block that you were mentioning outside? that is dividing the joint security area seems right around 1976. >> i really believe it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that is good for the people of north korea and the people of the world. >> so standing in north korea? we will be right back with "special report" after the brea break. ♪ and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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>> mike: law enforcement officers in texas are mourning the death of a colleague tonight. the state trooper damon allen
3:29 pm
was shot and killed yesterday on thanksgiving about 90 miles south of dallas during a traffic stop. police say debrett black killed him with a rifle as he walked away from his vehicle. black fled the scene, but was arrested later. minnesota democratic senator al franken admits he crossed the line in the wake of more groping allegations. franken says in a statement that he is a warm person who hugs people. he says some of the woman found his greetings or embraces inappropriate and he respects their feelings. a total of four women have made accusations against franken. franken, of course, made his name as a writer and comic performer. many of his colleagues have made fortunes in other professions. tonight, correspondent ellison barber looks at where some of the money is in the halls of congress. >> my fellow citizens of the world... >> preserve, protect, defend...
3:30 pm
>> mr. president, any final thoughts to the public before you leave office? >> d.c. is a place where history is made. >> god bless the united states of america. >> and revered. there is power. >> on my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets. >> three of the five richest counties are in the suburbs of d.c. but what's it like for these guys? there are 535 members of congress. 435 in the house, 100 in the senate. rank-and-file members make $174,000 a year. but most have or had other jobs. >> i lost two legs and a finger disposing bombs. >> i became a doctor to help people. >> first as a district attorney of san francisco. >> i was starting to invent things. >> according to data from 2015 filings recently analyzed and released by the center of responsive politics, congressman
3:31 pm
darrell isaiah is the richest member of congress with a estimated network of $30 million. the california republican found a company called directed electronics in the '80s, became one of the biggest manufacturers of antitheft car devices. after issa comes jared polis with an estimated net worth of $313 million. then it senator mark warner with 238 million. the virginia democrat invested early in cell phones. >> you turn off your cell phones when the speaker is speaking, forget about that with me. you can turn them back on. you hear an annoying sound? i hear, ka-ching. >> seven of the top ten are democrats. when it comes to the poorest, five are democrats, five are republicans. republican david validator of california is reportedly the poorest, $24 million in debt. he is a dairy farmer and has a
3:32 pm
number of loans for land and farming equipment. he once told the "los angeles times" and financial to close a report which members of congress are required to fill out don't always give an accurate representation of a member's wealth. the responsive politics regular... releases this analysis because they say it matters. people should know if these elected officials have ties to industries receiving government contracts. my? >> mike: ellison barber here in washington tonight. ellison, thanks. we take a look at major information infrastructure issues throughout the country. known for devastating flooding that has a $10 billion plan to do something about it. >> living in this area, storm surge is a humongous threat. >> ariel stenson gives right off of galveston bay in texas where she was during hurricane harvey. so living out here, there's really no way to go? >> no. if you don't evacuate, there is no way out.
3:33 pm
>> she took this drone video of homes and neighborhoods flooded. >> it was a crazy panic feeling because there was water all around us. >> water all around. it's become a regular occurrence for towns along galveston bay. which had been flooded multiple times over the past 20 years. the problem is the tip of galveston island. galveston bay is actually open and exposed right here to the gulf of mexico. meaning during a storm, all the storm surge from the golf makes its way unimpeded into galveston bay. and it doesn't just threaten homes and neighborhoods. the bay actually funnels into the port of houston, endangering a major population center. as well as houston's oil and petrol chemical infrastructure. >> water is a hugely powerful force. >> some say houston has to move out of the way of that water. this man wants to move that water out of the way of houston. so your idea is to limit the amount of water here that can
3:34 pm
get into galveston bay during a storm event? >> absolutely. then causing significant impacts further up. >> colonel lars that a strum is -- is proposing building two giant movable gates as storm surge barriers. it's similar to ones in the netherlands that protect rotted import from the north sea. it's approved by congress, the gates would be open for ship traffic, but would close during big weather events like harvey. >> these are massive structures. >> absolutely. they would be gigantic structures. in the case of the structure that's being proposed here, it would be the largest navigating structure in the world today. >> the total cost would be $10 billion. but to stimson, it would all be worth it. as long as you don't have to worry about water ever again? >> absolutely it's worth it in the end. it's going to cost a lot of money in the beginning, but it's going to save a lot of lives.
3:35 pm
>> it's also going to save a lot of infrastructure. on galveston bay, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> mike: next optimal hour whatever happened to the series looks at the greek financial crisis. it's what's inside the person who opens it. ♪ give ancestrydna, the only dna test that can trace your origins to over 150 ethnic regions- and open up a world of possibilities. save 40% at the lowest price of the year! ends monday. -ahh. -the new guy. -whoa, he looks -- -he looks exactly like me. -no. -separated at birth much? we should switch name tags, and no one would know who was who. jamie, you seriously think you look like him?
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wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. well, you're not the typical kind of candidate that i hire, but you are exactly what i'm looking for. [narrator] your company could be missing out on the candidates it needs most. learn how to find a great pool of untapped talent at >> mike: tonight, we bring you another installment of our series, "what ever happened to." what ever to greece and the bailout? clara, your answer tonight from amy kellogg. >> this athens tour bus operator does not wear a rose tinted shades. after a crisis that hit boiling .2 years ago, he says greece has finally turned a corner. >> this year, things surrounding greece earlier, they are getting
3:39 pm
better day by day. >> tourism is greece's strongest industry. the end of protest means is the return of tourist and large numbers. greece is good value. competitor destinations like turkey and egypt feel increasingly less secure, making greece more attractive. hotel owners are positive, but say the increased taxes that came with the bailout mean that while business is good, profits are still hard to come by. >> it's not easy. and i mean it when i say we are not going to be making any money. but we have seen the bad scenarios in other sectors, so we are happy we made it that far. >> greece has come a long way from the scenes a few years back red socialist prime minister alexis empress had to do a u-turn on his -- mandated by the >> and greece is finally in a state of growth, i'll be at around 1%. one in five are still officially out of a job, there's been significant brain drain.
3:40 pm
greece is finally able to borrow money this summer on international markets. like those in tourism, economic experts are trying to stay positive. >> greece, we see europe as a bright future. i think it was marked from them not to exit that europe in the 2015. a long time without greece. greece was able to go back and borrow on the market because it's part of the euro zone. >> it's been said that greece was the first big crisis to the european union had. since then, brexit and catalonia may have eclipsed the greek tragedy as greece slowly pulls itself out of the doldrums. in milan, amy kellogg, fox news. >> mike: amy kellogg on the quick recovery. the prison sentence for former olympic runner oscar pistorius has been doubled. south africa supreme court of appeal made the ruling today. pistorius was convicted of murder in the death of his
3:41 pm
supermodel girlfriend. his original sentence of six years was mocked as shockingly lenient by the court. his new sentence is 13 years and five months. he will be eligible for parole in 2023. zimbabwe's new president is vowing to hold democratic elections next year. -- the new president is promising to tackle corruption and reach out to the world. up next, the panel on president trump's messages on the day after thanksgiving. ♪
3:42 pm
from our family to yours... may all your wishes come true this holiday season.
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>> they have flynn twisted into a legal pretzel. he is doa, done.
3:45 pm
they want to move up to a higher target. in my mind, only three higher targets. his president, his son, or jared kushner. >> flynn has been possibly labeled as a spy, someone who has lied to pence, someone who may not be trusted. maybe he's doing this himself in order to protect trump. >> people like paul manafort, they should be held accountable. there is no culpability, liability to the president. >> mike: with that, let's bring in our -- charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post." and nicholas johnston, editor-in-chief of buy axios. it means you are worthy, which means you are worthy to be on the panel. welcome to all of you. "new york times" headline today, let's take a look at it. a split from the trump indicates
3:46 pm
that flynn is moving to collaborate with mueller. >> this is classic, we've seen people on the campaign, manafort, papadopolous, the investigation has moved into the white house. my friend's son is involved. that might be a motivating thing that flynn is thinking about, how we can make a deal with mueller to protect his son. >> chuck, what you read we are getting out of the mueller probe? we are getting little bits and pieces, but there's plenty we don't know, right? >> it's moving quickly at this point. i have a feeling that if you look sort of below trump, who is the highest ranking figure in at all? i would have to say mike flynn because he was the national security advisor. he actually had a cup of coffee in that job. whatever there is going to be to get, most of it might come from the cooperating testimony of somebody without higher rank. >> a key national security
3:47 pm
republican on the hill has his concerns. let's take a listen. >> i don't know what to make of it. it may be minor. it may be big. it's hard for me to tell by this day by day play. i'm concerned of the leaks coming out of the special counsel. doesn't mean this information was irrelevant. at the same time, americans need to step back and say and trust in the special counsel getting the information he needs and we are going to find out it may not be as quick as everyone wants. >> sarah, your thoughts we are on the mueller probe and what congressman is saying about it? spiegelman director -- that was the end of the email probe. they interviewed hillary clinton a few days later. they shut down the investigation. we do know, through leaks or because of the defense attorneys being notified, some of the high-ranking people in president trump's orbit are starting to go into interviews. that could very well signal the investigation is indeed winding down.
3:48 pm
also, it could mean that mueller and his team finds out new information from those interviews and goes down different line of inquiry. there's really no way to tell exactly where we are. >> things are so polarized these days that people say this is the hugest nothing burger out there and other people say, it's getting close to the president's inner circle. matthew, you're read? >> it is getting close to the president's inner circle. manafort, gates indicted for --dash papadopoulus indicted for -- michael flynn under investigation for a number of things, including lying for turkey. the special counsel, the investigations are about russian collusion with the trauma campaign. we still have not seen evidence of that from the mueller probe. >> we are going to talk turkey as well. let's take a look at the presidents wheat from earlier today on turkey saying we will
3:49 pm
be speaking to president erdogan of turkey bringing peace to the mess i inherited in the middle east. i will get it all done. what a mistake in the lives and dollars, $6 trillion to be there in the first place. that's $6 trillion figure, the one president trump references, appears to come from a november 8th "wall street journal" story on a new study which calculates the cost for the post 9/11 wars and afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, syria, about $5.6 trillion. matthew, is this a sign the president would like to basically get out of the middle east region? >> i think we have plenty of signs that's the case, right? trump twitter is the authentic president. you get the real insight into what he's thinking. of course, the problem with extricating ourselves from the middle east is we are in the process of doing it especially now that victory over isa seems imminent is that we are no longer in the driver's seat. right now, it is the saudi's and the crown prince there, the
3:50 pm
iranians, and vladimir putin dictating events in the middle east. that leaves america, i think, in an exposed position. >> what are you hearing from folks over at the white house about president trump and the middle east in the stage? >> that would expend the timing of president trump talking to erdogan, focusing on the middle east right now during the thinks kevin holliday is that vladimir putin in russia, the iranians, and holiday right -- they are hammering out a peace deal that does not involve u.s. input and that keeps bashar al-assad in power. that's not something the u.s. wants. that could explain why president trump is focusing on it. right now, he's reportedly polling support for the syrian kurds, waiting deeper in this conflict to try to prevent russia dictating with the terms of peace in syria now that it looks like the conflict is winding down. >> >> the commander-in-chief tad about success against isis in his teleconference with the troops yesterday. let's take a listen at that. >> what we are doing with isis
3:51 pm
is, again, we are being talked about again in the armed forces, we are really winning. we know how to win. but we have to let you win. we weren't letting you win before. we were letting you play even. we are letting you win. >> chuck, your reaction what we are hearing from the commander-in-chief? >> looks like he was reading some talking points there. this is one of his talking points is that i'm going to unleash the military and change all these rules of engagement that allegedly had in the obama administration were restraining the u.s. military's ability to knock out to be isis. the truth of the matter is that isis has been deprived of almost all of its territory in iraq and syria and has seemed to be driven out of the presence it had out of those areas that made it seem like almost a state within the state. having said that, it seems like on the other big issue of whether bashar al-assad remains in power in syria, he's preparing to capitulate on that. he's essentially allowing russia
3:52 pm
and iran to win that war on behalf of their ally in that region. and the withdrawal of support from the kurds who had helped us liquidate isis is really significant in that regard. it does show what a different kind of republican politics this is from what we had under george w. bush. and donald trump was a dissenter from the iraq war and he's following up from that. >> next, let me give you a chance for a big word? >> the thing with al-assad, that red line that al-assad needs to go. trump has not been saying that at all. everybody said putman is now starting things in syria. another key point in the white house statement that they put out on the erdogan call earlier is because we beat isis in raqqa. >> let's switch gears, what's going on in this building when lawmakers come back next week. tax reform, president trump has a meeting with the big four
3:53 pm
leaders on capitol hill on tuesday, then they will try to rally senate republicans tuesday at lunch and try to get tax reform across the finish line. any predictions, panel? >> four weeks ago, there's a lot to do. tax reform will be the first thing next week. there's a lot of movement, lot reporting we will do on monday to see six or seven senators who have been wobbling on text form will go, fixing the deficit on obamacare, getting blown up on things like children's health care and dreamers. >> are the democrats going to insist on that being some set of end deal? >> to avoid a government shutdown? that's probably what's they are going to talk about. they are going to talk about avoiding the government shutdown. the last time there was a potential government shutdown, here cheerfully said, hey, i cut a deal with chuck and nancy. they are thinking, okay, they are thinking we can get something this time too. >> because eric and the folks in the white house feeling optimistic that they will --
3:54 pm
vehicle this will go to. certainly they will do everything they can to try to push it through. at least a half-dozen senators are on the fence about this tax reform plan. i think the white house is willing to give up just about anything to get tax reform through. they don't care if the individual mandate appeal, it ends up being in it, they don't care if they take the top rate as long as the corporate tax rate stays where it is and it can benefit the middle class nominally in some way, they are going to just push as hard as they can to get it through. it's hard to see president trump and mitch mcconnell remaining bodies like we saw in the rose garden last month. if this didn't go through, it's hard to see president trump and mitch mcconnell's relationship ever recovered from that. >> matthew, do they get it done placement in december, there are things republicans want like to get it across the finish line. >> there's a lot of confidence among senate republicans because they want to go home for christmas, wishing one of one e president's major legislative aims, that is taxes. on the other hand, there's a lot
3:55 pm
of equities that need to be -- not just daca, what defense spending. john mccain is making it a leslie issue to spend as much on defense as he can. >> mike: thank you very much. when we come back, this week's notable quotables. keep your most valuable insights hidden from your competitors. the ibm cloud. the cloud for business. yours. tyou should be putting it ato good use, right?t? like winning ridiculously awesome prizes, right? send a clip to and make us choose you to go to hollywood for the kmart ridiculous cash bash game show! enter now! not later. right? why people everywhere are upgrading their water filter to zerowater. start with water that has a lot of dissolved solids.
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♪ mike mike finally tonight on this friday, this week's notable quotables. >> judge moore you knew two weeks ago is the same judge moore. >> he denies it. >> i don't know them. >> you always have bad apples everywhere. >> i don't think members should be able to camouflage payments. >> the kpr violated the are a mist agreement by one firing weapons across the mdl and two crossing the mdl. >> today the united states
3:59 pm
is designating north korea as state sponsor of terrorists. >> just points out ho how little they care for the value of life. >> they cannot decide to take this breach and hide this behind the scenes and actually when it's convenient for them reveal it? >> the fact we keep going and great annual events symbolize everything about this city we are proud of that they will never be changed. >> i guess i should take that as a compliment that i look like a villain in a great successful james bond movie. >> i will tell you what, i say thank you when i see something. i don't thank you because people are talking and say did i this. did i that. >> if the president like invited you to the white house, would you say thank you, then? i[crickets chirping] >> drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. [laughter] michael: thanksgiving week, thanks for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel. good night from washington.
4:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> breaking tonight the pressure is on to name names. a number of lawmakers are now pushing to unmask members of congress who have secretly settled sexual harassment lawsuits on capitol hill. good evening, everyone, i am trish regan in for martha mccallum. new push pan on taxpayer money to fit the bill on lawsuits predatory behavior on the backs of the american people. all this as we are hearing for the first time from one of the women accused in democratic congressman john conyers of harassment. >> melanie sloan worked for conyers as a house judiciary senate committee staff in the late 190s. in a new int


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